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Lux Build Guide by LuxTheGreyWarden

Middle 14.11 Mid (APC): Light 'Em Up (I'm on fiyaa): Luxeøn Style!

Middle 14.11 Mid (APC): Light 'Em Up (I'm on fiyaa): Luxeøn Style!

Updated on June 7, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LuxTheGreyWarden Build Guide By LuxTheGreyWarden 6160 240 20,208,111 Views 365 Comments
6160 240 20,208,111 Views 365 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author LuxTheGreyWarden Lux Build Guide By LuxTheGreyWarden Updated on June 7, 2024
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Runes: First Strike Lux

1 2
First Strike
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Cheap Shot
Ultimate Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Examples from my experience
Main Runes
Other Optional Runes
Summoner Spells
Pros and Cons
When is Lux a good choice?
Detailed Matchups
During Game
Lux's Abilities/Tips & Tricks
Laning Phase
Lux Synergy

Hi everyone! My name is Luxeøn, or Drew. I main Lux, and am a high Diamond mid/support player. I was the varsity mid laner for University of North Texas's collegiate team for two years, played on a team as ADC, swapped to support, and then had to quit because of graduate school!

I want to start out by saying that this guide is just a guidance! I recommend what I think is the most meta or best runes and build paths for Lux, but do remember that this game has flexibility. Either the meta will change (some runes/items get buffed or nerfed - which I try to update per patch), you might need a specific rune or build path depending on the enemy champions and their own build paths (Build Void Staff earlier on than I recommend, for example), or you just have preferences (you prefer a different secondary tree that I don't recommend in my guide)! If you want to discuss if any runes/items/anything that isn't on my guide, feel free to DM me on here, comment on this guide, or even add me on League if you're on the NA server! I am always happy to hear from you and love discussing anything related to Lux, especially when I am able to answer any questions that might not exactly be on this guide or I didn't go into enough detail on!

Lux is such a unique and fun champion- I have been playing her ever since season 3, so I wanted to share the knowledge I have collected from my experience from playing as her.

What is your favorite Lux element from her elemental skin?? Mine is storm since I'm an electric pokemon boy, but I honestly change it depending on my mood that game LOL

This guide is purposeful for the mid lane (or bottom, I play APC Lux quite a bit in ranked). If you need a support guide, see below! I also have a Lux montage I made a bit ago as well:

Other Guides

Lux Support Guide Lux Montage

Alright now that all of that is out of the way,
Here we go!

Pros Cons
Easy to learn
Hard to Sidelane/Team Reliant
Lots of Utility
Abilities are easy to dodge
Great Teamfighter
Easy Counterplay: , , , , , etc
E & R gives vision
Long Cooldowns
Long Range
Squishy w/ no mobility
Good poke/burst damage
Mana Issues


First strike is the go-to here because it gives us extra damage and gold! While this rune does not seem extremely strong early game, it scales up SO well and provides us with sometimes 1-2k extra gold at the end! The gold gives us access to better items for power spikes and more bursting!

300 gold you don’t have to pay for is extremely nice, along with the extra 10MS! You also are usually rushing your first item anyways, so this item comes in just in time for you to upgrade your boots!

Biscuits is the best choice here especially with this build, where her mana might be lacking a bit early game. You get an extra 120 permanent mana, on top of more sustain during the laning phase!

Tbh if you do not want biscuits, the other two are both not bad – future’s market increases the idea of more gold for power spike items and minion demat is great for waveclear!

Cosmic Insight is the easy pick here, as it will give us some CDR on our item and summoner spell CD’s. Time warp isn’t bad but both options arent the best, making cosmic the best here.

First slot: Adaptive AP is the most common and will be the best since Lux is hungry for AP with her high AP scalings. However, I like the AH a lot too, especially if your items won't have any AH in them and you want this and/or transcendence for a bit more spellcasting.

Second slot: Tbh this should always be AP unless you want to do a scaling health combo here with flat health in the next column, but that's ONLY into the much harder matchups

Third slot: Health vs assassins/hard matchups, scaling health vs easier matchups


Cheap Shot + Ultimate Hunter: Cheap shot is just so good on Lux since it procs on both her Q and E for extra poke damage that is true damage! For ult hunter, some can argue that its too low so you dont need ultimate hunter and thats very valid! I personally like this rune because I think her ultimate is the most important part of her kit and highest damage, so having it up a bit more often is nice, especially with Malignance. You use her ultimate to not just burst, but clear waves/steal objectives/etc. So feel free to take it based on preference! If you do not want ult hunter, taking Eyeball Collection or another hunter works just as well!

Cheap Shot + Ingenious Hunter: This is pretty much the same as above, but we take Ingenious hunter. We ONLY take this if we have items that we want to be on lower cooldowns (defensive item/seraphs/horizon focus).


Presence of Mind is a great rune because Lux can sometimes have mana issues, specifically in teamfights!

Cut Down I would argue that this would be primarily why you even take precision as your secondary! If you are against a really beefy team, Lux already struggles with tanks. This rune will really help you cut down tanks quite literally.

Coup de Grace is an alternative if you just want precision secondary and want to do more damage to enemies below 40%!




When is this a good rune to take? With the comet nerfs, first strike takes the prize because its just a much more powerful rune. However, there will be matchups where the enemies will have insane poke with no opportunities for you to even get anything from your first strike. In those cases, comet is the best bet!! You may also just go comet if its a preference, despite its nerfs. As usual, please feel free to swap runes out for others (transendence over absolute focus, scorch over GS, etc).




When is this a good rune to take? I personally never take this rune, but it's definitely preference based and good to mention and only good in lanes where I'm fighting constantly and just want the burst - or its ARAM!! I personally think Precision secondary works best because you're getting more burst potential from Coup De Grace on top of PoM to help you with your mana, but Sorcery with Transcendence/Manaflow band work just as well!

This spell should be taken 100% of the time! It is VITAL to escape, reposition, dodge a skillshot, flash over a wall, or even be used to catch up to a champion! There should be NO exceptions, if you need to replace a summoner spell, replace barrier.

This is the most important and most used spell that every Lux main takes! Lux NEEDS this shield sometimes versus assassins or bursty comps to save her, plus it pairs well with her Prismatic Barrier! Please remember to activate it when they are bursting you, not after they're done. The most common mistake with this spell is they use their barrier after the burst and try to maybe wait it out, but you're going to die and waste your barrier if you use it after. It's a relatively low cooldown so don't be afraid to use it when needed, but remember to be more defensive when it's not available.

Cleanse is situational but is VERY important!! You only want to take it when you need it but when the enemy team has a lot of CC, this is NEEDED! For example, if they have a sejuani jungle and a TF mid, this should be taken because you need cleanse to get rid of the Sejuani ult or TF card! It also reduces all other CC spells by 65% for 3 seconds after, which is really nice just in case they try to stack their CC on you. Also do note that if they have a lot of CC in general, it might be good to invest in mercury's treads as your boot of choice!

I personally love teleport in certain situations. It's great if you want more lane dominance since you can make the enemy miss a wave or two since you can teleport back instantly. I also like to take it when you're going vs someone who also takes teleport (or vs someone like taliyah who can get places fast with her ultimate), that way you can match their teleport presence, whether that be back to lane or to another lane. I would take it more often but Lux is very immobile and squishy with some really bad matchups, so she leans more towards defensive options like barrier/cleanse. However, lane presence is also extremely important so if you feel safe enough to not need barrier/that defensive spell, PLEASE take teleport!!

Exhaust is a good spell versus assassins, like Talon, Zed, Fizz, and so forth. Using this spell right BEFORE their combo is EXTREMELY important, so try to time it correctly! If you don't think you can time it correctly, take barrier instead.

Your next auto attack against enemies hit by your abilities take extra magic damage.
Lux's offensive abilities mark all affected enemies with light energy for 6 seconds. Her basic attacks and Final Spark consume the mark, dealing 20-190 (based on level).

Light Binding
Roots and damages two enemies.
ACTIVE: Lux releases a sphere of light in a line that deals magic damage to the first two enemies hit and roots them for 2 seconds.

Prismatic Barrier
Shields yourself and your allies with Lux's wand on the way out and back.
ACTIVE: Lux shields herself and throws out her wand in a line, shielding allied champions in its path for 3 seconds. Lux's wand then returns to her, stacking the shield to all allied champions it passes through and herself.

Lucent Singularity
Slows and damages enemies in an AOE bubble.
ACTIVE: Lux sends an anomaly of twisted light to the target area for up to 5 seconds, Slow icon slowing enemies inside and granting a 600 radius Sight icon vision around it. Lucent Singularity can be recast at no delay.

RECAST: Lux detonates Lucent Singularity early. If recast while in flight, the ability will detonate on arrival.

The slow lingers for 1 second after leaving the area. Enemies hit by Lucent Singularity are slowed for 1 second.

Final Spark
Lux fires a laser that deals damage to anything in her path.
ACTIVE: After gathering energy for 0.5 seconds, Lux fires a giant laser in a line that deals magic damage to all enemies hit and briefly reveals them and the surrounding area. Final Spark triggers and refreshes Illumination if the enemy was damaged by Lux's other abilities.

Tips and Tricks


This will be a great way to poke in lane. Using your Lucent Singularity and an auto will set this off.

You can also use this to create pressure in lane. If you hit them with your Lucent Singularity and walk up a bit aggressively, they will want to back off since they know your auto beats theirs. Just watch out when you do this, if they have poke or damage back, the auto isn't worth the damage you might take back!

ONLY auto when it is safe. Never run at enemy champions trying to proc this.

Remember that your ultimate procs Illumination AND resets it! Use this to your advantage when using different combos for maximum damage

Light Binding

Level this after you finish leveling Lucent Singularity!

Try to hit two people with your light binding!

Remember that it does hit two enemies, so hitting a minion and an enemy champion behind them is a good way to surprise the enemy with a binding!

Don't just throw this spell out, as you are very vulnerable without it, especially earlier on when you don't have enough AH or levels in for the cooldown to be reduced. If it's on cooldown, remember to be more cautious and defensive unless you know you're safe around allies or the enemy doesn't have any spells to jump on you with.

The only time I get this at level 1 is if I know we are going to invade. Even then, I wait until some action happens (your thresh throws a hook and you can follow up with a bind) or if they need my Q to catch someone out before leveling it. If I level it when I first start and the invade fails, I will have to accept that I will have Q at level 1 instead of E, which isn't a HUGE issue, but you want E first for the small waveclear that happens mid/it's your main poking ability for manaflow band stacks!

Prismatic Barrier

Get one point in this at level 4 but then don't put another point in it until you've maxed out every other ability! Get it at level 3 if it's a harder matchup or a matchup like Fizz who will try to all in you at level 3 and you want the shield for a better trade.

Try to hit all of your allies with this spell in teamfights. If you don't hit them on the way out, try to position yourself to hit them with your wand on the way back!!

If you are using your shield to save yourself and are running away, make sure to throw the wand in the direction you're running away from! The wand will return to you faster, meaning you can block more damage with the second proc from your shield.

Lucent Singularity

This is your main farming and poking tool. Level it up first & whenever possible.

It has a higher mana cost, so try not to spam it early game.

It gives vision, so using it in bushes is way better then facechecking! I also love using this spell in the dragon or baron pit to check and see if the enemy is doing it! Sometimes NOT popping it immediately and keeping it there for the full duration in order to keep vision on the enemies/objectives is crucial and much better than immediately popping it to do like... 200 damage

Also remember that it is a VERY good zoning tool. If you don't need it for the damage specifically in teamfights or when chasing enemies, throw it down but DON'T pop it! Many enemies will not want to walk on it, or they will be forced to and the constant slow means you or your allies can catch up to them and kill them! This is perfect in choke points where the enemies are forced to either walk over it or take a different route. Do remember to pop it right as they're about to get off of it, that way you get the full effect of the spell (slow & damage!)

Also use this spell as a way to escape if you're being chased. Either throw it on yourself or throw it in a nearby choke point where the enemy has to walk through to get to you, and then DON'T pop it! Keep it there so if they do keep chasing you, they're slowed and you can get away. If they do walk over it, feel free to pop it right before they walk off of it to still do damage!

Final Spark

Try to position yourself in teamfights to hit as many enemy champions as you can with this ability.

I usually try to not use this spell unless I or one of my teammates has CC'd someone, but if they're grouped up, a quick E>R in fight will do MASSIVE amounts of damage to 3-5 people! Look for an opening of when you can ult, either through following up with your binding/your allies CC, or by creating massive AOE in the battlefield!

It has a low cooldown, especially once you get AH and levels onto this spell, so don't be afraid to use it!

I love using this spell to steal dragons/barons! You can either ult from far away, or if you're able to get close to the pit, feel free to E>R! Later on in the game, your E>R will do more damage than smite!

This ability has a huge 1.2 AP scaling, meaning you want to get a lot of AP so her ultimate does more damage!

Remember that you are able to Flash during the ult channel casting! Your ultimate will go off still but won't move if you do flash! This is important when someone shoots a CC spell/skillshot at you that you need to dodge, you're able to flash it/over a wall to escape/etc in order to get away or dodge the spell while still being able to shoot your ultimate off.

Lucent Singularity➛ Auto

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding➛Auto➛ Lucent Singularity➛Auto

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding Lucent Singularity Final Spark

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding➛Auto➛ Lucent Singularity Final Spark➛Auto

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding Lucent Singularity Final Spark➛Auto➛POP Lucent Singularity➛Auto

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding➛DO NOT AUTO➛ Lucent Singularity

Spoiler: Click to view

Lucent Singularity Final Spark

Spoiler: Click to view

Light Binding Flash

Spoiler: Click to view

PS: I love Bjergsen to death, he's my favourite pro player, but don't combo like him ;) RIP BJERG

Starting Items

400G Doran's ring with two Health Potion's is very standard start! It gives you mana regen and rewards you for hitting enemies with spells, which pairs well with manaflow band/presence for mana sustain.

400G Tear can be a starting item if you are going the Horizon Focus rush build and don't want to have to back to get a tear before building Horizon. You also start stacking your mana item from the first minute of the game! I would NOT recommend this over Dorans in harder matchups, especially assassin matchups that can level 3 you - Lux NEEDS the extra health from Dorans in those cases.

First Back

1200G Buying a lost chapter is definitely the goal here for ap and mana sustain to build into malignance first!

1200G If you are going horizon first item (after buying tear), this is going to be your first item buy. If for some reason you have like 900 or 1000 gold, you can opt into buying a fiendish codex instead.

350G I personally buy this item almost every game, if not every game. Not only is it a really good buy when you don't have enough for lost chapter and/or want some free AP from takedowns while you're saving up for that expensive first item, but the stats you can get from it are INSANE for 350G. It's already has good raw stats, but an extra 40AP on top of the 15 you already get is possible if you have 10 stacks!

400G This item will ONLY be bought if you are going Seraphs Embrace! A good first back will be tear + dark seal, unless you do not want dark seal, then start building items towards Horizon Focus!

300G Boots are always a good buy since you get to lane faster, you have more speed to dodge skillshots or get places, and so forth. I normally try to save my boots for after mythic, but certain matchups or scenarios might have you getting these or full pen boots earlier (pen boots for snowballing, for example)!

150G I personally like this item in a lot of my games because one bad trade means you have to play passive and you lose SO much lane pressure. Plus, pots are pretty common in mid lane so its good to mirror sustain.

75G Last but not least, NO EXCEPTIONS, buy one every back if possible, ESPECIALLY before objectives! Every person is limited to 1 control ward on the map, meaning it isn't JUST your supports job to put control wards on the map, its YOU and the rest of your team. VISION WINS GAMES!! Plus, theres plenty of times I've gotten a kill just from someone trying to clear my control ward out, or I've been able to snipe someone from far away because they walked near a control ward and I had the vision, or they were killing it and I was able to combo them. They're so so important!! Please buy them when you can!!!!

First Item


Tear into Horizon Focus is going to be a great build rush since horizon is only 2700G now and is a cheaper powerspike for Lux, on top of also giving some AP, CDR, and % damage increase! Also the vision is slept on, its so good vs stealthier champions or just for vision purposes!
Malignance is going to be the natural first item because Luden's is slowly getting buffs but not there yet and we want a mana item thats going to help support our build. Malignance reduces Luxs ult CD, which is arguably her best spell, and makes it to where she causes more chaos in a battlefield with more puddles and MR shred!





Sorcerer's Shoes > MAGIC PENETRATION
Magic Pen is super important on any mage since it causes your enemy to take more damage from you abilities! I buy this item 80% of the time!

Ionian Boots of Lucidity > AH/SS CDR
These boots are becoming MUCH more common to mages just because of the stats they give! 20AH + making your summoner spells up a bit more often can be really important! I would only recommend this item if you need CDR in your build or have to go a niche build. You do lose out on upfront burst damage since you're missing MPEN from Sorcs.

Mercury's Treads > TENACITY/MR
The main goal of these boots are just replacing Sorcerer's Shoes if they have a lot of CC and you need the tenacity and/or if you need the early magic resist vs those burst champions (ex: Syndra, LB, Veigar). I get these in about 20% of my games, vs those certain champions or when I feel I need the tenacity. ONLY get these if you need them though, as the 18 MPEN from Sorc Boots is too good to pass up!

Plated Steelcaps > ARMOR
You won't be buying these often at all, but there will be games every once in a while where you're vs a full AD comp and you need this, or you're against a lot of champions who use their autos for damage. These boots are very very good in those situations, but remember to only buy it if you feel you need the defensiveness!

Core Items

Rabadon's Deathcap: This is Lux's bread and butter item due to the fact that she has high AP ratios! This item has a 35% AP scaling, which will make Lux's spells do sooo much more damage!!! This is always a good power spike item to buy, but remember to prioritize other situational items first dependent on the game since this item is expensive.

Void Staff: This is a flexible item that only needs to be bought when enemies start stacking magic resist (I have a general rule of if the enemy has ~90MR+ since anything below that, your other MPEN items can help cut some of that off). It’s also still a core item because you want to buy it basically every game (unless there’s a game that has no magic resist stacking, which is rare). Cryptbloom is amazing alternative (you cannot buy both) if you want to sacrifice a bit of pen for more CDR and a team heal for teamfights!

Situational Items

Horizon Focus: If we are not buying it as a first item with tear, this item is still amazing to buy after malignance/somewhere in the build! Its a cheaper item (2700G) that gives AP, CDR, % increase damage, and good vision! It works well on Lux and just spellcasters in general!

Luden's Companion: Ever since they took mythics away and Ludens gives no MPEN anymore, this item has been hot garbage. It has gotten buff after buff so this item is now situational if they are squishy and you want burst! Its not too bad of an item as of patch 14.4 and can definitely be the first item over malignance if you would like!

Shadowflame: This item is really nice because it gives naturally good stats of 120AP and 10MPEN, on top of your spells doing CRIT to those under 35%! The issue with this item is that unless you can get the enemy below 35% and then keep dishing out damage, it is not as effective as other items. I would still very much recommend it vs squishies and if it fits in your build - its a great item to either have or sub if you need something else!

Mejai's Soulstealer: Lux is one of the few people that can buy this item more often and get away with it due to her natural playstyle of playing from a far range. It is a very high risk high reward item, so don't buy it every game- if they have a lot of gap closers/people that can kill or assassinate you, your team is not doing well, or you aren't playing your best. You don't want to waste 1600G that can be geared toward other items. However, this item does give you an opportunity for a lot of AP (with movement speed as an added bonus over 10 stacks) on a small amount of gold! I'm a personal huge fan of first backing with a dark seal, so sitting on dark seal and then upgrading it to this item if I have 8-10 stacks on it or feel I can upgrade it works out! You can also just sit on dark seal all game if you do not feel comfortable enough with fully committing to this item!

Zhonya's Hourglass: This item is great because not only does it give pretty good stats, but the stasis is SO strong. Syndra or Zed ulting you? Zhonyas! Getting jumped on in a teamfight and need some time for your team to save you? Zhonyas! About to die to ignite? Zhonyas! This item is CRUCIAL to buy if you need the survivability (Zed, looking at you!), or if they have a very high AD based team and you want armor for more defensive purposes! Buy it when you need it, but otherwise, don't worry about buying it and buy more damage items!

Banshee's Veil: This is the Zhonya's counterpart, if you need magic resist instead of armor (and more AP now, which is really great!). This item can be really nice, especially against teams who use something like an Ashe Arrow/Blitz flash hook to engage! Remember to buy a defensive item ONLY if you need it!

Cryptbloom: This item is the counterpart to Void Staff - you cannot buy both. They both give % magic pen but Void Staff gives a bit more pen and AP. However, this item gives CDR and a nice strong heal thats great in teamfights! I personally think this item is going to be really good on AP supports, but Lux is no exception and this item can easily be bought over Void Staff, unless you feel you need the extra % pen because they are stacking high amounts of magic resist.

Morellonomicon: To be honest, I have this item as a situational item but its such a feelsbad item now. The AP and CDR is nice but it doesn't offer anything to Lux otherwise. I would only recommend buying this item if it is a REALLY heal dependent team, otherwise let your support or tank get the healing reduction and go for better damage items instead. You can also just sit on oblivion orb and not upgrade!

Sample Builds

*Please remember that these example builds do NOT have to be the exact order you build them and rely on how each SPECIFIC game is going. These are just examples, but buy items based on what the SPECIFIC game calls for! (ex: I put Void Staff as the 6th item, but you might need to buy it earlier than that if they start stacking magic resist. I admire the trust within my guides, but no one should be blindy following it, as even I personally change my build up EVERY game based on what is needed! Here's just some examples of what I do and when)*

Burst Build
Pros: Lots of burst, good CDR
Cons: No room for defensive item (replace Shadow)

When do I use this build? This build is honestly the best in the current state and what I would recommend in most of my games! It offers a great variety of AP, CDR, burst, and most anything you need! Remember to get void earlier on if needed and replace shadowflame for another item if you need to.

Seraph's Build
Pros: A good mix of burst, more consistent damage with CDR, Seraph's shield for defense, and flexibility in the build
Cons: Lack of mana early on (just tear), no true waveclear

When do I use this build? Going Tear -> Horizon Focus -> Seraph's is a meta build on a lot of champions as of now because of how bad Luden's is as an item now. You rush Horizon Focus for cheaper (2700g) damage and then finish Seraph's for your mana, some more AP, and a nice shield to protect you from being bursted as hard! I'd recommend this build especially if you want the Seraph's shield but do not want to have to buy Seraphs + defensive item as your two items for full defense. After these items, the last three items are pretty interchangeable based on the game. I like to go Rabadon's next to maximize my burst damage and secure those high AP ratios. If they are stacking MR, either Void Staff or Cryptbloom are very nice options for your % pen item. Feel free to swap any of these for Mejais, a defensive item, or any other situational item you deem fit! Remember to get these items as NEEDED, aka get Void/Cryptbloom SOONER if enemies are stacking MR.

Defensive Item
Pros: Lots of defensive options to survive
Cons: Lower burst, lower CDR, lower waveclear

When do I use this build? This build is ONLY if you are against a really hard matchup/game (fed Kayn, etc) and need Seraph's shield and your defensive item to survive. Can't do damage when you're dead! You may also get Malignance -> Defensive item if you do not think you need the Seraph's shield! Remember to swap Zhonyas for Banshees if you need MR/shield over Armor/stasis. I would also recommend taking Ingenious Hunter in this case, as it lowers the cooldown massively for your defensive item and Seraph's shield!

Supportive Build
Pros: Provides high supportive capabilities with items since you are farming, cheap items
Cons: No burst or one shot capabilities, cannot carry, low impact if supportive items are not assisting allies

When do I use this build? This build is if you want to be more of a support mid lane rather than an APC because your team is filled with all damage and no utility. I would probably not recommend this build in a lot of soloque games just because the mid laner having damage and waveclear is usually extremely important, but the nice part about Lux is she is flexible with her builds! Feel free to swap an item out for ardent!

A-E Matchups

F-M Matchups

N-T Matchups

V-Z Matchups

During the laning phase, there are 4 key steps to successfully working your lane:

1. Farming
I can not emphasize how IMPORTANT farming is. The early farming stage is the most important part for how well you will do later on in the game. Killing minions grants gold and XP. Gold grants items to further your damage, and XP gives you an advantage to your spells having better base stats/lower cooldowns. Please do not try to just attack the enemy champion, focus on last hitting while poking when given the chance.

How to last hit?
The basic idea is to wait until you are able to kill the minion with an auto attack. However, this is harder than it seems. For me, farming is one of my biggest downfalls. I get so caught up in the wave pressure and health of the enemy champion that I don't last hit and miss the necessary gold needed.
Something to note: Lux WILL get pushed under tower in a bit of matchups. For the melee minions (with full health), let the turret hit them twice and then auto. For casters, you will need to auto>tower hit>auto to get these. If other minions are hitting the enemy minions too, you might need to just use your spells to try to kill these minions since your autos normally won't be enough.

Should I farm with my spells? (Pros/Cons)
Pro: You will be able to use your spells to kill minions more easy, rather than waiting for the right moment to auto and possibly missing it.

Con: You will push the lane and it can be dangerous. You are more susceptible to either be ganked by the jungler or harassed by the mid laner.

Pro: Your opponent will lose farm due to the fact that he/she has to now auto and use their spells in order to hit the minions under the tower.

Con: Using your spells chunks out a lot of mana for Lux, especially early game when she doesn't have very many items. With no mana, you can't 'farm' more, nor can you poke the enemy champion and trade.

Pro: You could gain a huge advantage by keeping both the zoning of your lane and the ability to roam, meanwhile, your opponent is stuck at their turret trying to farm.

Con: You could actually end up missing on tons of CS yourself. With relying on spells to kill minions, you will be casting your spells instead of autoing. With spell casting, it will also create an unbalance in the wave, causing less CS for you- which then puts you behind.

There is nothing wrong with using your spells to farm- especially under your OWN tower or to secure that $$$ cannon minion. However, try to keep the minion wave as balanced as possible by either only autoing when necessary, or using spells when you are getting pushed (or using your spells to push a wave before an objective or so you can roam). Remember that your main farming tool besides autoing is your Lucent Singularity, which is also used for poking. Also remember that this spell has a high mana cost and a long cooldown, hence why spamming it is not a good idea. However, using it every once in a while to farm or poke is ideal. Farm as much as possible in order to have a better mid/late game.
If you are like me and have a hard time farming, make a custom game and practice last hitting! This will really help for when you get into a game that actually matters.

2. Zoning/Harassing/Trading
This is another very important aspect during the laning phase. With zoning and harassing, you are causing your enemy to be both miss CS and be scared to go in for CS. Depending on who you are against will determine how this can be done.

When you are against melee opponents
This can be a favorable matchup due to the fact that the opponent has to get in melee range to auto you/the minion for CS. In the beginning of the game, try to auto them as much as you can in order for CS to be denied. The key concept here is to try to freeze the lane to deny CS and put them behind. However, with autoing comes some challenges.
1. Some melee champions have abilities they can use on you. Watch out for those. Their ability will do much more damage than your one auto.
2. When you auto the champion, it can cause the enemy's minions to target you. The minions do little damage, but it adds up so be careful.
3. Remember to auto when given the chance only. One auto is not worth missing CS

When to use your abilities in lane
The first and easiest answer to this is when you see your minion wave being pushed. The downside to Lux is that when she is pushed to the turret, most of the time she will have to use her spells to kill the creeps. With this then results in mana issues, loss of gold, and not to mention- her cooldowns are pretty long. You should also use your spells if you need to get lane priority for a dragon or a roam/jungle fight. Lastly, use your spells to poke! You mostly want to just use your E, but feel free to use your Q if you see a window of opportunity and know where the jungler is, or you know if you can land the Q, you can burst and kill them!

3. Jungle Camps
Jungle camps are always a good idea because killing them grants gold and XP. However, there are appropriate times to take the camps. Lux is slower than other champions in taking these camps, but it is always a good idea to try to take these when possible

What camps should I take?
Most of the time, I take the crimson raptor, along with the other raptors. These are very close to lane and you wont lose out on anything. The idea is to E all the raptors but don't pop your E until it pops on it's own, auto the big raptor, and then shield yourself. When your E is up again, it will kill all the small raptors, and hopefully the big raptor as well. You may need to auto the big raptor a couple more times or use your Q if you don't have enough damage to kill it with this rotation of spells. I just like to only use E, W, E because it uses a little less mana (unless you have blue, then spam your spells :P). However, you also could get to a point in the game where your first E kills all the little raptors, so in that case, E>auto the big raptor>Q>auto a couple times and the big raptor should die. Taking the wolves is also acceptable. I do the same rotation, but might add a Q in there because the big wolf is pretty tanky. If you have the opportunity, even taking the the enemy's jungle camps works in favor for you.

When should I take these camps?
1. When your lane is pushed far and you are able to take these raptors and return to lane in time.
2. I normally try to take a camp before I go back to base if I have enough mana/health. It gives me a little more gold before buying items.
3. WHEN THE JUNGLER SAYS ITS OKAY TO DO SO. PLEASE NEVER TAKE THE CAMPS IF YOUR JUNGLER DOES NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION/(S)HE IS CLOSE TO THE CAMPS. If he is helping bot lane or doing something somewhere else on the map, you may take them because their respawn time is short, but remember that the camps are the junglers farm. You wouldn't want someone coming into your lane and taking all your farm.

4. Roaming
Because you are in the middle of the map, roaming is always an option. I normally wait until I have my Final Spark to start roaming, but if your teammates need help, roaming early has its benefits. The point in roaming is to help other lanes score kills and help your team get ahead. Remember that because you are a solo lane, you will hit level 6 faster than the bottom lane. You can use this to your teams advantage. Also watch how much you are roaming. I have seen too many people roam consistently and get nothing out of it, so they miss out on a ton of XP and gold from their own lane.

When do I roam?
1. The best time to roam is if you look at these things: There are no jungle camps to take, the enemy bottom lane is pushing, and you have your own lane pushed. If your lane is being pushed, never wander.
2. When the enemy mid laner is missing. Unless they are low on health or out of mana, they are normally taking a jungle camp or roaming. Remember to ALWAYS call MIA when your opponent isn't in lane and make sure to have vision! You don't want to try to roam with a Talon without vision, he will just be able to jump on you and burst you easily!
3. Your bot lane is about to start a fight and you want to be there to help win it. Sometimes it's as simple as walking halfway down the river, ulting to help with damage/pick up a kill, and then walking back to lane!

Note: Sometimes it is better to push your lane when the enemy opponent roams. Lux is a very immobile champion, so by the time Lux gets to the lane, the fight will be over. You will be wasting your time and will lose out on that XP/gold. Instead, push your lane and get those turret plates for some more gold!! The other advantage to this is that you will be getting all of the gold and XP from staying in lane, meanwhile, your opponent will lose a wave or two of minions due to you pushing into their tower while they're away. Plus, if they stay bot, they'll be sharing bot's XP and won't gain any gold unless they take the ADC's minions or they get kills. Win/win situation!

Teamfights are my favorite part when it comes to playing Lux because this is when her power really shines. She not only can peel for both your ADC and the rest of your team pretty well, but she has burst/damage + utility with her shield. This is why I love Lux so much, as she is very versatile in all areas. During teamfights, keep these things in mind:

1. Use your Lucent Singularity to poke enemy champions.
Before a teamfight actually occurs, Lux is able to poke some of the squishier champions down. This is very important before engaging a teamfight because Lux has the range and AOE from her Lucent Singularity. The less health the enemy champions have when you engage, the better the teamfight.

2. Stay back and throw your spells at your enemies.
This is the most important concept. As Lux, you are squishy and very vulnerable. Your positioning is key to surviving and dealing the most damage you can in a teamfight. You should be able to catch at least one, if not two, champions with your Light Binding. Your team can then engage and kill the enemy champions. You should ALWAYS throw out your Prismatic Barrier when the enemy team is poking/anyone engages, in order to soak up some damage for your teammates. Remember that this spell comes back to you, so if you miss a couple champions on the throw out, try to position yourself so your wand hits your allies on its way back to you.

3. Always remember to use your ultimate whenever you get the best possible chance
For example, say there is a Malphite on your team. Once he uses his Unstoppable Force and knocks them all up, that is your queue to ult. REMEMBER THAT THE ULTIMATE DOES NOT HAVE TO ONLY BE USED TO FINISH OFF AN ENEMY!! Dealing massive amounts of damage to a group of enemy champions will be way more effective in a teamfight than using your ultimate to finish off a single enemy. I know it's tempting to steal a kill for the gold, but doing 1000 damage to 4-5 people is way more effective then doing maybe 500 or less damage to one enemy who is probably going to die anyways. Of course feel free to use your ultimate on enemies who escaped with less HP and you can snipe them, but my point is to try to use your ultimate as effectively as possible!

4. Bursting down the ADC/Mage
This is something you should ALWAYS be looking for in teamfights. You never want to just combo the first person you hit your Q on, especially if it's a tank. When a teamfight breaks out, you're looking to try to use your combo on the carries. Always take into consideration their items (a mage might have zhonyas to dodge your burst, ADC might have QSS, support might have mikaels) and how strong/how much of a threat they are.

5. Helping your ADC survive
This is another concept that I don't think a lot of people realize. The ADC's role is to do the most damage and carry the team! The downfall is that they are usually very squishy and need some type of peeling. Lux is perfect for this. Especially if the support on your team is that tanky Leona who is jumping into the enemy team, Lux stays back and casts her spells next to the ADC anyways. Here's the perfect example of how you can help your ADC survive:
Say there is an enemy Rengar who keeps trying to jump onto your ally, Lucian. Use your Prismatic Barrier to shield the damage Rengar might inflict on your teammate. Right when he uses his ultimate to jump, you should immediately use your Light Binding and root Rengar in place. This will not only save your Lucian and he can continue to DPS in the fight, but will take one more enemy out of the teamfight who was greedy for the ADC kill.

There are 3 things to look out for before choosing Lux:

1. Look who you are up against
In Draft Pick, look at what your enemy team chooses for their different roles. If they chose a really tanky team with a Braum where you won't be able to burst them, or they pick heavy gapcloser champions like Xin Zhao or Camille who can easily jump on you and one shot you, maybe Lux isn't the best pick this time.
This is even better if you already know who the mid laner is. If they pick Fizz, you might reconsider picking Lux and counterpick as someone else instead. However, if the mid laner is Twisted Fate or Ziggs, you should have no problem picking Lux.

2. Look what what your teammates are choosing
If your teammates are choosing champions like Caitlyn, Sona, Malphite, or Amumu, Lux is a perfect pick! With Caitlyn and Sona's poke or Malphite and Amumu's heavy lockdown, you will be able to poke along with them or use that Final Spark right when one of those strong AOE ultimates come into play!

3. Your own capabilities
As you play Lux more and more, you will really get a feel for her. Once you start learning to master her, some of these counters won't be actual 'counters' to you anymore. Or in those hard situations where you're vs that Fizz or heavy engaging team comp, you learn to position well with her and disengage those engagers/turn team fights!

There are 3 things to consider when looking at synergy with Lux:

1. Poke
Poking is one of the best ways to create an advantage before teamfights. If your team pokes the enemy champions health down, someone may be forced to recall. This will either make it a 4v5, or they will have to stay in the fight with half or low health. Here are some champions who work very well with Lux in poke:

2. Teamfight
Teamfighting is one of the most important parts of the mid/late game. If your team wins teamfights, you are able to freely take objectives like baron, dragon, or turrets/inhibitors. There are some champions who work very well with a teamfight composition (keep in mind that some of these champions are able to go in more than one certain position, I just put them in the position they are normally in; EX: Wukong can go top or jungle but he is normally top so I put him in the top category). Most of these champions have some type of ultimate or other ability that provides utility, such as CC or damage, to the enemy team:

TOP: Cassiopeia, Galio, Gnar, Kennen, Malphite, Rumble, Wukong, Yasuo
JUNGLE: Amumu Fiddlesticks, Hecarim, Jarvan IV, Sejuani, Zac
ADC: Jinx, Twitch, Sivir, Vayne
Support: Alistar, Annie, Bard, Leona, Lulu, Sona

3. Engage
The third thing to look for is champions who engage. Engaging can be more tricky, as each individual champion needs a different set of utility from Lux in order to succeed. For example, you may follow up a Morgana bind with your own bind. From there, your team will be able to jump on that specific enemy champion, kill them, and then make the fight a 4v5. Whereas, with Jhin, you can use your bind from your Light Binding and slow from your Lucent Singularity to help ensure that his four shots hit. Here are champions that are good engagers:

TOP: Irelia, Jax, Lissandra, Maokai, Sion
JUNGLE: Diana, Elise, Gragas, Nocturne, Vi, Volibear, Warwick, Zac
ADC: Ashe, Jhin, Kalista
SUPPORT: Blitzcrank, Morgana, Nami, Nautilus, Pyke

I know that sometimes when people read something, they might want to know both the validification of the information, and the person who wrote it as well. To hopefully soothe those, I screenshotted matches I played as Lux recently in ranked! I try to keep this updated but it's not as important. I also have over 1m mastery points with her and she is the one who got me to diamond! She really does help me climb the ladder in ranked, even though she isn't one of the top picks in the mid lane.
*Edited this to the current season :)

February 2020

February 2020

My conclusion is to just have fun!! Lux is such a fun champion in both the mid lane or as a support (I have a separate support guide for her, go check it out!), and can be used in various ways! She has amazing range and poke, along with a really damaging and fun ultimate! Thank you SO SO much for reading my guide! Feel free to like or comment or message me directly for any questions/concerns/things I can do to improve my guide. I just want this guide to be a way for people to learn and master Lux, so let me know if there is anything else I can do to help! Thank you all for your votes, comments, and likes as well! Being the number 1 guide for Lux and having so many of you view my guide and comment and add me and us becoming friends is just absolutely amazing. Anyways, GL HF summoners and see you on the rift!!
~Happy Lasering

  • I would first like to thank my trusty friend I Like Doggos for all of the reading and helping out he has done. It has really saved me time and given me opinions for how I can make this guide the best for you guys.
  • I would also love love to thank the amazing jhoijhoi for her amazing guide on how to actually create a build. Without the help of her coding, I wouldn't have nearly had as great of a guide!
  • Next, I would like to thank my good friend Cynthia, or Mozume, for the Lux art and the inspiration to make this guide as coded and pretty as I can make it, you rock Cyn and the light 'em up picture is to die for <3
  • I would also like to thank PsiGuard, as he is always giving me tips on how to make my guide better, on top of helping me immediately with any BBC coding or anything else!! He's so helpful and so kind, always!!
  • Finally, I would love to thank all of the viewers and people who upvoted this guide. I've spent wayyyy too much of my time constantly editing this guide every patch and trying to make sure everything is up to date.

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