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This build has been archived by the author. They are no longer supporting nor updating this build and it may have become outdated. As such, voting and commenting have been disabled and it no longer appears in regular search results.

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Seraphine Build Guide by Asternova

Middle [11.22] "Spotlight's yours!" A Seraphine Guide⭐

Middle [11.22] "Spotlight's yours!" A Seraphine Guide⭐

Updated on November 9, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Asternova Build Guide By Asternova 54 6 89,271 Views 0 Comments
54 6 89,271 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Asternova Seraphine Build Guide By Asternova Updated on November 9, 2022
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1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



Ability Order , STANDARD PATH

+ Easy for beginners
+ Good damage/CC output
+ Game-changing ultimate
+ Amazing late game
+ Strong waveclear
+ Long range spells
+ Versatile build
+ Great utility
+ Really fun to play, and plays music in-game!

Seraphine is a really versatile character, and thanks to all her spells being AoE, she's a beginner friendly champion! Even though early game is her weakest stage, her laning phase is safe because of how she's able to CS and waveclear with efficiency and at range, she also has survivability thanks to her shield from double cast Surround Sound, but with her high scalings, Seraphine gets stronger as the game goes on, powerspiking and outscaling most champions at late game, her strength comes specially in teamfights, since besides having AoE CC, damage, and utility, her ultimate Encore is a game-changing ability with the power of turning the tides of a fight, if you're looking for a powerful teamfighting champion with supportive capabilities, Seraphine is the champion for you.
- Squishy
- Immobile
- Long cooldowns
- Weak early game
- Mana problems
- Lower damage compared to other mages
- Slow projectiles
- Weak without allies
- Universally hated

Even though her laning phase is safe, it is her worst stage of the game, she has a really low damage output early on, counterpicks, and is forced to farm and play safely the entire lane in order to scale well into late. She is really squishy and has no moblity aside Surround Sound's movement speed buff, making her an easy target. her spells are also really slow and even though she has a good amount of damage, it's not much compared to other mid laners, since Seraphine is supposed to be an utility mage rather than an all out burst focused one. Since her kit stronger with allies, she is considerably weaker when alone (less Notes, less CC to pair with Beat Drop, no extra range on Encore, etc...), so she falls short on splitpushes or 1v1s. Her abilities also have really long cooldowns, explaining why AH is a must stat on her.

★Primary Sorcery★
* When playing Seraphine, the two best keystones are Summon Aery and Phase Rush. Summon Aery is the best general choice since it procs on AA, damage abilities, and ally focused abilities like Surround Sound, meaning that it synergizes really well with her entire kit. Phase Rush is also an amazing choice for survival, it's movement speed buff helps so you can fly freely around fights, this rune is specially effective if the enemy team has a lot of slows since it grants reduction against them. The reason why i don't consider Arcane Comet as a viable choice is because your main source of poke (Q) is not a form of CC, meaning that Comet is not a guaranteed hit, while Aery is, and once again Summon Aery also procs on AA and peeling abilites (while Comet doesn't, don't use it!!)
* ONLY bring Nullifying Orb when you're against mostly AP enemy comps (Ex: Shen, Evelynn, Ahri, Swain, and Zyra), i don't see much reason to bring Nimbus Cloak as Seraphine, you won't be spamming Smite like a jungler, and you don't have a infinite storage of spells like Zoe, so the best option is definitely Manaflow Band, the extra mana for poking is really good to pass up.
* Even though the extra AP from Absolute Focus is quite good for a long range mage like Sera, her cooldowns are really high, so you'll likely make way more use of Transcendence, so this would be my general choice. But if your team has a lot of movement speed buffs, like a Karma or a Kled, Celerity might be a good choice aswell.
* Because Seraphine spikes harder late game, my favorite and your go to rune here is Gathering Storm, this rune takes time to shine, but the amout of power it offers late game specially for a scaling champion is amazing. A more effective early game rune is Scorch, this rune is specially viable against meele or champions Sera outranges, like Neeko, since poking them is easier, but i still wouldn't recommend taking this rune, because again, Seraphine's early game and early kill potential aren't great, so you will make much more use of Gathering Storm. About Waterwalking though, i don't see why you would bring this besides hard roaming, it's very situational, so i would go against using this.
* The best option here is to bring 1 point of ability haste since Seraphine's cooldowns are so long, plus one point of adaptive force, plus a resistance against which laner you're facing, armor against AD champions and MR against AP champions, (KEEP NOTE, EXAMPLE: If you're laning against an AP champion, but his team is full of AD ones, you'll make more use of an armor point instead of MR! And against certain characters it's even worth bringing 2 defense points for survival).

★Secondary★ Inspiration
* Inspiration is great as a safe and standard secondary rune on Seraphine. Cosmic Insight is a must option if you're using this, the spell haste might save your life by having a lower cooldown Flash. Biscuit Delivery is your standard secondary choice here so you can have a better laning phase, but other viable options are: Minion Dematerializer if you want even more waveclear, or Perfect Timing for a free Stopwatch if you're against someone like Zed and want to survive.

★Secondary★ Precision
* Precision is a great alternative if you want to be more aggressive, as Coup de Grace gives more kill potential, but you can switch it for Cut Down against tanky compositions, and ALWAYS bring Presence of Mind if you're playing with Precision.

★Secondary★ Domination
* Domination is also a viable secondary on Seraphine (versatile, ins't she?), Taste of Blood is good for extra sustain, and Cheap Shot is also good since Seraphine is a high CC character! Ultimate Hunter is your general choice here since having Encore on a lower cooldown is amazing, but go for Relentless Hunter if you're going to aim for roams/map presence.

★Secondary★ Resolve
* It's true that you lose a little bit of damage when using Resolve, but this as secondary is AMAZING even on mid lane, the damage reduction from Bone Plating has saved me so many times, and the synergy that Revitalize has with Surround Sound is incredible, i would definitely suggest using against hard assassin matchups like Fizz or Katarina, it helps you survive laning phase, while still being relevant late game.

★Dark Harvest★ Alternative
* Dark Harvest is really unsafe, i wouldn't recommend using it on ranked, use it on other game modes for fun! This is an option if you're looking for burst potential and late-game scaling power. Cheap Shot is swappable for Taste of Blood for survival if you want. For secondary runes remember that Precision is still viable here with Presence of Mind and Coup de Grace.

★Glacial★ Alternative
* Glacial Augment WAS a good alternative to Sera, since she could get roots/stuns by auto attacking followed by Beat Drop, but most importantly she could do this by using Hextech GLP-800 and Twin Shadows, both of these items were removed, making this rune useless at the moment on all other champions besides Senna, more news about this rune soon, since it'll probably be changed in this current state.
* Flash is a must on Seraphine like on most champions, it gives escape, chase, setup, combo potential, and much, much more. Always use it!
* The best secondary spell for our superstar is definitely Teleport, it gives map pressure, presence, lane dominance, it's good if you got killed early and want to come back to lane without losing any XP and gold or getting an advantage over your lane opponent by returning earlier, and setting the wave as you desire, ganking, pushing a lane and returning to a fight, plus it's really satisfying be able to travel across the map and help your allies win a teamfight by outnumbering enemies, the possibilities are nearly endless! (Even though Teleport's cooldown is long, using Cosmic Insight helps reduce it!).
* If you're looking to survive burst, Barrier is your spell, time it right on high damage enemy abilities to deny as much damage as possible. Barrier works best against bursty enemy champions like Syndra and Zed, specially against their ults Unleashed Power, and Death Mark respectively, Barrier also has a relatively low cooldown, so you'll likely use this more frequently than any other spell in a match, analyze enemy composition, if it's full of assassins, divers, and burst, go for it.
* Ignite is only a spell i would recommend if you're feeling confident enough on early kills to use it. Late-game it loses it's power since you're going to be playing from way too far from this spell's range. Ignite is also really strong against high-healing enemies, but against those you're going to be looking to purchase either Morellonomicon or Chemtech Putrifier anyways.
* Another good defensive option besides Barrier is Exhaust, this spell is really effective against characters of the likes of Talon, Fizz, Irelia, Zed, Ekko, Yasuo, all of which deal an absurd amount of damage after engaging, and that's when Exhaust kicks in, use it as they're engaging to reduce thier damage and MS for escaping, besides assassins Exhaust is also effective against bruisers or ADC's like Vayne, Jhin, Ezreal and Samira, Exhaust also pairs with Seraphine's E Beat Drop, since it's a slow you can get a free root (stun if a double cast), so this is a very versatile spell.
* Cleanse is a situational, but life-saving spell depending on enemy comp, if the enemies are full of CC like a Sejuani, Ashe, Leona, and laners like Zoe, and Twisted Fate where a single stun can get you killed, this is spell is the best option. Remember this spell also reduces the duration of following CC, so they can't CC chain you effectively, it also clears enemy summoner spell effects, so it's good against Ignite, Exhaust, and Chilling Smite aswell!
* Heal is also a situational option, it's a good spell, the main problem it's that it gets countered by Ignite, now when it's a good option? When you're looking to mainly assist your jungler, and the champion your enemy laner is playing doesn't utilize Ignite on most cases (like a Ziggs, Lux).
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
| P | Stage Presence | Note Granting Radius: 800| Auto Radius: 525 base + 25/per note up to 1.025 |
Every third basic ability that Seraphine casts will echo, automatically casting a second time.

Additionally, Seraphine draws inspiration from the music within her allies, creating a note for each nearby ally whenever she casts an ability. For each note, Seraphine's next basic attack gains Attack Range and deals an additional magic damage and consumes the Notes.
PASSIVE: tips and tricks
| Q | High Note | Range: 900 | Cooldown: 10 / 8.75 / 7.5 / 6.25 / 5 | Cost: 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 |
Seraphine projects a pure note, dealing magic damage, increased by the target's missing Health percentage up to 50% damage below 25% Health.
Q: tips and tricks
| W | Surround Sound | Radius: 800 | Cooldown: 26 / 25 / 24 / 23 / 22 | Cost: 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 |
Seraphine spurs her nearby allied champions in a song, granting herself decaying Move Speed and a Shield, her allies less Move Speed, and a smaller Shield for 2.5 seconds.

If Seraphine is already Shielded, she calls out to her allies to join her, restoring missing Health to them per nearby ally champion after a 2.5 second delay.
| E | Beat Drop | Range: 1300 | Cooldown: 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 | Cost: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 |
Seraphine unleashes a heavy soundwave, dealing magic damage to enemies in a line and slowing them by 99% for 1 second.

Enemies that are already Slowed are Rooted instead, and Immobilized enemies are Stunned.
| R | Encore | Range: 1200 | Cooldown: 160 / 130 / 100 | Cost: 100 |
Seraphine takes the stage, projecting a captivating force that Charms enemies and deals magic damage.

Any champions struck (including allies) become part of the performance, extending the range of this ability. Allied champions gain maximum Notes.

Q= | W= | E= | R= | AA= | Double Cast= | Flash=
Standard Combos
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Combo info
> >
Combo info
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Combo info
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Combo info
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Combo info
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Combo info
All In Combos
> > >
Combo info
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Combo info
Flash Combos
Combo info
> > ?
Combo info
Combo info
Combo info
Combo info
Extra Tricks
Trick info
Trick info
Trick info
Trick info
Starter Items
Doran's Ring
* Doran's Ring plus 2 Health Potions are the standard mage starter pack, it gives all the early stats you could ask for. There's not much reason to bring Corrupting Potion since Seraphine doesn't make much use of that compared to Doran's stats.
Tear of the Goddess
* Tear of the Goddess is amazing against passive laners, or laners with low kill pressure early on since you won't need Doran's Ring's extra HP to survive them, so you can already save 400g by not having to purchase Tear later, and you can already stack faster!
First Backs
Tear of the Goddess
* Always aim for this item on your first back if you didn't purchase it as your starter item so you can start stacking it early on and later upgrade it into Archangel's Staff!
Lost Chapter
* The core item for your mythic item, it gives, mana, AP, and AH, rush it's components when possible if you don't need any kind of early resistances.
Seeker's Armguard
* If you're up against AD threats in lane (like Zed, Talon, Lucian, etc...) this item is an early must purchase, it definitely saves lifes while also giving a good amount of AP.
* Buy early boots if you need to get to lane quickly, dodge enemy skillshots, need MS in general, or if you don't have anything else to buy early.
Dark Seal
* This is a really good early purchase, the stats it offers are insane when upgraded to Mejai's Soulstealer, get this for the offensive power.
Refillable Potion
* Get Refillable Potion for lane sustain against high poke/trading opponents if you have some spare gold.
Control Ward
* Vision saves lives, and a Control Ward both gives and removes it. Truly an essential purchase, always get them when possible.
Mythic Options
Liandry's Anguish
* Liandry's burst damage is insane, specially against tanky/healthy targets, because of both max health damage and magic penetration, it gives a large amount of AP, alongside mana, and alot of AH thanks to it's mythic passive. Go with this as your standard option or against tank compositions.
Luden's Tempest
* Different from Liandry's, Luden's shines against squishy targets thanks to the extra burst damage from it's passive that also gives MS which is great for mobility. It gives a large amount of AP, mana, AH, and specially magic penetration thanks to it's mythic passive. Purchase this when against squishy compositions.
* Everfrost shines most as a defensive item, really good against high engage compositions so you can root them with it's active and disengage freely. Seraphine has a lot of CC on her kit, so this item pairs really well with it for chaining, it's synergy with your E is really strong aswell, since you can use it to root enemies even if you missed the center root or stun them if you landed it correctly! It's mythic passive is also really nice for an extra bit of AP. Go for this item if you want survivability, disengage potential, or utility.
Core Items
Archangel's Staff
* Archangel's Staff is an amazing item for Seraphine since she tends to waste a lot of mana when her abilities are maxed out. When you have already stacked your early Tear of the Goddess, it upgrades to Seraph's Embrace, becoming even more powerful, it grants mana with how much AP you have and vice versa. Make sure to build this as your second or third item if you needed to rush a defensive item like Zhonya's.
Cosmic Drive
* Cosmic Drive is amazing on Seraphine currently, this item gives a huge amount of AP, health (which is always welcome), and AH the stat that Seraphine needs so much. The passive also allows for more mobility, which is something Seraphine lacks outside of her W Surround Sound's MS. Go for this item right after building Archangel's Staff for an even bigger powerspike.
Boot Options
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
* This is your standard boot option, it's really strong currently thanks to the huge AH and summoner spell AH it gives for such a cheap price. Go for it as a general boot choice.
Sorcerer's Shoes
* When up against squishy comps these boots are the way to go, the magic penetration it gives is really good for Seraphine to be able to burst them down.
Mercury's Treads
* This is a really good purchase when the enemy composition is full of magic damage or crowd control, and you want a bit more defensive power.
Legendary Options
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
* Rylai's is one of the best items on Seraphine because of the synergy with her E Beat Drop, transforming the slow in a root and the double cast in a stun. Go for this item against high mobility enemies and if you don't need desperately stats like anti-healing or magic penetration.
Cosmic Drive
* Cosmic Drive is an underrated item because of how much burst and healing there is in the game at the moment, but it's not a bed so don't sleep on it! This item gives a huge amount of AP, health which is always welcome, and AH the stat that Seraphine needs so much, the passive also allows for more mobility, which is something Seraphine lacks outside of her W Surround Sound's MS.
* The anti-healing option, purchase an early Oblivion Orb before your second item if you're going for Morellonomicon so you can finish it later on. Go with this item if you're against high healing enemies like Akali, Soraka, Vladimir, Sylas, Swain, etc... and you want more damage instead of the utility offered by Chemtech Putrifier.
Chemtech Putrifier
* The anti-healing option... for supports! Similar to Morello, after the changes in patch 11.3 this item is amazing for Seraphine, it grants the anti-healing bonus not only for you, but also to allies that you've shielded, meaning that it synergyzes REALLY well with your Surround Sound! You can purchase this item as a more gold efficient option to Morellonomicon, or if your team isn't building Grievous Wounds.
Zhonya's Hourglass
* Zhonya's is an amazing item for mages, currently a lot of assassins and AD champions are really strong so an item like this is vital, the stats are great, it's really cheap, and the life saving active which everybody loves/hates!
Banshee's Veil
* The mage defensive option against magic damage, while it doesn't have Zhonya's Hourglass active, it also does have amazing stats, is really cheap, and the active is really good aswell, specially against characters that can get you killed with one ability, like Zoe's Sleepy Trouble Bubble, Ahri's Charm, Lux's Light Binding, you get the idea. Be careful to not lose the Spell Shield to things like enemy Luden's Tempest passive!
Void Staff
* The anti-resistance item, build Void Staff when enemies are stacking magic resistance, since this item's magic penetration completely wrecks them. Just like with Morellonomicon and Oblivion Orb, you can build an early Blighting Jewel before finishing this item.
Rabadon's Deathcap
* Rabadon's Deathcap is a mage's dream purchase, since Seraphine's scalings are insane, go for this item if you have a massive early advantage, don't need any special stats and just want AP, or as one of your last items. Remember that this is a really expensive item, but the reward it gives is amazing.
Lich Bane
* Things get fun with Lich Bane, this item isn't nearly as viable as it used to be after it's nerfs, but i would suggest trying it out on normals just to have fun with the burst it adds to your notes.
Demonic Embrace
* Demonic Embrace is a legendary version of Liandry's Anguish, and a blessing to have in game, the stats are amazing, the health plus the defensive stats it's passive gives are great for surviving. Double Mask ( Liandry's Anguish + Demonic Embrace) is an essential item combo to destroy tank compositions, build this item when against tanky/healthy compositions.
Situational Items
Moonstone Renewer
* Supportive builds with Moonstone Renewer are viable on mid! Make sure to build a Staff of Flowing Water aswell when going with this, so you can get more value from healing your teammates. I would go with this if your team already has way too much AP or if you're really behind early on, so a cheap utility build can get you back in the game faster (but remember that you will lose A LOT of damage with a build like this, make sure your team can compensate your lack of it).
Imperial Mandate
* Similar to Moonstone Renewer, a good option if you want a more supportive playstyle, but still want to be aggressive. This item apllies it's passive when slowing or immobilizing enemies, so always bring Rylai's Crystal Scepter when going with this mythic choice so your Q High Note can apply it aswell.
Mejai's Soulstealer
* Mejai's is a really good item for snowballing since it's stacks grant a lot of AP, i would definitely recommend building it if you have 10 stacks of Dark Seal already and wanna end the game as quickly as possible, you lose a lot of stacks on death though, so play carefully.
Staff of Flowing Water
* A nice cheap option if you chose to go with a supportive build, this item grants both you and your allies AH and AP, so purchase this if a carry from your team is fed and you want to help them snowball, but at the same time granting buffs to yourself.
Ardent Censer
* Really similar to Staff of Flowing Water, but for when you need to peel for your AD carries instead, it's passive also works well with your Notes, highly recommend if your team composition consists mainly of AD characters.
Verdant Barrier
* Seeker's Armguard, but for magic resistance, this is a good early option when you're against AP threats like Syndra, Vladimir, etc...
Quicksilver Sash
* QSS is a viable choice if you're against enormous amounts of CC, specially suppression like Malzahar's R Nether Grasp or Warwick's R Infinite Duress.
Elixir of Sorcery
* Always purchase this when you have finished your build, or when the game is about to end and you'll make more use of the stats granted by this elixir rather than buying an item component.
Farsight Alteration
* Farsight Alteration is the essential ward for Seraphine, always switch to it when you reach level 9, warding from range is much safer for a squishy long range mage like her.
Here you will find detailed info about mid lane matchups as Seraphine! You can find how to deal with the champion you're looking for (or have a quick read before the match starts!), new champions will be added soon after their release.
Here's an example of how matchups are displayed:
|Seraphine, "the Starry-Eyed Songstress" | Difficulty:★★ | Skill Based |
-Recommended runes: | |
-Recommended Summoner Spells: | |
-Counter Items:
-The first paragraph gives general tips and explanations about how to deal with the champion in question.
-The second paragraph explains the runes choices and alternatives.
-The third paragraph explains the summoner spells choices and alternatives.
-The fourth paragraph explains the counter items choices and alternatives.
Seraphine is a character that plays mainly around allies, so synergies are really important, here you will find a list with a lot of them, mainly junglers and a few exceptions.
A-E Synergies
Laning as Seraphine
Laning phase is Seraphine's weakest stage, you don't necessarily need to keep racking up kills since your solo kill potential is so low, remember that your goal here is to farm well, survive, and push the lane to help your jungler or roam to other lanes.
Levels 1-3 you can try to bully the enemy laner by poking with Q's and autos. This is specially effective against melee opponents, since most of the time they're abusable early on.
Levels 3-5 you keep playing as usual, focus on farming, and try to poke when possible to stack items and runes like Tear of the Goddess, and Manaflow Band. At this point the Scuttle Crab has spawned, and you have to push the wave to help your jungler in case they're going to contest it.
Level 6 is when you unlock Encore, now if your jungler is ganking you with their help you can attempt to score a kill on the enemy laner by CC locking them with your full combo. Another option is to keep it, so you can use it on roams around the map, or for possible skirmishes in the jungle, since at this point, dragon has already spawned, and your team should be looking to contest it soon.
Levels 7-10 onwards it's pretty much the same thing, farm, help your team in objectives, and roam when possible. This is around the time early game ends, one of the side lanes will probably end at this point and you're about to move to mid game.
Now that we've quickly covered of how to lane, let's cover the basic concepts of the laning phase with depth:
Farming is one of the core parts of the game. It is either done by killing (or last hitting) minions and monsters, giving XP and gold, having a good farm will surely guarantee you a better mid-late game.
With her easy and quick way to waveclear, Seraphine is one of the best champions in this subject.
waveclear in-depth info
Wave Management
Wave management is a really important subject when laning since you shouldn't just be pushing and clearing every wave, it's quite tricky to learn, but i will try to summarize the most important points of it:
Wave management IN-DEPTH INFO
Trading is another core part of the laning phase even though it shouldn't be as prioritized as farming.
Trading consists of exchanging damage with other champions, even though this isn't a good part about Seraphine's kit thanks to her low base damage stats, having a good trade is essential to win the laning phase. A good trade would be:
If you still have more health left than the enemy;
More resources like mana;
If they burned any summoner spells ;
If important abilities were used .
Having these advantages over the enemy by trading is a really essential part of laning, because if something happens around the map, you will have a larger impact and will be able to get there first, because you can push the wave without being contested by the enemy thanks to trading well, this is called lane priority.
Roaming is when you rotate from your lane to another, a core part of the laning phase.
roaming in-depth info
Jungle Tracking
Jungle tracking is a fairly simple, but important subject, basically is knowing where the enemy jungler is.
The easiest form of jungle tracking is done in the early game, stay aware of which enemies of the side lanes have arrived at lane later, because they are the ones that have probably leashed the enemy jungler. Knowing his original positioning means now you know where to expect him to be, putting deep wards in his camps accordingly helps tracking him, more info about this in the warding section.
Mid Game
When laning phase ends, it's time to switch things up for mid game whether you won lane or not, so this begs the question, what to do next?
What to do next?
Now bot lane usually move to mid for better map/objective control, if they go to mid lane you should move to bot lane, if they don't move, keep defending mid. Depending on the result, your objective now is to push lanes and roam to help your team around the map.
How to side lane?
Split pushing isn't Seraphine's forte, remember you're a teamfighting champion, if you're able to side lane, quickly push the wave and rotate the map to help your team in fights, don't push pass the river without vision or without nearby alies because of how dangerous it is. An enemy will likely contest your push, in most cases they can easily 1v1 you, so unless you are stronger than them, you are sure no more enemies are around, or your allies are nearby to help, don't try fighting with them.
Which lane to push?
Always push the lane with an objective that is about to spawn/already spawned, since that's where teamfights are usually going to take place, so you want to be close to help, the only exception to this is if you brought Teleport, in this case you can go the opposite lane of the map with an objective and TP to it if a fight is about to happen.
What if bot lane doesn't move to mid?
This is a good scenario for Seraphine, since by staying on mid lane you can rotate around the map better. Remember that sometimes you should group up mid with your bot lane to help take down mid turret, but make sure you guys can do this, or you will just be sharing XP and gold/losing XP and gold from the side lanes.
Late Game
Turrets are falling, builds are being completed, late game is the best phase for Seraphine, is when she truly shines.
Late game is really simiar to mid game, but now fights for objectives like taking down turrets and contesting dragon / Baron Nashor are way more frequent, it's also at this point in the game where you will have more items, meaning your insane scalings are going to show, and due to the fact fights are more frequent, your team is going to be more grouped up, so your abilities are instantly upgraded, more Notes on Stage Presence, more guaranteed CC chains with Beat Drop, more range on Encore, MORE EVERYTHING!
Teamfights are a core part of the late game, and a really important subject to Seraphine, so it has it's own chapter, scroll down for detailed info.
Teamfighting as Seraphine
Teamfighting is a really important point to talk about related to Seraphine, staying with teammates is her biggest strength, so this is her area.
How to teamfight?
There are a few core concepts when fighting as Seraphine, here are some of them:
You're a mage with a lot of range, so if your team is more of a poke comp, you won't stay behind! Outside of lane Beat Drop is better to poke enemies since it has more range than High Note, but on teamfights you will be closer to allies, meaning you will have more Notes, so just by spamming abilities your next auto-attack is going to have HUGE range, just be careful so you won't run out of mana when spamming abilities, but Seraph's Embrace should solve this problem.
Fighting with Encore
When teamfighting, you have to look for ways to be impactful, the best way to do this is by using your main source of engage, Encore. Stay watchful for the best time to use your ultimate and hit as much enemies as possible from a safe distance behind your allies to extend the range, Encore is a gamechanging ultimate for this exact reason, most of the time landing a 3/4/5 man ult is all it takes to win a fight.
Fighting without Encore
Inevitably there are going to be situations where you won't have Encore available to use on teamfights, so what do you do? You can try a more defensive playstyle by peeling for your team (more info on that below), or you can use the rest of your abilities, since Beat Drop CCs all enemies in a line, use it to follow up allied setup like Malphite's Unstoppable Force, Sona's Crescendo, etc... Double cast Beat Drop can even be used as a "mini-ultimate" so your team can engage with it, just make sure to use it on the right targets.
Target Focus
Focusing the right enemy is really important, key targets are squishy opponents in general, bursting down tanks isn't a priority compared to them, a few examples are: Assassins, mages, but most importantly, ADCs, aim your spells at them since damage dealers can shred your team if left unnoticed, and since you have a large amount of CC, it becomes easy to eliminate them.
A lot of times enemies will try to dive your backline, being a danger to you and your squishy allies! Use your Beat Drop or even Encore to pin them down if necessary, but remember double cast W Surround Sound is you main defensive tool, use it to keep your allies going, it gives all the buffs they could ask for in one, and it's even better if you have a supportive build with Staff of Flowing Water or Ardent Censer.
Positioning is really important, specially when fighting in the jungle, stay behind your allies and ward spots where enemies can potentially flank you and your backline, if there aren't divers/assassins on the enemy team or they aren't trying to flank, it makes your life way easier, but not guaranteed, because if you misposition yourself and the enemies focus their attention on you, you are most likely back to base, remember that you are a squishy mage, not a frontliner!
Fight positioning example
The Importance of Vision
Vision is one of the most important things in League, having knowledge of what is happening around the map so you can prevent bad choices and make good ones is crucial, and all of that can be done by a simple method, warding.
Early Wards
During laning phase a lot of enemy junglers will try to gank you, in an attempt to secure a kill on you and give an advantage to your enemy laner, that's where warding comes in, placing early wards in strategic spots is crucial to prevent ganks.
Red is for normal wards
Blue is for control wards
DISCLAIMER: This map above shows spots to ward if you're on blue side of the map, ward the opposite spots accordingly if you're on red side.
Warding the side bushes is essential, is the most common path junglers take to gank, but it's not the only one!
A ward on the entrance of the red side jungle is really good since sometimes they will try to walk around the side bush since they expect you to have vision there, so with a ward on the entrance you can see their shenanigans.
Warding close to the enemy tower is also a good spot, specially to prevent him faking a recall so you won't push the wave for nothing.
A pink ward (control ward) on the pixel bush is really good for vision control of the river.
Warding Dragons / Rift Herald cove is EXTREMELY important, if enemies are missing and you suspect they are on one of the objectives, put a ward there if it's safe, placing a pink ward way before enemies actually think of doing the objective is a really good ward in advance.
A ward in the blind spot between the Raptors and the side bush (the opposite side on the blue jungle aswell) is really good against junglers like Shaco and Fiddlesticks which always try to gank through that way (NOTE that experienced Fiddlesticks might even try to dive you trough your own Raptors camp with ult).
Placing a pink ward on the bush behind Red Brambleback 's camp or close to the sidebush like demonstrated on the map is really strong for objective vision, with wards like those you can easily spot if enemies are trying to contest.
Last, but not least deep wards are essential to have vision of the enemy jungler, these wards are amazing for jungle tracking specially effective against champions like Nunu & Willump, Twitch that benefit from turbo ganking mid.
Post Lane Wards
After laning phase, ward around spawned objectives, spots you think enemies are going to go through, and places where your team is going to play around, example: you and a few allies are pushing top side, so you ward the enemy red jungle to make sure they won't catch you off guard, simple, right? But watch out to not get picked off by enemies, that's why Farsight Alteration is your ward choice by level 9 (note that if there's a specific enemy that requires Oracle Lens to be countered, like Teemo's shrooms and your team refuses to use it, you can switch to it if necessary), here's a few more spots examples for you to ward depending on the situation:
We all know League, unfortunately it doesn't have a very forgiving community (even though some people are really nice!), a lot of times people let tilt get the better of them and start getting a toxic behavior, the best way to deal with this types of situation if they won't reafrain from acting like this is to mute them, playing with a clear mind is way better than playing attention to toxic comments that won't get you nowhere, the same thing applies to you, being toxic isn't going to make your allies play the way you want, or do well to your own mental state.
Constructive Criticism
But remember that there will be situations where people will do constructive criticism to things you could have done better, or there will be situations you can give constructive criticism to help people aswell!
As an example, remember that there's a core difference between saying:
"Hey, you could have done X instead of Y, but it's ok, just avoid doing that again.
"Why on earth would you do that?? It was so obvious! You're straight up inting."
The way you express yourself is important, of course you won't be praising teammates for mistakes, and you want to call them out to avoid doing them, but you never want to resort to toxicity as tilting others won't do any good at all.
Originally this section wasn't going to be here, but considering that the champion we're talking about is far from perfect, i think this is also an important point to make, remember that everyone has different opinions, so people usually don't always agree with everything, and that's okay!
You might find people talking about how they dislike things that you probably enjoy, this is not only about Seraphine, but about life aswell, and what you should do in a situation like this? Defend your opinion with all your strenght until they change theirs because they're wron- Just kidding!! You... let them be, it's their opinion, you don't have to change it, if they disagree on something with you, that's completely fine!
Nothing is perfect and at the end of the day, as long as you're not harming anyone, if you truly enjoy what you are doing is the only thing that matters, whether that's liking Seraphine or something like... pouring milk in the bowl before the cereal.
Well... i think that's pretty much it! If you read all of this (wow... how??), or even if you read just a few sections that you were looking for, thank you so much! I've put a lot of work and had a lot of fun in this guide, so i'm really grateful for your presence, if you enjoyed, please leave a comment in the discussion section, if you didn't enjoyed... i'm sorry! But please also leave a feedback to what can be improved, if you feel like i missed something, feel free to talk about it aswell, i'll do my best to respond to all types of feedback i recieve here, and your opinion also helps me for future guides, since this is my first. Until then, keep singing and remember:
"The little things in life are what makes it so fun!"
Other Guides
I've also done a Lillia guide, here is the link if you're interested:
I'd like to credit some folks that without them i wouldn't be able to finish this guide!
Thank you to @ katasandra and their "Table Coding Guide", i leaned a lot from this, go check it out!
Also thanks to @ jhoijhoi for creating "Making A Guide", this helped me so much, i recommend checking it out!
Thanks to @ astrolia and their "10 second guide to make a custom table of contents"!
Huge thanks to MOBAFire for awarding this guide first place in the Season 11 Guide Contest!
Another thanks to MOBAFire for awarding this guide an honourable mention in the Mid-Season 11 Guide Contest!
I'm really thankful to my friends for the feedback and support!
Guide written by me.
Guide banners edited by me.
And a huge thanks to you for reading.
Patch Notes
This link will direct you into a League Wiki Fandom page contaning all of Seraphine's patch notes: link!
This is a changelog, i will document the changes made to this guide right here!

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