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Lux Build Guide by LuxTheGreyWarden

Support 13.23 Support: Light 'Em Up (I'm on fiyaa): Luxeøn Style!

Support 13.23 Support: Light 'Em Up (I'm on fiyaa): Luxeøn Style!

Updated on November 23, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LuxTheGreyWarden Build Guide By LuxTheGreyWarden 3020 190 8,005,558 Views 141 Comments
3020 190 8,005,558 Views 141 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LuxTheGreyWarden Lux Build Guide By LuxTheGreyWarden Updated on November 23, 2023
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Lux
    Support Lux
  • LoL Champion: Lux

Runes: AP Enchantress Runes

1 2 3 4 5 6
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus

Cheap Shot
Ultimate Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


About Me





Hey everyone! My name is Luxeøn, or Drew. I am a Diamond mid/support main on the NA server and my specialty is Lux! I played mid lane in collegiate at my Univerity for 2 years being the starter for Varsity, played on casual teams as mid, support, and now ADC. I've been playing this game since S2, picked Lux up at around S3, and have fallen in love with her and have mained her since then (I have 1.6m mastery on her so im pretty dedicated hahaha)!

See below both my mid guide (or APC if you wish, I love playing her bot lane but not in the support role), and a little Lux montage I made a bit ago :)

Other Guides

Lux Mid Guide Lux Montage


To start off with this guide, I want to share that this guide is just a guidance! I discuss the runes/information that I feel is BEST for Lux and what I personally prefer/take/buy and I try to include various runes and build choices that deem viable. However, I know people do have preferences, so feel free to tweak some of the stuff (for example, you can take a different secondary tree than what I recommend if you feel like it!). If you want to discuss if any runes/items/anything that isn't on my guide, feel free to DM me on here, comment on this guide, or even add me on League if you're on the NA server! I'm glad to help you decide what runes to take or even a bit more information on specific matchups or anything like that if you want! Feel free to give it a + if it helped you in anyway or you liked it as well ^.^
With this being said, let's get started!!

Pros Cons
Easy to learn
E can take farm/push when you want to freeze
Lots of Utility
Fully skillshot oriented with easily dodgeable abilities
Great Teamfighter
Easy Counterplay: , , , , , etc)
E & R gives vision
Long Cooldowns
Can shield the WHOLE team
Squishy with no mobility
Can play both a supportive role or be able to dish out a lot of damage
Mana Issues


Arcane Comet is preferred here just because lux is really good at poking out, but Aery is a great alternative if you are going more shield based builds and want an extra shield on top of it!
Manaflow Band rewards you by poking in a way by giving you a bit of mana! Once you reach 250, you get some good mana regen that will really help, especially in extended fights!! I personally don't see any reason to even tap into the other two options, unless you're vs a FULL AP team/bot and really want the magic shield.

Absolute Focus is the go-to when you either are going full AP, and/or you go a hybrid build. I consider going this when I go helia + mandate bc comet + scorch + cheap shot + the bit of extra AP from this rune makes her a lot more pokey and dominant. Transcendence is still very good if you just want the cdr/scaling/youre going super shieldy and want all the CDR you can get!

Scorch is the first choice here just because Lux will be poking with comet and this adds some extra oomph to your poke! HOWEVER, there will be many times where you can't constantly poke and proc scorch (ex: you have a vayne and they have a sivir and they'll just keep pushing you to your tower - which i would usually just tap into guardian instead unless im going AP support Lux)- take Gathering Storm! Gathering storm scales MUCH better the farther the lane goes on, scorch is only to create small advantages and more poke early on, but if you can't do that, swap! Basically, scorch for early game poking, GS for mid-late.

I always say these are dependent on the team comp! The usual scenario is AH/AP + AP + Armor/MR. However, into harder matchups, you can also go AP + Armor/MR + Health! Remember to take armor or magic resist depending on the matchup! If there are two AP bot, you NEED to take the magic resist!


Ultimate Hunter is pretty self explanatory, as Lux's ultimate is a lot of her kit and having it up more often is amazing! It also is pretty easy to get all 5 stacks early on, as all you have to do is shield your allies in order for the takedown to occur. People do make a valid argument that her ult is already low enough so feel free to take Eyeball Collection if you prefer, but I like having this rune since I use my ultimate very frequently and having it be 5-10 seconds shorter means more snipes/bursts/drag or baron steals!
Cheap Shot is a great choice since you're a poking support. This rune + comet/aery + scorch is actually such a nasty combo, plus this rune does true damage!
Ingenious Hunter is actually another really great rune more so for AP than support. For support, it does make your items a short cooldown, but unless youre buying redemption or mikaels, its not necessarily useful. However, for AP, if you buy crown of the shattered queen + zhonyas/banshees, it makes both of these cooldowns also MUCH shorter. Remember to only take this rune if you're buying those items and think it would be beneficial in the game, otherwise just skip it altogether.


Magical Footwear This rune is really good on supports in general because 300g is a lot for a support!! Usually a supportive Lux doesn't upgrade her boots early, so getting them for free plus 10 extra movement speed is nice since Lux is pretty slow.
Cosmic Insight is another overall great support rune because it makes your items and summoner spells have a lower cooldown. This + Ionian and your flash and ignite/exhaust/heal will be on a MUCH lower cooldown!!
Biscuit Delivery This is a cosmic insight replacement if you dont really care about/need the summoner cooldown and want sustain in lane to win lane a bit harder instead.




When is this a good rune to take? This combo caaaaan be great because supports don't get as much gold income in general, and Lux can sometimes fall really far behind in terms of damage when going AP based because farming minions isn't an option. You get free money (and extra damage) from poking/bursting with First Strike. You don't have to pay 300 gold bc you get free boots, you can go in debt for items with futures market, and treasure hunter gives you up to 450 gold! It's insane how you get 1000+ free gold just from RUNES! There are cons to this over comet though: comet is more poke damage and the sorcery tree is very strong, you have a possibility of either not getting a lot of gold from FS or you get hit and your combo doesn't have that 9% because it's on cooldown, you have a possibility of not getting those treasure hunter stacks, and your poke won't be even close to what it is with comet + scorch + cheap shot in the standard build aka a bit weaker laning phase. You also could run into mana issues! However, you can possibly get faster power spikes and start snowballing, so it can definitely pay off! I would say use with caution and intent - if its a game where you think you can get a lot of procs, go for it!




When is this a good rune to take? This rune can actually be pretty good with both AP and supportive builds if your team lacks utility, as the glacial slow and damage reduction can be pretty massive. This can especially help very mobile champions be slowed down a bit. I have been more and more of a fan of this rune, but the big issue with it is that you have to land your Q or else there is no other way to proc it. Secondary runes are pretty optional tbh when it comes to this rune and depends on what your build is. I put revitalize + font of life because everyone who is both rooted AND hit by the glacial will have the font of life proc for your team, and revitalize pairs well with Lux's shield and support items, especially the proc of imperial mandate.




When is this a good rune to take? Guardian is a great defensive rune if you're either in a harder matchup and want survivability for you and your ADC, or if you're W maxing! This rune is especially good vs all in champs, since they will be looking to all in and this rune helps negate some of that. I don't put it as a main rune because I personally believe that Lux is great as an aggressive poking support, and this rune means you do lose out on a lot that lux offers and is really good at doing - and you become a full enchanter. Some will definitely argue and say Lux isn't an enchanter and any other enchanter does what she does better, and its a pretty valid argument, so thats why this rune isn't going to be nearly as good. HOWEVER, if you have success with and want to use her as an echanter/you think you need this rune to survive lane, pleeease do so! Also I put inspiration secondary because the other ones dont really make sense tbh but feel free to take sorcery for transcendence/manaflow if you would like. Cosmic makes it to where your summoner spells are up more often (Takes almost 50s on flash/30 on ignite/40 on exhaust JUST with cosmic, even MORE mixed with Lucidity Boots!) so it works very well with full support Lux.

YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS 100% OF THE TIME!! Flash gives you so many opportunities to either escape, catch up to a champion, dodge abilities, and more. There isn't any situation where you should not take flash

I take ignite in a lot of my games because Lux does pretty well at keeping pressure in lane, and using her zoning/damage/poke with ignite to score kills or knock out the enemy laners and get them behind is key. It also is extremely important because the ADC (or support sometimes) takes Heal, the ADC will have lifesteal, as well as a support like Nami having healing in their kit, and igniting the enemy means heal is 40% less effective. I take this in all matchups unless I need a situational summoner spell below!

Exhaust is a good summoner spell when dueling in lane with the other ADC or if their team has someone scary like a Rengar or Zed that can one shot your ADC. I only take this spell in cases where I don't think I can save my ADC and I need exhaust to save them.

You basically only take heal if your ADC isn't taking this spell and is taking like a cleanse/barrier/tp instead. I personally like heal since you buy shield power, which makes the heal even stronger. *Please remember that this rune is great but if your adc does take like a tp BUT they have a lot of healing on their team (raka), you still should take ignite).

First, let's look at what Lux's abilities do:

Your next auto attack against enemies hit by your abilities take extra magic damage.
Lux's offensive abilities mark all affected enemies with light energy for 6 seconds. Her basic attacks and Final Spark consume the mark, dealing 20-190 (based on level).

Light Binding
Roots and damages two enemies.
ACTIVE: Lux releases a sphere of light in a line that deals magic damage to the first two enemies hit and roots them for 2 seconds.

Prismatic Barrier
Shields yourself and your allies with Lux's wand on the way out and back.
ACTIVE: Lux shields herself and throws out her wand in a line, shielding allied champions in its path for 3 seconds. Lux's wand then returns to her, stacking the shield to all allied champions it passes through and herself.

Lucent Singularity
Slows and damages enemies in an AOE bubble.
ACTIVE: Lux sends an anomaly of twisted light to the target area for up to 5 seconds, Slow icon slowing enemies inside and granting a 600 radius Sight icon vision around it. Lucent Singularity can be recast at no delay.

RECAST: Lux detonates Lucent Singularity early. If recast while in flight, the ability will detonate on arrival.

The slow lingers for 1 second after leaving the area. Enemies hit by Lucent Singularity are slowed for 1 second.

Final Spark
Lux fires a laser that deals damage to anything in her path.
ACTIVE: After gathering energy for 0.5 seconds, Lux fires a giant laser in a line that deals magic damage to all enemies hit and briefly reveals them and the surrounding area. Final Spark triggers and refreshes Illumination if the enemy was damaged by Lux's other abilities.

Now, let's look closer into her abilities:

Illumination (Passive)

Level Up: Passive
Lux's damaging abilities mark an enemy for 6 seconds, and Lux can auto or use Final Spark to proc it for extra damage. Her ultimate procs AND resets the passive.

The goal here is to try to proc your passive after using your abilities by auto attacking the champion. You want to try to auto attack (if possible) in between your damaging abilities, that way you can get the full possible damage by procing her passive 2-3 times. Do NOT run at an enemy trying to proc it, it isn't worth it sometimes and can result in a really bad trade or even death. Remember that your ultimate does proc AND reset your passive, meaning unless you are sniping them from far away or something, if you're doing a combo, you should try to have your passive on them from your other spells before you ult, that way your ult procs the passive for more damage, and then reapplies it!!

Light Binding (Q)

Level Up: 2/14/15/17/18
COST: 40/45/50/55/60
COOLDOWN: 11/10.5/10/9.5/9
You normally max this last as Lux support since you want to max the shield and the cooldown is decently short before maxing it, but max this second if you're going full AP for more damage

You can take Q at level 1 if there is any invading happening or if you feel you will need it. Otherwise, E is normally better. Always try to Q two enemies if possible! If enemies do see you don't have your Q up, they will try to engage on you since they know you're vulnerable without it, so when you use it and it's down, try to be a bit more passive until it's back up

Prismatic Barrier (W)

Level Up: 3/8/10/12/13
COST: 60/65/70/75/80
COOLDOWN: 14/13/12/11/10
I max this second but I do max it first in situations where I think I need it.

Depending on the game/my build, there's a lot of options for when to max this... sometimes I put 3 points in E first so I have poke and damage in lane before leveling W fully, or I max this first if I want to be a fully shield support (or max it last if you're going full AP carry Lux). Also feel free to take this at level 2 instead of 3 if you think they are going to all in and need the shield to soak damage up. Always shield allies when possible and don't just throw it out randomly, aim specifically for allies, even if you are the one getting hit!

Lucent Singularity (E)

Level Up: 1/4/5/7/9
COST: 70/80/90/100/110
COOLDOWN: 10/9.5/9/8.5/8
Max this first since it gives AOE damage and good poke, as well as good zoning capabilities and vision!

I normally take this at level 1 but you can take another spell if you think it will be more beneficial. I really just love poking with E and then going for an all in at level 2, but that can't always happen. I max E first normally since Lux is good at poking the enemies out of lane, but sometimes that can't happen, so feel free to max W first if needed.

Final Spark (R)

Level Up: 6/11/16
COST: 100
COOLDOWN: 60/50/40
Always max this when you can, it greatly increases the damage and reduces the cooldown!!

I always get this at levels 6/11/16! The goal here for Lux support is to burst the enemy down to little, so your ADC can clean up, or using it to score a kill from someone who thought they escaped. It also can be used to try to steal dragons/barons! Also remember that this is a short cooldown ultimate so don't be afraid to use it!!

Lucent Singularity➛ Auto

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding➛Auto➛ Lucent Singularity➛Auto

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding Lucent Singularity Final Spark

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding➛Auto➛ Lucent Singularity Final Spark➛Auto

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding Lucent Singularity Final Spark➛Auto➛POP Lucent Singularity➛Auto

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding➛DO NOT AUTO➛ Lucent Singularity

Spoiler: Click to view

Lucent Singularity Final Spark

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding Flash

Spoiler: Click to view

PS: I love Bjergsen to death, he's my favourite pro player, but don't combo like him ;) RIP BJERG

Support Item


Were going to look for Spellthief's in a lot of our games because Lux is fairly good at poking in lane and it rewards us for poking! I also really like that it gives mana regen, whereas, relic shield gives health regen.
Relic is a little more of a defensive starting item. It'll give some health and health regen, and you can auto attack minions under 30% to kill them for your ally. I like to take this into lanes where I know I won't be able to poke a lot since we will be pushed under our tower all game or we just won't have ANY pressure early on where I can't get any gold from spellthiefs, and we can get our income much easier with this item. You normally want to try to auto attack cannons & melee minions since they give more gold, so you can stack your support item a lot faster!!






Sorcerer's Shoes > MAGIC PENETRATION
Magic Pen is important if you're going either more AP based or full AP Lux support! I also personally buy these if I am snowballing quite a bit and are going at least somewhat AP (maxing E). If I'm doing full shield support (W max), these aren't worth it and should look below.

Mercury's Treads > TENACITY/MR
I honestly get these quite a bit as a support since they're incredibly important if the enemies have a lot of CC. They're especially important in lanes like Leona & Ashe, where you NEED the tenacity to survive over anything else.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity > AH/SS
These boots I tend to buy the most tbh, as the ability haste and having your summoner spells up more often is just so strong! These can work in both super shieldy and the hybrid AP builds, as long as youre getting some support items. If you are going full AP, I suggest sorcs always bc 18MPEN adds SO much to your burst that youd be missing out on otherwise.

Plated Steelcaps > ARMOR
These are normally bought if they have high threats who use auto attacks as their main source of damage since the passive is so nice, and the armor helps since most auto attack champions do physical damage! I don't get these a lot since they're very situational, but they're also very important to get if needed!

Boots of Swiftness > Movement/Slow Resistance
These boots are great if you are against a team with a lot of slows (esp senna/ashe). I also personally prefer these boots over boots of mobility because it's more consistent. Mobility gives you 115MS out of combat, but the moment you get hit, your movement is SO slow (you'll go from 440MS to 350 vs having 390 constantly from swifties). Buying these boots ensures you will always have 60MS and it makes slows less effective, making it a better buy in my eyes.

Mythic Items

Support/Shielding Mythic Items
Echoes of Helia This item is absolutely going to be lux's main mythic and im so happy they brought it back (it was athenes before and works very similarly). You literally get to heal allies with your shield, on TOP of also it doing damage! You can easily buy this in both supportive/ap supportive/apish builds!
Moonstone Renewer With Helia nerfs, I still think Helia fits Lux support more! However.... this is still not a bad option tbh and there is a specific niche Lux build that uses moonstone>stacks>rabadons for big shields! You can read more about that build in the sample builds section.

Full AP Mythic Items
Luden's Tempest: This is going to be the go-to mythic item for AP support, as it gives good stats all around the board. You get MPEN, some ability haste, AP, movement speed when you proc Ludens, burst- so much in one item!! Plus, you get more MPEN per legendary item from this item, so it's very good!!

Crown of the Shattered Queen: This item is really good right now in general, but works very well in those games with pesky assassins or people who can jump on you. This item paired with Zhonya's/Banshee's means a lot of defensive resources, and you can even take it a step further by taking Ingenious Hunter so both of these items are able to be available more often.

Liandry's Anguish: This is a good alternative mythic item if you're vs those tanky teams that you won't be able to burst down using Luden's with. It also gives ability haste per legendary item, which is great for Lux, but it also means you abilities are up faster, aka more burning from Liandry's!

Situational Items

Support/Shielding Situational Items

Imperial Mandate: This item is extremely good on Lux because you can easily proc it with your Q and E. This item is actually rushable over helia tbh if you really want to prioritize poke/damage earlier on over some damage/healing that helia gives. However, i recommend it in basically every lux support build if possible.

Staff of Flowing Water: This item also serves Lux REALLY well because when she shields, it gives her and allies AP and ability haste - which are the two most valuable Lux stats. They also just added movement speed to this item, which is really beneficial considering Lux is so slow.

Ardent Censer: Ardent Censer is going to be a great item to buy for your ADC and if your team has a lot of auto based champions (champions like Kayle, Yi, etc) and is especially powerful with hypercarries like vayne/jinx/kaisa.

Chemtech Putrifier: With the changes to this item, I actually really dont prefer it at all UNLESS you are specifically going super shielding support, which in that case, the mana regen and shield power is beneficial. If you do need healing reduction, just sit on oblivion orb unti late game, and then consider getting morellos or this item.

Redemption: This item will only specifically be bought if you are going full shield/heals and want a group heal every teamfight. You can even use it while youre dead! In general though, it doesnt give any AP and doesnt fit in the AP/AP enchantress style of buffing teammates, so make sure to only buy it when youre going full heal/shield mode.

Mikael's Crucible: This item isn't going to be bought a lot, but should still be considered. If you have an important carry that you NEED to protect (especially a scaling champion like Vayne/Kass) and the enemy team has a very important CC spell that you're able to cleanse, buy this item! It's a very defensive option, but it will not only clear them from CC, but give a heal as well! ADC's have the option to buy QSS and mages can buy a QSS/Mercs/Zhonya's so it's not used often, but should still be considered if needed!

Full AP Situational Items

Shadowflame: This item is going to be a really good item in general since it gives 100AP plus 10-20MPEN, depending on shields/their health state. Ludens + this item + sorc boots means a LOT of MPEN and a lot more damage to enemies!

Horizon Focus: This item works amazing on Lux since your combo usually requires you to hit a binding for a full combo, or Lux has great range to be able to proc this! I also love that it REVEALS them, aka this works great against champions like Twitch, Eve, Akali, etc. This item is a great first legendary item since it adds a lot of OOMPH to your burst, but also can be replaced if another important item is needed.

Rabadon's Deathcap: This item is great if you want a huge AP increase, as Lux's AP scalings are very high. Remember to only commit to this item if you don't need another item (healing reduction, magic pen, etc) since it's very costly and will take a bit to get unless you're really popping off and getting a lot of gold!

Morellonomicon: This item is going to be incredibly important if the enemies have a lot of healing. You can sit on oblivion orb and then just upgraded it at a later spot!

Zhonya's Hourglass: Zhonya's is a great defensive item if you need it when going AP since the active can save your life from just about anything, it can help eliminate an important spell like Death Mark in a teamfight, or it can buy time while your team is able to fight or reposition, plus the armor is nice to have!

Banshee's Veil: This is the opposite of Zhonyas- a defensive item but for magic resist]! It really helps when the enemies do a lot of high AP damage, and/or they have an important engaging spell like Enchanted Crystal Arrow or Rocket Grab.

Mejai's Soulstealer: Lux is one of the few people that can buy this item and get away with it. It is a very high risk high reward item, so don't buy it every game- if they have a lot of gap closers/people that can kill or assassinate you, your team is not doing well, or you aren't playing your best. You don't want to waste 1600G that can be geared toward other items. However, this item gives you the opportunity to snowball off of 1600 gold, which is INSANE, especially when you're a support who doesn't get as good of an income as other laners! I like to personally buy a dark seal early if I feel like stacks can work in a game, and then if I find myself having 8-10 stacks since my team is doing great, I'll upgrade it! If not, we bought a 350 gold item for a bit of boost that we can just sell for 140 gold!

Sample Builds

These are just sample solid builds that I frequently use, but PLEASE REALIZE THAT each game is based on WHAT YOU MAY NEED IN THAT MOMENT, so don't just copy a sample build and use it every game! Rearrange or switch out items as needed (or as you prefer)! If you need help deciding specific items, reread above!

Poke Enchanter
Pros: Helia makes your shields HEAL, good poke damage/burst damage in general for supp items, enchants your allies to do more damage with buffed stats
Cons: Not enough damage to fully carry
When do I use this build? This build is my ALL TIME favorite new build for Lux support, as Helia makes your shields HEAL when youre doing damage. I put imperial here after because it will increase you and your allies burst on targets, but buying staff/ardent to boost someone who may be really fed is totally fine. You may also buy helia + mandate and then just get like stacks or rabadons instead of another AP item. It's a good amount of damage, its cheap, it has enough CDR, and is so fun to play!

Damage + Shields
Pros: You get a mix of damage and big shields!
Cons: Not enough damage to fully carry, expensive, not a very flexible builds
When do I use this build? This is a very niche but really good build in a lot of situations! It is expensive and can be risky since you partly rely on stacks, but you still do a great amount of damage!! The point here is to buy moonstone so your shields are stronger, and then get raw AP to boost your shields!! You also take for runes: aery > manaflow > trans > gathering > cheap shot/zombie/eyeball > treasure hunter! The most important here are aery for even MORE shielding and treasure hunter to help since this build is expensive for a support! Also I put the vigilant wardstone as the last item... you might not even make it this far, but if you do - totally optional! You can go another item (void staff, zhonyas, etc) for whatever is needed in that game as the last item!

Full AP Glass Cannon
Pros: Full damage, can burst any squishy down, very very high damage and can be important if your team in general does mostly physical damage
Cons: Very expensive for a support, no supportive capabiltiies, can be really bad if you fall behind, not much AH in build
When do I use this build? This build is great in either those situations where your team is full AD and you need magical damage, or if you just want to be the carry and do damage as a support. You may choose between shadowflame or horizon either based on preference or on the speicif game, but if you need another item, swap it out (Morellos for high healing allies, Zhonyas/Banshees for a defensive item, etc).

When to Pick Lux?

1. Look who you are up against
Seeing who the enemies pick, as Lux struggles vs a lot of matchups with mobility or engaging tank supports, and especially with mobile ADC's who can dodge her spells, whereas, she does good vs squishy enchanters or immobile adc's/supports where she can poke them out and burst them.. Lux also has some good lockdown from her binding, good zoning tools, and some good poke in lane. If the enemy ADC doesn't have a strong laning phase or is immobile, make their laning phase worse by choosing Lux!

2. Look at what your teammates are choosing
If your teammates are choosing a lot of AD champions, Lux works well since she does have quite a bit of magic damage she can shell out. Lux also works well with teams that rely on attack speed (Kayle, Tryn, etc) because she can apply Ardent to the whole team. Lux does well vs poke comps as well since with Athene's, she can poke and heal people back up. She also works with wombo combo teams since she can provide AOE spells to assist in the combo. If your ADC is choosing someone Lux doesn't work well with, or your allies choose champions Lux doesn't fit into very well, consider if it's worth going Lux!

3. Your own capabilities
As you play Lux more and more, you will really get a feel for her. Once you start learning to master her, some of these counters won't be actual 'counters' to you anymore. That Leona who counters you hard won't be as hard of a counter as you learn how to position and carry as Lux. You will learn how to poke effectively or get away with autoing in lane without taking any damage in lane. Just keep practicing her! Normals are about testing your limits, figure out Lux's limits, capabilities, & positioning, and you'll become hopefully a better Lux than me ;)

ADC Synergy

Enchanted Crystal Lux

Light Snap Trap


League of Luuux... I mean

The Real Bot Lane Couple... I mean... Trueshot Barrage!

Lux.. Two.. Three.. Four..

Super Mega Death Laser!!

Rendering Light

Bio-Arcane Barrier

The Lightslingers

Light Bullets

Light Rose

Light Boomerang

Explosive Light

Lux and Pray

Final Corruption

Light Hunter

Light Feathers

Void Light

A-K ADC Matchups

L-Z ADC Matchups

A-K Support Matchups

L-S Support Matchups

T-Z Support Matchups

Early Game:
First and foremost, make sure to leash your jungler if they need it, and then head to lane. When walking to lane, you need to watch out for two things right off the bat!! One, see if the bot lane shows early. If they didn't leash their jungler, they will be able to push the wave and get level 2 before you guys do, and you need to be careful when this happens because they can try to all in on you level 2! Second, if they don't show immediately, still watch out! They could possibly still not need to leash their jungler (Shaco, Ivern, etc) and could cheese in the bush you guys have to walk through to get. It might be a good idea in these certain instances to take the "longer way" (blue side is wrap around and pass the golems, red side is walk through the tri and past your turret to get there) unless you think you and your ADC have a stronger level 1. Now that you've made it to lane, you're looking to push to level 2 at the same time or even before them so you have the advantage (level 2 will be all of the first wave and then the first three melee minions). WATCH OUT if their support is someone like Thresh who will take relic shield to push faster and then can get level 2 and try to all in on you and the ADC! You should try to push the wave level 1 by hitting your E by poking, but also hitting the minions (and autoing the minions if needed). Once you're safe from that, look to poke with E, auto when you can, and skirmish/all in when you can by landing Q's!

First drake spawns at 5 minutes into the game. If you and your ADC have the advantage, you guys want to either push the wave and head over there with your jungler in order to secure the first dragon. If you and/or your ADC need to buy or get health/mana before the dragon, back about 45 seconds before you guys are ready for the dragon and then come back and push the wave. This applies to all dragons, not just the first one! If you guys don't have the advantage and your jungler is on the other side of the map, see if you can maybe just ward it, or even try to ward it a bit before! They might still get the dragon (unless the jungler doesn't have smite and maybe you can steal it!), but this gives your jungler the vision to see where the other jungler is, meaning your jungler can then either invade his jungle and take XP/farm from him, or they can do the rift herald in exchange for the dragon! As far as roaming goes, Lux isn't the BEST roamer compared to other engager roamer supports, but she can still make a difference. If your laner isn't in lane and something is happening mid, or you know you can kill the mid laner with your own mid laner, feel free to do so! Or you can even just run through the jungle, throw your ultimate real fast to help, and then run back to lane!

Mid/Late Game:
Mid-late game, your main job as a support and as Lux is a couple things: Shield all allies in fights if possible, use your utility to bind and slow enemies in fights (keep your E down for the slow if they're running away/towards your team), use your ultimate for good AOE damage, and be able to ward/clear out wards, especially near objectives. With wards, you want to look and see where your team is going to be. Is a dragon coming up? Ward botside and try to ward into their jungle, if possible. You might need to ask your jungler/anyone else to go with you so you guys can sweep and set up vision. Is a dragon not up but a baron is about to be? Use all your vision topside and then either 5 man topside, or your top laner will probably be botside keeping pressure while you guys keep pressure top. If they all go towards your top laner, you guys are able to either push and get turrets/inhibitors, or even do baron (inhib>baron in basically all cases). If they try to all in on you guys, either your top laner will tp and you guys can 5v5 it out, or you guys may die but you should stall as long as you can so your top laner can get the turret/inhibitor! With all of this, warding is EXTREMELY important to know where the enemies are and what their gameplan is, and you using your utility and AOE damage to help and turn teamfights is incredibly important!

Teamfights normally depend on what your team comp looks like vs theirs. Do they have a crazy wombo combo? You guys probably don't want to group as 5 and want to create pressure elsewhere instead. Does your team have a crazy wombo? Prepare to use your ultimate when they wombo and shield them as you guys fight. Is your team a pick comp? Stay behind the tanks but always look for a Q or if your team CC's a target, you can follow that up with your bind! If you are going full AP, watch their carry's and combo them when you have a chance! You normally want to stay near your ADC and try to kite for them, but sometimes you might have to stay further behind or a bit farther ahead. Use your active items like redemption, poke with E so you can shield allies in order to heal them with Athene's, and destroy those teamfights so you can get good objectives or even win the game!

Thank you soooo much for reading my guide and I hope it helped!! Go out there and show everyone how Lux support should be played and I wish you luck <3


I would like to thank my trusty friend I like doggos for reading my guide and listening to me talk about my guides constantly for what looks/is best!

I would also like to thank JhoiJhoi for both recommending me to make a seperate Lux support guide so I can put more information on it, as well as her amazing guide over making guides. Without that guide, I wouldn't have half the guides I do!

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