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Poppy Build Guide by DaCookieMonsta

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DaCookieMonsta

[S3] The Girl With The Hammer

DaCookieMonsta Last updated on October 14, 2013
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Poppy Vs. AD / Poppy Vs. AP


Ability Burst Poppy / Jungle

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 16

Honor Guard

Defense: 14


Utility: 0

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Introduction ~ Hammer Girl All Around Guide


Hello Mobafire Community! This is DaCookieMonsta here with another awesome In-Depth Guide. If you haven't checked out my Katarina guide, feel free to take a look. But let's get back to focus, this is a Poppy guide. Poppy is in my personal top 10 list of most underplayed champs along with Karma and Sejuani. While Poppy is pretty darn underplayed, this doesn't mean that she is a bad champ whatsoever. While this guide focuses mostly on Late Game Carry Poppy, I have included a few other build to go along with this. While the jungle and AP Poppy extra builds are a little less viable then regular "Anti-Carry" Poppy, this doesn't mean that they can never be used. Regarding the meta, and your team comp, you have to decide whether it is safe to play jungle Poppy over other high-tier jungles like Udyr and Lee Sin or to put AP Poppy mid lane over Morgana or Zyra. My cheat sheets may look a little weird and different to what some people are used too, but don't judge and down vote because of that. At least take the time to read my explanations, and write in the comments of what you think. I try my best to explain every single thing I write about. This guide is no where close to a short guide so if you don't have time to read the whole entire thing, be sure to look at the builds + cheat sheets and view the rest later. This guide shows the in-depth views of Poppy so this will be a pretty long guide. If you want to learn my play style and my way of how to play Poppy in quite a few different roles, feel free to read the entire thing through and leave constructive criticism and opinions in the discussion section. Scroll down to enter the world of Poppy Hammer Diplomacy!

Season 3 Is Finally Here!

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What is Late Game AD Poppy you ask? Poppy is classified as an "Anti-Carry". Her kit is unbelievable at helping her do her job as best as possible. With the items I chose, this provides you with tons of burst along with some great survivability. As an "Anti-Carry", all Poppy has to do in fights is ult the AD carry/AP carry and begin to beat them down and quickly take them out of the fight. Her ultimate + w + passive makes her naturally tanky so you don't to spend too much gold on defensive items. AD Poppy I feel is better than AP Poppy as all AP Poppy can do is one-shot the AD carry/AP carry then sit around helpless waiting for cool downs again. While AD Poppy has more sustained damage and nice burst (although not as strong as AP Poppy's burst), Poppy can take out the AD carry and then your team can proceed with baron. AD Poppy can take out 2-3 people easily while AP Poppy can only burst one squishy then wait for cool downs to burst the next.

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+ One of the strongest late game champs
+ Great burst with few offensive items (Does great damage when you only have Trinity)
+ Naturally tanky
+ Extremely fast (can speed in and out of fights with ease)
+ Very good turret diver with ultimate negating all tower hits
+ Snowballs well
+ Relatively short cooldown burst

- Weak early game
- Very gold dependent (needs farm but has no good farming abilities)
- Low mana pool
- No real sustain in lane
- Often relies on key summoner spells (Ignite, Ghost, Exhaust etc..)
- Her only "ranged" move is a conditional cc spell that can move her in a bad position

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Optimum Masteries


For solo top I prefer these new Season 3 16/14/0 masteries to make up for Poppy's weak laning phase and lack of sustain, as well as to take the most out of her Poppy passive power. Always gear up for early game, because if you can get past it with no problems, you can carry later on. Your number one job is to farm as much as possible, and these masteries can allow you to do just that. This page also scales decently well into late-game too.
Defense Tree:
  • 4 points in Durability because Poppy doesn't have the highest of health pools and this scales well into late game.
  • 3 points in Perseverance because the extra health regen helps Poppy sustain better.
  • 2 points in Hardiness as even though its a tiny boost, it still adds to Poppy's armor which she needs to take less damage top lane.
  • 2 points in Unyielding as this makes her tank auto attacks a bit more.
  • 1 point in Veteran's Scars as the bonus health early game is awesome! ^.^
  • 1 point in Block as this mastery makes you a bit harder to kill and take less damage from auto attacks.
  • 1 point in Juggernaut as the bonus health along with your defensives make you really tanky.

Offense Tree:
  • 1 point in Summoner's Wrath as the bonus to Ghost + Ignite is amazing!
  • 3 points in Fury as the attack speed helps smooth out her attack animation and help her last hit better.
  • 4 points in Deadliness as the extra attack helps her farm and do more damage in lane.
  • 4 points in Blast as the extra ability power gives a bit more damage to her spells and opens up the pathway to the Magic Pen mastery.
  • 1 point in Weapon Expertise as the armor pen helps her do extra damage to targets with a lot of armor up in top lane.
  • 1 point in Arcane Knowledge as the magic pen helps her spells do more damage to targets early on and in transition to mid & late game.
  • 2 points in Brute Force as the extra AD never hurts, and those last 2 points are best put into this mastery rather than the others in that row of the offensive tree.

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Rune Book


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Armor
Note: This is the rune page I use when facing a hard ad lane like Garen or Riven. With these runes, 16/14/0 masteries, and if you start with cloth armor, then you can have a hefty amount of armor early game.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage: These runes are solid for solo top. The bonus AD helps out with last-hitting creeps at tower, trading and just in general playing Poppy.

Greater Seal of Armor: These runes are give a strong armor bonus which is useful when fighting an AD lane.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: These runes provide you with magic resist that scales well into mid game. You won't need flat magic resist as you are facing a AD top laner who doesn't have much magic damage.

Greater Quintessence of Armor: These quints give a high amount of armor also, so your early laning vs AD isn't so bad.


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Note: This is my second rune page for Poppy. This page is the alternative page which I use against an AP top like Kennen or Vladimir. This page gives you a little bit of everything early game.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage: These runes are solid for solo top. The bonus AD helps out with last-hitting creeps at tower, trading and just in general playing Poppy.

Greater Seal of Armor: These runes are give a strong armor bonus which is useful when fighting an AD lane.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: These runes provide you with some bulk against magic damage. Great when versing an AP solo top.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: Poppy puts these runes to go use as she needs movement speed to kill her target, chase/escape, and to position her Heroic Charge better. (A good alternative to these runes is Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite: This spell is the one way ticket to a strong laning phase. This is the spell that will give you thse kills as the enemy runs with 10 health. Ignite will give you the most kill potential, especially when combined with a gank from the jungler. If you plan on winning your lane, this is the spell you want to go with. This spell also does bonus damage when combined with Diplomatic Immunity.

Ghost: This spell I feel is almost CORE to the way Poppy plays. She uses movement speed so well, and this helps her chase/escape. With Ghost, Shurelya's Reverie, and Paragon of Demacia, you can escape from almost anything! I use this spell easily 99% of games with Poppy. This is definitely a must have!

Flash: This is a great spell an a nice alternative to Ghost. I usually don't take this spell on her as Ghost is usually better for the chasing power and how Poppy does great with movement speed. You can use this for better positioning of your Heroic Charge and it is great for escaping over walls. Also, you can use it in lane to close the gap and surprise your opponent.

Exhaust: This is a ok spell to take, but it's not as impactful in lane as Ignite. Take this spell if you want against a hard AD lane like Olaf. When you are diving onto a fed AP/AD carry, use this to shut down their damage so they can't kill you or anyone else. You can win trades you might normally not win with this spell if you decide to take it. Not my first choice, but still pretty good.

Teleport: Rare pick, but can be useful in certain situations. If your up against a hard matchup, this can be your only way of sustaining. This spell can also be used for lane ganks bot lane, but be sure it's worth going all the way down there. Tell your support to place a ward in both bushes so if the enemy tries to run into a bush to escape, you can still stun them with Heroic Charge.

Note: Always have at least Flash or Ghost when playing Poppy or really any champ for that matter. Escape spells can save you countless times and are always useful. As long you have Flash or Ghost, feel free to use any of the above choices as your second summoner spell.

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Ability Explanation + Ability Sequence

Poppy's Spells

Valiant Fighter: This spell is often misunderstood on exactly how it works. Basically what the passive says is that "all damage that is greater than 10 percent of her CURRENT health gets reduced by 50%. Lets say you have 1000 health. If she has 1000 hp then the 10% threshold is 100. An attack that causes more damage than 100 would have all damage in excess of that 100 threshold reduced by 50%. Therefore that attack with a base damage of 200 would cause 100 (threshold) + 50% * (200-100) damage = 150 damage. Mitigation from resistances applies before her passive. MATH IS OP. If you are still confused, it's fine. You don't exactly have to know how this works and the math behind it to play Poppy well. Just realize that this passive works best when your low on health and it makes you take less damage when you are trying to dive straight onto the carry you want to kill.

Devastating Blow (Q): This is Poppy's bread and butter ability. It gives her the ridiculous damage output that she's known for, and works well with her other abilities. From early game to the late-game, this is the ability that will most likely put up your Sheen buff. However, it scales much better and does more damage late game. You'll see that after you finish your item build, it will be taking most champions down anywhere from a quarter to one half of their entire HP bar. Early game, it won't be doing so much damage though so don't go crazy on spamming it constantly early on. Remember that you're building to be a strong mid and late-game assassin - your early game is primarily focused on farming.

Tips and Tricks
  • Auto-Attack then as soon as the animation ends press Q for an Auto-Attack reset.
  • This procs Sheen, Trinity Force, and Lich Bane and applies their effects.
  • This scales off of Ability Power so Hextech Gunblade is so good on Poppy.
  • This can be used to help last-hit at tower as it resets your attack animation.

Paragon of Demacia (W): You'll quickly find that the passive portion of Poppy's W ability, Paragon of Demacia, is almost always up. Attacking or being attacked 10 times with a refresh time of 5 seconds makes it nearly impossible not to have stacked up over the course of a team fight. This ability gives Poppy a lot of durability and mobility. The damage and armor will help you survive and last hit early game, while the mobility boost from the active portion will always be of benefit to you. Whether it's chasing down enemies, running away, or simply getting from one lane to the next, Paragon of Demacia (W) is an amazing ability that simply makes you an even bigger threat.

Tips and Tricks
  • If you are really struggling in lane vs a strong AD opponent, then consider maxing W first.
  • If you are low on mana, but you want to trade, auto-attack minions until this is at 10 stacks then initiate a fight.
  • This spell combined with Ghost can allow you to initiate/escape from fights at will.
  • If you have at least Philosopher's Stone and you need to get back to lane quickly, don't be afraid to use this.

Heroic Charge (E): Perhaps her most dreaded ability and certainly one of the most frustrating to have to fight against, Heroic Charge (E) is one of the few abilities that has a situational stun attached to it. Not only that, but it will do an enormous amount of additional damage if you are to slam an enemy into a wall. Heroic Charge is Poppy's distance-closer, burst damage dealer, and crowd control ability. Try to fight around brushes and walls, as it will give you the advantage of having more options to slam enemies to stun them. You can also use Heroic Charge as a simple way to get to the enemy faster, and there is always the possibility of stunning the enemy simply to land another Devastating Blow.

Tips and Tricks
  • This can be used to hop over a wall if you have vision on a jungle monster, and you are right next to the wall.
  • When your jungler comes to gank, always try to stun into a nearby wall, if you can't, then just knock them backwards.
  • This can be used as a dash/get-away if you use it on nearby minions, you will dash and be further away from death.
  • Skill this spell up at level 2 if you want to initiate a fight vs a ranged opponent.

Diplomatic Immunity (R): This is what makes Poppy an assassin. Her ability to single out an enemy and essentially turn her game into a one versus one scenario is unbelievable. Not only that, but the damage increase is phonemonal. At the last rank, obtaining a 40% increase in damage makes your 1 vs 1 situation usually in your favor. You'll be able to simply obliterate the enemy with your late game items. This spell also stops all crowd control other than your targets's cc from hitting you. You can literally dive after the enemy AD carry and laugh as the enemy team blows all their spells and crowd control trying to save him. Diplomatic Immunity is a great ability to tower dive with. If you're afraid of taking tower damage but think you can kill your target otherwise, use it and gain immunity from tower damage for its duration. However, be wary of killing your target. When you've killed the person you use your ultimate on, the shield from other sources of damage wears off immediately, leaving you vulnerable to tower hits and other enemies. Diplomatic Immunity also uses the 40% damage increase to a target with summoner spells and item actives. Hextech Gunblade, Deathfire Grasp and Ignite all scale off of Poppy's ultimate.

Tips and Tricks
  • If your team is lacking a strong initiation, you can ultimate someone and just barrel into the enemy team soaking up damage and cc.
  • If you get caught out by a enemy jungler and you are not sure if you can escape, ult the person with the lowest cc to stop you and just walk away from the fight.
  • If you want to maximize your damage potential, always ult the target you are going to kill.
  • Be careful about ulting a fed opponent, because if you don't have the right defensive items, you can die.

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Laning (Early Game)

Lvl 1 Fight: Poppy is pretty awesome at these lvl 1 invasions. Follow your team and if you are the only one with CC on your team, then stay in front. Skill up Heroic Charge (E) and be ready to hit someone with it as soon as you see them, try not to hesitate or you may miss the great opportunity. Aim your Heroic Charge properly, or else you will fail and push them away and your team will rage at you forever. As soon as you manage to stun someone, you team should be there to follow up and first blood will be taken.

Laning: Welcome to Summoner's Rift! The game starts and you need to know what is best to buy. Maybe your versing a Riven top lane. If your up against a strong AD champ, pick Cloth Armor + 5 potions. If you are facing someone like Vladimir top, then pick Boots of Speed + 3 potions for the early movement speed boost. At level 1, you should usually take Paragon of Demacia (W) for the early armor for last-hitting without taking too much damage. Once you hit level 2, what you skill next depends on the opponent's play style. If your enemy top laner keeps trying to harass you as you last-hit creeps, then skill Devastating Blow and hit him with it to trade. If your opponent is playing really passive and you want to pick a fight with him, then skill up Heroic Charge and plow into him. Once you hit level 3, skill up the move you didn't pick yet so you have all 3 spells. If you see the enemy carelessly standing next to a wall, be sure to dash at him and use Heroic Charge into Devastating Blow for "Tons of Damage". Focus on farming and be sure to last-hit as much as you can at tower. If you skill up a few points into Paragon of Demacia you can last-hit at tower a lot easier.

What boots should I buy?: Deciding what boots you should buy is pretty easy. It all depends on who you are facing top lane. If you are up against an AD lane, buy Ninja Tabi. If you are up against an AP lane, buy Mercury's Treads. Don't forget about those nice season 3 enchantments. The only best one for Poppy is basically the Alacrity enchantment. The movement speed bonus is amazing and helps out a LOT.

Engaging: Once you have all 3 spells, you can decide if you want to trade. Nail the opponent into a nearby wall, or just dash to him with your Paragon of Demacia. Auto attack and Q him for a lot of damage. A nice tip to use is to get your W to max stacks before you dive on the opponent. Your trade will do some nice damage, but you won't see any really impressive results until you at least get Sheen. Focus on keeping your farm as high as possible as you need to get to "Late-Game" status.

Lvl 6: Now you hit level 6. Now you have your ultimate, Diplomatic Immunity. This is where you get your kill potential. Keep farming and harassing with your Q until your opponent gets low. When your opponent is around 1/3 health or so, push up to turret if you are sure there is no enemy jungler presence nearby. Once your near his tower which is busy attacking minions. Use your Paragon of Demacia, Ult him so you take no damage from tower hits, dive into him with Heroic Charge stunning him into a wall/turret, then Q him and ignite for the profit. If he was low enough, you should have gotten an easy kill. If the opportunity to kill once you hit level 6 didn't come up, its fine. Just save your Diplomatic Immunity and keep farming. You can kill later, more preferably when you finally get your sheen.

This is a Poppy vs Gangplank matchup. Watch and Learn from the master Poppy player. Enjoy!

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Laning (Mid Game)

Mid Game: You just picked up your awesome blue blade thingy. This is where Poppy shows some of her potential. With your increased mana pool from Sheen, you can easily throw out Devastating Blow and Heroic Charge combos. Not much can survive your epic onslaught of attack! If you drop your opponent low enough, you can go for the kill once again. They start running away and there is a turret in the way? NO PROBLEM! Just ult them and pop Ghost if needed and slam them into the wall, Q them, Ignite them, and boom they are dead. Poppy is strong but try not to underestimate or overestimate her damage. Take time to see how much damage you can do and use it wisely.

Dragon/Baron Fights: Poppy is pretty nice at dragon fights, but often times Poppy is stuck top farming not being able to help her team out. If you do get a good opportunity to run to dragon, your going to have a lot of fun! There are a lot of little walls and curves around the dragon area so Poppy can easily get off a good Heroic Charge. Ult a high priority target like Katarina or Miss Fortune and take them down. Same thing with Baron fights, except around that time you should have Trinity Force and be outputting a lot of damage. Slam people into walls, ult a high priority target and work with your team to finish them off. If you can't kill someone after you ult them, it is ok if you can get them so low that they won't want to run back into the fight. Don't go chasing halfway across the map trying to get 1 kill, turn around and help your team finish the job.

Waiting It Out Till Late: This is when the first turrets start to fall and when people start leaving their lanes. You should rarely expect a "mia" anymore. Mid-game is when Poppy grows some muscles, as her Trinity Force will be right about finished. In mid-game, your teamfight presence is strong, and you have to balance your continuous farming with not losing out on key fights. On the other hand, you need all the money in the world and your teamfight presence isn't so impressive without your ultimate, summoner spells, or Trinity Force up. If possible, communicate with your team to avoid fighting until you're ready and able. On the other hand, if you're ahead and got an early Trinity Force, you want to start roaming the map and forcing fights whenever possible. Poppy is ridiculously good at initiating fights, as well as zoning people away when pushing turrets, enabling you to secure those map objectives that are necessary to win you the game. Teamfights are generally you picking the enemy that threatens your team most, then melting him. If your team has other strong initiation like Malphite, you generally want to let them choose the moment to initiate. Sometimes you also want to let the enemy do the initiation, then counter-initiate on their carries in order to give you an advantage in situations like defending against a dive. If your carries are stronger than their carries, and you know they'll win the competition of melting through frontlines to backlines, you want to focus on peeling whoever is trying to jump your carry.

This is a Poppy vs Wukong matchup played by the one and only SpamHappy! Enjoy the video and good luck playing Poppy in your near future!

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Laning (Late Game)

Epic Late Game: I've got nothing to say. This is where Poppy gets her godlike "late-game" status. She just wrecks through everything and blows up her targets. Focus the AD Carry if you can and disable him from the fight permanently. Poppy can easily charge straight through the enemy team and kill whoever she wants. If you're wondering who to ult, the answer is simple. Obviously the AD Carry is first choice to fight with. But if the enemy team is doing a good job of protecting him or if you can't easily get to him, just ult the AP Carry instead. If the other team has a lot of cc, and you don't have Quicksilver Sash, just ult the Soraka or something and kill the AD Carry/AP Carry nearby while you take zero damage from the support. Be careful about ulting a support like Alistar as his cc can prevent you from reaching the AD Carry and thus making you waste your ultimate. Think before you ult, but most of the time in team fights, you only get a split-second chance to decide.

This is a full game of SpamHappy himself playing his favorite champ, Poppy. The video is a interview of Zekent by "Ult In Ten". This is episode #14.

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Item Builds

Early VS AD: Cloth Armor + 4 Health Potion + 1 Mana Potion. Then rush Crystalline Flask and Boots of Speed into Ninja Tabi and Sheen. Then start working on your Bilgewater Cutlass and Trinity Force.

Early VS AP: Crystalline Flask + 2 Health Potion + 1 Mana Potion. Then rush Philosopher's Stone and Boots of Speed. Work your way into Sheen and Mercury's Treads. Then get your Trinity Force and continue onwards to your Blade of the Runed King and your other Late Game Items.

Core Items: Trinity Force, Philosopher's Stone and Ninja Tabi/ Mercury's Treads.

Note: Once you have these set of items, you truly begin to shine. You will be doing massive damage to just about everyone and if you ult a squishy target, it usually nets you a kill.

What's next?: Once you have your core items as shown above, deciding what to buy next depends on your game. Sometimes simply buying a Chain Vest or Negatron Cloak can settle for your defensive items. Or sometimes getting a Bilgewater Cutlass can be just what you need to catch up to a high priority target.

What I usually do after my core items is buy a Chain Vest or Negatron Cloak depending on my enemy top laner and what type of damage is stronger in my game. If my enemy top laner is AP, I usually go for Negatron Cloak. But if 3 AD champs are fed elsewhere, I decide to pick up a Chain Vest if I am going to be roaming around with my team. Vice versa for an AD enemy top laner and fed AP opponents.

List of Viable Items:

: This is debatable to be the best armor item in the game. The slow active can be crucial to sticking close to your target. The active also hurts the enemy team with its slow and reduced attack speed. This allows you to duel fed AD carries and take them down with ease. This kind of makes up for your lack of CC with one of the strongest actives. Warden's Mail is a great choice when your playing against ranged AD attackers top lane like Nidalee or Jayce.

: This is a Big AD counter aura. This can be an excellent option or alternative to Randuin's Omen as the mana and cooldown reduction is amazing. A good time to build this is if you are going to be taking out the AD Carry and need a great armor item to take him down. Great buy since Poppy scales better with resists than health. Although this item was nerfed, the stats this item brings is still really good and a very solid buy for Poppy.

: While Trinity Force's Unique Passive (Spellblade) scales off of a 150% of your base attack damage instead of 125%, which Iceborn scales off of, Iceborn Gauntlet provides nice stats that can be better in certain situations. It basically gives you what Frozen Heart does, but to a lesser degree along with giving you AP and a great passive. The passive helps Poppy chase, and maybe even slow more than one person. Only use this with a special new build listed in the "Viable Builds on Poppy" section.

: It gives a nice chunk of Health + Mana but the added bonus and why it costs nearly 3000 gold is because the active disables turrets for about 2.5 seconds. If you can time this right, you can turret dive without taking damage, save teammates foolishly diving under turret, initiate fights under turret, and backdoor like a boss. A nice item, but it has a hard time fighting into Poppy's main build. Pick this item if you are winning and you want to end the game, or if you need to backdoor for your team.

: Not really that good of a pick. It gives a super small amount of magic resist, ability power and then a 5 movement speed multiplier. It's interesting because when you use the active, out comes two invincible ghosts who run out and latch onto the two nearest enemies revealing them and slowing them down. It's a nice item that might be good for jungle Poppy as you now have a form of reliable CC, but it would have a difficult time fitting into Poppy's normal jungle build. Feel free to use it if you can.

: It used to be countering that OP dodge from Jax, but now its purpose is an AD burst item. While 3 seconds or 3 hits may not seem like a lot, 3 critical hits in a row are going to hurt on people just stacking up on AD. Focus a carry, use the active, combine it with damage from Infinity Edge and other items, and boom 100-0 damage in a few seconds. Great pick, but only good if you go a melee carry Poppy path.

: This is a pretty ok item as it gives you nice stats which you can all use. Like the 10% boost to movement speed and the CD reduction. Along with that it gives you some nice offensive stats like AD and Attack speed. Then it has a very nice passive which gives you a tenacity effect. Useful if you aren't going to take Mercury's Treads early on as you need Ninja Tabi more so you can trade with the enemy top laner. Not really the best pick, but it can be used pretty nicely.

: This item is a nice source of cheap armor and magic resist. The revive portion of this item works pretty well with Poppy and her type of play style. Great buy most of the time. While it was nerfed a bit, the passive is still crazy good and worth it if you keep getting focused hard after you get out of Diplomatic Immunity.

: A good buy that easily pays for itself in a game. If you need to ward up top lane as your scared of junglers like Skarner or Lee Sin, then take this item that pays for itself once you ward around a bit. The only downside to this item is that you can only place two pseudo-wards at a time.

: That fed AD carry has 20 kills at 20:00 minutes into the game? Can't seem to get him from plowing your whole team to shreds? Consider this item out to help you win vs any AD champ. Not always the first choice for defensive armor items as this is out-shined by Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen, but still good enough to be mentioned.

: Nice stats for you and your team. Consider this if no one is buying it. This helps out a bit against AOE team comps and the great defensive aura makes your team a bit more tankier. Great buy sometimes, but your will be losing out on damage. Replace one of your defensive items for this if you really want to, but oftentimes the support will just get this item.

: This item isn't that good as it slows down your build a bit and Poppy doesn't need the armor and attack damage that much. The life steal is nice but not worth 1600 gold for. If you really need life steal, consider Hextech Gunblade, Ravenous Hydra or maybe even an early Vampiric Scepter. This item isn't even worth it to build from Madred's Razor because it doesn't give anything other than a passive only good for jungling. Don't get this item on Poppy, it's not worth it.

: This is a very good item now in Season 3, but not that good of a pick on solo top Poppy. Useful if you need to burst someone down really quickly. I wouldn't really use this, but it can prove to be useful to insta-gib the enemy AD Carry.

Shurelya's Reverie: One of my favorite items to use on Poppy. The Cooldown Reduction and the Health + Mana regens are nice stats. The speed boost active is great and it can help your team escape when they come into a bad fight situation or it can help you and your team initiate. Pick this if you decided to get a Philosopher's Stone early game.

: Not to good of an item to build on Poppy. It can only really be useful if you have a double AP team comp or if there is some AP champ that needs it or can work well with the spell vamp. Regardless, there isn't much of any need to buy this. Try not to pick this item.

: This is a pretty nice item to pick up, though not common, the aura debuff can prove to be useful and help you dish out more damage. It also gives a nice chunk of magic resist. I find myself picking this item up sometimes.

: A great item on Poppy. This is usually my go to item after Trinity Force. The active scales with Diplomatic Immunity and helps Poppy catch her opponents. It gives damage on both spectrums (AD/AP) and it helps her sustain both in lane and in dragged out team fights. This is just too good to pass up.

: A great item usually taken late game on Poppy. Your attack will shred your enemies health bars and your crits will look like another Devastating Blow. You could take this item on Late Game Poppy for an damage boost, but realize you won't be getting the full potential out of this item without getting Phantom Dancer or Stattik Shiv.

: It can be good if you are going for an AD focused build with Infinity Edge + Phantom Dancer. The movement speed is great on Poppy as well. An overall solid pick which synergies well with your AD steroid from Paragon of Demacia. You don't really benefit that much from its stats though other than the movement speed. Its also better to 3 shot your carry than 8-9 shot him because you went a more Melee Carry focused build. Stick to being the "Anti-Carry" you are. That's Poppy's main role in this game anyways.

: It has a very nice offensive active and great stats to boot, but not the best choice for offensive items. While the CDR and penetration are nice, you could go better with other items. Try this out if you are fed and are going a Trinity Force + Infinity Edge + Phantom Dancer route. I wouldn't buy this as other items just completely outshine this.

: I don't feel that this is that good of an item on Poppy but it can be useful for initiating and helping protect against burst AP's of the likes of Veigar or Evelynn. It's a solid magic resist item so if I am in need of a boost to my defenses on the Magic Resist side, I would pick this item up.

: Though there are better options for magic resist, the attack speed may help if you want to push a little faster or go "all-in" against an AP champ. I wouldn't take this really because Poppy doesn't really benefit from attack speed as much, and items like Maw of Malmortius and Mercurial Scimitar fill the slot for a better magic resist item.

: A nice item if you are facing a fed AP Carry or double AP enemy team comp. With your passive, you get almost twice as much out of the shield. This can be one of your best MR items. Works nicely with Hextech Gunblade at keeping you alive. Although this doesn't give the highest of magic resist boosts, the passive shield could make up for it easily.

: The season 3 changes to this item are nice, but not needed on Poppy. I don't feel that Poppy needs the armor shred that much, or even Last Whisper. She has Hextech Gunblade and she does a lot of hybrid damage so getting this would make the build a little AD oriented and this is not my first choice for damage items anyway. Also, Poppy is a "Anti-Carry" not a "Melee Carry" although both builds can work on her.

: A great item late game if you are up against heavy CC. This item can be your best friend late game as you can get out of nasty suppressions and slows that can prevent you from killing the enemy carry. Nice boost to your magic resist which is very much needed if there AP does a substantial amount of damage. Don't upgrade this item until its your last one, just keep it at Quicksilver Sash if you do decide to build this item.

: I For one don't like this item as to get the stacks up you have to farm and since Poppy has terrible wave clear and low farming capabilities, it will take you forever to stack this up. And if you die even once, you will have to restock the item to get back to full which takes up a lot of time. If you really need sustain that badly buy a Bilgewater Cutlass and transform it into Hextech Gunblade later on. This can be better than Hextech Gunblade in a melee carry Poppy build as your attacks will hit harder.

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Different Viable Builds For Poppy

Note: This section will show different viable builds that you can use in different situations. If you are facing a heavy-cc team, go the QSS build. If you can't seem to carry your team, or you are really the only source of damage your team has, go the Melee Carry Poppy build. Whatever you need and when, its here for you. If you want to suggest a build that you have used that is viable and good enough to be put here, then either PM (DaCookieMonsta) or post it in the comments section down below.

This is the MELEE Carry Poppy build. With these items, your attacks shred the opponents down one by one. Ult someone you think you can kill than proceed to penta kill the enemy team. This takes a while to actually start farming up, but by the time you are at this late game build, you can carry hard games with ease. Feel free to add a Last Whisper if 3+ enemies have over 100-150 armor. You can also mix and match defensive items like Frozen Heart or Randuin's Omen instead of Guardian Angel if you want. As for The Bloodthirster, if you really want the chasing/slowing power from Hextech Gunblade, feel free to replace The Bloodthirster.

Shurelya's Reverie

This is the QSS Poppy build. If you are up against a heavy CC team? Do you keep getting exhausted every single time you go rambo onto the enemies carries? If you answered yes to atleast one of those questions, this is the build for you! The magic resist boost from Quicksilver Sash really helps Poppy face off against AP champs and with Hextech Gunblade, Randuin's Omen, and Shurelya's Reverie, she can catch up to anyone. Remember to not forget the QSS active and it is only useful if you use the active in the first split second that you get CC'ed. Late game, Quicksilver Sash can really be your best friend! After you get Trinity Force, pick up a Bilgewater Cutlass if you need the chasing power or a Negatron Cloak if you want to get Quicksilver Sash earlier. Get the choice you didn't pick first next. Then just continue your build like normal. Obviously you should upgrade Quicksilver Sash into Mercurial Scimitar for the active movement speed boost and the extra AD damage power.

This is the Vs. Double AP Poppy build. It has a very intersting name. I take Maw of Malmortius when I need the shield and magic resist because there is a fed AP carry or if there is double AP/Will of the Ancients team comp. The shield scales well with Poppy's passive and the AD boost at low health synergizes with Poppy well as she takes less damage when she is low on health and she gets more damage at low health. Its a win-win for Poppy.

This is a new build I came up with after some feedback in the comments section. "Deadicated" made me really think about this and I finally came up with a viable build that just wrecks your target and the team if you can snowball off the fight with Sword of the Divine. Kinda like Katarina, if you can get two kills after using Sword of the Divine's active, the cooldown refreshes itself and you can use it again to snowball the fight even further. Great melee build for Poppy. Even though it doesn't take Trinity Force, it still gives you Sheen proc from Iceborn Gauntlet and the nice passive from it which grants a slowing area of ice on each spell cast. Great build, fun to use in PvP, enjoy using this one.

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Ending Comments (END OF FIRST GUIDE)

Well, there you have it! That was the power of AD Poppy. Use the build and tactics wisely to give your team the victory. Lift your heavy team on your shoulders and "carry" them for the win. Late Game Poppy is a force to be reckoned with and all carries should be cowering in the corner with fear. As late game draws out, the carries may have Guardian Angel and supports will be constantly throwing out heals and shields protecting their carries form dying. Nevertheless, Poppy is notorious for her absolutely devastating lategame, which in my opinion is the best in game, outshining even champions like Jax, Veigar and Nasus. The more items you get, the scarier you get. Have fun!


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Many people are debating whether Poppy is viable as a jungler. Poppy's kit brings a lot to the table and provides some unique ganking potential, but that's it many say. While everything about Poppy jungling seems pretty good, it's hard for her to get going in the jungle. There are a lot of hard parts about jungling Poppy. For example, since we are jungling we obviously have to pick Smite but then that leaves Poppy with only one summoner spell left. Poppy kind of relies on the Ghost a lot to chase/disengage and the Ignite for getting kills to snowball. She is forced pick between Ghost, Ignite, Exhaust and Flash. Ghost helps her position her stun and chase better. Ignite gives her kill potential and helps her get an early lead by snowballing while also giving her more damage since it does a % more when combined with Diplomatic Immunity. Exhaust gives her some form of "reliable" CC to help with ganks. Flash is just a nice spell for mobility and escaping through walls. It also helps with positioning and finishing off a kill with a Flash + Devastating Blow combo or whatever. While it seems smart to jungle Poppy as she needs farm, and it pretty much is guaranteed farm right there in the jungle as they creeps don't move anywhere, the thing is that Poppy is a slower jungler early on. She does nice single target damage however and the jungle items like Hunter's Machete help out a lot. Unlike Season 2, you now get more gold for killing monsters, this means that if Poppy keeps clearing bigger monsters in the jungle, she can get to her Trinity Force faster. Regardless of her "flaws", Poppy is still a fun jungler who is actually decently viable and can really shine early on with her well-placed Heroic Charge's.

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+ Unique gank potential with Heroic Charge and Diplomatic Immunity for diving
+ Safe jungler with strong jungle control
+ Snowballs really well
+ Excellent jungle duelist with walls being every where
+ Her ultimate is very strong when being counter-ganked
+ Ability to engage/disengage almost at will
+ Great damage output

- Blue Reliant (Usually not able to donate blue to Mid Lane until third blue or until Philo)
- Weak Dragon Control
- Slow jungle clear time (around 4:00)
- Reliant on early kills to snowball
- Not an effective counter jungler
- Team may call you a troll for jungling her and/or yell at you :P

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Optimum Jungle Masteries


Offensive Tree: When I go to jungle Poppy these masteries are my go to choice. I opt for the 21 in the offense tree because it not only helps Poppy improve her jungle clear times, but it helps her scale into late game better than any other tree. Executioner fits right in to Poppy's playstyle of rushing in and bursting a carry down. The magic penetration mastery is taken because she deals a lot of magic damage in the jungle to monsters with Devastating Blow and both cooldown reduction and attack speed masteries are taken as they are very useful which is why I take 4 points in each. I wish I were able to take both penetration masteries for Poppy but I can't anymore without getting 4 points in either Deadliness or Blast . So I decide Blast over Deadliness as the magic pen helps out her spells and Devastating Blow damage.

Defensive Tree: The nine points in defense are to help her jungle out and to help her transiton well from early to mid game by giving her a boost in her MR and armor. The health and health regen aren't really worth it compared to getting more resistance and mr. The Tough Skin and Bladed Armor are taken so she doesn't take as much damage from jungle camps. It helps out your damage also where you would spend one or two less autoattacks to kill a creep. It may not seem like a lot, but it certainly adds up. The time and hp not only makes your initial clear faster, but safer, and harder to counter jungle.

Utility Tree: As for going into the Utility Tree, the extra mana regen is nice, but if you don't have blue buff anyways, it won't make enough of a difference early on in the jungle. The movement speed mastery is also tempting, but with Paragon of Demacia you should be fine. The only huge loss about not going into the Utility Tree is not being able to get Runic Affinity . It's a great mastery for junglers, but not enough to sacrifice jungle clear times and safety just to get to it.

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Rune Book


Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Note: This is the rune page that is optimal for jungle Poppy. It gives her stats that she needs to improve her clear times and it gives her some armor to be tanky in the jungle and when fighting AD opponents.

Greater Mark of Attack Speed: Attack Speed is a great stat on jungle Poppy that can significantly increase your clear times and overall DPS. Without these runes, your jungle is going to be slow and dull until you can get some attack speed item like Zeal. If you really don't have the IP for these runes then a good alternative to these runes are Greater Mark of Attack Damage.

Greater Seal of Armor: These runes give you a nice source of armor in the jungle. They work well on Poppy as these runes allow her to fight jungle monsters, minions, take tower hits, fight AD champs etc. These also makes Poppy's jungle a little safer as she will be at a higher health if someone decides to walk in on you while your getting Blue Buff. Don't replace these runes at all since these are the best in the slot.

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed: While she already got some attack speed through her marks, extra attack speed makes her clear times even better as jungle Poppy is a single-target champ. This improves her clear times even more as she takes down camp after camp. Big help to Poppy but not extremely necessary. A good alternative to these runes are Greater Glyph of Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. Shielding MR per level glyphs work even better as camps do AD damage and your not going to encounter a lot of magic damage early game, but by the time you will need the magic resist, you will have enough as these scale by level.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: These AD runes help you do more overall damage to camps and champs alike. This combined with the attack speed helps you dish out a lot of DPS. Great quits for this slot. An alternative to this can be Greater Quintessence of Desolation.

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Summoner Spells

Smite: CORE on junglers as this spell improves your clear times by a lot and just help out in general. Smite allows you to counter-jungle, secures Red and Blue, Dragon, and Baron. A smart jungler who is playing against a jungler who doesn't have Smite will just ward your jungle and steal your buffs over and over as you have no way of stopping it. NEVER JUNGLE WITHOUT Smite!!!

Exhaust: An overall great spell for junglers who have a reliable way of escaping Safeguard or Deceive etc...) This summoner spell improves Poppy's ganks as she is given enough time to position her Heroic Charge and it also gives her a form of CC to help out. A great spell to take!

Ghost: Another great spell that has great synergy with Poppy as she requires a lot of movement speed to chase and escape enemies. If you decide to take this spell, make sure you have a point in Summoner's Wrath . This can help with ganks as you will be rushing in at lightning speed. This also helps in team fights when you are dive-bombing the enemy carries.

Ignite: While this spell has AMAZING synergy with Poppy and her ultimate, Diplomatic Immunity, this is not always the most optimal choice. It doesn't provide anything special for ganking besides extra kill potential. Nice spell, but if you don't have the CC from Exhaust or from your teammate, what's the point of kill potential if you can't get close to killing in the first place?

Flash: A solid choice for a summoner spell, while not bad, Exhaust and Ghost are usually the better choices. Still good if you prefer it over other spells, or if you really need the escape move. With this you can be kited less when you don't have Heroic Charge up and if something screwy happens when you try for a gank and need to gtfo, this is your gtfo summoner spell.

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Jungle Monsters (Timers and Tips)

Before you jungle any champ, it is best to understand when jungle camps and monsters first spawn, and respawn. As you become serious at jungling, learning the times for each camp improves you overall as a player and makes your counter-jungle so much better. Good habits like typing out the time when Baron/Dragon respawns again not only helps you out, but also helps your team out.

Lesser Creeps

Initial Spawn: 1:40
Respawn Time: 1:00

Initial Spawn: 1:40
Respawn Time: 00:50 (50 Seconds)

Initial Spawn: 1:40
Respawn Time: 1:00

Buffs Carriers

Red Lizard:
Initial Spawn: 1:55
Respawn Time: 5:00

Blue Lizard:
Initial Spawn: 1:55
Respawn Time: 5:00

Team Objectives

Initial Spawn: 2:30
Respawn: 6:00

Baron Nashor:
Initial Spawn: 15:00
Respawn Time: 7:00

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Jungle Routes (May or May not need Changing)

Note: These routes can be customized a bit for your needs if you feel up to it. You can also break in the middle of your jungling if your team needs your help in a fight or whatever, or if you see a key gank opportunity.

The Blue Buff Route/Farm Route Till Four:

  • Start Wolves (perferably with a little help to make it go by faster)
  • Smite Blue Buff when it is low. While leash isn't 100% mandatory, it still helps out!
  • If you think you can counter-jungle, now is the time to run into enemy territory.
  • If not, just go straight to Wraiths.
  • Fight Double Golems while focusing the bigger one first
  • Go over to red and be sure to Smite to get it faster and to secure it!
  • Once you have double buffs, continuing jungling by going to Wraiths or decide to gank.

This path allows you to have mana to spam your spells throughout the jungle. This is also the path you want to take if you doubt you'll have early game (before level 4) ganks available or if the enemy jungler is hard to counter-jungle for an easy first blood.

Red Gank/Safe Path:
  • Start Double Golems and focus big golem as usual. (Help on this is preferred)
  • Proceed onwards to Red Buff and be sure to Smite it.
  • Go to wraiths and focus the big one to take less overall damage
  • Go to Wolves next and focus the big wolf.
  • Start Blue Buff and finish it off to get double buffs.
  • Decide whether to enter enemy jungle territory, or to take an early gank opportunity.

This is the "safe" path as you can avoid an invasion towards your blue buff that could turn out catastrophic for your team. This path also makes you hard to gank while in the jungle due to red buff slowing any escapes. The time to level 4 with this path is around the same amount of time, but the main problem with this path are the Mana Management and the fact you won't have too much time with red buff to gank with. This is a path where you might want to conside taking Heroic Charge at level 2 if you decide to early gank or protect your self from a counter-jungler. With this path, try for a level 2 or 3 gank. Don't try ganking unless you have Heroic Charge at least. For both paths you should be decently healthy especially if you got a good leash.

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Skill Sequence (When to get Heroic Charge)

After level 3 the skill order for jungle Poppy is pretty much set in stone. But as far the first three points go, there can be quite a lot of decision making which revolves around when to take Heroic Charge.

Heroic Charge should be gotten first if you and your team are going for a lvl 1 fight/invade or if you have a hunch that the enemy team might be trying for one. If you see the enemy team coming, try to group up in a bush to ambush a stray enemy player, or just tell your team to transition over to either the enemies blue buff or over to your red buff. Heroic Charge is your most important team fighting skill at level 1, especially since so many level 1 teamfights happen in the jungle which is covered with walls. If you take it at level 1, be sure to get a hard leash or your jungle will be even slower and ****pier than normal. Get Paragon of Demacia at level 2 and Devastating Blow at level 3.

Get Heroic Charge at level 2 if you believe the enemy jungler is going to try for a gank at wraiths or try for an early invasion before you reach level 3. Heroic Charge can easily ward off a gank and cause you to deal enough damage where you can get first blood off them or cause them to cower away in fear. Often times, a failed invasion on Poppy from the enemy jungler will set him/her back far enough that you will be a camp, level or farm advantage ahead for a few minutes (or the whole game if you are able to snowball because of this). Waiting on Devastating Blow only slows you down a tiny bit, but the overall effect is small enough that if you fear an early enemy jungle gank or invasion, you should definitely take Heroic Charge at level 2.

If you don't fear a level 1 teamfight/invasion or an enemy jungler gank/counter-jungle attempt around level 2, then just get Heroic Charge at level 3. It increases your jungling speed a bit by doing this. Seeing as Poppy is a slower jungler, she needs all the help and extra time she can get.

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Ganking Lanes + Tower Diving

When to Gank: Once you are level 3 and have a point in every one of your skills, you are officially ready to gank. Ganking with Poppy is both difficult due to having a high skill cap to be able to pull off correctly, but also very rewarding due to it's strength and stun potential. With Poppy you want to wait until your target is caught out of position near a wall, then walk or run via Paragon of Demacia until you are in range for your Heroic Charge. Charge them into the terrain, stun them, auto-attack them once, and then as soon as the auto-attack ends use Devastating Blow for an auto-attack reset.

Should I use Paragon?: One of the things you have to think about before you dive in is if you should pop Paragon of Demacia to initiate the gank or if you should use it to chase after you slam them into the wall with Heroic Charge. If your initial burst combo will kill your target, then you are better off popping Paragon of Demacia to initiate, but if your damage isn't strong enough, your going to have to make a judgement call on what you should do. If you have Exhaust up though, you can initiate with Paragon of Demacia and chase with Exhaust which slows them down and brings CC to her ganks. One of the great things about taking Exhaust is that unlike Ghost, it gives your teammates enough time to catch up and do their full damage.

I'm Coming In!: Before you go into the lane you are going to gank, make sure you ping/tell the lane you are coming in so that they prepare themselves and are in a good position to take advantage of your gank. Make sure your teammates don't telegraph the gank. Telegraphing a gank is when your teammates imply that you are coming in by doing something rash or going all aggressive for no reason when you are nearby. If you are ganking bot lane, be sure to tell your support to have both bushes warded so if the enemy tries to escape, you can just stun them with Heroic Charge.

Ganking 107: The way you should gank is actually not that hard. It usually involves coming in through a river opening (that is not warded :P) and waiting in a bush until the time is right to initiate. If you are going to gank try to not hesistate too much when you are trying to slam them with Heroic Charge or you may miss your opportunity. The only exception is mid, where due to the complete lack of general walls, you instead want to come in from behind if possible and Heroic Charge them towards you ally mid laner. You are pretty much using your slam to push the enemy further from their tower and further from their safe haven instead of stunning them.

Tower Diving: Poppy is one of the best tower divers once she reaches level 6 and is on par with powerful divers like Tryndamere or Alistar. Once you unlock your ultimate, you can just pop Diplomatic Immunity on your target of choice and ignore the tower's hits for the next 6 seconds. This allows you to dive, kill, and get out while taking no or close to no damage. You can also initiate fights under towers rather nicely. If you can draw tower aggro first, as long as Diplomatic Immunity is up, the tower is basically taken completely out of the fight until your ultimate wears off. Poppy also has great skill at diving before level 6 as her skillset provides with bulk and quick burst damage. Land your Heroic Charge into the turret/nearby tower walls, bash them with Devastating Blow, Ignite, maybe add a auto-attack or two, run out with Paragon of Demacia/Ghost, then PROFIT.

Tough Lanes To Gank: Poppy can gank most lanes successfully if she is prepared and if she can get a nice Heroic Charge off. But there are lanes that can cause Poppy some problems. Pretty much any champ with a long blink/dash like LeBlanc/ Ezreal or easy to land hard CC like Ryze or Fiddlesticks can cause Poppy major problems. This means that you have to be extra careful as so you don't waste too much time trying to gank these lanes and then get nothing out of it. If possible, just try to skip these lanes altogether outside of trying for some pressure ganks to scare them. The best ways to gank these lanes is to try and gank them when they are either pushes up as much as possible, or when they are not at full health.

Note: Before you even think about ganking or invading at all, make sure you have a point in Heroic Charge.

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Counter Jungle How-To Guide (NEEDS BIG UPDATE)

Counter Jungling: The technique of "Counter-Jungle" is where you invade in the enemies jungle and try to steal camps + buffs of any kind completely screwing over their jungle and maybe killing them in the process. While counter-jungling is used more often with high-tier, fast-clearing AOE junglers, if you do find yourself in a situation where you are counter-jungled and most of your camps and/or buffs are stolen, look for some good gank opportunities across the map. If no such opportunities arise, then invade and try to kill the enemy jungler in his own habitat to snowball off of it.

Invading: When invading, it is very important to know where a jungler will be and when. This list below is a quick overview of some general times which you can use to gank/invade against certain junglers. I assume that they are using the standard lvl 4 blue path that starts from Wolves and ends at around Double Golems. Of course this can't and won't cover every single possible jungler, time, and situation, as they could use a different path or build, but instead use this as a general map of where they will be at certain times and when.

Insane Speed Junglers (Hit Level 4 Around 3:25)

1st Time Wraiths: 2:20
2nd Time Wraiths: 2:55
Red Buff: 3:00
Double Golems: 3:15

Champions: Udyr, Shyvana, Dr. Mundo

High Speed Junglers (Hit Level 4 Around 3:40)

1st Time Wraiths: 2:30
2nd Time Wraiths: 3:10
Red Buff: 3:15
Double Golems: 3:30

Champions: Nocturne, Skarner, Olaf

Medium Speed Junglers (Hit Level 4 Around 3:55)

1st Time Wraiths: 2:35
2nd Time Wraiths: 3:20
Red Buff: 3:25
Double Golems: 3:40

Champions: Rammus, Jarvan IV, Master Yi

Slow Speed Junglers (Hit Level 4 Around 4:10 or Later)

1st Time Wraiths: 2:40
2nd Time Wraiths: 3:35
Red Buff: 3:40
Double Golems: 4:00

Champions: Fiddlesticks, Gangplank, Sejuani


Champions: Lee Sin and Shaco

Poppy is slower than other junglers so the best time to gank is either while they are at Wraiths or are coming back from Wolves for the second time, as this provides you about equal levels and plenty of walls to set-up your combo. This gank is best for Medium to Slow Speed junglers as you have a chance to level up to get Heroic Charge and get to the bush before they are there.

If they are a High Speed Jungler your best bet is to gank them at red. You want to come through the red bush if possible as that gives them the least amount of notice to the incoming gank and the best opportunity to pin them to a wall.

If they are a jungler without sustain then you can also gank them at Double Golems. Though always be careful when ganking at Double Golems as it is easy for the bot/top lane to trap you and kill you before you have a chance to escape.

If you have just been counter-jungled you probably know what was the last camp he stole then you probably have a good idea of where he is in his jungle. If he stole from your top then he is probably still top, and vise-versa for bot. Now this isn't always the case, and if you don't find him in that part of the jungle you are better off backing off as the more time you spend in the enemy jungle, the more likely you will be ganked by the other team.

If you feel safe though and have a pretty good idea where he is going to be next, you can set up traps for him in the bushes. The best places for this are the bushes by Wraiths, by Red, and by Blue as they provide good cover and easy escape routes incase the gank goes wrong for some reason.

For Lee Sin and Shaco you are better off not invading at all at any stage. They are too hard to actually dual with do to their escape and also because of their abilities they are very dangerous to dual and invade in the first place.

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But I Thought Warding Was For The Supports?

Warding is always an important job for a jungler. Same rule applies for Poppy when she jungles. Why should a jungle ward you say? Isn't that for supports you say? NO! Warding is not something only supports should do because if every person on the team buys atleast 1 or 2 wards every time they back, it will keep your team safe, it will protect buffs, and it will win you games. Since a jungler is constantly roaming around the map, you can ward to help protect your lanes from say, a 3 man gank of doom to bot lane. Wards can also be used to help you counter-jungle or to stop an invasion of your buffs from happening. Picking up a ward every single backing time helps a lot, a lot more than most people realize.

A few good locations to ward are: Bushes by Wraiths, Blue, and Red.

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Ending Comments (END OF SECOND GUIDE)

Well, there you have it. Jungle Poppy at her finest. If you have been wanting to try out Jungle Poppy but didn't know how, hopefully you have figured it out now. I hope you enjoyed my guide. Leave comments about what you thought and maybe even what I may need to improve on!


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Notes About New Poppy CheatSheet Information

If you look at the cheat sheets now, you should realize that their are 4 different builds. One for Vs. AD, Vs. AP, Jungle, and AP. I updated the Late Game Carry Poppy information sections in my guide, and for the most part I updated jungle Poppy too. Some sections will still need changing after I test a bit more. But for the AP Poppy, it has zero information. I HAD a lot of information saved up for my guide, but due to issues with MobaFire, it all got deleted. I basically have to rewrite everything over now, so it will take a bit. While I am working on AP Poppy info, you can enjoy reading about Jungle and Late Game Carry Poppy. Hopefully this guide helped you out with any complications and questions about playing Poppy in Season 3. Chao for now!


Basic Skill Combo for AP Poppy:

-> -> -> -> -> ->

This combo is the Ultimate Overkill Burst Combo. With it you can 100-0 any squishy/carry with much ease. The biggest focus however is getting up your icon=diplomatic immunity and then as quickly as you can then using your Ignite, Deathfire Grasp, and Hextech Gunblade actives in the 4 seconds you have so the damage will be properly amplified by 60%. Use it wisely young Poppy Player.

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ChangeLog (Updated 10/14/13)

12/4/12: Guide Released! Awaiting Season 3 Patch
12/5/12: Season 3 Patch is out...YAY! Received a lot of votes and comments, some more productive that others
12/5/12: Updated a few sections, added 4 different build paths to the cheat sheet, AP Poppy info to be added soon, along with reworks on Jungle Poppy info.
12/5/12: I got tons of positive feedback and constructive criticism. My guide already made it to Top 5 Poppy guides and Its only been released for two days total! #5 Poppy Guide and only Season 3 updated in Top 5 also. Thanks so much guys :D (Still working on Jungle and AP sections)
12/6/12: I added some more items to the "Item Builds" section for Late Game Carry Poppy. I also retouched up some old writing the "Item Builds" section along with adding a build revolving around Sword of the Divine in the "Viable Builds" section. (Credit goes to "Deadicated")
12/7/12: After feedback from comments, I changed up my masteries so they are now much more optimal. Still working on AP Poppy, not 100% sure I will add info for it though...only if you guys really want it.
12/9/12: Just checked a few parts for grammatical errors. Complete grammar overhaul check to be done at a later date ^^
12/11/12: I updated my guide and added more neat tricks to improve the "Visual Appeal". More cleaning up of my guide to be done at a later date. Got some more nice comments, currently trying to get to the #1 Poppy Guide. Help me out MobaFire Community!
3/4/13: Wow, it's been quite a while since I was last playing LoL and updated this guide. So far it seems in pretty good shape so I will keep it how it is for now. Grammar check is over. Let's hope I don't find any extra mistakes :)
10/14/13: Due to personal problems, I quit LoL for a while which is why this guide hasn't been updated in a bit. In the last month or so, I did as much research as I could to get back into the game and change my guide accordingly. My guide is now 100% up-to-date with all new changes in Recent Patches. If you like my guide, Vote it Up. If you don't like something about my guide, don't just immediately vote down, let's talk about what you don't like or any suggestions you may have for me. Wish me luck on my journey to getting this guide to be the #1 Poppy Guide on MOBAFIRE