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Fiora Build Guide by toremm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author toremm

~Talent, honour, discipline~ Fiora, the Grand Duelist

toremm Last updated on August 10, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello! Toremm's the name and I'm really pleased that you are reading this right now. But I'm sure that you are asking "What am I doing here?" Well I got your answer. You are here because of her:

Let me introduce you to Fiora, the Grand Duelist

Fiora was the first character I bought and is my main champion. She is a great carry, an outstanding laner, a good jungler, but the most important thing, I always have a good time when I play with her. If you got 6300 IP or 975 RP, I recommend you to buy this champion. Trust me, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

First of all, let's check the Champion Spotlight. Here, Phreak gives important advice about this champion. Even the build he offers is quite viable!

So, are we ready to begin?

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Let's take a look at Fiora. It's very important to know the pros and the cons of any champion you are gonna use.


A lot of AD
Great Attack Speed
An OP ult.
Good at farming
Can keep the lane easily
Great at 1v1 and teamfights
Deals DPS and Burst damage

Doesn't fit all team comps
Doesn't provide CC
Doesn't have a reliable mechanism of escape
Hard to master

As you can see, her strong points are related to her ability to chase and her incredible Attack Damage and her Attack Speed, while her weaknesses are related to her lack of Health, Armor and Magic Resistance. Now that we know what are we using we can think her general gameplay. She is not supposse to take damage, or face more than one enemy (except if she has her build full and she is fed, but except that situation is not good to let her 1v3 or 1v4), but she is very strong ambushing and fighting 1v1.

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Your Team (The True Enemy)

League of Legends is a Teamwork game, and sadly for us, Fiora is not a teamwork champion. One of Fiora's worst weaknesses is the fact that she needs the proper team to be usefull, otherwise she becomes a problem for the team rather than an advantage.

First of all let's take a look to the needs a team has.
1) A champion that provides physical damage with autoattacks from ranged distance. An ADC. This is mandatory, and a team that doesn't have this is probably going to fail.
2) A champion that provides magical damage. A Mage. Most of the time you will see between 1 and 3 mages in a team (at competitive level) since relieng only in the physical damage can have a great disanvadtange (like the whole enemy team getting Thornmail)
3) At least 2 champions that can be Tanks/Offtanks. This is really important. Tankiness is what allows the team to stick together and go into teamfights. A team that doesn't have at least 2 Tanky champions (the ideal is Tank+Offtank, but you can also go 2 Tanks, 3 Offtanks, etc.) cannot afford going into serious battles Late Game.
4) A champion that with little money, items and farm can be really useful for the team. A support. This champion is also very important. The team is composed by 5 champions but there are only 4 lanes, so there must be someone that with no farm can be able to actually do something.
5) At least 3 forms of heavy CC. Stuns, snares, knock up, fears, constant slows, knock back, suppresses, this kind of CC is fundamental and your team should have at least 3 in order to properly teamfight.

Now, before we go deeper into each lane, let's take a look to the most common Top Laners in the League.

The first thing all these champions have in common is that they all have a high damage output. Some of them have a higher damage output ( Kayle, Tryndamere, Jax), some of them have a lower damage output ( Shen, Malphite, Volibear), but all of them really hurt. Secondly, except for Elise, Fiora, Kayle, Kennen and Teemo, all of them can be built as Tanks or Offtanks without losing serious damage or usefullness, and from that list, Fiora is the squishiest (yes, a properly built Teemo is tankier than Fiora). Last but not least, all of them have either hard CC or soft CC (slows, blinds, silences), except for Fiora.

Now that we know what the team needs, let's check what each lane should give to the team.
1) Top Lane: Damage output+Tankiness+Crowd Control
2) Jungler: Tankiness+Crowd Control
3) Mid Lane: Magical Damage
4) ADC: Ranged Physical Damage with AutoAttacks (not Master Yi)
5) Support: Utility OR Sustain OR Crowd Control OR Tankiness

Now let's compare Fiora to this. Is Fiora as tanky as other solo Tops? No. Does she provide any form of CC? No. Is she really useful if built as an offtank? No. Does she have damage output? YES, OH MY GOD YES SHE DOES!

And here is where we reach the main problem, when to pick Fiora. Now that we know that Fiora doesn't provide any tankiness neither CC to her team, we must check what champions our teammates are picking to see if we should go with Fiora.

Luckily, Fiora works with most Junglers. Let me explain this for you

Those guys are some of the tankiest champions in the whole game. Not only that but they also offer huge CC for the team and good damage output. Whenever you see one of these guys you can consider taking Fiora for the Solo Top.

Though those champions are good junglers, they either tend to build damage or they don't offer serious CC. If you are palying Fiora, it means that someone else beside the Solo Top will be the main tank, and none of these guys can tank a game for themselves without losing usefullness in the team.

If your jungler is one of these guys, then DO NOT PICK Fiora! All of them provide an insane damage output, but little to no CC or tankiness. When your team has Fiora it already has enough damage output so it needs someone who can tank a fight.

Once you have checked that your team has a viable jungler, is time to see if the support allows us to pick Fiora for the match.

These are the top tier supports for Fiora. All of them are really tanky and also provide CC, in order to help the jungler to tank and initiate fights. Is important that you check who is your support before picking Fiora, otherwise your team might find trouble to teamfight properly.

Do not pick Fiora if your support is not one of the mentioned above.


Finally, we must see who is our Mid Laner, though in this case we can be more flexible than with the previous roles.

Those are the best mid laners you will find when playing Fiora. They are all tanky champions that deal magical damage, but the most important thing is that they provide an astonishing amount of CC. Those guys compensate Fiora's weaknesses while they do their role.

All of these champions provide hard CC for the team, wich is what we need from the Mid Laner when playing Fiora. However they are not tanky enough to fight for themselves, so it's crucial that the team has the tanks to properly protect them.

These champions provide an insane amount of damage output for the team, but that's not what we are looking for. We need a Mid Laner that provides tankiness and especially a good amount of CC, a stun or a snare at least. These champions provide little to no cc, so they are out.

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Mastery Tree

We already know the Pros and the Cons of Fiora, so we can start thinking about her Masteries, Runes and Summoner Spells. Let's begin with the Masteries.


I like this combination of Masteries because they add a good amount of damage to my Fiora. With Fury , Sorcery , Weapon Expertise , Deadliness , Havoc , Brute Force and Sunder , I can increase Fiora's Burst Damage. Executioner lets me kill more easily enemy champions, minions and monsters, it's a great help. The defensive Masteries are for adding some tankiness, specially in the Early Game.

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Picking your Runes

Let's pass to the Runes, a vital part of any champion, including Fiora. These are the combinations of runes I reccomend


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

This combination of runes adds a good amount of Attack Damage, Armor and Magic Resistance. I prefer Armor over Armor per level, because I think that +12 Armor in the Early Game is more useful than +24 Armor in the Late Game, while I rather have higher Magic Resistance Late Game to face burst AP champions.

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Summoner Spells

The Summoner Spells are VERY important. They are like two more skills you have, and they are very powerfull. Next I'll explain Fiora's viable spells and those which are not very viable.

The combination Flash+ Ignite is great on Fiora for many reasons. First of all, it's very useful in the Early Game to drew First Blood and finish enemies. Secondly, if you are forced to hug, you can use this to finish an enemy wounded by a turret. Finnally, if you are using a Tanky AD Fiora it'll add you some damage. However, Ignite becomes a little useless during the Late Game.
This Spell is a MUST BE with Fiora. It doesn't matter what is your other Spell, but this Spell HAS to be chosen. It teleports your champion towards your cursor location. This Spell will allow you to chase enemies, even if you have been slowed down, and to escape from them too. You can use it to go over walls and through trees, a very effective way to confuse your enemies and escape. It can grant you easy kills too, by using it you can last hit an enemy that's trying to run away with 50 HP.
Sigil of silence
NOOO! IT GOT NERFED! However, it is still pretty decent. This spell is important for Fiora since she doesn't have natural CC skills. It slows down the target Movement Speed and damage dealt by 30%, and it's Attack Speed by %50, and it's Armor and Magic Resistance by 10. In most of the cases, this spell will allow you to chase easily the opponent or to run away from it easily, too. In 1v1 fights, use this if the battle is tied and you want to turn things to your favour. In teamfights, use it on the ADC, because of the Attack Speed debuff.
Another great spell. That extra shield is absolutely amazing and can save your *** many times, either in duels, skirmishes or teamfights. Combined with your Flash will make it hard for the enemy jungler and top laner to secure a kill on you.
There's not much to say about this Spell. If it happens that you are the jungler, it'll help you A LOT, but don't pick it if you are going to be in the lane because it will be completely useless. Try to use it to steal Baron or Dragon, that'll hurt the enemy team.
There are some people that think that this Spell is better for Fiora than Flash. I think this is a great Spell because it gives you movement speed and you are allowed to ignore unit collision, so you can both chase and escape easily, but I prefer Flash because it can't be countered by slowing effects, I can go through walls and trees, and I am away from any damage for an instant (this can save your life, trust me).
I am not a fan of this Spell but I recognize that it can be a good help in the Early Game, specially for a Tanky DPS Fiora. I don't chose it, however, because in the Mid Game and Late Game it is quite useless, since it doesn't heal that much. But it can save your life sometimes.
Since most of the debuffs can shut down Fiora, this spell is a great choice if the enemy has a lot of CC champions. I don't pick it, however, because it's cooldown is too long for the effect of the Spell.
If you are new with Fiora and you have problems to keep the lane or with your mana, chose this Spell. It will help you a lot during the whole game, specially while laning and during the Early Game. When you get more experienced, you can chose another Spell instead of this.
Sinister steel
Maybe in the Early Game you'll have some mana troubles, but you can counter them with some runes or buying Mana Potion. From level 6, you won't have mana trouble. So this Spell is useless and takes space for other spells which are better.
This spell is chosen only by supports not by the AD Carry. You'll need other Spells and you'd be taking valuable space with something that, in your case, is absolutely useless.
The most stupid and useless Spell EVER. You have to die to use it and that's not the objective in LoL. Besides is like think "I'm sure I'll die, so I will chose this.", that way you will die FOR SURE. Finally, it's cooldown is TOO long. If it was shorter I would think about it but 540 seconds for an after-death Spell is way TOO MUCH.

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Skill Sequence

Now the game has started and we have to begin with Fiora's skill sequence. First of all, let's see what we have.

This is her passive and with it your health regenerates while you are fighting. This is very useful for laning, juungling and in 1v1, and if you have a good Life Steal (which you'll have) you shouldn't be worried about your wounds since you'll be regenerating them so fast.
This skill allows Fiora to dash against an enemy champion, monster or minion, dealing damage to it. It can be casted twice in 4 seconds for the mana cost of one. One hell of skill. With this you can initiate really good and surprise the enemy, since it has a long range. You can also use it to chase the enemies or to escape through enemy minions.
This skill adds bonus AD always. When activated, Fiora parries the next basic attack or skill that deals on-hit effect from a monster, big minion or enemy champion, dealing damage to the enemy. Great skill. The AD bonus is really helpful and the parry is great too. In 1v1, you can use it to protect yourself and cause damage at the same time. This is really helpfull against Gangplank's Parrrley, Miss Fortune's Double Up, Vayne's Silver Bolts, Kog'Maw's Living Artillery, etc.
This skill increases Fiora's Attack Speed and when she hits, she gains additional Movement Speed. This skill is your main for fighting. First of all, don't be afraid of using it to farm or take down turrets. When fighting 1v1, this will give you a great advantage over the enemy. The movement speed can help you to chase or escape and it activates not just when you hit, but also when you use Lunge. With the sequence Lunge--> Burst of Speed--> Lunge you can gank really easy, and you can save your last Lunge to chase the opponent. Remember that this is your main harass combo.
Fiora dashes quickly around the battlefield to strike enemy champions 5 times. As I said in the beginning ONE OP ULT. This skill makes Fiora the dreamed carry. In 1v1, you will deal a lot of damage to the enemy since the 5 attacks will go just to him, besides when you use this skill you are untargetable so the enemy won't be allowed to attack you or to use his skills on you. In teamfights, although the enemies will recibe less damage, they will still get hurt, and you can use it if you are focused and want the enemy to go after someone else (teamwork!). There are some points, however, that you must understand. First of all, this skill is not an initiator, so use it to finish the enemies. Secondly, is impossible to escape from it, doesn't matter if the objective uses Flash or anything like it Fiora will always hit, and this means that she will also appear besides of him, WATCH OUT TO NOT APPEAR NEXT TO A TURRET OR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ENEMY TEAM. Use Burst of Speed before this so you can have bonus Movement Speed when you have finished, to both escape or chase.

I use this sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The first skill I maximize is Burst of Speed. It is my main skill for fighting specially in 1v1 and that's what Fiora does. I go for Riposte then and I finish with Lunge. Remember that you must have the three skills for lvl 3. If not, you are doing something wrong.

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Core Items

Now I will list the items that make your Core for Fiora.

Mercury's Treads is my boots option 9 out of 10 games with Fiora. The reason I consider this item to be a core on Fiora is due to the Tenacity it provides. Fiora is absolutely weak to CC, since she relies on her constant auto-attacks and her high mobility on her movement speed. She is just too squishy to allow her to go without it. Of course, you could get Zephyr for the Tenacity, but honestly, the following items work much better on Fiora than Zephyr so I rather get this from the boots.
There are only two boots which could replace Mercury's Treads: Ninja Tabi and Boots of Mobility. Ninja Tabi is a good purchase to face AD champions in lane, since the MR becomes useless. The movement speed bonus from Boots of Mobility comes really in handy when jungling, since it allows us to have a higher lane and overall presence. However, if the enemy team has lots of hard CC, you should always get Mercury's Treads, sooner or later.
Ravenous Hydra is Fiora's most important item. It gives her huge life steal and attack damage, along with some health regeneration. But the beauty of Ravenous Hydra, lies on it's passive. The splash-damage (and life steal) you get from it, will allow you to split push really well. You will also be able to keep lanes pushed and to clear minion waves. The sustain this item provides Early Game, is very useful to face lane bullies and harassers.
The active is probably the most important part. It improves the splash-damage from the passive. This is what makes Fiora a great skirmisher and teamfighter: she can use her Ravenous Hydra+ Blade Waltz combo to take down two enemies, or even the entire enemy team, without taking damage. As already said, your most important item.
The Black Cleaver may not seem like an outstanding item, but trust me, Fiora will apreciate you buy her one. First of all, The Brutalizer is a great Early Game item. It provides way too much AD along with good Armor Penetration. Is really cheap for all the stats it gives. Secondly, it provides nice tankiness. +200 health may not be much, but at early levels, it can make a difference.
This item fits perfectly with Ravenous Hydra+ Blade Waltz combo. We will be able to stack the passive on multiple targets so that the splash damage can be more useful. A 25% Armor Penetration is a lot Late Game, and it will help to get rid of that nasty Sunfire Cape or Randuin's Omen.
The Bloodthirster is the key to break a tied game. Is the item that provides most AD and life steal in the game. With this, the already deadly combo (RH+TBC+BW) will be maxed up at ******ed levels. The reason I purchase it late however, is because it doesn't provide anything but the stats. If we would want a Fiora who deals DPS damage instead of Burst damage (AKA Blade Waltz) we would purchased item as our first item.
To take fully advantage from BT, we need it to be always stacked. As soon as you purchase it and everytime you respawn, farm. Having a 30 AD bonus and 12% life steal is really good in anyscenario and in any situation.
Blade of the Ruined King is a great item, but it only works in two cases. The first one is when purchased by an offtank ( Jax, Warwick, Trundle, etc.). The second one, is when you already have tons of AD and life steal. Why? Because the item itself doesn't provide serious AD or life steal. Of course the passive is great, but it doesn't gives direct potential to our Blade Waltz combo.
The other reason why purchasing it as the last item, is because the moment when the enemies have more health and are harder to kill, is at this point. Besides, we already get that interesting CC from Bilgewater Cutlass and the Tanks/Offtanks should be taking care of that.
Guardian Angel is a core item, but you don't need to purchase it right after Ravenous Hydra and The Black Cleaver. The best moment to get it is when teamfights start to be frequent. Of course, by the time you have RH and TBC you should be teamfighting, therefore you need it. But this may not happen, and you'd like to skip it until some real battle shows up.
This item provides Armor and MR, which is great since we won't have space to purchase Thornmail AND Mercurial Scimitar. But the active is what really catches my eye. In teamfights, Fiora is one of the champions that people tend to focus right after the ADC (or even before). But wasting time, CC and damage on a champion that will revive anyway may cost the fight, and even the game. In a 5v5, the enemy will have to decide wheter focus you as soon as possible (which is good for your team since you won't die and you will absorb much damage) or leave you as a later objective (which is also good because you will be able to deal damage for a longer time).

TOTAL COST: 16800 gold

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Alternative Items

Maybe there is some item you don't like in those builds, maybe you think there's a better way to build Fiora. Here is a list of other items you can purchase to make your build more accordingly to your game style. Of course that you can also combine the Core Items, purchasing Wit's End and Infinity Edge in the same build.


This item is for critical situations. If things are too tied and the team that gets an ACE wins the match or if your team is losing, get this item if no one else has (although some tank or support should have it). The bonuses are really great and useful during teamfights and is rather cheap.
This is a great item, specially if there are lots of AP Carries or if you are soloing against an AP Carry.
If the enemy AD Carry is fed like a lot, get this item to face him. The bonus Mana is quite useless with Fiora but +90 Armor is great, and the passives will help you during the whole match too. Purchase this if the enemy has 4 or 5 AD Carries too.
If you must face somo really nasty Magic Damage, get this item. The passive will take you out of difficlt situations, for example shielding you from Karthus' Requiem. Purchase this if the enemy has 4 or 5 AP Carries too.
Another great item to face AD Carries. The Tank or the Offtank should have it. If non of them purchased it, do it yourself, since the Active will help the team a lot, and the bonuses will make your game easier.
A good item to have extra Health and Magic Resistance. Besides, the CDR and the bonus regeneration are useful and can help you a lot.
This item is good Early Game because of the defensive bonuses and the Magic Damage, it will help you to farm really well and to push the lane really hard. If u manage to combine this with a good gank from your jungler, that turret will be yours. However I wouldn't build it if I'm going Full AD.
This is your first option to face fed AD Carries or teams with a lot of AD. Not just because of the Armor, but because of the extra damage you will 'deal'. If you want to be sure that you will win the 1v1 against the Melee AD Carry, purchase this.
You should only purchase this item if your team doesn't have enough CC (then why you are playing Fiora?) or if you really need the extra tankiness in teamfights.
This is a good purchase if the enemy team has a lot of Magic Damage and Heavy CC. The active from this item is really useful, but you must be careful when to use it, in order to not waste it.
Only if you are a big fan of this item. Personally, I find Guardian Angel to be much more useful, specially when I am really fed and I represent a threat for the enemy.

This is a great item Early Game since it will help you farming and also harrasing the solo top enemy champion. If u want it, you can build it as your first item. However, Late Game it won't be that useful as other items that you could have. Get this if you are focusing on splitpushing.
It can happen that the enemy team is really tanky and your The Black Cleaver is not enough to break their armor, so get Last Whisper so you can ignore 40% of their Armor.
If the enemy team is way too tank and your Last Whisper is not enough, go for this. The Armor Penetration, the Critical Strike, the Cooldown Reduction and the passive are great to deal a huge damge and take down the enemy quick.

If the enemy team doesn't have a lot of champions with CC skills but it has a lot of AD Carries (4 or 5), go for this instead of Mercury's Treads. The bonus Armor and the passive will be great during the Early Game.
If the enemy team doesn't have a lot of champions with CC skills, you can go for this item to be more aggresive. Is always good to have extra Attack Speed, but remember: if needed, Tenacity is more important.
If you really feel like you need it, go for this. However, I would never purchase it because I find it rather useless, in comparision with other boots you could have. This item depend on your personality and what you like.
You can take this items under certain circunstances: if you are jungling and if the enemy team doesn't have lots of CC, otherwise do not take them, they will be a waste of money and of a good pair of boots.

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Laning and Farming

I'll now proceed to explain how to play with Fiora in the different lanes. Most of the time, you'll be Solo Top if your team has a Jungler, but you may also be in a 2 Top Lane. It can happen that you find yourself on the Bot Lane, soloing or not. A Mid Lane Fiora is really rare and you don't see it a lot, but is not bad and she is really fun to play there.

Most of the time, you'll be Soloing Top, but you could also be Soloing Bot, depending on your team. Of course that if you are soloing there's a jungler in your team. The enemy team will have a Solo most of the time, but it can happen that they have no jungler and you must face a 2v1 lane.

When you are in a 1v1 lane, don't be shy and polite. Try to push a lot and to harrass the enemy. However, your main objective is to protect your turret. Your combination of Lunge--> Burst of Speed--> Lunge will force the enemy to keep the distance and make the things easier for you to farm. Remember to use Burst of Speed in order to do this. However, don't overextend and don't gank unless you are sure you can kill or if your jungler is around. Remember to ward the river to not get ganked too, and to pick Riposte first even if you are Full AD.

If it happens that the enemy team doesn't have a jungler, you'll have to 2v1 your lane. In this case don't push and keep your distance. Hug the turret and stay back, farming near your place. GANK ONLY IF YOUR JUNGLER IS READY TO. Remeber that in these cases, if you die the turret dies with you.
Maybe your team doesn't have a jungler so you don't need to solo. If this is the case is very important to know who you'll be laning with and if thenemy team has or not a jungler. Don't go with ranged champions or stealth champions, since you'll be focused a lot and your squishness won't help you.

Organize with your teammate and try to focus the enemy Melee Carry. If your teammate has any CC skills, it will be great to take the enemy down. Use Exhaust to chase and to have easy kills. Try to make First Blood.

If you are facing two Ranged enemies, don't push. It will be hard to fall back then and to get kills. Hug your turret and gank wisely, waiting for a stupid movement. Keep the distance and move a lot, las hitting the minions. If you take down one of them, the lane will be yours but don't rush and be patient for a good moment.
You will find Fiora in this lane rarely, but she is not bad at it and can be really fun. The problem is that Fiora players tend to be aggressive, while in the mid lane you must be patient and play deffensively.

Hug your turret and don't overextend. Most of the enemies you'll find depend on their mana so wait untill they are lack of it to gank. Don't spam and force them to use their skills on you. Bait them, put yourself where you look like an easy kill, that way they will throw all they have against you. When they can't use more of their spells GANK. In close combat, most of them are useless, and you'll get easy kills with your Riposte+ Burst of Speed+AutoAttacks. I've beaten Xerath, Lux, Anivia and Kassadin the few times I played in this lane, and it was rather easy by following these instructions.


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As a Full AD, your main objective is to take down the most dangerous Carry in the enemy team, specially the Ranged Carry. Don't initiate. Get into the fight ambushing the backguard or the flank of the enemy team, to both create chaos and also to gank easier the objective.

Once into the fight, focus all your attacks in the most dangerous Carry, specially the Ranged Carry. If you get focused a lot, use Blade Waltz to protect yourself. Try to take the objective out of the teamfight, that way you won't end up in the middle of the battle.

If you achieve to take down the most dangerous Carry, then aim for other carries, taking down the squishiest first.

Fall back if necessary, and get Guardian Angel if you find hard to survive at teamfights. If you can, finish the battle with Blade Waltz.

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Countering the Solo Top

In this section I will explain how to counter the champions that you are most likely to find doing Solo Top, which is the lane tou should be doing. I'M STILL WORKING WITH THE DIFFERENT COUNTERS, SO PLEASE HAVE A LITTLE PATIENCE :D


Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Dr. Mundo
Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Jarvan IV
Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Lee Sin
Spoiler: Click to view

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A note on Ravenous Hydra

Ravenous Hydra is Fiora's most important item. It improves her damage output really good, it provides her the desperatly needed life steal, it helps her farming, it allows her to push, backdoor and split-push really well, it makes it easier for her to fight 1v2 and 1v3, it synergizes well with Blade Waltz and it improves her teamfighting potential.

Is there anything wrong with Ravenous Hydra? I wouldn't say "wrong", but it is for sure not a perfect item. Ravenous Hydra pushes. And it pushes really hard. With it, you will slain minion waves really quickly and you will take all over the lane, zoning and dominating your opponent.

Then, what is the problem with it? If you are willing to do this you must take into account that Ravenous Hydra puts you in a very tempting position for an enemy gank. Since you will push so hard, the enemy jungler WILL gank you and you lack the escape mechanisms to get away properly.

What should I do? Sooner or later you will have to purchase Ravenous Hydra. If you do it during laning phase, always watch the river and don't stay in the enmemy safe zone for too long. You shouldn't also expect for many ganks, since the lane will be too pushed for your jungler to show up. If you don't feel confident about it, then don't purchase it. Aim for Vampiric Scepter and The Black Cleaver and wait for the laning phase to end before getting it.

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A note on Zhonya's Hourglass

Zhonya's Hourglass is one of the strongest items for squishy AP carries, since it provides a high amount of AP and Armor, along with a passive that makes the target untargetable for 2.5 seconds. This synergizes particullary well with mages that have some sort of constant AoE damage ( Karthus, Fiddlesticks, Morgana, Kennen) but it fits every mage.

Why are you saying all this? Zhonya's Hourglass CANCELS Blade Waltz. If you ult a mage with this item, he/she will just use it to cancel all your damage. It is important to have this present when fighting an enemy mage with this item, since the wrong time can lead to our death.

Then, Zhonya's Hourglass counters Fiora? Well, it does and it doesn't. Of course, it cancels your Blade Waltz, but more than counter her, it proves your skills as a player. Fiora is an assassin with high Burst and DPS physical damage, who can take down enemy carries easily. Any Fiora is able to take down any mage without using Blade Waltz. Following this, a mage will be forced to either choose between to waste Zhonya's Hourglass or die to your DPS Damage. Either way won't end well for him.

Zhonya's Hourglass challenges your attention to cooldowns and to enemy movements, along with your skill to not panic nor rush, due to an easy kill or a horrible death, and to know when you should use or you shouldn't use your skills.

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