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Shaco Build Guide by Impossible2Gank



Updated on April 15, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Impossible2Gank Build Guide By Impossible2Gank 49 2 150,076 Views 9 Comments
49 2 150,076 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Impossible2Gank Shaco Build Guide By Impossible2Gank Updated on April 15, 2021
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TheChoz3nOne | April 14, 2021 8:25am
Amazing guide!
Kozz1 | March 7, 2021 3:52pm
I find Aurelian Sol and Yasuo the hardest matchups for me. Yasuo seems like he can never die and Aurelian Sol is impossible to get close to without taking massive damage.
ROBISLOVE | January 18, 2021 1:00pm
bromango | August 11, 2020 7:06pm
Very nice sir!
Oishisenpai | June 24, 2020 12:15am
Love the guide! However, I wonder if there's a way to incorporate a hydra into these builds for wave clear/split pushing. Also, wouldn't the hydra also help with the hybridness of the build? Unless it's better to just go either full AP or AD.
Also, why do you suggest arcane comet when the other AP shaco guides all suggest dark harvest?
Impossible2Gank (1) | June 24, 2020 11:36am
I've done Statikk Shiv before in more ad-oriented builds rather than going protobelt for the push so I don't see why you couldn't go tiamat or what it builds into, this mostly depends on if your comp lacks ad and such since if you're building more ad while your team already has plenty of it the enemy just has to focus on building armor. You can also begin using Elixir of Sorcery after a few items for its passive on turrets to help take down bases faster.

As for your comment on if its better to go AP or AD and why I use comet. Shaco should be better as a hybrid as damage and resistances are usually varied between most comps these days. You don't usually see full ad or mage comps anymore so the few champs that do work as hybrid I feel are strong currently as they can lift and carry the weight of your teams ad while still giving the enemy a reason to go magic resist which helps your other teammates who are ad flourish better. That doesn't mean going full ad or ap wouldn't be better in some cases, there are plenty of times choosing to go full in 1 stat is better over doing the others but you'll have to make that determination by looking at each teams comps (and later on, their items) and deciding the needs for both.

I've tried many runes in the mid lane but the one that I found most reliable and consistent is arcane. I do use dark harvest when I go support as there's more chances to proc it but in the mid it can be a stale mate depending on the matchup and that ruins the efficiency of being able to proc it on easy targets when you can. Most of my matchups in D4/3 elo are usually tough to deal with and very safe to play, most of them rarly allow themselves to get low as they know the power of early game E Shaco has so I found arcane comes out on top for mainly that reason as it can always be used as long as if it's off cooldown and although it may not scale better, it provides just enough consistent damage to lean matchups in my favor. Anyway I hope that clears some things up, let me know if you have anymore questions!
Oishisenpai | June 25, 2020 1:10am
Awesome thank you so much for your reply!
I would say that I am just extremely confused by the various builds and items that Shaco can use. I still don't understand when I should go for manamune and also when I should go for the hextech gunb;ade. Are there any certain indicators or does it simply depend on if you're in a lead and personal preference?
Also, I am having trouble sustaining myself during lane and farming in general. Am I supposed to just farm safely with minions?
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