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Orianna Build Guide by LadyOfClockwork

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LadyOfClockwork

The Lady Of Clockwork: We are as One

LadyOfClockwork Last updated on June 5, 2017
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R


12 Ferocity
















18 Cunning
















0 Resolve
















Threats to Orianna with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Karthus Try to hit him with your auto's but don't stand still. Keep walking to avoid getting hit. Note that his Q range is longer than your AA range. You could also poke him with your Q+W combo.

Me and Ori

-Hey guys! My name is Dee and this is my Orianna guide.
I started playing Orianna at the start of season 4 just before she became part of the season 4 "meta" and I really fell in love with her and her playstyle. I really wanted to know everything about her. I'm still playing her with all my heart and I'm willing to share all I know about Orianna with you guys so you can improve and become a better Orianna player-


Orianna has a quite unique play style due to her unique skill set which allows her to control her other abilities with her Command: Attack. This is one of the things that makes her so fun (but hard) to play. She is really fun, really unique, really rewarding but really hard to master. So if you're struggling a bit with her, it's OK!

I can't tell you how to play Orianna because you'll have to figure out your own way of how to play her. What I CAN do is giving you all the tools and information you need to know in order to learn Orianna so you can master her in your own way. Let this guide be your guide line and see how far it gets you.

Now that that's out of the way, Enjoy my guide! And let me know if I taught you something. GL on your journey to succes! (^_^)/ x-Dee

-Before I'm starting with all the other things I'd like to tell you why you should play Orianna. She has a lot of positives. But, like every other champion in the game, she also has some negatives you should be aware of in order to master her-


+ Her passive is strong in lane.
+ Great utility for the team.
+ Great wave clear.
+ She can turn team fights into her favor with her ult.
+ She scales really well throughout the game.

- You need to keep track of your ball.
- Using too much abilities will blow your mana.
- Doesn’t really have a decent escape.
- Weakness against burst and gap-closers
- Missing your ult can devastate a teamfight.
- Hard to learn, harder to master.

Her passive Clockwork Windup is really strong in lane because it makes it easier to last hit and combined with Command: Protect it's the perfect way to harass your enemy without blowing too much mana. Her kit brings a lot of utility for her team as well since she can speed up and shield everyone she wants. If she has some items her waveclear is just amazing and she'll be able to defend towers really easy. Her Command: Shockwave can really be a game changer if she hits it right. She scales really well throughout the game because she has a good/safe laning phase, a great midgame because that's the point her abilities will start to hurt a lot and her late game is by far the best because the utility and constant AoE damage she brings into a team's environment is just really strong.

Losing track of your ball can be really critical in teamfights which can result in missing most of your abilities. You also really need to pay attention to the ball's leash range as, when it exceeds the range, it will return to Orianna what can result in missing an Ult if you didn't pay attention. Her only escape is her "W", which is a really good ability, but not a decent escape as champions with a gap-closer like Vi's Q and Xin Zhao's E will still be able to get to her. Command: Shockwave is Orianna's most powerful spell which can even turn a lost game into a victory because she's able to pull 5 man into one place while dealing a lot of damage onto their carries. If you miss it, you'll automatically lose the most chance to win a fight since the potential to lock up most enemies into one place, while blowing up carries, is just gone.

She's hard to learn because you have to "master" her ball. Every single spell of her will be controlled by it and can be used in a lot of different ways. It will take you a decent amount time to figure that thing out. "Mastering" the ball is only a basic thing. Mastering Orianna is a different story. You'll have to pay attention to a lot of things at once which can take a decent time to get used to. Its not only about "the ball's" positioning but yours also. Keep track of its range while trying not to get in a difficult spot where you might get hurt yourself. Try to understand her role, what she's capable of and how you can grow.

These things will come with time, practice and experience. On top of these things you'll always find a way on how to improve your way of playing her and another way improve those things as well. But in the end she's really rewarding, very fun to play and definitely worth the struggle!

-Let's start off with runes, masteries and summonerspells, because these are the first things you need to know before starting to play Orianna. Having the right runes, masteries and summonerspells can really make a difference every time again-

I can really recommend these if you're a beginner or only have a few runepages because these will do fine on almost every AP midlaner. These runes also cost the least amount op IP.
The Ability Power will increase the effectiveness of your spells, the Amor and Magic Resist will give you some defensive stats so you take a little less damage from the enemy and the Magic Penetration will increase the damage output you do with your spells.
+ 9.0 ARMOR

If you're facing an AP midlaner you don't really benefit from the armor runes and it might be better to replace these with others. Personally I like to put scaling runes here because they will have more effect the longer the game goes, while flat ones are only nice for the laning phase. 9 HEALTH SEALS
Instead of Armor
+ 216 HP at lvl 18
+ 11 MANA R at lvl 18
The Scaling Health seals will give you some survivability throughout the game, but won't be very in use during the Laning Phase, while the flat Health Seals are good to soak up an ability in the Laning Phase. If you're really struggling with your mana you could choose to take Scaling Mana Regen Seals as they will allow you to use your spells a bit more often.

If you're up against an AD Champion you don't really benefit from the Magic resist the standard glyphs give you. Replacing them with others will do much more for you. Again you can choose between runes good for your laning phase or runes that get stronger the longer the game goes on.
With the scaling CDR runes you'll have 40% CDR at lvl 18 together with Athene's or Morello's without having to take another CDR item. The Ability Power runes will increase the effectiveness of your spells. Taking scaling ones will ofcourse make you stronger throughout the game while flat ones could give you the upper hand during the laning phase. Instead of MR
+ 10 % CDR at lvl 18
+ 28 AP at lvl 18

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed could be good vs a match up where you need to dodge a lot of skillshots or vs a team that can get you out of position really easily. Note that by taking these Quints you'll really lose some of your early needed damage.

-Now you know what runes are viable on Orianna, you can start making sets of runes for different situations. It's not only it's important to take the right runes for Orianna, but it's also important to take the right runes for yourself as well. Maybe you feel more comfortable creating your own set of runes. As long as They work for you, they should work for Orianna too-


vs. AP
This is the runepage I use in almost all of my matches. Since her abilities and her passive deal magic damage, I want to maximize the damage I can deal by using 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration. 9x Greater Seal of Scaling Health synergyzes really well with her Command: Protect passive, making you a somewhat tankier opponent.As for the glyphs, on lvl 18, your items should get you to 30% cooldown reduction, leaving 10 left before you hit the 40% cap. Getting 6x Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction will get you there. Hitting the 40% cap will get the maximum out of your abilities. 3x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist will give you a little more defensive stats. You still want 3x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power because it makes your spells more effective.

This is the runepage I use whenever I feel really comfortable playing a matchup. On this runepage you also want the 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for the maximum damage you can deal. I keep the 9x Greater Seal of Scaling Health because, again, it really synergyzes very well with the Command: Protect passive. Due to her low base damage I like to take 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power on her. This will increase the effectiveness of her spells. Of course you could choose to take flat Greater Glyph of Ability Power instead if you want them to have a little more impact in lane, however I pref the scaling ones over flat ones because, by the time you're lvl 18, the value of these has almost been tripled. For the quints I use the Greater Quintessence of Ability Power for the same reason I take the glyphs.

vs AP.


This is the runepage I usually use when I'm facing certain champs that have the ability to burst me down at level 6. Again, with this page, I use 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration to maximize my damage. I use 9x Greater Seal of Scaling Health for more survivability. At level 6 they've reached the same value as 9x Greater Seal of Health and therefor I'm using these over flat ones as they will be more valuable beyond that. However, when facing someone that can really bully you pre-6 (think of LeBlanc), it could be better to take the flat ones since they will do a little more for you throughout levels 1-5. I take 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist because they reduce the amount of damage you would've got without them. To make my spells more effective I keep the 3x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power.

Whenever I feel good about facing an AD matchup, this is the runepage I usually take and mostly helps me win the lane. Again, 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration. The 9x Greater Seal of Armor give me just about enough defense to stand my ground and take a little less damage from physical attacks. The 9x Greater Mark of Ability Power, 9x Greater Glyph of Ability Power and 3x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power will give me enough power to dominate the lane. As I said I take this rune page purely for the laning phase. You could also swap out the GLYPHS for 6x Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction and keep 3x Greater Glyph of Ability Power if you want to hit the 40% CDR cap in late game.

vs. AD


vs AD.
Whenever I'm nervous about facing an AD champion, whether it's an unusual pick or just a match up that I'm having trouble with, I take these. Like on all other pages I take 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration to make all of my spells and passive count. I take 8x Greater Seal of Scaling Health (you can also take 9), because , as I said earlier, they make her somewhat tankier combined with her Command: Protect passive. For the armor I take 1 Greater Seal of Armor and 2 Greater Quintessence of Armor and, because else I'm lacking damage, I take 9x Greater Glyph of Ability Power and 1x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power.

This page can be really helpful whenever you're facing champions that have skill shot abilities. Again, 9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration will increase my damage potential, and 9x Greater Seal of Scaling Health will give her some more survivability throughout the game. As for the GLYPHS, 9x Greater Glyph of Ability Power should make your spells be more effective, because you'll have no damage otherwise. However, if you're planning on staying safe and farming, even thou you'll lack damage, you could also swap out 6 of these GLYPHS for 6x Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction. I take 2x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed for quints as they'll help me dodging skill shots.


-The second important thing you have to know about is her masteries. You really want to put 12 points in Ferocity and 18 points in Cunning because it'll increase your damage output and utility. I'll be giving you the viable options from each tier in each tree. If you're wondering why I prefer to take the 18 points in Cunning over 18 points in Ferocity is because of the keystone Thunderlord's Decree . You'll learn more about the keystones and why I think 12-18 is the way to go, down below this section-


Sorcery vs. Fury

The attack speed you get from Fury works great with her Clockwork Windup because it makes her able to stack her passive faster. However, I feel that she already does a good amount of damage with her passive and think she benefits more from Sorcery throughout the game since it will let her abilities do some more damage overall.
Feast vs. Fresh Blood vs. Expose Weakness

In a favorable match up where you can be aggressive and make good use of your passive every now and then, Fresh Blood will be a great choice. But, if you're in a position where you might take more harass then you might want, Feast would be the better choice. Unless your team has enough damage and you're planning on taking a more supportive role Expose Weakness just isn't the right way to go.

Natural Talent vs. Vampirism

Vampirism isn't really an effective mastery for Orianna since the effectiveness of Spell Vamp is reduced to only one-third for AoE spells. Natural Talent would be the better choice because, even though it's not much, it is still free damage that will be added to your stats.
Double Edged Sword vs. Battle Trance vs. Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter will add 5% damage to your stats if you killed every member of the enemy team. While this might sound appealing, keep in mind that Orianna isn't that much of a "big killer" and benefits more from Oppressor since her Command: Dissonance and Command: Shockwave are both movement impairing abilities. Oppressor will be effective from as soon as you have your Command: Dissonance while Bounty Hunter will only start having effect after you 1st kill and each unique kill after.


Savagery vs. Wanderer

Wanderer is good for getting back in lane faster, if you're going for a roam or to catch up with your team if you're a slowpoke (like me >_<). Savagery will help you out if you're struggling with farming, giving you a better chance to get the last-hit.
Secret Stash vs. Runic Affinity vs. Assassin

Runic Affinity isn't a bad choice if you want to get some more profit out of the blue buff. This, however, is in my opinion the worst of the 3 since you can't really rely on your jungler to give you one. Assassin will give you some more damage during the laning phase and can really help you out in a 1v1. When nearing mid/late game, this mastery will be somewhat useless since you'll be grouped more often and if you're getting a gank it won't be in use also. Secret Stash would be the best option since it will give you better sustain during the laning phase and will be in good use during the rest of the game also.

Merciless vs. Meditation

Merciless is a great choice that will allow you to do as much damage as possible with your full combo by increasing your damage output on low HP enemies. However, Orianna still remains a mana-hungry champion and if you're really struggling with your mana pool it might be best to go for Meditation . With Meditation you'll be able to have some form of mana sustain and stay in lane longer.
Dangerous Game vs. Bandit

Unless you're somehow a support, Bandit isn't going to do anything for you. Dangerous Game on the other hand is really amazing overall. It can help you survive the last ticks of Ignite after a very close, won, fight. Even in team fights it'll help you out. You'll really be surprised of the "how many times you closely survive".

Precision vs. Intelligence

A nice thing about Precision is that it grows stronger the longer the game goes on. This, however, will leave you with a little less damage during the laning phase and since Orianna has really low early base damage, you won't be dealing much extra damage with it early on. Intelligence is also a good mastery since she really benefits from CDR. I feel that she doesn't really need the extra 5% and it doesn't really make a huge difference also since her CDs are low already on 40%.

Thunderlord's Decree (18 points in cunning) vs. Deathfire Touch (18 points in ferocity)

I've chosen for Thunderlord's Decree is because it really works amazing on Orianna. It can help you manage your mana since it doesn't require you to use your abilities and you can easily proc it with your auto-attacks. Thunderlord's Decree and Clockwork Windup can do a good amount of damage if you're going for some small trades in the laning phase, while not using too much of your abilities and still want to get some good damage. Thunderlord's Decree will strike in a small area so if you manage to catch multiple enemies with a full combo, they'll all get hit.

Deathfire Touch , in my opinion, isn't that great on Orianna as it sounds. If you read closely you'll see that the mastery isn't fully effective when enemies get hit by AoE spells. Since you can't get everything out of the Keystone I feel that it's just not worth picking this one. It'll also require you to constantly use your abilities to harass your enemy if you want some good damage from it and that's not something you want to do during the laning phase.



-It's also very important to take the right summonerspells for the right game, because you can't always go aggressive when it's better to go for a spell that can save your life or you might want to make a play. Here are the options-


Flash is an absolute must on Orianna because it will increase her survivability. Since Orianna doesn't really have an escape besides her Command: Dissonance (which is only a slow/speed up), having Flash will definitely help you out of some nasty situations. It also opens up an extra possibility to make a play or secure a kill.
Finishing touch!

Ignite is an aggressive summoner spell and will allow you to finish off your enemies easier and secure kills by taking away the last bit of HP they have. Ignite is also very good against champions with inbuilt sustain, spell vamp and life steal (think of Swain , Vladimir, even Akali and ADC's) because it will reduce the healing they get .

One for the team!

Heal is a great defensive item that can save not only you, but an ally as well. On top of that it'll also grand you a nice amount movement speed that can also help you out if you're finding yourself out of position. The downside is that Ignite will lower its effectiveness so make sure you use it when not ignited.
Burst survivor!

Barrier is a great choice for surviving heavy burst damage + Ignite since the ignite will just tick from your Barrier rather than your HP. It works great in combination with Command: Protect and you can use it to bait or outplay your enemy also. It's also helpful if you just start to play Orianna.

Exhaust is a very effective summoner spell against assassins since it will reduce the amount of damage they deal and give you a chance to survive their burst. It will also completely shut them down in teamfights because of that. Exhaust is also useful against hyper carries as it will also reduce attack speed.

Be free little one!

If the enemy team has some hard CC you might want to consider taking Cleanse. This spell will allow you to get rid of stuns/slows that could be fatal for you. If you ever get stuck in Event Horizon, get stunned by Syndra's Scatter the Weak or you get caught for whatever reason, Cleanse can set you free and will allow you to re-position yourself or make your way to safety. Does not cleanse a suppression like Infinite Duress, Nether Grasp or Impale.

Teleport is great if you want to have some more impact on the early/midgame. This spell makes it very easy to punish the enemy for an overaggressive move since it will allow you to go from one place to another. If the enemy is overextending you could look for an opportunity to teleport from behind. This will most likely result in outnumbering or scaring off the enemy. Note that more can play this game and be aware of the fact that the enemy can also have a Teleport

Whether it's to run for your life or to catch up to someone, Ghost can be a great summonerspell. Not only does it allow you to re-position yourself much better and much faster, it'll also increase your kite potential and chase potential by a mile. This will come out handy when you're playing against an enemy that also has Ghost or when going on a roam.

-The second thing you want to know is all about her abilities. As I said she has a really unique skillset, which can be difficult to get used to. All of her abilities are controlled by her Command: Attack and will sometimes be a bit confusing. But let's go a little further on that-



This will allow Orianna's basic attacks to do bonus magic damage. If she attacks an enemy more than once this damage will increase, stacking up to 2 times.
  • This is great for harassing your enemy with your autos without blowing too much mana.
  • This will make it easier for you to last hit minions.
  • Scales with AP

Orianna commands her ball to go to a location (where it stays) dealing (less) damage for every additional enemy it hits.

Even thou it doesn't do as much damage as your W you really want to max this first. The reasons for this are because it controls the mobility of your ball. The cooldown is much lower than your W's and it costs almost half the mana. The more you're able to move your ball around the more damage you'll be able to do.
  • Great for farming.
  • Great for harassing.
  • You can use it to zone enemies.
  • You can use it to scout out bushes and un-warded paths.



Orianna commands her ball to release a pulse of energy damaging/slowing all enemies it hits and speeding up you teammates.

You want to max this second because it will increase your damage by a lot. Not to mention the movement speed buff you get on level 5 (40%)
  • Great for farming.
  • Great for wave clearing.
  • You can use it as an escape for you or your teammates to get away safely or you can use it to catch enemies.

Orianna commands her ball to attach itself onto you or a teammate, giving a shield and some extra defense stats to the person its on.

Last but not least you want to max her E. The level 1 shield should be enough to keep you alive from early, through midgame. It sure gives you some nice stats with the extra armor and magic resist it gives you, but you really need the damage early in the game.
  • Great tool to survive, to soak up some damage.
  • You can give it to someone who is about to engage.
  • Great and easy way to get your ball back to you.
  • It also does damage to every enemy it goes through on its way.
  • It gives her very powerful trading on level 1 together with Clockwork Windup.



Orianna commands her ball to unleash a shockwave damaging all enemies in its radius and pulling them towards her ball after a short delay.

You want to put a point in R whenever possible because this is the most powerful ability Orianna possesses. It doesn't only do a lot of damage but it can also catch the whole enemy team in it.
  • Great for initiations. (If attached to the initiator or by surprise)
  • Could save your or someone else’s life when getting chased.
  • Can cancel channeling abilities and with good timing you can singly handed cancel ults from Warwick, Malzahar and Galio.

-Now we know what we need to, before we start playing her, we can start thinking of what items we should take in order to get through the game. The most common way to build Orianna will be: Mana regen + cdr Item -> Boots -> Damage Item -> Magic penetration -> Defensive item -> Situational Item. Just keep in mind that you should not build completely based on what lane you're facing. Take a look at the whole picture before you decide what's best to buy. Here are a few examples of situational builds and the standard build I use for Orianna-

The Standard Build.
The Build vs AD.
The Build vs Heavy AP Comb.
The Build vs AP Assassin
The Supportive Build.

-Since every game will be different you won't always go for the same standard build path. In this section you'll find the build paths for different situations. Of course there are times that you can't afford your items and we all like to press our advantage by getting expensive stuff when we have the ability to do it. But these are just guidelines to help you get the most out of your laning phase-

This will be the standard start for most of Orianna's matchups. By getting a Doran's Ring you'll be provided with 60HP, which would be enough to take 1 more ability from your enemy. You'll be granted 15AP to make your spells more effective and you'll be blessed with some a little mana sustain(50% from your base mana regen extra (3 mana per 5 secs) and 4 mana per minion kill) You want 3x Health Potions because they'll keep you healthy until you need to back. Last but definitely not least you need the Warding Totem in order to keep yourself safe.
This start can really be helpful when facing someone with a lot of skillshots (like Brand, Xerath or Lux) that can become fatal when getting hit too often or on the wrong moment. By getting Boots of Speed this early you can prevent taking a lot of damage. Due to the movement speed the boots give you, maybe in combination with Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed you'll be dodging skillshots with more ease. Next to the boots you'll have to take 5x Health Potion because, if you do get hit, they allow you to stay in lane longer by sustaining you back up. Then again, you want the Warding Totem for free wards.

This would be the goal to aim for when backing the first time. For this you'll need to earn a minimum of 1275. You want a Lost Chapter because it'll give you some nice mana sustain each time you level up and 25AP. You could also go for a Fiendish Codex instead of the Lost Chapter if you rather have some CDR, but it's advisable to take an extra Doran's Ring to have atleast some form of mana sustain. You want the Boots of Speed because it'll bring you to your destination a little faster. You also want a Control Ward other then the regular trinket wards, these also deny enemy vision and last much longer.
This will cost you a little more than the standard start (1475), but, even thou it'll set back your damage a little, the Catalyst of Aeons could really help you out if you're struggling against poke champs (like Xerath and Ziggs) and even help you survive against some bursty champions ( Fizz, Diana). It'll grant you some extra survivability due to its sustain each time you use an ability(health) or are getting damaged(mana) and due to its health, so you can take some more hits. If you have enough money you should get boots for the movement speed. Otherwise you could always use some extra Health Potions and Control Ward.
It's not always necessary to rush Zhonya's Hourglass, but atleast get a Seeker's Armguard. With the cost of 1600, this buildpath is by far the most expensive, but it's definitely worth it. A Seeker's Armguard is really effective against ad champions as its armor will lower the amount of damage you get and can prevent you from getting bursted. Getting a second Doran's Ring here will give you some extra survivability by adding another 60HP and another 15 AP, but it serves more as an income for your mana as you wont have any until you start building Morellonomicon.

-These are the core items that you should focus on, getting atleast 4 of them, in every single game. The order of buying these items isn't as important because every single game will be different as you'll meet a lot of different situations. You'll even meet situations were you'll have to swap out some of these items or even get a different 6th item to lead your way to victory. Buying the right item on the moment you need it will be best way to go to-

The Sorcerer's Shoes will allow her spell's to do more damage since it gives you 15% magic penetration and the +45 movementspeed will help you position yourself better in teamfights or incoming ganks.

As Orianna you're really mana dependent, you like CDR and you definitely want damage. No better way to go than going for Morellonomicon! Not only does it give you what want, like mana sustain + CDR and damage, but it will also apply grievious wounds when enemies are below 40% HP. This will be handy against champs with inbuilt sustain, summonerspell Heal and life stealing ADCs.

Rabadon's Deathcap is the best item for Orianna since her base damage isn't that high. Getting this item will result in her abilities doing a lot of damage and her utility being even more effective. It will also make all your items stronger by adding 35% ability power on top of them so Morellonomicon will give her 135 ap, Rabadon's Deathcap will give her 162 ap, Zhonya's Hourglass will give her 94 ap and Void Staff will give her 108 ap and then we haven't even spoken about your 6th item.

Void Staff is the item she needs to make every spell count when your enemies are buying magic resist. With this item she'll be able to even take a nice chunk of HP from tanks. The best time to get this item is after you completed your second or third item (besides boots). At this point your enemy might or might not (yet) have bought magic resist and you still want to keep your damages going. It's ok this item even before the enemy has bought magic resist because you'll be delaying the full amount of damage she could've done if you get it when they're already stacked with MR.

Zhonya's Hourglass is one of the best "survival" items to get in the late game. The fact that it allows Orianna to turn into a statue for 2.5 seconds is just amazing. Whenever you're in danger you can just activate it to make your enemies waste some cc or high damage spells or wait out your own cooldowns. It will also help you survive certain spells like Requiem and Mega Inferno Bomb, it will negate the damage from Death Mark, Hemoplague or stop Ignite, burn effects ( Blaze) and bleed effects( Hemorrhage).

-Situational items are the items you buy whenever you need them that aren't one of the core items. Because every situation will be different you won't always need the same item and therefor they're called situational. It's very important to take an item depending on what situation you're in-

This item will increase your kite potential and deal with your squishyness by adding a great amount of health. Whenever Command: Dissonance is on cooldown you can use your Command: Attack and Command: Protect to hit your enemy to keep them on a distance until it's up again. This way they won't be able to kill you that easily as you'll also be able to take some more hits due to the health you have.
This is basically the Statikk Shiv for mages. With this item it becomes very easy for you to re-position yourself, whenever you're out of position, as it gives you a great amount of movementspeed. When combined with Command: Dissonance you'll be very hard to catch. It will also do some aoe "splash" on top of using your spells on an enemy when fully charged which prioritize up to 4 champions when getting hit by an ability.

Even thou this item doesn't offer you the great utility that Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Luden's Echo do, this item can definitely help you out in lanes were you really need some sustain in order to not get poked out of lane and therefor should be picked up very early, unlike Rylai's and Luden's, since it takes 10 minutes to charge up the stacks that give you more health, more mana and more AP.

Despite the low AP it gives you, Athene's Unholy Grail would be a great option if you're really behind and struggling. Not only will it give you some much needed defensive stats, but it will enable an opportunity for you to extra support the ones on your team that doing better, since you'll be able to heal them with your shields. Building up blood charges shouldn't be a problem for you at all.
Seraph's Embrace is just a great item on Orianna because it gives her a lot of mana + AP and the shield it gives her makes her almost unkillable if she combines it with Command: Protect and Barrier. The downside of it is that you'll have to buy the tear very early since it take a decent time to charge which can set you behind.
Normally you shouldn't take an Abyssal Mask on Orianna because it's passive won't do that much since her ability range is way longer then its aura range. However when facing champions like Akali, Diana, Ekko, Fizz this item will be effective because it prevents you from getting bursted down and its passive will be in use because they have to get in your face to hurt you and it'll mean they have to be in its aura range.

Mercury's Treads could be taken if you're facing a comb with lots of cc. If you're somehow getting caught these boots will allow you to escape nasty situations a little faster since they reduce the cc's duration (Knockups are an exception). You could also consider taking these if your facing a lane that involves Burst and CC, think of Annie, Syndra and LeBlanc, to survive one of their attacks.

If you find yourself in situations where Mercury's Treads just aren't enough, because the enemy team is still able to take you out, you could consider taking a Banshee's Veil. If the enemy is able to get to you this item will block 1 of their spells (if you're lucky it can be a cc ability) and will prevent you from getting bursted down by apc's. This item can also be taken if you're facing a team with a lot of AP.

Guardian Angel will be a great 6th option if you're fed and the enemy will use all their powers to take you down. With this item you'll be granted a second chance, because if you die you'll get another life (well at least half of it), and hopefully your team will do all they can to protect you will you're down. The downside is that, when its down, the cooldown is just very high.

-This section will probably the most detailed section of this guide. Here you'll read about farming, the use of your abilities, warding, zoning and much more. It's basically the whole package of Orianna's gameplay, including useful tips and pictures-


In the early game you want to be focused on your laning phase, because that's where it all starts. Orianna has a strong, but also a safe laning phase. Her passive allows her to trade very easily and Command: Protect makes it very safe to do as it will allow her to negate some/most of the damage she gets from her enemy while trading. This is also the stage of the game where her passive is the strongest (since you can abuse it on level 1) and her abilities are the weakest so make sure you make good use of her auto-attacks.

Before you hit level 6 you mainly you want to be focused at farming so that you can buy your core items. If you want to harass

Orianna really has an easy time farming, compared to other mages, due to her Clockwork Windup. A farmed Orianna is just as dangerous as a fed Orianna and not dying means you're spending more time in the game, what will result in having more farm, more kills and assists. This also means that you'll have more gold.

-If your enemy isn't in lane and you don't feel like going to base yet you could push out the lane and go for your raptors. This way you'll make your enemy lose farm/XP and, by the time you've finished your camp, the waves just start in the middle again and you can go back to farming without having to overextend-

Tips to improve farming
✔ Try to last-hit as many as possible
The more minions you kill, the more money you'll have. Last-hitting means that you kill the minion just before it dies. It's the best to get most of them with your auto-attacks. This way you'll end up with more mana and you can stay in lane longer. Using Command: Attack for the ones you won't be able to get with your auto-attacks is fine too. It's also a way to kill more minions at once if there are more than one dying.
✔ Bot-games/Custom games
The best way to practice/improve your last-hitting is to play a custom botgame without runes, masteries, items, bots and try to get at least 70 cs (out of 114) in 10 minutes. Once you reach that try to raise the goal by getting it up to 80 or 90 and add a bot for some pressure so you can practice harassing while last-hitting as well (while not losing any cs). Asking a friend to help you out in a 1v1 custom game can also help you improve.
✔ Farming under the turret
The one thing that you can't always avoid is that you have to farm under the turret. Try to practice this as well if you're struggling and keep these things in mind:
  • Melee minions at full HP take 3 hits before they die. Hit them after the second turret shot.
  • Caster minions at full HP will take 2 hits. These are a little harder to get since 1 hit will leave them with just too much HP to get them. You want to attack them once before the 1st turret shot strikes and attack them after to get the kill.
  • Siege minions at full HP will take 6 hits. Let the tower hit them 5 times then AA to get it. Using your Command: Attack when you know it will kill him is also fine since you really want that minion.


Orianna's Clockwork Windup in combination with her Command: Protect is the thing that makes her laning phase so strong. It will enable a way for her to deal a lot of damage in small trades, while also taking less damage from the enemy. Just be careful doing this because your auto-attacks cause you to draw minion aggro as soon as you hit your enemy. If you don't pay attention to this you might end up hurting yourself more than you'll hurt him.

Make sure that you always combine her abilities with auto-attacks. This is because in this stage of the game her abilities, and with that I mean her Q + W poke, really don't do as much damage as you think and will be somewhat of a mana sink if you use this combo too often. The way you should use this combo is to slow down the enemy so you can easily follow up with your auto-attacks. If you can't get close enough to follow up, I'd recommend to just not use this combo to 'chunk' some HP as it will rather just 'chunk' your mana.
✔ Combine abilities with AA's
To get the best out of your early game damage try to combine your abilities with auto-attacks. This will not only result in maximum damage but will also help you understand her playstyle and can help you manage your mana.
✘ Don't use Q+W combo for before level 8
Doesn't matter if you use it for harass or wave-clear. If you can't clear the caster minions with Q+W+E, then Q+W does not enough to use it as poke. Orianna really has low base damage on her abilities what makes this combo just to weak for the amount of mana it costs. Once you'll reach level 8 I assume you'll have better items and a second point in Command: Dissonance for sure. You'll notice that it's easier to wave-clear and these 2 abilities really start to hurt.
✔ Be careful with minion aggro
When you attack your enemy with auto-attacks his minions will start attacking you. This can result in, you, taking more damage then you deal on your opponent. Don't try to harass with auto's if your enemy is standing behind his caster minions. This will result in you walking through his wave and taking a lot of minion aggro once you've attacked him. Try to stay behind your melee minions when harassing with AA's. This way, if you drew minion aggro, you'll only have to walk back a little to lose it.
✔ Be careful with accidentally pushing lane
How do you accidentally push your lane? Well, you might not always notice, but if you use your abilities through the minion wave, the enemy's minions will die faster because they took more damage then yours, which can cause your wave to start pushing if your minions don't take an equal amount of damage. This also happens if you draw minion aggro.

Due to her ball being the center of all her abilities Orianna can easily dictate the enemy to where he can or can't go without taking harass (with its positioning) and will force the enemy to play around it. Mostly you'll place the ball between or behind the enemy's minions in a way that, if the enemy steps forward to farm, he can easily get hit by Command: Attack. This, in particular, is very good against melee champions.

- This can also be used to completely zone out low HP enemies, denying them farm/forcing them out of lane as they should be afraid to come closer because of the threat of getting hit and die. Note that, while doing this, you'll have to be very cautious as this will definitely attract the enemy jungler and/or support-

Here is the thing. As Orianna you really don’t have any reasons to push your lane. If you push your lane you’ll be ending up overextending and that leaves you very vulnerable for ganks. Since you don’t really have an escape besides your W Command: Dissonance (what isn’t even a real escape like a dash or a stun or something) you’ll be ending up most likely wasting your flash if you get ganked and that’s a thing you can only do once every 5 mins. You'll also have a chance that the enemy will freeze the lane at his side. Just don’t push if you have no reason to.

-Pushing means pressure, means you’ll be attracting other enemies, means you’ll be in danger-

What is a good reason to push?
✔ Your enemy isn't in lane
If your enemy is dead, went back to base or went for a roam and it's too late for you to follow up then it's a good time to push. This will cause your enemy to lose farm and XP. It will also give you an opportunity to deal a great amount of damage to his turret or the enemy jungler will cover his lane to prevent that, which means that your team doesn't have to worry about getting ganked for a short period of time.

Tips to avoid your lane from pushing
✔ Reset the wave when it's pushing
If your lane DOES start to push towards your enemy you want to reset the minion wave. This will avoid having the enemy wave in an unfavorable position (under his turret) and will avoid that you'll be overextending. You do this by pushing even harder so the enemy's turret will clear the wave and the wave will start in the middle again.

✔ Positioning the minion wave
The best way to position the enemy minion wave is just outside your turret range. This way, if your enemy wants his farm, you'll make him overextend. If you run out of your own minions while you were having your lane in a favorable position you could try resetting it again, you can Command: Protect yourself to soak up some minion aggro and clear all minions (with abilities). Be careful with the enemy laner, if he's near you, because he might see a chance to take advantage of it. Don't try to do it unless you have a bunch of pots left.

It's very important to keep your lane warded. Wards provide vision and vision can help you to stay alive during your laning phase and prevent your death. A ward gives you an opportunity to see where your enemy is/goes if he walks past it. This can tell you that you're fine or that you should back off. With this information you'll also be able to warn your teammates if you see someone going towards them. It can tell you when it's okay to be aggressive or when you should play a little safer if you don't know where your enemy is.
Due to the fact that they have no timer, Control Wards can almost last forever, when placed right. This means that, if you put it in a spot where it'll be hardly noticed, it can basically stay there all game (until found or you place another one). On top of that they reveal wards and deny their vision. So, if your jungler comes in for a gank, he won't be seen until he reveals himself.
Regular wards are just the wards you get from your Warding Totem, which is your yellow trinket. Even thou you can have 3 wards placed on the map, it'll only allow you to store 2. This means that you have to think about placing your wards wisely as its cooldown on early levels is somewhat high. You could choose placing 2 at once but, if it's not necessary, 1 at a time would be the best. This way you'll never be left without a ward.
These wards are more risky to place as they will require you to walk through enemy territory. This means that the possibility to die is bigger, but in return they can give you a lot of information about your enemies. Even thou it's not ideal for you to place them, as it's a pretty long walk, but whenever the enemy laner isn't in lane you could push, place and be back in time for a new wave of minions.
Tips for a safe laning phase
✔ Safest way to position yourself in lane
The safest way position yourself during the laning phase is close to your warded side. This will give you enough time to react if the enemy jungler is coming from the un-warded side and you can retreat if you see him coming from the warded side. If you ran out of wards or your wards have expired the safest way to position yourself is close to your turret, but so that the enemy's minions are just outside of it's range so you don't get trouble with farming.
✔ Ward around your lane
In the midlane there are many different ways for the enemy jungler to gank you. Make sure that you don't only ward in the river but also around the entrances of your jungle. This way you're not only helping yourself but also your own jungler, so he also knows there is an enemy somewhere in his jungle. A lot of times your jungler will also ward around the entrances of his jungle.
Warding spots
- From blue side's perspective-



- From red side's perspective-

-Ward placement is very important as it will give you control of a certain area on your map, providing information that can affect your decisions. During your laning phase you mostly want to know if the enemy jungler is coming for a gank, so placing wards that give you enough time to react when getting ganked would be the best option here-
I usually don't ward these bushes unless I want one them to be ward free so my jungler can gank from there. Mostly, if I see an enemy past one of my other wards and I'm not sure if that enemy is hiding in the river bushes, I back off and use my Command: Attack from a safe distance to check if someone is in there. However, whenever my jungler wants to gank, I make sure that one of the bushes has a Control Ward so that it's safe for him to come and gank me.

These are nice spots to place your Control Wards, because they can tell if an enemy is near or entering your jungle. This way you can expect a gank from inside your own jungle and maybe warn other lanes, even your jungler, if the enemy jungler is hovering in or around your side of the jungle. It's less likely for the enemy jungler to check these spots for wards and therefor they can sit there being hardly noticed.
I mostly put a regular ward in there because I feel that a control ward doesn't last that long in there. Most supports that roam from bot lane to mid lane know that there must be a ward in there (doesn't matter if it's a regular or a control ward). Anyway, anyone that walks past that bush will be seen and you'll have enough time to react.

The reason I put a ward behind that wall instead of inside the bush is because of champions like Vi, Lee Sin and other champions with gap-closer that can reach you from that distance. Also, if I put the ward in the bush I can see it if someone walks past it, but I can't see what happens behind that wall. It also reveals a bit more of where the enemy jungler could be heading. This will allow me to tell my team if they have to be careful and give them enough time to react.

These wards are more risky and could hurt you if you get caught placing them, but they give you some amazing map control. The reason I put a Control Ward inside that bush instead of a bush closer to the lane is because nobody ever expects it to be in that bush. Anyway, these wards aren't only great for you but for your team as well as they can make decisions much easier if the enemy jungler gets spotted on the top side of the jungle. Since it'll take you some time to get there, if you want to put some deep wards, the best time to place these is when the enemy laner isn't in lane. This will allow you to push your lane, place the ward and not even losing anything as the lane will just reset.


In the mid game you'll mostly (slowly) start to group up in order to take objectives such as dragons and towers. This is the stage where Orianna is starting to get really powerful. Since taking objectives mostly result in team-fights, Orianna is a huge threat for everyone that faces her due to the fact that she can CC a whole team with one Command: Shockwave and deal a lot of damage with it at the same time. Her enemies also know this and, with the thought of getting caught in the back of their minds, Orianna can easily zone them with her Command: Attack. This threat automatically increases if she also has teammates that have good synergy with her Command: Shockwave on top of that.

Team fights mostly happen when you're starting to group up for objectives such as dragon or turrets. If your team has a strong engage, like Amumu, Vi or anyone that can get in the middle of the enemy team with ease, you could choose to make use of the ball-delivery-system by simply giving them your ball with Command: Protect and look for an opportunity to use your Command: Shockwave. It's also very important, while team fighting, to keep moving your ball with Command: Attack and not losing sight of it.

✘ Don't always immediately ult
If you're using the ball-delivery-system it might happen that you need to re-position your ball after your initiator has engaged. You want to take a good look at where your ball carrier has engaged and where most people are clumped up. Sometimes it'll even be useful to keep it if you really need to peel for you and your ADC to get enemies off of you.
✔ Good shockwave ✘ Bad Shockwave
Hitting your Command: Shockwave doesn't mean it's a good one. What makes the difference between a good or a bad shockwave is the amount of enemies you catch and, more importantly, if you catch their carries. For example: You only hit 1 person which happens to be a tank, so you basically missed your ult. But if that person is one of their carries your ult is Ok, because it turned into your favor. A good ult is when you catch at least 3 people in it.
✔ Pay attention
If someone from your team gets caught or someone has low HP the enemy team might start chasing. Most of the time when people chase they don't pay attention to their positioning and start clumping together. This might be a good time to throw your ball between them an use your ult to turn things around.

Role in team fights
Orianna is a utility DPS mage. Her role is to get as much damage done as possible while also aiding her teammates. After you've used your Command: Shockwave your "burst-potential" is gone and you want to start peeling for anyone who needs it. Mostly you'll try to help the support with peeling for yourself and your ADC. If nobody is trying to get to you or your ADC you'll have to try keeping your front line alive. As long as they are alive, you have time to deal damage.

Positioning in team fights
Orianna's positioning in team fights is really important. You want to be close enough to get your damage done, but you don't want to be too close in order to get taken out yourself. Keep in mind that since you're one of the main damage dealers of your team it'll be mostly likely for the enemy team to take you down. The best way to position yourself is to stay on a place where the enemy can only go through your front line to reach you. An other option would be to hide behind an obstacle (if your team's positioning allows that) to make it even harder for the enemy to reach you.

Jarvan IV

-Of course there are other great champions that go well with Orianna but I listed these champions because they all have Ultimates that can CC multiple targets at once, which will give you a perfect setup to hit your Command: Shockwave-

Honorable mentions


When entering late game, somewhere around 30-35 minutes, you'll be having most of your core items complete and might even have full build. You'll also be grouping more frequently, so you and your team can siege a lane. This means you'll be taking down (remaining) turrets and/or inhibitors. You might even want to set up for baron, the elder dragon or baiting them to fight in choke points. Anyhow, Late game is the stage where Orianna really starts shining. Her ability to constant deal damage with Command: Attack is just great and her ability to speed up allies/slowing down enemies and shielding everyone that needs it, while also damaging enemies with it, is just amazing. This is also the stage of the game that your Command: Shockwave can make or break the game. Hitting a good ultimate will mostly be rewarded with a victory while, missing your ultimate can really throw it away.

Due to the natural zoning ability of her ball and her waveclear, Orianna is a great champion for sieging. If you place the ball between the turret and the wall, you'll be forcing your enemies to play around it. Meaning, they have to respect the ball's placement, otherwise they'll end up in a bad place.
-The ball is impatient-
Tips for sieging
✔ Always make sure that the area around you is warded
Really, don't try to siege without vision. It's really easy for the enemy to get to you from different directions, if you don't have vision. Having vision can tell you whether you should retreat from the turret or even tell you when you can make a potential pick. The ball can also provide vision if you place it in an area where you want the vision. Not that, when doing this, you'll lose your zoning potential.
✔ Don't become a pick
If you're facing a team that can easily make picks, not only do you have to watch their positioning, but yours as well. That one Charm or Cocoon that just hit you, could be crucial. In the lategame it can really cost you some major objectives, if not the game. If you die, the threat of getting caught in Command: Shockwave instantly disappears and your team has to retreat.
✔ Use the ball wisely
If you're having a team that can tower-dive with ease, the threat of getting caught by her Command: Shockwave becomes bigger. This will make the ball's zoning power more effective. Unless your team sees a chance to dive, keep your shockwave to increase chances of successful taking down a tower.

From the enemy's side, the only way to stop your siege is to engage. While disengaging certainly isn't her strongest point, you can also use her Command: Shockwave to interrupt their engage or still effectively zone the enemy's carries if you manage to keep the ball near them. While your team is dealing with their frontline, their backline can only see and wait for the ball to leave them alone.

-Even thou every match up is different, you basically start and build most match ups the same. Orianna doesn't really have a very hard counter due to her Command: Protect which increases her survivability by a lot because of it's shield and the defensive stats it gives you. Just note that I can't tell you how to play your match ups. I can only give you guide lines of how to deal with them by telling you how I would play them. Maybe you'll find an other way along the process that works for you-

AHRI - the Nine-Tailed Fox
| MEDIUM HARD | or | |

This is more of a skill based lane. If Ahri knows the matchup well, this lane can be somewhat difficult for Orianna. The thing with Ahri is that most of her abilities are skillshots which she needs to land in order to get her damage off. The first levels her spells will do more damage than yours and will make trading with her a little difficult if Ahri hits her abilities.

Most Ahri players will try to hit you with the double Orb of Deception damage, sometimes followed with an auto attack to proc Thunderlord's Decree . However, her auto attack range is shorter than Command: Attack's range, which makes it easy to hit/zone her if she tries to farm. Since Command: Protect will allow you to block a big part of her damage, you'll have a slight advantage before level 6.

Once she hits level 6 this lane will be difficult for you. Her Spirit Rush gives her the ability to re-position herself very easily and can use it as a weapon and escape. At this point dodging her abilities will be more important than ever.
Keep walking constantly to avoid getting hit by her Orb of Deception
Stay behind minions to avoid getting hit by her Charm and punish her when it's on cooldown.
After 6 make sure you're NEVER in lane when your minions have died, this will make it very easy for her to Spirit Rush on to you and pull off her combo. Walking back a little and wait for a new wave of minions will help you out with this.
Always stay close to your minions on level 6. If she sees a chance to combo you she'll do it. Dancing around your minions to avoid getting hit by Charm will lower her chances to kill you.
A good Ahri will always use her abilities on max range to make it difficult for you to hit her, but this will also increase your chances on dodging them, keep walking around.

Most Ahri's will use Spirit Rush to get in your face for an easy Charm. If she does that you want to step aside by walking up or down. Never walk away in a straight line. You could use your Command: Shockwave to scare her off, but only use it if you know you can hit it.

AKALI - the Fist of Shadow
| MEDIUM | or | |

Before level 6 Akali is fairly easy to lane against. It's very important to make her fall behind by denying her as much farm as possible. You'll do this by constantly harassing her when she wants to come for a last-hit. You want to extend the time she needs to get her Hextech Gunblade, because as long as she doesn't have this Item she'll be weaker then you since she's not able to sustain that much through your attacks.

You can easily harass her with Command: Attack and your auto attacks whenever she comes for a last hit. Just note that due to her Twin Disciplines and, most likely, her boots + pots start, she has the ability to sustain right up. This will make her a tough cookie to force out of lane.

If you're not pushing you'll be forcing her to come further up the lane. This will leave her vulnerable for ganks. Her only escape at this point is her Twilight Shroud, which sometimes can be baited by going aggressive on her.

Level 6 is a point where Akali really gets scary as she'll be able to do a ton of damage without you getting a chance to escape. It's best to play with a little more caution and only fight her when you know you can handle her.
If you happen to get a blue buff from your jungler, don't hold back using your Q+W combo to hurt her. Since blue gives you some much needed mana back and W will do some nice damage now you could use this to prevent her farm.
If she uses her Shadow Dance to get to you and do her combo, she'll be most likely waiting in her Twilight Shroud until her cooldowns are back up again. You'll have a small window to get her before she's able to jump on you again.
Command: Shockwave will cover the whole area of her Twilight Shroud, while she's in it with her Shadow Dance on cooldown, react quick and move your ball to the center of it and pull off your combo. If you wait too long, she might be able to dodge it with another Shadow Dance

If you get marked by her Mark of the Assassin it's the best to back off immediately. This will lower the chance of Akali using her Shadow Dash to get to you, as most Akali players will wait until Mark of the Assassin is up to surprise you with the damage of 2 marks consumed.

ANIVIA - the Cryophoenix
| MEDIUM | or | | |

If played right, Anivia can be a challenge to lane against and on top of that her passive Rebirth will basically grant her a second life which makes her harder to kill also.

In lane she'll mostly try to hit you with her Flash Frost to follow up with her Frostbite as it will do double the damage when hit by a spell first. This actually hurts a lot, so dodging it would be your main focus here. Since it travels quite slow, you'll get enough time to react to it. You can always use your Command: Dissonance to dodge it if you're afraid you won't be fast enough. Once she misses her Flash Frost you'll have a great chance to trade.

Anivia does have a hard time farming under the tower, so what you could do is push in and back off. Against Anivia its the best not to overextend. This, because a well placed Crystallize can easily cut you off, will make you extremely vulnerable for ganks.

Once she hits level 6 she'll become a little more annoying. With her Glacial Storm she'll be shoving waves like there's no tomorrow. It's also a very easy way for her to apply her double damage Frostbite as she'll just pop in right beneath you and repeat.
Keep walking around to avoid getting hit by her Flash Frost followed by her Frostbite. Stay a little further away from her, this way if you get hit by her Flash Frost you’ll have some time to use Command: Protect to reduce the damage you take from her Frostbite. Always save your shield for that.
Keep walking around to avoid getting hit by her Flash Frost followed by her Frostbite. Stay a little further away from her, this way if you get hit by her Flash Frost you’ll have some time to use Command: Protect to reduce the damage you take from her Frostbite. Always save your shield for that.
A good Anivia will try to let her passive get popped just under her tower. Don’t dive her if you aren’t able to kill her in time. If she comes out she’ll most likely put a well-placed Crystallize to block you off and that could end not that colorful for you.

ANNIE - the Dark Child

Before level 6, Annie won't really be a threat to you as she'll use her abilities mainly to farm. If she has her passive Pyromania up, she'll sometimes try to harass you with her Disintegrate and Incinerate.

The thing you have over Annie is range. This puts you in an advantage during the laning phase. If Annie walks up to you with her stun you should back off and throw down Command: Attack + Command: Dissonance. If you did let her come close there's a good chance she'll hit you with Incinerate after you get stunned. Her Disintegrate has a travel time. This will give you enough time to react with Command: Protect and soak up some damage.

Level 6 is the point that Annie really gets dangerous, because she’ll be able to burst you down in seconds without having a chance to do something about it. If she has her stun up, at this point, you should be very careful.
Before 6, pay attention to her stack bar and her behavior. If she's holding her 4th stack while she was using it to farm before, then she might want to stun you for an incoming gank.
Be careful if she has her flash up. She might attempt a flash + Tibbers on you. The instant you see her flash, you should flash also to avoid getting hit by it.
Annie is very immobile. Meaning, if you let her push and make her overextend, asking your jungler for help would be a good option. Not only will she puts herself at risk if her flash is down, but the threat of getting "flashed Tibbers" will be gone until it's up again.

AURELION SOL - the Star Forger
| MEDIUM | | |
For you this match up will be fine. The thing with a good Aurelion Sol player is that he'll mostly push, raom and set your teammates behind.

Due to his passive Center of the Universe it's very easy for him to farm as it will execute minions below a certain amount of HP. Note that this is also an easy way for him to push. On top of that his Celestial Expansion will amplify his pushing power. Due to his Comet of Legend it's very easy for him to go on a raom. Don't bother following him because you will definitely be late. At this point, what you should do is just hard push the wave and get a gold lead over him.

As long as he's in lane you should be careful for his Starsurge. If you get caught by it he'll mostly activate his Celestial Expansion and, even thou your Command: Protect can soak up some damage, this actually hurts. Luckily for you, this ability travels fairly slow and you'll have a good chance to dodge it, especially due to Command: Dissonance.

When he has his Voice of Light on level 6 he becomes a bit more difficult to kill since he has the ability to knock you back and walk away or even kill you when he manages to catch you in a full combo with it.
His stun Starsurge travels slow and can be easy avoided, but if you're having trouble with avoiding his stun then Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed can really help you out.
Sometimes, getting a Rod of Ages, can also help you out when you feel you can't handle him. This should give you some sustain against his stars.
Even thou his Comet of Legend makes him very mobile to get across the map, Aurelion Sol, himself, isn't that mobile. A lot of times, due to his pushing nature, he'll be far up the lane. This will be a good opportunity to ask for a gank.

AZIR - the Emperor of the Sands
| MEDIUM | or |
Overall I think this is more of a skill based matchup. Azir can be somewhat annoying as his Arise! and Conquering Sands give him the ability to poke and farm from a long distance and will make good use of that.

In the early game he'll outpoke you. So it's not really worth to take his harass when attempting to harass him. Best thing to do is just farm and use your Command: Protect to soak up some incoming harass. If you position yourself right he shouldn't be able to kill you with his soldiers.

The thing you should look out for is his Shifting Sands + Conquering Sands combo. This combo will enable him to engage on you from a far greater distance since he can move his soldiers while traveling with Shifting Sands. Post level 6 this combo can become scary really scary when he's getting a gank. He'll be able to sweep you from under your tower to the middle of the lane when he adds his Emperor's Divide.
Try not to stand close to your minions to avoid getting poked. This way he has to choose between using his soldiers to farm or using them to poke you.
His E Shifting Sands has a relatively long cooldown. Punish him if he uses it aggressively.
Even thou Azir can be a lane bully his Laning phase is the weakest. Ask the help of your jungler and try to shut him down early game.

BRAND - the Burning Vengeance
| EASY MEDIUM | or | |

Since most of his abilities are skillshots it's very important to keep moving to dodge his abilities as his abilities have a different effect on you when marked with his passive Blaze. If you do get hit using Command: Protect after isnt a bad thing as it will negate the Blaze's burn. Brand needs to hit his Q Sear or W Pillar of Flame in order to get his combo so getting early Boots of Speed will help you dodge his abilities better.
Brand doesn't have an escape or kite abiltities you can make him overextend and punish it by asking your jungler for help to shut him down.
Be careful when getting ganked on lvl 6 if you're low on HP as he might use his ult Pyroclasm to reach you since it will bounce off multiple times.
Even thou his ultimate Pyroclasm doesn't get stopped by Zhonya's Hourglass it will still prevent you from getting hit by it as it will search for a new targer while you're untargetable.
Even if you're ahead after lvl 6 you should prevent fighting Brand 1on1 near the minion wave as his Pyroclasm will bounce between you and the minions and he'll still be able to do massive damage with it so stepping away from the minions will definitely lower his damage output.

CASSIOPEIA - the Serpent's Embrace
| MEDIUM | | |

This lane isn't necessarily a hard lane, but against a good Cassiopeia it isn't an easy lane either. Against Cassiopeia you really want to be fast to dodge her Q Noxious Blast since, if it hits, she'll be able to take a large chunk of your HP with her Twin Fang. If she hits lvl 6 you should be careful since, if she hits her Petrifying Gaze right, you'll get stunned and will be 100 to 0 in no-time. Make sure you're not facing her when trading if you think she's about to ult.
Keep moving to avoid getting hit by her Q Noxious Blast
Never try to dive Cassiopeia. Even if she has her ult Petrifying Gaze on cooldown. She'll be able to blow you up if you get poisoned.
If you don't see her, don't try to face check unwarded bushes as she might be waiting for you to step into her trap and blow you up.
If you get poisoned by her Q Noxious Blast try to move away from her range. Also avoid trading with her when poisoned. Your Command: Protect will soak up some of her damage (but not all of it) and can still hurt you if the shield breaks.

CHO'GATH - the Terror of the Void
| MEDIUM HARD | or or | |

A good Cho'Gath will be fairly hard to kill. Yes you can easily harass him, but if he makes good use of his passive he'll be able to sustain it up in no-time. Ask a jungler to help you to an advantage cause after 6 he'll mostly have the upper hand once you make 1 mistake. If you get hit by his Q Rupture he'll follow up with his W Feral Scream which silences you for ages and then he will just NOM you, Just like that...
] Ask your jungler to help you out a little. Since he has no mobility he's really vulnerable to ganks. This also makes him very vulnerable for slows. Rylai's Crystal Scepter should help you keep him at distance.
I'd suggest just focusing on your farm and dodging his Q Rupture would be the best as harassing him will just sink your mana. Maxing W Command: Dissonance thou, will give you a better shot at killing him once you all-in him.
Getting Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed will make it a lot easier to dodge his Q Rupture.
The ultimate of AP Cho'Gath, I believe, is just nasty. It just hits you with loads of true damage and you can't really do much about it. I'd suggest getting loads of HP in combination with some Magic resist. This will give you a fair shot at surviving his combo.

DIANA - Scorn of the Moon
| HARD | or | |

Diana, in lane, can't really kill you before level 6 since she doesn't have a way to get to you without the help of her jungler. She will most likely use her Crescent Strike to harass you, but you can easily block it with your Command: Protect the first few levels. You really want to deny her some CS and delay her items. Make it so that she doesn't use her Crescent Strike to harass you, but make her use it to farm. Just try to harass her as much as possible. Once she hits level 6 it's very important to dodge her Crescent Strike since she will be able to burst you down if she gets a reset on her Lunar Rush. After this point always let your team know when she's missing since you don't want to see her fed.
If you want to harass her with abilities it's most likely she'll use her W Pale Cascade after you threw your Q Command: Attack to her. Wait out her Pale Cascade if she activates it and harass her after the shield is gone so she takes full damage.
At level 6 it's very important to dodge her Crescent Strike because getting marked will let her reset her Lunar Rush and she can dash twice. An easy way to dodge her Crescent Strike is to walk to Orianna's right (up or down depending on what side you're standing) whenever you see it coming.
Don't ever try to flash away from her if she used her Lunar Rush the first time unless you're sure she doesn't have a reset. Just don't waste your summoner spell if you're dead anyway. It's always best to flash after she used her Lunar Rush the second time since she won't come after you again (unless she has flash..).
After 6, if she missed her Crescent Strike, try to punish her for it. Her damage output will be lower if she doesn't have her Lunar Rush reset and you'll have a fair chance to take her on and kill her.

EKKO - the Boy Who Shattered Time
| MEDIUM | or | |

Before lvl 6 he'll most likely try to harass you with his Q Timewinder and potentially his E Phase Dive if he sees a chance. Be careful for his W Parallel Convergence. If you get hit you'll get slowed, but if Ekko is also in it you'll get stunned for just the right amount of time for him to get you low or blow the kill. He'll most likely throw his W Parallel Convergence and, when it's about to hit the ground he'll dash towards it. Don't get surprised by the shield he gets from it.
When Ekko is low on HP try to put Ignite on him before he's about to ult (try to predict when he'll use it). This will lower the amount of HP he'll get back from Chronobreak.
If you see his W Parallel Convergence being thrown on you, try to get away from it. This will prevent you from being slowed/stunned.
If you see him messing up his E Phase Dive Q Timewinder combo then it would be a good time to return the favor as he’ll have no escape for a short period of time.
Always try to play around his ult Chronobreak and try to stay away from the end of its trail since he’ll be able to take a few steps back to not only regain some HP but he’ll be able to do some serious damage with it.

FIZZ - the Tidal Trickster
| MEDIUM | or | |

Before level 6 Fizz doesn't do much. If he uses his Q Urchin Strike + E Playful / Trickster aggressively you should punish him for that. Wait out his Trickster and try to return the favor. Apart from punishing him from an aggressive play, you really want to deny him CS and delay his damage. Try to poke him with auto-attacks or your ball (but don't use it too often) every time he comes for a CS. You can also push him under the tower to make him miss CS and back off. Don't overstay, just push and wait for the wave reset. Once he hits 6 he will be a little more dangerous if he hits his ultimate Chum the Waters
Punish him for using his Q Urchin Strike and/or E Playful / Trickster combo.
Don't ever use your Command: Shockwave if you know that he has all of his abilities up. He will be able to dodge it with his Playful / Trickster.
Zhonya's Hourglass can really destroy his combo since it will allow you to dodge his Chum the Waters

GALIO - the Colossus
| EASY | or | |

Comming soon...

GRAGAS - the Rabble Rouser
| MEDIUM HARD | or | or |

Facing Gragas can really be a struggle. Especially if he knows what he's doing. He can throw barrels( Barrel Roll), reduce your damage on him ( Drunken Rage) + giving him an empowerd basic attack and bump you in the face with a Body Slam. These 3 abilities make it able for Gragas to get you low in no-time. On top of that he'll also heal whenever he uses an ability due to his Happy Hour. It might not seem much but, if you let him, it will be. Things can get dangerous for you if he managed to throw you towards him with his Explosive Cask.
Try to harass him with your basic attacks as much as possible.
Stay behind minions to block his body slam, but don't walk between the minions too much so he has to choose between harassing you with Q Barrel Roll or farm with it.
You can also dodge his Barrel Roll by walking forward rather than back. Most Gragas players expect you to back off rather than walk towards him. This tactic can also be used for dodging his ult Explosive Cask
Push the lane to prevent him from roaming, but don't overstay.

HEIMERDINGER - the Revered Inventor
| EASY | or | |

Orianna deals fairly easy with Heimerdinger in lane since he will be focused more on pushing and farming rather than poking or killing you. He will constantly put his turrets down and run around like a heimer does. Orianna's AA range is longer than his turrets range so destroying them without having to take too much damage shouldn't be a problem for her. Just be careful if your jungler wants to come for a gank since Heimerdinger is good at turning ganks around due to his turrets.
Destroying his turrets before taking on a fight will really lower his damage output.
Try to keep walking to avoid getting stunned by his CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade.

JAYCE - the Defender of Tomorrow
| MEDIUM | or | or |

Against Orianna, Jayce will most commonly be in his Cannon Stance (Ranged Form). This way he can avoid getting harassed too much and it will also increase his defenses. Most likely he will try to hit you with his Shock Blast which you can Command: Protect if you see it coming. If he sees a chance he will try to all in on you with his Hammer Stance (Melee Form) combo to get some good damage on you. E+W+Q and backing off while AA-ing will be your best shot at returning the favor.
His main harass against you will be Shock Blast in combination with Acceleration Gate. Dodging the Shock Blast will lower his damage output by a lot. Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed or early Boots of Speed can help you dodge this.
Stay behind your minions to avoid getting hit by his Shock Blast. If you don't have minions the best thing you can do is back away a little until your minions have arrived.
Jayce doesn't have sustain(besides his pots) so harassing him will lower the chance of him all-inning you.
If you're really struggling, sometimes, putting an extra point in Command: Protect can help you out.

KARTHUS - the Deathsinger
| EASY | or or | |

Karthus is one of the easiest matchups for Orianna since he has no hard CC or burst. On top of that, his main form of damage (his Q Lay Waste) is a hard-to-hit skill shot if you keep walking around. His W Wall of Pain only has an annoying slow wich makes it easier for him to hit his Lay Waste if you walk through it. Using your Command: Protect will absorb some of the damage if you happen to walk through his Wall of Pain.
Keep walking around to dodge his Lay Waste.
] Lay Waste will return a percentage of mana if Karthus kills a unit. Making him choose between harassing you or farming with his Lay Waste can make him waste his mana if he chooses to harass you.
Use your Command: Protect just before his ultimate Requiem takes some of your HP will definitely lower it's damage by a lot and can help you survive if you were low on HP.
Zhonya's Hourglass can totally negate Requiem's damage by making you immune if you press it just before the channeling stops.

KASSADIN - the Voidwalker
| MEDIUM HARD | or | |

Kassadin is melee he won't do much to you pre 6. He will try to hit you with his Q Null Sphere every now and then. You will see it coming so prepare to Command: Protect yourself. Punish Kassadin for having his Null Sphere used on you since he wasted his protection against your damage to hurt you. Try to deny him as much farm as possible early on so his "scary-ness" will be delayed a bit. Make a good use of your passive and pull off a Q+W if he has his Null Sphere on cooldown to make him think twice about coming into your range. When level 6 he becomes a little harder to deal with since he can reach you with his other abilities due to his Riftwalk and deal tons of damage.
Ask your jungler for a gank to help shutting him down early.
His Null Sphere is a shield that absorbs magic damage so taking it down with your AA's before hitting him with your abilities will increase your damage on him.
Make sure you ALWAYS call missing if you don't see him. Due to his Riftwalk he is an excellent roamer and you don't want to see him fed from other lanes 'cause it can cause serious trouble for you and your teammates

KATARINA - the Sinister Blade
| EASY MEDIUM | or | |

Unless she gets fed really early I'd say she's one of the easier match ups for Orianna and probably the easiest assassin for you to face. Katarina will mostly start with Boots of Speed and some pots, which can make it an annoying task if you want to force her out of lane. This start will also leave her with less damage and Command: Protect will just cover up the damage from her Bouncing Blades harass. Just be careful that wherever the blade lands she'll get the opportunity to Shunpo on it, deal some damage to you when you're near/on top off it and Shunpo back to safety. When Katarina hits level 6 the threat to you isn't much bigger since your Command: Shockwave can stop her Death Lotus from channeling. Even though she might not be dangerous to you, keep in mind she can become very scary if she manages to get kills from other lanes.
Katarina has some trouble with farming under the tower so forcing her to do so can set her behind.
Try to save your Command: Shockwave to cancel her Death Lotus. Don't use it on her unless you know her Flash and Shunpo are on cooldown and you're sure you can kill her. Otherwise she will just use it to dodge your ultimate and kill you instead.
Zhonya's Hourglass can also deny her Death Lotus from doing damage to you.
Make sure to ALWAYS call MIA and make sure your teammates know that she could be heading their way. This can help your teammates survive by playing safe.
Don't stay under your tower while low on HP. If she knows that she can kill you she will probably just dive you and succeed without taking too much damage or any damage at all due to her passive Voracity.

LEBLANC - the Deceiver
| MEDIUM HARD | or | |

Comming soon...

LUX - the Lady of Luminosity
| EASY MEDIUM | or | |

This is more of a skill match up/who hits their abilities first. Lux has way more range on her abilities than Orianna has and will be in a more safer place due to that advantage, so trying to harass her can make it more difficult or put you in a dangerous spot. Orianna, on the other hand, has very low cooldowns on her abilities compared to Lux and should be able to punish her for missing/wasting her abilities much easier.
Try to stay behind multiple minions. This will lower the chance of you getting hit by her Light Binding.
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed can help you out with dodging her abilities as you'll be able to walk a little faster.
Since her Light Binding is a bind and will only stop you from moving, if you get caught, Zhonya's Hourglass can ruin her combo.
She has less mobility than Orianna so asking for a gank to gain advantage could be smart. But be careful not to get caught by her binding as she's able to catch 2 enemies with it and she'll be walking away smiling.

MALZAHAR - the Prophet of the Void
| EASY MEDIUM | or | |

Before level 6 Malzahar doesn't really have the possibility to kill you and will most likely just push you under the turret and farm. With his Malefic Visions he can easily farm and get his mana back if an affected minion dies. If you come too close you might have a chance to get affected yourself. But other than that it'll be most likely a farm lane. After level 6, however, he can easily drop you down from 100 to almost nothing and might even kill you.
Don't come too close to the minion wave if he has used his Malefic Visions on one of the minions. It'll spread from one enemy to another and can really hurt you if you get affected by it too often.
If you are struggling or scared for his all-in, getting a Rod of Ages wouldn't be a bad idea.
With good timing, if he doesn't have his shield, you can cancel his Nether Grasp singly handed with your very own Command: Shockwave
Be careful when getting ganked after 6, as his Nether Grasp will make it very easy for him to lock you down. Therefor its also very important to always let your team know when he's missing.

MORGANA - Fallen Angel
| EASY MEDIUM | or or | |

The thing with Morgana is that she needs to hit her Dark Binding in order to make her other spells effective. If she can't get the opportunity to hit one, she'll be most likely farming or pushing with her Tormented Soil. If she does land a Dark Binding, her Q + W could really hurt you depending on what she's maxing. Keep in mind that her Tormented Soil does more damage when you are low on HP. Her Black Shield makes her immune to CC and can soak up some harass. She'll mostly use it in combination with her Soul Shackles to prevent her from getting CC'd, so that she can stay in her ulti range.
Her Dark Binding will only prevent you from moving. That means, you are still able to use your abilities. If she comes too close after hitting one, you can still hurt her.
Punish her for missing a Dark Binding.
Her Black Shield makes her able to dodge your Command: Shockwave and soak up some damage. Don't use your ultimate on her unless you know it's down.
You can also break her shield with your passive, since it's magic damage. Just be careful not to get hit by one of her Dark Bindings

SWAIN - the Master Tactician
| EASY | or | |

Swain isn't really a big threat for you. His ability range is really short compared to yours, which makes it very easy for you to punish him whenever he comes too close. However, when he catches you with Nevermove, he'll hit you with Torment and some basic attacks. He might even use Decrepify, if he didn't use it to land his Nevermove. This combo can hurt if he manages to pull it off. Whenever he's level 6 he might look for an opportunity to kill you. The only way to do that is hitting his Nevermove first.
Punish him whenever he tries to come in range, but make sure you dont get punished yourself.
Always keep ignite for his Ravenous Flock. This will increase your chances of killing him.
Keep moving to avoid getting hit by his Nevermove. The damage you'll get will be hideous.

SYNDRA - the Dark Sovereign
| MEDIUM HARD | or | |

This lane is really a skill match up, only does she have a little more advantage due to her Scatter the Weak. Before level 6 she'll try to bully you with here Dark Sphere and her Force of Will. If she lands her Force of Will she'll follow up with Dark Sphere. You can soak up some of her damage with Command: Protect. You could try to harass her but, i'd suggest just focusing on farming and dodging her abilities would be best, because if she sees a chance she'll just use Scatter the Weak to stun you, followed up with her other abilities if you come too close. After level 6 she becomes much more scarier as, if she lands her Scatter the Weak, she might be able to blow you up in seconds.
If she misses her Scatter the Weak it would be a good time to punish her, as she'll be vulnerable for a decent amount of time.
Getting boots as quick as possible will give you a better shot at dodging her abilities.
Even thou the armor stats are completely useless, getting a zhonya's hourglass will increase your survival chance as you'll be able to negate her Unleashed Power damage completely.
Don't try to chase her. Just like you, she can use her abilities while walking.
Her roams are very effective. Make sure you ward enough and always let your team know where she's heading and, if possible, follow her.
Also be careful for getting ganked. Ganking for Syndra is pretty effective and will mostly result in a dead Orianna.

TALIYAH - the Stoneweaver
| MEDIUM| | |

One of Taliyah's strengths is that she can easily get you out of position if she manages to hit her Seismic Shove on you. She'll mostly make sure that her Unraveled Earth is placed right beneath it so that you'll instantly get damaged when you get knocked right over it. If she gets the chance, whenever she has no minions, she'll mostly use her Threaded Volley also. This can leave you a little hurt. With her Weaver's Wall she can easily cut off anyone's path and ride along with it for the perfect roam.
Keep walking to avoid getting hit by her Seismic Shove and Threaded Volley, getting early boots or Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed can help you with that.
She'll lose a lot of her burst potential if she misses her Seismic Shove. So punish her whenever she misses it.
Always stay behind minions to avoid getting hit by her Threaded Volley.
Make sure to stay out of her range when going for team fights. If she manages to hit her Seismic Shove on you, you might get in an awful position you don't want to be in.

TALON - the Blade's Shadow
| MEDIUM| | |

Pre 6 you really have a good chance on killing him, due to him lacking damage early on. Just be aware, when he can't kill you, he'll most likely head towards another lane to see if he can pick up some snacks over there. If Talon manages to pick up some kills, he'll be much harder to deal with. Due to his Assassin's Path its nearly impossible to follow him as he'll just jump over walls. Make sure you'll always warn you team if he's missing.
Try to keep your distance as he will most likely use his W Rake towards you if you're close enough. If he misses it go for some harass.
Maxing your W Command: Dissonance will allow you to return the favor. When he jumps in your face with his W Noxian Diplomacy you can really make him think twice about doing that. The damage would surprise you.
Due to his E Assassin's Path he is an amazing roamer and, if he knows his ways, also a great escape artist. Don't really bother to chase him since you won't really catch him.
All-inning him whenever his Shadow Assault is on cooldown will give you a better chance at killing him since he's one escape down.

TWISTED FATE - the Card Master
| EASY MEDIUM | or or | |

The match up itself isn't really hard for Orianna. All you have to do is dodge his Wild Cards and be careful of his gold card. You can easily harass him with your ball if he wants to CS and, if he messes up his Pick A Card, you can easily punish him for it. At level 6 things will get a little different as he'll be able to effectively gank overextending lanes, due to his Destiny.
After 6, punish him for not being in lane. Push your lane and deal as much damage to his tower as possible. This was he has to choose between ganking a lane or defending his tower.
After 6, always let your team know he isn't in lane and that they can expect him to ult.
Back off a little when he chooses his gold card from Pick A Card. You never know when he's getting a gank, so if it hits, you might get killed.
If you see him using his ult, you can easily cancel it with your Command: Shockwave.

VEL'KOZ - the Eye of the void
| MEDIUM | or | |

Vel'Koz has an amazing range and low cooldowns. He'll be throwing his Plasma Fission from different angles trying to hit you and with his Void Rift he'll be able to clear waves in no-time, hurting you in the process if you take the wrong step. He'll mostly try to build up his Organic Deconstruction stacks which will result in true damage if he has them all. If you get caught by his Tectonic Disruption, his other abilities may follow. This can really hurt you or even get you killed if he's getting a gank. His Life Form Disintegration Ray will apply all of his stacks if you're in there for too long.
Move around minions to avoid getting hit by his Plasma Fission, but don't stand inside of the wave as it'll make you an easy target for his Void Rift. As for his Void Rift you really want to make him choose between farm and poking you.
]More movement speed makes it easier for you to dodge his abilities as all of them are skillshots. Getting early boots wouldn't be a bad decision.
With your Command: Shockwave you can easily cancel his Life Form Disintegration Ray. Saving your ult to cancel his would be the best, unless you know for sure you can kill him.
When missing his Tectonic Disruption, Vel'Koz is very vulnerable. This could be a good time to go for him as his only defense is on cooldown.

VIKTOR - the Machine Herald
| MEDIUM | or | |

Viktor will mostly try to bully you with his Death Ray or go for farm. Keep in mind that this is his only long-ranged ability and you have the upper hand if it comes down to range. A smart viktor will mostly wait with his Siphon Power until you go for harass. If you play at a distance he has to walk towards you in order to actually get if off, giving you n opportunity to return the favor. While Viktor has the opportunity burst/poke you down if you let him, in extended or all-in fights Orianna mostly has the upperhand.
If you are really struggling you could consider taking a Rod of Ages.
]Don't try to stand between the minion wave as it's really easy for him to farm and poke with his Death Ray. Make him choose between farm or poke. If he chooses farm, punish him for that. If he chooses poke, punish him either way as his main damage source is on cooldown.
When he tries to go in on you with his Siphon Power, make sure you use Command: Protect before he can get the empowered AA. This will negate its damage and you can return the favor.
If he hasn't upgraded to his Perfect Hex Core yet, his ultimate travels really slow. Walking away from it can really prevent you taking a lot of damage.
Getting early movement speed will not only help you dodging his Death Ray, but will also help you not getting caught by his Gravity Field.
Viktor is really weak whenever his Gravity Field is on cooldown as this is his only defense.
Due to him being having no mobility at all, he's very weak for ganks. Ask your jungler to gank him and set him behind.

VLADIMIR - the Crimson Reaper
| MEDIUM HARD | or | |

Vladimir is really annoying to be against if you don't know how to play against him. Most likely he'll start with his Q Transfusion that will drain your hp. Starting with your Command: Protect and predict when he's about to use it will negate its damage if timed correctly.
  • Vladimir has a weak early game so try to deny him as much farm as possible by harassing him with your abilities.
Try to stay out of his range as it will make it harder for him to sustain off of you.
]If you see him using his abilities on minions, go aggressive on him because his abilities have a really long cooldown compared to yours.
Getting a Morellonomicon will reduce the amount he's healing by half when below 40%HP.
] Getting a Zhonya's Hourglass will negate the extra damage Hemoplague causes after 4 seconds. Works much like zed's Death Mark.
Before you try to full combo him, bait out his Sanguine Pool. With this up he'll be able to dodge your combo as he becomes invulnerable for 2 seconds.

XERATH - the Magus Ascendant
| MEDIUM | or | |

Xerath's biggest advantage is his ability range and poke. From a distance, he can hit all of his spells on you and only his Shocking Orb gets blocked by minions. This could give you some trouble dealing with him. He'll try to poke you down with his Arcanopulse and whenever you come close he might hit you with his Eye of Destruction. Even thou your Command: Protect can absorb some of his damage, it won't take all of it. Due to his Mana Surge he'll always have more mana than you if you try too much, which can leave him dominating the lane since you're oom. Best thing to do would be focus on farm, keep your mana to protect yourself. Once you get a chance to all-in him (doesn't matter if you're getting help or not) and, if you dodge his Shocking Orb, you got a good chance killing him.
Getting early boots and taking movement speed quints will make dodging his Arcanopulse a lot easier.
]If you see him charge his Arcanopulse there are a few things you could do. If he's in range you could try a Q+W on him (since he's fairly easy to hit) and shield yourself or you could step away from the minion wave so he has to choose between farm or poking you.
If you see him cast his Arcanopulse start walking up or down, but never walk back to your tower. This will give you a better shot at dodging it. Most of the times Xerath will throw his Arcanopulse slightly ahead of you (in the direction you walking) so when you walk the other direction whenever you think he's about to release it, chances are big that he misses it.
] Try to stay behind a minion to avoid getting hit by his Shocking Orb.
Xerath has no mobility at all, which makes him a very easy gank target. Ask for a gank if he's overextending.
In the late-game it's very hard to siege a team with Xerath due to his easy wave clear and annoying poke. If you or an ally finds an opening to initiate you should go for it. Otherwise it's best to ping your team back and rotate to another lane.

YASUO - the Unforgiven
| HARD | or | |

Yasuo is one of the most annoying enemies to face when playing Orianna. Reasons for this are the fact that he is very mobile due to his E Sweeping Blade which can make it hard to land your abilities, the shield he gets from his passive when getting attacked and the fact that he is able to stop your ball from moving with his w Wind Wall. Cloth Armor and the 5 pots will help you stay in lane for a while as you will be able to take the damage from his Q Steel Tempest and his auto's and sustain it back up.
His shield from his passive only lasts 2 seconds. Trigger it with an auto attack and wait it out, then you can try to deal some damage to him.
]Maximizing your Command: Dissonance will increase your damage by a lot. Since he's able to move around all the time there isn't a high chance you'll hit your Q+W combo. He'll most likely get in your face to auto you. If he does just shield yourself and press W then continue to auto attack him if he makes his way out.
Always keep moving to dodge his tornado, especially after lvl 6 he will be able to use his Last Breath on you.
]If he misses his tornado it's your chance to get him, because that's when he's the weakest.
Only if you are sure you'll survive try to bait out his ult under your tower. If he ults you and you're still standing press your ult to lock him down and use your w to slow him down.

ZED - the Master of Shadows
| MEDIUM HARD | or | |

Zed's main harass will be his Razor Shuriken if you keep moving and dodge them he won't do that much damage. After lvl 6 he will get an insane amount of burst and you don't really want to be close to him with low HP. Since his main harass is a skill shot and you'll be able to dodge it, you don't have to start with Cloth Armor since if he misses it, most of his damage will be gone. Don't rush your Seeker's Armguard immediately but get a Tear of the Goddess and a second Doran's Ring on your first back and maybe a Cloth Armor if you have the money, also consider taking an extra point in Command: Protect on lvl 7 if you're really having trouble dealing with him. This way you'll be able to survive his combo until you can afford your Zhonya's Hourglass. Once you also have completed your Archangel's Staff and it's upgraded into Seraph's Embrace you'll be hard to kill.
Dodge his Q Razor Shuriken to avoid taking damage from it.
Zone him out by harassing him and make him use his Razor Shuriken to hit cs instead of hitting you.
Once his W Living Shadow is on cooldown, Zed is very vulnerable. Try to take advantage of this.
Don't use your ult on him when he's in range to ult you. He'll just dodge you ult with his and, if he does, it won't be pretty for you. If he uses his Death Mark you'll have a 0.5 second window to use your ult before he'll be able to blink to his shadow.
Maxing out your Command: Dissonance will give you a fair chance to kill him when he's trying to fight you.
Zhonya's Hourglass counters his Death Mark completely. Make sure you don't use it to early when you're low on HP because his mark will last longer than your zhonya's effect and will still pop after its effect ends. If your HP is high enough you could choose to activate it once zed comes out of his Death Mark to avoid him to do damage or you could try to kill him (only if you're ahead) and activate it right before the mark detonates. You'll have a 3 second window.

ZIGGS - the Hexplosives Expert
| MEDIUM | or | |

Ziggs's advantage is just like Xerath's his range and wave clear. But this lane is somewhat easier to play. Mostly all he does is push. With his Bouncing Bomb he'll mostly try to hurt you while you are in the minion wave, making it a little harder to dodge the damage. With his Hexplosive Minefield he'll mostly try to slow you. This would give him the perfect opportunity to also hit his Bouncing Bomb and/or Satchel Charge. Be careful when your tower has 25% HP or less as his [[Satchel charge] will execute it.
Try to avoid walking over his Hexplosive Minefield. They'll slow you, making it much easier for him to hit you with his other abilities.
If you see him cast his Mega Inferno Bomb, don't stay at the center, That's the point where you take the most damage. More favorable for you would be near it's edge and if you can, just walk out of the circle.
Ziggs is very vulnerable if his Satchel Charge is on cooldown. Try to punish him for using it aggressively.
Even thou the armor you get from Zhonya's Hourglass isn't actually very useful vs. Ziggs. Its active, however, can fully negate his ult damage.

If you find yourself struggling vs other champions as well, feel free to tell me and I'll make an in depth explanation about how to face them.

520 RP
520 RP
975 RP
1350 RP
1350 RP



.. Orianna's real name is Orianna Reveck and that she once was human?
..once they created her, she was originally named "the Clockwork Girl"?
..even thou her ball is seen as a pet, it can't be controlled like one?
..every time Orianna uses an ability, she does a ballet dance move?
..the ragdolls on her "sewn chaos" skin resemble Annie, Summon: Tibbers and a blue caster minion?

There once was a Piltovian man named Corin Reveck who had a daughter named Orianna, whom he loved more than anything else in the world. Though Orianna had incredible talent for dancing, she was deeply fascinated by the champions of the League of Legends. This fascination compelled her to begin training to become such a champion.

It is unfortunate that her sheltered, wide-eyed naivete led her to take unnecessary and dangerous chances which ultimately led to her tragic demise. Orianna's death shattered Corin, driving him into deep depression and an obsession with techmaturgy.

He could not stand the void his daughter's death left in his life, so he decided to build a replacement – one that would complete Orianna's dream of joining the League. What was created is the clockwork killing machine that Corin named after his daughter. Knowing that she was destined to be a champion and seeing the way the times were changing, he created [Clockwork Windup The Ball as her pet and protector. This nearly symbiotic creation uses a different type of techmaturgy, relying more heavily on electricity than clockwork.

Orianna and The Ball now fight as Champions in the League of Legends, using her sometimes misguided morality as a compass. She tries in earnest to fit in with those around her. However, no matter how hard she tries, Orianna can never be human and there is always something unnerving and alien about her. Though she attempts social interaction with other champions in the League of Legends, there are few who can get past her exotic nature. To many, it's as if there's nothing inside, that Orianna is just a soulless clockwork shell – a dangerous and deadly one at that.

However, all along she remains the perfect daughter in her father's eyes.

"Dance with me, my pet. Dance with me into oblivion."


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