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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Doody_tco

ADC Miss Fortune - Road to Mastery 7

ADC Miss Fortune - Road to Mastery 7

Updated on June 29, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doody_tco Build Guide By Doody_tco 69 8 235,129 Views 16 Comments
69 8 235,129 Views 16 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author Doody_tco Miss Fortune Build Guide By Doody_tco Updated on June 29, 2022
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Runes: Press the Attack (Typical)

1 2 3
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Ability Order Ability Order

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Miss Fortune - Road to Mastery 7

By Doody_tco
★ Introduction ★

✿ About me ✿

Hello! I'm Doody_tco!
I have been playing my main Miss Fortune since I joined the game last year. I have over 200K XP with Miss Fortune, the reason of this low number of XP is that I played other champions to understand how they may be a threat to Miss Fortune and how to avoid getting killed. 200 XP are enough to comprehend how to play Miss Fortune not just in Summoner's Rift, but also in other modes too. By following certain rules regarding runes, spells and builds, I managed to do my job as an ADC to CARRY the team. I also helped coaching many players in playing Miss Fortune. In this guide, you will find all the necessary information to reach mastery 7 as well as carrying the team to victory! :)

Why play Miss Fortune?

Miss Fortune is a very strong AD Carry, although she does not scale well and not self-sufficient in protecting herself compared to other marksman , she does great job in poking the enemy in early game with her Double Up ability and Love Tap passive, plus, she does a splendid job in late game with Bullet Time after buying couple of items. Not to mention that she builds passively movement speed which gets her quickly in and out of combat. On top of that, Miss Fortune is the only marksman with a very wide ultimate that damages the entire enemy team instead of targeting just one. Finally, Miss Fortune is an easy to play champion, just by following few tricks, you will understand why is the enemy team tend to ban her.

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

Note: this guide talks in-depth about how to play Miss Fortune in most scenarios and against many champions which made the guide too long. I will create another short Miss Fortune guide that will be quick to finish and easy to digest for those who are new to Miss Fortune and want a "take-away" build, runes and tips. A link will be provided here soon.

Pros and Cons


+ High mobility
+ Great split-pusher
+ Enemy minions is not in the way of ability cast

Miss fortune builds passively movement speed with Strut which helps her secure a kill or escape the enemy which makes up for the lack of abilities that can save her from the enemy. With the same ability, she increases attack speed which helps her push waves, kill dragons and take down turrets. Moreover, when using an ability on the enemy, no matter how many minions are in Miss Fortune's way, she can still cast it on the enemy.

- Support dependent
- Easily interrupted ultimate
- Mid-range of auto attacks

Because Miss Fortune cannot protect herself with abilities as stun, root, airborne, etc. it makes her quite dependent on her support to survive most of the threats. Also, even if her ultimate Bullet Time is her sunshine especially during team fights, it can be interrupted by moving, or by abilities such as airborne. Moreover, her auto attacks range is not long which makes her vulnerable to take damage when facing wider range marksman such as Caitlyn.

Keep in mind that what is needed for Miss Fortune is survivability since she is squishy and she does not have the abilities to protect her from burst. The best way to survive is balancing between the damage dealt and sustaining health through using sufficient runes and building the right items. This plan is achieved by letting the offence (damage and attack speed) represent 80% and leave the other 20% for healing and shielding.
★ Planning ★


Press the Attack: This rune helps with poking during laning phase (especially if your support can CC decently) as well as during team fights since Miss Fortune can make an enemy champion vulnerable to her teammates. This rune spikes after building attack speed item. Losing its popularity to Domination or not, Press the Attack should always be your prior option for Miss Fortune.

✦ Overheal✦

To carry with Miss Fortune, of course increasing the attack damage of Miss Fortune is the prior option, but also, keeping Miss Fortune alive with healing and shielding is a priority too especially if the support do not provide heal or shield services. This rune increases the survivability of Miss Fortune since her options to escape from the enemies are pretty low. The shield is built from either another healing rune such as Legend: Bloodline or Ravenous Hunter, or by building a life-steal item. Increased attack speed will makes the effect of this rune faster.
✦ Triumph✦

This rune is a real life savior, especially when Miss Fortune has been ignited. After winning a fight, the enemy champion will be disappointed. It will restore 12% of your health, however, this will not be the situation during the whole game, moreover, it does not scale, and will not be much of use during team fights as Miss Fortune is always positioned away from danger in the backline. So it will not be much of a use in any other situations compared to Overheal and life-steal items.
✦ Presence of Mind✦

The advantage of Presence of Mind is that it fills a decent amount of mana, however, it is only useful when an enemy is killed which may not be much of a use especially when the enemy is pushing hard and playing professionally and make him not vulnerable to death. Plus, a marksman as Miss Fortune should depend mainly on auto attack and never excessively use abilities to stay low on mana, this will not help secure the kill or escape the enemy. Moreover, this rune will not be useful in the late game. Thus, Overheal is the ideal option during all game stages.

✦ Legend: Alacrity✦

Being dependent on attack damage, this rune will give Miss Fortune the lead in dealing more damage to the enemy team and taking turrets faster, and with the help with a life-steal item and Overheal, the more Miss Fortune kill, the more her attack speed increases, the higher the chances to kill the enemy, the more useful Miss Fortune will be useful in team fights when she auto attacks, the more she heal and get shielded with Overheal and the cycle goes on.

✦ Legend: Tenacity✦

This is not a good option for Miss Fortune, it may help reduce the received damage, but the amount of reduction will not be a savior. Miss Fortune is not a tank , she is an AD carry and the main focus is to increase her damage rate to carry the game and not increase tenacity. Increasing the attack speed with Legend: Alacrity will do otherwise. Plus, a marksman is supposed to play safely through well positioning in back lane and not engage as melee champions or tank s. Therefore, this rune is not recommended for a marksman which includes Miss Fortune.

✦ Legend: Bloodline✦

This rune is not really as strong in late game as it might be imagined, even if building a life-steal item is not an option, Ravenous Hunter would be a better option even if Miss Fortune does not have high number of kills, the amount of omnivamp from auto attacks is decent. If considering the increased chance of survivability, then pick Legend: Bloodline and Ravenous Hunter as well. This however, will not increase the DPS (damage per second), and therefore it is not as recommended to Miss Fortune as Legend: Alacrity

✦ Coup de Grace✦

This rune is the very recommended option for Miss Fortune since the main concern is to take down the enemy AD carry (after farming of course), because a problematic marksman is the least thing your teammates need. So it may not be very useful when poking the enemy with full health. But with the help of Press the Attack and especially when your jungler gank your lane, this will prevent the enemy from running away by dealing more damage, and thus, a higher chance to secure a kill.

✦ Cut Down✦

Another option to consider with a heavy tank enemy team since they have more health that Miss Fortune. This rune will boost the use of Lord Dominik's Regards and/or Mortal Reminder. With the help of this rune and these items, the enemy tank s will feel like marksman . Therefore, do not use this rune in other cases, it will be useless in most cases.

✦ Last Stand✦

This rune is as effective as Coup de Grace, it might save Miss Fortune if she is about to die, especially with Ravenous Hunter and/or a life-steal item as Immortal Shieldbow, yet with a life-steal item, and during game fights where Miss Fortune is not in the front line, it will be hard to reach the maximum damage from this rune since she will hardly reach 60% of health or below.


Dark Harvest: Unbelievably strong with Miss Fortune if played safe and right. Dark Harvest lets Miss Fortune scale greatly during the game and spike in late-game. Dark Harvest is as strong as Press the Attack, however the runes of precision are more recommended to Miss Fortune as they increase her survivability and damage burst.

✦ Sudden Impact✦

This rune can only be useful for Miss Fortune after using Flash towards the enemy to kill him, the problem is that, dash will not be always used to secure a kill, at least 50% of times will be used to prevent death, and even after using Flash, this rune will not guarantee killing the enemy. Also, this rune does not scale. Not really recommended for Miss Fortune.
✦ Taste of Blood✦

This is an alternative for Fleet Footwork except that Fleet Footwork works with stacks. Yet this is not an optimal rune for Miss Fortune because the amount of heal is not decent, it is not related to auto attack speed, nor it increases the damage throughout the game. Moreover, this item forces Miss Fortune to poke which may not be an option against a pushing enemy with a fearsome support such as Leona.
✦ Cheap Shot✦

This rune may be useful when using Exhaust against an enemy, or when having a CC supportو or a CC teammate during team fight. So this depends on the composition of the team, it may not be an optimum rune to pick.

✦ Eyeball Collection✦

Compared to Ghost Poro and Zombie Ward that are related to wards. Eyeball Collection increases AD during the game, this will be good when leaving the warding job to the support . However, the increased amount of damage is limited. If going for Domination as the main rune tree, consider extra AD from Eyeball Collection.

✦ Ghost Poro✦

The advantage of this rune is that it provides vision for another minute after the ward is dead, which can save Miss Fortune from a possible gank while pushing the lane. This rune is more useful to a support who should be warding everywhere. However, if planning to increase vision score during as well as having an extra AD, Ghost Poro is an option to consider.

✦ Zombie Ward✦

The opposite of Ghost Poro, meaning, denying an enemy ward will grant a zombie ward and increase AD with the same amount as Ghost Poro, however, these two does not increase amount of damage as Eyeball Collection and more useful to a support than AD carry, so when planning to increase damage, Eyeball Collection is the better option in Domination tree.


This rune is op for Miss Fortune as her ultimate Bullet Time is so useful during game fights. Increasing the haste of Miss Fortune's ultimate Bullet Time will ensure the increase of damage done during the game and makes it feel almost as a URF game for the enemy team with the fast cooldown for Bullet Time. Need to play aggressively though to guarantee the haste.


This is not the first option to think of with Miss Fortune, thanks to her passive Strut, Miss Fortune already increases her movement speed during the game. Relentless Hunter should be considered along with Cleanse against a heavy CC bot lane to avoid getting hit by the CC ability. During game fights, Miss Fortune can get in and out of combat with this rune.


Since most of the items that are recommended does not require ability haste, Ingenious Hunter will mainly be effective on warding trinkets which is not a problem Miss Fortune should be concerned about. This rune is the least that is recommended for Miss Fortune in Domination tree.


If the game plans does not include buying a life steal item, Ravenous Hunter can do the job of omnivamp which increases health greatly when paired with an attack speed item such as Phantom Dancer or Rapid Firecannon or other attack speed items. Ravenous Hunter stacks, but even if Miss Fortune did not manage to kill, this rune will still give a decent amount of healing.


✦ Nullifying Orb✦

This rune may save Miss Fortune the same way Triumph does, yet if Miss Fortune reach the point where she is about to die, she will probably die with this rune or without it. It is better to depend on Overheal with a life-steal item or Ravenous Hunter than this rune. Moreover, it is better to increase the offence of Miss Fortune than protecting her with a poor shielding rune..

✦ Manaflow Band✦

This rune is useful if you are going to depend on your abilities a lot. Miss Fortune abilities uses -especially Make it Rain- uses a lot of mana, so Manaflow Band will increase the span of mana and generate mana with auto attack. Being auto attack dependent, this rune will be useful to Miss Fortune majorly during early game when she craves mana.

✦ Nimbus Cloak✦

This rune is your prior option in this tree as it helps Miss Fortune in both: using Flash or Heal to reach the enemy to secure a kill; and using the same summoner spells by Miss Fortune or her support to prevent death. With Strut, this will reduce death chances of Miss Fortune.

✦ Transcendence✦

This is a synergy to Miss Fortune's ultimate Bullet Time. Along with Ultimate Hunter that will drastically reduce the ability haste of the ultimate. This will be also useful when to save Miss Fortune or a teammate from possible death with Make it Rain since the duration of its cooldown is partially long.

✦ Celerity✦

This rune works well with spells including Flash and Heal, walking over the scuttle ward in the river, and with items such as Phantom Dancer. With Nimbus Cloak, Miss Fortune movement speed will be something. However, this should not be a prior option as there are other items that can increase the speed of Miss Fortune along with her Strut passive.

✦ Absolute Focus✦

This rune spikes the damage of Miss Fortune, it may not be useful early game if playing with aggressive and pushing enemies, but, Miss Fortune should always be positioned safely, which will ensure being over 70% health. It majorly spikes after buying life-steal item which will always keep Miss Fortune above 70% health and during team fights where Miss Fortune is positioned safely for Bullet Time.

✦ Scorch✦

Good for poking the enemy, and sometimes it is a reason to secure a kill when the enemy is pretty low and out of reach, moreover, if the enemy heals with an ability or item it will reduce the healing impact. This demands poking the enemy during lanning phase depending on who is facing Miss Fortune. Therefore, when facing Leona for example, this rune may not be a good choice.

✦ Waterwalking✦

This may become useful when doing Nashor Baron, dragons and the team fights that happens in the river because of these guys or to save a teammate. However, it will not be useful in other cases. Therefore, even though the river is one of the most dynamics place on the map, it is the least recommended option among other runes.

✦ Gathering Storm✦

This rune should always be included in Sorcery tree, it scales up the AD of Miss Fortune and spikes Miss Fortune in late game, especially after getting critical chance and attack speed items. Unlike Waterwalking that requires certain location, and Scorch that deals tiny damage for 1 sec, Gathering Storm will be Miss Fortune's dearest friend as the game goes by.


✦ Perfect Timing✦

This rune provides Stopwatch which is an item that can be used later in the game for the situational item Guardian Angel. Stopwatch can prevent the death of Miss Fortune let her teammates save rescue her. After used, and depending on the flow of the game, this item can either be saved to purchase Guardian Angel or sold and gain extra gold for another item.


This type of Flash is more useful for tank s that will take the enemy by surprise from a brush such as Sett, this requires holding down the button that triggers flash for few seconds to channel to the required location. Thus, this is the worse choice for Miss Fortune, it will rarely save her. It is definitely not recommended.

✦ Magical Footwear✦

This is a great choice in two ways; the first is that it saves the 300 gold that is used on Boots for boots build, and the second is it permanently increases the speed with 10+ movement speed. Additionally, thanks to the passive of Miss Fortune that increases her movement speed during the game, building boots item is not the first option to think of.


This rune is unexpectedly good . Instead of staying in lane to gain more gold which can be risky if Miss Fortune is low in health and/or mana and may get ganked by enemy jungler or midlaner. This can also be useful if Miss Fortune is losing farm because of heavy poke from trying to play safely against enemies like Vel'Koz, Swain or any other threatening champions to Miss Fortune.


Not useful to Miss Fortune in any way. The very least recommended in all runes.

✦ Biscuit Delivery✦

Good to increase health, and mana span, or can be sold for gold in the market. However, it will not help Miss Fortune to scale later in the game. Therefore, compared to Magical Footwear or Perfect Timing it is not a recommended rune.

✦ Time Warp Tonic✦

When facing champions that burns like Brand or if the enemy team has Teemo that will poison, and of course if the enemy uses Ignite, Time Warp Tonic will save Miss Fortune from inevitable death. Enemy team in 90% of cases will have Ignite as a spell but Miss Fortune can survive in most cases with safe play against Ignite. Check who is against Miss Fortune and consider Time Warp Tonic.

✦ Approach Velocity✦

This rune works with Make it Rain or when Miss Fortune's support can CC such as Morgana or Pyke or slow as Malphite. Luckily, most support s can support the usage of this rune. However, it is hard to work with support s such as Yuumi or Soraka where the chances of CC are low, other runes should be considered. After all, frequent usage of Make it Rain is not recommended.

✦ Cosmic Insight✦

Increasing ability haste for Bullet Time is always good, however, between Cosmic Insight and Transcendence, the latter wins. Thus, if looking to increase ability haste for Miss Fortune, consider Transcendence over Cosmic Insight.

Bonus Stats

    This is a 100% pick for Miss Fortune to increase the DPS to minions and champions. Picking two adaptive forces instead of one, along with Gathering Storm and Coup de Grace will be a game changer especially after building attack speed items later in the game.
    Attack speed can be useful to Miss Fortune, increasing 10% attack speed along with increasing adaptive force works fine with Miss Fortune. It is recommended though to leave this option aside and focus on the increased damage for takedowns and get permanent attack speed from Legend: Alacrity and Strut.
    Ability haste is the the third option to think of after adaptive force and attack speed, Miss Fortune, being AD dependent, does not require excessive use of abilities. If looking for ability haste, Transcendence is the prior option to think of.
    Consider picking armor against heavy AD.
    Good against heavy AP along with items such as Wit's End
    Increasing health is not important to Miss Fortune as being shielded from AP or AD. It is the least recommended choice.

Flash are used for two main reasons, either to secure a kill, or to survive death or prevent the death of a teammate. It can be used next to wall to flash to the other side, which is something Miss Fortune cannot do with abilities unlike Caitlyn's 90 Caliber Net or Ezreal's Arcane Shift. Be extra cautious when engaging the enemy when Flash is on cooldown.

Heal is good in increasing health and movement speed temporarily. Therefore, this can be used the same way as Flash. Healing amount is reduced if Miss Fortune is affected by heal, thus ask your support to pick another spell. After all, Miss Fortune should be the one controlling movement speed when desired.

A selfish option to pick for Miss Fortune, unlike Heal that can save both Miss Fortune and a teammate. Barrier can be more useful than Heal as the latter does not heal properly when being ignited or been affected by grievous wounds. Moreover, the amount of shield gained from Barrier is decent compared to the health gained from Heal.

This spell is not an option to pick unless Miss Fortune is facing heavy CC champions. Ever been against Morgana and Lux in one lane? or Sylas and Amumu combo? If this ever occur and Morgana is not in your side to Black Shield Miss Fortune, Cleanse will be a very recommended option.

For ultimate survivability or securing a kill, pick both Flash and Ghost. With Nimbus Cloak along side with Strut, Miss Fortune movement speed will spike. Yet with Strut, Ghost can be replaced with another spell, and unlike Flash, Miss Fortune cannot outrun the grab and airborne of Blitzcrank with Ghost.

A good option for professional Miss Fortune players, picking Teleport means the only summoner spell that will guarantee survivability for Miss Fortune is Flash, since Heal, Barrier or Ghost will not be needed. Teleporting back to lane or to team fights is the main use, it may save Miss Fortune by teleporting to another location when in low health.
★ Walkthrough ★




















|Range: - | Cooldown: - | Cost: - |

This passive can help clear the wave or kill enemies faster compared to other AD carries, this simply goes by hitting a minion or an enemy once and then hitting the other target once and hit again the first target and so on. It is easy with minions but it requires a lot of focus against champions. When an enemy champion is a threat to Miss Fortune's team, do not make use of this passive, just focus on the threat through auto attacks or simply through Bullet Time. With Love Tap, turrets can also be targeted, activate Strut and switch between turret and minions next to it will do for Love Tap. It will spike more in the enemy base by switching between the two turrets that protects the nexus which will make the nexus vulnerable and makes it so for the enemy team.

|Range: 500 | Cooldown: 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 | Cost: 43 / 46 / 49 / 52 / 55 |

The first ability to activate and the last to level up, Double Up can be used to kill a minion that is out of reach (not losing farm is important), or to secure a kill. Miss Fortune can draw many first blood with this ability. However, casting this ability stops auto attacks for a second, thus, reducing damage, so it should not be used unless necessary. Double Up is also a great poke since its range is wider than Miss Fortune medium range of auto attacks, therefore, it can be used in advantage against champions with wider range as Caitlyn.

|Range: None | Cooldown: 12 | Cost: 30 |

The second ability to level up after Double Up (depending on the situation) and the second to level up after Bullet Time, this ability's passive grants Miss Fortune movement speed up to 95, and active 100% attack speed. As said, it is important for Miss Fortune to be mobile since she doesn't have many options to save her from death as well as increasing the damage rate per second to kill quickly and carry the team. The key point is to activate this whenever hitting enemy champion, hitting a turret, dragons, or Nashor Baron. Thanks to Strut, Miss Fortune is able to deal a lot of damage and increase the chances to kill especially with Press the Attack as the main rune. Also, make sure to use Strut while in base and going to a destination so Miss Fortune can reach it faster. Absolute Focus as well as Overheal synergies with Strut.

|Range: 1000 | Cooldown: 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 | Cost: 80 |

This ability can be used in three ways; either prevent an enemy from escaping so it makes it easier for the jungler to get them; your support to poke or land a skill shot on them, or for Miss Fortune to reach them and kill them; to slow the enemy to protect Miss Fortune or a teammate to keep them out of reach and prevent a possible death; or to grant vision when unsure if an enemy is hiding in that bush. There is actually another special use of this ability, when the enemy team is below 3% and out of reach, hitting Make it Rain will secure the kill without the need to reach the enemy as well as securing a minion that is out of reach. It is not recommended to use this ability for any other conditions like poking because it consumes a lot of mana, and Miss Fortune needs mana to engage and survive.

|Range: 1450 | Cooldown: 120 / 110 / 100 | Cost: 100 |

Once the ultimate is ready, the enemy team will be cautious to avoid damage dealt by Bullet Time and/or interrupt it. When used, Miss Fortune should stop moving or the ultimate will be canceled -unless someone is approaching Miss Fortune from other position and surviving a possible death is required-. There are 3 methods to use Bullet Time, the first is to kill, do not hesitate to use it against a 1 HP champion, do not use it if killing an enemy is not ensured; the second is to protect the nexus or turret from a huge wave of minions which can save some time for teammates to reach Miss Fortune or until they respawn; the final option is to protect Miss Fortune from a high chance of death. The last method is the worse as it means Miss Fortune is not in a good position to engage because most likely it means the enemy is fed. This ability reaches its full potential when having champions like Amumu or Neeko by Miss Fortune's side where their ultimate will CC the enemy for few seconds.

✿ Tips ✿

✿ It is not recommended to start the game by leveling up Make it Rain, it will not help much with the farm, also it will be the only source to poke until level 2 which takes long to cooldown as well as it consumes a lot of mana.

✿ Use Make it Rain to poke when Miss Fortune mana is full, which is a very rare case. If the case applies, make sure that the enemy jungler is not near bot lane to gank. After all, there is no option to save Miss Fortune but Flash which should only be used in critical cases.

✿ Use Make it Rain to help your CC support land their CC, or after the enemy get CC to prevent them from running away and let Miss Fortune land the auto attacks.

✿ To ensure the kill from Bullet Time, make sure to let the enemy team to use Flash so they do not escape.

✿ A good combo to secure a kill is Make it Rain and Bullet Time. Make it Rain slows the enemy, Bullet Time does the necessary damage.

✿ To escape the enemy, use Make it Rain first, and then use Strut. This way, the chances of Miss Fortune to be reached are low. Doing the opposite will means higher risk of Miss Fortune to get damaged which will rest the passively build movement speed of Miss Fortune, therefore, she will be as good as dead.

✿ Double Up is the last ability that should be used during lane phase or team fight. Use Strut -if necessary- when Bullet Time, and prior to that use Make it Rain to prevent the enemy from escaping or reaching Miss Fortune. Double Up should be only used to kill an escaping target that is out of range.

✿ During fights, use less of Double Up and Make it Rain, these two stops auto attacks for 1-2 seconds which reduces the damage dealt by Miss Fortune.

✿ Use Bullet Time to steal a dragon or Nashor Baron. In case of stealing Nashor Baron, make sure Miss Fortune does not die to keep the buff.

✿ Bullet Time can be used from behind walls. Doing so from this unique position, will keep Miss Fortune out of reach as well as take the enemy by surprise which will ruin any of their possible plans.

✿ You do not need to use Make it Rain on the center of the enemy target, sometimes it is recommended to use it in front of the enemy, this way, the enemy will be forced to walk in Make it Rain and thus their movement will be slowed, or will walk around the ability which elongates the trip, and thus providing the same impact as if they were hit by Make it Rain. However, if the enemy is almost out of reach of Make it Rain range, do not use it, save the mana and the ability.

✿ Items Description ✿


Doran's Blade

Doran's Blade is the basic starter item that grants extra health and 8 AD, and also increases health when hitting minions, so even if its price limits the number of Health Potions at the beginning of the game, Miss Fortune can still gain health thanks to its passive of 2.5% omnivamp, even though the amount of omnivamp is not a decent. Some suggest that on your first back to consider buying 2 more Doran's Blades, it does grant unexpectedly good results, however, it is not recommended in this guide. 900 gold should be saved for other items.

Long Sword

Long Sword is usually my first pick for Miss Fortune instead of Doran's Blade, this item grants more damage, and as it is 100 gold less than Doran's Blade, the omnivamp can be replaced by buying 1 or 2 extra Health Potions depending on the enemy who is facing Miss Fortune. Unlike Doran's Blade that will be sold late game to build the final item, Long Sword helps building the first item fast, (either Noonquiver when the flow of the game is good, or Vampiric Scepter in the case of forced back.


Health potion

Grants 150 HP within 15 seconds, it is recommended to buy at least 2 Health Potions each back until a life-steal item is built, and if the enemy team is poking aggressively, get at least 5 Health Potions and build Immortal Shieldbow or Bloodthirster first. This will increase the safety ratio of Miss Fortune especially against champions like Brand. Health Potions, with Time Warp Tonic will reduce death percentage.

Control Ward

This ward is crucial especially when Evelynn is the enemy jungler . However, it is best to leave this job to the support and save the 75 gold for another item. However, if your aim is to increase the vision score of Miss Fortune, Control Wards will be good in both granting and denying vision.

Elixir of Wrath

This elixir is necessary when the game between two teams is even. Elixir of Wrath increases Miss Fortune AD for 3 minutes which in returt increases the DPS and help win the game against the enemy team. Many forget about buying this elixir, yet it is a real game changer. The best time to purchase and use this elixir right before building the final item.



Berserker's Greaves > ATTACK SPEED
This is Miss Fortune's prior choice of boots. These boots increases the attack speed, and although the movement speed of this item is less than Boots of Swiftness, yet with Magical Footwear, it can bring that balance of movement speed. Yet increasing movement speed is not really necessary as Miss Fortune builds speed with her passive Strut.

These boots focus increases movement speed and reduce the effect of slow which may be done by any of dangerous champions with slow abilities such as Malphite and Vel'Koz. This is also helpful against heavy CC team which help avoid being stunned or rooted fast. Therefore, in the case of heavy CC, Boots of Swiftness and Cleanse will be a good choice for Miss Fortune.



Kraken Slayer > TRUE DAMAGE
Compared to Immortal Shieldbow, this item deals additional AD, additional attack speed and grants 10% bonus attack speed to legendary items which meets the needs of Miss Fortune. Moreover, it deals true damage every third attack which can help take down tank s faster such as Garen or Urgot. Along with Strut, and if played right, Miss Fortune can carry the game early.

Immortal Shieldbow > LIFE-STEAL
The great trait about this item is the shield it grants when Miss Fortune health get below 30%, when the enemy expects to take Miss Fortune down, the shield and the increased life-steal will save her. Unlike Kraken Slayer, it grants 5 AD per legendary item which gets stronger in late game. This item is great to survive burst, especially from AP champions such as Ryze or Veigar.



This item is recommended against tank y champions like Garen or Malphite. It is especially if there are two or more tank s in the enemy team. This item can be good but not as effective if the tank y enemy builds life-steal items such as Blade of the Ruined King or Bloodthirster, etc. nor it is effective against champions as Darius that can heal with Decimate. In such case, build Mortal Reminder along with Lord Dominik's Regards. Mortal Reminder does not penetrate armor as Lord Dominik's Regards, yet it takes advantage over it against champions that has abilities that heals such as Nunu & Willump or Dr. Mundo that will deal grievous wounds to the enemy. This anti-heal item is good against any champion that builds life-steal items. In addition, Mortal Reminder increases the attack speed, so even if there is no enemy with healing abilities or items, Mortal Reminder will still be building in late-game.



This item is not only good in its decent amount of AD it gives, but also in granting a shield when taking AP damage as well as increasing ability haste which means, a closer time to cast Bullet Time. This item is a priority when the enemy support builds AP as Lux especially if another champion in another lane deals AP items. Unlike Maw of Malmortius that grants 50 AD, Wit's End increases the attack speed immensely, and instead of granting a shield, it grants movement speed for two seconds which enables Miss Fortune to escape the enemy especially if she got damaged and her Strut passive has been cancelled.
Note: usually the composition of enemy team is balanced, however if, 4 or more of enemy champions are building AP, these two items will be the core items for Miss Fortune.


Not only it grants movement speed, this item is great in reaching or running away from the enemy, by hitting a random minion or a monster in jungle , this item will grant ghosting effect. If another attack speed item is built, it is recommended to not build this item.
Although this item does not grant movement speed, it slows the enemy once hit, if Miss Fortune is carrying a game, enemies will run away from her, this item will prevent them from doing so. It can also save Miss Fortune from death by hitting the enemy once to slow them and run away.
The only attack speed item that grants life-steal. If the build of Miss Fortune does not include any life-steal item (i.e. Immortal Shieldbow or Bloodthirster), building Blade of the Ruined King is recommended.
This item is great in poking enemies that Miss Fortune cannot get in a close range with such as Amumu. However, the range of this item increases for just one hit and requires building another 100 stacks to increase its range again for another one shot.
This is the greatest attack speed item that is recommended for Miss Fortune, it helps in clearing the wave fast, moreover, in team fights, Miss Fortune damages more than one champion, and with a life steal item, it generates health faster.


When building Kraken Slayer, the first option to think of for life-steal is Bloodthirster, not only it grants more life-steal than Immortal Shieldbow, it adds an extra shield that absorbs damage. When considering building a life steal item, Bloodthirster wins over Blade of the Ruined King.
In many cases, the enemy team reaches Miss Fortune due to bad positioning, and once dead and watching how the team fight goes, your team loses and it is noticed how vital Miss Fortune is. Therefore, building Guardian Angel is a necessity, if the enemy team targets Miss Fortune first, with this item, they will be busy with your teammates and Miss Fortune can do the job to carry.
The item that deals the greatest damage among other items. This item can be built after building the first mystic item, it is preferable to be built after building at least 60% critical chance, this will make Miss Fortune deal critical damage each hit.
An item that makes Miss Fortune survive burst, especially from wild mid-laners such as Ahri or from jungler s as Evelynn. Even in team fights, if all of your teammates are hitting one tank y champion, the one that will get the kill is Miss Fortune.
This item is a good item against enemies with threatening abilities (does not work on Malphite, Yasuo, Yone or any champion that can airborne).It is a great option when playing against Ashe to avoid her ultimate or other champions such as Seraphine or Morgana.
Not only it grants lethality, this is almost a good alternative of Teleport since this makes Miss Fortune reach destinations faster along with her Strut passive. It grants a decent attack damage. This also ensures the escape of Miss Fortune when at low health.
When facing a heavy AP team as Zoe, Zyra, Diana, etc. this item should be built as soon as possible, also, if Kha'Zix is in the enemy team, this item should be a core item especially if he is camping bot so escaping death would be possible.

✿ Item Build ✿

Typical Build

This is the basic build of Miss Fortune that is recommended in this guide when playing against a balanced enemy team. Kraken Slayer with its true damage can help take down enemies faster and pierce through the armor of tank s. Next item will be Bloodthirster to sustain the health of Miss Fortune and absorb the damage which will synergy with Overheal. Next, is to increase the damaged dealt by Miss Fortune with The Collector and take down dangerous enemies faster. If everything is going as planned, the enemy turret in bot lane would be destroyed by this point. Here comes the time to buy Berserker's Greaves to increase the speed of auto attacks and get CS faster. After all, thanks to the passive and active of Strut, Boots are not one of the first priorities of Miss Fortune. After the boots, comes the time for situational items, the recommended attack speed item is Runaan's Hurricane because Miss Fortune does not have an ability that helps clear the minions wave quickly (except for Bullet Time) and most likely the farm will be taken by her teammates when pushing a lane. Runaan's Hurricane increase the chances of getting more farm and more gold. The last item to build is Mortal Reminder, even if none of the enemy team is building heal or having a healing ability or passive (rare case), this item increases the attack speed of miss fortune and cause grievous wounds making Heal ineffective if the enemy tries to use it.

VS. Heavy Tank

Heavy tank means that 2 or more of the enemy team are tank s, and they are either tank s with no healing abilities but building healing items such as Blade of the Ruined King or Bloodthirster such as Volibear or Nautilus; or tank s that has healing abilities that heal such as Dr. Mundo with Maximum Dosage or Swain with his Demonic Ascension. Usually the position of these champions is top, jungle and support . Build Kraken Slayer, dealing true damage will help take tanks faster, and it will be helpful for other roles too. If the tank y support like Nautilus is making it harder to kill, build Lord Dominik's Regards as the second or third item, or Mortal Reminder against Swain or even Soraka so she cannot save her marksman , if the tank s do not cause trouble to Miss Fortune in kills or deaths, Consider buying Bloodthirster to sustain health and absorb damage first or at least build Vampiric Scepter before Lord Dominik's Regards or Mortal Reminder. The rest of items are as mentioned from the previous build. However, if the enemy team has one tank , build either Mortal Reminder or Lord Dominik's Regards and make use of the other slots for any of the attack speed items.

VS. Heavy AP

In this case, 3 or more champions will be AP dependent, champions such as Fizz, Seraphine and Syndra. The position of these champions are mid, jungle and support , even marksman or AD carrie) are building AP such as Ezreal. If one of the abilities of the AP champions hit Miss Fortune, she will be as good as dead since she will not be able to survive the burst. The first item to build in this case is Immortal Shieldbow thanks to the shield that auto activates when Miss Fortune health is low. Next item to be built is really situational depending on how good the enemy team is and who is the one that causes the threat. Sometimes it can be Boots of Swiftness to easily avoid the abilities of the enemy team, or Edge of Night if almost all of the enemy abilities hit Miss Fortune, or Wit's End to reduce the impact of the damage. Make sure to build The Collector to do the burst damage, then, be ready to engage with Edge of Night, avoid the ability with Boots of Swiftness or absorb the ability with Edge of Night and ruin their combo and take them down with help of The Collector, any mistake can be fixed with Immortal Shieldbow, after taking down the enemy, restore health by hitting nearby minions. Take in consideration that Wit's End increase attack speed, so, it won't be necessary to build an attack speed item, instead pick an item that deals damage and helps Miss Fortune to escape death such as Youmuu's Ghostblade. In case Maw of Malmortius was built instead of Wit's End, build an item that increases attack speed and maybe prevent the enemy from escaping such as Stormrazor. If the enemy team has 2 or less AP champions and they are not a threat, get either Edge of Night, Wit's End or Maw of Malmortius. If it is 4 or 5 with Akali top and Cassiopeia ADC (yes it happened before), then the three mentioned items are essential along with Immortal Shieldbow, Boots of Swiftness and The Collector.

Critical Strike

Want to see the potential of Miss Fortune with critical strike chance? Go with this build. In fact, Runaan's Hurricane can be replaced with Infinity Edge, which means building 2 Infinity Edges, and depend on attack speed and movement speed on Berserker's Greaves and Strut. The key to build Infinity Edge as the third or fourth item is its passive in gaining extra 35% critical strike chance when Miss Fortune has 60% or more critical strike chance. Miss Fortune will already have 65% critical strike chance from Kraken Slayer, Bloodthirster and The Collector. Follow this build and notice that miss fortune has 100% critical strike chance which will contribute in dealing more damage. This helps Miss Fortune with the mastery token as the amount of damage that is dealt to champions and turrets impacts the overall score. Build these items when the enemy team is balanced. It is not a regrettable situation. If planning to do this build, go with Domination tree with Dark Harvest and watch the results.

Survive Burst

This is the case where one of the enemy teammates is causes AP damage and carrying the team such as Kha'Zix and his target is alwyas Miss Fortune which is only natural to deny the one with the greatest threat to the enemy team. In this case, build Edge of Night after Immortal Shieldbow especially if Miss Fortune has been targeted more than twice in early game. Surviving the burst of an ability is essential, if the shield that is granted by Edge of Night absorbed an ability, stay out range of combat of 40 seconds until the shield is back. Also, build Guardian Angel starting with Stopwatch to save Miss Fortune one time before fully building the item. Bloodthirster can be switched with Blade of the Ruined King for life-steal and increased attack speed. Remember that building a specific item is situational. Also, remember that Mercurial Scimitar is a good alternative for Edge of Night especially against a heavy CC team.

Ultimate Survivability

This build seems as a troll build, personally, never tried this build. However, it makes sense how Miss Fortune can generate health faster with the life steal of Immortal Shieldbow, Bloodthirster and Blade of the Ruined King; move fast in and out of combat and avoid abilities with Youmuu's Ghostblade and Boots of Swiftness, and avoid death with the last built item Guardian Angel. This may not be the build that deal the optimum and greatest damage, it may also be live-wise or anti-death-wise rather than kill-wise. Use the recommended Precision rune tree, and pick Perfect Timing and Time Warp Tonic in Inspiration tree. Perfect Timing to save Miss Fortune before buying Guardian Angel, and Time Warp Tonic to heal 50% of the used Health Potion and survive Ignite or poison and get back to the minions wave and not lose cs. Remember that the items are situational, for instance, if the enemy team has 2 AP champions, get Edge of Night or Mercurial Scimitar instead of Blade of the Ruined King. The rule here is to buy items that ensures survivability with either life-steal or absorb damage.

Season 11 Build

This build is one of the mostly common builds for AD carries which, for sure, includes Miss Fortune. Although it is not the build that this guide suggests, it would not be a problem to talk about it briefly. These builds balance between the usage of auto attacks and abilities. Eclipse is a good mystic item against tank s because of its passive of dealing extra damage based on the target's health, moreover, it grants legendary items armor penetration. It can be useful against other roles as well. Some build this item first, and some build Manamune first which will later transform into Muramana, this item grants extra mana and ability haste, which helps in having more mana for the usage of abilities, cast them faster and deal additional damage based on Miss Fortune's max mana. Serylda's Grudge also contributes to the ability haste and has a similar effect to Stormrazor of slowing enemies which can be used in the mentioned cases and finally, Berserker's Greaves for movement speed and attack speed. The final 2 items are situational; meaning, they can be attack speed items, attack damage items, life-steal items, or any of the legendary items mentioned above.
★ Gameplay ★

✿ Matchups Brief ✿

Note: this is an overview of threats and synergies with Miss Fortune. More details on how to position Miss Fortune, control the wave and make use of these champions abilities along with Miss Fortune's abilities mentioned below.

Against: These champions will poke Miss Fortune to death. Having a huge wave of minions will not save Miss Fortune from the high risk of death. Avoid their abilities to survive.
With: these champions will help Miss Fortune to focus on the farm as they will do the poking job for Miss Fortune.

Against: these champions, with a wide range of auto attacks and abilities or not, these champions can damage Miss Fortune and kill her after poking her.
With: ADC champions go against in 99% of cases. If however Miss Fortune get supported by an ADC, do not judge, be patient, do not get tilted and do not flame.

Against: These champions do hard CC to Miss Fortune and can poke her hard. If they catch Miss Fortune, it is the end of her and maybe her support too.
With: these champions synergies with Miss Fortune's Bullet Time, if they manage to catch the enemy, it will be Bullet Time.

Against: They can poke, but not heavily, thus it is easy for Miss Fortune to survive, they get stronger in late game, try to not let them scale.
With: They can shield Miss Fortune and have the damage absorbed, and/or heal her to let her focus on farm and not fall back.

Against: If they gank or camp bot, they can deny Miss Fortune and ruin her plans to carry. Always keep your eyes on the map and know their location.
With: If these champions are banned or in Miss Fortune's team, feel safe, one threat less, and thus, higher chance to carry.

Against: These champions have a unique way of threatening Miss Fortune, be wary of where to position Miss Fortune and how to not lose farm.
With: With the different abilities of these champions, Miss Fortune can survive in various ways with each one of them. They synergy with Miss Fortune in general.

✿ Matchups In-Depth ✿





















































✿ Early Game ✿

Unexpectedly, this stage is the most important stage of the game, it decides whether the wave will be pushed fast, slowly, or frozen and the items to be built. First and foremost, it is important to understand who is against Miss Fortune and which abilities they have for better positioning and poking. The first ability to level up for Miss Fortune is Double Up, with this, the first six minions cannot be missed. Moreover, Miss Fortune can poke the enemy marksman and support behind their minions.

In this stage, understanding the movement of marksman , support and jungler is as important as not missing any farm. For instance, if Miss Fortune is facing Morgana, you can bait to see her responses of catching Miss Fortune with Dark Binding, that gives a hint on what kind of threat she causes, is she out next to minions or hiding in the bushes waiting for an opportunity? Is she prone to poking or not? How can she deal with tank s?

The same can be said about the marksman , for example, is Jhin tries to land his fourth hit on Miss Fortune? Does he use Deadly Flourish whenever Miss Fortune has been hit by any of the teammates or by his Dancing Grenade? This can tell if Miss Fortune can poke while farming, or should be cautious with the farm. The same can be applied on the enemy jungler , is he camping bot lane? or is he camping other lane?

What if the jungler is camping bot lane?

Therefore, according to the movement of support , marksman and jungler , the strategy to be followed during the laning phase until it is ended will be decided. Keep in mind that the major threat to Miss Fortune is the enemy support first, the AD Carry will be in the same situation as Miss Fortune's, focusing on the farm, the second threat is the possible ganks from mid laners and jungler s. Therefore, the strategy that should be used in each condition is as the following:

✿ The enemy team is pushing but they are not a threat to Miss Fortune: speaking of any ADC with a support such as Yuumi (watch out of Vayne and Yuumi combo, it is unbelievably deadly), Miss Fortune can get a kill or double kill with the help of her support without the need of jungler 's help. You should let them push the wave by killing the minion with just one shot instead of keep hitting it until its dead, let the minions do the job for Miss Fortune, meanwhile, you can either:
  • Poke the enemy and let them lose experience since they will try to play safe and not farm properly; or
  • Give them sense of hope and do not poke them to let them push and get them after they push.

✿ The enemy team is pushing and they are a threat to Miss Fortune: enemies such as Vel'Koz, Brand that will poke Miss Fortune under her turret, you should try to focus on pushing the wave and making use of Love Tap, and the first ability that should be leveled up after Double Up is Make it Rain not Strut to prevent possible deaths. It is crucial though to save mana in this case and not use Make it Rain frequently even if Presence of Mind was chosen. Use their pushing action to Miss Fortune's advantage and ask the jungler -politely- to gank bot lane. A good jungler will make use of this opportunity when they are done with their task at hand. In case the jungler will not help, ask the midlaner to gank, they will push the wave and come to help. Know two things though:
  • A jungler may not camp botlane because they have better plans for other lanes, find the enemy ADC is evasive and hard to gank such as Lucian with Relentless Pursuit, or simply the jungler is new to the role and will seem as if he/she is trolling. In this case, wait until level 6 and ask for a possible help before taking down elemental dragon as the jungler should be there in either cases. There is no need to flame the poor jungler or compare him/her to the enemy's.
  • The ally midlaner is losing to the enemy midlaner. In this case, DO NOT in any way ask the midlaner to camp bot as they will feed the enemy bot lane champions and they will take the lead over you in lane. Keep in mind that if the enemy mid laner pushes the minions wave, they will probably gank botlane, and there is a high chance that the enemy bot laner will join the party by switching their position from defensive to offensive. Thus, it is preferable to be ready for such ganks and havee Bullet Time ready.
Keep in mind that a nice top laner might ask you to ward to join the party with Teleport and help you take down the enemy. However, in case no one wants to help bot lane, focus on playing safely, have a large wave of minions that will take the damage for Miss Fortune and simply not die. If Miss Fortune cannot kill, she should not feed the enemy because that will highly impact team fights later. And remember, if the KDA of Miss Fortune is 0/0/0, she can still get fed later during team fights with Bullet Time and carry the team, but it is not possible when the number of her deaths increases.

✿ The enemy team is letting you push and is not a threat to Miss Fortune: this is the case where the enemy realize the threat Miss Fortune can cause or they have already witnessed with a kill. This is the case of inexperienced enemy bot laners. In this case, Miss Fortune along with her support can poke the enemy under their turret to death as well as taking the gold from the turret plating before they fall. Moreover, going back to base to get items without defending your turret is easy. Make sure though to ward the mentioned bush in the river to avoid possible ganks. Make sure to save Make it Rain for such cases to ensure escaping safely and then Strut to increase the movement speed. Make sure the wave is pushed when you are about to do elemental dragon .

✿ The enemy team is letting you push and is a threat to Miss Fortune: this is when the enemy team are not able to get Miss Fortune so they plan to take her down under their turret with some strategies, this can be as deadly as Blitzcrank with his Flash or Overdrive, Rocket Grab and Power Fist combo, with the turret hitting Miss Fortune, this will be an easy kill for the enemy. And even if Miss Fortune luckily escapes with Flash or Ghost there is a high chance that the enemy will reach her and kill her. Moreover, Miss Fortune will be prone to ganks. Read the enemy movements for this case, if they seem defensive and they are switching to offence, then their jungler is near and Miss Fortune should fall back immediately.

Since it is recommended in this guide to buy [long sword as the first item along with two-to-three Health Potions, make sure to get back to base with at least 1800 gold or maximumly 2200 gold. In the case of 1800 gold, get Noonquiver and Cloak of Agility to be built later as Kraken Slayer or Immortal Shieldbow, and 2-3 Health Potions. In the case of 2200 gold, buy in addition Boots to be built later in the game. In case of forced back, this means Miss Fortune is having a hard time sustaining her health, this can be known from the very first seconds, try to play extra cautiously to get 1100 gold and get Vampiric Scepter, Boots and 5 Health Potions.

Remember, it is the priority to focus on the farm and use Double Up to not lose any CS. It is ok if the enemy keeps pushing and makes Miss Fortune lose farm, there will always be a chance to make up the loss farm during mid and late game, also, do not worry about the enemy team pushing the lane, they will get fed up with the boredom and go to help their jungler or mid laner, make sure however to ping it to your teammates to act precautious, or simply follow them to the fight place and get possible kills. However, it is recommended to leave this until Miss Fortune reaches level 6 and ping your teammates to leave it be until it is time for Bullet Time.

What is the impact of my support in early game?

If the flow of the game is going good, Miss Fortune will have the mystic item built, Kraken Slayer to deal extra damage, Bloodthirster to sustain health, and building the third item and boots item; or Immortal Shieldbow to survive the burst of damage that is caused by the enemy team; The Collector for burst damage and the building the third item along with boots. The enemy turret will be on the verge of destruction or destroyed. In games when both are even though, it will be usually the mystic item and either Boots of Swiftness against CC botlane such as Ashe and Lux, or building the second item. The enemy turret would be in best case scenario destroyed up to 50%. In the worse case scenario, the first item would not be built yet and your turret will be the one to be destroyed, and in worst cases, your turret will be destroyed and the enemy team is either ganking other lanes or waiting to take Miss Fortune down by surprise. If you are losing, keep patience, mid and late game could be the chance to gain more gold, and comeback the game.

✿ Mid Game ✿

This is the stage where the actually carry of Miss Fortune begins, start to lead if she is way back or was not able to carry at all. Based on the results of the early game stage, there will be three scenarios for Miss Fortune during mid game stage. Here are the scenarios and what to do in each case:

✿ The enemy turret of bot lane is destroyed or about to be destroyed: If the enemy turret is on the verge of destruction, Miss Fortune at this point can dive the enemy under their turret -with the help of her support even if it was not destroyed and get out alive from it. Make sure after the turret is destroyed to clear the wave of minions to make up for the lost health and get more gold for the third item. If the built mystic item was Kraken Slayer, get The Collector, if it was Immortal Shieldbow, get any of the attack speed alternatives such as Runaan's Hurricane.

In this case, if the enemy team is pushing to your turret, get back to lane and defend the turret, push the wave of minions and then it is situational to do one of the following:
  • Do elemental dragon whenever a drake is about to respawn even without the help of your jungler . This will not only be useful for you, but also useful for the whole team. Make sure that the enemy's jungle is warded to escape if the enemy approaches. Or, if you know where the enemy team is (i.e. the enemy jungler is top lane, the bot lane champions are dead, etc.]] then Miss Fortune can solo drake without any risk.
  • Keep pushing bot lane, specifically if Miss Fortune is winning her lane hard, make sure though that your support is warding the enemy's jungle to escape any possible ganks. If the enemy team is freezing the minions wave, roam the enemy jungle and kill the jungle monsters, they will grant Miss Fortune gold, experience, a blue or red buff if available, and even a possible kill if one of the champions are roaming there.

✿ Miss Fortune is even with the enemy team in bot lane: the plan in this case will not change as much as in the early game stage. Yet there will be changes based on the rationale of the game. Meaning, sometimes the enemy marksman and support scale better in mid and late game. In that case, try to poke hard with Double Up, Make it Rain and Bullet Time. It is important to make the enemy lose experience and gold, make sure to not use Make it Rain when you are unsure where the enemy jungler is. As this ability, and Bullet Time will be the key to saving Miss Fortune and her support and Miss Fortune has a chance to secure a kill. Hopefully, in this case, the jungler and mid laner have some time to spare and gank your lane.

✿ Miss Fortune has lost the first turret: this is the case where Miss Fortune and/or her support are using recall frequently to avoid death due to low health. Miss Fortune would probably not have enough gold and experience because of the heavy poke from the enemy bot laners. In this case, freeze the wave of minions, and track the movement of the enemy bot laner:

  • If they are still pushing bot lane, probably one of your teammate will join bot lane to help you without your pings, in this case, regaining the condition of the lane can be possible. Make sure to not lose anymore experience or gold.
  • If they cannot be seen anywhere, be extra cautious as they might be in your jungle taking down the monsters. Ask your support to properly ward the jungle. If unsure about the location of the enemy (in most cases a brush), do not hesitate to use Make it Rain to have a vision.
  • If they are in mid lane and trying to take down mid lane turret: push the wave at least to the river. Careful if an elemental dragon is about to respawn, as the enemy most likely will plan to go to drake and notice Miss Fortune's presence, and thus, go to kill her. If they are still pushing mid lane then:
  • Ask the support to go help mid lane, take down enemy turret with the help of Strut and join mid lane too.
  • If the case of mid lane is critical, let the minions wave at the river push to turret and go with your support to help in mid lane. Your support can distract the enemy from Miss Fortune.

When joining the mid lane, it is time for team fight. Ensure the enemy do not know your location with Control Wards or with Oracle Lens and take them by surprise with Make it Rain and Bullet Time. Miss Fortune can actually do great combo with some mid laners such as Diana with her ultimate Moonfall. So plan this in advance on your way to mid laner. You can push mid lane instead of going back to your lane. If the jungle is warded and the enemy knows your movement, the plan to take them by surprise will fail, simply join your mid laner and wait for the opportunity in backlines to get them with Bullet Time.

✿ Miss Fortune has lost bot lane hard: this is the worse case scenario for Miss Fortune, this is the case where Miss Fortune has died 3 or more times. Do not feel frustrated, sometimes this happens because of 1vs3, 1vs4, 2vs3 and 2vs4 where the enemy team have 1 or more tank s and dive Miss Fortune under turret, where Flash, Ghost, Heal or any other summoner spell are not enough to save Miss Fortune and ensures a kill. This is not your fault. All you need to do is to ensure that bot lane is not taken down to the turret that protects the inhibitor, ask your support to support another teammate to save the game. Do not engage with confidence since Miss Fortune will feed and strengthen the enemy team. Your best bet is to push the wave of minions maximumly to the river level and join team fights only with Bullet Time. If lucky, Miss Fortune might secure few kills and comeback, if that is not the case, then Miss Fortune is strengthening a teammate that will carry the game thanks to the damage of Miss Fortune. DO NOT GO 1VS1 by any chance (unless you are against a Yuumi, careful with the plans of Yuumi though, they are quite deceiving).

✿ Late Game ✿

Again, the results of this stage depends on the results of mid game. If your team did exceptionally good or the enemy team did very bad they will probably surrender and there will be no late game and vice versa. Sometimes, it does not need the whole team to win their lanes, sometimes it just takes Miss Fortune to win hard to make the enemy team fears her gain of gold and build and surrender the game (ff). Sometimes they do not surrender, sometimes none of these cases applies. In late game, here are the other possible scenarios:

✿ Miss Fortune is winning the game along with her team: this is the chance were you can get Miss Fortune her mastery token, Miss Fortune KDA should be as good as 7/0/11 (there is no general rule to the KDA though as it depends on many factors). In this case, leave all team fights because they will win without Miss Fortune and farm the jungle , not only your but your enemy's as well along with the minions in lanes. Keep increasing the number of CS as much as possible, and higher than any other players, this will guarantee at least an S token. Build the final items which includes Berserker's Greaves, Mortal Reminder, Infinity Edge, or any of the situational items. Make sure you contribute to the destruction of turrets and kill 2 or 3 more enemies as the damage that Miss Fortune deals counts in getting the S and thus mastery token. When full-built, Miss Fortune can solo Nashor Baron. If an enemy tries to take down Miss Fortune, do not uses any of the abilities except for Strut and simply auto attack the enemy, Do not go 1vs1 with any of the top champions especially if it was late game champion such as Kayle, she will shut Miss Fortune down.

✿ Miss Fortune is winning the game because she is carrying the team: this is the case were Miss Fortune is a game changer, i.e. your team are even with the enemy team or losing without Miss Fortune. In this case, do not join team fights, this will give the enemy team a sense of hope to fight to win the game. Meanwhile, seek the mastery token by taking the farm of enemy and your jungle . Doing otherwise will make the enemy team realize that they cannot win against Miss Fortune and surrender. This is not preferable. Let the flow of the game go as it is and collect more gold for your items. If it starts to get critical for your team like the enemy team reaching to your inhibitor. Get back to collect the necessary items, and carry the game to win. It is ok to be selfish if you know that you can get two birds with one stone: get the mastery token, and carry the game.

✿ Miss Fortune and her team are even with the enemy team: this is where Miss Fortune becomes the star of the team and carry the team. Changing the course of the game to winning can be happening in team fights. Always stay in back lane, wait for one of the teams initiate a fight, preferably if the enemy team do a mistake, let it start 4vs5 and hit Bullet Time. Keep in mind that the enemy team is most likely waiting for Bullet Time and are being cautious, thus, let the two teams begin the fight so the noises of their abilities will distract them from noticing Bullet Time. Do not worry if the enemy team are being extra cautious and a team fight never initiates, it will always occur in elemental dragon . Make sure to hide in a brush and wait for the team fight to begin and take the enemy team by surprise. Do not let the enemy team escape by using Make it Rain and Strut to chase and kill them. elemental dragon s are the ones that gives your team the advantages to win. If however you see that your team makes a mistake, ping your teammates who have the chance to save themselves and RUN AWAY.

✿ Miss Fortune and her team are losing to the enemy: this is the case where the enemy team has reached your base and they are denying Miss Fortune first. This is the time for Elixir of Wrath and build Guardian Angel, if necessary, sell Kraken Slayer and get Immortal Shieldbow instead. This way, even if the enemy targets Miss Fortune, she can still get revived while the enemy team is busy with your team. Do not buy Guardian Angel if Miss Fortune is the last to die because it will be useless. Once Guardian Angel has been used, sell it and get another item to deal more damage, this item can be Infinity Edge, or use Edge of Night against heavy ap. If 5 minutes has passed and your defenses are going well, buy again Elixir of Wrath and use it, and rebuy Guardian Angel. This way, with proper positioning of your teammates ( tank s and Assassin s in front lane) Miss Fortune will carry. Remember to not hesitate to use Bullet Time to clear the huge wave of minions that will destroy the turrets that are defending the nexus, or even use it to defend the nexus and prevent the enemy team from approaching.

✿ Miss Fortune cannot carry the game anymore: this is as mentioned, might not be your fault, it is probably the enemy team planned on denying Miss Fortune from the first place. If your team can do well in team fights but the flow of the game has stopped, check the map to know the location of the enemy team and split-push. Let your team do the team fighting, Miss Fortune will be the least needed teammate as she will feed the enemy. Make sure to focus on building damage and attack speed to split push faster with the ability of Strut. If the team is losing, then try one team fight with Bullet Time, if you win, then keep pushing with your team, if you didn't win analyze the situation of loss. In other words, if your team did a mistake that is why you lost, avoid the mistake and repeat. If your team however, lost and you all did nothing wrong, it is recommended to surrender (ff). Do not troll or go AFK if your team does not want to surrender, fight until the very end. Read the enemy and try to help your team movement and items. After all, there is no actual loss in this game. Oppositely, such games will teach you how threatening some champions can be to Miss Fortune and how can you plan to not let them take you down in another game.

Is it possible to carry a game when Miss Fortune lost in early and mid game?

✿ It is preferable to get Miss Fortune a premade support . After all, due to lack of disabilities that Miss Fortune can do, a good support is the key to help Miss Fortune carry the game to win.

✿ Always keep 50% of mana filled to save yourself or a teammate, even if Miss Fortune is below 50% health, Make it Rain can help your teammate.

✿ Miss Fortune should never engage first and should never be in the front line, make sure your teammates take the initiate.

✿ Build boots item after building the third item, thanks to the passive and active of Strut, Miss Fortune can build speed during the game and can build an attack speed item before building Berserker's Greaves.

✿ After building Kraken Slayer, an attack speed item Runaan's Hurricane for example, and Bloodthirster, Miss Fortune can solo elemental dragon . So if the jungler is busy somewhere, the first turret in bot lane is destroyed and the wave is pushed, do not hesitate to solo elemental dragon .

✿ It is important to read your enemy to find a quick plan to stick to. For instance, enemy Swain will always be looking for an opportunity to grab Miss Fortune and poke her to at least 50% from that grab. However, if enemy Swain looks hesitant and not as confident, know that the threat level of Swain on Miss Fortune is very low and Miss Fortune can farm and poke normally.

✿ Do not stay in lane when Miss Fortune have 2200 gold or more. recall and make use of the gold before the enemy arrives and kills Miss Fortune. Also, do not stay in lane if Miss Fortune is alone under turret and the enemy support and marksman are pushing along with the minions, they can and will dive Miss Fortune under her turret. If running away is impossible, use Bullet Time to clear the minions wave so the enemy fall back out of fear of getting hit and killed by turret. If the turret have 1 plate or it is 30% away from being destroyed and nothing can be done about it, then leave the turret, Miss Fortune's life is more important than a turret, feeding the enemy is the least thing you need to do.

✿ Remember that there is a plan you should stick to, the main aim is to focus on the farm, the higher the farm rate, the higher the chances to win. Stick to the basics, do not die, take the enemy turret down, keep farming the minions in lane and jungle , stay back in the back line in teammates and take the enemy team with Bullet Time, get more items to deal more damage to turrets and enemy and win the game.

✿ Do not flame the jungler or other teammates for doing bad, they can be practicing new positions, new champions, sometimes they get unlucky as much as you do. Try to cheer them up, ask them gently to play safely and to not feed. If you are unlucky and your team start flaming, do not flame back, ignore them or simply mute them. Do not let any action in the game tilt you to increase the chances to carry the game.

✿ Wish that your top laner will play Ornn, he will take the mystic items Kraken Slayer and Immortal Shieldbow to another level. Do not worry, Miss Fortune can carry the game regardless, it will just make the game more interesting.

✿ Enemy tank will always be in front line, do not ever focus on the tank, let the enemy members get in good range of Bullet Time and hit it. Also, always let Miss Fortune stand behind her teammates especially.

★ Summary ★
You have reached the end of this guide. I thank you so much for taking your time to read it. Do not hesitate to ask me anything about Miss Fortune, I will gladly answer. If you think there is a way to improve the guide please comment. And if you do not like something about this guide please comment and tell me to make so I can better for all those who seek to know about Miss Fortune, the marksman , the bounty hunter. If you are new to Miss Fortune and made it this far then you definitely learned a lot about Miss Fortune. Also, thanks to Making A Guide guide by jhoijhoi for the super unique codes that made this guide look neat and more attractive.

Keep in mind that the best bet for Miss Fortune to survive against is to learn about different champions. The good thing about Miss Fortune is that she is easy to learn, by following this guide and practice for few games it will become a habit that runs through your veins and you will carry your team easily and hit your Mastery 7 in no time. Do not get frustrated about bad games, they happen all the time, they can be 1vs9 games and the enemy is fed which make it harder to win. Follow the rules suggested in this guide and at least it will not be Miss Fortune's fault for the game loss. Keep practicing and the possibility of carrying the game will increase. Also, please do not steal anybody's pentakill. And remember:
✿ Fortune does not favor fools ✿

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