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Rammus Build Guide by shockedbunny

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shockedbunny

T(op)Roll Rammus

shockedbunny Last updated on July 21, 2013
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Honor Guard

Defense: 23


Utility: 7

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About Me

Hey I'm Shocked Bunny

I'm no pro or anything special but I am highly motivated and passionate about league of legends and love coming up with out of the ordinary techniques. Started playing season 1 and mainly played mid. Near the end off season 2 I decided to stop messing around and get out of elo hell. Went up around 500 elo with mainly shaco. Season 3 I started to fall down and when I decided to win again I went up 300 elo in the course of a week using my rammus. I am currently at around a 64% win rate with rammus in over 300 games so I can say i have a pretty good understanding of the champion. Hope you enjoy my guide :) and if you have any question or concerns leave me a comment or send me a PM.

Sorry for posting too soon, archiving soon once i finish copying all to another page. Please comment any advice you might give me about the order i pu things in or what you dont like about the completed sections(Finished up to counter). All comments - or + welcome, taking down soon

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First off: I won almost all the games I played with my typical build besides the ones where my team surrendered. Surrender is one of the biggest problems because people don't understand how hard Rammus can carry. So I guess that will be my first piece of advice. DO NOT SURRENDER a ranked game things can always turn around especially if u have someone who can take down towers quickly, someone who can tank towers well, and the speed to do it in time. Rammus does well in these categories so just believe.

I've been updating this guide trying to give you the most information I can before releasing it so I hope you enjoy it and find the guide useful. I will continue updating to go over what to level up, what to buy, how to survive top lane, and some different strategies amongst other things.

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Pros/ Cons

PRO # 1

+ Extremely Strong Late Game

PRO # 2

+ Great AOE damage ]

PRO # 3

+ Can (if build right) 1v1 all but the tankiest champs

PRO # 4

+ One of the Greatest Mobility allows for: easy engages and disengages, roaming and ganking during laning phase, split pushing, countering split pushers

PRO # 5

+ He is a cute character and lovable

PRO # 6

+ He is one of the strongest tanks with W on. Great for a squishy team vs 2 tanks. He Can tank the whole enemy team and be an excellent peeler for carries

PRO # 7

+ He can turn the game with the ability to tank towers, split push hard, destroy carries, tank with two lives with suggested build. Ultimately raising the teams morale

PRO # 8

+ Has the games longest most annoying taunt allowing him to disable carries or bruisers and bring them into lethal danger

PRO # 9

+ This build has the element of surprise he can come out of nowhere and destroy an unsuspecting enemy team.

Other Pros

+ Versatile Builds - can be tanky, bruiser, mobile, and/or heavy magic dealer

+ Can spend long amounts of time in lane due to his kit that prevents diving when hes low, and his high mobility that allows him to come back to lane quickly wither from shop or from ganking lanes allowing maximum about of experience while providing utility for the team

+ Due to his kit and my build he is able to destroy adc's even once your team has fed them. A phrase that applies quite nicely from boxer Robert Fitzsimmons became " The bigger they are the harder they fall"

+ Is currently one of the top 3 champions with highest win %

CON # 1

- Weak early game

CON # 2

- Summoner's Spells can make raggers rage or troll in champion select

CON # 3

- Needs Team cooperation without it rammus will fail or he will have a hard time carrying everyone. What could be a great initiation with teamwork can get rammus screwed without- requires teammates with attention communication reliability and reflexes

CONS # 4

- Rammus is skill dependent and kinda useless when abilities on cooldown, an early ultimate can cause a team fights to be postponed and might cause team to lose out on opportunities

CON # 5

- Weaker than other tanks when his W - Defensive Ball Curl is down

CON # 6

- He can be countered completely in champion select (with heavy cc, ap, and true damage champions) if chosen early making him kinda underpowered in game

CON # 7

- Need a decent amount of experience to succeed, so I took him out of jungle and into lane where. He is a slow to medium speed jungler who can be easily counter jungled and cause him to fall behind.

CON # 8

- Can get kited and kept away from ranged champions in lane by use of minons taking away the power of his Powerball

CON # 9

-Slow attack speed

CON # 10

- Item dependent - needs extra health in order to use the armor that builds so well on his kit

CON # 11

- Very low damage when building full tank

CON # 12

- He is a melee champion with no sustain and with a high cost q ability, proper harass in lane can make him need to go back to base often

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Abilities and Skill Sequence

Click Here to go to Skill Sequence


Passive: Spiked Shell

Rammus gain an increase in attack damage equal to 25% of his total armor.

Cooldown: 10 seconds Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 mana

ACTIVE: Rammus enters a rolling ball state for up to 7 seconds, constantly accelerating from an initial bonus 3% move speed up to a bonus 165% move speed. While in this state, Rammus cannot attack or use Puncturing Taunt. Casting Powerball again during its duration will end it instantly. Powerball will end if Defensive Ball Curl is activated during its duration. The cooldown will start once Powerball ends.

Upon impacting with an enemy unit, Rammus will knock back all nearby enemies (within 200 range), dealing magic damage equal to 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+ 100% AP). Additionally, enemies affected by the impact will be slowed by 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% for 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 14 seconds Cost: 40 mana

ACTIVE: Rammus enters a defensive stance for 6 seconds increasing his armor and magic resistance by 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 and returning magic damage to enemies equal to 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 (+ 10% armor) whenever they use a basic attack against him.

Defensive Ball Curl will end if Powerball is activated during its duration.

Cooldown: 12 seconds Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 mana
Puncturing TauntPuncturing Taunt
ACTIVE: Rammus taunts an enemy champion, reducing their armor by 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 and forcing them to attack Rammus for 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 10 seconds Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 mana

ACTIVE: Rammus creates tremors beneath him for 8 seconds dealing magic damage equal to 65 / 130 / 195 (+ 30% AP) to units and structures within 300 range each second. Rammus can move, attack and use other abilities while Tremors is in effect.

Max damage to a unit inside ultimate through whole duration is 520 / 1040 / 1560 (+ 240% AP)

General color reference for stats used in abilities : Armor______Mana_____Ability Power_____Attack Damage

Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Click Here to go to Simplified Skill Sequence Breakdown

With Rammus you want to both tanky and a disabler. For this reason I suggest you level your abilities as shown above. Maxing Puncturing Taunt first will allow you to punish your enemy for over extending into tower range and they will fear diving you knowing that you might taunt. Defensive Ball Curl will provide you with the survivability needed to tank the auto attacks of your enemy from either harass, as a result of Puncturing Taunt, or if the enemy decides to dive you. Max Defensive Ball Curl second in general since it will be more useful to you at higher level when team-fights take place. Make sure you are taking a point in Powerball by level four for the boosted mobility and knock-back but max it last since mana cost increases making mobility mana cost too high. While you do gain an increase in damage and slow by leveling powerball these aren't the main reasons you get power ball.

You might want to max Defensive Ball Curl first if your enemy is ranged and tends to keep his distance from you. You will be able to better tank abilities such as Javelin Toss or Yorick's Ghouls like Omen of Famine or Righteous Fury and not be so pushed back away from farm.

So pretty much if you are going to need to tank the damages to be able to get some farm then Defensive Ball Curl will be your best bet, it will also give you extra damage to last hit with while it is activated. Also in higher elo games where people know not to approach so close to the tower this is also the smarter choice since it will protect you from harass, give you extra ad for last hitting, and protect you when you are being ganked and cant run away with Powerball just yet. Puncturing Taunt will work better versus heavy pushers so you can just freeze lane and taunt if they get too close, the long duration will allow the turret to punish their decision. I will go more into detail about his in the Strategy Section

Updated simplified verison

  • Max Puncturing Taunt E to lockdown enemies
  • Max Defensive Ball Curl W to increase tackiness
  • Max Powerball Q mainly for team fights since it will be the only AOE CC, normaly
    maxed last since in lane the main usage is the speed which does not increase with levels
  • Level Tremors R as soon as possible for max damage output

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The is no one right way to play a champion, to build a champion, to level up mastery points... This also applies to the rune page. There is not one rune game that works for all occasions and all players.

I will go into 3 of the rune pages I use and why I use them. You might disagree and that good the more variety the better, comment the runes you would use and why. I can try and see how good they work. But here are the three main pages I use.



Greater Quintessence of Health

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage
3 Greater Quintessence of Health gives +78 Health which allows for a more flexible build by requiring less health early and giving the option of starting with straight armor

9 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction gives +7.47% Cooldown Reduction to taunt more often early and late game without buying items. Powerball is reduced from 10 seconds to 9.3, Defensive Ball Curl is reduced from 14 to 13 seconds, Puncturing Taunt is reduced from 12 to 11, Tremors is reduced from 60 seconds to 55.5 seconds. While these might not be significant since rammus is ability reliant any amount off cooldown is good.

9 Greater Seal of Armor gives 12.69 Armor. In my opinion armor is one of the best option for Seals in most champions and great for rammus since he get so much stronger with armor. On top of this this additional armor adds 3.25 physical damage and 1.3 damage to Defensive Ball Curl

9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage gives 8.55 Physical Damage. This is one option and it helps a lot in his early game for last hitting minions.

His build and kit are strong late game so in my opinion he is not too rune reliant later. For this reason I get early game runes that allow for easier laning where he fails the hardest. With these runes and no masteries he ups his base attack damage by 11.8 from 54 to 62, and his base armor from 24.8 to 37 which then increases attack damage an extra 9 point to 71

To Summarize Base Stats

60->71 Attack Damage

25->37 Armor

506->584 Health



Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

3 Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed gives 4.5% movement speed increase which stacks on his high mobility kit allowing for faster ganks, return to lane, engages and disengages. This is more of a late early to early late game quint. It makes him more useful once he has the items to engage but makes the early game harder also at higher speeds the actual movement increase is lower than stated so the benefits are diminished but valuable nonetheless. For this reason, since I like to play safe, I only run these quints when:
  1. A) I can trust my team to carry well in case I fail and need more time to catch up
  2. B) I feel it is an easy lane,
  3. C) Im in normals and plan on messing around or getting fed hard.
In order to kind of understand the effect this increases base movement speed from 335 to 350, boots increase it from 335 to 360.

9 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction gives +7.47% Cooldown Reduction to taunt more often early and late game without buying items. Powerball is reduced from 10 seconds to 9.3, Defensive Ball Curl is reduced from 14 to 13 seconds, Puncturing Taunt is reduced from 12 to 11, Tremors is reduced from 60 seconds to 55.5 seconds. While these might not be significant since rammus is ability reliant any amount off cooldown is good.

9 Greater Seal of Armor gives 12.69 Armor. In my opinion armor is one of the best option for Seals in most champions and great for rammus since he get so much stronger with armor. On top of this this additional armor adds 3.25 physical damage and 1.3 damage to Defensive Ball Curl

9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration gives 7.8 magic penetration works great for early to late game. It increases the damage Defensive Ball Curl does to minions and champions as well as the damage dealt by Thornmail, Sunfire Cape, Powerball, and Tremors.

This build will do better late game if successful early game but farming and surviving will be a lot harder. This is a good rune page if you build medium damage in my opinion, since heavy damage will have these abilities build into the items and will be safer to run with standard runes.

To Summarize Base Stats

60->63 Attack Damage

37 Armor

335->350 Movement Speed

620->647 Max Powerball Speed

0->7.5% Magic Penetration



Greater Quintessence of Health

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Look at my previous 2 rune pages to understand how each of these runes work

This is my rune page when I plan to go heavy damage. I get a little extra tankiness from health quints making early game easier and also allowing independence from tanky items to allow for a more damaging build. The magic penetration will also cause these items to have a stronger effect.

To Summarize Base Stats

60->63 Attack Damage

37 Armor

506->584 Health

0->7.5% Magic Penetration

Other Options:

Magic Resist Glyphs- For heavy magic damage opponents

AP Quints- For heavy damage build, or if you decide to play mid lane (much harder in my opinion)

Greater Mark of Hybrid PenetrationGreater Mark of Hybrid Penetration
Hybrid Penetration Marks- Slightly easier farming and slightly stronger late game

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These masteries are different from the first mentioned in the guide, consider it as 2 different options I take. However the following explanation encompasses both mastery sets


As far as masteries go, I try and get as tanky as possible while getting the utility required to use summoners spells more often and with more effect since teleport and revive have such a long cool down.


3 points in Mastermind allows for a 10% cooldown reduction on the spells. A point in Summoner's Insight allows for a faster teleport in order to have the maximum use of homeguard and revive speed buffs, it also increases your health once you revive. Adding 3 points to Wanderer synergizes well with this build's strategy by increasing movement speed out of combat by 2%. I thing you should realize is that if you are using Boots of Mobility and Wanderer an attack to you will noticeably slow you.


The most essential masteries in this category for me are 4 points in Durability and 1 point in Veteran's Scars for early tankyness to allow for a more flexible build, 2 in Tough Skin to allow you to attack in lane without getting torn apart by minons, at least one in Hardiness to increase your armor, after 1 point the increase in armor isn't as much so its not necessary, 1 point in Bladed Armor so mixed with you W - Defensive Ball Curl and Thornmail you can farm while harassing in lane or chasing an enemy. 1 point in [safeguard] reducing turret damage taken by 5% so you can dive towers easier or tank them when your team needs to push, this plus your build's tankyness will allow you to tank towers very well (even better than you might want, I once tried to suicide with under 400 health but the tower took so long to kill me the enemies got there and got the kill :/ ). 3 points in Legendary Armor and At least 1 in Juggernaut to increase tankyness without tankyness dependence. 1 point in Reinforced Armor to decrease damage taken by ADCs and lastly Honor Guard to just sum the tankyness up. But again make this your own see what you like best mine is just what works with my play style and might not even be close to the best mastery set there are other combinations but consider my essential masteries as the core and build what you want after that. Either to reduce CC, slows, damage from any champion etc.

Bonus: Level up Defender to anticipate upcoming ganks if that worries you might get a quicker warning.

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Summoner's Spells

And here is the reason almost everyone thinks im a troll. If you go ahead and read the background you might get an understanding of how I got to thinking these spell might work. But its shear stats that show they work. Even when team troll my spell work. But if you dont want to trust then there are other options that work quite nicely. I will go over each spell , its usefulness, its pros and its cons to help you make a decision of which you would like best :)

My God Tier


Teleport is one of my favorite summoner spells on my top lane rammus. It combines very well with homeguard and Powerball to gank and move the required distance to get a taunt.


High Utility, Works Well With Powerball, Provides Extremely Quick and Strong Ganks, Allows: Split Pushing, Fast return to lane, Quick escapes if hidden in jungle, synergizes with revive (2 uses per 1 revive).


Medium High Cooldown, Can Lead to quick death if done with bad timing. Not an an offensive, defensive, or escape spell.


I like to think outside the box. I also like to make strategies and tactics. Revive provides many of those which I will explain in later. Works well on rammus because he can pretty much die revive and get back in the action with his speed. You need to master when to use.


1 extra life/teammate. Extra health with Summoner's Insight . Extreme speed buff for 12 seconds. Synergizes with kit and teleport. Can be used as an element of surprise since no one expects it. Gets your opponent in lane cocky thinking you are an idiot.


High Cooldown, Might make people think they can die whenever they want to cause they can come back with revieve WRONG!!!!. Will make everyone think you are a troll and people might troll or afk because of it.


Flash is what everyone wants to get on rammus and because of it I out it on got tier. I honestly use it more as a situational spell. Dodge Malphite's, Lux's, draven's, Cho's Ultimates. Also to escape jarvan's ult or other characters which are hard to escape otherwise. I would also use it to kite around a tower, survive a dive, or juke. It can on top of that be used for what everyone else uses it for - jump obstacles like a spikey pony and allow for a better chase/escape.


Great Escape, works for jukes, disengages, dodging, avoiding minions, flashing over a person to hit them with Powerball backwards.


Medium High Cooldown, Few uses in team fights

My 2nd Tier


When you cant escape with powerball this gives you a good distance from enemy till you can powerball.


Stacks Speed with homeguard and powerball, Good when stuck behind a wall of minons.


Medium Cooldown. Powerball is basically same thing in situations without minions and is much lower cooldown. Flash much stronger as escape


If your jungler just wont pick it up or you dont trust them and you yourself are a great objective smiter.


Low cooldown. Can secure baron for team with his mobility and tankiness he does a good job of stealing 1v5. Few extra gold in lane with mastery. Can smite a minion out of the way if you need to powerball through.


Pretty useless in lane. Again might be called troll.


Useful vs high sustain champs Xin Zhao, Volibear, Jax, etc.. Might want to pick up if no one on your team has it and/or if other team has a lot of sustain champs.


Great against heals, does true damage so good vs tanky champs for last few bit of health ex. Poppy, Ram. Prevents enemy from escaping with low health


Medium Cooldown. Works better on other characters. Can be canceled


Helps in survivability and Baiting


Great for tower baits or to prevent tower dives if they know you have it, Good when you tower dive to a tower hit. Counters Ignites damage.


Medium cooldown, Not too useful late game

Situalional/Meh Tier


This one is worthy of second tier but I would say this will depend on who you are laning against. It would definitely have its uses but it really depends.


Can be used like barrier for baiting or surviving under tower. Can be used to slow down enemies after diving so they take more hits. Can be used to slow enemies engaging or being chased. Can be used on a nuker or high damage champion to buy some time.


Does not stop true damage. Ignite is normally what kills when they tower dive and that will still hurt. Can be removed by champions like ali,olaf,yi or with cleanse.


Since you are tanky heal wont do much %health but the health given will be worth a lot when weighted with your armor and other defenses


Can be used to bait, save teammates, survive one more attack, health is worth a lot to rammus because of his tankiness


Pretty useless vs ignite, less health than barrier, low % health gain


Useful vs high cc teams that wont let you get your job done. Also can prevent early deaths. Very situational and not generally useful. If needed i recommend buying qss over getting this spell if you actually notice that you need it in game. In my opinions summoner spells you can buy in shop just aren't worth it.


Removes CC, Removes Ignite.


Can be bought in shop, much better spells to use.

No tier


Useful if you need mana but pretty much pointless


Restores a bit of mana, Works to whole team


Rammus is not that mana hungry to require this


Not very useful on rammus better support get it. But nonetheless there are still uses if you like this spell


Low Cooldown. Can try and see where the jungler is for your team so the lanes know when they can push. Can see if your going to be counter ganked when you gank a lane. Can check objectives and have vision in vital places of map that have no wards.


Partially chance based that you will see anything. There are better spell more useful.

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While I placed this section before what counters rammus you should look at it after those sections in order to see what items are best under certain situations.

Starting Items

Before picking any items look at the enemy top lane and jungler. These should make you decide on your items.

Prefered Items

If your top lane is skill shot based boots might be a good option. This will also allow for dodging and escape from ganks. With the lower boot cost i'd recommend 3 Health Potions and 1 Mana Potion. However if their jungler is the type to gank early and disable you boots and pots wont help much so you might want to look at other options such as trading some pots for a sight ward or a different starting item.

If your top lane opponent is physical attack damage heavy or you want to go with my preferred option, get cloth armor as you starting item. It is my preferred even vs mages because in early levels magic attacks normally wont do much. Cloth will give you 15 armor, 1.5 damage on your Defensive Ball Curl, and 7.5 physical damage. Making farming a lot easier. I also build it with 2 Health Potions and a sight ward. If you dont think jungle will be top much if top pushes hard, or top is just hurting too much try 5 Health Potions.

If you plan on buying early mercury's threads, and/or you think your opponent will deal good magic damage and cause you to back early, or he has heavy magic poke you cant dodge, then this might be a good item for you. It will keep magic from hurting you or your farm too much early. You can build this vs non magic dealing champs if their team has CC you want to shorten and you think your lane will be easy and you can get away with this item; I'd recommend getting boots in this case though

Other Items

I rarely build this especially now that it has no armor. Based on the passive however this might not be too bad an item if you get an adc or someone who relies heavily on auto attacks. It will provide a decent amount of health and sustain early game and then you can build some armor on top when you back.

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What Counters Rammus...

In the next three sections I will mention the things that work well against Rammus and hurt his game the most. Also why these things hurt as much as they do. I will then help you defend yourself in the Beating Counters Section by showing how to prevent each of these things from hurting you if you can not avoid seeing themin your game.

There are a couple of things(Spells, Items(and their effects),Abilities,Champions,and Strategies) that counter Rammus, these include:

  1. (1) High percentage slow 50-99% such as The Box, Ice Blast, Noxious Trap, Cripple, Wall of Pain, Bola Strike Wither, and Mega Adhesive.
  2. (2) High sustain such as Battle Cry which will heal Xin Zhao even if he is not dealing that much damage to you, same with Shen's Vorpal Blade and Aatrox's Blood Thirst / Blood Price.

    Other typess of sustain that work well vs Rammus include Warwick's passive Eternal Thirst, Cho'Gath's passive Carnivore, Nasus's Soul Eater, Lee Sin's Iron Will, Sion's Cannibalism, Swain's Ravenous Flock, Tryndamere's Bloodlust.

    The last set of high sustain abilities while they might be annoying can be countered with Rammus's kit alone, these include Akali's passive Twin Disciplines, Master Yi's Meditate, and Fiddlesticks's Drain.
  3. (3) True damage such as Silver Bolts, Feast, Noxian Guillotine
  4. (4) As well as percent damage such as Neurotoxin/ Venomous Bite, Bio-Arcane Barrage, and Null Zone.(Magic will hurt more naturally due to the higher armor tankiness)

Stategies to be careful of:

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Champions That You Need To Be Most Weary Of

Champions That Counter You Fairly Hard:

Guide Top

How these Champions Counter You

I will just give a short summary but expand later when talking about match ups

Chogath is one of my least favorite champions to go up against. If laning against him, early game is difficult due to his high sustain and ranged poke and cc. Later into the game he can get extremely tanky and peel you off with CC, Deal heavy magic damage, or simply just eat you and ignore all your tankiness
Darius can also be very annoying in lane due to his mixed damage, armor penetration, true damage ultimate, fair damage range, and his ability to pull you back as you are rolling away. Mid and Late game he is not that big of a problem but his pull can be and excellent peel if you are trying to get to a carry
Vayne is the ADC that counters the counter ADC, I give props to great vayne and say a great vayne will will or escape if played out right. In lane, if she happens to go top, she can harras you all day and keep you from hurting her. Max W and Roam its all you can do. Later in game if you can catch her off guard you can hold her down to do enough damage but her Silver Bolts will hurt hard leaving you weak after the fight. If she reacts fast enough and positions better than you she can use Condem to stun and get a kill or simply stun or push you in order to escape

With her high mobility she can escape your engages, taunts, and get out of your damage range if you are to attack her team. She can peel you off with Charm and can deal good magic damage and true damage. Against her I suggest again using the element of surprise or waiting for her cooldowns
With his high AA sustain, shield, high mobility, slow, and Kick he has a kit to pretty much counter you with easy. In lane he can deal good damage from afar, if hes faster than you he can jump to you with Resonating Strike and use Safeguard to jump to safety. Ive seen his safeguard being used mid taunt idk if its a glitch but its not nice. With his slow he can keep you from engaging/chasing. With Safeguard / Iron Will he can tank through your taunt taking little damage. Lastly with Dragon's Rage he can peel you off a carry hit you into minion while you are in Powerball or keep you from chasing. Im talking a good lee though, a bad lee will react slowly and feed you top, kick you mid taunt screwing his teammate harder or kick you in the wrong direction

Amumu is just annoying, I havent seen him top but his Bandage Toss can just ruin your engage/ escape attempt. Unlike most other game stuns Amumu's body collides with you ending your Powerball. On top of that he has his ultimate to stun you further. An Amumu gank well executed leaves you defenseless. Also he can get very tanky or deal heavy magic damage.
Sejuani is just a hoe, she slows constantly can launch herself at you if you try to escape breaking your Powerball, she has a good range stun to stop escapes or stop engages easily, and she's fairly tanky and depending on each of your guyses builds might win in a 1v1.
She has armor shredding (20% :/) << main reason, she can jump to you like amumu and stop powerball, she can use her ultimate and disable you from attacking carries very well.
Another armor shredder this time 30% with rammus being armor reliant this can hurt rammus really hard. He can deal good poke in lane and safely escape, he can bait abilities with clone or block powerball, his ultimate wont be stopped with taunt and even if you try and move him away from your carry it'll knock you up into the air and you dont taunt him anywhere
If playing against him top you are going to have a hard time, he can poke you since he is ranged and avoid ur W or thormail damage by using his abilities. Similar to Wukong, Kennen's lt will disable you if you try and taunt him, he also has other cc from his abilities to keep you from getting to him, and his lightning rush can be used to escape you or tank some damage then CC you then escape
Malzahar is a character I used to play a lot in seasons 1 and 2 so I understand how much he can do to rammus. His combo if properly timed and wiht a good build can destroy rammus or make him very weak keeping rammus from getting close to his team in fear of getting killed before touching anyone. He has a %health nuke, long range poke, and a long suppress that can keep rammus at a distance, waste valuable seconds off his ult, prevent rammus from taunting someone too far or kill the distance he could travel with powerball. His long range silence can alos keep rammus from taunting someone or beginning an escape

Very annoying in top lane, havent played against him in lane after the patch. His main annoyance is his low cd slow that prevents any chasing or disengaging from rammus
High sustain passive heals more than rammus can do in damage, he can get tanky and out damage rammus in a 1v1, he can prevent any chance of escape or chase with a constant slow
Pretty much he takes of rammus's tankiness with his ultimate which has a 40% armor shred , the tankier you are the tankier he gets, he also has a slow/wall to prevent rammus from getting to places
Has the ability to launch himself at you and disable powerball, then he has the ability to keep you in place with Three Talon Strike, since powerball is down escape is not an easy option, you can try and fight him, depending on his build (ap amount,lifesteal amount, attack speed) he can heal off just hitting you even with your W and thornmail on. Lastly he has an ultimate that can push you away if he needs to peel or that does %health if he wants to damge

Another ADC that can counter rammus, if he can keep his range on you he can keep you slowed and poke you with poison and his q which is basically a physical attack that will not proc thornmail or w :/. Only faced this guy top once and it was annoying, stacking armor and health will help end game but early you can either get to his face and make him use auto attacks with your taunt which will still leave you in danger if you cant kill him, or you can farm as best you can under tower dodge his poison, w his Acid Hunter, and roam

Heavy magic healer with crazy sustain, he will do good aoe damage even if hes not targeting you and it will make it hard to get to him. On top of that he has a root and a slow. You must work with your team on this unless you build enough damage. Try and taunt before he ults or it will be kinda pointless.
He has some hard cc, he can launch himself at you while pulling you back and kill your Powerball and preventing an escape he can also do this when you are going for a carry to prevent an engage. If you taunt him you just stun yourself and he can build tanky enough and use a shield to take little damage. He also has a slow and knock up ult to you from engaging/disengaging
She has a root, a slow, and annoying shields, she can also finish you off from far away if you think you can escape with low health. Though you can dodge her abilities she still has a really long range poke and low cooldowns so its annoying to play against
Im not quite sure what it is about him other than his leap can stop power ball, he can leap mid taunt, his ult makes him very tanky, and taunting him just makes you take very hard damage. He is not someone you want to 1v1 and top lane is annoying. It might be just me but I almost never win lane vs Jax
He can just gallop away since he has a faster instant speed that you, also he can use his ult to disengage you or disable you
Deals percent damage every 6 seconds, he has armor shreading up to 26%, and his knock up and his ult can prevent you form escaping or engaging. This is one of the only times I run flash on rammus. There have actually been times where if in powerball you or jarvan can get knocked out of jarvans ult byt he ult itself
She has 2 % health magic damage abilities, can stun you if u chase , can use pets as well as Rappel to prevent a Powerball hit
His cleaver does percent health as well as slow you severly, he can do good amount of aoe damage fro a longer rate than you can, can heal up to tank your damage.
Deals insane damage getting close to him, he has the games second strongest instant slow at 80% and reduces your magic resist making you even more susceptible to his attacks

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Beating Counters

" A Good Defense is the Best Offense "

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Lane Match Ups

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Creeping / Jungling

No longer valid after patch 3.7 {taunted minions for little extra damage

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Background ( Just for fun, skip if you want) -- History of how my build dev

Rammus was once a top ban who was feared by all. But then, in what appeared to be a matter of days, the God Rammus that used to roam around Summoners Rift vanished. For a while he lay untouched, his potential ignored, and his use mocked. Until two small wonders occurred.

1. Homeguard was introduced into the League of Legends
2. With the help of trundles troll power and Rammus's amazing speed a new era was started

InvisibleFor me it all started one game where I had decided to play Rammus for no particular reason just ***** and giggles, I was doing really bad in jungle and feeding the enemy team a good amount of kills. They had pushed all of our lanes up to the base and our team was on the verge of destruction. My team begged for me to surrender but the troll in my and my control over my roommate made it so our team could never surrender. I decided to try out Homeguard boots not really knowing what they did. But as soon as I left the base after buying them I flew at my enemies with incredible speed. I could catch anyone who overextended to near our base and taunt them into submission. Quickly my team realized that us being so pushed would work in our favor. As the team pushed I rolled out from base, taunted the poor sucker and watched as my teammates would destroy them. I died almost every time but I was worth no gold and my assist gave me enough gold to grow stronger and stronger. I had built an avarice blade before to make gold since I could not farm. I bought a zeal to help my speed and upgraded them both. The result was a good amount of damage I dealt to my enemies.

InvisibleI played this a couple of times as jungle. I would feed at the start but eventually the enemies would be pushed to a dangerous place and our team would come back. I saw the awesome potential that if i started to lose it only made my (t)rolling more dangerous. I then realized that teleport worked with homeguard. I had always jungled Rammus with Smite and Flash or Smite and Teleport and so this new finding would not make me change by spell but it made my ganks incredibly stronger. Teleporting from base I could gank almost any lane, taunt and an enemy would die 80% of the time (btw 57% of statistics are made up on the spot). I started to dominate the map, ganking lanes without possible escape. A key ingredient to my jungle success was warding. By buying Wriggles and sightstone not only did I help my team have vision. I could control where I teleported to from my ganks. With speeds nearing 1800 after a teleport I had a very good range of attack.

InvisibleOne moment that made me want to perfect this Rammus gaming and push my limits was a game where I bought close to the same items listed under my high mobility damage build in the section above. My movement speed was so high without homeguard and I needed to test it with homeguard and teleport. My target.. was ez in mid. I told my team to watch as I started to teleport near him. Ezreal technically was 2 Flashes so his escape possibility was high, he knew this so he just slowly started to walk away. I appeared and launched at him over 2000 speed he used Flash , used Arcane Shift and still had no chance of escape, I killed him under his tower with more than 3/4 health left. I saw then that Rammus still had extreme potential to offer.

InvisibleAfter this I looked for a faster better Rammus, after a couple of trials i moved to top Rammus, top Rammus with Ghost, and finally Teleport and Revive. I explained in a different section how, and why this works.


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Origin of insane damage build

Everyone has their good days and their bad days, and the reason I decided to include a new build for rammus is due to one of my bad days. As you all know, having the wrong runes can destroy your game play, making you weaker or squishier. This was my case that game, wrong runes wrong masterpieces starting with about 60 less health than normal and a lot less tankyness and ap runes and masteries. Facing top Jarvan I realized I needed to be careful because of his poke and gap closer