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Dominion Guide: Roles and Teamwork. (Updating)

Dominion Guide: Roles and Teamwork. (Updating)

Updated on October 31, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zemiazas Build Guide By Zemiazas 294 8 249,514 Views 136 Comments
294 8 249,514 Views 136 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Zemiazas Build Guide By Zemiazas Updated on October 31, 2011
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Important: this build is actually under construction, it lacks proper graphical display and it is highly susceptible of being altered as user's opinion over such a situational game mode is always accepted and taken into consideration. All champions will be taken care of.

Welcome to my Dominion guide about roles and teamwork. Here you will read what I think should be the best team composition and behaviour during such a fast paced game that always seems to be unexpected and everyone seems to be doing anything.

Dominion is far less structured than the Classic, but some things have to be determined for sure. I won't be comparing both game modes, though they might have some similarities... farfetched ones.

If you think that knowing this could be helpful to improve gameplay or team working, among other skills, I would really appreciate if you made a reference to this guide. I consider it has some nice basics about Dominion that most players shouldn't miss.

Btw, english ins't my native language, so please forgive my mistakes.
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Dominion Spotlight.

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The Capturer.

The first and maybe most important role, well... at least a decisive one. Every team should have one full time capturer, they are quite annoying. Their role is to take undefended capture points and do not get killed by enemies when they interrupt.

Best champions for this: Janna, Rammus, Evelynn, Shaco, Twitch, Zilean, etc.

Here are capturer's skills:

* Very, very high mobility.
- They should always have Mobility Boots or at least Boots of Swiftness.
- They should have at least one skill movement oriented. ( Powerball, Zephyr, Agony's Embrace).

* CC
- Used to escape from someone that wants to stop you from capturing. ( Two-Shiv Poison, Zephyr, etc.)

* Stealth
- Best way to escape from incoming enemies, and capturers can even stay stealthed, ping, then gank who is interrumpting you ( Shadow Walk, Ambush, Deceive).

Recommended Items.

Most of Capturer's build start with Mobility Boots, and some HP item to make them more resistant.

They almost always continue with Priscilla's Blessing for the increased capture rate (15%), which is their role. Health regen is very important too, so as not to be going back all the time and use that time capturing. It is one of the roles that prioritizes survivability.

Most capturer's build continue with Warmog's Armor and Quicksilver Sash because they serve for the purpose we are chasing: staying alive and running to another spot. Next items should keep maximizing this, like Force of Nature for increased Mres and mobility. Some capturer's prefer Zhonya's Hourglass to prevent burst damage and get some cooldown on their attackers. Shurelya's Battlesong and Randuin's Omen serve perfectly, life, armor, haste, slow, what else would you like?

Recommended Summoner Spells.

About Ghost: considering they already have high mobility and that there are three free ghosts around the Crystal Scar taking Ghost feels a bit redundant. So, capturer's should not take ghost. Instead:

Flash: flash in the hands of a skilled player always saves your life. As long as you flash through a wall and use all your speed to get away, you shouldn't ever get caught. Always ping yourself for help when in this situation.

Cleanse: although many capturer's get Quicksilver Sash, Cleanse's relatively low cooldown coould save your life, it will depend on your enemies CC.

Exhaust: <- plus your mobility, poof, you got away; though if you are going to pick Exhaust, Ghost may be more effective if you are attacked by many enemies.

~ ~ ~ Later on the guide I'll comment on how to work with your allied capturer and against enemy ones.
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The Disrupter.

Disrupter's role is quite self-explanatory, to disrupt captures. They are those ones that can kill quite fast but the most important aspect: they have long ranged - global skills. Their main mission is to kill the enemy capturer as fast as they can, although matching a capturer's speed is quite hard. CC gets very important.

Best champions for this: Nocturne, Gangplank, Lux, Karthus, Ezreal, Pantheon, Ashe, Twisted Fate, etc.

Here are disrupter's skills:

* Global / Very Long Range.
- Key of disrupting. A good capturer's instinct is to flee when they are interrupted because they know they have been seen and someone is going on their way. ( Cannon Barrage, Paranoia, Finales Funkeln, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Trueshot Barrage, Destiny, Requiem, etc).

* Critical % and/or burst damage.
- Capturers get away quite fast, it is important to be able to deal them great loads of damage in little time.

* CC.
- Self-explanatory. ( Wall of Pain, Light Binding, etc.).

Recommended Items:

"Disrupters" is a much larger variety of champions than Capturers and they also serve another role (Takers, most of the time), so their items are not that predictable. There are some, though, that are highly recommended:

Hextech Sweeper: just amazing. Once I fought as capturer Eve against a team that had a disrupting Karthus with Hextech Sweeper and his ultimate was like Twisted Fate's Destiny but with huge damage, showing enemies position after being used.

Hextech Gunblade: for hybrid champions, its active is a Very useful crowd control and it's quite heavy (50%).

Infinity Edge: for AD champions, makes those hard to land hits more destructive.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: because of the CC.

The Lightbringer: excellent to get that Eve or Twitch that wants to stealth or any champion that's keen on running to the bushes.

Recommended Summoner Spells:

Ignite: for sure, damaging fast and securing a kill is what matters.

Exhaust: always! If the capturer you are chasing is a good one, it should have Cleanse, so consider using it after he has wasted it. If you have burst damage, exhaust gives you more that enough time.

Capturer's are hard to chase, if you don't kill them fast, they have many ways to get away, and running doesn't help, so Ghost isn't very useful, though you could try how good you can get with it. I'd rather Exhaust.

Vayne's passive is excellent for killing capturers, as she has some stunning speed when chasing and her Tumble guarantees some advantage. She hasn't got a global skill, but it's very hard to escape from a Vayne... even harder if she has Flash -_-
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The Taker.

Most disrupters can also be takers. Takers focus on getting the defended enemies CPs (Capture Points), not the ones that were left alone. There are many ways to -take- a defended capture point, but two things are vital: range and burst damage.

Ideal champions for this: Lux, Xin Zhao, Veigar, Kog'Maw, Kassadin, LeBlanc, Anivia, Annie.

Taker's skills usually are:

* Range
- Capture Points are bothersome turrets too, so being able to poke your enemy defenders from afar is just cool. ( Lux, Morgana, for ex.)
- Many defenders have taunts and stunning skills that are used so that you take turret damage ( Puncturing Taunt, Cryptic Gaze).

* Burst Damage
- You can't waste much time. Staying around a Capture Point and not going to other ones is what the defender wants, to make you lose your hp slowly while you try unsuccsessfully to lower their health. You have to be fast.

* Area of Effect
- Average deffenders are always moving on their CP, some skills are hard to land. This is why AoE are quite effective. Just imagine Anivia's Glacial Storm on a taken CP, amazing.

Recommended Items:

Get bursty! Rabadon's Deathcap ftw.

Get fast! Phantom Dancer Youmuu's Ghostblade

And... get more bursty? Void Staff.

The "takers" are, maybe, the most diverse champions, as almost everyone can perform this role. But if your enemy has a Good defender, believe me, it won't be easy to get a capture point unless you go in a group against him. Stacking up some armor makes you much more resistant to the Capture Point's attacks.

Recommended Summoner Spells

Garrison!! Defenders feel so secure next to their quite slow, quite short-ranged pseudo turret, once you use garrison you should stop worrying about its attacks. 80% less damage is next to no-damage, so you will feel free to go in, kill whoever is turtling there and capture that point.

Flash: If you fail, this spell maaay save your life if used well; or you can use it to get the escaping defender with low health. Flash, as we all know it, is very versatile, so it's up to you.

Ignite, when it's about killing someone, Ignite is always handy. Kinda self-explanatory.
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The Defender.

Defender's role is more than securing a capture point, it is to make enemies waste their time. It is often to see enemies obsessed with a CP in particular with no reason when there are others that are not being defended.

Ideal champions for this are: Galio, Taric, Heimerdinger ftw!, Teemo, Maokai, Nunu & Willump, Singed, Trundle, Vladimir, Soraka etc.

Considering all this, defender's main skills are:

* Tankyness
- Defenders must resist, so some of them are tanks with high HP, Mres and/or armor.

* Good harassment and farming.
- Heimerdinger is the best example, with two turrets in the capture point, missiles and grenades, he sometimes even picks a kill when some intrepid enemy dives into, just by using his UPGRADE!!!. Also Galio's Resolute Smite is Very bothersome when trying to get close to him.
- Farming? When defenders are not being attacked, they should kill as many minions as they can. Minions have quite a strong capturing influence if they are well pushed. They don't always capture, but they are good at neutralizing.

* Hardcore CC.
- Defenders should be able to get a kill when someone wants to dive into them. If the enemy isn't a good taker, just some poker that doesn't know where he's getting, a good defender should be able to stun/taunt/slow in the right moment. Best examples are Nunu & Willump's Absolute Zero, Galio's Idol of Durand, the very well known Heimerdinger's UPGRADE!!!, Morgana's Soul Shackles and Nasus' Wither are great too.

Recommended Items:

All tanky and resistance oriented items, like Warmog's Armor or Force of Nature. Thornmail is excellent for very Dps teams (Very, VERY usual nowadays, when people don't know how to play wisely their casters).

Entropy is a very interesting choice. This very big and expensive Phage, with its active can get a nice kill if you are Nasus or Malphite and you are defending in your CP.

The most taken defender item, as expected, is Zhonya's Hourglass, always lifesaving. It resets your enemies cooldowns (most people just keep on using skills on the Zhonya-ed champs) and buys you some time. Also, of course, gives you cool 100AP and some nice 50 armor.

Other interesting choices for defenders are: Frozen Heart, Odyn's Veil (this is a great one), Guardian Angel (but remember is a fast game, so you may not use its reviving stuff many times), Warden's Mail, etc.

Recommended Summoner Spells:

This is quite a tough decision. If they CP-dive you efficiently, it is odd to see someone escaping, so flashing, ghosting, or exhausting seem like a waste of summoner spell slot. When you choose a summoner spell it has to be something that you know that more than 75% of the times you use it, it will prove itself useful. A great example is:

Promote: if you defend successfully, you should start pushing, and that Mega minion can guarantee you it will capture the CP if no enemy shows up. Every time you use it, someone should have a bad time killing it.

We said defenders need hardcore CC, Exhaust is acceptable. Nevertheless, you have to remember that good defenders are attacked by big groups, so unless you get fast help, you may not end up alive. But it is always worthy, big groups on a single CP guarantees your capturer to take theirs easily and your takers to act as capturers meanwhile. Your second summoner spell is up to you, you may want to consider Ignite to be more efficient getting kills while defending.


By Nightstyle

" I have a problem with the way Defenders are rated in this guide: from my experience, defenders are not just required to survive long and hold a point under assault till help arrives, but also need sustain and some kind of hopefully good AoE. This is because you will likely be starting down and competing vs an enemy defender. If he has good harrasment and/or sustain, with you having none, he will gain the advantage, forcing you back to base often, leaving your point open, or alternatively having you run over the map half of the time to collect health relics. You could call a mate over to help, but unless it results in a successful gank/kill and a resulting push/taking of a CP, this means the enemies will have greater numbers on the rest of the map in the meantime, all just to help a defender who loses the fight vs an enemy one. Also don't forget the cases where simply no one is able to come to help you because dead/busy with enemies.
The reason for AoE is that vs. a good pusher, even if you could easily hold the point against 1-2 enemy champions alone, you will most likely fail against a strong creepwave neutralizing your point, in which case you failed in defending it as well in my opinion.

As such, heroes without any sustains or without AoEs on a low enough CD that they can afford to use often, such as Blitzcrank, should receive a lower rating as Defenders."
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About the New Items.

Odyn's Veil.

Odyn's Veil replaces Banshee's Veil in the game mode Dominion. Something you should keep in mind is that Odyn's Veil active proc Sheen.

This is, mainly, an anti-caster item. It should be used by defenders and slayers. The first ones have to tolerate the takers' damage (many of them are bursty casters like Annie) and the second ones have to kill them before they get killed. It is hard to get used to its active, and it is wise to accumulate a bit of damage before using it. It can deal up to 600 damage, not little.

Prospector's Blade

When it comes to hardcore initial sustainability for melees, Prospector's Blade is the way to go. This item replaces Doran's Blade in Dominion. Always remember that unlike Doran's, the health bonus does not stack with other Propesctor's item, nor with more Prospector's blade.

Prospector's Ring

This item replaces Doran's Ring in Dominion. It is the initial item that offers the highest sustainability for casters and it is very cost effective. Just like with the blade, the health bonus does not stack with other Prospector's Ring or any other Prospector's item.

Kitae's Bloodrazor

This item from the advanced tier replaces Madred's Bloodrazor in Dominion. It is a "tank shredding" item type, because of the health % damage. It should be used by melee takers, melee dirsupters, but it isn't highly recommended for slayers because they often kill squishy enemies.

Sanguine Blade

This item replaces Bloodthirster in Dominion. It is quite an expensive (2900g) item from the advanced tier. The more attack speed you have, the higher this item is recommended because of the passive. Sanguine Blade is the physical counterpart of Guinsoo's Rageblade.


The most expensive new item, only available for Dominion. You should always know that Entropy is the only item that allows you to deal true damage and that is the second (there are only two, the first one is Odyn's Veil) item whose active proc Sheen. Just marvellous, epic, on melee dirsupters, it is the ideal weapon to chase fleeing capturers.

Hextech Sweeper

Hextech Sweeper

This item is also only available in Dominion. It is quite a particular one from the Legendary tier whose passive only activates with spell damage (including physical spell damage) and item actives such as Hextech Gunblade and Odyn's Veil, and not from passive magic damage like the damage from Sunfire Aegis. It is an anti-stealth and anti-running-into-the-bush. Awesome combinations with this item are Karthus' Requiem or Kog'Maw's Living Artillery.

Ionic Spark

It is an advanced item only available in Dominion. It is curious that it is the first item to offer both attack speed and health besides Trinity Force. Excellent on any melee whose main source of damage are auto-attacks. I've seen lots of fearsome Teemos using it.

The Lightbringer

Also, only available on Dominion, this advanced item is The tool for disrupters. It is like an anti- Evelynn or anti- Twitch when they get full capturers. In my opinion it is one of the most cost effective among the new ones, really worth having it.

Priscilla's Blessing

The capturer's Must, so far, this advanced item is the only one that increases the rate of CP captures. Of course, it is only available in Dominion. Its active may save your life, don't underestimate it. It is Very cost effective if you focus on capturing.
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Team Work and Strategies.

Knowing the roles is just the mere beginning of everything. There are lots of strategies to consider and tips to be known.

First of all let's talk about Team Composition.

-> 1 capturer
-> 3 takers
-> 1 defender
-> 1 disrupter.

Wtf 6? It is obvious that many champions can do well in different roles. Many disrupters (-> that kills capturers) are excellent takers (like Lux or Ezreal). Many defenders are excellent disrupters (like Karthus), etc.

One has to be always on the run getting your enemies nervous capturing their CP, the takers are in constant fight over enemies Capture Points and there is always someone trying to secure one of yours, being poked by an enemy taker. But this does not always happen, Dominion is HIGHLY situational.

Early Game Strategies.

I will assume that you know that what comes next are just mere ideas. They aren't they way Dominion is meant to be played, that's obvious, but they have proved themselves useful. Almost anything could happen at the beginning of a match, but some player behaviour is predictable and you can do something about that if you are smart.

The Windmill: also known as "Top", is a very conflictive capture point. It is the most distant CP from the base, being at same distance from both team's spawning place. At the beginning, the team that gets the Windmill usually is the one that deals the initial damage to the other team. So, secure the Windmill.

One idea is this: 3 have to go to the windmill. 2 have to be kinda tanky, melee if they can. The third has to be a caster with CC. One of these three should be your capturer, the first one to reach the place and start the capture. The caster Mustn't capture, it has to prevent harassment so your allies that are capturing can do it without problems. Your caster has to use its CC and whatever it can to avoid getting the ones that are capturing from attacked. If this fails, the team that disrupted (arrived later) is on a slight advantage because they attacked you to disrupt, so you have a bit of HP less.

Now starts the Windmill Fight, quite an event. It is ideal to win it to start good, so the best choice is to have one more champion than them. The two that didn't go to the windmill should go there asap if they see many enemy icons in the minimap. Now a common strategy is the 4-0-1, as people start to see top's importance. Remember that can Never cover all of the things you want at Dominion, so that "0" in the enemy strategy should be used for your advantage.

Quid pro Quo: it is common to see everyone focusing on the Wmill, and it's a nice opportunity for your capturer to start its job. Imagine you are the left ones, so you have the Quarry and the Refinery close to you, and the Drill at right top, and the Boneyard at right bot. When everyone is on the Windmill, the quid pro quo idea is to send someone to capture their side-top (right top, or left top; Drill or Refinery). This is highly annoying, usually nobody defends these spots at the beginning and the ones that are fightning on the Windmill don't know if keep fightning or go to their being-taken CP.

Mid-Game Strategies:

Roles and rules in Teamfights: Capturers are supports or tanks, actually the only tank capturer is Rammus, the other ones are supports or stealth champs. Takers are carries and casters, Defenders are tanks and some are casters, Disrupters are dps melees or full AP casters. The important part is that all this isn't even noticed when you are fightning, in Dominion people just... fight.

Well... -you- have to be smarter. Remember how you used to think in the Classic mode. The Golden Rule: if they are more than you, retreat and ping. I have seen so many teammates fightning 2v3, 2v4, 2v5 as if there was only one enemy and it is quite hard to understand why they do it. Everyone is just driven by the recklessness and fast paced stuff, they don't seem to remember the important and basic principles.

PING! two roles ping: capturers and defenders. Takers (the ones that do most damage) must Whenever possible go to the pinged places, prioritizing Defenders. Defenders are just buying some time, waiting for their teammates to gank the enemies. Capturers should be able to escape just fine, but if they are being chased all over the inside roads of the Crystal Scar, someone should aid them asap.

The quests: perfect scenario to prove your skills. Your defender must stay at the Cp that has to be defended (marked with a shield on the minimap). Your capturer must go to a CP that isn't the quest's one, to distract your enemies. And your takers must do one of these: A) help the defender if the enemy is rushing into their quest's CP; B) gank the ones that go after your capturer or C) take the quest CP if it isn't being heavily defended.

Quests may drastically change the course of everything. They put everyone on the move, make defenders change places and capturers to get mad about capturing that particular CP and rushing recklessly there. Just... focus on it! If you accomplish it, it is a cool


to your enemies' nexus (it's like killing 10 enemy champions). When a quest is on, try to avoid dying and going b, use the healing spots.

Dominion Baiting 101: by mid game your enemies should already clearly know who your bothersome capturer is and have someone always chasing after it. If it is a Nocturne, well, best of lucks. But if it isn't, two takers (good at damaging) should be in a bush near the CP your capturer has just been trying to capture. Common capturers would flee, in this case you will stay, looking weak and delicious. Normaly two is the maximum number that goes after a bothersome capturer, so you should outnumber them. Besides you have the surprise factor and a good support (your capt.).

Relic Baiting: the Ring is obviously the big circle where the CPs are. That area and the relic's area are always visible spots. Seeing someone in the mid of your minimap, knowing he is getting a strong self-regenerating shield (the relic) makes most teams want to kill that champion as fast as possible. When someone is going for the Relic, it has to ping or say it on the chat. The relic is for takers, or in some cases for the defender; but takers tend to need it more. Always, always someone has to be near your relic taker to protect and help, it is a very frequented spot. If you are more organized, plan the baiting and simulate lag or indecision, meaning: if there is some allied champ near the bush waiting to gank and you are taking the relic, try to be visible in the minimap as long as possible. Go to one side, then to another, stay quiet, then to another, and someone on the enemy team should have pinged you already and two might be going to get you. Capturer's that are always moving should be close to help and support.

CP harassment: strategy mainly used by capturers. Not everything is capturing, it is about neutralizing too. Do not stay for the capture if you know they are going to get to you quite soon. If you don't see at least three enemy faces on the minimap, neutralize and run to neutralize another thing. Sometime, someone will have to go and recapture that point, while you are neutralizing another one. When you are being hardcorely chased, ping yourself (use "G" on your keyboard) and ask for help. Remember capturer, you are important. Kinda. (/joking).

Late-game Strategies:

The Hare: (capture, run, capture, run) if your nexus has more hp than your enemies, then start a capturing frenzy. It's as if everyone is a capturer, go for those CP that are all alone (better if you go in groups) and take them, if someone comes, leave to another one. Sometimes this enters into a quite fun game mode: the enemy team starts to do the same! "If they take ours, we'll take theirs!" but they are at hp disadvantage, so as long as they follow this capturing - countercapturing game, they'll be losing life over time. This is quite risky, because if you lose a team fight doing this, you may have lost the game. Nevertheless, worked for my teams 4 times already.

The Turtle: (defend with all your skills when you have majority) this strategy gives full importance to your defender. You should have three CPs and try to keep them for as long as possible. Sooner or later your enemies should do one of this two options: A) Rush all five to get that CP they so desperately want or B) Rush to the less defended one. Be aware of their movements, go there, and kill them if you can. Remember that they are rushing to Your CP, so it's your personal slow short-ranged lovely turret that gives you a slight advantage. Summarizing: defend for as long as you can! Takers should consider using Garrison to heal their CPs. Don't forget to tell your disrupters to be constantly using their global skills to stop anything from being taken. (Btw, Luxes rock at this, such a low CD, such a strong and long ranged ult. If you want, check out my Dominion Lux build here).

The Swarm: (rushing a CP in a group of 4 or 5, then another one, and disperse) risk incarnated. It is used against Turtling and it usually goes out kinda well. All your team has to move to the same CP, one that has only one innocent defender on it. It is ideal if that CP has another enemy CP close. You shouldn't move through the ring, and shouldn't go through the relic's, in order not to be seen. Kill the defender as fast as possible, fast capture the CP and all five rush to the closest one and capture it too. By this time, you should be seriously counter-captured, disperse and leave one defender on the new CP that you got. Do this only if you have some good team composition and feel you can succeed if a 4v5 or 5v5 fight shows up, which tends to be the answer to this kind of behaviour. Yet, the swarm is cool because teams are usually dispersed all over the Crystal Scar. Don't do it often though, they can esaily take the CPs you left unprotected, unlesssss... you have a good disrupter ( Karthus, Gangplank, Ezreal, Ashe) to stop them. Be wise, b if you have low hp, or b if you think you'll get faster by b-ing.

The Ants: at late game you should all have lvl 15>, meaning you are quite strong. Guess who isn't? The minions. It shouldn't take you lots of time, but whenever you see en enemy minion, kill them. You get gold, and by the time your enemy realizes, their CP will be shining in red with no enemy champ face next to it. Bothers a LOT. Usually minions are enough to neutralize. Common teams defensive instincts activate when they see a big face next to their CP on the minimap, if you try to kill minions from the jungle/inside roads, would be better. But do it fast and leave. Do this only if you are at advantage and have majority.
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Champions and Roles.

--> This is being written now, 05/10 as you are reading it. It will be published every time a champion is finished. Comment! This is merely my sad and not deeply important point of view, yours is the one that matters!. I will add all the GOOD ideas about every champ, altering their scores if your ideas are well defended. Also remember that the marks were thought "if you build this champion purely for this role".<--

As I consider there are lots of LoL knowledge out there, what I will write about the champions isn't definitive. This will be open to comments and even voting, and I will try to upload your points of view (if they are well defended) next to every champions profile.

Akali, the Fist of Shadow.

Akali is a stealthed, melee assasin champion, very interesting to play in Dominion. Her skill Twilight Shroud gives her some amazing flexibility in different roles, and now she even excels more at killing weak champions.

->Capturer Akali: 6/10. Her shroud allows her to perform excellent escaping tricks, but on the other hand she is a lethal 1v1 champion, like every assasin, so if someone who isn't very skilled at killing capturers goes after her alone, she might even pick that kill. Yet if the enemy has a good disrupter focused on killing sneaky champions and Akali has to get away, her shroud without Flash can't do much.

-> Taker Akali: 5/10 when it comes to fightning strong tanky and very resistant champions, an Akali may have some difficulties. The only defender she might be able to have some fun with could be Heimerdinger, and only when he's not tanky; but peneatrating through that Alistar or Taric with their CC isn't the best of ideas.

-> Disrupter Akali: 9/10 1v1 fights with someone that is focusing on escaping. Her Shadow Dance is what makes her so lethal, even more with a Rylai's Crystal Scepter on her build. She lacks of the global skill to prevent the full capture, but once she has arrived to the bothersome enemy, good Akalis don't let it get away.

-> Defender Akali: 7.5/10 Twilight Shroud ftw! a Very useful skill at defending CPs. If someone goes alone and tries to take the spot she is defending, she can perform pretty well. It is bothersome to see an anchored at an enemy CP because it always means that two or more people have to go there to make her leave. Even if attacked by a group, her ultimate and shroud might even give her a kill and allow her to escape from the assault.

Recommended Akali Dominion Guide: Akali: The Epitome of An Assasin by Bryun.

Alistar, the Minotaur.

Alistar is a pusher, tank, melee champion. A very praised tank, with some bothersome CC, with a literal Unbreakable Will.

-> Capturer Alistar: 7/10 when it's about survivability, Alistar excels. He can knock up enemies, heal himself, knock back, and get really hard to kill with his Unbreakable Will. Though when it comes to moving fast, he's not so good at it and a good disrupter should be able to chase him and kill him using critical damage. Though, this will take the enemy quite a long time, enabling him to ping and get assisted as soon as possible.

-> Taker Alistar: 7.5/10quite hard to manage, Alistar's Headbutt enables him to surprise and knock back the defender. He can withstand many damage from any physical source, so he is like a taker-support. His ultimate allows him to escape from CC and with very high resistance to practically everything. Sadly, his damage output isn't good enough for a taker that needs range and burst.

-> Disrupter Alistar: 4/10 really not good at killing someone fast. He has some CC, but any capturer should get away easily from him. He hasn't got any global skill or long ranged, so this role shouldn't be adopted with this champ.

-> Defender Alistar: 9/10 just impossible to go through alone. No normal melee should be able to take an Alistar away from the CP without taking some interesting turret damage. It is hard for Alistar, though, to kill someone at the Capture Point, or at least it requires many skill to get a kill. He can even tolerate 2v1, while pinging for a ganking to the takers that are spending their time with him. Best role for him.

Recommended Alistar Dominion Guide: Pelikin's Ali the MOST OP Dominion Champion.

Amumu, the Sad Mummy.

Amumu is a very fearsome tank melee. He hasn't got any friends and he's always banned from draft games, no wonder why he's so sad. Let's see how he fits into Dominion.

-> Capturer Amumu: 3/10 I think he might be one of the worst capturers, obviously. He has survivability, as any tank, but no more CC than his Q (that leaves him next to his enemy) and his precious Curse of the Sad Mummy that shouldn't be wasted just to escape from someone who tries to kill you.

-> Taker Amumu: 8/10 we could categorize him, and some other champs, as taker-initiators. Amumu as a solo-taker isn't very good, he can't do fast bursty damage, and the one defending will be very resistant in most cases. But if he goes with another champion, he can withstand lots of damage and stun everyone and constantly deal AoE damage to all those ones next to him. Amumu with his HP% damage is a very useful anti-tank, and should always be next to another taker -> captured ~

-> Disrupter Amumu: 5/10 well he's kinda annoying as a disrupter. Most of the time he's dealing constant damage on the capturer (if they didn't leave on time). He doesn't excel at this though, nor at chasing. If his Bandage Toss fails, everything fails, and his ultimate should only be used in this situations if you can secure the kill (meaning, if someone is helping you, common capturers should be able to escape).

-> Defender Amumu: 7.5/10 like any tank, defending seems to suit them well. If Amumu is attacked by two takers, only a very good one would survive and pick a kill. His damage-over-time isn't the best choice for this kind of situations. We could say he is good at melee champs, but not at bursty casters, although they would have to waste many spells on getting his hp low.

Recommended Amumu Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your build<-

Anivia, the Cryophoenix.

Anivia is a quite hard to use (wisely) ranged mage, with some unique skills that make her an interesting choice for Dominion. Let's see what she's good at:

-> Capturer Anivia: 7.5/10 she hasn't got the speed, but her CC is just amazing. Slows everywhere, an Anivia with a good mana pool should get away from anyone and start another capture. Her Crystallize is more then amazing for this fleeing purposes. She's squishy, though, but with a capturing-focused build it can perform excellently.

-> Taker Anivia: 10/10! her Glacial Storm leaves no other choice than leaving capture points as soon as possible. An amazing taker, with very good damage output, range and CC. And if she gets killed, she might get a second chance with her Rebirth

-> Disrupter Anivia: 7.5/10 once again her CC may guarantee killing the fast capturers, but cooldown, squishyness, non-global range, and low speed aren't on her side. If the capturer isn't with full health, he might not escape from our beloved cryophoenix.

-> Defender Anivia: 5/10 she can't tolerate bursty damage. She won't be able to hold the place for a very long time, although her ultimate may allow her to escape. Not recommended to defend as Anivia.

Recommended Anivia Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your build<-

Annie, the Dark Child.

It's an Annie with a white thing around her, Run! We all know and have seen Annies burst capabilities. She is an excellent ranged mage that con perform very well at Dominion.

-> Capturer Annie: 2/10 please don't. Only if you are lucky to have your stun you maay get away, but it is definetely not her role. Her damage output is cool, yes, but if she hasn't got Tibbers, cooldowns -will- guarantee her death.

-> Taker Annie: 9->10/10 bursting ftw! ranged and bursty mage, the best for this job of killing someone fast. She is Very squishy and should always be next to a taker-initiator such as Amumu or Alistar, as turret damage might kill her. (9 common Annies, -> 10 if you play her extremely well).

Anusgoblin wrote:
Honestly Annie should be rated a 10 at taking. Her AoE stun right off of baseplate makes her incredible early game. By the time you have 10 kills and 0 deaths(If you play her right) you should be able to blow through their team with no problem. Annie is easily one of the best takers in dominion currently due to her ability to burst AoE nuke enemy teams with ease.

-> Disrupter Annie: 8/10 if she can't kill the capturer with one full skill sequence (odd, most [good] Annies kill Anyone with all their skills), the capturer will get away. Nevertheless, her burst damage combined with a good surprise factor (speed buff + showing up from behind) make her someone that excels at killing fast. She's quite slow though, will take her some time to reach the CP being capped.

-> Defender Annie: 4/10 you know you really shouldn't be defending, but you also know that if Summon: Tibbers is up and you can perform well your Pyromania, you might pick a kill before dying. Yet, it is better if you leave that kind of job for other more tankier and defender champions like Nasus.

Recommended Annie Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your build<-

Ashe, the Frost Archer.

Yeah! I'll capture it! Omg! What's that strangely huge and disproportionate arrow?!

Ashe, the always-free ranged carry. A very interesting champion worth trying in Dominion, capable to do something that most teams love to: excel at killing capturers.

-> Capturer Ashe: 8/10 with a proper capturer build, and all her CC, she might be able to get away from any kind of hunting. She would need mobility and a bit of tankyness to try to resist attacks. Yet, building her this way might, and only might, make her a bit less effective when taking other roles in a same game.

-> Taker Ashe: 5/10 she's kind of a poker. Her CC isn't really useful. Imagine an Ashe in the Summoner Rift against a tank next to a slower, with lesser range turret. It would take her lots of time to get it killed. But, she has the range! So that gives her some capabilities at this role. Pro Ashes might be good takers.

-> Disrupter Ashe: 10/10! It is odd to see someone getting away from so much CC, more if it starts with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow. There are, basically, two ways of using it: being far away from the capturer and shoot it just to buy your team some time, or being close to the capturer and use it to secure the kill. Very, VERY hard to get away from a good disrupter Ashe (of course, thanks to her Frost Shot). We also have to remember that every 3 seconds that Ashe is going to the capturer, more chances to deal a nice critical starting strike thanks to her amazing Focus.

-> Defender Ashe: 3/10 her slows might buy her some... seconds, but she shouldn't last long in the Capture Point. A good taker LeBlanc shouldn't have major difficulties killing a defender Ashe. Not recommended ~

Recommended Ashe Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your build<-

Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem.

"Give me a handshake"

Blitzcrank is a very special melee fighter, very annoying and known by his long ranged Q. A very versatile champion for Dominion.

-> Capturer Blitzcrank: 9/10 Overdrive and Mana Barrier ftw! He has a movement-oriented skill and a survivability passive that make him an excellent capturer that it hasn't be discovered by many so far. You should really try out to perform this role.

-> Taker Blitzcrank: 8/10 anxiety will get you mad whenever you see someone defending and feeling secure at the CP. Rocket Grab is an -excellent- initiator, followed by the well known combo of Power Fist and Static Field while on Overdrive for increased attack speed. If he goes alone and the defender is Very tanky, that might not be enough, but if someone is next to Blitzcrank, as long as the Q is successfull -> captured.

-> Disrupter Blitzcrank: 6/10 no global skill, and his only ranged skill is his sometimes-hard-to-land Rocket Grab. His Overdrive give him the necessary speed to perform a nice chasing, along with the huge range of his ultimate, but playing him as a disrupter may end up in unsuccessfull chases all over the map, that consume most of your time (good capturers don't run in a straight line, and are Always fast); until they ping you and get you killed. Only very damaging and skilled Blitz should focus on this role.

-> Defender Blitzcrank: 9/10 if you haven't been Rocket Grabbed to a turret and killed by a Blitzcrank, you haven't played enough LoL yet. A nice tanky Blitz can resist for quite a long time. If he is attacked by more than one, he might have a hard time, yet, his fightning skills might allow him to pick a kill (one squishy and daring caster that got too close). Mana Barrier gives him enough time to run if things are getting tight; get healed, and go back to help.

Recommended Blitzcrank Dominion Guide: sysp's "SpeedCrank: Blitzing through Dominion (Move speed/Hybrid)". Really, take a look at it, seems a solid and very productive way to build Blitz.

Brand, the Burning Vengeance.

Brand is an impressive ranged mage known by his poking abilities and lethal combos. He's very capable of multi-killing in situations where enemies are all togheter, so Dominion is an excellent scenario for his skills.

-> Capturer Brand: 4/10 he hasn't got the speed nor the survivability in his skills, so his only way of escaping would be by using Sear on an previously set a Blaze enemy, giving this only 2 seconds of stun and being not a fast and easy way to flee. If he follows a capturer build, all his power isn't exploited.

-> Taker Brand: 9.5/10 anyone can't stay quiet if a Brand is near, getting hit by one of his abilities starts the unescapable rythym of his deadly combo. If a CP is on a heavy multiplayer defense, Pyroclasm would definetely mean a change in the outcome of any battle. Burst plus range, and the ability to kill fast.

-> Disrupter Brand: 7.5/10 he isn't very good at chasing, and is highly dependent on killing with one full, well perferomed combo. He hasn't got any very long ranged skill and most capturers shouldn't have any problem fleeing from a Brand. Yet, his burst abilities are fearsome.

-> Defender Brand: 5.5/10 he isn't as bad as other casters when it comes to defending, yet he shouldn't do it. His Pillar of Flame makes him a bit fearsome and hard to engage, but once he is in range of his enemies, his squishyness condemns him. And if he isn't squishy, he isn't capable of doing much damage (because of the build).

Recommended Brand Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your Build<-

Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover.

Another well known fearsome ranged carry, Caitlyn has one of the most impressive ranges in the League. A very fun to play champion and very interesting in Dominion.

-> Capturer Caitlyn: 3/10 seriously not recommended to waste so many ranged skills, and a carry champion in running through the map. She hasn't got the movement oriented skills, but can perform nice escapes with her 90 Caliber Net.

-> Taker Caitlyn: 6.5/10 harassment incarnated. A good Caitlyn with crit % and attack speed should be able to deal some interesting damage to the defenders and start shredding them. She has a nice range, but it is enough to stack armor to counter her quite effectively (and most defenders do). She lacks the burst damage and it might take her quite a long time to get that beefy Alistar out of there.

-> Disrupter Caitlyn: 8.5/10 Ace in the Hole guarantees many kills, and more if the enemy is keen on running away. Building Zeal and then Phantom Dancer along with some Boots of Swiftness and some CC-on-hit item could make her an excellent chaser. It is enough to hit once to make those Mobility Boots turn worthless for some seconds, enough for Caitlyn to start raping.

-> Defender Caitlyn: 6.5/10 she has a nice range, yet, she's squishy. Her Yordle Snap Trap in the defended CP might prove effective and takers could have a hard time getting close to her. Once they do it, she won't have much time left. She isn't tanky by default and lacks of the survivability skills, unlike Unbreakable Will or Drunken Rage.

-> Slayer Caitlyn: 9/10 once again, like Katarina she isn't duly exploited at tanking against bursty opponents, nor at running all over the map, neither at being very fast when it comes to killing someone with high armor and HP, but she can perform marvellously when it comes to killing someone who isn't stacking armor, doesn't want to flee and will stay in range. Caitlyn's mission is to assist capturer's and defender's ping to kill the enemy's takers and disrupters and lower the enemy team's offensive strenght, maximizing your team's pushing and capturing. Yet, she will have to be faster than her enemies to stay alive, as takers are very good at shredding.

Recommended Caitlyn Dominion Guide: ->Recommend yout Build<-

Cassiopeia, the Serpent's Embrace.

Cassiopeia Du Couteau, sister of Katarina, is a poisonous ranged mage. She is considered to be very difficult to use, and even more in Dominion.

-> Capturer Cassiopeia: 3/10 very, very squishy, slow, and her CC is quite poor when it has to be used for escaping purposes. Her skills are much better when used offensively.

-> Taker Cassiopeia: 9/10 either you move, or you move from her posions. Her range and constant usage of skills is excellent to take defenders away, the big con is that her damage isn't very bursty. Taker Cassiopeias must be wise enough to completely avoid turret damage.

-> Disrupter Cassiopeias: 9.5/10 every time she hits with her Noxious Blast she will be able to move faster, and a well placed Miasma has enough CC to land lots of her E. Spamming Twin Fang on poisonous enemies it is usually enough to kill them if you succedeed with the whole skill sequence, and just in case they are getting away, a well placed Petrifying Gaze is something most enemies don't live to tell. A good Cassiopeia requires lots of skill and practice. With this constant skill spamming, buying Rylai's Crystal Scepter seems like and excellent choice (even more because of the HP).

-> Defender Cassiopeia: 7.5/10 she might be squishy but the closer you are to her, the faster your life goes down. Her innate Deadly Cadence turns her into a spamming machine, making it hard to either get close and pushing her. As a good defender, Cassiopeia might be able to do some fearsome pushing as minions perish under her Miasma. Getting too close to her would imply being petrified under the turret's attack. Good defender Cassiopeias can also be takers and disrupters without problem, yet all this require tons of skills.

Something important to know about mages like her is to try to avoid entering the inside roads, or, at least, not doing it alone. Enemy dirsupters, slayers and takers and moving from CP to CP in there and anyone of this can easily surprise her and get a kill. She always needs someone tanky next to her, minions, or an allied capture point, even more now that using melee dps characters is fashionable. Always remember that going in there means danger.

Recommended Cassiopeia Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your Build<-

Cho'Gath, the Terror of the Void.

He really inspires terror when at his full size. He might even be bigger than a Capture Point. This mage, fighter and melee is an interesting choice for Dominion.

-> Capturer Cho'Gath: 6.5/10 he has a huge hp pool and some hard to land CC, yet he lacks the speed. He is that kind of champion that could run to that near CP and then keep on taking others, but he mustn't focus in just running alone through the map. He is much more deadly with allies near.

-> Taker : 9/10 he has lots of CC and a nuke of true damage with Feast. His Feral Scream is a very decent silence and AoE AP skill, that can start the suppression of a defender.

-> Disrupter Cho'Gath: 7/10 if the capturer is tanky, he will have some trouble. Only skilled Chos can kill a fast and focused-in-escaping enemy, depending a lot on where they cast Rupture and if the damage is enough to feast on the enemy. He is slow, and hasn't got a global skill. He isn't that champion that focuses in chasing, so going after capturers isn't a good idea.

-> Defender Cho'Gath: 9.5/10 sometimes going against a Cho defending is going to your death. Well placed skills usually guarantee killing takers with the true damage nuke. Also, as a defender, Cho will have to push and will finally be able to take advantage of his passive Carnivore. He will also have the chance to Feast on minions, pushing even harder and getting stronger. As he is a good taker, when he reaches another CP by pushing, he has lots of chances of capturing it.

Recommended Cho'Gath Dominion Guide: -> Recommend your build here<-

Evelynn, the Widowmaker.

"It takes a lot of effort to move like this in heels."

And considering how fast Evelynn can move... yup, a lot of effort. The very-nerfed Eve is a very hard to play well champion at the summoner rift, but somehow at Dominion her skills seem easier to exploit and much, much more deadly.

-> Capturer Evelynn: 10/10! just an amazing role for her. She is naturally quite fast and with Mobility Boots can reach awesome speeds. The fun part is spamming Agony's Embrace for constant high speed, as its cooldown refreshes every time an enemy champion dies (which happens almost all the time = high speed all the time). Getting away from disrupters is as easy as pressing W and staying away from the Capture Point's stealth detection (you can be seen if you are within some range from it).

-> Taker Evelynn: 5.5/10 she is too squishy to enter these wild skirmishes, so it is highly recommended not to fight under capture points as Eve. Do it only if you know that you'll add some damage and have an easy kill near; not if a fight has just started and the defender has full hp.

-> Disrupter Evelynn: 8/10 capturers flee when they see enemies coming near. Well, they can't see Evelynn unless they spend their precious gold in Oracle's Extract. Also, any attack or ability while on Shadow Walk's effect will slow the target, constituting an interesting CC to start killing someone. Nonetheless most Eve's need some time to kill, and good capturers are highly tanky and with lots of resistances; besides their Cleaning Crowd Control abilities. Eve's only CC is shadow walk, so some skilled capturer should be able to escape from her.

-> Defender Evelynn: 2/10 so many useful skills shouldn't be wasted, not even for a second, turtling at a capture point. She is relatively easy to kill if attacked while she is visible and quiet, and no one with common sense would build her only tanky just to withstand damage.

-> Slayer Evelynn: 10/10! and let me tell you why. Usually things are calculated testing limits, or at least that happened in the summoner rift. There is a weird trend of not fleeing from 3v1 or even 4v1 just for the sake of dying. In all this craziness wise players do calculate with patience and think thoroughly when to start a battle and what are the odds of someone close coming to the fight. In this "I guess I can win this battle", if an Evelynn shows up, it means that a whole team fight has already been won (or at least you have very high odds of winning it). She, as a slayer, should focus in the squishiest of the enemies if fightning alone, but if she shows up on 2v2 teamfights, first pick the weakest, then the other one, they are so surprised thinking "Eve! -_-" that even forget to run away.

Recommended Evelynn Dominion Guide: ->sapmess' Eve be stealin yo apples!, as it's a capturer/slayer eve build and seems quite solid.

Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom.

Seeing Fiddlesticks suddenly entering a battle really makes most people fear, so we could say that the concept was a complete success. The Crystal Scar is recommended only for very skilled Fiddlesticks.

-> Capturer Fiddlesticks: 6/10 constant use of Terrify for escaping purposes works like magic. Reap's silence may save the life of a capturer Fiddlesticks too. It is important to say that this skills at low level are next to no CC, so Fidds isn't really strong at this when the match starts, but at high levels a 3 second fear is more than enough.

-> Taker Fiddlesticks: 7.5/10 he is very ultimate-dependant to perform a good taking, and in most cases the defender will not die with his ultimate as their HP pool is neverending. Fidds is squishy, so turret damage without Garrison plus the defender's CC could be lethal. Taker fiddlesticks will need a pure AP build.

-> Disrupter Fiddlesticks: 6/10 most Fidds are just not damaging enough, but well placed Terrify + Bountiful Harvest turns out to be annoyingly damaging. Although it is not recommended, to secure a kill the capturer should be surprised with the Crowstorm, and good capturers might even get away from it.

-> Defender Fiddlesticks: 8.5/10 with the healing from his Bountiful Harvest and well placed Terrify when the enemy is under the CP, it is quite hard to penetrate a Fiddlesticks. It isn't, for sure, a one-man job.

-> Slayer Fiddlesticks: 8/10 Fiddlesticks is very, very situational. At Dominion he is easy to kill at most early levels, so running through the inside roads is always risky. In one on one fights he sometimes doesn't do enough damage to kill the enemies that have interesting hp pools (most, nowadays), and his Terrify is always on CD (because you tried to kill it) so it can't be used to escape. He is a stable defender, as the turret damage and his fear can pick lots of kills, but he is, of course, much better killing weak people. Fiddlesticks is the team-fight changing champion, the one that takes the right decision in the right moment that picks 2, 3 or 4 kills, or nothing. As a good slayer Fidd be always near your takers, so if they face the enemies' takers in 2v2 or more, you are there to surprise them. 2 or 3 well placed Crowstorms are enough in a match to win it, as long as your capturer is doing his job.

Recommended Fiddlesticks Dominion Guide: M3ATL0V3RS' Fiddlesticks Dominion Guide is amazing (:

Garen, the Might of Demacia.

According to Riot and to many players, Garen is one of the easiest to use champions in the League. This recommended melee fighter is quite a tough opponent to face in Dominion.

-> Capturer Garen: 6/10 no movement oriented skills, but his Judgment is an excellent way to avoid crowd control as it removes and halves the incoming effects of slows. Also, average Garens are quite tough to kill if they are chased. Garen shouldn't be built like a capturer to perform quite well in this role.

-> Taker Garen: 8.5/10 he can tolerate huge amounts of damage while doing interesting harassment to however is turtling at the CP. He has the ability to "get the tank away" from the Capture Point, as it is instinctive to get away from a Garen coming with Judgment, ready to perform his Decisive Strike and Demacian Justice while under the effects of Courage. Just add a Sunfire Aegis and some tough build, and there you go, ready to get inside a Capture Point and shoo defenders.

-> Disrupter Garen: 4.5/10 no stun, no slow, no taunt, no chasing skills, he will be one of those that can only make the capturer get away to another capture point and continue with his job. You could consider taking Exhaust, but some CCC (Cleaning Crowd Control -> Cleanse Quicksilver Sash) would be enough.

-> Defender Garen: 9.5/10 it is odd to see Garens die fast. Garen, just like Heimerdinger, is one of those quite damaging defenders that can pick a kill if someone gets too close to him. A beefy Garen has the ability to deal nice damage and still be amazingly tanky (yet his skills aren't tank-wise). If you want to secure a turret and you have a Garen, they are very reliable at this.

Recommended Garen Dominion Guide: Garen - Tanky Dominion Justice! by smkoing dad

Heimerdinger, the Revered Inventor.

Oh no... Heim -_-

Yes, Heimerdinger is one of the best defenders at Dominion. He is a very particular and tricky to master ranged pusher mage, and can get quite deadly.

-> Capturer Heimerdinger: 4.5/10 no mobility at all, and not so cool escaping methods: his CH-1 Concussion Grenade has a very difficult to land stun, and besides from that his other CC is his valuable ultimate that shouldn't be wasted on escaping. Not recommended (besides, are you going to build him kinda tanky? Just... don't start wandering through the map with him).

-> Taker Heimerdinger: 6.5/10 he's more like a poker, but it will definitely take him some time to get a good defender out of his cage. And it shouldn't be that way, takers should work as fast as possible, as defender's objective is that you spend as much time as possible trying to kill them and leaving your other CP.

-> Disrupter Heimerdinger: 3/10 I even dare to say that he might even get killed by the capturer. Fleeing from him is very easy, and he isn't good at damaging fast and chasing someone. Just... don't go after capturers.

-> Defender Heimderinger: 10/10! and it isn't even necessary to follow a tanky build, as he is the very damaging defender type. I have played as a defender Heimerdinger many times and against lots of them and double kills are commonly seen. Dominion's fast pace and rushing stuff makes people forget there are two very harmful turrets susceptible of being UPGRADE!!!(ed) anytime and getting all takers killed. ~ Besides from defending perfectly (if you know how to move), he pushes to the enemy CP in no time. Good Heims withstand 1v3 for a long time and can pick a kill.

Panthaz89 wrote:
Building Heim as a tank is actually amazing for defending because he can continually disrupt enemies while they take turret dmg along with his grenades for blinds and his turrets. MR and armor debuff will actually take a toll on the enemies because Heim will take a lot in order to bring down and stall as much as possible and delay the capture for your team.

Indeed, a wise choice!

Recommended Heimerdinger Dominion Guide: Yoshida's Dominion: Heimer is an excellent build, for sure.

Janna, the Storm's Fury.

Janna, as I have read, is a very, VERY underrated champion. It might be because she is a really hard to use (wisely) support ranged. She has the biggest AoE heal and one of the strongest shields in the League, but above that, she is very fast.

-> Capturer Janna: 10/10! she isn't only Very fast with her amazing Zephyr, but also makes the rest of the team go faster with Tailwind. Such an excellent innate for this game mode. Capturer Janna has a very heavy slow, a shield, very high mobility, her knocking up Howling Gale (quite hard to use well), and her blowing ultimate that almost always saves her life. Ideal role for her.

-> Taker Janna: 5/10 this Janna should follow a full AP build, making her squishy and not using her great speed all the game. She has a long but predictable range on her Q, but her damage output isn't enough.

-> Disrupter Janna: 5/10 again, she has a good slow, but being a support already implies not being very good at killing. On the other hand, good capturers have either Cleanse or a Quicksilver Sash so they shouldn't have problems getting away from her.

-> Defender Janna: 8/10 hard to believe, she is quite capable at this. If she is built into AP and high life, she can hold capture points for quite a long time. Her shield can absorb more than 500 damage at mid-late game, and it has a not so long cooldown (10, normally less from the CDR). She can move fast inside the turret to avoid skills, slow her enemies, knock them up, and absorb tons of damage. If she is in a tight situation, her Monsoon would heal her, and knock away takers; after that she would shield herself again and try to hold the spot for even more time. A capturer Janna could easily build a little AP and leave some tankyness behind and serve both roles. A very versatile champion ~

Recommended Janna Dominion Guide: Capturer Janna; How did she get there?! by SaintMount. Seen it in action, very good build.

Jax, Grandmaster at Arms.

Once considered to be one of the most overpowered champions, after some tweaks, he is still a very fearsome melee fighter, and quite destructive in Dominion.

-> Capturer Jax: 5/10 if I have to focus purely in how good he is at escaping, staying alive if ganked and moving remarkably fast, I'd say this isn't the role for him. No one would waste a Jax building movement speed and tankyness.

-> Taker Jax: 7.5/10 if togheter with a taker-initiator like Amumu he can practically kill anyone. If a capture point isn't being defended by a proper defender, all his ravaging and continuous hits kill with ease. A good defender stacks armor, so everything ges harder for a Jax if it's about killing alone. It has to be considered that he has no Aoe, range or burst attacks.

-> Disrupter Jax: 8/10 he lacks of movement speed and global skills, but once he is attacking a capturer, his Leap Strike is an interesting chasing method. Normal capturers shouldn't attack him, not allowing him to use Counter Strike and making Jax a CC-less chaser.

-> Defender Jax: 5/10 Jaxes might look fearsome but at low levels any caster should be able to kill him before getting attacked by him. He shouldn't be built tanky just to defend, instead of that with high AP and AD and his Relentless Assault will eventually give him some interesting hp boost, enabling him to defend a bit more.

-> Slayer Jax: 9.5/10 he can easily kill any taker or disrupter in 1-1 fights, and even more if they are melee ones. His dodging ability and fightning skills. Jax should always be lurking in the inside roads of the Crystal Scar, waiting to attack the enemies that travel from different points, or to help a disrupter finish his chasing. Jaxs is, perhaps, one of the worst enemies a squishy taker can find while moving. Slayer-well-fed Jaxes get a +2 in the other roles.

Recommended Jax Dominion Guide: ->MajorLoL's Dominion Jax: Tanky Hybrid<-

Katarina, the Sinister Blade.

Katarina is a very well known melee assasin, with a very high damage output and versatility. Many double and triple kills were seen near her and her multi-target ultimate.

-> Capturer Katarina: 5/10 she hasn't got movement oriented skills, and her only way to escape might be using Shunpo (if she's lucky) on a nearby minion. If she follows a capturer build, she won't be able to kill and her fearsome ultimate would be quite weak at mid-late game. Not recommended to focus on this role.

-> Taker Katarina: 7.5/10 when a defender is being attacked, they always ping. When they do, the enemy takers come to help the defender and kill you. Here is where Katarina excels, at killing the defender's help. Takers are much more squishy than defenders, they usually are casters or melee very focused on AD or AP. Her Death Lotus almost always give double kills if it is on the hands of a skilled, full damaging build, Katarina. (-> see Slayer Katarina)

-> Disrupter Katarina: 7.5/10 considering capturers are a bit tanky to escape alive, Katarina miight have some difficulties if she can't kill them fast. She hasn't got a Very ranged skill, and if she is seen coming, fleeing is easy. If she isn't, a well performed Shunpo and Death Lotus while having a Rylai's Crystal Scepter might allow her to pick the kill. She's a good disrupter at early game, as capturers aren't tanky yet, but should approach from the shadows.

-> Defender Katarina: 6/10 her ultimate miiight guarantee her a kill, but her squishyness isn't able to tolerate more than one taker's damage. Saying "defender" Katarina implies building her with tankys' stuff, so, don't.

-> Slayer Katarina: 9.5/10 she isn't very good at killing fast tankys, nor at full anchored tankys, neither at trying to withstand damage, or at running all over the map wasting her cool assasin skills. She has to kill the other enemies takers and disrupters, being this a new role. She has to be aware of Pings. If a defender pings, means it is being attacked by takers, and takers are squishy but strong. Katarina's deadliness is amazing and can change tides if she appears in this situations. Also, if a Capturer pings, means it is being chased all over the map. The capturer should go To Katarina, and vice versa, turning the disrupter into gold.

Recommended Katarina Dominion Guide: wRAthoFVuLK's Your AP Katarina Du Couteau Resource (dont play with knives) and Kazega's Katarina: Playing with Knives!

Lux, the Lady of Luminosity.

What's that red line? Oh noes...

Lux is an interesting ranged mage support in the Dominion mode. Her range and diverse crowd control make her good at assisting and at dealing tons of unexpected damage.

-> Capturer Lux: 6/10 Lux is very capable of dealing great amounts of damage that shouldn't be wasted in this role. Nevertheless, her amazing crowd control grants her lots of escaping posibilities. Her ultimate can help to delay and bother your enemies, dirsupting, while you are capturing theirs. She hasn't got, though, any movement oriented skills nor very good survivability, so we could say that she wasn't thought for this. She's capable of assisting at capturing, but shouldn't focus on this.

-> Taker Lux: 9/10 good AP built Luxes that go with a melee taker next to her can secure CP easily. She binds, slows, auto-attacks in between activating her great passive Illumination, and finishing any fleeing enemy with her painful Finales Funkeln. She's also excellent against other takers, but if she misses one skillshot, it could mean dying because of her not so low cooldowns until high lvls. Her ideal role.

-> Disrupter Lux: 8/10 she has pros and cons in this role. It is overwhelmingly fun to disrupt every 26 seconds with her ultimate, and really frustrating to be a capturer enemy. She has great CC but not enough damage in a single skill sequence to kill a capturer. Good ones use Cleanse or Quicksilver Sash and overcome her speed easily.

-> Defender Lux: 2.5/10 speechless. Relatively high cooldowns at low levels, so her CC won't help her for long. She shouldn't be turtling in one spot when she can be disrupting all over the map and taking other CPs with her long range. Really... don't stay defending as a Lux, do it only to scare a capturer and disabling that place (as capturers don't tend go where enemies are).
Recommended Lux Dominion Guide: *cough* mine *cough*

Maokai, the Twisted Treant.

This ancient oak from the Twisted Treeline and his charismatic saplings is an interesing tank to play in Dominion, but some skill and judgement about when to use his skills will be necessary.

-> Capturer Maokai: 4/10 unlike Rammus he is a slow tank and can't get away fast from capture points. He has the survivability every tank has, but his means of escaping are scarce due to his low mobility.

-> Taker - Support Maokai: 10/10! as BrainsickHater stated:

Mao would be a great defender and taker support. He has great harass with his Sapling Toss, his Vengeful Maelstrom makes the point a fortress or a much easier cap, and he has some good, admittedly not great, CC to go...

Indeed, just like Amumu and most tanks, Maokai is one of the best champions to start taking a capture point with. His ultimate fits so perfectly that it can't be avoided how useful it is in this kinda of reduced area fight situations. If you are a taker and Maokai is close, start taking confidently.

-> Disrupter Maokai: 3/10 nope. He has some CC, yes, but no mobility or fearsome damage. He can, though, be good at buying the closest disrupter some time with his CC, but it would be better if Maokai isn't poking on capturer and is defending or taking.

-> Defender Maokai: 10/10! his saplings all thrown around the CP are excellent sentinels. His Twisted Advance on a reckless enemy plus the turret damage might get him some gold from a kill, and his Vengeful Maelstrom is the perfect tool to resist more and countering the offensive. Tanky Maokais anchored at CPs should pose a headache to any taker. Remember that he is also a pusher, so if he isn't attacked he can reach adjacent CP very fast.

Recommended Maokai Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your build<-

Nasus, the Curator of the Sands.

Yes! He's with half hp already! ... Mah, he got bigger. Just run... until it finishes.

Nasus is an interesting melee, fighter and pusher champion. His ultimate makes him a very hard to kill opponent and his heavy CC turns this champion into a valuable asset for Dominion.

-> Capturer Nasus: 6/10 he hasn't got the mobility, but his Wither is an awesome skill to flee from frenzy disrupters. If he is made tanky, he will be a hard to kill capturer for sure, but his pushing and fightning skills aren't duly appreciated with this role (as he won't be able to deal much damage). Yet, he isn't bad at getting away to other uncaptured CP.

-> Taker Nasus: 8/10 while his Fury of the Sands is active, any defender should fear. A good taker Nasus with Garrison should be able to penetrate the enemies' defenses easily, and resist over time thanks to his Soul Eater that grants him interesting lifesteal (besides from the build you follow). As any taker, he should be with a caster next to him. Togheter, and with Nasus hardcore CC over time, the caster should be able to kill what Nasus started.

-> Disrupter Nasus: 6/10 it will depend a lot on how good the defender is. If the defender doesn't have Cleanse or Quicksilver Sash, Nasus can kill them as he is an excellent melee fighter and his Wither is a hard to escape CC. On the other hand, if the capturer has those abilities, Nasus will lack the necessary mobility to get to them. He also hasn't got ranged abilities, so this isn't one of his stronger sides.

-> Defender Nasus: 9.5/10 during his ultimate Nasus is stronger than most champions in the League. He can only be killed if the enemies have a clear advantage. If the Curator of the Sands is very tanky, is next to impossible. His CC can guarantee lots of damage from the CP to his reckless enemies, and his lifesteal gives him a lot of survivability. We have to remember he is a pusher, and when defenders aren't being attacked, they push, giving lots of importance to his Spirit Fire AoE. Average Nasus should always perform fine at defending.

Recommended Nasus Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your build<-

Nidalee, the Bestial Huntress.

Hell of a pusher and support, Nidalee is, in my opinion, one of the more versatile champions. She's quite hard to use too ~

-> Capturer Nidalee: 8/10 her Bushwhack / Pounce is an excellent way to escape, plus she can also heal herself. Good Nidalees should know where are all the bushes in the Crystal Scar to take advantage from Prowl.

-> Taker Nidalee: 7/10 Javelinn Toss / Takedown is very, very damaging if well used. She can't tolerate high amounts of damage, and all her burst is in the hard to land Javelinn Toss, so she is a much better taker support than anything else.

-> Disrupter Nidalee: 7.5/10 while Aspect Of The Cougar is on she is Very capable of chasing en enemy and deal interesting amounts of damage. She has got no CC, and it can be quite easy to get away from her, but if she chases a non-capturer that is capturing, she might pick a kill.

-> Defender Nidalee: 8/10 as she can heal herself she is quite stable at this. Her traps, if well placed, can be remarkably useful. She is quite squishy though, so she would need lots of hp and resistances.

-> Slayer Nidalee: 9/10 perhaps one of her best roles to accomplish, to focus on the enemies takers and disrupters. This kind of Nidalee requires lots of skill in order not to die frist from the enemies' burst damage. She should assist the defenders when they are under attack and kill the attackers from behind (common slayer stuff). Slayer Nidalee can perform quite stable as capturer, disrupter, and provide interesting defense. In conclusion, good players can use all her versatility to perform amazingly in many roles, but she should be built a bit damagy.

Recommended Nidalee Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your build<-

Pantheon, the Artisan of War.

This member of the Rakkor tribe never had a better scenario to do what he already did well: killing people (specially while he is weak).

-> Capturer Pantheon: 5/10 none of his skills were thought to survive lots nor to run faster, and he has little CC (that moves him towards his enemyy) so this isn't his role. But, but, his Grand Skyfall is an interesting way to reach places fast, yet we all know that its immense damage shouldn't be wasted just for a capture that might get interrupted.

-> Taker Pantheon: 7.5/10 his HP pool isn't the biggest, that's for sure. As long as there is a proper taker initiator, he can be helpful when it comes to dealing damage. Nonetheless it is better for Pantheon to target squishy enemies before the tanky ones, he is much more capable at this. We should remember, though, that his Aegis Protection will protect him once from the turret shots (or more than once, it will depend on the fight).

-> Disrupter Pantheon: 10/10! whenever there is a Pantheon on the enemy team, Capturers should be waiting for the Grand Skyfall area of effect circle to appear next to them. Bad capturers just can't let go of the CP and stay to capturer, while Good ones run as fast as possible; granting this that most CPs stay uncaptured by the enemy team. If Pantheon runs into an enemy capturer, his Aegis of Zeonia is the ideal skill to prevent them from escaping. He is an assasin, he has nice CC, he has a very long ranged skill, he should be killing that bothersome Evelynn or Zilean.

-> Defender Pantheon: 4/10 his Aegis Protection might allow him to avoid some damage, but he shouldn't be built tanky, his skill were not meant for this.

-> Slayer Pantheon: 10/10! the worst place to run into a Pantheon is in the Inside Roads and while being alone. He is an assasin and if built correctly, he should kill any damage dealer (takers - disrupters) from the enemy team. Anti-melee ones like Jax might pose some difficulty, but if you don't kill him fast, he gets stronger the weaker he is, ensuring your death. Many Pantheons on the Summoner Rift were a bit underrated because of some gold issue, but that doesn't happen at the Crystal Scar, so Pantheons all of a sudden deal stunning amounts of damage in no time. Creepy.

On Zedera's words: "Just found the most epic slayer of them all. Pantheon. Scary in ways I can't personally describe."

Recommended Pantheon Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your Build<-

Rammus, the Armodillo.


So far Rammus is one of the most seen champions in the game mode Dominion. The reasons are quite clear, his speed is stunning and is amazingly hard to kill.

-> Capturer Rammus: 10/10! by most he is considered to be the best capturer possible. And they have good reasons: scaling fearsome speed, survivability in each and every skillñ and interesting means to damage if necessary. He has the longest one-target taunt, which means that after capturing, aided by the CP, he can deal unexpected damage. He is the only Fast Tank out there (so far), so disrupters have tough times against him.

-> Taker Rammus: 5/10 he can barely deal damage to a tank defender, but he can lure them out with his Puncturing Taunt, enabling the Real takers to get the taunted one. This, and his tankyness can make him and interesting taker-support, as he can withstand lots of damage and start the -taking- by absorbing the initial turret shots until the defender gets killed. Of course, no Rammus should be built purely as a taker, as they don't have a bursty and very capable damage output.

-> Disrupter Rammus: 6/10 Rammuses don't disrupt (kill the capturer after stopping him), but they can buy time to real disrupters. His Powerball can stop anyone from fleeing as he is able to match a capturer's speed easily, and his taunt is even better than Skarner's Impale when it comes to moving people in a certain direction.

-> Defender Rammus: 10/10! the scary part is that if you build a capturer Rammus, tanky and fast, you are also building the perfect defender. No one would have ever expected that this sometimes underrated great-ganker armodillo would be able to perform so well in the league. After capturing fast, he can hold the CPs for really long and annoying times will the slayers and takers from his team do their job. Nonetheless if the enemy team is well balanced between AD/AP, they might find Rammus' weak spot.

Recommended Rammus Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your Build<-

Riven, the Exile.

Many have died slashed by her already and has proven to be redoubtable. Here are thoughts around her performance in the Crystal Scar:

-> Capturer Riven: 6.5/10 her dashing shield and spamming Broken Wings might allow her to escape while being chased. Her shield might also be used to reach places faster. Yet: her shield was thought to take damage, and her Q to deal it, not to be constanting fleeing. She is that champion that could run to an undefended capture point and try her luck at it, and run if disrupted or chased, but not focus on this the entire game. Capable, but not recommended.

-> Taker Riven: 7/10 well built she is hell of an AoE machine, though many state she is very squishy at low levels. Defenders have lots of armor and hp (most of them). Riven needs to be relatively close, perform a bit of a long skill sequence, lots of positioning and auto-attacks in between (for max damage output), and there will be a turret next to her. Garrison may make her a better taker, but penetrating very strong defenses could pose some difficulty.

-> Disrupter Riven: 9->10/10 she hasn't got a global skill, and only a 0.5 stun, but she is Hard to get away from. With a correct Broken Wings, Ki Burst, Valor, while in Blade of the Exile and finishing with Wind Slash... if the capturer does not die, his life will have to be next to 0. If built along Boots of Swiftness and togheter with Entropy's active, she can really outmaneuver common fleeing tactics. (9 for common Rivens, 10 if you play her extremely well).

-> Defender Riven: 5.5/10 takers usually don't go alone. Average defenders must be able to endure at least a 2v1 for some time until getting assisted by Slayers or by your team's takers. Don't get me wrong: if you build a tanky and beefy Riven, with her shield and knock back, she might resist a bit, but you wouldn't be taking advantage of her fightning skills, as she is an admirable melee.

-> Slayer Riven: 8/10 slayers are in charge of killing takers and disrupters only. Riven is excellent at killing other melee takers, and chasing fleeing and weak casters. She might have minor difficulties against burst damage, but once she has started her skill sequence, most enemies perish. A very versatile champion, undoubtedly, capable of capturing when needed, killing takers and perform some stable defense at high levels.

Recommended Riven Dominion Guide: Zedera's Riven: The Road to Dominion!

Rumble, the Mechanized Menace.

Sneak peeked the 15th of april of 2011, Rumble is a very original and unique champion on the League. He seems simple but is hard to master, reaching some interesting damage output mixed with strong CC.

-> Capturer Rumble: 6/10 he should not be built purely as a capturer because it's easy to chase and kill him. Once again, no movement oriented skill or strong survivability methods, this isn't a role he should be doing much focus on.

-> Taker Rumble: 8.5/10 he can tolerate some damage with his Scrap Shield and his innate bit of tankyness, and get anyone out of a capture point with The Equalizer or with some bothersome harassment with his Flamespitter. He has not got very bursty damage, but his means of doing damage are many, as he is both a great mage and melee.

-> Disrupter Rumble: 8/10 if Electro-Harpoon is used wisely, Rumble can deal amazing amounts of damage to whatever is in front of him. Besides, if a capturer tries to escape through the narrow Inside Roads of the Crystal Scar, one effective use of The Equalizer should be enough crowd control and damage to get a kill. He has very interesting methods of killing someone that tries to run.

-> Defender Rumble: 9/10 he is even better at defending, he is the damaging-defender type. If Rumble is built into tankyness his damage output will drastically reduce not allowing him to be a good taker or disrupter, but enabling him to defend from quite some interesting time. He is a formidable pusher (remember that pushing is a defender's duty), making him capable of fast capturing an enemy CP while aided by the minions.

It will depend on the summoner which Rumble profile to follow: either taker/disrupter, or full defender. The first one can also defend but won't last long if attacked by two. Rumble's abilities were thought to damage the enemies, so the taker/disrupter role seems to fit more.

Recommended Rumble Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your build<-

Ryze, the Rogue Mage.

Ryze is quite an unique ranged mage, one that has the luck of enjoying huge amounts of Mana and making AP out of it. Versatiliy incarnate.

-> Capturer Ryze: 5.5/10 he has his handy Rune Prison to allow him escape, but no mobility oriented skill, neither a stealth. Common disrupters should be able to kill a Ryze after chasing him a bit through the map.

-> Taker Ryze: 7.5/10 he has some range and some burstyness but his Spell Flux can't bounce much if he isn't close. He can be a good taker as most casters but it is recommended if someone is next to him to faster the taking.

-> Disrupter Ryze: 7.5/10 a Rylai's Crystal Scepter on an AP/Mana Ryze is something hard to get away from. The con is that if you don't kill the Capturer after your full skill sequence, your cooldowns will ruin that swift moment of killing him.

-> Defender Ryze: 8/10 he can damage lots of people at the same time. Rune Prisoning them under the defended CP can be quite effective and even more if the enemy is a DPS champion. We could conclude that average Ryzes can perform quite well everywhere. They are a stable defense, might kill capturers and have means of fleeing from chasing enemies. A pro Ryze could carry an entire game, turning team fights, helping to chase, starting invasions over enemies' CP and defending very well.

Recommended Ryze Dominion Guide: Schweppes7T4's The Rogue Mage of the Crystal Scar is just excellent.

Soraka, the Starchild.

Hated by many, insulted by most, she has some one-target focused hardcore supporting, and her Always useful ultimate, unlike others. You can't fail while ulting with a Soraka, unless you are distracted enough to use it when everyone has full HP. She is an easy to use champion ( she?) and many will underestimate her at Dominion.

-> Capturer Soraka: 5/10 when it comes to staying alive, we have said some very nasty things about Sorakas that deny our kills in that very last second before the last hit. Yet, here, on the Crystal Scar, healing effects have been reduced, so Soraka will have some hard times. She hasn't got the movement oriented skills, but her Astral Blessing (with its 125 armor bonus and healing) and her Infuse may allow her to... start running. A Soraka that is built purely as a capturer won't succeed: she poses no menace to someone that wants to follow her and has no CC.

-> Taker Soraka: 3/10 no burst, no range, no skill to go against a tank, I mean, has anyone ever seen a Soraka killing a tank anchored at a turret? She could, though, be a Very helpfull asset to the other takers.

-> Disrupter Soraka: 2/10 she's not good at arriving fast, nor at chasing someone down the entire map. She can "interrupt" if she is close, but killing the capturer is... kinda impossible for her.

-> Defender Soraka: 8/10 do you remember fightning against a tanky Soraka? Irksome to the max. She is good at tanking against some DPS because her heal gives her 125 armor at high levels, drastically lowering their damage output. Her silence buys her some time, and can poke poke with her Starcall. A good tanky Soraka does not build much AP and all her supportive abilities are forgotten.

-> Full Support Soraka: 9/10 a good CDR/AP/HP Soraka can help your team win most teamfights. As any support, you will depend on your team's abilities to be even more useful. Just think about this: everyone is mad about DPS characters in Dominion, and Soraka's heal adds more than 100 armor (that turns out to be more important than the heal itself). Healing might have been reduced, but hey, it hasn't been suppressed, and her Wishes can still be heard. A full support Soraka can easily defend and hold a CP for some few seconds (while pinging herself for help), and cast her ultimate whenever possible. Soraka's supportive abilities aren't.... questionable, but you should really try her in this role (always next to someone! always healing and silencing!). When health packs aren't enough, Soraka's there.

Recommended Soraka Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your build<-

Sivir, the Battle Mistress.
"Has anyone seen minions around here?"

-> By Meridianprime

Sivir... It's hard to place her in Dominion, due to her pro's being taken from her and con's being more exposed. Her best part might be capturer with her high mobility on her On The Hunt or assisting a taker that is weak in killing minions, but strong in single target.

-> Capturer Sivir: 8/10 Giving her a 8 will be based pure on her ultimate. Lacking other criteria as capturer sets her back in this role. Align her with cooldown reduction masteries/runes and items will be best if you want to play this role. Also to play this part is by pushing minions fast and have them aid in slow taking over the CP that are left alone.

-> Taker Sivir: 8/10 Her AOE damage and aura makes her ideal for assisting another teammate in taking over a CP. Her fast pushing keeps enemies on their toes as minions diminishes the capture time a lot. Just don't go alone as you are squishy and defenders are tanky!

-> Disrupter Sivir: 5/10 She lacks any type of global control as well as range attacks and her Q is slow and mana costly. But considering that most capturers are squishies, she has the time of her life drilling them to bits. Just find a way to get near.

-> Defender Sivir: 5-7/10 Weak in the beginning as many champs are stronger as Sivir in early game. But when things go well in mid/lategame buying Banshee's Veil in conjunction with Spell Shield makes her great to defend vs many champs as their ability will go POOF! Best way is by pushing away minions from your CP's and force enemies to attend their CP's without your direct presence.

-> Slayer Sivir: 7-8/10 She may not be the ideal 1 vs 1 champ, nor having any CC. But assisting kills with other teammates, she can inflict massive damage with her Boomerang Blade and her high auto attack damage. Usually I end up with the top 3 most kills in the whole match.

Recommended Sivir Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your build here<-

Talon, the Blade's Shadow.

Not a very old champion, he's been with us enough time to see some very pro Talons now and then. He is a formidable assasin melee worth trying.

-> Capturer Talon: 7/10 well... he can be quite a good capturer. He has some little CC and ussing his Shadow Assault enables him to escape quite easily. Yet, he shouldn't be used this way; I mean, he shouldn't be built capturer (full HP - movement - resistances) because you would not be using either Noxian Diplomacy, Mercy nor Cutthroat.

-> Taker Talon: 6.5/10 he is quite squishy and not a really good tank shredder. He can't withstand lots of damage, so if he is going to take a CP, he shouldn't initiate. You might prefer ignoring when a good tank is waiting at his CP and you are Talon, odds are against you.

-> Disrupter Talon: 9.5/10 it isn't a 10 because he has not global skill (nor a long ranged one) and he is quite predictable when he is getting close (unless you know how to use wisely your Shadow Assault). He is the assasin that kills those who want to escape, using his CC and getting even stronger from it with his Mercy, so this role fits him perfectly.

-> Defender Talon: 3/10 just don't build him this way, he's an assasin, shouldn't be tanking. Yeeet, Talons can poke an interesting bit before dying. If they are slayer talons, they might kill one of the takers if he starts attacking first, but he wouldn't resist all the damage the enemy has waiting for him.

-> Slayer Talon: 10/10! I will never forget when I saw a player named "Última" playing as a good slayer Talon. The question is, what do I have to do to be a good slayer? You have to know who you can and should kill easily, and who to let go. This player focused on the squishy (but seriously strong) takers from the enemy team and just raped everyone all the game. He was so fed that eventually could take any CP by himself. He showed me the importance of knowing which one is your role and how might that help you. As most assasins, Talon excels at this role and if performed well he can facilitate your capturer's life.

Recommended Talon Dominion Guide: willisverynice's Talon: Taking in Dominion!

Taric, the Gem Knight.

"Gems? Gems are truly outrageous. They are truly, truly, truly outrageous."

One of the scarce tank supports of the League, this shining champion is hell of a multi-purpose one at the Crystal Scar.

-> Capturer Taric: 6.5/10 his Dazzle can allow him to get away from chasers, he tends to have high armor, naturally high hp, and can heal himself. The only thing he lacks is the movement speed, which he would need to focus purely on this role (which he shouldn't be as he is better at others). Average Tarics can perform quite well at capturing and running without being built as capturers.

-> Taker Taric: 6.5/10 he has next to no damage output, even with his brand new Radiance, but if he goes with another melee taker, his supporting is Just Amazing. Increased armor from Shatter and AP and AD from Radiance make him excellent at supporting. Yet, a full taker Taric will Not succeed if goes alone agains a Defender.

-> Disrupter Taric: 3/10 well... he can stun, yes, we've got that (/wheatley), but no mobility or chasing-wise skills. Shouldn't be going after that bothersome Janna or Rammus that showed up out of nowhere next to our undefended CP.

-> Defender Taric: 9/10 heals himself, increased armor and AP/AD during ultimate, and with some damaging actives like Odyn's Veil he can both increase his damage output and be better against casters. As any tank, he can stay quite a long time resisting, though if he is attacked by 3, should start running because he won't buy much time. Yet, Tarics can perform very solid defenses.

-> Full Support / Aura Taric: 10/10! I use to think Taric as an anti-Jax support unit (actually anti-melee, I pick Jax as he is one of the most seen ones). If he goes with takers and slayers as an aura support, you will be using his maximum potential. He will stun, increase resistances, damage outputs, heal and even increase movement or slow if he has Shurelya's Battlesong or Randuin's Omen. This type of Taric can still tolerate nice damage to help takers, and can still perform hard to penetrate defenses. Very recommended.
(He still has to go through the supports' luck: if your team is bad, you won't be able to do much)

Recommended Taric Dominion Guide: waterfrog204's Taric, a gentleman's guide to Dominion Dominance

Vayne, the Night Hunter.

"The dark should fear me."

Another hard to use champion, Shauna Vayne is someone to fear. Her chasing abilities make her more than excellent for two roles in particular.

-> Capturer Vayne: 5/10 her only movement oriented skill, Night Hunter, takes effect while going after other champions; and capturers want to get away from them. Even though, Vayne has some nice speed and if she is in need to escape, she may Tumble to create distance. It is obvious that building her full capturer is a waste of massive assasination skills.

-> Taker Vayne: 4.5/10 as seen in her profile overview, Vayne's health is "Weak", meaning she is really squishy. Capture Points' attacks and defender's huge amounts of CC can get her killed easily. Turret diving isn't for her, as are not beefy tanks either.

-> Disrupter Vayne: 9.5/10 it isn't a 10 just because she has no global or long range skills, but she is the disrupter. Disrupters are meant to partially stop the enemies from capturing, starting by their most skilled champion (fastest and most able to get away); and when it comes to chasing someone, Vayne's abilities should not be discussed. Good Vaynes will have to evade the fleeing capturers CC, so Mercury's Treads or Cleanse might come in handy.

-> Defender Vayne: 3/10 Condemn might buy her time to escape from one enemy taker. Besides, who is going to build a tanky Vayne? I shouldn't even be talking about this.

-> Slayer Vayne: 9.5/10 just perfect. It is even easier for her to kill takers and disrupters than killing capturers, but the con is that the first ones will counter attack. Even though, the equation Vayne + Squishy enemy near almost always equals a kill for Vayne. We also should remember that Slayers lurk in the inside roads, waiting for the enemies' offensive champion to pass in front of her, and this inside roads sometimes are interestingly narrow, allowing her to start a skill sequence with Condemn with deadly bonus damage and a stun.

Recommended Vayne Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your Build<-

Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper.

This interesting fighter - mage, bloodmaniac has an always amazing potential and an unexplored versatility in Dominion.

-> Capturer Vladimir: 8/10 perhaps the best "avoiding" skill ever is Sanguine Pool as it makes Vladimir totally untargetable while it is happening. This enables our bloodmage to escape quite easily from most situations even when close to death. Building him as a capturer might still allow him to deal interesting amounts of damage. What he really lacks isn't the HP and survivability, it is the speed.

-> Taker Vladimir: 7.5/10 he isn't very good at instant bursty damage, but he has the range. Vladimir is, perhaps, the best Taker-Support, obviously because of his Hemoplague that makes killing an enemy much easier. It is highly recommended to use this skill wisely and when fights are starting, not at their very end.

-> Disrupter Vladimir: 6/10 he has some CC, but very little. He isn't good at chasing and killing a fast and fleeing opponent as Vladimir takes lots of skill. He should not be chasing capturers like Rammus or Blitzcrank, he's much better at other roles.

-> Defender Vladimir: 10/10! and he is Very damaging while defending and can reach intolerable amounts of HP (getting even stronger from this because of his Crimson Pact which is, in my opinion, one of the most useful passives in the game). Average Vladimirs should be able to defend easily from a 2v1 and resist for long amount of times, as he can get healed while killing.

I play defender with Vladimir and I must say that Garrison helps a lot. First because it regens health on your turret. That's a great thing if you have lost a lot of health on your turret when fighting 2v1. Second it gives it increased rate of fire, always handy when they are more then one. And finnaly when you are pushing bot lane to their turret it will help with the cap if only one champion shows up (it will make you a viable taker at that moment)

Recommended Vladimir Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your build<-

Xerath, the Magus Ascendant.

This ranged mage is a pretty recent champion to join the League and it is important to notice that he is one of the strongest mages (his "Spells" bar is at its maximum). His skills can be used with lots of versatility at the Crystal Scar.

-> Capturer Xerath: 3/10 he is very squishy and slow, has no movement oriented skills and his stun is hard to land and of a very short duration, so he should never be running to solo capture unless you want to die.

-> Taker Xerath: 10/10! while in contact with a Locus of Power his range is enough to kill someone without even being close to turret damage. His ultimate's range is almost like Kog'Maw's Living Artillery at lvl 1, and that is a lot of range. He has the two vital aspects of good mage takers: range and burst, lots of burst.

-> Disrupter Xerath: 9/10 a full sequence of skills, if well landed, with lots of AP, should kill a capturer, at least before he gets something like Warmog's Armor. Xerath depends a lot on killing with a skill sequence, so some cooldown reduction would serve him well to have it more often. If he positions himself well, there is no need to let the capturer know that you are close to him, difficulting his escape.

-> Defender Xerath: 5/10 while it is hard to get close to a good Xerath, it is enough to dodge his skills and kill him fast. He will, however, attempt to do tons of damage (/Phreak) before dying. Yet, if Xerath is built as a defender, he won't be able to do lots, and will die fast as his CC isn't cool enough to rely on. Of course, not recommended to build him this way, even less if we consider his Ascended Form that will benefit from AP.

Recommended Xerath Dominion Guide: ->Recommend your Build<-
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24/9 - Published Guide.
29/9 - Added some important and worth-noticing information at Strategies.
03/10 - Added "About the New Items".

Under Construction: every champion viability for every role in Dominion.
---- Already described: Akali, Alistar, Amumu, Anivia, Annie, Ashe, Blitzcrank, Brand, Caitlyn, Garen, Heimerdinger, Janna, Jax, Katarina, Lux, Nasus, Riven, Ryze, Soraka, Taric, Vayne, Rumble , Rammus, Maokai, Evelynn, Talon, Vladimir, Nidalee, Pantheon, Cassiopeia, Fiddlesticks, Xerath, Cho'Gath and Sivir.

Upcoming: (after finishing all the champions) how to counter every champion's role effectively, and a more graphical display.
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Every kind of information that could serve to give people new ideas and understanding of Dominion comes in handy, so I find it very interesting to share this great ideas about the game mode:

UberSquishy's How to Play Dominion has very purposeful and precise concepts about roles and the gameplay, making it very intriguing to read.

Bertsaga's Dominion: General Guidelines has information of the utmost importance that should not be missed.

Yifanlol's Comprehensive Dominion Analysis + Tier List (Under Construction) that has a purpose "to stir up more relevant and constructive conversation so that the community can understand Dominion from an entirely different mindset not used in SR." Just awesome.

I strongly encourage you to read those and try to absorb as much as you can, then use it wisely while in a game, employing your most cold judgement about situations.
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