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Ashe Build Guide by InEdibleCake

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author InEdibleCake

Ashe, The Harbinger of the Frosty Arrowpocalypse ~Has Return

InEdibleCake Last updated on January 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Opening Words

Hello, I am InEdibleCake and I will be making my first guide on Mobafire. Ashe was my first champion I bought because of her similarity to Traxex, the Drow Ranger, from Dota; ever since then I have played her several hundred times and now I feel that I know Ashe well enough to create a guide for her. This guide is my way of expressing my thoughts on Ashe and hopefully (which in fact is the main reason for the guide) receive criticism to help up my gaming.

And, like many others, HUGE thanks to JhoiJhoi for her Guide on Making Guides. Without it, more than half of the guides here would be Walls of Text, and no one likes Walls of Text :(

Also, another big thanks to my friend Pan****s for recording the First Blood video when I couldn't. <3

My guide begins from here on, I hope you learn a thing or two from it. Remember, PLEASE leave criticism!

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Ashe is a Ranged DPS/AD carry. Her role in the game is to obtain huge sums of gold in order to purchase powerful items, which then allow her to (if properly protected) destroy entire teams. Once she has her items, her role is to target down the enemy team's carries and deal as much damage as possible WITHOUT dying.

She's a unique champion since she has 1.0 AD and AP ratios, she excels in kiting and preventing enemies from escaping with her permanent slow from Frost Shot, Volley, and Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

However, she's not perfect, she has no "blink/dash" escapes ( Quickdraw, Tumble, Arcane Shift, Valkyrie,) and thus must take Flash and be very aware of the map to avoid death from ganks (or death in general).

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Auto Attack Oriented Soft CC ( Frost Shot).
+ Skill Shot Oriented Hard CC ( Enchanted Crystal Arrow).
+ Can easily gain an early lane advantage ( Focus + Volley = 200 minimum damage).
+ Gains bonus gold for every kill ( Hawkshot).
+ Capable of scouting a large distance, similar to Clarivoyance ( Hawkshot).
+ Guarenteed critical hit upon returning to lane ( Focus).

- Absolutely no blinks or dashes.
- Relies on Enchanted Crystal Arrow and Flash to escape if caught alone.
- Poor base attack speed (0.65 base attackspeed)
- Poor base attack damage (48 base damage)
- Has low base movement speed (About 325)
- Typically cannot defeat other AD carries in 1 on 1, equal farm situations.

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Passive: Focus

"While out of combat, Ashe's critical strike chance increases by 3% every 3 seconds. This bonus is removed upon Ashe's next attack."

This passive is amazing, it is one of the reasons I choose Ashe over other AD ranged carries, when used in conjuction with Volley you will deal at LEAST deal 200 damage to your enemy at the beginning of the game. Throw in your support's abilities, Exhaust, maybe an Ignite if your laning partner has it, and you will very likely net yourself First Blood, or at least force them to blow a few summoner spells while also placing them at a very low amount of health, instantly giving you the lane advantage.

Skill One: Frost Shot

"When toggled on, Ashe's autoattacks will slow the target for 2 seconds"

This is one of the skills that Ashe is known for. Because of Frost Shot, Ashe can chase down enemies and effectively prevent them from reaching their teammates or safety; or she can use this ability to slow an enemy so she can allow her or her teammate to escape.

Whether or not you max Frost Shot first after Volley depends on your ability to last hit, if you can't last hit very well or are being denied really hard, you will want to max this skill first. If the lane is passive, or you are winning it; max Frost Shot last.

Skill Two: Volley

"Ashe fires 7 arrows in a cone, dealing physical damage to each target hit. Each arrow will only hit one enemy, and each enemy will only be hit by one arrow. It also applies a slow equal to the one in the current rank of Frost Shot even if it is not toggled on."

This skill is amazing for quick farming and harrassing (however, you should not use this to farm during extended downtime). This skill shoots out 7 arrows in a cone, damaging enemies and slowing them if you have learned Frost Shot. However, if your target is hiding behind a unit, the unit will tank the volley for your target.

If an oppoment is fleeing you and is relatively far away, do not Volley them in an attempt to damage them; by the time the arrows reach the end of their range the enemy will likely have moved out of range. Ideally you want to shoot this when the enemy is exposed (not behind their minions) and standing still (e.g. to last hit), OR when you know the enemy is going to walk into range (exposed and moving into range to last hit).
On an unrelated note to above, never forget you have Volley while in teamfights! (I tend to do this often)

Skill Three: Hawkshot

"Ashe sends her Hawk Spirit on a scouting mission to a target area on the map, revealing terrain for 2 seconds as it travels in a straight line and granting vision of the target area for 5 seconds. The Hawk Spirit will reveal units in the brushes, but will not reveal stealthed units or objects. "
"Ashe passively gains additional gold for every kill."

Hawkshot is amazing, this allows you to check objectives (Baron, Dragon, Buffs, Injured enemies cowering at their tower recalling that can be killed with Enchanted Crystal Arrow). It allows you to check to see if enemies are coming to gank, it lets you to see if chasing that injured Teemo is merely bait to ace your team. It is essentially a Clairvoyance.

Also, the passive is amazing to help you afford your extremely expensive womanly **** core items.

"Ashe fires a missile of ice in a straight line that will pass over all other units and terrain, until it collides with an enemy Champion, or until it leaves the map. If the arrow collides with an enemy Champion, it will deal magic damage and stun the target. Additionally, it will deal half damage, and slow all other units in a small radius of the target, including the target itself by 50% for 3 seconds. The duration of the stun increases the farther the arrow travels before impact and caps at 3.5 seconds."

Ashe's arrow is a very versatile tool, it can be used to gain an advantage during a 1v1 battle, it can be used to initiate a fight, it can be used as a killing blow, it can be used to burst down that fool who steps out of place, and in a pinch it can be used to scout as it gives vision while in flight (don't know why you'd do that, but it works).

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Why Hawkshot > Frost Shot

Now that I am talking about skills, I may as well stay on topic and tell you why I believe Hawkshot > Frost Shot.

I believe in maxing Hawkshot over Frost Shot because being a Traxex player, I can last hit relatively well. Hawkshot is more farming oriented, Frost Shot is more champion killing oriented. If your playstyle leans more on the "Champion Killing" side, then by all means max Frost Shot 2nd, or just play Draven.
I have the luxury to have a friend be able to play an aggressive support ("The Walking Steakman" Alistar), thus I do not have to worry about people harrassing me while I freely last hit.

A champion kill = Base 300 gold.

The base gold that Melee Minions give is 22 gold, 3 spawn each wave.
The base gold that Ranged Minions give is 16 gold, 3 spawn wave wave.

3 x 22 + 15 = 81
3 x 16 + 15 = 63
81 + 63 = 144

So in two minions waves, assuming your last hitting is perfect, you will have as much gold as you would if you killed a champion.

Now I know that isn't perfectly accurate, by the time you're level 13 (and thus have level 5 Hawkshot) the minions won't be giving the base amount of 22 and 16 gold. The point is that farming will give you more consistent gold than a champion kill would. Remember, it was better to farm crops and have guarenteed food than hunt for game and gamble your life for food; That principle still stands in League.

If you are unable to last hit or you do not have a laning partner that will give you all the last hits; I would recommend that you prioritize Frost Shot over Hawkshot. However, I very much urge you to learn to last hit if you cannot.

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Aaaand now that I was talking about Last Hitting (and gold making), I may as well talk about Farming. This applies to when the outer tower has fallen.

Too many times have I seen AD carries go to a lane, autoattack all the minions, back off when they're overextending, then complain that there's no farm and compete for jungle creeps.

Instead of autoattacking the minion wave, wait for the lane to be pushed to your tower. Do something while you wait though, go to the jungle, help your team, go to another lane, alt-tab and talk to friends, etc. Just make sure to tell your teammates not to farm bot and to let it push. Once the creep wave is at your tower, DO NOTHING BUT LAST HIT.
This way you get many more creep waves as opposed to auto attacking; by the time you're at the river, you would have gotten about, 4-7 extra creep waves as opposed to just 2 or 3 if you had autoattacked.

This is very straight forward and simple, yet I never see people doing this.

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This map shows where you should ward, although not all of them are warding spots.
  • Red: This warding spot is typically used by the Purple team, since if the Blue Jungler wishes to gank and you've warded Dragon (Orange Dot), he can sneak by your ward by going through the left Purple dot. Unless of course, both the Orange and Red dots are warded.
  • Orange: Usually warded by the Blue team. This is because the Purple Jungler must pass through the Dragon area to gank, and so, you can cover two places with one ward.
  • Blue: These are warded early game for buff control, and should be warded, along with Dragon, to safely farm when the outer turrets have fallen.
  • Black: Is simply the turret locations.
  • Purple: Is the location of the tri-bushes, these should be warded if the jungler can bypass the Red or Orange warding spots (e.g. Nocturne, Fiddlesticks)

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

Good Summoner Spells

  • Exhaust: This summoner spell does wonders for you. Exhaust lowers the damage output of your target and greatly reduces their movement speed. If you are engaging an enemy, Exhaust is definitely something you should throw on them. Exhaust is also really helpful as you lack any inbult escape mechanism besides Enchanted Crystal Arrow and therefore need to make up for this hole via items, teammates, or summoners.
  • Flash: This summoner spell is good for ANY champion. Flash allows you to close the distance between fleeing enemy, dodge certain enemy abilities, correct positioning mistakes, or teleport over certain obstacles. If you don't take this, prepare to be punished hard when you make positioning mistakes.
  • Ghost: If you have problems with overextending, or need to cover a distance larger than Flash would. You could use this summoner spell, I recommend this for newer players until they develop the "gut instinct" that they are in danger and should back off.
  • Ignite: Ignite is amazing for finishing off that straggler as Ignite deals true damage and cuts healing in half for its duration. If you are in a 1 on 1 battle against another AD carry, you can immediately ignite them to reduce their lifesteal; however, in this situation Exhaust would be better as it reduces their damage output which in turn, reduces lifesteal.
    I have recently noticed that many bottom laners are now taking Heal. Taking Ignite will counter this as Heal's effectiveness is cut in half if you cast it before they Heal.
  • Cleanse: Cleanse isn't THAT bad, but I just don't recommend it, if you have lightning fast reaction time then by all means take Cleanse. It can decide a death or an escape if used correctly.
  • Heal and Barrier: Not the best choice, but does not belong in the chapter below it. Heal can be used to turn a losing fight into a winning one when people go way too far into your territory to kill you (if you do this, don't forget to put on a trollface).

Bad Summoner Spells

  • Revive: You shouldn't take this spell just to instantly revive after death, you should be taking summoner spells like Exhaust to keep you alive instead.
  • Clarity: If you ever find yourself in that much need of mana, get more mana regen seals.
  • Clairvoyance: Leave this for your support, Hawkshot should be enough for you.
  • Promote: Ashe shouldn't be taking this, Corporate Mundo should (Mundo hands out Promotions when he pleases)!
  • Smite: Thou shall not Jungle!

Guide Top



I now take 22-8-0 masteries. With the Season 3 patch there is nothing that is very appealing to me in the Utility tree besides some Mana Regen.

  • Summoner's Wrath : With this, your Exhaust will give you an even bigger advantage by removing 10 armour and magic resist.
  • Brute Force : Free Damage is always good.
  • Alacrity : You do not want to be auto attacking during the laning phase, but you may be able to get that one minion with a bit more attack speed.
  • Weapon Expertise : 10% 8% Armour Penetration. 'Nuff said.
  • Sunder : +6 +5 Armour Penetration. 'Nuff said.
  • Deadliness : I prefered Pre-Patch Deadliness's Crit Chance over Post-Patch's AD but we need this for rung progression.
  • Lethality : Lethality synergizes very well with Focus, with this, your crits will hurt even without an Infinity Edge.
  • Frenzy: As the only champion with reliable crits since level one, this makes Level One Ganking even better!
  • Executioner : With Frost Shot keeping your enemies within your range, you will be able to fit in many autoattacks that are amplified with Executioner. Even better now that it procs earlier.

  • Hardiness : As you will likely be laning bot against another AD carry, this can help nullify their damage.
  • Tough Skin : If you've laned bottom at all, you will know that a big wave of minions is just as deadly as a turret if you've gotten the aggro of them all.
  • Durability : Taking and Durability can help lower your early game squishyness.
  • Good Hands: Why are you deep in the defensive tree now? I miss you :(

  • Summoner's Insight : Although you should try not to rely on Flash and be aware of the map to save yourself, those 15 seconds could save your life.
  • Improved Recall : Who knows? That one second could be the difference between life and death.
  • Meditation : It is very tempting to spam Volley, this can help pay the mana costs.
  • Vampirism : Why are unreachable in utility now? I miss you too :(

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

  • Greater Mark of Desolation: Scratch everything I said about ARP being the best. ARP is better used for champions with little scaling and does primarily physical damage.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: AD Runes work well with Volley's 1.0 AD Ratio, it also makes last hitting easier than Desolation. However, I have done a few calculations (may be flawed though, nothing's perfect) and when Autoattacking Champions, the Greater Mark of Desolation give more damage.

Spoiler: Click to view

  • Greater Seal of Armor: Again, you will likely be facing an AD carry, and that AD carry will be dealing most of the damage to you. Armour Seals help negate their damage.
  • Greater Seal of Replenishment and Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration: Since Volley is a great harassing tool, you may find yourself low on mana after spamming it, mana seals help compensate. Also, as your attackspeed increases, Frost Shot will begin to rapidly eat at your mana, with a few mana seals you can regenerate lost mana between fights. Personally, I take a mix of both Armour and Mana seals.

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Since Ashe is a Ranged AD Carry, she wants to build items that maximize her damage output via autoattacks. The above build is typically what I build every game (it isn't in order though, it's how my inventory looks like).

Your core build will consist of The Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer, and Infinity Edge. These three items give a high amount of damage, more than 50% crit chance, and 25% lifesteal. This is your bread and butter.

However, you must change the build to fit the situation. Are your enemies stacking MR in fear of your fed Akali? Then build a The Black Cleaver. Is there 2 or 3 enemies building Fratmogs? ( Frozen Mallet, Warmog's Armor, Atma's Impaler) then build a ( Madred's Bloodrazor RIP Madreds, you will be missed). Blade of the Ruined King and make them cry.

In order to properly equip an Ashe, I recommend you follow this list of items to grab.

Early Game Items

space The Long Sword and 2 Health Potions are my new favourite starting loadout. With the new buffed movementspeed (THANK GOD NO MORE 300 SPEED ASHE T_T) it is now somewhat feasible to forgo a Boots of Speed loadout. The damage, along with runes, masteries, and maybe your support (looking at you Janna) will make your Focus Crit tear your enemy apart. space

space If you're new to Ashe, I suppose you could use the Doran's Shield. The Doran's Shield provides more survivability than the Doran's Blade does, and it gives Health Regeneration, but absolutely no damage, which Ashe really wants. space

space The Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions is a risky starting loadout and I do not recommend it. Even though there's nothing here you will inevitably have to sell, you're relying completely on movespeed to keep yourself alive in the lane. If you think you can dodge every single attack sent at you with 350 movespeed, by all means start with this build. Just remember that you're starving yourself from static health, damage, and permanent lane sustain by starting with this loadout.

I've been playing many games with Ashe lately, and I've come to the conclusion that Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions outclasses the Doran's Blade if you lack a support that can heal and protect you if you are ganked. Someone like Blitzcrank or Leona are unfit or incapable of healing or protecting you if you are ganked, unlike someone like Janna or Sona. Therefore, my general, and simple, rule for choosing between Boots of Swiftnesss and Doran's Blade is:

1. Can your support heal you?
2. If you are ganked, can the two of you reliably and safely escape?

As Ashe, it's much more beneficial to have a support who can make up for your lack of Dashes/Blinks with CC, but this isn't always the case. When in doubt, start Boots of Speed.

space A Doran's Blade or two is a good boost to your early game power should you need it. If you aren't dominating your lane, it is recommended you grab one or two of these to keep your edge sharp. The Doran's Blade gives the same boost of damage as the Long Sword, but it doesn't build into anything else and doesn't give a reliable amount of health regen, I personally would recommend the Long Sword but the choice is yours. space

Mid Game Items / Core Build

space The Bloodthirster is our first main purchase. We want to take this first in our core build so we can immediately get started on the stacks. I take The Bloodthirster over Infinity Edge first because the Bloodthirster gives more damage than the Infinity Edge at full stacks is a much more "defensive" choice compared to the Infinity Edge, offering high lifesteal and damage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After much gameplay, I've decided that the Infinity Edge outdamages The Bloodthirster (didn't take long to figure that out), so the question of whether or not to build The Bloodthirster first is determined by your team. If your team is built around protecting you (e.g. Jarvan IV, Janna, Amumu, Ryze) you probably won't need the lifesteal and will do much better with an Infinity Edge. However, if you are not the centre of the team (e.g. Riven, Veigar, Lee Sin, Teemo), you'll do better with The Bloodthirster.

space Phantom Dancer is our second big purchase. We take Phantom Dancer second since if we grab Infinity Edge second we have no attackspeed or critical chance to utilize our already "high" damage from a fully stacked The Bloodthirster. because Ashe is highly reliant on autoattacks (she's no Miss Fortune) and movement speed (she's no Ezreal). Regardless if you had gotten Infinity Edge or The Bloodthirster first, the critical chance will greatly help you do insane damage / heal more health (respectively). space

space Infinity Edge or Madred's Bloodrazor is my third or first major purchase. As stated beforehand, this item is better if you do not require the lifesteal as much to keep yourself alive in lane. Infinity Edge is amazing when bought early and will make your enemy laner afraid of you when you return to base. space

Bootsies for our Feetsies

space There is a great variety of shoes to choose (perfect for the typical female) in League of Legends, but the boots we usually take as Ashe would be the Beserker's Greaves as it's a great boost to our attackspeed. However, should you notice that the enemy team is built in such a way that a Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads would be better, (e.g. Team Autoattack and Team Stun respectively) then by all means swap out your boots. space

Damage Amplifying Item

space The Black Cleaver grants damage, attack speed, and armour reduction. The Black Cleaver is superior to the Last Whisper when targets have less than around 120 armour. You will be attacking everyone on the opposing team, so even if one person has 300-ish armour you shouldn't take this. Only in the rare time when the enemy completely ignores you whatsoever should you take this. space

space The Last Whisper is THE item to get if your targets are stacking armour. No matter how much armour they get, the Last Whisper will always remove 40% of it. You should know that the more static armour penetration you have, the less effective Last Whisper is (the 40% reduction is calculated after other sources of armour pen).

space Blade of the Ruined King is a very situational item, just like its predecessor Madred's Bloodrazer. This item is great for taking down tanky enemies such as Dr. Mundo and Vladimir because of it's percentage health shredding and ability to steal movementspeed. However, the item is not to be bought first due to it's cost-inefficiency. space

Survivability Items

space Guardian Angel is, in my opinion, the best item for defense and survivability. We get a mix of both Armour and Magic Resist with it, not to mention a revive upon death. The revive is amazing, no one can deny that; Teamfights are usually very chaotic (well, to me they are), and as soon as enemies see your death animation they usually run off and target your next carry. You will then have revived and (with the help of The Bloodthirster and Phantom Dancer) will be able to instantly restore lost health and happily resume destroying the enemy team.

However, if you get caught alone and killed, expect to be killed as soon as you respawn.

space Banshee's Veil is an all around good item. While lacking any armour, it gives health, mana, and a passive spellshield. Banshee's Veil would be a better choice than Guardian Angel against AP heavy teams. The shield can also save you from being stunned and bursted for 8000 damage because you were caught out of position for once. space

space Quicksilver Sash is the perfect item if you find yourself being suppressed in every team fight ( Infinite Duress, Nether Grasp), or if spells like Children of the Grave and Hemoplague are always the cause of death. Not to mention it's very low cost. However, this item provides no defense against physical attacks. With its new upgrade to the Scimitar, this item is even more attractive for any AD champion. space

Other Items

space Runaan's Hurricane is an amazing item for a ranged AD carry that autoattacks often. The ability to attack with more than one projectile (that procs on hit effects) is very appealing to just about anything. This item is very good when paired with on-hit items like Blade of the Ruined King or Critting often with your Core build / Sword of the Divine, It also helps when trying to kite multiple enemies as they will all be slowed by Frost Shot; however, being able to slow multiple enemies puts a big strain on Ashe's mana at 24 mana a shot, with a base mana of around 800 at level 18 and a very high attackspeed this can quickly drain her mana pool, not to mention spamming Volley makes this mana shortage even worse. It is wise to invest in some mana or mana regen if you wish to use the Runaan's Hurricane.

It is recommended to purchase the core build first or else the mini-projectiles will deal no damage since they scale off your damage and attackspeed.

space Sword of the Divine I actually haven't tested this a lot. More to come.

space The Statikk Shiv is a little sister item to the Phantom Dancer, it is the new Ionic Spark with stats appealing to AD Junglers / Split Pushers. Some people replace Phantom Dancer with this but I highly do not recommend this as the passive will ruin your AFK-Farming / Lane-Freezing. The lowered Crit-Rate and Attackspeed doesn't help as much as a Phantom Dancer would and 1% of extra MovementSpeed is basically unnoticeable.

Another possibilty if you really, really want the Statikk Shiv is the build the Avarice Blade early for gold generation and then replace it with a Phantom Dancer when big fights start to happen.

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Item Summary

Enemies Have Low Armour

Enemies have High Armour

Enemies Stack HP / Low MR

Warwick and Malzahar Love You

You Die, A LOT

You Don't Care About Survivability

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Early Game

EARLY Early Game

The above is how we typically grab first blood. Although, I should say that I am very confused that he used Ghost and not the Heal that he had.
Another example of First Blood, but this time I actually hit my Volley!

During the beginning of the game, immediately buy your starting items and rush bottom lane. You want to reach the second bush before your laning opponents do.
Once you're in the bush, press S and save your crit, wait for your laning opponents to arrive. Once they come (be patient, you might have to miss out on some CS, but missing CS for a lane advantage or First Blood? I think it's worth it) immediately autoattack them, then quickly Volley them. Then either Exhaust / Ignite them and try for First Blood, or leave and get creep kills.
If the enemy facechecks the bush, you will almost guarenteed get First Blood or force Summoner Spells to be wasted. If they don't, just Focus/ Volley them anyways and start laning.

Laning Phase

Now that you've used your Focus/ Volley combo, simply begin last hitting every minion. If the enemy doesn't stay behind their minions, punish them with a quick Volley / Autoattack attack, this will deal about 160 damage. All the meanwhile doing what must be done to avoid taking damage from their pokes (e.g. staying behind minions to avoid Mystic Shot).
You and your support should always have a ward in the river bush (or other bushes if required) and constantly be keeping an eye on them. You must know whenever the jungler comes to gank and immediately fall back.

On the other hand, if your jungler comes to gank, decide who initiates. Will your Fiddlesticks go "surprise party" on their *** with Crowstorm? Will you Enchanted Crystal Arrow them? Will your Sona Crescendo them? Hopefully your jungler/support gives you the kills as you really need the gold.

The Ganking Phase

So, by now a few towers will have went down, and people are travelling the map looking for dumbasses who overextend.
If your tower has went down, do what was explained in the "Farming" section = wait for the minion wave to push to your tower and only last hit. Either that, or help your team try to secure objectives (killing enemies, dragon, maybe baron). There's not a lot to say about this phase, just try to keep farming.

The Late Game... Phase/Teamfights

By now I should hope you at least have boots and the core build ( The Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge). Now you should stay with your team and continue to try to pick off enemies who walk alone or wait for your tank to initiate a 5v5.

Before the teamfight happens, you want to find the enemy AD carry. They are your team's biggest enemy. You want to take him out as soon as possible, remember, you are the sword, you are the plague and the horror, you hold the flames of a thousand collapsed stars. Once the fight starts, unleash your frosty arrows on your target with the power surpassing a thousand Panzer Tanks.

Anyways.... Point is, If your team takes out their carries before they take out yours. You will very likely win the fight. So focus their carries!

But remember to keep yourself safe as well, do not expose yourself and allow someone to initiate on you, and be keep an eye out for their carries and people like Warwick. Your purpose in teamfights is to dish out as much damage as you can. If you must target Irelia because she's dashing to you, by all means back up and attack her. Don't just walk past their entire team, exposing yourself along the way, just to attack the carry.

In an example teamfight, let's say this is how the teams have positioned themselves:


As the AD Carry, your job is to pierce through the enemy lines in order to reach Ezreal, who sits at the back of his team and is also trying to destroy your team to get to you.
You will be mainly targetting Singed and Irelia as they are (usually) the only ones you can attack at the very back, not to mention they'll probably try to walk past Amumu and Wukong to get to you. If Irelia and/or Singed is closing the distance, you must "kite" them (attack while staying on the move); as Ashe you lack any dashes or blinks but have slows to compensate. In this situation it would be best to back up, firing Volley to slow them down, and autoattack them while you pray to the gods that your team has noticed them and are taking them down.

However, if the teamfight is happening in the jungle then there's obviously addition factors. Let's take this scene for example:

The Red circles outline where the enemy AD Carry will likely be and the Yellow is probably where the melee champions will duke it out.
In this fight, you should be in the advantageous spot as you can safely fire down onto the rightmost red circle should the enemy carry be coming up from bot. Your position also allows you to fall back into the white circle should you need to fall back. The purple area is just where you should use your Hawkshot if the ward isn't there.

And I also apologize for the MSPaint-edited picture.

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Matchups - Carries

It's always good to know your enemy, and even better, how to deal with them. This section is to provide information against people you typically will go against in the bottom lane. If you main a character here or know something that I haven't posted here, please feel free to comment and I will post it here.



Important Things to Know:
  • Know what you can and cannot do as Ashe. This will greatly help you in winning the lane.
  • Land your Volley/ Focus combo on them, and try not to let her do so to you.
  • Call for jungle ganks ASAP.
  • That's pretty much it, just be the better Ashe



Important Things to Know:
  • She outranges you, outdamages you, and out attackspeeds you. Really annoying.
  • Piltover Peacemaker is a skillshot and does a lot of damage if you're the first thing it hits. Stay behind your minions or dodge it.
  • Yordle Snap Traps will allow her to land a perfect Piltover Peacemaker on you if you step on them. Not to mention she can use them to zone you.
  • She will make the laning phase a living hell, but if you aren't denied and she isn't hyper-fed you will be the better AD Carry late game.
  • 90 Caliber Net allows her to catch up to you or flings her away from you. She can also use it to dodge your ultimate if she's quick enough.
  • Be prepared to have Ace in the Hole targetted on weak champions, block it to save their life (unless you are also on low health).



Important Things to Know:
  • You outrange him.
  • Hextech Shrapnel Shells does 10% of his AD as true damage.
  • Phosphorous Bomb deals moderate damage and reveals you.
  • Corki has a "dash" escape, Valkyrie, be aware of this since he can use it to close to gap to land Gatling Gun on you. Run away!
  • Gatling Gun deals a lot of damage if you stand in it, plus it lowers your armour. Don't stand in it.
  • Missile Barrage is a skillshot, and deals splash damage. Corki's will often use this to farm (and thus, push the lane) or use it to harass you. Keep minions between you two at all times and call for a jungler gank if he pushes the lane with it.
    Not to mention every 4th missle, "The Bick One" (as called by my friends), will deal 50% extra damage and have higher splash range.

    Corki's are usually very aggressive, call for multiple jungle ganks and hopefully he'll calm down.


Elvis Wannabe (Draven)

Important Things to Know:
  • Just like his Brother Darius, he does WAAAY too much damage.
  • Spinning Axe is Draven's biggest damage dealer, it works like a Tumble without the Tumbling portion (additional damage on next strike). However, after attacking with Spinning Axe, it will fly into the air and mark a spot on the ground. If Draven gets there in time, he will catch it and have another, free spinning axe to use. Try to discourage him from picking up his Axe. He can have two axes readied at once.
  • Where the Axe goes depends on where Draven is walking towards after attacking, Draven's usually turn around and walk away so that the Axe is safe to catch. If Draven does not move after throwing the Axe it will go to where he is standing, ensuring a catch if Draven remains still.
  • This won't apply to you if you're playing Ashe, but Draven can catch enemy axes, just a little trivia.
  • Blood Rush increases Dravens attackspeed and movementspeed, it's probably built to aid Draven in catching his Axes.
  • Stand Aside throws his Axes, pushing people to the side and slowing them. If you're a Dota player, picture the Beastmaster's Ulti, without the stun. Otherwise, I don't know how to explain it.
  • Whirling Death throws two Axes across the map, striking anyone it hits. When it reaches the edge of the map, or when Draven reactivates it, it will turn around and can hit people again, damage is reduced for every person hit but resets when it turns around. Picture an Ezreal ult, decreased in diameter, that can turn around at will, and without the channelling time. Then picture a Boomerang Blade as when it comes back it will head directly for Draven.
  • Says corny lines, as he teleports / recalls (hence "Elvis").



Important Things to Know:
  • You outrange him. But he will often have more attackspeed than you due to Rising Spell Force.
  • He's entirely skillshot oriented, his only non-skillshot move is Arcane Shift.
  • Always have minions between you two, at all times.
  • If he uses Arcane Shift to attack you, quickly move to dodge his inevitable Mystic Shot and Volley him to the face.
  • His ultimate, Trueshot Barrage, is just like your Enchanted Crystal Arrow. However, it goes through minions and has a large hitbox. Prepare your Flash key when fleeing him on low health.
  • Essence Flux lowers your attackspeed if it hits you and boosts his allies attackspeed if he hits them with it. It also goes through minions.


Gravey Man

Important Things to Know:
  • You outrange him, he greatly outdamages you, he will also likely have more armour and magic resist due to True Grit
  • Buckshot deals a huge amount of damage at point blank range, it fires in a cone shape (similar to Volley) but will go through minions, dealing less damage.
  • Do not wander through Smoke Screen to attack Graves, chances are he's waiting at the other side to hit you with a point blank Buckshot.
  • Quickdraw gives Graves a large attackspeed boost, it would be best not to fight him when he Quickdraws unless he is fleeing.
  • Collateral Damage deals a high amount of damage and is often used as a finishing blow. Prepare your Flash key when fleeing.



Important Things to Know:


Miss Fortune

Important Things to Know:
  • You outrange her.
  • Strut allows her to run really fast. If she decides to rush the bushes she will reach her bush before you reach yours.
  • Double Up does quite a bit of damage. Keep a few minions near you to have a chance of not taking the second shot or simply stay away from your minions.
  • Impure Shots allow Miss Fortune to deal additional damage to the same target. It can be activated to grant her increasted attackspeed and the ability to halve your healing (that includes lifesteal).
  • Make it Rain slows you and deals AoE damage. It is typically used in combo with Bullet Time. Do not underestimate its damage, get out immediately.
  • Bullet Time makes Miss Fortune shoot out 8 waves of bullets that reach a very long range. Bullet Time can be interupted with Enchanted Crystal Arrow.
To be honest, I don't know much about Miss Fortune. I haven't played against a lot of them.



Important Things to Know:
  • You outrange her.
  • Fleet of Foot grants Sivir 50 movespeed when she hits enemy champions; along with On The Hunt this makes it very difficult for you to escape her.
  • Boomerang Blade deals damage similar to Ahri's Orb of Deception. She throws a blade that deals damage and deals damage when returning to Sivir. Similar to Buckshot, it will deal less damage to targets after the first, if you must take the shot then at least run behind your minions to minimize damage.
  • Ricochet is simply an autoattack that deals increased damaged to the target and bounces to other targets. Not much to say about it.
  • Spell Shield is an amazing skill, it allows her to block any incoming spell ( Volley, Enchanted Crystal Arrow) and grants her mana if she successfully blocks one. If you wish to initiate on her, try to make her use her Spell Shield on a Volley first.
  • Spell Shield has a high cooldown so try to attack her between cooldowns.

Sivir typically is a weak AD carry unless she's fed and you're not. The only thing that she should be beating you in is CS, she's a crazy farmer.



Important Things to Know:
  • You outrange her until level 11. But because of Draw a Bead she'll outrange you at 609 and will continue to do so until level 18 where she will have a range of 703.
  • Rapid Fire increases Tristana's attackspeed.
  • Explosive Shot makes slain targets explode and deal magic damage to other nearby enemies, try not to be next to your minions when she last hits. Explosive Shot's active reduces your healing and deals magic damage over a period of time.
  • Buster Shot deals massive magic damage and, similar to Condemn, pushes enemies back. However, other enemies in the way will also be pushed back. Try not be in a line formation or Tristana will be able to push you all back.



Important Tips to Know:
  • You outrange her.
  • Tumble enhances her next autoattack. Tumble + Silver Bolt proc = Hurts!
  • Not much to say about Silver Bolts. Every third consecutive attack deals bonus damage + a percentage of your health (which by the way, is dealt in true damage).
  • Condemn is what makes Vayne a monster, if she's any good with it, you're in a lot of trouble. Condemn will push you back and if you're pushed into a wall, will deal even more damage and stun you.
  • Final Hour greatly boosts Vayne's stats and grants her invisibility after tumbling. However, if she tumbles while Final Hour is in effect she will leave behind a little "swirly" mark that will disappear after a short amount of time.
  • If Vayne enters a bush, make sure to keep an eye out for any "swirly" marks as they signify that Vayne has Final Hour'd and Tumble'd.

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Matchups - Supports


The Walking Steak (Alistar)

Important Things to Know:
  • He's pretty much the king of CC. Pulverize will knock up enemies around Alistar. Headbutt will knock you away, and if he's quick enough, he can Pulverize you immediately after. Nasty.
  • Triumphant Roar will heal nearby allies. What's unique about it is that when an enemy unit dies near Alistar the cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds.
  • Unbreakable Will removes any CC effects on Alistar upon cast, grants him additional damage, and lowers damage taken.



Important Things to Know:
  • Her passive, Tailwind, makes everyone on her team faster.
  • Howling Gale is a slow moving skillshot that will knock you up and deal damage. It can be charged to go farther and deal more damage. You are more concerned with the knockup and the followup from her carry.
  • Zephyr passively allows Janna to have no unit collosion. The active slows her target, this is horrible when you try to escape as she can followup with Monsoon.
  • Eye Of The Storm is a shield that also grants additional AD. When casted on her carry he is now able to go hyper-aggressive with the additional AD while remaining safe until the shield is popped or dies off by itself. Nasty.
  • Monsoon is an AOE heal and a disruption tool. When casted, it will push away any enemies in the AoE and will then massively heal her teammates in it.
  • Monsoon can be used to push you away when fleeing, or she can Zephyr you to get past you, then push you back away from your tower with Monsoon. NOT GOOD!!



Important Things to Know:
  • No one plays her, this section will probably be useless.
  • Heavenly Wave deals damage, and if infused with Mantra, will heal a base amount of health + a percentage of their missing hp.
  • Spirit Bond, when used on you, will deal damage and slow you down. When used on her teammates, will make them run faster. When infused with Mantra, the bonus movespeed or movespeed lost is doubled.
  • Soul Shield is a shield. When infused with Mantra, the shield will deal damage to enemies around the target.
  • Mantra adds bonus effects to Karma's skills.



Important Things to Know:
  • Reckoning fires a red/purple projectile that slows and damages a target. Kayle then deals amplifyed damage to the target.
  • Divine Blessing heals target and increases their movement speed.
  • Righteous Fury increases Kayle's attack range and increases her damage, it also makes her attacks splash.
  • Intervention shields target for a few seconds of invulnerability (think Zhonya's Hourglass, but without the inability to move or take any action).
  • Her sister's hotter.



Important Things to Know:



Important Things to Know:
  • Starcall does minimal damage, but the damage stacks up over time. At least back off and wait for the debuff to wear off so it doesn't stack.
  • Astral Blessing is pretty much the best heal in the game. A massive heal that gives 100 armour at level 1. If you're trading blows and the enemy Soraka heals them, back off.
  • Infuse grants mana to target. If used offensively, will deal a moderate amount of damage and silence. Real pain in the *** if you want to Enchanted Crystal Arrow or Flash.
  • Wish Global Heal. Karthus's worst enemy.
  • If Soraka has taken Heal, be aware she now has three heals and can very, very quickly turn a losing fight into a winning one.


Gem Man (Taric)

Important Things to Know:
  • Imbue heals target and himself. Cooldown is lowered when he autoattacks.
  • Shatter passively gives Taric an armour aura. The active damages enemies in an AoE and lowers their armour. He no longer gains armour from his Passive when he uses his active.
  • Dazzle is a "point-and-click" stun. The projectile is a slow blue ball.
  • Radiance causes Taric to deal AoE damage and then allows him to give off a AD/AP aura.
  • Gems are truly outrageous.


The Arab (Zilean, no offense)

Important Things to Know:
  • He's really, really annoying. I just may recommend starting with a Null-Magic Mantle because of that douche.
  • His passive, Heightened Learning, amplifies the amount of experience gained.
  • Time Bomb is extremely annoying, and there's nothing you can do about it except stack MR. Also, if Zilean puts a bomb on you while you already have one on you, the first will will automatically explode to make room for the second.
  • Rewind lowers the cooldown of all spells (except itself) by 10 seconds. Time Bomb's cooldown is 10 seconds.
  • Time Warp increases movement speed if casted on ally, lowers movement speed when casted on enemy.
  • Chronoshift, when casted on allied champion, gives them a Guardian Angel (albeit without the resistances) for 7 seconds.
  • Typically, when people have Chronoshift on them, they will be super aggressive no matter what amount of health they have. If they stick around too long and the buff wears off, punish them without fear of Zilean reviving them.

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Matchups - Junglers

*note* Jungler list taken from Hahano's Amazing Jungler Guide.


QQMan (Amumu)

Important Things to Know:



Important Things to Know:



Important Things to Know:
  • Terrify is op. 3 seconds fear? plzno.
  • Drain deals decent damage and allows him to tank tower for a few seconds.
  • Crowstorm is what makes people **** brix. 400 damage per second? plzno.
  • Ward the river bush + the tri bushes near the tower that the lane is pushed towards.


**** (Fizz)

Important Things to Know:
  • He has a dash ( Urchin Strike).
  • He can reduce your healing and apply Damage over Time (DoT) damage to you ( Seastone Trident).
  • Playful / Trickster makes Fizz stand on a stick. He then magically because untargetable. He can then choose to fall down and slow enemies or dash again, both times dealing magic damage.
  • Chum the Waters will slow you, then knock you up (opposite of Rupture). If he hits you with it, you're pretty ****ed.


Eat oranges and it's k (Gangplank)

Important Things to Know:
  • His passive ( Grog Soaked Blade) slows and deals DoT damage.
  • Parrrley deals physical damage, applies his passive, and can crit.
  • Remove Scurvy can remove any CC effect and can be used at any time.
  • Cannon Barrage AoE slows you and damages you. Do NOT recall somewhere obvious when at low health or he will kill you with this. Think of it as a Ziggs or Karthus ult. (except you can't dodge a Karthus ult unless you're a Fizz).


Princess Jarvan

Important Things to Know:



Important Things to Know:
  • Jax has a gap closer, Leap Strike.
  • He has a small stun ( Counter Strike).
  • He mostly relies on outside CC, if he has outside CC, you're in for a lot of trouble.



Important Things to Know:
  • Reckoning fires a red/purple projectile that slows and damages a target. Kayle then deals amplifyed damage to the target.
  • Divine Blessing heals target and increases their movement speed.
  • Righteous Fury increases Kayle's attack range and increases her damage, it also makes her attacks splash.
  • Intervention shields target for a few seconds of invulnerability (think Zhonya's Hourglass, but without the inability to move or take any action).
  • Her sister's hotter.
  • The above is all copy pasted.
  • She can very easily towerdive with Intervention.


Lee Sin

Important Things to Know:



Important Things to Know:
  • Has a point and click spell that slows you and buffs his speed, also deals decent magic damage ( Seismic Shard).
  • Brutal Strikes gives Malphite attacks that splash onto nearby targets and can be activated to grant armour and AD.
  • Has AoE damage that lowers attack speed ( Ground Slam).
  • Can dash at you and knock you up with Unstoppable Force.
  • Relies on teammates to do most of the damage in ganks.



Important Facts to Know:


Painus Stroker (Master Yi)

Important Facts to Know:
  • Absolutely no CC, 100% relies on Red buff or outside CC.
  • Does a LOT of damage if allowed to (e.g. you stand still/forced to stay in his range).
  • Can tank a tower quite well with Painus Stroke ( Meditate).
  • Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. Can't be slowed. ( Highlander).



Important Things to Know:



Important Things to Know:
  • Duskbringer is a skillshot that allows Nocturne to run faster when on it. He also gains AD and can pass through units when on the trail.
  • Shroud of Darkness is a very powerful Spell Shield, better than Sivir's as it passively grants Nocturne attackspeed. If he blocks a spell, the bonus is doubled. This means if he spellshields a Enchanted Crystal Arrow, you're pretty ****ed.
  • Unspeakable Horror is a fear. Nocturne must be in close proximity and stay close to the enemy to fear them and deal minor magic damage. Do whatever it takes to break the chain, Flash, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, just get away from him!
  • Paranoia is Nocturne's signature move. Upon cast, he lowers the sight of all allied champions (similar to Smoke Screen); he is then able to fly to any nearby enemy champion.
  • Run for the bushes or your tower when he activates Paranoia as he cannot jump to you if he cannot see you.
  • You will have to ward Dragon and both tri-bushes if you really want to prevent Nocturne from ganking you without you knowing.
  • Is my favourite jungler.



Important Things to Know:
  • Nunu can easily gank at level 2.
  • Ice Blast slows you and deals moderate damage.
  • Blood Boil allows him to boost his target's attack and movespeed, not to mention that he also gains the bonuses.
  • If his lane has CC, he can fully channel a Absolute Zero and deals (gains a Phreak voice) tons of damage.



Important Things to Know:
  • Olaf's CC comes entirely from Undertow. If you can dodge this you will have a better time escaping.
  • Reckless Swing deals a lot of true damage to both you and himself. If he comes to gank with little health and he Reckless Swings you, you may be able to surprise and kill him.
  • Vicious Strikes grant Olaf additional damage and gives him lifesteal. Do not stick around and fight him when he screams.
  • Ragnarok gives Olaf passive armour pen and when activated, he becomes worse than Master Yi, he takes reduced damage aaaannddd.... Can't be Disabled Can't be Disabled Can't be Disabled Can't be Disabled Can't be Disabled Can't be Disabled Can't be Disabled.
  • Olaf usually does better running straight at you, this way he can continously pick up his axes for more Undertows.
  • You will know when Olaf has Ragnarok'd because he will then be charging at you headfirst (literally, his character model will show him charging at you like a bull).



Important Things to Know:



Important Things to Know:
  • Has 4 gap closers Broken Wings and Valor.
  • Has AoE Stun Ki Burst
  • Can send a long range shockwave (somewhat similar to Bullet Time) that deals high damage, also deals additional damage per missing health.
  • Can deal bonus damage when she autoattacks between spells due to her passive, Runic Blade.



Important Things to Know:



Important Things to Know:
  • Deceive is a blink that also turns him invisible. However, when he uses this, he leaves a orange puff of smoke that is visible through the Fog of War. Also, his first attack after Deceiveing is a guarenteed crit.
  • Two-Shiv Poison passively makes Shaco's attacks slow the target and can be activated to throw his Shiv's to deal magic damage.
  • Hallucinate makes a copy of Shaco that cannot cast spells but deals 75% of his damage and takes 50% extra damage. When Shaco's clone dies, it explodes and deals high magic damage.
  • The clone never has any buffs if the real Shaco has a buff.
  • All skills (barring Two-Shiv Poison) will leave an orange cloud of smoke that is visible through the Fog of War.
  • The river bush must be warded and constantly looked at.



Important Things to Know:



Important Things to Know:
  • Worse than Master Yi when ganking.
  • Twin Bite makes Shyvana attack twice in one animation. When in Dragon Form, this is applied to everyone infront of her.
  • Burnout deals AoE damage to people around Shyvana and increases her movement speed. When in Dragon Form, Burnout also leaves a trail of fire.
  • Flame Breath is a skillshot that deals moderate magic damage and reduces armour. When in Dragon Form, Flame Breath is turned into a cone shape, just like Volley.
  • Dragon's Descent makes Shyvana dash to target location. Enemies caught in the way take damage and are taken with her. When in Dragon Form, Shyvana gains more armour and magic resistance.
  • Typically doesn't gank often, and instead terrorizes your jungle often (which is why I HATE it when my friend plays her).



Important Things to Know:



Important Things to Know:
  • Has a slow that deals AoE damage Crystal Slash
  • Has a shield that increases movement speed and attack speed Crystalline Exoskeleton
  • Has another damage spell that applies a mark. When Skarner attacks a marked unit he regains health.
  • His ultimate, Impale, suppresses a target and allows Skarner to drag them for about 2 seconds, all the while dealing magic damage.


Erect the Painus Man (Trundle)

Important Things to Know:
  • Rapid Bite deals bonus damage, it also buffs himself and debuffs you.
  • Contaminate affects a spot in a large AoE. When Trundle is on the affected area, he gains movement speed, attackspeed, and lowered CC.
  • Erect the Painus ( Pillar of Filth) summons a large block of stone that blocks pathways and slows people around it.
  • If Trundle erects the painus infront of your escape path, you're dead. If he erects it behind you, it's likely that you will escape.
  • Agony debuffs target's Magic Resist, Armour, and Health while buffing his own MR/AR/HP.



Important Things to Know:
  • He deals a lot of damage.
  • Spinning Slash is a dash that deals damage if he passes you with it.
  • Mocking Shout significantly lowers your AD, also, if your back is turned to Tryndamere, you are also greatly slowed.
  • Bloodlust gives Tryndamere bonus AD for missing HP.
  • Undying Rage renders Tryndamere unkillable for 5 seconds and instantly gaining more than half his rage bar.
  • His passive grants him critical chance when he has Fury.


Man Bear Pig (Udyr)

Important Things to Know:
  • Tiger Stance grants Udyr attack speed and upon casting and deals additional damage to his target when he autoattacks.
  • Turtle Stance grants Udyr a shield and makes his attacks restore mana and health.
  • Bear Stance increase's Udyr's movement speed and makes his first attack stun his target.
  • Phoenix Stance makes Udyr's attacks splash, he also gains additional AD and AP upon casting.
  • Can be easily kited



Important Things to Know:
  • Very reliant on autoattacking.
  • Charges right at you with Rolling Thunder and flings you over his shoulder when he hits you, this attack deals bonus physical damage and grants him a bonus to movement speed.
  • He then slows you with a Majestic Roar to the face, Majestic Roar also deals magic damage.
  • All the while autoattacking you and building Frenzy stacks, which gives Volibear extra attack speed. He can then bite you to deal damage based on his health and your health.
  • Thunder Claws deal bonus magic damage when he auto attacks and bounces damage to a few other targets.



Important Things to Know:


The Manly Man (Xin Zhao)

Important Things to Know:
  • Three Talon Strike, when activated, makes Xin Zhao pop his target into the air.
  • Battle Cry passively gives the Manly Man attackspeed, when activated, doubles his attackspeed bonus and makes his attacks lower the cooldowns of his skills.
  • Audadious Charge makes the Manly Man dash to an enemy, dealing magic damage and slowing them.
  • Crescent Sweep deals AoE Damage + a percentage of targets' hp. The Manly Man then gets bonus Magic Resist and Armour.

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The above video belongs to Sp4zie. I may not agree with his masteries / runes etc, but those are purely decided by you. I do however, like the gameplay.

The above video belongs to Ciderheim. This video, and the video above, both show good gameplay while also giving pointers and tips.

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