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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Udyr Build Guide by AFKDYR Sibitrix

AP Offtank Diamond 2 | 7.1 | Phoenix SplitDyr | Official #1 Udyr world

AP Offtank Diamond 2 | 7.1 | Phoenix SplitDyr | Official #1 Udyr world

Updated on January 16, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AFKDYR Sibitrix Build Guide By AFKDYR Sibitrix 17 1 266,771 Views 22 Comments
17 1 266,771 Views 22 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AFKDYR Sibitrix Udyr Build Guide By AFKDYR Sibitrix Updated on January 16, 2017
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Introducing myself, Udyr and the Guide itself!

My peaks on Udyr-Toplists

Pros& Cons to Udyr and the build

Explaining Udyrs Skills, Skillorder, Summoners, Itemization and Runes& Masteries

Common Matchups explained!

First Clear& efficient Clearing throughout the Game

How& when to Gank as Udyr.

When& how to do which Objective as Udyr

When& how to Splitpush as Udyr

Personal Introduction

Hello people reading this guide to my main champion; Udyr, im Sibitrix, a German Diamond 1/2 Jungler and one of the highest rated Udyr mains worldwide!
The idea of this guide is to get a lead and good farm earlygame and carry games after the 20. minute, especially by splitpushing. The core item is the Bloodrazor enchantment and a Trinity Force because it obviously scales and is good for duelling and splitpush. You get the most efficient Items,Masteries and Runes to farm and splitpush as fast as possible.
Udyr is not the most mechanicly-intensive champion but you have to constantly keep up using your spells to be as timeefficient as possibly and decisionmaking is very important because you have to know when to go for dragon,herold,counterjungle or a gank.
It takes time but if you master Udyr, you can get to high elo in short time just like i did it.

Introduction to Udyr

Udyr is a tanky, dps-fighter who only uses autoattacks. Decisionmaking in generel but also in fights is key because you have everything you want in your kit, but only one thing at once.
You have to decide between single target damage, shield and sustain, movementspeed and croud control or AoE damage.

Introduction to the Guide

Since this is a beginner friendly guide, I will explain the basics of Udyr a bit more, but i will always pair it with advanced information so don't skip that if you are already experieced playing Udyr. I will also Link everything so even beginners will understand everything i write about and hopefully learn something about Udyr and LoL in general!

Abbreviations used

Current Patch

Earlier Patches

Patch 7.1


This Patch did only bring 1 major Change to Udyr and this build: Zz'Rot Portal changes,
here they are
VOID GATE DURATION 150 seconds β‡’ 120 seconds
COOLDOWN 150 seconds β‡’ 120 seconds
VOIDSPAWN STRUCTURE DAMAGE 5 per level (max 90) β‡’ 20 per level (max 360)
Removed: VOIDSPAWN HEALTH SCALING Voidspawn no longer gain 50 health per level
VOIDSPAWN HEALTH DECAY 10% current health every 0.25 seconds β‡’ 20% current health every 0.25 seconds
CREEPY, NOT CREEPS Killing a voidspawn no longer increases your creep score

What do they mean for Udyr? Its a clear buff to your splitpushing, since you use for Zz'Rot Portal mainly for helping you directly to destroy towers. It obviously weakens the holding potential of Zz'Rot Portal, but since you dont use it for that often and the damage is 4 times as high now, it should be a medium buff to my buildpath.

The Lee Sin and little Shyvana nerf also benefit you, since they are both hard matchups for you.

After all that introduction, have fun and enjoy reading the Guide! I hope you learn a lot and if you do i appreceate any kind of support you can give me! If you have questions or critism, leave a comment.

My LoLSkill Peak as Udyr; #1 Worldwide; #1 EU-West

My LeagueOfGraphs Peak as Udyr and my actual KDA; #1 Worldwide

Hi, im Sibitrix(LolSkill&, a season 5 platinum 1, season 6 diamond 5, Season 7 high diamond jungle main on the EUW server. I play active since late season 2, main Udyr since season 3 and have 300k Masterie points on my main account but many more if i combine it with Smurfs. I play on high diamond level (D2 atm), In season 7 im one of the best/the best Udyr worldwide on popular ranking websites like lolskill or leagueofgraphs and ill try to climb to Master maining Udyr.
Other champs i like to play in ranked are Lee Sin, Elise, Sejuani, Vi, Ziggs and Braum, but in Season 7 ive onetricked Udyr to climb up to Diamond in only 2 weeks and Diamond 3 in less than a month with an almost 75% winrate.
At the moment im still playing Udyr a lot, but as i play in almost Master MMR, its impossible to pick him every Game.

Ranked Diary
24. December: Diamond 5, Udyr lolskill Toplist #10 worldwide; #3 EUW; leagueofgraphs Udyr Toplist #9 worldwide
25. December: Diamond 5, Udyr lolskill Toplist #6 worldwide; #2 EUW; leagueofgraphs Udyr Toplist #1 worldwide
26. December: Diamond 4 promos, Udyr lolskill Toplist #2 worldwide; #1 EUW; leagueofgraphs Udyr Toplist #1 worldwide
27. December: Diamond 3(Skipped Diamond 4), Udyr lolskill Toplist #4 worldwide (Forgot to play a game in Dia3, did not get the points for extra Elo:( ); #1 EUW; leagueofgraphs Udyr Toplist #1 worldwide
28. December: Diamond 2 promos, Udyr lolskill Toplist finally #1 worldwide, #1 EUW; leagueofgraphs Udyr Toplist #1
29. December: Diamond 2 promos (again), Udyr lolskill Toplist #2 again :(, #1 EUW; leagueofgraphs Udyr Toplist #1
30. December: mid Diamond 2, Udyr lolskill Toplist #2 by 10 points :(, #1 EUW; leagueofgraphs Udyr Toplist #1
31. December: missing 3LP to Diamond 1 promos, Udyr lolskill Toplist #2 by 20 points, #1 EUW; leaguegraphs Udyr Toplist #1, rarely play Udyr since im Diamond 2, getting pretty hard to make him work, still not stopping to climb though :)
02. January: low Diamond 2, had a little loosing streak, Udyr lolskill Toplist #4 (2 BR people and 1 TR player managed to get Master/Challenger, sadly thats a bit harder in EUW) EUW #1, leagueofgraphs Udyr Toplist #1
05. January: mid Diamond 2, Udyr lolskill Toplist #4 (2 BR people and 1 TR player managed to get Master/Challenger, sadly thats a bit harder in EUW) EUW #1, leagueofgraphs Udyr Toplist #2(EUW Smurf with 80% winrate got Rank 1)
06. January: Diamond 1 promos, Udyr lolskill Toplist #3 (If i win promo and play 1 Game Udyr im finally #1 again :) ), EUWW #1, leagueofgraphs Udyr Toplist #2
07. January: Diamond 1 0LP, Udyr lolskill Toplist #1 (Back at it again!). EUW #1, leagueofgraphs Udyr toplist #1 (Back at it again!)
10. January: Diamond 2 17LP(Big losing streak :(), Udyr lolskill Toplist #1. EUW #1, leagueofgraphs Udyr toplist #1 (Back at it again!)
14. January: Diamond 2 18LP(Was demoted to D3 but got my MMR normal again and ready to climb.), Udyr lolskill Toplist #2. EUW #1, leagueofgraphs Udyr toplist #1


Fast Jungle Clear

Udyrs constant Aoe Damage with Wingborne Storm together with the Attack Speed his passive Bridge Between, his Runes and Items provide, guarantees him a solid Jungle Clear early- and very fast Clear midgame.

High Mobility

The movementspeed Udyr gets from Blazing Stampede and Bridge Between give him massive mobility on low cooldown. This does not only make him incredible hard to catch, but also lets him chase, counterjungle and splitpush faster. With this build in particular you get even more movementspeed from your Masteries and later into the game from Trinity Force, Zz'Rot Portal and sometimes also Dead Man's Plate.

Great Splitpusher

Udyr is all in all an underestimated Splitpusher and i personally think one of the strongest in the game. Splitpushers have to push waves fast, be good at duelling, destroy turrets quick and if possible have the option to escape. Udyr meets all four of this criteria; with his phoenix AoE he can clear waves in a few seconds, he can often times duel even with other duelist champions, with the attack speed and bonus damage of Wilding Claw, his items and the Sheen procs, he destroys turrets almost as fast as full-ad Champions and is he one of the best Champions to escape after splitpushing. With this build your Splitpush is even more powerful due to the Zz'Rot Portal rush after Trinity Force.

Strong Mid-/Lategame and Itemsynergy

Udyrs lategame and the synergy between him and the items you build goes hand in hand. Other strengths of him like his duel potential and his movementspeed get better and better as he gets his items complete. You will be dealing a lot of damage with the basedamage of Wingborne Storm, the %-Damage of Enchantment: Bloodrazor and the Trinity Force proc and you get very tanky, combining your Iron Mantle shield and the resistances and health from your Items.

Pick Potential

Your movementspeed and low cooldown stun on Blazing Stampede allow you to make picks for your team in every stage of the game. Pretty much noone can escape from you when you combine the movementspeed of your Ghost, Bridge Between and Blazing Stampede.



This weakness of Udyr will expire over the game, but it is definetly Udyrs biggest weakness in the early and even the midgame! His abilitys only cost 47(Level 1 ability)-31(Level 5 ability) mana, but as Udyr you will spam them pretty much the whole game and with low mana its even more important to decide in which Stance to stay. You will not have problems during your first clear because you start Blue Buff but as the buff expires it is important to always have an eye on the manabar.


This is one big problem with Udyr and may the only downside this particular build has. Trinity Force is an expensive item, but its your core and important to get it relatively fast. You will never be totally useless with your stun on Blazing Stampede, but without the Trinity Force stats and the resistances of your Zz'Rot Portal you will not be able to splitpush properly or have enough damage to duel you with other strong duelists. Its the downside of the strong Itemsynergy Udyr has.
That beeing said, it happens very few times to me that i fall that far behind that i get useless or feel very weak due to missing items.


This downside will not appear every game, since Udyr is not really "easy to kite" with Ghost, Blazing Stampede with CDR and Stalker's Blade. Still, some Champions with high mobilty and self peel such as Vayne will manage to kite you, the higher the elo gets the better get the kiting mechanics of ADCs and midlaners. People say at a certain point its pretty much impossible to play Udyr since he is so easy to kite, but playing in high Diamond MMR and sometimes even facing Master+ ADC's, i can say far less than 1% of all LoL players will get to the point where everyone in the game is so good at kiting that Udyr is useless. More problematic are Champions with constant Slows such as Malzahar or Cassiopeia and peeling supporters like Janna. But thats a problem for pretty much every Bruiser and Frontliner in generel.

Very limited Range/ Autoattacks only

This goes hand in hand with you beeing vulnerable to CC. You have to get the enemy first to fight him. Even though Udyrs ganks arent that bad, it sometimes can be a huge problem that he has little to no range, especially if the lane is pushed towards the opponents side of the map.
Udyr only using autoattacks brings some little extra disadvantages against a few champions, you have to play around. Teemo's Blinding Dart is only one example, Jax's Counter Strike and Rammus's Defensive Ball Curl are other abilitys that counter pretty much your whole kit for a few seconds.

Skills& Skillorder

Passive: Monkey's Agility

Bridge Between | Stance: You gain 10% attack speed (Up to 30%) and a flat amount of 5(Up to 15) movementspeed when using a spell for a few seconds. Your passive also regulates your stance switching, so you can only switch your stance once per 2 seconds. Every ability has 5 ranks but you still can only max 3 and put 3 into the last one.
Your passive is the reason why Udyr clears so fast. It is basicly 30% attack speed for free along with some movementspeed. Try to always keep up the 30% while splitpushing and clearing, it makes a huge difference.

Ability Stats

Q: Tiger Stance

Wilding Claw: Udyr gains up to 70% bonus attackspeed for 5 seconds and his first autoattack in Wilding Claw, not his first autoattack on every champion, only the first one in the stance, deals a huge amount of normal damage over 2 seconds. His autoattacks deal 15% more attack damage permanent, this also works against turrets.
This ability gives you a lot of single targeted burst, the DOT is huge in every stage of the game, especially earlygame. With this build, you dont skill it until you maxed your other three abilitys, there is a completly different way to play Udyr, which maxes this ability first and plays with a very different setup of Runes, Masteries and Items. What we want, however, is sustained AoE damage, another ability, the Wingborne Storm, is way better for this. In the lategame however, the attack speed is very useful for power clearing bigger camps or huge objectives. You also use this when you splitpush for chunking down turrets with the extra attackspeed and damage against turrets and for duelling, because Wilding Claw lategame is just as strong as Wingborne Storm and the opponents may build more MR than armor against you.

Ability Stats

W: Turtle Stance

Iron Mantle: You gain a shield for 5 seconds and you permanently get a huge amount of lifesteal, up to almost 20%. This ability is another essencial part of Udyr as a jungler. Despite the fact that all of Udyrs abilitys have a relativly short cooldown, in the jungle this is extremly useful for taking less damage. In the earlygame the lifesteal isn't as useful, but the shield even more. After some games of clearing practise you will be full life almost the whole time jungling just because of this ability. But you use this for so much more things, it can be used for midgame towerdives, avoiding initial damage when ganking, flanking and getting kited, healing up in the jungle after some items and generelly sustaining in fights.

Ability Stats

E: Bear Stance

Blazing Stampede: You can move through units, gain a lot of movement speed for 2-3 seconds and your first autohit on each target stuns for 1 second every few seconds, having the cooldown on the target itself and not on the stun. That means theoreticly you can run into a teamfight and stun all 5 of them in a few seconds.
Bear Stance is Udyrs main mobility spell, mainly used for speeding long ways up and for your first hit versus Champions for the CC. You always use this for engaging, may it be a gank on any lane, a skirmish or an actual teamfight. But it's also one more reason for Udyrs clear speed. Especially with bluebuff or mana items you can spam Bear Stance between every camp wasting 0 time on running through the jungle.
Your E also makes you such a good counterjungler. Ignoring unit collision is very important when getting chased. Pairing with the movementspeed, you will almost every single time get away. You can even stun melee oponents with barely stopping to move.

Ability Stats

R: Phoenix Stance

Wingborne Storm: You get a damage aura for 5 seconds and your first autohit and every third autohit following deals AoE damage in front of you.
Not much to say about it, it's the bread and butter for phoenix udyr, that's why he's named after it, it's very efficient to max because the auro damage is 4* as high on level 5 and the On-Hit damage is 5* as high, it gives you insane clear speed because the AoE alone deals over 60 magic damage on level 1 (+ neutral Monsters have negative MR so itΒ΄s even more) already and the On-Hit is also AoE constantly procing Hunter's Talisman. You use this for damage when ganking, clearing, waveclearing when splitpushing, dueling and it synergieses with your attack speed from Enchantment: Bloodrazor and Trinity Force extremly well.
You take Phoenix Stance at level 1 and max this ability first for the clear speed, raw damage output in fights and the lowered mana cost because you spam this in every situation at every stage of the game.

Ability Stats


> > >














You start Level with Wingborne Storm, your damage ability you also max first. To have sustain in the Jungle, on level 2 go ahead and skill Iron Mantle. Since there are rarely very good options to gank at level 3, skill Wingborne Storm again. Level 4 you finally get your Blazing Stampede for mobility and ganking. Not only beccause it's your only clearing spell, but also your only damage spell in generel and your most used stance, you max Wingborne Storm, as maxing it only lowers the mana cost, and skill Iron Mantle when it's not avaible. You also max Iron Mantle second for better dueling potential, infinite sustain in the jungle, potential turret dives and again less mana cost on your second most used stance. It also allows you to solo Dragon way easier and safer and tank skirmishes in the midgame. Last season i maxed Blazing Stampede second for the insane mobility you get, but as a lot of other junglers are strong duelists in the early to midgame in this meta, its not as good anymore.
On level 12 in some games it makes sense to skill Wilding Claw once instead of instantly maxing out Blazing Stampede. You should skill it earlier if you 1v1 a lot and already start to splitpush or when your team is winning hard and you just want to push together and do big objectives in order to end the game faster.
Otherwise, just max out Blazing Stampede for the mobility and once again less mana cost and skill Wilding Claw the last 3 levels when nothing else is avaible anymore.

Summoner Spells


You are the jungler, you take Smite, there is no other option. Not only does no jungler get through the jungle earlygame without the Heal and true Damage of Smite, but also does it allow you to build the unique jungle starting items, which strenghen damage and sustain against jungle monsters alot, Hunter's Talisman and Hunter's Machete. You can upgrade this starting items to Tracker's Knife, Stalker's Blade or Skirmisher's Sabre and enchant them with 4 unique enchantments which are very Gold-efficient and strong early- and midgame: Enchantment: Warrior, Enchantment: Runic Echoes, Enchantment: Cinderhulk and Enchantment: Bloodrazor. Smite does fall off in the lategame, some people say the jungler in the lategame is just is a champion with only one summoner spell, but without it you could not secure the global and gamedeciding objectives Dragon and Baron aswell. What Smite-item to buy and what to smite, i explain here: Items and Clearing.

Flash or Ghost

Ghost is my personal favorit and at the moment best second summoner, Flash however always opens up completly new options for Junglers or Champions in generel without a dash or blink or to get over wall, so its alwayws an option to consider if you like to. But as i said, Ghost is is better summoner spell at the moment,apart from having almost half the cooldown of Flash, its better for duelling, not getting kited and especially splitpushing. With Flash you can stun and burst one target, but you will never have enough burst to oneshot a carry alone, especially in the lategame, but it still opens up interesting options you dont have with Ghost. Try both and see what is working best for you, but i can tell you Ghost is stronger and will strenghen your early- and midgame a lot with the insane low cooldown, you are able to use it for almost every gank or skirmish in the river or jungle.


In some metas, Smite / Teleport on Udyr is a viable or even strong option. Teleport allows you to farm very fast earlygame, do TP ganks just like your toplaner and lategame strenghens your Splitpush, since you are able to TP to a pushing lane or TP to your team while splitpushing when it needs help, for the cost of the Movementspeed of Ghost or the Gapcloser Flash provides you. It is not viable at the moment, since early and midgame are very important and ganking jungler like Lee Sin and very mobile champions like fE Katarina midlane, but also peeling supports like Braum dominate the meta. You become useless and its impossible to reach enemy carries in fights without the extra mobility Ghost or Flash give you and most games would be lost before you can even make good use of Teleport since every jungler would outpressure you and snowball every lane. Maybe if there will be a more farm- and lategame focussed meta, it will be an option again, but at the current gamestate i would never recommand taking it.



+ +

First Back
or +

Jungle Enchantment& Trinket

Boots choice
or or

Trinity Force
+ + >>

ZZ'Rot Portal

Choose 2 Tank Items
or or

Situational Tank Items



Start with Hunter's Talisman, Refillable Potion and the Standard Trinket. Hunter's Talisman is just so much better than Hunter's Machetefor Phoenix-Udyr because of your constant AoE damage due to your Wingborne Storm. Especially the new Jungle changes let you regenerate much more HP than you get with the Lifesteal of Hunter's Machete. But more importantly; it gives you a huge manaregen for the earlygame, what at least partly fixes Udyrs biggest earlygame weakness, mana problems. With your Rune& Mastery setup and simple kiting you will have no problems getting through the jungle with almost fulllife, thats why you buy Refillable Potion instead of 3* Health Potion. Its more Gold efficient and you have the option to upgrade it into Hunter's Potion.

Jungle Item Choice& First Back
You always have the choice between Stalker's Blade and Skirmisher's Sabre when you back first time. I get Stalker's Blade 80% of the time, its better for ganking and gives way more utility. Skirmisher's Sabre will give you way better duelling potential and is probably better lategame. I buy it when i see a very strong duelist on the enemy team i will probably face when splitpushing lategame. The damage reduction can be gamebreaking in every 1v1. Still, your ganks lose quality without Stalker's Blade. When you get a kill before your first back, you may have extra Gold to spend. I normally just buy Boots and/or a control ward. Hunter's Potion is a viable option, but i personally never need it since Udyr has enough sustain in the jungle in every stage of the game. If you have problems managing your Mana, its an option though.
Jungle Item enchantment and Boots choice

Although on Udyr in generell every single enchantment is viable somehow, Enchantment: Bloodrazor is the way to go! Regardless of what jungle item you bought, you rush your enchantment right after. It offers you insane jungle clear speed with the attack speed and %- OnHitDamage, synergy with Wingborne Storm and damage vs tanks and squishies.
After your enchantment you will start building your Trinity Force, but before you have to decide what Boots you buy. Boots of Swiftness are a viable option, they will enhance your ganks the most with the high flat movementspeed bonus and slow resistance. When i started playing this build, i built them almost every game. At the moment however, my decision in 90% of the games is between Mercury's Treads and Ninja Tabi, depending on the other team having a lot of CC or the enemys having maybe not that much CC but a strong adc and AD jungler or toplaner.
Also don't forget to buy your Oracle Lens as fast as possible.
Core Items

As you should already know from the previous sections, Trinity Force is the most important item in your build and absolutely core on Udyr! Not only does the Sheen proc synergysizes insanely well with Udyr (Maybe he is the best Champ in the Game for using its full potential), but he also uses every single Stat of the item. It offers the 3 best Stats for Udyr: 20% CDR, 8% Movementspeed + Phage passive movementspeed and 40% attack speed. It also offers mana and thereby partly fixes his limited manapool and attack damage which scales very well with all the attack speed you have bought before and helps you duelling and splitpushing. On top of all of that, he also gets some Health, an always welcome stat for tanks and bruisers.
I would always recommand to buy the Sheen part first, its good to fix your mana problems as fast as possible and the extra burst will help you do ganks and objectives. Its only worth if you have eniugh gold for the whole item though, if you only have a few hundred to spent i would instead buy 1-2 Dagger's and buy the Sheen at your next back. Which part you buy second is personal preference, i decide different from game to game but most of the time Phage as a whole is better than Stinger.
There is also the option to build Iceborn Gauntlet instead of Trinity Force, which still offers a Sheen proc, 20% CDR and mana, but more tankiness in form of mana and an extra slow instead of the other stats. It fits Udyr as a champ, but it doesn't fit this build and playstyle and i wouldn't recommand it at all. You splitpush slower, can't duel that good anymore and you are slower overall. I only build it in maybe 1/20 Games if i fall behind or the enemy splitpusher/duelist is fed and there will be no chance for me to fight him. If i build it, i play more of a meatshield tank and stunbot in teamfights. But in lower elo there should be not a single game where you are forced to go Iceborn Gauntlet.
After you finished your huge powerspike, but expensive Trinity Force, you start to build tank. The 3rd item is the biggest difference you will find from this build to standard phoenix builds. You rush Zz'Rot Portal every game right after finishing your core! Thats why it is even listed as core item, Its not uncommon to build a Rot for splitting but you normally dont build it every game or rush it as 3rd item. With this build however, you will, and i will explain why i think its the best tank item for Udyr: First of all, its the same as with your Trinity Force, you use every single stat; the Armor und Magic Resist is perfect because Udyr generely scales better with Resistance than with Health because Armor and MR also scale with his Blazing Stampede shield. Also, you already got some Health from Trinity Force, what makes the Resistances even better. The healthregen will impact your game more than you think, but the most undererstimated stat is the movementspeed from the passive of Raptor Cloak. It benefits your splitpushing in multible points; not only will you run the lane down faster but you will be able to escape every single time and even make picks for your team if you catch someone. I will talk more about the Active in the Splitpush section, but everyone should know that the Voidlings just push and destroy turrets so fast and that you can use the portal for many more things than just pushing with it.

Common Tank Items

Dead Man's Plate is in the "normal" game, where the enemy team is 50% AP damage, 50% ad damage and you are able to splitpush the best armor item for Udyr. Most efficient Armor/Health mix, very useful extra movementspeed, a little burst on your first autohit and some exra slow are just fitting the playstyle very good. There is not much more about the item, its very simple but its offering very useful stats and fulfills it purpose: making you tankier, especially against AD-Champs and giving you extra movementspeed. The other common Armor option is Sunfire Aegis. I buy this if i really want to focus on splitpushing and carrying the game. It helps you pushing and dueling with the constant AoE magic damage. It is giving you the exact same Armor and Health stats that Dead Man's Plate offers, but missing the movementspeed on it. It makes sense to buy it if you can chase the enemy team anyways aka having enough movementspeed already. The AoE damage aura will deal much more damage than the first autohit damage. As i already wrote, it makes sense to buy this when you want to carry by duelling and splitpushing and not by bursting/ stunning in teamfights and making picks for your team. Spirit Visage is the best MR item for Udyr out of this 3. It caps your cooldown at 40% getting the other 30% from Runes and Trinity Force, it offers the best mix of MR and Health considering you already have some MR from Zz'Rot Portal and sometimes even Mercury's Treads and on top of that it provides you better healing from your Iron Mantle autoattacks and better regen from Zz'Rot Portal. That's why i buy this every game as my core MR item. If you build it as 4th or 5th item is obviously game depentend but you will often times need armor before MR or at least you will not need the MR of the whole item, in this situation it sometimes makes sense to build the Spectre's Cowl but not buying the whole Spirit Visage

Situational Magic Resist Items

When the opponent team has a lot of magic damage and the enemys duelist also has a lot of MR and Mercury's Treads and Spirit Visage are not enough to deal with it, it makes sense to build Wit's End as a way to splitpush even faster, reduce the opponents MR and get a lot more for yourself. Its a very niche item and i dont build it often when the mentioned circumstances are given, its quite strong. In lower Elo is probably a wise choice in many more games, especially when you are fed and want to carry harder. The attack speed part is a bit wasted though, since you will overcap the 2.5 with Wilding Claw attack speed and even if you are between 2 and 2.5 you will never utilize the whole potential of that much attack speed against champions. I rarely need more MR after Spirit Visage and Zz'Rot Portal, but when i do the enemy team probably has a very fed or skilled AP mid- or toplaner. That's why Locket of the Iron Solari is my choice for an extra MR item. Besides a huge amount of MR it offers some armor and a shield for your whole team, this shield is the best thing you can do against such a fed midlaner who carries the enemies game. Locket is a very supportive item and as i said i rarely build it, but its very worth considering under the given circumstances and you should always keep in mind this item is not for supporters only. However, another downside is that it, again only gives you resistances besides the active, but Zz'Rot Portal does not offer any health as well. To sum it all up: very situational, but can be gamechanging. I pretty much never get myself a Banshee's Veil, but its listed here for a reason. In my elo (most of the time) the players at least try to build an "ok" composition, in lower elos nobody cares about full AD/AP teams and if you somehow play against a full AP team which maybe even has an AP champion splitpushing, Banshee's Veil could be worth a consideration. If the enemy team has something like a Malzahar who is very fed and you don't know how to deal with him, this could be another situation to get a banshees. But keep in mind: there are better items in almost every game and this circumstances i listed here are very theoretic.

Situational Armor Items

I consider Thornmail as a situational item, but i get as often that i could almost consider it as a normal armor item. You will often times be in the situation that the enemy team is a) full ad and the MR of Zz'Rot Portal will be enough or b) the enemy ADC is the only strong AD in their team and he is maybe able to kite you. In both situations Thornmail is the way to go, in a) replacing Spirit Visage and in b) beeing your main armor item. It is your best defence against fed ADC's that kite you at least for some autohits and are the only AD source from their team. Buying Thornmail will prevent them healing on you or you not dealing enough damage to them, it makes you a huge thread for them to deal with. If you are behind and have to play more of a teamfighter role its generelly a better item for you, since you will get much more autos. Against full crit teams that not only have a crit ADC like Caitlyn but also a crit topllaner like Yasuo or Tryndamere and maybe even another source of crit Randuin's Omen is an item worth buying. It will be very few games but in the given situtation the passive reducing crit damage by 10% makes it better than Dead Man's Plate. Especially if you want to splitpush against Yasuo or Tryndamere and you still are able to 1v1 them, this item will help a lot. In rare cases, if you need a lot of health it maybe also makes sense to buy Randuin's Omen against a fed ADC instead of Thornmail. Guardian Angel is really situational on Udyr, since it makes very few sense to buy Zz'Rot Portal and Guardian Angel in the same game. The only circumstances i buy it is, when i have a lot of gold in the super late game and i know the next teamfight will decide the whole game. The extra life you get in the teamfight can be game deciding, but it really only makes sense if you have the item for exactly one fight you will probably use the Passive in. I bought it maybe 3 times and the passive did not even activate every time, but i think its still worth in this very special situation!

After Fullbuild + Control Wards

In most of the games i get the standard tank elixir; Elixir of Iron. Especially when you flanc a teamfight to stun the carries, the movementspeed for your teammates is super useful. The health and tenacity make you much stronger in teamfights, together with the tenacity of Swiftness and Mercury's Treads it will be almost impossible for the enemy team to perma CC or peel you from their carries. Even if you are splitpushing the Health and tenacity alone are gold efficient enough to get it in most cases. If you really want to carry the game with your splitpush, you are the only fed or skilled player on your team and you not only need to 1v1 when splitting, but maybe 2v1 or even 3v1, Elixir of Sorcery is probably better than Elixir of Iron. The AP and true onhit damage let you defeat any champion and push every turret down. However, this is only good and worth if you need to carry by splitpushing, not if you just want to. In my elo right now, for me it's never worth to buy it since im missing the Health and tenacity of Elixir of Iron too much, but this shouldnt be a problem in or below low diamond. If your Control Ward gets destroyed, buy a new one ASAP. Also if you gain or lose a lot of map presence, it makes sense to buy a new one just to reposition it in- or out of the enemy jungle. More about ward positioning later.


Normal Masterie Page

Unyielding is just much better than Recovery , the 2 health regen only benefit your early game and this is not needed because you will get through the jungle with almost fulllife. The 5% bonus MR and Armor however give you up to 20 extra resistances later, which is worth over 500 Gold. It just has no real purpose to take Recovery since your sustain is strong enough thanks to other masteries. There should be no doubt that the 4% attack speed, an essential stat on Udyr, of Fury are way better than the 2% spelldamage of Sorcery with only one damagespell pretty much the whole game.
This is up to your personal preference. Explorer is as good as Tough Skin and in lower elos maybe even better. With Tough Skin you make sure to have almost full life after your jungle clear and be safer from invades. Explorer however allows you to get some extra mobility and be faster in Dragon and Baron fights. Siegemaster makes zero sense on junglers, since you will not be in near of allied turrets for 98% of the gametime. Feast is the way to go even though 20HP on a 30 second cooldown is a very slight bonus. Fresh Blood is, just like Feast an earlygame only masterie, but 10-20 damage in a whole gank is less rewarding than 100HP or more in your jungle clear. Expose Weakness however is worth a consideration if you want to teamfight and gank a lot instead of duel and splitpush.
Not much of explanation needed here; Runic Armor is way, way better than Veteran's Scars , the extra lifesteal and regen you get restores you way more than 50 health in the first clear already plus Runic Armor scales very well into the lategame while Veteran's Scars is an earlygame only masterie. I wouldn't call it personal preferance if you take Natural Talent or Vampirism since Natural Talent is better, but both are definetly viable. But the earlygame boost the AD and AP of Natural Talent offer is better than just 2% lifesteal, even later into the game 10AD and 15AP will scale with all of your attackspeed and the lifesteal Iron Mantle gives you anyways, while 2% lifesteal will only be slightly noticeable.
This one is personal preference again. All 3 options: Perseverance , Insight and Fearless are viable and strong in certain situations, the real choice however is between Insight and Fearless , since Perseverance is just a lot of liferegen, the other 2 offer utility. I will say, Insight is probably the better masterie, especially if you take Flash instead of Ghost, but i like Fearless more because it helps you surviving when engaging the fight and in long 1v1s or teamfights you will be able to make use of the massive MR and Armor boost multible times. But i will maybe switch to Insight one day as well, since the utility it offers is really great and impactful. While Battle Trance may be the best out of the three options for Udyr, it depends on your playstyle what masterie you want to take.In high elo, Battle Trance is the only viable option since you will not be able to get enough kills in most games to make Bounty Hunter worth for you and the damage you take from Double Edged Sword is hurting you more than the extra damage is helping as a tank. In every elo below high diamond however, if you want to be the solocarry and take every kill you can get, Bounty Hunter is the better option for you and if you want to be as strong as possible in the early game, Double Edged Sword is the best.
Tier 5: Swiftness
Swiftness is straight up better for Udyr than Legendary Guardian . While Legendary Guardian is an early to midgame masterie that helps when getting ganked as a tank or skirmishing in the river, Swiftness will help you ganking, skirmishing and teamfighting later into the game. Legendary Guardian is a masterie made for laners, not junglers.
At the moment (Patch 7.01), Courage of the Colossus is by far the best Keystone for Udyr, it strenghtens his towerdives, his duelling potential but the best use of it is in teamfights when you run into 5 people and just get a 1k+ HP shield and lets you survive so much longer after the painful engage. Since your Blazing Stampede autoattack is a very reliable CC, unlike for example Darius's Apprehend it makes the keystone even stronger. You shouldnt consider any other keystone if you build and play like me or similar. To make other keystone work as good, it requires a completly different build and playstyle.



These are absolutly core. Always take Greater Mark of Attack Speed, as long as nothing changes there are just the best alternative. You get insane clear speed with almost +50% attack speed in the jungle at level 1 already with Bridge Between stacked. If you think Greater Mark of Attack Damage are better, just try it yourself in costume game. The difference is HUGE. Attack Speed Synegyzes so well with Udyrs kit so it's super good and necessary to take this runes, probably the most important rune to have when playing phoenix-Udyr.


I take 3* Quintessence of Movement Speed, but taking maybe 1* Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed for even more attack speed is not bad aswell. Movementspeed runes are important espially if you want to counterjungle, gank and splitpush - to get to or away from the enemies. This ones are also so good on Udyr since he has one of the highest base Movementspeeds in the game, what means that he gets more flat Movementspeed than for example an Anivia, who has one of the lowest base movementspeeds. I wouldn't recommand taking more than 1* Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed because not only is ganking insane hard, also counterjungling and splitpushing is slower and much more dangerous. Greater Quintessence of Ability Power isn't viable in my opinion because you don't need extra earlygame power and the other options are so much better later into the game. On my Smurf where i dont have expensive Runes i run Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage, that would be my suggestion if you only have basic Runes.


In lower elo, it's a 100% personal preference if you take only Greater Seal of Armor or mix it up with some Greater Seal of Scaling Armor. When you get higher and an earlygame jungler sees that you have too many of the Scaling ones, he will invade you very likely. With scaling Armor you will get some free armor lategame and your early clear itself wont suffer from maybe 3-4 Greater Seal of Scaling Armor. Greater Seal of Scaling Health is another viable option, but armor is just better because Health doesn't actually scale with your shield like armor does. Try it out but you can do nothing wrong wuth 9* Greater Seal of Armor


Glypyhwise i take 6* Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction and 3* Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. While the cooldown reduction is very important to have to cap at 40%, the last 3 Glyphs are up to your personal preference and there are a lot of viable options. Again, my main account elo does not allow me to take something else than the early game MR and they are absolutely fine and cheap to buy, but you have a lot more options.The most obvious replacement would be Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, which offers you about 5 more magic resist lategame, not a bad deal! For a fast clear and more aggressive early game i would recommand Greater Glyph of Attack Damage, i used this myself last season. If you want to be a bit more crazy Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration is not the worst thing to have aswell. What i personally would not recommand, but some people do is just take 9* Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction to cap faster, i think its wasted stats and every of my replacements is better.

As for all Junglers, Matchups are not as important as they are for Laners. You as a Jungler have to look at the complete Teamcomposition of the opponent Team. You will not directly trade and fight the other Jungler over and over again in the first 20 Minutes, in a lot of Games he is the enemy you will have the least contact with. Thats why, when you compare Jungle Matchups, its pretty different from comparing two Laners to each other. There are many more things to watch out for than the 1v1 between you and him. Some Udyr counters would rarely be able to 1v1 him with even Gold, but just outpressure him hard early- to midgame and get a lead for them and their Team.
In the jungle, Gold leads have much more importance and are a lot bigger than between two laners.
Some of the "counters" are a lot weaker Early, but just destroy the Teamfights later when you will not be able to carry anymore and thats another difference when comparing junglers; all stages of the game are relevant, not only the laning phase. That is the reason why there are no 1/10 or 10/10 difficulties, its always possible to win/lose the jungle matchup, not like some Toplane matchups, where its almost impossible to beat your Hardcounter.

Easy Matchups

Udyr wins against these Champs with ease usually. They dont outpressure him hard earlygame, they often times have bad or average pre 6 Ganks, they are easy to Counterjungle and have no chance to 1v1 you. Some of them may even get directly countered by your Kit.

EASY Matchups

Medium Matchups

Udyr matchups could be medium for many reasons. Maybe they are just much stronger earlygame, maybe they outscale you lategame, maybe its just even throughout the whole game. When just playing the matchups without doing anything special you usually go even, but it is possible to win them if you play around the enemys and your own powerspikes.

MEDIUM Matchups

Hard Matchups

HARD Matchups

Insane Matchups

INSANE Matchups

More coming soon

Udyrs earlygame is not the worst, but there are much stronger earlygame junglers like Lee Sin, Elise or Hecarim. You dont have to expect early invades, but if you get invaded, thats a chance for you since you will not lose any health in the jungle. More about Udyrs first Clear

Always have an eye on the minimap, early counterganks and counterjungle can throw the enemy jungler back a lot and give you an advantage over the whole game.
You should gank at least one time earlygame as fast as possible, to let your Ghost go on cooldown and not waste it by it beeing unused for various minutes, but obviously use every single opportunity to gank and maybe already look for a lane to camp. More about Ganking

If there are occasions for you holding lanes, always do it, it will give you a nice boost of expirience and Gold.

Since you will get outpressured in a lot of games, help your team by getting the vision from the Riftscuttlers and a good early spot for your Control Ward.
Besides of that, you should just try to farm up and get to your stronger midgame, as there is nothing more you can do in the earlygame.

Midgame is when Udyrs strengths come into play and you will be able outpressure a lot of enemy junglers and gain back the lead they may have gotten early.
Objectives get a lot stronger and more interesting for you to do. Not only will you have enough damage to safely kill the dragon with your botlane or even alone, but also you can have a look onto the Rift Herold and maybe slay him after you got a good jungle invade or gank toplane off.
Since pressuring towers around the map is one thing Udyr can do better than other junglers, you should always keep an eye on low towers and prepare a gank or towerdive on that lane to destroy it with your teammates after.

Midgame is Udyrs best stage for Counterjungling and putting your opponent in the jungle behind in Gold and expirience! While in the early game it is only sometimes safe and worth to Counterjungle maybe 1-2 camps, in the midgame constantly try it and do as many camps as possible. There are not many junglers that can 1v1 you and even less who will be able to chase and catch you. More about Objectives and Counterjungling

Your ganks are stronger than early game in generel, your laners will be able to help you better with their Ultimate, you will be able to put out more damage with Enchantment: Bloodrazor and some parts of your Trinity Force finished and chase better with the levelscaling of your Ghost and your upgraded Boots.

Since you have your Oracle Lens, it makes sense to use if as often as possible, good places are in the River, while clearing your jungle and especially while Counterjungling.
All this maybe sounds like you will be busy the whole time doing it, but just like in the earlygame, you will find yourself clearing your jungle the biggest time of the midgame. This build reaches its peak after having Enchantment: Bloodrazor, Trinity Force and Zz'Rot Portal finished, a peak that you will probably not hit in the midgame if you spent too less time farming.

In the later midgame, when laning phase is all over and instead of skirmishes, teamfights and real grouping starts, you should start splitpushing. You should have reached a very strong state and since a lot of duelists and other splitpushers will outscale you in the ultra lategame, its better to start splitpushing relativly early.
If your team however has no disengage, it only makes sense to splitpush after your team won a fight together with you or you picked someone of the enemy team. Otherwise the possibility that your team will just get engaged and annihilated by the enemy team. More about Splitpushing

Despite falling off in the Ultra Lategame as Bruiser, Udyr is exceptionairy strong Lategame, especially with this Build. You can duel pretty much everyone, all your strengths come into play and with the Goldlead you elaborated before, you have the means to end the game and carry your team before getting outscaled by fullbuild duelists and ADCs.
Clearing has a way lower priority for you at this point of the game, especially if you are close to fullbuild for obvious reasons. However, if you need to clear you can powerclear a in very short perioud of time. Objectives such as Elder Dragon and Baron Nashor have the highest priority for your Team and you should use every option to take them after won teamfights or rushing it when the enemy team has no vision.

Your main role in the lategame will be to continue the splitpush you started in the later midgame and get to the sidelane Inhibitors or create situations that favour your team, such as creating a 3v4 situation by forcing 2 people to your lane to stop you or pressuring 2 lanes at once with the help of your Zz'Rot Portal. More about Splitpushing

This unfortunatly will not work out every game, since hard engage from the enemy team and eventually missing disengage from your own team can make is impossible to splitpush in the lategame where every teamfight can decide the Game for them.

Teamfighting as Udyr

If splitpushing does not work because your team is losing every fight or the enemy team is too ahead and you need to make a comeback first, teamfighting becomes your pretty much only option! Udyr, despite beeing better at dueloling and splitpushing, has various ways to play out a Teamfight and is not the worst at it. This can be of course useful in the midgame aswell, but for the most part in the lategame since its way better if you already have at least 2 tank items before you are able to play your role as a bruiser effectively.


What you should do most of the time when your team cant win teamfights, is flanking. It is great if your team is missing hard CC but has some follow UP, in this case you should engage with Iron Mantle and follow up stunning all the carries with Blazing Stampede. Since you will be the main focus of the enemy team when you engage, its better to use Iron Mantle often and try to kill the enemys most dangerous carry together with your team after the teamfight broke out.
Sometimes your team will have enough damage to kill them alone, but is missing a tank, if this is the case you may only autoattack to stun again and use the rest of the time just try to direct enemy damage to you instead of your fighters.
If your team has some form of hard engage but not enough follow up, it can make sense to splitpush but keep an Eye on the minimap and roam to the midlane as soon as you think the fight is about to begin. You may will be able to chain CC the enemy carries together with your initial engage.


In rarer cases, mostly if you have one very fed carry who has to survive in order to win teamfights, another thing Udyr can be used for in the lategame is peeling. You should consider this not often, but sometimes its just too important that your Solocarry survives, and you yourself are maybe a bit behind this game and not able to carry fights anyways.
Instead of diving in the backline, you stay between the enemy frontline and your own carry, you dont leave him alone and meatshield him with Iron Mantle and hinder enemy tanks and assasins from reaching him with Blazing Stampede.

A little clip of me and ex LCS midlaner Caedrel on Caitlyn winning a gamedeciding teamfight lategame 2v4, a perfect example of peeling as Udyr in my opinion.

The first clear

Your first clear is a simple full clear most of the time. You always start at your Bluebuff, otherwise you would not have enough Mana to get through the jungle fast enough. Since your botlane will be able to leash better and more than your toplaner, you only need to smite the bluebuff if you start top; if you start botside you can smite the Gromp. It doesnt really make much of a difference since you will be almost fulllife after Wolves. If there is a really good opportunity to gank midlane you can interrupt your jungle clear and use it, otherwise go on with your Redbuff side jungle.
Redbuff is the camp that deals by far the most damage earlygame, thats why it is the best camp to use your second Smite on. After your redbuff definetly look for ganking opportunities mid and top- or botlane, depending on which side of the map you play.
If there is none, just finish your clear at Krugs and kill the Riftscuttler after. Look one last time for ganks, otherwise you have enough Gold for your first back.

Something im doing at the moment is a bit different and something you should try as well. What you do it skipping the Gromp after Bluebuff and smiting Krugs instead of the Redbuff. You will be finished with your clear a bit earlier, you will still hit Level 4 after your clear and you will still have enough Gold for your Jungle Item.
If you want to Gank after your clear as fast as possible, its a better version in my Opinion.
First clear as fullclear, route for blue- and redside.
Purple: Your path
Yellow: Camps you smite
Blue: Good moments to Gank
First clear without Gromp

Earlygame clearing tips
  1. Before your Enchantment: Bloodrazor or at least 1-2 Dagger's is finished (This is especially important after your first clear when your Blue Buff expiried.) your mana is very limited so you cant spam everything.
    To never get oom you should do at least a few autos before you switch and spent the most time in Wingborne Storm.
  2. While doing a camp only switch between Wingborne Storm and Iron Mantle. In phoenix always do 4 autoss so you proc your damage 2 times, then you switch to turtle try to kite the camp and autoattack it 1-2 times. You can only do this if you have bluebuff, otherwise only switch stances often enough to not lose your Bridge Between.
  3. Always hold your passive on 3 stacks when you run between 2 nearby camps by using Iron Mantle a few seconds before you reach the camp, the shield will last long enough and your stacks will not decay this way.
  4. Dont use Blazing Stampede to get faster through the jungle earlygame, its a waste of mana. The only time its maybe useful is between the 2 sides of your jungle.
  5. Keep in mind that you can heal up on Rift Scuttler if you are low life after a gank or skirmish and don't want to back.
  6. You can use the explosion Plants to get through the jungle a bit faster.
Clearing in the Mid& Lategame

Red-& Bluebuff

Since the Buffs have the highest singletarget dmg, it is worth to do a few more autos in Iron Mantle to not lose to much HP in the jungle. Take the buffs as long as your ADC is not in the lategame (Redbuff) and your AP mid- or toplaner has no severe manaproblems (Bluebuff). When counterjungling the enemy teams bluebuff, you can lure it into the nearby brush and take it while they have no vision. In the lategame always use Wilding Claw on them, since they have very high HP for camps and the extra attack speed for 5 seconds will be very useful.


Gromp is pretty much the same as Red-& Bluebuff, since hes also a simple single target Monster, just smaller and dealing less damage. A trick to avoid more damage is to stay in Iron Mantle for the first 3-4 autos since the Gromp attacks two times as fast when he gets attacked first time, but you only have to this in the early midgame. Gromp is the fastest camp to clear lategame, keep that in mind when you want to clear something really fast.


Krugs is the camp you will need the most time clearing, because when they split the new smaller krugs are invulnerable for 2-3 seconds. Two thinks will make you clear this camp more efficient: 1. Use your Iron Mantle right when the Krugs split so you can instant continue with a shield and Wingborne Storm when you are able to attack the smaller ones. 2. Position yourself so your phoenix proc hit more than one of the medium or really small krugs. Attack the medium krugs alternately to kill both at once with a phoenix proc. The phoenix proc will onehit all the little krugs at once if you position yourself perfect.


In the earlygame, raptors will deal the most damage to you, but you will heal a lot on them with your Hunter's Talisman and you will have to attack every little raptors once to kill them together with the big one. Later it will be enough to reposition yourself so that your phoenix proc hits as many raptors as possible. Never smite raptors, the big one has not much more life than the small ones and the small ones will deal more damage than the big one.


Wolfs are an easy to clear camp pretty much the whole game long. Earlygame you just have to hit the small ones one time and position yourselfs so that your phoenix proc hits all the wolfs, later they are one of the smallest HP camps and you destroy them easy with 2-3 Wingborne Storm procs.


Riftscuttler is very useful for Udyr to heal up in the early and midgame. Always attack it first with one Blazing Stampede, to reduce the armor and MR drasticly from 60 to 10. After that you can chunk it down fast with Wingborne Storm or later into the game 1-2 Wilding Claw autos and Wingborne Storm after or heal up with Iron Mantle autoattacks only.

Mid- and Lategame clearing tips
  1. After you own Enchantment: Bloodrazor or even some of the Trinity Force parts, your clear is very fast anyways and it's more important to run through the jungle as fast as possible because you dont want to waste time at no stage of the game, so when you are not almost out of mana its OK to use Blazing Stampede between camps or for running longer distances.
  2. Just spam R and W when doing the camps. But still keep an eye on your mana and use turtle less often when you lose too much.
  3. After finishing Enchantment: Bloodrazor and Trinity Force, you melt through camps like butter, you can stay in Wingborne Storm almost the whole time, just use Iron Mantle or lategame Wilding Claw for the minimum duration to proc your Sheen effect. Dont mind to use Blazing Stampede more often between your camps, its just about your clear speed and there are more important things to do in the lategame.

Ganking as Udyr

Udyr in my opinion neither is an insane strong ganker nor awful. But the biggest problem with Udyrs ganking is the inconsistancy. There are situations where you will feel very strong and useful as a ganker, but in other games you will feel useless and just clear the jungle over and over waiting for oportunities. His one big weakness is his very short range. No instant gapcloser, no ranged ability, no ranged CC, no option to gank a pushed lane. Even lanes can be a problem aswell, if the enemy laner is a high mobility champion, especially in the shorter midlane a Zed or LeBlanc will always be able to escape. On the other hand, when this one weakness falls away, Udyr suddenly becomes a very strong ganker with reliant and low cooldown CC, consistant damage& burst and chase potential. Midlane ganks arent his strengh, but a pushed in toplaner will not get away without burning summoners spells right when he sees you and your laner is able to help you with damage and/or CC. Ganking botlane maybe be hard because of the ward coverage of the Supporter but when you find an opportunity, Udyr has the ability to stun both laners individually and have a very reliable CC with his Blazing Stampede autoattacks, since not even a Braum shield can block it.
Thats why how much you should gank is very game reliant and there is no real answer to it. Against "level 6 junglers", so champs that are very strong with their Ult but pretty much useless with out it when ganking (Best example is Warwick or a more meta jungler Vi, even thought she can do a bit pre 6), you should abuse their weakness and maybe even gank 2 times pre 6 and focus on counterganking after, whileas against really strong early gankers like Lee Sin or Elise (Well, in this meta probably Hecarim), you should only risk early ganks if you have an idea where they are at the moment since their counterganks can be pretty deadly.

Counterganking as Udyr

In my opinion, Udyr is a strong to very strong counterganker! A lot of his weaknesses when ganking cease to apply when counterganking. A lot of the times you will countergank, the opponents will already have used their Gapclosers or even their spells to reach your own laner. It will be much easier to reach them, not only because of their used Gapclosers but also because your own laner will probably (and hopefully) have lured them to your own half of the map or even in your direction. Udyrs Blazing Stampede is also a stronger CC when counterganking since you have the ability to stun every single enemy separately. Because of their missing mobility spells and probably also missing CC abilitys, you will also have an easier time chasing them and cleaning up. The perfect scenario for you as counterganking is the enemys starting a towerdive, that should be an almost garuanteed kill for you.

Laneganking as Udyr

Udyr is not the best laneganker, but he is insanely strong when the allied laner does have CC or can even help you Gapclosing like Thresh or Ivern. Thats why botlane is a much better lane to lanegank than toplane for Udyr, since almost every single support has an ability to help you reaching and CCing the enemy laners down.
Obviously its also possible to countergank toplane and this is especially useful is the enemy laner continuesly wards the river and has no wards for the toplane brushes, but Udyr is stronger when he has time to attack the enemy longer time while chasing him to his tower or when the allied laner brings a lot of burst. Both is often not the case when laneganking toplane, since your lane has to be pushed and toplaners are often time tanks or bruisers.
Still, its a good option against warding opponents and you should give it a try. Sometimes you can even combine it with a Countergank.

Ganking as Udyr in high Elo

And once again, in mid diamond+ a lot changes for Udyr. Obviously, the higher the elo goes, the better laners pay attention to the enemy jungler but up until low diamond that never hold me back from getting a few good ganks off. But in mid diamond and higher suddenly every toplaner wards at 3rd minute, every midlaner has pinkwards before even hitting 6 and every supporter knows how important warding the whole map and not only the tribrush is. It still depends on the game, but in some games im only able to make very few ganks in the whole laning phase and only become strong in the late midgame. But again, thats not every game and mostly only for relativly High Elo and its not that i talk Udyr down or something, if he wouldnt be viable i would not be able to play him in my elo or climb as fast as i did, but at some point you remark that Udyr is not made for the top of the ladder.

Ganking the different lanes


Normal/safe gank path & Situational gank path

Udyr has a way better time ganking Botlane beeing in the Red team, since he can gank even if the lane is pushed a bit further to the opponent side of the lane. The Gank from the tribush is a very good path, since you come from behind and the enemy laners have to fight two sides at once. If the enemy laners are pushing towards your tower or gank when a fight broke out already, its better to just come straight from the River and reach the opponents as fast as possible. An alternative gank path for the tribush gank is from the enemy jungle, you cant get spotted from wards in the river that way, but in exchange from wards in the enemy jungle.

As already said, its much harder to get a good gank of as Blue side jungler, since you have no option coming from behind or ganking a lane further pushed than even. Ganking even lanes can be a problem aswell, if they see you early enough, the only time you can get a good botlane gank off as blue side player is when the enemy laners are pushing towards your tower. A very risky and situational gank path is coming from behind the enemy turret, tanking 1-2 shots while running threw its range. Sometimes it can be worth, but your team has to have good vision of the enemy jungler and must be safe that the enemy lane does have no idea on what you are planning to do, since the CC of the supporter will kill you pretty much 100% of the time in turretrange.


Normal/safe gank path & Situational gank path

Redside& Blueside[/color]
Since there is pretty much no difference on which side you are playing on when ganking midlane, i will explain both sides at once.
Midlane is not the best lane to gank as Udyr, its short, the opponent has many directions to run to and the enemy jungler can reach it in time to help very often. Nonetheless, you have different options to gank. If you gank from the right or the left is only important if your laner or you yourself saw where enemy wards were beeing placed and where the enemy jungler is, since you want to avoid taking a 2v2 if possible.
Against some midlaners you have no chance to get a good gank of at all, examples beeing assasins like Zed or Katarina, at least not if they havent used their full combo on your own laner already.
If the lane is even, take the safe path, against the normal Mage its a very nice direction to come from since they will have to Flash over you to get away, what means you will still be able to close the gap between you and the enemy and stun him anyways.
If the enemy is pushing or the midlaners fighting each other already, take the Yellow path since you will be able to help faster.


Normal/safe gank path & Situational gank path

Toplane in generel is the easiest lane to gank as Udyr, since the lane is longer than midlane and there is no Supporter proctecting the Toplaner from you as for botlane. Besides that, Toplaners tend to have better engage than disengage and your own toplaner may have CC to help you.
But because Toplane is basicly a mirrored Botlane, its harder for you to Gank as Redside Jungler since you only have one direction to come from which can be easily covered by topside Riftscuttler or a simple ward in the river. Ganking an even or pushed towards your side of the map toplane is still pretty doable for Udyr and you should consider camping toplane in most of your games.

Playing as Blue Side Udyr against an (immobile) Toplaner is pretty much the dream scenario for you. You have multible options where to gank toplane from and you will almost garuanteed get some easy kills from that lane throughout the game. The safest and best path is from the enemy jungle over the Tribrush, since especially in low Elo Toplaner tend to ward the river brush instead of the tribrush so you will have a very high chance of ganking without the opponents having vision of you. Sometimes it obviously makes sense to run through the river and gank from the Tribrush, for example when you know the enemy jungler is topside as well or they warded the entrance to their jungle near the midlane.
Another option, as with botlane, is to come straight from the river if the enemy is pushing or the toplaners are already fighting and he burned his CC and escape spells.

Combo's and execution of Ganks

Normal Gank Combo

Iron Mantle -> Blazing Stampede -> Smite -> Autoattack once -> Wingborne Storm -> Ghost if needed -> Furthermore Autoattack -> (After you can stun again Blazing Stampede)

Normally you run to their lane from the enemy's jungle so you can come from behind and they can't just flash.
You activate Iron Mantle for damage the laners will deal you while running you are up to them, activate Blazing Stampede for faster running. When you are in range, smite for the extra slow. Autoattack them as soon as you reach them in Blazing Stampede or when your allies CC ran out. After that just continue hitting them with your phoenix, dont forget running with them the whole time. If you already have Sheen, switch to Blazing Stampede in between your phoenix procs if you just want to chase or to Iron Mantle if they try to damage and kill you or you chase into turret range. When they still have a lot of HP when you start the gank and the way to their turret is long, never hesitate to use Ghost, for a kill or even enemy laners Flash its always worth because of the relativly low cooldown.

Tower dive combo

Iron Mantle -> Blazing Stampede -> Autohit before Smite -> 1-2 Wingborne Storm autoattacks -> Iron Mantle again -> Go to the outer edge of tower range and stay as long as you can tank tower shots for your laner.

If you want to tower dive a very pushed lane together with your laner, engage into the turret with your Iron Mantle shield on, dont Smite before autohitting with Blazing Stampede since you want to get tower aggro as late as possible and start attack with Wingborne Storm, but also use Iron Mantle on cooldown to tank turret as long as possible. When you will only be able to tank tower for 2-3 more hits, start running to the outer edge of tower range and stay there until you cant tank for your laner anymore, he should be able to finish the opponent while you tank for him or at least with his own remaining health. (Well if he doesnt the tower dive was probably stupid or bad executed)

Flash Combo

Blazing Stampede -> Smite -> Flash -> Autoattack once -> Wingborne Storm

Well, i will not use this since i use Ghost, but if you use Flash instead you can do this combo to burst low life enemys down or gank pushed lanes.
Its a pretty similar combo, but since you try to reach the oponent laner as fast as possible you skip switching to Iron Mantle before Blazing Stampede and just burst him down alone or together with your laner.

Tips on ganking

  • Never hesistate to trade your Ghost for the enemy teams laners Flash, you help your laner by doing it and Flash has way more cooldown, when your Ghost is up again you can gank again and the opponents Flash wont be up and you will probably be able to kill him.
  • If the enemy laner has a hard CC, try to dodge it before attacking him in Blazing Stampede, because if you stunned him already and he is able to CC you after, it will be easier for him to escape. Also its harder for him to hit his CC when you arent right beside him.
  • Sometimes it makes sense to wait with your Blazing Stampede and Smite and instead start by bursting him with Wingborne Storm. Sometimes they will maybe panic Flash or waste another summoner like Heal and you can slow them and speed you up with Smite and follow up by stunning and killem them anyways.
  • Try to chain CC with your laner instead of stack it. If you think your laner will not pay attention to chain CCing, be the one who waits with his CC.
  • Tip for all junglers, ping when you are planning to Gank after your camp and when you are right about to gank. Its not spam pinging if it fulfills a purpose.

Requirements for objectives, ward spots, counterjungling guide
White:Teammembers you need for objectives|Dashed: You could need for them objectives
Yellow:Enemies you need control of on for objectives(Vision of them or Dead)|Dashed: You may need control of them for objectives
Wards:Good Wardspots before buying Oracle Lens (Just upside down if you are Blueside)
Purple:Dangerous camps to counterjungle
Blue:Relativly safe camps to counterjungle

The dragons will not only help your team in generel, but you personally even more! The 4 different dragon buffs are perfect for Udyr: Cloud Dragons movementspeed is just perfect for splitpushers just as the true damage of Earth Dragon is; Infernal Dragons extra AD and AP is good for every champion of course but again is especially strong for Hybrids like Udyr, even though you pretty much have no AP and the Ocean Dragons missing HP and Mana regen helps Udyr because of his manaproblems.
It is technically possible to solo dragon very early but almost never worth, since you are slow doing it and not safe since your supporter has not bought Sightstone yet and you have no Oracle Lens.
Anyways dragon is a very important objective you should fight for if possible and when the stronger dragons earth or infernal appear, its worth to gank the botlane and do the dragon after together with your botlane.
In the later mid and early lategame you should always sweep dragon area shortly before dragon spawns and try to solo or two man it, its always worth your time.
Against the slow attacking earth- and fire dragon you can avoid taking any damage by using Wingborne Storm the whole time and right before the dragon autohit Iron Mantle. If you already skilled it a few times it will block the whole dragon autohit damage. Against the faster attacking and slowing cloud- and ocean dragon this does not work as good though. Later, switching between Wilding Claw and Wingborne Storm is good enough when you start it with full life.

Herold in theory and practically is very strong for Udyr himself, since it will last long enough for you to use it when splitpushing, but getting the buff is not as easy as it looks like. The herold deals a lot of damage and takes time to kill since he has as much HP as baron has. It also only exists from the 10th to the 20th minute, but in the 10th minute its most of the times way to risky to do Herold, especially as two people. Not in every game your top- and midlane will win their lanes which will hinder you from doing the buff again.
At the end of the day, you will not be able to do the buff every game, probably not even every second game, and you will not end up getting the buff every game since Udyr is not the only selfish champ existing in the game.
But you should use every single opportunity to get this buff; it is very underestimated in lower elo and will make you splitpush even faster and lets you 1v1 and even 1v2 pretty much everyone if you use the procs efficient.
When doing it, use your Iron Mantle on cooldown and stay in it the longest time of the fight since most of the damage you will deal to the Herold comes from his True Damage weak point at his back.

Baron& Elderdragon
When to do Baron is one of the most important decisions to make in the game and you will not learn it from a few sentences in an online guide. Decisionmaking only comes with expirience, when to do Baron has absolutely nothing to do with Udyr as a Champion, especially since you will never be able to solo baron.
Udyr is a solid champ for two maning the baron with a constant damage midlaner or an ADC with solid items. Just find the right balance between Iron Mantle for blocking his autos and Wingborne Storm for supporting your carry with extra damage. Wilding Claw should also be used if avaible, you can combine your Wilding Claw autohit with your Trinity Force proc and your Smite for the best burst to make it the enemy jungler as hard as possible to steal.
If you play against a champion made for fancy baron steals (*cough* Lee Sin *cough*), definetly ping your team to just stop damaging the baron when he jumps in since you dont have the chance to outsmite someone who has a real Burst+ Smite combo and a baron steal can turn the whole game around. Better take the extra 2-3 baron auto attacks and safe the game with it than just gift them a free baron.
Pretty much the same goes for the Elder Dragon, except the Elder Dragon is pretty much impossible to 2 man since it regenerates HP so fast that you will need way too much time but therefor it deals almost 0 damage. You can do it just like the with the earth dragon and avoid any damage you would take from it.


Counterjungling is one Udyrs biggest strenghs and it comes from two of his in the Pros& Cons section already mentioned strenghs: High Mobility and Fast Jungleclear. In order to write this Guide i talked to many other high Elo junglers and asked them about their opinion on Udyrs matchups and almost every single one of them wrote me that the most annoying thing about Udyr is his counterjungling potential, which i have to agree with. The combination of beeing nearly uncatchable and clearing camps very fast makes Udyr the perfect Counterjungler and it also makes his counterjungling hard to counter. Champions that have the ability to 1v1 Udyr like Shyvana he can just run away from, Champions that maybe could catch him like Rengar just have a too bad jungle clear to defend all their jungle camps. Thats why you should always make use of Udyrs counterjungling. Always abuse vision on the enemy jungler by powerclearing opposite half of the map or at least warding it. Some Camps like the Raptors or the Bluebuff are pretty safe to counterjungle, even if you have no vision of the enemy jungler. Take as many of the monsters as you can and if you get spotted, run away or in good matchups just fight the enemy jungler.
Counterjungling is also the only possiblity for Udyr to not lose some hard Matchups like Lee Sin, who outpressures you early or Shyvana who outscales and outfarms you, so you definetly have to make use of it.
If you gain more control of the map by destroying a tower for example, its often super safe to always clear the nearest camp and make it basicly belong to your jungle.

Udyr as a Splitpusher

As this guide is called Phoenix-Splitdyr, one of your main goals is of course to get to a point where you are able to splitpush and pressure the map for your team. Its the key of how i climbed so fast in earlyseason 7 playing Udyr, having a 75% winrate climbing from mid Gold to mid Diamond in less than 3 weeks playing Udyr in over 90% of my Games. Udyr is not only a pure splitpusher and nothing else like a Tryndamere but still as good at it! While not beeing crazy at 1v1s like a skilled Yasuo or destroying turrets like a full AD/AS Master Yi, he has, in my opinion, the perfect balance between the 4 disciplines of Splitpushing: Dueling the enemy Splitpusher/ Defender, pushing waves as fast as possible, destroying the towers and getting away. You can do all 4 of this very effective although you dont build full AD, but also more than half of your items are for tanks so you will never get useless in teamfights and have more options than just splitpushing over and over again.

The 4 disciplines of Splitpush Dueling, pushing waves, destroying turrets, escaping

1. Dueling

Very strong Champs
Weak Champs

9,5 / 10

9 / 10

7,5 / 10

3 / 10

4,5 / 10

As this is the main strengh of most of the splitpush Champions, there are a lot who are probably better than Udyr when fullbuild, but because of the Gold advantage you will have in many Games, the Games will very often end before they clearly and easily win 1v1 situations against you. Against fed, very strong duelists though, you will probably become more of a way to hold them toplane but you wont be able to push their turrets. They will almost never be able to kill you since you still have the option to run away, heal up with Iron Mantle and push the lane again and distract the enemy teams fed lategame-carry this way. Only search the 1v1 when your opponent cant just run into his safe turret range and you can at least for them back, otherwise it has no point and its better to just push the waves or do something else like helping your team.

Dueling combos:

1. Against Duelists

Against duelists there is no real "combo" you can use every time and win the 1v1. It depends if they have a burst combo like Zed or strong consistent (or even stronger getting) damage like Jax. Against burst it makes sense to survive it first by stunning with Blazing Stampede and then kiting with Iron Mantle before going full ham on them with your Wilding Claw and Wingborne Storm, while as against consistent damage it makes sense to use all your spells equaly except Blazing Stampede, since a 1 second stun will change nothing about their consistent damage. It also makes sense to check their resistances, if they have only MR it makes sense to use Wilding Claw more often, since in the lategame the efficiency is pretty much the same as Wingborne Storm and the other way around if they have a lot of armor. Obviously, always try to use your Trinity Force on cooldown and if you have Red Smite then use it when they want to burst you or when their damage scaled up to its max.

2. Against Defenders

Defenders, in contrast to Duelists are no real threat to you, they cant kill you or even deal severe damage but they are very tanky most of the time and take long to kill, they want to prevent you from pushing the towers. Thats why against defenders you will probably not have to use Iron Mantle, but use Blazing Stampede and Wingborne Storm a lot, Bear to not let them get away or into their tower range and Phoenix because they want to prevent you from pushing and especially when you are fighting into a minion wave activating Phoenix will make you push the wave and damage the tower anyways. Also protect your Zz'Rot Portal from them as its a much more dangerous item vs tanks that struggle to clear the wave anyways.

2. Pushing waves fast

Very strong Champs
Weak Champs

9 / 10

8 / 10

8 / 10

4 / 10

3 / 10

Udyr is pretty good at pushing the waves as fast as possible into the turret, since his Wingborne Storm deald very good AoE damage and his Trinity Force deals enough single target damage against large minions. Since this Point also includes the time to run down the lane up to their turrets, Udyr is pretty great doing thiss and i rate him very high in comparison to classical splitpushers like Tryndamere or Yorick that besides very low damage AoE spells that they have to use for something else only have their single target autohits to push the lane. (Well Yorick has his Ghouls and is probably not the best example, but they are still only single target)
Tip for clearing the wave: Your Wingborne Storm aura has a range of 250 and the proc has range of 600, whileas between the Melee minions and the Canon minion is less than 250 space and between the Canon minion and the Caster minions is even less, so your Aura always hits the Canon and the Casters or Melees and your Proc is able to hit all 7 minions of the wave.

3. Destroying turrets fast

Very strong Champs
Weak Champs

9.5 / 10

8.5 (+ 1) / 10

7 (+ 1) / 10

2 (+ 1) / 10

6.5 / 10

Since this is what determines most Splitpushers, you wont find a lot of Champions beeing weak or slow turret pushers, thats why in comparison to other Champions this is Udyrs weakest discipline. Thats why you try to make up for this with your Item purchases; Not only is Trinity Force and all the other attack speed from Wilding Claw and Enchantment: Bloodrazor very good for destroying turrets, but your Zz'Rot Portal will take you to an at least a bit above average spot (The +1 / 10 also comes from Zz'Rot Portal). And you have to keep in mind besides Championss that kits are basicly made for melting turrets like the above mentioned Yorick and Nasus, pretty much every other splitpusher thats goal is to destroy turrets builds full AD (or in rarer cases AP) and attack speed instead of a normal bruiser build.
Often times you will not even use your Zz'Rot Portal to destroy turrets on the same lane you are pushing, but if time is close and you are doing an inhibitor or some kind of base race, it is very helpful for destroying the turret faster and keeping pressure on the lane after.
When attacking the turret you should proc your Trinity Force permanently and switch to Wilding Claw every 5 seconds minimum for extra attack speed.
If a new wave is arriving right next to the tower, use Wingborne Storm and your procs will already lower the HP of the whole new minionwave.
If the enemy team sends someone to defend the turret that is not a splitpusher himself, like in most cases the tank toplaner because of his teleport, it makes sense to ignore him while destroying the turret, especially if you are close to or completed fullbuild since at this point you will be able to block most of the damage with your Iron Mantle shield and still fight the tank after destroying the tower. If you have no Sunfire Aegis and you dont usse Wingborne Storm you will also not trigger tower aggro.

4. Escaping& wasting the other teams time

Very strong Champs
Weak Champs

9.5 / 10

8.5 / 10

9 / 10

5 / 10

4.5 / 10

As expected, this is Udyrs real strenght when splitting. It isnt quite on Singed level where you even kill the enemy& heal up while running away, but still if the enemy team really catches you, then probably because you overstayed way too long or they sent like 3 or more people.
You are one of the fastest if not the fastest Champion with your Raptor Cloak passive, Ghost, Bridge Between, Blazing Stampede, Trinity Force movementspeed and MS Runes plus sometimes even Blue Smite. And if this isnt enough, you can permanently shield yourself with Iron Mantle. This escaping ability is especially nice since the most splitpushers dont have this strengh, what makes it impossible for them to chase you.

This right here is a pretty old clip and its not from mysself, but the legend himself Trick2G, the Champions and the Map (Well besides Udyr, nothing changed about him besides Numbers) are pretty outdated but the clip shows how insane (and hilarious) Udyrs escapes can get really if you just use the movementspeed of Blazing Stampede and the shield of Iron Mantle. I will maybe put a clip of myself here in the future when i got into similar situation :)

Splitpush matchups
Coming soon

Thank you for reading my Guide on Udyr !
I hope you had fun reading and lerned a lot about Udyr! I would be super happy to hear if you tried out the Build i had success with and i woulod be proud to hear if someone also reached a higher Elo following my advice!
If you have Questions, a different Opinion about something or something else to say, COMMENT ! I also need suggestions for more Videos, since i think they are a great addition!
I would also be very, very Happy if you UPVOTE the Guide if it helped you or you think it can at least help others so it stays up here and more people see it!

I also want to thank some people for helping me writing this Guide! All the way ahead, a big thanks to ToRebACE for helping with the Coding and Miss Maw for helping me making the Guide look nicer!
A huge thanks to everyone who Comments, Upvotes or Favorites this Guide!
And also thanks to this fellow Guidewriters in the MOBAfire community who discussed Matchups with me:
  • VaporaDark for giving me his opinion about Hecarim vs Udyr and Udyr in high Elo
  • Josahus for giving me his opinion about Lee Sin vs Udyr
  • Zozuh for giving me his opinion about Rengar vs Udyr
  • Tinjus for giving me his opinion about KhaZix vs Udyr
  • SpikeThePike for giving me feedback on my Guide and his opinion about Shyvana vs Udyr

Change Log

V. 0.1alpha 07.01.2016 - Guide published.
V. 1.0 17.01.2016 - Complete Rework. Coding, Visuality, Information, length, new sections
V. 2.0 27.12.2016 - Rework for Season 7 and completion of the Guide. Not sure how many days until im finished
V. 2.0 31.12.2016 - Rework for Season 7 and completion of the Guide. Finally finished with everything except Matchups for Jungle& Splitpush. Will complete this in the next Days, after I checked the whole Guide for Typos, Spelling and Grammer and fixed some Anchors
V. 2.01 02.01.2016 - Added the first Videos to the Guide and fixed first mistakes
V. 2.02 03.01.2016 - Added the first Matchups, more coming soon!
V. 2.1 05.01.2016 - Sized up& colored the Subtitles& stretched the Guide a bit (More Space between Titles and Text). Thanks to MissMaw for providing me with a nice looking Colorscheme, since im Colorweak and not that good picking out colors! Also i again fixed some Typos, they are getting less and less!
V. 2.11 06.01.2016 - Added Wit's End as situational MR Item

Future Plans

Already put into Effect

January 2017 - Adding first jungle- then splitpush matchups and maybe recording some Videos for Gamestage, Ganking, Clearing section
January 2017 - Adding some alternative Runepages& more Videos


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