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Rammus Build Guide by sniperman796

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sniperman796

Ramdog Billionaire - (S3 All Maps)

sniperman796 Last updated on May 5, 2015
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Jungle Rammus'


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Up to date as of Patch: 3.10

Hello and welcome to my guide, this is my first guide that I will have published. Over the time that I have played League of Legends, I have compiled a list of builds that I occasionally use when I play. The champions which these include are; Rammus, Evelynn, Dr. Mundo, Fiddlesticks, Sion, Heimerdinger, Teemo, Amumu, Tryndamere, Jax, Master Yi, Shen, Lux, Veigar, Twisted Fate, Singed, Blitzcrank, Skarner, Olaf and Poppy. These are just items, however if you wish to ask for my advice on them, just pm me, I'll be happy to share what I have.

Unfortunately many of these have become obsolete as they are from Season 2 and they removed the Force of Nature (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) and a bunch of other items, but I will update them when I'm not playing LoL. However, this build is made for Season 3, it is what I use and what I like. This build is for a tanky Rammus jungle with a few item variations. I made this for the sole reason of keeping it somewhere where I can access it easily. For ease of use, this color will be used for key points.

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About the Author

The first time I played jungle was in Season 2 with a bunch of friends. At the end of the game, I said to myself that I would never play jungle again. I guess I overreacted a little bit. I prefer jungle over any other lane however I can support, top and mid lane. That being said, I suck **** at adc period. Times may change and I may get better, we shall see :). Currently I have 3 accounts on the NA server: 5n1p3rm4n796, 5n1p3rm4n797 and justtrolling123. I live in Australia so typing certain words without 'u's is not normal for me, but I'll try XD. Rammus was the very first champ that I liked, he is my one and only favorite. When I bought Rammus, I never would have thought to become a jungler. When I was 15-20, I would play him bot lane with my good friend IonizedPuppet0 as Lux and we would own with our crazy amount of Crowd Control and Damage Output.

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In my opinion, Rammus has no real need for a Flash however, it is very handy to get out of a team fight you will lose or a position which disadvantages your team members. Smite is almost a requirement for any jungler, some exceptions to this would include: Udyr, Fiddlesticks, Nunu and Shaco.

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The items in this build are mostly interchangeable, for example, instead of having Ninja Tabi you could use Mercury's Treads instead or vice versa. I do not have a preference for most of my items, it all comes down to which damage type the enemy deals more of. In many cases, the Runic Bulwark can be exchanged for a different item if your top laner or support have it already, or are planning to purchase it. Randuin's Omen is an excellent item to get as provides a great advantage if used correctly. In my honest opinion, the best time to use it is when you are about to finish a team fight, when the enemy or your team are trying to get away. Doing so provides a great escape or chase mechanism so that you can finish them off easily.

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Situational Items

These items are used under certain circumstances such as, having an enemy team full of ADC's, playing off-tank to do more damage, or to suit your play style. Whatever the reason, these items would not be as effective since they have problems like, higher gold cost, very late game effectiveness, efficiency based on composition of enemy team or simply hard to manage during intense battles.

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I'm not a normal jungler by a long stretch. First of all, I don't start wolves, the reason I choose not to is because I don't wish to waste the exp of the laners that help me leash. The longer they stay with me, the more time there is for bad things to happen.

This is a story of a 5's I played with some friends.

Spoiler: Click to view

Now onto the rest of my jungle route. I'll try and keep this short. If on blue side, get Blue Buff, with Smite and leash, get wolf camp, cross midlane, get wraith camp, get Red with Smite. Then gank bot lane. I prefer to leave golems for bot lane to kill for extra gold. In my honest opinion, they are the hardest camp to kill (not including buff camps) with or without Smite. If on Red side (Use colorblind mode, it's much better :D), same route but gank toplane. If successful enough to get a kill for the team and have enough health, gank mid, give wraiths to mid, get wolves, gank top, or vice versa.

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This is one of my least favorite topics, I don't like runes and I don't use them, that being said, this does not mean that I have not tested my build, both on normal LoL and on the PBE server. With and without runes. Do whatever, ask around, gain some knowledge on them.


Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health

The setup that I use for tanky jungling is: 9x Greater Seal of Armor, 9x Greater Mark of Scaling Magic Resist, 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist and 3x Greater Quintessence of Health. I have considered using 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration and 3x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed however, I feel that as of the Season 3 patch which removed some of the main Magic Resist items like Force of Nature, more Health and Magic Resist can help counter this setback.

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This is my favorite part, I love to experiment with weird and wacky combinations of Mastery points, on my tanky top, I run 0/27/3 (as of 3/5/2013, I run something similar to my ARAM masteries), with Rammus I like to run 0/21/9.There isn't really much to explain from me. If you don't like the setup I run, just fiddle around with your strengths till you find what you want.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
The Defensive Ball Curl of Rammus works beautifully with his Spiked Shell. The higher the level of it, themore damage you can take and deal when you activate it. This I like to max first. His puncturing taunt is what I max second, it is most powerful when used to cancel a channeling skill by Fiddlesticks or someone similar. What you want to avoid is, taunting someone like Fiddlesticks into your team. Something which you can do is to lead them away from the rest of your team so that they lose one of their carries in a team fight if one ensues. One of the other great things about Rammus is his Tremors. This ability of ultimate power can be used for more than just team fighting. It can be used to split push (ask IonizedPuppet0, expert right there :P), destroy turrets, inhibitors and even the enemy nexus. Tremors is an unique skill which damages anything and everything (non-friendly) that Rammus comes near. Use this in conjunction with Sunfire Cape, enemies will always try and avoid you. Seriously though, who would want to be matched up against a spiky rolling armadillo that is on fire?

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Pros / Cons


  • Powerful ganks with puncturing taunt
  • Very high durability
  • Can 1v1 almost any champ
  • High escape mechanism (Especially with Flash)
  • Has 2k base HP at Level 18
  • Slow without Powerball
  • Medium jungle time
  • Ganks are mediocre without taunt
  • If counter jungled, hard to recover
  • Doesn't talk much

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Team Work

Coordination of ganks are a must, being at the front of team fights is also needed. What my teammates hate but I like to do, sacrifice myself to try and save another person. Rammus is tank, with enough health and other defensive stats, he can buy enough time for your team to secure Baron Nashor or to get the **** out. If you go in, don't back down, give it all you got. However if you do go in, without the agreement of your team, there is only yourself to blame if you die. Don't go in to team fights which you don't think you can win (I have a bad habit of doing this :P). Lastly be confident and trust your team mates. Don't give up, if you do, you might as well have lost the game as soon as it started.

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ARAM Build 1

Items and Positioning:

Running 0/30/0, you should have enough reduction of CC for it to not matter much. You will have enough health at the start if you buy a Giant's Belt. Randuin's Omen and a Shurelya's Reverie provide enough escape and chase potential for your whole team. As there is only one lane, there is nowhere for the enemies to go but forwards and backwards. This is where key placement of champions come into play. Taking possession of the enemy's bush and securing it is key. If Rammus can get around their carries, he would be able to pin and force the enemy to attack. It is best to do this when you have your puncturing taunt as if the enemy choose to retreat, you can pick one of them off with your puncturing taunt and may get lucky and Powerball into another for a double kill. It really sucks that they removed Warmog's Armor for use in the Howling Abyss, however the reason for it was pretty straight forward, it provided too much health and health regeneration to counter. It was a core item in my original build for ARAM Rammus. Dominance of the bushes is key as they are the only spots to hide in. Tip: Hide on the very edge, closer to the enemy team so that you have less distance to travel.

Team Combination and Maneuvers:

About team composition, if playing ABAM/ADAM, Blitzcrank and Nidalee would give heaps of poke, I have seen the implementation of Thresh and Blitzcrank, they can drag a champion a fair distance towards your team. With this, you need to time it right, as soon as you shoot the hook you gotta hit the lantern. It is hard to land at the start but can pay off really well for your team.

As for a full team compsition, I believe, Rammus, Thresh, Blitzcrank, Nidalee and an ADC like Draven, Ezreal or Caitlyn would suffice. With high amounts of CC your team will be close to unstoppable.

Mastery Explanation:

Now, onto the masteries for ARAM 1. I run 0/30/0 on ARAM as there is not much space to maneuver in and most of the early utility points are useless and a full tank creates a big threat as there isn't space for people to aim skill shots around. All my points are in Defense because, both optimal Abilities for a tank in ARAM is Heal and Barrier (this sh*t saves). As you would be the designated tank, if they get Caitlyn, you are the one that stands between her Ace in the Hole's target and her. Same deal with Nidalee's Javelin Toss. Also, no exception for Thresh and Blitzcrank grabs as you are the one on your team with the highest chance of surviving such an attack.

One point in Defender will grant you almost always 3-5 Armor and Magic Resist. Summoner's Resolve buffs Heal and Barrier. Good Hands provides an amazing reduction on your death times, so if in any case you die by the enemy or take your own life, it will speed up the waiting times so that you can get back into the fight faster. It would probably benefit you more if you didn't have a point in Safeguard as it provides a greater chance of being able to suicide when need be and there will be sufficient amounts of minions so that the need for you to tank the turret is next to none. Getting maxed Tenacious and Relentless will provide a greater resistance to CC giving you and your team the upper hand in team fights. The other Masteries are pretty straight forward just giving health and reducing Champion damage and Critical Damage.

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ARAM Build 2

Update Incoming, Shifting some items and adding the Orb of Winter. Patience is a virtue. :)


It should really say builds, but anyways. These are just different builds that you can have, it focuses on mainly the composition of the enemy team's damage output. Mainly Mixed, Physical or Magical. I will try the best I can to cover most of the possibilities. Starting items should follow the recommended in getting Boots of Speed and the Philosopher's Stone but depending on the composition of their team, predominantly AD or AP, you should build either Cloth Armor or get 5x Health Potion.


Again, it is vital to take control of the enemy bush, there are many logical reasons for this. One of them is to force their team into a defensive position around their tower, this is where, if you have team mates with poke, pick them off one by one. We like to call this bush dominance. (Thanks RagedDaniel)

Skill Usage:

Use your Powerball where ever possible, use it to slow any enemy that is out of position or to force an enemy back into your team after a successful Rocket Grab. The best times to use your Defensive Ball Curl is to push towers or for increased damage when you puncturing taunt. Another good time to use it is when you are under a long ranged ultimate or skill from an enemy. I find that if you purposely hit the Trueshot Barrage, you absorb some of the potential damage that could kill one of your team mates as the more things it passes through, the less damage it does. Puncturing Taunt can be used to keep an enemy in the midst of your team whilst they finish him/her off. Tremors should be used when ever you are in the middle of their team and there is a battle raging on and also to be used when you are pushing the towers.

Running the same masteries as before so there isn't really a need for a repeat of an explanation. (Read above Chapter for Explanation)

Build Order Mixed:

Utilizing a balance of Armor and Magic Resist, this would create the most efficient use of damage reduction. Where my first ARAM build was based on my own personal preference during mixed damage battles, I feel that this build prevails more in that aspect. It provides more Magic Resist and Cooldown Reduction at the cost of 200 HP. Again, if there is already a team member who has the Runic Bulwark, you could swap the item for something with more Armor or Magic Resist.

Build Order vs AD:

This build focuses on pure Armor, it is used if the team is unlucky enough to get almost all Attack Damage champions. It utilizes the passive of the Thornmail which returns 30% of the damage by standard attacks before it is reduced by your armor (Thanks to Hemanshi for clearing this up). So, having more armor actually does not affect the damage they receive, it is only dependent on their total attack damage. Coupling this with your Defensive Ball Curl's effect, you can do more damage to them than they do to you without even attacking them. Add Sunfire Cape's aura, then you will truly be a sight to see. The Unique Passive/Aura of the Frozen Heart gives your team the advantage as their DPS will be significantly lower, and with your Defensive Ball Curl, Puncturing Taunt and Tremors you can single out any one of them.

Build Order vs AP:

Unfortunately this build is not as strong as it could be (Any suggestions that are made will be taken into consideration and credit will be given where it is due), there are a very limited amount of items that give both Health and Magic Resist, so parts of this build is in a grey/gray area. Any and all items that contain Health and Magic Resist are High Priority. These include, Banshee's Veil, Spirit Visage and the Runic Bulwark. In this case you should always be the one to get the Runic Bulwark as you really need the Health to supplement your Magic Resist. Getting the Philosopher's Stone at the start will help you gain gold at a faster rate so that you can keep up without getting the Creep Score that is required to get these items. Usually I will only get around 10-20 CS in an ARAM game as I mainly focus on the squishier champions of their team. Getting the Shurelya's Reverie last will squeeze the most money out of the Philosopher's Stone. IonizedPuppt0 has suggested me to remove the Maw of Malmortius and replace it with the Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It gives 500 HP and 80 AP which are very useful stats to have. Also, dealing spell damage with Tremors during big fights can give a hefty advantage to your team. It also works with his Defensive Ball Curl so that the slow can be distributed as far as the enemy's range (Thanks to IonizedPuppet0 for helping test this). However this does not work with the passive of the Sunfire Cape and Thornmail (Again thanks to IonizedPuppet0 for helping). If you wish to drag an enemy towards your team members without hindering their movement, do not activate your Defensive Ball Curl with the Puncturing Taunt.

Situational Items:

Most of these items can be interchangeable with the vs AP build as they mostly give Magic Resist. I will try and explain the four items that don't and why I feel that they could be useful. Firstly the Frozen Mallet, it gives a fairly sizable chunk of health. However, Rammus has a very slow auto attack and the slow is rather ineffective at best. Zeke's Herald, provides a decent amount of health, gives 20% CDR, and gives an aura to nearby team members granting them +20 Attack Damage and +10% Life Steal, good if you have around 2 AD Champs on your team otherwise try to steer clear of it. Atma's Impaler gives Attack Damage based on 1.5% of your Max HP. It also gives you a medium amount of Armor making it a good item to consider.

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Twisted Treeline Build 1 WIP


Honestly, I don't play Twisted Treeline much, not since they changed the map. However I will try and provide decent information on the strategies and tactics to playing Rammus top in Twisted Treeline.

Starting Items:

Starting with Boots of Speed, Crystalline Flask and 5x Health Potion gives you enough sustain early on. Getting the same Skill Sequence as the Summoner's Rift builds works quite well.

Summoner Spells:

Teleport: There is no need for this Summoner Spell as Twisted Treeline is a small map.
Smite: You ain't gunna jungle are you???


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Dominion WIP


I don't play Dominion as much as I wish I do, but again, I'll try my best. This build is for a Movement Speed Rammus. The aim of a Movement Speed Rammus is to stay hidden and capture any unguarded points.

Starting Items:

Rushing a Boots of Mobility will give you enough movement speed to reach the top point well before the enemy team. When the barrier goes down, pop your ghost off and start your Powerball. Going with one or more teammates can ensure that you gain the advantage.

The Rejuvenation Bead and the Faerie Charm give you a decent amount of initial Health and Mana Regen and help build the early Shurelya's Reverie.


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To wrap up, this build was never intended for purposes other than to help me, the chapters that I have put together are just for any strangers who are reading. If you like/dislike anything I have written please leave a comment if you want to and vote. Constructive criticism is always welcome and any suggestions as to how I can improve would also be appreciated, credit will be given where applicable. If you have read this far, I just want to say thank-you for reading. See you guys on the battlefield.

Photos :) :
Some unrelated gameplay videos:
Quadra Kill

Penta Kills

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Special Thanks


  • SoulEquinox for playing the Tennis and for supporting the whole team during 5's
  • Dilpick for the obvious downvote
  • NinjaMidget72 for inspiring me to write this
  • Dxdge for being a lad with the #brutals
  • DzlCHEATS for being a great guy
  • Bxtr for supplying the kush
  • IonizedPuppet0 for helping me fix the guide, and for his split pushes (towers win games), also for Rammus, Lux Combo :D
  • RagedDaniel for his all round greatness
  • Jhoijhoi and her very helpful and informative guide on making guides, which you can find here: JhoiJhoi's Guide to Making a Guide.
  • Loxely for his carrying and his brutals, also, if you are interested check out his AD Ashe - Fire away! Guide.
  • Cu1y for being the sickest lad out.
  • Thatdudeinthecotton and aDaptor for suggestions
  • Hemanshi, for being a mate, sharing this with his friends and generating the views
  • JueyAye for being epic at life
  • ChampinEveryDay1 for being the best Vayne NA and smashing DoubleLift like a twig
  • Registrator and heartshredder for being the sickest ****s out :^) ayy lmao

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Updates To Come

These will be some of the things I have planned for this guide:

High Priority:

  • Edits to both ARAM Builds for new items etc.
  • New section for Ability Sequence choices, and other viable options for various things.
  • Finish up Twisted Treeline and Dominion Sections, when I have the time to.
  • Substitution of the Runic Bulwark for another item. (Done) Requires polishing.

Mid Priority:
  • Improve Pros and Cons
  • Maybe, More purchase orders for vsing specific damage types
  • Section for jungle match-ups

Low Priority:
  • Color-Coding (Mostly done, just waiting to complete my TT and Dominion Builds)
  • Pictures, will come soon, as soon as I get most of the information down pat.

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Date of Original Guide: 1/5/2013
Number of Updates: 17


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