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League of Legends Build Guide Author kackfu

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kackfu Last updated on August 15, 2017
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Team 2 is the build i currently use

Started this off with one champ in mind. Now i have saved it for my prefered builds Team 2.


Changes made so you all can know how to make the perfect build.
I first started this build with Gangplank and then came up with some other builds with character i enjoy.
The first build is for critical max hits. This works with pretty much any character that usues attack power.

Have made changes to runes items ect for testing purposes.

First build 2000+ CRITS!!!
Second build: Def and max damage for staying alive. This would be a great build if your going up agains a team that has physical damage. I use this build with Gangplank and Garen.

You will see a 4500 health Gangplank lol he can be a fun tank. You wont die as much and can still average about 10 kills a game.
3rd build is the cooldown build this ill be my main build at level 30. I have figured that i can get my cooldown to about 40 percent. With using forzen heart. This is a dps build that is a work in progress and i will be making changes to it once i get to that point. Runes will take 20 percent then one item meeting the other 20.

4th build: My garen build or any other dps build you are looking to have good mr and armor. I like this build for tanking and doing good damage to turrets. You can run in and out of most group battles to start a fight and then have every target you then spin out of battle with half life still. Very nice for your team.

5th build. I am using Rumble the most right now this build is just amazing. I am using the runes i have in the garen build dodge, cooldown, magic pen instead of armor pen and health. I will change to all cooldowns or go agility dodage and magic pen. I prefer the cooldowns because his specail is so awesome. On build 5 instead of the 20% cooldown get the 25% cooldown Nashors tooth. I like the speed on it as well because i have killed people with just hitting them prob is the cost.

These builds are fun and i hope you try them all. Good luck with getting all the items. But if you do wow you are loving life. You are welcome.

Any information you would like to share would help me and others.

Runes aer important to have just make sure you get the ones that compliment your play stay not someone elses.

Beginning battle: Gangplank

Okay I will make this short and to the point deny the enemy at the start by killing spawning minions. No longer can deny. boooohoooooo!

Every time an item is up i immediately grab it for the upgrade. I really disliked the beginning attakc style of this dude. So i took the fast attack boots. Made it feel amazing with just that additional attack speed. PVP i will get the swift boots attack speed is nice but i think speed is now a better option for this squishy guy.

Then infinity blade for bonus crit and attack.

Bagged the bloodthirsters go for the 45 attack power first then get the other infinity blades after you have maxed out the 45 attack power blades.

First thing after boots trinity all those bonuses help early on.

Make sure you always buy the lower of these items if you can because they are great to have.

I may change this build to utility and offense for the cool downs if i dont use the runes. Because the best way to play this guy is form a distance so if parrrley is always up that is the big hitter and if needed you can run in and hit them if they have low life. If not stay back and always search the map for easy cannon barrage kills this ability sucks now by the way. I use to get almost half my kills and assists from that ability alone. Not anymore.

No longer get the avarice blades. No point when you get the trinity so quick.

Spells i prefer ghost and exhaust.

My pros:
Love the cannon attack to help out team.
Range damage unit with up close attacks that are good.
Really easy to make a build.
You are a pirate!!!! That is actually a male in lol and and you are a range gunner that is actually a male.

You cannot harrase like other range.
If you stay in the battle you will die while your team walks away lol.
If you play with a team mate that needs help you probably will be at lower health to help.

Skill setup,

Always have Raise Morale up.
Remove scurvy is my heal and get out of jail once free card.
Parrrley when you engage an enemy.
Try to hit him with your sword at least once to get the decrease heal going with Grog Soaked Blade.
Then use Cannon Barrage with the assist of another team mate to finish him off with their team mate.
Usually get two kills off a good Cannon Barrage.

Before you start a battle with your team use Cannon Barrage to split up the enemy. And if they dont split up you will have a two kill ratio.

Farming Hug the tower because your killing minions at the beginning. Let your turret kill them and you can hit a couple for killing blow gold. Well you dont kill minions anymore just get extra gold from perrrly.

Jungling give it to the tougher dudes most the time.

Pots work great if you get them.


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