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Yorick Build Guide by NottAPanda

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NottAPanda

[S7] The Yorick Compendium

NottAPanda Last updated on December 20, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


12 Ferocity
















0 Cunning
















18 Resolve
















Threats to Yorick with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Alistar Rare, but it happens. Dunno much about the new cow, but what I have seen has given little reason to fear him. The stun is dangerous for your squishies though.
Dr. Mundo Your cage destroys him. Your ghouls destroy him. With enough CDR and armor, your Q will heal about as much as his Q damages you. You'll probably want a Sunfire, Spirit Visage, and some extra attack speed. Even if he's ahead (a little) you should be able to 1v1 him in if you have ult and red smite.
Nautilus With ghouls your damage output far exceeds his tankiness. Plus, you're usually leading with ghouls so he might miss his anchor.
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Slammin'! Thanks for checkin' out this guide that was written by someone who is most certainly NOT a panda at all.



Now that we have that out of the way, this is my Jungle Yorick guide.
I know what you're thinking: " YORICK?! IN THE JUNGLE?!!!!! IN 2016!!!!1?????"

Well... yes. :P

See, my reflexes are way too slow to keep up with all these new-fangled hippity hoppity champions. I can't pull off insec or double-jumps. Heck, I'm doing good to just dodge Javelin Toss / Takedown skillshots. So I play champs that don't have to worry about that ****: Garen, Nasus, Yorick, Xin Zhao, Volibear, etc. Champs who can walk into your house, drink your 2% milk straight out of carton, leave the toilet seat up, and prank call yo mama, and you can't do anything about it. But out of all these, Yorick is definitely my favorite, and I think I had like a 66% win rate in S6 with jg Yorick? Something like that.
Nobody plays him and I can understand why: Everyone takes him top because Old Yorick went top, right? WRONG! See that's only mediocre- Yorick. There are plenty of champs who would be a better choice in top lane. But jungle?
Picture this: You, feet up, sippin' a mimosa, occasionally clicking and watching your ghouls clear the camps for you. Some boosted NB3 invades and sees you "struggling" against said camp. "Wot ho!" says the bonobo, "I dare say I shall wipe this chap's silly... scowl... off his grimacing visage!". But then, out of nowhere, BAM! Drop ol' St. Mary right next to him. Instant gank. You kill him, kill the camp, and then solo dragon because you have a million HP left over.

Here's how YOU TOO can boost your ELO above where it should be with OP abuse. Let's go! :D

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Why no section for top?

Imo, there are better top laners, BUT if you do take him top I recommend checking out, like, Duosora's guide. :)

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AS: Attack Speed
AD: Attack Damage
AP: Ability Power
MS: Movement Speed
MR: Magic Resist
AR: Armor (Easy one)
AA: Auto Attack
SS: Skillshot
TF: Teamfight
TP: Teleport
CJ: Counter Jungle

(Yes I copy-pasted this list from Malkavian's Yorick guide, judge me. Mine's gonna be better so HA!)

OH and CD = Cooldown, CDR = Cooldown Reduction
+2 for original content, BOOM!

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Basic Concept

With your ult up, 1v1's will typically look something like this:
You do not kill things. Your %HP damage (explained later) and posse kill things. Everything about this guide lends towards this idea. I know that seeing " ghouls get 1/3 and ghost gets 1/2 of your damage" makes people go "OH WOW FULL AD Yorick LET'S GOOOOOOOO!" *Cough* Brofresco *Cough* but I assure you, the enemy will *eventually* catch on and focus you in a fight, which is unfortunate because you should force them to position differently, not the other way around. With a full posse you have (x3 AD + bonuses) damage output, so there's literally no need to build more than a couple damage items. Even late game Nasus has a hard time with Yorick & Co.

Yorick is a specialist in two things: Pathing Manipulation and Objective Control. When you push a lane, the enemy has to react or lose a turret within the next 90 seconds. 60 if you have a ZZ'rot. And even without being fed, if your ult is up then you can 1v1 most anybody they send. When you're in the jungle, YOU decide how the enemy gets to approach, or who gets to participate in a fight, or when your enemy is allowed to run away.

Let's say you're ganking and see that hoe Twisted Fate teleporting in? Stick him in the Boo Box and let him think about his life decisions. The enemy Darius is roaming down the river and realizes that you're solo-ing rift herald Harry? Give him the Ring of Waiting as you spam that guitar dance until you can pick up the buff.
Welcome to Yorick's Rift. His minions will spawn in 3...2...1...

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Fun with math!

Let's talk some numbers real quick:
I played a 3v3, and their Orianna got super fed. So here was my level 18 build.
Ninja Tabi, Banshee's Veil, Spirit Visage, Sunfire Cape, Edge of Night, Maw of Malmortius, and Elixir of Iron

Note that there were only two damage items, both of which were the MR hybrids, and this is level 18:
Yorick: 271, Physical damage
Maiden: 175, Magic damage
Ghouls: (176 x 4), Physical damage
Sunfire: 43, Magic damage
Bonus from attacking same target as maiden: 10% target HP (e.g. 500 magic damage against a 5K HP Sion), Magic damage
Damage from Grasp of the Undying: 120 Magic damage

If we assume your opponent has a respectable 3K HP, your bonus from ult would be 300 magic damage once every 2 seconds.
That means in that every second you're dealing (271+176x4) = 975 physical, 218 magical, as well as 300 magic damage every other second, and another 120 magic damage from Undying every 4 seconds.
So on that Undying hit, you can potentially deal 1613 mixed damage in one second, before calculating tankiness.
Put another way, you would be dealing 5492 raw damage per 4 seconds, before calculating any damage from Q Last Rites or E Mourning Mist, which puts him closer to 6K.

And remember... this was calculated with only two damage items that are MR hybrids. THIS IS TANK DAMAGE OUTPUT!

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9/1 Jungle Yorick Gameplay, Platinum Ranked Match

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Pros & Cons

  • Great sustain in jungle between Q and ghouls tanking damage
  • One of the fastest clear speeds without needing to be fed
  • Not abnormally mana hungry except early
  • Immense sustain in prolonged fights
  • Crazy objective control
  • Super strong dueling with ult
  • Still strong dueling with just ghouls and red smite
  • Enemy pathing manipulation using Dark Procession
  • Ganks should invariably secure Flash or kill.
  • Strong disengage, especially in the jungle
  • No dashes
  • No wall jumps
  • No high-damage assassination moves
  • No hard CC or reliable Disruptions
  • Can be kited unless you can catch in your Dark Procession
  • If you miss your E Mourning Mist you're gonna have a bad time
  • Cage has long CD
  • CDR-dependant, so you have to revolve your build around it
  • Your ult Eulogy of the Isles or there-lack-of influences many of the choices you make, and whether or not you can engage certain opponents/contest objectives
  • Eulogy of the Isles is not a pet, you have no direct control over her
  • Getting caught without any ghouls or ult will likely be a fight you'll need to run from

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Summoner spells

You're jungling. Take Smite.

Just... take Smite.

As for your secondary, take Flash on F since that's where it belongs, and once Kha'Zix realizes
how bad he is at making adult choices Leaping on you and Flashes away, you can chase him for that last backhand Q.

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His minions scale with AD and HP, but like your mom, the ghouls won't always be around to do your chores for you. So don't go *too* far off the deep end stacking things around that concept. Give him the same kind of runes you'd give Nasus; MS, AR, MR, a quaint amount of AD, etc.
You only need to be able to AA once per two seconds (to get %HP damage from Eulogy of the Isles). Otherwise your primary damage comes from abilities, so there's no point to building AS. No... Point... in AS.
Lookin' at you, Malkavian999.

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I think Yorick's actually pretty versatile here, but let me explain my masteries.

Priority on armor. Let's face it, you're gonna get kited. A lot. So you need to make sure that you're able to live until you reach them, then mush their face in. So get Unyielding , Fearless , and Legendary Guardian .

Explorer because he needs the aid to mobility.

Runic Armor and Grasp of the Undying because you'll be in sustained fights a lot and Yorick has ridiculous sustain when combined with these.

As for the remaining 12 points, I've tried 12/0, 6/6, and 0/12 and haven't really found one that feels more important than the other. I'm a feisty mo-fo so I take 12/0 because I get in duels a lot, but 0/12 has legitimate things to offer Yorick, with the added clear/push speed from Savagery (of which he already has plenty, FYI), and the dueling potential from Merciless and Greenfather's Gift .

General tip

Look at your mastery page before every match. Even if you don't change anything, you should at least confirm that these are what you want for THIS match.

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Spell Sequence

1. Last Rites
As I said earlier, your Q Last Rites is your Bread and Butter. Max that junk. Additional damage, healing, and CDR means that you will be a monster to 1v1. Remember, your healing doubles when you're below 50% HP. DOUBLES! JUST LIKE THE AMOUNT OF SCOOPS IN RAISIN BRAN!!! So the more you hit it after that point the harder you are to keep down.

He's almost as bad as Illaoi. Almost. ಠ_ಠ

2. Mourning Mist
Your E Mourning Mist is your gap closer and only SS, so I max that second, mostly for the CDR.

3. Eulogy of the Isles
As your ult, you should always max this ASAP. The benefits are immense.

4. Dark Procession
This is one of those abilities where the level 1 version is really all you need it to do. Still, the extra hitpoints at higher levels means that a late game catch equals a Flash or a kill, so it's nice. :)

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There are like a bajillion combinations of items based on situations. So instead let's talk about synergy. There are three main things you're looking for: HP, AD, and CDR. Armor and MR are things you get on a need basis, but if you can get more of those first three stats, do so.

CDR items(<- I wanted it to be big AND purple. T_T)

Red smite is just the best. If you are really struggling to stick to people then maybe blue smite Stalker's Blade, but the duel potential from Skirmisher's Sabre is to die for.

There is no wasted stat on this item. It gives everything you could possibly want, more mana, AP, AD, HP, a girlfriend, the dissolution of Daylight Savings Time, a ton of CDR, MS... heck it even gives extra AS for whatever good that'll do.

Your ghouls proc the passive. I repeat: The ghouls proc the BC passive. If you land your E Mourning Mist and four ghouls jump on your target, he will be at max AR reduction by the time you reach him. It gives you your fabulous trio: AD, HP, and CDR. Swap this instead of the Trinity Force if you're dealing with a pesky tank or three.

CDR, HP, some other stuff too but most importantly is that this buffs the healing on your Q Last Rites.

If you're playing against like a Fizz or some other bursty AP champ, this is your guy. The LifeLine passive will aid you SO many times.

Yeah this item is trash don't buy it, lol.

As I was looking at this item to think of what to say about it, it suddenly dawns on me that this has a CRAZY potential on Yorick. 'Cause, you see, this item resets turret aggro. I'll bring this up again in my Comprehensive Gameplay chapter in the "Towers" section.

A lot of CDR, fair bit of AR, a paltry amount of mana, but mostly this item is to stick to slippery targets with the slow effect.

This one's new so I haven't gotten much experience with it. But you can use it to make a surprise turn around in a fight or to save it until after you die to see if you can snipe the scoundrel who done did you in.

Tank items (<-Nope, dunno how to change color AND size. :P)

For opponents who have important CC that you need to be able to shrug off. You should still try to dodge SS though.

The MS on this item is fun. It's a tankier way of getting mobi boots. That's about it.

Once again, you're in it for the long haul. The passive burn from this will add up alot over time.

If they have a ton of AD.

If you're fed and can 2v1, consider split pushing with this. Don't drop it until it's in range to have the voidlings hit the turret, then let 'er loose!
Alternatively, it's great for prolonged sieges.

If you're playing support Yorick get this since it's cheap. Otherwise Maw of Malmortius is almost always better, as it gives you a bajillion stats.

Ghouls do not proc them. :( Sorry.


| | | |
Yorick's troupe procs lifesteal, so uh... full lifesteal Yorick anyone?

Other Damage Items

This is only good if you're taking on-hit effects. If you're lucky, I believe it may actually trigger the Eulogy of the Isles passive, but that's only if the 2 seconds have passed AND it's the "other" hit.
It pairs well with Blade of the Ruined King and maybe even Frozen Mallet, though I've never tried the latter...

If you're looking for a little extra clear speed. Pairs well with Zz'Rot Portal. :)

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Comprehensive Gameplay Guide

This is gonna be the hardest section. I just don't wanna lose my progress so you get to see the beta I guess. xD

So here's where we get to the meat of my meal. I'll just progress through this chronologically to follow a general game's timeframe.

The match starts. Buy your items, go to the preferred buff (yes we start with buff again this patch), get yo leash.

Kite out the jungle creeps using basic jungling tips from YouTubers (e.g. PantsAreDragon).

Blue Start: After blue sentinel buff, get your groupies from the wolves . If it looks like you can gank the lane next to Gromp , take your goons and mug dat toad. If you tank 2 or 3 hits, you should be able to keep all three of your ghouls alive, so try to manipulate its aggro. Follow up with the gank (more on ganking later). Otherwise take your parade over to the chickens ( raptors ) and LET YOUR GHOULS TANK while you focus on making graves.

Red Start: After red brambleback buff, hit up ancient krug (NOTE: I think you take more damage from chickens, hence ancient krug ). Make sure you last hit with Q Last Rites so that you get the grave marker. Wait until you have 4 graves, then cash it in. Take errbody to chickens and get in some fisticuffs, focusing on making graves 'cause the chickens will kill your goons.

Alright, level 3. Here comes the moment of truth: to keep farming, or to git rowdy. I invariably choose the latter, unless both lanes are shoved in and healthy. He farms super fast with all his ghouls up, so try to make that call fast. Time is money. If you wanna gank but feel like you're a little low on HP or mana, try to do Rift scuttler first.

Fun Fact

If you start red side, you can do this path: Red brambleback - ancient Krug - (maybe rift scuttler ) - Dragon
No special build required.
You need to stack 4 graves and kite well while doing Krugs. If you didn't kite very well, or used a lot of mana, do rift scuttler first.
Level up Q for third level, WARD THE ENEMY JUNGLE, communicate your plan to your team, and tank as much drake damage as you can before letting it attack your ghouls. The longer your ghouls stay alive, the faster you solo drake.

Heeeeeeeeeeeere's Jonny! You come to a lane. Try to wait for them to use an ability on your laner. Preferably a gap closer/dodge like Quickdraw or Relentless Pursuit, but other CD's are good too (in my guide video, you'll see that in my first gank I waited for Leona to use her Zenith Blade and then *immediately* go in), 'cause that means they're focused on their opponent and won't react to your presence immediately.
Right now your Mourning Mist is on a 12-second CD, so you will probably only get one shot. Still, try to lead with it, as it is a strong gap closer (slows your target and increases your MS to that target, along with any Ghouls you brought along). Oh? What's that? OH YEAH! It does 15% of your target's current HP in magic damage, similar to Evelynn's Agony's Embrace, because YAY %HP DAMAGE! :D If you hit them at the beginning of the fight, it'll deal the most damage. Make sure you land that junk. You can still secure a Flash with your Dark Procession, but E might have secured a kill since it does slow the target.

This will go one of two ways:
1. You land the SS. Awesome. Do NOT immediately use your Dark Procession. Walk up, use a simple Garen-esque AA-Q combo. Once they use their escape move(s), then build that wall. Bonus points if you get both the adc AND sup in the same box. If the only escape they had was Flash then this should get you a kill like 95% of the time.
2. They Flash the SS. Swag. Box 'em and tag 'em.

You don't need to tax the lane, you mainly just need your goobers back. Make 3-4 graves, then help push the wave (tax or don't, your call) until the graves are far enough away that your dopes don't trigger aggro onto a minion wave. As long as they don't *attack* a lane minion/tower, they'll follow you to the ends of the earth. Or at least to the next rumble pit. You'll be using this trick a lot, whether you're pushing a lane, covering while they b, or what-have you, raise your ghouls AFTER you kill the wave so that they come farm with you instead of jumping into a fight like a Bronze.

If you have ghouls, you cannot lane gank. Sorry. :(

If you didn't already take Scutt-butt, do that now. Unless you don't know where Lee Sin is in which case GTFO.

If you stick around, look for ganks or farm, since you are probably still good for either.

If you recall while your gobstoppers are at rest, they'll recall with you. This will also refill any missing HP they may have lost from tanking jungle creep damage for your lazy gluteous maximus.

Buy items. Duh.

At this time you are strong enough to solo dragon .

Farm some camps on the other side of the map now, then look at the map with prejudicial preference towards wichever lane you ganked last. Remember, your ganks now are just as effective as they were last time, except now they've burnt Flash like I burn tortillas. They'll be just as bitter too... I really need to learn to cook better...

If all 3 lanes are pushed in, analyze the map to see if you can snag a countergank doublekill. After all, a gap closer is a gap closer. If you wall in Poppy after she uses Heroic Charge on your laner, she has to either Flash out or wait while your laner repositions himself. Your Dark Procession decides the pacing of any conflict.

If you don't foresee a countergank incoming, or at least not one you can capitalize on, powerfarm. Each of your ghouls get (base + 0.3 of your TOTAL damage, not bonus damage) damage output. At this point you're level 5-ish, so even if you only bought Skirmisher's Sabre, let's say you're around 80 AD. That puts each of your ghouls at around 25 base + 25-ish of your damage. Every second. Multiply that by 4 and you have around 330 damage per second. You can clear camps *very* quickly, and keep pretty good HP while you're at it. The instant you hit 6 put her to work. Yorick is an equal opportunity champion, only too eager to give her a job.

At this point let's talk about the maiden.
Actually no. I'm going to give her her own chapter. Read that (next chapter below), then come back.

There're only two reasons to withhold poppin' your maiden instantly: taking towers and solo-ing epic monsters.

You have 3-4 minions, you know where the enemy Fizz is at, so you're not worried about a steal. Time to sneak in a Rift Herald/Drake. The process is similar for both, with only a smidgeon of a difference.
In both cases, you should get a buff first, and either a damage item or CDR. If you play your cards right you don't *need* these, it'll just help kill the monster faster, reducing the risk.

Lead with E Mourning Mist because AGAIN it deals %HP damage, so you want that to hit ASAP. Wait for the shockwave, then follow in. At first level your maiden will raise 2 ghouls along with itself, so wait for it to knock two of them off then bring her into the fight. Try to get the drake to switch aggro between you and your ghouls. Its pivot speed is slow enough that you'll make it drop a couple attacks over the duration of the fight.
Spam all of your abilities on CD, an easy combo being AA-Q-E-AA. Later on, if you build a Hydra then you'd go AA-Q-E-AA-Hydra.
Smite if you're worried about clear speed. Otherwise you'll have plenty of HP so you shouldn't need to use it. Red smite is great for duels, so try to save it for that.
Elder Dragon is the same, but it usually would take so long that you probably shouldn't try it for risk of a steal.

Rift Herald
As always, lead with E, but use it at half range. See, the ghouls will jump on Harry, and he'll aggro on them. This gives you the chance to swing around and bop him in the eye. Your ghouls are a lot tankier than you might think, so it'll take Harry a while to kill them all.
When the eye is closed, try to tank aggro from the Rift Herald. Be sure to spam your Q Last Rites so recover as much HP as possible. When the eye opens again, kite back until he turns to the ghouls. Rinse and repeat.
Once he kills a couple ghouls, raise the maiden close-ish to Harry. This will spawn 2 minions, refreshing the damage sponges, and increases your DPS. If none of your laners have come to help, then Harry will eventually kill all the ghouls. Now you'll need to hide behind the maiden so that he beats her up instead of you.
As always, try to get it to switch aggro between you and the maiden. Smite to kill (you've spent a LOT of time on this), and move on. Your maiden should be low but you should still have her. If a non-bursty non-fed non- Graves jungler finds you as you leave the pit, and you're anywhere above 1/2 hp and have a good amount of mana left, you can kill him. Do a quick glance at the mini-map to see if you know where mid and top are, and as long as it's 1v1 you're fine. Land your E and you'll win. Miss and you're gonna struggle.
If the other laners are missing and there's no follow up from your corresponding laner, wall the entrance at baron nashor and Flash out the back. Rift Herald buff is well worth the cost.

After all this, if there are any HoneyFruit Plants available, take them for sure. Same with Rift Scuttler .

Okay, so you've gotten your solo-objective kill (or you might have had help, I won't judge). If you're not scared of an invade, you can full-clear the jungle. If you're kinda low, start with raptors / wolves , killing the little ones first. The maiden will raise ghouls out of it, causing the remaining camp to aggro onto it. Once you have 4 ghouls and the maiden, you'll just gain HP from farming so you don't have to even think about sustain anymore.

Back and buy.

Oh, what's this? Big dawg Nasus is farming under tower because Tryndamere got a failed gank where he flashed under turret but failed to secure kill? Nasus has 200 mana? That'll suffice. ;)

Take your parade over there and remember: Let Nasus use Wither first, then lead with Mourning Mist, then WAIT to use your Dark Procession cage until after he uses his escape Spinning Slash. It doesn't matter if he uses it to get away or to do a cheeky attempt to kill ya boi Nasus. Because you're a good jungler, you remember when Nasus pinged Flash Tryndamere, so you know he's a dead man.
Cage that animal and let Nasus get off a Q Siphoning Strike before pinging the boosted dawg to stay away if he gets low.

You secure the kill, and then you see their jungler show up in bot lane, and mid is still mid. Do *NOT* let Nasus recall . While you push the wave ask if Tryndamere used Teleport. If the answer is "yes", you can get the tower somewhere between 1/4 HP and destroyed. If "no" and he TP's to lane, you'll probably only get it to 2/3-1/2 HP. Yell "I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, MY PRETTIES! EEEEHEEHEEHEEEEEEE!!!!", and move on.

So, if he used TP already, Tryndamere will be dead for approximately 20-25 seconds, then it's going to take him around 15-20 more seconds to walk back to the tower. So let's talk about the actual tower damage itself.

Tower aggro:
1. Enemy champions who harm ally champions
2. Dark Procession (I think, it's pretty high priority for sure)
3. Pets (i.e. Daisy!/ Summon: Tibbers/ Hallucinate/ Decoy etc.)
4. Ghouls/ Void Swarm
5. siege minion
6. Maiden of the Mist (she is not a pet, can't control)
7. Melee Minion
8. caster minion
9. Enemy champions
(I'm open to any suggestions for expounding on this aggro priority, so lemme know! :D)

As your minion wave is approaching turret range, tank the first tower shot. If you're healthy, and you know that nobody's coming for a long time, consider tanking a couple, because the ghouls are first on the aggro priority, and the tower, like enemy champions, is programmed to deal 100% HP damage (one-shot) to the ghouls, so you want some of them to at least scratch the tower before they die.
If an enemy minion wave comes, focus on them. The maiden will raise ghouls immediately from their corpses, which means more tower shots spent on them and not on your lane winions. If turret aggro hasn't started on the Maiden yet, it's well worth it to smite a caster minion, just to get the extra ghoul.
So you've finally started to attack the turret. Reset your AA timer with a simple AA-Q combo.
Every two seconds, when both you and the Maiden attack the tower together, you get the bonus magic damage as if it were a champion.

If you didn't have the Maiden up before starting on the turret, do the same trick as if it were an epic monster: wait until it drops a couple ghouls, then raise the Maiden since she brings ghouls with her.

If you have Ohmwrecker, and a siege minion is in the next minion wave, wait to use it until the cannon is gonna be in turret range by the time the tower can attack again. Remember: the tower prioritizes the cannon above the Maiden. This guarantees you can drop the turret before the maiden dies.

Once the tower is destroyed, let her power-push the wave into the next turret whilst you recall with your fat stack of green$.

It may not count as "hard CC" but it might as well be: your Dark Procession can be used to catch, separate, divert, peel, disengage, and even block important skills like Unstoppable Onslaught or Dredge Line. What way to use it is completely up to you. Watch your replays and see if you can identify what the best use would have been.
Your entire teamfight potential revolves around how you use this, and how long your Maiden stays alive.

Controlling your club's aggro:
Try to stay off to the side until it looks like there's an opportunity to commit. Remember, you can't control your homies. Once enemies come into range, they're all-in, so you need to keep them out until you think the fight initiates, then go ham.
Both the Maiden and ghouls will focus on whomever you mark with Mourning Mist, so that can actually be an easy way to zone out a carry. If you hit multiple people, they'll go for whomever is closest.
They'll change targets if you mark someone else with Mourning Mist, otherwise your goons are committed to the first task assigned.
If nothing is marked, your Maiden will prioritize whomever you're hitting, that way you can get the passive bonus damage procs.
She can take a beating, but she won't last long if she gets focused. Try to keep her in the sidelines, but if you go in she's going in with you and you can't tell her no 'cause she's a strong independent woman who don't need no man.

If you have an assassin/high damage team, try to cage in their frontline/peelers. If they have no flash, their teamfight loses.

Late game, you can probably 2v1 their frontline, so don't be shy. Unless it's Illaoi. That chick will mess you up like a hot ex. Bait out her ult Leap of Faith, cage the animal, and walk away.

Pretty simple. your maiden's %HP bonus damage thing applies here too, so you'll want her help killing baron nashor .
If you've almost killed it, and the enemy begins to approach, consider giving them a "hold on a sec, I'm busy" wall and finish him off.

If not, you should be healthy enough to engage in a fair-numbered fight.

If you took a risky baron and your team got unlucky and you have to pull out, try to wait until you're in a jungle area, then use the wall to seal off the entire pathway since it's wide enough.

Up-coming sections:

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Yorick's ultimate ability: Eulogy of the Isles.

Roses are red, violets are blue, the Maiden of the Mist is going to kill all of you.

This... just... this ult is intense. Probably amongst the best ults in the game, right next to the Garen execute Demacian Justice.

First of all, she has no time limit. She stays until she dies.

Mana cost is a basic 100. Otherwise Yorick has low mana costs and a healthy base mana pool. So as long as you're not spamming all your abilities on CD, you shouldn't have a problem with summoning her when you need her, which is all day every day. You needy sucka.

When summoned: She raises 2/3/4 ghouls. So if you have 4 ghouls already, it is most efficient to let a couple die before you raise her. I'll explain how to utilize this concept more in the Comprehensive Gameplay Guide chapter in "Towers" as well as "Soloing Epic Monsters" sections.

Aggro: She attacks enemy targets at will, but she will prioritize the last one you hit. If she hits a lane minion even once, she's stuck in that lane, so if you go to gank a lane, remember that she's all-in.

How to break the maiden out of a lane: the maiden will prioritize whomever has been marked by Mourning Mist, so if you mark gromp , ancient krug , or raptors she'll stop running it down mid and proceed to attacking the targeted jungle monster. Otherwise she tunnel-visions until she dies.

Damage: Her base damage is pish-posh, but she gets half your TOTAL AD, and more importantly is that she deals magic damage. That's right! Yorick deals mixed damage. But wait! There's more!
Every two seconds when Yorick AA's the maiden's target, he deals 5/7.5/10% of their HP in magic damage on top of his normal AD. Oh, and his Q is an empowered AA, so don't worry about having to try to time it out or anything. Yorick keeps it simple.
Check out the "Fun With Math!" chapter to see how strong these numbers actually are.
One last thing: that bonus magic damage triggers against structures. More on this in the "Comprehensive Gameplay Guide" chapter in the "Towers" section.

Passive: Rather than creating a grave, she INSTANTLY sprouts a ghoul upon killing a unit. No special action (like last-hit-Q) required. This is especially useful when farming raptors or ancient krug camps, since not only are killing them faster, but the instant one of your ghouls dies it is replaced.
Like any girlfriend, the maiden steals all your friends. So if she gets into a lane you can kiss your goons goodbye. Gosh I'm so lonely...
But if you last-hit Q a creature, it *still* leaves a grave even though the maiden will raise a ghoul from it. You double-dip. So if you've doomed your maiden to a lane, try to get some graves out of a wave, wait for her to keep pushing, then raise your own friends. She can have 4 at any time, and you can have your own 4 (as long as they're outside a certain range of one another.

AI: The Maiden is not a minion. You can't control her like Summon: Tibbers or Daisy!. She'll be generally cooperative, but she's a strong independent ghost who don't need no man, and will make pathing decisions on her own. Loosely following yours. You cannot reposition her in a fight, but try not to give her up for free as she is a HUGE damage boost. Don't die for her, but make it costly for them to take her.

Fun Fact: The Maiden triggers the Bandit 10 Gold on-hit passive, if you're ever supporting.

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How to counter Yorick

jk I'll be filling this section out over time. You can smite the maiden though! :D It won't kill her, but it'll make you feel better. I think it'll proc the heal too...

*Even maxed, Yorick's wall only has 4 hitpoints. If you see it raised, you need to as a team kill it. One AA from each of you will level it instantly. It has a high CD, so this is a great window of opportunity for hard engages.

*The maiden doesn't regenerate except perhaps in base, which almost never happens. So if there's a siege, you should try to poke her down. Yorick's okay without his ult, but that's still where his real strength comes from. She is vulnerable to poor positioning since he has little control over her pathing, so see if you can get some free shots on her. Just watch out for Mourning Mist!!!

*Try your best to hold onto your escapes. His Dark Procession is the only tool he has to avoid getting kited.

*If he doesn't have ghouls or ultimate available then you don't have much to worry about. The only trouble is getting past his wall.

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Killer Jokes to Use in the Match

When you see they have that 'oh gosh what have I done?' moment: "You have made a grave mistake"

@ Graves: "Close, but no cigar"

When the enemy says menacing remarks to you: "You and what army?"

If you wall in Anivia: "Mine's bigger"

For extended chases: "Wait! Let me read you a bedtime story!" ( Last Rites)

When you successfully gank even with a countergank: "That countergank was to die for."

When you execute Nasus with a Q: "-6... feet underground."

When you invade Lee Sin: "He never saw it coming."

When you ace their team: "Feliz Dia de los Muertos!"

When someone on your teams dies: "Alas, poor ________! I knew him/her well."

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Support Yorick

This too I am gonna be working on. I've only just picked this up, and OH my gosh is it effective. Not for the laning phase, but after you hit 6 is when you start to shine.

All those benefits to jungling? Yep, prepare to get counterjungled by the enemy support. Oh, the support Yorick is missing? Whelp, there goes dragon.

In the "Comprehensive Gameplay Guide" chapter, I linked a video showing how I solo'd Rift Herald as support Yorick. He can also counterjungle if you're feeling spunky.

I'll be fleshing out this section over time, hopefully with more gameplay, so check back from time to time. :D

So far I've recorded a 10/2/11 match. Oh yeah and there were 2 Diamonds on their team.

Stay tuned. ;)

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Special Thanks

A special thanks to jhoijhoi's Making a Guide guide-builder guide, which has a bajillion good ideas and useful tips. :)

Also, thanks to Wayne3100 for helping answer some questions that I couldn't find answers for on my own. ^_^