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Jhin Build Guide by IKeepItTaco

ADC [14.13] IKeepItTaco's GrandMaster Jhin guide - Season 14

ADC [14.13] IKeepItTaco's GrandMaster Jhin guide - Season 14

Updated on June 29, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IKeepItTaco Build Guide By IKeepItTaco 10231 392 15,834,544 Views 160 Comments
10231 392 15,834,544 Views 160 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author IKeepItTaco Jhin Build Guide By IKeepItTaco Updated on June 29, 2024
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Runes: Fleet Footwork (Sustain)

1 2 3
Fleet Footwork
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
Default Lane
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


a Challenger/GrandMaster Jhin player and streamer.
I'm also known as Jordanian Sniper, Lejhind, Jhin Marston, and other Jhin-related names you might've seen in montages. I became well-known around the league community because of my Jhin guides and it's been 2 years+ since my last one. Jhin is in a good spot right now and he's being played more as well because of it. So, it's that time to create a new guide and here I am! :D
As of right now, Fleet Footwork is by far the best rune page to take on Jhin. There are optional keystone runes such as Dark Harvest, Arcane Comet, and potentially Hail of Blades. However, the focus will be Fleet Footwork with a brief explanation of the other rune pages if you desire to try them out!
Keystone Option

Press the Attack

Lethal Tempo
Fleet Footwork

Fleet Footwork: It grants 20% bonus movement speed for 1 second and 3 - 60 (based on level) (+30% bonus AD) health. The main reason why Fleet Footwork is the best on Jhin is because the keystone itself provides mobility and a bit of sustain while also granting access to the precision tree. The other Keystones are just as good, but because they provide bad overall trees it leaves Fleet Footwork to be the best.
* Tip for Fleet Footwork in lane - If you reach 100 stacks and have two bullets left; use your 3rd bullet to proc it. Then use the move speed to land your 4th shot Whisper and run back after the trade with the Whisper's movement buff.
Rune Tier 1 Option


Presence of Mind
Presence of Mind: Jhin is not a mana hungry champion, but he is a champion that has more opportunities if he is given extra mana to play around with. Compared to Overheal or Triumph, this will be the rune you want to take. Overheal is also viable if you want a nice shield.
Rune Tier 2 Option

Legend: Alacrity

Legend: Tenacity
Legend: Bloodline
Legend Bloodline: It provides a total of 12% lifesteal once it's fully stacked. This allows you to skip buying a lifesteal item until the super late game (6 items). You will be full hp at all times and this allows you to play aggressively without having to recall incase you take any sort of damage. Keeps you in the fight and map to commence your plans.
Rune Tier 3 Option
Coup De Grace
Cut Down

Last Stand
Coup de Grace or Cut Down: This one will depend on the team comp. I would say 90% of the time you'll want to take Coup de Grace because Cut Down is only worth it when the enemy has 3 or more tanks. Coup de Grace increases your damage by 8% when the enemy gets below 40% hp so it works wonders with your kit since you have a lot of damage that gets increased the lower hp the enemy is! 3+ Tanks means you should take Cut Down.
Secondary Option

Nullifying Orb

Manaflow Band
Nimbus Cloak


Absolute Focus


Gathering Storm
Nimbus Cloak: It gives you 15-35% bonus movement speed for 2.5 seconds depending on the summoner spell cooldown. 35% for Flash and 25% for Heal. Since these are the two summoner spells you will take 99% of the time. It provides you with a clutch option to dodge, escape, chase, juke, etc.. Jhin's biggest weakness is being immobile and easy to kill. Nimbus Cloak helps minimize this.

Gathering Storm: It gives you AD every 10 minutes and scales indefinitely. Jhin gets more AD the more AD he has because of the way his passive Whisper works. So, this rune has extra value to Jhin compared to normal ADCs.

Absolute Focus: It functions in the same way where you get extra AD from AD, but it's focused more in the early game. Optional.
9 Adaptive Force
9 Adaptive Force
6 Armor
Keystone Option

Summon Aery
Arcane Comet

Phase Rush
Arcane Comet: Arcane Comet is attached to the Lethality build. If you're not going Lethality then avoid this rune. It is focused for poking the enemy in the laning phase and early game to help you snowball reliably with Lethality. Scales poorly late game.
Rune Tier 1 Option

Nullifying Orb
Manaflow Band

Nimbus Cloak
Manaflow Band: It allows you to use your abilities more often in lane which will be a win condition since the Lethality build revolves around using your abilities to kill the enemy and trading with Dancing Grenades.
Rune Tier 2 Option


Absolute Focus
Absolute Focus: Out of the three in the row, it's pretty much just an AD rune to further amplify the lethality win condition of early game burst and damage.
Rune Tier 3 Option


Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm: The reason you want to take Gathering Storm here is not because of the infinite scaling, but the 5 AD at minute 10 and 14 AD at minute 20. MORE AD!
Secondary Option



Presence of Mind

Legend: Alacrity

Legend: Tenacity
Legend: Bloodline
Coup De Grace

Cut Down

Last Stand
Legend: Bloodline: This rune is here for the 12% lifesteal so you can stay healthy throughout the game without having to recall after getting poked or trading with someone. Stay healthy and continue roaming around the map for picks.

Coup de Grace: Focusing on bursting people down so this is the rune you'll want to take all the time.
9 Adaptive Force
9 Adaptive Force
6 Armor
Keystone Option


Dark Harvest

Hail Of Blades
Dark Harvest: When a champion is below 50% HP then you're able to proc Dark Harvest. Damage-wise, it's not that great until you get AD. It does 20-60 based on level and +5 damage per soul. The big takeaway is it has a 25% bonus AD ratio. So, if you go Crit and start stacking AD then it has potential to add serious damage mid-late game. The Drawback is that the rest of the tree is pretty bad and doesn't provide much for Jhin.
Rune Tier 1 Option

Cheap Shot
Taste Of Blood

Sudden Impact
Taste of Blood: Heals you when you damage an enemy champion. 18-35 based on level, 20% ad ratio, 20 second cd.
Rune Tier 2 Option

Zombie Ward

Ghost Poro
Eyeball Collection
Eyeball Collection: Gain 1.2 bonus AD per stack. 1 stack per kill. Gain 6 extra AD at full stacks.
Rune Tier 3 Option
Ravenous Hunter

Ingenious Hunter

Relentless Hunter

Ultimate Hunter
Ravenous Hunter: Heal for 1.5% (+2.5% per Bounty Hunter stack) of the damage dealt by your abilities. Up to 14%. 33% effective with Area of Effect abilities ( Jhin's Q, Dancing Grenade).
Secondary Option

Nullifying Orb

Manaflow Band
Nimbus Cloak



Absolute Focus


Gathering Storm
Nimbus Cloak: It gives you 15-35% bonus movement speed for 2.5 seconds depending on the summoner spell cooldown. 35% for Flash and 25% for Heal. Since these are the two summoner spells you will take 99% of the time. It provides you with a clutch option to dodge, escape, chase, juke, etc.. Jhin's biggest weakness is being immobile and easy to kill. Nimbus Cloak helps minimize this.

Gathering Storm: It gives you AD every 10 minutes and scales indefinitely. Jhin gets more AD the more AD he has because of the way his passive Whisper works. So, this rune has extra value to Jhin compared to normal ADCs.
9 Adaptive Force
9 Adaptive Force
6 Armor
It will be mandatory. It is valuable as a tool to make plays, chase down, kite away, escape, ruin a gank, etc....
You should be taking heal as it'll be great for 2v2s, movement speed for clutch plays or escaping, as well as being able to save allies.
This is a valuable tool, but rare. I imagine most of you will take it in 1-5% of your games. It removes all disables except Suppression or Knockups. It also gives you 65% tenacity for the next 3 seconds. Cleanse is a hard counter for champions like Leona, Cassiopeia, Veigar, etc. People are playing Mages more often in the botlane. Once their CC is removed from the equation then you can proceed to kill them. Only take this if the enemy botlaner's combo relies too much on CC.
This summoner spell is for when you get a lot more experienced with Jhin and can utilize it properly. This spell allows you to kite and chase people very aggressively so you’re able to force trades to get them low and then kill them OR you’re able to straight up chase and kill them on the spot. It also allows you to escape and dodge abilities when you’re kiting backwards and want to save flash. It’s essentially a 2nd flash, but you can only get value out of it if you use it properly unlike the other spells that are more forgiving if not used perfectly.
This is one of the most straightforward summer spells and easy to use. It’s point-and-click and you take it when you’re playing against adcs or an enemy comp with a lot of assassins or burst. Time it when you feel the champion that is attacking you is about to unload a lot of burst damage and this will stop them in their tracks and usually save you and sometimes even get them kill instead!
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

INNATE - DEATH IN 4 ACTS: Jhin's basic attacks consume ammunition, requiring him to reload after attacking 4 times, which takes 2.5 seconds. Jhin will also begin reloading after 10 seconds of not being in combat, which can be interrupted by declaring an attack or casting an ability.

Jhin's fourth attack will critically strike and deal 15 / 20 / 25% (based on level) of the target's missing health bonus physical damage. This critical strike will occur versus structures but deals only (20% + 15%) AD bonus physical damage.

INNATE - EVERY MOMENT MATTERS: Jhin gains 4% − 44% (based on level)「 (+ 0.4% per 1% critical strike chance) (+ 0.25% per 1% bonus attack speed) 」 bonus attack damage.

Additionally, critical strikes grant Jhin 10% (+ 0.4% per 1% bonus attack speed) bonus movement speed for 2 seconds.
Dancing Grenade
ACTIVE: Jhin's launches a canister at the target enemy, dealing physical damage. Dancing Grenade bounces to up to three additional enemies beyond the first, with each kill it performs increasing its damage by 35% of the base damage.
Deadly Flourish
PASSIVE: Enemy champions slowed by a Captive Audience or damaged by Jhin or his allies, are Caught Out for 4 seconds.

ACTIVE: Jhin's fires a shot in the target direction that deals physical damage to all enemies in a line until colliding with an enemy champion. Deals 75% damage against non-champions.

Caught Out champions are also rooted, granting Jhin [[Whisper] Every Moment Matters' bonus movement speed.
Captive Audience
PASSIVE - BEAUTY IN DEATH: Jhin summons a blooming Lotus Trap under every enemy champion he kills.

Additionally, Jhin periodically stocks a Lotus Trap charge, up to a maximum of 2, which are unaffected by Beauty in Death.

ACTIVE: Jhin places a Lotus Trap at the target location which Noxious Trap stealths and arms after a brief delay, lasting up to 180 seconds. The Lotus Trap blooms upon enemy contact, revealing enemies in the area for 4 seconds.

Blooming Lotus Traps slow enemies for 35% for 2 seconds before detonating, dealing magic damage. Lotus Traps deal 65% damage against non-champions and champions recently hit by one.
Curtain Call
ACTIVE: Jhin begins channeling, gaining a wider field of view, though not a larger vision range, during which he has the ability to cancel or recast Curtain Call up to four times. Jhin cannot cancel the channeling or fire the first shot until after 1 second, and has 10 seconds in which to use all casts.

RECAST: After 0.25 seconds, Jhin fires a round in the target direction that deals physical damage to all enemies hit, increased by 0% − 300% (based on target's missing health), until colliding with an enemy champion, revealing the traveled area for 0.5 seconds and all enemies hit for 2 seconds while also slowing them by 80% for 0.5 seconds.

The fourth shot will critically strike for (100% + 25%) bonus physical damage.
The extra 80 health and 8 AD is helpful for early all-in aggression to snowball. Thanks to Jhin's AD scaling, the 3% lifesteal is pretty damn efficient as well. Take this 95% of the time.
This is a starting item that will allow you to trade better because you have a movement speed advantage as well as dodge skillshots and kite/escape ganks better. It allows you to get 4 pots as well for better sustain and forcing the enemy out of pots/heals. The downside is that you have less AD so last hitting will be harder and you’ll have less all-in damage if you don’t trade with the enemy first.
As of right now, there are 3 Jhin builds that you can go. Crit, Lethality, and then half-half build.

Crit is the most reliable while being the most fool-proof and good in all situations. So, we will start with that.
Crit is the most reliable while being the most fool-proof and good in all situations. So, we will start with that.

You’ll be rushing Stormrazor first because it gives a good amount of everything for Jhin. AD, attack speed, crit, and a passive that gives you a guaranteed empowered auto as well as extra movement speed. Jhin lacks mobility until he gets a lot of Crit so going Stormrazor as your first item actually gives you a lot of help in the mobility department. After this, you’ll be buying Infinity Edge as your second item as it’s a massive AD spike for Jhin. It provides a lot of AD alongside Crit. The passive is that it allows your Crit to do 168.75% Critical Strike Damage when without it you would do 150% Critical Strike Damage. That might look like a small boost but because Jhin has so much AD that’s a big difference to your Crit power.

The third item will be interchangeable in this build. Rapid Firecannon or a Last Whisper item. You will go Rapid Firecannon because it’ll give you better access to reaching people with each heavy hitting auto or if you’re in a good spot you can reach people with your 4th shot thanks to Rapid Firecannon. Without Rapid Firecannon it will be hard to reach certain targets and you might end up putting yourself in danger just trying to get in range. The more Crit you get the faster you run around and the faster you recharge your energy attacks including Stormrazor + Rapid Firecannon. If you decide not to go Rapid Firecannon then you will go Lord Domink’s Regards if you’re playing against Tanks or Mortal Reminder if they have a lot of healing, after you build that then go Rapid Firecannon. Situational items after.color]
This lethality build is the best lethality build so far to snowball with Jhin. Jhin was very broken the first season he was released because he was an assassin and on the side he was an ADC. His entire kit uses lethality and burst items very well.

Each point of Lethality = 1 armor flat pen. So, if the enemy has 50 armor and you have 30 lethality then the enemy has 20 armor when you hit them. Lethality got buffed for season 14.

Ghostblade is very cheap starting at 2700 gold and gives you raw AD, lethality, and movement speed. Then you go Armor Pen Crit items to take advantage of your burst and also Crit scaling. That’s why Collector is next because it’s the only Crit-Lethality hybrid. Then you go LDR for the % Armor pen as well as Crit synergy and you finish it off with Infinity Edge and Rapid Firecannon for scaling late game which will allow you to burst people down with just a few autos each.
This item is really good on jhin if you’re playing against a lot of tanks or melee champions late game. It’s rly bad early - mid game which is why if you’re thinking of this item you want to build it as your final item in the late game. It has a very big AD ratio so when you get that 3rd proc on someone it’s 400-700 extra damage and this get’s increased by 50% if you’re constantly hitting the same target. TLDR: If you’re playing against tanks and are struggling. This item will delete them but only when you have a lot of AD so buy this late game.
This item is situationally good on Jhin because of the active! It is the only way Jhin can get an auto-reset. It gives you 55 AD and 550 health so the stats are pretty good too. How you’ll use it is auto > hydra for reset > 4th shot so you essentially use two autos at the same time and this will help you 1 shot enemy squishies. When do you want to get this item? As a 6th item only and if the enemy has squishies for you to burst down. Otherwise, do not buy this item.
When you need lifesteal, magic resist, and a way to get yourself out of CC. Also, it gives a nice 50% movement speed buff four 1 second. You won't be able to outplay every CC ability in the game by dodging. Sometimes, it's going to hit you no matter what OR you want to run straight into them and need to remove the CC to kill them fast. Buy Quicksilver Sash first as it'll provide the most utility. You don't have to finish Mercurial Scimitar first if you still need other more important items. You can also keep Quicksilver Sash the way it is and upgrade later.
Gives 20% lifesteal which is quite a big deal when Jhin's AD reaches absurdly high levels ranging from 800-1.2k AD. In addition to this, it grants a shield if you overheal. So when you combine Bloodthirster with bloodline and overheal in your runes, then you get a ton of sustain and constant shielding of yourself. Think of this as a pure lifesteal item. It doesn't provide as much utility/survivability as Death's Dance or Mercurial Scimitar.
This is by far the cheapest and most cost effective anti-burst item in the game for any ADC and Jhin is no exception. The lifeline passive gives you a 240-600 damage shield when you fall below 30% HP as well as giving 7% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds when auto-attacking champions to kite better and stay out of range. It would be an ideal 4th Crit item in your build..
This item builds from one of the most clutch items to ever been created. Stopwatch ! If you feel there are threats that will one-shot you. Feel free to buy an early stopwatch beforehand so you're able to make a play with it. Then you can upgrade it to a Guardian Angel which provides 40 Armor and 45 AD. I recommend it against low-counter play assassins where building defensive stats is the best way to counter-play them. Looking at you insecure Kha'Zixs and Rengars.
This item shares the same lifeline passive as Phantom Dancer so do not buy this item if you are thinking of getting Phantom Dancer. I recommend this item as an early buy in lane if you're playing against mages in the botlane which seems to be more common these days. It's also very good against a magic threat in the mid-late game if you don't need the Quicksilver Sash active or have Phantom Dancer, but I still want heavy magic protection!
It gives +15 movement speed over the other choices and reduces the effectiveness of slows by 25%. This is good if you want to save gold and gain early mobility. It's the earliest boot you can buy, so if you have Flash down or want to dodge abilities and escape ganks. Consider getting Boots of Swiftness as early. This is usually the main boot for Jhin .
It gives +35% attack speed. Because of how Jhin passive works, he is able to convert that +35% attack speed into AD and additional movement speed on Crits. Essentially, you would buy Berserker's Greaves when you want AD. Think of them as AD boots. Take them if you favor damage over mobility.
It provides 20 armor and reduces auto attacks by 12%. Even with the nerfs, it's still a decent buy against AD assassins, full AD comps, or just to reduce the amount of damage you take from autos in trades and skirmishes. This is a must buy vs Draven. Just not as effective as it used to be, but nonetheless, still a solid choice.
Gives +25 magic resistance and reduces the duration of all CC effects by 30%. All except Suppression, Stasis, and Displacements. It's a good buy if the enemy has 4-5 magic damage comps. So four example, you would build Mercury's Treads into a Maokai, Viktor, Elise, Lulu and Varus. Also, if you're playing against mages in the botlane like Syndra/ Ziggs/ Cassiopia/etc.. Definitely buy Mercury's Treads!
The laning phase is one of the most important parts of the game. What happens in the laning phase has a big impact on how the mid-late game will go. There are comebacks and throws, but you want to take complete control of those results which is best done by understanding how to play the laning phase and taking advantage of it.

Jhin doesn't excel in scaling compared to many other ADCs ( Senna, Aphelios, Ezreal , Kai'Sa, etc). However, he has immense kill pressure in lane if played properly which can lead to snowballing and cracking open the game.

With that being said, the laning phase is extremely complex because how you play the lane will depend entirely on the 2v2 match-up. Meaning what support do you have? Who is the enemy ADC? Who is the enemy support? All 4 champions in the botlane will determine if you should play safe, aggressive, push, freeze, etc…

Because of that I'll be explaining how to play against each ADC in lane as well as how to play with what support you get and what to do against the enemy support. There's no possible way for me to make a short summary for the laning phase if you truly want to improve and win the laning phase everytime.
So, what exactly is a trading pattern? A trading pattern is how you're going to use your champions kit to go in and out to trade with the enemy in the most efficient way possible while also making sure you're not putting yourself in danger. I'll be listing them below.
The simple and basic is Q Dancing Grenade + 4th shot Whisper if an enemy gets too close to you when you have 4th shot Whisper ready.
Q Dancing Grenade the ranged minions in the back when they're at full HP when an enemy champion is nearby. Do this after you put a 2nd level into your Q Dancing Grenade at level 3. Even though the minions will not die the mana cost is very low and you're focusing on poking them down for the inevitably all-in.
When your Fleet Footwork is charged up use your clip until you get to your 3rd bullet. After that you'll use your 3rd bullet on a minion when the enemy is nearby and this will give you the boost you need to get close enough to Q Dancing Grenade + 4th shot Whisper the enemy and quickly back away with your 2nd movement speed boost which is coming from your 4th shot Whisper now.
Auto > Q Dancing Grenade > W Deadly Flourish. This combo is pretty deadly if you manage to land it. It has a lot of damage in 1 go and since they're snared and landing W Deadly Flourish gives you a movement speed boost then you can fit in an extra auto or two. I would try this combo at 3 or 2 bullets so you can get your 4th shot in at the end.
First basic rules to follow before you get into the scenario you're currently in
Keep your CS up. The biggest problem people seem to have is farming after the laning phase. Keep yourself busy catching waves in the midlane. After the bot tower is gone you are supposed to farm mid with the protection of your support. Mid laners and Top laners are powerful alone which is why they farm top and bot which are commonly referred to as the side lanes.
Do not wander off on your own. Play around your vision or your teammates. If you decide to facecheck or go into the fog of war by yourself there is a very high chance you might get killed and that means you'll not only give gold to the enemy, but also give them a chance to take an objective 4v5 and you'll miss out on farm since you're ya know? Dead.
Pay attention to objectives and enemy movement. If objectives are up or soon to be up be sure to get there in advance before the battle starts. If Dragon is up make sure you are farming mid or botlane. If Baron is spawning in 1 minute then be sure to farm mid or top and be near your teammates.
Recall timings! You need to spend your gold before important teamfights, objectives, defenses, or sieges. It's a common mistake to have 1-3k gold because you've been tunneling on farm or grouping and never recalling. Gold is not useful until it's spent and will not help you in the middle of a teamfight. If there are no teamfights happening then recall and spend it so when the time comes you're ready to fight.
And your team is ahead, your job is to stay ahead and do not throw your lead. You want to keep building your lead higher and higher until you can close off the game and win. After you take away the enemy bot tower then you should be rotating around the map trying to go for objectives. Take the towers that are left around the map which would be top and mid tower. If the enemy contests for objectives and you are outnumbered do not take fights unless you're confident your lead can allow to overcome the number difference. When Dragon or Herald is up on the map, try to obtain vision control and secure them, especially if they're spawning. If you get a herald then don't use it instantly, use it to break mid towers because those are the most important towers to take since they crack open the map and make it easier to obtain vision control. You have shutdowns on your team so keep in mind constantly not to go for greedy plays or underestimate the enemy team.

Also, always try to be confident when you're ahead and in 5v5s. More often than not the enemy will give up objectives because they know you're stronger than them. Then they'll give the next objective because you're even more ahead now. It's a vicious cycle that keeps going as long as you don't get greedy and throw. If you die once getting caught then your teammate might die and so will the rest and it starts a domino effect. Play cool, smart, and collective.
If you're even in lane, try to turn the tides in your favor. You've won your lane! Take the enemy bot tower and if you've already done so then spend your gold and get out of botlane! Yes, get out! Because your job now is to help get the rest of your team ahead so you have an easier time beating the enemy and eventually winning the game. Take your gold lead and damage then proceed to go top or mid lane. Tell the laners to say there so you can bait and setup a gank. After killing the enemy top or mid laner or even making them back off. Secure the tower then repeat the same thing at the remaining tower whether it's top lane or mid lane. If done correctly, you'll start to have a lead now and this is something you can work with. Jhin is a very good pick champion so when the first 3 towers are gone tell your teammates to group up more to find a pick then after each pick you have the number advantage and can force a dragon or tower and the enemy will not want to contest you. Keep your team in formation and you'll be set since now you have a lead and can continue to grow it!
And your team is behind, the goal here is pretty similar to what you do when you're even. However, the key difference here is that how behind are you? If you're a little behind then do the same as explained in the “even” explanation. However, if you're very behind, it is important to not die and to keep farming and scaling up. Shotcall your team to be safe and warn them about any dangers. Try to get them to group to look for picks because if you can grab a few shutdowns that can make a big difference to the game, especially if you get the shutdowns on yourself! Don't die. Don't die. Don't die. Don't die. This is by far the most important factor to keep in mind which isn't as important in the other 2 situations. If you die and you're the only player on the team that is ahead, you really shoot down your chances of being able to make a difference since you're the biggest damage source now on your team. Do not facecheck or get sloppy and go to places alone. Your team is nothing without you if you are dead and they might end up dying more or making silly mistakes if you're not around them to protect and punish the enemy. Farm, scale, get picks, and slowly with shutdowns from the enemy you'll be right on track back to winning!
And your team is ahead, don't get in their way. You have lost your lane and if you try to make plays a 0-3 Jhin you will only be hurting yourself AND your team. Wait for your ahead teammates to come help you and get you back into the game. After getting come care packages from your teammates and gold back then you can think about making plays and doing things on your own. But, in-general you're going to want to play a more “supportive” role as an adc and just make sure to farm up and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Play around the team at this stage of the game because that will indirectly get you ahead and you won't be behind anymore.
And your team is even, continue to catch up since you've lost your lane and are behind. Since the game is even then you should look for opportunities to get leads through getting picks, picking the right teamfights to fight, or rotating properly. One thing that usually works is if you rotate mid or top and tell them to bait a fight or bait the enemy laner and setup a juicy gank with your W Deadly Flourish and R Curtain Call. If the gank succeeds then you might be able to get the tower of that lane as well! If the gank fails then you asserted pressure and if they lost HP then they've recalled. If this happens try to take Rift Herald if it's up!
And your team is behind, you will want to focus on farming and to minimize the bleeding at all cost. Don't try to make plays or force fights too hard. Be patient and get core items. Look to grouping with your teammates and going for picks. The enemy will have shutdowns in this scenario and the best way to get shutdowns is by picking off careless fed enemies that believe they've won already. While you're picking up kills 1 by 1 with the team to comeback make sure you don't give any return kills as this will just undo your work everytime. Teamplay and patience is key in this situation. If you need to give objectives then give them away if it means you lose the 5v5 fight. Only contest objectives when you're confident you can beat them in a teamfight otherwise it's too risky.
This will cover the principles of teamfighting as an ADC: Positioning, DPS, and Target Priority.

People get lost all the time on how to avoid dying, why they deal little damage, and who they are supposed to be focusing in a teamfight. We'll be going through all of that.
Avoiding death, getting caught, and indirect increase to DPS
Figure out who you need to be afraid of the most and avoid them at all cost. Try to get into their mindset, especially assassins. A good example is a fed LeBlanc or Zed. They will try to flank you in order to catch you. Keep an eye out on the vision you have and pay attention to them prior to the fight. If They were near the topside then be on the botside of the fight. You want to mirror their positioning otherwise they'll dash and kill you.
Flanks! Flanks! And more Flanks! Analyze the vision you have and figure out which parts of the map are safe. Place traps in areas you think the enemy will use to flank and engage on you or your team.
Do not feel pressured to auto attack or fight. If a threat is blocking let's say a talon is trying to kill and chase you. Then back off and let them 4v4. If you try to help your team too early then talon will just kill you so wait for him to give up or get focused by a teammate
Be next to your team, but not to the point you're hugging. Many times this can result in you getting engaged on as a team and wombo combo'd. Keep a good distance from the enemy, but also don't get too close to your own teammates. You must find a good balance.
Pay attention to the map and where the enemy was last seen at all times! After the laning phase is over, all you're really doing is farming, taking objectives, or teamfighting. Look at the map a lot when you're just farming as it will give you information to pay attention to where the threats are and then you can mirror them in order to keep out of their way and stay safe.
Do not overchase anyone. Overchasing more often than not leads to an unnecessary death and in return your teammates may die 1 by 1 after you.
I have gun. How make gun do damage?
Spend your gold! If you have unspent gold around 1k and above then you're missing out on valuable stats that would increase your damage and sometimes drastically,.
Be brave! Don't be afraid to get close and auto attack! You want to pay attention to their cooldowns and if the people around you are a threat or not. If they can't do anything to you then walk within auto range and smack them up. Many Jhin players play overly safe when they should be aggressive, espeically if no one is trying to murder them. Playing overly safe leads to lowered and less favorable DPS.
Use your Q when you can. In teamfights people usually group up and while it might not get increased damage, it's still a nice potential AoE spell to poke them a little. Use Q after an auto so you don't waste time and have the next auto attack ready to wind up.
Don't impulsively use your ultimate. I used to have this problem myself where I would use my ultimate because it was convenient, but I would've done 2-3 times more time I had walked to the enemy and auto attacked a couple times with Crits. You really want to use your ultimate if they're just too far, they're low hp within range, or someone is alone and you want to catch them. Always try to use auto attacks if you can and pick better times for the ultimate. It's usually best for clean up and sometimes engaging one 1 pick.
Who to focus on, when, and why?
Figure out who you can manage to attack. If you want to attack the enemy Jinx and you have tahm kench and talon in front of Jinx then you have to leave her alone and focus on these two instead!
Be reactive to who your teammate engages or catches out. If they instantly stun a rengar or lucian or anyone then make sure you're ready to follow up as quickly as possible.
Look out for lost tunnelers. There will be people who tunnel and end up wandering off away from their team. Focus them quickly in order to make it a 5v4.
Pay attention to cooldowns. Whether their abilities are on cooldown or not will affect how you focus. If someone squishy doesn’t have flash and you believe you can assassinate them quickly then go for it.
General Mindset to have: Focus your closest targets within range. If important fed champions are nearby and caught out then go focus them instead. If a support isolates themselves from the team then burst them in 2-3 seconds and return to the fight. Focus order should be from the biggest threat to the lowest and depending on your positioning and if you’re safe then you work your way up the list on who you can focus. Example: If a 10-0 Zed gets engaged/stunned and he’s next to you then walk within range focus him instead of the Leona that was on top of you.
Be confident with yourself, especially if you want to take the matter of the game into your own hands. I've live coached so many people and they've won games just by seeing an opportunity and telling them to type it to their team. Shotcalling isn't easy by any means, but you can still do it at a basic level. I'll give some examples on what kind of calls to make and why!
You've killed 3 of the enemy team. The game is 25 minutes. You have a fed ADC and a fed mid laner. It is 5v2 and it's only the enemy adc and support. Death timers are 35 seconds. Tell your team to do baron! If you guys are on the opposite side of the map it'll take 10-15 seconds to walk to baron and you will still have time!
The dragon is spawning in 1 minute. Tell your teammates to group up and gain vision in the enemy's side of the jungle so when dragon is ready you have complete vision and ready to make picks to get the jump on them in a fight to win!
You have 3 teammates grouped and the enemy is doing dragon while Herald is up. Tell your teammates to take mid tower if it's below 30% HP or go to Herald and take it to take the tower later if the tower is currently at 70% HP.
There are just a few examples to get you into the mindset and thought process of shotcalling. Hopefully, some of you understand the opportunities and will be vocal in chat to lead your team into victory.
Many people underestimate Jhin's traps and sometimes skip it until level 9. I would not advise this at all as it has so many uses and is only limited to how creative you can be with them. Here's a map to show you good spots to place them as wards, ways to catch people, or potential Teleport plays.

In the laning phase you can use it to escape, ward for ganks, if the enemy gets stunned place it under them then snare and auto for a big combo, or again Teleport plays.
Updating the trap sections with Visual images of the map where you'll see exactly where to put traps and which kind of traps. Expect the update within the next day or two.
Using any ability will delay Jhin's reload timer by 10 seconds.
As long as you kill the minions BEFORE the next bounce of the dancing grenade it will still have increased damage. Q does not need to get the last hit.
You can use flash after casting your W Deadly Flourish. It will cast W Deadly Flourish from the original spot, but now you're safe and out of danger!
It should be common knowledge, but a lot of people don't know you can Teleport on Jhin's trap. So, tell your teammates this as Teleport is becoming more popular now.

Aphelios is currently the most popular ADC and one of the strongest ADCs in the game. He has one of the highest damage outputs, but it comes at the cost of him being immobile and has windows of opportunity to strike.
Trading patterns: Take short trades and poke with your Q Dancing Grenade. Aphelios runs Conqueror these days and most of his guns are great in skirmishes.
If you are looking to all-in Aphelios. Make sure he does not have Chakram (turret gun) because it is by far his strongest weapon and it makes it very easy for him fights.
A good way to look at Aphelios is if he has “strong” or “weak” guns combos. When he has a weak gun combo, that is when you want to strike and all-in.
Weak Gun Combos: Severum, the Scythe Pistol + Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle, Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle + Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon, Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon + Severum, the Scythe Pistol, Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle + Infernum, the Flamethrower, Crescendum, the Chakram + Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon is by far the WORST 2 gun combo for him. If you see him having any of these combinations then you'll be fine to win the all-in as long as he isn't fed.
Strong Gun Combos: Crescendum, the Chakram + Severum, the Scythe Pistol, Crescendum, the Chakram + Infernum, the Flamethrower, Infernum, the Flamethrower + Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon, Infernum, the Flamethrower + Severum, the Scythe Pistol, Crescendum, the Chakram + Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle Try to avoid fighting against these combinations.
Aphelios is all about gun management. He is immobile, squishy, and Jhin has the burst damage and catch tools to kill him. Pay attention to his gun combos at all times and keep track. Punish him when he has weak guns and you'll come out on top!

Ashe is an immobile utility adc with low damage in the early stages of the game. You want to play aggressive into this match-up.
Be sure to use the minions to block Ashe's W Volley which she'll use to poke you down in hopes that you will not engage once you get low on health.
Because of her immobility, it is incredibly easy to force an all-in onto her. Position around the minion wave so that you're in range to Q Dancing Grenade or Auto attack Ashe then follow it up with W. If you land it then you can kill her then and there.
Focus on keeping your health high and avoid being poked. You want to be able to play aggressive, but if you get too low you'll be unable to do exactly that.
Watch out for Ashe's R Enchanted Crystal Arrow . When she gets level 6 that is when she becomes an actual champion. If she lands her arrow onto you it's usually followed up with other abilities from her support and/or jungler which can spell death for you. Also watch out for her R when you decide to use your own Ultimate. Type to your support after level 6 to block any future Ashe R Enchanted Crystal Arrows when you're using your own ultimate. Communication is key.
Play hyper aggressive while avoiding any unnecessary poke. She is immobile and has very low damage in the laning phase. Look to catch her out with Jhin's W

Caitlyn is notorious for being a lane bully through her long range and non-stop laning shoving. However, she is squishy and vulnerable to all-ins.
Make sure you don't give her what she wants. Which is a shoved lane! You have two choices here. You can take Doran's ring and spam your Q Dancing Grenade the middle or even push the waveg Grenade]] whenever she tries to shove you in. This will counter-act her shoving and keep the lane i to her own tower instead of yours. The other choice is going doran's blade and focusing more on auto attacking the wave and not so much on trading with Caitlyn. You want to gain lane control and deny her the ability to shove you in and spam traps.
It is very important that you make sure you get B. F. Sword on your first back. Buying B. F. Sword first will give a boost to your Q Dancing Grenade and will allow you to reliably push the lane back without having to use much mana.
Caitlyn has really bad all-in if she gets engaged while it's the exact opposite if you let her and her support engage onto you. She requires setup with her traps to pull off her headshot combos. By engaging onto her first you remove the ability for her to get the setup.
Once you get level 6, you can setup kills easily by spamming your Q Dancing Grenade to get her and her support low. Then use your ultimate Curtain Call to finish her off. She does not have much healing in her build or kit compared to other ADCs like Senna, Miss Fortune, Aphelios, etc…
Do not allow her to get control of the lane through shoving. Shove back with your Q Dancing Grenades. Doran ring makes your Q Dancing Grenade stronger and it's more spammable, but Doran's blade gives kill pressure. Go Doran's ring if you feel the kill pressure is low and more shove focused. Once the laning phase is over, if you are even or ahead then Caitlyn has lost her own win condition and you take it from there!

Cassiopeia is a bit of a tricky one. I've seen her picking more and more often so this is here incase any of you unfortunate souls run into her.
Avoid long trades and skirmishes at all costs. Take short trades only. Once she applies poison to you then she can spam her Twin Fangs and assassinate you.
Go in and out with short trades. 3rd bullet then 4th shot Whisper. Get out. Q Dancing Grenade + 4th shot Whisper. Get out. Once she's below 50-60% HP then you can look to all in with a full clip and finish her off with 4th shot Whisper. Catching her with
Jhin's W will make the all-in a whole lot easier and bonus points if you have a CC support with you.
Take Cleanse against Cassiopeia! Taking heal will benefit you pre-6, but after 6. Cassiopeia will have insane pressure with her ultimate Petrifying Gaze. Her ultimate has the counterplay of turning “back”, but it's inconsistent and will stun you even if you look back. Having cleanse ensures you will always win the fights.
Take short trades. Only all-in when she gets low. You can all-in her at full health only if you have enough damage from your support or super ahead as Jhin. Take it slow and easy. Turn her into leather snake boots.

Draven is one of the best counters to Jhin. He's at #3. His laning phase is stronger for 1v1s, 2v2s, short trades, and extended trades. You need to follow the play book strictly if you want to come out on top.
Players who play Draven have a mindset that you must abuse. Draven will always want to get a lead in lane or else he will lose. Play safe and slow. Focus on farming and avoid trading.
The best way to retaliate against Draven is to poke with Q Dancing Grenades. Only fight him or trade with him after he gets poked by your Q Dancing Grenades. You can go Doran's ring against him if you want to spam more Q Dancing Grenades. Also, buy Plated Steelcaps against him as it will reduce his damage since he's very auto attack focused.
The best way to fight a Draven is by bursting him down before he gets a chance to lifesteal and kill you with his auto attack with his Q Spinning Axes. Try to wait for your jungler or wait for Draven to get CC'd by your support. That is the window to all-in and burst him.
Play smart and play slow. Focus on farming and denying him a kill lead. Draven falls off so you don't need to fight him. If you do end up fighting him make sure he is CC'd and burst him down quickly.

Ezreal is an agile adc spell caster. His damage comes from weaving in auto-attacks in between his spells. He focuses on long range poking from a safe distance.
He hits his strongest point at the mid game and beyond. The best chance to beat an Ezreal is in the laning phase which is by far his weakest stage of the game.
He is easy to burst and has bad all-in during the laning phase pre-6. So, you want to trade aggressively in short trades and long trades. His E has a 25 second cooldown so once he uses it try to mark him with a Q Dancing Grenade or auto attack and follow it up with your W Deadly Flourish . After he gets caught try to kill him and it usually results in a kill or taking his summoners away.
His primarily damage in lane will come from his Q Mystic Shot. Use your minions to block them.
Once he hits 6 Trueshot Barrage proceed with caution when you all-in him. As long as you avoid the ult by moving to the side or Flash ing it you should be able to beat him everytime.
Bully him hard in the laning phase. It is his weak stage. Take advantage of it and snowball. Ezreal outscales you so do not try to scale or play safe against him. You will be punished for it.

Thanks to Heimer1 aka Tyler1. People have brought him to the botlane after he streamed Heimerdinger bot for almost 3 months. So, just incase any of you run into him these tips will surely help you out!
Heimerdinger will play around his turrets constantly to shove you in because Heimerdinger wants to avoid fighting at all cost. He wishes to scale up and skip past the laning phase. So, you need to try to get rid of his turrets H-28G Evolution Turret when they're up by using auto + Q Dancing Grenade and this will make it much harder for Heimerdinger to shove.
After you get rid of his turrets. Keep track on how recently he placed them. If he has 1 or 2 turrets saved up then you can feel free to engage on him and kill him. However, if he has 3 turrets saved up then you should wait for him to use one or two then destroy them before jumping onto Heimerdinger!
Once he gets level 6 CH-2 Electron Storm renade his burst potential is very high. If you take fights after 6 then consider poking him down with Q Dancing Grenades and short auto attacks trades then use your ultimate Curtain Call from long range. Make sure you get his support a bit low too so if the support tries to block your ultimate Curtain Call then they'll die instead of Heimerdinger. Alternatively, if you want to all-in them without poking them down first, then make sure he gets cc'd and burst him down fast.
Abuse Heimerdinger in the laning phase by bringing down his turrets and forcing aggressive fights often. If you're able to get a lead in lane then you can crack open the game and make it very difficult for him to fight back. Play aggressive and do not let him play the scale game.

Jinx is an immobile hyper carry. It takes awhile for her to come online. Her weakest point is her laning phase so you want to play aggressive here.
Her kit is rather simple so your approach will be simple. Her Q Switcheroo! gives her faster auto attacks gaining 1 stack per auto to a max of 3. Her W Zap! is a single target skillshot with decent damage and a slow. Her traps Flame Chompers! are utility and will snare you after it's setup. Her Ult does damage based on how low you are.
Take short trades against her. Long trades are bad because she'll gain max stacks and auto attack you while you're reloading since you're unlikely to kill her from 100-0 this early in the game. Look to poke with Q Dancing Grenade or occasional 4th shots.
Because she's immobile it's fairly easy to catch her out with your W Deadly Flourish to force an all-in. So, walk up to her then use Q Dancing Grenade or auto and follow it up with your W Deadly Flourish. After that you should be able to all-in and kill her or force out her summoner spells.
After 6 you have to be careful how low you get as her ult Super Mega Death Rocket! does quite a bit of damage. However, she's still immobile and squishy at this point so keep doing what you've been doing only be mindful of her ultimate.
Jinx outscales you and in the mid-late game even if you two are even it will be hard to kill her off because of her long range auto attacks from Q Switcheroo! scaling. So, it is important that you play aggressive in the laning phase and take advantage of her weaknesses. Otherwise, you'll be left in the dust later on in the game. Thankfully, if you ever do go mid-late game all hope is not lost. Keep your eye out if she gets caught or CC'd and rush her down asap.

Kai'Sa is known for being the best ADC in the game for almost 2 years straight since release. Luckily, that isn't the case anymore. She still has the same principles where she has good mid-late game, but one of the worst laning phases for an ADC. Vayne 2.0.
Kai'Sa will try to avoid trading unless you've isolated yourself to make it easy for her Q Icathian Rain . Think about her Q Icathian Rain as a Kha’Zix Q Taste Their Fear . If you're alone with no minions or champions then it'll deal a lot of damage and sometimes even kill you. Fight around minions or hang allies to reduce it.
She will try to farm and get past the laning phase safely. Play aggressive and abuse her short range. Her range is 525 while you're at 550. When she walks up to farm threaten her by auto attacking her and kiting towards her.
Once she gets level 6 and she buys some items in her first back. You want to play slow around her. Don't play overly aggressive here because her ultimate Killer Instinct gives her a big shield and she can teleport to get a favorable position in the 1v1 or 2v2.
Kai'Sa is officially Vayne 2.0. As such she has the same exact pattern as Vayne . Very weak laning phase and extremely powerful late game. Bully her and get leads from the laning phase to close out the game or stay ahead at all points in the game. If you reach the late game, but 1-2 items ahead of her then it doesn't matter if the game goes late. Aggression is a requirement for this lane.

People like to call Kalista the worst or useless. But, as of patch 10.5. She is one of the best ADCs in the game. Reaching the top 4 list in solo Q. Kalista has received 3 patches worth of buffs the last few months so you need to enter a respectful mindset and not treat her as a meme champion anymore.
Kalista has extremely powerful duel potential when it comes to 1v1s or 2v2s. Do not engage in long trades or fights unless she gets cc'd and you can burst her down. She is very similar to Draven in a sense where if you don't burst her quickly then she'll turn the fight around and kill you both quickly.
Kalista has a rend combo where she can stack her spears on a minion then pass it to you using her Q Pierce then use her E Rend to do damage and slow you down. And finally killing you after that combo. Pay attention to the minions and her positioning. It will reveal her intentions.
Try to win the lane through poking with Q Dancing Grenade and VERY short trades with Q Dancing Grenade +4th shot Whisper or 3rd auto with Fleet Footwork into Q Dancing Grenade +4th shot Whisper and back off. Becareful when you decide to go for short trades because if the lane isn't next to your tower then she can easily slow you do with rend and chase you all the way to your tower and you'll die before you reach it.
After she gets level 6, depending on her support it can be scary or just a minor annoyance. If she has an engage support then she can press R Fate's Call to engage freely onto you. If she has a safe passive support then she'll save it almost everytime to save the support rather than ever engage with it.
Kalista is an early-mid game champion with powerful duel potential in the botlane for 1v1 and 2v2. Be mindful of that and proceed with caution. Take short trades only and try to poke her down before committing to a fight. If you do end up fighting her then make sure you engage on her first then burst her down. You don't want to focus the support as Kalista will use her ultimate to save them. If Kalista doesn't get ahead then Jhin has no problem destroying her mid-late game.

Kog'Maw is a relic of the past. He has 1 strength and many weaknesses to abuse. He is an immobile low damage carry who only does damage past the 30 minute mark.
He does not have much to worry about. His W Bio-Arcane Barrage makes his auto attacks longer range and % of max health simiarly to a botrk except it's magic damage and half effective so yes but also no. His E Void Ooze is a slow for running away or catching people. In this match-up he'll use it to run away almost always.
This is one of the more straightforward match-ups out of the guide. He's squishy and does low damage. Play hyper aggressive with poking and short trades. He can still mess you up if you end up reloading in combat so make sure you engage when he's at enough health to burst down.
Because he has low movement speed and no dashes. Look to catch him out with a Q Dancing Grenade or auto attack to mark him and use W to force a fight.
Kog'Maw is essentially an over glorified minion until minute 30+ where he becomes an absolute monstrosity. So, it is in your best interest to bully him and snowball off him in the laning phase. You do not win the scale war at all so play hyper aggressive.

Lucian is quite possibly the biggest lane bully in the game right now. He is played top/mid/bot because of how oppressive his laning phase can be. Not only that, but his entire kit counters Jhin in every conceivable way possible.
Lucian 's Q Piercing Light by itself isn't very scary and usually used for poking through minions or short trades. The scary part comes when he hits his level 2 powerspike then level 3 and the interaction with his passive Lightslinger. 2 autos after an ability.
His usual combo is using his E Relentless Pursuit → auto twice → W Ardent Blaze → auto twice → Q Piercing Light → auto twice in 1 smooth combo. His combo combined with Press the Attack and his high health pool essentially means everytime he engages in an all-in that's 40-60% of your health. This combo gets stronger once he gets more levels and Bilgewater Cutlass.
Because of how easy it is to pull off Lucian 's combo onto Jhin and that Jhin has really bad duel potential against full HP targets + reload mechanic. You can't 1v1 Lucian unless he's very low or you've somehow obtained 5+ kills. Even if you're 2-3 kills ahead, Lucian can still out 1v1 you if he has Bilgewater Cutlass and the levels he needs.
The rules of engagement vs Lucian is to poke him with Q Dancing Grenade s and all-in only if he gets around 50% HP or less. Do not try to do short trades with your auto attacks because you'll get in range for his combo. Using Q Dancing Grenade from a distance will avoid that.
Lucian is the biggest bully in the game. You do not really want to contest that and play hyper aggressive. If the Lucian makes dumb mistakes then punish him for them and kill him. But, in general you're going to want to outscale him and deny him leads since he needs leads as part of his own win condition.

Miss Fortune as of patch 10.5 is currently tied for the #1/#2 adc in solo Q. Majorly due to her being strong in the laning-early-mid-late game.
Miss Fortune in lane will primarily trade and try to poke you with her Q Double Up through minions. So, keep an eye out when minions get low as that's an indicator that she will potentially try to position to bounce her Q Double Up off onto you!
Miss Fortune’s abilities have a fairly short range except for her ultimate. This means you can go for poking with Q Dancing Grenade and engage short trades when you want to. With that being said, Miss Fortune’s auto attacks when amplified by the attack speed W Strut she can hurt in long trades so avoid them
Once she gets level 6 you have to be very respectful and careful. Her ultimate Bullet Time does anywhere between 1100-1350 damage at rank 1 depending on her AD at the time. However if her ult is on cooldown, cancelled, or avoided. This is your chance to win the fight and come out on top.
Play the lane slow and pick your fights wisely. It's more of an even match-up and anyone can come out on top. Miss Fortune does outscale you, but you in general have greater burst in lane and out of lane. So, play around your strength.

Senna has the weakest all-in in the botlane (as long as lane is even), but one of the safest and most reliable mid-late games out there. So, you want to play hyper aggressive in this lane.
Her HP pool is the lowest out of all ADCs and her base damage before getting enough souls is also the lowest. She makes up for this by being an overly safe champion. This, however, means you can engage and all-in her easily if she steps out of line and gets caught.
You don't want to take short trades with her or poke with your Q Dancing Grenade as she'll do an equally good trade but also heal back Piercing Darkness. Only short trade when you have 4th shot close otherwise try to get long trades in or engages.
She's immobile until she gets her E Curse of the Black Mist at level 3 / 4 depending on the player so try to auto or q then catch with your W Deadly Flourish to all-in.
She will use her E Curse of the Black Mist to escape so make sure when you're chasing her you try to stay within the circle range so when her E Curse of the Black Mist is activated you'll be in range to remove the fog. Kite towards her essentially.
As always, try to give yourself some room to be able to dodge her snare Last Embrace incase she's trying to setup a play or a gank for her team.
Once she gets level 6 Dawning Shadow , she'll have a decent amount of all-in damage if you get caught. But, as long as you're not getting snared or stunned. You will always have the edge over her in 1v1 and 2v2 till the super late game!
She has the weakest laning phase of any ADC. Take advantage by playing hyper aggressive and abusing her low HP pool. Play for early-mid game.

Sivir is a short range hyper scaling ADC. Her laning is rather mixed. We'll get into details.
She will try to breeze through the laning phase by spamming her Q Boomerang Blade and W Ricochet to shove the wave and farm up. When she's low on mana she'll use her E Spell Shield to gain mana and continue her shoving. That's why it's important when she uses her spell shield to not give her what she wants which is the mana.
Try to trade more often with auto attacks than your Q Dancing Grenade since she can't spell shield auto attacks. Her auto attack range is very slow as it sits at 500 compared to your 550.
She also doesn't have the best all-in until items and levels as her Q Boomerang Blade packs a punch, but after it's gone she starts to lack damage elsewhere until late game. Take advantage of that by playing aggressively.
Once she gets level 6 On The Hunt her damage output isn't actually increased, but her team utility and mobility overall is what you have to look out for. This can be used to setup ganks, dives, or escapes.
Sivir outscales Jhin, but had an abusable laning phase. Take advantage of it by playing around her low range and all-in. If for whatever reason you feel you won't be able to play aggressive until the first back then get dorans ring and spam your Q Dancing Grenade to shove the lanes back until you get B. F. Sword and can play aggressive with the AD powerspike.

Syndra mage that is pretty simple to play against and will be rare. An AP assassin.
She'll use her Q Dark Sphere to farm minions and try to harass you. The only other pattern she'll do is try to stun you with Q Dark Sphere + E Scatter the Weak combo and maybe using W Force of Will to throw it on top of you then stun. This is the only way she can engage and threaten you so keep your distance and understand her range on her abilities.
Poke her with your bouncing Q Dancing Grenade but do be careful if you try to get into auto attack range to trade as it'll put you in danger for her stun combo and potentially end up dying. It's better to wait for her to get caught by your support, your W Deadly Flourish , or a teammate ganking. Your job is to play it slow and 100-0 her when she gets caught by anything in order to deny her the chance to burst people before dying. Repeat this enough to get a substantial lead and emerge victorious.
Her 6 Unleashed Power is terrifying and all you should do is buy a Hexdrinker and maybe potentially Mercury's Treads. Play it slow as always and try to make sure you're not in range for her to combo you. You can always try to poke them down then finish her from afar using your very own ultimate!
Understand her range and one shot potential. Play it slow and look towards bursting her down the second she gets cc'd. Play with caution around level 6 and continue to play like this to deny her any chance of snowballing. You'll win naturally as you will scale better than Syndra as a “botlaner”.

Tristana is one of those champions people do not expect to counter Jhin, however, she does. And many Jhin mains think to themselves if they just suck against Tristana . Truth be told she counters Jhin and you have to play the match up properly if you want to make it out alive!
Tristana has the 3rd highest HP pool for ADCs. Her W is equal to 2.25 Flash es. Her Q Draw a Bead is an attack speed boost and her E Explosive Charge does damage based on how many stacks which are gained by auto attacks.
How does Tristana counter you? She can engage on top of you at any moment with her W Rocket Jump which will then slow you down and while you're slowed she will use her E Explosive Charge then Q Draw a Bead and deal atleast 50-60% of your HP right off the bat. Meanwhile, she's still healthy and because she has so much HP it's going to be hard to burst her if she's at full HP.
So what do you do? Well, like some of the other counters. You have to play it slow and be weary of her range. If you keep track of her W Rocket Jump range and cooldown if she uses it recently. Trade using that knowledge so you can poke her down without giving her a chance to jump on you. I recommend freezing the lane near your tower and just chilling until you get an chance to all-in her by catching her with your W Deadly Flourish Jhin or your support.
Tristana beats you in the laning phase, early game, mid game, and late game. With that being said. The biggest part to focus on is the skill difference between you and the enemy. They might have a champion that beats you in every area, but unless you're both challenger it's unlikely Tristana won't make dozens of mistakes. Play the lane slow and look to catch her out. Freeze lane to have a safer laning phase and try to setup ganks or combos with your jungle/support.

Twitch is a late game focused stealth adc. His laning phase is weak and his playstyle revolves around his stealth mechanic.
Twitch has a few ways to fight you. He might go invis with his Q Ambush and sneak next to you or your support then apply his W Venom Cask slow and try to setup an engage with his own support or a trade. If you notice Twitch goes missing inside the lane for more than 2 seconds then assumes he is invis if he is not farming minions. If you know Twitch is botlane and he is just choosing not to farm it is the most obvious way to tell that he is up to no good.
While Twitch can try to engage or start a trade by being sneaky. If you manage to start a short trade or an engage when he is not stealthed. You win it every time. So play aggressive and abuse the fact that he's immobile and has weak all-in this early into the game
When he gets his ultimate Spray and Pray you have to be careful because this is when he starts to go invis Ambush and tries to cheese you or your support. Keep track on where he was last seen and put wards in bushes as he loves to use them to go stealth from.
If you end up fighting a 2v2 make sure to engage onto Twitch first and ignore the support unless the support is extremely low. If you end up focusing a full HP support then Twitch will mow both of you down using his ultimate.
When the mid-late game comes, be extremely careful and play around your W Deadly Flourish ards and team because Twitch can one shot you very easily if you're alone. Stay with your team or play around wards.
Play aggressive in the laning phase to punish Twitch's early game. Pay attention if he goes misses or runs into a bush to go stealth and plan something cheesy. Mid-late game be careful as he will try to assassinate you a lot.

Varus is a a bit similar to Jhin W Deadly Flourish which he has long range abilities and utility in his kit. His laning phase is decent, but Jhin's is better. Play aggressive and position well to avoid being poked unnecessarily.
Varus will try to trade by casting their E Hail of Arrows and poking you with their Q Piercing Arrow . Make sure to move a lot while trying to farm to confuse the Varus. I highly recommend buying swiftness in this match-up so you can reduce the slow since he'll try to use that slow to setup Q Piercing Arrow's or Ultimate Chain of Corruption when he eventually gets it.
His Q Piercing Arrow has an interaction with the active of his W Blighted Quiver which means Q Piercing Arrow will do more damage based on your missing health. So, if you get low expect it to one shot you so watch out and don't underestimate the damage!
Once he gets his ultimate Chain of Corruption he'll be looking to catch you and hold you down so his supports and/or teammates can help burst you down.
Varus is an early to mid game champion. As long as you make sure not to let him catch you with his ultimate Chain of Corruption you should be able to kill him and outscale him throughout the game from laning phase to the late game. Play aggressive while also positioning well-enough.

Similar to Twitch and Kai'Sa . Vayne has an incredibly weak laning phase and a good mid-late game. Vayne's late game isn't as scary as some of the others, but still needs to be respected.
Take short trades with her at first and try not to let her proc her W Silver Bolts. After she gets to 60% or less HP then you can decide to go for long trades or engage for an all-in. You will come out on top in both.
Be careful with Vayne's E Condemn as it is a stun and it can create a setup for her support to follow up and eventually kill you
In-general trade as often as you can as you will come out on top because you have far higher base damages than she does.
However, when she gets her ultimate Final Hour you need to respect her unless you have a lead by then. She can use her ultimate to gain AD, movement speed, and invisibility and combined with her kit. She will be able to out duel you in 1v1s if she isn't low.
Ideally, past 6 Final Hour if you fight a Vayne you need to focus her down and not let her kite freely. If you try to 1v1 a Vayne then make sure she has been poked beforehand otherwise your 4th shot Whisper won't do much to help you
Play hyper aggressive in lane and abuse her weaknesses. Don't let her breath and always keep her under pressure. She wants the late game, but we will not give her that.

This will be a rare match-up, but it happens from time to time. Mage matchups are pretty simple thankfully. Veigar is a scaling AP control mage with a very weak laning phase and quite immobile.
First thing to do here will be to take Cleanse. After you take Cleanse you will start to play aggressively in lane trying to do short or long trades and poke with Q Dancing Grenade whenever possible. If he tries to fight you back you will always out damage him.
If he tries to use his cage to run away and block you from chasing him then use Cleanse and finish him off.
At level 6 Primordial Burst he gets his one shot combo so if you get stunned and don't have Cleanse then you'll die 100%. So, if Cleanse is up make sure to remove the stun and dodge his skillshots then proceed to kill him. If Cleanse is down then play on the safer side and watch your positioning and the casting range for his cage.
Alternatively, you can Flash out of the cage and auto attack him to death like a brute as long as you're ahead.
Veigar has no sustain so another option is to get him low with your Q Dancing Grenades then snipe him with your ult.
Very weak laning phase. Short yordle who can be punished very aggressively. Do not play safe as that will give in to his win condition. Take Cleanse.

Xayah isn't as popular as she used to be. She's good at every point of the game. She's not the strongest in all parts of the game compared to Miss Fortune , but a good champion overall.
Xayah is a cheeky champion. Her main pattern is doing Q Double Daggers + 1 auto and instantly pressing her E Bladecaller. It essentially instantly snares you if you're within range with no counterplay (unless you use Flash ). The only counterplay is not being in the range for that to happen in the first place, because once you're in range as long as she knows what she is doing then the combo will be unavoidable. So, when you position around the wave to farm or poke her pay attention to the range and if her Q Double Daggers is on cooldown.
She will sometimes use her Q Double Daggers to push and in that case you can maneuver around the feathers to try to go for a short trade or Q Dancing Grenade poke
Her Ultimate Featherstorm makes it hard to engage onto her freely because if you do engage then you have a ton of feathers around you and you're snared then dead. So, don't be so forceful on Xayah. Get her low slowly then bait her ult out. Finish her off with your own.
You can play aggressive in lane as she still has less base damage than you do. However, be careful with her snare combo as she will use this to catch you and engage with her support most of the time. You scale well into her, but it is advised to take advantage of the laning as you are stronger.

Yasuo is a parasite and his never ending reach is long. He makes it into the mid lane then top lane and now unfortunately finally to the botlane. As an ex- Yasuo main myself it is not fun playing against him and I'll teach you on how to handle him.
Yasuo at level 1-2 is extremely weak as he doesn't have Crit, Wind Wall, or any significant way to bully or fight you. It is crucial that you auto him whenever he tries to farm at levels 1-2. Farm the wave slowly and don't push it hard. Zone him from CS and if he goes for the farm then poke him. He will be trading his HP for CS which is ideal for you.
Once he gets windwall you'll want to be a bit more careful and be mindful of him dashing Sweeping Blade and using tornado Third Cast - Gathering Storm.
After level 3-4 and onwards try to freeze the lane around your tower and try to trade often since you'll have the safety of your tower.
Once he gets his ultimate Last Breath he will try to engage hard with it at any chance he can get. People usually pick knockup champs when they know they'll have a Yasuo in the botlane so keep your distance and farm safely. Let the lane push into your tower and freeze. It's okay if you lose some CS.
Bully him in the early levels. But, as he gets windwall and items you will need to respect him. If you didn't get a big lead at level 1-2 then play safe and scale. Teamcomp wise people usually don't pull off the Yasuo adc very well especially in lower elos. Farm up, get your items, then burst him down next time he gets cc'd or caught out without windwall in a teamfight and repeat. Yasuo may be annoying, but he's still extremely squishy until late game.

Alistar is one of the best combo engage supports with Jhin. Make sure to hold onto your W Deadly Flourish more often instead of trying to use it byself to catch them. Save it for when Alistar goes in so you can have a CC combo that has less counterplay for the enemy team.
Alistar is a melee champion and he will try to engage whenever the enemy gets close to him so try to stay within range to follow up as soon as he goes in.
Alistar's ultimate is good for tanking damage and only tanking damage. The best use for it is offensively. So, try to setup a tower dive on the enemy by telling your jungler to come bot and tell Alistar to ult to tank the dive and this works most of the time because the enemy does not expect it.
When you're playing against Alistar you do the opposite of the above. Which means keeping out of his Q Pulverize + W Headbutt range.
Alistar is melee after all so when his combos are down or he's far from his adc then feel free to trade with him. If he engages on you and the adc is too far then it doesn't matter since you'll win the trade.
Buy and upgrade boots early so you can make it harder for them to engage, but also easier for you to poke them here and there.

Bard is has great aggressive play with his Q Cosmic Binding and his passive which gives him empowered auto attacks when he picks up charms. You want to stay near Bard and pay attention to his positioning and react to his engages. If Bard lands a Q Cosmic Binding onto the enemy then you follow up with your W Deadly Flourish Deadly Flourish and it's usually a secured kill or at the very least the enemy will use their summoner spells. He will also use his W Caretaker's Shrine from time to time to heal you and make sure to wait for it to charge so you can get the full heal.
Secondly, Bard loves to roam due to his high mobility and his kit in general. When he roams you need to play extremely safe and farm from a distance. If the enemy looks like they want to dive you then back off the tower entirely.. If Bard gets kills around the map then it'll snowball other lanes and eventually they'll come to snowball yours!
The biggest threat from Bard in lane will be his Q Cosmic Binding. Do not stand too close to the minions or your support as it will make it very easy for Bard to punish you.
Bard's E Magical Journey has a good setup for 2v2s if you are over-extended or even setting up a jungle gank. If the Bard goes missing for a few seconds be cautious and wait. He is either picking up charms or flanking you and trying to get a tunnel gank going. I'd suggest putting traps Captive Audience or warding angles you feel Bard will tunnel from.
Bard's R Tempered Fate is will be used to catch you or cancel your ultimate Curtain Call. Always remember that if you want to ult the Bard can cancel it if it's not on cooldown. Also, make sure to have boots by this time because you will want the movement speed in order to dodge his ultimate.

Blitzcrank and all the other hooker champions go great with Jhin. Very straightforward and deadly!
The key to playing with Blitzcrank or any other hook champ is to have control over the waves. Do not push the lane hard to the enemy tower as it will make it harder for them to get a kill since if they get hooked under their own tower they can just escape fairly easily.
Secure level 2 then slow push (this means only last hit the minions, do not use Q Rocket Grab or auto more) the wave or try to freeze it. This will make the enemy choose between standing next to you to farm or staying back and losing farm. If they choose to stand within range to farm CS then it provides the perfect opportunity for Blitzcrank to run up and hook them! Proceed to do this for the rest of the laning phase as this is how you abuse the synergy.
As always, when you have support with great engage you want to hold your W Deadly Flourish most of the time unless you see a really good opportunity to make a catch by yourself. Saving W as a follow up too is the most reliable choice.
Blitzcrank's Ult Static Field is simple, but a lot of ADCs might not know that most Blitzcrank players will use their Ult Static Field to instantly delete the minion wave and surprise the enemy with a hook. You want to be mentally prepared for this so you can use your W Deadly Flourish to help Blitzcrank. If you end up being surprised like the enemy then your reactions might be slow on the trigger.
Play behind minions and use them as your shields. If Blitzcrank gets close to the minions then auto attack him a few times and if you feel he might walk up to you then back off. When his hook is on cooldown remember that he is essentially a melee minion so that is your time to get trades in or perhaps even go for an engage.
Buy and upgrade boots early so you can make it harder for them to engage, but also easier for you to poke them here and there. Preferably Swiftness.
Be careful of the fog of war because if you're standing on a war then Blitzcrank will try to hook you over the wall with his 1150 range hook.

Brand is a high risk high reward mage support. If you get him on your team you have to play aggressively or all is lost.
You're going to want to bounce CC off each other. Whether it's you or Brand that engages first, the other will follow suit and it'll end up in a kill almost 100% of the time as long as you both land your CC. With that being said, make sure you're close to Brand so when the enemy does get caught by one of you then you can both go in.
If you see your Brand walking up away from the minions to get a clear shot to stun then leave the minions alone for a bit and walk up too because it could lead to a potential kill.
Once Brand gets his ultimate Pyroclasm the real fun begins. If Brand engages with his ultimate you can follow up with your W Deadly Flourish which will help keep the champion close to a minion or their teammate and give an extra bounce or two. Brand's ult will get them low in which your ultimate Curtain Call will do a ton of damage because Brand gets them low to begin with!
If you're playing against Brand then watch out for when he decides to walk past your minion wave to stun combo you with Q Sear and W Pillar of Flame. You should try to sidestep it and after sidestepping it you can auto him then follow up with your W Deadly Flourish and try to kill him or use all your bullets to get him low. Because if you do manage to dodge it then he has no abilities to use for quite a while. Pre-6 that is.
Once Brand gets his 6 Pyroclasm then he has more options than to rely on 1 simple combo. Sometimes Brand will walk up to you to press R which will apply a slow and then land his combo and once you're stunned his ADC will follow up and finish you off. Be very careful for how close you get to him. Try to poke him with Q Dancing Grenade from a distance post 6 so if he tries to walk to you on low hp then he signs his own death wish.

Braum is more of a protector than an engager atleast until he gets level 6. So, for this lane you're mostly going to want to chill and let Braum get some levels.
If Braum lands his Q Winter's Bite then feel free to walk over and poke the slowed target. If Braum lands his Q Winter's Bite on a champion you believe you have kill pressure for then feel free to all-in.
Braum can jump at you at any time with his E Unbreakable and his shield only blocks damage if you STAND BEHIND Braum! So, uh, yeah make sure to do that.
Once Braum gets his level 6 Glacial Fissure then you have some real engage power to play with. He can use his ultimate to knock them up then follow it up with his Q Winter's Bite to slow them down and on top of that you can use your Jhin W Deadly Flourish to snare them and finally proc Braum's passive Concussive Blows to stun them and finish them off.
Braum is essentially nothing but a **** block here. He will always white knight his ADC with his W Stand Behind Me + E Unbreakable if you ever try to engage or all-in.
The way around that issue is that instead of focusing the ADC all the time. Make sure to walk close to Braum to auto or trade with him when you have minions behind you. As long as you don't let him land Q Winter's Bite then you can bully him as if he were a melee minion. Once he gets low then he can't protect his ADC because he'll end up giving away his life to do so. But, if he does do it then you get a kill either way.
He can jump onto minions that might be on top of you and that will reliably allow him to cast his Q Winter's Bite or Ultimate Glacial Fissure and get a free engage. Be careful.

Galio is on the rise as a mid lane and support champion. He's getting buffed next patch too so we'll see more of him around
Galio is pretty linear however, he'll try to engage with his E Justice Punch and follow it up with his taunt. You pretty much just want to wait and save your W Deadly Flourish until he does his combo.
In the meantime until Galio does his combo, poke with Q Winds of Wars and occasional auto-attacks whenever you get a chance to weave them in.
His ultimate Hero's Entrance won't provide much in the botlane and it's more of a global ult to help the rest of your team or you in the later future
Galio will try to catch you with his knock-up Justice Punch and follow it with his taunt Shield of Durand. Just keep your distance and poking with Q Dancing Grenade . Don't try to auto-attack him as it will give him a free window to engage. Only do that if he has cooldowns.
Be aware that he can no longer charge taunt then Flash . But, he can still Flash and instantly mini-taunt then use his knock-up for an engage.
If the enemy ADC is alone and Galio has ult then be aware of that and how you decide to take the fight.

Contrary to popular belief Janna doesn't provide much for Jhin. She hides behind Jhin and Jhin needs someone to be in front of him because of his reload system. Jhin also needs a support that does some form of damage, cc, or a bit of both to take advantage of his 4th shot burst combo.
Janna can only provide Jhin With a shield Eye of the Storm which can sometimes help for trading and to minimize some poke.
In-general, it's going to feel like a 1v2 so play to farm and wait for the enemy botlane to missposition and make mistakes. If they get caught by a fully charged Janna Q Howling Gale and Jhin follow up with W Deadly Flourish then there is some hope to getting a kill.
Play hyper aggressive. She is a squishy champion with no real way to stop you from smacking her up.
Janna players have a history of walking up to you to poke you with W Zephyr. 90% of Janna will do this. If you use the Auto>Q Dancing Grenade >W Deadly Flourish combo fast and snare her then you can get an easy engage and kill off her every time.

Karma is an aggressive laning support who actually fills the role of damage and utility.
Karma will look to poke with Q Inner Flame and empowered Q Soulflare constantly so you want to watch out for her R Manta empowered Q Soulflare because it has a slow which then can be followed by your W Deadly Flourish and lead to a good trade or even kill.
Her empowered W Renewal also has a channeled snare where after completed will snare the enemy which is a perfect opportunity for Jhin W Deadly Flourish to follow up.
Use minion waves to block Karma's empowered Q Soulflare and if she walks up past the wave to pull it off then either back off to avoid getting hit or dodge it and turn on her.
Careful about her empowered W Renewal because against a Jhin she can walk up to pull it off. Don't get too close.

Leona is an aggressive CC bot with quite a bit of damage. She is perfect for Jhin and Jhin shines with supports like her.
Leona will look to engage and jump on her foes at level 2 and onwards so it's very important that you stick close to her so the second a fight begins you can follow up.
Once Leona gets her ultimate Solar Flare her engage pressure and the amount of her CC skyrockets. Again, be sure to be close to her as Leona is an aggressive champion who will try to jump in at any chance given!
Take Cleanse. It is SO important to take against Leona as it will remove any CC she has applied to you and reduce her CC for the next 3 SECONDS by 65% meaning any CC she tries to add will last a fraction of a second .25-.35.
Leona only has 1 way to go in pre-6 which is her E Zenith Blade then Q Shield of Daybreak. Be sure to watch how close you get to her so avoid being in engage range.
Also control the wave so it can be closer to your tower for safety
As always when she gets her ultimate Solar Flare keep a distance and have your hand ready on Cleanse !

Lulu is an enchanter support and she'll mostly be buffing you and peeling you. Out of the enchanter class she's actually one of the better ones for Jhin.
Play safe and farm it out. Lulu's kit can't be used to hard engage onto the enemy, but if the enemy tries too hard to force a fight or dive just by playing it slow and smart with your Lulu will allow you to turn things around with her ultimate Wild Growth
Lulu is quiet squishy and she doesn't have any poke besides her Q Glitterlance. If she walks up to trade or bully then play aggressively and jump on her. You win the trades.
Be careful when you decide to all in because she might be saving her polymorph Whimsy for the best moment against you. So, keep that in mind when you're hard comitting.
Lulu has no heals compared to the others so you can try to poke her and her support down before fighting too.

Lux suppport has fallen out of the meta hard, but she has been getting buffs for this role specifically
Lux will be playing around her Q Light Binding and E Lucent Singularity to poke or all-in. She'll occasionally shield you with W Prismatic Barrier, but after the nerf it's not the main focus of the lane.
You and Lux are both immobile and squishy to keep your distances from the enemy and poke them slowly. If they get low enough and caught by Lux or your own snare then you can stack your CC together and finish them off. This gets deadlier when Lux gets her ultimate Final Spark.
If Lux misses her binding on you then she has nothing else to stop you. When her Q Light Binding goes on cooldown take it as an opportunity to jump on her to either get a long trade or perhaps all-in for a kill.
When she gets level 6 she has enough damage to become a threat because if you get hit by her Q Light Binding and her ADC is nearby then it's almost guaranteed that you'll blow up so do keep that in mind.

Morgana has a great combination of damage, engage, and utility making her one of the better supports for Jhin.
Stay close to Morgana's range as her Q Dark Binding is extremely deadly with Jhin in which if he lands it is usually a guaranteed kill or summoner spell from the enemy!
Secure level 2 then slow push (this means only last hit the minions, do not use Q Dancing Grenade or auto more) the wave or try to freeze it. This will make the enemy choose between standing next to you to farm or staying back and losing farm. If they choose to stand within range to farm CS then it provides the perfect opportunity for Morgana to walk outside of the minion wave and zone them out or land bindings if they get too close. Proceed to do this for the rest of the laning phase as this is how you abuse the synergy.
Morgana’s Black Shield will protect you from a variety of abilities, but it is good not to be too reliant on it. I've seen a lot of people get themselves in bad positions because they assumed they would get a Black Shield. Do not do this until you figure out if your Morgana player is good or not.
Morgana lives or dies based on her Dark Binding. If she lands it then you're in danger and if she does not then you can use it as a chance to jump on her to trade and perhaps kill her.
Her Black Shield will always make it harder to kill her which is why you can just do damage with your Q Dancing Grenade dancing grenades or auto attacks to get her low and perhaps just Flash 4th shot Whisper her later if she stays since Black Shield does not mitigate physical damage, only magical damage.
Because when Morgana gets her ultimate at level 6. She can flash on top of you and use Soul Shackles and if you have no flash this will make it very easy for her to stun lock you with her ultimate and binding.

You'll be playing aggressively or passively depending on the match-up. If the enemy has a engage support then you have to play passively while if they have a safe support then you can win through poking and healing with Nami.
Play the lane slowly and win through trading. If Nami lands a Q Aqua Prison then you can follow it up with your W Deadly Flourish and all-in.
When you take damage from trading make sure to wait for Nami to heal you with W Ebb and Flow so you're at full HP when you eventually do all-in
Nami's ultimate Tidal Wave is actually a great engage tool and pretty reliable too. Try to use it as close range of each other as the 50% slow will make it very easy for Nami's Q Dancing Grenade to land and follow it up with your W Deadly Flourish and entire auto attack combo. The enemy will surely not survive.
Nami is similar to the other enchanters. If she misses her Q Aqua Prison then she really does not have anything else to threaten you with other than a good time of jumping on top of her and getting a better trade off or killing her with an engage or pick.
If you have no sustain against Nami then be careful with how often you trade with her and her ADC because they can heal everything back slowly with her W Ebb and Flow. You should try to stay healthy so when you all-in you'll be at full strength.
Be aware of her R Tidal Wave which she will try to use to setup a combo on you. She'll use it for dives or if the lane is wide open and you're over-extended in it.

Nautilus and all the other hooker champions go great with Jhin. Very straightforward and deadly!
The key to playing with Nautilus or any other hook champ is to have control over the waves. Do not push the lane hard to the enemy tower as it will make it harder for them to get a kill since if they get hooked under their own tower they can just escape fairly easily.
Secure level 2 then slow push (this means only last hit the minions, do not use Q Dancing Grenade or auto more) the wave or try to freeze it. This will make the enemy choose between standing next to you to farm or staying back and losing farm. If they choose to stand within range to farm CS then it provides the perfect opportunity for Nautilus to zone out or hard engage in a wide open space with their tower being far away. Proceed to do this for the rest of the laning phase as this is how you abuse the synergy.
As always, when you have support with great engage you want to hold your W Deadly Flourish most of the time unless you see a really good opportunity to make a catch by yourself. Saving W Deadly Flourish as a follow up too is the most reliable choice.
Nautilus's ultimate Depth Charge is very reliable in a sense that if he manages to get it off then his hook and his passive Staggering Blow which snares will follow up on top of your Jhin W Deadly Flourish . Essentially around 3-4 seconds of CC if overlapped correctly. If they have no Flash or dash then they're as good as dead.
Play behind minions and use them as your shields. If Nautilus walks closer then walk back too. His hook Dredge Line has a faster missile speed than all the other hookers. It is also instant leaving very little space and time to dodge.
Buy and upgrade boots early so you can make it harder for them to engage, but also easier for you to poke them here and there. Preferably Swiftness.
Be careful of his ultimate Depth Charge because if he manages to cast it on you and you do not have Flash usually you'll be as good as dead.

Pyke will play hyper aggressive whether you want to or not unfortunately. It is not in their bloodstream to play the lane slow or smart if necessary.
Keeping this in mind it is even more important to stay near Pyke because he'll constantly look for Q Bone Skewer + E Phantom Undertow combos to pull of onto the enemy and if he does succeed ten following up with Jhin W Deadly Flourish will turn into a kill or summoner spells every time. And I do mean every time.
Once Pyke gets his ultimate Death from Below it's important to know that the win condition is to get the enemy low. So, you don't want to save your ultimate Curtain Call for when they get low. Use everything to get them low for your Pyke instead of the other way around where usually the support gets them low for you to finish them off with your very own ultimate Curtain Call!
Pyke has the same tools as the other hookers except he is a lot squishier than the others due to the way his passive works and gives him no HP. Do not expect him to tank for you
Use minions to your advantage. If Pyke charges his Q Dancing Grenade and you're just standing in the middle of the wave or behind it then he can't really use anything else except E Phantom Undertow on top of you. And if he only uses his E then you can pretty much kill him for that as he will not deal enough damage with a single E.
Essentially if his Q Bone Skewer misses or is on cooldown use that was a chance to hard bully him as he doesn't have anything else threaten against you.