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Soraka Build Guide by Tauricus2017

Support Super Support Soraka (SSS) [9.23]

By Tauricus2017 | Updated on December 6, 2019
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Soraka
    Soraka Summoner's Rift
  • LoL Champion: Soraka
    Soraka ARAM
  • LoL Champion: Soraka
  • LoL Champion: Soraka
    Soraka NURF

Runes: Standart Rune Page

Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Font of Life

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Support Role
Ranked #12 in
Support Role
Win 53%
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Ability Order Protect

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Threats & Synergies

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Greetings summoner. My name is Tauricus and i am here to help you with Sorakastic champion. If you are asking:
Why Super Support Soraka (SSS) [8.14]?
Why is your guide better than the more popular guides?
My guide is written In-Depth. That means it is full of advices and tips. I'm also one of the few people that are writing about ARAM or TWISTED TREELINE maps or Who support other languages. You can find here even the A.R.U.R.F. part of guide!! If you will have got some idea how to even further improve my work please go to the comment section and write!! Cy@.

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Soraka is really unique support with high sustain and poke.
The Soraka is for such a type of people who don't like to keep going all-in, stealing kills and flaming others. The game behind the Soraka is a mixture of helping with the team spirit and a pinch of the unoffensive approach. If you want to play the Soraka at least a drop well you need to know your line, successfully hit your spells, save with mana and learn how to use the buttons for activated items.
Spoiler: Click to view
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Soraka Statisticks

450 BE / 260 RP

Secondary Bar:

Release Date:

Secondary Attributes:


///// ///// /////
Health regeneration:
Mana regeneration:
Attack damage:
Attack speed:
Magic resistance:
Movement speed:
0.625 (+ 0–36.4%)
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Primary Tree



Phase Rush
This rune does not help Soraka in any way. She does not need the movement speed bonus and she is not able to proc it most of the times.


Summon Aery
Possibly the best rune available for Soraka. It allows you to shield your ally after healing him which pairs well with your Astral Infusion and Wish. Also If you combine it with Rejuvenation buff from Starcall you are even able to proc this rune twice!


Arcane Comet
This rune is not so bad. It can increase your poke in lane heavily and it has got garanteed to hit using Starcall slow. Go for it If you think you need more poke, however Summon Aery is better.


Nullifying Orb
Soraka does not really need this. If you are playing against heavy AP assassin One for all team - this can be the best option ever, however most of times you find other runes better.


Manaflow Band
Manaflow Band is very good rune because it gives you very nice mana sustain and it allows you to be more useful in lane and in team fights.


Nimbus Cloak
This rune is something you will never really need. It cannot compare with the power of mana sustain Manaflow Band provides in any way.


Since Celerity got nerfed a long time ago, this rune is now the best choice so far, because even with the best build Soraka will always have some unused CDR.


Before it was so good rune because it really transformed our Starchild into living Ambulance. Now pfhh just a bonus MS...


Absolute Focus
It is not bad rune. Soraka has got good sustain, however I just feel that Transcendence is a little bit better overall.


Very good rune that increases Soraka's early game poke a lot.


Soraka, Banana and Waterwalking enter the jungle – They die – Because they trollpick – Muhahaha!!


Gathering Storm
This is a late game variant of Scorch – It is up to you If you like to have better late game or early game. I am just a big fan of early game.
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Secondary Tree



Because Soraka does not normally buy tons of HP items, she can't benefit from Demolish.


Font of Life

Possiblly one of the best choice on Soraka. This rune maybe does not help you but your ADC will appreciate the bonus healing.


Shield Bash
Doing a bit more damage when shielded? Sounds good? Doing bonus damage when shielded on Soraka? *sigh*


Like having bonus health is not so bad. But doesn't matter How broken this rune is/will be Revitalize is just better.


Your healing is 5% more effective!!! +5% when allies are low!! Makes your Q,W,R much more effective.


Not so good as Revitalize...
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Other Runes Options

Always buy Bone Plating against aggressive enemies etc. ( Leona/ Veigar/ Brand) because this rune can negate their Combo damage And it is also more fun rune than Revitalize.
The precision runes are really questionable. Because Presence of Mind and Triumph Can be triggered much more often with help of your ADC than when you are solo laning. But Precision is aggressive rune page and Soraka want Protection more than Damage but it is feasible option.
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Pros & Cons


+ Ranged champion
+ Nice amount of CC
+ Extremely helpful
+ Team champion
+ Good Sustain
+ Easy to learn

- Squishy
- Mana hungry in early
- Useless horn
- Easy to counter
- ADCs dont like her bcs she isnt Tresh
- No escapes
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Sumoner Spells

Flash: Nice summoner spell for everybody. Gives you enough escape and save your life many times.

Exhaust: Exhaust is best secondary spell for Soraka bcs it ill give you more CC. You can use it when your jungler wants to gang you or to lockdown and finish off enemies. You can also use it when the enemy Marksman becomes aggressive.

Heal: Heal is rly good ss for you since season 8 bcs your Revitalize, Ardent cancer and Redemption will boost its power. But you MUST tell your ADC to pick Barrier.
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Ability Explanation

Salvation (Passive): Soraka has got empowered movement speed when running to low health ally champion. This ability has got nice synergy with Celerity, making the heals on low health allies more powerful.

Starcall (Q): Starcall will shot the star on the enemy from the sky. Dealing magic damage and slowing enemies in an area. Additionally, If the star successfully hits the enemy, it will also give you bonus movement speed when running from the enemies and boost your health regeneration.

Astral infusion (W): Soraka will heal the target ally champion for a price of mana and her own health. This ability can also apply the Starcall bonus health regeneration If is Soraka under this effect.

Equinox (E):Soraka will create the purple shiny zone on the ground dealing magic damage and silencing enemies inside. After a while it will damage enemies once again and also root them. This ability has high mana cost so do not try to spam it in early. Use it to cancel channel abilities like Requiem.

Wish (R): Soraka will heal the whole team. The healing is increased for every ally under 40% of health. Use it in the middle of teamfight or as a help from afar.
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Tips & Tricks

  • When using Starcall at the maximum range, try to predict enemies movement.
  • If you want to do the best of your Astral Sorcery, Hit enemies with Starcall before.
  • Try to get level 2 before your enemies do, and then aggressively attack with your Q+E Combo
  • You can use your Equinox on the enemy jungler when he wants to gank you. If you do, The enemy jungler cannot use his gapcloser like Audacious Charge because they are silenced.
  • Also use Equinox To cancel channeling abilities like: Requiem or Nether Grasp or Curtain Call
  • Never forget!!! League of Legends is GAME. That means it is for fun. So do not flame your allies but rather enjoy the game :)
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Best Items

We want this item for its useful active. It will boost speed for everybody in your team and gives you some health as well. Use it when you with your teammate wants to catch some escaping fool.
Nice item that will give you some magic resistance and also increase your Astral Infusion power as well. Its active part will remove all CC. This item is really strong but little bit harder to learn. Buy it against heavy CC supports ( Zyra, Leona, etc.).
Nice item that will give you a lots of vision on the map and also its your only source of money.
Locket of iron solari is nice defense item on our SSS. Its passive part will give you high amount of magic defense and lower amount of armour. Its active part will shield evrything around you making this item useful in teamfights.
This item will give you bunch of useful stats +bonus healing/shielding power, but it also gives your ADC Attack speed after every heal!
Redemption is a great support item ,that in addition to drop of CD reduction can mainly heal everybody in large area through one trigger of its activating part. Even after death!
Ionian Boots of Lucidity provides you what Soraka needs most: CDR!!
Of Course there are many boots in the game, so why not to pick something other?
So Boots of Mobility are maybe very fast but that is all. Nothing special. Ninja Tabi is also viable because it will lower the damage from enemy ADC and enemy toplaner but Soraka do not need to be tanky. And other boots is just rubbish.
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Medium Items

This item will help you to trigger Equinox root effect because you will slow the enemy for every spell hit.
Its also cheap item with high amount of AP and HP.
Buy it when you think you already won the lane or against squishy champions with no movement abilities ( Veigar, Ashe, etc.).
This item will give you high amount of heal power and unlike other items also some damage.
But Rabadon's Deathcap have go also its evil part.
I consider its evil part is totally mega high cost of this item and also its low utility.
Warmog was truly good item for Soraka but since its nerf its not that good.
To trigger its UNIQUE passive: Warmog's heart you need 3000 HP's.
Now time for some math.
At level 18 you've got 1850 HP.
Every Redemption & Remnant of the Ascended & Shurelya's Reverie will give you 200 HP each.
+ 800 HP from Warmog means you will need two of these three items + Warmog +18 Level to trigger its passive. It is Pretty hard, isnt it? :)
Most of League players do not like this item. And I totally do not know why? Of course it is not best item because it do not boost your healing power as most support items but this item ladies and gentlemen can stop all nearby turrets from attacking! That means you can allow your team to fight under enemy turret(s) even in the middle of teamfight. But dont buy it too often. It is still a MEDIUM ITEM. I buy it only in ARAM or when you have got aggressive team champions like Kai'Sa, Talon or Tristana.
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Worst Items

This item is not very discovered for me but what should be sure is one thing. This is not okey! This stupid item maybe have got some useful stats but Armor and damage to itself is just useles. Once when 2 or 3 Support items will be cancelled you should buy it but now not.
So Remnant of the Aspect is one of 3 ways that you can go but unfortunately this one is worst one. Mainly because you are ranged so that bonus damage to minions is not active for you. And because Soraka is bad lasthiter its almost impossible to trigger it.
Ok i know some supports build it but you should not do. Righteous Glory is good at basic stats like every second item for Soraka but its passive…
So sad to see Soraka going directly into whole enemy team with low amount of HP and damage. This is one of 125 things that make me cry...
Some people thinks it is good item, but I will tell you true. It is not! Of course it can increase healing from your Starcall. But that bonus is really low. And Why to increase your healing amount from Starcall a little bit, If you can buy Warmog's Armor and give yourself massive regeneration from warmog's heart?
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Language Support

Czech Support
Spoiler: Click to view

Deutsch Support
Spoiler: Click to view

Vietnam Support
Spoiler: Click to view
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Your life :)

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Special Thanks And Links

JhoijhoiMaking A Guide
Soraka Statisticks
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20.05.2018 - PUBLISHED!!
25.06.2018 - Language Support (CZECH)
28.06.2018 - Other runes options section & Worst items section and also some repairing
28.06.2018 - HUGE MAJOR UPGRADE!!
04.07.2018 - Summoner spell section upgraded and Ionian Boots are now in item section
05.07.2018 - Salvation & Salvation bug repaired
06.07.2018 - Ohmwrecker is now in item section and Sorakas Lore uploaded
09.07.2018 - Twisted Treeline Soraka uploaded
09.07.2018 - Ornn & Elixir items uploaded
11.07.2018 - Urfy Soraka uploaded and Starting items Upgraded
22.07.2018 - 10k VIEWS CELEBRATION!!!!
22.07.2018 - Soraka Statisticks uploaded
24.07.2018 - Funny Darius Update :D
26.07.2018 - Funny Darius Update DELETED :(
21.08.2018 - Tips & Tricks
27.08.2018 - Deutsch and Vietnam Language Support!
30.08.2018 - repairing grematykal mistakes :)
02.09.2018 - Piece of motivation
04.09.2018 - GIPH Updated
05.09.2018 - 20k VIEWS CELEBRATION!!!!
10.09.2018 - Special Thanks section Upgraded
20.10.2018 - SSS - is running 5th month (Little gift) ---> Super Toplaner Poppy
17.11.2018 - 50k VEWS CELEBRATION!!!!
6.11.2018 - Updated NURF Soraka
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