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Yorick Build Guide by qazx1427

Top A Comprehensive Guide to Yorick

Top A Comprehensive Guide to Yorick

Updated on October 26, 2020
New Guide
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League of Legends Build Guide Author qazx1427 Build Guide By qazx1427 7,561 Views 0 Comments
7,561 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author qazx1427 Yorick Build Guide By qazx1427 Updated on October 26, 2020
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  • LoL Champion: Yorick
  • LoL Champion: Yorick
  • LoL Champion: Yorick
  • LoL Champion: Yorick
  • LoL Champion: Yorick
    Tank (Top, Mid, Support)

Runes: Grasp (Standard)

1 2 3 4 5
Grasp of the Undying

Legend: Bloodline

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Yorick

By qazx1427
Guide Details
✠ Introduction
✠ Credits
✠ About Yorick
✠ Abilities
✠ Skill Sequence
✠ Items
✠ Summoner Spells
✠ Runes
✠ Synergies & Counters
✠ Game Presence
✠ Splitpushing
✠ Not Splitpushing
The Comprehensive Guide to Yorick

"If you want to take some towers, you've come to the right place."

There are a lot of Yorick guides. They're made by a lot of different Yorick mains, all with builds and runesets that could potentially be the perfect fit for you. The problem you may find is that keeping track of them all is nigh-impossible. This guide has more runes; this one has better builds; this one's great, but it was last updated when Zz'rot was still around... there's a lot of trouble involved with using guides.

I'm not a pioneer for Yorick builds like Beaver or Ninetails, nor am I a Challenger OTP like Krykey. I just really like guides, and I'm tired of having to swap through tab after tab to find what I need. Hopefully, you'll be able to find some use out of this guide too. If there's:
  • Something missing from this guide, you can ask for it.
  • A question you have about a build or Yorick himself, I'll help how I can.
  • Ways I could improve the guide, in formatting or content, feel free to say.
The goal for this guide is to eliminate the pain of going from guide to guide, or rifling around old r/yorickmains posts for something fun to build. I'll do my best to keep this updated, and I hope that you find this as useful as I do.

With introductions out of the way, let's first appreciate everyone that made this guide how it is:
Multiple season Rank 1 Yorick who made a simple, but very informative, guide (found here). He also popularized the use of Youmuu's Ghostblade and Liandry's Anguish on Yorick.
Yorick OTP Twitch streamer and creator of numerous builds, including this guide's True Tank build. You can find his MOBAFire guide here, which has a lot of fun builds to try out, especially if you like lifesteal.
OCE Challenger, KR Diamond I player credited as the inventor of Yorick jungle, and the main contributor to everything you see in the Jungle tab. He's made guides for top and jungle, which you can find here.
EUNE Challenger, EUW Grandmaster who frequently uploads educational Yorick videos on his Youtube channel. A great source of information, and the creator of this guide's Conqueror runesets.
Member of the r/yorickmains Discord Server that gave a lot of advice towards Yorick's synergies.
About Yorick

Yorick, Shepherd of Souls
Melee Juggernaut
Counters: Darius, Vayne, Teemo
Countered by: Irelia, Jax, Yasuo
Jungler ganking potential: Strong, especially with ghouls.
Speciality: Splitpushing
Why Yorick? If you're anything like me, you probably got thrown around by a Yorick a few games ago, and now you want to see what he's like. He's very polarised, since he counters annoying matchups like Darius, Vayne, and Teemo, but he gets countered by mastery flashers like Irelia, Yasuo, Jax, and Renekton. On its own, this sounds bad, but while they're taking Baron , you're already spam-dancing at their Nexus.


β†’ When he counters, he counters hard.
β†’ Godly splitpusher and invader.
β†’ Very strong duellist, even as a tank.
β†’ Can reliably solo Baron .
β†’ Counters Darius and Teemo.
β†’ Bonk.


β†’ Situational pick. Easily countered.
β†’ Mana issues before Level 6.
β†’ Lacks mobility and hard CC.
β†’ Weak without Eulogy of the Isles.
β†’ Countered by windy anime man.
β†’ Poor teamfight presence.
Summoner Spells

FLASH is... well, it's Flash. It's good for engaging, disengaging, BMing, making a cool noise, you name it. Yorick's Dark Procession can engage and disengage too, so you can sort of justify giving up Flash if you're feeling daring, but it's not recommended.
TELEPORT is Yorick's bread, butter, the knife you spread it with, and the shop you bought it from. Yorick's splitpush-heavy playstyle demands good use of Teleport, so not using it is practically griefing (unless you have Spellbook, then you're griefing anyway).
IGNITE is very situational. If you're in an elo where you botlane doesn't ward, leaving you unable to roam properly, you can get away with it. If you just want to snowball and teamfight, but you're stuck playing Yorick for whatever reason, Ignite works for that too.

EXHAUST is nice, but pretty useless. Yorick can stick to enemies with Dark Procession, and burst can be negated with tank stats.
GHOST lets you chase down enemies and safely disengage from danger; it'd be a nice spell if Yorick didn't already excel in those.
CLEANSE is just giving up Teleport so you don't have to buy Quicksilver Sash. It's good, Mercurial Scimitar's good, just buy it.
BARRIER is mostly useless. GhoulGuy has a fun build for abusing the healing meta with this, but that's all it's good for. Just take Teleport.
HEAL has no situation where it's ever useful. If you want extra tankiness past the absurd healing Yorick gets, just take Barrier
SMITE is for junglers. If you want to screw with the enemy jungler, just steal all their camps when you have Eulogy of the Isles.

We're now going to go through every keystone and rune and rate their effectiveness on Yorick. This may take a while.

Ranking System

S TIER: Among the best runes. Always useful.
A TIER: Great in its niche, good in any other scenario.
B TIER: Acceptable, but there are better choices.
C TIER: Terrible, but still at least usable.
D TIER: Unusable or so bad, it'd be better if it were.

If you're in a rush, here's a tier list. Just pretend Kleptomancy is Prototype: Omnistone because the tier list's outdated and I am not doing all that myself. I got this guide to work on, man.


Become a Legend

Press the Attack C Neither ghouls nor Maiden can proc Press the Attack, and when it does activate, the additional damage is barely worth noting. It's a far better choice to take Conqueror since it gives the same benefit of extended trade damage, while also being a great source of healing.
Lethal Tempo C Yorick is very ability-reliant, so the attack speed would only be useful if it procced when attacking a structure. Its only saving grace is that with the standard EWQ combo, Yorick is right by the enemy once Lethal Tempo activates.
Fleet Footwork B Fleet Footwork is one of those runes that can be taken comfortably by any champion. It's not Yorick's best choice, by any means, but it could have its potential uses in incredibly difficult lanes.
Conqueror S One of Yorick's main two keystones, and the one that many high-ranking Yorick players swear by. Ghouls can stack it, even if they're a little slow, and the healing it provides makes it a game-changing asset in teamfights. One of the things that makes Conqueror so effective for Yorick is that while he may no longer be close enough to the enemy to keep it active, his ghouls may be.

Overheal A Yorick loves healing, so much so that there are builds completely centred around it, such as Ravenous Ghostblade. Overheal helps to accomodate this, and makes laning easier with Last Rites' natural healing. Combined with Legend: Bloodline, Overheal can turn the tide of a battle or dive by its merits alone.
Triumph S Health and gold are two things no champion--or person--can get enough of. It also allows for some great plays, especially against champions with DoT like Darius or Teemo. You haven't lived until you're a second from dying to DoT, only to have Triumph's HP boost save you from certain tilt.
Presence of Mind B While it's always nice to have more mana, we're past the days of Manamune- Frozen Heart. Yorick has trouble with mana early on, but that can be solved with Biscuit Delivery and an early Sheen. Later on, when Presence of Mind is fully stacked, mana just won't be a problem anymore.

Legend: Alacrity A While Lethal Tempo is unfavourable since its attack speed is only against champions, Legend: Alacrity in indiscriminate in its accelerated bonking. It's trumped by Legend: Bloodline for its sustain, but if you really need to make some towers disappear, Alacrity is a great choice.
Legend: Tenacity A There aren't many items or runes that give you tenacity, so you need to treasure them when they come. Legend: Tenacity is a staple for bruisers and juggernauts alike, and Yorick is no exception. If the enemy team has more CC than sense, Tenacity and Unflinching make for a powerful duo.
Legend: Bloodline S When combined with Spirit Visage, a common buy of Yorick's, this is the secret to Yorick's disgustingly strong sustain. Even without Visage, Bloodline will never fail to make you a terror as the game goes on.

Coup de Grace A You might've experienced this pain before: the enemy escapes with a sliver of health, you Flash into Mourning Mist, it lands, but they still survive. That's probably because you took Last Stand. Don't sleep on Coup de Grace, no matter what the number-crunchers tell you.
Cut Down C As Yorick stacks HP for his ghouls, it's rare to see someone with more max health than him, except for maybe a Sion or something. You can run a full damage build and ignore HP, sure, but then you'll have papier-mΓ’chΓ© ghouls.
Last Stand A Personally, I don't think Last Stand is better than Coup de Grace, like people say. Yorick does a lot of healing, so he isn't at low health often. It's a great asset in teamfights, though, or when you're in a '5 HP left' matchup like Mordekaiser.


Hunt and Eliminate Prey

Electrocute D While ghouls can count for a single hit towards Electrocute, the burst just isn't worth it at all. Even if they could proc it on their own, the damage is just pitiful. If you want to remove a squishy's health bar, run Grasp of the Undying.
Predator C Don't get me wrong, going fast is fun. The problem is that while you go fast, your ghouls don't. Before it was reworked to only give the speed boost when approaching enemies, Predator wasn't bad for running away from the enemy team contesting your push, but now it just sucks.
Dark Harvest C It's always a fun time with Dark Harvest; it's like a little minigame. It just isn't that great for Yorick, since if he gets a hold of someone below 50% health, they're already dead. Ghouls and Maiden can proc it, though, so it's a fun choice if you want to try something different.
Hail of Blades B If you want to be able to defend yourself without ghouls, Hail of Blades can be a good choice, being effective for longer than Grasp of the Undying, but not taking time to ramp up like Conqueror. It's mostly reserved for jungle when you want to contest scuttle and early invades. Also, Last Rites doesn't count as a hit, so you can do three HoB hits and follow up with a Q.

Cheap Shot A One of the better runes in the Domination tree for Yorick. Just throw a Mourning Mist at the target, have at least one ghoul, and boom, free true damage.
Taste of Blood B Nice, but with all the healing Yorick already gets, you're better off taking Cheap Shot for the true damage. If you're absolutely dead-set on healing your entire health bar in one Q, it'll still do its job there.
Sudden Impact D After leaving Fog of War (since that's the only way Yorick can proc it), you get a little extra AD. If you want to have your ghouls be little Teemos, just buy Duskblade of Draktharr and be done with it, since this is borderline useless.

Zombie Ward A Getting AD for taking down wards is a pretty sweet deal. Sweeping your jungle while you roam is good practice, so Zombie Ward is great for if you're playing defensively.
Ghost Poro S On the other hand, if you're trying to get some deep warding yourself, Ghost Poro is perfect for the job. Since Yorick does a lot of invading, both as a laner and jungler, putting down deep wards near Baron and enemy buffs is a great way to get some free AD.
Eyeball Collection A Text

Ravenous Hunter A Text
Ingenious Hunter B Text
Relentless Hunter C Text
Ultimate Hunter S Text


Unleash Destruction

Summon Aery B Text
Arcane Comet A Text
Phase Rush C Text

Nullifying Orb S Text
Manaflow Band C Text
Nimbus Cloak B Text

Transcendence S Text
Celerity B Text
Absolute Focus C Text

Scorch C Text
Waterwalking A Text
Gathering Storm A Text


Live Forever. Yeeeeah. BRING DOWN THE DARK REGIME--

Grasp of the Undying S Text
Aftershock D Text
Guardian B Text

Demolish S Text
Font of Life C Text
Shield Bash D Text

Conditioning S Text
Second Wind A Text
Bone Plating A Text

Overgrowth S Text
Revitalize A Text
Unflinching A Text


Outwit Mere Mortals

Glacial Augment C Text
Unsealed Spellbook B Text
Prototype: Omnistone C Text

Hextech Flashtraption C Text
Magical Footwear S Text
Perfect Timing B Text

Future's Market A Text
Minion Dematerializer B Text
Biscuit Delivery S Text

Cosmic Insight A Text
Approach Velocity S Text
Time Warp Tonic B Text
Synergies & Counters

Shepherd of Souls (Passive)
SPOOK: 100
On the death of a nearby enemy champiion, large monster, or a certain number of non-champion enemies, Yorick will raise a grave.
Only 4 graves may exist at a time, with the furthest being replaced by the newest. Yorick will raise a grave for every 12 non-champion enemies at Level 1, 6 enemies at Level 7, and 2 at Level 13. Turns out Gangplank isn't the only Level 13 spiker that no-one plays.
  • While you can only have four graves at a time, ghouls more than 1200 units away don't die. You can have four ghouls in each lane, given the range, so you can push multiple lanes at once.
  • Ghouls take greatly reduced damage from AoE attacks, but die in one single-target hit. This includes Bladesurge and, for some reason, Counter Strike. Maybe because it's hard CC or something.
  • For reasons unknown to science, ghouls can stack Conqueror and Black Cleaver, but that's it.

Last Rites

COST: 25 Mana
C.DOWN: 7 / 6.25 / 5.5 / 4.75 / 4
Yorick's next basic attack in the next 6 seconds will become empowered and heal him. When used with 3 or 4 graves nearby, Yorick may raise ghouls from them.
Last Rites' heal scales with level and is doubled when under 50% health. If there are 3+ graves available, but only one in Yorick's radius, one ghoul is raised. Similarly, if there are two graves in the radius, two ghouls are raised.
  • As Last Rites is an auto-attack reset, it can be combined with Sheen and Grasp of the Undying for some serious damage. This can be used to great benefit to contest farm.
  • As Yorick relies heavily on graves, he has the similar benefit to Nasus where he's very rarely low health. Take advantage of this to force trades, heal up, and bully the enemy out of lane.
  • Since it's not lifesteal, you can hit anything and get a heal for it; wards, towers, honeyfruit, anything.

Dark Procession

COST: 70 Mana
COOLDOWN: 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12
After a brief delay, Yorick raises a circular wall around the target area. Yorick and his allies can walk through it, but enemies, minions, and monsters cannot.
The wall lasts for four seconds, but can be struck by enemy towers and champions to remove it quicker. It takes one damage per hit, can't be damaged by AoE abilities, and disappears immediately once its health reaches 0. If a unit is standing where the wall is spawning, they will be displaced.

Mourning Mist

COST: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 Mana
COOLDOWN: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8
Yorick throws mist at a location. Those hit by the mist are slowed and marked, hasting Yorick, his ghouls, and the Maiden towards them. Nearby ghouls will leap at the target and have increased attack speed for a time.
The mist deals 15% current health magic damage to all enemies hit. If ghouls are risen after the mark has been activated, they will still be hasted and leap towards the target. The haste can stack with others, such as Turbo Chemtank.
  • As long as the mark is active, all risen ghouls will jump to the enemy. This means that you can rise the ghouls after landing Mourning Mist, preventing them from pushing the wave if you mist.
  • When against a very strong Level 1 champion, such as Darius, starting with Mourning Mist can work wonders. Its current health damage can contest early trades, and it keeps you at range.
  • The duration of Mourning Mist's mark synergises with Liandry's Anguish's max HP burn. This, along with Mourning Mist's current HP damage, make Liandry's a great choice against HP stackers.

Eulogy of the Isles

COST: 100 Mana
COOLDOWN: 160 / 130 / 100
Yorick summons the Maiden of the Mist and some ghouls, who will stay with him until either his death or theirs. After 10 seconds of casting, the ability may be recast to have the Maiden push the nearest lane until death.
Similarly to ghouls, the Maiden will target whoever Yorick attacks, or whoever is attacking him. Every 2 seconds, when the Maiden is targeting a unit, Yorick's basic attacks against it deal 3 / 6 / 9% of their max health as bonus damage.
  • If you want to send Maiden botlane from base, the furthest you need to go is past and below the lower Nexus tower. The inverse is true for toplane, and Maiden will go to midlane from the fountain.
  • Even when sent down a lane, Maiden will continue to rise her own ghouls. One good tactic, and the main gimmick of Jungle Yorick, is to start a skirmish in one lane while Maiden is pushing another.
  • If you leave a tower's range the moment it starts to target a typical Level 6 Maiden, she'll survive with less than enough health to survive one more tower shot. God bless patch 10.13.
Skill Sequence


DISCLAIMER: I'm only going through all of them for posterity.
Just stick to QEW, sometimes QWE, and maybe, maybe WQE.

SPACEQEW is standard. Q gives you damage and graves, E marks the target, and W keeps them in place.

SPACEQWE is also completely viable. This is best for immobile champs that actually hit the cage.

SPACEEQW is... questionable. As a start order, it's good, but Q is just too valuable to take second.

SPACEDespite what I just said about Q being important, WQE is nice if you're not damage-oriented.

SPACEEWQ is plain ol' griefing. No Q means no ghouls, leaving E with very little use past poke.

SPACEWEQ is just completely useless.


Maxing Last Rites is your standard. Q is your main source of damage, graves, and tower destruction, with healing to boot. While there are advantages to maxing other skills first, Last Rites is your key skill.

Surprisingly, maxing Dark Procession first and going Last Rites isn't that bad. As long as you get early CDR for Last Rites' longer cooldown, this is a pretty good choice if you're running tank.

If you're in a rough matchup where you need to really stay back, such as Renekton, then you might be tempted to max E. I wouldn't recommend it, though, since the heals and ghouls are better in the long run.


You really should've maxed Last Rites already. If you maxed Dark Procession first for a more tank-oriented build, then max Last Rites next. Leaving it last is trolling; what good is a mark without ghouls?

Here's the real question: Dark Procession or Mourning Mist? If the enemy has no way to get out of it, leaving you to just wail on them without risking your neck, then maxing Dark Procession is better.

This is your standard, I'd say; more ranks, less cooldown, more marks, more ghoul parties. This is especially good for when you can't engage confidently and/or they can escape Dark Procession


Whatever's left. I mean, what else are you gonna do?

Guess what? Now we're doing it with items. Hell yeah, brother.

Ranking System

S TIER: One of the best items to build. Suitable as a core item.
A TIER: Built often, regardless of allied and enemy team composition.
B TIER: Usable, but dependent on situation and, sometimes, team composition.
C TIER: Only usable in very niche cases, but can still sort of be used.
D TIER: You're going to get spam pinged, and it's going to be justified.

Here's the tier list again. A lot of these are obvious but included for the sake of prosperity.

SPACE C TIER If everyone except you is AP, you could probably get away with it. Core for some tank builds.

SPACE C TIER If Riot went out and said that Adaptive Helm was made purely to deal Cassiopeia, I'd believe it.

SPACE D TIER Yorick can't heal or shield allies. Go figure.

SPACE D TIER The passive doesn't work on Last Rites, sadly.

SPACE D TIER Spellshields are useless for Yorick, but take Edge of Night if you really, absolutely must.

SPACE B TIER Black Cleaver has a lot of stats Yorick appreciates, but it's all down to preference.

SPACE C TIER You get unique quotes when buying it, but that's all BORK has going for it.

SPACED TIER There is absolutely no reason for you to build this over Death's Dance.

SPACEA TIER Many people's first call for armour. Speed, tankiness, and big bonks make for a powerful item.

SPACES TIER This item's busted on anyone, but Yorick especially. Abuse it while it's still good.

SPACEC TIER While it'd be funny to E someone over a wall and chunk half their health, it's not worth it. Probably.

SPACEC TIER If you want to deal with burst champs, you can just build tank stats.

SPACE B TIER If you're hopelessly, disgustingly fed, Essence Reaver is a surprisingly good buy.

SPACE B TIER A legacy from a bygone age. It's still pretty good when you need to deal with a fed ADC.

SPACEC TIER The stats are nice, but the passive is borderline useless. If they're near, they're dead.

SPACEA TIER A favourite of many Yorick mains, most prominently as a last item.

SPACEA TIER If Gargoyle Stoneplate isn't your final item, it's either this or Warmog's Armor.

SPACEC TIER It's not strictly bad, but there aren't many situations where you can fully utilize it.

SPACED TIER To buy GLP is to imply that Yorick has a problem gap-closing.

SPACEC TIER I'm pretty sure this could work, but I've just never seen a build for it. Watch this space, I guess?

SPACED TIER Again: Yorick doesn't need help gapclosing. Who do you think he is, Veigar?

SPACEB TIER As I put Black Cleaver in B tier, I'm legally obligated to put this in too. It's just not Trinity Force.

SPACED TIER Stacking AD and HP will get you just as much damage as building crit, and no, the ghouls can't crit.

SPACEB TIER If a teammate's fed and your support doesn't build it, Knight's Vow is actually pretty great.

SPACE A TIER You build this thing against tanks, third or fourth item, there will be blood--and max HP damage fire.

SPACED TIER We don't talk about Lich Bane.

SPACEB TIER If you find yourself stuck in teamfights a lot, your HP stacking can make a pretty huge shield.

SPACED TIER With healing as it is, there's no time when you should ever build this over Mortal Reminder.

SPACED TIER Even as a troll build, there's no merit to Luden's at all. I don't even think ghouls proc it.

SPACEC TIER Maw is a nice alternative to building more tank items, but it does mean that you can't build Sterak's.

SPACED TIER It's good for flexing on people, but you get nothing out of it. Dark Seal's okay, but not Mejai's.

SPACE B TIER Yorick benefits from all of Mercurial Scimitar's stats, so if you're lategame with QSS, why not?

SPACEC TIER You're better off leaving this to the support, but you can if you must.

SPACED TIER Yorick has the liberty to buy Bramble Vest or Executioner's Calling. Make the most of that.

SPACEA TIER Best when you win against their healers. It's also the same name as a Pentakill song.

SPACED TIER No, they don't proc Muramana. Yorick's been reworked, we're not going back to this.

SPACED TIER If you want on-hit and attack speed, just buy Blade of the Ruined King.

SPACED TIER Youmuu's Ghostblade is better in every percievable aspect.

SPACED TIER Cool hat, but completely useless.

SPACEA TIER Finally, a useful item. Randuin's HP and crit reduction will never go unappreciated.

SPACEC TIER RFC is a very greedy buy with no defensive stats, but its passive makes it almost worth buying.

SPACES TIER Sometimes, you need to make a choice between damage or sustain. This is not one of those times.

SPACED TIER If you're going to buy a support item, remember that you're a juggernaut, not an enchanter.


SPACED TIER If it were AD, Rod of Ages would be a great item--until the assasins get a hold of it.

SPACE D TIER Sadly, Rylai's doesn't apply to Yorick's ghouls. It might be viable if they did.

SPACEB TIER If you're fed, you can take Sanguine Blade as your second item over Youmuu's Ghostblade.

SPACED TIER As nice as it would be to have Kassadin's scaling, it's not gonna happen.

SPACED TIER Again, leave the enchanting to the enchanters.

SPACED TIER You probably clicked Vladimir by accident. Honest mistake, they're pretty close together.

SPACES TIER Finally, a good item, thank GOD. See this? Build it every game, even if they're all AD. Every. Game.

SPACE D TIER And we're back to the bad ones. If you want waveclear, just buy Tiamat.

SPACES TIER SIKE. Sterak's makes you a raid boss and is another great choice for every game.

SPACEC TIER If ghouls could proc Kircheis Shard, the world would be a much happier place.

SPACEC TIER While there are definitely better options for armour, Sunfire Aegis is still nice for tank builds.

SPACEA TIER While it's not always necessary to build the full item, Thornmail rarely disappoints.

SPACES TIER One of Yorick's best scaling items, and part of Wunder's build when he played Yorick in Worlds.

SPACES TIER The world's best Yorick players swear by this item. Look at those stats and you'll see why.

SPACED TIER It's easier just to build haste like Turbo Chemtank than to slow the enemy.

SPACED TIER There's barely any magic damage to do the penetrating.

SPACES TIER You can't just be chased away with Warmog's; you'll need to be escorted by the entire enemy team.

SPACEC TIER A nice item, especially with the healing, but its lack of AD or HP really hurts its chances.

SPACES TIER Lethality applies to ghouls, it destroys towers, and the speed is unmatched. Great second item.

SPACEC TIER A good item stat-wise, but if you're worth your salt, you shouldn't be casting you ult much at all.

SPACEC TIER I am almost certain there there's a situation that warrants Zhonya's. I am certain.
Game Presence
What to do during...


Not Splitpushing
Invasions, Skirmishes, and Teamfights

Possible Improvements for Guide

Change Format for Runes

Rune Name C TIER Text.

Add Credits When Needed

Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.
Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.
Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.
Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.
Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.
Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.
Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.
Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.
Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.
Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.
Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.
Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.
Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.
Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.
Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.
Helper Name
Who they are and what they did.

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