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Sivir Build Guide by Kizum

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kizum


Kizum Last updated on December 3, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Thanks to jhoijhoi for the tips about how to make the guide prettier and the best feedback you can get.

Meridianprime has the best Sivir guide out there right now. Thanks for the inspiration. I only did this cause I saw your guide. It maked me want to do my own.
Thanks Meridianprime

Thanks for all the tips in the comments all of you!!

And then a very big thanks to you that reads and votes this up!!

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Hi! Im Kizum and I play LOL at EU West right now. Feel free to add me if you want.
Welcome to my guide about Sivir, the battle mistress.

I played Sivir when she was free once and then I bought her cause she was really fun to play. A while after that did I start play all kind of champions, but not Sivir.
I didn't play her much of some reason.
Then I realized that Sivir was an awesome champion so she became one of my main champions.
So now am I here with this guide.

What have I done to do this guide?

  • Reading, testing and got inspiration from other guides on Mobafire.
  • Experience from more than 1400 games with ranked, normal and custom games.
  • Learned from other players.
  • Played all champions in the league and tested all kind of builds and strategies.

If you have something to say just send a comment. Come with constructive critisism and tips if you want. Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy reading this. I have used much time to make this guide really good and it was really fun to do it. Thanks!!

Sivir can go mid lane but her place is at the bot lane as an AD carry. Thats what this guide is about, AD carry, bot lane Sivir in Summoners rift (5 vs 5). Now lets check it out.

Guide Top

Before you read the guide! (read me)

The build works really good for me and I hope and think it does for many others too, but this thing I will show you will never be perfect for every LOL player in the world. This guide, these builds, these item options and everything else are just here to help you be a better both Sivir and LOL player. The build is here to help you find the best build for you. Don't always go this build. Buy different builds. You need to buy counter items.
So don't come back and blame me if your game didn't went out good. Just try a new game cause you and all other players will always have a bad game sometime.
The guide can't help you play just help you with how and what to do and I hope it does.

Then don't vote this guide down only because you maybe have a Sivir guide.
Let us all be friends instead =D

Thanks for reading this and enjoy the guide!!

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Words I will use in this guide

AD = Attack Damage

AP = Ability Power

CC = Crowd control (Stun, Slow, Snare etc)

Squishy = Low HP/Easy to kill

BA = Basic attack

CD = Cooldown reduction

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"Time and time again, Sivir proves that she has earned the right to call herself "The Battle Mistress."

- Jax

The beautiful and deadly champion know as Sivir has been a favorite of League summoners for close to a decade. A soldied-for-hire outside of the Fields of Justice, she is the embodiment of a highly successful mercenary on modern day Runeterra. Sivir has a little interest in the "cribbage sheets" - as she calls them - of League influence bartering. Instead, she is motivated by material wealth and riches, and she is paid handsomely for her services. Sivir is one of the wealthiest individuals found anywhere on Valoran. Sivir owns multiple residences in a number of different city-states, as well as ownership stakes in a number of businesses all across Valoran. Her detractors, either envious of her success or acrimonious of her flexible morality, have begun to use Sivir as a symbol of what is wrong with the mercenary nature of the League. Sivir dismisses her critics, saying that while her personal code of ethics is less ruthless than her competitors, "Everyone has a price."

Sivir has earned many titles and accolades throughout her illustrious career, but the one she held until recently was "Battle Mistress of Noxus". Now she is simply known as "The Battle Mistress" after breaking her contract with the Noxian High Command. Sivir dared to object to the Noxian was against the peaceful island state of Ionia, though less about the morality of the issue than the planning behind it; her predictions of a bloody stalemate came true when the Ionians held off the relentless assaults of the Noxians. Claiming that the Noxian High Command had lost its direction, she left Noxus and made her services available to the institue of War. The Noxian High Command has sent a number of contracted assassins to deal with its rogue mercenary, but none have delivered her or survived.

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Pros / Cons

Here is some Pros/Cons about Sivir.


+ Awesome farmer.

+ Has one of the best team fight ultis in the game, On The Hunt.

+ She can block spells with Spell Shield.

+ Pretty easy to play and master. You only need practice with Spell Shield.

+ Fun to play.

+ Awesome in team fights!


- Mana hungry early game

- Squishy early game

- Bad CC

- Underrated champion

- No natural escape

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Sivir, easy to play or not?

1 = Easy
10 = Hard

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

So what is hard?

You need much practice with Spell Shield. Sivir has no in build escape so you need to know that you can use Fleet of Foot to escape.

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The abilities

Passive: Fleet of Foot

Don't look down at this ability!! You don't have any in build CC but this one works almost the same. It doesnt slow the enemy but you will be faster after you hit a basic attack on an enemy champion.

You can use it to hunt down an enemy or when to escape. Do a basic attack on the ones you are trying to escape from. You will get movement speed and can escape easier.

Fleet of Foot is good if you have On The Hunt on CD too.

Q: Boomerang Blade

This one does really good damage and its your main damage dealer in early game.
It costs much mana but it has a nice range. It will come back to you so you can hit an enemy twice. The bad thing is that the damage you deal with it decreases with each hit.

So try use Boomerang Blade when you know you can hit an enemy twice without any minions in the way. The best thing is when you can hit both lane enemies twice. It will deal less damage but you still did much damage on both.

If you do Boomerang Blade and then moves Sivir, Boomerang Blade will come back to you. That's a good thing to remember. If you miss Boomerang Blade when you throw it, you can still hit the enemy on the way back!

You can check brushes with Boomerang Blade because you will hear when it hits something.

You can use this ability to farm early game but I don't recommend it because you just waste your mana.
If you want to farm with it, do it in mid-late game. You will have more mana.

W: Ricochet

This one bounce 5 times and deal less damage with each hit.
It will be more important than Boomerang Blade in late game.
The first hit is an on-hit effect and can crit. On-hit effect is the slow from Trinity Force or the armor reduction from The Black Cleaver etc. Try hit the first one on the enemy champion.

You can do a basic attack and then do Ricochet cause it resets the basic attack timer.

E: Spell Shield

This one will save your life many times. It can give you free mana too.
Spell Shield is hard to master so practice with it.

If we say that you face Varus on your lane. Bait him to do Piercing Arrow. Block it and you have free mana. Do this when you are low on mana.

It's a list about all abilities you can block and how hard it is in the end of the guide.

Ultimate/R: On the Hunt

This is one of the best team fight ultimates in the game in my opinion.
You will give yourself and nearby allies attack speed and movement speed.
Use it in team fights. You can hunt down people with it and you can use it when your team escapes.
Another thing you can do with On The Hunt is backdoor. You can use it to get a tower down fast.

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Skill Sequence and combos

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Start with Boomerang Blade. You do much damage in early game and you can hit many enemies at the same time. It costs much mana so dont waste/spam it.

Pick Ricochet in level 2.

Pick Spell Shield in level 3. You can now block abilities.
You can pick it in level 2 if you want. If you do, you can block abilities and get mana earlier but if you pick Ricochet in level 2 you can get first blood easier if someone didnt got it earlier.

Playing defensive? Pick Spell Shield in level 2.

Playing offensive? Pick Ricochet in level 2.

Take the ulti On The Hunt every time you can take it. It gives you and your nearby allies attack speed and movement speed.


1. Do a basic attack.

2. Do Ricochet

3. Do Boomerang Blade


Its a nice early game combo that can give you First blood pretty easy.


1. Do Boomerang Blade when your enemy is far away. Try hit the enemy and no minions.

2. Do a basic attack.

3. Do Ricochet

4. Go on with more basic attacks.


Team fight combo

Lets say that Annie stun your whole team with Summon: Tibbers and Pyromania. Block it with Spell Shield and then use On The Hunt. It will turn the team fight!!

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

Best spells

Flash: Yes its pretty easy to escape with Sivir cause you have On The Hunt, Fleet of Foot and you can block abilities with Spell Shield. But she has actually no inbuild escape like Ezreal's Arcane Shift or Caitlyn's 90 Caliber Net.

Heal: Most used and best AD carry spell in ranked together with Flash. It will save your life many times.

Exhaust: Sivir has no CC at all in early game before you get Phage. That's why this spell is one of the best on Sivir in normal games.


Ignite: This spell can really help you out. It's like the last hit you need to kill an enemy. If the enemy escapes with low HP just use this spell. Ignite can help you against abilities like Dr. Mundo's Sadism too. I recommend this spell as an option.
If your lane partner already has Exhaust, take Ignite or Heal. It's not the best with 0 or 2 Exhaust on the same lane!

Ghost: No I don't recommend this one but it is an option on Sivir. Yes it gives you movement speed but I feel that it doesnt help you. You have On The Hunt instead.

Teleport: Yes, if you mid. But if you go as AD carry bot don't. You can backdoor with it. Backdoor is what Sivir does best, but I don't feel that it's the best spell for Sivir anyway.

Revive: If you die and then want to come back fast it's good. I don't like it but it is an option.

Clarity: Yes, Sivir is very mana hungry early game. But if you don't spam your abilities you don't need it. It can be an option for new Sivir players but you don't need this spell.

Don't take

Garrison: You can only pick it in Dominion.

Smite: No, your not a jungler.

Surge: It gives you ability power and you don't need AP. It gives you attack speed too but you can get attack speed from items and On The Hunt.

Cleanse: You have Spell Shield and it's enough in my opinion. So don't pick it.

Promote: You really don't need it so why take it? Sivir is one of the best pushers in the game so you don't need a big minion.

Clairvoyance: For AD carry? No it's for your support.

Guide Top


  • You don't need any crit runes because you will get it from your items.
  • You don't need movement speed runes because you have Fleet of Foot and On The Hunt.
  • You don't need CD runes either.

So what to take?


3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Will give you AD.

Quintessence options

3 Greater Quintessence of Scaling Attack Damage: Will give you more AD in late game than you would get with the recommended quintessences. But you will get lower AD in early game than you would get with the recoomended ones.


9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Will give you AD. Easier to get First blood cause you will have pretty high AD. It will help you the whole game anyway.

Mark options

If you want to pick other marks, do it. But I don't have any other options. I feel that these marks will help you most.


9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: Will give you higher magic resist each level. You will not get the best AD, but you will not be that squishy.

Glyph options

9 Greater Glyph of Attack Damage: Will give you AD, but you will be squishy. Your choice which Glyphs to take.


9 Greater Seal of Armor: Will give you armor, you will not be that squishy.

Seal options

9 Greater Seal of Attack Speed: Gives you attack speed, it works really well for me.
You will be squishy but with more attack speed than with the recommended Seals.
Your choice which Seals to take.

Guide Top



  • 1 point on Summoner's Wrath : Is good if you have Ghost, Exhaust, Ignite or Surge. I recommend Exhaust and it will reduce the target's armor and magic resist by 10.
  • 3 points on Brute Force : You are AD carry and here is the AD.
  • 1 point at Butcher : Easier to last hit minions, easier to get a good farm and easier to get feeded.
  • 4 points on Alacrity : 4% attack speed is always good on an AD carry.
  • 4 points on Deadliness : + 9 AD in level AD, take all AD you can.
  • 1 point on Weapon Expertise : 10% armor penetration. Why not? It's always good with armor penetration.
  • 1 point on Lethality : 10% critical strike damage isnt bad.
  • 2 points on Vampirism : Wait, 2 points? Why not 3? You will get life steal from the items you will buy. I don't think 1% additional life steal is better than everything else you need. 1 less point here instead of no point at Summoner's Wrath . Your choice.
  • 3 points on Sunder : +6 armor penetration will make the life easier as an AD carry.
  • 1 point on Executioner : Increases damage dealt by 6% to targets below 40% health. Easier to kill low HP enemies.

  • 1 point on Resistance : +2 magic resist will help you a bit with the squishy problem.
  • 3 points on Hardiness : +6 armor will help you a bit with the squishy problem too.
  • 4 points on Durability : HP per level and 108 HP in level 18.
  • 1 point on Veteran's Scars : 30 HP isnt bad.

Other options

Take points at this if you think you need it.
  • 3 points on Havoc : Increases the damage dealt by 1,5 %. It can help you more than you think.
  • 1 point on Summoner's Insight : Will give you 15 sec reduced CD on Flash. It can save your life many times.
  • 3 points on Expanded Mind : +216 mana in level 18. I don't think you will be many hungry then.
  • 1 point on Meditation : +1 mana per 5 sec doesnt sounds much, but it will help you with the mana hungry problem a bit. Especially in early game.

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Early game (level 1-9)

So what will happen in early game?
Yes all do now buy their first item and go to their lanes. The first minions wave spawn in 1 min and 30 sec, this means that all the 10 champions have time to kill each other to get first blood.

What is first blood? First blood is the first kill in the game, the one who gets it will get 100 extra gold.

The farm start when the minions comes. You need to start harass the enemy.

The first turrets will be destroyed early in the game.

Someone maybe will be on killing spree (3 kills without dying) if not more.

Summary or early game

  • First blood
  • The first towers
  • People start farm
  • The first item/items

Guide Top

Mid game (level 10-14)

So what will happen here?
Yes the teamfights will start. Who and when to kill in team fights?

  • AP Carry/AD Carry - First of all kill the feeded one and the AP Carry/AD carry. This is why you will be focused when you play Sivir.
  • Support - Kill the support after the AD Carry/AP carry. The support will just heal up
    or help the team in every way he can if you don't kill him.
  • Off tank - Yes the tanky damage dealer, now is the right time to kill him.
  • Tank - Take down the tank as the last one just because he is tank. His team mates
    can kill many in your team before you kill him if you focus him first.

What to do in teamfights? You are supposed to stay behind the tank and the melees. Then just attack.

People will go on farming and take down turrets.

One of the teams will kill Dragon.

The good items will start show up. Items like Phantom Dancer's and not just Zeal's.

This is maybe the most important thing, don't go alone. Especially not as unfeeded.

Yes, take the red buff too.

Summary of mid game
  • Team fights
  • Turrets and farming
  • Dragon

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Late game (level 15-18)

What will happen in late game? This is where Sivir is at her best. You can kill other champions pretty easy and you can push down many turrets. But remember, its not the best to push down turrets when you can't see the enemy team on the map.

Many turret will be down in late game and you do almost have your fuild build. You usually gets it a while after you reached level 18.

Don't go alone here either! You can get killed easy by the other team, you can backdoor but you need to know when to do it!

People usually push all together on mid lane in late game.

One of the teams will kill Baron.

Summary of late game

  • Baron
  • All pushing mid lane
  • Backdoors
  • Full builds

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This is the team you usually have:

AD Carry, The physical damage dealer.
Lane: Bot
In this case is the AD carry you as Sivir.

AP Carry, The magic damage dealer.
Lane: Mid

Support, your lane partner that will heal/shield/give mana to you. Many other things too, he will help you by the way. Lane: Bot

Solo top, this guy is usually tanky. He can be your teams tank but he doesnt have too. Malphite goes top as tank and Jax goes top as off-tank for example. Lane: Top

Jungler, The one in the jungle. He will run around in the jungle and kill monsters to get gold and buffs. The buffs will give him CD, slow and more.
He will run to your teams lanes to help the team kill. It's called gank. Lane: No lane, he is in the jungle.

So you and the support is on bot lane and you start farm.
The support will help you on different ways so you not will die/run out of mana/take too much damage for example.

The support will use the awesome item ward too. Wards like Sight Ward and Vision Ward.

You will see the area around the ward, but you will not see if someone is in the grass if the ward doesnt stand in the grass!

Vision Ward will let you see invisible champions.

So the goal for you and the support is to get down the turret on the bot lane and defend you own. You can go on and destroy more turrets but it can be good if you help someone on another lane.

Guide Top


Farming = Kill Minions/Monsters

Many people doesnt realize how important it is with farm on an AD carry, especially on Sivir.

It's like this:
Farming---> Gold---> Items---> Easier to kill the enemy---> Feeded---> Victory

So, how to farm?

As an AD carry you usually lane with a Support on the bot lane. Maybe not all the time in normal games but always in ranked.
The Support doesnt kill minions, they are not supposed to.
So you have the minions for yourself. Kill them!

2 ways to farm

1. You can just stand there and do basic attacks on the minions. Don't use Boomerang Blade and Ricochet when you farm in early game. You are mana hungry and you will waste your mana.

Just stand there and do basic attacks isnt the best way to farm.
You will not get all of the minions.

2. This is the best way to farm. You can do basic attacks but the important thing is to last hit the minions.


Harass is when you doesnt let the enemy farm. Lets say you do Boomerang Blade and do big damage on the enemy multiple times so he can't kill the minions. He will be too scared to walk to you. It's a nice harass tactic when you play Sivir.

When to farm?

You will farm in the whole game but it's important to get a good farm early in the game.


Your team will kill the dragon in mid game (usually level 9-12). Why?
You and your team will get a large amount of gold, thats why.

Baron Nashor

Your team will kill Baron in late game (usually level 13-18). Why?
You will get gold and a Baron Buff that gives you AD and AP etc.

Remember, Farming is really important!

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Who is a good support for Sivir and who is not? Here is a list with supports.

1=Bad support for Sivir
5=Good support for Sivir

: This big bull has heal, hard CC and he can throw the enemies away in many different directions. Sivir has no in build CC so it's good that Alistar has. It's really good with the Triumphant Roar, just because you are squishy.
Alistar is tanky too and it's really good.

1 2 3 4 5

: He has a very nice CC combo but it's the only good thing actually. No heal and no shield that he can help you with.

1 2 3 4 5

: He has Bulwark that shields you and gives you magic resist and armor, he taunt with Idol of Durand and he can give you more movement speed with Righteous Gust. He is tanky and can slow with Resolute Smite. But I don't think he is the best support for Sivir anyway. A healer is better for Sivir.

1 2 3 4 5

: She has heal and can shield with Eye Of The Storm. She gives you more movement speed with Tailwind, she can slow the enemy with Zephyr and she has a nice CC with Howling Gale. Really good support. The only bad thing is that the only heal she has is her ulti Monsoon so she can't use it much because of the CD.

1 2 3 4 5

: She can heal you with Mantra + Heavenly Wave. She can shield you with Soul Shield and she can both slow the enemy and give you movement speed with Spirit Bond. Karma has her passive Inner Flame, so she will get more AP when she gets lower HP, this means she heal/shield you for more.

1 2 34 5

: Underrated support. People usually play her AP/attack speed. Kayle has slow, heal + an awesome ultimate called Intervention.
Of the reason Sivir is AD Carry, this ultimate is perfect for her. Immune to damage in some seconds, really nice!

1 2 3 4 5

: She has 2 hard CC spells, which is really good. Then she has her passive Sunlight. Thats what makes Leona a good support on bot lane. It can be a good support for Sivir of the reason she doesn't have CC in any of her spells, but Sivir is squishy and Leona can't heal or shield her.

1 2 3 4 5

: This little yordle is like Kayle, an underrated support. But she has a soft CC + Whimsy, a shield and then Wild Growth, I have said it alot, but this is an awesome ultimate.
I would say that Lulu has everything Sivir needs, but Lulu is very squishy too, thats the only problem.

1 2 3 4 5

: I would say that Lux is a good support. I mean, she has snare, slow and a shield. But again, the best thing for Sivir would be a healer. Especially in early game.

1 2 3 4 5

: Well, I don't like her as a support. She got a snare and a shield, but the shield just absorbs magic damage and you face AD carries on bot. But Black Shield makes you immune to disables too which helps you against CC. Morgana can use Soul Shackles in team fights and help the team pick up kills. But still, I don't think she is the best support for Sivir to lane with.

1 2 3 4 5

: She got heal and she can place traps in brushes that will help you against ganks. But still, if you start think team fights, I don't think she can save the whole team with just Primal Surge/Swipe.

1 2 3 4 5

: He got a slow and he can speed you up with Blood Boil. Thanks to Consume and Visionary, he can stay on the lane longer and help you more.
Nunu is really good in team fights too thanks to Absolute Zero, but still, he got no shield, no heal and he will get some kills with Absolute Zero which a support shouldnt have.

1 2 3 4 5

: A shield, a speed up, a slow, vision from her ball and a good CC from her ulti Command: Shockwave. Yes, it sounds good and she can do very much in team fights if she moves the ball around. On the other hand, she got no heal and is very squishy.

1 2 3 4 5

: I really love this guy. He can taunt enemies and save you wherever you are with his ultimate Stand United. Then he got his Q Vorpal Blade. If you attack the target that Shen throws Vorpal Blade on, you will be healed. Of course let us not forget, Shen is tanky and it's a really good thing.

1 2 3 4 5

: One of the most used supports in the game, and the thing is that it's not hard to understand because she is one of the best supports. Hymn of Valor gives you AD and AP, Aria of Perseverance will heal you and give you magic resist and armor, Song of Celerity gives you movement speed and her ulti Crescendo can make the whole enemy team dance.

1 2 3 4 5

: She got 2 heals and she can give you mana. Then she got her passive Consecration that gives surrounding allies 16 magic resist. Really good support.

1 2 3 4 5

: I think I love him more than Shen actually. He is tanky, got a heal, a stun and a spell that increases his and surrounding allies armor. Then of course his ulti Radiance that can help your team alot in teamfights. It will increase Taric's and surrounding allies AD and AP.

1 2 3 4 5

: This yordle isnt used as a support at all actually. But Blinding Dart will help you alot against the enemy AD carry and Teemo got his Noxius Trap's which makes it easy to ward. But think about it, he got no heal, no shield etc, then he got his Toxic Shot. This spell is the answer why people play Teemo as AP and AD isntead of support. This spell will just steal the kill from the other guys in the team if you play him as support.

1 2 3 4 5

: Heightened Learning gives you and your allies more experience. Time Warp will speed you up and Rewind will reduce his cooldown's so he can help you more with his spells. Rewind is especially good at Zilean's ultimate Chronoshift. This ulti will revive you if you die when you got the ulti on you.
Zilean got no heal and no shield though.

1 2 3 4 5

Guide Top

Before I start speak about the items (Read me)

Don't just buy some items just because it is a in a guide. The builds I will show you is just good builds overall. You need to buy counter items against the enemy team. If the AD carry is feeded then go for a counter, Thornmail for example. Then of course, try buy new items in every game you play. Experiment with your build.

Guide Top

Items, build for familiar/advanced Sivir players

This build is for familiar Sivir players. It will give you a good AD carry Sivir build.

Early game items

Boots of Speed: This item is usually worth buying early game together with 3 Health Potion's. It will be easier to dodge skillshots with them for example.

Doran's Blade: One of the best early game items you can have. It gives you HP, little life steal and AD. If it goes bad early it's usually worth to buy 1 more Doran's Blade together with Berserker's Greaves and then go on with the rest of the build.

Berserker's Greaves: Yes you need attack speed and here you have it. Almost always the best boots on AD carries in early game. It can be changed to Mercury's Treads in late game.

Vampiric Scepter: You do now have 15 % life steal with items and masteries (If you have 1 Doran's Blade). It helps you stay on the lane longer. Just do basic attacks to get HP.

Mid game items

Phage: This is your first item to get Trinity Force. You will get HP, AD and you can now slow the enemies movement speed with your basic attacks. The fact that Sivir doesn't have any in build CC makes it even better.

Infinity Edge: Gives you AD and Crit chance + that your crit deals more damage.

Zeal: Your other item to Trinity Force. It will give you movement speed, crit and attack speed.

Trinity Force: It's time to end your Trinity Force now. You will now slow and you will get HP, attack speed, crit, Mana, AP, AD, movement speed and a "trinity hit" that does 150 % of your base AD after an ability.
You will take a big risk if you start buy Trinity Force. You will not have place for items like Sight Ward's or Health Potion's. But it will be worth it, many people doesnt think this item is good on Sivir. But like I said, it will be worth it!

Last Whisper: You will get AD and armor penetration of it. Really good item on Sivir.

This is what your build should look like now

Late game items

The Bloodthirster: You already have your Vampiric Scepter so buy the The Bloodthirster and start kill minions to stack it.

Guardian Angel: Really good item for AD carries and really good item on Sivir. Gives you magic resist, armor and a revive. Sell Doran's Blade on buy it.

Your full build

Summary of the build

You are mana hungry so don't spam Boomerang Blade. You will get mana from Trinity Force so you will do well if you don't spam it. What to do if you have to spam Boomerang Blade??
You can steal the enemies blue buff. It will give you mana regeneration. You will get it from the baron buff too if your team kill him. Take the enemies blue buff cause your jungler will take the first one and give the second one to the AP Carry.

You will not be squishy with Trinity Force and Guardian Angel, and you will do much damage with this build.

Item options

Some other items you can buy.

: This "jungle item" is perfect for Sivir in early game. Switch it with The Bloodthirster and buy it as first "real" item if you want it. You will get a free ward that will help you against enemy ganks. You will get some armor, awesome against the enemy AD Carry in early game. It's good because your squishy. Then you will get AD and life steal and it's not bad, right?

So why is Wriggle's Lantern just an option?

It is a really good item. I just think that The Bloodthirster will do more for you. Then you waste time, think about it, you will get your core items later if you buy Wriggle's Lantern early and start with Doran's Blade. You need to buy Wriggle's Lantern early to get the most of it. You can rush for it like the jungler will do, but I feel that it's better if you start with Doran's Blade and not Cloth Armor when you play Sivir.

: Will give you AD, HP and slow. Change it with Trinity Force if you want. The slow is reduced on Frozen Mallet because you are ranged, but you will slow every basic attack with this item while you only slow 25% of the basic attacks with Trinity Force.

So why is Frozen Mallet just an option?

I had it in the recommended build before but then did I get told that Trinity Force is better on Sivir, and yes, it actually is.

: Really good item, yes it sounds weird on Sivir but it's really good. You will get 1 AD for every 2,5% HP you are missing. You will get AD, magic resist and a shield that absorbs magic damage when you are low on HP too.

So why is Maw of Malmorius just an option?

Chance it with Guardian Angel of you want, but Guardian Angel is better on Sivir.

: Buy this item when the enemies do just too much damage.

So why is Thornmail just an option?

This item isnt in the recommencded build but you will need it when the enemy AD champions are feeded.

: This items gives you AD, attack speed and it reduces the enemy armor with every basic attack..

So why is The Black Cleaver just an option?

I don't have any reason not to use it. So switch it with Last Whisper if you want to buy it.

: It gives you magic resist and attack speed. This item counters Thornmail really good. Switch it with which item you want if you want it. I don't recommend it but it is an option.

So why is Wit's End just an option?

You can use it if you want but I feel that you have other items that are better. Good when the enemies have Thornmail by the way.

: Good AD carry item that gives you Crit, movement speed and attack speed.

So why is Phantom Dancer just an option?

Switch it with Trinity Force if you want, but Trinity Force is a better overall item for Sivir than Phantom Dancer in my opinion.


Doran's Blade, Berserker's Greaves, Vampiric Scepter, Phage and Infinity Edge is your core build, a team has usually won now because the other team has surrendered.

Does the game still go on? Lets check this: Are you behind? Have you died many times or do the other team has a feeded one? Buy armor/magic resist/HP if so.

No? Lets check this if so: Do they stack armor? Buy Armor Penetration. It's the best thing to do when the enemies stack armor.

Still no? Good, go on with the normal build if so.

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Build options

My recommended Sivir build

You will do some nice damage with this build and you will still have good survivability.

Defensive Sivir build

You will do some damage and you will be tanky. Sivir as tanky? Yes it sounds really weird and its not the best thing you can do. But the combination of these items will give you a really good build. It works if you want to buy this build.

Damage Sivir build

You will do really much damage with it. The only problem is that your squishy. People will focus you if you gets feeded and you will be killed easy. The thing with this build is: Kill or get killed. Frozen Mallet gives you HP but it's the only survivability you have in this build.

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Items, build for unfamiliar/new Sivir players

This build is for new Sivir players, it will help you with the mana hungry problem and the squishy problem. This is not a good build for familiar Sivir players! It's just here to help the new Sivir/LOL players get a good start so they can change to a better build later.

You can play with the familiar/advanced Sivir build in costum games too if you are a new Sivir/LOL player.

Early game items

Meki Pendant: Will help you with the mana hungry problem. Yeh, for a while. It's a good item to start with if you are a new Sivir or LOL player.

Ninja Tabi: You will not be that squishy anymore. So go on and kill minions to get more items later.

Vampiric Scepter: This will help you stay on the lane longer. Just hit the minions to get more HP.

Mid game items

Manamune: You will get AD and Mana. You will not have a big mana problems anymore.

Trinity Force: You will get HP, AD, AP, mana. Yes much of the things you need. You will not be mana hungry.

Banshee's Veil: You will get a second Spell Shield with this item. You will get mana, magic resist and HP too. Your squishy and mana hungry problem isnt a problem anymore.
Time to get AD items.

This is what your build should look like now

Early game items

The Bloodthirster: End your The Bloodthirster and start kill minions to stack it. You do now have enough mana, your not squishy, you have AD and you have lifesteal.

Infinity Edge: You will now start crit more. You will get AD from it too.

Your full build

Summary of the build

So what have we done with the familiar/advanced Sivir player build so it can help new Sivir/LOL players get a good start so they can change to a better build later?

Yes we have changed it alot.

  • Sivir is a mana hungry champion and it's not a problem anymore cause you have mana items.
  • Sivir is a squishy champion and it's not a problem anymore cause you have HP/armor/magic resist items.
  • You don't go the best Pro AD carry build but you still have both some AD and crit.
  • You do now have 2 shields if you have Banshee's Veil. This means that if you are bad with Spell Shield you have the shield from Banshee's Veil.
    You can train your skills with Spell Shield but don't use it when you have Banshee's Veil ready!! The ability that you block will soak up BOTH shields!

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Spell Shield list

Now let's talk about Sivir's Spell Shield.

You can block abilities and you will get mana when you do it.
So if your a good Sivir player you will not need mana items.

Here is a list about all abilities that you can block and how hard it is to do.
The colors means,,,,,

Easy to block
Not too easy but not too hard
You can't block
Hard to block

NOTE: Many abilities will be harder to block if the enemy use it close to you!!
Examples: Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow or Ahri's Charm.

Essence Theft: You will block the passive if you block the ability.

Orb of Deception: Not too hard to block but it comes back so it can hit you 2 times. If you can't block it or dodge it the first time block it or dodge it the second time. It does true damage the second time.

Fox-Fire: Only blocks one of the three.

Charm: Important to block but can be tricky to block.

Spirit Rush: Only blocks one of the three if she does all the 3 after each other.

Twin Disciplines: You will block the passive if you block the ability. (Not the life steal part)

Mark of the Assassin

Twilight Shroud: Nothing you can block but do Boomerang Blade when she is in it.

Crescent Slash: Have to say it's pretty hard to block just because it's a spell that will hit you when you are close, a melee spell. Thats why it's hard to know when to block. You can't see it comming.

Shadow Dance: She will use it to chase you, block the first one is important.



Headbutt: Pretty hard to block but pretty important that you do if he push you to his team. Yes, he can fail with it too and push you away from his team. So it's up to you if you want to block or not.

Triumphant Roar

Unbreakable Will

Cursed Touch

Bandage Toss: He will use this to jump in to your team and use Curse of the Sad Mummy. It's important that you block it.


Tantrum: Can be hard to block. Same as with Akali's Crescent Slash.

Curse of the Sad Mummy: He will use it after Bandage Toss. If you can't block Bandage Toss try block Curse of the Sad Mummy instead. It can be harder.
If you press Spell Shield and Amumu wait's it out and then jumps in with Bandage Toss. What will happen? Yes Spell Shield will be on CD when Amumu does Curse of the Sad Mummy. That's why it's important to block his Bandage Toss.


Flash Frost: Very important to block! This is the spell Anivia use first in her combo. The good thing is that Flash Frost is slow. So it's pretty easy to block.

Crystallize: This list is about what you should block, this ability blocks you.

Frostbite: Remember this, Anivia almost always use this one after Flash Frost or Glacial Storm when you are chilled.

Glacial Storm

Pyromania: This passive is really important to block. She can use this one to stun you with Disintegrate or Incinerate. But Annie players almost always use the stun when they have Summon: Tibbers ready. Thats what makes Pyromania tricky. She can use it on 3 of 4 of her abilities. But be ready when she has Pyromania ready (She has a white circle around her then).

Disintegrate: Pretty easy to block in my opinion. She will use it much in early game. Usually to last hit minions.

Incinerate: Harder to block than Disintegrate.

Molten Shield

Summon: Tibbers: Very important to block! She will use it with Pyromania. Block the combo of Pyromania and Summon: Tibbers in team fights. If she only stun 4 members of the team instead of 5 can really help your team!


Frost Shot

Volley: This is her harass ability. Not too important to block but it's good if you do.


Enchanted Crystal Arrow: She will use it to start a fight or to end it. Important to block it.

Mana Barrier

Rocket Grab: I think this is one of the most important abilities to block in the game actually. He will use Rocket Grab, Power Fist and Static Field in a combo. So if you fail block Rocket Grab then you can be dead.


Power Fist: Hard to block when he use it after Rocket Grab. Again one important spell to block.

Static Field: Hard to block cause he will use it after Power Fist.

Blaze: You will block the passive if you block the ability.

Sear: Block it when you have Blaze on you.

Pillar of Flame

Conflagration: Important to block if it bounce to you after a minion.

Pyroclasm: It will stop bounce if you block it. Help your team and do it.


Piltover Peacemaker

Yordle Snap Trap: Walk on it with Spell Shield and you have a free mana potion.

90 Caliber Net: She usually use it as an escape.

Ace in the Hole: Easy to block. You have 2 ways to block it. If Caitlyn use it on you just block it with Spell Shield. The other way is if she use it on your ally. Use Spell Shield and stand in front of your ally to take the shot.

Deadly Cadence

Noxious Blast


Twin Fang: Be ready. She will use it after Noxious Blast or Miasma when you are poisoned.

Petrifying Gaze: Can stun your whole team. You will just be slowed if you have your back to her when she use it. So the best thing is if you turn around and use Spell Shield. You will just be slowed and not stunned if you fail.
It's hard to know when she will use it but it's worth a try.


Rupture: Important to block cause he will follow up with Feral Scream and Feast.

Feral Scream

Vorpal Spikes

Feast: Hard to block and important to block. He will use it when you are low on HP.

Hextech Shrapnel Shells

Phosphorus Bomb: He will use it to check the brushes, so be ready if you will gank him.


Gatling Gun

Missile Barrage: Important to block. He has 7 of them but it can help you alot if you block 1. He will miss some too.


Decimate: Really good if you can block it.

Crippling Strike

Apprehend: It's pretty easy to bait him do it. He can use it to drag you in to a fight but he usually use it when you escapes.

Noxian Guillotine: You don't realize how much I hate this one. He will use it when you are low on HP and if it kills you he has it again. Thats why it's really important to block!

Adrenaline Rush

Infected Cleaver: Can't say it's important to bait him for it, but he will lose HP every time he does it. I don't think it will help you if you bait him actually. He has Adrenaline Rush and he usually buy HP regen in early game.

Burning Agony



Wicked Blades

Spinning Axe: I don't actually know if you can block it just because it's a basic attack that deals bonus damage.

Blood Rush

Stand Aside: He will use this when he chase you. Usually.

Whirling Death: It's easy to block if you see it comming.
He will use this when he see you or your allies on low HP, so if your ally has low HP and doesnt see it comming, here is a tips. Use Spell Shield and place yourself pretty far away from your ally and on the place where Whirling Death will come. You will block it and save you ally cause it will return to Draven after it hits you. So dodge it on the way back.

Shadow Walk

Hate Spike: She will use it many times in a row and you can only block one.

Dark Frenzy: You can block the passive on this ability, but not the the active.

Ravage: She will use it when she comes close to you. Pretty important to block because she will get attack speed if she hits it.

Agony's Embrace: Important to block but hard to block but its hard to see it comming.

Rising Spell Force

Mystic Shot

Essence Flux

Arcane Shift: Will be used to set up other spell or as an escape tool too. This spell is the first spell in Ezreal's combo and it's more important to block the other spells.

Trueshot Barrage: Easy to block if you see it comming. Important to block.


Terrify: Both hard and important to block.


Dark Wind: Really important to block. He will use this one to silence you. He will use Dark Wind, Terrify and Drain in a combo. It means that you can't use Spell Shield when he has done Dark Wind.



Lunge: It's good if you block the first one, but she will use the second one if so.

Riposte: She will parrie your basic attack and I don't know if you can block the parrie.

Burst of Speed

Blade Waltz: You can't block her from using it but you can block the hit on yourself. 1 of the hits at least.

More to add here, it comes soon.

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Sivir as AP??

Sivir as full ability power deals tons of damage, try it!
Or wait,,,,,,,no don't try it. Just don't,,,,,,,,

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