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Rengar Build Guide by Soopersize

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soopersize

[Ranked jungle] Mr Rengar on patrol. (FB-guaranteed)

Soopersize Last updated on December 27, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction (basic knowledge of rengars abilities)


Basic outline of rengar

Rengar is a bruiser/assassin jungler type. Rengar has great burst potential because of his q and e combination. His ultimate gives him the best openings to target the enemies carriers which is Rengar's job in teamfigths as he has the best chance of catching them off guard.


What is it?
Ferocity passive occurs when you use 5 abilities as each ability you use adds a stack to the bar and it takes 5 stacks of ferocity to make its passive work. Most of his abilities have a ferocity effect besides his ultimate, they all have different effects which are shown below.

Savagery deals modified damage equal to 17.65 + (12.35 * level) (+ 150% AD). Additionally, Savagery grants Rengar bonus 47 + (3 * level) % attack speed and increases his attack damage by 10% for 5 seconds.
Battle Roar deals modified damage equal to 25 + (15 * level) (+ 80% AP). Additionally, Battle Roar heals Rengar for 8 + (4 × level) health, increased by 6.25% for every 1% of Rengar's missing health for up to 50 + (25 × level) health. Basic and Empowered Battle Roar's bonus defenses do not stack with each other.
Bola Strike deals modified damage equal to 25 + (25 * level) (+ 70% bonus AD). Additionally, it roots the target for 1.75 seconds.

Rengars Passive and Ultimate

What do they do?
Rengars Ultimate Thrill of the Hunt Makes rengar become an invisible unit which means he can only be seen by a sight ward or with certain champion abilities for example Lee Sin ability Cripple. His ultimate also makes his ferocity bar stack without using any abilities right after you get out of stealth, but when you attack or use any abilities it disables his ult and reveals himself. If used correctly you can sneak up on any lane and deal serious damage before they can even react. Just a little tip you can stack 3-4 ferocity and use your ultimate this allows you to burst someone and the ferocity will stack up again right after the stealth is disabled.

Rengar passive Unseen Predator gives rengar the ability to jump to champions/minions from a distance of 600. This distance can be upgraded if you gather 6 stacks on your Bonetooth Necklace (Yellow) which then the range will increase by 125 giving you the distance of 725. You can use this to sneak up on champions or effectively shorten your jungle route by jumping on jungle monsters.

This is just the basics outline of rengars abilities and his limitations but further down the road you can mix up his abilities to make awesome combinations. I hope you fully understand rengars capabilities now. The information about the abilities are from league wiki.

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Different attack combinations

Rengar's attack combination

This section will show you some of rengars attack combinations you can able to use to further increase your damage output while attacking opponents. This may not have all the combinations possible, but i will try to add the ones i know and a brief description of how they work.

Useful tips & Tricks

One very Important tip is always have 3 or more stacks of ferocity while roaming or looking to gank, it give's you so much leg room to land amazing combination's. If you walk around with zero stacks you are at your most vulnerable state while playing rengar therefore it's important to keep the stacks at a consistent rate. With rengar being able to blind shot jungle camps with Bola Strike, keeping your ferocity stacks high isn't complicated.

Now this is about hot key's and making a lot easier to land good combinations with items involved. You can change your Hotkeys in the by pressing Esc in game, then it should land you in the Hotkeys section. Now being in the section you can make abilities auto-cast but more importantly you can change the button of the item's actives for example the items are on the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 you can make it any other number or letter or different mouse buttons.

This is a detailed picture and information which will make this more clearer.
Number 1 This is where most mouses have there scroll wheel or mouse button three.

Number 2 This is the options tab in league. This shows you where you can change the hot-keys for the wanted items as you can see my number 3 is changed to MB3 (mouse button three) and also my number 6 is changed to A just for my own convenience.

Number 3 This is where i changed my hot-key number 3 into the new one MB3 and you can see under it that the number 6 is replaced with the letter A aswell.

Now you have a better understanding ill explain how this will help you tremendously while playing rengar. By doing this method you can hot-key item activation's which mostly would be Ravenous Hydra. By placing this item on the number three which is mouse button three you can trigger it while doing a combo or even when you land on opponents, because its right next to the the left click and right click buttons making very easy to time the item activation perfectly when you jump on other players.

These are just some simple combinations you are able to do with 3 stacks of Ferocity they may seem not very different to each-other as this is just a vague view of what you are able to do with that amount of ferocity, because its the best amount in my opinion to start good combinations.

Different combinations

With 3 Ferocity

Q-E-Q-W = Savagery Bola Strike Savagery Battle Roar This is one of the basic combination rengar can produce at three ferocity but it is very effective at lowering champions health bars.

Q-W-E-E = Savagery Battle Roar Bola Strike Bola Strike This one you can use when fighting champions which you know will try to escape. The maximum ferocity snare for Bola Strike can change the flow of an engagement dramatically

Q-E-W-W = Savagery Bola Strike Battle Roar Battle Roar This can be used when you are planning to harass champions when you think you don't have enough hp to put up a fight. The heal and the improved armour and magic resist will allow you to damage and then run away.

With the hot-key tip you can use Ravenous Hydra or any other weapon in synchronization with these combos to deal more powerful attacks.

These combinations are just simple easy to use combo's any rengar player can use. Keep in mind I've gather these combos from my runes and masteries which give you 10% cool-down at level 1. So if you have higher Cool-down you may fit in more abilities in the same amount of time. Maybe in the near future ill add more different combinations with different stacks of ferocity.

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Getting first blood

My way of getting first blood all day everyday

First you must buy Long Sword and 3x Health Potion and a Bonetooth Necklace (Yellow) these all play a part of securing that first-blood.

To get first blood you must start at Red buff because it gives you extra damage for the FIRST BLOOD POTENTIAL. While doing Red buff it is VERY IMPORTANT you only gather 3 FEROCITY.

"Ask your teammates for a good leash because of jungle change".

(SECRET LEVEL 2 Bursting technique First you q them then you e then at 5 ferocity you q again this deals roughly 350-400 damage at level 2)

If they start Red

Finish Red buff as soon as possible!!! Follow the red line as it is the quickest way to get to their Blue buff . Place the Bonetooth Necklace (Yellow) at the yellow x to give you vision of the buff. If you place the ward and they're there, if they see you engage them quickly don't give them time to think. if they haven't seen you choose your time of engagement preferably before they smite/kill Blue buff . If you have warded and they're not there/showed up WAIT!! patience is key.
(Unless they have disconnected, if so, take and clear the buff and continue with life)
Blue line is their estimated route

If they start Blue

Finish Red buff as soon as possible!!! Follow the red line as it is the quickest way to get to their Red buff Place the Bonetooth Necklace (Yellow) at the yellow x to give you vision of the buff. This is practically the same procedure as the Blue buff because you can just sit there and watch until they attack the Red buff then you can use Rengar's passive Unseen Predator and jump over and kill/steal or either walk around and kill/steal that way. This depends on your situation.

How to figure out which buff they started?!?

Its pretty simple it all about MAP AWARENESS. To easily notice where they start watch which direction mid comes from. if you don't see you can also tell by how late top or bot lane takes to show up this gives you information that they were leashing the jungler giving you their starting buff easy as that.

This should tell you where the jungler starts every-time. This is coming from experience at first i would always go red, but then i started to notice sometimes they started red so i thought to myself i need a solid way to find out where they start and i came up with this idea.

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Images that show you in detail of where you should place wards and stand.

Here are some pictures that show you the ward placement and where you can stand while waiting for the enemy jungler to arrive.

If you've started at the bottom side here is the ward placement for their top side buffs.

Top ward placements and standing location

If you've started at the top side here is the ward placement for their bottom side buffs.

bottom ward placements and standing location

This should work 80% of the time as I've played hundreds of rengar jungle matches and most of the opposing junglers have met their death at my hands. The only way this method can get interrupted is if the invade your red and take it, but usually one jump and q to the face will stop their approach. It may be a be more complicated because of new jungle.

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First blood - level of toughness with different champions

I have complied a list of most jungle champions i have challenged to get firstblood many times with and my opinions on their difficulty with getting the kill.

I will rate the champions from easy-medium-hard.

Easy meaning they are the easiest champions to kill cause you dont have to try much.
Medium meaning you have to put a bit of effort and look at your surroundings.
Hard meaning its going to be tough trying to get first blood with them but it is still possible.


Amumu is slow at clearing giving you more time to strike when he is most vulnerable and after you kill him he becomes useless most of the game. But watch out he can Bandage Toss into golems giving him a safe trip home.

Dr. Mundo use's hp for his abilities Burning Agony which in turn makes him a easy target but Infected Cleaver can slow your movements which can allow him to escape.

Fiddlesticks has low base Armour and if you let him Terrify the elder Lizard then engage him then he becomes open to attacks and has no escapes.

Evelynn has low base Armour and is easily caught. But she can run away with Dark Frenzy but the chances are slim unless she uses Flash.
Gangplank doesn't have much early game damage and little to no escapes but he can Remove Scurvy which disables all debuffs this can help him escape from your slow.

Karthus has low base hp and Armour stats and he is slow w/ boot making him a sitting duck while he trying to take red buff. But his Wall of Pain can slow you down enough to give him time to Flash away.

If you let Master Yi Alpha Strike the minions this makes him weaker cause of lack of damage output then you can strike with the Savagery combo he will be dead in no time.

Nocturne doesn't have much escapes but if he lands Unspeakable Horror it can give him time to escape but if you wait until he use's in on minions you can burst him without a problem.

Warwick has little to no escapes which makes him a great target and a easy kill.


Aatrox passive Blood Well which can lead to his escape or bait you to your death but if you down him before he gets any real stacks on his passive it would be more easier. A another tip he can escape with Dark Flight so you have to watch out for that as well.

Cho'Gath has Rupture which knocks you up this can be annoying when used with Flash but if caught unprepared he will die like the rest of them.

Fiora isn't that much of a problem but her Riposte as it can block most of your starting burst unless you attack her first with an autoattack then you unleash the 3 hit combo.

Some Hecarim's don't use Flash they used Ghost this greatly increases the chances of killing him but his Devastating Charge can give him enough mobility to escape.

Kha'Zix has Leap so he can easily run away but if you time correctly you can catch him off guard and he will Leap and hit the wall which leave him defenceless.

Malphite is very tanky and could easily walk off with 200hp but if you catch him low hp while killing the buff he is a easy target.

arcane smash
Maokai's Sapling Toss attack's the nearest champion/minion if you get close they will reveal your position other then that. He is tanky and his Twisted Advance can snare you and leave an opening for their mid or top to attack you.

If Nasustakes Wither there goes all your chance but if he doesn't he would not have enough Siphoning Strike farm to damage you a lot so you have the advantage.

Nautilus's Dredge Line can allow him you latch on to you and Riptide and slow your movements but if you let him use all these abilities on minion before you engage you have a higher chance of beating him.

Pantheon's passive Aegis Protection can ruin your burst potential but if you wait till the minions take it down or engage him first with an auto and then use Savagery so the burst isn't wasted. Watch out for Aegis of Zeonia as he can you this for escaping or to try and trap you in.

Sejuani can Arctic Assault away and Permafrost you but if she doesn't time it right you can catch her off guard.

Skarner's Crystalline Exoskeleton gives him a movement speed buff which can help him run and his Crystal Slash slows movement giving him chances to escape but if you wait until he is low hp he is an easy kill.

Trundle's Pillar of Ice can block you while chasing him but trundles usually don't take Pillar of Ice but he can still escape with Frozen Domain as it gives him a speed boost which can be enough to out run you.

Tryndamere's Spinning Slashcan help him escape with ease but if he uses if to engage buff you can use that advantage and strike him while it is on cool-down.

Vi's Vault Breaker can help her get distance between you which can make you lose her and lose the kill but if you wait until its on cool-down you have a better chance killing.

Xin Zhao's Three Talon Strike can really be annoying so you should wait until he wastes it on buff then use that time to engage him and he will be an easy target

let's bounce
Zac's easy to kill but the problem lies within his passive Cell Division as it can give him enough time to run away or wait for his teammates to back him up. If possible save Smite for zacs goo as it can save time and allow you to leave early.

Zed can easily Living Shadow and Flash away. But if you catch him he wont have enough time to react and you'll get the kill.

deadly bloom
Zyra's complicated as she can be easily killed but her Grasping Roots can stop you in your tracks and make her able to escape but she has low hp and Armour.


Elise's spider form allows her to Rappel and get time to think of a way out and she can stun you with Cocoon with Flash combo she escapes with ease.

Jarvan IV's mobility is crazy as he has great escape capabilities as he can Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike his way out of the situation leaving you with nothing.

If you let Jax waste his Counter Strike on the minions then you may have a chance but if you engage before he uses Counter Strike you will risk the chances of dying to him.

Lee Sin's mobility is too powerful his Sonic Wave can let him escape and his Safeguard / Iron Will combine that with Flash it would be tough trying to get him.

Nunu is a very strong and fast jungler because of Consume and the fact he can slow you and your attack speed with Ice Blast is another problem. Wait until he is on cooldown and then take that moment to strike or he will escape.

puncturing taunt
Rammus is very tanky and his Powerball can stun you for a second giving him enough time to run or he can puncturing taunt and bait you in with it while his teammates come for his aid.

Rek'Sai She is pretty tough because of her abilities a main one is Burrow as when she does that she can either run away using Tunnel or knock you up with Unburrow with these abilities this can make it tricky for you to secure the kill.

Riven can Ki Burst you or even use Broken Wings or even Valor away this makes her a hard target while trying to get first blood as she can fight back easily and run away if she pleases too.

Shaco is a very tricky champion to attack as he could just die in a few hits or Deceive and Flash into saftey so he is a gamble. Also watch out for his Jack In The Box as some Shaco players place them in the bush next to the buff.

Shen's very tanky and he could bait you in with his Shadow Dash i recommend you wait out until he is low hp from buff and then strike while he is weak.

Shyvana is very tanky in the start and her Burnout increases her movement speed so she can escape easily but if you wait for her hp to drop it will higher the chances of killing her.

Udyr has very fast clear times which can even mean he fished red before you even get there. if he hasn't he is very powerful with his Bear Stance and Phoenix Stance combo it would be a risky fight.

Volibear passive Chosen of the Storm as when his health drops below 30% he will heal 30% of his maximum health over 6 seconds. This makes he incredibility tanky with the added effect of Rolling Thunderthis makes him a very formidable opponent as it gives him the ability to run away or throw you away. This can lead to his escape.

When fighting Wukong might Decoy and there goes any chance of killing him as he can Decoy Flash. But if you wait until he is low hp you can kill him with the burst as it gives him no time to react.

keep in mind that I've created this from my own personal experience with fighting these champions. So this might not exactly be spot on because all League players are different. But it will indeed inform you about the flexibility of the champions you're versing.

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Basic knowledge of Rengar jungle


Rengar Jungle is pretty basic, the only few things that makes him a worthy choice for jungling is his low level burst and his ultimate, combine these together you have a scary combination. If you aren't going to first-blood, playing rengar passively is also a good choice but passive rengar is mostly comprised with the tanky/damage items as it focus's more on his team-fighting capabilities. When jungling with rengar it's important you keep getting stacks so you can heal yourself.Healing is much more effective then using the q burst as it saves potions which in the long run raises your sustainability in the jungle. When it comes to ganking always ask if they're wards around cause if you get seen its all over. Good places to gank at the top is the top brush cause the river brush is most likely warded and that same goes to bot lane. The only problem about rengar jungle it ganking mid as it is hopeless to gank mid unless you fully undestand rengars abilities. So try to gank mid as soon as you hit 6 and never try to gank mid pre-6 as you have no gap closers and it would just end up wasting your time.

This is all my opinion as I've played Rengar jungle a reasonable amount so I'm sharing to you my own knowledge about jungling as Rengar. So these are just a few tips and you'll start to learn more the more you play him as a jungler.

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Farming jungle with Rengar

This is just to give you some hindsight when farming with rengar.

Farming: Jungling is much tougher then before, it's a given because of the lack of Health Potion's you start with and the monsters have been slightly buffed making farming the jungle at early levels a challenge.
Starting at Red/Blue/Krug's/gromp it's important after you finish go home and buy more Health Potion's then proceed to continue jungling this will allow you to take more jungle camps without backing in-turn making it more easy to farm later on.
You can do my method which has been going great for me or you can mix up your own farming tactic's to suit your own play style.
Monsters: Once you get the jungle item Ranger's Trailblazer - Warrior taking jungle camps is a breeze and with the added bonus of Ravenous Hydra and Rengar's Battle Roar clearing camps would become a trivial feat.
Objectives: Dragon is very important as it give's your team a amazing damage bonus. If you're able, try and take Dragon as soon as possible because of its amazing passive.
Rift Scuttler are a great way of grabbing easy gold and free wards so when you have the chance take them.
Baron is a monster you do when you think your team is ready and if you have vision of the enemy team.

quick tip: when at 5 ferocity always Battle Roar when it's early stages of jungle so you are able to sustain for longer periods of time. Remember this is just how i farm rengar jungle it may not be perfect but its just a way that's working for me.

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How to Gank lanes bush/open areas.

Ganking with rengar Tips n Tricks

This is just a broad perspective of how to get into bushes without being detected and knowing when its the right time to jump into action while camping/waiting in a bush. I know the ganking is a bit plain, but still a bit of insight is better then none at all. Its there to show you how you can get there and where you should be while trying to gank an opposing lane. Overall this section is just to help people that are unfamiliar with ganking methods and rengars passive.

Ganking in bushes from different distances

Green means that that range is prefect for a gank it will be hard for them to run away from you and you can take full advantage of that.
Blue means that its a moderate range to gank a champion its the average jump length for any gank and it will ensure you with a successful gank.
Red means its going to a hard gank as they can escape easily because they can spot you mid jump and this will allow them enough time to react to your presences like flashing away.

How to get into a lane bush undetected

Green It's okay to go into lane bush they wont be able to see you even if they move up a step or two.
Blue It's risky to get in the the bush when they are in this colored area as if they take a step they will be able to see you.
Red DO NOT attempt to go into the bush while the enemy champion is withing the colored area as they will see you no matter what.

Ganking top lane

Ganking top lane in the bushes

How to get into the bushes without getting noticed

Ganking top lane if they are pushing your towers or overextending

Ganking from mid lane

ganking mid lane

Ganking mid lane from Bottom side if they are pushing your towers or overextending

Ganking mid lane from Top side if they are pushing your towers or overextending

Ganking bot lane

ganking bot lane in the bushes

How to get into the bushes with getting noticed

Ganking bot lane pushing your tower or overextending

This is a small amount of information about how rengar works in bushes and a simple way to gank a lane. This isn't much I know, but as I said before a little of information is better then none at all. This is from my experience and my own personal beliefs of what rengar is capable to do/handle

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Rengar jungle Pro's and con's


+ High burst damage
+ Great mobility in jungle/bushes
+ Able to target specific champs in team-fights
+ Great escapes mechanics while in jungle
+ Helpful cc with his e as it slows and when 5 ferocity it snares
+ His w can give great sustain as it heal when at 5 ferocity
+ Amazing face check with ultimate as it shows everyone in a set radius
They're many advantage about Rengar jungle. He's damage is very consistent because of his q Savagery you can deal lots of damage just with the ability alone. Rengar has one of the most best ultimate's for face checking Thrill of the Hunt can reveal a radius of the whole map which can prevent lots of unprepared face-check surprise attack's. Rengar's passive can greatly help you when ganking lanes inside the bushes it gives you a lot of space to work with will planning to attack an opponent. Rengar can target high authority targets when team fighting this can change the flow of a team-fight.


- Little to no escapes when caught out in middle lane or middle rivers
- squishy in teamfights so you have to pick carefully when engaging
- if under farmed and not fed becomes very useless
- If blinded or stunned he becomes useless and vulnerable
- without ultimate/bushes weak against ranged champions
- Sight wards are a pain
Rengar is very squishy when he's out in the open or if he isn't near a bush because you cannot fully utilize Rengar's potential which makes him very vulnerable. Rengar is very weak if he engages without any ferocity stacks as he cannot land any good combinations which in-turn will make his presences useless. Sight wards will ultimately make Rengar useless when trying to target people in team fights as they can see where you're located and with that information they can predict where you're going to attack.

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Why choose these items?

Why buy these items and not others?

Damage items

Blade of the Ruined King Is a great pick if you're versing hp heavy champions as the passive on it will tear them apart also its active can greatly help you hunt down your enemies as it slows them down and gives it to you. With the added bonus of the AS and life-steal its a good choice when you're versing tanky champions.

The Black Cleaver works with rengar so well its as if it was rengars right hand. The Black Cleaver's passive reduces enemy champions/minions Armour by 5% and can stack up to 5 TIMES! This stacks with q's making it very strong when fighting high Armour champions with the added cool-down and armour penetration you cannot go wrong with buying this item.

If the The Black Cleaver is rengars right hand. The Ravenous Hydra is rengars left hand. This item was purely made for rengar as it works the best with him hydra's passive makes Your attacks deal up to 60% of your Attack Damage to units around your target as physical damage (185 range), decaying down to 20% near the edge. This shares your burst around when diving into team-fights, this also gives rengar massive clear power as it only takes 2-4 hits with q's to clear camps.

Bonetooth Necklace (Yellow) is now a Trinket!!! so you don't have to fight over which item you should sell to acquire this glorious item. They've completely change it, Although in a good way as you can not lose stacks upon death but the downside is the stack requirements are higher to obtain to get the passives.

Maw of Malmortius is very good offensively and defensively as it gives you good amount of damage and magic resist but the icing on the cake is its passive. Upon taking magic damage that would reduce health below 30%, grants a shield that absorbs 400 magic damage for 5 seconds. This shield can save you from many life threatening situations because i have been saved by it countless times.

Trinity Force can greatly increase your damage output because of Sheen passive its like a free q while q'ing and the bonus health and attack speed is not forgotten as it can help you take down champs faster and sustain for longer periods of time.

Infinity Edge is just for that extra damage output it can give you amazing outcomes while q'ing and hitting a critical but what really makes it shine it the 70+ damage. This paired up with Trinity Force = the hand of god as you can use it to make people disappear.

Ranger's Trailblazer - Warrior in my opinion is the best jungle item for rengar as the passive really helps clear out jungle camp's with ease with the passive accompanied with Rengar's Battle Roar they clears out camps with multiple monster in a steady pace.

Last Whisper is a great item it you plan on deleting champions on the battlefield as paired up with Ravenous Hydra and The Black Cleaver you have yourself a complete Rambo kit risky choice if they're all tanky but if not it becomes your best-friend.

Youmuu's Ghostblade this item is great if you're just starting build your items as this can help you chase enemies with its active as it gives MS when activated and also the penetration and cool-down this will help dish out lots of damage and the critical will help you hit high amounts randomly

Armour and Magic resist items

Randuin's Omen is a very good defensive choice while playing as rengar and if you used correctly it becomes overpower'd for example if you activate it after jumping into a champ bursting them they will have the decrease movement speed giving you more time to hit some more q's and e's.

Spirit Visage is awesome with rengar as it's passive works so well with the other items. Its passive increases your self-healing, health regen, life steal and spell vamp by 20% This give you more life-steal and the most important it give you 20% Cool-down reduction, This is killer when using rengar cause it means more q's in less time. Don't forget the health regeneration and bonus mr and hp.

Guardian Angel is an interesting item to buy as it gives you the option to start engaging more in team-fights as you know you don't die instantly and this helps greatly with bursting with hydra and running away while your team finishes them off. (Don't forget it makes your stats look sexy if you die less XD)

Sunfire Cape is an awesome item if you want some decent amount of armour and health but the most important part about this item is it's passive which deals 40 magic damage per second which is amazing combined with Ravenous Hydra you'll be able to clear camps fast and lane minions faster. The more farm you have the more items you can buy and with that said you'll be able to complete your build faster.

Thornmail is an item you buy if the enemy team is mostly ad, meaning all the main lane champions only afflict attack damage its a good item choice if you're planning to become your teams meat shield. This will allow you to take most of the damage when fighting in teams which in-turn will damage them as well. Great choice if they're all AD.

Banshee's Veil is a great item for when you're versing a team with a lot of heavy cc as the spell shield can block some of the snares/stuns that can effect you. This is great when you're chasing a opponent with snares as they wont be able to slow your movements down. Buy this items when you feel that the enemy team has a reasonable amount of cc that will restrict your movements and it will benefit you a lot.

I feel that these items go great with rengar I've experimented with different items and their passives but the collection seen above will go great with rengar in any combination i say this from experience as i have played hundreds of rengar matches ranked/unranked

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Different boots and there benefits

Mercury's Treads are useful boots they give you a reasonable amount of magic resist but what you're really after is the passive Tenacity which makes the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, silences, blinds and immobilizes are reduced by 35%. This can help you a lot when chasing down champions with high cc and if you get caught by there stun/snare it lasts shorter giving you enough time to recover and start again.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity give you a 15% cool-down reduction rate which is useful if you are building high damage output Rengar because the cool-down on his abilities are lower'd meaning you are able to recharge ferocity faster giving you more chances to deal more bonus damage from Savagery.

Boots of Mobility These boots are great if you plan on ganking a lot as the bonus 60 movement speed you get while you're out of combat for 5 seconds. This passive will help you travel to jungle camps faster which you can use to your advantage and counter jungle the other jungler. With this and Unseen Predator you'll be able to chase down most champions easily.

Ninja Tabi are boots that you buy only if there team is mostly consisted of AD champions as buying any other boots will be not as useful. The boots passive is great as it blocks 10% of the opposing teams damage this is a great item if you're planning to become the tank of the team, because there damage will be reduced giving you more time to absorbed as much punishment in team-fights as possible

I prefer Merc tread's over the other boots because of its overall usefulness. Although sometimes you can replace them with the other boots to suit the match needs to better benefit yourself while playing. I feel that Berserker's Greaves, Boots of Swiftness is not needed as much as the chosen boots that's why i felt i shouldn't add it.

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Runes and Masteries why use these ones?

Different runes and masteries and what condition they suit the best with.

Runes why use them?

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage Is a great rune to have while playing rengar the extra attack damage is the difference between getting a kill and missing out on one.
Greater Mark of Attack Damage is a good attack damage booster this will make Rengar very powerful while trying to get that first blood.
Greater Seal of Armor gives you a good amount of armour when starting off so you don't have to invest into armour items straight away.
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction gives you good boost of Cool-down which will allow Rengar to use his abilities continuously.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist gives a good amount of magic resist for rengar so he is able to sustain longer while fighting ap champions.

Damage runes

Damage Masteries

Double-Edged Sword Like its name, this is indeed a double-edged sword but that extra damage can be the difference between killing a champion and letting him go.
Sorcery The cool-down reduction will help you be more consistent when using your abilities pair'ed up with the 5% cool-down with the Runes you start off with 10% cool-down.
Butcher This will help you clear your jungle camps a bit faster but you may not notice at all but in reality it will be saving you time.
Spell Weaving This will give you an extra damage boost from abilities.
Brute Force This gives you a good amount of extra damage without buying items.
Martial Mastery Just like Brute Force any extra damage you can obtain is great boost to your maximum damage output.
Executioner This is great for when you're hunting low level champion with your ultimate and also it can greatly increase the chance of grabbing first blood as they always have 50% health or lower.
Warlord Again with everything on this mastery page this will increase your damage output elevate the chances of grabbing a kill.
Devastating Strikes Who doesn't love Armor penetration this will help you a lot when damaging champions and minions.
Havoc 3% damage it may not seem a lot but this can affect your damage out-put greatly.
Enchanted Armor Who doesn't love more armor and magic resist for no reason. This will give you a good boost to your defensive stats.
Tough Skin This will allow you to sustain longer while farming camps as there damage is reduced.
Veteran's Scars It may not seem like a lot of health has been added to your champion but it's appreciated when after finishing a camp and you're below 36 hp you know that without this you would've died.
Bladed Armor This helps you clear camps just a tad faster as the camp monsters get a bleed affect which damages them over-time.
Juggernaut 3% health maximum health which means if you have 1000hp you gain an extra 30hp XD this may more seem a lot but it adds up over time.

Theses Runes and masteries are great for when you are planning to be spending more time ganking lanes then farming so basically that means you're a more aggressive jungler but you can also take your time farming camps faster with the added damage from the masteries and the cool-down from the runes. These runes and masteries work great when you're going for first blood as well.

Tanky runes

Tanky Masteries

Double-Edged Sword Like its name, this is indeed a double-edged sword but that extra damage can be the difference between killing a champion and letting him go.
Sorcery Gives you a good amount of cool-down reduction which means more abilities which can in-turn mean faster camp clears.
Brute Force Because you're not building full damage as you're going tanky therefore damage booster's are a plus for you to have.
Martial Mastery Same with Brute Force any damage you can grab without buying items and using runes is a great way to boost your damage out-put.
Enchanted Armor Because you're going to build tanky this is a must as it gives you more potential when building armor or magic resist.
Tough Skin This will allow you to sustain longer while farming camps as there damage is reduced.
Veteran's Scars It may not seem like a lot of health has been added to your champion but it's appreciated when after finishing a camp and you're below 36 hp you know that without this you would've died.
Bladed Armor This helps you clear camps just a tad faster as the camp monsters get a bleed affect which damages them over-time.
Juggernaut This passive is great as you're tanky which means the more health to build the more health you get its a win win.
Hardiness Extra armor is great for you as you're tanky and any form of armor bonus is great even though its a small amount.
Resistance The same with Hardiness any extra magic resist you can equip yourself with is better then nothing.
Phasewalker This is great as it can make your recal shorter by a bit, it may not seem like a lot but it adds up over time.
Fleet of Foot The extra movement speed will allow you to move to other camps faster and lanes when ganking.
Summoner's Insight This is great as it reduce's Smite's timer which means more Smite's in less time meaning faster camps therefore leading to better items early game leading to epic ganks.
Alchemist This will help you sustain longer when you start off as the health potions give you a bit more health which means the longer time it takes for you to go back cause of low health.
Runic Affinity This will allow you to clear camps faster as the buffs you gain from the red and blue monsters will last longer which can help you greatly when farming jungle.

These runes and masteries are great for when you're going to farm out in the early minutes of the game then start bringing down the pain to the lane champions. These masteries are more suited for long periods of farming because you're building tanky which mean you need gold to buy all the defensive items you need. You can still get first blood with these runes and masteries but it can be a bit more harder as you don't have the added damage boosters.

I've tried many different Rune and Masteries with rengar while playing him and i find these set's of runes and masteries go very well with rengar as I've used them countless times to win matches. And I've used the same description for some of the masteries as they are duplicates.

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My Overall Statistics and My Ranked Rengar Statistics


I'll keep updating this every fortnight or month depending on how many matches i play.

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My match history's with this rengar build/guide

Match history

I'll try to update my match history every fortnight or month depending on how many rengar matches i play.

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My opinions on Rengar jungle

Jungle rengar

In my opinion rengar is one of the funnest champs to play as jungle mainly because of his passive. If you've played rengar for awhile you can come up with beast combos with his mechanics an example is how you can use the brush to your advantage if you place a ward on a jungle camp you can cut time walking around it by jumping onto them. You can even catch other players off guard that's the beauty of rengar purely scaring the **** out of people. Another reason why i love rengar so much is he Unbeatable burst its he is one of the strongest burst champions out there. I've been playing rengar since he came out, even after all the nerfs/buffs i still consider him one of my favorite champions. I feel in my opinion rengar jungle is easy its more fun then rengar top even though rengar is very strong at top as well but i feel rengar is more flexible in jungle. It's like rengar was made for the jungle.

Rengar jungle is really fun if you know how to use him correctly. It may take a few matches to get use to rengars abilities and find his limitations as a jungler but in the long run it will be worth it.

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Hope this guide helped you better understand rengar and his jungling capabilities. This is my first guide I've made it was pretty fun but took awhile to make, but i believe its worth it showing people different styles of playing other champs in league in this case its Rengar. Rengar is a really fun champ to use he is worth buying with IP and if you have the money RP. Please tell me if there is anything i can do to help make this guide better and remember.


Shoutout to: I Dont play top, Mahdherpahker and Ron door for helping get the league pictures. And last but not least jhoijhoi for the BBCoding and guide help

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Change log

Change log

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