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Ashe Build Guide by Off Constantly

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Off Constantly

Ashe Comprehensive guide

Off Constantly Last updated on October 11, 2011
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 22

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 7

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 1

Chapter 1


Color Codes
The icons aren't showing the tooltips
anything that needs
Recently added!
Picking items like a baws?
Role as
Rune like a baws!
Summoner spell like a baws!
Tower dive like a baws!
Ability Leveling!
Items like a baws, items like a baws(8)!
Gettin' started
Salty owning!
Laning like a KING(last hitting)!
Maaankeh-KING(harass ownage)!
Utilizing volley!
foo be trippin :)(first)!
Mid mid mid!
Pros and Cons!

Color Codes

This guide offers some font colors making it easier to read and less boring, basicly if its its often in context with what I feel the viewers may be thinking or about HP5/health/health pool. If its Blue it's my reply to these imaginary questions or something being cold or about mana.Green[/color] this is information I feel not every viewer can benefit from but a decent amount of specific individuals will. Yellow is a color I'll mark the word cooldown with, come with cons and pros about my color section btw, it would be cool<3.Orange Very useful information. For now the other colors are random and for flashy purposes only(may include item pictures for the visual effect, try figuring this yourself:D)! Another thought if you are one of the millions of people who play World of Warcraft that ended up wanting to learn to Play Ashe, ask yourself should I jump around Dalaran doing nothing for an hour or read this very long informative guide that will improve my League of Legends skills beyond my current level.
Why Should I read your guide?: -- I'm a good league of Legends player and got better things to do... -- Alright! thats great come back when you don't and I guarantee reading my guide will increase your knowledge about this game:)

This guide is viable for:

This guide is really well suited for everyone who bothers last hitting like a baws and for those who keep their eyes on the minimap instead of+blaming others every time they die, no pun intended. For those who feel affected by the text should stop using so much time blaming others. It DOES not make you a better player, it might momentarily make you feel better, but blaming others is never the answer. ALWAYS be constructive, and if the player is not open to such I'm sorry for your loss but you're the winner because you act more mature.

HELP! the icons aren't showing the tooltips:

Sorry! this is not a problem I can help you with.. but! check the info you need on other websites or ingame~ enjoy reading.

Minor Issues:

No current issues!*yay*Other than that thanks to the awesome people reading my guide on a regular basis, you're much apreciated so please come with feedback:D(I seriously respond to feedback atm, I'm not working or anything ;3 - for now)
*Alot going on with my life atm so if you want me to rush a section it has to be requested:)


*Anything that needs improvement?
*Anything weird?
*false icon command/other
*Got a cool idea you want to share?
*Anything to add?
*Be constructive

*I'd love if people didn't downvote me for no reason:) atm it's just three but try refrain unless you have a good reason, and if you do just tell me what it is and I'll change it :)
--Cmon dawg, why should I spend my time on feedback yo~--If you are among the people that actually do enjoy reading my guide, wouldn't it be nice being one of those improving my work:D?

Recently added/being added right now:

*Updated the First trip back section to please everyone:)
*added a section on how to pick your items(yay!)
*Item update switching to do this if you position yourself right:)
*An informative section about creeps call for help function! --what's that???--Press CTRL+F(or simply click the links in index on the top section) and use your browsers search function! type in Bushmonkey and enjoy the dazzling information--what're these colored answers?--It's explained in detail in the top section!:)
*More on Color Codes
*More text has been colored
*Some cool big icons -- more to come ofcourse.
*New item order new information regarding this will soon be found on my site, stay updated,--but it's 7 items, you only fit for 6 ingame-- replace with when you have more need for the lifesteal than the 120 hp and 6 attack damage, then build it into a
*other editing(unfortunately not sorted so try briefly reading what interested you the most and check if there is anything new)
*More plans guess this doesn't belong here, but they are secret!
*Generally about keybindings.
*fixed some typos
*fixed some icons I failed at-_-"

Section for those that don't understand certain things on this website:

some of the sections have a large icon beneath the section, what is this?? it's to please the viewers visual desires, aswell as my own :)
There are some abbreviations I don't understand(short forms of words)I'm sorry this bit is alot of work and is low on my priority list of things to do on the site;< ask a friend or maybe someone in the comment section will be kind and help you out!:D not saying I won't add such a list I'm just making sure my viewers solve this problem whilst it cannot be solved by me for the time being~

My Goals with this Guide:

*Get the most viewers and hopefully active users of this website as reference when they need information about League of Legends.
*make my viewers happy, maybe even a source of comfort when you're feeling down
*have a unique personal writing style aswell as using icons the way it best suits me.
*have the most user friendly quide
*have the guide best suited for both new and experienced players.
*become a better player myself
*become a better writer
*expand my English vocabulary through writing more, not only about League of Legends~


As many of you know keybindings can improve gameplay to a level beyond that of which you are limited to without keybindings.. --I've seen the keybindings tab but I haven't given it any thought--
*Smart casting is quicker than targeting once mastered.(some spells do require some aim and angling so it's better to do these longshots the normal way, other skillshots used with smart casting require better aiming than using it the normal way so it takes even good players some time to adjust.)
*Self casting A few heroes have spells that they can cast on themself and others, I prefer to have a personal "OMGWTFBBQ emergency keybind for these spells" for example bound to space(ATM I'm not playing her much so space is bound to itemslot 3 personally)
*Using spells the normal way.. I'll use as an example as he is perfect for this. He needs to be done properly with speed and precision and how do we acquire both? by binding spells to our mouse button 4 or whatever it might be called for your mouse:) here is what a normal pro Veigar spell combo would look like (if he went for burst) E+Aim Itemslot(x)+aimW+aimR+aim and finally if he's still not deadQ+aim this takes too long in my opinion and cost you kills when you do it too slow, and I don't blame you(since you aim between every spell) Here is how I perform it with smart casting at its best. (I'm aiming my mouse through this entire spell combo)I aim this as my opener(the normal way).as this spell is using 1.2 seconds to land I fire my first as this does damage based on current health and not total right after this I use my and last if still not dead and my binds are the following(for smart casting)
Q=mouse button4 W=Alt+Mousebutton4 E=Alt+E and R=Alt+R these binds suit me the best:) the challenge for you if improvement is something you want, find the binds that makes your gameplay more effective, quick and none the least DEADLY! thats it about keybindings folks, if anything is missing leave it in the comment section:)

Map Awareness

How do we achieve this so called "Map awareness"? by using two organs located in your face, called eyes and also buying wards sight ward. Derp.. these are expensive why and when should I buy them then?Whenever you go back to base to buy an item and you have more than 90 gold left, pick up a ward using your gold the right way will win you games! I guarantee it, even better if you convince others to buy them aswell!(buying wards is not ideal when you want to rush 18 minutes into the game)Okay I got the ward.. now what?good job! the side brushes mid are a good idea so are all the lizard spots aswell as the dragon and baron when the game has gone long enough for people to go past level 15 if they have or they might attempt baron surprisingly early.

How to pick your items

Picking items is a very important aspect in the League of Legends, it can counter opponents or simply make their strong sides negated completely, for example buying a when playing against or this is a hardcounter for these two spellsand I tend to pick this up after and and having proper item binds is just awesome(my current keyboard have some broken keys, doh!)Other than picking your items based on what you face~ pick items that suit the role your hero plays and make it fit with your masteries and runes!:) For example if you play you pick up items that vastly supports your team to victory(I personally don't like going 2 supporters - if there already is one on your team)anyways here are the good supportive items Having banshee's veil makes good players able to eat scary skill shots that can decide a team fight!


Hey everyone! Welcome to my comprehensive Ashe guide. This guide explains the use , and scouting with also riddens you of most of your "OH **** I'm low on Mana problems" but not with items, getting Mana regen from items is an absolute nono.. (unless you are playing on a low level account incasePhilosopher's Stone is not such a bad pick afterall!). Almost forgot! is awesome for getting kills early when your enemy isn't like"oh she's definatly gonna crit me and kill me now" this is explained in greater detail further into the guide. My guide explains that Spirit of strength is a very strong defensive talent, and also lists what opposing champions can do to ruin your epic tower diving plans! Strength of Spirit should be priored if you're not level 30(and if you are 30 as my masteries suggest!). Laning going mid and other very useful information about runes, masteries and summoner spells also lies deep within this icy guide!Also got a yummy section about keybindings(Hurray!) Don't sit too close to your computer screen you might freeze your eyelashes:o
Other info: Male,Norwegian,20 years (reason why some of the grammar might look a little weird) Also this guide offers some very N00B friendly information so if you're not very fond of Ashe it's still probably worth the read!:)-- Dude I like the information you provide but it's a bit childish..-- I'm sorry my personal style influences you that way.. but try to ignore it as this guide has alot of good information to offer and I feel this style will attract more viewers and catch peoples interest:)

Maaaaaaan... I've read guides with bigger damage output than yours.. Ofcourse you have:D this guide is not intended to let you steal every kill in a game, or lifesteal yourself to full in 5 seconds, this guide is to win games like a baws.. If you take all the kills what happens with your team when you unfortunately drop because you make a silly mistake or have no items to save you in a dire situation? Feed your team mate let them have gold too, as I've mentioned or am about to mention! assists gives gold too:)~~Scoring an assist will grant a certain amount of gold. 70% of the amount the killer receives is put in a pot which is split equally among all Champions who scored an assist!

Useful Sidenote before reading:This guide is very long and I'm short on time and I'm looking for some very specific information what do I do? Do not worry stranger! Stay with me, all you have to do is press CTRL+F on your keyboard and your browser will open a search function:D the text inserted will be highlighted on the website you're currently viewing(this being mine ofcourse)
I find myself short of time but willing to read your guide are there things I could skip without hurting my interest of learning from this website? Yes there is! Follow the color code and you're pretty much covered my dear reader:D

Shortly about your role as Ashe:

Keeping the enemy carries off your team, slow them with your til they turn blue. Learn to time your (it's an amazing opener, preferably if you see they are outnumbered) Get a feeling of when you think opposing champions are at lizards, baron and dragon, scout the area with, scare em off. I have gotten enemies to cancel their dragon kills with a simple scout. And if they don't, try to get the kill yourself standing all safe and mighty somewhere ready to fire your.(stealing dragon is done properly with a sight ward though not a 5 second duration scout spell(Y)). or those people calling Ashe useless. Well.. I hope this guide A:Makes you change your mind For B: Makes you a better League of Legends player:)

Choice of runes:

-- Dude wtf you got Mana regen blues and yellows , whats up with that --
duh! more volleys more dmg output, If you have played Ashe some You've probably found yourself pressing Recall because you didn't have enough Mana to use your(150 Mana), or even that last(60 Mana) you needed to bring down an enemy. Gah that just sucks.. yes you can use dodge runes to have more survivability early, yes you can use static cooldown reduction glyphs . Armor penetration redsGreater Mark of Desolation speak for themselves best source to gain physical damage throughout the whole game, pure phys dmg runes are bad mmmkay . HP quintessences EYO 97 HP early game is pretty neat and 10 armor penetrationGreater Quintessence of Desolation(granted you'd rather use ArPen Quintessences) vs 97 HP early isn't something to even have second thoughts about 97+120HP = bulky early game Ashe, sup. I don't want to go down on people and I'm not but think a little about this guide "Ashe - The True Carry DPS" This person spends 800 gold onphilosopher's stone for the HP/Mana regen instead of covering the main problem with some very cheap runes and ofcourse strength of spirit. This may work for some, but it kills how quickly you gain your weapons of mass destruction! and again no puns intended vs the author of the other guide just making an example.

Mastery spec:

-- Man this looks pretty unknown to me.. most people run 21/0/9 I'll go with that -- No way guys! alright picking up 15-20 seconds on golem buff some HP/Mana regen and 5% xp gain, wow thats huge. I'd much rather have 2 defense and 6 magic resistance, 3/3 in strenght of spirit nets you 10 HP/5 at level 1 vs the normal 5 HP/5(if I need to state the obvious, Strength of Spirit increases your HP regeneration steadily as you level)! starting with :)18 if you pick up . pretty good. hello survivability. 22/7/1 is a very good pick for Ashe! The experience you lose out on is hardly noticeable and strenght of spirit is a much much better talent than Perseverence . Picking up improved for chasing down those people who think they can escape they might of your frost!

Choice of Summoner spells:

Yeah this baby gives you a little HP which lets you stay in lane a little longer but all in all not that great, even though it might save your life sometimes, its more effective vs than atleast. But if you got on ya you probably positioned yourself poorly right? what I'm trying to say its good to survive those Oh **** I'm doomed to die from a damage over time Ability moments.
Awesome in those situation you fight 2v2 for first blood. Great vs mundo()/other heroes with high HP regen. Downside the dmg is not awesome late game, does less than one of your crits.
No way.
With my build? forget it pal .
A well timed can save your team from death, So can . Less range though but no, this is not really an option, Have somebody else pick it up if your team about it.
Believe me when I say this, I love . It has saved me many many times. Hit by(oh ****! nvm cleanse) 1v1 Amumu (OH **** ROOTED! nvm cleanse) (YIKES ANIVIA STUN! nvm cleanse) and the list goes on~~
Great for those 1v1 physical champion occations. but hey! how often is that? other than that, great for saving your arse when tryndamere comes swinging at you at the tower to finish you off. same vs tristana and other physical carries. *Recently* Master Yi dived me(I had less than 200 Health) Guess who lived and who died;) - was playing on my smurf for the sole reason of checking Ashe's base HP regen per 5 before and after strength of spirit!
Last time I checked we're not jungling or being the designated early game dragon killer.
Great spell to steal Lizard buffs when you have placed them in enemy brush, not completely safe but it's always fun to steal from your enemy, maybe even pull of a 3.5 sec stun as you teleport in there, maybe it will net you a kill aswell? :D
No, just no.
: F*** yeah! this ability can flash you through walls, is the king of tower diving wait 60-70 seconds for your run in and , crit him! and your basicly done unless your synergizing your towerdive with another player which gives you greater odds of successfully kicking *** and flashing into safety afterwards. Wait there is more :o A well timed can and will cancel incoming profectiles(Sion's for example, Quite easy even after the projectile buff) other than that you can use to dodge the skillshots you're unable to otherwise. (if slowed for example)
Simply put improves your ability to escape and chase and good for the times you know you can tower dive but have on cooldown. Also catching up to ) As I choose not to have . I've hopefully gotten your attention by now. So I'm adding a full section about what ALL the opposing champions can do to ruin your good timing while tower diving that

Tower diving! possible scenarios from champions listed A-Z

Am I missing something? add it in the comment section Belooow

Akali:mark of essence is especially dangerous withRylai's Scepterin her posession.
Anivia:(Glacial Storm costs alot of Mana to maintain but she can use it to cause a short slow)
Blitzcrank:Mainly hard to towerdive due to his powerful passiveOther than that the silence from his isn't a huge hindrance.
Ezreal: This ability has 8-9 second cooldown at max rank so going for the kill right after it is a good idea, also kills his burst potential, especially if you also dodge his and dodge his s Even better if he is going AP His s will hurt alot less and he has 3 high cooldown abilities that hurt alot instead. Shortly if you have more health and no enemy creeps to bother you and he misses and try to kill him or maybe make him panic and dodge it this way you got the advantage if someone trys to gank you shortly after, he won't have it off cooldown to attempt a snipe!
Gangplank:This is the most anti Spell ever to exist on LoL right after-
Heimerdinger:CH-1 Concussion Grenade
Jaxx:Leaping Strike (jaxx dodges often so he can luckily survive;<)
Karthus:Karthus also is able to use spells 8 seconds after his death-_-"(passive)
Katarina:(consider allied and enemy units positioning)
Kennen:(careful about this ability if he hasRylai's Scepter
Kog Maw:Be aware of his passive, turns him into a walking bomb that deals pretty high damage upon explosion.
Leblanc:Sigil of Silence
Master Yi:
Miss fortune:
Mordekaiser: Careful! mordekaiser can do 500+ with + Also gets an OP minion to fight by his side for 30 seconds.
Morgana:Also Morganas passive is spell vamp so don't let this catch you off guard.
Nasus: His passive nets him 10-20% Lifesteal(scales with level)
Nidalee: Okay.. She tosses high damage spears,Heals and jumps around like a monkey definatly a hard target.
Nunu:Icy blast Also his passive gives him no Manacost spells after 7 Melee hits.
Pantheon: Also his passive is somewhat a bother(coming soon)
Poppy:(This spell is REALLY good for tower diving)
Rammus:(Puncturing Tauntthis is like a stun but your autos are still going off)
Rhyze(Rice?): his other 2 abilities are damage based, one of em can potentially bounce on you 3 times dealing decent damage on each blow(he can bounce it on himself)If you saw him blow it off on creep kills it should take 35-40 sec before he has his again! shortly he has a potentially high burst.
Shaco:( These stack so careful if you see him putting these up at a tower)( The fake one has no items~)
Singed:( Unexpectedly getting tossed into a tower hurts!)
Swain:( This ability gives him around 30 HP each time the crows return to him, more if he picked up
Teemo: Passive turns him invis after 2 seconds idle. Feeling pro? pick up an and hardcounter Teemo.
Twisted Fate:( Yellow card above his head, easy to avoid)
Urgot:Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse
Warwick:( Perhaps he's lucky enough to shortly reveal you if you escape into the brush and have you ganked? doubt it though:))
Xin Zhao:
-- Oh WOW you seriously just listed every champion and what they can do to ruin my tower diving!!! -- You're very welcome! I also learned some things while spending my time on this section:)

Ability level Sequence:

This wasn't something I knew by numbers so I made it easier to remember without some flawed sequence I made on the site:) >>> Follow this Priority list but pick up your scout at level 4, easy as that :D btw this pattern is easily recognizable with not only Ashe but many other heroes aswell(might add a list if anyone comes with suggestions):) be a little on guard about cookie cutter Ability Level Sequences they're not always accurate. And there is a chance you'll find something that works better for you, but this build has worked me wonders :D And when I say this don't Lol at my match history and such unexpected events happen for example today, in the middle of a game I had to help my mother with some lifting -- lame you live with your mother --
w/e we've all been there :b..

Defensive items:

This beautiful item is the only item in game that can remove an at the same time,other than that it can also remove these debuffs(list coming soon)! thats pretty darn amazing! And wow amazingly cost efficient 1400 for something that can be more useful than and ! I'm Stunned. Kudos to whoever got me writing this. Forgot his name sorrely:| please remind me anyone of you get a clue.
68 armor 38 magic res and ressurect every 5 minutes with 700 HP! pretty neat, the ressurect has a pretty long cooldown but its still a very powerful item effect, a wise choice would be to save your flash for after you ressurect. This is ofcourse if you don't have 3 hungry heroes with the potential to stun,snare,silence waiting to kill you again. sidenote: silence makes you unable to use . Reasoning for saving the is kinda making yourself a target in a team fight at the right time, doing this can turn the tide if they waste their cooldowns on youto mention a few, out of the heat of battle(after you've ressed) and return when you got your range advantage. Best case scenario would be 2-3 more people on your team still alive to zerge down their defenses while they are dead for 70 seconds because they picked the wrong target.. (Suweet)
+450 Health + 400 Mana + 57 magic res, Unique passive: blocks one negative(wait enemies cast friendly spells?:o--heal in yo face beeech--) spell every 30 seconds. 450 health, Nice Ashes health pool is pretty small. 400 Mana - awesome more for us! + 57 magic res yes please I'm pretty squishy. The spell block~ try saving it for something awesome purposly blocking a powerful enemy spell in a team fight can make the diffrence, list goes on on on) point being is a strong pick, nothing to sneeze at.
first of all this items shines early and gets outshined by stronger defensive items later into the game you might want to experiment with this as it's not on my "to do list"at the moment.35+ attack damage, 30 magic resist and the 300 magic shield that proccs if "" situation appears this is indeed something to consider! attack damage, can't stress that enough, and the magic shield can save your life good item versus heroes with a powerful burst potential (casters, or sometimes master yi I guess? , OUCH! - been hit 800+ by AS)
+100 armor and UNIQUE - On being hit by standard attacks, returns 30% of damage taken as magic damage. A minimum 15 damage must be received. Alright +100 armor is pretty good if your facing physical damage opponents with low armor penetration, believe 85 is around 45% dmg reduction. The unique passive from can hurt pretty bad aswell, I've found myself unaware of someone having it (nubbish) still point being Rammus ownd lil squishy me with Puncturing taunt and (poor positioning can hurt, always use those damn creeps to block , if they are around ofcourse)
This item nets you a nice amount of health but thats what it does, requires some creep killing, but thats cake. !
Not satisfied with your current lifesteal with Blood thirster?(yes its in the build, picked up after , sell and pick up ) ANYWAYS~ 76 magic resi +40HP/5 +8% movement speed and unique passively restores 0.35% of your total HP regen every second.. Alright 76 magic res is great, casters hurt! 40 HP regeneration per 5 seconds is absolutly nothing to sneeze at, 8% movement!? more efficient kiting and gets you around the map quicker and the unique passive synergizes well with Spirit of strenght, GIEF MOAR REGENNNN!
Low on gold? going for the win already and want some cheap CDR, HP and increased received healing? this is defo the item to pick up! great if you have a healer on your team but imo there are better
defensive items listed above^_^'
Less effective than , unless you're not auto attacking, also adds some armor(Yayy~) pick this up instead of if you think your gonna have a hard time on your lane.*versatile*
+25 magic res and cc duration reduced AWESOME. Your most likely the "pick" in a team fight. So picking these up is not a bad idea in very many game scenarios! hopefully they might pick someone else to bombard, which leaves you open to drop em in no time^^

Getting Started:

good job you worked your way through the information above, time for the real treat.:D You're freshly spawned Frost Archer with some newly acquired info and you're gonna put it to test. My item build shows a , but since you may be new with Ashe you might wanna start off with a , its more versatile due to the extra armor it provides and HP regen, regens about 3-4 HP per hit so if you can safely keep those autos flowing is the better item to regain your lost hitpoints. the 6 attack damage makes it easier to last hit early game aswell, and makes your harass a little better. Ashe has great auto attack range so keep firing em when the enemys position themselves poorly. I've been in quite a few situations where I've harassed my lane to below 40% by spamming autos and pulling back and was using occational s when they are not protected by creeps. EPIC sidenote: for those of you who don't know entering brush cancels (call for help - CoH short which means the creep will assist the champion you're dealing damage to)if you've pushed too far put the side brush to great use by exiting it shooting em once and re-entering the brush rinse and repeat make them weep

Why we Harass:

What we want to do is lower their health so it makes going for the kill easier than if their health was almost full~ but we want to avoid having them bluepill as this means no kill.You might find yourself in a situation where you want them to bluepill because you're about to do so yourself. incase try do some superior damage before going back inside a brush and using Recall as this might make him worry about dying, or goes back to base and gives you some extra time to get back into your lane!

Whats so great about this build is the Mana regen. well not only the Mana regen. Normally an Ashe player would have unbearable Mana regen, well! not this time. You got both x9 and x9 thats about 6 Mana per 5 at lvl 1(hehey! free improved version of ). This regen is imba! I'm pretty sure its above 10 at lvl 3. This guide may seem rigid but please pardon the flaws :) Oh! btw don't forget to pick up a before running out there with your 300 (ms) Movement speed. And imho I found playing Ashe without the blues quite painful, being an auto attack bot is no fun right?


Ashe is VERY item dependant so how quickly you can earn gold is very important. Due to your awesome Mana regen do not be afraid to lower a couple creeps fire a and finish em with autos before your own creeps snagg them, Doing this properly can very often net you creep kills more efficiently. If you are laning vs very squishy champions and you have a champion on your lane that has great synergy with Ashe, you Might want to skip the creep vollying all together(unless you hit enemy champions aswell as the creep kills) For example running Ashe+Malphite vs Annie+Evelynn I would surely concentrate my s on them mostly. Low health pools, Annie has ,a passive stun to look out for, but timing the gank is not a hard thing to do as she has to cast 4 spells before it can be utilized. Evenlyn is easily countered by a well placed(preferably from your team-mate aswell . Reason I use Malphite and Ashe as an example is that I run this laning comp alot. And it tears people apart when played right. My friend also have mp5 runes on Malphite so we're just a pain in the *** to face. "please don't harass me moar"

Being a BushMonkey:

Doing this right makes you the MASTER of harassing! so up your focus:)Creeps have some function trigger that's called "CFH or call for help" I'll refer to it as CFH but adding an abbreviation list when I find the time!Alright! got that out of my system. CFH hurts, specially from caster minions, the range of the CFH trigger is not very far so get a feel for this(through doing a practice game or 2 is a good idea). The actual "BushMonkey" business is going in and out of the brushes to score creep kills and to actively harass your laning opponents! the reason why we dance in and out of the brushes is because if you stand inside a brush CFH will lose you some valuable health points(HP), sometime even be deadly. Dance like a pro and you'll have your enemy dead at your feet or bluepilling in no time, giving you the laning phase advantage!

Cons and pros about using volley on creeps:

Cons: It pushes your creeps closer to the enemy tower, rendering you vaunerable to enemy gank(if the brush isn't already warded - this is usually around the first turn to base in my case) it can leave you at low Mana even though your Mana regen is freaking AWESOME, excessive spamming of every time its off cooldown will force you into waiting a little before using your spell combo when going for a kill.

Pros: Often hits enemy champions, even when its not intended.
ultimately nets you more gold when done right, especially when you have a good last hitter next to you, curse you Xxion (my friend) yes melees more effectively last hits creeps if your in control of your lane. so being good is also a punishment(Yes I like this spell for expressing depressing moments:D)

Further use of volley:

If you have not made it clear to your enemy yet that you are the one thats gonna make their life a living hell, toss your into the brush every single time they think they are cool hiding in there, makes me smile every time seeing em come out with less health than when they first entered.

Btw a bad Ashe uses and turns, a good one fires , makes your opponent turn their back and shoot em consecutively with (depending on the amount of creeps you got shooting you in the face, or if the enemy champions has greater harass than yourself, in that case volley+1auto is a good way to harass your enemy when they screw up)

How to utilize yourlike a pro!:
If you by any means have had this off cooldown the majority of your games you're doing something wrong so here's how to do it right. Picture yourself chasing someone at 20% health they are about to enter the brushes"why neyyy"easily solved by shooting a right before they enter the brush(scouts the area for 5 seconds)this has gotten me a large amount of kills that otherwise would have had a chance to live because their minds was like"if I run in here he won't be able to auto me anymore and the damage output is gone:D" derp wrong! He underestimated Ashe and increased the lenght he had to run to safely get to the tower for no reason:)! Other than this use at Dragon when bot is missing, baron when they killed your mid inhib and Lizard buffs when you're expecting activity there or simply going there yourself and don't wanna waste your time running to an empty spawn Oh! Also remember towhen your team is doing baron, scout their woods. Getting ganked while doing baron can cost you the win.

First trip back:

Hopefully you got yourself atleast enough gold to buy the boots of your choice+(with proper positioning skills[icon=boots of swiftness is a great pick - this is what I'm running lately. I'll put this great and simple. The first big item you wanna build is but this is really expensive so depending on how much gold you have when you're back in base you should buy these items.(max 3 , including the one you start with)Nr.1 Nr.2 Nr.3 Nr.4 Nr.5(not recommended)sight wardNr.6

Okay now hopefully you've gotten yourself a , a pair of boots ( )depending on what you're facing. Obviously vs cc heavy teams, when you feel like kiting like a baws, and when you feel like having some extra attack speed. is a good pick if nobody seems like a threat to you at all, which they shouldn't unless they are good players(or annoying champions)like ... Hell you got and right!?^^

Going back to your lane more annoying than ever, more movement speed, more damage, and bigger harass if you haven't gotten any kills by now its time to show them whos boss. Co-op with your laning partner to get em below 60% health most preferably, can be done when they are above aswell, situational ofcourse. wait around 60-90 sec for yourgranted your partner knows what he is doing(and you already have your enemies ****ting themselves knowing whats in the brush) when you feel confident about your crit percentage from your awesome passiveit's time to get thatof yours flying.stunns based on flight lenght. So try keep it somewhere you expect atleast a 2 second stun. in after you've pinged your incoming stun(after the effect has occured obviously), you don't wanna scare emso your arrow misses)Activate ,crit, and constantly apply the slow of your Q ability and wheyyy you got yourself a nice kill or two. Simple, flashy and makes you feel good about yourself.

ALRIGHT! good job you got yourself some kills most likely and quite a few assists. Time for your second trip back. Now you want to rush your after this get an to increase your current DPS output by alot! also getting an if you afford it at the same time can give you surprisingly good results. Getting a is not a bad idea after , it's great for golems and dragon kills.

Good job keeping up with the build so far, if you haven't already, it might be a good time to pick up an and activate it before a team fight it adds a nice chunk of DPS16-30%+, the more who does this on your team the bigger odds you have of winning the teamfight and ofcourse the game.

After further gaining money and attempting to scout people who tries to kill Lizards or dragon(I can't stress this enough). when you get around 1000+ go pick up your followed bylongsword after that build it into Now the core is complete you'll deal some pretty neat damage. Yeah it took some time getting here but the more you play this build the quicker you'll get the items and the more people will feel your wrath. If you do happen to get a nice opener, ace on the enemy team, go for their inhibitor mid and kill baron after(while doing this its a good idea to scout their woods if they respawn sometime while your on baron). If this happens again its pretty much GG or keep pushing the other lanes while they def. Split up, give them a hard time. At this point what you get next is based on how much control you've got. Your survivability feeling fine? pick a big damage boost and nice lifesteal, no need to bluepill at 20% anymore, watch your HP rise on dragon or lizards.(be aware of ganks though if people are M.I.A) If you do feel squishy if casters are bothering you, pick up melee carry? pick up or to increase your 1v1 odds. Someone with a disgustingly high HP regen? (mundo -_-") Get ! awesome use effect moar lifesteal and some crit :D also pretty cost efficient this late into the game. Getting gold now is easy spamming your volley and melting creeps. I don't really find myself being in a game for this long though(rarely). - the games pretty much ends before I even have time to build my . Not that this is a bad thing!^_^ Keep this in mind + are the two most cost efficient items in game something to pick up if you have 600 gold and going for the final push, if more people did this we'd definatly win more games:D not the other team though thats scary!

Mid lane as Ashe:

When you're going mid consider what hero you might encounter and buy your item accordingly. Unexperienced vs Mordekaiser or kennen? pick up a instead as I mentioned earlier you'll have 18 HP/5 with and my mastery build. If vladimir and Ryze bother you , Ryze has an annoying Random Number Generator Spell flux that potentially can bounce on you 3 times and deal big amounts of damage. If you think you'll easily dominate the lane pick up .Scout dragon when you suspect activity down the river (during bot misses for example) also play a bit careful during these misses unless the one your facing is hardpushing your creeps. Then you're almost hugging tower anyway. Btw shooting one shot at ranged creep before tower hits it makes you able to last hit it right after your tower has shot it once. Same goes for the melee creeps I think(tower have to hit these twice first though). Improvise use your Volley if it has a decent chance of giving you several creep kills at your tower. Actively harass! having someone below 50% give you alot more control and ruins their farm. The weaker they are later in the game the bigger odds you have of being fed. Use your awesome Auto attack range and volleys to harass like a BAWS! and if the opposing team has a jungler you might wanna pick up a Sight Ward if they have an invis champion on their side use the extra 60 gold instead and pick up Vision Ward for the side brushes, maybe a team mate is nice and wards one side of you if you ask nicely to better utilize your gold. these wards are good for putting up counter ganks and simply avoiding the unexpected. Mainly those 2 wards shows you if you can safely tower dive whoever you're facing Mid. Hold on a second you didn't say specifically when to pick up if champions have spells with low damage cast one at the time+weak auto attacks you have the range advantage with both your spell and your autos, correctly played will be far superior.

Rewarding my efforts:

If you're reading this you're hopefully thinking that this guide was helpful, and will continue to stay updated on it's content. Help me make it the best mobafire piece of work by commenting and promoting it by increasing the score(this is done by giving a small thumbs up - which requires you to make an account) this is nowhere near stressfull, and I gladly put any time I have into answering my dear viewers:) If you don't like what I've done do tell what you want me to change and I'll do what I can to please(unless this negatively affects alot of others who benefit from what you're asking me to do).

Me and my dear ranked fun:

This section will be stories from ranked and other info about me playing ranked, ingame name is Off constantly(because I work so hard)And I play on EU so feel free to look me up, as I mentioned earlier don't laugh at my games because I'm often fatigued when I play.

Today(11-24-10)I played some 3v3 with two of my friends.. and we played this comp vs Yeah we had the better combo but we played better aswell..(Check how hard I fed Ezreal, played by Searz, on my team ofcourse.) Searz averagely got more than 1kill per minute. So easy to say we won. The other players played their champions fine for the low elo but our superior composition ran all over em:) I died 5 times but I played my role! One death vs 3 kills = a good sacrefice.

Still in progress!



-Good at farming, granted you're a decent player!
-Can prevent team mates from dying, even from several enemy champions. GO Volley!
-One of THE best engage spells evurr? Enchanted Crystal Arrow! I can't list many things that helps your team more than a 3.5 second stun on the enemys hardcarry!
- Mr. ScoutAlot preventing people from getting ganked and dragons since 1990, jk but since the Hawk Shot rebuild atleast :D
-Good damage output~
-Hard to catch, again granted you read the team fight situation - having them chase you and dying in the middle of your team rocks! remember you're not a bad Ashe if you run from the fight, you're a bad Ashe if you run TOO FAR away from the fight to still do damage to their team. You MOST likely will be their "pick" so play it safe, but not too safe, get right back in there when you can deal damage like a baws without getting your *** torn!
- Gives you crazy control in the hands of a wicked player.


-Sqsuishy, squishy, squishy.. oh wait did I mention SQUISHY! position yourself right or get ownd at the Summoners Rift! Learn your enemys cooldown, enter the heat of combat when they got nothing to LOLWTFOWN you with!
-Slow ms(movementspeed)!
-Very vaunerable to CC so this is a good reason to pick sometimes~ , best for players medicore skill level! depending on what you face ofcourse, but 60+% of the time you will find yourself using these(unless your like me and really enjoy ). MR and CC reduction is too good to pass up on, for god sake it was on sale son! well not really they are the most expensive pair of shoes(Unless your lady GaGa)
-Needs a good team to tank/protect her in teamfights (don't rely on your team mates blindly!)
-Your only survivability comes from your Summoner Spells and use them WISELY
- can do almost everything better besides being melee and not being able to scout~also can't slow multiple targets at the same time(unless you buy has awesome movement speed so make sure to buy her and try her, and try her my way;)

I've just finished reading through your guide how should I further improve my knowledge outside the game? What you can do is suggest anything you're curious about, improvements to be made, put it in the comment section below this requires you make an account so if its not too much to ask thumbs up the guide if you liked it. Also if you have time watching/listening to live stream can improve knowledge(I'll provide links on request~:)
I just gave you thumbs up and still feel like helping out.. Well link it to your friends(not if they're trolls though :D I'd also love a comment to verify your existence and I'll happily answer any comment,suggestion complaint I get.Or do this for example.. Hi my name is Kyle and I loved your guide! thanks for writing it. simply doing this would make my efforts totally worth it:)(You gotta mean it though Lol)