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Elise Build Guide by Dannala


Elise In Depth All Around Guide

By Dannala | Updated on April 25, 2020
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Runes: AP Assassin

1 2 3 4 5
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Default Laner
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Jungle Role
Ranked #24 in
Jungle Role
Win 50%
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Champion Build Guide

Elise In Depth All Around Guide

By Dannala

Chapter List:

____How to play:

Frequently used acronyms and phrases withing League of Legends and this guide as a whole.

TL;DR I wanna try her!
It's for anyone who just plans on trying her and wants the quickest most basic info!

Greetings and welcomes.

Elise Summary Video
A quick video summarizing what her kit is capable of.

Pros n Cons tl;dr
The short list of where, and where not, Elise excels.

Pros n Cons advanced
Explanations to what each pro and con actually mean.

Abilities and their uses:
    Passive: Spider Queen

    Ultimate: Human Form / Spider Form

    Human Q, Spider Q

    Human W, Spider W

    Human E, Spider E
Rappel Interactions
Rappel Usage with a Targets and Interactions List

Utilizing Spiderlings
Some base information along with tips and tricks to get the most out of your pets.

A quick list of Elise' combos.

____Laning Phases and Lanes:

Laning Top
How to handle tanky opponents and the general top flow.

Laning Mid
Utilizing her burst to beat squishier targets and the life in mid.

Jungle Pathing
Very simple pathing guide for the first clear and the options within.

Ganks, Towerdiving and Tips
Tips on ganking and towerdiving.

Mid Game
Continuing the game after laning phase ends.

Late Game
A few approaches to end a game or stall for more time to turn it around when behind.

____Building the spider:

Checking out runes and why they are good or bad for Elise as well as implementing them into builds. Basic until preseason.

Peeking into Summoners and their potential usage.

Looking into the different builds, more details on Mage/Tank Killer and what items are good/bad for Elise. Basic until preseason.

Ending Words
Thank yous and goodbyes.

Shortcut: CTRL+F the bold chapter titles, the spells (Human Q or Passive:) or click on the chapter links on right side.
Terminology Back to Top

CC = Crowd Control

There is hard CC, that removes control of your champion and their channeling such as charms, knock backs and silences.
Then there is soft CC, which mostly slows or softly hampers your actions such as silences and blinds.

Stuns, silences, fears, charms, pacify, snares, roots, knock backs/ups, suppressions and are hard CC.
Slows, blinds, nearsights and groundings. are soft CC.
(The exact definition of hard and soft cc may vary)

CD = Cooldown

The time it takes for you to be able to use your abilities again.

CS = Creep Score

Whenever you kill a minion or jungle creep you gain CS. Champion created minions don't count, such as Elise spiderlings. This is the main source of income.

AA = Auto Attack

Also refered to as Basic Attack which refers to when you right click and hit an enemy.

Q, W, E, R are your base spells and in this guide it will mostly refer to leveling up sequences.

And these will mostly be used in Combos.
HQ = Human Q
HW = Human W
HE = Human E
HR = Human R
SQ = Spider Q
SW = Spider W
SE = Spider E
SR = Spider R
TL;DR I wanna try her! Back to Top

So just starting and wanna try this free week lady?
Your champ of choice got banned/picked in draft?
Just got a shard and thought 'oh heck why not'?
Too tired or rushed to read an essay?

Welcome, here's the super basic information on Elise!

Human Spells = HQ/HW/HE
Spider Spells = SQ/SW/SE

Main Spell Ultimate : Let's you switch between spider and human form granting you a total of 6 different spells and some underlings to fight for you while in spider form.
Passive : Landing spells while human gives you spiders and makes you hit for AP dmg in spider form.

HQ : An on click % AP projectile, more health more damage.
SQ : An on click % AP mini hop, less health more damage.

HW : An AP spider that runs up and explodes AND follows SQ.
SW : Attack speed boost.

HE : Skill shot vision granting stun.
SE : Click on ground to jump up, untargetable. Click on a target to land or quick jump.

RUNES and general build:
Option one, pick the default Domination rune page.
Option two, pick according to role.

Laning Top: Take #4: AP Bruiser/Tank and go tanky items, armor, magic resist, health, some AP if you want.

Laning Mid: Take #3: AP Assassin, stack AP and some HP.

Jungling: Take #3 but change secondary to Sorcery with Waterwalking and Gathering Storm .

Supporting your friend: Same as Laning Top or Mid, depends on how you play.

Simple Combo:
HE -> HQ -> HW -> R -> SQ -> SW
-> -> -> -> ->

Recommended: Checking out the Elise Summary Video chapter for a quick look at her kit and potential in action.

Good luck and have fun!
Introduction Back to Top

Hello and welcome to my spider guide. Some generic backstory; I've played Elise top and jungle since her release, have reached high plat/low diamond a few times through inconsistent play. I'm making this guide as I've never really seen Elise top since S3 besides when I play it and it makes me sad, but I also wanna spread the good word of the Spider Queen.

A lot of people argue there are better picks for the job or that she's best suited in the jungle etc, which isn't really true and I believe she has a lot of untapped potential that most people overlook. I will admit I have not had enough time to make it as fancy as I wish and preseason is around the corner or filled in all match ups but I'll work hard to improve and provide the best I can for this guide, and gimmicky role, to become something great.

This is an extremely in depth guide and initially will look a bit primitive for the time being but hopefully I'll learn how to make it look more proper and easier to browse with banners and more visible keywords in the future. I will be sure to keep this as up to date as I can through the coming preseason and season 10.
Elise Summary Video Back to Top

This clip is from Season 3 and thusly very old, however I feel that it highlights what she excels at perfectly well.
High mobility, quick picks, Rappel to dodge spells and monster jumping, as well as the Cocoon for vision, kinda.
Pros n Cons tl;dr Back to Top

Here is quick list of Elise' pros and cons, followed by a more detailed description of the aforementioned attributes of her kit.


+ High peak adaptability
+ High early game dmg; snowball potential
+ Great tower diving potential
+ Great pushing potential
+ Good Mobility
+ Good sustain
+ A lot of % damage


- Very squishy early game
- Vulnerable to cc burst
- Falls off late game
Pros n Cons advanced Back to Top


We will get into this more in detail later on but to summarize she has a very flexible kit, even though most players focus on her high burst AP assassin parts there is still plenty of approaches to her diverse kit than meets the eye.

With her % damage and spiderlings she will do pretty good damage even when building tank items, her high attack speed can be utilized with on hit items and split pushing, and her human forms range and wave clear is usually put in shade by her spider forms combined pressure and mobility.


As stated, her kit has rather high damage output early on in the game, play your cards right and you can become a killing machine eating towers and champions alike.


With Elise' Cocoon and initial damage combo diving under the tower for a kill can be fairly easy. Combine this with her Rappel which does 3 things when interacting with enemy towers it's nearly unrivaled: Reset tower aggro, neglects mid air tower shots when cast and makes tower aggro spiderlings when landing if no other priority target is nearby.


Elise and her spiderlings have pretty decent damage on their auto attacks in spider form which increases with AP. Adding the incredible attack speed boost for both her and her spiderlings using her Skittering Frenzy (SW) she can melt towers incredibly fast. Her wave clear is pretty decent as well.


Her movement speed is low in human form and decent in spider form, utilizing her Venomous Bite and Rappel to jump to enemy champions as a gap closer or towards enemy minions as an escape.


Spider Form heals with every basic attack and using Skittering Frenzy further compliments this.


If you fall behind or build tanky the % damage from Neurotoxin and Venomous Bite will ensure that you still provide some damage to the fights. And if you're ahead it further helps you destroy healthier targets.


Early on in the game Elise has trading and poking potential, but if she gets all inned, ganked or stunned at a bad time she will take a heap ton of damage.


Much like the previous point, get stunned life's shunned. If your Rappel is down or just exited spider form and get caught you're most likely dead without tank items. Roots mess her up as well as Venomous Bite and Rappel are uncastable when rooted and being unable to swap form at a crucial time from cc can spell your doom.


This isn't as true anymore as her AP ratios have been recently increased, however this is a part where her % damage acts against her where as high priority glass canons will take less damage from it than the beefy tanks.
Abilities and their uses Back to Top

Passive: Spider Queen

In Human Form

Upon landing a spell she creates a dormant spiderling, stacking up to 2/3/4/5.

In Spider Form

Each basic attack deals 10/20/30/40 (+30% AP) bonus magic damage and heals her for 4/6/8/10 (+ 10% AP).

Tips and tricks:

This passive is pretty straightforward, it gives spiders on Human Form spells hit and damage/lifesteal on Spider Form auto attacks, both which increases each time you level up your R. Spiderlings awaken when Elise turns into a spider through her HR.

Try to keep an eye on the number of your Spider Swarm buff to try to keep it maxed without wasting too much mana. If you trade a lot they might die to AoE or minions. Spiderlings are great for tanking towers, camps, minions and skill shots as well as deal a large amount of damage. Rarely happens that someone missclicks one of your Spiderlings with a basic or spell.

When hurt it's good to do as much CS and farm in spider form as possible to utilize the life steal, when caught it might sometimes be better to auto attack as much as possible until your Rappel comes up to survive rather than straight up running away and get slapped down while running. Spiderlings do not heal you on auto attacks without Gunblade


Ultimate: Human Form / Spider Form

In Human Form

Spider Form (HR) changes Elise into a spider, giving her access to her spider form spell variants, limiting her to melee attack range but in turn gain flat 25 movement speed and awaken any dormant spiderling.

In Spider Form

Human Form (SR) returns Elise to her human shape, giving her access to her human spell variants while granting her 425 attack range but losing 25 flat movement speed and her spiderlings go dormant.

Tips and tricks:

Balancing when to be in Human Form and Spider Form's is the bread and butter of mastering Elise. Utilizing the Human Form range and Spider Form's life steal is vital to trade, poke and zone your melee opponents, all the while keeping your health high enough to dive or survive fights with junglers.

Remember to always travel in Spider Form's because of the increased movement speed and to switch into Human Form whenever you think you will be needing the Cocoon or Volatile Spiderling .
Spider Form's spells don't cost mana so even if oom you can dish out some hurt against enemies getting too cocky.


Human Q: Neurotoxin

In Human Form

Elise spits poison at her target, on click, dealing magic damage equal to 40/75/110/145/180 (+ 4% (+ 3% per 100 AP) of targets current health) with an increasing maximum bonus limit against monsters.

Tips and tricks:

Usually used first in a combo, or against high health targets to deal optimal amounts of damage. If you're gonna do a basic and Neurotoxin on a fleeing target it's best to start with the auto then animation cancel with Neurotoxin as the Q animation can't be cancelled by an auto.

The end delay of the Neurotoxin CAN however be cancelled if you cast Cocoon to save a few frames.

Spider Q: Venomous Bite

In Spider Form

Lunging at a target, on click, dealing magic damage equal to 70/110/150/190/230 (+ 8% (+ 3% per 100 AP) of targets missing health) with an increasing maximum bonus limit against monsters.

Tips and tricks:

While Elise' NeurotoxinNeurotoxin deals more damage to healthier targets, her Venomous Bite deals more to hurt targets, thus it's a good at helping execute a target. While it does a small leap and can hit through walls it will not carry Elise over said wall. Last, but certainly not least, whenever she uses Venomous Bite her Volatile Spiderling and normal Spiderlings will jump to and focus the target.

This can be used to 100% land a Volatile Spiderling but be careful so you don't make it jump and explode on the wrong target by casting Venomous Bite too soon. As for the normal Spiderlings this can be used mainly to change the direct focus of their onslaught or simply call them to you to tank spells.


Human W: Volatile Spiderling

In Human Form

Elise calls forth a "venom-gorged" spiderling that walks up to the target location, chasing nearest enemy and exploding on contact for 60/105/150/195/240 (+95% AP)

Tips and tricks:

The Volatile Spider will explode if something walks into it before it reaches its set destination, even mid air anything that makes contact will block it and trigger the explosion. Sending your Volatile Spider to walk next to minions but close enough to the target can help it reach a champion. Volatile Spiderling can also be animation canceled instantly.

You can send it away from minions and use your Venomous Bite to make it fly from a safe angle and make it 100% hit. Be warned, the Volatile Spiderling has a maximum range from where it will jump to your target, which is roughly your full Volatile Spider cast range and yellow trinket range in opposite directions. Good for checking bushes.
Volatile Spider will not expire while mid air.

Spider W: Skittering Frenzy

In Spider Form

Passive: Spiderlings gain 5/10/15/20/25 % bonus attack speed.
Active: Elise and her spiderlings gain 60/80/100/120/140 % attack speed.

Tips and tricks:

Pretty straight forward attack speed steroid, the buff only affects Elise and her Spiderlings while in spider form. It acts as an attack reset with it's own animation. Fun fact; Spiderlings basic attacks also reset on casting SW.


Human E: Cocoon

In Human Form

Elise throws out her web, hitting a target grants vision of them for 1 second and stuns them for 1.6/1.7/1.8/1.9/2 seconds.

Tips and tricks:

CC is always valuable and adding the vision onto the target makes following up much easier for everyone. Timing the cooldown to know when you can exit spider form for another combo or second stun is good practice.

Spider E: Rappel

In Spider Form

Tips and tricks:

There is a lot to say about Rappel so it might get its very own section later on, but for now;

Elise' Rappel is a very unique and versatile spell and it has a lot of uses people usually overlook.

Firstly: Rappel neglects any projectiles, basic attacks and spells targeted for her, even spells like Karthus' . Assuming you get into the air before the spell or basic lands you can neglect almost any damage that isn't over time.

Secondly: It's a great diving tool because it also resets aggro along with neglecting the tower shots mid air for a safe get away. Spiderlings which land within range will aggro the tower as long as no priority target is present.

Thirdly: It gives vision around itself when used, granting you easy access to targets across walls and in bushes. It does, however, not grant vision on invisible targets. This can be used not only to chase and escape, but also give vital information to allies or maybe enough time for , or similar to land an ultimate to catch or finish them off.


There are however also a few things to keep in mind when using Rappel.

oUnless you specify a target the Spiderlings will land where they went up, just like you will.
oLanding on a target gives you a small damage boost which may help secure a stranded kill.
oClicking a target with Rappel will make you instantly land on them, while hitting the ground will make you go up and wait until you either click a target or wait mid air until the allotted time runs out and then land where you started, miss clicking is easy when surrounded.
oIf within closer range than your max range, Elise will attempt to land behind her target, for better or for worse.
oWhen used inside a bush you are granted vision but others can not see you from outside.
Rappel Interactions Back to Top
Interesting spell interactions and Rappel targets.

Rappel Spell Interactions

Certain spells will last through your Rappel while others are completely neglected. Generally, if it's a target Channelled spell it will stay while any projectile will be neglected. Below are the most noteworthy ones.

Fiddlestick's Drain : It stays on you for the duration.
Nocturne's Unspeakable Horror : It stays on you and will fear you while still up unless he moves out of range. You can, however, still select a target and land while feared.
Urgot's Fear Beyond Death : While the first part won't be removed he can not cast his second part until you have landed.
Brand's Pyroclasm : You won't get hit, but it will continue to bounce.
Nautilus' Depth Charge : It will keep charging and hitting anyone in its path but you won't get hit unless you land too early.
Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole : Will be neglected, but will only go on full cooldown if it is mid-air.

List of targets you can/can't Rappel :

TL;DR The rule, with exceptions of structures, is "can you auto attack it?" then you can rappel to it.
Enemy Wards
Enemy Minions
Enemy Champions
All Jungle Creeps & Plants

Allied Wards
Allied Minions
Allied Champions

Jungle Camp Details:
Jungle Plants
Blue Buff

Dragon from across the north walls
Baron from across the south walls.
Gromp but not from across the far walls.
Red Buffs but won't reach from the thicker ends.
Rift Herald but can only reach over the front walls.

Champion Creations
Minions: Annie, Ivern, Malzahar, Neeko, Elise, Zac, Yorick (R as well), Shaco R
Zyra plants but not seeds Illaoi none R Tentacles and Heimerdinger Turrets.

Equipment: GP Barrels. A placed ZZrot and it's minions while not in the game exists in some rotating game modes.
Traps: Teemo Shroom, Shaco Box, Jhin Trap works if visible but will trigger upon landing.
Traps: Caitlyn, Jinx, Nidalee
Equipment: Katarina daggers, Shen's sword, Ziggs bombs, Thresh lantern, J4 flag.
Minions: Kled's escaping Skarl, Kindred's wolf, Zed's shadow clones, Azir's soldiers, Maokai saplings.

Walls: Anivia, Trundle, Taliyah, Ornn, Yasuo; can't be targeted, but can go over.
Cage: Camille's Ultimate will simply drag you to the middle if you try to go outside.

Spell List Version

A quick video showing Elise wall jumping in the jungle as well as some where you can't.
Utilizing Spiderlings Back to Top

Showcasing the various uses and gimmicks those little buggers can present in your time of need. A lot of people underestimate just how much they are capable of. I will be repeating some stuff from other chapters in here.

Elise is one of few summoner champions that utilize minions in her arsenal, some others being Malzahar, Yorick and Zyra. Her Spiderlings are summoned by landing your Neurotoxin , Volatile Spiderling and Cocoon abilities on any target.
This means that you can cast on Champions, minions, monsters and even Champion summoned units like Voidlings .

Auto Attacks

First things first, what do the Spiderlings auto attacks do.

They do:
Deal pure AP scaling Magic damage.
Proc on spell effects such as Rylai's and Liandry's each hit.

They do not:
Deal any Physical or AD scaling damage. is a liar.
Heal Elise without having either the runes
or a Gunblade purchased.
Proc any On-Hit effects such as Botrk or Wit's End etc.

When will they attack:

Spiderlings will gladly attack:
Nearby enemy Champions, prioritizing last hit target or someone hit by Venomous Bite .
Enemy minions within range even if you do not attack them, prioritizing your last hit target.

Will not attack:
Monster camps in range unless you attack them.
If you move too far away from their current target.

Noticeable Interactions:
If you are in a bush they will never attack, even if the enemy is in the bush with you, unless you are in combat.
They will NOT follow stop commands (S by default).


Using your Spiderlings to block skill shots and turret shots are a big part of Elise' kit that a lot of people overlook.
Starting with who gets the Turret Aggro in which scenario, each spiderling dies from 1 turret shot.

When all minions are dead and no allied champion or Elise already has aggro.
Same as above when landing with Rappel and no DOT such as Liandry's is active on an enemy Champion.
When they enter the tower range before Elise or minions (details below).

When Elise attacks an enemy with no allied champion with aggro.
When Spiderlings attack an enemy champion.
When all allied minions and spiderlings are dead.

To simplify, assuming you're not hitting an enemy champion, the tower priority will be Minions > Spiderlings > Elise.
In order to make your spiderlings take aggro first you need very precise movements at the edge of the turret range, alternatively have enemy minions under the turret which your spiderlings will attack. Not really worth learning.

Spell Blocking

While spiderlings are great for blocking single target skill shots there are a few things to keep in mind.
Firstly, they take a moment to spawn when changing into Spider Form , so don't wait too long or they will go right through.
Secondly they might also move in unpredictable ways so keep an eye on their movements.

Any spell that could be blocked by a minion can be blocked by a Spiderling . Some quick examples:
Dark Bindng
Rocket Grab
Mystic Shot

Won't block spells that go through minions like:
Ace in the Hole
Curtain Call

Be wary as they will also proc any extra target or minion effects on spells such as:
Ice Shard
Dancing Grenade
Combos Back to Top

In every combo on this list there is room for slinging in Basic/Auto Attacks for some extra damage, which might be more vital depending on your build. Rappel always depends on if you wish to avoid retaliation or to try finish them off, sometimes both at once.

Green AA = Can add into the combo
Red AA = Can add with enough Attack Speed

Default Combo

The one, the only, the spam all your spells. I've mentioned it occasionally in my guide, the default combo every Elise player has used at least once is very simple and trigger happy. However there's as mentioned always room to put in autos here and there, for example starting with an auto and ending with one. It will give the enemy a small heads up so if it's an ambush do the auto after the Cocoon .

-> -> -> -> -> ->
HE-> HQ -> HW-> HR -> SQ-> SW -> SE

Same with AA's weaved in
->AA-> -> ->AA-> -> ->AA-> ->
HE-> AA-> HQ-> HW-> AA-> R -> SQ -> AA-> SW -> SE

Few frames faster but less subtle
AA-> -> ->AA-> -> -> ->AA-> ->
AA-> HQ ->HE-> AA -> HW-> R -> SQ-> AA -> SW-> SE

Quicker Combos

Generally used for procing Electrocute or for a quick poke to be followed up by using Rappel to get out before they hit you back. They are generally the same concept but I'll give a small note for each one below the video.

Base Proc: Simple and fairly quick, it is sort of mana intense early on though.
AA-> ->AA

Double Q with Proc: A bit stronger than the base proc, but it leaves you melee range of your enemy if you don't have Rappel ready which is risky.
AA-> -> ->
AA-> HQ-> HR-> SQ

Human Proc: This combo doesn't force you to get too close or shapeshift. It does, however, cost more mana and run the risk of not procing if the spiderling misses or hits too slow.
HW-> AA-> HQ

Mana Combos

For example when playing AP Assassin it can be quite mana costly early on, so using these combos to proc electrocute quickly and without mana cost is one way, might let them hit you instead though.

Slow Bites: Simple secure combo, as long as you land the second Auto Attack fast enough. Again it's risky to get this close if your enemy has their spells ready.
AA-> -> ->AA

Fast Bites: It's faster but requires at least level 2. A lot of combos can skip an Basic Attack by using Skittering Frenzy .
AA-> -> ->
AA-> HR-> SQ-> SW

Triple Bites: Quickest combo which can proc electrocute. Requires you to already be close to execute it.
AA-> ->
AA-> SW-> SQ

Special Combo; Hextech Protobelt-01

This combo requires the you to purchase the Protobelt to fully complete. At || you are at risk of being retaliated against.
AA-> -> ->AA-> -> -> ->AA-> ||->AA->

Step By Step Protobelt Combo:

Can do another AA and use her Skittering Frenzy after to continue the onslaught.

Combo Alterations from full to simple practice

Laning Top Back to Top

Personal suggestion on Runes and Summoners:

Possible Alternatives:

In the top lane the runes, build and summoners heavily rely on your team set up and enemy match up. I recommend reading all varying play styles as everyone plays differently, mix and matching 2 play styles might be the right for you.

Sanguine Blade is not longer gamechanging. Using Skittering Frenzy with it can dish some quick damage to towers late game if you're desperate for some split pushing, however.

Lethal Tempo


Mainly go versus melee champions, but it can work against ranged if you're experienced.

Level 1 your main objective is to CS and to hit the enemy whenever he goes for CS with autos. Hitting them will trigger which will help you poke them down hard, but beware minions. Sometimes using Neurotoxin if you got a lot of mana but do not overuse it as the mana costs is noticable.

Using Venomous Bite is fine which will also make your Spiderlings jump to and hit them for some extra damage. As long as you won't take a lot of damage in retaliation doing so such as a Garen which could also potentially wipe out your Spiderlings you will be fine.

Level 2 generally go E for Cocoon to that you can avoid their engages or keep them pinned for your autos. If your opponent has very low early damage and mobility you can go W just to hurt them more with the synergy.
Other than that keep auto attacking to try bring them low and maybe zone them from CS while last hitting minions.

Level 3-5 the full combo is unlocked, huge power spike for Elise that very few champions can access, the 6 spell combo. The main reason I take on Elise top is because of how it synergies with her Default Combo. By the time you use your Skittering Frenzy your activates and gives you a huge amount of attack speed.

Once they run out or your enemy tries to turn around on you using Rappel to get to safety with the help of nearby minions. May want to do it earlier if the opponent has a strong CC burst combo to avoid losing the trade. Trading a lot early is important because Elise has pretty good sustain with her passives healing and this can lead to zoning or killing them.

Level 6-11 will play out differently depending on how well your early game went; If it went well or you're snowballing simply keep at it and push your lead, but don't get cocky and keep your eyes out for ganks. When pushed to the tower try hitting the enemy to get proc to use on the tower, however avoid this if they can easily cc burst you.

The opponent will most likely have their Ultimate unlocked now depending on what champion they play and will have a big power spike to even the battle field. Utilizing your Rappel may render most ultimates useless in a straight up 1v1.



The crowd favorite approach for Elise best suited for Jungle/Mid builds. You can pick for top against squishy champions.

Level 1 will be simple CS focus. has a rather mana intense approach for top lane and almost requires you to get Ludens or the ignite/smite build to pull off against most and specifically none squishy match ups. Your main combo would be AA->HQ->AA for a quick procs, but keep an eye on your mana. If against a slow melee champion a Risky Combo might be worthwhile.

Level 2 might want to opt into W over E to get more damage with your combo, but getting E is still far safer and recommended for the sole reason of some Quicker Combos for a 0 risk poke. Most of the time you want to focus on CSing outside of your procs.

Level 3-5 where you will have the Default Combo unlocked is your best bet to do any bigger trades or plays. The squishier the opponent and with ignite or smite the easier the kill for a snowball to start rolling.

You will most definitively want to snowball with this build in top lane or you will slowly get out sustained and pushed back by most match ups.

Level 6-11 not much to add other than to try using your Rappel to neglect enemy ults and ganks, and try your best to CS and pick up kills. Depending on who you face you might want to invade the jungle if you brought smite or roam mid.



Spider Tank, simple but enjoyable. Works best vs damage dealers.

Level 1 against a ranged champion there won't be much you can do for now, CS and get 2 ASAP. If against a melee champion get some autos in or for the level 2 trade potential.

Level 2 you got your precious Cocoon so you can start shocking people. You can trade and poke when you land a stun, you have roughly a second until blows after your stun ends, then you can Rappel out to safety.

Level 3-5 is where you will either get some kills or settle into CSing while occasionally helping the jungler/mid. Usually not much happens unless your opponent makes a lot of mistakes. If they go in you can turn on them fairly well and poke/trade works generally like the other two builds where you utilize your Default Combo and Rappel after deals damage. Almost never follow up on a missed Cocoon .

Level 6-11 should be pretty calm. Aftershock works great on everyone and deals a lot of damage, but in all honesty you are mainly here to peel for your carries mid-late game but early on you still got decent damage and if you get ahead that's great! If you go even that's perfectly fine too.

General tips for Elise in the top lane:

Keep an eye out for the junglers. Elise adds a lot to a 2v2 fight and can help the jungler if he's in trouble, as well as invade the enemy jungler if you know they are low. Maybe even steal one of their buffs while they are busy elsewhere. If the enemy top laner leaves after you it will give you a good opportunity to hit the tower, clear further camps or counter roam.

Push your advantage. Early on it's very important to push any advantage you might have against your opponent, be it range, mobility or damage. This is why changing your runes and play style is important.

Basic attack your enemy a lot. When they go for CS, when they are too close as melee, after they made a mistake just basic attack them. The damage adds up, and if they are playing too defensive try to zone them or focus on CS.

Don't be afraid to dive. if they are low and have their CC on CD go for it a quick SQ->AA->SE, you can freely poke enemies under tower if you can reach them without getting tower aggro as the tower shot will get completely neglected.

With the help of a jungler or a mid roam you can get easy and safe tower dives going by juggling the tower aggro between yourself, your teammate and Spiderlings . Remember to not waste your if the enemy jungler is missing or nearby.

Utilize her sustain in spider form. Whenever you get a chance to heal some with your Spider Form you should. Just be wary so that you don't push too hard at bad times.

Keep your spider count high. Don't spam spells if you're low on Spiderlings as it costs mana and they have to land. Always try to keep track of them when you are in Spider Form so they don't accidentally get caught in a Darius Q .

One more thing to keep in mind is Elise fairly low movement speed; She lacks in movement where she makes up in her . If the enemy has a Phage they can stay on you easily even if you stun them or have a Rylai's later on. Using Rappel on a ganking jungler as they move in is sometimes the easiest escape from ganks.

If you lost early on depending on your opponent it will be difficult to recover without ganks, focus on CSing and building the items you need. Safe basic attacking and smart spell usage can still turn the tables in most melee match ups. Consider picking up an Hourglass , stalling and tanking hits for your team to carry you until you can recover.
Laning Mid Back to Top

Suggested Runes and Summoners:

Possible Alternatives:

I recommend reading all varying play styles as everyone plays differently, mix and matching 2 play styles might be the right for you.

Some things to keep in mind before trying out Mid Elise:
* The mid lane is smaller than top and bot and lack easily reachable bushes which can be disadvantageous.
* Elise' spells are mostly blocked by minions whilst a lot of other mid laners can work around that making it difficult to land your spells and commit.
* It is harder to avoid ganks with Rapell unless you are behind enemy minions or the gank comes from behind you.
Attacking the enemy champion to aggro minions and lead them closer to your tower is one way to handle this.

Lethal Tempo


Very risky in the mid lane, mostly to counter tanky mids or going Mage Killer.

Level 1 your main objective is to CS and if you are facing a melee champion to proc and punish the enemy when going in for CS. Beware the minions. Generally save your mana unless you are facing a high base health/armor champion. Going in for a Venomous Bite is only worth it if the enemy is melee and has their main retaliation spell on CD.

Level 2 here you can go for W as the Volatile Spiderling can help poke and wave clear. Skittering Frenzy can be used to out trade melee champions, heal up faster, and to all in low health targets to burn their Flash or get first blood.

If you are facing an assassin or other high burst champion which is more common in mid lane it's safer to pick E for the stun and escape/damage dodge potential. As Rappel gives a small damage boost upon landing this can still be used to win trades or finish off enemies, as well as unlocking your diving potential.

Level 3-5 has for the most part the same goal in all Elise paths; you have your full combo and should push it to the fullest. Using Elise' Default Combo for a quick and efficient poke/trade is crucial for all builds. Very few mid lane match ups will be able to properly turn on you if executed properly.

allows you to sling in a few extra autos at the end before using your Rappel to escape their retaliation.

Your wave clear might be suffering versus a lot of mid match ups so possibilities are that they will try to roam a lot. If they do and you feel it unsafe to follow up make sure to get as much tower damage in as safely possible while they are gone.

Level 6-11 where the enemy has their ultimate unlocked is usually a big power spike for mid laners. However, Rappel can neglect a lot of ultimates completely making laning post 6 fairly similar to pre 6. Your trading potential might be less valuable here as most champions played mid are ranged or high burst. Generally stick with respective 3-5 approach.



The big burst build, works great against the generally squishy population of mid lane, however a bit more mana intense

Level 1 has the strongest and safest poke in the early game of any Elise mid build. AA->HQ->AA is simple and effective and usually leaves little room for the enemy to retaliate if timed well. However as it is a bit mana costly and the Mana Combo puts you in a difficult spot this early on the main focus is on CS.

Level 2 leave you with the two options that always pester mid; More damage with your W, or a safer trade and overall laning experience with E. If the enemy has high burst on level 2 it is highly recommended to go with E for the Rappel at the end of your Quicker Combos.

Level 3-5 has for the most part the same goal in all Elise paths; you have your full combo and should push it to the fullest. Using Elise' Default Combo for a quick and efficient poke/trade is crucial for all builds. Very few mid lane match ups will be able to properly turn on you if executed properly.

Your wave clear might still be suffering versus a lot of mid match ups even with your high damage build, so it's likely that they will try to roam a lot. Try to stay on them making sure you take the enemy jungler into consideration.

If they get the jump on you, even 1v1, if they have high burst you are in trouble. Consider if it might be best to try to damage the tower in their absence instead.
games may have you playing safer, using one of the Quicker Combos to proc with less mana consumption and risk.

Level 6-11 where the enemy has their ultimate unlocked is usually a big power spike for mid laners. However, Rappel can neglect a lot of ultimates completely making laning post 6 fairly similar to pre 6. Your trading potential might be less valuable here as most champions played mid are ranged or high burst. Generally stick with respective 3-5 approach.



Generally picked when you want to go AP Bruiser for your team and play more of a Protect the carry role.

Level 1 has no real poke or trade potential against most match ups in mid, get your CS and maybe an auto or two in.

Level 2 with Cocoon unlocked you can actually utilize the Aftershock rune and go in for some quicker trades ONLY IF you land your Cocoon , if you missed just back off. Most of the time this will be a farm lane because of your lower damage.

Level 3-5 has for the most part the same goal in all Elise paths; you have your full combo and should push it to the fullest. Using Elise' Default Combo for a quick and efficient poke/trade is crucial for all builds. Very few mid lane match ups will be able to properly turn on you if executed properly.

let's you tank more hits to hit them more. Making sure your properly deals damage before using Rappel , as long as it doesn't put you at risk of ganks or taking too much damage as the stun ends.

Level 6-11 where the enemy has their ultimate unlocked is usually a big power spike for mid laners. However, Rappel can neglect a lot of ultimates completely making laning post 6 fairly similar to pre 6. Your trading potential might be less valuable here as most champions played mid are ranged or high burst. Generally stick with respective 3-5 approach.

General tips for Elise in the mid lane:

Keep an eye out for the junglers. Elise adds a lot to a 2v2 fight and can help the jungler if he's in trouble, as well as invade the enemy jungler if you know they are low. Maybe even steal one of their buffs while they are busy elsewhere. If the enemy mid laner leaves after you it will give you a good opportunity to hit the tower or counter roam.

Push your advantage. Early on it's very important to push any advantage you might have against your opponent, be it range, mobility or damage. This is why changing your runes and play style is important, however less frequent in mid.

If the enemy is melee, basic attack them a lot. When they go for CS, when they are too close as melee, after they made a mistake try to basic attack them. If they are melee with no CC you can try to zone them, however mid is a small lane and zoning here is difficult.

Don't be afraid to dive. if they are low and have their CC on CD go for it a quick SQ->AA->SE, you can freely poke enemies under tower if you can reach them without getting tower aggro as the tower shot will get completely neglected.

With the help of a jungler, top or bot roamer you can get easy and safe tower dives going by juggling the tower aggro between yourself, your teammates and Spiderlings . Remember to not waste your if the enemy jungler is missing or nearby.

Utilize her sustain in spider form. Whenever you get a chance to heal some with your Spider Form you should, just be careful not to get jumped or poked. Also be wary so that you don't push too hard at bad times.

Keep your spider count high. Don't spam spells if you're low on Spiderlings as it costs mana and they have to land. Always try to keep track of them when you are in Spider Form so they don't accidentally get caught in a Talon E .

When ganked using your Rappel on the jungler as they move in is sometimes the easiest escape from ganks.

If you lost early on it can get difficult because of Elise early squish. Get some defensive items towards their damage and try to CS and stall out until you can get back in the game.
Laning Bot Back to Top

If you don't have any ADC somewhere else like jungle or top I highly advise against picking her in the carry role. Her damage is mostly single target and requires melee contact.

Support, however:

Support Elise has worked surprisingly well into picks like hookers , pokers and other squishies .

There are three main approaches I've tested successfully:
standard AP burst comp. Works well with high damage bursters
puts more focus on peeling and landing your Cocoon . Synergizes best with follow up CC
helps your ADC and team to deal more damage while not gutting your own. More for consistant damagers

As for your support item, you can pick practically any you want to fit your playstyle.

with your standard AP poke/burst builds.
is the standard shield, working with your AP based spells and can trigger the melee thresh hold when in Spider Form .
works mainly because of Skittering Frenzy and ranged autos. This one also works in Spider Form .
is similar in that it utilizes Skittering Frenzy and ranged autos. Both of these items would be more situational.

Pros and cons
+Can block skill shots like hooks , some CC like , and similar by utilizing your Spiderlings .
+Can negate big ultimates like , and partly when you are tareted by using Rappel .
+Able to all in and tower dive safely with Rappel as an escape tool.

Not super easy to proc Ranged Support Items into ranged matchups but able to utilize melee Shield procs.

-Only got one CC on a decent CD.
-Got no other peeling tool until bought items. Examples: Mikael's Crusiable

More to come.
Jungle Pathing Back to Top

(A bit outdated, beware)

Generally you wish to start on on the bot side of the jungle for a bigger leash, which means Red Buff for the blue side, and Blue Buff for the red side.
-Starting Red/Blue Buff
-General Jungling Tips
-Tips on camp clearing
-Dragon Info + lvl 4 Drake

Starting Blue buff:
Start with Blue Buff and follow up with Gromp then head for the Wolves . As off patch 9.23 you can now get level 3 off of this clear as well so no more skipping the Big Wolf . If your bot laners have high kill pressure level 2 you might want to do Wolves before Gromp to make reaching bot side a bit faster, or just rush right after taking Blue Buff .

Now that you are level 3 you might want to look for Ganking opportunities. Always keep your eyes on the map and teammates health bars when traveling between camps, and to keep an eye on if the enemy jungler shows itself. As most people will tell you utilizing the f# keys (default f2-5) is a great way to check on the current state of each lane.

-If no Ganking possibilities arise go get your Red Buff quickly followed by checking the Scuttle . Be careful depending on match up and maybe just try to use Smite to steal it and then clear your Raptors and Krugs .

-If you do Gank, however, it should leave you just in time for Scuttle spawn at around 3:15 so going for it is a good choice assuming you're not too hurt or against a horribly strong match up. Afterwards do a full clear and B.

Starting Red buff:
Get the Red Buff and you can look to acompany your leasher to lane for a lvl 2 Gank to try burn a flash or first blood. This can be very time consuming though and low chance of succeeding so only do it if you're sure you can at least give your laner a big enough edge to be worthwhile as the enemy jungler will surely take advantage of this information to claim scuttles or invade.

Afterwards go all the way over to your Wolves and Blue Buff . Gotta kill Gromp to fully reach level 3 and unfortunately Scuttle won't have spawned just yet if no complications or ganks have happened so it's up to you if you wait for a few seconds or try an invade. Beware your match up and play accordingly, if stealing a camp/Scuttle or going for the kill is a good option. Otherwise either try to get a Gank going before you lose your Red Buff or go back to the other side and clear up the rest of your jungle and B.

General Jungling Tips:
Elise is a beast at ganking and tower diving so you should mostly prioritize a good ganking opportunity over clearing camps as long as it doesn't set you far behind the enemy jungler or it results in giving away objectives for free. Invading works well into certain match ups but a death sentence into others so know your match ups well before attempting any.

Remember that you can Rappel to most camps over walls (check Rappel Targets for details) and to every type of plant in the game, as well as grant vision on nearby bushes. This way you can scout safely in the both teams jungles.

Faster camp respawns and less xp while behind is generally bad for Elise as she gets smaller windows of opportunity to wait out ganks without falling behind in XP so plan your ganks the best you can or you will fall behind before you know it.

Finally, Scuttle fighting is fairly risky for Elise but if you have the whereabouts of the enemy jungler or the favorable match up you should seize the opportunities given.

A quick vid showing off the vision potential of Rappel , planning to make a more in depth video on this.

Early Game Quick Camp Clearing Tips:

Always start camps in Human Form to refresh your Spiderlings to do more damage and let them tank to take less damage. Later on in the game you want to tank for the Spiderlings to keep them alive instead.

Wolves: Kill the small ones first letting your Spiderlings tank the big wolf. Do some kiting if no Spiderlings alive.

Gromp: Has a small attack boost on pull so either pull at the end of your Blue clear or kite his auto attacks to a 1:1 ratio of yours before your Spiderlings tank it.

Raptors: Do not walk into the middle, throw out your Volatile Spiderling and go ham. You will take an incredible amount of damage this way. Instead back up a bit after casting and kite the raptors best you can from the bush to the other end of the camp, starting with killing the small ones. Make sure to use your Venomous Bite on mid health targets to do optimal damage. Do not forget to cast another Volatile Spiderling mid clear.

Krugs: Pull them out a bit and focus the big one, going around it to kite the medium sized one to be body blocked by the large one. This will make you take less damage while handling the big one and once it's dead kill all medium sized ones while trying to kite the small ones around the bigger ones and finally finish off the smallest ones at once with a Volatile Spiderling .

Red Brabmleback & Blue Sentinel: If it's the first clear of the game cast your Volatile Spiderling at around 1:28 to save a few seconds on the cooldown. Generally make the Spiderlings tank until mid/late game and then kite it.
Taking 2 hits while dealing 3, step away, repeat.

Dragon Information

With the preseason changes to the Dragons and their buffs the initial Dragon Rush might be a bit less valuable for the laning phase as a whole, however, getting a faster and more favorable Dragon Soul for your team will turn out profitable in the long run. With Elise's innate ability to reach Dragons from a distance with Rappel and finish them off with a well placed Smite + Venomous Bite combo for the steal it's fairly easy to secure a favorable Dragon Soul for your team.

Dragon Priority

Infernal Drake: Grants 5% adaptive damage. Soul: Every few seconds your next damage will cause an explosion.
Rating: 4/5
The buff caries considerably less impact than before but the Infernal Soul will grant your team with some extra wave clear potential and maybe enough damage to handle an unfavorable match up and more easily burst high priority targets.

Ocean Drake: Grants 3% health regeneration. Soul: Causing damage grants health and resource regeneration.
Rating: 4/5
I've seen plenty of fights be turned around from the regenerative powers both the buff and Cloud Soul bring. It's great for laners of all types and makes your jungle camps far less dangerous.

Mountain Drake: Grants 8% armor and magic resist. Soul: After a few seconds out of combat you are granted a shield.
Rating: 3/5
More defenses are the opposite of more damage, it's decent for everyone. The Mountain Soul, however, truly shines versus poke comps with the regenerating shield for your entire team. Enchanters that don't focus too much on AP or HP does get the short end of the stick from this one as it gives a stronger shield adaptive to HP, AD and AP only at the time.

Cloud Drake: Grants 10% Ultimate CoolDown Reduction. Soul: Passive Movespeed and Ultimate casts grants Movespeed.
Rating: 2-4/5 depending on your team comp.
Elise herself really gains nothing from the Cloud Drakes but most teams love them for their Ultimate Cooldown reduction so consider this with high profile ultimate champions like QiyannaQiyanna and Malphite on your team.

Level 4 Dragon Rush

Should You?
Rushing level 4 Drake is very risky and has a chance of setting you behind against your enemy jungler.
Cons: It will keep you occupied for the first 5½ minutes of the game meaning no cheesy ganks or invades, some experience loss from taking the dragon itself over your normal camps or ganking as well as making your whereabouts known for the enemy to try rush rift.
Pros: It might grant your laners the edge they need to win lane and set up for a faster Dragon Soul, as well as granting you a buff.

Whether you try to solo rush it or instead try to get a good gank bot to claim it afterwards is entirely up to you but early dragons are high priority right now in preseason.

Doing It
The easiest way for Elise to get a solo dragon on lvl 4 is to clear the jungle WITHOUT using Smite .
Start with Blue Buff into Gromp and Wolves , traveling over to your Red Buff and immediately go for Scuttle . Depending on the Dragon that you're getting you will NEED this extra gold. Afterwards go claim your Raptors and Krugs before going back to base.

My preferred approach is to buy a Stalker's Blade and a Corrupting Potion and head for the Dragon as soon as you hit semi full health as you will not need to recover your mana. If you get caught in the middle chances are you will have to retreat, especially if you don't have a Corrupting Potion . Some might prefer Amplifying Tome but it is more difficult.

As for the Dragon Fight itself you want to start in Human Form , cast Neurotoxin , Volatile Spiderling and finish with a Basic Attack and stand back.
Try to not get knocked up and as soon as the Dragon rises cast Spider Form , Venomous Bite and Basic Attack kite around so you stand on the opposite side of your spiderlings. Once your Spiderlings and you are in proper position cast Skittering Frenzy right after a Basic Attack to get an Auto Reset and cast Smite after you have taken three hits.

You want to keep your Spiderlings alive for the entire fight unless against the Mountain Drake which hits harder you may need to sacrifice one or two near the end of it. You can also dodge one Dragon Attack using your Rappel at the right time and depending on how healthy you are you might have to use another Smite before finishing it off to survive. You should, however, be fine as long as it's not the Mountain and be able to fnish it off with your Smite Venomous Bite combo.

As it is a pretty risky thing to do I recommend testing it in the Practice Tool to find your preferred approach and see if you can handle the various Drakes with and without Scuttle! Below is a video showing how I generally do it.

Ganks, Towerdiving and Tips Back to Top

When ganking an ally with CC you sometimes prefer waiting for them to CC to more easily follow up with your own Cocoon . Likewise if the enemy hides amongst minions it's sometimes better to start in Spider Form and Rappel to them, ending with your Human Form spells letting your teammate finish them off.

When killing important camps or objectives like Baron you can cast Venomous Bite and instantly follow up with Smite to secure it. Alternatively time it just before the bite lands for a few extra points of damage, but with increased risk.

Most of the time you want to be the first to get tower aggro and eventually use Rappel to reset it. If your ally is out of range and you have Spiderlings they can tank a hit or two for you both to chase down the enemy.

Always travel in Spider Form , changing to Human Form when starting a jungle camp or objective, preparing to gank or think an enemy is nearby.
Mid Game Back to Top

Elise' mid game is heavily focused around objectives and getting important picks.


Her pushing power is top tier thanks to her Spiderlings and her Skittering Frenzy allowing her to deal high amounts of damage in a short amount of time.
And while her kit isn't the most optimal for team fights she does great in picking off and dueling enemies. Of course this doesn't mean ignore teamfighting, simply apply pressure where you can to control the flow of the battlefield.

Examples: You can split push while your team does dragon to force the enemies to pick between picking an objective or splitting, at which you can Teleport to help your team if you have it picked. As well as the opposite, if your team won a fight or is pushing on the opposite side of the map you can easily solo rift or dragon if given the chance.

If you went Smite you can also Rappel in on dragons and barons to secure them for your own team, and if not you can still punish them by split pushing a tower.

Picking off enemies:

With her high burst and strong anti tank kit she can melt most enemies caught off guard. Good vision control and keeping track of the enemies will help you be able to catch lonely priority targets and front liners alike giving you an advantage in future objectives and team fights.

With Rappel you can traverse the enemy jungle while being fairly safe and if no targets are present or turn away before you can catch them you can clear a camp if you know it's safe. Using the Oracle Lens while exploring the enemy jungle is a valid option as you can clear the wards you find quickly with Skittering Frenzy , but you can also use wards as potential escape routes by using your Rappel , as long as you have vision on them.
Late Game Back to Top

This is where Elise never truly shines. Her teamfighting capabilities aren't the strongest, and she falls off some later on still even with her buffs. She does still have decent peeling power for her carries, great picking potential and can still hold her own against most enemies in a one on one scenario against most with room for out plays thanks to her kit.

Depending on the game you should focus on one of a few things depending on match ups, build and position in game:

Protect the carry.

If your carry is able to dish out a lot of damage against the enemy team make sure to peel for them, protect them against any assassins or engaging tanks. You can cc and melt both fairly well and can capitalize on a possible 4v5 fight.

Split Pushing.

If you're behind or have a lower damaging team making your overall 5v5 fighting potential weak split pushing can help even the odds along with securing objectives like baron to push through their offense. If you got Smite or Teleport play the map accordingly.


Being the assassin champion Elise is she has great killing potential on the carries, catching them in the jungle or out of position can secure a winning team fight with little risk with your Rappel . Just be careful to not go too deep or get stun locked.

Play the bait.

If you messed up in lane or build path or otherwise, got a slow damaging team or need to burn a lot of CC you can go the most frowned upon approach in this guide. With her Rappel , an Hourglass and a GA you can stall out a lot of fights by making people chase and try to kill you, as well as attract some heavy CC and damage away from your carries so they can handle things, alternatively keep the protective approach and be there for your carry until you catch up.

Wether you build full tank or more damage oriented you won't be set back too much and will be an extreme annoyance for the enemy team. Much akin to chasing a riven this can be good for separating the enemy team in a team fight if done well.

DO NOT pick this as your initial game plan. This is only as an emergency solution and will only work in certain specific situations to stall the game to catch up. Most of the time Protect the carry will still work better.
Runes Back to Top

Preseason is up and running with lots of testing and the following contenders for Elise to possibly consider in laning:

Domination Tree


A lot of Elise' combos proc Electrocute without a hassle, and it's good damage added to her already good burst turning her into a deadly foe. If you enjoy the bursty play style this is a must for you.

Cheap Shot VS Sudden Impact

To be honest there isn't too much of a difference in damage so it all boils down to play style and how confident you are in landing your skill shots.

Cheap Shot relies on you landing your Cocoon in the early game, but later on can be substituted with Rylai's to proc. You can also pick this if you have a CC heavy team as it counts any impairment and can therefore have higher uptime.

Sudden Impact is a much easier to proc rune in the early game, which can help you ensure kills and to start snowball, as it instead relies on you using either your on click spells Venomous Bite and Rappel . You can have a 100% uptime if you time your Venomous Bite well, and in combination to the damage boost from Rappel it can be a very strong boost in damage.

Precision Tree

Lethal Tempo

Elise can be built to rely on her basic attacks both with full AP builds and attack speed oriented builds. For example: she can reach 2.7 attack speed with maxed out and with the proc.

Coup De Grace VS Cut Down

This is purely about which type of build and what you are facing.

Coup De Grace is in most of the cases the better choice. It allows you to build Health unpunished and helps you finish off low health targets of all types.

Cut Down on the other hand leads you to go full on-hit and damage to get as much bonus damage as possible against tanks. It's risky but can melt tanks when applied correctly.

Resolve Tree


Aftershock as always working on anything with some CC. This works great when going AP Bruiser or Tanky Elise, allowing her to fully utilize her full combo without getting deleted.

Demolish VS Font of Life

This isn't as much as either or like the other two cases but more a game play decider.

Demolish will mainly go along great with and sometimes even swapping for . It's for killing towers and being tanky, simple.

Font of Life is a heal sustain focused build that is good for trading and synergies best with and .
Summoners Back to Top
In this chapter, we're explaining why or why not to take each of the summoners. In reality, the only useless summoner for Elise is Clarity, and since Elise has mainly been played jungle for several years there isn't a huge testing pool to determine the differences each of the spells might bring in practice. Below is an estimated value of each spells impact.

Top Tier Summoners:



Flash is flash, everyone uses it, always have always will. However, like certain other champions Elise does have a few tools to escape and follow over walls making it not a mandatory pick, albeit a great 99% one. The reasoning behind this is her Rappel and Venomous Bite .

Reasons not to take it:
Rappel is pretty straight forward, Elise jumps into the air becoming untargetable and can land on any hostile target, wards and fruits included (check Rappel Targets chapter for more), however, if there are no targets she will land where she started which makes it situational.
Venomous Bite on the other hand does a small leap on a target and CAN be used to leap over walls under certain circumstances and is very unreliable, but worth mentioning.
TL;DR if there's space between the wall thin and the target there's a chance you jump over if you stand close enough.



Another standard pick when it comes to summoners for aggressive burst champions. Works great in lanes against squishy opponents and synnergise with her burst and electrocute well.

Reasons not to take it:
You might need utility spells like Teleport or Smite to take up the slot.


Lane Smite Rating:

An obvious pick for jungling, a not so obvious pick for laning. There are 2 scenarios where you could consider Smite in lane on Elise. The biggest reason would be facing a Cho'gath+Nunu comp where combining 2 smites might be your only realistic chance of getting objectives, unless you're stomping them. It would also help invading and object securing in general.

The second positive about Lane Smite Elise is that Challenging Smite synergizes surprisingly well with the On-hit Elise. This can be really good if you pull it off in certain matchups.

If you play with Electrocute Chilling Smite generally synergize better with the burst.

Reasons not to take it:
In the jungle you should always take it, there is legit no reason not to pick it there. In laning, however, it has a few draw backs.
If you buy the jungler item pre-14 you will lose out on gold from minions. This is removed after 14 minutes but this also means you won't have a second summoner in lane until then because of it. Timing the purchase can be difficult and heavily reduce your chances of winning the lane. The Challenging Smite would give you a strong edge in certain matchups but not something to recommend unless you can go 10/0 by 14 to make up for the gold lost.



Teleport is still strong and works into most matchups. Can be used to: get back quickly after getting low/dying to avoid missing CS, gank another lane or help with objectives, defend against a split pusher etc.

Reasons not to take it:
The biggest reason not to take TP if you go Top is in case you jungle and need the Smite . You can never really go wrong with Teleport so it's really more dependant on playstyle and matchups.

Medium Tier Summoners:


If you are against tankier or more mobile champions picking Ghost could be worth it. Can work well with since Elise is generally slow and can have problems keeping up to consistently hitting before getting Rylai's .

Reasons not to take it:
Ghost generally has a very low impact compared to other summoners, it usually lands on "just not too great but not bad".


Extremely situational but generally excessive. If the enemy team heavy on strong CC champions it's always an option to consider.

Reasons not to take it:
Elise job is to catch enemies off guard and avoiding getting hit using her kit, getting hit by stuns will usually not kill her unless they have high burst on top of it.

Low Tier Summoners



A big damage reducer to handle burst champions and a slow to stay on them with Skittering Frenzy which gives it a combination of Smites but without damage. It could probably work decently into lanes like Renekton who has high Stun Burst and will run away if he can't finish you off. It does has some potential to work well in duo lanes.

Reasons not to take it:
While it works similar to Smites it loses a huge impact when it can't deal damage to monsters and secure objectives. It also fills a similar role to Ghost with keeping on target but lasts much shorter.



Playing a very bait oriented playstyle might get some use of this, or if you are facing some extreme burst you aren't feeling confident against.

Reasons not to pick it:
Elise can escape most perils with proper utilization of her Cocoon and Rappel , especially in lane with minions to pick between. It might work in some matchups and if it fits your playstyle feel free to try it.



Heal only really shines in duo lane so unless you are support/APC Bot this won't give you too much payout.
Might work well with supportive runes and items?

Reasons not to pick it:
Elise already has passive healing in Spider Form and could easily be replaced by Barrier , and if you want the speed boost Ghost would give a longer and more worthwhile boost, both on a much shorter cooldown.


Rating: X

The only possible way this could be useful is if you are spamming your abilities non-stop in lane to get a few early kills. It will grow fairly useless before level 6.

Reasons not to take it:
Besides Elise' mana struggles in lane she should never have any mana issues after her first back. In jungle the Hunter's Talisman takes care of it and she uses her Spider Form a lot which uses no mana.
Builds Back to Top

With Elise there are a lot of possible scenarios, and an equal amount of builds and I support all of them even if just for some fun with friends in draft. She has a lot of mobility, some cc, an attack speed steroid and on hit AP damage and good AP damage in her kit. This section will only briefly mention some builds and items until the preseason is official for proper testing, then I will go more into depth with each build, why they work or don't.


AP Assassin: The main build is obvious, it's what everyone plays with her which is reasonable with her heavy AP focus. There isn't much to say about it, it's tested and it's working.


Example Items:

AP Bruiser: The bulkier sibling of the AP Assassin builds, where you need some more tankyness to survive and get yourself into the late game team fights. It's not very different except for getting an extra defensive item or two.


Example Items:

Off-Meta Builds:

Tank Spider: Pretty straight forward, you build almost exclusively tank items, works pretty decently all things considered. She got % damage by default and with some penetration she still hits pretty good.


Example Items:

On-Hit: A build I do enjoy and I'm still exploring it's full potential. It focuses on her Skittering Frenzy and usually Letal Tempo which can make for some high burst of attack speed with very few items. But it takes time to get it off the ground and if you don't win laning phase it can be a struggle. This build gets a small buff soon where they increase BOTRK's % damage for melee.


Example Items:

AD Bruiser Elise: Seen occasionally, going things like trinity and focus on a sort of Spider Bruiser play style. I have personally only played a few proper games with this build in today's meta and it worked surprisingly well with Conqueror/Lethal Tempo and I had fun. However, seeing as she got no AD scaling it seems to lack any significant punch overall.


Example Items:

Probably don't do that:

ADC/Lethality Slinging these two into one as they work essentially the same. Elise has terrible base AD and NO AD scaling spells, therefore most of these aproaches are doomed to fail, but sometimes things just work, and you can have fun with it in blind/draft pick. Just like ADC .


Example Items:
Example Items:
Matchups Back to Top

Not certain I'll do this as it would keep a lot of time for maintenance and would be a lot of repeating but giving it a shot.
Below are the two ways I'm thinking about, leaning heavily towards the shorter tl;dr version.
Feel free to leave any suggestions or requests in the comments!


Item Recomendations:

Lane Tips:

Auto attack and use your chosen runes when he goes for CS. Freeze and starve best you can and keep an eye out for the jungler. Executioner is a cheap anti heal and helps out in the early game.

General Tips:

Stall until his Wither is about to end then all in. Rappel can negate his all ins or tower dives really well, don't use instantly.

Late Game:

Peel for your carry, having anti heal and slow items help.

Or a much more in-depth version below.


Item Recomendations:

For AP: , -> .
For on hit: Botrk, ,
For tanky/bruiser: -> , / if AD team. .


Nasus is an annoyance with free exhaust and life steal from his kit. If you can get an early kill you have the potential of snowballing on him, however, this will likely require jungle presence.


The best way to handle him is by rushing an Executioner and hitting him every time he goes in for CS. Utilize bushes to avoid minion aggro and try to starve him. If you got electrocute proc it every chance you get, and if you're going for lethal tempo be vary of minions.

I'd recommend having to reduce his W poke damage, as well as general tankyness. rush Liandry's Torment and with Blade of the Ruined King works about as good if you play well, while the first is less difficult.

There are a few ways to handle Nasus' Wither . The first is to simply stun him with Cocoon and walk away in Spider Form . Before he gets Merc's that will be enough to get away.

Alternatively back away until it's close to expire and do a full combo, avoiding the attack speed reduction for your Skittering Frenzy and potential

If his jungler camps top or you simply couldn't get the upper hand and he's out healing you, there isn't too much that can be done besides farm and hope that your team can handle him late.

Post 30:

Having a and a slowing item such as to peel and poke down the endgame beast is your best bet. If you can keep your ADC alive they can most likely take him down.
Ending Words Back to Top

All in all Elise is a really fun champion with a rather unique and diverse kit which opens up nearly every door of opportunity when it comes to builds and play styles. She feels like a strategist, plotting and adapting to lure her prey into her webs.
I really wish for more people to try her out in the jungle, top, mid, and maybe even some support, for season 10.

I would also love to hear your feed back in how I can improve this guide as well as any incorrect information so I can fix it.
And one particular thing I'm interested in is how you as a community prefer to read spells in guides.

For example: Rappel VS SE

I hope you found this guide useful and informative, thank you so much for reading.
Good luck and have fun on the rift!

Guide Updates Back to Top
04/01 - April Fools, it's just a normal update. Edited and published recent changes.
03/29 - Some shape up, testing Matchups chapter. Added some stuff to Rappel Chapter, as well as a Spiderling chapter.
02/27 - Added Summoners Chapter and minor edits here n there.
01/02 - Added some info on some threats, I'm returning from a long league break so hopefully more updates to come. Fixed some spelling and phrasing errors.
11/30 - Updated for Preseason mainly Dragons, Jungle Pathing and some info on items.
11/01 - Fixed some spelling and phrasing errors.
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