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Yorick Build Guide by kurusaki10

This build has been archived and is for historical display only.

PLEASE NOTE: This build has been archived by the author. They are no longer supporting nor updating this build and it may have become outdated. As such, voting and commenting have been disabled and it no longer appears in regular search results.

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kurusaki10

Yorick enters a bar, there is no counter. (SEASON 3)

kurusaki10 Last updated on April 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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About me

I am currently hovering in the mid-Silver tiers, near the average of all players. Yorick is by far my favourite champion in ranked, and I believe he is underplayed and is probably the strongest pick for solo queue. Thanks to Yorick, I carried myself up from elo hell (900 elo and under). With Yorick, I have nearly double the wins I have in ranked with him than losses. I've won around 85% of lanes with him, only losing due to being camped.

About this guide

If you are here, you're probably just like me, wanting to learn a new champion and not incredibly high elo. This guide assumes that you are not a high elo player (1600 elo and under), and assumes that the enemy player's skill is not incredibly high. It assumes they will make mistakes, and will be predictable. The reason that I've decided to make a guide specifically for mid-low elo is because high elo players play very differently. If you are however high elo, this guide would still apply, except that you should play less aggressively.

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Yorick - Overview

So what does Yorick do? Here are some traits of Top Lane Yorick using this build:

  • Tank - In late game, he's most likely going to be the main tank of the team, as his kit is more suited as a tank.
  • Harasser - During early game, Yorick's specialty is harassing. He's arguably the king of harass in the top lane
  • Sustain - Yorick also has one of the best sustains in game from his Omen of Famine. It's so amazing that Mana Potions are better for him then Health Potions, as he would rearely use them.
  • Mana Hungry - To play Yorick to his maximum potential, you have to spam ghouls. This makes his very mana hungry, and is another reason why Mana Potions are better then Health Potions.
  • Win lane Lose Game - It's very easy to win your lane with Yorick. However, it's very difficult to carry with him too. He's one of the hardest champion to carry a team with, as his late game is very reliant on his AD carry. It's the sad truth to Yorick, and one of the reasons people don't play him much in solo queue.
  • Boring - Possibly one of the most boring champions in League of Legends. Even though I love Yorick, even I have to admit he's easy to get bored of. It's also the reason why I usually only play him in ranked games now.
  • Late Game Support - During late game, you're the tank and primarily absorbs damage. However, Yorick's other role is to support the AD carry, mainly by using your Omen of Death on the AD carry and use the clone as your damage source.
  • Mixed Damage - Another reason why Yorick is very though to lane against is the fact that he deals mixed damage. His main harass combo, Omen of Pestilence -> Omen of Famine deals magic damage initially. However, after that, the ghouls attack the enemy themselves and deal physical damage. In addition, Yorick's auto attacks and Omen of War and Omen of Death (in a duel) also deal physical damage. His damage would be split at around 50%, making stacking armor/magic resist against Yorick futile.

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Pros / Cons

Amazing sustain
Can harass, heal, and farm all at the same time
Has decent range
Wins nearly every lane
Pretty tanky late game with your passive
2 AD carries in teamfights
Best 2v1 laner in game
No Escapes
Hard to farm
Relies on AD carry late game
Squishy early game
Cant snowball as well as others
No burst damage = Hard to secure a kill

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Runes are the personalising a champion. It gives you an added edge in whatever you want/need. For that reason, I recommend you use thesame runes you would use for any AD off-tank/tank you play. This is just my play style for all my AD tanks that's mana hungry.

Here are the reasoning behind my runes based on my playstyle:

Flat Attack Damage Marks - I chose this for extra early game harass damage and frankly, to help me last hit.

Flat Armor Seals - The vast majority of top laners deal mainly physical damage, so this helps me with my early game tankiness. If you're facing an enemy that deals mainly magic damage, I recommend magic resist instead of armor.

Flat Mana Regen Glyphs - I enjoy spamming spells. Not only on Yorick, but on many other champions that I play. One of the reasons why I love Yorick is you win your lane by spamming his spells; it's his specialty. However, Yorick is very mana hungry, so these runes let me spam even more ghouls.

Movement Speed Quintessences - I'm just a fan of movement speed. It helps me escape, chase and gives me extra mobility. I just use them on all my champions, as with I find myself being able to kite, chase and escape better.

This is only how I play (aggresive harasser early game tank sacrificing damage) on all my champions and if your playstyle is different, I recommend you to use different runes that fit into your playstyle.

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Like runes, choose what masteries you think wouldfit in with your play style. Do not follow these masteries if you do not think it fits your playstyle. Here's my rationale for my masteries:


Durability (scaling health), Resistance (MR), Hardiness (Armor), Veteran Scars (flat health), Defender (Armor + MR), Reinforced Armor, Honor Guard - I take these for extra tankiness, for both early game and late game. I put armor in a higher priority then MR as it helps me early games in most cases, as I would face a physical damage in the majority of the cases.

Relentless (slow reduction), Tenacious (tenacity) - These crowd control reductions would help you escape, and Yorick really needs that as he's weaker in escaping compared to other top laners.

Tough Skin, Safeguard - helps you tank minions when you want to freeze the lane, and to turret dive.


Meditation, Expanded Mind, Buicuiteer - I like to spam ghouls, so I need all the mana and mana regeneration I can get.

Summoner's Insight, Improved Recall - I just picked this because these are the best ones out of the options to choose from. Having a short cooldown on Flash and short cast time one Recall are just nice to have, and can come in handy in tough situations.

Note: There are literally thousands of possibilities you can do for masteries, and are not limited to the examples I provided above. You can even do masteries such as 0/29/1.

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Summoner Spells


Flash has become a standard as a summoner spell on virtually all champions, except for some champions like Singed or Olaf who use ghost instead. It can be used to get that last autoattack to finish a kill, or to dodge a skillshot in a gank, and saving you

Ignite is good around 90% of the time when you want to be aggresive. It gives Yorick the extra damage early game that he would need to secure a kill.

Teleport is a better spell than Ignite when you want to be safe, like when you're in a 2v1 lane, or to counter a champion such as Shen.

Other Viable Spells

Ghost can be a replacement for Flash. Personally I'm a fan of Flash because it's instantaneous and you can Flash over walls. However, Ghost can be a viable substitute as an escape if you think you can utilize is better than Flash.

Heal can replace Ignite in some cases. I dont't recommend it, but it's not horrible if you take it. It allows you to heal-bait and gives you a more of a support role.

Barrier is the counter to Ignite. It negates all the damage and has a little shield left over if timed properly. If you think you can fully utilize it more then Ignite, then go for it. However, I don't recommend you use it if you don't use Barrier regularly.

Exhaust is a good defensive spell. It can shut down damage from any carry. Only get this if you want to play very safe and passive, which isn't a good playstyle for Yorick. It's a good summoner spell, but there are better that fits Yorick's kit.

Don't use these

Cleanse You're not an AD carry. If the enemy wastes their crowd control on you, it means they're not using it on your carries. It's a good summoner spell especially if you know how to use it, but it's not for Yorick.

Revive Just don't. Unless you've literally played only a few games of League of Legends, you should know why you should never get this.

Clarity Yorick is mana hungry, so Clarity would be perfect right? Wrong. It's. horrible summoner spell and currently is not worth using up a summoner spell slot.

Clairvoyance This is a guide for Top Lane Yorick, not support Yorick. Also, noone uses Clairvoyance anymore because jungle invades have become rarer as they have become riskier.

Smite Jungle Yorick sucks. Trust me, I've tried Yorick in every single role, and he wont even survive a jungle clear.

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Starting Items

The meta has changed. Now, players are stacking consumables for early game power. This is very bad for Yorick, as if the enemy top laner stacks health potions, they'll be able to sustain through it and ignore you. There's nothing you can really do except for wait to the point where health potions are less effective (lvl 6 and beyond).
Sight Ward

Most top laners do this to counter harass (this is more common in higher elo), HOWEVER Yorick would not benefit from stacking Health Potionss because of his sustain. Instead, you should base your potions based on your opponents and what you think you're going to need. If the enemy is a late game carry that's not a harasser such as Nasus, get more Mana Potion, as you're probably not going to get harassed much and you would be able to harass more. If the enemy is a harasser such as Teemo, buy more health potions for the extra regeneration. You don't need that many Health Potion though, as Yorick's sustain is still very powerful and would regenerate most of the damage from harasses.

If you're wondering why consumables are wonderful, well lets do the math:

[imgsmall=items/health-potion.png] -> 4 * 150 health = 600 health
[imgsmall=items/mana-potion.png] -> 7 * 100 mana = 700 mana
Total: 600 health and 700 mana.

I also use the Biscuiteer mastery adding 80 health and 50 mana for a total of 680 health and 750 mana. You would essentially be able to regenerate 1 and a half times your level 1 health, and almost triple your total level 1 mana pool with this. With this build, you will not be out of mana until at least level 7, and you will always be full hp, due to the consumables and your natural sustain from Omen of Famine. This builds allows you to spam ghouls freely and have a safety net of health potions in case you can't sustain their damage.


The reason why I've chosen Mana Potion over Health Potion is because Yorick's sustain is ridiculous. If you don't believe me, look at the math:

Assuming Yorick is level 4 (when most harassing/trading begins) and Omen of Famine is casted on enemy champion...


Omen of Pestilence (Level 2)
Mana Cost: 60 mana
% Of initial damage healed: 40%
Initial Damage: 85 damage (Assuming no bonus AD)
Ghoul Damage: 66 AD (Yorick's base damage at level 4) * 35% = 23.1 damage
Health healed from ghoul's attacks (champions): 100%
Maximal number of ghoul attacks possible / cast: 3

Mana Potion: 100 mana gained

Health Potion: 150 health gained

Number of Omen of Famine casts 1 Mana Potion can provide
Number of casts = Mana gained from Mana Potion / Mana Cost = 100 mana / 60 mana = 1.66.. casts

Amount healed from Omen of Famine's initial damage
Amount Healed = Initial Damage * % of Initial Damage Healed = 85 health * 40% = 34 health

Amount healed from 1 ghoul attack
Amount Healed = Ghoul Damage * % of ghoul's attacks healed (champion) = 23.1 * 100% = 23.1 health per autoattack

Amount healed per Mana Potion thru Omen of Famine
Total Amount Healed = Number of casts * [Amount healed (initial) + (Amount healed (per ghoul attack)(Number of ghoul attacks)]
= 1.66.. * [34 health + 23.1 health (0 to 3 attacks)]
= 56.66.. health + 38.5 health (0 to 3 attacks)
= 56.66.. health to 172.166.. health

Compared to Health Potion
Minimum - 56.66 health / 150 health = 37.7..%
Maximum - 172.166.. health / 150 health = 114.7%

Conclusion: 1 Mana Potion will heal 37.78% to 114.7% of 1 Health Potion thru Omen of Famine's heal.

Now please don't comment that Health Potions are better then Mana Potions, the math speaks for itself. Also, if you're wondering, I've put Health Potions in the starting build because if the worst case scenario the ghoul does not land any autoattacks, you have a safety net of Health Potions.

First Trip Back

Sight Ward

Wards are important, they save lives. It is the most important item in the game. If you have map control, you would most likely win the game. In order to have map control, you need vision, and to have that, you need Sight Wards. The most important job of a Sight Ward is to prevent ganks. Especially with Yorick, since he has no escapes. If you get ganked and you don't have a ward, you're probably dead, unless you can 2v1, which I'll explain later on. ALWAYS KEEP A WARD OR EVEN 2 ON THE RIVER AT ALL TIMES DURING LANING PHASE. The most important thing about wards, which I find almost everybody in low-average elo forget is TO CONTINUE TO BUY WARDS AFTER LANING PHASE. Remember, wards are the key to winning a game.

SPACE Tear of the Goddess is a vital item for Yorick's build. Get this item as soon as possible. With it, you would be able to spam ghouls almost every time it comes up.
SPACE SPACE SPACE You might be wondering why I included Mana Potion here. Well, even with Tear of the Goddess Yorick would still sometimes have mana problems. Ever leave the fountain with around 100-300 gold? Well you can't buy any items with that. First, buy a couple Sight Wards. If you have something like 80 gold left, buy 3 Mana Potions. It's worth not having to go b for another minute or so because of mana. Of course, this is assuming you're capable of getting 3cs in that minute.
SPACE SP Getting boots early helps you get that extra movement speed you need to get that kill or escape that gank. It also helps a lot with last hitting.


These are the only two boots you should be considering, as you're a tank.
SPACE SPACE SPACE In the current meta, Ninja Tabi is usually the best boots for the majority of the games. This is because the current metagame centers more around damage and usually has more AD damage rather than AP damage. Get Ninja Tabi if the enemy team has very little crowd controls and/or is putting out more physical damage.
SPACE SPACE SPACE These boots are sometimes better if the enemy team has a lot of crowd controls (ex. They have a Kennen and Amumu), if they 2 or more AP carries, their AP carry is fed and a hyper carry (such as Karthus), or you just want some magic resist against an AP lane (such as a Rumble top lane).
SPACE SPACE SPACE A 25% cooldown reduction on summoner spells is pretty useful. That means that your Flash and Teleport will be available much sooner. Get this is you're having a bad/normal game.
SPACE SPACE SPACE This enchantment is good at kiting and for chasing. Get this enchantment if you're either an expert in kiting, which in that case you should get this enchantment every game, or if you're ahead, as the movement speed buff helps you in chasing.

Core Build

SPACE SPACE SPACE This item was made for Yorick. With it, you will NEVER become out of mana. So go ahead and spam your ghouls everytime it comes off cooldown. It also gives you a good amount of AD as well.
Now, you're going to need tankiness for mid and late game. Pick one of these items, depending on how you want to play/what your teams needs. If you want to be a super tank, grab Warmog's Armor and you'll never die. If you want to be more of an AD Bruiser, take Frozen Mallet, it would give you some HP, AD, and a passive that helps you to chase. If you cant decide, pick Warmog's Armor.
Atma's Impaler is a good item if you're doing okay, because its a cheap, and it gives you around 50 AD, crit chance (you don't really need it but it's still good), at armor.
If you're ahead, or you want to deal TONS of damage/ be able to carry harder, buy Trinity Force. It'll give you less tankiness and AD, but you gain attack speed, and both of Trinity Force's passive helps you. You gain a basicly a perma slow and burst damage from both passives. Of course, you can always build both.
Iceborn Gauntlet is a very interesting item for Yorick. It gives tankiness and an extremely good AoE permaslow. It's actually too good that I'm hesitant to put this item in the guide because it's too overpowered to not have an incoming nerf.

Note: Do NOT buy Trinity Force/ Iceborne Gauntlet if you have already bought Frozen Mallet, because it wastes Trinity Force's passive and makes it not worth it.

Last Items

The last few items in the build are situational. Here are some example situations:
SPAC SPAC SPAC If you can't decide what to buy, buy this. It's useful 75% of the games. It shuts down the attack speed of anybody near you. It also gives some good health, armour and health regen, which is good for any tank.
SPACE SPACE SPACE This is usually my 2nd most bought item. If the enemy team has 3 or more enemies that rely on attack speed, or their AD carry/bruiser is fed, then buy this. It's cheaper, and gives you mana, which gives you more AD from the passive in Manamune. It also gives you 20% CDR, which is great because now you can summon more ghouls. The main difference is probably the fact that Frozen Heart's attack speed slow is a passive, and Randuin's Omen is an active and it also slows them as well, but it's only temporary, whereas Frozen Heart lasts as long as you're near them. So if your a person who forgets to use actives a lot of times, buy Frozen Heart. Of course, if you want, you can buy both, as the attack speed debuffs stack. Honestly, this is more of a personal/situation choice, and there's really no wrong decision when choosing between Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen.
SPACE SPACE SPACE There are a few situations when you want to get this. The first would be a fed AD hyper-carry that is completely destroying your team. For example, a Master Yi or Tryndamere. Also, if they have 3 or more AD carries/bruisers, that deal 95% of their damage as physical, it might be a good idea.
SPACE SPACE SPACE This is the anti-AP item. I would usually buy this item after finishing by core build if they either have multiple AP carries/damage, a late game AP hypercarry (such as Karthus or Evelyn), or a fed AP carry that is not only single-target damage (such Veigar LeBlanc, ect.) as once they blow their cooldowns, they can't really do anything and would most likely be using their abilities on a carry rather than a tank.
SPACE SPACE SPACE This is usually an alternate to Banshee's Veil. It gives you CDR and extra health regeneration from all sources, but does not give you mana. It's usually a personal preference on which magic resist item to build should you need it, and there is no right item. If they deal almost entirely magic damage (such as triple AP team comp or useless enemy AD carry), then building both would be ideal.

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Skill Sequence and Explaination

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

SPACE SPACE SPACE Yorick's passive. Pretty straight forward, you gain damage and tankiness with the more ghouls (Including your ultimate, Omen of Death) you have on the map. Because of this passive, you would want to summon as many ghouls as you can in teamfights and in duels.

SPACE SPACE SPACE Most of the time, you would want to max this last. The reason being that Omen of War would require you to actually be in melee range in order for you to use it, as opposed to your other abilities. And if your in melee range, they can attack you. However, if you feel the opponent is using a gap closer to get into melee range constantly (Ex. Jax using his Leap Strike every single time its up), then max Omen of War, since it deals more damage. It also gives you extra MS, which is helpful when chasing or running away from ganks.
*Note: Omen of War resets you autoattack timer (such as abilities like Darius' Crippling Strike. If you want to have more DPS, use Omen of War right after an autoattack to instantly bring another autoattack

SPACE SPACE SPACE Max this second, unless they keep going into melee range (as explained above). This, combined with your Omen of Famine is going to be your harass. The slow also helps you keep the enemy in range of both your ghoul's melee attacks, escape from ganks, and chase.

SPACE SPACE SPACE ALWAYS max this first. The reason for this is because your sustain scales with the amount of damage Omen of Famine deals. This skill is what makes Yorick one of the most high-sustained top lane champions. Ever since the Yorick nerf, the sustain you gain from minions is cut in half, so, unless your in desperate need for health, always use it on the enemy. It harasses then and you get 2 times more health.

SPACE SPACE SPACE This is what makes you soo terrifying late game. It basicly clones your AD carry in teamfights, soo instead of one fed Vayne, you have two fed Vaynes. Its like Mordekaiser's Children of the Grave, except that you don't rely on killing someone. Also, if your AD carry dies, it becomes Zilean's Chronoshift, and it revived your AD carry for a couple of seconds.
Not only is this amazing late game, it helps you duel early game as well. Omen of Death makes Yorick one of the best 2v1 dueler out of all the champions. It actually makes it into a 2v2! Because of this, I've probably either got a kill or double kill whenever the enemy jungler ganks. Just remember to use it at the beginning if you think you're going into a life or death duel against the enemy, as it would increase the damage you deal, not just when you're about to die.

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Solo 1v1 Lane

This is the situation you're going to be 95% of the time. Here are some important things to keep in mind when you're laning as Yorick:


Spam this combo whenever its up at level 2. Its deals amazing damage, it will deal even more damage unless the enemy runs away, and it will heal you for any counter-harass they might do to you. Just remember, that the weakness to this is if they go into a brush, the ghouls will stop attacking. If they're smart and do this, use Omen of Pestilence in the brush, then use Omen of Famine on the enemy once you have vision.

Use this combo if they get into melee range into you. It deals more damage, but only do it if you have to, because they would likely deal more damage to you in melee range. As soon as you use the combo, run/kite them (unless you're going for the kill), as they'll deal more damage to you than you deal to them after you use all your abilities.


This is Yorick's weakness. If he gets ganked, he's either dead or gets a double kill. He has no escapes. This is why its always important to use Sight Wards. Try to predict where the enemy jungler is, so you know when they may be near you (Ex. Amumu has to start blue, so he'll be on the blue side of the map for the first 4 minutes).
If, however, you do manage to find yourself in the situation of a gank, ask yourself this question: Is it more likely that I'll escape, or be getting a kill? 90% of the time, the answer for me is getting a kill. As I've said before, Yorick is an amazing 2v1 fighter. But also, he's a terrible escaper. So you mind as well get a kill if your going to die anyways, and most of the time, I do. You may even manage to get a double kill and live.

Farming and Lane Control

Since you have no escapes, you would want to freeze the lane. Freezing the lane is keeping the enemy minion wave just outside the turret. At this position, not only would you be ungankable, but it would be virtually impossible for the enemy to farm(Most are melee and would have to farm under your tower). Just Remember: Always last hit, unless you want to push (Ex. Setting up to dive, top laner is roaming, ect.) If you're a better last hitter than the enemy is, the minion line would gradually move towards your side. Hint: It takes at least 2 extra minions on the enemy side for the lane to stay frozen

Forcing the enemy to stay in lane

At some point, if you are successful in completely denying them farm, the enemy will get sick of it and roam. They'll either gank, or farm another lane. Except for some exceptions such as Shen, top laners are usually isolated and do not roam often. They are usually bad gankers. If you see them roam push your lane as fast as possible. It will make the enemy want to go back to lane.

Fastest way to push:

1. Omen of Pestilence the ranged minion
2. Omen of Famine a ranged minion
3. Autoattack then Omen of War as soon as it hits to increase DPS
4. Keep autoattacking minions

Once your at the turret:
  • Repeat above every time your spells comes off CD if there an enemy minion wave
  • Spam your Omen of Pestilence every time it is up, it will make the turret attack it and not the minions
  • Keep and eye on the river in case of a gank
  • If the turret is about to fall and the top laner returns, finish it if you think you can duel him after.

Getting a kill

It's incredibly difficult to get a kill on Yorick. The reason is because his damage is sustained, and predictable. If you enemy is smart, they'll go back when they're low enough for you to kill them. However, if you find the enemy very low (1/4 HP or less) use this combo:

This would require you to use both your summoners. You would need flash to be in range of Omen of War, and ignite to get the extra damage. Unfortunately, there is no other unpredictable/unexpected way to get a kill, unless your/their jungler ganks.

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Top lane match-ups

Easy Lanes

In these lanes, Yorick would dominate the opponent. Since it's Yorick, most champions would belong here. In these lanes, focus on constantly spamming ghouls and go even go into melee range if they ignore your harass to try to kill them:

In my opinion, this is one of the easiest lanes you can get. Except for Transcendent Blades, she has no way of farming without going into melee range.

What to expect: Expect her to last hit with her Bladesurge. It dashes her to the target. If she wants to go aggresive, expect her to Bladesurge to you, use Equilibrium Strike, then activate Hiten Style and auto attack you. If the lane is pushed, she may use Transcendent Blades to clear it. A higher skilled Irelia may use Bladesurge to get away from your ghouls after she last hits, or to basicly dance around your lane and make it very hard to harass her.

What to do: As soon as Irelia uses Bladesurge, use your Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine combo from a range. If you feel that your ahead, go in front of any minions close to her that are low. If she uses her Bladesurge, use your Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine combo. If she runs, keep attacking her. If she counter-attacks, run. She will out-damage you with Hiten Style.

Additional Notes:

Fiora is unable to farm from a range. This means that it is very easy to deny her if you're ahead. That is why Yorick is a counter for Fiora

What to expect: Expect Fiora to try to ignore you at first. However once you take down a big chunk of her health she'll try to counter attack. She'll attempt to use Lunge to get to you.

What to do: Never duel Fiora in melee range unless you are significantly higher health, fed, or she's very behind. Always harass her from a range, as your abilities out-range a single Lunge. If she's smart, she may Lunge to a minion, then Lunge to you. In that case, use your Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine combo, then run. She will be unable to chase you even with Burst of Speed.

Additional Notes:
  • Her only natural sustain comes from her passive Duelist. She can only regain health from auto-attacking
  • She deals 95% of her damage as physical damage, so build armor if she snowballs
  • She can snowball easily
  • Beware of Blade Waltz if you're low. If both of you are the same health and under 20% health, go back. She will be immune to damage and can even dive you.
  • She would usually build damage over tankiness


Tryndamere is pretty a pretty easy lane if you don't get greedy. He has no ranged abilities, and therefore no way to farm when you zone him.

What to expect: Expect Tryndamere to farm and try to get his Fury up. His sustain, Bloodlust, is based on how much Fury he has, which is based on how many auto attacks he dealt. He will also try to get his Fury up to become more scary, as he deals much more damage on max Fury. Expect him to go aggressive if he is at max Fury. If he is smart, he may attempt to gain Fury from attacking your ghouls

What to do: The most crucial thing to do to deny Tryndamere farm is to keep his Fury as low as possible. It both makes his Bloodlust heal very little, and decreases his DPS if he goes aggressive. Force him to Bloodlust every time he has a high amount of Fury, and he will be less scary. Remember, unless you are certain you can kill him or his Undying Rage is on cooldown, do not dive Tryndamere.

Additional Notes:
  • Tryndamere is the biggest snowball in game. If you manage to feed him a kill or let him farm, you will lose the game.
  • Always keep in mind of his Undying Rage
  • Ignite counters Tryndamere's Undying Rage. He will probably use his Bloodlust to heal himself some health. However, if you manage to ignite within around the last 2 seconds of his Undying Rage, you will probably kill him, as the amount healed, which is not very much, is cut in half, and the damage from Ignite will probably be more than the amount healed.
  • His only gap closer, Spinning Slash, has a shorter range than your abilities.


Currently, Shen is banned nearly every single ranked game. However, if you do manage to face a Shen, take Teleport so you can follow his Stand United.

What to expect: Expect him to play passive and farm until level 6. Then, he would start using his global presence and roam with his Stand United. If he chooses to harass, it would most likely be Vorpal Blade Ki Strike Feint or something similar. If he starts getting too heavily harassed, he will most likely farm with his Vorpal Blade as it has a short cooldown, and gives health back when it kills a target. He will also probably use his Feint when you summon ghouls upon him. Expect him to build health.

What to do: Harass him as heavily as you can whenever you can. He will not go aggressive, as he would not deal a significant amount of damage. He is usually built and played as a tank. His sustain comes from Vorpal Blade. There's nothing you can do to stop it besides Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine him every time he uses it. If he Stand United into another lane, Teleport there if possible. If you cannot follow him for any reason, deal as much damage as you can while he is casting it. There is no way for you to stop the channel.

Additional Notes:
  • Be careful of his split pushing potential. If you have Teleport, be the one to defend the turret if he is split pushing.
  • His Shadow Dash consumes a big amount (120/200) of energy if it does not taunt anybody. He would not be able to use it if he used Vorpal Blade and Feint within a short period of time.
  • If you see him use Feint wait a few seconds until it is gone before harassing him.


Sion is one of the most hyper-carry AD Bruisers in game. If he's building Ability Power, he would probably go mid. That said, I'm only going to talk about Attack Damage Sion.

What to expect: Expect him to build almost pure damage items, like an AD carry. His game is weak, as he is squishy and most of his damage is melee. Expect him to use his shield, Death's Caress, when you summon ghouls upon him. Expect him to use his stun, Cryptic Gaze whenever he can. Also expect him to gain a significant amount of lifesteal from Cannibalism in duels.

What to do:Try to stay out of melee range unless you're going for the kill. If he manages to stun you while you harass, run if he is not in melee range by the time the stun finished. If he does manage to get into melee range, Omen of War him, then run. Try to avoid a duel with him, as he will use his ultimate, Cannibalism, giving him huge amounts of lifesteal. Run if he does activate it unless you're certain he will die.

Additional Notes:
  • He can snowball very quickly
  • His Cryptic Gaze range is the same as your Omen of Famine
  • Ignite will shut him down by reducing 50% of his lifesteal
  • Exhaust can also shut him down by reducing 70% of his auto attack damage (Virtually all of his total damage), and therefore reducing his lifesteal.
  • He is farm-reliant from his Enrage passive, which scales on minion kills. He will become harder to kill the more farm he has, as he will gain health too.


People play and ban Malphite in ranked play because of his strong initiation potential and
his late-game. He shuts down any attack-speed based champions. Luckily for you, you do not really care for attack speed.

What to expect:Expect him to initially harass you with Seismic Shard. He will not go aggressive against you, as he lacks sustained damage. He will most likely farm and attempt to ignore your harass. When your harass starts to bring his health low, expect him to only farm when his shield/passive, Granite Shield, is up. He may start last hitting with Seismic Shard if zoned. He also does not have any natural sustain. Expect him to build armor.

What to do:Harass him whether or not his Granite Shield is up. However, if it is damaged, always try to keep harassing, as it will not regenerate if he takes any damage. Try to stay away from him because of his Ground Slam which deals a significant amount of damage and lowers your DPS from auto attacks. However, it should be safe to duel him, especially if you're ahead.

Additional Notes:

Vladimir is usually played for his sustain. He has no mana pool, and his low cooldown Transfusion can regenerate health quickly. However, Yorick's Omen of Pestilence deals nearly double the damage of Transfusion (including the attacks from the ghouls), and his sustain from Omen of Famine is nearly double of Vladimir's Transfusion. This lane is going to be mainly a harassing war that Yorick should be winning.

What to expect: Expect him to harass you with Transfusion at the beginning. However, if he is smart, he will start using his Transfusion to last hit. At higher levels (9 or over), Vladimir may use his Tides of Blood to clear the wave. Expect him to use Sanguine Pool] to become untargetable for 2 seconds if he is in threat. If he chooses to attempt to burst you down, expect him to [[Hemoplague Transfusion Tides of Blood Ignite you or something similar.

What to do: Harass him as much as possible. He will be unable to sustain your harass.If your jungler wants to gank, try to force Sanguine Pool first. If you want to try to kill him when he's low, Ignite him at the beginning. It will lower the health he regains from Transfusion if he uses it, and keep damaging him while in Sanguine Pool. Unless you are certain that you can either tank a turret for at least 5 seconds, his Sanguine Pool is on cooldown, or he is under 5% health (with Ignite up), do not dive Vladimir.

Additional Notes:
  • He is weakest early game.
  • If he uses Hemoplague on you, don't go aggressive unless he follows up.
  • Avoid your team being close together in teamfights, Hemoplague may hit many of you, and will be damaged and increase the damage you take.

Rumble is tricky to lane with. Fortunately, he has no natural sustain.

What to expect: Expect him to harass you with Electro-Harpoon. Also expect him to use Flamespitter to clear the wave and damage you. He may Scrap Shield if your harass becomes a significant threat. If the chooses to become aggressive, he will use The Equalizer Flamespitter Electro-Harpoon Electro-Harpoon and chase with Scrap Shield.

What to do: At the beginning, try to avoid his Electro-Harpoon as much as you can by staying behind minions. If he uses Scrap Shield, wait till it the shield disappears, then harass him. If he overheats (100 Heat, and is silenced for 6 seconds), harass him but do not go into melee range with him. If he uses Flamespitter on you, use Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine if you are farther than half of it. Then, get out of it as soon as possible, either from the side or behind. If you are within half way of Flamespitter, go to him, use Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine on him, then kite him by either circling him, making it near impossible to hit you with Flamespitter, or run away. If he uses Scrap Shield to escape, do not chase him unless you used Omen of War. If he uses The Equalizer and becomes aggresive, get out of it as soon as possible, then assess whether or not it is safe to duel.

Additional Notes:
  • Be careful when his Heat is between 50 and 100. He will deal more damage
  • All his damage abilities are skill shots. Try to be constantly moving.
  • Electro-Harpoon can be used twice in a row.

Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV as a top laner is rarely played anymore, but if you do happen to find yourself facing one, your in for an easy lane.

What to expect:There's two ways this lane can go. If he goes aggressive, Jarvan IV will Demacian Standard Dragon Strike Golden Aegis then auto attack to activate Martial Cadence. This will essentially (if it hits), deal damage, knock you up, bring Jarvan IV to where his Demacian Standard is, give himself a shield then slow you, and finally deal damage based on your current health. If he plays passive, he will farm and Demacian Standard Dragon Strike away or use Golden Aegis if he takes too much damage. If the enemy jungler ganks, or if Jarvan IV wants to go for the kill, he will use Cataclysm if it is up.

What to do: If Jarvan IV plays aggressively, try to constantly move unpredictably. It will make him using his combo on you near impossible. Also, constantly harass him. If he manages to get into melee range, autoattack then use Omen of War. If he uses Cataclysm, autoattack Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine then kite him around the arena until it disappears. If you think you may lose the duel. If you think you can win, Omen of Death auto attack Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine Ignite him. Do not Flash out of Cataclysm unless you are about to die. Jarvan IV is mostly burst damage. If he plays passively, Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine him every time you are able to unless he uses Golden Aegis.

Additional Notes:
  • He has no sustain
  • He has no escapes if he uses his combo on you
  • Cataclysm deals a significant amount of damage in addition to trapping you in.
  • Most of his damage is physical.


Olaf is a strong champion. He has a good amount of harass and wave clear from Undertow, amazing damage from him Vicious Strikes and Reckless Swing, and is unstoppable with Ghost and Ragnarok. However, his weakness is the fact that his only sustain comes from lifesteal in Vicious Strikes.

What to expect:Expect him to harass you with Undertow. Also expect him to use Reckless Swing every time he is close to you. If he is in need of health, he may use Vicious Strikes to lifesteal health back. If he gets ganked, expect him to Ragnarok and escape (unless your jungler has amazing burst). Expect him to Undertow to clear minion waves if the lane is pushed (unless you are zoning him hard).

What to do: Always keep moving at all times. This is to avoid his Undertow, which can deal a significant amount of damage. Also, try to keep out of melee range as much as possible. Reckless Swing also deals too much damage for you to out-trade in melee range. Don't use any summoner spells in a duel with him after level 6 unless you are certain he cannot escape, that he will die, or that his Ragnarok is on cooldown.

Additional Notes:
  • Do not let him pick his axe up unless it is dangerous to do so. If he picks up his axe, Undertow will have it's cooldown significantly reduced.
  • Olaf has no gap closer and has no crowd controls expect for Undertow (which can be easily dodged).
  • Olaf is easy to kite, as his only ranged damage is Undertow.
  • If you zone Olaf out of him being able to auto attack minions, he has no sustain.


Warwick is probably the most jungle-orientated champion made. But some people play him as top lane. The reason why is because his sustain is amazing. HOWEVER, all his sustain and harass/damage require him to be in melee range.

What to expect: Expect him to try to ignore you and out-sustain your harass with his passive and Hungering Strike. Unless he is a complete idiot, he will not attempt to go to melee range unless a gank happens, or he wants to go aggressive and uses his Infinite Duress on you. If you do happen to find yourself in melee range, expect him to either Hungering Strike you, or duel you.

What to do: Always try to keep harassing. His sustain is pretty strong if he constantly auto attacks. However, if he constantly does this, he will push your lane. Try to Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine him, and if Warwick runs, keep repeating your harass. If he tries to ignore it, let him push your lane, then freeze it. This makes sure you will not be ganked (unless they dive you), and forces Warwick to either stay in lane and not farming, to roam, or to farm under your turret. If does for some reason, farm under your turret, auto attack him until he goes away. If he for any reason uses his Infinite Duress on you, Auto attack Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine him then kite him.

Additional Notes:
  • He is very easily kited, as his only crowd control and gap closer is his Infinite Duress and has no ranged abilities
  • Do not duel Warwick unless you are ahead, Warwick is one of the best 1v1 champions in game.
  • Some Warwick players do not go back even if they have less than 10% health. They will think they'll be able to sustain back health without dying. If they do stay in lane, Ignite then first, then use the killing combo (shown above in Solo 1v1 Lane)
  • In teamfights, if Warwick uses Infinite Duress on someone, any form of disrupting crowd control (such as stuns, silences, knock-ups, knock-backs, fears, ect.) will stop it. Unfortunately, Yorick does not have any of these abilities. Tell someone who does have a disrupting crowd control to save an ability specifically for Infinite Duress.


Kayles....interesting to deal with. She is ranged when her Righteous Fury is active, and melee when it is not. She also has sustain with Divine Blessing and a good escape with Intervention.

What to expect: Expect Kayle to try to harass you with autoattacks when her Righteous Fury is active. If Kayle decides to play passive, then she'll probably farm with it. If she wants to go aggresive, Kayle will first slow you with Reckoning, then keep on autoattacking you. Kayle will probably only use Intervention to escape ganks or a duel, or to prevent damage in order to win duels. Expect a small heal from her every 15 seconds when she needs health from Divine Blessing.

What to do: Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine Kayle every time it's up. The sustain from Divine Blessing is small, and can easily be out-harassed by Yorick. However, if Kayle slows you with Reckoning, run away once you've landed your combo. In lower levels, if Kayle follows you, she will take more damage from ghoul and minion aggro than you take from her attacks. If you think a 1v1 will be close, do not go aggressive, as Kayle's Intervention can change the tide of a duel.

Additional Notes:

Pantheon is a early and mid game carry. He usually falls of late game compared to other champions such as Olaf or Irelia. Pantheon is good early and mid game due to his burst, harass, global presence (such as Twisted Fate) and tower diving ability. You may want to use Teleport to use when he uses Grand Skyfall.

What to expect: Expect him to wait until level 3 before becoming aggressive. He will harass you with Spear Shot as long as his mana allows it (short cooldown). By level 3, expect him to do a Spear Shot Aegis of Zeonia Heartseeker Strike Spear Shot or something similar every so often. By level 6, he may use his Grand Skyfall to escape (you cannot stop the channel) or to roam/gank. If he is being denied farm, he will use Spear Shot to last hit rather than to harass you.

What to do: If Pantheon harasses you, harass back with Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine. You will deal more damage in addition to healing back virtually all the health lost from that harass. If Pantheon uses his combo on you, autoattack, Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine then run. You should deal more damage to him and healing at least half the health you lost. If he uses Grand Skyfall, Teleport to where he's going (if you can), or deal as much damage as you can to Pantheon before it's fully cast.

Additional Notes:
  • Pantheon has no sustain
  • He has no escapes, so ganks would have a high chance of success.
  • He deals more damage if you're below 15 health.
  • Keep in mind of his passive, Aegis Protection, which blocks the next autoattack (includes Omen of War


Singed is a mid game AP Bruiser carry. Early game he sucks, due to the mana cost of keeping Poison Trail on constantly. Late game, he's a tank.

What to expect: Expect him to play very passively and last hit with auto attacks. He may occasionally turn on Poison Trail to farm. Until he buys a mana item (usually Catalyst the Protector), he will continue playing extremely passively. Once he buys that item, he will start farming by turning on Poison Trail and poisoning the minion wave, clearing it in seconds. If he wants to be aggressive, he may turn on Poison Trail, use Mega Adhesive, then Fling you. He will expect you to try to counter attack by chasing him, taking even more damage. Mid game, he may try to bait you and your teammates to chase him.

What to do: Don't chase Singed. That's the most important thing to keep in mind when playing against one. He was literally designed to be chased. Play extremely aggressive early game and take advantage of his poor early game. Even go into melee range and auto attack him. He is one of the only top laner that is safe to harass with auto attacks early game. Once he gets his mana item, keep harassing him with Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine. If he decides to play aggressive, try to avoid Mega Adhesive, he will not be able to catch up to you with Omen of Pestilence without you standing on it. If you do happen to mind yourself on it, get out of it immediately. If you do get Flinged, Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine Singed then run away (perpendicular from him would be optimal) from him. The longer you stay in Poison Trail, the more damage you take.

Additional Notes:
  • Singed will always pick Ghost as a summoner spell
  • Never chased Singed
  • Singed becomes a tank late game, so do not focus him.
  • In order for Singed to deal damage, he would have to be in melee range
  • Singed has no natural sustain
  • Singed is also amazing in kiting.


Nidalee could go either AP or AD. Even though it is the same champion with the same abilities, you should treat each of them differently. Both AP and AD Nidalee have different strengths and weaknesses vs Yorick. AP Nidalee has amazing sustain and harass if she can aim it. However, she is squishy, and relies on cougar form (and therefor melee range) in order to farm and deal more damage. AD Nidalee is tankier, last hits better, deals more sustained damage and can duel you. However, AD Nidalee's sustain is weak, and will be unable to out-sustain Yorick's ghouls.

What to expect: If Nidalee goes AP, expect her to attempt to poke you with Javelin Toss whenever there is a clear path. Also expect her to attempt to ignore you and heal off your harass with Primal Surge. If Nidalee goes AD, expect her to poke you with Javelin Toss less often, but still occasionally. Also, expect Nidalee to go more aggressive and attempt to duel you in cougar form by level 6. AD Nidalee will heal herself with Primal Surge as well, but it would be less effective. Both Nidalees may choose to risk going into cougar form to wave clear and farm. *Special Note: In higher elo/ agaisnt higher-skilled opponents, Nidalee may be able to kite the ghouls, thus preventing damage from it, and would be harder to harass. They may also take advantage of brushes in combination of Prowl, Nidalee's passive. This will become very annoying, especially against an AP Nidalee, as they would out-sustain you this way.

What to do: Against an AP Nidalee, you would want to become more aggressive, while dodging Javelin Toss. Harass Nidalee every time she comes close enough to get a last hit. Her only significant damage should come from Javelin Toss in early levels, so it should be safe. Against AD Nidalee, focus more on harassing, as her sustain is weak. Also, play super aggressive until level 6, as Nidalee is weakest before having Aspect Of The Cougar. If either AD or AP Nidalee goes at you in cougar form, Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine and Omen of War if you are in melee range. AD Nidalee's biggest ability, Takedown, happens in cougar form. AP Nidalee also deals a significant amount of damage with Pounce and Swipe in cougar form.

Additional Notes:
  • Nidalee is extremely mobile and therefore can easily kite you
  • It is extremely difficult to catch a Nidalee, due to Pounce and Prowl
  • For AP Nidalee, be careful for Javelin Toss, as they have an extremely long range and deals tons of damage (keep in mind that it deals less damage the closer you are).
  • If Nidalee is taking advantage of brushes to avoid ghoul damage, ward it.


Gangplank usually builds damage rather than tank. In addition to that, he has no natural sustain. This lane is a pretty easy lane for Yorick.

What to expect: Expect Gangplank to harass with Parrrley] at the start. However, if he feels that it becomes redundant or is zoned, he may end up using it to farm. If he chooses to become aggressive, wants to run away from a gank, setting up a gank, or notices a fight happening somewhere else in the map, expect him to use Cannon Barrage if it's available. Expect him to use Remove Scurvy if he wants to escape, not to heal (as it has a long cooldown and heals very little).

What to do: Everytime he harasses you with Parrrley, harass back with Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine. He has no other ranged abilities to follow that up save Cannon Barrage. If he starts farming with Parrrley and you're ahead, zone Gankplank by standing in front of your minions, that way, he would have to get past you in order to farm.

Additional Notes:
  • Parrrley is Gankplank's main damage source
  • Avoid getting into melee range, as he would be building damage and would auto attack tons of damage
  • Any damage from him will slow you (due to his passive Grog Soaked Blade


He is the king of solo top juking. It is extremely hard to kill him. However, it is very easy to zone him and deny him farm.

What to expect: Wukong players tend to be hit and run. Luckily, that's how Yorick plays too (in melee range), except Yorick deos it better. Expect him to hit-and-run combo with Nimbus Strike to get in, Crushing Blow, then Decoy to get out. If he decides to become aggressive, he may use Cyclone and chase you with it. Expect numerous jukes if you become aggressive or a gank. Some higher-skilled Wukongs may press S in order to look as if he used Decoy. Wukong will be very annoying to handle.

What to do:He best counter to the hit-and-run strategy is to put a Vision Ward in your lane. This way, he cannot escape with Decoy (and cant hit-and-run), and you will know if he actually used it. Also, if he does into melee range, use Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine then either stay or run depending on the circumstances.

Additional Notes:
  • There is no way to see if Wukong used decoy or not without stealth detection
  • If you want to go for a kill or follow Wukong, go to the path that would lead to the closest point of safety for him (usually the turret). He will probably use this path, unless he is smart and goes in a completely random direction.
  • Wukong deals mostly physical damage
  • He has no sustain nor ranged abilities


Teemo is widely known to be possibly one of the most annoying top laners you'll ever face. Teemo usually goes AP or attack speed. However, top lane Teemo is usually played attack speed, so I will only talk about that for simplicity's sake.

What to expect: Expect Teemo to harass with Blinding Dart and a few auto attacks, or something like that. Most of Teemo's damage is from auto attacks. Teemo usually plays passive for the first few levels. By level 6, expect him to place Noxious Traps in every single brush and pathway to the lane in order to avoid ganks. Also, he may use Noxious Traps to clear waves also. If you try to chase teemo, expect a hard time, due to Move Quick and the fact that he's probably going to lead you to multiple Noxious Traps.

What to do: Harass Teemo with Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine every time he goes for a last hit, then get out of his auto attack range. As Teemo has no natural sustain, and usually does not build sustain, he should be pretty how quickly. Also, if you believe Teemo placed a Noxious Trap somewhere in the brush, use Omen of Pestilence in the place you believe it is. This will set off the trap, and basically destroy it without Teemo getting farm or damage on you.

Additional Notes:
  • Teemo is one of the best kiters in game
  • If he builds attack speed, items such as Randuin's Omen or Frozen Heart will reduce his attack speed and severely hurt his damage output.
  • Even though he's building primarily attack speed, expect some Ability Power too.
  • Some Teemos may use Camouflage to camp for a kill, to hide, or to get EXP without being harassed.

Master Yi

If I described Master Yi in one word, it's snowball. He's kind of like an AD Bruiser version of the old pre-remake Katarina. If the enemy team ignores him/deosnt stop him and he's fed, he'll hypercarry the game. Theres also AP Yi, but they usually go mid, so I'm focusing on AD Yi.

What to expect: Expect him to just farm early and do the occasional Alpha Strike to push and harass. Once he starts to be zoned, he will probably end up using Alpha Strike to farm. If he needs health, expect him to Meditate every 35 seconds. If he decides to be aggresive, expect him to use Highlander Wuju Style then Alpha Strike to you and continuously autoattack.

What to do:Expect him to build fairly squishy damage-orientated build, similar to one of an AD carry. If he ever gets into melee range of you, Omen of War Omen of Famine Omen of Pestilence then run. He will out-damage you in melee range. Also, be careful when trying to kill Master Yi. His ultimate makes him uncatchable to you (as you have no form of hard crowd control). Therefore, if you want to kill him, you would have to burst him down with Autoattack -> Omen of War (If in melee range) then Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine Ignite (This combo would take around 0.25-1 second depending on how fast you are with casting).

Additional Notes:
  • His only ability that deals damage is Alpha Strike
  • 95% of his damage is from auto attacks, so be careful when dueling him
  • He has decent sustain with Meditate
  • He has no escapes (expect maybe an Alpha Strike to a minion)
  • If he becomes a problem, build items such as Frozen Heart.
  • Interesting Fact: Without armor pen, Master Yi will kill himself before he kills you if you have Thornmail (assuming he is squishy and you build tank).


Some people say Nasus is a counetr to Yorick. This is because he can use Siphoning Strike on the ghouls to get the stacks. But there are some key facts that those people are ignoring. First and most importantly, ghouls do not give gold. Sure, Nasus will get stacks for his Siphoning Strike, but he still won't get any meaningful minion farm (and therefore not have gold and be behind in items). Also, he could only Siphoning Strike one of the 2 or 3 ghouls that Yorick spawns. Basicly Nasus is just slightly more useful late game if he is denied. He is NOT a counter.

What to expect: Expect him to want to farm his Siphoning Strike. He will use his auto attacks and Siphoning Strike to farm, as Spirit Fire deals negligible damage (unless he maxes it first). He may first try to out-sustain your harass using his Soul Eater (lifesteal). It is very unlikely he will go aggressive on you, as his early game is his weakest point of the game. If he does, however, then expect him to Spirit Fire Whither Siphoning Strike and possibly Fury of the Sands (not specifically in that order). He may just use Siphoning Strike on your ghouls and let himself get denied minions if he plays it safe.

What to do: Spam ghouls on him everytime he comes near a minion. The worst thing you can do is let Nasus free farm, as a farmed Nasus' late game is scary. Even get to melee range and use your Omen of War on him if you think it's safe to. Always play aggressive unless he uses his Fury of the Sands. If he does, play passive until it wears out.

Additional Notes:
  • The most important thing to keep in mind is a farmed Nasus can hypercarry, and a Nasus with no farm is useless.
  • His only meaningful damage comes from auto attacks and Siphoning Strike
  • Be careful when he uses Whither, the slow increases on you over time


Volibear is a very easy lane. He's all melee, and his only natural sustain is Chosen of the Storm which can only happen once every 2 minutes.

What to expect: Volibear can either go aggressive or passive. If he plays passive then he would probably just farm and probably bite you with Frenzy when you're too close to him to harass (of course you shouldn't be in melee range of him). If he chooses to play aggressive, expect him to use Rolling Thunder to get close to you, Frenzy and Majestic Roar or something similar to it. He might also active Thunder Claws. Expect him to play more aggressive when his passive, Chosen of the Storm is on.

What to do: Stay away from him. If he doesn't get into melee range, he can't do anything to you if you're not close to him (His longest-ranged ability is 425 range, your Omen of Famine has 550 range). If he does somehow use Rolling Thunder on you, Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine then run. Don't commit for a kill if you see his passive Chosen of the Storm up, as it'll be very hard to kill him with the health regeneration. If it is up, try to get him below 30% health, proc his passive, then commit for it.

Additional Notes:

Poppy is an interesting lane. She has a passive that makes her tanky, a good amount of burst damage, a movement speed buff, and big gap closer/knockback and a ultimate that makes her one of the best divers in game. However, if Poppy wants to deal damage to you, she would have to put herself in a risky situation. She also does not have any ranged ability or sustain, making this lane easy for Yorick to harass.

What to expect: Expect Poppy to farm with autoattacks early on. If she chooses to play aggressive, she may do a Heroic Charge and a Devastating Blow. From that point she may continue auto attacking, or run. If she wants to go for a kill or dive, expect her to activate her Diplomatic Immunity.

What to do: Keep harassing Poppy as much as you wish, as she has no sustain. Try to zone her out, as she is all melee, if she cannot reach the minions she will be denied farm. If Poppy uses Heroic Charge on you, use Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine then run. She will be unable to catch you due to your buffs and slows, even if she has Paragon of Demacia. If she uses her ultimate on you, don't go aggressive unless you have to/ you are certain you can get the kill. If she uses Diplomatic Immunity in a teamfight, ignore her, as you have nothing you can do to her.

Additional Notes:

A Jax lane is tricky and you would need practice against it before it's easy. If you've never faced a Jax lane before with Yorick, it would be a hard lane rather then an easy lane. Jax can also outplay you if you don't know what to expect.

What to expect: Most Jaxes would play passive in the first few levels. Once they're level 3/4, they may start trying to harass you and do a Counter Strike Leap Strike, auto attack (if they're skilled) then Empower. Most AD Bruiser top laners rely heavily on autoattacks, but Jax dodges all of them while his Counter Strike is active, making this an effective trade with little or no damage to Jax. After level 6, he'll go even more aggressive, as he has the passive from Grandmaster's Might to add in his combo. If he wants to go for a kill, or duel, he'll activate Grandmaster's Might, do a Counter Strike Leap Strike Empower combo, then continue to auto attack.

What to do: The key to beating a Jax lane is to make sure his Counter Strike does not hit you. If he does the Counter Strike Leap Strike Empower combo, immediately use Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine then run. The combination of the slow and movement speed buff should allow you to run away before Counter Strike stops. However, higher skilled Jaxes may wait for 1 second then use the combo so they can proc the stun immediately. If they do that, just do the Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine combo if he runs away, as there's nothing you can really do if they do that.

Additional Notes:
  • His weakest stage is at early levels, and starts becoming more powerful by level 6
  • His weakness is that he has no sustain nor any ranged abilities
  • Counter Strike does NOT dodge auto attack modifiers, including Omen of War, so you will still damage him even if he uses it.
  • His late game is his strongest phase in the entire game, so focus on denying him early


Kennen can go either mid lane or top lane. He is also arguably the champion that have the most crowd controls in game, due to his passive, Mark of the Storm. He can stun someone up to 3 times while stunning the entire enemy team once.

What to expect: Expect him to farm early with auto attacks. His harass could either be Thundering Shuriken Electrical Surge, or Electrical Surge's passive, and Electrical Surge. If he goes aggressive, expect him to Lightning Rush and run into you, Thundering Shriken then Electrical Surge or something similar (there are multiple combos Kennen can do). He will also use Slicing Maelstrom if he's level 6. Some Kennens may shove the lane at you by Lightning Rush through the creep wave, then Electrical Surge at the ladder levels. If he wants to escape expect him to Lightning Rush away.

What to do: Kennen's biggest weakness is his lack of natural sustain. Some Kennens may buy an early Hextech Revolver for spell vamp to make up for that. So you would have to shut down Kennen in the early levels. Keep harrasing him with Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine. Also, stay behind the minions to not get hit by a Thundering Shuriken (unless you can dodge it). If he uses Lightning Rush to you, Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine him Omen of War ready and run. If he hits you, you can use it on him to trade back, but preferably he doesn't deal any damage to you in the first place. If he begins to shove the lane, try to stop it, as it would cause you many problems such as having to either tank the minions or get pushed to the turret, and the fact that he'll be outfarming you. Go very aggressive, even using Omen of War and auto attacking him if he does it.

Additional Notes:
  • Kennen is very strong in teamfights, due to his AoE damage and stuns.
  • Kennen is devastating to champions with channeled abilities, such as Fiddlesticks' Drain, as it'll be impossible to use it in teamfights
  • His only escape is Lightning Rush.


Most top laners are scared to lane against a Darius. This is because at level 6, if you do a mistake, Darius could burst you down quickly with his Noxian Guillotine. However, Darius has no sustain and all his abilities are short ranged. This lane requires some practice in order to counter. Your first few times laning against a Darius might be a hard one.

What to expect: Expect Darius to play safe and not go for a kill until level 6, as it'll be a lot easier to get a kill when he has Noxian Guillotine. He may use his Decimate to farm/harass in early levels. By level 6, he will Apprehend, autoattack (some Dariuses may do this to increase DPS), Crippling Strike, Decimate then either chase or wait for the cooldowns to refresh then repeat. If he chases and goes for the kill, he will continue autoattacking until you are low enough and there's enough stacks of Hemorrhage to finish you off with Noxian Guillotine.

What to do: The most important thing when laning against a Darius is to know when to play passively. If you are low (below 1/3 health), simply Omen of Famine a minion, to get some health back, as it is to dangerous to use it on Darius. Try to shut him down at his early levels by constantly harassing him. Once he reaches level 6, try to harass him while stay as far away as you can. If he apprehends you, Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine him then run, unless you think you can duel him. It is only safe to duel him if you have at least double his health before you summon the ghouls.

Additional Notes:
Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a pretty easy lane. However, he arguably one of the safest/hardest to gank top laner. This is because he has 3 escapes in addition to Flash should he get it. He is also very good at juking, and can be very annoying trying to kill.

What to expect: Lee Sin's harass will be something similar to Sonic Wave to you, Tempest, then Safeguard to a minion. He will use Safeguard in order to shield some ghoul damage. If he is zoned, he may simply use Sonic Wave to last hit. If he wants to go aggressive, he may use his combo at you, but, instead of Safeguarding to a minion, he will Dragon's Rage you, then Safeguard himself. He also have numerous escapes combos, but the most common one is just Safeguard to a minion. He may also activate Safeguard to sustain.

What to do: Harass Lee Sin constantly, but try to harass him when his Safeguard is on cooldown so he can't lifesteal and shield your ghouls. If he uses his harassing combo, try to use your Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine combo as fast as you can before he Safeguards. Once he's zoned, try to block all his Sonic Waves if you're ahead and you're not in a high elo game. The reason why you would want to do that is that mid-low elo players are greedy. Once Lee Sin lands a Sonic Wave they will be tempted to use it again, and bringing him to you. If you're ahead, this is very good, as you can Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine and outtrade him.

Additional Notes:
  • Don't dive Lee Sin unless everything he has is on cooldown or you're very ahead. His escaping abilities will make it very difficult
  • His only sustain is lifesteal from Safeguard
  • He deals virtually exclusive physical damage


Common Misconception: Trundle counters Yorick. People think Trundle counters him because of his passive. However, Decompose, Trundle's passive, sustains very little health. It heals 2-6% of the ghoul's max health. The ghoul's max health is 35% of Yorick's max health. That means Trundle heals 0.7%-2.1% of Yorick's max health. That's basicly 7 health from each ghoul at level 1. Trundle can regain that same amount of health passively in 2 seconds.

What to expect: If Trundle plays passive, expect him to farm and Rabid Bite you if you're too close. He's going to expect that his passive Decompose will sustain your harass. Once he plays aggressive, expect him to Contaminate the ground, use Pillar of Filth to trap you, then Rabid Bite and autoattack you to deal damage. He may use Agony if it's up somewhere during the combo.

What to do:Keep harassing him with Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine. If he gets into melee range use Omen of Famine Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine then run. Try to keep him away from the minion line if he's zoned, as he will regenerate health if he's close to it. If he sues Agony on you, play passive until it wears off, as he'll have an advantage from the armor/magic resist stolen.

Additional Notes:
  • Aside from Agony, he deals purely physical damage
  • If you want to be aggressive, try to duel outside his Contaminate.


Zed's a harasser who can go all in and burst someone down. He's and an assassin and fairly strong top laner, however, lacks sustain.

What to expect: In the early levels, expect him to harass you simply with Razor Shuriken. He may also harass using Living Shadow Shadow Slash Razor Shuriken, or something similar. If he becomes denied, he may choose to simply wave clear with the combo stated above. After level 6, if he decides to go aggressive, he will use Death Mark on you, then Living Shadow Shadow Slash Razor Shuriken and continue to autoattack you (and use the Contempt for the Weak proc), until you're dead.

What to do: Keep moving to dodge his harass. Also, harass him whenever you find the chance, as he has no sustain. Be careful when you're below half health, as he can easily execute you. If he uses Death Mark on you, Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine away, as he will deal significantly more damage to you while you're marked. If your jungler wants to gank, try to bait out his Living Shadow, as it's his only gap closer and has a very long cooldown.

Additional Notes:
[*] Death Mark deals delayed damage
[*]Zed deals purely physical damage
[*]He has no sustain

Rengar is a champion with a big amount of burst damage, especially early game. His sustain is also amazing.

What to expect: Rengar can play this 2 ways. He can go either very aggressive, or simply harass with Bola Strike and try to outsustain your harass with Battle Roar. If he chooses to go aggressive, he may sit in a brush, and leap to you with Unseen Predator. He will then use Bola Strike Battle Roar Savagery, with either Bola Strike or Savagery being empowered (depends on the player's preference). If he's denied farm, he will autoattack your ghouls to gain ferocity. If he wishes to escape or in some cases, finish you off, he will use Thrill of the Hunt.

What to do: After level 6, I recommend you buy a Vision Ward to ensure that Rengar does not escape if you're going to kill him. If he's in a brush, use Omen of Pestilence to gain vision, then Omen of Famine for harassment if you think it's safe ( Omen of Pestilence's range is slightly larger then Unseen Predator due to it being AoE). If you simply use Omen of Pestilence, Rengar can not jump onto you. Try to push Rengar away from any minions, even if they are now low enough to be last-hitted, as he will gain ferocity.

Additional Notes:
[*] Rengar has no sustain if he is not able to gain ferocity
[*] Rengar can only gain ferocity near minions on his opponent's team
[*]The stealth from Thrill of the Hunt can be delayed by damaging him


Elise is similar to Jayce except that she mainly deals magic damage.

What to expect: Expect Elise to initially harass with Neurotoxin and Volatile Spiderling (she can always wave clear with this) with this possibility of Cocoon. If Elise wishes to go aggressive, she will do something similar to Nerutotoxin -> Cocoon -> Volatile Spiderling -> Spiderform -> Rappel (if needed) -> Skittering Frenzy -> Venomous Bite. She will also use Rappel to escape to a minion or during a tower dive.

What to do: Constantly harass Elise, as you will out harass her. If she goes aggressive, simply Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine her then leave, as with her spiderlings, she will out duel you. If you choose to towerdive Elise, ensure that you have enough health to tank 2 seconds worth of tower damage + the damage you would already of taken, as she will use Rappel.

Additional Notes:
[*] Rappel has a long cooldown, if you force it, she has no escapes
[*] Elise has no sustain
[*] Elise deals most of her damage of a % of current/missing health

Hard Lanes / Soft Counters

If you find yourself facing against any of these champions, don't be worried. You will usually have a slight advantage or be equal in lane. These champions are champions who can out-play you or ignore your harass if played right, however they would usually require to be highly skilled (I'm talking about 1600+ elo) to counter you. Lane against these opponents with care, and don't play aggressive if you think they're out-playing you in trades. If you are a high elo player, play passively, as they will out-play Yorick.

Many people believe that Riven is a hard counter to Yorick. However, hard counter implies that Riven will most likely win the lane by having a better kill/death and more farm by the end or laning phase. This may be true in higher elo, however, in mid-low elo (1500 and under), they are even. Riven will win lane if she goes all-in aggressive and out-play Yorick. Yorick will win if Riven plays passive, or if Riven does not out-play Yorick.

What to expect: A common Riven hit and run combo is Valor to the enemy ( Yorick), then autoattack and a Ki Burst immediately afterwards, another auto attack, then Broken Wings to escape. However, other Rivens may do numerous of other combos. If she uses the combo stated above, Riven will not win lane unless she outplays you. This is because she is merely harassing you, assuming that she is even ever in range to hit Valor to you (which you shouldn't , as your abilities greatly out-ranges her). Essentially, her Broken Burst can either be used as an escape, wave clear, or damage (in addition to autoattacks from Runic Blade's proc). Ki Burst is used as either a harass or to stun you while she deals damage. Valor would used as a gap closer to you and not take damage, to shield ghoul damage, or to escape. If Riven activates Blade of the Exile, it is a sign that she wants to go aggressive, and you should avoid her unless you can absolutely kill her.

What to do: If Riven uses her Valor Ki Burst hit and run combo, wait for Valor to wear off, then harass her back. You should out-trade her, as your ghouls would deal more damage, and you heal half or more of the damage she deals. If she Valor Ki Burst and continues attacking you, Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine her and run, regardless if she has a shield. She would be unable to catch up to you. Also, Riven is melee, so if you consistently out-trade her, she will be zoned and will be easy to deny farm. They key thing to keep in mind is to stay as far away from Riven as you can. In exception to Wind Slash, she has no ranged abilities. Also, if you are low (below 1/4 hp), go back, as her burst damage is powerful.

Additional Notes:
  • Be careful if you dive Riven. She has 4 gap closers without including Flash, an AoE stun, and Wind Slash which can finish you off if you get outplayed.
  • Riven has no natural sustain
  • Riven deals purely physical damage

Renekton is a very tricky lane. He has 2 gap closers, making it hard to escape/kite/avoid him. His sustain from Cull the Meek is also powerful. His burst damage is also amazing and can kill you if you misplay. Finally, his Dominus makes him extremely hard to kill and can turn the tide of duels. However, this is not an impossible lane, as he is all melee. If you beat him in early levels, you can easily deny him for the rest of laning phase.

What to expect: Expect him to auto attack at early levels and use Cull the Meek if he is low. If he wants to be aggressive (and he most likely will), he will Slice and Dice to you, Ruthless Predator and then Cull the Meek. He will be more likely to go aggressive when he is above half fury. If he wants to go for the kill or is in a duel, he will go aggressive and use Dominus.

What to do: Try to avoid him as much as you can early on, however, if he does get to melee range, use the Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine combo then run to avoid as much damage as you can. His Slice and Dice cooldown is around double your Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine combo, so harass him every time it's up so he'll think twice before trading against you. If he's low, be careful if he has Dominus. NEVER dive Renekton alone unless you are cetain he does not have Dominus. If you begin to lose the lane and lose trades, farm with your ghouls if he's not zoning you. If he is, wait for the turret to push, then farm. He would have to go into turret range in order to harass you. If you're winning, zone him completely away from the minions. His only sustain would be to Cull the Meek your ghouls, which would heal him very little.

Additional Notes:
  • He deals nearly entirely physical damage
  • His Slice and Dice can gap close up to 900 range. In contrast, Omen of Pestilence is 600 range
  • His sustain scales off how much damage [[Cull the Meek] deals. If there are less minions around him, he will heal less.
Xin Zhao

This man's early game is scary. He is an all-in champ. He jumps in the middle of your team and just assassins whoever he wants. Be especially careful in this lane, because if you give him a kill, he'll snowball like crazy.

What to expect: Expect him to start by autoattacking minions. If he decides to go to aggressive, he'll Audacious Charge to you, Three Talon Strike while he Battle Cry and autoattack to finish you off. He may add in a Crescent Sweep somewhere in there as well. He'll do the same in teamfights but to your AD carry.

What to do:If he jumps at you Omen of Pestilence then run. You do not want him to land auto attacks. Once he's a good distance away Omen of Famine. If you're ahead, then do the full Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine. Try to bait ganks from him, because his biggest weakness is his lack of escapes. Keep harassing him, his sustain is weak.

Additional Notes:
  • He's an all in champion. He either gets the kill or gets killed
  • Very easy to bait
  • Is a anti-carry late game, he'll assassin your AD carry


Jayce is naturally a very hard person to lane against. He is arguable one of the strongest top laners there is. He is very versatile, as he can be ranged and melee. He has a very strong harass, escape, hit and run burst, crowd control, wave clear, and damage in addition to being able to attack from a range. However, what he is missing is sustain, which is essential to beat a Yorick lane. This lane will be very tricky, but you can win it if you play carefully and not get out-played.

What to expect: Jayce has two main harass combos. The first one, Acceleration Gate and Shock Blast through it, is harder to hit/ easier to dodge, but is safer for him. There is also the To The Skies! Thundering Blow which will deal a significant amount of burst damage, but is more dangerous for him to do. As for Lighting Field and Hyper Charge, don't expect Jayce to use it unless he's in a duel or pushing. Expect him to simply harass with the combos and/or auto attacks, and farm from a range.

What to do: The key thing is to spam ghouls at Jayce. Sustain is his only weakness and you would want to exploit it. Try to avoid the Acceleration Gate Shock Blast combo and stay out of his auto attack range. If he uses To The Skies! Thundering Blow, use your Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine combo. The deciding factor in this lane is who can out-trade each other. If you begin to lose the lane, farm with your ghouls and request a gank. Once your jungler/mid laner is there, bait his To The Skies! Thundering Blow then attack him

Additional Notes:

Many people believe Cho'Gath counters Yorick. This is true (As a soft counter) in some playstyles of Cho'Gath. However, they would need to last hit your ghouls, and build AP (in order to 1 shot the creep wave) in order to counter. If Cho'Gath plays AP-farmfest, there's really nothing to tell you except go aggressive early and avoid Rupture. Apart from that, if you are facing an AP Cho'Gath that is completely ignoring you, treat him as a tank Cho'Gath except for the fact that it's going to be harder and more dangerous. Luckily, most people play tank Cho'Gath, so, I'm going to focus on how to lane against him.

What to expect: Expect him to try to ignore you and out-sustain your harass with Carnivore. He may to either decide to go aggressive and try to Rupture Feral Scream combo you. Or, he can play passive and just farm with it and out-sustain you harass. At level 6, expect him to Feast about every minute to grow bigger and tankier. If he decides to be aggressive (especially against AP Cho'Gath), expect him to Rupture Feral Scream] and [[Feast you (which deals tons of damage if he's AP).

What to do: When facing both tank and AP Cho'Gath your job is to ensure that you deal enough damage that he can no longer ignore you. When facing AP Cho'Gath focus on setting him behind early game, as he would not be able to 1 shot the minion wave yet. If he's still ignoring you, try to go into melee range and autoattack Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine. If AP Cho'Gath reaches a point where it can basicly 1 shot the entire minion wave, focus on counter-pushing rather than going aggressive. Once tank Cho'Gath reaches a Godzilla status with 6 stacks, it would be extremely difficult to damage him significantly, so wait until your jungler ganks.

Additional Notes:
  • Focus on denying Cho'Gath early game, as it's going to be difficult to stop him mid game.
  • Even though you should be going aggressive in order to stop him from farming, keep in mind that Cho'Gath has a lot of burst (especially if he goes AP)
  • Be careful when you're low around Cho'Gath. Both tank and AP Cho'Gath has a surprisingly large amount of burst damage just from Feast (It has the same base damage as a fully stacked Darius' Noxian Guillotine).
  • An early gank from your jungler may be the best way to set him behind and win the lane,


Udyr only kind of counters you if he goes Turtle Udyr (maxes and spams Turtle Stance. This is because if he spams Turtle Stance and maxes it first, he will have a shield every 6 seconds that would absorb around half your ghoul damage. He will also have something like a combination lifesteal and spell vamp from his ability damage, which will essentially heal him for the rest of the damage you deal. Harassing Turtle Udyr is futile.

What to expect: IMPORTANT: THIS ONLY APPLIES TO TURTLE Udyr. Expect Udyr to activate Turtle Stance if you harass him and ignore your ghouls. He will continue to autoattack the minions to regenerate health and farm his way to the end of laning phase. He will most likely play passively unless necessary, however, if he does go aggressive, expect him to Bear Stance to you, then either switch to Tiger Stance or Turtle Stance depending on what he believes is the best option. If he wants to shove the lane at you, he will use Phoenix Stance.

What to do: Before you jump to conclusions, first see if it's Turtle Stance Udyr or Tiger Stance Udyr. Wait a few levels and constantly harass. If his shield seems to absorb a significant amount of damage, it's Turtle Stance, otherwise, it's Tiger Stance. Against Turtle Stance Udyr: What is the best thing to do is dependent on your how much risk you are willing to take. You could play passive and simply make it a farm lane, which will be safe but Udyr will out-damage you late game. You could also play extremely aggressive, and try your chances on that. If you choose to play passive, just simply farm, dont waste mana on harassing (his sustain with Turtle Stance in incredible), and don't get killed. If you want to play high-risk high-reward, wait a few levels, then walk up to him, autoattack Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine then keep attacking him until he stops farming and counter attacks. Once he does this, run, and repeat. It is very risky, as Udyr has the potential to out trade you, however, if he maxes Turtle Stance, his DPS is dramatically reduced and you may be able to duel him.
Agaisnt Tiger Stance Udyr: If he's maxing Tiger Stance, consistently harass him and stay away from melee range. All his damage is from autoattacks, therefore, if he is not right next to you, he cannot deal damage. If he goes into Bear Stance, it means he wants to go aggressive, which in that case, you should run. Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine if he hits you and get to melee range. Should be easy to zone him due to his short range.

Additional Notes:
  • Udyr has a 1.5 second global cooldown on all his abilities
  • Udyr does not have any ranged abilities
  • He does not have an ultimate, and can level Pheonix Stance at level 1, unlike other champions who can only get their 4th abilities once per 5 levels.

I used to believe that Nunu was an absolute counter to Yorick, due to the fact that he can out-harass and out-sustain Yorick, that no matter what you do, it is impossible to win lane. I would choose Nunu top to counter a Yorick. But then, one ranked game in 1400 elo, a Yorick showed me how to counter that. It involves playing with a completely different playstyle and build, and it may sound not viable, but it works.

What to expect: Expect him to auto attack minions in order to get his passive, Visionary, up to cast a free spell. Once it is up, he will most likely Ice Blast you. If he is in need of health, he will Consume a minion or your ghoul. If he want to be aggresive, he may either Ice Blast Absolute Zero if you are low, or Absolute Zero in a brush, then Ice Blast.

What to do: If you want to win a Nunu lane, play like a Xin Zhao. Wait till Nunu uses his Ice Blast, then wait for the slow to end. Once it does, as Nunu would most likely be farming in melee range, go up to him, use Omen of War Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine and continue autoattacking him. You should be able to out-trade him. To continue to do it, you should build damage items, such as a The Brutalizer sometimes even before Tear of the Goddess. Just remember that this is only in the special case of a Nunu top, and if you try this against any other top laner such as Irelia, they will out-trade you. However, by building damage, you're sacrificing you're late game as Yorick scales very poorly with AD.

Additional Notes:

  • Nunu is terrible at farming, as he is built Ability Power, his Consume has a giant cooldown, and his Ice Blast would probably used to harass instead in farming
  • If you're near a brush and you're slowed for no reason at all, run away from the brush, or even Flash, because there's a Nunu chanelling Absolute Zero and you don't want to be near it.
  • If you think your can consistently get to melee range, max Omen of War 2nd, or even first.

Guide Top

2v1 Lane

Yorick is one of the best 2v1 laner in game. It's why he was one of the most pick/banned champs back when a 2v1 lane swap strategy was popular in MLG. But there's a lot of thing you have to master in order to sucessfuly 2v1, here are some.

When and Why?

There are many situations where a 2v1 lane swap would work out to your favour:

Getting the late game AD carry farmed

In a normal lane, a late game hyper-carry such as Vayne or Kog'Maw has bad early game. But if they manage to get gold and make it into late game, they literally 3 shot everybody. In a 2v1 lane, they get free farm and can get that farm without worrying about their horrible early game.

Aggresive fast push strategy

You're most likely going to do this when your in a premade. Essentially, this strategy is if you want to get all 3 outer turrets in a short amount of time. This can be risky, and backfire. Explaining how this strategy works is a guide in it's own. But if you want to know how to do it, watch streams of teams like CLG NA.

Early game top laner

If they enemy laner is a top laner that is scary and snowballs hard, putting them in a 2v1 lane makes their ability to farm or get kills becomes almost impossible (unless your duo lane is bad). Of course, Yorick would win most of the lanes either ways, but its easier to deny them gold by putting them agaisnt 2 enemies. It can also be used for champions who might be difficult to lane agaisnt as Yorick (such as Riven or Xin Zhao).

Knowing your opponent

There are many things you have to expect in a 2v1 lane, and how to react to it. Usually, you look at the support, not the AD carry, to choose how you would play:


These supports include: Taric Leona Blitzcrank Alistar

These supports job is to set up kills for you. This lane can go either two ways: Horribly wrong or Amazingly great. ALWAYS remember what their ranges on their spells are. A Blitzcrank Rocket Grab at level 1 can result in a First Blood. Keep in mind to constantly harass them. With a support like them, they're going to eventually want to dive you. However, if you get them low, they'll either not dive you, or dive you and you ending up getting a kill. And except for Taric, they don't have any natural healing abilities. Also, don't be afraid to go aggresive. In a 2v1 lane, the AD carry usually become cocky and thinks you cant kill them. They'll stay in lane even with 100 HP. If you see that you can get a kill without getting killed, go for it.


These supports include: Soraka Sona Taric Karma

When facing these supports, focus less on harassing them, and more on trying to last it. The support would be able to heal any damage you deal on them. Also, they would be less aggressive,
and therefore less of a threat. Remember to use your Omen of Famine on a champion, because you sustain more.


These supports include: Lulu Sona Nunu Galio Zilean

This would be the easiest lane for you. Your sustain from Omen of Famine would usually keep you at full health from any poke they deal. And in exception to Sona, they have no healing abilities to recover from your harass. In this lane, constantly harass them everytime they poke. You'll heal any health you lost, and they'll lose health and be unable to regain it quickly. Remember to go for the kill if they're low enough.

Lane control and going back

Lane Control

Like a solo lane, you would want to freeze the lane. However, you now want to freeze the lane to make it more difficult to dive you, not so your lane would be pushed back. If you see that there is a significant amount of minions more on their side than on your side, use your ghouls to push. As it's a 2v1 lane, your lane will probably be always pushed to your turret. The only time you would want to push to their turret is if they're roaming.

Going back

Sometimes, you're just going to have to let the turret fall or go back. Here's some situations where it would be smart to retreat:
  • Turret is < 10% HP and your lane is pushed
  • You see a 4 man gank coming (chances are low you're going to live)
  • They can dive you (usually less than 25% HP)


There's only 2 situations where you should last hit with auto attacks:

1.Under a turret

Unless they're diving you, it would be safe to farm under it. To last hit under a turret keep this in mind:

Melee minions:
It takes 2 turret shots and 1 auto attack to kill it. That means to last hit it successfully, its best to let 2 turret shots hit it, then auto attack it.

Ranged minions:
It takes 1 turret shot and 2 auto attacks to kill it. That means if you want to last hit it, hit it once, let a turret shot hit it, then hit it again. Your attack speed is not fast enough to hit it twice before another turret shot hits it.

2.When they can't duel you

If you manage to get them low enough where they're not certain they can kill you in a duel, it is safe to farm. That happens if you have at least 2 times more health than them. If they try to attack you, then use the [Omen of Pestilence] [Omen of Famine] combo. If they try to duel you, kill him. Also, if their support or AD carry left the lane, it is always safe to farm (remember to use Sight Wards though in case of ganks)

Protecting the Turret

Especially in higher elo 5v5 ranked, the enemy duo lane may try to shove the lane at you and try to get the turret before your team does. Why Yorick is an amazing 2v1 laner is the because Yorick can still do alot of harass safely, and forcing the enemy AD carry away. If the enemy AD carry is pushing your turret, use Omen of Pestilence on him and the nearby enemy minions (to push back), and Omen of Famine him. If it doesn't force the AD carry back, and you think it's safe to do so, go up to him and use Omen of War (if he's under turret range). The amount of damage from all 3 ghouls attacking him should force him away.

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In teamfights Yorick can either do 2 things: protect the AD carry or kill a target. Note: Unlike many tanks, Yorick does not have any initiation abilities (such as Malphite's Unstoppable Force).

Protecting the AD carry

When and Why?

You would want to protect the AD carry in the following situations:
  • Your AD carry is fed
  • Your AD carry is being heavily focused/bursted down
  • Your AD carry is a late game carry (such as Vayne Kog'Maw)

You would want to protect your AD carry because in teamfights, especially late game, the AD carry is the most vital person in the team. They deal the most sustained damage out of everybody (excluding champions such as Master Yi or Tryndamere). If your AD carry dies as soon as the teamfight begins, chances are you're going to lose it.

What to do

1. Clone the AD Carry with Omen of Death as soon as you're 100% certain the teamfight has started (Don't waste it)
2. Control the clone to attack a target (use Alt + Click the target). The target should be either the person who is the most direct threat to the AD carry (Ex. a Jax who used his Leap Strike on him). If there is no direct threat, use it to attack the enemy AD carry.
3. Spam your Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine combo on the target (use Omen of War if possible)
4. Autoattack the target, then repeat step 3 when possible.

Killing a target

When and Why?

You would want to kill the target rather than protect your AD carry if:
  • The enemy team is not heavily focusing the AD carry
  • Your AD carry is not constantly being the first to die in teamfights
  • The teamfight is happening in the early/mid game (where AD Bruisers outdamage AD carries)
  • The AD carry is extremely difficult to kill (Ex. He has a Guardian Angel, a Zilean with Chronoshift,or has a big gap closer such as Tristana's Rocket Jump)
  • The AD carry is not worth protecting (deals no damage, has no items)
  • Extremely fed enemy target who is literally single handedly winning the teamfight, and is killable

What to do

1.Select the Target:
Ask youself these questions
  • How much of an impact does the target have on the teamfight?
  • How much sustained damage does the target deal?
  • How easy is it to kill him?
    If you can't decide who to pick, just target the AD carry, as the AD carry is usually the best target.
2. Clone the biggest damage dealer only with autoattacks (usually an AD carry, but can be the AD bruiser if you have someone like a fed Xin Zhao or Tryndamere)
3. Use the clone to attack the target (Alt+Click them), you'll be shocked on how much damage the clone deals.
4. Use your Omen of Pestilence Omen of Famine combo on the target
5. Get in melee range of the target then use Omen of War and autoattack him
*Note: If you cannot get into melee range in a reasonably short period of time or safely, pick another target.