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Lulu Build Guide by Lulu Mushroom Teas

Jungle Lulu JG - "The (Now Not So) Versatile Hybrid Mixer"

Jungle Lulu JG - "The (Now Not So) Versatile Hybrid Mixer"

Updated on December 13, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lulu Mushroom Teas Build Guide By Lulu Mushroom Teas 29 12 65,354 Views 19 Comments
29 12 65,354 Views 19 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lulu Mushroom Teas Lulu Build Guide By Lulu Mushroom Teas Updated on December 13, 2023
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🌑 My Last Update (Part 1)
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Champion Build Guide

Lulu JG - "The (Now Not So) Versatile Hybrid Mixer"

By Lulu Mushroom Teas



📦Patch 13.17

⤴️My Update: 2023-Aug-31
In each of the 📚Builds' Items section, added ✔️certification information for ranking of the 1º Item Choices Categories. It is an extra way for my slow analysis process to cope with LoL's updating dynamics.
Now, on every 📔Build, whenenever an Item appears ② doubled, that mean it is one of the last things I've reviewed there (✔️certified). Also, I've added there Poro-Snax with Notes, to ensure we'll get the correct idea.



Spoiler: Click to view

You can actually 📩import my Item Sets to your LoL Client using this site: 🔗Binary Alien buildcopier tool. Just make sure, in the site, to set the correct number (Build Index) corresponding to the desired Build tab. For example, if you want to 📩import the "Aery-Oriented [ 10 ]" Item Set, then 10 would be its Build Index.

Although possible, I do not recommend 📩importing directly from the "🔓 Basics [ 2 ]" tab, since the content there is mainly organized for better presentation in MOBAFire, in detriment of gameplay. This is why I've made a simplified alternative: the "📩 Import Generic Item Set [ Build Index = 3 ]". This because, having theoretical understanding of which 1º Item Choices are usually better and worse, indifferently of Rune Page, contributes a lot to Lulu JG's potential.

Beware: currently, on Windows OS, the 😸emojis I use everywhere seem to be correctly 📩imported within the Item Sets to LoL Client; but I had an issue several months ago on Linux OS, where the 😸emojis turned into strange characters once in LoL Client —had to fix manually by renaming the titles on the Item Sets. Maybe the Client just got upgraded over time and it wasn't a Linux OS related issue?

🏖️Season 12 Split 2
Spoiler: Click to view


Currently, on most 📚Builds, my tendency is to follow this same pattern:

10% Attack Speed
9 Adaptive (5.4 AD Or 9 AP)
6 Armor / 8 Magic Resist

Spoiler: Click to view


Primary Path, Secondary Path

Precision Path
Domination Path
Sorcery Path
Resolve Path
Inspiration Path


Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo
Fleet Footwork

Dark Harvest
Hail of Blades

Summon Aery
Arcane Comet
Phase Rush

Grasp of the Undying

Glacial Augment
Unsealed Spellbook
First Strike


Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Legend: Tenacity
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace
Cut Down
Last Stand

Cheap Shot
Taste of Blood
Sudden Impact
Zombie Ward
Ghost Poro
Eyeball Collection
Treasure Hunter
Ingenious Hunter
Relentless Hunter
Ultimate Hunter

Nullifying Orb
Manaflow Band
Nimbus Cloak
Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

Font of Life
Shield Bash
Second Wind
Bone Plating

Hextech Flashtraption
Magical Footwear
Perfect Timing
Future's Market
Minion Dematerializer
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight
Approach Velocity
Time Warp Tonic
[ Patch 12.22 — Preseason 2023 ]

That's the reason I love LoL: ¡There's a Lulu JG, and she is totally crushing the game!

Said suddenly one friendly allied Support player.

¿But, does it work? It depends. Lulu is that kind of Champion that can magically turn things around. And that tasted Purple. If we play on Team Compositions in which most Champions Synergize with Lulu, I can already tell we'd be structurally paving our way to pretty souding Victories. Still, we probably need to be able to cope with several frustrations and adversities, some of them deeply affecting Early Game, such as:
  • Being relatively dependent on our teammeates, in order to be able to score a Kill, having to avoid most Duels in the Jungle;
  • Being often lower on Farm and/or Kills/Assists than the enemy Jungler;
  • Having tactical difficulty at securing the River on our own for Neutral Objectives;
  • Having currently about 5 Match Ups which are really frustrating in my opinion and we can only Ban one of them.
Then, we should be able to play Lulu Jungler, have tons of fun with this Pick, eventually Wining mutliple games, and even, consistently, if we start to understand the amazing Versatility of this Champion, especially when put in the Role of the Jungler —which is considered to be a quite complex Role.

I'd say, Adaptivenss and Versatility, are what Lulu Jungle is really about. At least, from my perspective on this Guide, and I'll do my best in sharing these notions with you.
[ Patch 12.23 — Preseason 2023 ]

🔼💟 Lulu Jungler may often excel in the following situations:

  • The allied Composition possesses multiple Hard Engage and/or Deep Dive tools. In principle, this tends to highly compensate for what I believe is the biggest Lulu's Kit limitation as a Jungler; besides, Lulu has great synergy on following up those tactis.
  • The allied Composition is a Counter-Engage one, and it is often more beneficial to play defensively. This tends to be really good, not only because it synergizes well with Lulu's Kit, but also because it should provide the Early Game stability which Lulu Jungler requires to better adapt to any particular game towards Mid Game, and possibly Late Game as well. Usually, this kind of Composition is very capabale of creating good tactical conditions in order to help securing Neutral Objectives on Early Game.
  • The allied Composition has at least one highly Damage dealing allied Champion (ideally with Burst and CC) which is often able to participate in Lulu Jungler's very dangerous Pick Offs.
  • The allied Composition has at least one champion which benefits the most from Lulu's Kit. To put it simple: Champions' Synergy. Commonly, most hypercarry Marksmen and Skirmishers work very well with Lulu and this remains entirely true for Lulu Jungler; aditionally, Divers (often) and Juggernaut (on occasions) may largely benefit from Lulu's Kit as well. Certain Catchers make great Pick Off pairs with Lulu Jungler, creating very nighmarish conditions for the opponent Team, while certain Enchanters are able to work very effectively side-by-side with Lulu Jungler; Slayers, both Assassins and Skirmishers can easily become overpowerful very soon if they receive proper attention from Lulu Jungler; several Mages especially of the Burst and the Battlemage types, may find great opportunities playing along a Lulu Jungler; finally, certain Specialists are particularly noteworthy and can wreak havoc games along with Lulu Jungler, but I'll only name two of them here: Zilean and, especially, Singed —even though I guess few people really know of this peculiar synergy.

🔽🆘 Lulu Jungler is usually not any good in situations such as:

  • The allied Composition doesn't have a good Damage potential on their Champions; and this can be for multiple reasons, for example: maybe there are too many Tanks but not a single hipercarry Marskman nor Fighter.
  • The entire allied Composition (or mostly so) is made out of very Late Game Champions, but then 2 to 3 of our Lanes are completely obliterated on Early Game already, and is probably unable to contest any Neutral Objectives anyways for a long time; mainly, due to this exaggeratedly Late Game Composition, but also by the fact Lulu Jungle is not Lee Sin. We are usually expected to take on some pressure on Early Game as Lulu Jungle, but this particular situation would be extremely dramatic. If we can resist on Mid Game, however, there are great chances things would naturally invert and we might end up Winning that game; but if the enemy Composition did adquire so much Map Control (especially regarding Baron and Ancient Dragon) and has plenty of Pick Off potential, no matter how powerful our Composition is on Late Game, it would be hardly feasible to regain all that lost territory, along with lost Neutral Objectives. So, it's usually great to have one or a couple of Late Game Picks when playing Lulu Jungle, but sound the alarm if this means every single Laner on our Team will be probably loosing —badly­— even if we'd be successful at Ganking one or a few times.
  • The allied Composition doesn't have good Hard Engage and/or Deep Dive tools, nor is great at Poke, at Medium to Long to 'Global' Range Zoning… while the enemy Composition has at least one of those features (maybe also Disengage tools included, or in exchange for Engage tools). This is probably the worst situation for Lulu Jungler on my opinion, as she can hardly compensate for this kind of strikingly severe Compositional unbalances; if at least the allied Composition is good at Counter-Engage, than at least this might not be all taht bad. But still, in principle, and to my experience, we should sound the alarm and avoid games in which we lack Poke, Longer Range tools or Hard Engage tools, on the allied Composition; as this tends to turn out extremely handicapping for Lulu Jungler.
  • The opponent Team was able to developed a very tanky and unstoppable Juggernaut , against which Lulu