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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Wolphi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wolphi

Brazilian Mordekaiser

Wolphi Last updated on May 11, 2012
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Yo! I'm W0LPHI, and that is my Mordekaiser guide. This is MY opinion about how Mordekaiser should be built. I did test this build, works for me, and made me OP a bunch of late games.
Yeah, i'm Brazilian, and i... must say... that Mordekaiser es... NUMBER ONE! HUEHEUUHEHUEUH!

Obs: Remember, if you think that you are GOD, don't play safe, face a 1v3, overextend, or feed, is NOT the guide fault.

Warning: Try the MAIN build, mastery and runes, the others is just for a specific situation.

Formatting inspired by Jhoijhoi's How To Make a Guide! I put the guide link in the "thanks".

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Mordekaiser is TankY but he's NOT a tank. Some people may think that he's a tank because he can take lots of damage and still survive, but this doesn't make him a real tank. Tanks need to have cc (stun, slow, TAUNT, even a knock up/back) because you have to save the carry, and without a cc you can't make any enemy team stop focusing him

He can be build as a full tank, DON'T. He need high damage to keep his shield up, if u build full tank you'll be useless. You're not doing the damage you suppose to do, not being as tank as a real tank and don't have any cc.

If you build FULL AP he'll be squishy, and the damage that you gonna take will destroy the shield instantly, and don't forget that the cooldown on your 'q' and 'e' is a gap on your defense.

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Pros / Cons


+ High AoE Damage.
+ Can turn a fight in 6v4.
+ AP really tanky.
+ Looks like SAURON!!!!!
+ Great solo top.Great at farming.
+ He es number one! HEUHEUEHEUEHUE!
+ He's true. He's a headbanger.
+ He have a AXE/GUITAR weapon.
+ He can walk across the map with an enemy soul like in a pokémon game.

- Absolutely no CC.
- Kinda squishy early on.
- Need spell vamp as soon as he can.
- Make you feel godlike and do ****.
- Absolutely no escape mechanism.
- If you click too much he'll RAGE at you.
- Can't 1v5 with low health.HEUHEHEUE!

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Offense>Defensive - Main Mastery


You should go for the high damage possible with mordekaiser, because your passive is too good to be ignored. The extra defense and HP "es the best" for lane phase.

Other possible Masteries



Improved Ignite and Flash, heavy bonus damage and mov. speed bonus.



Magic Pen, good CD reduction end game, movement speed bonus above 70%hp, HP regeneration and really tank stats.



Improved Flash, tank stats, and great movement speed bonus.



Improved Flash, solid CD reduction, spell vamp, magic pen,CASH and increased buff duration.



CD reduction, spell vamp,CASH and increased buff duration, improved Flash and tank stats.



Movement speed, cd reduction, AP, Magic penetration, armor, MR, improved Flash and HP regeneration.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Other useful runes





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Summoner Spells

Best choices

Flash: that's the best spell possible to initiate a combo and get out of trouble jumping over walls to escape.
Ignite:Great to use with your ult, best spell to get first blood, end game can make spell vamp champs, lifesteal, and/or hp reg. dependent almost useless.

Okay choices
  • Ghost:Good spell to chase and ran, but if you are slowed you are done.
  • Exhaust:Is the slow that you don't have, help you get your shield back in a 1v1 fight, but early on, the kills that Ignite can give you under their tower, and the damage combo with your ult is just great.
  • Teleport:If are soloing top and don't wanna lose exp. But you have to sacrifice your escape or attack spell, not a good deal.
  • Heal:Can save you sometimes, make easy farm and harass early game, but not really worth since you can buy a Doran's Shield and play smart.
  • Surge:Give's you little bit of AP and attack speed. Ignite already gives you bonus (True)damage and reduces healing effects on the target.

Troll choices
  • Smite: You don't need it to farm, you're NOT a jungler.
  • Revive:CD really high. If you need spell is because you die a lot, if you die that much you are feeding, so, change the champ, learn how to play, or just uninstall the game.
  • Promote: Come on, you are a good pusher, you don't need that spell.
  • Clarity: HEHUHEUEHE, are you kidding me? If you really doesn't know (RLY?), Mordekaiser don't use mana.
  • Clairvoyance:Support spell, you're not a support, useless, but if you insist, go ahead.
  • Cleanse:Morde is really slow, and that spell hardly will save him from a gank.
  • Garrison:It isn't a dominion guide, and that spell can only help under the tower, morde is tough enough to handle an enemy there, and if is a 1v3+ i don't think that it could save your ***.

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Mordekaiser's Skill Set + Ability Sequence

Skill Set

Iron Man: Your passive gives you a shield that absorbs some incoming damage, your spells still hurt you. That passive work's like an extra health, and is NOT affected by 'reduces healing effects' spells, like Ignite
and Explosive Shot. You need High AP too keep your shield full, sometimes attack is the better defense.

Mace of Spades (Q): That skill will help you keep your shield high, low cooldown, high damage, benefits with AD and AP. Maximize second, hitting a single target do bonus damage.

Creeping Death (W): It's an great defensive skill, gives you armor, magic resist, help keep your shield full, do significant damage.
You can shield your friend who is being focused in the fight, will protect him and shield you up, but sometimes that spell steal kills. Put one point in lvl 2 and maximize at last.
When you are being harassed much, tower hug and use this skill to farm minions, if you are harassing much use that skill in minions under they tower to harass they champ and keep him away to farm a little less.

Siphon of Destruction (E): That's your main skill, awesome to keep your shield high, really low cooldown, high damage, awesome for last hits. try hit the maximum enemies possible with this spell to keep your shield high (main focus minions).

Children of the Grave (R): That's an great ult. Drains % of the enemy HP, when you kill him you get his soul, that you can control holding alt key. You can use your pet to tower dive, farm, his passive, stats boost, tank dragon/baron. Remember to position your soul to take skill shots for you, make him grab with his teeth.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

Your ult( Children of the Grave) is your best skill, maximize at level 16, leveling in 6, 11 and 16.
Siphon of Destruction you should pick at first level, and maximize at level 10, is your main damage skill, has low cooldown and is a cone area skill shot.
Why put one point in Creeping Death in level 2 if you want maximize Mace of Spades first? You should do it because that skill is great as offensive/defensive skill, so if you are pushing too far, you can harass your enemy under his tower while you shielding your minions, if you are getting pwned you can hug your tower and shield minion to farm, if you get ganked at level 2 for a fast jungler ( Lee Sin, Shaco, Udyr, Riven, Shyvana) you can suit up and walk away.
Mace of Spades pick it at level 3, you have to get your full combo as soon as you can. That skill is the second one to be maximize, you can maximize her at level 13, but you should do it at level 15, because Mordekaiser can't let one skill too weak( Creeping Death) since his shield lays on his damage.

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Core Items

  • Sorcerer's Shoes: Is your best option, you could need the magic pen end game when everyone have a little bit MR.
  • Hextech Gunblade: AP, Spell vamp, high ranged 50% SLOW, AD, Lifesteal. Why AD and lifesteal on mordekaiser? I will specify this in the next chapter.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter: great Ap, good enough HP, short time slow, most of Morde spells are aoe, so it gives only 15% slow for 1.5 sec.
  • Abyssal Mask: Love that item. Gives a good AP, MR, and reduces the MR of nearby enemies by 20. It, more your runes and boots gives you 48.5 + 10% from your masteries, making the squishies MR drop near to 0.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass: Wow, so many uses, that item WILL save your life so many times. Gives you armor, great AP, and a great active.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap: Not much too say about that item, it fits in any AP carry, gives you 140% AP, and values even more your AP runes.

    Optional Items


    • Deathfire Grasp: Can be used against heavy tank team, or even a full tank team, useless mana reg. for you, low AP, good enough CD reduction. I don't recommend.

    • Guinsoo's Rageblade: Isn't a good item for him, but you can use it, his stacks with Hextech Gunblade can make you durable with a good ad damage and attack speed.

    • Haunting Guise: AP, HP, Magic penetration and cheap, but most of times don't worth it.

    • Lich Bane: It's a great item for Mordekaiser gives you movement speed, what he does not have much, AP, magic resist, and his passive is great for spam skills, and do a good damage with your Q.

    • Mejai's Soulstealer: Good item, but everybody have bad games, and you already have heavy AP items. But you can buy it in a really easy game.

    • Moonflair Spellblade: It's an option for a heavy CC team and you already build boots.

    • Morello's Evil Tome: Really good AP and CD reduction, useless mana reg.

    • Void Staff: If in the end of the match you still don't do much damage, all the enemy team is tanky and stacked magic resist.

    • Will of the Ancients: It's a great item for him, good AP, spell vamp, and is cheap. I use to build Hextech Gunblade, but nothing prevents you of build both.(DON'T the spell vamp don't stacks with both.)

    • Trinity Force: Well, kinda strange, but gives AP, AD, HP, attack speed, critical chance, movement speed, and awesome passives. But way too expensive and don't really worth it.


    • Ninja Tabi: Can be really useful against a full AD team, deny 10% of their damage can make the difference in a team fight.

    • Mercury's Treads: Gives you MR and against a heavy cc team can save you from trouble.

    • Warmog's Armor: HP from hell, gives you huge HP and health reg. But this item don't gives you AP, this item stacked gives you 1270 HP, your shield is an 400+ HP bonus, if you fill it 3 times in a fight is more than one warmog's.

    • Sunfire Cape: Good HP, armor and passive for team battle, but better go for randuin's for those stats.

    • Randuin's Omen: Good enough HP, great armor, low health reg. and CD reduction, awesome passive and active.

    • Frozen Heart: Great armor, CD reduction and passive.

    • Thornmail: Heavy armor and AWESOME passive.

    • Spirit Visage: Health, CD reduction, magic resist, bonus healing effects and is cheap.

    • Quicksilver Sash: Cleanse as an item, also gives you 56 magic resist.

    • Banshee's Veil: Great item, gives you magic resist, health and an awesome passive.

    • Wit's End: Don't use this item yet, but i saw one Mordekaiser using and doing great, so i just shut up and let him play. Could be good with Guinsoo's Rageblade and Hextech Gunblade.

    • Force of Nature: Heavy magic resist item, solid, is kinda a great choice against an heavy AP team with more than one nuker.

    • Guardian Angel: It's a great item for everyone, gives you all kinds of defense and have an AWESOME passive.

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Hextech Gunblade vs Will of the Ancients


Hextech Gunblade was nerfed, it's true, but Will of the Ancients only gives you 10 more AP than Gunblade. Hextech gives you 40 AD and 15% lifesteal, that can keep you alive between your cooldowns, do enough damage to get the squishies, and gives you a ranged 50% slow that do 300 magic damage.Plus Mace of Spades is an AD/AP spell.
You can say that Rylai's Crystal Scepter already gives you slow, but mordekaiser range is so short, and most of his skills are AoE, so crystal most of times will give you only 15% slow for 1.5 sec... in most of cases it isn't enough.

Will of the Ancients is a GREAT item, gives your allies AP and spell vamp, stack with another Will of the Ancients, has low cost. But when you have Hextech Revolver, which gives you 40 AP more 12%spell vamp, to finish the Will of the Ancients will cost you 900 gold, for more 40 AP and 8% spell vamp, i think that is worth you buy a Blasting Wand for your Rylai's Crystal Scepter be done till mid game.

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Rabadon's Deathcap vs Lich Bane


In this build Lich Bane is really worse than Rabadon's Deathcap. With this build you'll have 518 AP more 30% from deathcap passive, it's more than 150AP (it's Huge, one passive gives you 150+ AP!), so you'll have 670AP. Your full build with lich bane gives you only 458 AP, that damage bonus from his passive can't face the solid damage from Rabadon's Deathcap, not even close. 458 AP or 670 AP, it's your choice, and with 670 AP plus your magic penetration you can shield up in one single spell.

OBS: Remember that your pet gives you AP too. If you killed one AP caster with only 500 AP (yeah, he doesn't have your build), you'll receive 20% of his (100AP), more 30% from deathcap (30AP), you'll receive 30 AP for free.

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Mordekaiser DOES use buffs. Let me explain.

Blue Buff:The Cooldown reduction "es the best" for Mordekaiser, it'll help you spam skills and keep your shield high.

Red Buff:Since Mordekaiser don't have any cc, you really could use that to chase enemies till you get your Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Hextech Gunblade.

Purple Buff:Well, this buff gives massively increased attack damage and ability power as well as a bonus to health and mana regeneration, It's great for every champ in this game.

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You gotta catch 'em all!

Gotta catch 'em all (It's you and me)
I know its my destiny
Oh, you're my best friend
In a world we must defend
Pokemon... Oh wait... whaaaaaaaaaat? O.o

Explaining about the bests pets and the worsts. Pets can't use active skills, but their passive still on.

OBS: When you capture your pokemon his passive benefits you, but his passive spells ( Frost Shot) and aura itens don't benefits you.

The stats order is:"Es the best", Good,Okay, Bad, "es The Worst".

I'll put it this way:
Champ:Stats, Explanation.
Passive.(useful or useless for your pet).

  • Ahri:Bad. She gives you a AP boost, but is too squishy, don't have AD and/or Attack speed enough to keep your shield high.
    Essence Theft:Passive useless for your pet.

  • Akali:Es the best.. She gives you good AP, AD, is little bit tanky, and help you keep your shield high.
    Twin Disciplines: Double skill, the bonus AP is useful for you, but both is useless for your pet.

  • Alistar:Es The Worst. "You can't milk those", his ult makes easy to you waste your ult, and even if you catch tauros, they use to build full tank or tank/support, so, no AP and/or AD for you, and he don't have damage and attack speed to keep your shield high.
    Trample:Useless for your pet.

  • Amumu:Es The Worst. Pretty much for same reasons of Alistar. He can be build tank/ap, then he gives you a little bit of AP, but don't worth it.
    Cursed Touch:It's okay.

  • Anivia/Articuno:Bad. She only gives AP boost, and still not the best champ to get it since she have THAT Rebirth passive. Just like an legendary pókemon, hard to catch.
    Rebirth:Useless for your pokémon.(It goes off when you are still trying catch articuno, only throw the pokeball after this passive goes off.)

  • Annie:Okay. It's just okay because her AP use be too high to be totally ignored.
    Pyromania:Useless for your pet.

  • Ashe:Good. Almost "the best" section, she is a solid ad carry, gives you AD and can keep your shield really high.OBS: Her Frost Shot goes off when she die, so, your pet don't slow champs.
    Focus: Useful for your pet.

  • Blitzcrank:Bad. He can't use his skills, so, don't pull, don't knock up or silence, don't have the attack speed and movement speed boost, and his passive can waste your ult. You should have something better to aim.
    Mana Barrier:Useless for your pet, but really useful to counter your ult.

  • Brand:Okay. Same reason of Annie, gives you a really heavy AP boost.
    Blaze:Useless for your pet.

  • Caitlyn:"Es the best". She's a really heavy AD carry, keeps your shield really high and his passive is AWESOME! If your enemy ignore her, she can win a fight for you.
    Headshot: The skill's name say everything, awesome skill for your pet.

  • Cassiopeia:Okay. She's only a AP boost for you, but anyways, better than nothing.
    Deadly Cadence: Useless skill for your pet.

  • Cho'Gath:Bad. Is a freaking tank with lots of cc, hard to make him your pet and if build full tank is useless for you. But if he build full AP he can be useful, gives you AP boost and can tank a tower to you for a long time, or just dive alone low health enemies.
    Carnivore:Useless for your pet.

  • Corki:"Es the best". If they don't focus your pet they'll die, he's a GREAT champ to aim for. Heavy damage, AD boost, and awesome passive that can put tanks down.
    Hextech Shrapnel Shells:AWESOME passive. Man, man, MAAAAAN, 10% TRUE DAMAGE, IT'S HUGE!

  • Dr. Mundo:Bad. His ult gonna make you waste your ult a lot, even don't making a tank build he can be tanky. If you get his soul, it can be a bit disappointing since he can't use his skills, he'll not help you much with your shield, hardly gives you AD boost.
    Adrenaline Rush:Useless since pets don't last much.

  • Evelynn:Okay. AD, AP or both, she gives you boost, if full ad can help you keep your shield high, but not a good choice.
    Shadow Walk:Really Useless passive for your pet.

  • Ezreal:Good. It's okay to be gay. If you have the chance, make him your little *****, he likes it, and so do you. He's an awesome boost, will keep your shield high if ad, and have an great passive.
    Rising Spell Force: Great passive, in an full AD Ezreal can help you much.

  • Fiddlesticks: Good. Gives you AP boost and Magic Penetration, it's a great fit for Mordekaiser, he's a slow attacker and his damage don't gives you much shield, but he's a good pet anyways.
    Dread:Great passive, gives - 10 Magic Resist for the enemy team around you.

  • Fiora:Good. Good attack speed and damage, her passive make her a little bit more durable.
    Duelist: Not much useful, but kinda useful.

  • Fizz:Bad. Well, really trick, only gives you AP boost, hard to aim, and his Playful / Trickster don't let him take your ult or any damage for a while.
    Nimble Fighter: Don't help you much.

  • Galio:Es The Worst. He was made to tank AP, his really tank for you waste your ult on him. He's a useless pet, he can tank a tower, but any pet does the same. Don't worth it.
    Runic Skin: Useless for your pet.

  • Gangplank:"Es the best". "Do what you want cuz a pirate is free, YOU ARE A PIRATE!". With his soul you'll be able to win a fight, his damage is insane, he's durable, will keep your shield up and slow any target that he hits.
    Grog Soaked Blade:Great passive, helps you chase enemies.

  • Garen:Good. Hard to face one spin to win, but if you kill him his soul will help you a lot. If don't build tank he gives you heavy AD, do a good damage in enemies keeping your shield high, and is durable.
    Perseverance:Useless for your pet since he'll be fighting to the end off his short life.

  • Gragas:Bad. Kinda hard to kill, only gives AP boost. You can find someone better to aim, easily.
    Happy Hour:Useless for your snorlax.

  • Graves:"Es the best". Great damage, passive, AD boost, durable, kinda keep your shield full, if don't focused can win a team fight for you.
    True Grit: Great skill for your pet, make him durable.

  • Hecarim:Okay. He's a bruiser, kinda hard too kill and little bit slow in auto-attacks, his passives can help you dive towers and chase, only aim for him if your team is already winning a team fight and you still don't ult anyone, then you pick his soul to tank any tower near to you.
    Warpath: Is a good passive for a ghost, not rly useful in a fight, but good for chase and dive.

  • Heimerdinger:Bad. Can be a easy kill. Only gives you AP boost. But also can be very annoying with those cannons. *****es love cannons.
    Techmaturgical Repair Bots: Useless in a fight, but if you're in mid lane and just kill him, you can heal your tower with his soul.

  • Irelia:Good. Good damage, boost, passive, durable. But hard to kill, she can stay alive till your ult goes off. Mordekaiser es number one! Let's nerf Irelia.
    Ionian Fervor Kinda useful, it helps you keep her focus in a heavy cc team.

  • Janna:Okay. Good enough AP boost and an great passive.
    Tailwind: Great passive, help your team mates chase enemies or escape from them.

  • Jarvan IV:"Es the best". Hard to kill, but really worth it, his passive is AWESOME, AD boost, he do a great damage and is REALLY durable.
    Martial Cadence: Brutal, just brutal.

  • Jax:"Es the best". Even as an pet he's OP. Do great damage, attack speed enough to keep your shield pretty high, good AD AND AP boost, awesome passive.
    Relentless Assault: Awesome skill for a pet.

  • Karma:Bad. Low AP boost, almost useless. In the best scenario gives you a good AP boost.
    Inner Flame: Kinda a great passive, more AP for her = more AP for you.

  • Karthus:Bad. Only gives you AP boost, and his passive can make you waste your ult.
    Death Defied:Useless for your pet, useful for counter YOUR ult.

  • Kassadin:Bad. Gives you AP boost, hard to aim, long silence, good slow, this things make him not worth the main focus, unless he make some mistake like trow himself upon you.
    Void Stone: Useful for your pet, help him keep your shield high.

  • Katarina:Bad. An auto attack Katarina isn't a good thing, and for AP boost they should have some solid AP carry.
    Voracity:Useless for your champ.

  • Kayle:"Es the best": Great AP and AD boost, good damage and attack speed to keep your shield high, AWESOME passive, but not much durable.
    Holy Fervor: Great passive, stacked give your enemies one debuff of - 15% ARMOR and MAGIC RESIST.

  • Kennen:Okay. He use to be durable, gives you a good AP boost, and if you are lucky or fighting an tank you can stun someone, hardly unlikely. But if you find an AD Kennen , THEN he's awesome, with attack speed he'll give you some stuns.
    Mark of the Storm: Can be useful, he can't use abilities, but his passive from Electrical Surge still put marks on your enemies, but his soul have to hit 15 times for one stun, kinda hard. OBS: I still think that he's an pikachu in disquise.

  • Kog'Maw:Good. Heavy damage and attack speed, an AD carry is always good, he'll shield you up and get some kills if don't focused down.
    Icathian Surprise: Useless for your pet.

  • LeBlanc:Bad. Only gives you AP boost, and easily to waste your ult, kinda trickster.
    Mirror Image : Useless for your pet, can make you waste your ult.

    * Lee Sin:Good. Good damage, durable, AD boost.
    Flurry: Useless for your pet.

  • Leona:Es The Worst. Is a freaking tank, don't focus her, hard to kill, many CCs, can be a little bit trick, awesome in baits, use too build gold per second items, don't gives you anything worth it.
    Sunlight: Useless for your pet.

  • Lulu:Bad. Burst here down, but don't use your ult on her, she uses to build support, don't giving you much ap, or dps as a ghost.
    Pix, Faerie Companion: Weak for your ghost, you could aim for something better.

  • Lux:Bad. Only an AP boost with one useless passive for you. You can find something better to aim your ult.

  • Malphite:Es The Worst. Tank, what make hard get his soul, and he's not moving as fast as he can, slow attack speed and auto attack damage. really, focus another champ.
    Granite Shield: Useless, your soul will not wait 10 sec to get the shield.

  • Malzahar:Bad. Gives you AP boost, has slow attack and movement speed, no auto attack damage.
    Summon Voidling:Useless passive for your pet.

  • Maokai:Es The Worst. Tank, don't focus him, his soul gives you AP boost and is durable, but really don't worth it.
    Sap Magic:Kinda useful, makes him durable in a team fight.

  • Master Yi:"Es the best". Really high damage and attack speed, great passive, really good in shield you up, dive, and sometimes is kinda durable (when build Frozen Mallet or / and Trinity Force).
    Double Strike: AWESOME passive, that double hit can really help you shield up.

  • Miss Fortune:"Es the best". Great attack speed, damage, sometimes hybrid , then gives you AP and AD boost, really good in keep your shield high... your shield...
    Strut:kinda useful, but 7 seconds is a lot of time, if she take one hit she'll not have time to use it again.

  • Mordekaiser:"ES NUMBER ONE!HEUHEUEU" and an Good slave. He's durable, gives high AP boost and some AD, course, if right build. And you show who's the number one mordekaiser. Can't be the best ghost as slave, but "ES NUMBER ONE" for your ego.
    Iron Man:Is useless for your pet.

  • Morgana:Okay. Meh, she gives you an good AP boost and is kinda durable, but you can aim for something better your ult.
    Soul Siphon:Useless for your pet.

  • Nasus:Good. Good enough damage even without his "Q", durable, use to give you some AP boost from his Sheen, but kinda slow attacker.
    Soul Eater:Kinda useful for your pet, he's already durable without it, but it's good anyway.

  • Nautilus:Good. Good enough damage, durable, awesome passive, but really slow attacker and hard to aim, his shield can be really annoying for you when you're trying to get his soul.
    Staggering Blow:Great passive, really awesome to chase our positioning.

  • Nidalee / Persian:Okay: Nyan cat only gives you AP boost, and is really hard to catch, have a really good heal and can jump over walls, try don't aim your ult on her, she can just walk away with it.
    Prowl:useless for your pokémon.

  • Nocturne:"Es the best". Really high damage and attack speed to keep your shield high and kill your enemies, durable and an good passive. Can win a fight for ya.
    Umbra Blades: Great passive.

  • Nunu:Es The Worst. Don't give you any good boost, don't have good auto attack damage or attack speed enough to help your shield, and use to be little tanky to aim.
    Visionary: Useless for your pet

  • Olaf:"Es the best". Another one that can lead you to a pentakill. He has great damage and attack speed, is durable and have an awesome passive, if they focus you he'll kill every single soul keeping your shield high, if they attack him his passive will make him even better and you shut they down with full shield.
    Berserker Rage: Great passive, help your shield stay high.

  • Orianna:Okay. AP boost, still do damage as an pet with her passive, and sometimes is even durable.
    Clockwork Windup: Kinda useful, she does magic damage on attacks, it make her one AP that still good as an auto attacker.

  • Pantheon:Okay. His abilities do his awesome damage, but he got AD enough to do a good damage as an auto attacker, his kinda squishy but his passive make him more durable.
    Aegis Protection:Good enough, can help him dive towers and make him a bit more durable.

  • Poppy:Bad: She don't do much damage without her Devastating Blow and Heroic Charge, she don't use to give you good boosts, her passive isn't that good for an pet, and her ult can make you waste your ult for nothing.
  • Valiant Fighter: Make her little bit more durable, isn't that good for pets. Brazilians like DAMAGE, we like killer score.

  • Rammus:Es The Worst. Freaking OP tank, don't focus him, DON'T. He's kinda an useless soul, gives you nothing, isn't an good auto attacker. Well, if you wanna tank an tower forever that's the pet, you can do an Back Door without minions with him, DON'T.
    Spiked Shell: Don't focus a rammus, good passive, DON'T.

  • Renekton / feraligatr:Good. Pretty high damage, durable, but kinda hard to aim and slow attacker. Better find someone better to use your ult, then kill him.
    Reign of Anger:Useless for your pet.

  • Riven:Okay. She's an good auto attacker, have good damage, but is kinda an slow attacker, durable, is kinda hard get her soul, since she's pretty tank, try aim something easier with more damage and less durability.
    Runic Blade:Useless for your soul.

  • Rumble:Es The Worst. Gives you AP boost and is durable, but is an slow attacker, he's really bad as an pet and way too tank to aim, focus something easier, good an auto attack or even with an useful passive for you.
    Junkyard Titan:Useless for your pet.

  • Ryze:Es The Worst. Gives you NOTHING, they use to build Mana based damage, is an slow attacker and isn't that durable. Focus your ult in anything else. Well, tanker or ryze still focus ryze, but is the only exception.
    Arcane Mastery:Useless for your pet.

  • Sejuani:Good. Try don't focus her, but if you do and get her soul, she can be very helpful. She's an good enough auto attacker, really durable and have an AWESOME passive for you.
    Frost:Great passive for you.

  • Shaco:Good. Mr. mime is kinda an easy kill for you, and an good pet, can be a little trick, but your area damage can handle him. He's an really good auto attacker, help you keep your shield high, have an great passive if you keep positioning him right, but is too squishy.
    Backstab:Great passive for your pet. but only if you keep positioning him.

  • Shen:Es The Worst. He WANT your focus, don't give to him. He's an godlike tank now, can make you waste your ult for nothing, and he isn't an good pet anyway, is only durable with an great passive, don't worth it.
    Ki Strike: Great passive, that damage is awesome in an Heavy HP shen, and his durability will secure that he'll use it more than once.

  • Shyvana:Bad. Way too tank, she is an okay auto attacker without abilities, useless passive, don't give you any high boost, is durable. Don't focus her, she can fly away with your ult till the dot ends, really tanky, just not worth it.
    Fury of the Dragonborn: Useless for your pet.

  • Singed:Es The Worst. Don't focus, don't chase, DON'T CHASE, EVER. He can't help you much with an pet, and he's really hard to kill and trick.
    Empowered Bulwark:Useless for your pet.

  • Sion:Good. If AD he's awesome, great auto attacker, keep your shield high, high damage, good ad boost. If AP good AP boost. not much durable without his ult, but still an good soul.
    Feel No Pain:Kinda useless, make him little bit more durable.

  • Sivir:"Es the best". Really good slave, high damage, high attack speed, and awesome passive, keep your shield high an great at chase enemies. She's not much durable, but can lead you to a pentakill if right used.
    Fleet of Foot:Awesome passive to chase enemies.

  • Skarner:Bad. Try don't focus him, kinda a tough champ, gives you some AP and AD boost, is durable, but really trick and tanky, find someone else to aim.
    Energize:Useless for your pet.

  • Sona:Bad. Don't get an pet only because she's Hot, REALLY pretty *-* . She don't give you much, uhm... well much stats. Bad auto attacker, bad in keep your shield up... your shield... wth, just don't pick her as an slave.
    Power Chord:Useless for your pet. OBS: you can hear her voice when you get her soul.

  • Soraka:Okay. Good AP boost, use to be build tanky, and AWESOME passive. Not your best choice, god no, but it's okay you get her.
    Consecration:Really good passive. Area magic resist for your team.

  • Swain:Bad. Pretty slow and bad auto attacker, gives you only AP boost, but he's pretty tanky, you can find something better to aim.
    Carrion Renewal:Useless for your pet.

  • Talon:Good. High damage, kinda durable, awesome passive, little bit slow attacker. He's trick, but worth it.
    Mercy:Really good passive. Shine in team fights.

  • Taric:Bad. Outrageous, but true. He's an slow attacker with low damage, don't use to give you high AP boost, is kinda tanky, you can find something better to aim your ult, not an mainly support like him.
    Gemcraft: Useless for your pet.

  • Teemo:"Es the best". Both AP and AD temmos are fast attackers, gives you boosts, keep your shield high, do good enough damage, and if AD they use to build Madred's Bloodrazor, and it is just AWESOME. And... who don't love kill Teemos? Well, i DO.
    Camouflage:Can be really useful early on, you can camouflage him , and if someone gank you he's a really fast attacker. well, can be useful end game too, you wait 3 sec for camouflage then send him in an tower dive suicide mission.

  • Tristana:"Es the best". WOW, yordle power ftw. She do great damage, have high attack speed, awesome ranged, can lead you to an pentakill. Not much durable, but anyways, she is an awesome pokémon.
    Draw a Bead:Awesome passive, such an unfair ranged.

  • Trundle:Good. Really strong, fast attacker, durable, an awesome pet. But care, hard to fight in an 1v1.
    Decompose:Kinda useless for your pet.

  • Tryndamere:"Es the best". Woah, he'll lead you to a pentakill. Freaking strong damage, fast attacker , 100% critic chance with full fury, your shield will stay high all the fight. He'll lead you to a pentakill.
    Battle Fury:Awesome passive for an pet.

  • Twisted Fate:Bad. If AD is an fast attacker, not much damage, and useless passive for a fight. If AP gives you AP boost, is kinda fast attacker. Isn't durable. Anyway, you can find something better to aim.
    Loaded Dice: Useless for your pet.

  • Twitch:Good. Good damage , attack speed, and passive, not even close to durable, but is an awesome pet.
    Deadly Venom:Great passive for your pet.

  • Udyr:Good. Kinda hard to kill but worth it, good damage, kinda faster attacker and really durable.
    Monkey's Agility:Useless for pet.

  • Urgot:Good. Durable, good damage, don't use to be build as an fast attacker, great passive.
    Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmente:Awesome passive. if you're fighting more than one enemies, keep changing targets with your pet for reduced incoming damage.

  • Varus:"Es the best". Right now he's an awesome soul, great ad, ranged, passive and AS. Aim straight for him, try don't let him use Hail of Arrows cuz it is an AoE spell that can prejudice your entire team, so burst him down and make him your little *****.
    Living Vengeance: Just awesome for team fights, attack speed for your shield is always welcome.

  • Vayne:"Es the best". High damage, fast attacker, good passive, she'll keep your shield high, kill enemies for you and if right positioned can lead you to an pentakill. She isn't much durable, so try keep positioning if she get focused our their team have heavy AOE attackers( Brand, Mordekaiser, Garen, Morgana ...), keep her in an secure range and she'll do great.
    Night Hunter:Useful to chase, tower dive, and that last hit that you can't follow.

  • Veigar:"Es the best". Keep him away from battle, he's the best AP boost you can find. If farmed his 'q' he can have more than 1000AP, your ult gives your 20% of that, 200AP, more 30% of that from Deathcap, 60AP, 260AP boost is HUGE!
    Equilibrium:Useless for your pet.

  • Viktor:Bad. Good enough AP boost, slow attacker, don't do much damage, not much durable. You can find something better to aim.
    Evolving Technology:Useless for your pet.

  • Vladimir:Bad. Some of his skills are HP based, he's kinda hard to kill, and really trick, but really easier to kill if ignited. He's an AP boost durable. You can find something better to use your ult.
    Crimson Pact:Kinda useless for your pet. Well, more AP for him = more AP for you.

  • Volibear:Es The Worst. He's too tank for aim your ult on him, without his abilities he's not a good auto attacker, can bait your ult and pop his passive. Don't focus him.
    Chosen of the Storm: Useless for your pet, useful to bait your ult.

  • Warwick:"Es the best". Hell yeah, Warwick is Brazilian. If right build with Madred's Bloodrazor he can put even tanks down in no time. High damage, fast attacker, good passive, and really durable. Hybrid WW gives you both AP and AD boost, still do high damage with fast attack speed, and durable. Warwick is one of that pets which can lead you to an pentakill. But care, he's REALLY tough in an 1 vs 1 fight.
    Eternal Thirst: Make him even more durable. Good enough.

  • Wukong:Good. High damage, durable, kinda slow attacker. Hard to kill, really trick, but totally worth it. He's awesome in tower dives.
    Stone Skin:Kinda useful, make him more durable.

  • Xerath:Okay. AP boost and Kinda durable. You can find something better to use your ult.
    Ascended Form:Kinda useful, make him little bit more durable.

  • Xin Zhao:Good. To get the warrior spirit you must BE A MAN, we must be swift like a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the moon. He has awesome attack speed, good damage, good enough passive. Help you shield up, but not much durable.
    Challenge:Kinda useful. Make him more durable.

  • Yorick:Okay. Careful to don't ult his ult, he's kinda tank, so try don't focusing him in a team fight. But if you do he's kinda a good enough pet, he's durable, do a good amount of damage, slow attacker, and slow movement speed. Is an good pet to dive alone if you're with low health.
    Unholy Covenant:Useless for your pet.

  • Ziggs:Okay. Great AP boost and good enough passive for an pet.
    Short Fuse:Good passive, do extra damage in auto attacks.

  • Zilean:Bad. His ult is really annoying, if right used WILL make you waste your ult. He isn't a good pet, don't do damage, don't have any attack speed, don't use to give you much AP, useless passive end game.
    Heightened Learning:Little bit useful early game, totally useless end game.

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Tips and Tactics


  • Before a imminent team fight try charge your shield in neutral camps near to you.

  • Children of the Grave synergizes with Ignite.

  • Children of the Grave can be use defensive, your ult drains hp from the target.

  • If you're not laning solo ask for a heavy cc champ to lane with you.

  • Your Build is expensive, but you still HAVE to buy wards, wards SAVES lives.

  • Positioning is really important, try always hit the max of targets you can.

  • Your Creeping Death can steal kills and buffs, be careful when you are walkin around or shield someone.

  • NEVER FACE CHECK, you should use your Siphon of Destruction in the bushes before you walk in.

  • Your Siphon of Destruction hit stealth champs.

  • Sometimes, SOMETIMES,it is worth fight, instead flee because your shield can give you a CHANCE of survive.

  • If you'll tower dive with your pet, make him hit the target first, insure that HIM will tank the tower.

  • Don't chase to far, you have absolutely no escape mechanism. Okay, you have Flash, so do your enemy.

  • When you're not being focused, and are handling the damage just fine, more AP can be enough to tank more damage with your shield.

  • If your team don't have a jungler, and the enemy team has. If you and your team mate harass enough, you don't need even bother if their jungler will gank you, because you and your mate will be with full health and their top at low health, and maybe even the jungler. But again, a ward is ALWAYS nice.


The Brazilian *****: That tact is for when you're needing kills and don't wanna die in a team fight, being a total *****. When you see that the teamfight start's you ult the enemy with less health, are being burst down or the enemy that you team chose to focus, and pop your Zhonya's Hourglass right away. Your team will take the full initial burst, you will get your minion, and when the zhonya's effect ends your minion already start give you shield.
You can do it if you're being focused much, or if you have no items and are kinda squishy.

Fake Mordekaiser: A fake mordekaiser is that morde who are afraid to fight. It's simple, if someone gank you, you use Zhonya's Hourglass, slow him with Hextech Gunblade and jump some wall with Flash.

The Pimp morde: If you're being ganked by 2, you burst fast the squishy down wasting everything, Ult, ignite, and the gunblade active damage till you make him your *****. Then you pop up your Zhonya's Hourglass and control the ghost, put him between you and the enemy, that way he will take the skill shots when Zhonya's Hourglass go off. When zhonya's go off you'll have full shield by your ghost, and if he still there will be a 2v1 fight in your favor.

Against Tryndamere: You burst him down till he pop his ult, if he ran you chase him down with Hextech Gunblade for an easy kill. if you're low, don't have a minion from your ult and he gonna kill you. You should make him lose his ult time. How? Flash away, slow him with Hextech Gunblade, use Children of the Grave and Ignite and pop your Zhonya's Hourglass. He'll die, and you'll make him ya bish.

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Some Match Status

I'll put her some Match stats with this build to you guys see. Try even an ranked, Lucky i had an good game and they surrender at 20.

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Some Videos

Mordekaiser and his band - Laser guided affection

Mordekaiser 'Heavy and Metal' song - Hell Yeah!

Morde goes... Pop?

"Why we hate mordekaiser"...why they hate us? o.o

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