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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Doody_tco

ADC Miss Fortune - Road to Mastery 7

ADC Miss Fortune - Road to Mastery 7

Updated on May 2, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doody_tco Build Guide By Doody_tco 85 8 280,446 Views 16 Comments
85 8 280,446 Views 16 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Doody_tco Miss Fortune Build Guide By Doody_tco Updated on May 2, 2023
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Runes: Arcane Comet

1 2 3 4 5
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal



Ability Order Ability Order (Critical Strike)

1 2

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Miss Fortune - Road to Mastery 7

By Doody_tco

About me
Special thanks
Summoner Spells
Game Stages
Hello! I'm Doody_tco!
I have been playing my main Miss Fortune since I joined the game last year. I have over 300K XP with Miss Fortune, the reason of this low number of XP is that I played other champions to understand how they may be a threat to Miss Fortune and how to avoid getting killed. 200 XP are enough to comprehend how to play Miss Fortune not just in Summoner's Rift, but also in other modes too. By following certain rules regarding runes, spells and builds, I managed to do my job as an ADC to CARRY the team. I also helped coaching many players in playing Miss Fortune. In this guide, you will find all the necessary information to reach mastery 7 as well as carrying the team to victory! :)
Miss Fortune is a very strong AD Carry, although she does not scale well and not self-sufficient in protecting herself compared to other marksman, she does great job in poking the enemy in early game with her Double Up ability and Love Tap passive, plus, she does a splendid job in late game with Bullet Time after buying couple of items. Not to mention that she builds passively movement speed which gets her quickly in and out of combat. On top of that, Miss Fortune is the only marksman with a very wide ultimate that damages the entire enemy team instead of targeting just one. Finally, Miss Fortune is an easy to play champion, just by following few tricks, you will understand why is the enemy team tend to ban her.
High mobility
Great split-pusher
Enemy minions do not tank abilities
Miss fortune builds passively movement speed with Strut which helps her secure a kill or escape the enemy which makes up for the lack of abilities that can save her from the enemy. With the same ability, she increases attack speed which helps her push waves, kill dragons and take down turrets. Moreover, when using an ability on the enemy, no matter how many minions are in Miss Fortune's way, she can still cast it on the enemy.

Support dependent
Easily interrupted ultimate
Mid-range of auto attacks
Because Miss Fortune cannot protect herself with abilities as stun, root, airborne, etc. it makes her quite dependent on her support to survive most of the threats. Also, even if her ultimate Bullet Time is her sunshine especially during team fights, it can be interrupted by moving, or by abilities such as airborne. Moreover, her auto attacks range is not long which makes her vulnerable to take damage when facing wider range marksman.
Keep in mind that what is needed for Miss Fortune is survivability since she is squishy and she does not have the abilities to protect her from burst. The best way to survive is balancing between the damage dealt and sustaining health through using sufficient runes and building the right items. This plan is achieved by letting the offence (damage and attack speed) represent 80% and leave the other 20% for healing and shielding.

|Range: - | Cooldown: - | Cost: - |

This passive can help clear the wave or kill enemies faster compared to other AD carries, this simply goes by hitting a minion or an enemy once and then hitting the other target once and hit again the first target and so on. It is easy with minions but it requires a lot of focus against champions. When an enemy champion is a threat to Miss Fortune's team, do not make use of this passive, just focus on the threat through auto attacks or simply through Bullet Time. With Love Tap, turrets can also be targeted, activate Strut and switch between turret and minions next to it will do for Love Tap. It will spike more in the enemy base by switching between the two turrets that protects the nexus which will make the nexus vulnerable and makes it so for the enemy team.
|Range: 500 | Cooldown: 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 | Cost: 43 / 46 / 49 / 52 / 55 |

The first ability to activate and the last to level up, Double Up can be used to kill a minion that is out of reach (not losing farm is important), or to secure a kill. Miss Fortune can draw many first blood with this ability. However, casting this ability stops auto attacks for a second, thus, reducing damage, so it should not be used unless necessary. Double Up is also a great poke since its range is wider than Miss Fortune medium range of auto attacks, therefore, it can be used in advantage against champions with wider range as Caitlyn.
|Range: None | Cooldown: 12 | Cost: 30 |

The second ability to level up after Double Up (depending on the situation) and the second to level up after Bullet Time, this ability's passive grants Miss Fortune movement speed up to 95, and active 100% attack speed. As said, it is important for Miss Fortune to be mobile since she doesn't have many options to save her from death as well as increasing the damage rate per second to kill quickly and carry the team. The key point is to activate this whenever hitting enemy champion, hitting a turret, dragons, or Nashor Baron. Thanks to Strut, Miss Fortune is able to deal a lot of damage and increase the chances to kill especially with Press the Attack as the main rune. Also, make sure to use Strut while in base and going to a destination so Miss Fortune can reach it faster. Absolute Focus as well as Overheal synergies with Strut.
|Range: 1000 | Cooldown: 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 | Cost: 80 |

This ability can be used in three ways; either prevent an enemy from escaping so it makes it easier for the jungler to get them; your support to poke or land a skill shot on them, or for Miss Fortune to reach them and kill them; to slow the enemy to protect Miss Fortune or a teammate to keep them out of reach and prevent a possible death; or to grant vision when unsure if an enemy is hiding in that bush. There is actually another special use of this ability, when the enemy team is below 3% and out of reach, hitting Make it Rain will secure the kill without the need to reach the enemy as well as securing a minion that is out of reach. It is not recommended to use this ability for any other conditions like poking because it consumes a lot of mana, and Miss Fortune needs mana to engage and survive.
|Range: 1450 | Cooldown: 120 / 110 / 100 | Cost: 100 |

Once the ultimate is ready, the enemy team will be cautious to avoid damage dealt by Bullet Time and/or interrupt it. When used, Miss Fortune should stop moving or the ultimate will be canceled -unless someone is approaching Miss Fortune from other position and surviving a possible death is required-. There are 3 methods to use Bullet Time, the first is to kill, do not hesitate to use it against a 1 HP champion, do not use it if killing an enemy is not ensured; the second is to protect the nexus or turret from a huge wave of minions which can save some time for teammates to reach Miss Fortune or until they respawn; the final option is to protect Miss Fortune from a high chance of death. The last method is the worse as it means Miss Fortune is not in a good position to engage because most likely it means the enemy is fed. This ability reaches its full potential when having champions like Amumu or Neeko by Miss Fortune's side where their ultimate will CC the enemy for few seconds.


When going for lethality, the first two abiities you need to level up Make it Rain and Double Up, this grants you maximum poke in laning phase as well as slowing the enemy when necessary. However, after level 8, you'll need to have increased mobility beacuse it'll soon be mid game where you need to rotate more and face the rest of the enemy team, and since Miss Fortune does not have abilities to root or stun the enemy, then mobility is her best bet to survive. Therefore, when you hit level 9, max Strut and Make it Rain prioritizing the latter.


Building critical strike means Miss Fortune is going to depend on autoattacks more than hitting abilities that synergies with lethality items. Therefore, the first ability you need to max is Strut, it increases movement speed which helps kiting and increases auto attack speed, (the first to max after Bullet Time of course). The second ability to max is Make it Rain to help you escape an enemy or just to slow them for other aggressive purposes. You may level up Double Up before maxing Strut until level 6 to increase poking damage.

A typical combo to use when you build lethality. Use Make it Rain to slow the enemy and ensure catching them up with Double Up. This deals great damage in laning phase especially when Arcane Comet hits after Make it Rain. This also deals a greater damage after building your mythic and will be your main combo to deal damage when you don't plan on using Bullet Time.

The main, most crucial and probably the only mean to escape an enemy since -as mentioned- Miss Fortune cannot immobilize an enemy. You will use this when an enemy chases Miss Fortune or a jungler ganks in lane. Slow them with Make it Rain then increase movement speed with Strut so the enemy does not catch Miss Fortune with their ability. You SHOULD NOT panic, because you need to use this exact combo and NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, otherwise, Strut passive will be put on cooldown and Miss Fortune will lose movement speed advantage.

A typical combo to use when building critical strike. When Miss Fortune starts auto attacking the enemy they will probably try to escape, so slow them with Make it Rain, then use Strut to increase movemen speed and attack speed and keep auto attacking them until Miss Fortune kills them, finish them if they use Flash with Bullet Time, or at least them use their sums if Bullet Time is not ready for use yet. Even if they chase Miss Fortune, keep using this comob and kite them back to safety (your team or your turret).

When getting used to play Miss Fortune, you will find that this is the most common combo you will use to deal damage or kill an enemy. Whether you build lethality or critical strike, use Make it Rain to slow the enemy and prevent them from escaping Bullet Time. You can also use this combo to steal objective, where Make it Rain grants you vision when the enemy team denies your team vision, and Bullet Time to steal objective and maybe even kill an enemy who is in dragon or baron nashor pit.

Use this combo if an enemy uses Flash to escape Miss Fortune or even if they are close to Miss Fortune but not close enough. Get closer to them with Flash, follow with Make it Rain > Bullet Time combo. You can also use this combo to escape an enemy who chases Miss Fortune, Flashing away from them which grants Miss Fortune a safe distant, slow them with Make it Rain and then use Bullet Time, their health will reduce enormously and they will back off on their own.

A typical combo to use especially in laning phase when the enemy marksman or support escapes with very low hp. Flash to reach them and use Bullet Time to kill them. You can also use this combo if Miss Fortune health is low and her mana is low as well and have enough to use one ability and a teammate is nearby. Flash away, if a teammate keeps them busy, use Bullet Time to damage them and help either your teammate kills them or Miss Fortune kills them.

✿ It is not recommended to start the game by leveling up Make it Rain, it will not help much with the farm, also it will be the only source to poke until level 2 which takes long to cooldown as well as it consumes a lot of mana.

✿ Use Make it Rain to poke when Miss Fortune mana is full, which is a very rare case. If the case applies, make sure that the enemy jungler is not near bot lane to gank. After all, there is no option to save Miss Fortune but Flash which should only be used in critical cases.

✿ Use Make it Rain to help your CC support land their CC, or after the enemy get CC to prevent them from running away and let Miss Fortune land the auto attacks.

✿ To ensure the kill from Bullet Time, make sure to let the enemy team to use Flash so they do not escape.

✿ A good combo to secure a kill is Make it Rain and Bullet Time. Make it Rain slows the enemy, Bullet Time does the necessary damage.

✿ To escape the enemy, use Make it Rain first, and then use Strut. This way, the chances of Miss Fortune to be reached are low. Doing the opposite will means higher risk of Miss Fortune to get damaged which will rest the passively build movement speed of Miss Fortune, therefore, she will be as good as dead.

Double Up is the last ability that should be used during lane phase or team fight. Use Strut -if necessary- when Bullet Time, and prior to that use Make it Rain to prevent the enemy from escaping or reaching Miss Fortune. Double Up should be only used to kill an escaping target that is out of range.

✿ During fights, use less of Double Up and Make it Rain, these two stops auto attacks for 1-2 seconds which reduces the damage dealt by Miss Fortune.

✿ Use Bullet Time to steal a dragon or Nashor Baron. In case of stealing Nashor Baron, make sure Miss Fortune does not die to keep the buff.

Bullet Time can be used from behind walls. Doing so from this unique position, will keep Miss Fortune out of reach as well as take the enemy by surprise which will ruin any of their possible plans.

✿ You do not need to use Make it Rain on the center of the enemy target, sometimes it is recommended to use it in front of the enemy, this way, the enemy will be forced to walk in Make it Rain and thus their movement will be slowed, or will walk around the ability which elongates the trip, and thus providing the same impact as if they were hit by Make it Rain. However, if the enemy is almost out of reach of Make it Rain range, do not use it, save the mana and the ability.
Arcane Comet: the recommended keystone to pick for Miss Fortune when building lethality.
Sorcery is also great as it empowers Miss Fortune abilities and snowball in lane phase, and scale better in mid game and be more useful in teamfights. Do not choose Summon Aery for Miss Fortune. As for Phase Rush, it can be useful if the enemy comp has at least 2 champions with slowing abilities, but it is better to pick Arcane Comet and learn to dodge skillshots and keep distance.
Nullifying Orb can be useful to Miss Fortune against heavy AP team or if there is a threat ap enemy champ. It is better to learn dodging skillshots and empower Miss Fortune with other secondary runes though.
Manaflow Band is useful since you will depend on using abilities a lot especially Make it Rain that consumes a lot of mana. It is the first and most ideal secondary rune to pick when going with Sorcery keystone.
Nimbus Cloak helps when using summoner spells to escape an enemy or reach the enemy to secure a kill. It is best to pick Manaflow Band to increase mana regeneration and depend on Strut for movement speed.
Transcendence supports casual use of Bullet Time. Along with Ultimate Hunter and Axiom Arc, Bullet Time cooldown will drastically decrease as well as decreasing the cooldown of other abilities that may be useful.
Celerity works well with Nimbus Cloak, summoner spells like Ghost or Heal, walking over the scuttle ward, with abilities of other champions that increases movement speed such as Yuumi's Zoomies, and with items such as Phantom Dancer. Yet again, depend on Strut for movement speed and choose other secondary rune for better empowerment.
Absolute Focus is the second recommended rune to pick after Transcendence, you need however to dodge skillshots and position Miss Fortune well, and keep her health above 70% so you snowball in lanning phase, and deal extra damage in teamfights.
Scorch, when picked with Absolute Focus, Miss Fortune will deal the greatest damage in lane phase and deny the enemy a lot. It may also help in securing a kill. However, it does not scale well in mid and late game, so do not pick it unless you're facing a late game champion as Vayne.
Waterwalking is useful in teamfights that usually happens for objectives when fighting for Baron nashor or dragon. However, it will not be useful in other places in the map. Therefore, even though the river is one of the most dynamics place on the map, it is the least recommended option among other runes.
Gathering Storm is the most recommended secondary rune in Sorcery tree, it scales with both AD and AP abilites of Miss Fortune and spikes and make her stronger in late game. It may not be useful in the first 10 minutes of the game but later on, it outscales Waterwalking and be more useful than Scorch.
Pick domination runes when building lethality.
Dark Harvest: Unbelievably strong with Miss Fortune if played safe and right. Dark Harvest lets Miss Fortune damage scale greatly during the game and spike in late-game. Dark Harvest.
Electrocute: aggressive keystone that gives Miss Fortune advantge in lanning phase and scales as the game goes on. Many of the mentioned combos supports activating Electrocute. Depending on your game style, pick between Electrocute or Dark Harvest.
Cheap Shot increases the damage taken from Bullet Time, Double Up or auto attacks after using Make it Rain. The most recommended secondary rune to pick. Items like Stormrazor activattes Cheap Shot effect.
Taste of Blood is not an optimal rune for Miss Fortune because the amount of heal it grants is not decent and it does not increases the damage throughout the game. It is preferable to buy life-steal items if you are looking for healing option.
Sudden Impact is not useful to Miss Fortune whatsoever unless you pick Teleport as a spell and it still would not be useful as the other two options.
Zombie Ward denying an enemy ward will grant a zombie ward that grants vision and increase AD, which can be done through a Oracle Lens, Control Ward, or place a Stealth Ward or Farsight Alteration and deny a Control Ward. It is preferable if you leave this option for your support to take care of.
Ghost Poro grants additonal vision after your Stealth Ward dies. The advantage of this rune is that it provides a vision for another minute after the ward is dead, which can save Miss Fortune from a possible gank while pushing the lane. This is preferable for the support role too.
Eyeball Collection is the recommended secondary rune and the most aggressive option as it grants additional AD compared to the Zombie Ward and Ghost Poro when done with Eyeball Collection.
Treasure Hunter grants Miss Fortune the opportunity to have more gold when she kills or assists in killing an enemy, enabling her to get more items and be stronger in the laning phase, thus, more poke, more damage, higher chance of killing and carry the game earlier.
Ingenious Hunter the least recommended rune since Miss Fortune does not use items that require haste. Do not pick Ingenious Hunter.
Relentless Hunter is not the first option to think of thanks to the passive of Strut, Miss Fortune already increases her movement speed during the game. Relentless Hunter should be considered along with Cleanse against a heavy CC bot lane to avoid getting hit by the CC ability.
Ultimate Hunter increases the haste of Miss Fortune's ultimate Bullet Time which increases the chances of using Bullet Time more frequently. Pick Ultimate Hunter if you won't pick an ability haste rune such as Transcendence.
Precision is recommended when building critical strikes.
Press the Attack: increases damage dealt with auto attacks(especially if your support can CC decently) as well as during team fights since Miss Fortune can make an enemy champion vulnerable to her teammates. This rune spikes after building an attack speed item.
Lethal Tempo: a strong keystone that synergies with a critical strike. The increase in attack speed means more chances of dealing critical hits, and the increased range means more aggressiveness and more safety. If you do not feel like going for Press the Attack, try Lethal Tempo, it is strong.
Overheal starts granting a shield after building a life-steal item or if you built Doran's Blade as a starter item. It is not as good as Triumph or Presence of Mind. It is the least recommended secondary rune.
Triumph is a real-life savior, especially if Miss Fortune has been ignited or when facing "toxic" enemy champions, especially in botlane such as "brand" or "teemo." Just keep kiting and fighting and you will not regret not dying, and you will enjoy using the extra 20 gold after the fight.
Presence of Mind fills a decent amount of mana even if Miss Fortune gets an assist. Since you will probably depend on auto attacks, you may pick Triumph and make use of Miss Fortune abilities smartly. Pick Presence of Mind if you think the enemy will not build items such as Demonic Embrace or Liandry's Torment, or you will not face champions such as Darius, Teemo, etc.
Legend: Alacrity will give Miss Fortune the lead in dealing more damage through auto attacks and taking turrets faster. Through building damage-oriented items such as Infinity Edge, the increased her attack speed, the higher the chances to kill the enemy, and the more useful Miss Fortune will be in team fights.
Legend: Tenacity can be used to reduce the slow effects from enemy champions. However, if Miss Fortune has a rough lane does not kill enemies, Legend: Tenacity will be pretty much useless. Just keep your distance, play safely and aggressive. Legend: Tenacity is the least recommended secondary rune.
Legend: Bloodline is mostly strong in late game. You may pick it if you do not plan on building life-steal items such as Blade of the Ruined King or Bloodthirster. You may pick it with Ravenous Hunter and Taste of Blood for life-steal. It is preferable if you go for Legend: Alacrity.
Coup de Grace is most most recommended option. Miss Fortune poke level damage is very high in laning phase, thus, espeicially with the help of Press the Attack when your jungler ganks. It is also useful in teamfights when everyone is damaging the enemy, Miss Fortune can take most of them -if not all- down with Bullet Time.
Cut Down is an option to consider along with building items such as Lord Dominik's Regards when playing against a tanky team where the enemy champions have more health than Miss Fortune. Do not pick this rune if the enemy team is filled with squishes.
Last Stand is as effective as Coup de Grace, but it is preferable if you keep distance and play aggressively rather than be vulnerable where you focus on staying safe rather than kiting.
    Attack speed can be useful to Miss Fortune. It is recommended though to go for adaptive force for increased damage and increase attack speed from Legend: Alacrity and Strut.
    Ability haste is the the third option to think of after adaptive force and attack speed, Miss Fortune. Pick the previous mentioned options and let Transcendence ido the job of increasing ability haste.
    Consider picking it against heavy AD team or a AD champion threat such as Vayne.
    Good against heavy AP team.
    Not so useful. Pick armor or magic resist instead.
Flash is used for two main reasons, either to secure a kill, or escape an enemy. It can be used next to wall to flash to the other side, which is something Miss Fortune does not have it in her kit as Caitlyn's 90 Caliber Net or Ezreal's Arcane Shift. Be extra cautious when Flash is on cooldown.
Good for increasing health and mobility temporarily, and for saving a nearby ally. Therefore, it can be used the same way as Flash for reaching or escaping an enemy (especially with the help of Nimbus Cloak). Use it preferably before Miss Fortune gets Ignited or after Ignite effect wears off.
A selfish option to pick compared to Heal that can save both Miss Fortune and a teammate. Barrier can be more useful than Heal as the latter effect reduces if affected by Ignite. Moreover, the amount of shield gained from Barrier is decent compared to the health gained from Heal.
Pick Cleanse if Miss Fortune faces a heavy CC comp. Ever been against Morgana and Lux in one lane? or Sylas and Amumu? Do not pick it if you have Morgana by your side to protect you with Black Shield. However, it is best to learn dodging skillshots and pick some other spell.
Ghost should be used aggressive option to chase an enemy to kill them and kite them. With Nimbus Cloak and Celerity, along side with Strut, and Youmuu's Ghostblade, Miss Fortune will be the new Rammus xD. Play agggressive with Ghost since Miss Fortune will take down the enemy and escape quickly.
Picking Teleport is a bit tricky because Miss Fortune is squishy and should rely on spells that keep her safe. When picking Teleport you should push lane so you can help a teammate or help taking objectives such as rift herald. You may also pick it if you have a rough lane and you will be forced to recall.

DORAN'S BLADE| Basic option
the basic starter item that grants extra health and 8 AD, even though the amount of omnivamp is not a decent yet it scales with as you build more items.

LONG SWORD| Extra damage
This is my usual pick, it grants more damage, and it is 100 gold less than Doran's Blade, the omnivamp can be replaced by buying 1 or 2 extra Health Potions.

It does not grant additonal damage, however, it allows using abilites more in laning phase and be more aggressive. It is a good option if you choose lethality build.

You can choose all three items for lethality and critical strike builds. They all have their pros and cons. For instance, Doran's Blade will be sold in late game to build the final item, on the other hand, Long Sword helps building the first item fast, (either Noonquiver or Serrated Dirk when the flow of the game is good, Vampiric Scepter in the case of forced back, Tear of the Goddess can be used just to grant mana, or keep it until you build Manamune and so on.
Basic potion option at the start of the game. Although these potions are cheap, they consume a lot of money that can be saved to build necessary items faster. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy Health Potions each back, learn to dodge abilities with Strut passive. Build a life-steal item first if healing is necessary.
Needed during early and mid game if you think Miss Fortune will be poked frequently. You will not need to spend money everytime you go to base on Health Potions and regenerates health faster. You may consider picking Refillable Potion instead of three Health Potions if you pick Long Sword as a starter item.
This elixir is necessary when the game between two teams is even. Elixir of Wrath increases AD for 3 minutes which in return increases the DPS and help win the game. Many forget about buying this elixir, yet it is a real game changer. Purchase and use this elixir right before building the final item.
Pick Elixir of Iron instead of Elixir of Wrath when you need extra durability especially from Assassin s to survive lethal damage or if there isn't a teammate who will tank the enemy damage. Elixir of Iron increases health and tenacity making it more of a defensive option.
This is Miss Fortune's prior choice of boots especially if building critical strike items. These boots increases the attack speed and movement speed. With Strut passive, Miss Fortune gets extra movement speed and attack speed for kiting compared to other marksman.
Preferable to purchase these boots when going for lethality build. It will be quite useful since Miss Fortune will be ability dependent and will require casting Make it Rain and Bullet Time more. If you are going for crical strike build, go for Berserker's Greaves instead.
Build these boots when the enemy team consists of 2 or more AP champions with a lot of immobilizing abilities. You may consider picking Cleanse for extra protection and building Maw of Malmortius as well. If the enemy team is balance, see the course of the game, if the enemy AP champion is a threat and not the rest of the team, then purchase these boots.
Same as Mercury's Treads but it is meant to be purchased against AD champions. Again, see the course of the game and decide whether to purchase these boots or not. Remember, your first choice should always be Berserker's Greaves, if the enemy team is full AD or full AP, then priortize buying ordinarily Plated Steelcaps or Mercury's Treads.

Your prior choice in 95% of the times when building lethality. It grants armor penetration which ensures burst damage and increased movement speed for both passive and aggressive game style.

Good for increased ability haste which grants more poke with Make it Rain and more use of Bullet Time. Its passive can keep Miss Fortune safe from enemy who tries to immobilize her..

Least recommended option. It is more preferable to use for melee champions. You may use it to chase a bothersome enchanter. But it is better to build Youmuu's Ghostblade for this purpose.
The main and most recommended item against tank team. Build it as a second item after Eclipse to penetrate the armor and deal more damage. You may also build Youmuu's Ghostblade right after to position well, escape the tank and deal more lethal damage.
An item rarely to build on Miss Fortune that is usually build on bruisers yet its effect against tank benefits the whole team and not just Miss Fortune. If there is another AD champion in your team and there is no bruiser, build Black Cleaver for extra damage.
The most recommended item against heavy AP team or against an AP threat champion. If you have to build just one item between these 3 choices. Make Maw of Malmortius your first choice.
Similar to Edge of Night except you need to activate it to get rid of immobilizing effect. Build first Quicksilver Sash since it can be used before complete building the item. DO NOT build it against airborne.
Though it does not provide magic resist, it grants a shield that can save Miss Fortune from skillshots when she has to dodge many from the enemy team. Try to use it to trade with a mage or Assassin . Do not do it alone against a tank. Good against airborne.
With this item, you do not worry about spam using of your abilities, and most likely Miss Fortune will not run out of mana during team fights. It also grants a great amount of damage. One of the most recommended builds.
The benefit of this item that Miss Fortune gains a huge reduction on Bullet Time by just assisting in a kill. Make sure you use her abilities on squishes so this item passive takes effect.
A must against champions with healing abilities or against champions who build healing items such as Samira. Its traits are more useful when building lethality compared to Mortal Reminder.
A great item for lethality builds those synergies with all the mentioned abilities combos yet it shouldn’t be your first option. Build it if you are certain that you are in no need of other legendary items.
Build this against champions with bothersome shield ability such as Lulu. You will not need this item if such criterion does not apply on the enemy team and it would be better to pick another legendary item.
Almost one of the core items I build on Miss Fortune since it helps securing a kill and granting gold. Always try to fit The Collector in your build in a way or another for bursting damage.
Good item for chasing and escaping an enemy, and for roaming. It is the item with greater lethality amount. If the enemy team comp is balanced, consider building Youmuu's Ghostblade as the second or third item.
A pure defensive item that you need to build if the enemy team executes Miss Fortune first and she is the carry. It is recommended to build it after building damage items. But if things are getting out of hand. You may need to build it as the third item.
Generally good especially against late game AD champion as Vayne. If your team does not grant enough CC or does not include a tank, then build Randuin's Omen.
Good against heavy AD comp. However, just as in the case of Randuin's Omen, it is best to build items that deal damage since Miss Fortune is the carry and leave the defensive choice be someone job.

Compared to other Noonquiver mythic items, it grants additional AD and attack speed. Also, it deals true damage every third attack, i.e., burst damage and taking down tank faster.

The great trait about this item is the shield it grants when the health drops below 30% which is great to survive burst damage, especially from champions as Ryze or Veigar.

The great trait about this item is the shield it grants movement speed which means you have the option to be option to catch up with a dead target, or escape from a deadly shot.
This item is recommended against tanky champions like Garen or Malphite. It is especially if there are two or more tanks in the enemy team. This item can be good but not as effective if the tanky enemy builds life-steal items such as Blade of the Ruined King or Bloodthirster, etc. nor it is effective against champions as Darius that can heal with Decimate. In such case, build Mortal Reminder along with Lord Dominik's Regards.
The only attack speed item that grants life-steal and good versus tank. If the build of Miss Fortune does not include any life-steal item (i.e. Immortal Shieldbow or Bloodthirster) and you do not plan on building Lord Dominik's Regards, then building Blade of the Ruined King is recommended. However, it is recommended to build both Lord Dominik's Regards and Blade of the Ruined King if the enemy team consists of two tanks.
Grants a shield when taking AP damage as well as increasing ability haste which means, a closer time to cast Bullet Time. This item is a priority when the enemy support builds AP as Lux especially if another champion in another lane deals AP items.
Unlike Maw of Malmortius that grants 50 AD, Wit's End increases the attack speed, and instead of granting a shield, it grants movement speed for two seconds which enables Miss Fortune to escape the enemy especially if her Strut passive is on cooldown.
This item is a good item against enemies with threatening abilities (does not work on Malphite, Yasuo, Yone or any champion that can airborne). It is a great option when playing against Ashe to avoid her ultimate or other champions such as Seraphine or Morgana.
Not only it grants movement speed, this item is great in reaching or running away from the enemy, by hitting a random minion or a monster in jungle, this item will grant ghosting effect. If another attack speed item is built, it is recommended to not build this item.
Although this item does not grant movement speed, it slows the enemy once hit, if Miss Fortune is carrying a game, enemies will run away from her, this item will prevent them from doing so. It can also save Miss Fortune from death by hitting the enemy once to slow them and run away.
This item is great in poking enemies that Miss Fortune cannot get in a close range with such as Amumu. However, the range of this item increases for just one hit and requires building another 100 stacks to increase its range again for another one shot.
This is the greatest attack speed item that is recommended for Miss Fortune, it helps in clearing the wave fast, moreover, in team fights, Miss Fortune damages more than one champion, and with a life steal item, it generates health faster.
Good against champions with healing abilities or against that life-steal items. In addition, Mortal Reminder increases attack speed. If it is not used for anti-heal purposes, it is recommended to use other attack speed item.
When building Kraken Slayer, the first option to think of for life-steal is Bloodthirster, not only it grants more life-steal than Immortal Shieldbow, it adds an extra shield that absorbs damage. When considering building a life steal item, Bloodthirster wins over Blade of the Ruined King.
In many cases, the enemy team reaches Miss Fortune due to bad positioning, and once dead and watching how the team fight goes, your team loses and it is noticed how vital Miss Fortune is. Build Guardian Angel is a necessity, if the enemy team targets Miss Fortune first, with this item, they will be busy with your teammates and Miss Fortune can do her carry job.
The item that deals the greatest damage among other items. This item can be built after building the first mythic item if you plan on dealing damage rather than healing for sustain or The Collector for burst damaage. This will make Miss Fortune deal critical damage each hit.
An item that makes Miss Fortune survive burst, especially from wild mid-laners such as Ahri or from junglers as Evelynn. Even in team fights, if all of your teammates are hitting one tanky champion, the one that will get the kill is Miss Fortune.
When facing a heavy AP team as Zoe, Zyra, Diana, etc. this item should be built as soon as possible, also, if Kha'Zix is in the enemy team, this item should be a core item especially if he is camping bot so escaping death would be possible.

✧ Assassin ✧
Against: a major threat. You need to have an enchanter by Miss Fortune side to protect her. If you do not have an enchanter, then build Immortal Shieldbow in hope it saves Miss Fortune. Build armor items if needed.
With: it is always a pleasure to have an Assassin in your team since they can easily access backlane, execute the carry and leave safely. If the ally Assassin carries, then try to play around them and cast Make it Rain when needed.

✧ Fighter ✧
Against: fighters are strong engagers, usually they have CC abilities and increase their health whether with items. Do not duel them even if their KDA is 0/12, they'll probably win. Consider building armor penetration and anti-heal items.
With: When the fighter engages, please do follow their call with Make it Rain and Bullet Time combo, trust their calls even if their health gets lower.

✧ Mage ✧
Against: they deal a burst of damage and most of them -if not all- can CC your carry. If they carry their team, build magic resist item especially Maw of Malmortius. Let them use Zhonya's Hourglass first and then kill them with Make it Rain and Bullet Time combo.
With: since most mages have CC ability, help them cast it on enemy by castin Make it Rain to slow the enemy, when they immobilize them successfully, cast Bullet Time.

✧ Marksman ✧
Against: Their damage level is supreme whether they build AD with or lethality. Their weak point is their squishiness, therefore, make sure to bully them in laning phase and deny them xp gain whether they are strong early game or in late game.
With: you know the drill of being a marksman, use Make it Rain to slow the enemy and enable your ally marksman auto attack the enemy or cast their abilities.

✧ Enchanter ✧
Against: Not dangerous themselves, but they can be dangerous when they sustain and their powers to their carry. Always focus them first so they will not be a problem. If no one builds anti-heal item then build it, you may consider building Serpent's Fang just for the enchanters.
With: playing with enchanters can be tricky but they will certainly carry Miss Fortune. Be aggressive and they will follow your call and make you win.

✧ Tank ✧
Against: just like fighters, you do not to get in a duel with tanks. It is essential to build armor penetration item against tank. Please do not forget that you should never focus tank in team fights.
With: Similar to fighters except they deal less damage and they tank more damage. Position in the back line when they engage, if they immobilize the enemy, use Make it Rain and Bullet Time combo.