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Lulu Build Guide by Lulu Mushroom Teas

Jungle Lulu JG - "The Huntress-Mixer-Trickster-Scout"

Jungle Lulu JG - "The Huntress-Mixer-Trickster-Scout"

Updated on January 18, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lulu Mushroom Teas Build Guide By Lulu Mushroom Teas 8 0 6,881 Views 7 Comments
8 0 6,881 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lulu Mushroom Teas Lulu Build Guide By Lulu Mushroom Teas Updated on January 18, 2022
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Runes: Default Rune Page

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Fleet Footwork
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Ghost Poro
Ingenious Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+8 Magic Resist
+6 Armor


1 2
"Gap-Closer" Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Support Role
Ranked #23 in
Support Role
Win 53%
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Support Role Ranked #23 in
Support Role
Win 53%
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Quick Recall (Zombie Ward)
First Recall EXTRA Accessory Items
Itemization Examples of Crown of the Shattered Queen as the 1st Item
Itemization Examples of Lich Bane as the 1st Item
Itemization Examples of Guardian Angel as the 1st Item
Itemization Examples of Nashor's Tooth as the 1st Item
Allied team lacks AP and Lulu JG compensates for it: must "powerfarm" and survive.
Itemization Examples of Shurelya's Battlesong as the 1st Item
Itemization Examples of Phantom Dancer as the 1st Item
Critical Strike Rengar kills ally teammates but runs for his life from Lulu JG
Itemization Examples of Demonic Embrace as the 1st Item

Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

Lulu JG - "The Huntress-Mixer-Trickster-Scout"

By Lulu Mushroom Teas
LULU JG - ¿Feasibility?
"That's the reason I love LoL: ¡There's a Lulu JG, and she is totally crushing the game!"
said suddenly one nice allied Support player.
I can't agree more, buddy. But not so fast. This is hard work too, and there are lots of frustrations which should come along with it. Let's quickly take a look at some of the main ones.


By having a power pick such as Lulu on the Jungler 's function, despite her incredible team fight capabilities and the fact she is one of the most versatile champions in the whole game, we have to cope with some adversities due to the fact Lulu's kit is not great for what is optimal for a jungle-specialized champion. This means we will often have difficulties involving better jungle-clearing and sustain, control of neutral objectives, optimal chasing potential, duels and "assassination" power, massive and natural scaling, easy ganking and (especially frustrating to me, because it is often substancial to Junglers ) deep diving and hard engage. Even though Lulu is great at following up allied deep divings and hard engages, she is not so good at starting them, if compared to specialized Jungler champions such as Volibear, Amumu, Nunu & Willump, Hecarim, Rammus and Lee Sin for instance.
Because of the sum of such more or less impactful disadvantages, the worst toll our team might be paying is not being able to properly secure the Epic Monsters neutral objectives. Sometimes, no matter how good our strategy is or how good our tactics are, guaranteeing Epic Monsters can be just a question of raw power's momentum, usually turning around the Jungler champion. I'm not saying guaranteeing Epic Monsters for our team is difficult for Lulu JG, but the set of disadvantages I've mentioned before can make it a bit more difficult, requiring from us (and from our teammates) special adaptation. Even when we are able to outplay strategically the enemy Jungler on the map, we might not be ready to finish off an Epic Monster rapidly enough and/or with enough sustain all by ourselves; Lulu JG depends on certain itemizations to do that properly, but these are not necessarily the most advantageous itemizations for every game.


Lulu JG is usually not good in situations such as:
  • allied composition doesn't have good damage potential on their champions;
  • allied composition doesn't have good engage tools nor is great at poking;
  • enemy composition developed a very tanky and unstoppable Juggernaut Fighter , against which Lulu JG has much difficulty to help against; alternatively, but in the same idea, enemy composition has multiple tanky champions such as Vanguard and/or Warden Tanks ;
  • enemy composition disposes of much zoning, poking and range;
  • enemy composition disposes of multiple insane pick off tools.

On the other hand, Lulu JG excels in the following situations:
  • allied composition is a counter-engage one and it is often beneficial to its control of the map to fight defensively;
  • allied composition has hard engage (deep diving potential being also good);
  • at least one high damage dealing allied champion (preferably with burst and CC) is able to participate in Lulu JG's very dangerous pick offs when hidden;
  • allied composition at least one champion which benefits the most from Lulu's kit. To put it simple: champions with good synergy with Lulu. An allied composition with the Diver Fighter type of champion for instance is often an excellent idea along with Lulu JG, as it can compensate for one of her major limitations which is hard engage and deep diving potential; Juggernaut Fighter champions can benefit largely from Lulu's kit as well, but they often aren't so good at engaging; naturally, certain hypercarry Marksman champions are often a pretty good addition to the team with a Lulu JG; as far as I know, all of the Controller champions, which include both the Enchanter and Catcher types, can usually work pretty well on a team composition with Lulu JG; allied Assassin and Skirmisher Slayer champions can often become overpowerful very early if they receiver proper attention from Lulu JG, but I think the Skirmishers are usually more stable; additionally, many Mage champions, whether from the Burst, Battlemage or Artillery types, can benefit immensely working together with Lulu JG; finally, certain Specialist champions may also work in tune with Lulu JG; I would mention Zilean and, especially, Singed (maximum synergy with Lulu JG in the whole champion collection in my opinion).

In conclusion, it is no so hard to build up a team composition which favors a Lulu JG's pick; also, it should be plausible to avoid picking Lulu JG against particularly complicated enemy compositions (unless we'd like to train against these; as I usually do).


Even on Normal games, certain people (usually toxic, jealous, stubborn and/or unexperienced) in the community might just think Lulu JG is a troll pick. Depending on our Region, the time of the day we are playing, the day on the week, a bit of luck, and considering that playing alone instead of with friends tend to increase odds of emerging socializing problems, these factors can make our Lulu JG choice to play more difficult. We might have Lulu champion banned by our own teammate on purpose if we show Lulu's portrait as the Jungler , we might be blamed as a troll, even reported without any proof (we're just playing Off-Meta), and even some degree of in-game sabotage might also occur occasionally on a conscious and/or unconscious level. It's not often useful trying to explain our Lulu JG pick on Picks & Bans, as there is no time there, and when people already show aggressive behavior or disconfort, in many cases they've already made up their mind about the case. Especially, if we want to play as Lulu JG more often, we must develop proper strategies to deal with those eventualities. My main suggestion, if or when you're feeling unsecure, is often trying to play with friends on Normal games first. We can easily make enemies by playing as Lulu JG, but the same is true about making friends; some people will really appretiate our bold, original decision, wild wit and true efforts in making Lulu JG actually work (even when this doesn't necessarily mean a Victory for our team); a well played allied Lulu is often lovely to see. So, just as when playing On-Meta things, don't let the "looser's mentality", with all its intolerance and negativity, determine your experience and wish to play as Lulu JG.
I believe the current Season is quite favorable to a moderately good feasability of Lulu JG. It weren't always that way in certain past Seasons. It might even be that Lulu JG was never so favorable to play, despite all the specialized Jungler -champions there exist nowadays. In spite of all this, I must mention I personally am not mentally ready to play Lulu JG on Solo Queue Ranked games (I wouldn't mind in Flex Ranked games though, especially with friends); I don't dare to, yet, because if random teammates already show occasional franticness about a Lulu JG pick on Normal games, I think it would be a bit irresponsible to bring that on Ranked games where players usually reflect tons of anxiety. But maybe I'm just being the conservative person here. I don't know; but as a Mono- Lulu player with nearly 3 Million Mastery Points, I just want to keep enjoying playing Lulu JG and exploring her Jungler 's potentials, sharing it around and, maybe... maybe at some point, re-engage in a more serious competitive level (because, long time ago, I know I have made some trials regarding Lulu JG). Anyways, if this shared experience can help more Lulu / Jungler players out there, competitively or not, it would be a really nice thing.
INTRODUCTION - "I can do many things."
Lulu can do many things. Even for the sake of fun. And although Riot doesn't seem to properly reward versatily in LoL, still, Lulu and Pix always find their way through.


THE HYBRID LULU: To me, at least, it's a Lulu which usually develops AP, AD and ASPD to a certain measurable extend, just to become DPS-dangerous enough in order to be able to itemize other useful items for different purposes, when necessary. For me, this is the ideal solution for Lulu JG in most games. This kind of mixed build can also be very good for Lulu SUP as far as I know.

THE MACHINE-GUN LULU: The demonic DPS Lulu carry archetype; just another funny glass cannon to play with, but with crazy CC powers. Maybe not bad, but still not of great relevance currently in the jungle in my opinion; and, anyways, only partially feasible through this Guide, because our Rune Pages are not optimal for the Machine-Gun Lulu, but we can still reach some degree of it, if we really believe our team requires such a glass cannon as the allied Jungler ; I personally think this would be recommendable only on special circumstancial.

THE VERSATILE LULU: It's actually the 'blank page' which represents Lulu champion's versatility at the start of each game. I believe this is one of the greatest tools we need to explore while playing Lulu JG: the power of adaptability. Actually, it could be said the Rune Pages I present in this Guide favors Lulu JG's adaptability, considering it raises her survivability as the Jungler . Depending on how good we read the teams' compositions and observe the in-game evolution, we should be in a better position to work our way into developing, either, a Hybrid Lulu, a Machine-Gun Lulu, a more utility-oriented Lulu, etc.


In the current LoL phase, I think I've discovered some interesting ways to build effectively for Lulu JG. It all starts with the proposed Rune Pages, as they favor offensive/defensive Lulu tactics ( Fleet Footwork; Last Stand, Ghost Poro, Magic Resist, Armor), Vision control ( Ghost Poro/ Zombie Ward, Ingenious Hunter), Utility ( Presence of Mind, Ghost Poro/ Zombie Ward, Ingenious Hunter) and ASPD ( Legend: Alacrity, 10% Attack Speed). Tactical mobility and improved Vision are both crucial elements for playing a squishy and nearly immobile champion as Lulu in the jungle; I just can't see any other better way around it on the current state of the game. So, essentially, I'm exchanging optimized DPS and a bit better jungle clearing for revamped survivability (which is a key factor to a good Lulu JG player especially from early to mid game), as well as a more strategic, supportive and utility-oriented approach, yet still counting on the possibility of developing a relatively good DPS if required (usually it is an adequate thing for most Jungler champions), which usually can relate to the Hybrid Lulu concept.


I believe Lulu's versatility is a bit more trickier, as there exist certain builds which can make her something like a jack of all trades. In builds like that, Lulu not only has good stats affecting all of her supportive Abilities, but also becomes particularly menacing because of a higher DPS with hybrid damage (with decent focus on AA and on-hit effects) as well as some sort of resilience to be taken down easily due to off-tank and/or utility itemizations; sometimes, all of this can be produced with an pretty nice MS as well. So, basically, in order to reach this condition of a Hybrid Lulu, we would need to gather an average value on certain stats (or get certain features), as indicated below:
  • AP (roughly, between 100 and 300+);
  • AD (roughly, between 100 and 200+);
  • ASPD (not completely sure yet; but, roughly, between 1.20 and 1.50+; with the 2 APSD runes on my Rune Page, usually by having just 2 [TWO] synergetic ASPD items for Lulu JG would be good enough (e.g., Nashor's Tooth, Wit's End or Guinsoo's Rageblade);
  • MS (still on investigation);
  • extra Health (probably, from 300 to 600+);
  • extra resistances (depends on the game context; but usually it's quite relevant to have from 1 to 3 defensive item; defensive Boots may or may not be included in this count;
  • Mana & Mana Regeneration (since we're playing as Lulu JG and usually taking Presence of Mind rune, in many games these stats might not require any further investment from itemization... ¡which is a fantasy thing for a Lulu player!);
  • Sheen itemization (it is not an essential thing; however, in my experience, this synergizes extremely well with Lulu champion, including DPS Lulu, being an invaluable source of burst damage against all sorts of things; it's a shame not being able to have it on a Lulu JG's build;
  • Other stats, such as % Magic/Physical Penetrations, plain Magic Penetration and Lethality, Universal Vampirism, Life Stealing, Critical Strike, etc., as well as other items' special effects, can be circumstancial additions, as the main "focus" or priority is usually building a Hybrid Lulu.
MAIN PART - ¿What to do in the jungle?
In each of the following Chapters (except for the last one, an Ending Chapter), I summarize a different aspect of playing as Lulu JG. I hope, in that fashion, being able to provide organized, interesting and contextualized snapshots of content that should be relevant for anyone who plays or intends to play as Lulu JG.

Please, feel free to comment, criticize or suggest anything if you find that improvements can be made; I will be grateful to read anything that can ameliorate this Guide and, most of all, the Lulu JG playing experience.

It is a work-in-progress; so I'll probably be making new Chapters and editing as the time goes. Just remember to use the Chapters' navigator panel to the right side of the site. ¡Thank you, and Enjoy!
I) Lulu JG at Level 1 on this Build
Just "don't mess with the Yordles". That's why I often start with Glitterlance. Lulu champion at Level 1 is just too powerful and oppressive to be confronted unreasonably; with Lulu's passive Pix, Faerie Companion, Fleet Footwork main rune and Glitterlance ability, we should be actually wishing for a fight: our kiting and chasing potentials are insane, and if the opponents disregard this, they might very well be taxed on their valuable mobility/defensive spells... or even lives. Thus, we usually are in a good position either to start an invasion or to defend against one. Naturally, we don't want to commit on any disadvantageous Level 1 fights; for instance, if we are locally outnumbered, or if the enemy team composition is overwhelmingly more dangerous than ours at Level 1, we should avoid conflict.

I usually don't call out invasions as Lulu JG myself; I expect my team to decide that if they want. The reason for this is that early fights can be chaotic, thus likely to ruin my calculated jungle sustain and routes; also, I usually won't exchange my Flash for a First Blood
II) Vision: Runes & Trinkets
I usually find a bit difficult to incorporate those timings, but what we should know is that Totem Wards both duration (90-120s) and cooldown (240-120s) scale with teammates' Level average while its its cooldown is affected by Ingenious Hunter (which also scales), thus aquiring a better, new range of cooldown (200-80s), according to the Item Haste formula (which I guess is equivalent to Ability Haste formula). Ghost Poro is incredible, as it will provide expired wards up to an extra 90s Vision (could be said it can double the original duration; so it's like if an invisible ally has placed a second ward at the same spot when the first ward duration expired). This allows for an interesting conlusion: by the time our first Totem Ward expires as well as its Ghost Poro (if both were able to expire naturally), we would already be able to place a new Totem Ward, even if everyone on our team would still be at Level 1; and it only gets better with the scaling factors. In some game situations it means having constant Vision on relevant spots. We might be able to imagine very creative ways we can use this in our favor in order to track, especially, the enemy Jungler's rotations on the map. One big issue with this strategy is that, without the Oracle Lens trinket, lots of Control Wards and/or Umbral Glaive, we're most likely being seen in some of our own rotations on the map. Yes, we are able to secure a good Vision for our team; but the enemy team may also have good Vision on Lulu JG and we might not even know; so we should be also concerned about the way we're rotating the map.
III) Often check bushes with Q
In theory, we should always cast a Q on bushes from a maximum distance, while still trying to Q-cover most of the bush area with the shot. In practice, though, we can't always afford this extra waste of time and Mana, but we can certainly do it more often, especially when we're working our way on Vision or that we suspect there could be at least one enemy champion attempting an ambush on a peculiar bush. You'll be shocked to learn how many times we are be able to frustrate enemy plays by taking this more careful approach as Lulu JG. Technically, it can be still dangerous to check bushes on maximum (or so) Q range; but it's usually smarter than a direct face-check. Good Jungler players usually need to develop patience; those few extra seconds of cooldown we take, to cast a Q on the next bush, are usually worth it. We should always take into account the enemy champions on a game: ¿which ones would be the best ambushers champions?, ¿what can they actually do with their kit?, ¿are we properly built against it?, ¿can we even take the risk to bait the ambushers?, ¿how many enemy champions might be there? and ¿is there any combination of ambushing enemy champions that would make such an ambush particularly deadly?. In certain circumstances, we might not even try to Q-check, just making a detour or totally avoiding the area would be wiser.
IV) Starting Vision control
Since we can ward twice (1 Totem Ward + 1 Control Ward), and that our Totem Wards benefits from the Ghost Poro rune, it is pretty safe if we want to protect our other side of the Jungle; it is usually my main strategy, because frequently enemy Junglers might try to make a pick off on our own Jungle especially when we first rotate, and if we didn't anticipate that with good Vision control, we might not be able to give our team a free kill when we summon our teammate(s) to immediately surround the spotted invader usually with our help. Instead, if we didn't anticipate and the enemy Jungler invaded that way, there are big risks we might be: losing at least one early camp, burning a Flash and/or even giving a kill (if we play really bad in relation the to enemy Jungler). This is why I must emphazise we should be EXTREMLY careful not to use/waste our Flash spell before our first rotation or even before our first recall.
V) Burning Flash at Starting/Early game
If we use our Flash very early and the enemy team is aware of it, we should expect a good enemy Jungler to play aggressively on our own Jungle. He/she might intercept us on our next rotation for a pick off from a bush or wall, or just wait for the right moment near one of the camps we intend to farm. We are low Level still; so, if we don't have Flash, don't have good Vision control nor tracking of the enemy Jungler's position (sometimes other enemy champions besides the Jungler) and, even worse, we are low life (but low mana could also be pretty bad), it's a pretty alarming situation; depending on the champion the enemy Jungler is playing, even farming our own Murk Wolf camp pretty close to the Mid Lane could turn into a tragedy against a good Jungler player, especially if he/she knows or suspects of our current location. Therefore, we should know better when it is time to Recall, even if that means delaying our farm. We shouldn't trade our Flash unwisely at Starting nor at early game; if we do, though, we should be prepared to have at least one side of our team Jungle strongly zoned for a while; if not, we're just being lucky. There are many ways we could respond to that. One way is to constantly go to the opposite side where the enemy Jungler currently is; this sometimes even reveal opportunities to steal enemy camps. Another solution is to compensate by ganking or preparing a counter-gank; we should try to do this carefully, doing proper detours in order to avoid being seen, or even any nasty suprise. Also, we (or some teammate) could try to bait the enemy Jungler that think is owning the whole Jungle; as Lulu's kit is often very disruptive on skirmishes, we should often work close to at least one Lane or ally champion and know they are skilled with their champion and somehow aware of our plan. Finally, sometimes the best thing to do is just to delay stuff and 'being around'; with extra time, our Stealth Ward trinket's cooldown will eventually complete. We may Recall to restore Health/Mana or to buy some extra item, even if it's only 1 (or maybe 2) Control Ward. Also, the passage of time will tend to force the enemy Jungler to leave at some point, and maybe he/she just wasted time trying to find a pick off that never was, with not a single stolen camp even, while we were already preparing for something new. Additionally, if we think we can help one of our Lanes in some fashion by just being present or by lurking around and offering them safety just in case, this sometimes can be very valuable, even if we're not particularly planning a gank or counter-gank; we can also be there so that our teammate(s) may do a good Recall, while we protect the Turret in their place, gaining some Experience and Gold from occasional Lane farming. Not a very creative solution, but relay can be substiantially good for the whole team in many occasions and I guess this can be understood as a common Jungler's job.
VI) Encounters with the enemy Jungler
If we find the enemy Jungler alone with 50% or lower Health while we're good, we probably can score a Kill if he/she believes it is a good idea to take chances against a Lulu JG; a simple combo might be enough to make him/her flee, but then there are good chances it might be too late already for them. Otherwise: DON'T DUEL; only certain Jungler champions are worth the effort to trade against directly if we play as Lulu JG. Well, we shouldn't duel, unless we have a very good reason for that: maybe a bait for our team, or instead we're pretty sure we'll win the trade, due to a building/itemizing strategy or a planned combo (perhaps with Ultimate and Challenging Smite). Remember: it's not because we're often willing to avoid most duels with the enemy Jungler that we are lost in the jungle. On the contrary, there's a big, strategic and creative aspect of playing as the Jungler role which consists of finding the best next step. Sometimes we can't duel, but we can gank, counter-gank, work on Vision, farm our camps or steal enemy ones, prepare an ambush or bait, rotate to find better opportunities, relay a lane with an allied champion, kill an Epic Monster, etc.
Thanks to some experience at playing Lulu JG and the strategic approach of this Guide, by following League of Graphs site in order to check my summoner's statistics, I was able to recently obtain certain new, interesting scores playing as Lulu JG on Season 12 ("Normal & Ranked"; essentially Normal, because I'm not playing Ranked currently):
  • Unkillable Laner (This player averages 0.59 deaths at 10 minutes when playing Lulu). I think this reflects the improved survivability thing on the jungle, including better work on Vision from the early start. Note that I used to be constantly and negatively tagged by the system as a "Bad Duelist"... no more of this, I hope;
  • Good Vision (This player has high vision score per minute when playing Lulu (top 0.9%). This is all about the Vision control strategy, which starts out with taking advantage of the Vision boosting Runes from the Domination Path for Lulu JG.

Winrate: 55.6%
Average KDA: 4.0 / 5.4 / 12.2

These are lesser important I suppose, but might be good to mention too:
  • Good baron usage (This player's team destroys 2.6 buildings in average when it gets the baron buff);
  • Millionaire Lulu (This player has more than 1,000,000 mastery points with Lulu (2,937,571).

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