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League of Legends Build Guide Author eccyystatic

The chicken or the egg? Actually I came first: A Guide

eccyystatic Last updated on September 17, 2013
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Summoner's Rift



Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

Guide Top


Hey everyone, I'm Eccyystatic, and welcome to my first guide for Mobafire. I decided to write about Anivia, one of my favourite mains, along with Orianna and Zyra (I like Mid laners which end in 'a'), due to her versatility, as well as the lack of quality guides available.

I am constantly learning more and more about Anivia, and plan to release Gifs of specific things over the course of this guide, as well as videos in order for you to understand why you should play Anivia. In writing this guide, I have increased my knowledge of Anivia more than I could of had imagined, and if it helped me become better with Anivia, than I hope it will help you too. In saying that, this guide doesn't supplement real game play, as she takes time and effort to master, however I will help drill down the basics every Anivia player should know.

For any experienced Anivia players out there, all advice/tips/thoughts are welcomed to improve this guide for future use, so please leave a comment if you decide to down vote this guide.

I have included 1 Summoner Rift build and 1 ARAM build:

  • First build is a a Balanced SR build. After some feedback, I decided to create 1, straight-forward build for SR. If I feel the need, i will create more as time progresses, however this one focuses more on building up from Tear of the Goddess.
  • Second build is designed for ARAM.This build focuses more on stalling and zoning your opponents, looking for an oppotunity to really mess up their team composition.

I have not had much experience on Twisted Treeline/Dominion, as the OCE server don't have those Queue's up and running at this point of time, but I will try and include them in this guide as I gain more experience in those maps.

These builds are only a guide, so if you want to pull something out of each build and create your own, feel free too, and tell me why you chose these items so I can test the build out myself.

Riot's Champion Spotlight

Guide Top

The Who/What/Where/When/Why of Anivia.

She is essentially a Guardian of Freljord since it's beginning, who has lived and died for each new era of Freljord. Her nemesis is Lissandra - who uses Ice magic for evil - and allied herself with Ashe to use it's power to save Freljord.

" Anivia iz sum lol trollz motherf*cking immortle ice b*tch who sh*ts some wall shiz and stuns and f*cking never dies like umg!" - A wise opponent.

Basically this. Anivia is an AP Caster, who is played in Mid lane, like most other AP Caster, and specializes as an AP Mid-Late Carry with her sudden burst damage, coupled with Area-of-Effect sustained damage, as well as a range of utility to disrupt Team fights and an in-built Guardian Angel passive Rebirth.



  • Range of Utility (Stun, Slow, Block)
  • Toggable Ultimate (Similar to Swain's)
  • Large range, both AA and skills.
  • Passive Rebirth is amazing.
  • Scales amazingly into Mid/Late game
  • Great at zoning.
  • Farms brilliantly post-6
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Weak early game
  • VERY Mana-dependent
  • Low Mobility
  • CC cancels your Glacial Storm

This guide hails from many viewpoints on Anivia that I can find, so use this guide as a guide, and not as a specific play style; mix and match what you like into your own version of Anivia, and never limit yourself to only one style. Analyse your current situation and build accordingly.

Guide Top


My usual mastery set up for Anivia is a regular 21-0-9 AP set up, focusing on AP Offensive, along with Mana/Mana Regen Utility.

  • Summoner's Wrath - A nice CDR on our Ignite, as well as increasing AP/AD by 5 after its use.
  • Sorcery - 3% CDR to help with harassing early game.
  • Blast - Extra 1 AP per level? Yes please.
  • Arcane Knowledge - Extra 8% MP early game is very helpful in Season 3.
  • Havoc - More damage! Just that 2% more can score you a kill.
  • Mental Force - Hey, an Extra 6 AP at spawn, why not.
  • Spellsword - Converts 5% of AP into Magic Damage on AAs. Coupled with your high AA range (600), don't forget to AA!
  • Archmage - Increases AP by 5%. Let's deal more damage!
  • Executioner - 5% increase damage to targets >50% health. Great for that finishing AA as your target runs behind their turret.

  • Summoner's Insight - An extra 15 seconds off your Flash; It may save your life.
  • Meditation - Extra 3 Mana Regen/5 Seconds. Anything mana-related is welcomed on Anivia
  • Improved Recall - Put a point here due to nothing else being useful to anivia to achieve 8 points in utility. But an extra second can mean an extra second they don't have to destroy your turret.
  • Expanded Mind - Extra 10 mana per level, resulting in +180 mana at level 18, meaning a couple more seconds with your ult on.
  • Runic Affinity - Blue buff lasting an extra 20%? This is crucial for Anivia.

Another option is to go 9/0/21. I personally do not find the experience & the spell vamp significant to have an impact on the game. But what makes the utility tree tempting is mostly the bonus 3% MS. This might not seem that big of a deal, but when faced against a champ like Cassiopeia or Syndra, you definitely have to dodge those early game pokes. At this point, you might consider going 9-0-21, even if you lose some damage.

  • Mastermind - Extra 10% off Summoner Spells. More usage of ignite and flash is always welcomed.
  • Vampirism - I put 1 point in here to achieve the next Tier, allowing me +1% Spell vamp and Lifesteal. Not much, but if you attack a 4000 HP Tank, 1% is 40 HP for you per AA.
  • Awareness - 5% Increased Experience: allows us to level up to our Glacial Storm faster.
  • Strength of Spirit - Again, 1 point to achieve the next tier, +1 health/5 seconds for every 400 mana: If building Tear, you should end up with 4-5 health regen/5 seconds.
  • Intelligence - 6% CDR! Of course that's welcomed. Those couple of seconds overall really can help early game.
  • Nimble - 3% Increased movement - Increases your base Movement speed to 335!, as well as scales up with your boots & runes, combating your lack of mobility.

And what about using a 21-9-0 set up? Well, I rarely go 21-9-0, as I believe that the Utility serves Anivia more than the defensive tree, however if you do end up finding yourself against an early-mid burst mage, like LeBlanc or Veigar, then this is a possibility, as no one wants to feed them, and then get stomped all over when it's only 10 minutes in.

  • Durability - Grants 6 HP per level, and effectively doubles with your Rebirth, and can allow you to survive on low HP.
  • Resistance - +5 Magic resist - will combat their Magic penetration runes, and help survive bursts more.
  • Hardiness - +2 Armor - Feel free to max this one if your versing an AD Caster (a la Talon).
  • Veteran's Scars - Grants you +30 health straight up - useful as Anivia has the lowest starting HP of all champions, due to her Rebirth.

Guide Top


Suggested Runes

Balanced Build


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

The reason (pointers fromVynertje) you should consider these runes are:
  • 9 x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: These are practically the only marks that really benefit AP casters in general, and hence are core on Anivia, as the Penetration is key for any early resistances that your opponent may use.
  • 9 x Greater Seal of Armor & Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: The reason these are picked over the Seals/Glyphs on the Offensive build is simply that Anivia is very weak early game, and these will help carry her over to mid game. Her Rebirth modifies her resistances when she dies, so these will help keep her alive until Level 5/8, to which the Modifications increase. Also, if you take Tear of the Goddess and not Chalice of Harmony, then you won't get any Magic resist, so these will help out a lot.
  • 9 x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: The reason I chose these to be core was simply the fact that you won't be getting any real AP until you finish your Rod of Ages, and can make you fall behind in lane, so these are needed to keep up with your opponent.

Because of the more defensive runes, I couple these with 21-0-9 Masteries, so Anivia isn't as squishy early game, while still dishing out a lot of damage.


9 x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: +7.83 magic penetration.
Pretty much standard with most AP Casters, great for those early fights when people start to stack MR, allowing you to melt tanks easier. This is basically the only real mark that is work getting on any AP Caster.

9 x Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration: +3.69 Mana/5 seconds.
Early levels, you should just be AA farming, harass now and then, and repeat. It isn't until level 6 and on wards that your ult comes into play, and since Anivia scales well into late game, scaling MReg is more effective that its flat counterpart.

9 x Greater Seal of Armor: +12.69 Armor.
These should be considered if your up against an AD Caster/Assassin, and feel they can rip you to shreds with ease, then consider ease. It's also helpful against enemy AD Junglers.

9 x Greater Seal of Scaling Health: +175 Health at Level 18.
These are rarely considerd, but as Anivia's HP is effectively doubled by Rebirth, it can be extremely useful late game, and increase your overall tankiness. It will also help your Rebirth early game, due to its Armor/Magic Resist modifier early game.

9 x Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power: +27.54 AP at Level 18.
As Anivia's scales the best into Mid/Late game, using Scaling AP really helps strength her later game, and are commonly used on AP casters.

9 x Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction: -5.85% CDR.
These can be used, if you want to go more utility-based, however if you get the blue buff, then any CD problems are solved, and Anivia really doesn't need much CDR, especially if you gets Athene's Unholy Grail.

9 x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: +12.06 MR.
Again, if your versing a heavy AP Burst mage, then these help a lot in order to negate some of their burst, as well as help your Rebirth early game, due to its Armor/Magic Resist modifier early game.

3 x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: +4.5% Movement Speed.
Due to Anivia's base movement speed, this Quintessence's are amazing on her, and she doesn't feel like such a drag. And as they say, you can never go wrong with Movement speed - Great for dodging, roaming etc.

3 x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: +14.85 AP.
Again, standard on most AP Casters. More AP = More damage. If your going to go with the defensive Seals/Glyphs, these will help you dish out damage while minimizing damage you recieve.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

Primary Spells

Ignite is a very powerful spell, and is most useful to finish of kills, as well as minimizing healing effects your target may possess. Due to Anivia's burst, being able to finish them off is a great utility, because we all know how it feels when that Lux runs off with 5HP and then proceeds to Final Spark you into fried eggs. Flash is basically a must-have on Summoner's Rift, and a must-have of Anivia due to her lack of mobility. Someone like Fizz can just Playful / Trickster away, however the only thing Anivia has is her stun/slow, however if you've drained all your mana during the team fight, you won't be able to run that easily. Hence, flash is the utmost importance on Anivia.

Alternative Spells

Clarity is useful for low-level summoners. It gives you an added sustain both early and late, allowing you to fully appreciate Anivia as you first pick her up. However, it is not recommended post-12 as you need to learn mana-management, and Clarity does not teach you that.
To replace: Ignite
If your looking at a more utility-based Anivia, teleport is a underappreciated spell. It allows you to instantly teleport into a fight, turning a 2v2 into a 3v2 very quickly, trapping them with your Crystallize, and proceeds to destroy your enemy.
To replace: Ignite or Flash

The summoner spell made for ARAM, if your versing someone with incredible burst (a la LeBlanc etc), then Barrier can be used for a more defensive playing style. However, due to her utility, I prefer Ignite on Anivia, as her Rebirth already gives her another life.
To replace: Ignite

If you feel you must, ghost is an option to replace Flash, and although it doesn't provide with as much utility as Flash, it can be useful on particular champions. In saying that, I believe Anivia already has so much utility that ghost is just unnecessary and Flash serves a lot more situations better.
To replace: Flash

Guide Top


Upon dying, Anivia will revert into an egg and will get an armor and magic resistance modifier of -40 / -25 / -10 / +5 / +20. These values change at levels 5, 8, 12 and 15. If the egg can survive for six seconds, she is reborn with the same percentage of health that her egg had left. This can only happen once every four minutes regardless of cooldown reduction.
Cooldown: 4 minutes

This is one of the many skills that make Anivia so unique. Essentially, when you die, you become an egg for 6 seconds, and if you survive, your brought back to life. This passive literally gives you a free Guardian Angel attached with you, giving you great survivability if used correctly. This passive has also been recycled into Zac's passive.

Tips and Tricks

  • Avoid dying in the middle of a team fight, the enemy will scramble you.
  • Always play slightly defensive while the passive is on cooldown, then play offensive when it comes back up.
  • If you're about to die, try and die in a place that you won't get focused on, like under a turret or in some brush. Thresh's Dark Passage gives you a great escape mechanism when you get brought back to life.
  • The Armor/MR modifier makes your egg very squishy pre-5, meaning your opponent will then be finishing you off with true damage, so try and wait till level 5 before putting yourself at risk of dying.

Anivia summons a shard of ice that flies on a line. The shard will deal 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+50% of ability power) damage, slowing movement by 20% for 3 seconds to anyone in its path. The shard will detonate when reaching its max range or if the ability is activated again. When the shard explodes it will deal 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+50% of ability power) magic damage to all enemies nearby, stunning them for 1 second. The magic damage done by both the shard and the detonation is the same and both will apply the "chilled" debuff on enemies hit for 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8
Cost: 80/100/120/140/160
Range: 1100

Your Q is a slow-moving skill shot. Aim and Q, launching a shard of ice, which damages anyone in its path. Press Q again to detonate the shard; anyone near the area of detonation will get stunned.
This skill also applies a 'Chilled' debuff for 3 seconds, meaning if it is followed up by your Frostbite, it will deal double damage. Both it's passing and it's detonation will trigger the debuff.

Tips and Tricks

  • Getting a point in level 1 allows for both aggression and defense, as well as a stun available for pre-lane roaming with your team.
  • Due to the AoE detonation, it is possible to stun multiple targets at once. It can also be used to push your opponents in 2 opposite directions.
  • When possible, follow up with a Frostbite within 3 seconds, as it will deal double damage.
  • As it's a slow-moving skill shot, a good player will dodge it. Like with any skill shot, you need to practice predicting their movements and leading them into it.
  • With the right timing, you can get the shard to pass through an enemy, followed by detonation, as the detonation as a larger radius than the actual shard. This will double the damage and refresh the Chilled debuff.

Anivia summons an impenetrable wall of ice 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 units wide, blocking all movement. The wall lasts for 5 seconds before it melts.
Cooldown: 20
Cost: 70/90/110/130/150
Range: 1000

Knowing when to use it and where to use it is really what separates the Great Anivia players from the rest. It has so many uses for it, so be creative, however you can cause your enemy to pick up a free kill if you accidentally trap your ally, so be careful.

Tips and Tricks

  • It has a long cooldown, so don't use it recklessly.
  • Although Impenetrable, people can still Flash over it, and Grabs will still pull you over ( Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab), and others can also be pulled over ( Amumu's Bandage Toss).
  • This skill gives you sight in the Fog of War & Brush areas. Always use it before face-checking a brush.
  • If you're not sure whether to use it, don't. If you miss-place it, and end up saving an enemy/Killing an ally, you're going to get a hard time.
  • Great for zoning others in lane, forcing them to go around it takes time.
  • Trapping them with Crystallize, then landing your Glacial Storm on top can really eat away at their health, allowing you to combo them to death.
  • In later levels, It gets wide enough to fully block a jungle lane, forcing the enemy to charge through your team or flash over.
  • The wall is positioned circularly around you, meaning you need to be in a proper position in order to place it correctly.
  • This is great for split pushing, separating your enemy's and forcing them out of position.

Anivia blasts her target with a freezing wind, dealing 55 / 85 / 115 / 145 / 175 (+50% of ability power) magic damage. If the target has been chilled, they take double damage.
Cooldown: 5
Cost: 50/60/70/80/90
Range: 650

The Butter to your Flash Frost. It's a short-ranged missile, while will deal double damage if you're target is Chilled, a debuff from your Flash Frost and Glacial Storm.

Tips and Tricks

  • Always try and follow up your Flash Frost/ Glacial Storm with your Frostbite for maximum damage.
  • It has a shorter range, so be weary when using it. However, your Flash Frost will stun your target, allowing you to hit them with Frostbite with little retaliation.
  • The Chilled debuff is also applied from your ultimate, Glacial Storm. Make sure you take advantage of this.

Toggle: Anivia calls forth a driving rain of ice and hail, dealing 80 / 120 / 160 (+25% of ability power) magic damage per second, slowing their movement and attack speed by 20% for 1 second, and chilling them. Costs 40/50/60 mana per second while the storm is active.
Cooldown: 6
Cost: 75
Range: 625

One of the few Toggable ultimates. ( Swain's Ravenous Flock is another one). It is also a reason why Anivia is so mana-intensive, due to the draining of mana per second. Due to this, never use it any more than you have to, especially with little sustain.

Tips and Tricks

  • Post level 6, and with either your Chalice of Harmony or Tear of the Goddess and Blue buff running, you can farm entire waves is a couple of seconds, becoming a very powerful farming tool.
  • Although it doesn't give you sight of Brush/Fog of war, it can be used to zone effectively, as people will avoid walking onto the large, circular swirl on the ground.
  • Enemies that walk on this will be slowed, their attack speed reduced and the Chilled debuff applied, meaning your Frostbite will deal double damage for anyone who was on it in the past 3 seconds
  • Although you have a limited range to move while it's active, you can use it to defend very effectively, hiding behind your turret and using Glacial Storm and Crystallize to force people to either retreat or take damage per second.
  • Hard crowd control, such as Stuns, Fears etc. will interrupt the toggle and switch the ultimate back off, which can create some devastating situations.

Guide Top

Skill Sequence & Combo's

Levels 1-6:

This is basically standard for any Anivia build you will do (Only exception may be ARAM). The reasoning behind this start is quite simple:
  • Level 1: Start with Flash Frost. You need some sort of ranged poke, and your Frostbite's damage without the Chilled proc isn't worth it.
  • Level 2 & 3: Both are Frostbite, which really increases your damage output significantly, and is your main source of damage.
  • Level 4: This is when people start to get more aggressive, with all 3 skills in play, and the jungler usually close. Always take Crystallize as a defense against attacks and ganks.
  • Level 5: Take another point in Frostbite to increase your damage, allowing better trades in lane
  • Level 6: Like with any champion, Anivia needs her Glacial Storm as quickly as possible, as her 'Real' game doesn't start until she has Mana restoration and her Glacial Storm
After this, you can choose to level out whatever you want next, however, these are the main routes that I use, and that I see other use:

Main Route

> = >

The reasoning behind this is:
  • Your Frostbite is your main source of damage, so it needs to make out first.
  • Your Crystallize needs to be evenly maxed next with your other skills to increase the width, as you usually hit Mid-game fights with a couple points in your Crystallize, which really synergies well with it, allowing you to really use it to its full potential sooner.
  • The reason Flash Frost is maxed last is simply because it's stun is fixed at 1 second at all levels, your Frostbite is your main source of damage, not your Flash Frost, and you need to use the width of Crystallize in a more variety of situations then your Flash Frost, as well as it's Cooldown by level is only 1 second, so it can wait until late game.
In saying this, if you feel like you just need extra damage, with the width of Crystallize isn't doing much for you, then you can go more damage-based:

Damage Route

> > >

Again, Frostbite is maxed second, however your Flash Frost is maxed before you start with your Crystallize, allowing you get as much damage out there. Be warned, though, as the decreased width of Crystallize may decrease the overall utility of it, and will affect teamfights. But, the best way to zone people is to kill them outright.


First of all, I need to point this out. Anivia has one of the largest Auto-attack ranges of all mages. This is a fact that is highly disregarded. The only mage who has a higher auto-attack range is Annie.
This means you need to utilize your Auto-attack into your combo's to maximize your damage.

Basic Combos


This is you're most basic combo. Even if you didn't stun them, the chill debuff is still applied, and your Frostbite can be followed up within 3 seconds of hitting them. Auto-attacking after Flash Frost and again after Frostbite is possible will maximise damage.
| Example coming soon |


The key thing to playing Anivia is not unnecessarily trying to land your Flash Frost, but how good you are in leading them into it. The best moment to use Crystallize is to narrow the escape route into a small space, to which they can escape, but your Flash Frost will be waiting.
| Example coming soon |


This is your Mid-late game basic combo. Using Glacial Storm means that you have a guaranteed Chilled debuff on them, and your Frostbite can be used on multiple occasions if your fast enough, meaning a successful double-damaged Frostbite without having to worry about landing your Flash Frost.
| Example coming soon |


This is your mid-game equivalent of your previous Crystallize combo, and is great for those who decide to tower dive you, meaning they cannot escape, and are slowed when they do try, allowing to turret to utterly destroy them.
| Example coming soon |

Advanced Combo's


Starting with Flash Frost, if you know it will hit them, this will allow you to position your Glacial Storm more effectively, forcing them to walk the full distance of Glacial Storm, and blocking any escape with Crystallize, followed by dealing extra damage with your Frostbite
| Example coming soon |


Starting with Glacial Storm, this combo is great for destroying your opponent, forcing them to Flash or melt to the ground. Starting with your Glacial Storm allows you to do a full combo while you eat away their health on top of it. Using Frostbite to open from the Chilled debuff, followed by zoning them with your Crystallize, this means you can lead them straight into your Flash Frost, followed up by another Frostbite. This can really eat away at their health with a good chance of killing them, as it will also slow their movement/attack speed during the combo.
| Example coming soon |


Starting with Crystallize means you can force them onto your Glacial Storm and trapping them, causing the combo to start again. You can place your [[glacial storm] in a number of ways to try and zone them, or on the edge of their current position, to maximize the distance that they have to walk.
| Example coming soon |

To maximize your damage, you need to get into a small range to land all your abilities, so always be weary of Counter-attacks, blink abilities ( Distortion, Leap etc) and your opponents CC.

If you know it's safe, and need to close the gap, you can Flash in, combo them, then finish with your Ignite and Auto-attacks. This will usually guarantee a kill against a squishy target if it all goes to plan.

NB: Your Frostbite should only really be used after your Glacial Storm or Flash Frost is used, in order to maximize damage. In saying that, it has a good enough base damage and low Cooldown if just a basic Frostbite is needed, due to the missiling nature of it, as opposed to the skill-shot nature of Flash Frost.

Guide Top


Starting Items

Normal Start

Mobility Start

sight ward
My usual start is with a Faerie Charm's to help with Anivia's mana issue, and builds into your Tear of the Goddess. With Anivia's weak early game, take some Health Potions and a sight ward to prevent ganks..
If I end up versing with high-mobility, then I always go for my Boots of Speed first, as Anivia's very low base speed will be very detrimental, as they can be all up in your face once they hit Level 2, and can dodge your Flash Frost with ease.

Why not Doran's Ring?

Spoiler: Click to view

  • Stat: 250 Mana
  • Mana Regen: 7
  • Passive: Grants 4 mana for every time you cast a spell (4s CD)
  • Stat: 25 Magic Resistance
  • Mana Regen: 7
  • Passive: Increases Mana Regen by 1% for every 1% missing mana.
catalyst the protector
  • Stat: 200 Health, 300 Mana
  • Mana Regen: 0
  • Passive: Restores 150 Health and 200 Mana over 8 seconds when leveling up.
Spoiler: Click to view
Spoiler: Click to view
Spoiler: Click to view

These build into: (These keep existing passives)

  • Stat: 60 AP, 1000 Mana
  • Mana Regen: 10
  • Passive: AP = 3% of your Mana
  • Active: Drains 20% Mana -> Shield (+150)

  • Stat: 60 AP, 20% CDR, 40 MR
  • Mana Regen: 15
  • Passive: 12% Mana restored from Kill/Assist

  • Stat: 60 AP, 450 HP, 450 Mana
  • Mana Regen: 0
  • Passive: Stacks 18 HP, 20 Mana & 2 AP /minute. (x10)

Spoiler: Click to view
Spoiler: Click to view
Spoiler: Click to view

Boots & Enchantments

This are my standard buy, as standard for most AP mids. The Penetration is needed for Mid game, as people start to stack Magic Resist items., allowing you to maximize your damage output with your combo's.
If you feel like going for a more utility-based approach, or are against a heavy burst mage. These boots will help increase your magic resist, while still dishing out your skills. I will go these if the opposite team is very AP-heavy, while stacking little MR.
If you really feel that the lack of mobility is dragging you down, then pick up a pair of these, allowing you to kite whole teams with your utility. In saying that, Sorcerer's Shoes is a much better pick, as you should've combated your speed with Runes & Masteries.
If your team is winning, then by default go these. They just give you more Movement, which is really beneficial for Anivia's lack of mobility, and nothing, by default, works better than these.
If your aiming to kite opponents with your slows or constantly having to change positions during team fights, then pick up the furor enchantments. However, your not meant to be kiting others as your base speed really doesn't allow it, unless your playing a modified Anivia.
If your losing the game, or your constantly being focused on and recalling/dying alot, pick these up. The passive on these is extremely helpful for getting back into lane after recalling/dying, and for defending your base.


[color=#[/spoiler]]This item was made for anivia.[/color] All the stat's help Anivia, but the passive is what makes it shine: This synergizes perfectly with Anivia, as the passive DOUBLES if their movement is impaired. So using this with your Glacial Storm will utterly melt people to the ground.
The passive inflicts Grevious wounds for 4 seconds if your abilities hit a target >40% HP. The passive isn't as effective on Anivia, but is great if the opposing team has a sustain support ( Sona, Soraka etc), as well as a Great price, CDR, High AP and Mana Regen!
An item which grants you 120 AP, and whose passive increases your total AP by 30%. Anivia abilities aren't the best for scaling, but in saying that, your Frostbite should be used to deal double damage, effectively boosting it to a 1:1 AP scale, and will help destroy teams if you land your Glacial Storm and Flash Frost.
This item really bulks you up, giving you a fair amount of health and AP, while giving you an on-hit slow. "But Anivia already has a slow?" - This is true, and isn't the best item for Anivia, but in saying that, it forces a slow on ALL your abilities, and will literally perma slow them like crazy.
Basically, get this is your opponents are stacking Magic Resist like crazy. Granting 35% Magic Penetration is massive against tanks who really want to give you a hard time. In saying that, all utilities still apply, no matter the Magic Resist, so get this if you need the penetration.


Gives you a great amount of both Ability power and Magic Resist, great for versing other AP laners, as well an Aura which lowers Enemies within 700 units. As you need to get into a smaller range to land your Glacial Storm and Frostbite, you can really hurt your enemy with this, while protecting yourself from retaliation.
"You have to kill me 3 times!" - this item is such a troll with Anivia. If you end up being focused on and dying, followed by your passive, it can then revive you for the 3rd time. It gives you extra Armor and Magic Resist, which is always helpful in teamfights, and really makes you unkillable if you play right.
The reason, other than used by Froggen, that this item work so well on Anivia is due to his amazing synergy with Rebirth, which effectively doubles the amount of HP in order to fully kill you. You may be seen as squishy, but trying to squish 6000 HP isn't that fun. However, it doesn't give you anything else; get this if your ahead and want to go tanky.
Anivia's kit allows her to do both burst and sustained damage, the latter synergizes well with Will of the Ancients. The spell vamp is great for sustainability; your Glacial Storm, if landed on multiple targets, will make it extremely effective, healing you while you dish out damage.Get this if you have a dual-AP composition, or need the spell vamp.
This item is amazing in the right situation. It grants you 120 AP and 50 Armor, which both build from Seeker's Armguard's passive. The passive is not needed as much as other champions, such as Fiddlesticks, however it again helps increase that "Unkillable" feature that I love playing with Anivia; However I tend to get it against an AD-based team.

My view on Other Items

This is a funny item, that can be countered quite easily by a bit of poke. In saying that, It gives you great sustain with its other passive (which is usually forgotten about) and a large amount of MR, great for AP-based team. The shield is also great against Gap Closers ( Kassadin, Fizz etc)
View: Situational
This is a hit-and-miss item with Anivia. Although you're not a pure burst mage, like LeBlanc or Veigar etc.; You can deal considerable single-target damage with your abilities. In saying that, Late game is more about melting the entire team as a whole, so only go this if you feel you have enough damage, and can fill the shoes of a burst mage.
View: Situational
If you really, and I mean really, need the armor, this is a possibility. It gives you CDR, more mana and a great passive, however it doesn't really work with Anivia, but it is possible, nevertheless, and I haven't tried it that much to really define it.
View: Possible
If you want to go tanky Anivia, you should pick up this. It adds to your mana pool, CDR, Armor. The AP is quite low, as Anivia isn't the best for scaling AP. However, the Sheen Proc allows your Autoattacks to slow and harm even more, which synergizes great with your kit.
View: Situational
Builds from the Sheen, similar to the Iceborn Gauntlet. The movement speed is great, the mana is great, the AP is great, however it doesn't have anything defensive, and the passive isn't as good as Iceborn Gauntlet.
View: Negligible
If you feel really behind,, then this is a viable option, as it is alot harder to kill you, thanks to your Rebirth, can you can help rack up assists easily. But be careful, as you're a late-game mage, dying will cost you 1/3 of your AP.
View: Situational
You're not Teemo, nor Kayle. Although the AP, CDR and Passive is good, the Auto-attack speed is quite pointless, as your trying to melt your enemies, not throw your ice at them.
View: Negligible
This item can be unbelievably useful if versing anyone with a high-duration hard CC ability, such as Morgana's Dark Binding, Fiddlestick's Terrify etc. It does have a long CD, so use it during possible death situations to avoid watching your HP drop helplessly.
View: Situational

Just remember, you're not playing a support, as you're too farm-reliant, so Banner of Command, Ohmwrecker, Twin Shadows etc. shouldn't be in your build, and your not a jungler, and you can farm with ease, so Spirit of the Spectral Wraith isn't worth it.

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Early Game

This is Anivia's weakest point in the game, and a lot of people understand that there's no point killing you outright, thanks to your Rebirth, so they attempt to deny you farm and keep you low health to keep you on engaging on them. Your farming is the weakest here, due to your real farming tool coming at level 6, and people will try and deny you experience from reaching there quickly. However, there are lots of ways to make sure you reach level-6 quickly and efficiently, while possibly harassing your opponent:

Focus on Last hitting. This is both a lot easier on Anivia, due to her long Autoattack range, but can be frustrating for new players, as her auto-attack animation is one of the most annoying to use, and you need to get it drilled into your head.
| Example coming soon |

Utilize your auto-attacks for harassing. Because of their long range, auto-attack them as much as possible. Because you cannot afford to spam your abilities like some other champions, this is your main harassing skill. Use them when your opponent is out of position or going for a last-hit, especially if they're a Melee champion.
| Example coming soon |

Use your mana efficiently. Due to the high up-front costs, you cannot use them recklessly to harass or farm, unlike Lissandra who can poke all day due to her Iceborn passive. In saying that, if your Mana is sitting there at full, then you're wasting your Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration's potential. If this does happen, the best time to use it is when your opponent is going to last-hit, cast it through your farm to the position you believe they are headed for, and your enemy will either give it up to dodge, or will get hit, meaning you can follow up by your Frostbite. After this, go back to passively farming until you reach full again. Avoid using your Crystallize before level 6 to zone, as it puts you in a vulnerable position to ganks and counter-attacks.
| Example coming soon |

Your aim is to kill 100 Creeps before the 15 minute mark, even more so if you really use your Glacial Storm to out-farm. Always check your opponents Creep Score, and adjust your level of farming to keep above their's.

Mid Game

Once you get your Glacial Storm, and some sort of Mana regeneration from a Tear of the Goddess/ Chalice of Harmony and/or Blue buff, then you need to focus on the following:

Farm. Use your Glacial Storm to push your lane up to their tower. This will stop your opponent from roaming, and can put pressure of their turret. Be careful when doing this. If your teammates ping you, or if the enemy jungle all of a sudden goes MIA, instantly fall back to a safer zone. Always ward the river to avoid ganks when pushing the lane:

Poke with your basic combos. Do this if your opponent has used up all their health pots, and widdle them down for the kill, however do this when denying them farm and farming yourself. When you feel ready, you can use an Advanced Combo to try and secure the kill if you know it is safe to do so. Using Flash to initiate and Ignite + Autoattacks to finish the kill is a very powerful combination.
| Example coming soon |

Farm the Wraiths/Wolves. Make sure your jungler will not need these in the next 50 seconds, and do this when your laner is roaming and your lane is pushed to their turret.

Roam. You can push your lane to their turret very quickly with your Glacial Storm, allowing you to head bot/top lane for a gank before you recall. If you find your lane is being pushed, and your jungler is currently farming, ask them to cover your lane, which they should be happy too for the free experience and gold.

Get Blue buff yourself. Always check with your jungler to make sure they don't need it, and you can get it yourself if they is busy and your lane is safe. Placing your Crystallize in front of the Golumn will give you 5 seconds that it cannot attack you, so make sure to Glacial Storm it underneath and follow up with your other abilities for a quick clear.
| Example coming soon |

Help secure or steal Baron/Dragon. This is very important in team fights, being able to both secure and steal objectives.

If helping secure, you can help deal damage with your Frostbite combinations along with your Glacial Storm, as well as walling people off with your Crystallize to avoid any interruptions.
| Example coming soon |

If helping to steal, your best bet is to go in and initiate a team fight. You don't have the best range to secure a perfect steal yourself, however you can split them up and put them in a bad position with your Crystallize, forcing opponents who didn't run quick enough inside the objective's vicinity, and allows the objective to out-damage those trapped, and your team to out-damage those who escaped.
| Example coming soon |

Late Game

This is when the push to the opponents base is priority 1, while defending yours. This will result if frequent team fights, both centered around lanes, bases and objectives, such as the [{Baron Nashor]], where an Ace will usually end in a victory for the opposing team. Anivia's best strengths in late-game are:
  • Turtling/Pushing. With your amazing clearing skills with Glacial Storm and Flash Frost, you are able to push lanes quickly with ease, while killing waves pushed by your opponents before they reach your turret, meaning opponents will have trouble taking them down without having to tank them out.
  • Melting opponents. As an AP Carry, you have the ability to really melt late-game tanky-compositions. The large AoE of your Glacial Storm means you can melt the entire team at once, especially when paired with a Liandry's Torment. However, never run out in front of your tank to do so, as any hard crowd control will cancel your ultimate.
  • Disrupting Team fights. Using your Crystallize and Flash Frost well is a key point in using Anivia well late-game. A well-placed Crystallize can help make a dangerous 5v5 into an easy 3v5, by simply locking opponents out and taking out the front line with taking little damage in return, as well as stunning key players, such as the opponents ADC with your Flash Frost, putting them in an extremely vulnerable position.

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Lane Counters

By alphabetical order, I have listen the most common mid-lane match ups you will most likely see, unless the opposite team is trolling for lulz. I have included the Difficulty & a quick summary on how to cope when versing them.
Note: for a quick search, press CTRL+F, then type in the opponents name to be brought straight to the summary.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Easy
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium-Hard

Akali is purely an Assassin who will rip your face off after level 6. Pre-6, she is easy, with her only defensive ability being Twilight Shroud. Since she is Melee, with only 1 range ability, which has a range of your Auto attack, you need to shut her down as much as possible early game, meaning auto-attacking when she is in range, denying her farm with your Flash Frost, followed up by your Frostbite, as well as zoning her with your Crystallize.
Post-6, she will jump onto you and you can't do nothing about it, but try and survive her Shadow Dance bursts by counter attacking with your Flash Frost and Glacial Storm to gain some ground and hopefully survive her burst. Never initiate on this fight, and you should be pretty well off; ask for jungler support to bring her down post-6.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium

Annie is a rare play these days. Her Pyromania gives her a stun periodically, that can be seen by a white swirl around her. You outrange her abilities, however she's the only AP caster who has a higher Auto attack then you, so be weary of her.
She should just be farming with Disintegrate, and hoping for a stun off you when she has one, otherwise she will go back to farming. Her mana sustain is better than yours, thanks to her Disintegrate, so make sure to get your Chalice of Harmony/ Tear of the Goddess quickly.
Post-6, she has the power to nuke anyone she chooses. Never get in range of her while she possess her stun, or she will drop Summon: Tibbers right on your head and will destroy you. Counter this by making her dance with your Flash Frost, and staying at a safe distance, zoning with your Crystallize and Glacial Storm if she starts to run towards you.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium-Hard

Ahri is a very skill-based matchup. Your Flash Frost will out range her abilities, so use it to deny her farm and harass, however try and avoid going in to Frostbite her in front of your minions, as she will turn around and Charm you. Sticking behind your minions and dodging her Orb of Deception, especially on the way back, will avoid any combo's from her Fox-Fire or Charm.
Post-6, she gains crazy mobility with her Spirit Rush, allowing her to dash around your Crystallize and your minions, dodging your Flash Frost and go for the kill, which counters your lack of mobility hard. Using your passive to bait her under your turret with your Rebirth Post-6 is the best way to counter her ultimate, plus the fact that is has a moderate cooldown, so then turn around and combo her back in her face.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium

Brand is a skill-shot reliant opponent, meaning he will make you dance with his Sear and Pillar of Flame. I find this match-up all about skill. You both have the ability to stun each other, with unique ways of doing so, both are which skill shots. Your skills do slightly outrange his, and while he is purely for damage, he lacks a gap closer, however his passive Blaze can cause catastrophe if you do not back away after he has landed an ability on you.
Post-6, his Pyroclasm can cause heaps of damage, however you have utility on your side with your Glacial Storm, with it's toggability, so try and avoid any extra damage from his Pyroclasm, then proceed to counter-combo and zone him hard, as he can not compete with farming against your Glacial Storm.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium-hard
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium-hard

Cassiopeia is known for her face-ripping sustained damage from her Twin Fang. Both pre-6 and post-6, she will out-trade you, however she is not impossible to kill as she can only combo you if she lands one of her skill shots Noxious Blast or Miasma, both which are on a short cooldown. When attacking, her mana costs decrease, thanks to her Deadly Cadence, plus she gains a movement buff from Noxious Blast, and hence being able to kite you with ease, while dodging your flssh frost.
Post-6, her ultimate has the power to stun you. If she has it up, never approach her, and always check brush with your Crystallize, due to her tactic called "Snakes in the grass", to which she will proceed to rip your face off. If she does attack, try to slow her with your Glacial Storm, zone her with your Crystallize and try and stun her with Flash Frost while dodging her abilities.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Easy-Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Hard

Like with most AD Casters, their early game is hard against AP casters, due to their Melee range. Diana is no exception to this rule; Poking her down as much as you can in order to deny her farm and shut her down early is the best thing you can do pre-6. Poking with your Flash Frost and Frostbite combo will help poke her health down, while you need to dodge her Crescent Strike.
Post-6, like any assassin, they will jump onto you, and she will tear you to shreads, as her Moonfall will interrupt your ultimate. Once she gets to 6, run back to your tower and farm from there, possibly baiting her under your tower with your Rebirth, and farm with your range. Dodging her Crescent Strike is crucial, as it will mean she cannot start her full combo on you. Asking for Jungle ganks is the only way to kill her post-6.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium

Elise is a pretty even match-up. While she can burst you down early, she should be wise enough not too, as a lot of her hard damage and gap-closing comes from melee form, and she needs to build up her Spider Queen for her attack to be effective. Initiating her early is not a wise move, as she can Cocoon / Rappel Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy with ease if you move out of position.
Post-6, she can combo you, but to can just as easily counter-combo and zone her. Just watch for her Cocoon / Rappel, which can ignore your crystallize completely. Put the pressure on her with Glacial Storm and deny her farm while pulling back if she decided to engage on you, and try to counter-stun with Flash Frost and be careful when she goes into spider form.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium

Evelynn has slowly becoming more of a common pick as an AP carry in Mid lane. Although you out range her, she will out farm you early levels, while dodging your Flash Frost with her Dark Frenzy. Just make sure to keep your range from her so she cannot combo, and harass with your auto-attacks due to her Melee range.
Post-6, she will push hard then roam, and is one of the most annoying mid-lane roamers thanks to her passive Shadow Walk, allowing to ambush anyone, including you, if they are out of position and utterly destroy you, while escaping quite easily. She can also break away from your Glacial Storm slow with Dark Frenzy. Best thing to do is to farm hard and keep pressure on her lane so she cannot roam easily. Since oracles have a small range than her Shadow Walk, try shutting her roaming with Vision Wards.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium

I haven't had too much experience with AP Ezreal with Anivia, however his popularity is slowly picking up. He is a very slippery champion, due to his Arcane Shift, dodging your Flash Frost and trying to snipe you with his Mystic Shot. As long as you stay behind your minions and focus on farming, early game shouldn't be too hard. Early game, he will farm better than you, and try and zone you, but zone back with your Crystallize, and if he uses his Arcane Shift to last hit, you can then retaliate with your Flash Frost if your fast enough
Post-6, he has the ability to snipe you with his Trueshot Barrage, which can be such a pain, however he should have trouble killing you due to your Rebirth. Try and Flash Frost him while his Arcane Shift is on cooldown, and farm heavy with your Glacial Storm, while being careful not to put yourself out of position, or you will pay for it.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium

Fiddlesticks has also lost his touch in mid-lane, but it's not to say he wont appear from time to time. You have range on your side, so use that to your advantage. Early game, he will silence you with his Dark Wind, which can be used from your minion wave to get to you, so never stand too close to them when he uses it. You should never let him get to close to Terrify and Drain combo you; his Drain gives him crazy sustain, which can counter your Rebirth. If he starts to come forward, block him with your Crystallize and stun him with your Flash Frost.
Post-6, always make sure to stun him while he is channeling, or, block him when he has activated the ult with your Crystallize. His animation looks like Drain when channeling, however without the actual Drain animation. If this is happening, throw your Flash Frost, prepare your Crystallize and move towards your turret immediately. Always crystallize bushes if he goes MIA, as he can teleport out of them with his ult. After that, you can out-farm him, and with blue-buff, should be able to out-range and out-damage him if you can avoid his Terrify. Watch for his Dark Wind, as it can cancel your Glacial Storm.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium-Hard
  • Difficulty Post-6: Hard

God, Fizz is one of the most annoying champions when playing any AP caster. He can dodge any of your skills with Playful / Trickster, followed by stomping right on top of you and cleaning you out with his Urchin Strike, or vice versa. Never initiate into this fight, all your damage can and will be negated. Always counter his initiates by zoning him with your Crystallize after he has Playful / Trickster, as he can jump over it, however he can dodge your Flash Frost with his Urchin Strike with your minions.
Post-6, his Chum the Waters can hurt, and is on a shot cooldown, but can be countered by keeping your range and constantly moving, due to the skill shot nature, and if he misses, avoid getting in range of it. Just try and passively farm with your Glacial Storm, putting pressure when he roams and keeping your lanes warded for when he comes back.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium-Hard

Galio is one of the most under-played champions at the moment, and is currently being look at for a rework. In saying that, this guy is a anti-mage in the form of a tank. Early game, he can negate any damage thanks to his Bulwark, but also has a bit of mana issues early, so he'll just try and farm passively. If he does initiate with Resolute Smite, counter attack with your Crystallize to zone him, then follow up with your Flash Frost and Frostbite.
Post-6, his ult can become heaps nasty, and he will try and conjure you into it, allowing him to egg you, then destroy you, so keep your range, and farm with Glacial Storm. Thanks to his Runic Skin, he gains AP from Magic Resist items, meaning he ends up dealing heaps of damage, while negating a whole lot of yours, and this is what makes him such a beast later on. Getting a jumgler pre-6 is the best way to put him down, or he will roll over your team late-game.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium-Hard
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium-Hard

Gragas is such an annoying champion to play against when playing Anivia. Firstly, he has both HP and Mana sustain, thanks to his passive Happy Hour and his Drunken Rage, allowing him to use his abilities more often and heal from them. His Barrel Roll has the same range as your Flash Frost, and does AoE damage, allowing to damage both you and your minions, and is an effective zoning tool. His Body Slam can smash through your Crystallize and dodge your Flash Frost, effectively nullifying it.
Post-6, his Explosive Cask is a massive AoE knockback, so if he gets you into egg form, he can Explosive Cask you out of range of your turret and finish you off. Later levels, with CDR, his Barrel Roll and Body Slam become extremely spammable, with a short cooldown on Explosive Cask, as well as using his Barrel Roll to farm with ease. Your only advantage is the fact that he's melee, so try and use this to your advantage, and keep pressure on your lane, but try and stay as far away from him as possible, as he can farm from ages away, and close the gap very quickly with Body Slam, also nullifying your Glacial Storm.

CH-1 Concussion Grenade
  • Difficulty Pre-6: Easy-Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Easy-Medium

Heimerdinger is a real pain, but can be countered relatively easily as Anivia. Pre-6, he has the advantage, due to his poke from his Turrets and Rockets, as well as an AoE Blind from his grenade. However, these have long CD's, as well as Heimerdinger having mana issues early on as well. He also has lack of mobility, meaning you can counter-attack with your [[flash frost].
Post-6, he gains a steroid from his UPGRADE!!!, however his turrets can be destroyed very easily, thanks to your Glacial Storm, meaning he has to wait numerous seconds before placing them back again. Put the pressure on and counter-attack with your combo, and this match-up shouldn't be awfully hard.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Easy-Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Easy-Medium

Karthus is a very tricky champion to play, as he has no massive damage from one skill, and requires to zone you with Wall of Pain and make you dance with Lay Waste, as well having mana sustain from his Defile. His Lay Waste can be a pain from a good Karthus, due to your lack of mobiltiy, however your Flash Frost has a larger range than his Lay Waste, and Frostbite larger than his Defile. If he zones you when you initiate, zone back just as hard with your Crystallize, and he won't be able to compete.
Post-6, just be careful where and when he dies, and immediately jump out of his passive Death Defied, has he can keep attacking. If your low on health, he will Requiem you, however this can be countered by your passive Rebirth, and try and zone him away from his minions, so he cannot keep farming after he has died.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Easy
  • Difficulty Post-6: Hard

Again, with alot of AD Casters/Assassins, they will have a hard time early game, and Kassadin is no exception, with one of the weakest early games by far. He does not gain mobility until level 6, and until then, you out range his Null Sphere. Avoid pushing too hard, as he can farm easily under his turret thanks to his Nether Blade, but make sure you make him pay for any last-hitting with your Flash Frost.
Post-6, He gains incredible mobility, thanks to Riftwalk and will silence you, causing you to be helpless while he destroys you, then can just Riftwalk straight back out. Best bet is to lay back post-6, and put the pressure on by farming with your Glacial Storm, while being able to react to his combo with yours, and possibly bait him under your turret with Rebirth.

sinister steel
  • Difficulty Pre-6: Easy-Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium-Hard

Katarina is becoming a popular pick in season 3 for a number of reason. She has a slightly weaker game than you pre-6, but she can still farm and dodge your Flash Frost thanks to her Bouncing Blades and Shunpo respectively. Try and get her out of position after she has used Shunpo in order to land a successful Flash Frost and combo.
Post-6, try and keep your Flash Frost up in preparation to her ultimate Death Lotus, as a stun can cancel the channel, however you have to be quick or it will be over before you can retaliate. After which, she can push hard and start to roam, to which you should ward your lanes and put pressure by farming with your Glacial Storm.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Easy-Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Easy-Medium

Kayle is a very interesting champion, and is the definition of hybrid, being able to take any roll and use any item. In saying that, her diversity just isn't enough for Anivia. She has sustain, thanks to her Divine Blessing, but spamming it too much can make her go OOM early game. She will most likely try and farm, harassing with her Reckoning Righteous Fury combo, which modifies her range and slow's you down. In saying that, she can be shut down with a quick Flash Frost and Crystallize in order to get away safely, and counter attack with your Frostbite.
Post-6, she gains invulnerability for a short duration thanks to her Intervention, and will most likely use it to secure a kill. If she does, set up a Crystallize during her Intervention, and use Glacial Storm on top of her, as it decreases her Attack speed, which is her primary damage source, and can cripple her, as well as slow her down. You have more utility, and can out farm her Righteous Fury.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Easy-Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Easy-Medium

With a skilled Kennen, this should be a pretty even match-up, however any random Kennen shouldn't be too hard to dominate. His poke with Thundering Shuriken is a lot faster and does more damage, and can dodge your Flash Frost with ease with his Lightning Rush, and counter-attack. However, you have a large range on your side, you should be able to withstand any poke from him, and farm passively. Never initiate on him, as a good Kennen will use your cooldown to attack you. If he tries to Lightning Rush you, you should be able to get a Frostbite off of him, due it's missiling nature. He can also outsustain you, due to being a ninja.
Post-6, you can out-farm him. While zoning him with your Crystallize as he comes out of Lightning Rush, you can easily combo him, as well as slow him with your Glacial Storm. With enough of an edge, you should be able to out-combo him with ease. Note his passive Mark of the Storm, and his ultimate Slicing Maelstrom, and if you have any stacks on you, hold back until they disappear, because, simply, 1-2-3 and your an egg.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium

Kha'Zix is another mid-lane champion that has being growing in popularity. He is a bit Mana-heavy early game, similar to Anivia, so he will mostly farm. If he does poke, he will use his Void Spike, however you can counter-poke, and deal extra damage if you land the stun and Frostbite, plus your whole kit out-ranges his. If he feels its safe to initiate, he will Leap with his gap closer, then Taste Their Fear and Void Spike, which can do considerable damage. If you get Leaped upon, block his escape with Crystallize and counter-attack. Never push, however, as he can end you if he manages to trigger your Rebirth, so be cautious and stay near your turret when low health.
Post-6, he can deal quite a bit of damage with his combo, as well as his Void Assault will most-likely evolve his Void Spike for extra poke, however you can easily out-farm him. Push, zone and farm with Glacial Storm, and keep Flash Frost for when he engages, and counter-attack. If things turn bad, he can escape easily with Void Assault, so try and burn his ultimate out before going straight in.

mirror image
sigil of silence
  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium-Hard
  • Difficulty Post-6: Hard

One of the purely ranged assassins in the game, LeBlanc is the champion that any mid-laner hates versing, everyone loves playing, but rarely rarely gets mastered. You can outrange her and out farm her, however she can dodge all your abilities if she is fast enough with your Distortion. However, on early levels, this has a High CD, so combo her back with your Flash Frost and Frostbite combo. Be careful, as once she hits level 2, she will be all up in your face.
Post-6, she will jump over your Crystallize, and combo the hell out of you, being able to jump right out of it within 3 seconds and walk away. The worst thing is that she can trigger her sigil of silence and Ethereal Chains and cripple you with 3 seconds of silence. The best way to counter this is wait for her bursts under your turret and out-farm pressure on her with your Glacial Storm when she goes to roam. If you manage to survive til late-game, you have a better success in putting her in her place with help, as her goal is to end the game at the 20 minute mark.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Easy-Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Easy-Medium
The ice wars have begun! Lissandra can poke alot with her Ice Shard, and can dodge your Flash Frost with Glacial Path if needed. However, you out range her abilities, so avoid coming into her optimal range. She has mana sustain with Iceborn so she will unlikely go OOM early. Pre-6, avoid poking with your Flash Frost, as a smart Lissandra will Glacial Path to you when it's on Cooldown, so never engage pre-6. However, she can't get a hold of you unless you stand too close to your minions, as her shattered Ice Shard can poke you, and can out farm you early game.
Post-6, you can start to out-farm her and zone her with your range. If she initiates with her Glacial Path, you can instantly ready your Flash Frost for an instant stun on arrival. This will avoid Frozen Tombing you, and will probably do it on herself, so which you can put your ult on her to slow her when she comes out and crystallize for a counter-attack. Stay out of range and stun her Glacial Path, and this shouldn't be too hard.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium-hard
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium-hard

Lux is another popular pick, due to her CC abilities with her dual-snare Light Binding, and her Final Spark. Early game, she has range to her advantage, and can combo even harder back in your face, so try and dodge her skill-shots. She can zone you with Lucent Singularity, and negate any damage, if she is quick enough, with Prismatic Barrier.
Post-6, you can start to put the pressure on her with your Glacial Storm. Just be careful with her Final Spark, as she can scramble you out of position and destroy you. You can out farm her and kill her later, but it's getting there without being stomped that is tricky. Zone back with Crystallize, and farm passively is the best way to survive.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium
This is pretty much a skill match-up. Malzahar is stronger and can out-farm you early, with his Summon Voidling, Null Zone and Malefic Visions, however you can out range these. His Call of the Void can silence, so avoid walking into it, and avoid standing too close of low health minions if he casts Malefic Visions.
Post-6, his Nether Grasp can be extremely dangerous, so avoid getting into range of it, as it suppresses the target, you won't be able to react to it. You can now out-farm him and poke him. If you decide to engage, be careful of his Call of the Void, or he can counter-attack and Nether Grasp you. If you have Rebirth, you can't get him to tower dive, because of his Malefic Visions, so try and out-poke, out-harass and out-farm the best you can while dodging his skills and keeping your range.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Easy-Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Easy-Medium

I've read some funny stuff on Mordekaiser, but, from my experience, Mordekaiser to be a hit or miss champion. Early game, he needs to be focusing on farming with Siphon of Destruction, and due to his melee range, you can take advantage of it when he goes to last it, stun him with your Flash Frost. This will mean he cannot cast any skills and takes full damage from your Frostbite if your quick enough before he casts his Creeping Death, and his passive Iron Man won't be able to kick in.
Post-6, His ultimate Children of the Grave can be a bit nasty, however if he casts it, make sure you have Rebirth up, as it will negate his ultimate, however, a smart Mordekaiser would cast it on you in egg-form for a guarantee 'Pet' of you, however, don't give him this opportunity. Try and kill him while you can, as he becomes very hard to kill later on, however you can counter this by zoning him hard early game, and out farming him considerably.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium-Hard

Morgana is a champion that will piss you off to no end with her Black Shield. She can farm very well with her Tormented Soil, however has a little trouble when against your Glacial Storm. Her snare is the longest in the game, and does hurt later game, and she can migate your Flash Frost stun thanks to her Black Shield. However, this has a shorter CD that your Flash Frost, so aim to combo her just after she has used it.
Post-6, as she starts to roam, if she can land her Soul Shackles on multiple allies, she can wreck havoc, and it's good to both keep the pressure in lane with your Glacial Storm, and try and zone her with your Crystallize, as she will have her black-shield during her Soul Shackles, making your Flash Frost quite useless, as well as the slow from your Glacial Storm, however it doesn't penetrate your Crystallize, so this is your best skill when against her. Try and counter-combo when her Black Shield is off cool down.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium

I've only done this match-up once and it was pretty even. Nidalee's Javelin Toss can hurt a alot if your out of position, however you can counter this by staying behind your minions, and keep sure to keep a safe distance if she's gone into the Fog of War. You can out farm her; her only farming skill is her Swipe in Cougar form, to which her Pounce will easily dodge your Flash Frost and jump over your Crystallize. She has better sustain with Primal Surge, however if she spams these too much too early, she will run out on mana.
Post-6, You can out-farm her with no problem. The way to counter Nidalee is not to initiate. Farm with your Glacial Storm and put pressure on her side, staying behind your minions to dodge her Javelin Toss. If she tries to go around your minions, put down your Crystallize and try and dodge; if it is inevitable, walk INTO the spear (it will do less damage), and counter-attack with Glacial Storm. If she switches to Cougar form, forcing her to use Pounce over your Crystallize will allow you to land a successful Flash Frost and counter-combo.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium-Hard

Early game, Orianna suffers from mana issues, similar to you, so both of you will just try and zone periodically, while trying to farm. Your Auto attacks outrange hers, but her's hurt more due to her Clockwork Windup, making early game a pretty-even matchup. She can poke just as hard with her Command: Attack Command: Dissonance combo.
Post-6, with some of her Mana issues solved, she can become a beast once she gets some AP. She can farm just as easily with her Command: Attack Command: Dissonance Command: Protect combo, as well as migating alot of damage with her Command: Protect, and being able to Command: Dissonance away. When roaming, her ult can really screw up a good team composition, causing havoc to your allies, and she can just simply just Command: Protect herself or an ally to migate any retaliation. Later game, she can be a real pain, so be careful against her.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Easy
  • Difficulty Post-6: Easy-Medium

Now, this is an easy matchup for Anivia. All of Ryze's abliites have a range of 600, the range of your Autoattack. To make things easier, he has little ability to farm, and his Rune Prison snare will only have a longer duration then your stun at level 3. Early game, farm to your heart's content, as he will not be able to deny you farm unless he initates with his combo, to which you can counter-attack with your Crystallize, forcing him to walk into your Flash Frost and Frostbite combo. Just be careful about his Spell Flux when farming, as it can jump of your minions and attack you, so stand back if he casts it.
Post-6, his Desperate Power is simply an AoE Steroid, which grants him Movement speed and Spell vamp, which makes him a bit tricky to pin down, as well as a low cool-down. In saying that, you can negate his Movement with Glacial Storm, zone him with your Crystallize and combo him. Just be careful that you don't get Rune Prisoned while in the middle of it, however you can still cast your abilities, so zoning him will during it's affect will allow you to break free and stun him with ease. Late-game, he'll be building MR & health items, so he'll be a bit harder to burst down then.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Easy-Medium

The combat of the birds. Swain is another favourite of mine, but has being losing his play in general, but that doesn't mean that he can't cripple you. His passive Carrion Renewal will mean he will out-sustain you on a Mana basis, meaning don't attack unless he initiates first. His Decrepify and Torment both has a short range, so make sure to stay back from him. However his Nevermove, Swain's signature move, has a larger range, but doesn't out range you, so hang back and constantly move, as if he lands his Nevermove, he can swoop in (no pun intended) and combo you. Other than that, both of you should just be farming evenly. Keep your Flash Frost for counter-attacks, and if he does attack, he wont be able to end you, thanks to your Rebirth
Post-6, things start to get heated. Both ultimate's are totally different, but are toggable. Both have the same range, however Anivia can move away slightly after placing Glacial Storm to avoid Swain's Ravenous Flock. If he does initiate, keep near your minions, but out of range of him, as his Ravenous Flock will not reach you, and if he is coming in after landing his Nevermove, zone him with your Crystallize and counter-combo, by slowing him with your Glacial Storm can avoid him getting into range to combo.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium

I find it fun to play Syndra, and she has one of the highest bursts of all mages, if played correctly. Early game, she will mostly farm with Autoattacks and Dark Sphere, which can also be used to harass you. This ability has a pretty large range, so be careful of it, as it can be cast while Syndra is moving, as well as Force of Will, however, due to the skill-shot nature of her 3 main abilities, they can be dodged easily against an average Syndra. She will most likely keep her Scatter the Weak for ganks, due to the potential AoE stun is causes, so avoid walking into the direction of her and her spheres.
Post-6, you can out farm her, however she is a very quick farmer herself, due to the spammable nature of Dark Sphere. If she is going all-out with spheres, while moving towards you when doing all this, it is meaning she is preparing to ult, so always keep your range, as her Force of Will can slow and Scatter the Weak can stun, but making it hard to land these by moving is impeccable for survival, as her Unleashed Power can melt your HP down to nothing in a second, but this can be countered by your Rebirth, however it has a small range, so zoning her will allow you to let some spheres expire and decrease her overall damage. Once she casts it, your stun will not stop it, so be careful.
  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium-Hard
  • Difficulty Post-6: Hard

One of my favourite Melee assassins, Talon can be nasty to verse against, and it is impeccable that you stay near your turret, as if he gets enough range with his cutthroat, he will jump, silence, and bleed you out with Noxian Diplomacy, however he shouldn't fully kill you due to your Rebirth. His Rake can be a very effective farming and poking tool, so make sure that you stay out of range of him.
Post-6, his Shadow Assault grants invisibility when activated, so your Crystallize wont be able to block him, allowing him to jump onto you with ease and combo you to complete death with little retaliation due to the silence from cutthroat. This ult can also be an escape mechanism, meaning he can utterly avoid any counter-attacks from your part. The only thing you can do is get a jungler help take him down, out-farm him, and try and get him to tower-dive you when you have Rebirth up. If he is coming towards for an initation without his Shadow Assault is slow him down with Glacial Storm, zone him with your Crystallize and try and lang a Flash Frost combo, followed by backing right up.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Easy-Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Easy-Medium

Twisted Fate has has a roller-coaster of nerfs to him, however still manages to find himself classified as OP. Honestly, at the moment, I find him not too hard to verse. His Pick A Card will out-sustain you by Mana, so avoid spamming your abilities. His AA range is a mere 525, and hence will have to get into range to land his Pick A Card Stacked Deck combo, and hence is quite easy to counter by Crystallize and Flash Frost. His Wild Cards has a massive poke though, and can hurt alot, but if you stay far enough from him, you can dodge them quite easy.
Post-6, as you probably won't be able to kill him, as he can retaliate any initiation quite evenly, will mean he will probably use Destiny to teleport to another lane and try his luck there, so always call MIA if he disappears Post-6, and use this chance to push your lane hard with your Glacial Storm. If he is behind, though, he can use Destiny to easily use it to teleport instantly back in lane, so make sure he doesn't have it up if you decide to push.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Easy-Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium-Hard

The very definition of a Burst-mage, if Veigar catches you, you are dead. Veigar is quite weak early on, and as you out-range all of his abilities, he will try and farm with Baleful Strike to grant him extra AP to snow-ball mid-game. Try and take advantage of this with your Flash Frost combo, but avoid straying too close so he can land his Event Horizon on you, however, you'll be lucky early game due to your Rebirth and his lack of power. He can poke with Dark Matter, but can be dodged without an Event Horizon by the delayed animation. If he does catch you with Event Horizon, then avoid your first instinct to run away, and run around in circles inside, as hitting the wall will mean he can guarantee a successful Dark Matter. If possible, and when his Event Horizon is off cooldown, and being ganked is nullified, you can try and shut him down early once you have your Crystallize.
Post-6, his single-target bursts can hurt so much more. Earlier, as your aiming for Mana regen, and not AP, his Primordial Burst won't hurt as much, as it scales off the opponents AP, however later on he can utterly destroy you, so out farm him, zone and counter-attack him without straying too close earlier on.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Easy-Medium

Vladimir is one of those champions that is extremely annoying to verse, as his disengage is one of the best in the game. Early game, he can spam his Transfusion due to the HP costs, and the low CD, however keep your distance as it has a small range. If he tries to get near you, always engage first, as he can Transfusion you, then quickly Sanguine Pool out with no damage taken, as well as using it to dodge all of your abilities. He can also farm easily thanks to his Tides of Blood.
Post-6, you can easily zone and out farm him without taking much damage yourself as long as you keep your range, as his Hemoplague can hurt a lot. If he triggers Rebirth, he won't be able to do much, and you can just get reborn and squish him even harder.
ascended form
locus of powermage chains
  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium-Hard

Xerath has a great sniping potential that can hurt a lot if your caught, which is easier for him due to your lack of mobiltiy. While the range of his standard skills, especially his mage chains, aren't the best, his locus of power allows him to increase his range of all his skills by 400. Pre-6, neither of you can farm too great, however his poke Arcanopulse is alot easier to be hit by than your Flash Frost. Watch out for when he goes into locus of power, as he can easily stun and poke you with a great range, however you can easily counter this by a quick Flash Frost, causing him to either get hit and pay for it, or deactivate the ability and dodge it, forcing it to go on cool down. However, he shouldn't be able to kill you early.
Post-6, his Arcane Barrage can be absolutely nasty, and with your lack of mobility, he can crush you with ease, without getting hurt himself if he uses locus of power, however always through a Flash Frost to force him out of it, however, later, the cooldown is dramatically decreased, so he can re-engage with ease. If he can stun you with his mage chains, he will rip you to shreads, so keep your range and constantly move around.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium-Hard
  • Difficulty Post-6: Hard

Zed is the newest Ninja, and is one of the funnest to play, as well as the most annoying when versing him as Anivia. The main thing to understand is his Living Shadow mechanism,, allowing Zed to throw a Shadow forward which mimic's any of his abilities. That allows him to quickly throw his shadow into place to land a successful Razor Shuriken, while taking no damage himself. His Shadow Slash means he can farm pretty well, while the ability to switch places with his shadow means he can dodge your Flash Frost and counter-attack with ease, as well as jumping over your Crystallize with ease, so avoid initiating, and always counter-attack him, not his shadow. Avoid versing him when >50% HP, as his Contempt for the Weak means he can deal more damage. Zed's weaknesses is that he isn't as strong Early game, with high CD's and high Energy costs, so he a bit easier to manage early game.
Post-6, though, his Death Mark can destroy you, allowing him to dash to you, and then jump behind you to dodge your Flash Frost, so always be careful of this. If he kills you under 3 seconds, then it will trigger the ending while in Egg form, dealing extra damage and can end you with ease. All you can do is be extremely careful around him, Crystallize after he has Living Shadowed into position, however not between him and his shadow, save Flash Frost for after he has switched, and out farm him the best you can.

  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Medium-Hard

Ziggs can be so annoying against anyone, and especially Anivia. His range is just under yours, but not by much, meaning he can out-poke you with ease, especially with his Bouncing Bomb, which travels even further when it doesn't hit anything. Earlier, though, he has a bit of mana-trouble, as well as long cooldowns, so he will be more interested in poking with Bouncing Bomb while farming with the use of his Short Fuse.
Post-6, though, and when he fixes his mana issues, he can out-poke you with ease, using his Hexplosive Minefield right on top of you forces you to run while getting damaged. His Satchel Charge can be used to both bounce you out of position, say, out of your turret range, or for a disengage if used correctly. His Mega Inferno Bomb has a range similar to Twisted Fate's Destiny, so he can hit you a mile away, however if he goes MIA, call it as there is a good chance he'll throw it at one of the other lanes, before returning. As your lack of mobility isn't helpful, and your range doesn't help either, you can't do much but try and land your Flash Frost by zoning and out-farming him, while always moving to dodge his abilities and land yours.

deadly bloom
  • Difficulty Pre-6: Medium
  • Difficulty Post-6: Easy-Medium

Zyra is another one of my favourite Mid laners. I see her Rampant Growth similar to H-28G Evolution Turret, due to the ability to place an ability that will deal damage for you. Zyra is also very immobile, like you, so she will have a harder time dodging your Flash Frost. She will be mostly trying to farm with her deadly bloom, as well as poking you with it. She won't try to all out you until level 3, so which she will incorporate her Rampant Growth into her combo's, meaning you need to keep your range, especially if she hits her seed with her deadly bloom to create ranged plants. If she tries to combo you, counter-combo with your Flash Frost combo, while avoiding too much extra damage from her plants.
Post-6, You can easily kill her plants with your Glacial Storm, meaning you can push and zone a lot better. She will try to wither you down before she goes all in with Stranglethorns, which, if places correctly, will end up knocking you up and you don't have enough mobility to avoid them snapping you up. If she goes all in, you probably wont escape, so counter-attack, and try to kill her first. Her passive Rise of the Thorns may kill you after she is dead, however your Rebirth will nullify her passive, however be careful while it's down.

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So, you ended up with rolling Anivia, or got forced to swap with someone? There is a specific way I play Anivia on ARAM, and that is because People do either of 2 things:

  • Go full glass cannon
  • Go extremely Tanky
They do this because:
  • The only way to fight damage is with damage
  • Running around absorbing damage is the only thing your champion can do on ARAM.

However, I believe that Crowd Control and Utility are what win ARAM games. This is why all supports are all of a sudden deemed OP, and why Melee/assassins tend to fail more. So, I build Anivia in the following way:

Summoner Spells

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Runes and Masteries

In terms of Masteries, I pick 22-0-8 - why? Because the 9th Utility Mastery, which increases Jungle Buff durations by 20% is instantly obsolete, and there is nothing that great to replace it with, and getting a little extra damage will help with the lack of power early game.

In terms of Runes, I get my normal MP Marks, however I replace my Armor seals with Flat AP Seals. Why? Because, I find that just getting a bit more power early game is the best use of these Seals, as I delay any real AP for a while. I get Scaling AP Glyphs to increase my late-game, followed by Movement Speed Quints, that are absolutely necessary to out-run opponents and weave in-and-out of team-fights to use your abilities.


Starting Items

This is my standard build for any AP-based champion on ARAM. Why? Because, there is nothing more frustrating then constantly running out of Mana, especially on ARAM, where you're always spamming your skills, especially with the second life from your Rebirth. I choose Chalice of Harmony, because it provides the highest Mana Regeneration base, and gives you a bit of Magic Resist, which is great in Early game. The Boots of Speed will help your mobility, and the Health Potion's, along with your Rebirth will literally keep you alive for ages if played right, so as much sustain as possible is needed.
"Why not tear first?" Because, you get less mana regen, and you can stack it a lot easier on ARAM, so i pick up on my first death.

Core Items

"But didn't you say that all 3 items is a total waste?" Yes, on Summoner's rift, it is. but this will give you about 2,600 Mana, along with TONS of mana regen. Why do I go crazy on the mana? Because, I use Anivia to zone on ARAM. Hard. Oh, your attacking my turret? Glacial Storm for 30 seconds.

It allows you to keep your ultimate running for long periods of time, and when paired with Clarity, it will totally make up for the lack of a Blue Buff.

Because of this, I try and stay alive for as much as possible, only dying when I can't avoid it, or when the rest of my team has revived and can cope without me.

I play Anivia as a Troll on ARAM. I zone hard, I stall like crazy, and I do this while melting people's faces off. In saying that, there are times that I have considered a 2nd Tear, but it is completely unnecessary and just minimizes any real damage that you need to melt opponents.

So what do I Build After that?

Anything you want: I tend to pick up a Liandry's Torment as well, due to the constant use of Glacial Storm, I find it the best item to pick up after my 3 core items. Then I say to myself:
Feel free to build whatever you want. I believe that really annoying the other team with your kit is the best way to use Anivia on ARAM.

Tips and Tricks for ARAM

  • Always check the brush areas with your Crystallize, placing it just slightly into the brush, as to split any players in the brush up and forcing them to walk around it. Players who haven't had experience with Anivia might forget about the sight that Crystallize gives, and instantly makes them a target.
  • Never aim your Flash Frost at a target, as it is easily dodged. Practice aiming it where multiple people will run into, creating a multi-stun. It also forced people out of the way.
  • Due to the constant use of Glacial Storm, always try and use Frostbite to maximize your damage. However, never put yourself out of position to do so, as anyone with a larger range can tear your face off.
  • Due to the single lane nature of The Howling Abyss, a Maxed Crystallize, used in conjunction with Glacial Storm forces people to walk over your Glacial Storm, and can be used to zone extremely well.
  • Never use Crystallize that forces your own allies to walk around it. It can save enemies and kill allies all at once.

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Thanks for taking the time to read (or to quickly scroll through) this guide. I would love criticism in order to improve the quality of this guide, and hope that you all learned even more about Anivia, and I hope you come to love her as I do.
Like I previously said, please comment if you decide to down-vote so I can improve my guide, as well as Ideas and thoughts in how I could improve my guide.

A special thanks to jhoijhoi's "Making a guide", which is extremely helpful for those looking to learn how to make a guide, as well as ideas and templates for structuring and layouts.

I also thank any other author who has written a high-quality guide. I have taken ideas that I like and try and implement them in my own way in order to increase the quality of the guide.

This guide are is my experience with Anivia and from things that I have read. If you disagree or feel like something needs to be changed/added, I'm more than willing to hear you out and modify accordingly.

If you want to screenshot your achievements with this guide and post them in the comments, i'll be happy to create a section dedicated to viewer achievements.

I also thank Mount Kimbie for making amazing music to listen to while writing this guide :3.

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Change Log

Written as dd/mm/yyyy


  • Finally released guide. Hurray!
  • Little bit of dusting