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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pølsemanden

Pølses Ballz To The Wallz Top Kennen

Pølsemanden Last updated on October 26, 2013
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AA harrass.


Shuriken harrass.

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

Guide Top

Who Is This Guy Who Thinks He Knows More Than Me?

Hello, this guy here is Pølse. I'm a Platinum tier player whose top main is Kennen.

I currently have a 60'ish winratio with kennen top on platinum tier. Albeit prefering jungle i saw that there was no "good" top-lane kennen guide on mobafire at the time so i decided to make one since he's my preffered top-laner.

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**** The Pros/Cons, Lets Get To Something Useful - When To Do The Hamster D

Top Kennen fits in any teamcomp because you can literally do everything needed from a top-laner

  • High damage
  • High amount of CC
  • The ability to initiate
  • The ability to peel(i wouldn't recommend on focusing on this but if your carry is fed this is very much doable with kennen)

As an outline a good time to pick kennen is when:

  • Enemy doesn't have any of the "disadvantage kennen"!
  • There is no possibillity to hardcounter the enemy with another champ for example picking
    Akali into Vladimir or Irelia into Kayle
  • Enemy doesn't have Janna since she can push you away while ulting and reset the battle.

Guide Top

Why Put The Heart Of The Tempest Top?

Kennen is in an unfavourable matchup against 80% of the current mid laners.
Assuming you're of equal skill level as Kennen vs. almost any other mid champion, you're either going to get:
  • Denied
  • Outfarmed( Kennen is not good at doing wraiths )
  • outright killed( Kennens harrass is just not as good or reliable as any of the other mid laners)
The only thing he has going for him is the fact that you're gonna have a hard time ganking him, and that factor is even more important on top.

In top kennen should be able to deny the opponent since they'll often be melee and you can just AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA them to death.

In top he's not going to get outfarmed since there are no wraiths to do, and the push meta simply isn't put in effect in top lane as it is in mid.

Guide Top

The 2 Ways Of Pikachu'ing Your Way To Victory & How To Do It

There are generally two ways of doing top lane Kennen, more about this in the matchup section.

Shuriken Kennen :

This is a passive way of playing Kennen, you max your shuriken and try to hit the enemy from afar, it's safer and you do this when you're at a disadvantage to the enemy top-laner, it also gets you to your mid-game quicker and provides more teamfight-pressence.
Rune set:

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Bully Kennen

Put on your ad page because it's time to bully out the lane opponent, this is done early and is often helped out with a double doran's blade. You do this especially against champions who can't return fire to you which just gives you endless harrassing and bullying potential.
Rune set:

Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

If you're short of pages and don't have room for a seperate Kennen page just use your ad and ap carry pages.

If you have room for 1 page just for Kennen (like me) I'd go for this page:
Ad marks, 5 armor seals, 4 hp/lvl seals, ap/lvl glyphs, ad quints.
Armor gets less valuable the more you get of it. 5 armor seals gives you 7 armor and does a pretty decent job. It's not as effective as 13 armor when the enemy garen gets to you, but will spare you from the enemy leblanc lategame, another part of this is the only health you'll get is from Haunting Guise or Doran's Blade

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Match-Up Section

*disclaimer* This is based on the fact that you know how to top-lane with Kennen, Kennen is initially hard to get the hang of top since you have to be ready to stun them all the time. Regardless of champ picks, there are no easy win-lanes *disclaimer*

All of theese are in the order they're good. For example, Garen is the champion getting hardest countered by kennen, Irelia is the hardest kennen counter.

EASY(aka, no gap-closer bruiser)

SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
build: 1

This guy will only get to you once every 3 minutes, every time his Flash is up.
Every time it is up though you have to play a lot more careful, always have your spells ready to get a stun off when he has silence else he's gonna win out on the trade or maybe even kill you.
If his Flash isn't up though, just bully him.
Use your Thundering Shuriken's to cancel out his passive on long range.
If he runs towards you and his speed buff runs out you can easily chase him on the way back with your AA getting 2-3 free AAs.


SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
build: 1

Only has a small MS buff ( Bear Stance) to get to you and is mana reliant, should be quite an easy matchup for you, when he has Flash up be ready to stun him.


SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
Build: 1

His only means of getting to you is his Apprehend, it has 550 range - just like your AA. Every time it's up save 3 spells for stunning him and harrass with AA's. This guy should not serve too much of a problem, watch out for getting grabbed into enemy minions since it can make it much harder to land your Thundering Shuriken.
Build 1 with double doran's (always, you need the extra health in case of a jungler gank).

  • WATCH OUT FOR JUNGLER GANKS! He has a pull and a slow, you will be camped against this guy.
  • He has no sustain so if you poke him it's fatal to his lane pressence.

SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
Build: 1

Only means of getting to you is his Rupture you have a MS steroid to dodge it, you never really need to save your spells because he's not that dangerous even if he gets to you.

  • Don't let him lasthit, he regains health and mana from last hitting.

SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
Build: 1

A lot of damage but his only means getting to you is his Undertow. After 6, always have your Lightning Rush ready in case he goes crazy trying to ulty you.
Double doran's if jungler got him in front.

  • Beware of CC immunity post 6.

SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
Itembuild: 1

Abuse him VERY hard early, he can't do **** to you until he's 6, don't chase him in poison. The slow pools ( Mega Adhesive) are kinda annoying. For ALL that is holy, don't ever get flung. It's almost 100% because of a jungler incoming and the Fling paired with pool and the jungler = dead kennen.

  • Deny him hard pre-6
  • Don't get flung since the enemy jungler might be waiting in the bush for just that to happen.

Slight advantage Kennen

SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
Itembuild: 1

Does a lot of damage and he slows you, no cc apart from that though so no fear! Just harrass him to death early post 3 you're not gonna take more than 2 hits.
If he gets in front go for early armor.

  • Ignite him 3 seconds into his ulty and he's deadmeat.

SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
Itembuild: 1

Harrass him out of mana before 6 and you're k. BEWARE when he gets a Chalice of Harmony/ Frozen Heart. He's a meanie post 6. Be sure to Ulty BEFORE he ults you to stun him while he's ulting you.

  • Harrass him hard pre-6, he can't do anything to you at that point.
  • beware of his ulty post 6. It's almost 100% kill paired with a jungler.

SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
Itembuild: 1

She is mobile as ****, all kind of small jumps but she needs 2 jumps(or Flash) to get to you so you should have the ability to kite/stun her. Her shield is annoying but a good Kennen beats a good Riven(i'm gonna get flamed so much for this)
A bad Riven beats a bad Kennen though, so be careful about this matchup.
At level 6 whenever she has Flash up be ready to counter flash it, if you don't Flash BEFORE her stun, wait till she's about to use the active on her ult and flash out of it, her ulty animation has 0,5 sec or something.
Build 1 with doran's blade and 1 doran's shield(you need it or you'll get level 6 instagibbed)

  • Lots of damage, don't let her get to you.
  • Her ulty has a cast time, you can Flash out of it.

SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
Itembuild: 1 if confident, 2 if their jungler is scary.

This guy counters 90% of the top-laners, but not Kennen. Don't go ballz to the walls poking him, poke him with Electrical Surge and you'll be slowly outharrassing you if you use the minions, if he jumps you stun him before he can knock you back - AA -> Electrical Surge -> Lightning Rush, then Lightning Rush out of way before he can knock you back, when you get out of range E again and begin AA'ing him - NOW you can outharrass him so just go ballz to the wallz there.
Double doran's blade to outtrade him. Get early armor if you're behind.

  • Never approach him unless you have W-proc ready and stun him if he tries to touch you.
  • He can jump-flash and knock you backwards ensuring a jungler kill if he's good, beware.

SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
Itembuild: 1

Playing against this guy is quite similar to Jayce actually, except for the part where this guy doesn't disengage as well so you can punish him waay harder.
Whenever you see him charging up the stun try to fall back immediately, if you don't get to fall back quickly enough and he jumps you Thundering Shuriken -> Electrical Surge -> Lightning Rush him and try and get out of range for his AA's then turn off E and just begin punishing him all the way to his turret, if you're lucky you'll get time to actually stun him again for further punishment, DON'T extend the engagement for 8 seconds or he'll jump you again and you're ****ed since you're now out of energy and you can't get away from the grandmaster at arms. build 1. I wouldn't go for double doran's, he can't 1 combo you - ever.

  • Only approach when his stun is down or W-proc is up post 4.

SPACE Runes:
Itembuild: 1

Not a matchup I have great experience with, 1 game on Kennen side, 1 game on wukong side. Both a stompage to the Kennen side because of jungler ganks.
Generally in this matchup you wanna be very agressive. Don't get in range for his Q without jumping you first, if he ever goes into the bush make distance to it since he will Q-E you which does tons of damage. If he E's to you without Q'ing first you'll win out on the trade, try to get a stun off on him and punish him, use your Thundering Shuriken on him immediately after he jumps to you in order to not hitting the clone to it.
Unless the Wukongs name is Darien, Chandro or Wickd kennen's on the safe side of this matchup.
Build double doran's to survive his combo+ulty+combo - chainmail before t2 boots if stomped.

  • Don't shuriken into his clone, only shuriken before or after he goes stealth.
  • Beware of bushes since he has stealth to attack from them.

SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
Itembuild: 1 if confident, 2 if scary jungler.

Bully him for 5 seconds every time he uses his passive then back off. watch out for jungler ganks - his Shadow Dash outranges your AA.
Rune page 2, double doran's if he comes back to lane stacking mr.

  • Harrass when passive down.
  • Stun him when he ults to deny map pressence, even if that means taking a few tower hits.

SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
Itembuild: 1

Easy lane until 6, watch out for jungler ganks after that. Generally this guy's just a beast in teamfights but you can outharrass his shield and his Seismic Shard, don't let him get close enough to Ground Slam you and you'll be winning out on trades easier than wiping your *** after visiting the toilet.

  • Don't let his shield go up.
  • Look at his stats and build accordingly.

Skill matchup

SPACE Runes:
Itembuild: 2

Generally punish this guy as much as possible. If he jumps at you, Thundering Shuriken -> Electrical Surge -> Lightning Rush him and get out of range then orb walk or chase him for 5 seconds if he's still chasing you, GTFO his jump's almost up again.
2 scenarios where you shouldn't get anywhere near him:
He has his Q on and build on 1-2 stacks then he WILL be able to knock you up in the third and you can't possibly win the trade.
He has his ulty and can jump to a minion BEHIND you, he will jump to it, knock you back then knock you up then jump you again and you're dead.
Early doran's shield if getting stomped, chainmail after if getting ultra stomped.

I prefer build 2 against this guy, but build 1 works as well.
  • Harrass him hard pre-6, he's not too strong at that point.
  • beware of his ulty post 6. It's almost 100% kill paired with a jungler.
  • Most Xin Zhao's will utilise early aggression to get lvl 2 first, his lvl 2 burst is enormous, watch out!

SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
Itembuild: 1

2 dashes, if you can stun her before she gets 2 hits in on you she won't have enough MS to dash to you second time, if you don't just wait out the cd on the second before stunning and counter harrassing. Her ult counters your ult so you can't be relying on damage
build 1 armor before tier 2 boots if getting stomped.

  • Wait out her second dash unless you can get out of range from it.
  • Her ulty counters your ulty, wait it out.

SPACE Runes:
Itembuild: 2

Try not to get into parley range and you'll be fine.
  • Try to stay out of parrley range, if he does get 1-2 AA's off then back off.
  • He has a CC-nullifier, don't rely on cc during ganks or escapes
  • He's a pirate, beware!


He outsustains you by a lot, even with a revolver don't even try to run a sustain race with him.
There are 2 ways of playing against this bloody vampire.
1: Ad-carry page with double Doran's Blade go for a straight on engage and bully him to low hp, don't let him sustain after that.
2: Build 2, poke him from afar, don't get into his range. Your mid game teamfight pressence is better than his try to down his tower early and force teamfights, also push out the lane and try to make dragon calls.

  • He has a lot of sustain, if you get into his Q range, stay onto him until you're able to get a stun off to back off from
  • His W counters your ulty
  • He's hard to gank unless stunned and overextended
  • Abuse his weak early game

SPACE Runes:
Itembuild: 2

This guy is quite manly, also - he hurts, a lot. It's really hard to lane vs. him because his all in potential is pretty great and poking him with the shields up is just gonna result in him shielding. This means you have to wait for an opening to hit your Q, don't get into spear range. Force him to all in you into a stun, back out of range with e and then just begin punishing him. He won't be able to jump you( Aegis of Zeonia - 14 seconds cd) again but will prolly throw Spear Shot's at you while retreating.

  • Only get into spear range if you can win an all-in engagement
  • He can roam extremely well, so be ready to push the lane to his turret in case of unusually long away time.

Disadvantage Kennen

SPACE Runes:
Itembuild: 2

Rumble is currently one of the hardest top laners to play in the game. But his damage IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BIG, his base damages are some of the highest in the game, beware of his lvl 6. if he gets a lead and builds a Haunting Guise, get the MR part from the Abyssal Mask. You can sustain with him and make it into a afk-farm lane if you wish to.
You don't wanna get into AA-range after level 3.

  • Don't harrass with AA after level 3
  • Your shuriken outranges his harpoons, use this to your advantage
  • He naturally pushes the lane, make this your advantage.

SPACE Runes: Greater Quint of scaling ability power
Itembuild: special.

Harrass, harrass, harrass, harrass, harrass. No, seriously harrass, harrass and did I mention harrass? Harrass him till he's out of mana. After his tear he'll be hard to get out of mana so try to keep yourself at high health and only if 20% above him trade with him.
Build: rush a Hextech Revolver for sustaining through them ghouls(skip the doran's blades alltogether and get an abyssal after.
Crystalline Flask --> Boots of Speed --> Hextech Revolver --> merc treads(if heavy magic damage team) Sorcerer's Shoes(if not) --> Abyssal Mask --> Zhonya's Hourglass --> Will of the Ancients --> Rabadon's Deathcap

  • Outsustain his Mana-bar.
  • The bush cancels his wraiths attacks to you.

SPACE Runes:
Itembuild: 2

She's better at AA-poking than you, simple as that. Only ever poke with W proc being up, post 6 she hurts, A LOT. only get close to her if you're ready to stun her because she could jump at you.

generally build 2 is better because you don't have to get into AA-range of her, don't let her push you to the tower so she can get free-hits off on it.

  • stay out of AA-range, passively harrass with shurikens

SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
Itembuild: 1

Zone her HARD pre-6 because at 6 she will jump you, you will stun her, and SHE WILL JUMP YOU AGAIN. This is a *****y lane but you can win it pre-6 if you make sure to win it hard. If she gets Moonsilver Blade proc on you post-6 back off immediately.

  • Harrass him hard pre-6
  • beware of her ability to stick to you post 6, once she used her second jump feel free to attack back

SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
Itembuild: 1

Same as diana, except harder. She has sustain, she doesn't need mana, she has 1 more jump and she has more single target burst with her delayed burst. Zone her hard pre-6. If she throws a Mark of the Assassin on you post 6, AA her once then back the **** off before she jumps you and double Q's you to death.

  • Harrass her hard pre-6
  • Get a pink ward if the jungler's going to gank, since that shuts down her shroud
  • If she shrouds, remember to not throw the shuriken in the same place every time, diversity is the spice of life.

SPACE Runes:
Itembuild: 2

Poke her whenever her Righteous Fury is on cooldown, she kills you whenever it isn't. Only try to poke whenever her Righteous Fury isn't up or you already have 1 proc on her from Q to stun her with W proc and proccing it.

If she catches you with her slow and Righteous Fury extend the engagement until she has to melee against you since you can't get away from her anyways.
  • Her ulty gives immunity

SPACE Runes: greater mark of hybrid penetration
Itembuild: 2

This ***** will outright kill you, no questions asked
She can stun you, she can jump her with a low cd dash and she has sustain. Punish her VERY HARD pre-4 since she can't do noticeable damage before that. After 4 you generally only want to get close to her whenever your W proc is up or you hit a shuriken

  • She can jump from low-health minions onto you, beware of this
  • her stun lasts for a long time
  • consider doing a laneswitch

Guide Top

The means of destruction

As kennen you can almost use any AP item in the game succesfully with the few exceptions of the mana items, here i'm gonna list items in order of how often i feel they're ideal.
SPA This item is a really strong item and most of the time is the best way to finish up your build. It suits kennen pretty well since his ulty is AOE but it is per definition single target so the passive damage from it is not reduced.
SPA If you don't have another AP on the team, don't bother - if you have another AP on the team that gets a lot of help from SV a great example would be ryze, then this item wraps it up for you.

SPA The Zhonya's Hourglass isn't cutting it for survivability, we need a second life and then we do the clean-uppings. The reason i'm not too fond of this item is that your usefulness without your ultimate decreases drastically, especially without a team to back up the stuns.
An important factor to look at is, if your team has 2-3 GA's getting one more is going to be really good since they're exponentially more efficient for every member that gets one.
SPA You don't need the passive and magicpen from Liandry's Torment, you don't need the spellvamp and aura from Will of the Ancients, neither do you need a second life with a Guardian Angel all you need is a slow and kiting potential. There are only very few scenarios where this item is good, it counters melee champions without gap-closers, if an enemy Garen or Tryndamere is just wrecking because someone let them steamroll harder than you, Rylai's is probably your filler item since the slow will wreck them.

Anything not mentioned simply isn't viable.

Guide Top

General Laning Section

Ok so in short when laning there are 3 positions where u want your minions to be placed,
they should not be in any other place for a longer period of time.

#1 At your own tower.

#2 At your side of the river, but not in tower range

#3 Under enemy's tower.

When to be where?

#1 Towerhugging

You want to be here when you're loosing, also against all in counters like Irelia, Akali
and Diana it's nice to be here. Due to your ad marks and Doran's Blade and also your Thundering Shuriken's it's pretty easy
to last hit under tower, so this position suits you just fine in most situations.

#2 Lane frozen at your side of river.

You want to be here when you're winning/equal in lane, this gives excellent zoning opportunities,
and nice ganks if jungler tries to gank.

#3 under enemies tower.

YOU do not ever want to be here, having your minions there is another case though.
Whenever your enemy is out of lane;
  • He just went towards mid.
  • You just killed him
  • You almost killed him and he's going back.
  • You need to b for a new item/mana/health

In one of theese situations you want your minions to be under his tower. This will;
  • make him loose creeps
  • make him loose exp
  • give you an opportunity to go back without being afraid of loosing exp/gold (minions are hitting his tower)
  • Make his minions push towards your tower, giving you the possibility of freezing the lane in #2 when you come back to lane.

If your jungler just ganked and that's how you got the kill ping the creeps and tell him "help me push" so you'll get to go back faster, also helps out your jungler with exp.
Even with lane control you need theese. They cost 75 gold and saves your live a good 10 times(at the least) every game.
Get them and place them in the river or tri-bush whenever you go to lane.
Sight Wards are easily the best item in the game.
You need map awareness to utilise this wonderful item to it's fullest. A good idea is whenever that you've just lasthitted a minion, look at your minimap.


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Teamfighting, doing it right!

I can't tell you how to teamfight with kennen, it all comes from experience. I can however give you some pointers.
  • Don't waste all your energy on throwing pointless Q's before the fight, throw the ones that actually have a chance of hitting something
  • If you have 100% energy before the fight feel free to throw a "pointless" q in the direction of the enemy
  • You're supposed to be somewhere between nr. 1 and 3 into a teamfight.
  • Ulty while going in, not after.
  • Flashing in is not always the right answer.
  • If you used your flash to get in, often you wanna save your E for repositioning purposes or vice versa.
  • Use your Zhonya's Hourglass as the enemy is trying to cc/burst/kill you, not before, not after.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass immobilises you, keep that in mind before pressing the button.
  • Use your W when you have the maximum number of people marked that are at your disposal and in your range most of the time getting 4 W procs is a good thing rather than waiting for a 5th which never comes
  • Don't be affraid to die
  • If you aced the enemy doing a teamfight, DON'T GO BACK use it to something, it doesn't matter you have 1 hp you can still push towers and you're not gonna die because the enemy is dead.

Guide Top

Explaining the cheatsheet(skip this, it's useless mumbling).

I added this section not because it's useful or anyone should ever be bothered to read it, but because people were requesting it and found that the guide was lacking because of it.


11 Health Potions -> i don't get this in build 2 cuz i won't take damage

Boots of Speed -> If you get ganked mobility es gud.

Doran's Blade -> We harrass with AA's so this item gives you lane pressence and bully potential. Get another one if you can afford it on the same back as first one.

Sorcerer's boots -> Damage and mobility - high base damages favors penetration.

Zhonya's Hourglass -> Damage and a real gud passive - you use this when they do the killings on us.

Abyssal Mask -> Damage

Rabadon's Deathcap -> Damage

Void Staff -> Damage

Build 2 items:

Haunting Guise -> Damage

Hextech Revolver -> This item is actually really good on this build because of the lack of flask, i don't like it but if you feel like getting it - Get it first item.

Situationals explained in a useful chapter.


greater mark of hybrid penetration -> AA-harrass.

Greater Seal of Armor -> Minion and enemy laners damage.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power -> most damage comes from ulty in tf's so no use getting early ap.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage -> AA-harrass.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration -> Damage

Greater Seal of Scaling Health -> you won't take damage in lanephase go for lategame.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power -> OP

Summoner's Wrath -> AD and AP in one mastery, pretty gud.
Sorcery -> CDR, AS is pretty meeh since you'll just do 1-2 AA's and 3% AS will hardly ever make a difference.
The rest of the offensive masteries -> Damage

In the defense tree -> I have no idea if this is the best way to go, i'm not yet familiar with the defense tree but this is what i assume is best.
Regen because regen is good on non-sustain champs and gets exponentially worse the more points you put into it so only 1 point here.
Health because health.
Armor because minions and champion damages against you.

I'll make this pretty when i'm not hungover.

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Explaining skills.

Thundering Shuriken -> Press Q throw shuriken do the damages.
Use this for everything pretty much, whenever you're on full energy throw a Q in your opponents way. Don't mindlessly throw Q's or you'll run out of energy and DIE!
You can use this for facechecking bushies btw.

Electrical Surge -> AA, do extra damage and add a mark. Press W and add another one.

Lightning Rush -> Press E, go crazy and run fast.
Don't overuse this in lane, it's expensive and your only escape.

Slicing Maelstrom -> The skill that defines Kennen. Everyone on enemy team gets low and your team finishes them up. Get the full duration of this spell before you die or you bad.

Guide Top

With Special Thanks To

Koksei for helping with the design of the guide and comming with input.