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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Sett Build Guide by Guoblide

Support [10.25] S11 Award Winning Masterclass on Sett Support

Support [10.25] S11 Award Winning Masterclass on Sett Support

Updated on December 12, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Guoblide Build Guide By Guoblide 86 5 211,131 Views 7 Comments
86 5 211,131 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Guoblide Sett Build Guide By Guoblide Updated on December 12, 2020
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Runes: Omnistone (Default)

1 2 3 4
Prototype: Omnistone
Hextech Flashtraption
Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6
Kill Pressure (Standard)
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[10.25] S11 Award Winning Masterclass on Sett Support

By Guoblide

Sett support isn't a well known strategy outside of high elo and pro-play (He holds a 47% win ratio in low brackets of play) but, regardless of this, he can perform well at every rank. Sett in the support role acts as a tanky and aggressive play-maker that excels in long and drawn out fights due to his Haymaker. He works in the bot lane due to how his engage synergizes with Flash/ Hextech Flashtraption and Nimbus Cloak. Sett is deadly in close quarters but is horrible against ranged champions (Every ADC and most supports). To solve this issue Sett is played by flashing or hex-flashing onto the enemy carry and stunning them with his Facebreaker and The Show Stopper. This is made even easier when we run the combination of Nimbus Cloak and Celerity which gives us even more movement speed when we engage. Sett's Haymaker deals damage off of percentage max health and his The Show Stopper damage scales off of your bonus HP so he can deal plenty of damage for a support even when building tank. This combined with his massive CC makes him an amazing champion in the support role.


Very good engages
Can be very tanky and still deal a lot of damage
Can displace enemies easily
His flanks can singlehandedly win fights
Extremely fun to play
Hard counters every engage support in the game
Easy to pick up/low skill floor and ceiling
Can carry lane
Uses no mana
Has one of the best prestige skins in the game!


HARD COUNTERED by peel supports
Falls off late game
Bad from behind
Can get boring to play
Doesn't have any good skins
Can run out of mana in lane pretty easily


We pick Prototype: Omnistone as our main rune mainly because it give us access to the inspiration and sorcery tree (This is why we take sorcery secondary). With Sett support we need to run Hextech Flashtraption, Nimbus Cloak, and Celerity. Prototype: Omnistone is the only good main runes for both Inspiration and Sorcery apart from Phase Rush which I think isn't as good on Sett. With Prototype: Omnistone you want to read which rune you have and style your play around it. For example, if you have aggresive runes like Lethal Tempo, Electrocute, or Phase Rush then try to all-in engage or trade with the enemy laners. If you have poke style runes like Summon Aery or Arcane Comet then try to proc them with your Haymaker. Finally if you have useless runes like Grasp of the Undying or Dark Harvest try to wait the runes out or proc them with a quick trade when the enemy walks up to cs.
Next up we pick Hextech Flashtraption. Hextech Flashtraption is probably the most important minor rune we rune and it is the reason why we use the inspiration tree. First let's talk about how the rune works. After Flash goes on cooldown it is replaced by Hextech Flashtraption. Hextech Flashtraption is a channeled spell that teleports you to your cursor after a short period of time. When you use Hextech Flashtraption both Nimbus Cloak and Celerity are procced which makes us move very fast afterwards. The combination of Hextech Flashtraption and our secondary tree runes lets Sett close the distance between himself and the enemy very quickly.
The second minor rune we run is Future's Market. We mainly run Future's Market because both Minion Dematerializer and Biscuit Delivery aren't good runes on Sett. HOWEVER the combination of Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic in the third row is good against heavy poke lanes. Anyways, Future's Market lets you go into debt buying items in the shop. You can start by going 150 gold into debt and you can go 5 extra gold into debt every minute. HOWEVER you are taxed 50 gold every time you go into debt. Only go into debt to finsh big items like Boots of Swiftness, Chain Vest, Giant's Belt, and Dead Man's Plate. Getting taxed 50 gold for something like a Cloth Armor or Control Ward isn't worth it at all.
For the final row of the Inspiration tree we take Cosmic Insight. Cosmic Insight gives 5% cooldown reduction to our abilities, summoner spells, and active items. The 5% CDR lets us use our abilities more in fights and have our The Show Stopper up more often which is really good for Sett. The 5% CDR for summoner spells lets us engage with Flash more and the 5% CDR for active items lets us use Gargoyle Stoneplate, Turbo Chemtank, Locket of the Iron Solari, and Randuin's Omen more often.


For our secondary runes we run Nimbus Cloak and Celerity. Nimbus Cloak gives us a 2.5 second burst of movement speed after we cast a summoner spell that scales with the cooldown of the summoner spell (Longer cooldown give more movement speed). This means that after Sett uses Flash or Ignite or any summoner spell then he moves faster which allows him to quickly engage onto an enemy or keep up with them. Celerity gives us 1% extra movement speed and also increases 7% of our movement speed. This makes us faster when we get Boots, cast Knuckle Down, and proc Nimbus Cloak after we use a summoner spell.


Phase Rush is the second best main rune to play on Sett. Phase Rush gives Sett a burst of movement speed and 75% slow resistance for 4 seconds after landing 3 Basic Attacks or abilities on an enemy champion. This rune is pretty good for sticking onto high mobility supports after engaging onto them. The slow reduction combo-ed with Boots of Swiftness can make strong slowing abilities like Lucent Singularity and Prowling Projectile have a laughable effect on you. As good as Phase Rush is I still honestly think Prototype: Omnistone is way more versatile and better into most matchups.
The first minor rune that we take in the Sorcery tree is Nimbus Cloak. Nimbus Cloak gives us a 2.5 second burst of movement speed after Sett casts a summoner spell that scales with the cooldown of the summoner spell (Longer cooldown give more movement speed). This means that after [Sett} uses Flash or Ignite or any summoner spell then he moves faster which allows him to quickly engage onto an enemy or keep up with them.
The second sorcery rune that Sett takes is Celerity. Celerity gives him 1% extra movement speed and also increases 7% of his movement speed. This makes him faster when he gets Boots, casts Knuckle Down, and procs Nimbus Cloak after he uses a summoner spell. Celerity just outclasses all of the other second row options and makes Sett way stronger throughout all stages of the game.
The final sorcery rune that Sett takes is Waterwalking. Waterwalking gives Sett increased movement speed and attack damage when he is in the river. This runes is really good because it gives him way more roam potential as well as making him more of a threat in Dragon and Baron Nashor contests. Waterwalking also synergizes really well with Celerity.


The first minor rune we pick in the secondary tree is Hextech Flashtraption. Hextech Flashtraption is probably the most important minor rune we rune and it is the reason why we use the inspiration tree. It makes our engages way better and, when combo-ed with Nimbus Cloak and Celerity, makes Sett easily be able to close the distance on the enemy laners and run them down for a kill. The second rune we take from the Inspiration tree is Cosmic Insight. Cosmic Insight is great because it lets Sett use his abiltities way more in fights and lets him make Flash plays more often. Cosmic Insight is also helpful if Sett buys items like Gargoyle Stoneplate, Locket of the Iron Solari, and Turbo Chemtank because of the item CDR that comes with it.
Flash is your go-to summoner spell. You should always run it no matter what champions you go up against. Flash is a summoner spell on a 300 second cooldown that teleports your champion to your cursor. You can use it aggressively to flash onto targets and sett up kills for your adc or you can use it defensively to flash away to safety. Note that with Cosmic Insight your Flash cooldown will be 285 seconds instead of 300.
The second spell that you take for most matchups is Ignite. Ignite is a targeted spell on a 180 second cooldown that burns target enemy for 5 seconds and applies Grievous Wounds for that duration. Grievous Wounds is a debuff that reduces the amount of healing the champion affected gets. Take Ignite if you are in an aggressive lane and want more kill pressure. A trick with Ignite is to cast it on an enemy BEFORE they use Heal. The Grievous Wounds from Ignite will reduce the amount of healing they get significantly. During teamfights or duels with Sett, try to Ignite champions that gain a lot of health like Dr. Mundo, Master Yi, and Aatrox. With Cosmic Insight Ignite has a 171 second cooldown.
Another possible summoner spell to take is Exhaust. Exhaust is another targeted summoner spell on a 210 second cooldown that lasts for 3 seconds which reduces the affected champion's damage by 40% and movement speed by 30%. Take Exhaust if you are planning to play more defensive in lane against high burst damage threats like Vayne and Twitch or against assassins like Kha'Zix and Zed. Casting Exhaust on them before they cast all of their spells significantly reduced the damage that they deal. Another way to use Exhaust is by casting it on enemy champions running away from you to reduce their movement speed by 30%. With Cosmic Insight Exhaust has a cooldown of 199.5 seconds instead of 210 seconds.
Another very situational summoner spell to run is Ghost. Ghost is a summoner spell with a 210 second cooldown that gives you movement speed that scales off champion level. Ghost is only good against extremely hard matchups like Janna, Lux, Soraka, and Lulu. Having even more lockdown potential with Ghost + Nimbus Cloak + Celerity can let Sett stick onto them even through all of their peel. With Cosmic Insight Ghost has a cooldown of 199.5 seconds instead of 210 seconds.
The last viable spell to run on Sett is Heal. Heal is a summoner spell with a 240 second cooldown that heals you and the allied champion nearest to your cursor and gives both of you 35% increased movement speed for 1 second. Heal is only good if your ADC DOES NOT go heal. This is because heal is 50% less effective on allies that have previously been healed in the last 35 seconds. Running Heal is good when your ADC runs something like Cleanse against CC heavy bot lanes like Thresh and Ashe or Teleport for more map pressure. You should look to use Heal before or after the enemy ignites you to prevent the Grievous Wounds from affecting you or for the bonus movement speed from both Heal and the Nimbus Cloak proc.

Alistar is an easy matchup for experienced players but is more skill-based the newer you are on Sett. Alistar is a tanky frontliner with a lot of CC, kind of like Sett, but Sett hard wins every 2v2 or 1v1 skirmish due to his increased damage and sustain from Haymaker. Since Alistar can easily just Headbutt you away when you engage try to bait out Alistar's long cooldowns and then engage on him with Flash or Hextech Flashtraption to catch him and his ADC off guard. Keep in mind that Unbreakable Will can cancel The Show Stopper when timed correctly so always try to focus on The Show Stoppering the ADC and not him. Also, your Facebreaker can shut down Alistar's Pulverize + Headbutt combo so don't be too afraid when he engages on you. Be careful when pushing into the enemy tower because Alistar can Flash + Headbutt you into his tower to deal a lot of damage.


Bard is easy to run over in lane but his scaling and roaming potential is very scary and can make this matchup a bit tricky. Sett is heavily favored during the laning phase and can easily engage onto Bard by Flashing or Hextech Flashtraptioning onto him. Sett wins 1v1's, 2v2's and 3v3's against Bard and can deny CS by threating to engage onto Bard and his ADC. However, Bard can massively outroam Sett and can have massive map pressure if left unchecked to due to his Traveler's Call and Magical Journey. Bard can also outscale Sett due to his items being better and Traveler's Call allowing him to infinitely scale. Bard can also out-sustain Sett thanks to his Caretaker's Shrine healing and Guardian shield if he runs it. Punish Bard by shoving waves and roaming before he can to make more plays around the map. Also, as stated earlier, try to have the enemy laner miss CS just by threatening to [Flash onto them. Try to roam with the Bard when you see him leaving lane. If you counter-roam him you can shut him down due to Sett hard winning 1v1's, 2v2's, and sometimes even 2v3's against Bard.


Laning against Blitzcrank is very straight foward and, honestly, kind of boring. Tell your laner to position so that the minion wave is between them and Blitzcrank. Then, position yourself in front of the ADC so that the Blitzcrank can only Rocket Grab you and not your ADC. If he does Rocket Grab you then Facebreaker him into his ADC and hard win the 2v2 with your ADC. The Blitzcrank Rocket Grabbing you you is very good for you because it puts you on top of him and his ADC which you want because you can easily out-damage and out-sustain him. If he doesn't Rocket Grab you then have your ADC focus on farming and look to roam and make plays around the map. Keep in mind that Static Field can destroy your Haymaker shield so try to use it after he Static Fields you. Look to engage on Blitzcrank and his ADC or deny CS when Rocket Grab is down. Him not having Rocket Grab is very bad for him so try to make as much pressure as you can during this short time span. Note when his Rocket Grab will come back up so you dont get caught out and hooked into tower. Rocket Grab cooldown is 20/19/18/17/16.


Brand is a pretty difficult matchup for Sett especially during the laning phase. Sett can out-damage and out-sustain Brand but can't really get close to him at all. Brand can poke Sett in lane and land his skillshots easily because of Sett's big hitbox and low mobility pre- Boots of Swiftness and Dead Man's Plate. Brand can also check bushes without warding because of his Sear and Pillar of Flame. Even if you do remain unseen in a bush he can quickly stun you with his Conflagration and Sear combo. If he does ever stun you he can easily proc Blaze on you and deal massive damage. The worst thing about Brand though is that Blaze makes all of his spells deal 3% of his maximum health over time. If Brand hits Sett he procs Blaze which deals an additional 14-16% of Sett's maximum health. All of Brand's maximum health damage can destroy Sett's health bar and make the laning phase almost unplayable. During laning phase try to stand just out of range of his skill shots. If you see him miss a Sear immediately Flash into him and Facebreaker. Once you engage on him and he doesn't have his stun up he is usually a free kill. Once you hit 6 pretend to roam and flank around behind his tower. Use Oracle Lens to disable wards that might spot you out. Flash + The Show Stopper either him or his ADC into your team to get a kill. You can also just roam and get picks in other lanes to help your team out. Go Mercury's Treads if the enemy team has at least 2 other AP champions in Top, Mid, or Jungle. When your jungler ganks and in lane try to spread out from your team to deny the Brand from getting a multi-person Pillar of Flame or Pyroclasm.


Braum is a fairly easy lane for the Sett player however a good Braum player can make the lane fairly difficult to win. Braum's peel and defensive abilities can make engaging onto him hard to accomplish. However, Sett can easily exploit Braum's long defensive cooldowns from levels 1-6. Once Sett gets close to Braum the fight is heavily favored towards the Sett though. Sett hard outduels Braum in the 1v1 and 2v2 fights and can teamfight better as well thanks to his AOE CC and damage. In the laning phase the Braum player will stand between you and his ADC and Stand Behind Me to his ADC when you engage onto them. Braum can also Winter's Bite you when you engage to make it easy for him to slow you and proc his Concussive Blows. He can also throw Winter's Bites into bushes in order to scout them out. Wait for Braum to get bored and throw out a random Winter's Bite and then flash onto his ADC and Facebreaker them into full combo. Usually try to engage onto the ADC because Braum can just Stand Behind Me to his ADC or Unbreakable all of your ADC's damage. Once you hit level 6 look to flank the enemy laners and The Show Stopper the enemy ADC into your team.


Galio is a pretty niche support pick that won't be locked in against you often but, when he is, the matchup is pretty favored towards you. Galio has decent poke with Winds of War, gap closing with Justice Punch, damage with Colossal Smash and sustain with Shield of Durand. He can also easily roam to mid lane and Rift Herald with Hero's Entrance. The most important thing to know about this matchup is that the person who engages first usually loses the fight. If Sett engages then Galio taunts him with Shield of Durand and combos off of that. If Galio engages then Sett Facebreakers him out of his Shield of Durand animation and out-trades him. You want to play aggresive without using abilities and try to force the Galio to burn his cooldowns. If you see Galio use either Shield of Durand or Justice Punch then Flash onto him or his ADC and stun them with Facebreaker. Also try your best to dodge Winds of War when Galio casts it to poke you or damage the minion wave. If you get hit by it try to Haymaker the Galio with the Grit you get from being poked and the run away and wait for cooldowns to come back online. If Galio Justice Punches onto your ADC try to focus his ADC and burst them down. Sett has stronger burst in the laning phase so try to kill the enemy ADC or zone them off of your ADC and let your ADC outrade the Galio in a 1v1.


TAKE Ghost. Janna is probably the hardest support matchup for you. Her high movement speed lets her kite you really well and makes it easy for her to poke you with her basic attacks and Zephyr. Her Eye of the Storm also makes it so that her and her ADC don't take a lot of poke damage when they go in to trade or CS. The main thing that makes her so good against you is her peel that she provides to her team whenever you engage. If you try to Knuckle Down and rush any enemies she can Zephyr you to make you really slow and easily kitable. If you try to Flash or Hextech Flashtraption from a bush then she can Howling Gale you to knock you up in the air and make you take a lot of poke damage. Post 6 Janna and her ADC can freeze under their tower and perma farm. If you try to engage onto them Janna can Flash behind you and Monsoon you into their tower. Even if Janna's Q, W, and E are all down and you Flash engage onto her she can still Monsoon you away from her and her ADC. In teamfights when you The Show Stopper into Janna and her backline she can Monsoon you away from both her team and your team. The only downside of any of her abilities is that her only scouting ability, Howling Gale, has a long wind-up and can't scout bushes that well. In lane pre 6 try to bait out her Howling Gale. When she does immediately make a Flash + Facebreaker play to force summoners or get a kill. Never try to go in on her when she has Howling Gale up. The ability singlehandedly makes all of your engages become horrible. Post 6 you can't do anything against her when she has either Howling Gale or Monsoon up. Look at map constantly to see if she uses Monsoon in a roam or river skirmish. When she uses it immediately spam ping it and track when it will come back up again ( The cooldown is 150 / 135 / 120 ). Use the period of time where Monsoon is down to bait out her Howling Gale by faking aggression. If she uses Howling Gale then immediately dump all of your summoner spells and cooldowns into her trying to get a kill (This is where Ghost is very good on Sett). Once she has her cooldowns back up look to roam and make plays around the map.


Leona is a tanky engage champions and, lucky for us, Sett hard counters every tanky engage champion in the game. The only thing scary about Leona is her level 1 all in due to Sett having a relatively weak level 1. Her Shield of Daybreak is a 1 second stun on a 5 second cooldown so she can use this to all in with her ADC and force a Flash out of you or your ADC. Once you hit level two the lane becomes way easier for Sett. Look to focus on landing Facebreaker on the enemy ADC and going all-in on them. Leona can either focus on CCing you and letting your ADC deal damage or CCing your ADC and letting you 1v1 the enemy ADC. Try to aim the middle part of Haymaker at Leona when fighting her because the true damage can shred through her tanky base stats, item stats, and Aftershock stats. Position yourself next to your ADC in lane so if the Leona Zenith Blades onto your ADC then you can pull her out of the animation with Facebreaker. Leona doesn't have any bush checking abilities so Oracle Lensing or Control Warding the lane bushes and hiding in them can pressure a Flash engage and deny CS from the enemy ADC. Leona will most likely be the frontline for the enemy during teamfights so look to The Show Stopper her into her backline for massive AOE damage. If you have a good frontline then stick next to your ADC or carry and peel for them with Facebreaker and The Show Stopper when Leona and her team engages into you. Keep in mind that Leona can destroy Stealth Wards without an Oracle Lens or Control Ward by auto attacking + Shield of Daybreak animation canceling + auto attacking it.


TAKE Ghost IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THIS MATCHUP. Lulu is another extremely hard matchup to play for Sett. It is extremely hard to engage on her and she can poke you really easily during the laning phase due to her Glitterlance range and her Pix, Faerie Companion empowered auto attacks. Engaging on Lulu during laning phase is a nightmare for melee supports like Sett mainly because of her having crowd control in 3 of her abilities. Glitterlance can poke Sett when he walks up in lane, scout out bushes, and slow Sett by 80% when it hits him. Whimsy can make you super slow and not able to attack or cast anything for 1.5-2.5 seconds or give her ADC movement speed to run away from Sett with. When Lulu has Whimsy up Sett can't Flash in, flank, walk up at all, or even poke with Haymaker. Sett's only real way of engaging during the laning phase is by baiting out Whimsy. Always look to see if Lulu greeds and uses Whimsy on herself or her ADC for the movement speed and attack speed or if she uses it on you for poke. If she does then immediately Knuckle Down or Flash onto her ADC and all-in them. Even this can be difficult with the slow from Glitterlance and the knock-up from Wild Growth (Taking Ghost here can be viable to stick onto the enemy champions through Lulu's CC). Try to let Lulu push the wave into your tower and then have your jungler gank you from behind. This can bait Flashes or secure kills most of the time and is the best way to shut her down in the laning phase. The main way to beat Lulu though, and most other enchanter/peel support for that matter, is by outroaming them and putting more pressure on the map. Securing Scuttle Crabs, roaming mid, helping take Rift Herald, and assisting with Dragons are all ways to put your team ahead if you can't to anything in lane.

LUX - THREAT : 5/5

Lux another pretty tough matchup for you due to her good poke and peel from her Light Binding. She has really strong poke with her Lucent Singularity which can also apply a slow and make it easy for her to auto attack you and proc Illumination for a lot of damage. Avoiding Lucent Singularity is very important because her hitting it can lead into you taking a lot of un-needed damage. Lux uses Lucent Singularity as well as Light Binding to check bushes and make it harder for you to dive. Try to stand right inside of Lux's ability range to make it easy to just walk backwards and dodge her skillshots when she casts them at you. The most dangerous Lux ability for Sett is definitely Light Binding. Lux can easily hit it when you engage on her due to your large hitbox. Try to camp lane bushes to pressure Lux to throw it out. Once her Light Binding is down try to make a play by Knuckle Down or Flashing into her. Running Ghost is decent here because it lets you stick to her even if she slows you with Lucent Singularity. Rushing Boots of Swiftness is also really important because it makes the Lucent Singularity slow way less crippling for you. You hard out-roam her due to you being way waster from getting items like Dead Man's Plate and Boots of Swiftness Try to roam mid a lot and help your jungler secure Rift Scuttlers and Dragons. You strongly out-duel her in 2v2s, 3v3s, and teamfights so always contest objectives with your team when even with them. Keep in mind that Lux can easily steal Dragons with her Lucent Singularity + Final Spark combo so try to Hextech Flashtraption over the Dragon pit wall and deny her the space to pull off her combo. Also, since Light Binding is a root and not a stun, remember to Haymaker when she Light Bindings in order to get the shield and stay alive.


Morgana is a pretty hard matchup for Sett due to her having a lot of CC and poke built into her kit. She can use Tormented Shadow in lane to poke you or zone off your ADC from the wave. Morgana's sustain from Soul Siphon is also decent and it can make poking her out of lane fairly difficult. Her Black Shield can completely deny your Facebreaker slow and stun which makes it really difficult to engage onto her. Black Shield can also stop the suppression from The Show Stopper. The Show Stoppering an enemy with Black Shield will make you go through your ultimate animation and dash into the same spot you would usually land but won't pick up or deal damage to your target. Black Shield can also completely shut down your Flash engages with Facebreaker and The Show Stopper during flanks and teamfights. However, if Morgana Soul Shackles you and casts Black Shield on herself then you can The Show Stopper her and dash out of her ultimate range with it. Keep in mind that the Black Shield cooldown is very long ( 26/24/22/10/18 ) so try to bait her into using it by walking up to her and pretending to Facebreaker. The worst ability that Morgana has though is her Dark Binding. It's a 2-3 second root on a relatively short cooldown that she can use to poke in lane or peel for her ADC with. Morgana players will usually hug the inner wall during the laning phase and scout lane bushes with their Tormented Shadow. If you try to engage they will see you coming and stun you with Dark Binding. Play around this by baiting Black Shield and Flashing through her Dark Binding or by waiting for her to use Dark Binding for poke in lane and then Flash + Facebreakering her into her ADC. Have you and your ADC focus the champion that Morgana did not Black Shield because they will be the one stunned from Facebreaker. Like with other hard matchups, try to roam around the map and assist your Jungler with objectives like Rift Scuttler and Dragon.


Nami is a pretty easy matchup for Sett due to her not really having any major tools to stop Sett pre-6. Sett should take Facebreaker level one and immdeiately look to Flash + Facebreaker the enemy Nami and ADC together for a double stun. Nami usually doesn't take Aqua Prison level 1 so doing this correctly should force at least one summoner out of them and sometimes lead to a kill if your ADC has strong early game like Lucian, Tristana, and Draven. Nami takes Aqua Prison level 2 so Sett needs to be more careful when laning. Having bush control is very important for Sett because Nami doesn't have any abilities that can check bushes well. Sett should stand in the lane bushes and look to make a Hextech Flashtraption + Facebreaker play. Sett standing in bushes alone can create massive pressure on Nami and her ADC. Once you get level 6 look to make flanking plays with The Show Stopper or pull off insec plays with The Show Stopper and Flash. In most games if the Nami is smart she will try to make the ADC freeze the minion under their tower. If this does happen then call for your jungler and flank around behind their tower to The Show Stopper her or her ADC into your laner for an easy kill. Try to shut her down as much as possible in the early game because she out-scales you a lot during the later stages of the game. During teamfights you should opt to flank behind the enemy team and The Show Stopper the enemy ADC or carry into your team instead of The Show Stoppering a frontliner into the backline. This is because Nami can easily CC once you come out of the ultimate animation with Tidal Wave and Aqua Prison.


Nautilus is an extremely easy matchup for Sett. All of Nautilus's abilities are made to be good in short range all-ins which is good for the Sett player because Sett excels in melee skirmishes, especially during the laning phase. You can sustain way better because of your Pit Grit passive and you can out-trade him in every fight due to your Haymaker shield. All of Nautilus's abilities are also pretty bad against Sett. Depth Charge can be scary if it hooks your ADC. Just like with the Blitzcrank matchup you should stand in between Nautilus and your ADC so Nautilus is forced to Depth Charge you. If Nautilus does Depth Charge you then he pulls you closer to his ADC so you can Knuckle Down for the movement speed and try to Facebreaker stun both Nautilus and his ADC. If the ADC is out of reach then Facebreaker Nautilus into his minion wave. When dueling you can either rush into the enemy ADC and attempt to burst them down or you can stand in front of your ADC and protect them. When engaging Sett should always focus on dealing most of his damage to the enemy ADC and not Nautilus unless the Nautilus is really low. This is because Nautilus with Aftershock and/or Gargoyle Stoneplate is way too tanky to kill. If he is super tanky then it is really important to land the center of your Haymaker on him for the true damage. During laning phase try to bait out Aftershock from the Nautilus by making him use one of his forms of CC. If he does then Knuckle Down or Flash engage onto his ADC for a kill. During teamfights try to wait for Nautilus to activate Gargoyle Stoneplate and then The Show Stopper him into his backline for massive damage. Nautilus is usually the main tank for his team so removing him from the frontline can make in way easier for your team to engage onto the enemy carries.


Pyke is another matchup that comes down to who has better positioning. Engaging onto Pyke is nearly impossible in lane due to his amazing disengage with Ghostwater Dive and Phantom Undertow. Pyke can also sustain way better than you because of his gray health from Gift of the Drowned Ones. However, Pyke is so squishy that getting a single Facebreaker stun is an almost guaranteed kill on him. In lane Pyke looks to put as much pressure on you and your ADC by threatening to engage by Bone Skewering or Phantom Undertowing your ADC. Pyke outputs a lot of damage so Sett should be positioned next to his ADC most of the time in order to peel for them if Pyke engages. Pyke's Phantom Undertow has 1 second delay time so if you Facebreaker Pyke into you when he Phantom Undertows behind your ADC then the Phantom Undertow will stun you and not your ADC. Always look for opportunities to Flash + Facebreaker onto Pyke or his ADC. Pyke has insane snowball potential due to the massive gold lead that he gets from getting kills with Death from Below. Pyke is also a heavy lethality builder so getting a Ninja Tabi is always good if he gets too fed. Keep in mind that Death from Below damage goes through shields so try to use Haymaker for it's shield before you get too low. Pyke has extremely good roams and can always out-roam you so spam ping missing when Pyke disappears from lane. During teamfights try to stick next to your ADC so you can peel for them if Pyke tries to assassinate them.


Rakan can be a slippery matchup in lane but is easily beatable if he gets caught out. He can sustain and poke fairly well with his Gleaming Quill. His main strength lies in in his amazing teamfighting though. During the laning phase try to bully him by controlling the lane bushes with Oracle Lens and Control Wards and threaten to engage onto him with Flash or Hextech Flashtraption. Rakan has really good disengage in Grand Entrance and Battle Dance so only try to engage onto his ADC unless he is low and both of his abilities are on cooldown. If Rakan Battle Dances to his ADC then they will be super close together so Flash + Facebreaker them together for a double stun. Sett can easily shut down Rakan's only form of engage which is his Grand Entrance. If Rakan Grand Entrances onto your ADC then quickly pull him towards you with your Facebreaker or The Show Stopper him before the Grand Entrance animation finishes to stop him from stunning your ADC. Sett can use these same abilities to deny massive Grand Entrance knock-ups in teamfights as well.


Senna is very easy to beat due to her being very squishy, having low mobility, and only having one main defensive ability. Sett needs to be very aggressive in lane though because if he is too passive then he will end up being outscaled in the late game. During the laning phase try to gain bush priority by using Oracle Lens to spot out enemy wards. Try to not get poked too hard by her Auto Attack + Piercing Darkness combo to prevent her from getting souls. If she lands a Last Embrace onto you and pokes you try to Haymaker her while rooted to get some poke damage onto her and gain a shield to prevent some damage. Try to bait out Last Embrace (Senna's only big defensive ability) by pretending to engage. Once Senna uses it try to Knuckle Down onto her and her ADC or Flash if they are far away. Haymakering Senna can usually lead to a kill due to her having ridiculously low HP. You can outroam her easily so try to roam mid at good times to put extra pressure on the map. Also help your jungler secure important objectives like Rift Scuttler, Dragon, and Rift Herald. Since Senna mainly builds full lethality rushing Ninja Tabi is viable due to both her and her ADC relying heavily on their Basic Attacks do deal damage. Once Sett gets Ninja Tabi and Dead Man's Plate he becomes EXTREMELY hard to kill in lane.


Shaco is an extremely hard matchup for Sett mainly because his Jack In The Box makes diving onto him nearly impossible. In the laning phase Shaco will try to contest the lane bushes by placing Jack In The Boxes. If Sett walks into a bush with a Jack In The Box in it then he is feared for 0.5 - 1.5 seconds and takes some damage. The fear makes it very easy for Shaco to Auto Attack or Two-Shiv Poison you which deals insane amounts of damage thanks to his Backstab passive. In this matchup buying Control Wards and Oracle Lens as fast as possible is a must. Using them can help you clear Shaco's Jack In The Boxes and make it possible for Sett to engage onto him without being Crowd Controlled. Shaco can be able to Deceive or Hallucinate away from your engage so try to focus on Facebreakering his ADC. Whenever he Two-Shiv Poisons you immediately Haymaker Shaco back to deal some damage to him and to avoid any oncoming poke from the enemy ADC. Poking Shaco in lane is extremely good because his only form of sustain is from potions. Don't focus on trying to kill Shaco though. Wait for him to walk up to a bush to Jack In The Box it. Right before Shaco places Jack In The Box you and your ADC should Flash onto his teamate and get a pick. Never engage onto the Shaco in lane, always engage onto his ADC. In addition to all of this Sett can majorly outroam Shaco so try to put tons of pressure on the map while Shaco stays stuck in the bot lane.


Sona is another champion that is extremely easy for Sett to lane against but can outscale him really hard. She is extremely squishy though so landing a Facebreaker on her is usually a kill unless she has Flash up. When Sett gets to lane look to rush level 2 before Sona and then immediately Flash + Facebreaker on to her to force her Flash. Then, use your Hextech Flashtraption advantage to camp the side lane bushes to apply pressure and make plays. Try to Hextech Flashtraption from bushes when Sona's Power Chord is down to avoid being slowed after engaging onto her. Sweeping bushes is very important in this matchup because Sona doesn't have any abilities to check bushes. When you crash your wave into her tower look to towerdive with your jungler, secure dragon, or roam mid to help your team. During teamfights prioritize killing Sona over her ADC in order to stop the amazing healing and utility that she provides to her team. Try to The Show Stopper a frontliner onto her or look to flank her and The Show Stopper her into your team for an easy kill. Also, try not to have your team group too close together to prevent a multi-person Crescendo.


TAKE Ghost. Soraka is another enchanter peel support who is hard for Sett to beat in lane and ends up majorly outscaling him in the late game. In lane Soraka can poke you down and bully your ADC with Starcall. Starcall also slows Sett when hit which makes him engaging onto her extremely difficult. Soraka can also outsustain you in lane as well as heal her ADC with Astral Infusion and make them un-pokeable. The worst thing about her kit though is Equinox. Equinox is a zone that silences you and roots you if you stand in it for too long. Whenever Sett Flashes or engages Soraka can just throw down an Equinox to silence you and a Starcall to slow you and run away with her ADC. Engaging on a Soraka is almost impossible. Another horrible thing about Soraka is that her ultimate, Wish, is a global ultimate so she can affect the map while staying in lane. Flash on her at level 2 to try and trade Flashes and then try to bait out her Equinox and take advantage of it's long 20 seconds cooldown. After she uses it then Hextech Flashtraption or Knuckle Down onto her and Ghost when she Starcalls you for the slow. Facebreaker Soraka or her ADC into each other or the minion wave and stun them to hopefully get a kill. If Soraka and her ADC try to freeze the wave under their tower then get your jungler to gank you. During teamfights try to The Show Stopper their frontliner into the backline in order to let your team engage onto Soraka and their carries. If Soraka has a frontliner in front of her she can dish out insane amounts of heal in a short period of time.


Tahm Kench can be a hard matchup for Sett sometimes due to his great peel but Sett can easily just out-duel him and make better plays throughout all stages of the game. Levels 1 and 2 are favored for Tahm Kench but after that short period of time Sett can easily roll over him for the rest of the laning phase. At levels 1 and 2 Sett should try to stick with his ADC and farm up behind the minion wave in order to avoid poke from Tongue Lash. Once Sett hits level 3 look to make a play with Knuckle Down or Flash. Try to save Facebreaker and bait Tahm Kench into using Devour. If Tahm Kench does Devour his ADC then he is massively slowed which make cutting him off from his tower very easy. Once Tahm Kench spits his ADC back out land an easy Facebreaker onto both of them and hopefully get a kill. Hitting Tahm Kench with the center of your Haymaker can deal massive damage due to the True Damage going through his Stone Skin and tanky stats. At level 6 Tahm Kench gets access to Devour which can make roaming to mid lane and objetives a little bit easier. Note that the range on level 1 Devour isn't very far so the ability doesn't really become scary until Tahm Kench hits level 11. During teamfights Tahm Kench is a great target for The Show Stopper due to him being hard to kill and extremely tanky. The Show Stoppering him into his backline can create massive AOE damage and set up for an easy Facebreaker. If Tahm Kench opts to sit next to his ADC in order to peel for them then try and The Show Stopper the Tahm Kench and then run back to duel his ADC.


Whenever you are matched into Taric then just dodge. This matchup is by far Sett's hardest and there isn't much counterplay outside of having your jungler spam gank you. In lane Taric wants you to engage onto him so he can stun you with Dazzle and out-sustain and out-damage you with massive healing from Starlight's Touch and the damage from Bravado. He will also try to engage onto you with his Dazzle + Flash combo. Taric's ultimate, Cosmic Radiance, stops his ADC from being killed even if Sett does a long flank and The Show Stopper's him into your team. Even if you try to stand far away from him and farm then he outscales you past the mid-game. The only time in the laning phase where Sett can attempt to fight Taric is if he runs out of mana which is kind of common due to Taric needing to spam his abilities in fights to make the most of his Bravado passive. Engage onto Taric's ADC (Not Taric himseld because he is way too tanky to kill) and try to burst them down with your ADC. Taric wont be able to heal or peel with Dazzle due to him being out of mana. Look to roam and put pressure around the map by roaming mid and helping your jungle secure objectives. Buying Bramble Vest early is very important in this matchup because it significantly cuts off the healing Taric gets from his Starlight's Touch.


Thresh is a pretty easy matchup for Sett due to Thresh specializing in engaging with Death Sentence which is usually what the Sett player wants. This matchup can be tough sometimes due to Thresh having good peel for his team with Dark Passage and Flay. During the laning phase try to beat Thresh to level 2. If you win the race then immediately walk foward with your ADC and either Flash/ Knuckle Down engage onto Thresh's ADC or threaten them away from the wave. If Thresh beats you to level 2 then back off and farm up to level 2 yourself. Once Sett hits level 3 he can usually win all 2v2 fights unless his ADC is someone like Kog'Maw or Senna who has a weak early game. Try to position yourself in front of your ADC to deny the Thresh from landing a Death Sentence onto them. Try to control the lane bushes and look to put pressure on the enemy laners. Engaging onto Thresh can be tough though because a well timed Death Sentence or Flay can crowd control you long enough for the enemy ADC to get away.


Yuumi is a matchup that is easy but almost as boring to play as the Blitzcrank lane. Yuumi will mostly sit inside of her ADC and only come out occasionally to poke you with her basic attacks. During the laning phase Yuumi's main goal is to play super passive and try to outscale you. She will try to poke you with her Prowling Projectile and basic attacks to proc Spellthief's Edge. Try to Flash or Knuckle Down onto her ADC from the lane bushes and Facebreaker them into their minion wave. This can be tough though due to Yuumi being able to slow you with Prowling Projectile and speed up her ADC with Zoomies. She can also peel really well with her Final Chapter. The MOMENT that Yuumi comes out of her ADC to poke with a Basic Attack immediately Flash + Facebreaker her into her ADC. Since Yuumi normally doesn't run Flash this will be a guaranteed kill most of the time. Since Yuumi doesn't buy boots Sett can massively out-roam and out-pressure the map. When roaming mid-lane look to flank The Show Stopper the enemy mid-laner into your tower for a free kiil. During teamfights look to The Show Stopper whoever Yuumi is on either away from your team if it is a bruiser/tank or into your team if it is an carry or assassin.

Aphelios is a pretty good ADC to lane with as long as you can get through the laning phase. Sett can make the lane easy for Aphelios by constantly putting pressure on the enemy laners by threatening to engage onto them with Hextech Flashtraption. Aphelios has great follow up if he has Severum, the Scythe Pistol/ Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle and Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon or Infernum, the Flamethrower. These guns are good because Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon can root enemies and make it easy for Sett to land a Facebreaker. Severum, the Scythe Pistol and Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle can have Aphelios do massive damage as well as keeping him safe when he all-ins due to Severum, the Scythe Pistol giving him heals and Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle giving him range. If the enemies are low then Infernum, the Flamethrower can deal massive AOE damage and delete the enemy if Sett gets a Facebreaker double stun. Aphelios usually takes Conqueror but he can swap it out for Press the Attack if you both are going to play aggro in lane. Look at the enemy laners and decide how you are going to fight in lane. Conqueror is better in long and drawn out fights but Press the Attack is better in short trades. During teamfights look at Aphelios' guns before you do anything. If Aphelios has good sustain guns like Severum, the Scythe Pistol and Crescendum, the Chakram then Sett can focus on tanking for his team. If Aphelios has Infernum, the Flamethrower then look to The Show Stopper the frontline into the back line to set up a massive Infernum, the Flamethrower Moonlight Vigil. If Aphelios has high DPS guns like Infernum, the Flamethrower and Crescendum, the Chakram then look to peel for him and The Show Stopper incoming threats away from him.


Ashe is a decent ADC for Sett to lane with due to her good early game and slow from her Volley. In lane try to get level 2 as fast as possible due to it being a huge power-spike for both Sett and Ashe. Once you both hit level 2 wait for Ashe to have Ranger's Focus available and for her to hit Volley on both enemy laners. If she does both then Knuckle Down onto the enemy laners and Facebreaker them togther. Ashe can dish out massive damage with her auto attack + Ranger's Focus animation cancel and her slow from Frost Shot can make it easy for Sett to stick onto his targets. Having an Ashe can make pushing the wave much easier due to Ashe being able to track the enemy jungler with Hawkshot. Post 6 Ashe can look to land Enchanted Crystal Arrow onto an enemy to set up an easy The Show Stopper insec from Sett. Ashe wants to play defensive during teamfights so Sett should either flank and The Show Stopper and enemy carry into their frontline to put them in range of Ashe or Sett should stay next to Ashe and peel for her.


Caitlyn is a pretty bad ADC to be paired with Sett. Caitlyn's whole kit is revolved around catching enemeies with Yordle Snap Trap and combo-ing off that. She synergizes really well with heavy CC supports like Thresh and Nautilus. Unfortunately Sett's only form of lockdown CC is his Facebreaker. This can be used to set up or pull enemies into Yordle Snap Trap or but ultimately isn't that efficient. If you do lane with Caitlyn then have her poke the enemy laners down to low health and then Flash engage with Facebreaker. Take short trades with her and rely on her outscaling most other ADC's. In teamfights have Caitlyn set up a line of Yordle Snap Traps and then look to flank and The Show Stopper a carry over them. If done correctly then the carry will be brought into your team and the enemy won't be able to chase due Caitlyn's traps being in the way. Since Caitlyn can deal massive damage in teamfights if the enemy has assassins or good engage then stand next to her and peel for her in order for her to deal as much damage as possible.


Draven is the best ADC for Sett to lane with. Draven's unmatched early game damage and kill pressure synergizes extremely well with Sett's very good engage. Draven can also snowball extremely hard because of his League of Draven passive so getting kills early game should be a major priority. At the beginning of the game try to have your jungler start leashless or at their other buff. Then camp the bot lane tri-bush if you on on the red team or the long bush hugging the right river wall if you are on the blue team. When the enemy laners walk by you then Facebreaker them together and have you and Draven focus the enemy ADC. This should either burn enemy summoner spells or get first blood. In lane play hyper-aggressive with your Draven. Try to race to level 2 and look to engage or Flash engage onto the enemy ADC. Remember that trading Flashes on Sett is very good due to him having Hextech Flashtraption as a rune. During fights try to tank up as much possible damage in order for your Draven to dish out tons of damage with his Spinning Axe. Your tankiness from Dead Man's Plate components and Haymaker makes you very hard to kill. Once you hit level 6 look to make some plays with The Show Stopper to put your Draven even farther ahead.


Ezreal is a champion that has decent synergy with Sett. Ezreal has a weaker early game so Sett can help him get out of the laning phase without dying too much. However, if Ezreal takes Press the Attack or Lethal Tempo then he can deal suprising damage in the laning phase. Try to play defensive until level 3 and have Ezreal poke the enemy laners down with Mystic Shot. Once they get to around 1/2ish HP and both you and Ezreal are level 3 then look to engage (With Flash if needed). Keep in mind that, unlike other ADC's, Ezreal can easily follow up a Flash + Facebreaker due to his Arcane Shift. During teamfights Sett can frontline for his team and look for good The Show Stoppers to disrupt the enemy front- and backline. Sett doesn't need to worry about peeling for Ezreal due to his long range poke and disengage with Arcane Shift.


Jhin is has very good synergy with Sett. They can also swap players in reaction to what the enemy laners are playing. If they are up against an aggressive lane like Lucian and Tristana then Sett can play defensive and help his Jhin scale safely into the mid and late game. If they are up against a scaling lane like Kog'Maw and Twitch then Sett can play super aggressive and set up kills for his Jhin. In lane have Jhin poke down the enemy laners with his 4th shot to deal tons of early game damage. Look to commit to short trades with Jhin when he has 3rd or 4th shot up do deal burst damage and come out with HP advantage. When the enemy laners are around half HP look for a Flash + Facebreaker followed up with a Deadly Flourish for a guaranteed kill. Post level 6 Sett can look for a The Show Stopper onto an isolated target which can be followed up by Curtain Call for a kill. Jhin can hard carry teamfights with at least 3 items so look to stand next to him and peel for him if needed. Otherwise, act as a tank and frontline for him to make him live for as long as possible.


Jinx is an average ADC to pair with Sett. She has some abilities to combo with Sett like her Flame Chompers! and her Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher but apart from the she mainly just looks to powerfarm and hyperscale into the late game. In lane Jinx mainly focuses on CSing with her Switcheroo! and occasionally pokes with her Zap!. Sett should focus on tanking for her and making sure she doesn't get too low. If you get chunked too much then heal up with Pit Grit or a Health Potion. If your jungler ganks or the enemy is low then Sett can engage and Jinx can follow up on his Facebreaker with her Flame Chompers! to CC chain the enemy. Once she hits level 6 she can follow up on on an aggressive The Show Stopper with her Super Mega Death Rocket!. Once Jinx gets her powerspike items she becomes on of the few true 1v5 hyper-carry champions (Like Twitch, Soraka, and Vladimir). Stand next to her in teamfights and make sure that she isn't damaged by anyone on the enemy team.


Kai'Sa and Sett have really good synergy and have a very strong level 1-6 together. At level 1 Sett can Facebreaker an enemy laner to set up for an isolated Icathian Rain + Basic Attack combo. This is a great short trade and can chunk an enemy to half health if done correctly. Kai'Sa and Sett's level 2 is extremely strong. Sett can Facebreaker an enemy laner to put a plasma stack on them and then set up a Void Seeker from Kai'Sa. Kai'Sa can then set up an isolated Icathian Rain + Basic Attack combo for massive damage and an almost guaranteed kill. This is even better if she runs Hail of Blades. Facebreaker into Void Seeker + Icathian Rain is a great spam-able short trade in the laning phase that can chunk the enemies massively. At level 6 Sett can The Show Stopper the enemy ADC into the river or somewhere cut off from everything else and Kai'Sa can follow up by dashing to them with Killer Instinct. This can guarantee an isolated Icathian Rain and set up an easy kill. This combo can also be used somewhat riskily in teamfights to get Kai'Sa into the enemy backline when Sett The Show Stoppers a frontline champion into their backline.


Kalista is another decent ADC to lane with as Sett due to her being really good with tanky engage support. She also has a good early game which synergizes with Sett's aggressive playstyle. She can poke well with Pierce and her Rend can slow enemy laners and set up a Sett engage. Level 1 is very good for Kalista, especially if she runs Hail of Blades, so Sett should look for any opportunities to land a Facebreaker onto an enemy laner. Once Sett hits level 2 he should look for a Flash + Facebreaker onto both enemy laners. Kalista can easily follow up with the kiting that she gets from Martial Poise. Once Kalista hits level 6 she can make massive plays by Fate's Calling Sett into both enemy laners to set up a double Facebreaker or a The Show Stopper. In teamfights Sett doesn't have to peel for Kalista due to her kiting and sustain from Blade of the Ruined King and Bloodthirster.


Kog'Maw is not the best ADC to pair with Sett. Kog'Maw is focused on farming in the early game so he can't utilize Sett's aggressive abilities to the fullest extent at least until he hits his Blade of the Ruined King and Guinsoo's Rageblade powerspike. In lane your main focus is to peel for your Kog'Maw and tank for him so he can safely CS. Make sure to ward the river and bushes to make sure that you aren't ganked. Wait for ganks from your jungler and set up kills by Facebreakering the enemy together. During teamfights try to stand next to your Kog'Maw and peel for him if the enemy has good engage or assassins. Kog'Maw with Blade of the Ruined King, Guinsoo's Rageblade, and Runaan's Hurricane can easily 1v5 the entire enemy team.


Lucian is an okay ADC to lane with as Sett mainly due to Lucian not being the strongest ADC at the moment. However, Lucian does have a lot of early game damage and can follow up on Sett's engages pretty easily with his Relentless Pursuit. During laning phase Sett should act aggressive and look to engage onto the enemy laners with a double stun Facebreaker. If you do then Lucian can follow up and deal massive damage with his Lightslinger passive. Lucian can also poke really well with his Basic Attacks due to Lightslinger if combo-ed with an ability. Try to get bush priority and look to Hextech Flashtraption from the bushes and alcove. Post 6 look to bring the enemy ADC into your Lucian with The Show Stopper for an almost guaranteed kill.


Miss Fortune is a pretty good ADC to lane with as Sett. She has good early game aggression and 3/4 of her abilities deal AOE damage which synergizes really well with Facebreaker. In the laning phase Miss Fortune will poke enemies with her long range basic attacks and Double Up. She can also deny the enemy ADC CS by casting Make it Rain between them and their minion wave. Miss Fortune can also use Make it Rain behind the enemy laners to cut them off from their tower and let Sett easily run them down. If Sett lands a double stun Facebreaker then Miss Fortune can cast Make it Rain and Double Up on the enemy laners to deal massive AOE damage. Post 6 is where the lane gets really fun to play as Sett. Look to Flash engage onto the enemy and try to land a double stun Facebreaker. If you do then Miss Fortune can Make it Rain + Bullet Time them to slow them and deal tons of damage. This combo always either burns summoner spells or results in a kill. This combo is even better in teamfights. Try to The Show Stopper the enemy frontline into their grouped up backline and Facebreaker everyone for a massive AOE stun. If Miss Fortune follows up with her Bullet Time Combo then she can output insane amounts of AOE damage and melt the enemy team.


Sivir doesn't really synergize with Sett that well. Sivir's main goal is to shove the wave, poke the enemy, and scale into the mid and late game which is the polar opposite of what Sett wants to do. However, Sivir's AOE damage from Boomerang Blade and Ricochet does synergize really well with Sett's Facebreaker. Her On The Hunt can help her engage onto Sett's Facebreaker or The Show Stopper. It can also help Sett get into the enemy backline in teamfights. That's about it for Sivir though. During the laning phase just try to help her CS and roam when needed. Once Sivir pokes the enemy down enough then engage and set up a Facebreaker for her.


Tristana is one of the best ADC's to lane with as Sett. She can output massive burst with her Explosive Charge (Especially after 10.16) and her Rocket Jump can gap close and disengage extremely well. During the laning phase Sett can help Tristana farm safely which can usually be difficult for her due to her low range. Once you hit level 3 look to Flash onto the enemy laners and look for a Facebreaker. Landing a stun can usually guarantee a kill due to Tristana being able to stack Explosive Charge to max with her Rocket Jump and Basic Attacks. As Tristana levels up her Attack Range will get bigger due to Draw a Bead which makes her way more of a threat the longer the game goes. Post 6 Sett should look to set up a double Facebreaker stun with his The Show Stopper. If he does then Tristana can follow up and deal a lot of damage with the AOE explosion of a fully stacked Explosive Charge. Sett and Tristana can also deal a lot of damage to towers because of Sett's Knuckle Down and Tristana's Explosive Charge. In teamfights Sett should look to be super aggressive in order to have Tristana get as many takedowns as possible to reset her Rocket Jump cooldown.


Twitch is very good with Sett at all parts of the game. Sett can protect Twitch during the laning phase and tank for Twitch when they trade during the laning phase. In the late game teamfights Sett can disrupt the enemy team and tank all of the enemy damage and Crowd Control which lets Twitch safetly team wipe the enemy with Spray and Pray. During the laning phase Sett should play passive and help Twitch safetly farm until level 3. Then, Twitch can go invisible with Ambush and sneak around behind the enemy laners. Sett can walk up and Facebreaker both enemies into him as Twitch reveals himself. Sett then tanks all of the damage and CC from the enemies with Haymaker as Twitch outputs massive damage with his Deadly Venom stacks and Contaminate. Post 6 Sett can use The Show Stopper to set up a double Facebreaker stun which can group the enemy laners together to have Spray and Pray deal massive damage.


Varus is a horrible ADC to lane with. His abilities don't synergize with Sett in any way and he doesn't have a lot of follow up to combo with Facebreaker. Both of his On-Hit and Poke builds also aren't that strong in the meta right now. In lane Varus is mainly trying to CS and poke with his Piercing Arrow] and Hail of Arrows. Sett should look to take short trades by setting up a Blighted Quiver + Piercing Arrow with his Facebreaker. Once the enemy laners get relatively low you can look to engage onto them to burn summoner spells or to get a kill. In teamfights look to disrupt the enemy team with your The Show Stopper and try to land a big Facebreaker to set up a Chain of Corruption.


Vayne is not a good ADC to pair with Sett. Vayne deals barely any damage in the early gane until she gets her Blade of the Ruined King and Guinsoo's Rageblade powerspike. Sett however wants to be super aggresive in the early game and fall of in the later stages of the game. During the entirety of the laning phase Sett just wants to stand in front of Vayne and tank any oncoming damage. The main goal is to get Vayne as much CS as possible in order for her to get her powerspike quickly. Try to freeze the wave under your tower and have your jungler gank from behind. If they do then lockdown the enemy laners with your CC and get your Vayne a couple of kills. In teamfights try to stand next to Vayne to ensure that she stays alive as long as possible.


Xayah is extremely good when paired with Sett. Sett's Crowd Control from his Facebreaker and The Show Stopper can set up Xayah's Bladecaller easily. A double Facebreaker stun can also make it easy for Xayah to land a double Bladecaller stun to CC chain the enemy for up to 2.25 seconds. In lane Xayah and Sett can poke the enemy laners pretty easily with Haymaker and Double Daggers. Xayah should mainly focus on CSing and getting to level 2 as fast as possible. If you get to level 2 first then Sett can look to Flash and land a double Facebreaker stun onto the enemies. If he does then Xayah can follow up with a Basic Attack + Double Daggers animation cancel + Bladecaller to CC chain the enemy and usually lead to a kill. This is Sett and Xayah's main combo together and Sett should look to set up the play at all stages of the game. Once Sett hits level 6 he can look to The Show Stopper an enemy into Xayah's feathers to set up a Bladecaller. In teamfights Sett should look to The Show Stopper or Flash into the backline in order to land a big Facebreaker. This will group up the enemy team and allow Xayah to Featherstorm + Bladecaller everyone for massive CC and damage.

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Sett takes Haymaker at level 1 mainly for safety. If Sett is poked or takes a bit of damage early on then he can Haymaker back at the enemies for a bit of poke damage. It is also good to shield yourself if you get caught out by the enemy. At level 2 Sett puts a point into Facebreaker. This is good because it gives Sett Crowd Control and a way to set up kills for your ADC. If you get level 2 before your enemy then you can use it to pressure them away from wave. If the enemy is group together then you can use it to try and get first blood. At level 3 Sett puts a point into Knuckle Down. This is because Knuckle Down is our main damage ability. It also gives Sett movement speed when we cast it so it lets him engage better. Then, Sett maxes Facebreaker for the great Crowd Control it gives him, then Haymaker for the great shielding and damage during fights, and then Knuckle Down last. Sett maxes Knuckle Down last mainly because it isn't as useful in the support role. Sett relies on the ADC dealing damage so maxing his defensive abilities first will let his ADC deal more damage in fights and keep them alive longer. Just like every other champion (Apart from Udyr) Sett puts a point into his ultimate, The Show Stopper, whenever possible which is levels 6, 11, and 16.


Sett's basic attacks alternate between a left punch then a right punch. Sett begins attacking with a left punch, and will reset back to it after 2 seconds of not performing a right punch.

Sett's right punch gains 50 bonus range, attacks are 8 times the left punch's attack speed, deals 5 − 90 (+0.15 per attack damage) in bonus physical damage (depending on level).

Sett gains 0.25 / 0.5 / 1 / 2 health regeneration per second for every 5% of his missing health (at level 1 / 6 / 11 / 16).

Sett's Pit Grit is what gives him great damage and sustain throughout the laning phase. The first part of his passive gives him two types of auto attacks. One auto attack comes from his left fist and is very slow. The second auto attack the comes immediately after is fast, has bonus range, and deals bonus damage scaling off level. Sett's auto attack pattern is ALWAYS left punch into right punch into left punch into right punch and so forth. After 2 seconds of waiting Sett next auto attack will change back to a left punch so you can't left punch and wait in bushes for a long time waiting to right punch the enemy laners. The second part of Pit Grit gives him sustain. Sett gets HP regen based on his missing health. This means that the more health you are missing the more health Pit Grit regenerates. This is a great way for Sett to gain back missing HP after being poked down or taking a trade.

- Q -

| COOLDOWN: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 |

Sett gains 30% bonus movement speed within 1.5 seconds while moving towards enemy champions.

Sett's next two basic attacks within 5 seconds each deal 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 (+1% per 100 attack damage) (+1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 percent of target's maximum health) in bonus physical damage. Consuming an attack will refresh the timer.

Knuckle Down also resets Sett's basic attack timer

Sett's Knuckle Down is his main damage ability, especially after his Facebreaker nerfs in 10.16. Just like Pit Grit, Knuckle Down has two parts to break down. The first part of Knuckle Down is that it gives Sett increased movement when moving towards enemy champions. This is great for closing in on enemies in the laning phase after Flashing or Hextech Flashtraptioning out of the side lane bushes. The second part of Knuckle Down gives Sett's next two auto attacks bonus damage that scales of the target's maximum health. Abilities that deal maximum health damage are great for tank supports because it lets tanky units like Sett, Amumu, and Gnar deals plenty of damage while still building only tank items. In addition to all of this Knuckle Down is also an auto attack reset. This means that if you cast Knuckle Down immediately after one of your auto attacks deal damage then it will cancel the remainder of the first auto animation and immediately start the second Knuckle Down empowered auto attack animation. If you are having trouble doing auto attack animations then I highly suggest going into a practice tool and trying to master auto attack canceling with Knuckle Down. You should cast Knuckle Down after your second auto attack to maximize damage in trades. HOWEVER AA + Knuckle Down + AA +AA can IMMEDIATELY kill yellow trinkets before they go into stealth. If you are camping in a bush and an enemy laner places a ward to check if you are there then you can quickly AA + Knuckle Down + AA + AA to clear the ward.

- W -

| RANGE : 790 | COOLDOWN: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 |

Sett stores 100% of post-mitigation damage taken as Grit on his secondary resource bar, up to 50% of his maximum health. Each instance of accumulated Grit decays by 30% every second after 4 seconds.

Sett blasts an area in the target direction, dealing physical damage to enemies hit. Enemies hit through the center take 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 (+10% per 100 bonus attack damage) (+25% of expended Grit) in true damage instead.

Sett also gains a rapidly decaying shield for 3 seconds equal to the Grit expended.

Using the ability costs 100% of Sett's current Grit.

Sett's Haymaker is probably his most confusing ability. Instead of mana, Sett has a Grit bar. The Grit meter goes up when Sett takes damage. The more damage he get the more Grit he gets. When Sett casts Haymakers, he consumes his Grit bar and deals damage scaling off how much Grit he had in a cone in front of him. Enemies hit in the center of the cone take extra physical damage and all damage dealt is converted to true damage. In addition to all of this, Sett gains a decaying shield for three seconds that scales of the amount of Grit he consumes casting Haymaker. Haymaker is great during quick trades with the enemy laner. When you get low during a fight try to use Haymaker when your Grit is full and try to hit both enemies with the cone. In 1v1 duels try to aim the center of the cone at enemies for more damage. The shield from Haymaker also gives you more survivabilty during the fight. Casting Haymaker at the right time can singlehandedly win you fights. You can also use Haymaker to get rid of bad Prototype: Omnistone runes. Try to hide in bushes and poke the enemy with a long range Haymaker to proc bad runes like Arcane Comet and Summon Aery.

- E -

| RANGE : 490 | COOLDOWN : 16 / 14.5 / 13 / 11.5 / 10 |

Sett pulls in enemies at his front and back, dealing 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 (+0.6 bonus attack damage) in physical damage and slowing them by 50% for 0.5 seconds.

If Facebreaker affects at least one enemy on each side, all enemies are stunned for 1 second upon landing.

Facebreaker is Sett's easiest ability to understand. Sett pulls enemies (including minions and monsters) in front and behind him towards him and slows them for 0.5 seconds. If Sett pulls at least one enemy on either side then he stuns everything for 1 second. Facebreaker is what makes Sett engaging on you so scary. Sett can either Flash, Hextech Flashtraption, or Knuckle Down onto both of the enemy laners and Facebreaker them into him. Stunning both enemy laners with one ability is really powerful in the laning phase so always try to hit both enemy laners or at least the ADC with Facebreaker whenever you use it. Note that you can stun an enemy champion if you pull them in front of you and a minion behind you because minions count as enemies. Most of the time the enemy ADC will be hugging the wave so speeding onto them is pretty much guaranteed a stun if you angle Facebreaker right.

- R -

| RANGE : 400 | COOLDOWN : 120 / 100 / 80 |

Sett suppresses the target enemy champion and then dashes unstoppably at a fixed distance toward it, carrying it along for 1.5 seconds before slamming it into the ground.

Enemies within the impact area take 200 / 300 / 400 (+1.0 bonus attack damage) (+40 / 50 / 60 percent of primary target's bonus health) in physical damage, which is reduced by up to 40% on the edges, and are slowed by 99% for 1 second.

The dash will prematurely end upon reaching a wall that cannot be dashed through.

Sett's The Show Stopper is his biggest form of crowd control and damage. Sett attaches to and suppresses target champion and then launches them a certain distance before colliding into the ground. When Sett and the enemy champion hit the ground Settunleashes a large shockwave that deals damage scaling off enemy bonus health and slows enemies hit by 99% for 1 second. The Show Stopper is great for setting up plays on Sett. During laning phase you can look to The Show Stopper one enemy laner into the other to set up a 2 man Facebreaker or you can look to flank and The Show Stopper the enemy carry into your team or tower. Sett can easily tower dive low health enemies by flanking and The Show Stoppering them into your team. During team fights either look to Facebreaker the enemy front liners into their backline to set up huge 4-5 man damage and crowd control. You can also choose to flank with Flash or Hextech Flashtraption and look to The Show Stopper enemy carries into your team.


+ + OR + + +

This is the core combo that every aspiring Sett player should learn. Start by auto attacking and then right as the damage goes through immediately Q and auto attack again. This will animation cancel the remainder of the first auto attack and deal the damage from the second auto attack faster. Auto + Knuckle Down + Auto should be used for quick poke trades in lane and Auto + Auto + Knuckle Down + Auto should be used in all-ins and skirmishes because it takes longed to do but deals more damage over time. Practice both of these combos in the practice tool before jumping into a game.

+ + + + + +

This is another really good combo for long and drawn out skirmishes with Sett. It's also good in teamfights and when you get engaged on by the enemy laners. Start out with the Auto + Auto + animation cancel Knuckle Down + Auto + Auto for MAXIMUM DAMAGE and then Facebreaker both enemies laners into you and Haymaker both of them. You should have maximum Grit stacks right before you Haymaker just by tanking damage for your ADC. It should be easy to land the middle part of your Haymaker on both enemies because they are stunned by Facebreaker. After Haymakering on max Grit stacks you should have plenty of shield to easily win the fight.

+ + + +

This combo is Sett's main engage combo without using Flash or Hextech Flashtraption. Use Knuckle Down for the movement speed and run towards the enemy ADC or the enemy support if it's a low health or high damage squishy support like Xerath, Vel'Koz, or Senna. Facebreaker the enemy into their minion wave to proc the stun and then Auto + Auto to start dealing damage to them. When your grit meter gets high or you get low Haymaker them to deal more damage and gain a shield. If they are low but are going to get away save Haymaker to Haymaker + Flash and Ignite if neeeded.

+ OR + OR +

These are all of the abilities that you can pair with Flash. When you Haymaker you can Flash to a location and not cancel Haymaker's windup animation. Let's say you are fighting a Swain and he flashes away at low health right after you cast Haymaker. You can Flash towards him right before the Haymaker windup animation finishes and kill him with Haymaker while he is running away. A simpler flash combo is Flash + Facebreaker. Flash onto the enemy laners and immediately cast Facebreaker to give them no time to react. This play can set up plays for you and your ADC or force a Flash the enemy laner. Flash for Flash trades are really good for Sett because his Flash is replaced by Hextech Flashtraption once used. The final ability that can be combo-ed with Flash is The Show Stopper. You can Flash behind an enemy and then The Show Stopper them into your team or tower for massive kill potential, kind of like a Lee Sin or Tristana insec. If you are flanking the enemy you can Flash over a wall or into the enemy and The Show Stopper them into you team or tower as well.


/ + / + +
+ + + +

This is Sett's all-in combo if he doesn't have The Show Stopper. Start by Oracle Lensing or Control Warding the bush or alcove you are in to make sure that you aren't seen by a Stealth Ward or Control Ward. Then, when the enemy ADC walks up to CS, Flash or Hextech Flashtraption out of your bush, cast Knuckle Down if you need the extra movement speed to get on top of the enemy laner, and Facebreaker them into their minion wave to proc the stun. Auto + Auto or, if you didn't cast Knuckle Down to engage, Auto + Auto + Knuckle Down + Auto + Auto and cast [Haymaker for damage when your Grit meter fills up. Ignite the enemy laner if you think they are going to heal or if they have no Flash.

/ + / + +
+ + + + +

This is Sett's main combo if he has The Show Stopper. To start out you want to Oracle Lens or Control Ward the bush that you are in. Then, when the ADC steps up to CD Flash or Hextech Flashtraption out of the bush, Knuckle Down if you need the extra movement speed, and Facebreaker them into their minion wave. Instead of auto attacking the ADC we want to walk behind them and The Show Stopper them into either our tower or our teammates. Then Auto + Auto ( + Knuckle Down + Auto + Auto if didn't use Knuckle Down to gap close on the ADC) + Haymaker + Ignite if needed.

+ + + + +

Our final combo is Sett's frontline teamfighting combo. Cast Knuckle Down for the bonus movement speed and The Show Stopper one of the enemy frontliners (Preferably one of the tankier ones) into their backline. Try to angle The Show Stopper where you slam the frontliner into the ADC or the most fed player on the enemy team. Immediately Facebreaker the ADC or fed player into the rest of their team and Haymaker the stunned enemies for massive CC and Damage. If you can only CC the frontliner and one backliner then do so and Ignite + Auto attack the ADC or fed player and try to remove them from the fight. Doing this makes the teamfight a 4v3 for your team which can massively swing the outcome of the game. The Show Stopper + Facebreaker + Haymaker should chunk the enemy backline down to half hp and make them really easy for you to kill. This combo is Sett's most impactful combo and performing it well can hard carry team fights for your team. I recommend setting up dummies in the practice tool and redoing this combo until you master it.
Sett is a pretty easy champion to pick up and master and there isn't much depth to his kit. However, there are some cool tricks that you can do on him to show skill expression and maximize his impact on the game.

Sett can animation cancel his Basic Attacks with Knuckle Down.
Sett can instantly clear Stealth Wards before they go invisible by Basic Attack + Knuckle Down + Basic Attack + Basic Attacking them.
Sett can quickly weave in a Left Punch Basic Attack before he The Show Stoppers for a little bit of extra damage. Doing this also readies your Right Punch so you can deal more damage when coming out of the ultimate animation.
If Sett Flashes and Facebreakers right after he come out of his The Show Stopper animation then he will have just enough range to pull the enemy he The Show Stoppered into him to set up a double Facebreaker stun on the person he Flashed to.
Sett can Flash during his Haymaker animation.
If an enemy is low and they have Flash up then Sett can Haymaker + Flash right before the animation completes + The Show Stopper them immediately for surprising burst damage.
Sett can The Show Stopper enemies over short and medium sized walls if they are close enough to them.
Always try to land the middle of Sett's Haymaker onto tanky champions due to the massive true damage it deals if you have a lot of Grit.
Finally, try to weave in combos between Sett's abilities whenever possible to maximize damage in long trades.


Steel Shoulderguards - 400 GOLD : This is the best support item for Sett. You want to start with an Attack Damage item so can either go this or Spectral Sickle. Since Sett is melee and only really deals damage in trades or all-ins Steel Shoulderguards are the way to go. Steel Shoulderguards gives you offensive/defensive stats, HP regen, and 2 gold every second. The gold generation from this item is great because you won't be getting a lot of gold from the minion wave. Steel Shoulderguards also gives you a Spoils of War charges every 45 seconds, stacking up to 3 charges. Each time you auto attack a unit under 50% health you consume a charge, execute the unit, and give gold equal to what you earned to a nearby ally. This is great helping your ADC farm under tower or for last hitting for your ADC if they cant walk up to CS. You should prioritize using your Spoils of War stack last hitting the cannon minion, then the melee minion, then lastly the caster minion. You should try not to use your Spoils of War stack on caster minions but if your ADC is going to miss last hitting one then go ahead and help him out.

Dead Man's Plate - 2900 GOLD : This is Sett's main core item that you should buy every single game. It gives an insane amount of health from Giant's Belt and great armor from Chain Vest. The armor and HP make you very hard to kill throughout the laning phase. The best thing about Dead Man's Plate though is it's passive. Sett gains momentum stacks and increasing movement speed when moving around the map which caps at 100 momentum stacks and 60 bonus movement speed. When Sett basic attacks he consumes his momentum stacks and deals 1 extra damage for each momentum stack consumed. He also slows the target by 50% for one second. The extra movement speed given by Dead Man's Plate is massive for Sett and the extra damage and slow built in is really good for his engages and trades as well.

Gargoyle Stoneplate - 2500 GOLD : This is Sett's second core item that you should build every game unless you are going the support route. It gives 40 armor and magic resist which doubles if you are around 3 or more enemy champions. This makes Sett extremely tanky in teamfights or enemy jungle ganks. Gargoyle Stoneplate's active increases your base and bonus health by 40% but reduced the damage you deal by 60%. If you are around 3 or more enemy chmapions the active gives you 100% increased health and armor instead of 40%. The item active is what makes Gargoyle Stoneplate so good on Sett. It is probably the strongest tank item active for a relatively low price. The Stopwatch component also gives Sett a lot of safety when he goes into fights.


Boots of Swiftness - 900 GOLD : Probably the best boots on Sett. Since most of Sett's build doesn't contain cheap support items he has a hard time completing core items. Boots of Swiftness cost 100-200 gold less than most support boots so buying them speeds up Sett's item completion. Another great thing about the cheapness of Boots of Swiftness is that they give you Tier 2 boots very quickly (As fast as first back) so you get the bonus movement speed very quickly. This is great for Sett due to his reliance on movement speed and Celerity boosting his movement speed. The last thing great about Boots of Swiftness is that they reduce slows on Sett by 25%. This is really good because it lets Sett chase down enemies faster even after being slowed by powerful spells like Prowling Projectile, Winter's Bite, and Tongue Lash.

Ninja Tabi - 1100 GOLD : The main thing keeping Sett from building this every game is the cost and movement speed bonus. At a price of 1100 gold Ninja Tabi takes 200 more gold to build than Boots of Swiftness and 100 gold more than post-nerf Mobility Boots. It also only grants an extra 45% bonus movement speed which is 15% less movement speed that Boots of Swiftness. However, it is a pretty good item if you ignore the price tag. It gives 20 armor and blocks 12% of basic attack damage which is amazing versus ADC's and high attack damage enemy compositions. Even thought Ninja Tabi is expensive it is worth it if the enemy has a lot of attack damage or lethality champions.

Mercury's Treads - 1100 GOLD : Just like with Ninja Tabi, price is the main thing holding Sett back from building Mercury's Treads. 1100 gold is way to steep for a support especially with how expensive Sett's items are. However, the 25 magic resist and the 30% tenacity to stuns, slows, taunts, fears, blinds, and immobilizes that Mercury's Treads gives is very good into heavy CC or Ability Power comps. Mercury's Treads can also be built into Ability Power ADCs like Syndra, Teemo, and Swain or heavy CC bot lane combos like Miss Fortune + Leona or Jhin + Nautilus.


Thornmail - 2900 GOLD : A very good armor item that shuts down heavy healing lanes like Soraka, Yuumi, and Taric due to the item being built off Bramble Vest. Thornmail is an armor item that is built of Bramble Vest and Warden's Mail. These items make Thornmail give good health, armor, Grievous Wounds, and the Cold Steel passive which reduces the attack speed of enemies. Both of these components are very strong against both ADC's and heavy AD comps. Another way to build Thornmail if you don't need the Cold Steel passive but need the Grievous Wounds is to just buy Bramble Vest and sit on it until you can complete the full item at the end of the game just because Bramble Vest has insane value and utility just for 1000 gold. Note that you shouldn't buy the full Thornmail if you are planning to buy Randuin's Omen later because they both also build off of Warden's Mail so getting the passive twice is a huge loss in gold value. It is better to just buy Bramble Vest and upgrade Warden's Mail into Randuin's Omen against heavy critical strike teams.

Turbo Chemtank - 2650 GOLD : Another good armor item that provides good armor, cooldown reduction, and health as well as great utility from the HP regen, mana, and active ability. The active ability gives you 75% increased movement speed when moving towards an enemy or turret for 4 seconds and releases a shockwave when you reach an enemy or the cooldown runs out. The shockwave slows nearby enemy champions by 75% for 2 seconds. This is a great engage tool both for engaging and roaming. The extra movement speed lets you run down enemies faster and the movement speed reduction lets you set up your Facebreaker and The Show Stopper easier. It's also really strong at catching out high mobility enemies like Ezreal, Yasuo, and Pyke.

Warmog's Armor - 2850 GOLD : This is the best tank item on Sett and can make you extremely hard to kill in the mid to late game. Warmog's Armor is a pure health and HP regeneration item meant to regenerate your health at a massive rate thanks to its Warmog's Heart passive. Warmog's Heart restores 5% of your maximum health per second but only if you have at least 3,000 health and haven't taken damage in the last 6 seconds. Warmog's Armor is great for Sett because it makes him insanely tanky and gives him really good sustain during fights. Engage on the enemy team and back off once you get a pick on their backline. Then, try to find a place to hide and regen back up to a survivable amount of health. When you engage again the enemy will most likely be distracted and won't hit you so you can fight them while still healing up from the Warmog's Heart passive. Another way to use Warmog's Heart is by freezing waves/defending towers. When an enemy champion shoves a wave into your tower you can stand in front of the wave or tank all the damage from the minions by having them focus you. Wait for your tower or minions to kill the wave and then walk behind tower, heal up with Warmog's Armor, and repeat. This way you tank all the damage from the minions and your tower doesn't lose any health at all! Note that Warmog's Armor should only be bought after 2-3 items and when you have at least 3,000 health so you get access to the passive. You can start building Warmog's Armor at around 2,000-2,100 health because you get 800 extra health from the item itself and you get extra health and armor from leveling up.

Randuin's Omen - 2900 GOLD : An extremely good item against attack speed and crit champions but very situational. Randuin's Omen provides some armor and health but the main strength lies in its passives. One of the passives reduces the amount of critical strike damage you take by 20%. The other passive, Cold Steel, reduces 15% of the attack speed of an enemy champion for one second if you are hit by one of their basic attacks. These passives are really good if you are facing more than one critical strike champ or attack speed champion or if there is a super fed critical strike champion on the enemy team. It shuts down heavy attack speed critical strike champions like Jinx, Caitlyn, Twitch, and Xayah. The cold steel passive is also pretty decent against on-hit attack speed champions Vayne, Kog'Maw, and Ashe but if they don't have any critical strike champions then Frozen Heart is usually just better. The active ability for Randuin's Omen slows all enemies in a radius by 55% for 2 seconds. This is great for stick on fast enemies like Warwick and Yasuo and is especially good when combo-ed with the increased movement speed and slow from Dead Man's Plate.

Frozen Heart - 2700 GOLD : The best anti-attack speed for Sett in most of his games unless the enemy has heavy healing or crit chance. Frozen Heart is a great item that gives tons of armor, 20 % cooldown reduction, and a little bit of mana. The passive reduces the attack speed of ALL nearby enemies by 15%. This item is a massive powerspike for Sett if he is facing a lot of attack damage enemies. The armor it provides as well as significantly reducing the damage output of ALL nearby enemies can singlehandedly win team fights. Sett usually dives into the backline so he can pretty much cut of 15% of all damage the backline deals just by standing near them. If the enemy team composition has an attack damage champion in top, jungle, and mid then buying Ninja Tabi rushing Frozen Heart right after Dead Man's Plate can make you close to unkillable in the mid game.


Spirit Visage - 2800 GOLD : One of the best magic resist items on Sett. Spirit Visage gives health, magic resist, cooldown reduction, and some health regeneration as well as a passive that gives you 30% increased healing, regeneration, and drain. The stats that Spirit Visage give are decent but the main reason why we buy it is for the passive. 30% increased healing and regeneration synergizes really well with Sett and the items he builds. The increased health regeneration makes Pit Grit passive healing over times and Warmog's Armor's passive way stronger as well as improving the base health regeneration stats that Steel Shoulderguards, Turbo Chemtank, Adaptive Helm, Warmog's Armor, and Spirit Visage. The increased healing that Spirit Visage gives also means that healing spells or items that are cast on you like Redemption, Astral Infusion, and Aria of Perseverance give you even more healing.

Locket of the Iron Solari - 2200 GOLD : A hybrid magic resist/support item that can be build for either item route. Locket of the Iron Solari gives both armor and magic resist and an active that gives you and nearby allies a decaying shield for 2.5 seconds that scales off of your bonus health. This item synergizes extremely well with Gargoyle Stoneplate and other bonus health items like Warmog's Armor, Dead Man's Plate, and Turbo Chemtank. Use Gargoyle Stoneplate near 3 enemy champions to proc the +100% bonus health active then, with double your normal health, use Locket of the Iron Solari and give a massive shield to yourself and your entire team. Locket of the Iron Solari is also really good against champions with game changing Area of Effect abilities and can completely negate massive threats like Crowstorm, Demonic Ascension, and Requiem.

Adaptive Helm - 2800 GOLD : Is very strong versus certain AP champs. Adaptive Helm gives you health, magic resist, mana regeneration, and cooldown reduction. It also gives you an extremely strong (but situational) passive that reduces 20% of the damage you take from an ability for four seconds after being hit by it. For example, if you are facing a Cassiopeia and you get hit by her Twin Fang for 200 damage then you take 160 from all the other Twin Fangs you get hit by for the next 4 seconds. The passive has no cooldown so once you get hit by another Twin Fang then the passive procs again and you continue only taking 160 damage from it. This passive is insane against certain champions and spells like Teemo's Toxic Shot, Ryze's Overload, Karthus's Lay Waste, Corki's Missile Barrage, and Mordekaiser's Darkness Rise. I will list all of the abilities Adaptive Helm is good against in the Tips and Tricks section (Coming this Saturday).


Zeke's Convergence - 2250 GOLD : A really good value item that provides decent stats for a cheap price. Zeke's Convergence grants some armor, magic resist, cooldown reduction, and mana as well as a minor active/passive. The active binds target ally. Whenever you cast your ultimate near the ally you put your active on you create a storm around you for 10 seconds that slows all enemies by 20%. During this time your ally's basic attacks burn their targets for 35% bonus magic damage over 2 seconds. In addition to all of this if you slow a burning enemy with your storm you deal 40 magic damage to them per second and slow them by 40% for 3 seconds. Buying this item is especially great with attack speed champions like Kog'Maw, Jinx, and Twitch because they get to proc the burn more often than slower attacking champs like Vayne, Senna, and Ezreal. You should equip your Zeke's Convergence active on your ADC 99% of the time unless you have a higher attack speed champion in another lane who can proc your passive more.

Knight's Vow - 2200 GOLD : Another great value support item that gives some tanky stats for a cheap price. Knight's Vow gives a bit of armor, a bit of health, and some cooldwon reduction just like most support items. However, the active/passive is what makes this item so strong. The active makes target champion your partner. If your partner is near you then you get an extra 20 armor and 15% more movement speed when moving towards them. In addition, you heal for 12% of the damage your partner deals to enemy champions. This is great for 2v2 or 3v3 duels because you get to heal a lot and lets you frontline for your ADC even better. You get even more heals if you have Spirit Visage due to the 35% healing increase from it. In addition, you redirect 12% of all damage your partner takes to damage you. This is is great for defending your ally from burst damage against ADC's like Syndra and Twitch.

Locket of the Iron Solari - 2200 GOLD : A hybrid magic resist/support item that can be build for either item route. Locket of the Iron Solari gives both armor and magic resist and an active that gives you and nearby allies a decaying shield for 2.5 seconds that scales off of your bonus health. This item synergizes extremely well with Gargoyle Stoneplate and other bonus health items like Warmog's Armor, Dead Man's Plate, and Turbo Chemtank. Use Gargoyle Stoneplate near 3 enemy champions to proc the +100% bonus health active then, with double your normal health, use Locket of the Iron Solari and give a massive shield to yourself and your entire team. Locket of the Iron Solari is also really good against champions with game changing Area of Effect abilities and can completely negate massive threats like Crowstorm, Demonic Ascension, and Requiem.

At the beginning of the game buy your items and walk to either the bot lane tri-bush if you are on Blue Team or the dragon pit if you are on Red Team. You should always to this at the start of every game to watch for an enemy invade. While you are sitting there think about the following:

-Who is my ADC?
-Who is the enemy ADC?
-Who is the enemy support?
-What do I want to accomplish in lane?
-What do they want to accomplish in lane?

Each bot lane duo plays a certain way and wants to do a specific thing in lane. For example, a Kog'Maw and Lulu bot lane want to play passive in the laning phase and look to outscale the enemy bot lane in the mid and late game. A Lucian and Sett bot lane want to play super aggressive in the laning phase and snowball hard before they fall of in the mid to late game. Think about what your bot lane wants to do in lane and what the enemy bot lane wants to do in lane. Also, think about how to synergize with your ADC (Read the ADC Synergy section) and how to play against the enemy support (Read Bot Lane Matchups section).

At 1:30 the Red Brambleback will spawn in the bot lane for the Blue Team and the Blue Sentinel will spawn for the Red Team. Go and help your jungler clear it if they are starting their jungle path on the bottom side of the map. Help them clear the jungle monster by Basic Attacking the it until around 1:37. You should aim to get to lane by around 1:42. If the jungler isn't starting on the bottom side of the map then walk directly to the bot lane at 1:30.

Once Sett gets into lane he should RACE TO GET HIS LEVEL 2 POWERSPIKE BEFORE THE ENEMY GETS IT. You get level two by killing the entire first wave and 3 bruiser minions in the second wave. If you gets to level 2 before your opponents then you and your ADC should walk up and threaten to engage onto them with your level advantage. If they don't back off of the wave then run up to them and Facebreaker them together and start Basic Attacking the enemy ADC. When they get low or Flash away then Facebreaker them to deal a little bit more damage. This should usually lead to some burnt summoner spells or a first blood. If the enemy laners get level 2 before you then back off and wait for the minion wave to shove into your tower. Focus on getting level 3 before the enemies to get access to an extra ability before them. While your ADC farms up try to execute the cannon and bruiser minions with your Relic Shield passive. Also, hide in the side lane bushes and threaten to engage onto the enemy with Flash or Hextech Flashtraption. If the enemy laners are weaker in the early game then they are either forced to use abilities to check the bushes or back off and wait for the wave to push into them.

If you and your ADC beat the enemy laners to level 3 then look to engage onto them with Knuckle Down, Flash, or Hextech Flashtraption. Always look for the enemy ADC or support to waste a key defensive ability like Dark Binding or Devour. If they do then try to run up to them and try to set up a Facebreaker and either all-in or short trade depending who your ADC is playing and what you want to accomplish in lane. If you have an aggressive ADC like Lucian or Tristana then look to all-in and deal as much damage as possible. If you have a defensive ADC like Jinx or Jhin then punch them for a little bit and then run back behind your minion wave. Only all-in with defensive ADC's if you 100% know you are going to win the fight. When you hit 900-1000 gold tell your ADC to shove the wave into the enemies tower and recall. Make sure to recall in a position where you can see the wave so you can run up and disrupt the enemy if they try to freeze it under their tower. Once you get back to base buy a Boots of Swiftness (Or a Ninja Tabi / Mercury's Treads if needed), a Control Ward, and a Oracle Lens.
Sett's next powerspike after levels 1, 2, and 3 is level 6. This is where he gains access to The Show Stopper. If his ADC has a strong ultimate that synergizes well with Sett like Killer Instinct or Fate's Call then Sett should look for an aggressive Flash or Hextech Flashtraption play on the enemy ADC. Controlling bushes in lane is very important for Sett. Use Oracle Lens to spot out Stealth Wards in the lane bushes or disable wards when you look for a flank play with The Show Stopper. Keep on working on your Relic Shield quest by last hitting the cannon and bruiser minions. Remember that executing a caster minion is fine if the ADC can't last it. You should aim to complete your Relic Shield quest by 9 minutes.


The laning phase ends and the mid game begins around the time that the first bot lane tower falls. During the mid game your team will start grouping up and focusing on objectives more. Fights will be more 3v3 and 5v5 oriented as well. At the beginning of the mid game Sett should have his Boots of Swiftness and Dead Man's Plate powerspike completed. This is big for him because it gives him a lot of tankiness and movement speed which lets him roam around the map and make more plays for his team. Stick with your ADC most of the time and help them safetly farm waves or take down towers. Focus on warding the river and sweeping choke points for enemy wards. If your ADC can farm safetly then go and help your team make plays in other parts of the map.

Have your team group together at the bot lane river about 30 seconds before the next dragon spawns to set up. As a support it is your job to gain vision control of the bot lane river whenever a dragon is about to come up. Place wards in the bot lane river and sweep the dragon pit for wards with your Oracle Lens. Setting up for dragon is extremely important because it gives your team a huge advantage when contesting the dragon. Once the dragon spawns have your team pull it out into the middle of the river to make it harder for the enemy team to steal. If some members of your team die before the dragon spawns then you and the rest of your teamates should look to push waves and take some towers while the enemy team is preoccupied on securing the dragon.
Mid game is also when both teams start to 5v5 teamfight for objectives and towers. Sett can play teamfights 3 different ways. The first way is to look for an aggressive The Show Stopper to bring an enemy frontliner into their backline to deal massive damage and set up a big Facebreaker stun. This is great because it removes a lot of the frontline from the enemy team and makes it easier for your team to move in and engage onto the enemy carries. Sett getting into the backline with his The Show Stopper is also very scary for the enemy carries because it forces them to focus their attention on running away from him to avoid his Facebreaker stun. The second way to teamfight on Sett is to look to flank with The Show Stopper and try to get a pick on one of the enemy carries. If Sett Flashes or Hextech Flashtraptions right onto an enemy carry then he can The Show Stopper them into his team for an easy kill. The third way to teamfight with Sett is to stay close to your ADC and peel for them if they get engaged on. This is only good if the enemy has an assassin or strong engager that can get to your backline easily and look for a pick onto your ADC. If Sett stands next to his ADC then he can peel for them with Haymaker and The Show Stopper and make them really hard to kill.


The late game starts around 30-35 minutes and is the stage of the game where Dragon Soul or Elder Dragon spawns. Teamfights are also extremely important in the late game and one or two people dying could decide who wins and who loses. Sett needs to be way more careful in the late game due to his abilities and items falling off the longer the game goes on. You and your team should stick together most of the time in order to avoid getting picked off. If your team has a lot of wards in the river then some of your teamates should travel to a side lane and collect the minion wave. Your team should look to freeze the minion wave under their tower if there are no objectives up on the map. When the major late game objectives like Dragon Soul, Baron Nashor, and Elder Dragon do come up then your team should group together beforehand too contest it. Like I stated previously it is important to set up 30-45 seconds before the objective spawns to gain vision control and set up traps.

Dragons are the most important objectives in the early and mid game. 5 minutes into every game a dragon of a random element spawns into the bottom lane dragon pit. Once that dragon is killed it gives your team a buff related to that dragon's element. 5 minutes after the first dragon is killed a second one of a different element is spawned. Once the second dragon is killed your team will get another elemental buff and the third dragon element will be revealed. The map will change in relation to the third element and every dragon that spawns after the third dragon will be of the same element and give your team the same buff. The third elemental dragon will spawn 5 minutes after the 2nd one is killed. Dragons spawn every 5 minutes after the previous one is killed until one team gets 4 dragons. The team that gets 4 dragons first will be given a Dragon Soul which gives your team a powerful elemental buff that relates to the dragon element that you killed. Then, the Elder Dragon will spawn 6 minutes after the last dragon is killed.


MAP CHANGE: The Cloud Map spawns an air circle around the Red Brambleback, Blue Sentinel, and Dragon Pit which boost the movement speed of everyone who walks in it by 20% in combat and 35% out of combat. It also spawns Scryer's Bloom at the entrance of both jungles.

DRAGON BUFF: + 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 % ultimate cooldown reduction

DRAGON SOUL BUFF: + 10 % passive movement speed which is increased to + 50 % movement speed for 6 seconds after casting your ultimate.


MAP CHANGE: The Infernal Map destroys the bushes and some of the walls that surround the Red Brambleback and Blue Sentinel. It also spawns Blast Cones in the alcoves and at the entrances to both jungles.

DRAGON BUFF: + 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 % attack damage and ability power

DRAGON SOUL BUFF: Basic Attacks and Abilities deal 80 ( + 22.5 % bonus AD ) ( + 13.5 % AP ) ( + 2.5 % bonus HP) adaptive damage to the target and nearby enemies ( 3 second cooldown)


MAP CHANGE: 2 big rocks spawn in each quadrant of the jungle

DRAGON BUFF: + 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 % armor and magic resistance

DRAGON SOUL BUFF: Gain a 200 ( + 18 % bonus AD ) ( + 13.5 % AP ) ( + 13.5 % HP ) shield after not taking damage for 5 seconds


MAP CHANGE: 2 big rocks spawn in each quadrant of the jungle

DRAGON BUFF: + 2.5 / 5 / 7.5 / 10 % of missing HP regeneration every 5 seconds

DRAGON SOUL BUFF: Heal for 160 ( + 36 % bonus AD ) ( + 22.5 % AP ) ( + 9 % bonus HP ) and restore 80 ( + 3.5 % maximum mana ) mana over 4 seconds whenever you deal damage to enemies. Dealing damage to minions and monsters regenerates with 30 % effectiveness



The Rift Herald is a neutral monster than spawns in Baron Pit 8:00 minutes into every game. When in combat the Rift Herald occasionally spawns an eye on its back. If you hit the eye then you deal 12% of her maximum health as true damage. Whenever an ally Basic Attacks the Rift Herald the eye spawns 2.5 seconds faster. To hit the eye effectively try to walk around the Rift Herald right as she is about to swing at you. If you walk around her to hit the eye too soon then she will just turn towards you and make the eye un-hittable. Once killed the Rift Herald drops an Eye of the Herald that despawns after 20 seconds if nobody picks it up. The Eye of the Herald is a one time use trinket that goes away after 240 seconds. When used the Eye of the Herald spawns a Rift Herald to fight for your team. When the Rift Herald approaches an enemy tower she winds up and dashes to it dealing massive damage to it and herself. Try to use the Rift Herald on a tower after you get it down to about 1/2 health. If you use her on a tower too early then she will destroy all of the plates and leave it at half health. Each time you destroy a plate the tower gets more armor and since she deals true damage (Which goes through armor) then the later you use her the better she is.


Baron Nashor is a neutral monster that spawns in the Baron Pit in the top lane river 20:00 minutes into the game. He has a lot of HP and deals tons of damage so killing him, even with your whole team, is pretty difficult. When killed Baron Nashor gives the entire team that killed him the Hand of Baron passive for 180 seconds as long as they are alive. The Hand of Baron gives the player affected an empowered recall, increased physical damage, increased ability power, and a massive damage and range for surrounding allied minions. The Hand of Baron is great for shredding down towers and inhibitors. The best thing that Hand of Baron does is increase the cannon minion's range by just enough so that it doesn't take any damage when hitting towers. This is amazing for sieging towers with your team. Your team can group in front of it to make it really hard to kill while it chunks down the enemy tower. Securing Baron Nashor is extremely good and can significantly aid your team in winning the game.


Elder Dragon is the Dragon that spawns 6:00 minutes after a team kills 4 elemental dragons and collects the Dragon Soul. Elder Dragon is probably the most powerful and impactful objective in the game right now. Your team should always prioritize killing the Elder Dragon over any other objective if given the chance too. Elder Dragon spawns so late in the game thought that securing it is mostly game winning. Killing the Elder Dragon grants your team the Aspect of the Dragon buff for 150 seconds. The Aspect of the Dragon causes your Basic Attacks and Abilities to deal additional true damage over 2.25 seconds. It also makes you immediately execute enemy champions when you get them to under 20% health. Aspect of the Dragon is extremely powerful and pretty much guarantees your team to win any fight you take as long as you don't throw it. It also shreds through tanks due to it's additional true damage and HP% based execute.

Wards are one of the most important things in League. They grant vision in a radius around them and can spot out terrain, champions, monsters, minions, and abilities from inside the Fog of War. They are invaluable in spotting out the enemy locations, ganks, roams, and jungle pathing. As a support it is your job to put down as many wards as possible for your team to gain an edge in teamfighting and objective taking.



USE: Grants vision in a 900 unit circle around itself

LIFE SPAN: 90 - 120 seconds scaling off of champion level

LIMIT: 3 on the map at one time, limit is shared with Stealth Wards


HEALTH: 3 bars

BOUNTY: 10 gold and 37.2 - 46.4 experience based on ward level


USE: Grants vision in a 900 unit circle around itself

LIFE SPAN: 150 seconds

LIMIT: 3 on the map at one time, limit is shared with Totem Wards


HEALTH: 3 bars

BOUNTY: 30 gold and 37.2 - 46.4 experience based on ward level


USE: Grants vision in a 900 unit circle around itself. It also reveals and disables all nearby enemy wards, stealth traps ( ex. Noxious Trap , Captive Audience ), and camouflaged champions.

LIFE SPAN: Indefinite

LIMIT: 1 on the map at one time


HEALTH: 4 bars and regenerates after not being attacked for 6 seconds

BOUNTY: 30 gold and 37.2 - 46.4 experience based on ward level


USE: Grants vision in a 500 unit circle around itself

LIFE SPAN: Indefinite



HEALTH: 1 bar

BOUNTY: 15 gold and 18.6 - 23.2 experience based on ward level


USE: Spawns whenever a ward expires if you are running the Ghost Poro rune. Grants vision in a 450 unit circle around itself. Disappears when an enemy champion walks into its radius

LIFE SPAN: 60 seconds






USE: Spawns whenever you take down an enemy ward if you are running the Zombie Ward rune. Grants vision in a 900 unit circle around itself

LIFE SPAN: 120 seconds



HEALTH: 1 bar

BOUNTY: 1 gold


Early game warding is pretty straightforward. When the game starts buy a Stealth Ward and walk to lane. Around 3:00 minutes into the game you should place your first ward. Place a ward in the bot lane tri-bush if you are pushing the wave in on Red Side or if you are being pushed in on Blue Side. Place a ward in the bot lane river bush if you are pushing the wave in on the Blue Side or if you are being pushed in on Red Side. These spots are good because they can pretty much always spot the jungler coming in to gank you due to location of where they are placed. You want to save your wards until 3:00 minutes because the jungler usually finishes their first clear around 3:00 minutes. If you ward right when you get to lane then the ward will have expired by the time that the jungler comes and ganks you. Another good spot to put your Stealth Ward is in the bot river dragon pit. This is a great spot because it can spot out enemy jungle pathing, enemy mid lane roams, enemy support roams, and dragon contests. It acts as a mini Rift Scuttler pretty much.

If you are pushing the wave hard into the enemy tower and you know that the jungler is top lane then you can look for deep wards. Deep wards are extremely usefull because they can spot things that you normally wouldn't be able to see like what camps the enemy jungler is taking and when the enemy Red Brambleback and Blue Sentinel are going to spawn. Good deep ward spots are on the Red Brambleback or in one of the two bushes nearby Raptor Camp if you are on Red side or on Blue Sentinel or the tribush near Krugs if you are on Blue Side.

Once you back and get a Control Ward you can put in in bot lane tribush if you are on Blue Side or in the bot lane river bush if you are on Red Side. These spots are good because they are easily defendable and can spot out Stealth Wards that the enemy laners have placed there. My personal favorite spot to put Control Wards though is in the tribush in the bot lane river near mid lane. This spot is amazing because it can spot out pretty much everything. It can show you if the enemy mid laner roams bot or if the enemy support roams mid. It can show the enemy jungler's location and spot out if they are going to gank both bot and mid lane. It can spot out both Scuttle Crab contests, Dragon contests, and enemy invades. In addition to this nobody walk through the river tribush so it can stay up for long periods of time without being destroyed.


Supports get way more warding options once the mid/late game starts. Warding also gets more important the longer the game drags on. The great thing about the start of the mid game is that you get access to Stealth Wards due to Relic Shield. Once you upgrade Relic Shield you should replace your Stealth Ward with Oracle Lens. Oracle Lens is great for sweeping out the river and popular warding positions. Warding busy areas like the river tribushes and the Baron / Dragon pits are very important. Warding these areas ahead of time can give your team a huge edge by spotting out isolated enemies or landing long range skillshots onto them.

Warding objectives is also extremely important. Try to get to Baron or Dragon pit about 45 seconds before it spawns with your team. Use all of your wards around the perimeter of the river like in both tribushes and over the pit wall. The tribush locations are really good due to them spotting when the enemy team will try to contest. Seeing them through Fog of War also lets your team land a few poke skillshots before they get to pit to contest. The ward spot over the pit is probably the most important one to place. It can spot out the enemy jungler if they are looking to Flash or Blast Cone over to Smite steal or if the enemy team is looking to contest by Blast Coning over. Once you get your wards down then either Oracle Lens or Control Ward the pit and river to destroy enemy vision. Gaining vision control around objectives before they spawn is super important and can increase your chances of securing it by a lot.
Thank you so much for reading my Sett guide! I hope you enjoyed it learned a lot of new things! I really enjoyed making this guide and I learned a lot from it. I also picked up a lot of BBCode skills along the way. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.


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