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Why/Why Not?! - Runes/Masteries/Items

Why/Why Not?! - Runes/Masteries/Items

Updated on September 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jhoijhoi Build Guide By jhoijhoi 57 6 152,257 Views 82 Comments
57 6 152,257 Views 82 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jhoijhoi Build Guide By jhoijhoi Updated on September 22, 2011
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This guide is about items/runes/masteries/summoner spells/champions - things everyone asks at some point of their LoL playing obsession.

I will update this as regularly as I can. Currently it contains all the information and knowledge from my Ashes to Ashe's Guide that was too general to be of any real use in that particular guide. As such, many of the sections may pertain to Ashe herself - but the information, is of course, useful no matter which hero you play ^^

"Team Win" is an AoE, DoT, Massive Damage, High Sustain and High CC composition of champions. It is a team that does extremely well in Ranked Games.

tl;dr - this is a General Information Guide about anything you possibly need to know, and a "tl;dr" sentence will summarise every single section for ease of understanding.

Sections are organised in alphabetical order.

Also, if you haven't read Mowen's FAQ, do yourself a favour and check it out too :)
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So you're Jungle Warwick, eh?

"Yup, I'ma Jungle WW."

No Smite?

"Warwick can jungle without Smite, noob."

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Armour Penetration

Armour Penetration / Armour Reduction

Armor Penetration and Armor Reduction are the statistics of a Champion which allows them to counter some or all of a target's armor. All champions have 0 base armor penetration but can increase it with items, runes, or abilities for a few champions.

Armor penetration and armor reduction are applied in the following order:

1. Percentage Armor Reduction ( Jarvan IV's Dragon Strike)
2. Flat Armor Reduction ( Black Cleaver)
3. Flat Armor Penetration ( Greater Quintessence of Desolation)
4. Percentage Armor Penetration ( Last Whisper)

Read more on How Armour Reduction Works Here. Credit to Complexicate and LoL Wikipedia.
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Targeting Champions

tl;dr? Damage > Support > Tank

So bam, suddenly the laning phase is over and enemies are ganking left, right and centre. Your allies are desperately defending towers, or hitting and running enemy towers. Someone wards Dragon, and you all watch as the entire enemy team start to take Dragon for the global experience and 190 gold.

Someone pings the minimap, and before you know it, you've got a full on 5v5 team fight without any towers backing you up.

So who do you target first? Below is a list of all the champions in order of who to take down in a team fight first - if you were Ashe. I will later edit this to reflect who you should target no matter who you are, but for the mean time there are references throughout about Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow etc.

NOTE: The below ratings are only there as a guide. If Rammus for some reason has gone DPS and he's owning your team, then of course you're going to have to shut him down. This list is only to give you a bit of an idea about why to target each champion, instead of someone who might not be much of a threat.

Damage > Support > Tank

Special Cases - Kill because they make their team better:

Sivir: Unless Sivir is fed, she's just meh. You could 1v1 her as Ashe any day. But the problem is that she's an aura *****. She buffs her team so much with On The Hunt that killing her is a serious advantage for your team. Also, watch out for Sivir's Boomerang Blade. If it hits you once, well, okay, but if it hits you on the return, you deserve to receive that damage. Another thing, don't use any of your spells on her until she's already used her spell shield. You don't want to waste an Enchanted Crystal Arrow on her Spell Shield.
Counter with Armour/Health/Magic Resist

Sona: Her ult Crescendo is the only thing to worry about with Sona. Kill her if you want, but I like to listen to her sounds ^^ Sona also is another support hero that should die because of the buffs she gives to her team. Her Power Chorded spells also hurt, so watch for when she gets a greyish bubble around her mid-section.
Counter with Magic Resist

Zilean: This is a hard one. Either you focus him and kill him only for him to revive with Chronoshift and Flash away, or you let him live and he revives one of his teammates. It's a lose-lose either way. Regardless, if you kill Zilean and force him to use his ult, then he can't cast it on someone else to save, ie their DPS carry. His Time Bombs are also very nasty, and when it comes to the time when he can drop two on your head at once, you're gonna want some serious magic resist. It's also worth noting that Zilean's passive Heightened Learning increases the experience all his allies receive. This is bad. Why?

1) Their jungler will level faster than yours
2) Their solo laners will level faster than yours
3) Enemy team will reach level 6 faster than your team
Counter with Magic Resist

Morgana: Troll bubble ( Black Shield) = sad Ashe when you fire your Enchanted Crystal Arrow at her. Morgana's ult Soul Shackles is horrible for the casters on your team. Either disable her so she can't use her ult, or kill her. Not to mention her Dark Binding coupled with Tormented Shadow does atrocious damage. ********.
Counter with Magic Resist

Janna: You will not kill her. Her ult Monsoon is a crazy heal + her shield Eye of the Storm + her movement speed bonus... But she buffs the enemy carry like crazy. Her shield is a free B. F. Sword to the enemy Ashe, so she immediately outdamages you. Kill Janna, and they lose her fantastic healing ult and that awesome shield.
Counter with Magic Resist

Kill on Sight:

Akali: Extreme burst damage. Can generally take out the squishies in your team if you're not careful. Twilight Shroud is an annoying version of invisibility. Akali is invisible within it, and if you enter the bubble, you are slowed. Shadow Dance, her ultimate, is a gap closer and you don't want to be on the receiving end of it :P
Counter with Armour/Health/Magic Resist

Annie: Has to die before she manages to pull of her devastating Tibbers Stun Combo of Doom ( Summon: Tibbers). The only other thing worth mentioning about Annie is her passive. Her passive, Pyromania, makes her 6th spell become one that stuns. So watch out for an Annie chasing you with a grey/black bubble around her midsection.
Counter with Magic Resist

Ashe: If the enemy Ashe kills you before you kill her, your team is in a world of hurt. If you're mid against her, it's probably best to ult her as soon as you get it, follow up with a Volley and then continue to farm when she goes and recalls.
Counter with Armour/Health: kill her as fast as you can :P

Caitlyn: Caitlyn's Yordle Snap Traps can be disastrous in a teamfight, as it is an immediate snare (snares are not like stuns. You can still use all your moves, you just can't move). Also, due to the recent patches, her ult Ace in the Hole is so much faster and deadlier than before. Just remember that you can block her ultimate by standing in front of it. Sometimes that's not the wisest choice, as it scales with damage items. It's an incredibly powerful ultimate. ALSO! If she has locked on you with her ult, even if you go into brush she can still hit you with it.
Counter with Armour/Health

Corki: Corki is ugly, but useful. Enemy Corki should be able to farm well due to his passive Hextech Shrapnel Shells and his spammy Missile Barrage. His Valkyrie is a great escape or gap closer, his Phosphorus Bomb is a pain, and his Gatling Gun eats away at the flesh of his enemies. Watch out for a fed Corki - generally they farm quietly for the first 30 minutes of the game and then start getting triple kills.
Counter with Armour/Health

Evelynn: I haven't ever played a game where Eve on the opposing team wasn't fed and absolutely dangerous. Upon successfully hitting someone in stealth, she immediately slows due to Shadow Walk. If she manages to kill her target, she regains health due to the passive of her ultimate, Agony's Embrace. Nasty hero.
Counter with Magic Resist

Ezreal: He is like the male version of Ashe in a way. Good Ezreal's are terrifying. You have to learn how to dodge all his skill shots, Mystic Shot and Essence Flux, and then there's his homing shot that comes after Arcane Shift. Of course his biggest skill shot is his ultimate, Trueshot Barrage. Watch out for these if you're low health and recalling in brush. Like Teemo shrooms, they like to kill unsuspecting victims :P
Counter with Armour/Health

Fiddlesticks: CAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAW. Need I say more?
Counter with Magic Resist

Gangplank: If you can kill him before he has a chance to use his ult Cannon Barrage, then you have given your team an immediate advantage. Probably the most annoying thing about Gangplank is his Parrrley. It hits like a truck, and when used to last hit gives so much gold it's incredible. Second most annoying is Remove Scurvy which is just like Cleanse but also heals him too. Oh, also, Grog Soaked Blade, his passive, is quite dangerous - don't try to 1v1 him if you're both on low health because he can kill you from the grave.
Counter with Armour/Health/Magic Resist

Kennen: His ult Slicing Maelstrom is absolutely awful. Continuous chance to stun. It's basically a better version of Amumu's ult. Kennen's passive is what makes him viable. Mark of the Storm gives him the chance to stun enemies.
Counter with Magic Resist

Kog'Maw: If you don't kill him, he's gonna kill you. The three main things to worry about with Kog'Maw are these:

1. His passive Icathian Surprise allows him to move after death. After 4 seconds, he explodes and does tremendous damage to anything standing near his reanimated body. Just run after you've killed him, and everything should be fine.
2. In a recent patch his Void Ooze was increased in width so it's more likely that'll you get caught in his slow.
3. Living Artillery has incredible range and it's best not to stand still if you're up against Kog'Maw mid or in a side lane. Do not attempt to 1v1 Kog and he does massive damage with his auto-attacks, especially with a Madred's Bloodrazor which completely synergises with his magic damage attacks.
Counter with Armour/Health

LeBlanc: Incredible burst damage.LeBlanc has an interesting system she runs off. Her ultimate is Mimic and it basically allows her to cast a spell twice with double or so the damage. She has a gap closer with Distortion, and a stun/slow with etheral chains. And if that's not enough, her passive Mirror Image automatically splits her in two, allowing her to escape on low health.
Counter with Magic Resist

Master Yi: You do not want Master Yi Alpha Strike'ing your team over and over again. Especially if he's AP. Meditate is an extreme heal that renders him virtually unkillable in its duration. Highlander is virtually an even better version of Cleanse as he can't be slowed while its activated.
Counter with Armour/Health

Miss Fortune: While her ult Bullet Time isn't too damaging, she's still someone to watch out for. Make it Rain coupled with any sort of stun from a support champion like Taric can easily cause First Blood. The only other thing to try and avoid is Double Up - you can only do this by distancing yourself from your allied minions.
Counter with Armour/Health

Nocturne: He's OP.
Counter with Armour/Health

Ryze: Scary damage when he has his ult Desperate Power activated. Ever since his rehaul, Ryze has been abused as a tanky caster. Frozen Heart on him, and boom, damage. Watch out for his Rune Prison and his bouncing Spell Flux.
Counter with Magic Resist

Shaco: Must die, but don't chase if he runs. It could be a trap - it's a common tactic for Shaco to build up a large number of Jack In The Boxes that when activated do a huge amount of damage. Chances are he's also in there stealthed with Deceive. If he's used his ultimate Hallucinate, make sure you click on each Shaco to find the one that has items. The Shaco clone has no items.
Counter with Magic Resist/Armour/Health:

Teemo: Very powerful, and his Blinding Dart is awful for you as Ashe. The ability he's famous for, of course, is his Noxious Trap. These shrooms can easily kill a low health ally, not to mention hitting one reveals you to the entire enemy team. Also don't forget Teemo becomes invisble after 2 seconds of inactivity due to his passive camouflage.
Counter with Magic Resist/Armour/Health:

Tristana: You should be able to kill Tristana easy. I was tempted to put her in the Ignore list, but her moves can be damaging to your team if she shoots someone out of the safety of the group with Buster Shot. Her escape is flawed with known bugs, thus often despite using Rocket Jump she can be stunned mid air or suppressed. The main thing to remember about Tristana is that her range increases per level due to her passive Draw a Bead.
Counter with Armour/Health

Twisted Fate: Another squishy DPS that wants you to get another kill/assist. The problem with Twisted is that if he gets fed, and is AP, he's a horrible champion to come across. If he manages a Gold Card with Pick A Card, and then ultimates Destiny to you, you're basically screwed.
Counter with Armour/Health

Twitch: Devastating if he's fed, but otherwise not a very common appearance on the Fields of Justice. No need to call MIA, Twitch is always MIA ^^ His Spray and Pray is like a weaker version of Irelia's ultimate. His only saving grace is Ambush which allows him to attack at godly speeds when he comes out of stealth.
Counter with Armour/Health

Veigar: If you don't kill Veigar, he will drop his stun wall Event Horizon, call down a meteor from space Dark Matter to land on your face, Baleful Strike you and then casually cast his ult Primordial Burst if you're still alive. I believe I've died to a Veigar more times than to any other hero in the game. The worst thing about Veigar? Killing anything with Baleful Strike increases his AP. You do not want to let Veigar farm.
Counter with Magic Resist

Disable if Possible:

Anivia: Dangerous, so try and disable her. Even if you "kill" her, she might be safe and snug in eggform Rebirth. I don't feel that you should target Anivia solely because you have to kill her twice. In that time you could have killed two other heroes that when they die, stay dead. Anvia is dangerous. Her spells are all about slowing down enemies and hurting for huge amounts of damage. Her combo usually consists of Flash Frosting you, wacking you with Frostbite, wall you in with Crystallize and place Glacial Storm underneath you. If you've managed to survive that, count yourself lucky o.O
Counter with Magic Resist

Brand: I used to think Brand was over-powered, but he's just good in the right hands. As a champion based entirely on flame, it's fitting that his passive Blaze sets his enemies on fire. The main thing you want to watch out for with Brand is his combo which could lead to an AOE burn Conflagration, stun Sear and inevitbly, death. His Pyroclasm is a weak version of Lich King's ult from DotA, and thank god about that. When he casts Pyroclasm gtfo. You do not want it bouncing around you and your allies.
Counter with Magic Resist

Cassiopeia: Spammy McSpamSpam. Very annoying.
Counter with Magic Resist

Heimerdinger: Heim is one of the champions that had two-three shot you with his grenade and his rocket. Watch out for him. Heimerdinger is one crazy looking Yordle. His passive Techmaturgical Repair Bots heals turrets and towers. He has a blind and stun with his ch-1 concussion grenade, and his Hextech Micro-Rockets do huge damage if he's built up his Ability Power. Heim is a great pusher and also is a very good defender due to his H-28G Evolution Turrets.
Counter with Magic Resist

Irelia: *shakes head* Oh Irelia, how I loathe thee. Irelia is a very hard champion to counter. Like Akali she is primarily burst damage, and her passive Ionian Fervor renders most crowd control abilities useless. Hiten Style is a form of life steal, and she regains health from hitting anything, that includes towers. You want to try and avoid 1v1ing Irelia due to her Equilibrium Strike that stuns you if you have a higher % of health than her.
Counter with Magic Resist/Armour/Health

Jarvan IV: Because you are ranged, and assuming you're not stuck inside Jarvan's ult, you should be able to shoot him from outside his ult and hopefully kill him before he kills your ally. Jarvan is frustrating to play against. He's tanky DPS to the max, has a shield Golden Aegis that allows tower diving, a gap closer ( Demacian Standard + Dragon Strike), and his ultimate Cataclysm forces the unlucky enemy to be smashed in the face with his passive Martial Cadence that can do up to 400 magic damage. Ouch.
Counter with Armour/Health

Karthus: I almost put Karthus in the "do not target" section just like Anivia. When he dies, he doesn't die! Karthus is unpleasent. Like Kog'Maw he doesn't die when he dies due to his passive Death Defied. His Lay Waste ability is spammy and damaging. Wall of Pain is an incredible slow, and Defile is a painful AOE. Requiem is a global ultimate that gains Karthus kills, and a fed Karthus is a bad Karthus.
Counter with Magic Resist

Kassadin: Incredible burst damage and an amazing spammable escape. Do not chase when he runs, even as Ashe with all her movement speed, Ghost and slow, will not be able to catch him. Watch out for his combo: Riftwalk + Force Pulse + Null Sphere. Recently I saw an AD Kassadin. As stupid as it sounds, he raped the opposing team with his leveled up Nether Blade.
Counter with Magic Resist

Katarina: Can kill whole teams with her ult Death Lotus. She needs to be shut down as soon as possible. Due to her passive Voracity, if she gets a kill or assist, her cooldowns are reduced, meaning she can ult again and again to decimate your team. Remember that she can Shunpo to both allies (including wards) and enemies.

Lux: Standard caster - shoot on sight. Lux is a little bit of everything, but as all Jacks of all Trades, and Masters of None, Lux is not a great AP caster, or a great support. She brings a snare through Light Binding, a slow with Lucent Singularity and a shield as Prismatic Barrier - but she's just not as good as other AP supports. Her ultimate finales funkeln is a great creep clearer and finisher, but I'd rather a Morgana on my team any day.
Counter with Magic Resist

Malzahar: His suppression Nether Grasp would make anyone weep, especially if he's cast Null Zone underneath you. His passive Summon Voidling does what it suggests, and while rare to have more than two on the field, three is an extreme worry. He is a great pusher and defender, as his Malefic Visions can clear creep waves in seconds. Also, before I forget, he has an AOE silence Call of the Void. Counter with Magic Resist

Nidalee: ******* Nidalee. She's like Kassadin but better at escaping due to Prowl and Bushwhack / Pounce. Her heal Primal Surge / Swipe also increases attack speed, her traps lower armour, her spears Javelin Toss / Takedown hit like trucks. And did I mention she can turn into a giant cat as her ultimate Aspect Of The Cougar? With this transformation she gains new abilites that require no mana, allowing her to spam attack at will. Nidalee in the hands of a pro is fantastic to watch.
Counter with Magic Resist (that's assuming she's building AP. If she's building AD/DPS, then counter with philosopher's stone/ Heart of Gold/ catalyst the protector)

Nunu & Willump: AP Nunu = Ouch. With an inbuilt Smite ( Consume), a attack speed boost Blood Boil, a targeted nuke and crippling slow Ice Blast, and an ultimate Absolute Zero that utterly wrecks champions with low magic resist, Nunu is a force to be wreckened with. Fun fact: you can't see Nunu's ultimate if he's in brush. As you're slowed when you enter the ring of his ability, you have a harder time escaping the huge damage it deals at the end of its duration.
Counter with Magic Resist

Olaf: Reckless Swing does True Damage, Tough It Out gives him spell vamp and life steal, and his passive Berserker Rage guarentees in a 1v1 you're going to get hurt. If you don't die, I'd be amazed.

Pantheon: Tanky DPS who has two long ranged pokes with Spear Shot and Heartseeker Strike, the ability to "dodge" an enemy attack via Aegis Protection, a small duration stun Aegis of Zeonia and of course, the ability he is famous for, Grand Skyfall. Watch for the large red ring - flee if you see it.

Renekton: Depending on his build, Renekton can be tank, DPS, or tanky DPS. Renekton is based off a mechanism called "Fury". To add damage to his abilities, he has to attack to get his Fury level up. His gap closer Slice and Dice can go over walls and ledges and Ruthless Predator stuns its target. His ultimate Dominus renders him virtually unkillable. I <3 Renekton.

Tryndamere: Like Anivia and Karthus, was tempted to put Tryndamere in the "do not target" section. His crit chance becomes higher the lower health he has, and he has a heal + his OP escape ult.

Udyr: In Bear Stance, guaranteed stun every six seconds to one target.

Urgot: Tanky DPS.

Vladimir: I nearly put Vlad in "do not target", but if you can kill him, do it!
Counter with Magic Resist

Xin Zhao: Incredibly scary burst damage.

Do not Target:

Alistar: His ult removes any negative debuffs, and he has two stuns + a heal. Alistar is an extremely disruptive tank. He has two disables/stuns in Pulverize and Headbutt, and if you're unlucky he'll have Flash to make sure that he can headbutt you in the right direction. His ultimate Unbreakable Will is virtually a Cleanse so don't fire your Enchanted Crystal Arrow at him until after he's popped his ult. The only other thing worth mentioning is that Alistar's Triumphant Roar is a small scale heal that heals everything in a radius around him. That includes wards, minions and allied champions.

Amumu: Generally is very hard to kill. Amumu is another incredible tank. His passive Cursed Touch synergises extremely well with Despair and Tantrum. And if he got a Sunfire Aegis? Extreme magic damage. However, what you should be concerned about is his Bandage Toss which can close a huge gap and when connects stuns the target. After which Amumu will most likely use Curse of the Sad Mummy which does a fair amount of damage, and stuns in an AOE for up to 2.5 seconds. That stun could result in your team being Aced. Try not to be grouped up when there is an enemy Amumu.

Blitzcrank: So much CC + his shield and his movement speed ability = easy escape. Blitzcrank is a disable machine! His Rocket Grab can snatch you from over walls, his Power Fist knocks you into the air, and his Static Field is a huge AOE damage silence. A crazy good Blitzcrank is completely scary. And if you think you're going to kill him, think again. At 20% of his life, he'll suddenly gain a shield based upon his passive manna barrier and then he'd Overdrive away leaving you in his electrical dust.
Counter with Magic Resist

Cho'Gath: If you're half health, Cho will NOMONMNOM you. Bye bye Ashe. Cho'Gath is one of those tanks that has a little bit of everything that is needed for team utility. He has great sustainability due to his passive, Carnivore, a knock up in Rupture, a silence in Feral Scream, a ranged attack on a melee champion in Vorpal Spikes and a huge damage nuke in his ultimate Feast. Just beware the Terror of the Void.

Garen: Generally unkillable. Garen isn't a tank that you see often due to his 50/50 nature. Either you win with him, or you don't. 50/50. His Decisive Strike is a silence, and his ultimate, Demacian Justice is a huge finisher. Don't 1v1 Garen if you know he hasn't used his ult in a while.

Gragas: Rarely seen, but he's a tank, and his passive Happy Hour restores mana and health. Gragas is a disrupter tank. His Body Slam and Explosive Cask are incredibly useful team scatterers and his Barrel Roll is a painful poke.

Jax: Every single time he dodges, it procs his stun. Not good. Jax is the master of dodging and 1v1. The more times you proc his dodge, the more times he can stun you with conter strike. He can also use minion hits to proc his dodge moves, so be wary of fighting him in the middle of creeps.

Malphite: His ground slam slows attack speed, and his passive gives him extra armour.

Mordekaiser: All he has to do is spam his moves and hit something to regenerate his shield. You're not gonna kill this guy.

Nasus: When in his ult, virtually unkillable.

Poppy: Fuuuuuuuuuuu Dimplomatic Immunity.

Shen: A good Shen is possibly the best tank option available.

Singed: Singed is such a troll. He'll throw you into his teammates and then run away with his poison trailing behind him. ******* troll.

Sion: Virtually unkillable when his ult is active.

Soraka: It's Soraka Bot. Need I say more?

Swain: He life steals back any damage dealt.

Taric: Tanky Soraka with a stun instead of a silence.

Trundle: Tanky tanky DPS.

Warwick: Tankwick is scary. His passive Eternal Thirst gives him an inbuilt lifesteal, and coupled with Hungering Strike, a good Warwick should be able to survive any battle. His ultimate Infinite Duress is a Suppression, and often doesn't kill the target, but leaves them immobile for his allies to destroy. Watch yourself if you're on low health. Blood Scent reveals any nearby enemies on low health, which could compromise any ganks or allies recalling.
Counter with Armour Pierce/Magic Resist.

Completely Ignore:

Dr. Mundo: "He's on low health! Get him!" Yeah. Sure. You go do that. Mundo is the champion who never dies. His passive Goes Where He Pleases ensures that he regenerates health faster than other champions, and Maximum Dosage restores him to full health. Mundo is a champion who doesn't run off mana, but health, so if he caps his cooldown reduction, he'll be an annoying little bee stinging you with huge damage Infected Bonesaw shots. Not a great tank, but virtually unkillable.

Galio: You don't have to even acknowledge Galio. When he uses his ult, you'll automatically attack him and kill him :3 Galio is an interesting tank. The main thing you want to know about him is his ultimate Idol of Durand. It is an AOE taunt that lasts for 2.5 seconds and at the end of the duration deals magic damage plus the damage he took during the taunt. If you, as Ashe, was caught in that taunt and auto-attacked him with the majority of your item set, his ult would absolutely destroy your allies and probably kill yourself.

Karma: omfgbbqshield. Karma is so incredibly unkillable it's not funny. Karma is a weird champion. She doesn't have an ultimate, per se, but her fourth ability Mantra makes her other three skills stronger or better in some way. There isn't much to say about Karma, I don't know much about her, as she isn't played very often at all. I believe she is a sub-par support champion, and not a great AP hero despite her passive, Inner Flame.

Kayle: Since when has Kayle ever been a problem?

Rammus: Tank.

tl;dr? Damage > Support > Tank

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Berserker's Greaves vs Mercury's Treads

tl;dr? Berserker's Greaves = Better Early Game. Mercury's Treads = Survivability.


Jet wrote:
" Berserker's Greaves are the most cost efficient Attack Speed item in the game"

Yes, I agree with you there. I wish it was viable to get it more often, but it's more likely that I play against a team whose champions all have at least one form of slow or stun. Unless I buy a tenacity item, I will stick with Mercury's Treads for now. Nothing's more painful than trying to run away from Nunu & Willump once he's hit you with that huge chunk of floating ice.

"You should be running Mercury's Treads in 99% of your games, because you are the FIRST target that they will CC and you are the FIRST target that mages will try to nuke down. The MR and CC reduction is so essential that I can't even begin to explain why you shouldn't use movement 3 boots."

You should be getting Mercury's Treads if the team has more than 2 CCs. So immediately if they have a Nocturne, get Mercs, if they have an Anivia, get Merc's, if you're laning against opponents who have more than one type of stun/snare/slow, get Mercury's Treads.

"It is more common that against a team of 5 champions, at least one of them will have some type of crowd control. In fact, almost every champion in the game has some sort of crowd control - CC that will go on you in a teamfight. It is extremely uncommon that you would ever NOT want Mercury's Treads."
I agree, the reason why Mercury's Treads are essential on most AD carry champions is because they can't waste item slots on more than one situational item (ie: Banshee's Veil). Mercury's Treads are fantastic. They are boots, and magic resist and reduce CC by 35%.

One could argue the same point for the suggestion of Guardian Angel. If you buy it because you need it in case you die, you're going to die once you respawn as they'll focus you either way. But I digress. Mercury's Treads are extremely useful due to the fact that they not only reduce crowd control effects through the new tenacity mechanic, but also give magic resist. That early magic resist is phenomenal if you happen to be stuck mid or solo against Vladimir or any other spammy, heavy AP caster.

Sometimes high Elo players will buy Berserker's Greaves early and then sell them for Mercury's Treads when team fights start. I love getting Berserker's Greaves, but I find that many champions do not have enough natural magic resist, and Mercury's Treads are just so useful for the CC reduction and the nice magic resist.

I disagree. For instance, if you did buy Berserker's Greaves because you were laning against Sivir (for example), and then teamfights erupted where the rest of the enemy team had multiple stuns/did huge magic damage bursts - it'd be prudent to sell those boots and buy Mercury's Treads.

tl;dr? Berserker's Greaves = Better Early Game. Mercury's Treads = Survivability.

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Common Carry Items - A Comparison

I've been told Searz is making a huge graph of all the AD carry items in the game to compare them in terms of damage.

Until then, this should come in handy.

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Common Runes

Runes Should:
  • Make sense. Alacrity on Karthus makes no sense.
  • Be Tier Three runes (not lower level runes)
  • Cater for the inefficiencies of the champion (mana regen for mana hungry champions), or improve certain characteristics of the champion (critical strike chance on Tryndamere)
  • Should always aim to be Primary

Here are three general Rune Pages:

AP Caster:
AD Carry:
As you can see, there are some runes in particular that are useful no matter what role you play :)

For more depth, please visit: Searz's Runes Guide
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Custom Games/Co-op vs AI

There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing Custom/Co-op vs AI games.

1) To learn/train with a champion (no one wants to hear in a Normal or Ranked game, "First time Janna", "I hope I do well, I haven't played Jax in months".)

2) To play with friends who are lower levels/higher levels. No one wants to play with a level 30 in a Normal game if they're level 5. It's unfair to everyone *but* the level 30.

3) To play modes like ARAM (all random, all mid), as LoL currently doesn't support gameplay like that other than in Customs.

4) To farm IP. 60IP for a winning match (that is at least 25 minutes of gameplay) stacks up pretty quickly with Bot games, and they're fun because you're owning bots.

5) Practising in Co-Op vs AI - the AI is more competent and gives you a better idea if you can play a champion well.

6) Trying out jungling routes with champions (when Udyr was free, I went ahead and bought a full rune page of Attack Speed runes. Then I found out I wasn't good at playing Udyr haha. Wasted a lot of IP, but it was fun jungling with Udyr, trying again and again to kill Blue Buff at level 1)

7) Bot/AI games are fun. You can test crazy builds, you can muck around and feed, you can do anything, and you won't be penalised for it.

Custom Game Bots:
    * Bots will not "remember" where you are on the map if you step into brush. You can abuse this greatly by attacking once (if in a side lane), hiding in brush, then attacking again. Rinse repeat til they die.
    * Bots will retreat to tower when they get below 200 health, and immediately Recall. If you interrupt their Recall, they will just start a new Recall cycle.
    * If a Bot doesn't retreat when they get to low health, they will fight you until they die, or they will walk away, but stop every single time you hit them with an auto attack.
    * Bots will always try to kill you if you're on low health. This means they will tower dive you, and if you hit them once, you'll probably get a kill thanks to the tower.
    * Bots generally stay behind their creeps unless you're on low health.

Current Custom Game Bots

Nasus: Will often tower dive you/let himself get hit by creeps/tower. He will Wither you often.
Sivir: Will never use her spell shield. I have never seen her use her ultimate. She will use her Boomerang Blade often.
Master Yi: Always uses Alpha Strike. Always heals.
Malphite: Only ever uses his ultimate to get a kill. Will often slow you. Is very aggressive.
Shen: Will Ultimate to dying allies and then Taunt the enemies surrounding them, often saving the ally. Will Ultimate to allies dying to towers.
Soraka: Heals allies often.
Annie: The easiest bot to kill. Doesn't save her stun, uses all her moves often. Will always try to retreat quickly on low health.

Co-Op vs AI (Beginner):
    * AI "remembers" where you are on the map, so you can no longer hide in brush.
    * AI will sometimes roam the lanes to help fellow AI.
    * AI will escape using random routes through the map to lose you in the jungle.
    * AI will use their Summoner Spells against you.
    * AI on low health will retreat to the second inner tower to Recall.
    * AI will push towers together as a team.

Co-Op vs AI (Intermediate):
    * AI will gank.
    * AI will jungle.
    * AI will be efficient as a team, and the AI know exactly which moves to use when they need it to kill you.
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Doran Stacking

When should you stack Doran's Items?
  • When you're getting rolled in lane
  • When your champion benefits from the extra stats
  • When you have 475g upon Recalling early game

When should I stop stacking Doran's Items?
  • When it is past the 15-20 minute mark
  • When you have more than 3. Stacking 4 Doran's items is not only a waste of gold, but a waste of space. Sign of a bad player/someone feeding? 4 Doran's.

Who can stack Doran's?

Should I stack different Doran's Items?
  • No.

Why not?
  • Because I said so.
  • The REASON you don't mix Doran's items is because each one is for a specific role; ie if you are an AD carry you get Blades, you don't need AP or tankiness, and same for the others. (Thanks to Wrath for this)

Are you sure?
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End Game - Elixirs

I was just reminded that some people don't use/buy Elixirs. Elixirs can be bought when you have no item slots and will be used immediately. You DO NOT have to sell an item to get an item slot to buy an Elixir.

Elixir of Fortitude: This is useful for the boost in damage, and the significant boost in health for squishy Ashe.

Elixir of Agility: Gives you even more critical strike chance, and a fantastic attack speed boost.

Oracle's Elixir: This elixir also reveals all wards, shrooms and any other stealthed item/hero. Very useful for destroying wards at Baron/Dragon, in jungle.

Elixir of Brilliance: 10% reduced cooldowns! More AP for Enchanted Crystal Arrow. This elixir isn't as useful on Ashe as the other ones, but if you have the money, why not? ^^

You will want to buy Elixirs as often as you can once you've built all your items.
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General Mastery Tree Information

General Mastery Tree Set-ups

Always grab the upgrade of your Summoner Spells:




Quick "this > that" sectioning:

  • Sorcery > Alacrity for all casters/supports.
  • Alacrity > Sorcery for Junglers/DPS (maybe - their runes may provide enough attack speed, and most AD carries can't afford item slots devoted to CDR)
  • Sunder > Offensive Mastery



For more depth, visit: Searz's Mastery Explanations Guide
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Good Hands > Perseverence

tl;dr? Good Hands is better than Perseverence.

Perseverence increases your health and mana regeneration by 4% by it's final level. All champions have a natural health and mana regeneration rate.

Let's use Ashe as an example.

Ashe has 14.4 health regen per 5, and 13.5 mana regen per 5 AT LEVEL 18.

At the beginning of the game, she has 5 health per 5, and 6.7 mana per 5. Now. What's 4% of 5? 0.2. 0.2 extra health per 5 seconds. After 25 seconds, I have ONE extra health point due to Perseverence.

What's 4% of 6.7? 0.268. Ashe now actually gets 7 mana regeneration per 5 seconds. That's the reason why Good Hands > Perseverence, and it is a waste of Mastery Points.

One point in Mediation at first level actually increases Ashe's mana regeneration per 5 seconds by 1. Instead of wasting 3 Mastery Points in Mana/Health regeneration (Perseverence), I could get one point in Meditation and get the same effect.

HOWEVER, if you cannot allocate a point anywhere else, +2% health/mana regeneration is usually worth a mastery point, but do not upgrade any further beyond that. (Thanks to Searz for this paragraph)

tl;dr? Good Hands is better than Perseverence.

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Juking - Kiting

Juking refers to darting in and out of brush to escape enemies.

Kiting refers to hitting pursuing enemies with abilities to hinder their chase.

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Jungling (Foresting? ... Deforesting?)

If you are planning to improve and properly control the jungle, the times for when the buffs, dragons and creeps respawn is very important.

Top Priority

Dragon Initial Spawn: 2:30
Dragon respawns in 6 minutes
Total XP: 900
Total Gold: 25 + 190 Global
Baron Initial Spawn: 15:00
Baron respawns in 7 minutes
Total XP: 900 Global
Total Gold: 300 Global


Blue Buff Initial Spawn: 1:55
Blue Buff respawns in 5 minutes
Total XP: 280
Total Gold: 80
Red Buff Initial Spawn: 1:55
Red Buff respawns in 5 minutes
Total XP: 260
Total Gold: 80

Low Priority

Wraiths Initial Spawn: 1:40
Wraiths respawn in 1 minute 40 seconds
Total XP: 180
Total Gold: 71
Wolves Initial Spawn: 1:40
Wolves respawn in 1 minute 40 seconds
Total XP: 190
Total Gold: 57
Double Golems Initial Spawn: 1:40
Double Golems respawns 1 minute 40 seconds
Total XP: 280
Total Gold: 60

Section idea from Dante Rebellion's Jungle Shaco Guide, additional information from Hahano's General Jungling Guide and Xenasis's Jungling 101 Guide.
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Philosopher's Stone

tl;dr? Mana Regen, Health Regen, Gold per 5 = Good Early Game

philosopher's stone

+ Gives 5 Gold every 10 Seconds.
This means that after 20 minutes of buying the item, it pays itself back. And in that time, you've basically got fantastic mana and health regeneration, which are two things every single squishy champion needs.

+ Gives 18 Health every 5 Seconds.
Fantastic! Are you being zoned? Have hardly any chance of hitting anything due to the enemy team being super aggressive, but yet they are still managing to land hits on you? Well too bad, because you have an upgraded Regrowth Pendant in your pocket, and you're healing up the damage they are dishing out on you.

+ Gives 8 Mana every 5 Seconds.

tl;dr? Mana Regen, Health Regen, Gold per 5 = Good Early Game

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Stark's Fervor

tl;dr? Aura Life Steal + Health Regen for Allies + Armour Debuff for Enemies

NOTE: If someone else on your team is getting Zeke's Harbinger, don't get it, buy Bloodthirster instead.

+ Gives 20% Attack Speed + the 20% Attack Speed for Allies. That is 40% Attack Speed all together.

+ Gives allies 20% Life Steal.
Think for a second. That means your tanks, which should be absorbing a lot of the damage, are absorbing the damage and healing it back with their auto attacks. Other DPS champions who have decided not to buy life steal now have life steal! Suddenly your whole team has life steal, just because you bought this one item.

+ Gives allies 20% Attack Speed.
20% attack speed is no joke. Think about it. Your Ezreal has built purely damage - now he does even more damage! Your Master Yi now hits way more times, meaning that he procs his double attack passive more often. Your slow auto-attack tanks, like Malphite are now hitting faster and harder (because your tank should have Fortify.

+ Gives allies 30 Health per 5 seconds.
This aura could very well be the difference between an ally dying or not. Imagine. Mordekaiser's ult, which does around 27% damage based on health. Giving that ally 6 Health per second, following them back to base as they run desperately to the fountain. You could have potentially saved their life and denied Mordekaiser a very valuable ghost.

+ Reduces Enemy Armour by 20.
At the end, Ashe has 95 natural armour. You've just reduced it to 75, and that's by doing nothing BUT STANDING NEAR HER. You don't have to attack, you don't have to initiate, you don't have to do ANYTHING to reduce an enemies' armour by 20. Just imagine. There's a team fight and you're standing right there. Every single enemy hero has just lost 20 armour. And you haven't even started attacking them yet.

"For items, I would shy away from Stark's Fervor and leave that to your support to buy. Alternatively, you need survivability, which is why a Banshee's Veil or a Guardian Angel should be core as you approach end-game."

Since when did Janna, Karma, Soraka ever buy Zeke's Harbinger for the team? The only other champions I have ever seen with Zeke's Harbinger is Olaf, Sivir and Trundle. And when you think about it, how often do you see these champions played? These champions aren't played often enough, and Zeke's Harbinger isn't bought often enough.

Of course there are situations when you shouldn't buy Zeke's Harbinger. When someone else is buying it, for example. When you are the only DPS on your team, you shouldn't be buying it. When you need to buy Magic Resist instead.

But generally there will be someone on your team who out-DPSs you, who out-damages you, who out-kills/assists you, and to help them carry the team, getting Zeke's Harbinger will make them your best friend.

League of Legends is a team game. Zeke's Harbinger is a fantastic item for the team, and if that means sacrificing a little bit of damage because I didn't get Bloodthirster, then so be it :)

tl;dr? Aura Life Steal + Health Regen for Allies + Armour Debuff for Enemies

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells Should:

Viable Summoner Spells

Less Viable Summoner Spells

Do Not Touch
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The Black Cleaver vs Last Whisper

tl;dr? Enemies over 150 Armour = Last Whisper


Last Whisper = 40 Attack Damage + 40% Armor Penetration - 2090gold
Black Cleaver = 30% Attack speed + 55 Attack Damage + Shreds up to 45 armor in 3hits. 3065g

Last Whisper = LC
Last Whisper + Zeal = LWZ
The Black Cleaver = BC/TBC

Jet wrote:
"never use black cleaver ever ever ever ever ever"

Is Black Cleaver really that inferior? Consider:

Enemy team: Lux, Vayne, Trundle, Malphite and Sona (for arguments sake)
As Last Whisper does percentage armour penetration, that item is really only going to be useful against (hypothetically) Malphite's 150+ armour and Trundle's 120+ armour. Lux with 80+ armour, Vayne with 70+ armour and Sona 70+ armour only get 30, 20ish and 25ish taken off respectively.

With Black Cleaver armour is reduced thus: Lux is lowered to 35, Vayne to 25 and Sona to 25. Yes, you're only knocking off 45 armour from the two tanky champions (Malphite and Trundle) - but you're not meant to be targeting the tank. Damage > Support > Tank.

That's of course if you can hit those champions three times in a row. The Black Cleaver is also very useful for the team because that armour reduction is permanent - by permanent I mean the whole team is dealing damage to the Lux with only 35 armour for that fight.

Last Whisper, however, only affects your own damage.

Chauster: " Black Cleaver isn't "not viable" it just isn't recommended. The reason for this is Black cleaver only offers -45 armor reduction overall while tanks have upwards of 200 armor late game. It would be redundant to buy a black cleaver and also get a Last Whisper as that is very inefficient in terms of armor reduction as they cancel each other out. This mentality is based on rushing an IE. After rushing an IE you either want attack speed, more damage, or armor reduction, all of which correspond to Zeal/ Recurve Bow, Bloodthirster, or Last Whisper."

There are times where I have bought Last Whisper instead of Black Cleaver and my teammates were like, "wth are you doing? They're not stacking armour, Black Cleaver would have been a better choice."

I do see the advantages in getting Last Whisper. It's a good item - I think the main problem I have with it is it's percentage armour penetration. If I get Last Whisper, I can't get any other armour penetration items because the remaining items are all flat reduction. And everyone knows you shouldn't mix flat reduction with percentage reduction. I haven't done the math, but what happens to my armour penetration runes if I buy a Last Whisper?

The problem with Youmuu's Ghostblade is that it's severely gimped on ranged champions. It's better on melee DPS like Trundle, Xin Zhao and Renekton, I believe. The Brutalizer however, is a great item to get for any carry, but it seems like such a waste to buy it and then sell it for something else.

But at level 18 all champions have more than 50 armour.

This is a nice summary.

0-50 armour = Youmuu's Ghostblade
50-120 armour = Black Cleaver
120 armour+ = Last Whisper

The effect of BC stays for 5 seconds. Teamfights generally don't take longer than 30-45 seconds.


The Black Cleaver vs Last Whisper + Zeal

Please note that this is an analysis to determine whether Black Cleaver or Last Whisper & Zeal is better as an armor penetration/reduction item set. The governing statistics will be how many attacks it takes to break even, and how much total damage is dealt at various armor values.

Attempting to calculate DPS between the two concepts is nearly impossible since it depends on the champion being used as well as which abilities/buffs they might have applied at the time. DPS is a mis-leading statistic anyway, since many champions who would want these builds have physical damage abilities in addition to their auto-attacks.

Some important things to note when viewing the analysis...

1) Damage output from champion abilities have not been considered in this analysis.
2) Base AD of 120 was used for the champion AD stat
3) Auto attacks are assumed to be un-modified by champion passive abilities (Ashe, Twisted Fate, etc.)
4) Infinity Edge is assumed to be in the attacking champion's inventory.
5) Armor Pen Marks and Quints are assumed, as well as the Armor Pen mastery
6) Critical Chance, Attack Damage, Critical Bonus Damage, and % of base AD masteries are all assumed to be in use.
7) Last Whisper and Zeal cost 3485g and Black Cleaver cost 3065g (13.70% difference)
8) Calculations were made based on 4 consecutive attacks so BC stacks could get to maximum.


The break even point is the first attack at which BC deals more average damage per attack than LWZ.

Percentage difference in total damage dealt after 4 attacks

At 50 target armor
Break Even = 2nd Attack
BC deals 0.50% more total damage than LWZ

At 75 target armor
Break Even = 3rd Attack
BC deals 0.37% more total damage than LWZ

At 100 target armor
Break Even = 4th Attack
LWZ deals 7.75% more total damage than BC

At 200 target armor
BC never breaks even on single attack average damage
LWZ deals 28.36% more total damage than BC

I believe that the results above indicate that the following would be the most efficient use of funds:

1) If your target has less than 75 armor, you should buy a The Brutalizer to meet your armor penetration needs.
2) If your target has 100 or more armor, Black Cleaver takes too long to break even when compared to Last Whisper and Zeal.


Use The Brutalizer and/or Youmuu's Ghostblade to meet your armor pen needs when targets have 75 or less armor.

Use LWZ to penetrate target armor that exceeds 75. The reason that BC shouldn't be chosen for its armor reduction stacking is because it's window of efficiency is only between about 50 and 75 armor for the target... this window is simply too small to justify spending 3065 gold on without the upward potential you get from LWZ in the form of upgrading to PD and increasing Apen from % penetration instead of flat reduction.

How Armour works:

Having hardly any knowledge about Armour is a bad thing. I, myself, didn't know much about how it all worked until I went a looked it up. So, here's what I learnt from the LoL Wikipedia. Many thanks to the anonymous editors at the LoL Wikipedia who gathered all this knowledge.


Armor reduces the amount of damage a champion receives from physical attacks by a percentage. You can gain armor from runes, masteries, some champions' abilities or from items you buy.

At level 18, armor ranges from a base of Fiddlesticks' 56 armor (36% reduced damage), to Singed's 93 armor (48% reduced damage).

tl;dr? Enemies over 150 Armour = Last Whisper

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Warding. Do it. 75 gold can save your life or an allies.

This is where you and your team should sight ward.
  • Yellow: Vital to protect the jungler on your team
  • Blue: For protection depending on which lane you're on
  • Red: To guard Dragon and Baron
  • Orange: In order to Counter-Jungle

Image: Your Tryndamere Resource, by Apotheosis

For more information about warding, visit Warding, More than your Eyes can See.
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I will be adding to this with any and all possible suggestions made in the comments section. Feel free to bring up any questions you can think of, and I'll be sure to work out/find out the answers for you.

Credit to all the users quoted throughout this guide, the makers of the youtube videos (mainly Grasshyren and Stonewall) and special thanks to Warlemming for helping me with the champion item builds/skill sequencing.

Other shout-outs: PsiGuard for picking up lots of errors, Wrath for rec'ing this and Searz for comments :)

- jhoijhoi
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