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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheChum

The way of the Double Junglers

TheChum Last updated on December 2, 2011
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Main Focus


Other Potential Junglers

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Honor Guard

Defense: 22

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 8

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I know you are thinking that this is a crazy idea, but in actuality it really works. I have used this strategy many time and have won basically all of the matches so far. So before you knock it down try it out. Notice I recommend that you do this with a premade team not with random people and strongly recommend someone on your team to go Zilean, so your level difference in your 3 solo lanes is more prominent and so you don't get too underleveled in the jungle.

I added other champions that would make good double junglers due to the fact that the add something to the partner ( Vorpal Blade, Turtle Stance, Safeguard / Iron Will, Jack In The Box, and Equilibrium Strike) or abilities with innate life steal ( Hiten Style, Turtle Stance, Vorpal Blade, and Safeguard / Iron Will). Although I added these champions, I will not go into very much detail on these champs, but the play style would be similar to Nunu/ Warwick double jungling.

Also this is my first guide so it will not be perfect, but I will try my best to give you the necessary detail and information, so you can successfully double jungle.

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This guide is to show an interesting way to play on Summoner's Rift. Double Jungling is having two champions jungle while having three solo lanes. This allows for increased experience and great map control. However this requires great skill and cooperation, so do not attempt with random match making, for it will be much more difficult than it needs to be. Double Jungling can be accomplished with a variety of champions, but as far as I know the best combination is that of Nunu and Warwick. For the previously stated reason, I will only be going in depth on this combination, but using other combinations will follow the same jungling path as long as Nunu is one of the two. If you do not choose Nunu I do not suggest you start in the opponents jungle due to the lack of the third Smite, Consume. Please enjoy my build and give it a try.

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Pros / Cons


    Your team has 3 solo lanes
    The opponents will be in fear
    Absolute jungle control
    Early dragon
    Fast and easy jungle
    Insane ganking ability

    Less exp in the jungle(not by much if you gank properly)
    Good ganking teams are problematic(i.e. shen, twisted fate, nocturne, etc.)
    Need a good team comp
    Need a Zilean to be effective
    Up to two 2v1 lanes

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Nunu Runes

Greater Mark of Insight
These are the best marks for Nunu because they make his Ice Blast hit harder early game. Other choices are Greater Mark of Attack Speed but warwick gives you an attack speed boost greater than these so not the best choice but Greater Mark of Desolation work just as well as magic pen so the choice is yours.

Greater Seal of Resilience
These are the best seals on basically any jungler. These are a must.

Greater Glyph of Warding
I use these glyphs to fill out my role as a tank better but Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction work just as well making it so you can use consume on a much lower cooldown. They are much more expensive but worth it in my opinion if you want more early game survivability and damage.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
Since for the most part Nunu should be tanking creeps for Warwick(unless at really low health), these help increase the amount of time Nunu can do that job.

Warwick Runes*

Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Mark of Desolation
These are the best choice for Warwick when double jungling but Greater Mark of Attack Speed would work also but he gets enough attack speed boost from Hunters Call and Blood Boil so the extra armor penetration is a better option.

Greater Seal of Resilience
These are the best seals on basically any jungler, but in Warwick's case you can also use Greater Seal of Evasion with a similar effect and Greater Seal of Attack Speed is another choice if you feel Warwick is tanky enough.

Greater Glyph of Alacrity
These give Warwick a little extra speed in the beginning in order to heal more from his passive and speed through the jungle but other viable options would be Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction to increase your spamming of Hunters Call and Hungering Strike or also if you want more defenses you can use Greater Glyph of Magic Resist but the other two choices are much better on Warwick.

Greater Quintessence of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation
Since Warwick gets a lot of attack speed from other places the added damage from the extra armor penetration is a must these quints far out shine any other that can be placed here but if you want you can use Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed or Greater Quintessence of Health. Again it all depends on preference.

*When I double jungle I always play Nunu while my friends play Warwick, so I do not know exactly how they build them but this seems to work well for normal jungling.

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Summoner Spells

Best on Nunu

Smite is a must on any jungler, I do not care if some can do without there is no reason for that. Smite makes jungling so much easier, safer, and faster. Also with Consume and Warwick smite you will be able to kill the jungle creep at extreme speeds. For instance at level one you are able to kill Elder Lizard in an instant.

Flash is the other best option for Nunu. With flash you can have a better placement of Absolute Zero and have greater escape and chasing powers and with his Blood Boil there really is no need for Ghost.

Other options for Nunu

Ghost is viable but not as useful as other spells due to the movement granted from Blood Boil.
Exhaust can be used as well but again you have enough slow.
Ignite barely is useful on Nunu but can be used if you think you and Warwick just don't do enough damage.
Heal is an option as well but with your Consume and Warwick's Eternal Thirst you both should have plenty of health except maybe on dragon but it is easily done without heal at level 3.

Best on Warwick

Again all junglers should use Smite, as stated above.

Now for Warwick's second spell I tend to push for exhaust because it allows for 4 slows when ganking a lane coming from both champs having red buff, Ice Blast, and now Exhaust as well. Just makes sure you have a guaranteed kill when ganking if not a double kill.

Flash is another choice on Warwick that is good, because through my trials I have found that the Warwick is always the first to be focused so the added escape would help him greatly and it would also help with ult placement.

Other options for Warwick

Ghost can be used for the same reason as flash but is not as good of a choice due to Blood Boil
Ignite can be used for the same reasons if Nunu would use it.
Heal can be used as well for the reasons stated above but is not really recommended.

Options to be avoided on both Champions

Basically all other summoner spells are not really viable while double jungling considering you only have one spot that can be substituted because Smite must be used on both. If you really must Teleport could be used because you can teleport to wards to gank the opponents jungler or help allies that are escaping or chasing through the jungle.

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Skill Sequence

Now for skill sequencing on both champs is fairly strict the first couple levels, because Nunu absolutely must start with Consume but Warwick may take either Hungering Strike or Hunters Call except Hunters Call is preferred. Then once Warwick gets to level two he puts a point in the opposite skill that he got at level one and Nunu should get Blood Boil. Now once the champs get to level three it is again a must that Nunu get Ice Blast and I recommend Warwick to get Blood Scent, but any of his skills work this is just my preference. After level three it is really up to you which you focus on Nunu but I suggest you level ice blast at least a few times before leveling up blood boil again. On Warwick you should get two points in Hunters Call and that should be all you need for attack speed and then max hungering strike first. Remember put a point in their ultimates whenever possible because ganking with double ultimates is extremely deadly. The above map for sequencing of the skills is just what I use but it can be changed depending on personal preference and needs.

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Both junglers should be starting with Boots of Speed, a Sight Ward, and a Health Potion. The reason for this is since there are two people in the jungle movement speed is greater than armor and extra health from many health pots is not necessary. Lastly it is never too soon to buy wards especially if they have an enemy jungler because it makes it that much easier to gank him and know how he is doing. Wards should be bought whenever possible, that is the point of having two junglers aka bringing absolute map control and awareness.

Nunu's Specifics

Catalyst the ProtectorCatalyst the Protector
The first time I go back I grab this. Catalyst is an amazing item on Nunu and allows him to tank the creeps that much more, so both him and Warwick can stay in the jungle or gank nonstop. If you must though it can be swapped for Wriggle's Lantern but in my opinion Nunu will be with Warwick most of the time and he will have all the procs you need.

Mercury's Treads
After Catalyst I get shoes and since I usually play the tank's role I grab merc treads but if you want to go caster or more slow Sorcerer's Shoes and Ionian Boots of Lucidity work wonders as well.

Rod of Ages
Next I turn the Catalyst the Protector into a Rod of Ages. This gives Nunu everything he needs from tankiness and power. One of the best items on Nunu.

Banshee's Veil
Depending on if the oponents are more ap heavy or ad heavy, I grab a Banshees. This is the best item on Nunu hands down. It not only gives him more survivability but also allows greater ability to use Absolute Zero.

Sunfire Cape
If the other team is more ad heavy I grab a Sunfire Cape before I take a banshees. This item gives us more health and allows for an AoE damage per second. This is very helpful while trying to pull off your ultimate because most of the time if the opponents aren't running they will be trying to interrupt you and Sunfire will give them damage while they do this, to make you failed ultimate not a total waste.

Atma's Impaler
After the previous items the next items you buy is all situational. I buy Atma's, starting with the Chain Vest, to make it so Nunu can do everything, from tanking, magic damage, and physical damage.

Rabadon's Deathcap
I buy Rabadon's to finish up the build to make a well rounded Nunu. Ending with a ton of ad, armor, magic resist, health, and ap. With this build Nunu ends with the following statistics:

    Health -- 3962
    Attack -- 191.3
    Mana -- 2069
    A.Power -- 305.5
    Armor -- 188
    Hp/5 -- 43.8
    Mag Re -- 135.3
    Mana/5 -- 10.9
    Mvmt w/Blood Boil -- 442.75
    AS w/Boil & Call -- 105%

Warwick's Specifics

Madred's Razors
For Warwick this is the best item to get on him first and by far the most important. Getting this as soon as possible allows for quicker jungling, meaning more ganks. This is far more important than upgraded boots due to the massive speed boost Nunu grants through Blood Boil.

Sorcerer's Shoes
Next grab boots. Warwick Should be grabbing boots around the same time as Nunu so they can continue to keep pace with one another. The added magic penetration is the best choice for boots because it as extra damage to Hungering Strike and Infinte Deress. Also if you feel that Sorc shoes are not your style, Berserker's Greaves are another option. Although not really that great they add some extra attack speed early game at a cheaper price.

Vampiric Scepter
Life Steal is a good choice for your next item because it allows longer jungle presence which adds to more ganks. Ganks are the most important part of Double Jungling, if you can not pull of successful ganks, your doing it wrong.

Madred's Bloodrazor
This item was made for Warwick. The procs on it work with Warwick's ultimate causing insane damage. This is a must on Warwick. I suggest getting it after Vampiric Scepter, but if you have enough money for it and think you have plenty of surviveabilty, you can get it first.

Wit's End
While Madred's Bloodrazor gives you armor with attack speed and procs, Wit's End gives you the same things, attack speed and procs, it gives you magic resist instead of armor. Having both of these items makes you quite tanky and a pain to deal with.

Stark's Fervor
This item gives a great aura to your team and since you will be traveling with Nunu most of the time, I feel this is a better choice then The Bloodthirster. Although The Bloodthirster gives you a ton of damage, this guide is focused around team fighting so the aura is a better choice, but can be sold later if you feel you need more damage.

Banshee's Veil
Like I said on Nunu, this item is just amazing. It adds everything you need on Warwick, including health, mana, magic resist, and a shield. This shield prevents the enemy from interrupting Infinite Duress. Also it helps prevent you from other annoying ultimates and abilities as well.

Guardian Angel
To finish up the build grab a Guardian Angel. If the enemy team has much more ad than ap though, it might be a good idea to get this before Banshee's Veil. this item gives you enough armor and magic resit basically to make you an off-tank kind of champ. Also the passive of it works wonders on Warwick, because by the time it takes for you to reappear most of your spells will be off cool down allowing you to get back your health rather quickly. With this build Warwick ends with the following statistics:
    Health -- 2567
    Attack -- 149.6
    Mana -- 1105
    Ar Pen -- 44.93
    Life St -- 20%
    Armor -- 184.7
    Hp/5 -- 53.5
    Mag Re -- 170.5
    Mana/5 -- 12.3
    Mvmt w/Blood Boil -- 448.5
    AS w/Boil & Call -- 275%

Situational Items*

Other good choices on Nunu include: Abyssal Mask, Guardian Angel, Zhonya's Hourglass, Lich Bane, Aegis of the Legion, Warmog's Armor, Force of Nature, Spirit Visage, Void Staff, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, etc.

Other good choices on Warwick include: Wriggle's Lantern, The Bloodthirster, Malady, The Black Cleaver, Spirit Visage, Sunfire Cape, Frozen Mallet, Trinity Force, Berserker's Greaves, etc.

*Have not finished this part yet, will go into more detail later.

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How you begin the jungle depends on if they have another jungler or not. If they have a jungler that starts at red, use the red path to start. If they have a jungler or no jungler at all, use the blue path to start. In both cases end with the orange path and finish by ganking and dragon via the black path. Below is the picture for basic pathing:Red Path = Enemy Jungler starts at or near Red
Blue Path = Enemy Jungler starts at or near Blue or no Enemy Jungler
Orange Path = Basic Route to follow (6/7 interchangeable)
Black Path = Ganking and Dragoning

Step One -- Getting an Enemy Buff
First off determine which path you need to take in order to be safer in invading the enemy jungle. Now you have some choices for the ward you have, you can either ward the enemy jungle so you can gank them later or place the wards to try and prevent the enemies from ganking you before the buffs spawn. If you are going to get red first, give it to Nunu. To get the buff as quickly as possible have Warwick use Smite first, then Nunu uses Consume and finally his Smite. Doing this the lizard is dead and Nunu has red in about 1.5 seconds. If the enemy team has a jungler that starts at red or near red (i.e. Shaco, Master Yi, Evelynn, etc.) use the other path unless you are certain you can kill them and get away cleanly. So in this path do the same thing as before except Nunu should start first and allow Warwick to obtain blue. The reason we give the buffs to these champs is because they don't need them as much so the second time we get the buffs, we give them to the champ that can use them more effectively.

Step Two -- Steal an Enemy Camp
After taking one of the opponents buffs, you are now ready to steal one or more of their smaller camps. If you took the blue path it is really easy to take the mini golems, but if you are feeling gutsy take the wraiths instead or even both if you think you can still get out safely. On the red path just take their wolves and get out.

Step Three -- Get your Blue
After taking a buff from the opponents and stealing a small camp as well, run back to your side of the jungle. If you followed the red path make sure you avoid running through the middle unless you can successfully pull of a gank on mid (note you will most likely still be level one, if you are lucky level two). Once in your jungle kill blue golem by using Consume on cooldown. Make sure Nunu gets this buff.

Steps Four through Six -- Clearing Small Camps
Just kill these small camps as usual, making sure to heal up using Consume and Hungering Strike. Also note that the champions should be switching off who is tanking the creeps each time, so that both champs health bars stay at safe levels. Also try to trade the last hits on creeps, so that both champs have a roughly even amount of farm.

Step Seven -- Get your Red
After clearing the small camps or right before you take camp six, kill the Elder Lizard camp. By now both Smites should be up, so you can follow a similar pattern as you did on the enemy buffs, but this time give the red buff too Warwick. By now both champs should be level three with one point in each skill, unless if you are Warwick and prefer to have two points in Hungering Strike rather than one in Blood Scent.

Step Eight -- Ganking
The best thing about double jungling is after you have cleared your whole jungle both champs should have plenty of health left to pull off a successful gank. Now to choose between bottom or middle, look for the one that is farthest pushed, most likely bottom, to gank. When ganking make sure the player in lane knows what you are doing and before you go in give Warwick Blood Boil. Now when entering the lane make sure you focus one champ first and through all you can at him, including Ice Blasts and Hungering Strikes on cooldown, but try to save Exhaust for the double kill. By the end of the gank your team should end up with one or two kills, depending on the lane and escape ability of the opponents without losing anyone. Also if you did it well and with good timing no one should be that terribly injured too.

Step Nine -- Take Dragon
Another bonus of having two junglers is the ability to take an early dragon. Go straight to dragon after ganking, unless you ganked middle and feel the three of you can take the tower. At dragon the champ with the most health should start dragon and tank it. Both Nunu and Warwick should be using Smite, Consume, Blood Boil, Ice Blast, Hungering Strike, and Hunters Call on cooldown. Once the champ that is tanking dragon gets to around ~30% or less health he should start to run away until dragon targets the other champion. If done correctly dragon should be killed without either champion dying. So after not only stealing the opponents jungle and ganking bottom, your team now has a huge lead in gold as well with a dragon kill.

Step Ten -- Recall
After dragon and ganking at least one of the champions has low health, so it is a good idea for both of them to teleport back and start picking up some items, emphasizing Madred's Razors, Catalyst the Protector, and Sight Wards. If one champ doesn't feel the need to recall he can do some solo jungling to get experience while he is waiting for his partner to return.

Step Eleven -- Gank Some More
By now top should be in the need of some assistance. Follow the same procedure as when you ganked either bottom or middle before, but this time if you kill both go for the tower instead of dragon or hold the lane while your partner recalls back to heal and buy items. Congratulations you completed a double jungling route. After this most of the spawns should be back up so continue to jungle as need to stay at a safe level, but ganking is now your top priority. Also warding is key as well especially when they have enemy junglers. A key ward can give you a free kill on the enemy jungler, safe dragon killing, and protecting an ally when you are not close enough to gank. Most of the time the double junglers end up traveling together until around level eleven or when mass team fights start to break out. Ganking with Nunu and Warwick becomes extremely deadly once both reach six, Infinite Duress in Absolute Zero is basically a guaranteed kill.

Creep Sharing

Creep sharing is one thing that needs to be done while double jungling. For the most part you want to keep the creep totals to be about the same for both Nunu and Warwick. Ususlly I have no problem doing this just by killing the camps normally, but you can check the creep kills after going through some of the camps. If the totals are not close at all, allow the champion that is falling behind to take the last hits for awhile. Also if you feel that you would rather have one champ more fed than the other, you can allow him to grab more last hits. Generally I want Warwick to have the lead in last hits over Nunu, so he can get Madred's Bloodrazor as soon as possible.

Buff Sharing

Buff sharing is one of the biggest things about double jungling that can be potentially problematic. To minimize the problem, the buff duration mastery is a must. When starting in the opponents jungle the buff you chose to get their, red or blue, should go to the champ that uses it the least. If you get red first, give it to Nunu, because Warwick can use it better when ganking so you want him to get this buff most of the time unless he still has plenty of time left on one. If you get blue first, give it to Warwick, because Nunu needs it far more than he does, because he will be using Blood Boil and Consume on cooldown. So in general blue goes to Nunu and red goes to Warwick unless either they already have one with minimal time spent or are in dire need of it, for instance if Warwick is out of mana. Also once Nunu gets Rod of Ages or even Catalyst the Protector, blue buff can be given to either champion.

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Warding is an important aspect of the game that if done right can change the outcome of the game in your favor. Ward placement is key and should be done as often as necessary. As the junglers, this is one of your jobs. With two of you, you can split the cost of the wards, so someone always has a ward to place. Here is a map of good ward placement:
Optional Spots = These are optional warding spots in the beginning of the game. If you are worried about being ganked while stealing the enemy buffs, place a ward in one of these spots. I usually don't do this and do fine, but just to be safe it is an option.

Jungler Spots = These spots are important to ward as double junglers if the opponents have a jungler too. Placing a ward here allows you to see what the enemy jungler is doing and what level they are. Good timing too can lead to a gank on them, either by just stealing their buff or killing them in the process too.

Sight Wards = These spots should be filled with Sight Wards as necessary during the game. If the enemy team does not have a jungler or is not doing a lot of ganks these spots are not the highest priority. These spots can change an enemy gank into a gank on the enemy.

Vision Wards = These spots, if warded, should be warded with Vision Wards when the money is available. The wards in the centers of the lanes are only necessary if they have a stealth champion like Evelynn, Twitch, Shaco, Teemo, Vayne, and Akali. The wards at baron and dragon are the most important especially during late game. Warding these will allow you to know when the opponent are doing these hig priority monsters and can allow your team to steal the monster and/or ace them. Warding with a vision ward allows you to destroy the opponents wards around those places.

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Jungler Tiers

Well some people have been asking if other champions can double jungle as well. Below is a list of the top Champions that I think could work double jungling. Notice; I have not tried them all, except for the top few, if anyone would like to try them out and let me know how they do, that would be appreciated. Also I am basing this list off the champions own jungling, skills, utility, and team work. I have changed the tiering system a bit, to list the champs more suited to double jungle in tier one, and then list how good the others are in the lower tiers.

Tier One
I have changed the top tier to include the best double junglers in the game. These champions I consider the best double junglers, because they have an innate ability to gain life, deal damage, jungle well, and above all have partner skills! Being able to help your partner in the best possible way is the reason why anyone would double jungle in the first place. Notice; the lower end of tier one, in some cases, are not better than some of the top tier two picks because they aren’t as suited for jungling as the top tier two picks like Udyr for example.

1. Nunu is by far the best champion for double jungling, even after his slight nerf. With his Consume, he brings basically a third Smite to the team and his Blood Boil allows for increased movement and attack speed to not only himself, but also to his partner. The combination of this, his permaslow from Ice Blast for ganking, and his life gain ability from Consume, make him the perfect choice for double jungling.

2. Warwick is the next best choice. He has great jungling sustainability from his passive, Eternal Thirst, and Hungering Strike. Also he makes a great partner with his ability to raise his allies attack speed through Hunters Call, making him another perfect choice for double jungling.

3. Lee Sin is a fine choice for being a jungler, especially because he is one of the few that use energy, allowing for the blue buff to be handed to someone who can make better use of it. Also he has passive life steal allowing him to stay in the jungle for a long time from Safeguard / Iron Will. He also can grant his partner a shield from Safeguard making him a great team player in jungling. Lastly he has great ganks with a teleport, Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, and an AoE slow, Tempest / Cripple, making him a fine choice.

4. Gangplank is now an amazing choice in my opinion. His new change just made him so strong. He has life gain from Remove Scurvy, deals great damage, and above all has a partner skill that goes so well with Nunu’s. His Raise Morale is perfect for double jungling. It raises both attack damage and movement speed, what more do you need? But that’s not all, he also makes up for the lack in gold due to creep sharing with the bonus gold he gets from Parrrley last hitting. Lastly his global ultimate, Cannon Barrage, makes it so you can be ganking bottom lane and help out another lane at the same time.

5. Taric is basically a do all champion, he can lane, jungle, and roam, and because of this I think he will do great as a double jungler as well. Although he doesn’t have as much early game damage as the others above him he brings great partner skills. One of them is the aura that Shatter gives and the amazing damage and debuff it brings when released and because of Imbue. Imbue allows both junglers to stay as long as they want as long as Taric doesn't run out of mana, but thanks to his passive, Gemcraft, it rarely happens. Plus to round him off he has great ganking due to his long range stun, Dazzle. All in all he makes an unlikely good choice. For more depth on taric here is a link to a build by Trophycase:

6. Shen is towards the bottom of tier one because of his huge nerf; he just doesn’t deal enough damage anymore. The only reason he made tier one is his ability to give a life tap to both himself and his partner through Vorpal Blade making jungling safer. Also he can soak damage with Feint and initiate well when ganking with Shadow Dash. What he lacks in damage he makes up for in team play and ganks.

7. Jarvan IV lacks any life steal abilities but has one of the best partner skills in the game for jungling, which is what is required for a tier one pick. His Demacian Standard grants both him and his partner bonus attack speed and armor, which helps jungling immensely. Also he has one of the best shields in the game, Golden Aegis, that doubles for tanking creeps and helping in ganks with its slow. Also his passive, Martial Cadence, and his Dragon Strike rip apart not only creeps, but also champions as well. All of this combined make up for the lack of life steal, making him another great choice.

Tier Two
Many of the champions listed below can be greater choices then the lower ones in tier one, but they just did not make the cut because of their lack of partner skills. Many of these champions I have had greater success then the ones above due to their ganking and late game capabilities, it’s just they are not as efficient or as fast the champions in tier one.

1. Udyr is a great jungler for double jungling, as well. I have had great success with him as well. His ability to tank creeps and gain life with Turtle Stance, make him a great help to his partner, especially one that needs blue buff a lot more than he does, plus with his recent buff changing stances at early levels are a whole lot cheaper, so he is even better now. Also his stun from Bear Stance allows for great ganking as well, making him another great choice. Although he does not have a solid partner skill I think he is still in the top five overall for jungling, if not the top three.

2. Maokai is not the strongest solo jungler, but as a partner I feel he brings much more. Also after testing him out, I feel I was much too harsh with him and he deserves to be up here. His job as a double jungler partner is more along the lines of safety; he brings free wards that deal damage, Sapling Toss, and has life gain from his passive, Sap Magic. He is a great ganker which makes him towards the top of tier two, with the snare from Twisted Advance and the knock back/slow combo of Arcane Smash which doubles as a great AoE skill for jungling. Also the Sapling Toss is perfect for stealing enemy camps, if done right you can steal all the wraiths before the red even spawns and have time for both plus mini golems in the time it normally takes the other junglers. The only downside though is he is very mana hungry so he will require the blue buff most of the time, which can cause problems for his partner.

3. Fiddlesticks is one of the few casters that is a viable double jungler. What he lacks in auto attacks he brings in his abilities and with his recent buff he has just proven to be even better, plus not as mana hungry as before which allowed him to move up. He has massive life steal with Drain that allows him to tank creeps quite easily and it is on a low cooldown as well. Also he has AoE damage from Dark Wind with a bonus silence and great ganks from Terrify and Crowstorm.

4. Cho’Gath was one of the five or so champions I forgot the first time through and I feel he is a great choice. He has great AoE abilities for damage and that double for amazing ganks. His Rupture allows for tons of damage on creeps and a second or two free from hits and his Feral Scream also deals great damage and gives a rather long silence to improve ganking. Also his passive, Carnivore allows him to keep both his health and mana stable in the jungle and Vorpal Spikes give him AoE damage on all of his attacks for free allowing for quick jungling. Last, but not least, is his ultimate, Feast, once you get six there is no stopping your jungle control. If Nunu is your partner you will be running around with basically four smites!

5. Shaco may be squishy but he can still double jungle quite well. He lacks any innate life steal, but his Jack In The Boxes make up for the loss in sustainabilty with pure damage and fear. The fear allows for a reset of the creeps, making the junglers take a few less creep hits than usual. Also his Two-Shiv Poison, he brings another slow to ganking and when jungling gives the creeps a chance to miss with a 20-30% miss chance. Lastly Decieve makes ganking amazing; basically the two junglers can come from different directions allowing for no escape.

6. Gragas is another champion I missed the first time through and found he is a great choice. As long as he keeps using abilities, he can keep gaining health using his passive, Happy Hour. Also he has huge starting damage and can increase this further by using Drunken Rage, which also gives him back mana as well, making it a perfect skill for jungling. Also both of his other abilities deal great AoE damage, Barrel Roll and Body Slam, and both have the secondary effect of improved ganking, one being ranged and the other being a dash. Lastly his ultimate, Exploding Cask, can disrupt an enemy team like no other making him a well rounded, do all champion.

7. Irelia, although not a great jungler by herself, I feel she will do much better with a partner. She has great sustainability from the passive life steal of Hiten Style and can stun creeps when her health is low with Equilibrium Strike. Although she is not the greatest ganker alone, with the help of someone with a slow or a stun, they can rip through the opponents with her dash, Bladesurge, and Equilibrium's stun/slow.

8. Master Yi is a great jungler, but requires recalling many times in his route; this is avoided by double jungling. The reason why he is not up higher is that the main reason why he is a good choice is from Alpha Strike, but it relies absolutely on luck, which I usually lack. Also he has no solid life steal, and has to rely on Meditate for that aspect, but he cannot attack while doing this, so again not as useful as the previous champs, but he does have extreme speed which makes for insane ganking. He is a great choice if you can make sure he does not run out of mana, because that is the biggest problem for him, a suggestion to prevent this might be get flat mana regen glyphs.

Tier Three
As we go down the tier lists much of these champions, lack the ability to benefit their teammate in the jungle, making them rather unnecessary. These next few champions still have slight teamwork and life gain and other necessities of a double jungler, but only use these champions if you really want them on your team or feel like you can dominate with them, because most of these champions do just fine on their own.

1. Xin Zhao is a great champion and can pull off huge ganks even at level two. Coupled with his massive damage, attack speed in the early levels, and his passive life steal from Challenge still makes him a great choice. His Three Talon Strike not only disrupts monsters during jungling for less damage, but also prevents enemy champions from escaping as well.

2. Trundle has all of the required skills to be a good double jungler except the ability to aid his partner and the life gain from his Decompose just is not that amazing but definitely helps if you can survive long enough to kill the creep. Although he makes up for this with his high damage output from Rabid Bite and amazing ganks with his movement speed boost from Contaminate and his block from Pillar of Filth. So he may not be the best choice but he could still end up pulling through for you in the end.

3. Tryndamere has a terrible early lane and can be a decent jungler, but he needs levels asap otherwise he can be dropped so quickly that he becomes useless. If it wasn’t for that he would be a great choice due to his great life gain and bonus damage from Bloodlust and great ganking with Spinning Slash and Mocking Shout but he just isn’t much of an early game champ, especially if stunned or slowed. But if you think you can survive enough and pull off enough ganks early enough to survive late game, you will be nearly unstoppable.

4. Olaf is one of the fastest junglers, which is one of the reasons I put him down here is because there is really no need for a partner. He has life steal from Vicious Strikes which makes him able to stay longer than other junglers and his passive, Berserker Rage, works wonders in jungling and ganking. Lastly he has a great slow that if used correctly has almost no cooldown, Undertow. But the only real benefit he will get from a partner is control. Olaf lacks jungle control due to the need to be at low life when jungling, but with a partner he will be able to jungle much safer.

5. Renekton is not normally seen as a jungler but I feel he has the makings of a double jungler. He has AoE damage ability that gives him life back as well, although small at low levels, Cull the Meek is still great. Also he has good ganking with a dash, Slice and Dice, and a great stun, Ruthless Predator. The reason that he is not up higher is that I feel that he cannot take that much damage at low levels, but if you feel like it, I still think he is slightly viable, especially due to his lack of mana.

6. Nocturne is great by himself due to his amazing ganks, but he doesn’t add much to a partner. His skills like Duskbringer and Shroud of Darkness give great buffs to himself but don’t add anything to a partner. He also has passive life steal from Umbra Blades and amazing ganks with Unspeakable Horror and Paranoia, but I feel he can accomplish the same with or without a partner, so double jungling doesn’t really add much for him.

Tier Four
These are the champions that I do not recommend taking for double jungling. They lack a speedy jungle, some form of life gain, the ability to take creep damage easily, aiding their partner, or some combination of the above. Also some of the champions in this tier lose their most useful traits when put in the jungle. The reason why these are still listed as options is because they all have great ganking ability, especially if given a partner.

1. Amumu is my favorite champ and is a good jungler, but just like Rammus, he can tank and gank, but has no life gain abilities. Despair does a great job at helping take out creeps quickly due to its percent damage and his Tantrum does great AoE damage too. I just feel there are better champs that can deal just as much AoE damage and have great damage, but have some form of life gain. If you need the tank though, he is an option, but I do not recommend it.

2. Sion can be described as an Udyr without the life steal when it comes to double jungling. Basically they both have a stun, but Sion’s Cryptic Gaze is long range which helps, and they both have a shield, but Sion’s Death’s Caress lacks the ability to heal him back which is necessary. So if you want to go someone like Sion, just go Udyr he is a much better choice at least before level six, then they even out, but pre-level six are the most important levels.

3. Yorick is not the greatest champion and accelerates basically only at early game harassing and zoning, and by putting him in the jungle he loses this ability, making him rather useless. Also in the jungle his usefulness will alternate based on if he is tanking or not; i.e. much of his damage is lost when he tanks. His ghouls are a very interesting concept and if able to be left out can cause serious damage to the creeps, but die quite easily if focused. His Omen of Famine helps great for tanking due to its life steal and his Omen of War and Omen of Pestilence not only adds some nice bonus damage for jungling, but also adds a nice speed boost and slow for ganking. In the end though he has the making of a good double jungler, but his usefulness to the team overall is mediocre at best.

4. Rammus is another fast jungler with amazing ganks, but he has no teamwork. Sure his Defensive Ball Curl allows him to tank great and deal AoE damage, but he has to tank in order to deal this damage which can be problematic. He has no way to gain back life without buying potions or items, which the whole point of this is to try and stay out as long as you can. With a partner, though, he can pull of some pretty deadly ganks which makes him a decent choice, if you really need a good tank on your team.

5. Malphite is another one of the jungle tanks and just like Amumu and Rammus, he has no life steal or partner skills of any kind. Even to begin with he is a weak jungler and having a partner just isn’t helping him too much. I feel he will just slow them down. If you are skilled enough though to only tank using your Granite Shield, he can be quite successful due to his great AoE damage from Ground Slam and great ganks from Seismic Shard.

6. Evelynn was a great assassin, but with her nerf, she has basically been removed from the game. She still brings great AoE damage with Hate Spikes and has great ganking with Shadow Walk, but lacks any life steal, serious damage, and survivability to be considered above any of the other champions listed.

Many of these junglers have not been tested in double jungling, but in my experience using most, if not all, as normal junglers I have ranked them according to what I think they can do. If anyone tries any of the champions and feels there should be a change in order, comment and let me know and I will change the tiers as needed. Lastly if anyone else is willing to give me permission to link their guides on some of the champions I did not go into any depth on, let me know.

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Team Work

One of the most important things in order to make this work is ... TEAM WORK. You need to have not only good players and champions, but also players that can work together and a good team composition. By a good team composition, I mean a well balanced team with a ranged AD carry, some heavy AP Damage if not an AP carry, a tank or two, and a support.

Good Canidates for the AD Carry
Choosing a good ranged AD carry is very important, because this is basically who is going to lead you to victory on your team, especially with all the kills he will be recieving from the constant ganks. Good choices include: Ashe, Caitlyn, Corki, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Sivir, Tristana, Twisted Fate and Vayne. The best of these would probably be Ashe, Ezreal, and Twisted Fate with their global ultimates, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Trueshot Barrage, and Destiny, they can help the 2v1 lanes during a gank or a struggle.

Good Canidates for the Tank
One of the lanes will be a 2v1 lane for sure and for this lane you want to put your Tank or in some cases a Tanky-DPS. You want to have someone that can hold the lane well and be able to put pressure on the opponents occasionally as well in order to hold them in the lane. Good choices include: Alistar, Blitzcrank, Cho'Gath, Galio, Gragas, Malphite, Maokai, Mordekaiser, Nasus, Shen, Singed, Taric, and Vladimir. The best of these would probably be Malphite, Maokai, Mordekaiser, and Shen with their abilty to tank well and dish out a lot of magic damage in order to make the enemy team buy some magic resist instead of pure armor, considering there is not room on the team for a pure AP Carry.

The Support Canidate
Basically there is only one choice for the support and that is Zilean. His passive, Heightened Learning, is the biggest help your team can get. His passive allows for a huge experience gap in your favor allowing for absolute laning and team fighting dominance. You can choose other supports like Sona, Janna, Lux, and Kayle, but what they add to the team is nothing compared to what Zilean can do.

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Final Notes

I hope you enjoyed my build and please comment below on how I can improve on it or what just what you think about the idea of double jungling. It works trust me. :)

I will be updating this periodically as I find necessary changes or to go more in depth in some places.

Change Log

5/31/11 -- Jungle Tier listing with limited detail

6/01/11 -- Warding Information added

6/01/11 -- Creep and Buff Sharing added

7/08/11 -- Revamp of Jungle Tier

Good Luck and Have Fun!


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