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Lux Build Guide by LuxTheGreyWarden

Support diamond

[10.11: Support] Light 'Em Up (I'm on fiyaa): Luxeøn Style!

By LuxTheGreyWarden | Updated on May 28, 2020
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Lux
    Utility/Supportive Lux
  • LoL Champion: Lux
    Full AP Lux

Runes: Comet w/ Inspiration

1 2 3 4
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role
Ranked #8 in
Support Role
Win 49%
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About Me





Hey everyone! My name is Luxeøn, or Drew. I am a Diamond mid/support main on the NA server and my specialty is Lux! I'm also the mid laner for my University's Varsity League of Legends Team and have been playing collegiate for two years! I've been playing this game since S2, picked Lux up at around S3, and have fallen in love with her and have mained her since then (I have 1.2m mastery on her so im pretty dedicated hahaha)! I am on the top Lux's here and the Lux enthusiasts here
Below is my other guides and my first Lux montage if you're interested!

Other Guides
Lux Mid Guide

Syndra Guide
Lux Montage

I know I keep talking about streaming and I really want to SO bad, but I was on my University's Varsity team and was also studying abroad in France. However, I am going to try streaming this Spring so stay tuned!:

To start off with this guide, I want to share that this guide is just a guidance! I discuss the runes/information that I feel is BEST for Lux and what I personally prefer/take/buy. However, I know people do have preferences, so feel free to tweak some of the stuff (for example, you can take a different secondary tree than what I recommend if you feel like it!). If you want to discuss if any runes/items/anything that isn't on my guide, feel free to DM me on here, comment on this guide, or even add me on League if you're on the NA server! I'm glad to help you decide what runes to take or even a bit more information on specific matchups or anything like that if you want! Feel free to give it a + if it helped you in anyway or you liked it as well ^.^
With this being said, let's get started!!

Pros Cons
Easy to learn
E can take farm/push when you want to freeze
Lots of Utility
Fully skillshot oriented with easily dodgeable abilities
Great Teamfighter
Easy Counterplay: , , , , , etc)
E & R gives vision
Long Cooldowns
Can shield the WHOLE team
Squishy with no mobility
Can play both a supportive role or be able to dish out a lot of damage
Mana Issues


Arcane Comet is great since Lux is a great poking support and comet helps her do just that! This is especially great in lanes with other ADC's like Ashe or Varus who poke along with you. Summon Aery is good if you prefer having a bit more on your shield- it is less poke damage but
does give a more supportive side rather than comet.
Manaflow Band is great because Lux has higher mana costs in general, making this rune very valuable, especially later on in extended fights! Plus, it kinda rewards you for poking in lane early on by getting those stacks!

Transcendence is preferred because you want to reach max CDR as soon as you can, and this rune helps you do that! Or if you're going full AP, you want to build damage items, so this rune helps you get to 40% without having to buy cooldown reduction. Plus, any excess CDR gets converted to AP, which is huge in our shielding build where all we do is buy cooldown reduction items! Absolute Focus is an alternative if you want that extra early poke & damage since Transcendence doesn't give you the 10% until level 10 and you don't get extra AP from it until you have over 40%! Do remember that absolute focus only works if you're above 70% health though!

Scorch is the first choice here just because Lux will be poking with comet and this adds some extra oomph to your poke! HOWEVER, if you're in a lane where you aren't able to constantly poke and proc scorch (you have a vayne and they have a sivir and they'll just keep pushing you to your tower), take Gathering Storm! Gathering is great since you won't be able to poke and proc scorch, but can get some more AP going into the mid game and only scales from there! Basically, scorch for early game poking, GS for mid-late.

You take double adaptive AP since you want a little more damage on your abilities early to poke more and then take armor since most of the damage is usually from the ADC. Feel free to take the scaling CDR rune if it's a lane where you won't poke or do much and want the scaling CDR instead (or you're building more of an AP build with little CDR items and need this scaling CDR), and swap the armor out for magic resist if it's a double AP lane or if its a lane like Vayne/Brand where brand will be doing all of the damage.


Cosmic Insight is a great support rune in general, but it works wonders on Lux! It not only gives you 5%CDR at level 1, but it makes your CDR cap 45% instead of 40%!
Magical Footwear is amazing on supports beause 300g is a lot for support, so this rune makes it to where you don't have to worry about buying tier 1 boots and can use that 300g toward another item. plus the 10 extra MS is nice since Lux is so slow. Don't take this rune if you need early boots!
Biscuit Delivery is a great alternative if you don't take magical footwear because since you're going to be poking and skirmishing quite a bit in lane, and this rune is great for the lane sustain. It also increases your mana cap, which is great since Lux's mana costs are decently high!


Relentless Hunter is a great support rune in general because it helps get you back to lane faster, to objectives or teamfights faster, plus you are also running around trying to ward and this helps since Lux is SO slow! Plus, I'm not a personal fan of mobi boots and this is basically just a replacement of that, except you don't have to buy them or worry about needing another boot like if you had to buy mobis.
Zombie Ward is taken here because you're looking to clear out wards and this rewards you with AP and a free ward where they warded! You don't get any stacks early really though, so if you do want an earlier game warding rune, feel free to take Ghost Poro, I just think this rune is strong on supports.
Cheap Shot is a great alt if you don't want zombie ward/you want a little more aggression/damage from your poke. This rune + comet + scorch means quite a bit of extra poke coming from Lux. Plus, cheap shot works on your E slow and your Q, it does true damage, and it only has a 4s CD!




When is this a good rune to take? Guardian is the defensive rune you take vs those really hard matchups, where you're looking to protect your ADC and survive, rather than poke them out. I take domination secondary because relentless is a great support rune since you might look to roam or you want the extra movement speed to walk around to ward or get to objectives faster, and I pair this with zombie ward since it not only rewards you for clearing vision, but it also gives you some adaptive AP too! However, feel free to swap out your secondary runes if you have a different preference (ex: Cosmic Insight & Magical Footwear/ Biscuit Delivery from Inspiration or Transcendence & Manaflow Band) from Sorcery




When is this a good rune to take? This rune page is really only going to be taken vs those REALLY hard engaging matchups, where you just need to save yourself (especially when your ADC has movement to escape but you dont- they're going to look to engage on you!). They're looking to CC you with their adc or team following up with more engage, and this rune helps stop that. If you do get hooked or stunned, you are able to Q them (or any champion) and you get a huge amount of magic resist and armor for 2.5s, which can save your life! I take domination secondary because relentless is a great support rune since you might look to roam or you want the extra movement speed to walk around to ward or get to objectives faster, and I pair this with zombie ward since it not only rewards you for clearing vision, but it also gives you some adaptive AP too! However, feel free to swap out your secondary runes if you have a different preference (ex: Cosmic Insight & Magical Footwear/ Biscuit Delivery from Inspiration or Transcendence & Manaflow Band from Sorcery)




When is this a good rune to take? This rune page is great if your team is lacking in utility and you want to provide a LOT of extra slows along with your abilities, or it's great if you are against specific matchups (best example here is Kalista since slows basically shut her down), or just if you preference it! The idea here is to go Hextech GLP-800 > tier 2 boots somewhere in here > Twin Shadows. After that, it really depends how the game is going! You can choose to get more AP items or you can even start to build support items, it just depends on how the game is going and what you need! The idea with this build is that you're going to be using your hextech GLP and Twin Shadows on enemies, and glacial augment will slow them by A LOT on top of the slow they already deal! Ingenious Hunter comes into play here because it reduces your active items by up to 40% (45% with cosmic insight!), meaning you can use these two items twice as much and be able to almost constantly slow enemies! Do remember that glacial augment does have a small cooldown within each unit, so you want to try to space out when you use your GLP and when you use twin shadows. If you use them both on the same two enemies at the same time, you won't be able to get the full effect from these items. I put cheap shot here just because you're going to be able to proc it a whole lot more with this build, but feel free to take another rune like Zombie Ward or Taste of Blood if you prefer!




When is this a good rune to take? This build is a little bit... different and I originally wasn't going to include it in the other runes section, BUT I think it's important to put it. This rune isn't normally the best because a lot of games can be a quick 20-30 minute game, and this rune takes about that long to start working. However, this rune is really great into certain nontraditional kill lanes (double mages bot, for example) where you are going to be constantly getting stacks and being extra aggressive, or it's good in lower elos. Lower elos fight A LOT, meaning you can get stacks just fine. Remember to only take this rune if you know you are going to be able to get a lot of stacks early on and are able to snowball from there. I also normally don't take this rune unless I'm going AP support, since these runes are primarily for damage and don't help if you're going support. For secondary runes, I put manaflow band here since you aren't the mid laner, so unless you kill someone with blue buff or your mid laner is someone who doesn't really need blue and your jungler is generous enough to give it to you, it's highly unlikely that you're going to have it. Manaflow band makes it to where you can keep your poke/burst up in extended fights. I tie it with transcendence because you want to buy high AP damage items like Rabadon's or Morellos, so you won't be wanting to normally tap into that defensive cooldown reduction item until later on. Transcendence helps you have that extra CDR you might be missing or might need! However, as always, feel free to swap these secondary runes out if you prefer different ones.

YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS 100% OF THE TIME!! Flash gives you so many opportunities to either escape, catch up to a champion, dodge abilities, and more. There isn't any situation where you should not take flash

I take ignite in a lot of my games because Lux does pretty well at keeping pressure in lane, and using her zoning/damage/poke with ignite to score kills or knock out the enemy laners and get them behind is key. It also is extremely important because the ADC (or support sometimes) takes Heal, the ADC will have lifesteal, as well as a support like Nami having healing in their kit, and igniting the enemy means heal is 40% less effective. I take this in all matchups unless I need a situational summoner spell below!

Exhaust is a good summoner spell when dueling in lane with the other ADC or if their team has someone scary like a Rengar or Zed that can one shot your ADC. I only take this spell in cases where I don't think I can save my ADC and I need exhaust to save them.

You basically only take heal if your ADC isn't taking this spell and is taking like a cleanse/barrier/tp instead. I personally like heal since you buy shield power, which makes the heal even stronger. *Please remember that this rune is great but if your adc does take like a tp BUT they have a lot of healing on their team (raka), you still should take ignite).

First, let's look at what Lux's abilities do:

Your next auto attack against enemies hit by your abilities take extra magic damage.
Lux's offensive abilities mark all affected enemies with light energy for 6 seconds. Her basic attacks and Final Spark consume the mark, dealing 20-190 (based on level).

Light Binding
Roots and damages two enemies.
ACTIVE: Lux releases a sphere of light in a line that deals magic damage to the first two enemies hit and roots them for 2 seconds.

Prismatic Barrier
Shields yourself and your allies with Lux's wand on the way out and back.
ACTIVE: Lux shields herself and throws out her wand in a line, shielding allied champions in its path for 3 seconds. Lux's wand then returns to her, stacking the shield to all allied champions it passes through and herself.

Lucent Singularity
Slows and damages enemies in an AOE bubble.
ACTIVE: Lux sends an anomaly of twisted light to the target area for up to 5 seconds, Slow icon slowing enemies inside and granting a 600 radius Sight icon vision around it. Lucent Singularity can be recast at no delay.

RECAST: Lux detonates Lucent Singularity early. If recast while in flight, the ability will detonate on arrival.

The slow lingers for 1 second after leaving the area. Enemies hit by Lucent Singularity are slowed for 1 second.

Final Spark
Lux fires a laser that deals damage to anything in her path.
ACTIVE: After gathering energy for 0.5 seconds, Lux fires a giant laser in a line that deals magic damage to all enemies hit and briefly reveals them and the surrounding area. Final Spark triggers and refreshes Illumination if the enemy was damaged by Lux's other abilities.

Now, let's look closer into her abilities:

Illumination (Passive)

Level Up: Passive
Lux's damaging abilities mark an enemy for 6 seconds, and Lux can auto or use Final Spark to proc it for extra damage. Her ultimate procs AND resets the passive.

The goal here is to try to proc your passive after using your abilities by auto attacking the champion. You want to try to auto attack (if possible) in between your damaging abilities, that way you can get the full possible damage by procing her passive 2-3 times. Do NOT run at an enemy trying to proc it, it isn't worth it sometimes and can result in a really bad trade or even death. Remember that your ultimate does proc AND reset your passive, meaning unless you are sniping them from far away or something, if you're doing a combo, you should try to have your passive on them from your other spells before you ult, that way your ult procs the passive for more damage, and then reapplies it!!

Light Binding (Q)

Level Up: 2/14/15/17/18
COST: 40/45/50/55/60
COOLDOWN: 11 /10.5/10/9.5/9
You normally max this last as Lux support since you want to max the shield and the cooldown is decently short before maxing it, but max this second if you're going full AP for more damage

You can take Q at level 1 if there is any invading happening or if you feel you will need it. Otherwise, E is normally better. Always try to Q two enemies if possible! If enemies do see you don't have your Q up, they will try to engage on you since they know you're vulnerable without it, so when you use it and it's down, try to be a bit more passive until it's back up

Prismatic Barrier (W)

Level Up: 3/8/10/12/13
COST: 60
COOLDOWN: 14/13/12/11/10
I max this second but I do max it first in situations where I think I need it.

Depending on the game/my build, there's a lot of options for when to max this... sometimes I put 3 points in E first so I have poke and damage in lane before leveling W fully, or I max this first if I want to be a fully shield support (or max it last if you're going full AP carry Lux). Also feel free to take this at level 2 instead of 3 if you think they are going to all in and need the shield to soak damage up. Always shield allies when possible and don't just throw it out randomly, aim specifically for allies, even if you are the one getting hit!

Lucent Singularity (E)

Level Up: 1/4/5/7/9
COST: 70/80/90/100/110
COOLDOWN: 10/9.5/9/8.5/8
Max this first since it gives AOE damage and good poke, as well as good zoning capabilities and vision!

I normally take this at level 1 but you can take another spell if you think it will be more beneficial. I really just love poking with E and then going for an all in at level 2, but that can't always happen. I max E first normally since Lux is good at poking the enemies out of lane, but sometimes that can't happen, so feel free to max W first if needed.

Final Spark (R)

Level Up: 6/11/16
COST: 100
COOLDOWN: 80/60/40
Always max this when you can, it greatly increases the damage and reduces the cooldown!!

I always get this at levels 6/11/16! The goal here for Lux support is to burst the enemy down to little, so your ADC can clean up, or using it to score a kill from someone who thought they escaped. It also can be used to try to steal dragons/barons! Also remember that this is a short cooldown ultimate so don't be afraid to use it!!

Lucent Singularity➛ Auto

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding➛Auto➛ Lucent Singularity➛Auto

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding Lucent Singularity Final Spark

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding➛Auto➛ Lucent Singularity Final Spark➛Auto

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding Lucent Singularity Final Spark➛Auto➛POP Lucent Singularity➛Auto

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding➛DO NOT AUTO➛ Lucent Singularity

Spoiler: Click to view

Lucent Singularity Final Spark

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding Flash

Spoiler: Click to view

PS: I love Bjergsen to death, he's my favourite pro player, but don't combo like him ;) RIP BJERG

Support Item


Were going to look for Spellthief's in a lot of our games because Lux is fairly good at poking in lane and it rewards us for poking! I also really like that it gives mana regen, whereas, relic shield gives health regen. It's minimal but it gives 100% mana regen when it's fully stacked, which really helps Lux since were buying mana regen and not mana items specifically. Also, when you buy Athene's, that mana regen also gets converted into AP, meaning you'll get 20 more AP from taking this item!
Relic is a little more of a defensive starting item. It'll give some health and health regen, and you can auto attack minions under 30% to kill them for your ally. I like to take this into lanes where I know I won't be able to poke a lot since we will be pushed under our tower all game or we just won't have ANY pressure early on where I can't get any gold from spellthiefs, and we can get our income much easier with this item. You normally want to try to auto attack cannons & melee minions since they give more gold, so you can stack your support item a lot faster!!

First Back

♢ 125G If you were forced to recall early or died early on, grab one (or two if you have the gold) of these that will build into one of your support items with a Refillable Potion and a Control Ward!

♢ 900G This item is great since it's the AP part of Athene's Unholy Grail. It gives some AP and CDR, which can help push a lead in lane and you can cast your spells a bit more often.

♢ 800G This is a more defensive option (with mana regen!) instead of fiendish codex to get your Athene's Unholy Grail. The MR helps out if they have an AP or enchanter support since they dish out magic damage!

♢ 850G If you're going Ardent Censer first instead of Athenes and want a more offensive option, aether wisp is such a great and effective buy! If you're the opposite, where you're going more defensive but are getting ardent first, Forbidden Idol is great since it gives you CDR and shield power for your shield, as well as mana regen!

♢ 300G Boots are great if you think you need early movement speed vs matchups like Brand/Morgana where you need to dodge their important AOE/CC spells! Depending on how much more gold you have, you can pair it with another item above or an item that builds into those items above, like an Amplifying Tome. Remember to get a Control Ward and feel free to get a Refillable Potion if you need it as well!

♢ 1300G If you're going AP, you are looking to get that Luden's Echo ASAP! You normally won't have enough gold for this unless you were in lane for a long time and got some kills and a lot of gold from your support item, so buying smaller items from it like an Amplifying Tome and a Sapphire Crystal plus a control ward is a very good first back!

♢ 150G I can't fathom how important sustain is, especially in bot lane. It's important since it can help you survive in all ins, it can help you recover from poke lanes, and it's just overall great. Sometimes if you're taking Biscuit Delivery, those can do the job along with the two health pots you buy at the beginning of the game, but having sustain to stay in lane with your ADC is so important because you need to be there so you don't lose too much XP and you are able to get more opportunities to stack up your support item as well.

♢ 75G Last but not least, NO EXCEPTIONS, buy one EVERY BACK!! Mid-late, I ALWAYS have two in my inventory. Everyone on your team should also be buying one!! Vision is extremely important and having a control ward means one less place the jungler can gank you from, it gives your team better vision control of the map since control wards are limited to 1 per person, and it's incredibly important for objectives since it keeps the vision from the enemy team as well.





Sorcerer's Shoes > MAGIC PENETRATION
Magic Pen is important if you're going either more AP based or full AP Lux support! I also personally buy these if I am snowballing quite a bit even as a shielding support because if you keep pushing your advantage, you can win and close out games much faster.

Mercury's Treads > TENACITY/MR
I honestly get these quite a bit as a support since they're incredibly important if the enemies have a lot of CC. They're especially important in lanes like Leona & Ashe, where you NEED the tenacity to survive over anything else.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity > CDR/SS
These boots are great if you don't need the damage from Sorcs or the defensive boots since it reduces your summoner spells by quite a bit (very helpful to have flash up more or have your ignite/exhaust/heal up as well)! On top of that, if you took Transcendence, these boots are great for the early CDR and then can help gear towards that extra AP you get from Transcendence!

Ninja Tabi > ARMOR
These are normally bought if they have high threats who use auto attacks as their main source of damage since the passive is so nice, and the armor helps since most auto attack champions do physical damage! I don't get these a lot since they're very situational, but they're also very important to get if needed!

Core Items

Support/Shielding Core Items
Athene's Unholy Grail: This item works GREAT on Lux since she doesn't have any healing in her kit, but this item makes her shield be able to HEAL allies! We normally look to rush this first since the shield + heal combo is really strong, plus it gives pretty decent stats! I also love this item because you're buying mana regen items, and this item makes extra mana regen turn into AP! This means with my standard build of Spellthiefs, Athenes, Ardent, Redemption, & Shurelyas, this item's passive will give a total of 100 EXTRA AP!!

Ardent Censer: Lux imo is the best user for this item because she can shield all four allies every 10-6ish seconds and apply this item to them! When you shield allies, it gives them and yourself attack speed and damage on hit for 6 seconds (late game, you can basically always have this on your allies!). Plus, the AP and MS are really nice for Lux, on top of a bit more mana regen and CDR! I get this item after Athene's normally, but feel free to rush it first if your ADC is someone like Kaisa/Kog, where the attack speed is going to do a lot more for them than a bit of a heal from Athenes! This is rare but if you don't have an ADC (Ex: Heimer bot) and your team can't use the attack speed well, dont buy this item at all!!

Redemption: This item is really strong and can really change the events of a teamfight with the group heal it gives. It also works when you're dead, which can be really nice if the enemies for some reason try to jump on you- you're still able to assist your team! Feel free to get this item before Ardent if your team doesn't need Ardent or if your ADC isn't doing very well and you want a group heal to help the rest of your team instead.

Full AP Support Items
Luden's Echo: This is going to be your core and first item on Lux AP support since it gives you a ton of mana, cooldown reduction, AP, and some extra burst! As I mention in the cheat sheet at the top of the page, this will be interchangeable with Hextech GLP-800. Look at the situation. Is your team full of poke and you guys are looking to poke a lot before fights start? Take Ludens! Is there that one carry that you need to try to burst down? Take GLP! They're both great items with different purposes. You never really buy another item before this, but if you do need a defensive item or a Morellonomicon very early on in the game, feel free to just get a lost chapter, get that item you need, and then finish this item.

Rabadon's Deathcap: This item is really expensive, especially for a support, but it really is Lux's bread and butter item. Her AP scalings are high (100% on her ultimate!), meaning the extra AP you get from this just adds to your burst. Plus, you are going AP, but her shield has an AP ratio too, so it also makes your shield a bit stronger as well! I try to rush this after Luden's but remember to get a defensive/situational item before if needed.

Void Staff: Since you're going AP, this item is VERY important! Enemies have natural MR scaling and many items that gives MR, meaning you need this item to shred their MR so your spells do more damage! The ONLY time you wouldn't get this item is if they all don't have any MR because maybe your team is fully AD besides you, but that's very rare. I try to get this item after Rabadon's but get it earlier if you need it, or later if you need a more important item like Morellos to stop their healing!

Situational Items

Support/Shielding Situational Items
Shurelya's Reverie: I love this item as a last item because we already have 20% shielding from Ardent + Redemption's passive, and this makes 30%, which is insane since Lux's shield is already so strong! Plus, this gives really good stats and the active is actually kinda nice since late game, one teamfight can mean a game and giving movement speed to engage/disengage a fight is super strong. It's a great item but I don't recommend getting it until last item since the other items are more important!

Locket of the Iron Solari: I normally prefer the tank to get this item if it's necessary since the shield scales off of bonus health and Lux gets literally no bonus health besides redemption. However, that's not always possible and you do have good shielding power, so this item is needed if they have a lot of upfront burst that you need to shield you and your allies FAST with that your W shield won't shield them in time for (Orianna R for example), or high burst that your shield won't be able to soak up all of the damage from (Velkoz ult). It's very situational and you don't really get it too often, but it's important!

Mikael's Crucible: This is an item you either normally want to rush first item ONLY IF NEEDED, or you can also get it second to last or last item if you have a hypercarry that you need to protect CC from. It's another really situational item that you normally don't get because Athene's is more important and the two items counter each other a bit. HOWEVER, it is totally OKAY to get both if needed! When you get both, it just disables the harmony passive, which gives you health regen equal to your mana regen, which is definitely worth giving up if you can save your ADC!

Twin Shadows: This item isn't a bad last item if you're looking to catch someone out with the slow, plus you can use it in areas where your team doesn't have much vision in order to see where the team is. It also gives movement speed, which is insanely helpful since Lux is so slow! You usually see this in more AP or glacial builds, but its still an overall good item!

Full AP Situational Items

Morellonomicon: This item is going to be incredibly important if the enemies have a lot of healing. It also gives magic pen, which helps Lux even more with her burst, so it's an overall great item! I try to always include this in my build but since you are a support and have the support item, you have technically 4 spots left, with three being core items. However, if they have A LOT of healing and you do need a defensive item, replace Rabadon's unless they all have under ~100MR, then replace Void.

Zhonya's Hourglass: Zhonya's is a great defensive item if you need it when going AP since the active can save your life from just about anything, it can help eliminate an important spell like Death Mark in a teamfight, or it can buy time while your team is able to fight or reposition, plus the armor is nice to have!

Banshee's Veil: This is the Zhonyas counterpart, where you get this item if they primarily push out magic damage, or they have an important engaging spell like Enchanted Crystal Arrow or Rocket Grab.

Mejai's Soulstealer: Lux is one of the few people that can buy this item and get away with it. It is a very high risk high reward item, so don't buy it every game- if they have a lot of gap closers/people that can kill or assassinate you, your team is not doing well, or you aren't playing your best. You don't want to waste 1400G that can be geared toward other items. However, this item gives you the opportunity to snowball off of 1400 gold, which is INSANE, especially when you're a support who doesn't get as good of an income as other laners! I like to personally buy a dark seal early and then if I find myself having 8-10 stacks since my team is doing great, I'll upgrade it!

Sample Builds

These are just sample solid builds that I frequently use, but PLEASE REALIZE THAT each game is based on WHAT YOU MAY NEED IN THAT MOMENT, so don't just copy a sample build and use it every game! Rearrange or switch out items as needed! If you need help deciding specific items, reread above!

Utility Lux
Pros: Good healing, shielding, VERY utility/supportive based, inexpensive
Cons: Can't rely on for damage/magic pen/healing reduction if needed

When do I use this build? This is my personal favourite build for Lux support and I use this build in most of my games due to it being a really solid shielding/healing build as a support. I like to get Athenes first, Ardent, Redemption, and then Shurelya's last, HOWEVER, if you have an ADC like Kogmaw/Kaisa who uses Ardent and needs it early, you have an ADC that is fed and will carry, or the whole rest of your team can take advantage of Ardent Censer, feel free to get Ardent first. On the other hand, get redemption before Ardent if your ADC isn't doing very well and you want a group heal to support the rest of your team rather than your ADC who needs time to catch up. As for Shurelya's being the last item, I like it because it provides more utility and offers even more shielding power on top of a nice active that's great in teamfights, but it can easily be switched out for any of the alternative options depending on how the game is going and what you may need. Feel free to swap your boots out for sorcs if you're ahead early and want to keep that pressure/damage, mercs for tenacity/mr, or tabis for ad/auto attack based teams!

1/2 Damage, 1/2 Support
Pros: Has a supportive role that can still dish out some damage + has healing reduction
Cons: Less damage than just going full ap/less healing & shielding than the normal build

When do I use this build? This is just a random example build of how Lux is able to build support items, and yet still get some damage items as well! My guide is very either full AP or full support, so I wanted to show that you can absolutely do both! Feel free to swap items in and out with this build based on the game/what items you need or want! Another popular one that a lot of pros do is athenes>morellos, and then build either more AP or more supportive items after that, depending on how the game is going! I also really like this becase morellos is basically always in this build and most teams have some type of healing, whether that be from a champion themselves who can self heal or heal allies, or from runes/items! This makes it to where Lux can do damage, be a support, but also "support" in the sense that she's weakening their healing as well!

AP with Ardent
Pros: Great with AD ally comps, where you can dish out a ton of magic damage while giving attack speed to your AD allies
Cons: Pretty expensive, not very supportive
When do I use this build? This build is really common when you want to go very AP based since your team does mostly AD damage. You get Ardent since your shield can apply the attack speed on everyone, which is amazing into these AD comps since they look to auto a lot, yet your team has a ton of magic damage coming from you. Feel free to change your last two items to whatever might be needed in the game, or feel free to even get more supportive items as your last two items if you really wish.

Full AP Lux
Pros: LOTS of damage, can be a potential carry
Cons: No utility whatsoever, no defensive item, lack of support role, very expensive for a support

When do I use this build? I really like this build in games where I know we can poke out and get ahead in lane (Ashe, Varus, etc) and I can snowball from there, or if I don't want to rely on my ADC or teams damage and go ahead and just do the damage myself. Sometimes I can get my Luden's faster than the mid laner can! This is even better if your team is all AD and your team needs AP damage or your team has someone like Karma mid or Ivern jungle who can act as the more supportive role.

Glacial Augment Build
Pros: You're able to dish out a lot of damage, while still being able to provide more utility with the massive slows from this rune/build
It provides utility, but no extra supportive items or shield/healing within the comp

When do I use this build? This build is great either into certain matchups (Kalista, looking at you), into teams where you need the slows and utility to slow and shut their team down (ex: Yasuo, Kass), or your team is lacking in utility/CC and you're able to provide it using this build. I go Rabadon's/Void as my last two items just because I want to go full damage, but feel free to substitute any other recommended item (Morellos for healing reduction, Zhonyas for survivability, etc).

When to Pick Lux?

1. Look who you are up against
Seeing who the enemies pick, as Lux struggles vs a lot of matchups with mobility or engaging tank supports, and especially with mobile ADC's who can dodge her spells, whereas, she does good vs squishy enchanters or immobile adc's/supports where she can poke them out and burst them.. Lux also has some good lockdown from her binding, good zoning tools, and some good poke in lane. If the enemy ADC doesn't have a strong laning phase or is immobile, make their laning phase worse by choosing Lux!

2. Look at what your teammates are choosing
If your teammates are choosing a lot of AD champions, Lux works well since she does have quite a bit of magic damage she can shell out. Lux also works well with teams that rely on attack speed (Kayle, Tryn, etc) because she can apply Ardent to the whole team. Lux does well vs poke comps as well since with Athene's, she can poke and heal people back up. She also works with wombo combo teams since she can provide AOE spells to assist in the combo. If your ADC is choosing someone Lux doesn't work well with, or your allies choose champions Lux doesn't fit into very well, consider if it's worth going Lux!

3. Your own capabilities
As you play Lux more and more, you will really get a feel for her. Once you start learning to master her, some of these counters won't be actual 'counters' to you anymore. That Leona who counters you hard won't be as hard of a counter as you learn how to position and carry as Lux. You will learn how to poke effectively or get away with autoing in lane without taking any damage in lane. Just keep practicing her! Normals are about testing your limits, figure out Lux's limits, capabilities, & positioning, and you'll become hopefully a better Lux than me ;)

ADC Synergy

Enchanted Crystal Lux

Light Snap Trap

Final Delivery

League of Luuux... I mean

The Real Bot Lane Couple... I mean... Trueshot Barrage!

Lux.. Two.. Three.. Four..

Super Mega Death Laser!!

Rendering Light

Bio-Arcane Barrier

The Lightslingers

Light Bullets

Light Boomerang

Explosive Light

Lux and Pray

Final Corruption

Light Hunter

Light Feathers

Void Light

A-K ADC Matchups

L-Z ADC Matchups

A-K Support Matchups (Visuals WIP)

L-S Support Matchups (visuals WIP)

T-Z Support Matchups (Visuals WIP)

Early Game:
First and foremost, make sure to leash your jungler if they need it, and then head to lane. When walking to lane, you need to watch out for two things right off the bat!! One, see if the bot lane shows early. If they didn't leash their jungler, they will be able to push the wave and get level 2 before you guys do, and you need to be careful when this happens because they can try to all in on you level 2! Second, if they don't show immediately, still watch out! They could possibly still not need to leash their jungler (Shaco, Ivern, etc) and could cheese in the bush you guys have to walk through to get. It might be a good idea in these certain instances to take the "longer way" (blue side is wrap around and pass the golems, red side is walk through the tri and past your turret to get there) unless you think you and your ADC have a stronger level 1. Now that you've made it to lane, you're looking to push to level 2 at the same time or even before them so you have the advantage (level 2 will be all of the first wave and then the first three melee minions). WATCH OUT if their support is someone like Thresh who will take relic shield to push faster and then can get level 2 and try to all in on you and the ADC! You should try to push the wave level 1 by hitting your E by poking, but also hitting the minions (and autoing the minions if needed). Once you're safe from that, look to poke with E, auto when you can, and skirmish/all in when you can by landing Q's!

First drake spawns at 5 minutes into the game. If you and your ADC have the advantage, you guys want to either push the wave and head over there with your jungler in order to secure the first dragon. If you and/or your ADC need to buy or get health/mana before the dragon, back about 45 seconds before you guys are ready for the dragon and then come back and push the wave. This applies to all dragons, not just the first one! If you guys don't have the advantage and your jungler is on the other side of the map, see if you can maybe just ward it, or even try to ward it a bit before! They might still get the dragon (unless the jungler doesn't have smite and maybe you can steal it!), but this gives your jungler the vision to see where the other jungler is, meaning your jungler can then either invade his jungle and take XP/farm from him, or they can do the rift herald in exchange for the dragon! As far as roaming goes, Lux isn't the BEST roamer compared to other engager roamer supports, but she can still make a difference. If your laner isn't in lane and something is happening mid, or you know you can kill the mid laner with your own mid laner, feel free to do so! Or you can even just run through the jungle, throw your ultimate real fast to help, and then run back to lane!

Mid/Late Game:
Mid-late game, your main job as a support and as Lux is a couple things: Shield all allies in fights if possible, use your utility to bind and slow enemies in fights (keep your E down for the slow if they're running away/towards your team), use your ultimate for good AOE damage, and be able to ward/clear out wards, especially near objectives. With wards, you want to look and see where your team is going to be. Is a dragon coming up? Ward botside and try to ward into their jungle, if possible. You might need to ask your jungler/anyone else to go with you so you guys can sweep and set up vision. Is a dragon not up but a baron is about to be? Use all your vision topside and then either 5 man topside, or your top laner will probably be botside keeping pressure while you guys keep pressure top. If they all go towards your top laner, you guys are able to either push and get turrets/inhibitors, or even do baron (inhib>baron in basically all cases). If they try to all in on you guys, either your top laner will tp and you guys can 5v5 it out, or you guys may die but you should stall as long as you can so your top laner can get the turret/inhibitor! With all of this, warding is EXTREMELY important to know where the enemies are and what their gameplan is, and you using your utility and AOE damage to help and turn teamfights is incredibly important!

Teamfights normally depend on what your team comp looks like vs theirs. Do they have a crazy wombo combo? You guys probably don't want to group as 5 and want to create pressure elsewhere instead. Does your team have a crazy wombo? Prepare to use your ultimate when they wombo and shield them as you guys fight. Is your team a pick comp? Stay behind the tanks but always look for a Q or if your team CC's a target, you can follow that up with your bind! If you are going full AP, watch their carry's and combo them when you have a chance! You normally want to stay near your ADC and try to kite for them, but sometimes you might have to stay further behind or a bit farther ahead. Use your active items like redemption, poke with E so you can shield allies in order to heal them with Athene's, and destroy those teamfights so you can get good objectives or even win the game!

Thank you soooo much for reading my guide and I hope it helped!! Go out there and show everyone how Lux support should be played and I wish you luck <3


I would like to thank my trusty friend I like doggos for reading my guide and listening to me talk about my guides constantly for what looks/is best!

I would also like to thank JhoiJhoi for both recommending me to make a seperate Lux support guide so I can put more information on it, as well as her amazing guide over making guides. Without that guide, I wouldn't have half the guides I do!

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