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Poppy Build Guide by Stokyj96

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stokyj96

[Revamped Season 4] Philosophizing with a Hammer

Stokyj96 Last updated on November 23, 2013
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Standard Build



Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

Guide Top

Introduction - An in-depth Guide.

Before you even think about voting, I suggest that you try out this guide first, however the cheat sheet that is shown above will not be the build that you will utilize 100% of the time and cannot guarantee changes overnight in your gameplay, as player skill is a factor too.

A massive thank you to everyone who has contributed to this guide. I have reached 400k views, which is amazing! Thank you league of legends community! I am currently in the process of creating an Irelia guide, please post your thoughts!

Welcome all to Summer of 2012/2013! For those who do not know who I am. Hi, my name is Stokyj96 and this is my guide concerning, yes you got it right, Poppy the Iron Ambassador. Unlike most of the other guides you have trauled through, this guide will SURPRISE YOU, allow me

to demonstrate Hammer Diplomacy!

Poppy is a melee assassin type anti-carry, making her extremely potent against nearly every carry in the game (both AD or AP). She's able to charge into a team fight, taking little damage in her entrance, and then proceed to murder their carries. Her early game laning ability is considered one of the worst, however, with a little help from this guide and a little practice, Poppy's trading becomes one of the most efficient in the game providing that her Devastating Blow hits like a semi-trailer, and her Heroic Charge allows for an easy stun, you can safely trade damage against most enemies. She is more than underplayed finishing 3rd on the League of Legends list of most underplayed champions in Summoners Rift, falling behind Urgot and Galio.

She is weak pre-6 to sustained engagements and has trouble collecting CS, however after the initial laning stage and help from your jungler or your tower you should have no problem two-hitting carries in the late game. Her identifying skill is her Diplomatic Immunity, being on a rather long cooldown for a reason, it is an ultimate that has the potential to change team fights, and offers a lot of utlity, providing both damage potential and can be used defensively. Poppy is quite a simple champion to pick up and play, however there are large skill variations and decisions that sort the good from the bad. But, thats what this guide is all about, to turn you into that pro Poppy player we all want to be.

So bite the bullet and scroll down towards domination.

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Why Poppy? Pros and Cons.

We cant talk about a champion without learning a bit about them now can we? So in this section we will be talking about Poppy as a champion, along with her strengths and weaknesses. For those that have seen and picked up Poppy before, they will realise that she is actually a very powerful champion, with amazing assassination potential.

But why even pick Poppy in champion selection to start with if she is so complicated?

Powerful Pros

  • Best tower-diving capability.
  • Snowballs.
  • High movement speed.
  • Amazing burst.
  • Anti-carry.
  • Late game Beast.

Critical Cons

  • Poor Farming Capability.
  • Extremely weak early game.
  • No *Flash Escape* mechanism.
  • Easily Poked.
  • No innate sustain.
  • Item dependant.

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At Level 1

Health: 423 (+81 per level)
Mana: 185 (+30 per level)
Attack damage: 56.3 (+3.375 per level)
Attack speed: 0.638 (+3.35% per level
Armor 18 (+4 per level
Mov. speed: 320
When compared to other champs, these base stats arnt too bad at all. Her health at 423 base is a little lackluster for a melee champ due to the ease of ranged poking, but that can be worked around with positioning. Her Attack Damage scales well and becomes more within the late levels. Her insane base armour and armour scaling is simply amazing, making her one of the tankiest base armour champs rivalling that of Malphite and Cho'Gath whom are often banned anyway. Her passive is simply the best in the game, hands down. ?Because of these factors her effective health is higher than most champions within the game.

These stats are rather nice for an assassin at level 18. However with 1800 health at level 18 it is not going to keep you alive on its own, this where our Diplomatic Immunity comes in. As I stated before her armour rating is INSANE, yes it worth saying twice. This is great since we do not particulary need to stack armour items against most AD solotops to mitigate their damage.
Base Stats at Level 18

Health: 1800
Mana: 690
Attack Damage: 113.0375
Attack Speed: 0.638 + (3.35%)
Armour: 86

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Poppy's Skillset

Poppy enhances her next attack so that it deals 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 (+60% of ability power) plus 8% of her target's maximum health in bonus damage. The bonus damage dealt cannot exceed 75 / 150 / 225 / 300 / 375.

Devastating Blow is also commonly used to reset your auto-attack timer which can help get that last hit in quickly. You might wonder why I levelled it up only 3 times prior level 7. The reason for this is because you will not benefit from the added % damage from each rank until later in the game when tanks and characters start obtaining some health, therefore the point is wasted until around the level 10 mark

Tips and Tricks

Spoiler: Click to view

Here's me at level 2, in a bot game for convenience firing off a Devastating Blow on the tanky champion Renekton, notice that a single Q does a full bar and a bit of health on its own at level 2.

Passive: Upon being hit or attacking an enemy, Poppy's armor and damage are increased by 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 for 5 seconds. This effect can stack 10 times.

Active: Poppy gains max stacks of Paragon of Demacia and her movement speed is increased by 17 / 19 / 21 / 23 / 25 % for 5 seconds.

Paragon of Demacia helps you to position correctly within teamfights, with both the armour steroid and the movement speed boost aiding to your initiation and escape ability by improving your overall survivability. At level 1 it adds a bonus 15 AD and 15 armor. Well, Poppy has one of the lowesst base mana pools in early levels and some of the highest mana costs, with horrible mana regeneration. It costs way too much mana to use the active efficiently in lane.

Tips and Tricks

Spoiler: Click to view

Here I needed to get in front of Renekton so I could Heroic Charge backwards into Skarner to affirm the kill. However in the end Skarner had it under control, and didnt really need me to get in front at all -.- . But still, better safe than sorry.

By utilizing the movement speed bonus from Paragon of Demacia and the movement speed slow of Exhaust I managed to get in front, ultimately securing the kill with Heroic Charge. Basically, the movement speed from Paragon of Demacia is incredible both early and late, be creative with it and zip around the battlefield.

Poppy charges at an enemy and carries them for a short distance (300 units). The initial impact deals 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 (+40% of ability power) magic damage. If they collide with terrain, her target takes 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+40% of ability power) magic damage and will be stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Heroic Charge. This acts like Vayne's Condemn, you hit a wall and the target is stunned whilst taking double damage. This is your initiator, learn to time it right so you practically ram them into something every single time. What most people dont realise is that your minions and turrents actually count as a wall. Although it doesnt stop you from charging, the stun is still applied for HALF the duration if you charge your targets through minions.

Tips and Tricks

Spoiler: Click to view

Looking at this image, We can gather that Poppy has a lot of burst when combining her Devastating Blow and Heroic Charge stun in tandem. LOOK AT THAT BURST and thats without the 40% extra from our ulti! This damage is done only when I have a fully built Sheen with a couple of attack speed items. Take note of how much extra damage Sheen gives upon purchase

For 6 / 7 / 8 seconds, Poppy is immune to any damage and abilities from enemies other than her target.

In addition, Poppy's attacks deal 20 / 30 / 40 % increased damage to the marked target. Damage increase applies to summoner spells and items used by Poppy.

Any target you cast Diplomatic Immunity upon will be the only person able to damage or CC you. On top of this attacks made by you against that target have a phenominal 40% damage increase at max rank. This percentage damage increase also affects item actives such as Deathfire Grasp and Hextech Gunblade as well as the summoner spell Ignite turning a 500 damage ignite into a 700 true damage powerhouse. Thats Huge! When attacking, you want to either target the enemy support, or the person you are taking out (40% damage increase), depending on their position and threat level. This is because if you ulti your target in the middle of an enemy team, and take them out, you will be left standing there with no shield and some very unhappy enemy team members surrounding you.

Tips and Tricks

Spoiler: Click to view

Any damage dealt to Poppy that exceeds 10% of her current health is reduced by 50%. This does not reduce damage from structures.

The reason why Poppy does not need any health items, unless it is absolutely needed. This is one of the best passives IMO. The innate ability to basically absorb 50% of all oncoming damage from enemy champ skills is incredibly useful in surviving bursts, unfortunately it doesnt have the same effect on tower hits. This passive is what gives Poppy the ability to duel and trade favourably with top lane champions mid game.

For those that like the math:
Spoiler: Click to view

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AD or AP?

Now onto the most controversial topic that has plagued League of Legends to date. I shall try to answer it and provide details as to the differences between the builds. This is based upon personal opinion. So dont flame, merely stick with your own preference and playstyle :).
  • Incredibly Technical.
  • Mana Hungry.
  • Reliance upon Lich Bane procs in between abilities to pour out the burst.
  • Deathfire Grasp + Ulti = OP nuke. (Even since Deathfire Nerf)
  • Overall more burst on your abilities ---> Where the term "2 Hit-KO" comes from.
  • The 8% extra damage from Devastating Blow caps when the enemy has around 4650 hp and over, which is hard to acheive on non tanks so damage is generally wasted.
  • Heroic Charge into wall = 1/3 of squishy health.
  • Worse farming ability than AD build (Its hilariously bad).
  • Noticeably less sustain than the AD variety.
  • Higher damage on Devastating Blow (Crit + 1:1 invisible AD ratio, however it is turned into magic damage).
  • Higher sustained damage once cd are blown- allowing easy triple/quadra/penta's.
  • Higher sustain in lane, with a better farm rate.
  • Better Teamfight Utility.
  • Really only needs Iceborn Gauntlet or Trinity Force to wreck faces.
  • Stronger late game, which we are all about.
  • Paragon of Demacia provides 35 AD steroid, good in lane.
  • Easy, high damage procs on Sheen. Heroic Charge + AA + Q = Hurt.
  • Less reliant on the "Long" cooldowns Poppy has.

Guide Top

Runes/ Alternatives.


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

First off, if you aren't even level 20, dont even bother with runes. It is a waste of your IP that can be better saved or spent on purchasing champs like Poppy. To those who already have an existing AD runepage, stick with that but just wack in movement speed Quints and you should be fine.
Rune choices are key, as with all champs, but is especially so concerning Poppy.

AD Poppy

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

AP Poppy

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

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Here are the masteries I run with as Poppy. Along with the ability to play Poppy in many different ways, a player can also decide what masteries suit themselves best. Season 4 has bought some interesting changes to the mastery trees, with 21/9/0 no longer being optimal, instead the support tree has more to offer, helping us in lane, in the form of enhanced potions and mana regen. Keep in mind that Riot made these mastery changes to prevent early tanky assassins.

Pro Tip

Running 9/21 is fantastic against hard pushers or sustained solo tops.

AD Masteries



Tier 1

Sorcery - Attack Speed is unneeded on Poppy, I vouch for the added cooldown reduction, allowing us to trade better due to our high base damage spells being on a reduced cooldown. However if you can't handle Poppy's sluggish animation, you can take the attack speed.

Butcher - Helps with last hitting, adding damage to minions and monsters to ease Poppy's bad auto attack animation.

Tier 2

Brute Force - Scaling attack damage, What more could an AD carry ask for? This allows the player to rank up to achieve a point in Martial Mastery as well as allowing for a stronger late game and improve last hitting capability.

Expose Weakness - Great for ganks and teamfights. As you will be using your spells to both initiate and deal a large portion of your damage, this is a nice addition to the damage your target will be inflicted with when fighting with teammates. Since Poppy's cooldown on Devastating Blow is rather short when maxed out, this can be easily applied.

Feast - Any little bit helps in the sustain game.

Tier 3 Onwards

Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving - These help you to trade with your lane opponent when it comes to all in's and extended trades, which really shouldn't be happening until 6. These are great if you can keep the stacks up.

Martial Mastery and Warlord - Extra AD for last hitting, pretty straightforward. They synergize with one another pretty well.

Executioner and Dangerous Game - Executioner helps to finish enemies off providing a substantial damage increase upon enemies with less than 50% hp. Dangerous Game however can sometimes counter the last few ticks of a dot or ignite that would have killed you otherwise after an engagement.

Devastating Strikes - This is the reason why we dive deep into offense. Three points for what last season would have been nine. As it stands this is one of the most cost efficient masteries per point possessing the most gold value out of all three trees.

Havoc - Doesn't get more straightforward than this. If your this far down the tree, there's no point in not getting this.

    Penetration is down, but both kinds are in the one mastery. Executioner requires more points than in season 3, but almost everything else requires less.
    Havoc is now at the bottom of the tree but now requires one point for a 3% damage increase compared to three points for a 2% increase.
    More AD and CDR than in the season 3 masteries.


Tier 1

Fleet of Foot - Movement speed, helps in pretty much every way.

Meditation - Gives a small amount of mana regen, nothing too game changing but is used to progress down the tiers.

Tier 2

Summoner's Insight - I put three points in this because the single point in strength of spirit is wasted on Poppy due to her insanely small base mana pool. And at the start of the game is when you need the regen the most. Summoner spells on the other hand are useful to escape situations and have a slight advantage with the damage and heal reduction from ignite, which will be useful against sustainable top laners such as Nasus.

Alchemist - Improved pots, longer duration = More health = More sustain, great for surviving the lane phase.

Tier 3

Culinary Master - Probably the best single point within this tier. Pots now give a small amount of health and mana instantly when consumed, it gives you that much more sustain.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells.

Summoner Spells. These are what compliment a persons playstyle. I cannot tell you what is right for you only state what I use myself.

Ignite: I used to run Exhaust as many of you followers have realised. However I found Ignites extra damage is simply too good to pass up. Due to Poppy's rather short burst, it is hard to follow up if your burst fails to kill them, this summoner guarantees kills, and also allows you to take on those lifesteal enemies namly Sion, Dr. Mundo or that Vampire Vladimir. This spell also does bonus damage when combined with Diplomatic Immunity thus in a 1v1 contest, having ignite will mean the difference as solo tops usually possess great amounts of sustain and self heals. Running Ignite nullifies their advantage.

Flash: This summoner was at first avoided by myself during my time playing Poppy, simply because I found the instantaneous escape from Flash invaluable. Although, I have found that Flash is decent to take as a kind of "Counter-Flash" allowing you to quickly close the gap enough to an enemy champion to Heroic Charge them followed by well timed AA's and Devastating Blow's, it lacks any serious chasing ability, and doesnt offer the same sort of escape potential that Ghost has. The movement speed from Ghost helps to secure kills, reach a teamfight earlier, and synergizes incredibly well with Paragon of Demacia.

Suitable Choices

Cleanse: It's a Quicksilver Sash as an item, but this spell also reduces any further incoming CC used upon you by a portion of the amount. If the enemy team is composed of CC that permanently stops you from using your skills effectively, you could take this skill (or screw it and buy the Quicksilver Sash). Not being CC'd is especially important on Poppy since you rely on hit and run tactics and cannot hold out against being focused within a team fight. I recommend this Summoner for skilled micro managers, otherwise leave it.

Exhaust: Well if you have ever played games against those pesky Teemo's or Caitlyn they are able to set down traps, run into one of these and your hope of scoring a free kill will be dashed, not to worry, we have Exhaust. Great for shutting down any opposing AD carry. This allows you to either:
a) Shut down the enemy AD carry. Or
b) slow down the enemy enough for you to catch up and secure the kill.
An Olaf is giving you a hard time? Take this to keep him off you.

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Item Choices.

This, is the most important part of playing Poppy. Choosing the right items at the right time and adapting to situations can either make you come out on top or cause you to kneel at the enemies feet. Keep in mind that this build is AD orientated and will differ in every game you play. I have included many items that bosst survivability in conjunction with AD, this is because any team worthy of playing a ranked match, should and will, hard CC you everytime you come into range as well as focus you as soon as you enter the teamfight. That is where many other Poppy builds fall down.

The reason I get this first is because of the massive sustain it provides, along with the much needed mana regen,that Poppy, having a rather limited mana pool needs. Along with the bonus sustain, Crystalline Flask allows you to last in lane more efficiently, allowing you to be able to harrass more effectively with your combos in an attempt to push the enemy out of the lane. You should be obtaining this as your first item to maximise the gold output. Late game we sell this once it is no longer needed (I usually leave it until the last item slot). Since the s3 nerf on boots and the discovery of this amazing sustain item and the opportunity to grab a ward and extra hp pots softens up Poppy's incredibley challenging laning phase.

The attack speed boost from these helps out a lot by making Poppy's attack animations that little bit smoother to last hit better early game. These are good boots for any AD Poppy build. I dont know about other Poppy players but I find that with these boots, you can auto attack really easily after you activate an ability to proc your Sheen, releasing your combo in around 2 seconds, which is amazing burst for a champ around level 5.

Other Options: Mercury's Treads if the enemy team is CC heavy, I recommend switching to these late game, Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you are building AP or simply want to spam Devastating Blow, definitley a viable option for Poppy due to her insanely long cooldowns.

Huge boost to your already great damage. The mana suppliments your limited mana supply allowing you to spam your abilites even more. With you now rarely running out of mana and hitting trucks for early game, the enemy better be running scared. Rememeber with Sheen, is that it only applies damage to the auto-attack AFTER a skill has been used, so to maximise your damage output and to minimize your mana usage early game, auto-attack in between your skills.

Here is where many other Poppy players will be up in arms about. All the stats are needed by Poppy (its almost as if Riot went, oh Poppy needs an item, *adds Trinity Force*). Trinity Force although takes longer to build than Iceborn Gauntlet is overall stronger on Poppy against the majority of her laning opponents. The early Health bonus is a really nice suppliment to her Paragon of Demacia to survive laning against heavy AD opponents. Trinity Force comes with increased movement speed, attack speed, mana, all of which build upon the damage of Poppy's skillset and her auto- attack damage improving her ability to trade early game. I dont really believe I have to further explain the mentality behind this item once you start seeing the numbers you pull with this. It is definitley a strong choice and a must have as Poppy's first item.

Iceborn Gauntlet vs Trinity Force
  • Better Slow -- Rather than the chance to slow + higher ms reduction (AOE slow 35% vs 30% maybe single target slow)
  • AOE Slow and Damage -- Strengthens Poppy's ability to push
  • Lower cost -- Quicker benefits
  • CDR + Armor for winning trades-- lowers CD on abilities + Damage mitigation
  • Mana -- this combined with Crystalline Flask will help your mana issues

Other options: Iceborn Gauntlet

I've been debating about whether or not this item was any good on Poppy for the last few months. But after testing it out in different situations I feel that it has become core on her in season 3. Poppy's Number 1 weakness that absolutely defines her character is her lack of waveclear. Because of this, Ravenous Hydra is one of the best buys that she could possibly attain in season 3. The stats it gives her are incredible (70AD is quite a lot) and it completely nullifies her only mid and late game weakness.This combined with Iceborn Gauntlet or Trinity Force provides all the pushing power and AOE damage that Poppy needs to become a dominating power within the game and a powerful farming machine. Attack Damage suits her AD build very nicely, whilst the added procs help her to split push or deal an extra burst of damage. Secondly, the life steal procs help to sustain her within team fights. Life steal scales incredibly well on most champions, but especially so on Poppy since her effective health is so much higher with her passive allowing you to lifesteal tank a decent amount of damage for an assassin.BUY IT!

Other Options: Blade of the Ruined King, Hextech Gunblade

The perfect s3 AD carry item, offering a decent spike of AD combined with an amazing amount of lifesteal. It's active is useful, for both the added lifesteal for sustain and the movement speed bonus that can help with kiting. To be honest Poppy needs the Lifesteal that this item provides to sustain herself. In saying that I would advise to get a Vampiric Scepter rather early, maybe after you have built your Iceborn Gauntlet or Trinity Force to allow you to stay in lane and to heal up between battles. I have positioned this item later in all builds because it's precentage lifesteal doesnt exceed that of a fully stacked The Bloodthirster until the target has at least (100-25)/(0.05) = 1500 health (excluding active and attack speed) in burst cases and over 2500 health when taking an enemy from 100-0 due to the average damage from this being less than that of it's season 2 cousin. The active when combined with Hextech Gunblade allows Poppy to stick to almost any champion, despite stuns and slows,increasing the likelyhood that you will be able to successfully assassinate the enemy carry. *Note : Use the active after the enemy carries or tanks have popped their movespeeds to gain that extra burst of speed!

Other Options: Infinity Edge for the added damage that synergizes well with your Phantom Dancer(Pure Damage Route). Further options include The Bloodthirster for upfront damage.

Awesome little defensive item. This is the ideal defensive item for Poppy simply because of the fact that your job is to get in the thick of it after your tank has initiated, kill the enemies carry/carries, and get the hell out there or die trying. Once dead the battle will rage around you, and by the time you ressurect you will be able either a) Run off with your W, or b) wreak havoc with all your off cooldown abilities and join the fray for a second time. However, be wary about when the passive of this item is up and be hesitant about where it is used, as it will be wasted if they simply camp your dead body. This item also has a fenominal amount of magic resist and armour values, making you that slight bit more resiliant to any incoming damage without stacking any health items.

Other Options: Infinity Edge if you are after pure damage and havnt taken it earlier in your build, Banshee's Veil although doesnt always remove the CC thats on you due to it being popped by lesser abilities beforehand, Randuin's Omen.

Shen: *Few... Poppy's dead, now to taunt the rest of the team* - Taunt
Poppy: *YIAHHHHH!*
Shen: *Bugger...*

At an expensive 4k gold in price, this is a big buy. Although this shouldnt be purchased last, sometimes it pays off to buy the Blade of the Ruined King first. The main reason I take this late, is because the attack damage and the Ap increase is a nice addition to your damage ratios due to the hybrid nature of Poppy, as well as her benefiting greatly from lifesteal and spellvamp. Along with Trinity force, Gunblade allows you to 1v1 just about any AD carry that is a full core item ahead of you. What is really nice about this item is the slow active that when combined with Blade of the Ruined King offers another form of CC that is at your disposal. If you are not using your item actives in every fight, you are playing Poppy wrong!

Other Options:
The Black Cleaver for the extra burst against all squishies (This I recommend normally if the teams are evenly matched, as your job is to NOT kill the tank rather the squishies), Infinity Edge/ Phantom Dancer if that is your preferred method and you have either already purchased, if against a Double AP composition swap to a Maw of Malmortius.

Explanation of Alternative Items. FAQS and otherwise.

I'll admit this seems a viable option for Poppy, and I have taken it a few times to allow me to simply survive the AOE's that are being tossed around in a teamfight.With a Warmogs you will have an increased health pool so you will no longer get the entire benefit out of your amazing passive. Usually the money can be better spent elsewhere. However, I recently played a match where I went 25-3-6 in which I had absolutely nothing else I could spend my money on, thus a Warmog's Armor came in handy to survive the retailiation burst of their own carries.

A lot of stats needed here, Attack speed boosts farm, damage and the movement speed suppliment is beginning to make you the speediest Yordle around! This item is a good overall addition to your AD rating, allowing you to crit more often, shred the enemy health more quickly due to the attack speed buff and a great synergy with Paragon of Demacia's AD steroid. I recommend getting this after getting Iceborn Gauntlet or Trinity Force and the Statikk Shiv but before your *completed* Blade of the Ruined King as I do recommend that you have at least a Vampiric Scepter before you complete your phantom dancer for sustain purposes.

It offers fantastic Survivability, making you practically immune to any AD damage, since your armour will be off the charts. If I were to fit this into my build I would swap Guardian Angel as to not conflict with your core damage items, which are needed on Poppy. Rememeber to utilize the active on this item, as the slow and attack speed decrease will be invaluable in the middle of a teamfight as well as useful when chasing down fleeing team members. An early Warden's Mail is the item to go to when facing difficult ranged top laners such as Jayce and an AD Nidalee. As Poppy this is a great item, simply because your job is to execute their AD carry.

Basically has counter AD written all over it. This is a great alternative to either Randuin's Omen or your Guardian Angel providing you with nice cooldown reduction and a large mana boost. If the enemy AD carry is giving your team problems, buy this and jump on him in teamfights to lessen his offensive capabilities.

Shurelya's Reverie
This is built from Philosopher's Stone, a good item to run if the lane is passive, such as when your up against a Nasus and is fantastic if you require added movement speed steroids to zip around the battlefield. The cooldown reduction and health boost are invaluable on Poppy helping out a lot of areas that Poppy needs to boost. The active on it can save teammates in a sticky situation, initiate a teamfight or to simply get to baron that little bit faster.

Season 3 item update- What it means to Poppy

Sword of the Divine - I'll admit I've had some fantastic times with this little baby. The ability to call upon a 100% attack speed buff, AND a 100% critical hit buff will guarantee your Q hitting for over half health, which honestly is ridiculous. Great for pubstomping, great for normals. In ranked, useless due to the inclusion of at least two hard CC skills at all times.

It gives a large chunk of Health + Mana but the added bonus costing nearly 3000 gold. However this item more than makes up for it because the active disables turrets for about 2.5 seconds. If you can time this right, you can turret dive without taking damage, save teammates whom are stupidly diving under enemy turrets, and backdoor like a boss. Grab this item if you need to pull off a backdoor inhibitor run.

An average item as no stats are wasted on Poppy. The main reason this is purchased is for the very nice passive which gives you a tenacity effect, reducing the duration of stuns and slows cast upon you. Useful if you aren't going to take Mercury's Treads early on as you need a different type of boots so you can trade better in lane. Not the best pick in the world, but it is viable. Note: This item is great if you are running Iceborn Gauntlet as it makes up for the movement speed lost by not building Trinity Force.

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Other Viable Builds,

This is the one and only true MELEE Carry Poppy build. With these items, your attacks shred the opponents down one at time. Many guides feature this as their main build as you can Ult someone and proceed to a possible triple+ killstreak. This takes a long time while to farm up, but by the time you are at this late game build, you can carry hard games with ease, easily taking out Vayne and Kog'Maw due to your bursty melee nature. Feel free to add a Last Whisper or a The Black Cleaver if 3+ enemies have over 100-150 armor. You can also mix and match defensive items like Randuin's Omen or a Warmogs instead of Guardian Angel if you want. As for The Ravenous Hydra, if you really want the added damage or pure lifesteal from The Bloodthirster by all means go for it.

This is the double AP comp build. I take Maw of Malmortius when I need the shield and magic resist because there is a fed AP carry or if there is double AP/Will of the Ancients team comp, it is also amazing on the new ARAM map, since the majority of team comps are AP in nature. The shield itself synergizes well with Poppy's passive and the AD boost at low health. Although this build lacks damage, it is great for tanking and being a general damage soak. If you initate directly onto the enemy AD or AP carry they will have a hard time peeling you off them, let alone killing you. The Randuin's Omen gives a much needed health boost, and an AOE slow and attack speed reduction. I'd prefer not to follow this build in serious play as Poppy is built to blow a single target up instantly, not to tank like a Shen or Malphite.

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Game Stages.

Early Game/ Starting Item set.

Sight Ward
These are a really strong starting item set for Poppy simply because of the sustain and awareness it provides. These allow you to AA --> Devastating Blow as harass whilst taking minimal counter damage. It helps your mana issues as well as sustain you against your top laners.

Against a Melee Bruiser

Most of the time you will want to trade,trade,trade. Despite what people say Poppy's level one through to three is incredibly powerful as the base damage on all her skills and Auto attacks is pretty good. Do not take free harrass from an enemy bruiser, because, frankly you dont need to. The key to winning trades with Poppy is to not extend trades more than what you want to. An ideal trade for Poppy is to smack them in the face with an AA and a Devastating Blow when they come to last hit and back off before they can fully engage upon you, as you WILL lose extended fights, unless of course you get them low enough to kill them with your burst. Remember, Poppy's health is deceptive, you can bait engages for your jungler, do not underestimate your passive! Double kills are very easily gotten with Poppy because deception is the key!

Level One teamfights often break out in higher elo matches, if this occurs I'd recommend taking your skillpoint in Heroic Charge right during the teamfight as this is your only form of Hard CC. Do this when engaging in the jungle. Be sure to get the stun off otherwise you will be out of position and will be quickly focused.

Not every game will be ideal, some games you will be allowed to free farm by your opponent. But there will be those games when your opponent realises the danger of a free farming Poppy.

When solotop you will often be against a sustained bruiser, therefore I advise purchasing a Crystalline Flask as your first item allowing you to survive in lane longer, even if your existance is underneath your tower. If you know you can win your lane, ie. a Jax or a Riven matchup, grab a Long Sword and two pots for the added damage, and call for an early gank. Call for jungle ganks regularly or whenever they are required, be sure to back your jungle up in ganks in case of counter jungles and to signal using blue and yellow pings accordingly.

Early Laning vs a Ranged Bruiser

Start sustain, and try to sustain your way through lane. You have two major options. You can rush Ravenous Hydra so you can push out the lane, sustain through their damage, and then roam. Or 2. if you have jungle support, go for kill potential rushing a cutlass and a Trinity Force. Most importantly take the last hits by utilizing the brush, by running in and out when you need to last hit. Punish them if they try to facecheck the brush with a wall stun and a Q, then run away.


You've at least skilled up all three skills and are looking for a gank from your jungler who is present in the tri-bush or top bush near the lane. When the enemy is past the top bush, or as close to it as possible, bait an engage, taking neccessary damage and nail them into the wall with your Heroic Charge, this followed up with a Devastating Blow and attacks from your jungler will guarantee a kill. Remember to pop Ignite to prevent any summoners or a Soraka Wish.

Level 6.

Ok so you have hit six and have your ultimate Diplomatic Immunity. Now the game really begins. Consistantly harrass your opponent if they have no in-built sustain and attempt to push up to their turrent, being sure to ward both top bushes in case of a jungler gank. If he is low enough you should initiate beneath his tower (Which should be killing your minions) popping Paragon of Demacia and Diplomatic Immunity whilst closing with a Heroic Charge into the wall or tower for the damage bonus and stun. Follow this up with a Devastating Blow and Ignite to assure the kill.

Mid Game (Where Poppy begins to unexpectively shine)

First off, YAY YOU MADE IT!

You have two major choices.

Stay in your lane and split push. If you are a little bit ahead you can dive and stop anybody who comes to 1v1 you.

Your job, if you are taking this route, is to put your enemies in the uncomfortable position where they either lose a laner and a dragon, or lose a laner and a tower, or just a tower if they are wusses and dont want to 1v1 you. But thats how you win games, force them to play on your terms, and push the advantage.

But what If I my team needs my help?

Make sure your enemy laner doesn't have waveclear, the wave is already pushed right up to the enemy tower, or you have a Ravenous Hydra in your pocket. Otherwise your enemy laner will either 1. Take the tower, or 2. Deny you waves upon waves of creeps. You want neither of those to happen, trust me. If you want to be able to help your team, you are going to have to buy a Hydra for the pushing power, there is no way around it. It is the only thing that will allow you to waveclear and push a wave, so you can go help your team.

Remember to keep an eye on all towers, you can easily pick up a kill with a Ghost + Heroic Charge combo. In a teamfight be sure to take out their Carry and not their Tank.

Dragon control is incredibley important, as Poppy you are one of the best dragon contestants in the game. If your bot lane teammates or your jungler hasnt warded dragon yet, harrass them until they do. A dragon is worth a kill for the entire team, and usually at this stage a kill can make all the difference. Make sure to put up a fight at dragon, however be careful as those already inside the circle that forms dragon have the location advantage, but can be hit by ranged AOE's rather easily, use this to your advantage and smash the enemy into the walls as there is no way their carry is away from a wall in dragon pit. Get objectives, get global gold and focus on working for early map presence. Thats how the meta works.

To sum it up: Run around, catch up on lost farm from your weak early game, snag team dragons, and target their AP or AD carry whom will be dealing a whole load of burst..

Late Game

By late game you should have 3-4 items under your belt and you Should have a positive K/D ratio. Towers should have fallen all over the place. Basically, stick with your team wherever they go you go, let the tanks initiate and dont be caught out on your lonesome. As far as split pushing goes, be sure you know where the enemy team is at all times, and only then can you safely push a lane to an inhib tower possibly even taking it while the enemy team is at baron. Be sure to target the carry in late game teamfights, the longer they survive, the more damage that is being done to your team, however, do not charge in blindly, in-case of the enemy team separating you from your tanks, so be aware of your positioning within teamfights. As Poppy you can often walk around, assuming there is no wards, through the jungle and destroy their ADC once a fight has been intitiated. Killing their adc will generally allow your team to clean up regardless of whether or not you die, just be sure to open with your ultimate.

In summary:

[*]Focus enemy AD/AP carries at all teamfights!
[*]Split Push like a boss.

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Champion Matchups.

Difficulty: Average

You cannot hurt this guy until you get your Sheen. This is because he has Carnivore which you will find make him almost impossible to push out of the lane until you have at least a bit of burst under your belt. However, the same goes for him, unless he manages to land a Rupture + Feral Scream combo on you he will deal effectively no damage to you after you have your Philosopher's Stone. Wait did I tell you to build one of these against him? Well I'm telling you now! Now for what everyone is worried about from this big guy is his Feast.
The ability to deal 500 or so true damage is unheard of at level 6. Thus I recommend grabbing a Ruby Crystal (build into a Phage or a similar health item to survive his burst at 6, as the true damage bypasses your Valiant Fighter passive. Since you are required to build a small amount of health against him, I would recommend replacing Iceborn Gauntlet with Trinity Force. Overall this matchup is basically a farming fest, with relatively little damage being dealt to either side, however if you catch him at 1/2 or 1/3 of his health, dont be afraid to bait his Rupture and go for it. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU ATTEMPT TO DIVE A HALF HEALTH CHO'GATH WITHOUT SUPPORT

Difficulty: Easy


If she ever goes into spider form to try and harrass you, punish her for her insolence.

If she tries to stay in human form she will oom herself, as your passive combined with your sustain makes her Q largely ignorable.

Heres one trick: If she ever switches from spider form to human form, and shes underneath her tower with full hp, having casted her cacoon and their jungler is accounted for dive her. This same trick applies to Nidalee and Jayce. She has no rappel to get out of your dives, so blow everything on her.

If she managed to get her rappel off, she should be low hp by then, and under the tower. Walk outside the tower range for minion aggro to take effect and wait for you E to come back off CD. Rinse and repeat, be sure to keep an eye on the lanes when doing this.

As far as itemizing against her, grab Mercury's Treads and either rush a Ravenous Hydra so you can roam, or a Trinity Force for the added kill potential. You outscale her like crazy!

Difficulty: Rather Easy

I've seen a lot of players playing Gangplank top, mainly as a squishy "Crit-Plank". All the better for Poppy. Many tops fear the Pirate, but not Poppy. He should be one of your easy laning opponents. His Parrrley is his main harrass skill, however, early on he will be unable to spam it as effective harrass, so as Poppy you want to level Paragon of Demacia up to 2 before level 6. This allows you to win trades easily as well as dealing slightly more damage at the cost of the mobility that Heroic Charge at rank 2 gives you.

You should easily be able to push him out of the lane, but mind his Remove Scurvy as good Gangplank's should and will use it to heal himself during your burst and negate your wall stun. Basically your armour, as well as that from early levels in your Paragon of Demacia and his lack of, will win you this matchup.

Difficulty: Hard

Garen's a silly champ in my opinion. But contrary to what people say, he isnt so rough. His abilities will deal a ton of damage to you early on, so watch that. If he tries to Q you, pop your Q before he lands his silence, since you can AA with it and be relatively unaffected by the silence. Try not to let him trade with you, as he has all the tools to both out trade you and out sustain you. You cant really do much about this lane, but thats how Garen works. He capatalizes off of the opponents "Stupidity". A final note about his ultimate, be aware of it, but you will give him a nice surprise when he ults you at 1/8 hp, and it only takes you down to 1/10 because of your passive.

I recommend rushing a hydra in this matchup, due to Garen's innate ability to push with his E.

Difficulty: Average

I dont often see Graves topping, however when he does he is usually building a slight bit more tankier than he would down bot. Smart ones that is. This, for me, tends to be a rather easy matchup if Graves forgets about your Heroic Charge which can be used on a minion close to him to close the gap between you and him. Most players are unaware of this tactic and should be used quite liberally. Anyway, Pre 6 you arnt much of a threat to him, as your burst isnt high and neither is your sustained damage along with your health anywhere close to his. You, along with your lane partner should be able to zone im rather well, just remember to keep the lane pushed and you will be fine. If he is really becoming a major hassle just take a early Cloth Armor to give you that little bit of added survivability, jsut make sure to avoid his smokescreen and his Q and you will be fine. Go Trinity Force for this matchup.

Tip: If he uses his dash, to dash toward you for the attack speed bonus, he made the biggest mistake of his life, if your on any more than half your health and neither of you has fed, simply turn around on him and bash him into the closest wall/ towards your turrent, since he is relatively squishy he will attempt to Flash out. Well done! you have made him waste his main escape tool.

Difficulty: Hard

Although Irelia mightn't be Poppy's favourable matchup, she isnt exactly very threatening to your health. Hiten Style might seem like an OP ability, with its large amount of true damage, when in fact it really isnt, all you need to do is not engage her when its up. Problem solved. Avoiding Hiten Style is what you need to prioritise as she will do a lot of damage to you otherwise. If you fail at noticing when Hiten Style is up, purchase an early Health Crystal. Since she deals true damage the extra health will be needed, thus build an early Phage and thus Trinity Force is the desired item.

Once you get Sheen its basically a cruise as far as trades go as long as you enagage with her Hiten Style on CD. Watch out for her stun if your dueling her, this can be especially dangerous. Another really good thing about playing Poppy against her is that when she uses Bladesurge to enagage just Heroic Charge a nearby minion to escape her. She is relatively squishy and a couple of early bursts will set her far behind.

Difficulty:Easy[/colour] - Average

Going to be honest, Jax is the most interesting lane with Poppy.

I suggest starting a Long Sword and two health pots. Many of you will be thinking this is suicide, especially against a Jax. Start Paragon of Demacia and level it again at level 4 for the extra passive damage and armor. Since he does a lot of mixed damage, grab Mercury's Treads for the magic resist and tenacity for his stun.

The things you need to worry about is #1 Keeping up in damage, by constantly harrassing him, #2 avoiding his stun, and #3 keeping your Paragon of Demacia stacks up. You will out trade jax provided you do one auto attack and one Devastating Blow and then back off. If you stay and engage in a prolonged fight he will do more damage especially at 6 when his ultimate does extra damage every third hit. Avoid fighting when his ultimate is on or his stun is going. If he jumps on you while in the process of dodging you can hit him with q and then charge away if you are fast enough. After his ult runs out and his stun is on cool down, Use your ultimate to ensure max damage and killing potential. Jax can get out of hand if you give him first blood, so careful.

A good jax will trade better with you post six, as he will stack his passive twice on minions and jump you on the third hit, and save his stun for crucial moments rather than engaging upon you with it. If the jax doesnt know that Devastating Blow goes through dodge then he is in for a nasty surprise. Overall, constantly harrass jax with your Devastating Blow and waltz out of his stun range. If the lane is going bad you can always sit under your tower, since jax cant really do much when you are beneath your tower with more than 1/2 hp.

Tip: a common jax trick is to attack you in the middle of your minion wave at level 1 to draw minion aggro, and E stun you, as this will double the damage it deals. Know this technique and avoid it.


I tend to find Kennen a lot lately, maybe its due to his utility that he provides in his multitude of stuns. Unfortunately for us, Kennen is one of the harder matchups due to his ranged nature, with a powerful arsenal of poking tools that will leave us all high and dry in no time. The ideal way to approach this matchup is to simply, like most others, farm under your turrent, hiding within a minion wave to block his harrass with Thundering Shuriken. This means learning to last hit under your turrent.

Poppy gets one major opening in the laning phase against a Kennen. This comes when you have your Mercury's Treads and your Sheen upon reaching level 6-8. In a direct 1v1 situation you will be able to beat a kennen due to the damage amplication from your ultimate. On another note, kennen is an energy user, with no direct way to restore used energy. Thus once Kennen uses his combo, he is useless for a crucial 3-5 seconds relying on his auto attacks for damage between bursts, allowing you to quickly trade, or finish him off.

Often Kennen players will use Lightning Rush as an escape tool. If you can keep up with Kennen even after he has used this it will be an fight, as this skill uses up HALF of his total energy negating a large portion of his burst potential.

Difficulty: Easy

Malphite is one of the easiest top lane matchups for a Poppy player, the reason being simply because this rock doesnt do enough damage in the slightest to push you out of the lane, however his tankiness coming from Granite Shield can get incredibley annoying, making it hard to score the kill on him early game when he combines it with his Seismic Shard. He is usually only a problem if he has an ally who can deal out tonnes of damage in his stead. Because you can easily farm, go for Trinity Force.

First on the agenda is grabbing your Philosopher's Stone. This will basically negate all of the possible HARRASS, not damage, that Malphite can throw your way, whilst earning a pretty penny to boot. Make sure to be cautious about pushing past the river post-6 as his ulti will mark your death if their mid suddenly decides to pay you a visit. Otherwise, dont focus him in teamfight as it is a useless tactic, focus the squishies.

Tip: Use Paragon of Demacia after he uses Seismic Shard to prevent him from draining the movement speed you get from it, and applying it to his own, possibly even giving him the ability to make a run for it.

Difficulty: Suicide

Im gonna just say it. Olaf is one of Poppy's worst possible matchup. This is mainly because his Reckless Swing does immense damage to you as your high armour value has no effect on the amount of damage you recieve whilst also negating your passive Valiant Fighter. He can easily trade at range using Undertow effectively negating your Heroic Charge if he uses it quick enough. Because Olaf doesnt get powerful until his skills are ranked up, you need to hit him hard and early with your laning partner to shut down him early game. That means taking Boots of Speed and Devastating Blow at level one to win early trades. Since the true damage will hurt build Trinity Force for the added health and burst.

If you see Olaf use Reckless Swing on a minion, take the opportunity and make him pay for what a stupid mistake it was. What I recommend taking early is a Phage and your Philosopher's Stone instead of your Sheen. The early health boost and slow you will find invaluable against the intense True damage of this big boy giving you enough time to farm your Sheen up.

Difficulty: Hard

Riven is probably one of the most difficult yet one of the more interesting champion matchups for Poppy. Between Riven's Broken Wings and Valor she can easily harrass and escape relatively unharmed due to her AD scaling shield. Fortunately this plays in your favour as all of her abilities and damage output is physical, allowing you to stack armour to prevent her from actually dealing too much damage to you. With this in mind I recommend taking Cloth armour first instead of Boots of Speed. Between your armour runes and the extra armour you gain from this her damage is nullified by quite a large margin. If you are inexperienced with dealing with a Riven take Iceborn Gauntlet, otherwise go Trinity Force so you can go toe to toe with her.

Usually Riven is able to trade very well against her top lane opponents, except for perhaps an Olaf due to his true damage, Poppy is another one of her hardest matchups. Early on, Pre-6 you want to harrass her by trading auto attacks combined with Devastating Blow and if your lucky, the Heroic Charge, if you follow my rune build and she follows the standard AD rune build, you will win exchanges pretty much all of the time, despite her being able to use ALL of her abilities in exchanges.

As the laning stage carries on you will begin to see that at no stage can you actually kill a good Riven by yourself as her Valor combined with her dash can easily evade any attempts to either gank her or wall stun her. However remember when trading to look out for the activation of her Broken Wings and when it is on cooldown, this is your time to jump in there, deal some burst damage and get out before her main offensive ability is back up.

Tip: When charging with Heroic Charge watch out for her Ki Burst as it provides an AOE stun, long enough to stop your charge and leave you helpless for a ganking enemy. Be careful about initiating. However on that note, if she uses Valor to close the gap, take the opportunity and run to her, to prevent her moving out of range quickly to escape your counter-harrass.

Difficulty: Hard

Although a good Shyvana might not be the best to lane against as a top lane Poppy but it is do-able. The main problem is that as a Poppy you have a high base defence allowing you to withstand a lot of damage from AD characters, however since Shyvana does magic damage along with that, you will have to build a Mercury's Treads simply for the added magic resist, either that or use flat magic resist runes.

A Poppy should tower hug in this situation, gathering a farm here and there avoiding early tradeoffs as you will come out for the worse, however once you have your Sheen you can afford to be a tad more aggressive beginning to even out your trades with her. But be wary, he damage will rise considerably once she hits 5-6. A Shyvana tends to push quite hard due to her Burnout farming, this allows your jungler (lets hope you got one) to gank her rather easily. I find that once she hits 6, players often become overconfident and tend to Dragon's Descent directly outside your own tower range. This is incredibly silly on her part, simply because a quick thinking Poppy will climb over her back and Heroic Charge her into tower range to draw the aggro, damaging her significantly. Basically, play it safe in this matchup as you are ill prepared to go against hybrid top lane bruisers.

Difficulty: Easy

Tryndamere is a surpisingly easy matchup for a skilled Poppy. Basically what you want to have against a top laning Tryndamere is a full set of armour runes, which if your following this build you should have to begin with and a couple points in Paragon of Demacia with all of this added armour he will be hitting next to nothing you with his auto attacks early game, which is his main source of damage.

What you want to do to a Tryndamere and his laning partner is to zone them out completely of the minion line, Devastating Blow him every time he comes close to win trade offs and preventing him from gathering any rage to heal himself. If you are having a tough time with the enemy jungler pick up a Sheen as usual to harrass Trynd out of the lane completely pre 6, for an un-fed and under-farmed Tryndamere really is useless to his team besides his slow.

Pre-6 watch out for his Undying Rage lure, as this sometimes catches me off guard when I believe its on CD. If possible Heroic Charge stun the bugger before he can pop it for an easy kill.

Difficulty: Average

I dont often see many Vladimir players to be honest and have only ever really laned against one once during my time as Poppy. However I shall try to explain this matchup to the best of my ability. Of all the top AP champions I believe Vladimir the easiest to deal with. This is because from levels 1-6 he is heavily reliant on his Transfusion for healing and sustain, as well as his main method of harrass, with a long cooldown of around 8 secs I think it was, he cannot immediately use it to harrass you after he has used it to last hit a minion. You need to play aggressively against Vladimir early on to push him out of the lane, denying him the chance to refuel and get his massive health pool going.

Once he hits level six/seven/eight the lane takes a change for the worse. Vladimir’s Transfusion begins to have a short enough cooldown to prevent you from harassing him significantly after casting it to heal himself while allowing him the ability to consistantly deal a large portion of damage to your small health pool. At this stage you need to play very defensively as far as your games concerned, as teamfights are looming in the distance. Paragon of Demacia and Ignite are invaluable in this matchup, Ignite to prevent his massive health regen from kicking in giving you the advantage, and your W because if he Sanguine Pool's to escape you can simply wack on Paragon of Demacia to catch up with him and give him a mouthful.

Difficulty: Easy

"The tank that needs no defensive Items". To begin with Sion has relatively weak early game until he can either build up his AP with a Blasting Wand or his attack speed and lifesteal with a Vampiric Scepter and Zeal. With this in mind, take Ignite as a summoner to counter his ultimate Cannibalism which can and will determine the outcome of a teamfight.

Laning against him is easier than most other solo tops. Do not push your lane past the mid point as he can easily get off his stun Cryptic Gaze and set up a perfect gank for his jungler/ally. To achieve this play passively and only run in to last hit specific minions. When harrassing, I take advantage of the wall/minion Stun from Heroic Charge to prevent any counter attack. If you are quick, you will be able to pull off a combo of Heroic Charge and Devastating Blow whilst Paragon of Demacia's movement speed bonus will help you escape before he can retaliate with his Cryptic Gaze.

Be sure not to be too mana intensive, as a good Sion can stay in lane forever, resulting in an easy tower take. In the event of a near fatal gank from the enemy jungler, simply ask your own jungler to hold the lane until you get back, this is crucial, as a Sion that is allowed to farm and build his Enrage is a much tougher target.

To sum it up:
[*] Harrass early
[*] Be sustained in lane, Grabbing a [[
sopher's Stone]] on your first B

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Jungling As Poppy.

Many people question Poppy's viability in the jungle. Her kits brings a lot of versatility and change to how a jungler is meant to be played and provides ganking mechanisms that cannot be seen on any
other champion. Whilst her base statistics and skillset seem fit for the jungle, it is incredibley hard to deal with early jungling as Poppy but fear not! for it can be done.

There are a few obstacles to tackle when facing the jungle as Poppy an example is having to take Smite which leaves you with only one summmoner to play around with forcing you to pick between Ignite for a better finisher, Exhaust for a reliable form of soft CC in ganks, Flash as an escape mechanism and Ghost for greater mobility, whether it be chasing or fleeing. Jungle Poppy sounds on paper like the go to build straight off the bat. A champion that needs lots of consistent farm to progress to a late game beast. Since the creeps in the jungle dont move your guaranteed the majority of your farm, the one conflict with this is Poppy takes a long to time to start off and become self sufficient.

Poppy is able to inflict some serious single target damage in ganks as well as offer up easy tower diving opportunities around the level 6-10 mark which no other champion can match. As long as one places her Heroic Charge's perfectly, Poppy turns out to be a strong jungler with amazing ganking potential as well as being able to defend against invasions easily.

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Jungling Poppy- The Pros and the Cons.

Powerful Pros

  • Powerful single target damage.
  • Snowballs.
  • Naturally tanky.
  • Strong Jungle Control.
  • Anti-carry.
  • Amazing ganks/tower Dives.

Critical Cons

  • Poor Farming Capability.
  • Blue Reliant.
  • Weak Dragon Control
  • jungle time of 3:50
  • Dont bother counter jungling.
  • Item dependant.

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Jungle Route.

Note: These routes can be customized a bit for your needs if you feel up to it. As a jungler you should adapt to the situation, if this means putting on hold your jungle to attend a teamfight then do so. But remember every second you leave your jungle, you miss out on gold and exp, so be sure you are not wandering around like a lost soul.

The Blue Buff Route/Farm Route Till Four:

•Start Wolves (perferably with a little help to make it go by faster and less health lost)
• Grab a leash for Blue and Smite it when it is low to prevent steals.
•If you think you can counter-jungle, now is the time to run into enemy territory, either camp red with a top laner, or steal golems, I wouldnt recommend engaging.
•If not, just go straight to Wraiths.
•Fight Double Golems while focusing the bigger one first to soften up the damage.
•Go over to red, check bushes beforehand to watch out for quick junglers waiting for a chance to kill you and steal your buff. Remember to smite it!
•Once you have double buffs, continuing jungling by going to Wraiths or decide to gank.

This path allows you to have mana to spam your spells throughout the jungle. This is also the path you want to take if you doubt you'll have early game (before level 4) ganks available or if the enemy jungler is hard to counter-jungle for an easy first blood. After this route its advisable to either gank a lane, or recall to get your next set of items to sustain.

Red Gank/Safe Path:

•Start Double Golems and focus big golem as usual. (Help on this is preferred, prevents counter jungling)
•Proceed onwards to Red Buff and be sure to Smite it.
•Go to wraiths and focus the big one to take less overall damage
•Go to Wolves next and focus the big wolf, again it crits more than small wolves.
•Start Blue Buff and finish it off with smite to get double buffs.
•Decide whether to enter enemy jungle territory, or to take an early gank opportunity.

This is the "safe" path as you can avoid an invasion towards your blue buff that could turn out catastrophic for your team. This path also makes you hard to gank while in the jungle due to red buff slowing any escapes. The time to level 4 with this path is around the same amount of time as the blue buff path, but the main problem with this path is the Mana Management, which restricts your use of abilities on jungle creeps.

This is a path where you might want to conside taking Heroic Charge at level 2 if you decide to early gank or protect your self from an counter-jungler that may be seeking first blood, there has been many a time i've pulled off a successful level 2 gank by taking this at 2. With this path, try for a level 2 or 3 gank. Don't try ganking unless you have Heroic Charge at least. For both paths you should be decently healthy especially if you got a good leash.


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Why use wards? Especially since I'm Poppy!

The wards are mainly used for gaining vision over the map, this is the most important way to gain map control. Vision over the enemy movements makes avoiding ganks possible, if not easy. It also can be used more offensive way like caughting enemies on the places where they don't expect to be ganked such as in your jungle, or their jungler going for their blue, which might lead to a buff steal.

Poppy as a solo-top/ a top champion shouldnt be the main character warding, you should leave the job up to your tanks and your bot lane support. However in the rare instance that nobody on your team wards, your going to have to step up and fill the gap, after all no point not spending that small 75g on a sight ward and getting ganked giving the enemy 350g+.

The main Areas you should Consider Warding are:

Entrance to Baron for easy steals late game for your jungler, Only ward this past 25min or so.

The tri-bush next to your tower, to prevent any mid circling behind you and catching you just out of range of your tower, as well as to stop any counter-jungler from stealing red.

In lane- this is recommended as you will be pushed to your tower a lot, and you want to know where your enemies are in case of "Mia's" otherwise your own mid lane will pay the price.

The bottom bush of the top lane. This is imperitive as the enemy will often hide down this side of the lane to gank you. Be careful, and avoid facechecking this bush alone.

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To Conclude.

This guide is reasonably long so I'll keep the conclusion short. Poppy isnt banned often in ranked matches simply because she's simply not played enough. Your single target burst will rip through enemy carries. She is hard to master but with enough dedication and practice you too can master Poppy and adapt to all game situations.
I hope that this guide gave you the knowledge you needed to play Poppy effectively, may your enemies be Poppified.

I'd like to say thank you to Jhoijhoi, without her this guide wouldnt have been possible.

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