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Lulu Build Guide by Lulu Mushroom Teas

Jungle Lulu JG - "The Versatile Hybrid Mixer"

Jungle Lulu JG - "The Versatile Hybrid Mixer"

Updated on February 15, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lulu Mushroom Teas Build Guide By Lulu Mushroom Teas 22 8 35,894 Views 13 Comments
22 8 35,894 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lulu Mushroom Teas Lulu Build Guide By Lulu Mushroom Teas Updated on February 15, 2023
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  • LoL Champion: Lulu
    🔒 Basics [ Build Index = 0 ]
  • LoL Champion: Lulu
    Tactic-Oriented [ 1 ]
  • LoL Champion: Lulu
    Burst-Oriented [ 2 ]
  • LoL Champion: Lulu
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  • LoL Champion: Lulu
    Other Feasible Rune Pages [ 8 ]

Runes: Strategic Vision

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Legend: Alacrity

Ghost Poro
Ingenious Hunter

+10% Attack Speed


1 2 3 4
Main Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite



🗃️ 1º Item Choices' Categories for Lulu JG
INFORMATION about Doubled Items "⓶" and Tripled Items "⓷". Please, read Notes →
1️⃣ 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 Wondrous Purplish 1º Item Choices
6️⃣ 🍂 Inadequate / Handicapping 1º Item Choices
🚫 ⁉️ Regularly Poor 1º Item Choices — "NON-SYNERGETIC"
🚫 🪄 Regularly Poor 1º Item Choices — "AP INTRICACY"
🚫 🗡️ Regularly Poor 1º Item Choices — "SQUISHY AD"
🛍️ First Recall: Prime Components
Leeching Leer: 🪙 1,300
Blighting Jewel: 🪙 1,250
Ironspike Whip: 🪙 1,100

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Lulu JG - "The Versatile Hybrid Mixer"

By Lulu Mushroom Teas
[ Patch 13.3 — Season 2023 ] [ My update: 2023-Feb-12 ]

In the case you'd be looking to Import my Lulu JG's MOBAFire Item Sets into your LoL Client Account, you should use the buildcopier tool from Binary Alien site. However, note that my very first "Build", named "🔒 Basics [ Build Index = 0 ]", not only wasn't meant to be Imported (as it is more about generic information anyways), but, also (for some reason I do not currently understand), it is just ignored by that site if we try to Import it. This is why I've decided to indicate that that first MOBAFire "Build" has a "Build Index = 0" (meaning N/A or null I guess), instead of "1" for example; and this relates to how Binary Alien's "Build Index" mapper operates. Yet, by carefully renaming each of my following MOBAFire "Builds" with additional information like "[ 1 ]", "[ 2 ]" and so forth, one doesn't need to visually count "Build Index" value to be used in Binary Alien's site.

So, if you want to Import, say, my Item Set from the "FAY-ORIENTED [ 5 ]" "Build", its Build Index is "5", just as presented on its title.
⟳ [ Patch 13.3 — Season 2023 ] [ My Update: 2023-Feb-13 ]
Importing Items Sets using Binary Alien site (please, check the "📩 IMPORTING ITEM SETS" Chapter for instruction) finally established for good. And my fundamental "Builds" (Rune Pages) have had their Items sections' presentation revamped, in order to contemplate this Item Sets' Importing system —which only recently I've got familiar with.
Finally, a more logical and cleaner reorganization on two "Builds": "🔒 Basics [ Build Index = 0 ]" and (what used to be "Yet Experimental", now turned into…) "Other Feasible Rune Pages [ 8 ]".


Spoiler: Click to view
[ Patch 12.22 — Preseason 2023 ]

That's the reason I love LoL: ¡There's a Lulu JG, and she is totally crushing the game!

Said suddenly one friendly allied Support player.

¿But, does it work? It depends. Lulu is that kind of Champion that can magically turn things around. And that tasted Purple. If we play on Team Compositions in which most Champions Synergize with Lulu, I can already tell we'd be structurally paving our way to pretty souding Victories. Still, we probably need to be able to cope with several frustrations and adversities, some of them deeply affecting Early Game, such as:
  • Being relatively dependent on our teammeates, in order to be able to score a Kill, having to avoid most Duels in the Jungle ;
  • Being often lower on Farm and/or Kills/Assists than the enemy Jungler ;
  • Having tactical difficulty at securing the River on our own for Neutral Objectives;
  • Having currently about 5 Match Ups which are really frustrating in my opinion and we can only Ban one of them.
Then, we should be able to play Lulu Jungler , have tons of fun with this Pick, eventually Wining mutliple games, and even, consistently, if we start to understand the amazing Versatility of this Champion, especially when put in the Role of the Jungler —which is considered to be a quite complex Role.

I'd say, Adaptivenss and Versatility, are what Lulu Jungle is really about. At least, from my perspective on this Guide, and I'll do my best in sharing these notions with you.
[ Patch 12.23 — Preseason 2023 ]

🔼💟 Lulu Jungler may often excel in the following situations:

  • The allied Composition possesses multiple Hard Engage and/or Deep Dive tools. In principle, this tends to highly compensate for what I believe is the biggest Lulu's Kit limitation as a Jungler ; besides, Lulu has great synergy on following up those tactis.
  • The allied Composition is a Counter-Engage one, and it is often more beneficial to play defensively. This tends to be really good, not only because it synergizes well with Lulu's Kit, but also because it should provide the Early Game stability which Lulu Jungler requires to better adapt to any particular game towards Mid Game, and possibly Late Game as well. Usually, this kind of Composition is very capabale of creating good tactical conditions in order to help securing Neutral Objectives on Early Game.
  • The allied Composition has at least one highly Damage dealing allied Champion (ideally with Burst and CC) which is often able to participate in Lulu Jungler 's very dangerous Pick Offs.
  • The allied Composition has at least one champion which benefits the most from Lulu's Kit. To put it simple: Champions' Synergy. Commonly, most hypercarry Marksmen and Skirmishers work very well with Lulu and this remains entirely true for Lulu Jungler ; aditionally, Divers (often) and Juggernaut (on occasions) may largely benefit from Lulu's Kit as well. Certain Catchers make great Pick Off pairs with Lulu Jungler , creating very nighmarish conditions for the opponent Team, while certain Enchanters are able to work very effectively side-by-side with Lulu Jungler ; Slayers, both Assassins and Skirmishers can easily become overpowerful very soon if they receive proper attention from Lulu Jungler ; several Mages especially of the Burst and the Battlemage types, may find great opportunities playing along a Lulu Jungler ; finally, certain Specialists are particularly noteworthy and can wreak havoc games along with Lulu Jungler , but I'll only name two of them here: Zilean and, especially, Singed —even though I guess few people really know of this peculiar synergy.

🔽🆘 Lulu Jungler is usually not any good in situations such as:

  • The allied Composition doesn't have a good Damage potential on their Champions; and this can be for multiple reasons, for example: maybe there are too many Tanks but not a single hipercarry Marskman nor Fighter .
  • The entire allied Composition (or mostly so) is made out of very Late Game Champions, but then 2 to 3 of our Lanes are completely obliterated on Early Game already, and is probably unable to contest any Neutral Objectives anyways for a long time; mainly, due to this exaggeratedly Late Game Composition, but also by the fact Lulu Jungle is not Lee Sin. We are usually expected to take on some pressure on Early Game as Lulu Jungle , but this particular situation would be extremely dramatic. If we can resist on Mid Game, however, there are great chances things would naturally invert and we might end up Winning that game; but if the enemy Composition did adquire so much Map Control (especially regarding Baron and Ancient Dragon) and has plenty of Pick Off potential, no matter how powerful our Composition is on Late Game, it would be hardly feasible to regain all that lost territory, along with lost Neutral Objectives. So, it's usually great to have one or a couple of Late Game Picks when playing Lulu Jungle , but sound the alarm if this means every single Laner on our Team will be probably loosing —badly­— even if we'd be successful at Ganking one or a few times.
  • The allied Composition doesn't have good Hard Engage and/or Deep Dive tools, nor is great at Poke, at Medium to Long to 'Global' Range Zoning… while the enemy Composition has at least one of those features (maybe also Disengage tools included, or in exchange for Engage tools). This is probably the worst situation for Lulu Jungler on my opinion, as she can hardly compensate for this kind of strikingly severe Compositional unbalances; if at least the allied Composition is good at Counter-Engage, than at least this might not be all taht bad. But still, in principle, and to my experience, we should sound the alarm and avoid games in which we lack Poke, Longer Range tools or Hard Engage tools, on the allied Composition; as this tends to turn out extremely handicapping for Lulu Jungler .
  • The opponent Team was able to developed a very tanky and unstoppable Juggernaut , against which Lulu Jungler may have much difficulty to help against (usually due to lack of a stronger Burst Damage or the inability to be Sustainable enough for the duration of the Fight); very often, this happens because of an inadequate Build planning, that doesn't enhance Lulu Jungler 's competences in dealing with this sort of Threat. Alternatively, but in the same idea, the enemy Composition may have multiple Tanks (Vanguards, Wardens), and Lulu Jungler on her own can't barely do anything because, again, lack of natural Damage —and improving Dmage would require very specialized Builds and/or to be on a more advanced state of Itemization; but this also needs to take in consideration the state of Itemization of the enemy target.
  • The enemy Composition disposes of multiple insane Pick Off tools, possibly creating all sorts of Zoning on the Map, disrupting Lulu Jungle abilities to be effective, while our Team doesn't actually have the tools —or just doesn't have in-game knowledge— to respond properly to this particular of Threat. In terms of Survivability, if properly played and Built adaptively, Lulu Jungle can often Survive ambushes or Encounters with one to even two enemy Champions simultaneously… but when this becomes mostly an entire Map Zoning, where the Jungler (no matter what Champion it is), becomes the main target of systematic Map Rotations for Pick Offs all the time, and there is little to be done about this for whatever reason, this whole kind of condition can sometimes easily be assessed already on the Chamption Selection screen. So, those usually are not very good games for Lulu Jungler ; probably a Tanky-Oriented Build would be the best idea in frustrating such Pick Off Compositions —if we still decide we're gonna play such a game of course.
  • Enemy Compositon has got AP-based Assassin(s) and/or Skirmisher(s), especially bad if it's the case of particular, highly disadvantageous Match Ups in the Jungle . Because Lulu has natural weakness against AP Damage/Burst; her Base & Growth Stats relative to both Health and Magic Resistance aren't actually very helpful against AP Damage —although for Armor, the story is quite different— so Lulu Jungler tends to face graver challenges against most AP-based Assassins and Skirmishers especially as direct Match Ups. Although NOT ALL of them represent bigger Threats, it is still a fact that the worst Match Ups for Lulu Jungler that I've found to this day are AP-based coming from those 2 Champion Classes.
In conclusion, maybe it is not so difficult to design a favorable Composition for the Lulu Jungler Pick after all. Also, we should now be able to have a clearer vision of when it would be better to simply avoid this Pick, or, if we're gonna play Lulu Jungle anyways (like I do), then at least know in advance the degree of challenge or annoyance a game could represent —mainly by observing both Teams' Compositions.
[ Patch 12.23 — Preseason 2023 ]
  • Lulu, being an Enchanter Sub-Class from the Controller Class, I also understand her as a "Close-Range Controller" —can be very dangerous on short distances and on gap-closing events (which works two-ways).
  • Although many of Lulu's Base & Growth Stats (especially Attack Damage, Health, Health Regeneration and Magic Resistance), are awful to average if compared to other Champions, she has been regularly considered a "Power Pick". I guess, on one hand, because of her exceptional quality in making counter-plays, and, on another hand, because if combined with other peculiar Champions, (usually at least one hypercarry Marksman and/or Skirmisher), it tends to create a favorable, terrific Late Game.
  • Lulu's Kit is rich in both Buffing and Debuffing, Engage and perhaps even more Disengage, allowing for multiple options in micro-game which can often confuse the opponents, therefore easily ruining their Team Fights.
  • Lulu may also be considered a Hybrid Champion in the sense that her Passive, Pix, Faerie Companion, whenever on Lulu, grants Scalable AP, On-Attack Damage to her. This, on its own, is a factor which radically improves her Building potential, as well as makes her a bit more independent.
  • For many Seasons, Patches and Metas ago, Lulu used to be considered a Flex Pick. Besides, it is common knowledge that many players, not necessarily Main nor Mono Lulu, are familiar with certain Off-Meta Builds which may work regularly.
  • Overall, Lulu can be quite a Versatile Champion in LoL; if perhaps not so much nowadays in terms of Roles (?), then at least in terms of Builds or Itemizations. There are many Champions out there that aren't just quite effective if we try to Build on them widely different setups game after game; but, in the case of Lulu —and especially Lulu Jungler — more than not, it tends to compensate A LOT, making huge adaptations according to Compositions' analysis. Of course, this is my personal experiecence playing as a "Main Lulu Jungler ", from Season after Season whenever possible.
[ Patch 13.3 — Season 2023 ]

¿How can we know in advance a 1º Item would be good or bad on Lulu JG?

Well, there are actually many factors involved in this estimation. I'll try to list all of them that I know about.
  • 🪙 Price: Lulu JG's first Power Spike relative to the 1º Item can be extremely impactful, hence cheaper Items are often an attractive idea. If the 1º Item is too expensive, it usually signifies a drawback. Any Item costing 3,000 Gold or above usually requires a conscious justification, because, unfortunately, several of these expensive Items won't compensate as a 1º Item Choice.
  • ⭐ Mythic Item: Currently, all the Mythic Items in LoL are regularly beneficial 1º Items on Lulu JG; in the worst case scenario, they would stand as Mediocre 1º Item Choices, but the vast majority of the Mythic Items are actually good and pretty feasible on Lulu JG. So, this immediately leads to the following conclusion: Mythic Items, expensive or not, are usually a very positive indicator of a good 1º Item Choice.
  • 💠 Legendary Item: As the 1º Item Choice, Legendary Items are quite tricky to analyse. Many of the cheaper ones just aren't worth it, while several of the costlier ones grant impressive Power Spikes, sometimes even competing with Mythic Items. As expected, the biggest share of the Legendary Items falls into less interesting 1º Item Choices' Categories: 4️⃣ 🐿️🐿️🐿️ Circumstantial 1º Item Choices (19 Legendary Items), 5️⃣ 🍃🍃 Mediocre 1º Item Choices (18 Legendary Items), and the whole 🚫 Regularly Poor 1º Item Choices (22 Legendary Items; of course in this case there are redundant Items, since this is not a main Category). Therefore, as a 1º Item Choice, only a small amount of Legendary Items are actually decent or good on a regular basis, while some are just Circumstantially interesting although still Risky, and only a few exceptions are actually optimal.
  • Bonus Stats: This is really a tough question for me. Because I'm a Main Lulu Jungler and I deeply rely on an adaptation strategy, I cannot simply state that, as Lulu JG, if we just get AP+AH or AP+AH+Health+Mana.Reg Bonus Stats from the 1º Item Choice only, we'd be ok on every single game —this is simply not true. Nonetheless, such combination of Stats are definitively good on Lulu Champion because of her Kit as we know it; thus, they tend to positively affect Lulu JG as well. But, if you ask me, what I really want (even if I don't get it on every game) is more AS with a bunch of other Bonus Stats —please, refer to this Chapter: 🎨 UNDERSTANDING THE "MIXER LULU" ARCHETYPE.
  • 🔔 Actives & Passives: I believe these are as important as the Bonus Stats themselves regarding our 1º Item Choice. Actives & Passives are the 'real' game-changers and Lulu Jungler can get wondrous results thanks to a good 1º Item Choice regarding them. Since we cannot just 'purchase' the fancy Actives & Passives separetely from an Item, sometimes we need to 'endure' for a while whichever hindrances the complete purchase of the 1º Item contains (e.g., nonoptimal Bonus Stats, higher Price) regarding Lulu Jungler interest. Regularly to my experience, this 'enduring' episode pays off; this is how powerful properly Chosen Actives & Passives can be on this Off-Meta Pick.
  • Mythic Passives: On most cases, a Mythic Passive is more about Bonus Stats than concrete Passives I guess; moreoever, it should enter in a longer-term planning of Build calculation. Since it is not expected that Mythic Passives will directly affect Early Game anyways, we can choose to delay our Mythic Item as our 2º Item (Upgraded Boots do not count, but usually it's good to have them before the 2º Item), or even beyond more rarely. Delaying the Mythic Item can be odd, but still a valuable strategy if we know what we are doing; and in the case of Lulu JG, this can help in re-generating Build Versatility around Mid Game —concretely taking into account the Mythic Passive Stacking effect. ¿Can you now take a fresh look at my best 1º Item Choices' Categories propositions, with a lens on those Item's Actives & Passives aspect? Maybe you may realize there is one or more patterns emerging for Lulu Jungler .
  • [ WIP ]Team Compositions:
  • [ WIP ]Synergies & Threats:
  • [ WIP ]Match Ups:
  • [ WIP ]Strategy/Role as Lulu Jungler :
  • [ WIP ]🪕 Playstyle:
    Yes, all these "[ WIP ]" aspects in my opinion should also affect our 1º Item Choice decision-making. So, this decision-making is indeed a complex skill, but it's not really difficult to understand the basics —it's just a massive amount of information to absorb and take into account. At some point our analysis should become second nature, more intuitive; which doesn't mean we've stopped learning.
[ Patch 12.23 — Preseason 2023 ]

As Lulu Jungler , some particular Match Ups are so extremely frustrating, it is better to have at least one of these Champions Banned or, alternatively, Picked on our Team. Sometimes, we may have one or more friends that can, for example, make an extra Ban in our favor. We can always just DODGE a few games if we feel unconfortable for whatever reason, because LoL's logic is meant to be unbalanced in specific ways. All we want —or at least I do— is a challenging, yet realistically feasible game.

But, first, let me tell you often I'd prefer to Ban a KEYSTONE instead of a Champion: Dark Harvest. In the hands of certain specialized Jungler Champions, it is completely broken in my humble opinion, and I've been a witness it seems to have become EVEN WORSE now in the Preseason 2023. Dark Harvest tends to make certain highly Threatening Match Ups, which are already virtually impossible to win as Lulu Jungler , nearly senseless to be played. It is likely the power of that Keystone would be relative to the dynamics found on certain Elos; but the fact is that it can be very broken.

Gragas Jungler

Ekko Jungler
Lillia Jungler

Yuumi, usually as Support , if helping nearly any specialized enemy Jungler Champion that can benefit the most from the Magical Cat. We may conceive many nasty combinations, such as Yuumi with… Evelynn Jungler / Kayn Jungler / Shaco Jungler / Twitch Jungler … and let's not even mention the previous Match Ups, because those do not even require the help of Yuumi.

Twitch Jungler (if reaches Late Game)
Volibear Jungler (I'm not quite sure about the Victory Conditions)

Diana Jungler

Kayn; Dark Harvest doesn't necessarily make it more or less difficult to win, but it's a sounding alarm —I bet this has something to do about the Blue or Red Kayn transformation choice anyways. However, if there is a Yuumi supporting him, this is a reason to DODGE or QUIT, because then it becomes virtually impossible to win; if there is Yuumi AND Dark Harvest on Kayn Jungle , also DODGE or QUIT —and might as well report Riot.

Shaco Jungler ; Dark Harvest can make it quite complicated if reaches Late Game.

Taliyah Jungler

I'm probably forgetting some other quite tricky, complicated or even virtually impossible Match Ups here for Lulu Jungler —this Chapter will probably require some updates in the near future anyways. What I present here are, mostly, just the common choices to keep an eye onto.
[ Patch 12.23 — Preseason 2023 ]

Please, associate the Keystones I present here with the "Build" type on my Guide. So, for example, if I mention here Fleet Footwork against a certain Match Up, I'm actually refering to my Tactic-Oriented "Build", which is actually just a Rune Page, not a Build in the strict sense; a real Build, as I understand, is the combination of a Rune Page with an Itemization, allowing for slight variations; but the majority of of my Rune Pages (so called "Builds" on MOBAFire's interface) allow for tons of variations on Itemizations as you may be familiar with, so I guess they do not represent Builds in the strict sense —just strategic Rune Pages.

Although the choice of the Rune Page for me as Lulu Jungler has frequently a global strategy aspect, on many cases it is the direct Jungler Match Up that might command my decision; here are some positive results I may offer, taken empirically from my background:

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

[ Patch 12.23 — Preseason 2023 ]

Lulu can do many things.
Pix can help her remembering the natural and magical Way of the Jungle.
¿Actually, did you know Lulu can have TWO Pets?


THE VERSATILE LULU JUNGLER : It's actually the 'blank page' which represents Lulu's inherent Versatility, which is especially rich in the case of Lulu Jungler from the Picks & Bans stage, but then it drops down a little because of the chosen Rune Page, even though it still remains relatively 'open' as the game develops usually between Early Game and Mid Game. Even for Teammates, when they do express some thought concerning my Build or Itemization as the game starts, it becomes clear they have difficulty assessing what I'm truly planning —and sometimes I just tell them: "I'm not sure yet… I'm still thinking." (which sometimes it's absolutely true). In order to play as Lulu Jungler according to the main theme of this Guide, we need to develop a keen sense of Composition × Composition, and what a Versatile Lulu can do in order to solve the whole, complex equation.

THE HYBRID LULU JUNGLER AND THE MIXER LULU JUNGLER : For me, the first archetype is just a Lulu which usually develops AP & AD (preferentially along with AS) to some measurable extend. Although not required, such pattern may be one involving additional On-Hit/On-Attack elements on the Build, which in this case could lead sometimes towards a Machine-Gun Lulu archetype. However, the Hybrid Lulu archetype pattern may be 'halted', in order improve other potentials on Lulu Jungler : and that would lead us to what I call the Mixer Lulu archetype. The goal in this strategy is the following: we develop the Hybrid Lulu archetype just to become DPS-dangerous enough, so that we are 'freer' to Itemize other useful Items for different purposes according to circumstances. The term 'hybrid' may be confusing here of course; this is why I'm sustaining the traditional notion of "Hybrid Build" (AP+AD) as a separate concept than the notion of "Mixed Build". The Mixed Builds, in my personal understanding, are what make the ideal solutions for Lulu Jungler in the majority of games; and this is nothing more, nothing less, than the Mixer Lulu archetype. We can try to mix up features from the list that grows below… and this often WORKS on Lulu Jungler if properly done; especially, when we nurture (even if just a bit of) the original Hybrid Lulu archetype —with some dedication to AS, even if slightly. This is one main reason why most of my Rune Pages insist on Legend: Alacrity and some other AS or AA features by the way.

THE MACHINE-GUN LULU JUNGLER : The demonic DPS Lulu carry archetype; yet another funny glass cannon to play with, but with crazy CC powers. I'm not such a good player on this particular approach, but occasionally I do Build that way and I know it is feasible as Lulu Jungler as well. I just don't think this is very often the best approach, because there are just too many drawbacks on the Role of the Jungler in the case of Lulu; thus, for the real Machine-Gun Lulu, I see it as a more circumstantial approach.








In the current LoL phase, I think I've discovered some interesting ways to build effectively for Lulu JG. It all starts with the proposed Rune Pages, as they favor offensive/defensive Lulu tactics ( Fleet Footwork; Last Stand, Ghost Poro, Magic Resist, Armor), Vision control ( Ghost Poro/ Zombie Ward, Ingenious Hunter), Utility ( Presence of Mind, Ghost Poro/ Zombie Ward, Ingenious Hunter) and ASPD ( Legend: Alacrity, 10% Attack Speed). Tactical mobility and improved Vision are both crucial elements for playing a squishy and nearly immobile champion as Lulu in the jungle; I just can't see any other better way around it on the current state of the game. So, essentially, I'm exchanging optimized DPS and a bit better jungle clearing for revamped survivability (which is a key factor to a good Lulu JG player especially from early to mid game), as well as a more strategic, supportive and utility-oriented approach, yet still counting on the possibility of developing a relatively good DPS if required (usually it is an adequate thing for most Jungler champions), which usually can relate to the Hybrid Lulu concept.


I believe Lulu's versatility is a bit more trickier, as there exist certain builds which can make her something like a jack of all trades. In builds like that, Lulu not only has good stats affecting all of her supportive Abilities, but also becomes particularly menacing because of a higher DPS with hybrid damage (with decent focus on AA and on-hit effects) as well as some sort of resilience to be taken down easily due to off-tank and/or utility itemizations; sometimes, all of this can be produced with an pretty nice MS as well. So, basically, in order to reach this condition of a Hybrid Lulu, we would need to gather an average value on certain stats (or get certain features), as indicated below:
  • AP (roughly, between 100 and 300+);
  • AD (roughly, between 100 and 200+);
  • ASPD (not completely sure yet; but, roughly, between 1.20 and 1.50+; with the 2 APSD runes on my Rune Page, usually by having just 2 [TWO] synergetic ASPD items for Lulu JG would be good enough (e.g., Nashor's Tooth, Wit's End or Guinsoo's Rageblade);
  • MS (still on investigation);
  • extra Health (probably, from 300 to 600+);
  • extra resistances (depends on the game context; but usually it's quite relevant to have from 1 to 3 defensive item; defensive Boots may or may not be included in this count;
  • Mana & Mana Regeneration (since we're playing as Lulu JG and usually taking Presence of Mind rune, in many games these stats might not require any further investment from itemization... ¡which is a fantasy thing for a Lulu player!);
  • Sheen itemization (it is not an essential thing; however, in my experience, this synergizes extremely well with Lulu champion, including DPS Lulu, being an invaluable source of burst damage against all sorts of things; it's a shame not being able to have it on a Lulu JG's build;
  • Other stats, such as % Magic/Physical Penetrations, plain Magic Penetration and Lethality, Universal Vampirism, Life Stealing, Critical Strike, etc., as well as other items' special effects, can be circumstancial additions, as the main "focus" or priority is usually building a Hybrid Lulu.
[Patch 12.22 — Preseason 2023]

Although Lulu Jungler certainly doesn't possess an ideal Kit as the conventional Junglers do, differently from most Enchanters on the Jungler Role, she has a fairly and remarkable easy time at Jungle -Clearing, both in terms of timing and Health Sustain; of course this isn't enough to match the Jungle -Clear of specialized Power Farming Junglers , but against many of these Champions, Lulu Jungler can often compensate a Farm gap with her natural quality of being highly effective even being lower on resources, which is typical to most Champions (re-)designed to play on the Support Role.
[Patch 12.22 — Preseason 2023]

Lulu Jungler has relatively safe and reliable scouting mechanisms in the Jungle , in spite of the fact she doesn't get any natural Dash, Invisibility or Camouflage, nor any Longer Range Ability (well, maybe occasionally, with Help, Pix! and Glitterlance combo). If we play smart enough and are aware of our Role as Lulu Jungler , I find it is actually very difficult to die on Early Game by attempts of Pick Off, Invasion or Encounter with the enemy Jungler . As I matured my mindset and playstyle, most of my Deads on Early Game towards Mid Game are usually caused by a suffered Counter-Gank, and very often Skirmishes or Team Fights involving desperate control of Neutral Objectives that I probably wasn't making good planning since the beginning. On Late Game, however, depending to some extend on our current Build and Itemization, Lulu Jungler 's Scouting capabilities on her own might become quite limited. So, for Late Game, usually Builds which favor AP (especially because of Whimsy's AP Scaling for Auto-Buffing MS), MS, Tankiness, and/or that contain a multidirectional Mobility Active, whether a Dash ( Galeforce, Hextech Rocketbelt) or a MS Buff Shurelya's Battlesong, or a Mobility Passive such as a MS Buff which Procs with Ability Damage ( Night Harvester, Luden's Tempest), should be nice Scouting tricks especially relevant from Mid Game to Late Game, especially for complicated games —but can be taken as an advice for virtually any game. I almost forgot, but the Pet choice may also play an important role in this matter; I'm not sure, but perhaps Gustwalker Smite might have found a new niche role here: improving Mid Game and Late Game Scouting on Lulu Jungler , taking into account the Pick Off level of Threat of the enemy Composition.
[Patch 12.22 — Preseason 2023]

Personally, this for me is the MOST FRUSTRATING limitation playing as Lulu Jungler . I understand Lulu is a Champion which synergizes EXTREMELY well with Divers for instance, but this doesn't mean Lulu can easily or effectively mimic their Deep Diving feature on her own and stay alive —she often requires some sort of gap-closing mechanic such as the famous Flash → Wild Growth (Knock Up) combo, but then, ¿how does she get out and Survive, if she is not a Tank nor a Fighter ? There should be, of course, many interesting answers to that question; but, whatever it is, it would probably mean some sort of very specialized Build and/or Itemization, and/or some peculiar Compositional plays. Let's just remember some typical Jungler Champions in the Diver Sub-Class: Elise, Diana, Hecarim, Jarvan IV, Lee Sin, Vi, Volibear; ans some others in the Vanguard Sub-Class: Amumu, Malphite, Nunu & Willump, Rammus, Sejuani, Zac. It's usually must, more simple to make an effective play: many of these Champions have tons of Resistances, Sustain or Tankiness, their Ultimate are at the same time a combination of valuable Burst Damage and Hard CC, sometimes even including an automatic gap-closing. On her side, in order to try to mimic such Deep Diving qualities, Lulu ideally would have to develop, from Build/Itemization/Composition, up to 3 of the following domains: I) improved means of gap-closing or at least radical means of Charging, with MS Boost/Buff; II) improved means of Tankiness, III) improved means of Damage. Having all of those domains secured on Lulu Jungler would be a dream come true; but it's hardly feasible if not impossible. It doesn't mean I gave up though; after all, there is a reason in this Guide I keep this Plays-Oriented Build which has got Predator as the Keystone (although its main use is not on Deep Dive), but now I've been also thinking about Aftershock (for Deep Diving and Hard Engage), and on any case, Ultimate Hunter should come more in handy than I even considered on the past. Anyways, this is indeed a 'hard problem' of Lulu Jungler .
The real strategic problem is the following: on the Lane Phase usually, when willing to secure a Neutral Objective (an Epic Monster such as a Dragon or a Herald), we sometimes want to completely obliterate a Lane by Ganking it at all costs, so, like, making a decisive move to guaranty that Neutral Objective. Usually, specialized Jungler Champions such as Divers and Vanguards have in their Kit the potential to do those kind of forced, Hard Engage or Deep Diving no matter what; Lulu Jungle in principle has very difficult time doing the same, because of the 3 domains which I've mentioned before. In my opinion, this may cause our game to 'lag' and loose momentum, perhaps giving the enemy Team an opportunity to set back.
[Patch 12.22 — Preseason 2023]

Lulu is actually a pretty good Chaser if you ask me. If Built properly, Lulu Jungler can become a pretty diabolic Chaser on her own way —most notably against squishies —yes this often may include Skirmishers as well. Of course, Chasing and Dueling are quite different specializations when playing Lulu Jungle . I often like to refer to Lulu Jungler as a potential 'Pseudo-Duelist', as on most Encounters anywhere on the Map we make, seldom are we expected to go All-In on a Duel, unless we are certain of our advantage. Thus, with a proper Dueling Build on Lulu Jungle , there are advantageous situations in which we can easily Win specific 1×2 trades (seldom 1×3 trades), especially if we add a Surprise effect and the enemy Team doesn't really know what to expect: allowing Lulu Jungle to gap-close and All-In, distributing CC, Burst and AA, timing for the ideal targets, sometimes not allowing one to help each other in time. If that worked to some extend, the next time they'll probably behave EXTREMELY more cautious towards the Lulu Jungler —as we should be expecting anyways… so we better also try to adapt and start playing more mind games than actually repeating exactly the same thing at every single opportunity.
Plainly speaking, if compared to most specialized Junglers , Lulu Jungle can't really Duel on plenty of circumstances. On Early Game, it's funny, because she can proove sometimes highly handicapping or even deadly to most enemy Junglers , although often it's on the details. In principle, we should avoid overcompromising on random, useless Duels, since we might be way better off playing more defensively anyways and even on smaller resources —instead, let the enemy Jungler being the one to overcompromise if he/she dares to: baiting (especially for our allies), this is usually a good strategy in generating solid advantages on our side. Lulu Jungler can often specialize as a baiter —this is one of the main reasons I value a ton of Utility on the Builds from this Guide.
[Patch 12.22 — Preseason 2023]

My educated guess is that Lulu's Assassination Burst potential all by herself is extremely restricted. So we probably shouldn't be trying too hard on this domain. However, I know very well that Lulu's Solo Pick Off against many Champions used to be deadly, either on Builds for "Pseudo-Duelist" or "Machine-Gun Lulu". Please, check this link for a sample.

Though it still suggests a more progressive Burst than an instant, explosive Burst, I've learn from other Lulu Guides that Press the Attack is an incredible Burst Damaging source, although usually employed on AD and AS Builds on Lulu. After lots of iterations, my own experience suggests this Keystone can be turned quite effective on many more types of Builds (e.g., AP, Hybrid, Off-Tank) on Lulu Jungler . It may be a bit tricky to Proc it with good results, so that certain random Itemizations can ruin the experience very easily if we do not have a clear idea of what we are doing.

There would be, naturally, other Burst options for Lulu Jungler . For example, although I have already been occasionally successful at employing Dark Harvest on Lulu Jungle and even Electrocute (which I tend to find slightly less effective), I still could not find a proper niche for those Keystones. Still, I've heard about rumors of certain successful AP Builds on Lulu Mid Laner using Electrocute, so maybe there is something else I should be exploring here on the Bursting domain. I'm currently intrigued, for instance, on testing Electrocute with Prowler's Claw on Lulu Jungler
[Patch 12.23 — Preseason 2023]

Many of the conventional Junglers which are fierce combatants on Early Game already, but this may include the Tank ones as well, if they just get something like 2 Kills on Early Game, they can frequently reach a ridiculous Power a Spike; if, along with this kind of event, Lulu Jungle Died a couple of times without any advantages (lagging even more behind because of the loss of valuable time), the Power Spike gap between the Junglers tends to becomes overwhelming until something serious can be done about such disgrace —usually, this involves a very well-placed Lulu's Wild Growth during a crucial Fight. So, we should be patient and courageous, obtainining our fundamental Level 6, trying to complete at least our 1º Item and perhaps Upgraded Boots if possible, reaching one of our solid Power Spikes (provide we are Building correctly), hence waiting for the proper opportunity, in where the enemy Jungler might well be overcompromising —and this when Lulu can shine: on Counter-Engage; in the case of Lulu Jungle , this can also mean Counter-Gank.

On the matter of a Power Spiked enemy Jungler becoming sort of invincible by obtaining lots of advantages, usually the Tank (or Tankier) enemy Junglers are the ones which pose the largest Threat to Lulu Jungle especially on inept allied Compositions, because as Lulu Jungler it can be quite tricky to be able to inflict any serious Damage on Tankier Champions without seriously overcompromising.

Sure, another nearly nearly certain 'Way of Invincibility' is Yuumi on the enemy
Composition, Buffing the enemy Jungler for example. I love the Magical Cat and I'm even a Main Yuumi, but when playing as Lulu Jungler , I've just had enough samples of what should be happening next if I let this Pick go free: it's mostly unplayable. So, currently this is my Perma-Ban; unless a teammate wants to play it, I would take the risk.
We should avoid Itemizations which delay too much our AH Stats, because Lulu JG without AH can be very ineffective especially around mid-game and beyond. This does not mean we should totally avoid 1st item choices which don't grant AH (but it is a good thing if it does), instead, it does mean that, in the case our 1st item doesn't grant AH, we should be careful that at least our 2nd item (or our upgraded Boots: Ionian Boots of Lucidity) would grant AH. Special careful planning regarding AH is required when we decide to itemize, for example, some On-Hit builds; a simple example would be a combination of Immortal Shieldbow with Blade of the Ruined King or Nashor's Tooth... we get no AH from these items only, plausibly compromising our Utitity by mid-game —especially on team fights in which Lulu should excel at.
Sacrificing everything to save a lost cause (even if it's just time spent crossing the Map). As a Main Support and especially as a Main Lulu, I understand that peculiar life-savior heartly intention when an allied Champion (or even more than one allied Champions) is about to die and we know, or at least feel like, our duty is to save him/her; it's so intuitive that we sometimes forget that, if we take the risk and Die (sometimes having to even waste Wild Growth and Flash), this could be disastrous especially because we are playing as the Jungler . Sometimes, just an evolving bad positioning in the Map, as our intention is to help, may be enough to to ruin an entire game.

So, if we Die in a failed attempt of directly helping Teammates, there can be terrible consequences on the following events, granting the opponnent Team even more advantage than it would be otherwise. Sometimes, this more mature approach means, unfortunately, just abandoning Dying allied Champions —but for a greater cause: we should remember that the Jungler is also a very busy role: there are other tasks we can try to accomplish instead; and our Teammates bad positioning in the Map is, in a great deal, their responsibility.

In conclusion, we should learn to make better calculations on when it is advantageous to risk sacrifice (or even our mostly certain death) for a good cause. We should do our best to anticipate tragedy; so, for example, instead of just waiting for a critical, suprising situation to happen and that we have to rush to a rather unwise decision, let's just try to foresee what might happen to our teammates and be working our way around allied champions (like, farming closer to the Lane they're at) if we want to increases the chances of being present and secure better, game-changer plays.
As I learn different strategies as the Jungler , sometimes I can still find myself wandering anywhere in the Map not knowing what to do, because I probably suffered a strategic outplay in the jungle or am just unable to switch plans. If we realise we're in this kind of situation, let's immediatly adapt and change our behavior: let's go back to Base if we can itemize something new, let's rush for the nearest Camp available to Farm, let's just pick a Lane to get closer so that we might have a better chance of Ganking/Counter-Ganking, turning it perhaps in a favorable 2×1 or 3×2 in order to force a Lane push or secure its protection —provide we don't stay there forever, irritating our Teammates, mostly because we'd be sharing Experience but also because we could attract the enemy Jungler for an unfavorable 2×2 or 3x3 for example.
🌳 MAIN PART - ¿What to do in the jungle? [ WIP ]
In each of the following Chapters (except for the last one, an Ending Chapter), I summarize a different aspect of playing as Lulu JG. I hope, in that fashion, being able to provide organized, interesting and contextualized snapshots of content that should be relevant for anyone who plays or intends to play as Lulu JG.

Please, feel free to comment, criticize or suggest anything if you find that improvements can be made; I will be grateful to read anything that can ameliorate this Guide and, most of all, the Lulu JG playing experience.

It is a work-in-progress; so I'll probably be making new Chapters and editing as the time goes. Just remember to use the Chapters' navigator panel to the right side of the site. ¡Thank you, and Enjoy!
★ The Question of the 1st Item choice [ WIP ]
Lulu as a Jungler has specific requirements she might not usually have, especially in the early game, on other roles. I have extensively experimented with different choices of a 1st item for Lulu JG in order to know within certain degree of precision (despite of the limitations of my usual playing style, strategy and build approach), what can be considered good or bad, and why. So, the following list summarizes which are the either ***mulative or alternative features we should be looking for, when picking a 1st item for Lulu JG; we want from our 1st item something which...:


From this point, I could make a mini arbitrary "scoring system", about those desirable features of a Lulu JG's 1st item. An item scores +1 point each time it appears on the list of a desirable feature; exceptionally, "Power Farming" feature makes an item scores twice; also, in case you're checking by yourself, just beware the last working feature (which is about "engage") is not currently showing, in its list, certain items who offer MS and/or tactical mobility, but I scored them there as +1 noneletheless. Indeed, the results are actually intriguing. I might start to guide my in-game 1st item choices by these results for a while, just to see if this has any positive impact on my Lulu JG games. Here we go:
Spoiler: Click to view