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Darius Build Guide by Joxuu

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Not Updated For Current Season

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Joxuu

Darius - The Noxian Symbol // Items updated 3/9

Joxuu Last updated on October 3, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello guys!
It's my third build and it's about Darius The Hand of Noxus.
I had a Darius build earlier, but it just got heavily trollvoted down by 2 different trollvoters with 2 second accounts and the rating just fell down to under 50% in 5 minutes. The reasons for upvotes were like "...." and I wish that wouldn't happen for the second time. I can take the downvotes, but please come up with critic that can help me improve the guide. Anyways, this guide is basic, quite aggressive I guess, but there's plenty of situational items and it's really up to you how you build him.
Now I'm publishing the edited and hopefully better version of my Darius build.

Champion spotlight

Darius Syndrome - Credits to GFTDvideos

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Pro's and Con's


+ Really fun to play
+ Good Tanky-Dps
+ One of the best ultimates
+ Great overall as the game goes on


- Needs quite a bit mana
- Silence destroys
- No escape abilities
- Somehow item independant

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Masteries (Basic)

Mastery Explanations

My mastery set-up are for damage for early game and some defensive for some early-game defense, not much of it, but they do help. Those will relief the early-game damage from possible long-range attacks for example.


Tier 1: I choose Summoner's Wrath as regular pick of course. Necessary for the summoner spell bonuses. Then I pick Brute Force for few attack damage.

Tier 2: I only choose to pick Alacrity from tier 2 just for some attack speed. I don't find Sorcery good god Darius

Tier 3: I pick Weapon Expertise and Deadliness for some attack damage and especially for the 10 % armor penetration. Simply a must have from Tier 3.

Tier 4: I pick Lethality and Vampirism for some sustain and for the 10% critical damage, which is not a must tough, but I decide to pick it, because it's more useful than other picks.

Tier 5: From here, I take Sunder for the amazing flat armor penetration. Now you have bunch of early tank counters, because of that armor penetration from possible runes/masteries/ Apprehend.

Tier 6: Simply must have for every offensive champion. 6& more damage for enemies under 40% health is just amazing pick.


Tier 1: I only chose Resistance and Hardiness , but based on how you like and what summoner spells you use, you can go for Summoner's Resolve also and remove 1 point somewhere.

Tier 2 - 3: Go for Durability , because then I can go for Veteran's Scars and I go for them for the extra health, which they give.

Tier 5 - 6: I don't have these, because I rather go for 21-9 instead of 9-21, but here you could choose Initiator and Enlightenment and remember to choose Indomitable and finally Juggernaut . The movement speed will help you chasing and escaping of course. Indomitable is just for some early defense form minions, but you can spend the 2 points in different picks also. Finally Juggernaut gives some health once again and it's a small tenacity item against CC.

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Masteries (Jungle)

Mastery Explanations

The mastery set-up is the same, but I will explain possible picks for the jungle, if you wish to use them over my current masteries. Below I will only explain the changes you can make, so I won't be repeating myself over and over. You can see the same reasons above.
NOTE: I use same masteries as above, but I have already explained them. I decide not to take jungling masteries, because they don't benefit Darius that much at all. I will explain possible picks!


Tier 1: Here the only difference is the Butcher pick. It doesn't do much, but it's a good choice for Tier 1. It will help you clear the camps little bit faster.

Tier 3: Here I choose Havoc for some extra damage and It's just better to spend the 3 points here, than anywhere else for the jungling way. That's pretty much it. I couldn't go to the left side of the tree.

I removed some picks from tiers 3-4 and they were Lehtality and Deadliness . I couldnt pick them, because firstly I didn't have any points to spend there since I wanted to go for 9 points for defense.

I find Havoc the most useful for the 3 points that are needed to spend for the 21 points total, so it's basically replacing the critical strike and percentage of damage.


Tier 1: I choose Summoner's Resolve and Tough Skin for easier jungling and clearing those camps faster once again.

Tier 3: From here, I choose Bladed Armor for some damage when the minions hit me in the jungle.

Here I made also just few minor changes. I took points from Durability + Veteran's Scars and I put them into Tough Skin + Bladed Armor . I made those changes for more efficient jungling. Especially Bladed Armor helps you whole lot more than picks meantioned above.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Situational Runes

  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: Quintessence worth of considering, if you like to be able to chase / escape little bit easier. Also gives you faster movement speed, which you may spot especially early-mid game, where you have same amount of movement speed giving boots. There you are able to catch him, maybe enough to basic attack him or cast Apprehend on him.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: If you prefer the late game magic resistance, rather than flat magic resistance, these fit better for you.
  • Greater Mark of armor penetration: Really helpful mark, which are not seen in AD, but it's clearly seen as damage in-game. Consider these over the AD marks, or you can change the quintessences to armor penetration instead.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

-Well I guess it's not even needed to explain this spell, certainly must have for a jungling build. It's the bread and butter of jungling. You may want to cast it for the last hit, especially if you're getting "hard" pull. Smite can also be used very effectively to counter-jungle your enemies possible jungler and why not even help you at lane if you need a fast minion kill for some reason.
-This really blackouts enemies during duels and helps chasing enemies a lot and lets you stack Hemorrhage on your opponent, for your ultimate finish off, if you are going 2vs2 at bottom lane with AD carry possibly, Exhaust will deffinately help you guys out and hopefully pick-up the first blood.
-Really good choice for Darius, because he doesn't have any escape abilities, so this will save your life several times. Flash can be used over walls and small obstacles, but remember that it will only teleport you to your cursor location or towards it, if you're out of range.

Vialable Summoner Spells

-I think it's worth of mentioning this summoner spell, tough in my opinion, it's only good for solo top. You don't have to worry that much about leaving your lane and leaving your turret under an attack, because with Teleport you can get back to your turret really quickly and I doubt the enemy team will get to do much harm to it. This can aslo be used for ganking, because you can target for example; a ward insade a bush.
-Really helpful for especially ganking and escaping, but why not for chasing also of course. I usually take this summoner spell for my other jungling champions, but it's very effective for Darius also, because you need those basic attacks & abilities to stop the enemy from escaping and stacking your Hemorrhage.
-I'm not really fan of this spell, but it's incredibly often seen in PvP and in ranked games. Heal is your life saver, just like Flash. You don't need to worry if you're low on hp and opponent is trying to tower-dive you, just use this spell and you are given quite a lot hp, to counter your enemy and maybe even save your life while picking the kill!

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Ability Explanation

  • PASSIVE: Darius' basic attacks and damaging abilities cause enemies to bleed for 12 / 15 / 18 / 21 / 24 / 27 / 30 / 33 / 36 (+0.4 per bonus attack damage) magic damage over 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.
    Darius gains 5% movement speed for each bleeding enemy champion.

    This is one heck of a passive! You can also consider it as extra attack damage making hes base attack over 100 early-game!
    Amazing passive, that reduces cooldown on Crippling Strike and it's the bread and butter of your ultimate Noxian Guillotine. Try to always keep your enemies bleeding, just by landing your Decimate activates this passive
  • Decimate (Q): Darius deals physical damage to all nearby enemies in a circle around him. Champions in the outer half of the ability are struck by the blade, taking 50% additional damage.

    Again really good ability. This is your main damaging ability early and late game. Try to stack your passive by landing this ability as often as possible early-game, because they will not only take the damage, but also get damaged by Hemorrhage. It's Also excellent ability to farm minions with your passive of course.

    Tips & Tricks

    - Use this for harassing and to stack Hermorrhage.
    - to push lane, land it to all minions
    - Try to get the extra 50% damage on people on range of outer circle
  • Crippling Strike (W): Darius' next basic attack deals additional damage and slows the target's movement and attack speed for 2 seconds.
    Crippling Strike's base cooldown is reduced by 1 second for each stack of Hemorrhage on the target.

    Yet again ability that's awesome! This will slow your enemies, making your chase much more easier and efficient. The damage is also really nice later on, since this is quite aggressive build. Try to land this ability, when you have many stacks of your passive, because it reduces the cooldown of it based on the stacks. Also once you have hit a basic attack and use Crippling Strike it's like hitting twice in a row.

    Tips & Tricks

    - Use it as first ability when surprising enemy for slow.
    - Use it with full stack if possible, for reduced cooldown
    - Activate this before Apprehend for almost insta slow.
  • Apprehend (E): (Passive): Darius gains armor penetration. (Active): Darius pulls in all enemies in front of him.

    Well, not much to say here really. It's really good ability, to stop the enemy from escaping or several opponents, because this drags all the enemies in a cone. Really useful while chasing enemies or just saving your teammate. Unfortunately, it doesn't do any damage, but this gives you a nice passive armour penetration.

    Tips & Tricks

    - Use it as a gap closer
    - You can use this to pull enemies behind walls
    - Remember it's passive while facing tank, you shall not be outran!
  • Noxian Guillotine (R): Darius leaps to target enemy champion and strikes a lethal blow, dealing true damage. For each stack of Hemorrhage on the target, Noxian Guillotine deals an additional 20% damage.
    The cooldown is refreshed if Noxian Guillotine kills the target.

    This is so far, in my opinion, the best ultimate in the game for several reasons! It does true damage up to over 800, if you have AD build. Try to have as many stacks of passive as possible, before you use this ability, because it's just waste to use it without the stacks. Each stacks gives 20% more damage, so up to 100% more damage! This is really awesome to finish off and against tanks and remember, that the cooldown refreshes, if you land the killing blow with this ability. Imagine 5x800 dmg.

    Tips & Tricks

    - Use it when you have full stacks of Hemorrhage.
    - You deal true damage, remember that if facing a tank.
    - Try to land it as a last hitter, but remember not to take all kills. It's not your role.


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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I will briefly explain my ability sequence choices;
I choose to max Decimate first, because it's your main damaging ability, harassing skill and you benefit from it the most. It's damage is just amazing while leveling it up and it's cooldown isn't terrifying. Then I choose to max out Crippling Strike of course. It's your second damaging ability and leveling it up gives you the extra slow for movement speed, if you hit the enemy and it's damage output is also increased quite a bit. For the third, but not the least I choose to max our Apprehend. I don't find it necessary to level it up, just for the cooldown and armor penetration %, but of course they do help you, but not as much as Decimate or Crippling Strike. As always, choose Noxian Guillotine always when you can, because it is what makes you "The Hand of Noxus"! I can't see any champion except maybe few, where ultimate is not leveled up always when possible. Usually ultimate is chosen every time you can and Darius isn't exception.

> > >

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Core Items


  • : Best boots for Darius, because hes vialable to CC. These boots also give the early magic resistance, which lacks a bit mid game. Boots of Speed and the 4 Health Potion's are core items. It's for chasing the enemy down, if you are and for most likely you are going to dominate the lane. Health Potion gives you the sustain to stay longer in the lane and harass your opponent more without having to think that much about minion aggression.

  • : This is really good overall against AD carries and obviously towards all AD damage. You can't find better item from the shop in my opinion. Gives great amount of health and armor along with really nice passive which works really well with other attack speed reduction debuffs.

  • : Excellent item, which you can choose over or under Trinity Force, again it's matter of your own opinion. Frozen Mallet gives you sustain and some attack damage, but I pick this for it's movement speed reduction while you attack on enemies. This again helps you stack those passives. Trinity Force is more like a offensive item and you can choose it over this item, if you prefer it more.

  • : Really good against AP damage, if Randuin's Omen was for AD. It also gives you some, but not much AD. The shield from it's passive will save you several times and works as additional health sort of.

Guide Top

Situational items

Situational Items

  • : If you really want to charge in the fights and you're facing AD-AP team, without lot's of sustain. Likefacing a balls-deep assasin team, The passive which can save your life many times is very useful and if enemy team is targetting you, the better it is for your team, because this gives your team bunch of time to kill your opponents while they're smacking you without grabbing a kill.

  • : Really good item against AD carry team, they will find themselves taking lot's of damage from it's passive. Not optional for most of the situations tough.

  • : Same reason as Randuin's Omen, but you don't need to activate it. 20% Attack speed reduction is really nice counter against AD carries stacking attack speed like Tryndamere. It will also give you mana and 99 armor.

  • : You can buy these boots instead of [[Mercury's Treads, if you are facing AD focusing team, but not otherwise. They're just not worth it.

  • : Really nice item, which gives you some lifesteal that helps you stay longer in fights and lot's of AD and useful passive and active which work with W.

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I will explain few of the possible enemies you may face at top lane, if you are soloer. NOTE: These rating are based on my opinion. Ratings can change between users quite a lot. 10/10 may be 5/10 for someone. So it's just based on opinion. At this point I'd like to credit jhoihoi for the line divider and OTGBionicArm's awesome Darius guide for the inspiration, which has way too low rating than he should have. Build can be found here ---> OTGBionicArm's Darius Guide


Difficulty 2/10

Akali is really squishy early-game and she simply doesn't stand a chance against you. She shouldn't be able to do almost any damage to you, until she hits level 6 and gets her ultimate. She has quite low health and defense and your Decimate can easily destroy her, because it's hard for her even to escape to her Twilight Shroud, because Decimate has range over her shroud and you can easily pull her with your Apprehend, if she tries to escape. You can also buy Vision Ward to counter her. Once she is dangerous enough or even if she is dangerouse anymore after possibly dieng and loosing so many levels while facing you, it's mid game and lane phase is over.


Difficulty 3/10

Not really often seen as soloer, but she deffinately can do so. I can say even now, that you won't have any problems to bring her down. She is ranged, which is huge advantage over Darius already, but that's pretty much it. She doesn't do much of damage and she is a glasscannon, meaning that you can easily take over 50% healths with 1 Decimate and Crippling Strike, but you may have to use Apprehend before to close the gap.


Difficulty 3/10

This guy is hilariouse, however not so dangerouse against Darius. He can't really do much of a damage towards you, except for hes Feral Scream and Rupture, if it hits. It's really easy to dodge that and Feral Scream doesn't do any seriouse damage. Should be easy job to kill him, hes late game champion and can't really do anything, before he gets level 6 for Feast and stacks from it's passive which grants him health every time he kills something with it. As I said, easy job just land your Decimate maybe pull him towards you, land Crippling Strike and few basic attacks.


Difficulty 9/10

I don't know exactly how to explain this one, but if you have read this guide you should have some kind of overall of Darius' pro's and con's. It's just the matter who is better in the lane. Difficulty is based on how I would feel to go against other Darius, but it's really just the matter of whose better.

Dr. Mundo

Difficulty 6/10

He's not really a threat, but he sure is annoying. He can just throw axes from far distance and they deal some seriouse damage in every stage of the game, but it's really hard to hit it and you can just stay behind minions. I doubt any Dr. Mundo players will rush trough the minions and start whacking you, because the result would be 1-0 for you, tough you would take bunch of damage for sure.


Difficulty 5/10

Fiora is quite squishy enemy and you shouldn't have much problems to poke her down with Decimate, but she can use her ability Riposte to parry it, so I prefer wasting her parry first with basic attack for example, then either Decimate or pull her with Apprehend and start basic attacking or activate Crippling Strike, if you have it. Don't try to 1v1 her at the very beginning, if she gets to parry your Decimate, because her Burst of Speed gives her a lot attack speed, so I advice you to just poke her constantly. She will take a lot of damage from Decimate for example so it shouldn't be that hard after all to grab a kill or two on her, but just look out for parry and that attack speed.


Difficulty 4/10

Again a champion, which can be very annoying. Gangplank can shoot Parrrley from far distance, but it won't do much of damage, unless it critcal strikes on you. He can also heal himself with Remove Scurvy and that's good for solo champion, but here is the trick; He's attacks cost REALLY much mana and he will be oomed after 3-5 ability usages making him almost useless and easy target for you. He either must go back to the tower or recall for mana, but I doubt any soloer would leave lane like that, so he must go to the tower and try to get the few last hits. This will make him fall behind with minion kills and you can harass him with your Decimate or pull him with Apprehend, if he tries to get greedy with the minion kills.


Difficulty 7/10

Once again annoying solo champion. Garen can regenerate health back quite fast, with hes passive Perseverance. Another danger about him is he's Decisive Strike which will silence you, making your abilities useless and while you are silenced he can use Judgement on you or just run away and come back after the cooldown has reseted. Those attacks won't do really much damage tough and you can stop he's passive by landing a hit, when it's activated. Don't let him regenerate he's health. He has quite high damage for such tankiness and at about 6 lvl and he will get he's ultimate, which is really similiar to yours and can cause you grey hair. However keep on pushing him and get advantage over him really early-game.


Difficulty 7/10

Irelia is almost just like Garen. She can regenerate her healths back with Hiten Style, so she has quite good sustain and has really good chasing skill and stun. She can take the hits quite well, Decimate won't harm her too much, but it sure hurts. Keep on pushing her away from the minions, deniying health regeneration or force her to use Hiten Style very often and sooner or later she will be oomed and then you strike! Don't dive to the turret tough, because she has that stun and it's her only escape mechanism and She should be quite easy to gank, because of that, so keep ur jungler busy and don't push the lane, if you are able to get ganks.

Jarvan IV

Difficulty 1.5/10

He has some cool harass abilities, but that's pretty much it. He can't do anything 1v1, unless he has Demacian Standard near you, just look out for that. Should be easy job for you to dominate the lane Jarvan IV can poke you for sure, but will run out of mana in no time and you can dodge the attacks quite easily after all. Just keep on using Decimate as always, he doesn't really have escape mechanism or defense early-game, so again you can call for ganks, but it's not really that necessary after all, but you would get a easy kill on him tough.


Difficulty 7/10

Jax is really annoying once again, he has really nice escape mechanism and gap closer Leap Strike, along with he's dodge/stun Counter Strike and harass ability Empower. He can really nuke you with that combo, but that's pretty much it once again. He will run out of mana quickly. After that you shouldn't have much problems with him anymore, but you may have hard times of killing him, because of hes escape mechanism and that stun/dodge. You can call ganks, to make him fall behind in levels to get your ultimate before he's, because after that he is quite dangerouse. Grandmaster's Might gives him armor and magic resistance with extra damage every 3rd attack, so he can basically combo all hes abilities without taking lot's of damage from counter-attacks.


Difficulty 8/10

Kennen is really annoying champion against pretty much everyone. He doesn't need to be close, he can just throw he's shurikens and abilities from far distance like Thundering Shuriken and if he is close, he will just use Lightning Rush and finally Electrical Surge. All that without possibly even loosing hp. So you have to be on your toes all the time, especially when he gets ultimte, but that's about the time when lane phase is ending. Only thing you can do is hope that you get to pull him and do some damage with Decimate, but Kennen is heck of a escaper, so it's not guranteed that you can get kill on him anytime. It's also hard to get proper gank on him, but you can try.

Lee Sin

Difficulty 9/10

Now we came to one of my favourite champion, Lee Sin which is also very hard opponent at top. He has everything what it takes to be good soloer. Sustain, armour, damage, ranged attacks, harass abilities, escape & chase abilities. Your only way is to deny he's access to minions, so he canno't get hes healths back and stay behind minions so he can't harass you either. Keep on pulling him towards you, quickly use Decimate and Crippling Strike, because he can escape easily.


Difficulty 3/10

Once again really annoying champion, Malhptie can also just throw Seismic Shard and then run away with the movement speed it gives, but the ability is very costly and he can do max 3-4 before oom. After that he will possibly just sit by the turret and get last hits, which is really annoying. Only thing you can do is to prevent him getting hes passive Granite Shield by using Decimate on him. Beware of ganks! Malphite has really good abilities to shut you down and let jungler do all the work.


Difficulty 5/10

I don't really know much about Maokai, but he is really good soloer, because he has sustain from he's passive and he has entangle, which is really good CC and helps hes team jungler in possible ganks. He can't really do much of damage to you except with Sapling Toss, but yeah can't really give much information about him, sorry. I give him neutral 5 rating, because lack of my own knowledge, but please educate me, if you have read this.

Master Yi

Difficulty 8.5/10

This guy is one of the best solo tops i'd say. AP build is much more efficient while soloing, because it gives a lot more damage to Alpha Strike and much more healing to Meditate, but AD build gives him much more damage for basic attacks, but overall he can use Alpha Strike for easy damage of few hundred and then heal himself back up. He also has really nice ultimate which acts as escaping and chasing tool. Your only hope of killing him is ganks or getting him out of mana.


Difficulty 3/10

Mordekaiser is really late-game champion and therefore it's not a huge thing, if you dominate then lane or even grab few kills on him. He basically can't do much. All he can do is to use hes Siphon of Destruction, which doesn't deal that much damage. I'd suggest you not to push the lane by that I mean just get last hits and deny hes experience by pushing him away. You will find yourself dominating the lane in just few minutes. Call up couple ganks, because he doesn't have escape abilities and if you get even that 1 kill on him, he will fall behind which is really good late-game.


Difficulty 2/10

a Champion which is not often seen in solo top. Morgana is more likely in mid, but is seen as soloer from time to time. She has skillshot abilities and they're quite easy to avoid and if her Dark Binding doesn't hit, she can't really do damage with Tormented Soil and leaving her with nothing to do for over 10 seconds. Keep on harassing her and don't push the lane too much, because the trap traps you for about 2 seconds leaving their possible jungler lot's of time to do seriouse damage. My tip is to stay behind minions and you're fine.


Difficulty 7/10

If you get Nasus in the same lane, I predirict that it's going to be quite passive lane. He has really good lifesteal from he's passive Soul Eater. He will just more likely get last hits by using Siphoning Strike and each minion kill buffs the ability. He has also awesome slow, I think it's the best slow at the moment. When Wither is maxed, it slows you down for 95%, making possible ganks really effective. He may also bait you by staying in the lane with low hp near the turret, but don't dive in if he has ultimate Fury of the Sands, because it gives him insta hp. Ultimate + slow near the turret = Dead Darius. Keep on poking him and denying minion kills and experience, but don't push the lane.


Difficulty 5/10

Nidalee is not really dangerouse early-game, but the more the game goes on the more dangerouse she gets. AD build shouldn't cause you lot's of trouble until she hits levle 6 and gets Aspect Of The Cougar. AP build is more dangerouse early-game, but still quite weak after all. She does have good damage from her Javelin Toss / Takedown after leveling it up few levels and she gains good amount of health from Primal Surge / Swipe making her more sustain and can stay in the lane. She can also escape quite effectively with either her passive Prowl or as cougar once she gets one. Your Decimate should deal lot's of damage to her and her javelin is quite easily dodged and she will run out of mana quite soon, so no real danger there.


Difficulty 4/10

Nunu has really good sustain, because of hes ability Consume and he is really good harasser and poker with hes Ice Blast, but that's pretty much it once again. He has quite good escaping ability Blood Boil, but it's not often even leveled up that much in early-game. Nunu will run out of mana really fast, unless he has blue and damn if he gets that buff, then he is some kind of match-up for you, but without it.. just keep on harassing him with Decimate forcing him to run out of mana quickly. When laning phase is about to end, he should be about level 6-8 and has ultimate Absoulute Zero already and that deals one of the highest damage in the game. 625 + 250% ability power at level 1, if it gets to channel full time and hits enemies inside the area it creates. If you find yourself in the middle of it and there is no way of escape, use Apprehend to take minimal damage from it.


Difficulty 9/10

This viking is really good soloer. He has quite good lifesteal and extra damage from Vicious Strikes and deals true damage with ability Reckless Swing and that's just one heck of a ability and really bad counter against Darius. Other counter is hes ultimate Ragnarok which removes all CC and is immune against disables while gaining quite bit armor and magic resistance. He also has harassing ability Undertow, but it doesn't do much after few levels and it's slow is not that good either. It will deffinately be a tough for you to win, but keep on using your abilities to harass, but don't trade Decimate against Reckless Swing, because you will loose that trade. Try to lane at least 1 more basic attacks and/or Crippling Strike.


Difficulty 5.5/10

Once again a enemy, that shouldn't be much of a threat, but you must be on your toes. He can do quite well against poking abilities with hes Aegis Protection forcing you to deal at least 1 basic attack on him, before you can start using your abilities and meanwhile he can stun with Aegis of Zeonia and gain hes shield again and throw a Spear Shot at you. Trades of damage will end up quite even, but if you time your attacks right, you will be winning those damage trades. Also Pantheon doesn't have much of a chance to escape so call in ganks after him. Overall you should be fine against him. He has actually really low sustain so just keep on making those damage trades against him.


Difficulty 9/10

Now we have came to my favourite champion, which really bad enemy against you in top, but he is also really good partnet for you to bottom lane for example. Anyways I will start off by telling what is good about him. He has really good sustain with hes Cull the Meek, which deals damage and heals % of it to him, but the real danger is in hes Ruthless Predator, which can deal HUGE 230 damage early game with hes fury over 50%, because of hes passive Reign of Anger, which gives extra buffs if he has fury over 50%. He can also escape & close the gap with Slice and Dice and has really nice combo with it. He can deal +300 damage without taking any damage in return. You must try to harass him, when he has abilities on cooldown, becaue they all have quite big cooldowns. Strike when he has used hes abilities and attack when he doesn't have lot's of fury, because he's abilities won't do that much damage. He's counter is tanks, so you may want to buy some armour.


Difficulty 10/10

One of the best solo top champions again. She has the same kind of combo as Renekton has. She can deal lots of damage while shield Valor absorbs the damage or she will just stun you with Ki Burst, followed up by 3 staged ability Broken Wings. She is also quite dangerouse, because of her basic attack buff from her passive Runic Blade and ultimate Blade of the Exile which is last hitter and long-ranged tool. Riven is early-game champion just like Renekton and you will have lots of troubles with this girl. You can use Decimate to harass her from some kind of distance, I suggest you not to go 1vs1. Call EARLY GANKS! You will shut her down and makes rest of her game really bad by causing her some early-game deaths.


Difficulty 1.5/10

Rumble is not often seen in solo top, because you need quite a bit skill to dominate your lane. He doesn't do much of a damage and he really can't do anything 1vs1. He will loose every single damage trade with Darius i'd say. He has ranged advantage over you tough with abilities like Flamespitter and Electro-Harpoon, but they're skillshots. Just use Decimate to deal lots of damage and since Rumble doesn't have lot's of sustain, he will have to fall back or otherwise he would die.


Difficulty 4/10

Really passive solo-top champion. He can't do much of a damage and he is actually quite tanky really early. He can only deal like 50 damage from basic attacks or from Vorpal Blade, which actually gives him the sustain to stay in the lane. So you will do some damage to him, but he will just regenerate healths back with Vorpal Vlade and he can't deal much of damage to you either, so the junglers are in really important role and I'd say Shen has better abilities for your jungler. He can shield himself with Feint and then taunt you with Shadow Dash causing you to attack him, while he's jungler is attacking on you.


Difficulty 2/10

Shyvana is really bad early-game and she can't do much of a damage until she gets her Dragon's Descent. She is really dependant on her ultimate. She has good escaping ability Burnout which can also work as a minion farming tool. She uses no mana so she can just activate her abilities without sweat on the forehead. Not much to say I guess, just keep on harassing her and don't push the lane, so she is forced to take some damage if she wants the last hits on minions.


Difficulty 3/10

Really tanky, even early-game. He doesn't have any damaging abilities, well I mean of course he can deal damage, but just so izzy bizzy that they're not a big deal. He is mostly supporting a AD carry in bottom lane for example, but while soloing hes only way of getting kill is to throw you to turret with Fling and then deal some damage with Poison Trail which is quite easy to dodge. Hes dangerouse is because of he's abilities to support your jungler to get the kill. As said, Fling to toss you over and good slow with Mega Adhesive.


Difficulty 6/10

Again a champion which can go AP or AD build. Hes dangerouse is based on hes stun Cryptic Gaze and then a shield Deayj's caress which will explode dealing damage. I'd say AP Sion is more dangerouse, because stun and that shield deal damage based on he's AP. if he goes AD build, he has quite a lot of base attack with hes ability Enrage so you don't want to go 1vs1 early-game. Harass & Poke with your Decimate if he stuns you and tries to explode the shield at you. Destroy it by dealing damage to it.


Difficulty 5.5/10

Swain isn't a huge thread in laning phase, but hes dangerousity is based on he's ultimate Ravenous Flock, which gives him sustain and quite a bit damage and he can tank the attacks with that ultimate. Other than that he has bunch of harassing skills like Decrepify and Torment plus Nevermore, to help hes jungler to gank. He is quite vulnarable to damage, he has no sustain at all so start harassing him early already with Decimate.


Difficulty 1.5/10

Really easy champion, unless he is really fed, but I guess there are no bad fed champions, haha. Anyways he doesn't do much of damage and hes only way of dealing damage is to use he's Rake. He can combo you with Noxian Diplomacy and Cutthroat, but that would make him appear behind you and that's just good for you. He is very vulnerable to damage and has no sustain, so 1 Decimate and Crippling Strike and hes at half hp's.


Difficulty 5/10

Quite good solo top, but isn't much of a early-game champion. He has good sustain from Bloodlust, but it requires fury to be effective. He is able to chase you with Mocking Shout which doesn't only decrease your movement speed, but it also decreases your attack damage, but you can go 1vs1 easily against him. He's only damaging ability is Spinning Slash and it's not used for damage, mainly to escape, but as said you can go 1vs1, because you have several damaging abilities. Keep on poking and harassing him, but look out for ganks and tryndamere's ultimate Undying Rage which also allows him to tower dive.


Difficulty 6,5/10

Volibear is also good solo top. He doesn't have much of sustain, except for he's passive Chosen of the Storm. He can't do much of a damage, expect for he's ability called Frenzy, but it has really huge cooldown as all of he's abilities. You should be fine, just keep on poking him. I don't find him that dangerouse, but straight 1vs1 it could be tough. Beware of ganks again, Volibear has Rolling Thunder and he can leap you over him and then slow you down with Majestic Roar and activate Frenzy / ultimate Thunder Claws, which isn't that good as you would think.


Difficulty 8/10

Wukong is one of those combo champions again, who can nuke 3 abilities straight without taking any damage. Main thing you can do is to avoid 1vs1 situations until you are powerful enough to take him down. Meanwhile just poke and harass him with Decimate. He doesn't have sustain, so damage taken is not easily recovered, but as said beware of he's combo. He can activate Crushing Blow dive with Nimbus Strike and finally escape with Decoy, but the trick is that you must predirict where he is going and use Apprehend at him when hes visible again and then it's the moment to deal damage.

Xin Zhao

Difficulty 4.5/10

Xin Zhao has some sustain from Challenge, so once again you can prevent hes health regeneration by not allowing him to get minions. Don't push, just don't let him touch the minions or atleast take minions without taking damage. He can dive in with Audicious Charge followed with Battle Cry and Three Talon Strikes, but you can avoid that by just moving a bit backwards. Keep on poking and harassing once again, he is melee champion.

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R.I.P Jungling (Dead at the end of Season 2, but feel free to look)


Darius is better laner in my opinion, but he can jungle and is quite good at it and it's really nice to have a alternative style of playing.

-Wolves ( Do first hit so minions don't start running with Decimate right after basic attack. Try to get pull )
-Blue ( Get a pull, use your Smite, level up Crippling Strike )
-Wraiths( Possibly gank before or after, in that case pick Apprehend, but you can go for lvl 2 Decimate.
-Tiny Golems
-You can gank when you get your Apprehend and after finishing all the camps, either go for second round or start ganking.
-Try to spread the damage around the camps evenly, causing every minion to bleed and clearing the camps faster.

Jungling Route & Basic Ganks

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Darius Is able to go solo top, 2vs1 or 2vs2. I don't see him as well mid champion, but why not. Basically you can go quite aggressive or wait until you get your level 3 and get all abilities. You can pull the enemy towards you, land your slow followed by Decimate and you can start chasing them with / without your teammate. Health Potions will allow you to stay long in the lane. Try to harass your enemy as often as you can with your Decimate and recover your health with lifesteal from possible items like Doran's Blade. Also since you have Apprehend, feel free to gank often, if you have the possibilities for it, but it's not recommended while soloing, if you are laning bottom or top 2vs2 or top 1vs1, you can check out above for my tips how to solo or lane with your partner. Basically you won't have almost any troubles with any champion, which is just great with Darius. Other champions are somehow dependant on what they get on their lane, but Darius is not one of them. Doesn't really matter who you get, you should do fine with any of them. There are few expections of course, but just few.

Lane Phase Ending

Once the lane phase has ended and people are starting to go mid or top etc. Starting to gang-up as whole team and try to get results by killing the other team completly (ace). I find it necessary to level up to 11 really quickly, before starting to jump in or backdooring the enemies (Going behind the enemy lines), because it gives your ultimate so much more damage. Try to search for opportunities to use Apprehend so your team can nuke the champion down. Try to go for Dragon as often as possible for the nice amount of cash for your whole team. Most kills by now are made trough ganks i'd say. 5 champions - 1 bush. Ask your team or ward the bushes by yourself and try to get your team and few friends to gank enemies extending their lanes.

Late Game

This is the time when you are reaching max levels and you should be around 4 items at least by now. You will do fine late game also, especially at level 16 when you can max Noxian Guillotine. You have the armor and magic resistance to tank and the damage to be feared. Search for opportunities to go baron with your team and remember to ask your team to ward it, so enemies can't take it either unless they got few kills on your team. As said, try to get the baron buff at this time. It can really turn the game around and you have the extra something to finish the game. Try to push mid mostly and get the inhibitor down, then you can start focusing on other lanes turrets or if you ahve the opportunity, take down the nexus turrets.

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Team Fights

Since you are not a full tank, you're not really supposed to take the focus, but you will more likely be focused anyways, but try to get your team's real tank dive in first.
Try to land as many Decimates as possible on the squishiest targets and slow escaping enemies with Crippling Strike and finish off with Noxian Guillotine or simply just pull the enemies back with Apprehend and let your team do the rest, while you seek second opponent and start damaging him. You are easily able to do 2vs1 with some feeds as long as you are facing squishy targets, but usually 2vs1 is not recommended unless you are 100% sure, that you are able to take on them both. Darius has really good potential in team fights, because either enemies target you and since you're quite tanky, it won't be a fast kill or the enemies will not target you and you can really do tons of damage! Not much to add, your role is quite simple in team fights, just target the squishiest target first as always and kill him/her first. After the target has ded move to the second squishiest target and doesn't matter if you are targetted or you aren't. Both ways are really good for your team.

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Pictures & Screenshots

Not lot's of them yet, but feel free to post your gloriouse stats / victories and I will certainly post them here!

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  • Added Changelog


  • Masteries re-make
  • Working on "Jungle Masteries"


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  • Creating partner set-ups

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