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Urgot Build Guide by I Am Goliath

Top diamond

GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (1M+ Mastery Points)

By I Am Goliath | Updated on October 31, 2020
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Runes: Press The Attack

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

GoliathGames' Ultimate Guide to Urgot (1M+ Mastery Points)

By I Am Goliath

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Hey guys,
Hey guys, my name is Goliath. I've played League of Legends since season 2, and have mained top lane since season 3. I've been high Diamond in every season since season 4, peaking at GrandMasters. League of Legends has always been the main game that I have stuck with over the years, and Urgot is the champion that I have mained for the past few seasons even peaking at rank #1 Urgot NA at one point, and also my favorite champion that I have ever played.

Here is my OP.GG for anyone interested.

If you want to see me play Urgot live in action, maybe learn a thing or two, or ask me some questions, you can find my stream here. Stop by some time, I'm always down for giving advice and helping you improve.

If streams aren't up you alley, you can also check out my YouTube channel here. I have tons of matchup videos and other great info on Urgot!

If you want more general info, like when I upload, or update, a guide, then you can find my twitter here.

If I'm offline on twitch but you still want some pointers or just wanna chill, then feel free to join my discord server and hit me up.

Urgot is very unique because he is a ranged juggernaut, if you like beefy champions that scale well and can have a lot of impact in the mid and late game then you should consider trying out the dreadnought!

Difficulty - 6/10 I don’t think Urgot is super hard to learn but I do think like most champs he is pretty difficult to master. He does have a few skill shots which can be crucial in landing. Also learning how to play around your passive is key which can be challenging to learn and pay attention to; especially wave clearing issues with it. Mechanically I don’t think Urgot is very intensive though because a lot of the time you’ll have your W toggled on. But you will need to think about how to get good fears off in teamfights and landing your skill shots.

Fun Factor - 8/10 This rating is obviously pretty subjective but I find Urgot really fun and extremely satisfying to play when you can make good ultimate plays and get a massive AOE fear, or a cool E- Disdain Flash play. It can also be a lot of fun watching your W- Purge + passive Echoing Flames shred everyone in a teamfight. For a simple champion I find Urgot the most fun out of all of them.

Viability - 7/10 Urgot is definitely viable at the time of making this guide. Although I wouldn’t put him into the very top tier; I would put him somewhere in the middle tier. Urgot is also an extremely good blind pick because of how safe he is. The only reason I take off a few points here is because it can sometimes be hard to carry on Urgot.

Laning Phase - 6/10 Urgots level 1-3 can be quite strong in a lot of match-ups, especially melee match-ups. But overall your laning phase is pretty weak after that until level 9, which is quite a few levels. With that being said he is safe enough to where you can survive match-ups still and possibly get kills when your ultimate and flash is up.

Teamfighting - 8/10 Urgot's teamfighting can be very strong if you’re able to get a good pull and then flash fear into their whole team. However if you miss your ultimate or don’t have flash up, it can be somewhat tricky to be very impactful. I definitely recommend Righteous Glory for being able to get into teamfights. This will also help you get a good ultimate off. If you don’t have flash up you can Righteous Glory as you’re pulling somebody in with your ultimate. I’d also recommend to try to ultimate whoever get’s CC’d in a teamfight so you’re guaranteed to hit your ultimate. Urgot does really well with teams that can lock people down. For example if you have a Lissandra on your team, she can ultimate someone and then you are guaranteed to hit your ultimate and simply run in. If someone on the enemy team is going to die I always recommend ulting them because if you can get a big fear off that is far more important then saving your ultimate to kill an important carry such as the enemy AD or mid laner. The reason being is because if you can fear a squishy target all you have to do is E them and you can usually just kill them with your W- Purge as you circle around them and get your passive shots off.

+ Good poke.
+ Ranged.
+ Safe overall Laning Phase.
+ Great 1v1 dueling.
+ Scales well.
+ Decent engage.

- Abilities are skillshots.
- Can be kited if you don't have flash up.
- Can be item dependent in some games.
- Hard to carry some games if your team is doing poorly.
- Weak laning phase in terms of getting a big lead early.
- Can be hard to get your ultimate off in teamfights if they have a lot of burst or your team doesn’t have much CC or engage.

My general rule-of-thumb when it comes between choosing Conqueror or Press the Attack is this: If you want early game power and you’re against a squishy champion or squishy team comp then you should run Press the Attack. If you want more scaling or if you’re against a tanky champion in lane or an overall tanky team comp then you should go Conqueror. Basically I only run Conqueror into complete tank matchups.

Press the Attack
A really great rune if you want early game strength. Remember that your W- Purge applies procs towards Press the Attack making it very easy to proc in the 1v1. Overall I like this rune if I'm against a squishy champion or even bruisers as it helps so much in the early laning phase and with short trades. It is also great if you go for the level 1 bush cheese fights. Remember even against bruiser champions you can still take short trades especially with your E- Disdain and proc Press the Attack for added damage. Just keeping hard bruiser match-ups at around half HP can help you so much in getting through the early lanes, which Press the Attack helps us do.

Not much to say about this rune. It can be pretty clutch in some scenarios since you get some HP back on kills. I’ve had it save me a ton of times on Urgot. The other two in this slot aren’t that great on Urgot so I recommend taking Triumph.

Legend: Tenacity
I really like this rune because it just feels like so much value. Tenacity is huge on champions that need to get in the teamfights and can have trouble getting kited. I really recommend this on Urgot.

Note: I have tested Legend: Bloodline out in a few games and it seems viable if the enemy team doesn’t have too much CC. Legend: Bloodline along with Conqueror and Death's Dance while in your W is pretty insane healing. Especially if the enemy doesn’t build any anti-healing. Also I would never take Legend: Alacrity on Urgot because you’re going to be in your W toggle a lot of the game and attack speed doesn’t benefit his W form at all.

Last Stand
I think the numbers are better on Last Stand overall. You have lots of outplays where you’re low on HP but you bait people with the shield from E- Disdain. Overall the numbers have been better for me with this rune over Coup de Grace.

Note: I do think Coup de Grace is good in certain match-ups like Garen and Darius where they can nuke you for a lot of true damage when you have low HP.

Bone Plating
Usually when I’m running Press the Attack I’m playing for the early game and early lane so I will always take Bone Plating or Second Wind. You’ll want to go Bone Plating into champions that all-in you or trade with you a lot. Basically champions that have to go in on you to proc it, for example Riven, Renekton, Jax, other bruisers. Second Wind is great into poke and ranged champions especially if they have DOTs such as Teemo, Darius, Cassiopeia, Singed, etc.

This rune provides us with even more scaling giving us more HP as the game goes on and even boosting your max HP overall once you stack it up enough. This is really nice since our shield on E- Disdain scales off of max HP.

Note: Sometimes I do swap this rune out for Revitalize if I want even more early game power.

I run this rune against tanks or if they have a beefy team comp in general. I also run it if I’m playing more for scaling with our team comp. Overall this rune is still great on Urgot in my opinion because although he is ranged your passive gives you a stack on top of your autos and your abilities give 2 stacks still. So it is fairly easy to stack up. When you do run this rune you should try to keep an eye on your stacks and try to keep your stacks up if you’re looking to all in them. You have 6 seconds before it drops off so you can weave in an auto attack or Q to keep it up and get it stacked before you all in sometimes.

Not much to say about this rune. It can be pretty clutch in some scenarios since you get some HP back on kills. I’ve had it save me a ton of times on Urgot. The other two in this slot aren’t that great on Urgot so I recommend taking Triumph.

Legend: Tenacity
I really like this rune because it just feels like so much value. Tenacity is huge on champions that need to get in the teamfights and can have trouble getting kited. I really recommend this on Urgot.

Note: I have tested Legend: Bloodline out in a few games and it seems viable if the enemy team doesn’t have too much CC. Legend: Bloodline along with Conqueror and Death's Dance while in your W is pretty insane healing. Especially if the enemy doesn’t build any anti-healing. Also I would never take Legend: Alacrity on Urgot because you’re going to be in your W toggle a lot of the game and attack speed doesn’t benefit his W form at all.

Last Stand
I think the numbers are better on Last Stand overall. You have lots of outplays where you’re low on HP but you bait people with the shield from E- Disdain. Overall the numbers have been better for me with this rune over Coup de Grace.

Note: I do think Coup de Grace is good in certain match-ups like Garen and Darius where they can nuke you for a lot of true damage when you have low HP.

Although this rune is kind of greedy since it does nothing for you early game, I really do like it on Urgot since you are playing for the mid game scaling in a lot of games. I really like taking this rune especially in tank match-ups since you’re just scaling and don’t really need the early stats.

Note: If you’re against a harder match-up that can all in you such as Riven, Jax, Renekton etc. then Bone Plating is a great option. If you’re against another ranged champion you can take Second Wind to deal with their poke. Overall Conditioning is still good in all match-ups; it’s just a bit on the greedy scaling side which not everyone likes. I also think Shield Bash is a decent alternative to all these runes as well if you’re in a lane where you’re trading and fighting a lot with your E- Disdain.

This rune provides us with even more scaling; giving us more HP as the game goes on and even boosting your max HP overall once you stack it up enough. Which is really nice since our shield on E- Disdain scales off of max HP.

Alternative Runes

Biscuit Delivery
This rune is really good in the very early levels of the laning phase, but you trade it off for almost no scaling. If you’re struggling a lot in the early game especially into hard match-ups like Renekton and Darius then you can try running this rune out to help with that.

Time Warp Tonic
This rune will synergize with Biscuit Delivery and also Corrupting Potion which you should build if you run this rune. Overall this two runes combined with Corrupting Potion make your early laning phase before first back very safe, so I believe this rune page is completely fine in harder match-ups, especially if you find yourself struggling in them.

Approach Velocity
This rune is actually really nice in ranged matchups where you find yourself not able to get to or stick onto them. I personally have been running this into almost all ranged match-ups and it works great. Every time you slow them you get a movement speed boost while running at them making them easier to catch. Urgot has two slows with his Q- Corrosive Charge and his R- Fear Beyond Death, and your R is a very long slow making you able to catch up very easily with the 15% movement speed boost.

Shield Bash
I think this rune is solid in crazy laning phases where there is a lot of trading and you’re using E- Disdain aggressively a lot, and match-ups where you want to win early in like Tryndamere. I usually still opt for scaling runes as it fits my playstyle more but this rune can definitely fit on Urgot especially if you’re very aggressive early game.

This rune makes your shield bigger and also increases your healing. Really good rune if you run Conqueror and build Death's Dance and Spirit Visage every game since it will help out your heals a little bit. I’m more of a fan of Overgrowth still since I love having more total HP, but overall this rune can definitely fit into a healing build.

Taste of Blood
The extra healing can actually be nice on this rune especially during the laning phase. Make sure you’re paying attention to the cooldown on this rune and proccing it when it’s off cooldown. Definitely one of the runes you should take if you’re running Domination secondary on Urgot.

Ravenous Hunter
This is the main reason you would take Domination secondary on Urgot because this rune is pretty insane. The only issue with this rune is you need to stack it up first before it becomes great. And this is really dependent on the game so it’s no guarantee if you’re going to get all the stacks and also when. Overall I feel like this is kind of a gamble rune but has a huge payout if you get the stacks early. Although the healing doesn’t work with your W- Purge, you get a ton of healing from your passive procs going off, making this actually good on Urgot.

Cheap Shot
Alternative rune to Taste of Blood if you don’t want or need the extra sustain in the lane. Because of how much CC Urgot has, you can actually proc this rune fairly easy which is nice. It just comes down to if you want more damage with your combos and trades or more healing from Taste of Blood.

Flash is an absolute must on Urgot. Obviously flash is great for getting out of sticky situations, but Urgot also needs flash to get into a teamfight after getting an ultimate for a big AOE fear. You can also E- Disdain + Flash with Urgot. You have to press flash pretty much at the same time you press E. But you will most likely be using your Flash to get big fears off with your ultimate. So keep that in mind.

Teleport: Teleport is a must have spell on most top laners in my opinion since it allows you to impact the map so much. Keep in mind that teleport also gives you a slight movement speed boost upon arrival which can really help for getting into the teamfight quicker or ganking bot lane. This is personally my second summoner spell 99% of my games!

Ignite: Ignite is also viable if you’re going for more of a snowball, but overall I think ignite is kind of a gamble spell and it’s better to get good with teleport as it teaches you more map play as well.

Ghost: Ghost is viable on Urgot if you don’t want to run Teleport or Ignite, it can help with catching up to people and also circling around them faster to get your passives off, although this doesn’t fit my playstyle it isn’t terrible.

Note: If you’re running ignite or ghost secondary with flash then you can also take nimbus cloak for even more speed and kill pressure when you use your summoners.

Echoing Flames
So Urgot has six legs and each one of those holds a passive proc which hits in a cone shape. This passive is actually very strong since it’s based off the targets max HP. Which is why Urgot is good vs tanks as well. Your passive is also very strong to wave clear. Keep this in mind if you don’t want to push; just auto where the leg is down. The most important thing to remember about this ability is that your W- Purge procs it. So after you W, you’ll want to try to walk around them in a circle and get all your procs off if they’re trying to straight up 1v1 you. I should also note that your passive cooldown is pretty long early game but it gets extremely short in the late game. At level 13 it is a 2.5 second cooldown. Which is crazy because by the time you circle around somebody or a jungle creep the opposite side should already be back up.

Key Notes About Passive:
W- Purge procs it
Be mindful if you don’t want to push the wave with your passive to auto attack where your passive is down already
The arrows around Urgot's model are your passive, so if you attack in that direction it will use that passive and that area will go away until it’s back up

Corrosive Charge
This is your main poking tool in lane. It is VERY IMPORTANT to use this ability when they go to last hit creeps so that it’s harder from them to dodge. You also want to weave in an auto attack when you do this since they’re slowed and usually won’t be able to trade back.

Keep in mind that this ability also slows so it can be a good setup to hit your Q- Corrosive Charge for the slow before you use your E- Disdain which can then lead to hitting an R- Fear Beyond Death for free which I’ll explain later. Another thing about this ability is that it can be used while you’re channeling your W- Purge. Which means you can get a slow on them so it’s easier to circle around them. This ability is also good wave clear. Once it’s mid game your Q- Corrosive Charge + Auto with your Passive Echoing Flames up will clear the mage casters if your Q is max rank.

Key Notes About Q:
Use to poke when they go to hit creeps (this is mostly if you want to all-in, as you don’t want to be spamming this in lane since the mana cost is 80 even at level one.)
Slow can be used to make E- Disdain or R- Fear Beyond Death easier to hit
Can be used while in W- Purge channel
Good for wave clearing along with your passive
Makes your W- Purge lock on to whichever champion you hit with Q- Corrosive Charge (if you hit two champions at once it will target whoever is closer)

Basically Urgot will lock onto the nearest thing and start Gatling gunning them. You want to hit one of your other abilities to mark them so that your W- Purge will focus onto them, which should be fairly easy to do because remember you can use your E- Disdain and Q- Corrosive Charge while you’re channeling this ability. The main thing you want to try to do is move around them in a circle because it will proc your passive Echoing Flames. This ability also procs anything else that is on-hit which is why Black Cleaver is so easy stack on Urgot as well as why some people go Press the Attack or build Frozen Mallet which I’ll go into later in the item section. This ability is very strong in 1v1 duels especially if you can proc your passive to go with it. It’s somewhat weak early but should still be used in trades since it does give you a shield. Another thing to keep in mind is that this ability does slow you but it can be canceled at any time also when you cancel it. You still get the shield which is great for when you’re trying to escape. You also gain slow resist as well as ignoring unit collision for whatever that’s worth.

Key Notes About W- Purge:
Need to hit other abilities for this ability to lock on to target
Can be used to proc your passive procs easily
Other abilities can be used while in this ability (Q, E, R)
Can be used to proc any on hit things: Conqueror, Black Cleaver, Frozen Mallet, Press the Attack, etc.
Becomes a toggle at max rank that does not use mana and lasts until you toggle it off
Once it’s maxxed and becomes a toggle you can weave in auto attacks for more DPS which is especially great for taking down turrets quickly. You’ll want to get an auto attack in every 3 W’s and instantly toggle your W back on for maximum DPS

This is Urgot's main setup/engage/punish tool. Since this ability always flings them behind you and they get stunned it’s a guaranteed way to hit your ultimate as well as your Q- Corrosive Charge. If you’re in a 1v1 I almost always recommend using your E- Disdain to make sure you don’t miss your R- Fear Beyond Death. Another important thing to know about this ability is that it can be used with Flash to surprise your enemy from pretty far. Basically you want to E- Disdain and then Flash at the same time. I’d recommend practicing this in practice tool. This can be a bit risky to do since you really have to know your range of E + Flash combined. It can also be very good to do this when going for a pick. The other thing that’s neat about this ability is that even if you use it slightly before you get stunned or something it will still go anyway. Which is super helpful for escaping. One last thing to keep in mind about this ability is if you use an ability while it’s channeling it will basically queue up that next ability. So for example if I press R while I’m in my E it will go right after I’m done with E. Also this ability cannot be used to cross terrain.

So the second part of this ability is the shield which I just want to say scales off your bonus health which is why all the items I build on Urgot give HP with the except of Gargoyle Stoneplate. The reason Gargoyle Stoneplate is good still is because the active increases your total HP which in turn will make this ability shield more. It’s very important though to use your Gargoyle Stoneplate active BEFORE you press W- Purge if you’re benefiting from this. I think it’s also worth mentioning that this ability is somewhat weak early game and mostly used for the shield when trading. But when you get this ability max level (level 13) it’s a massive power spike since it’s actually pretty strong by then. You’ll also have Black Cleaver as well as your passive damage being very strong.

Key Notes About E- Disdain:
Great setup for your Q- Corrosive Charge and R- Fear Beyond Death(especially good for giving you a guaranteed way to land your ultimate by ulting behind you where you fling them while they’re stunned)
Can be used in combo with Flash for a surprise engage
Great escape tool
Can’t be canceled by stuns - your character will still move as long as you start it before you get stunned
Cannot cross terrain
Can be used to buffer lots of CC and flings meaning it will go off after their CC goes through. This can be great against stuff like Singed E, Poppy R, Irelia E, Darius E. I will link some videos down at the end of this guide in the video examples section.

Fear Beyond Death
This is one of my favorite abilities in the game and one of the most satisfying ultimates in my opinion. Basically once you get them to under 25% HP you can pull them in for an execute while also getting an AOE fear/slow around you after they are executed. This is crucial in team fights. Keep in mind that you can Flash while you’re pulling somebody in which helps get a big fear in a team fight. Your ultimate is a very fast moving skill shot so it’s good to try to use it on targets that are CC’d and look like they’re going to die. Or use this ability after your E where you know they’re going to land it.

Another thing about this ability is it’s a massive slow for the 4 seconds you have before you pull them in. In some situations it can be used to slow a target even if you aren’t going to get the execute. Keep in mind that while you pulling them in it takes 1.5 seconds and if you die during that time it will get cancelled and they will survive. Another thing is this ability can be cleansed by stuff like Cleanse, Quicksilver Sash, and Gangplanks Remove Scurvy. So I would try not to ultimate targets that have a cleanse. Also, since you have 4 seconds to take them below 25% before the pull, do not be afraid to ultimate half HP targets or sometimes even more if you know your team is going to get them low enough.

Key Notes About R- Fear Beyond Death:
Causes AOE fear/slow after you execute somebody
Can flash in while you’re pulling somebody
This ability can be cleansed (including skills like Remove Scurvy)
Provides a big slow while the drill is on them (can be great if you’re chasing for a kill even if you don’t get the pull in execute)
Try to use on targets that are already CC’d and look like they might get low enough for the pull. Also can be used right after your E- Disdain to guarantee landing it in the 1v1
Remember you can aim the direction of the fear since they will run away from you. Flashing behind carries to fear them into your team can be a great play if you’re flashing on them anyway. This can also be done without flash if you have some form of movement speed boost

W Max

W max is what I go for in most match-ups because level 9 is such a big power spike with it. And you should get Black Cleaver around that timing as well making you win most match-ups at level 9+. I also start E most games and E the first 3 melee minions once they get low to where it one hits all of them. You also want to try to angle this E to hit the enemy champion along with the minions. If you miss the E you can still go for an auto or two on the enemy champion since you have a shield to trade with.

Note: Most games I will wait to level my first skill. If they face check the bush that I am waiting in I will start W level one instead for the early DPS. Make sure to get an auto attack in before your W and right after as well for maximum damage.

Another Important Note: I will sometimes max E over Q second if I’m wanting to be more defensive or into tanky targets where Q doesn’t really do much and it’s more just used as a lock-on spell for your W.

Q Max

I personally almost never Q max because my playstyle fits way more for the W max and I love having the toggle at level 9. But this skill order is viable against squishy poke lanes if you want to try to win lane against them instead of waiting to scale. I know other Urgot players that do this and have found success but it is VERY situational, and requires a much different playstyle that I do not enjoy as much.

Basic Combos
This is a basic combo if you’re chasing somebody or far away since you slow them with your Q it will make it easier to hit your E then follow up with a W and obviously R if they’re low enough to kill.

This combo can be used if you’re already close to your target, the idea behind this is slowing them after you fling so you can get your W + Passive proc off around them.

Situational Combos
This combo is good if they’re already very close to you so you can start with your W get them somewhat low, and then fling them back in to guarantee land your ultimate + Q.
This combo can be used as a surprise since it starts off with a random E to catch them off guard and then you just land the Q while you’re in W to get the slow for your R.

This combo can be used if they’re already low, hitting your E just guarantees you hit your ultimate.

This combo starts off with ultimate and is good for picking targets off or if your teamates are going to follow up on the person you R’d, like I said before since it’s a 4 second slow sometimes that is enough to pick somebody out and get a kill even if you don’t get the pull.

Advanced Combo
Similar to the basic combo I mentioned earlier, but adding in the flash makes it more complicated, mostly for the fact that you really have to know the distance of your E and flash combined to hit this combo.

Be sure to view the examples in the Video section below!

Starting Item

Doran's Blade
I go Doran's Blade in matchups where I want the early game power and I believe I can get a kill early on. I also go Doran's Blade into most tank matchups to synergize with the early Cull on my first back. This item is really good in lanes you think you will be dueling a lot early on and if you’re able to land your E - Disdain early quite easily. Examples of this would be Riven, Irelia, Fiora, Tryndamere, Jax.

Doran's Shield
This item is great into hard matchups that you don’t want to be fighting early because it allows you to be really safe and scale. It’s also good vs poke champions and champions that have DoTs, like Darius and Teemo. I build this into lots of hard match-ups over Corrupting Potion. Especially since I don’t run Time Warp Tonic ever. A few examples of match-ups I would build this item in are Teemo, Darius, Aatrox. Basically just the very hard match-ups early as well as most ranged and poke champions.

Corrupting Potion
This item can also be good in harder match-ups. Basically it keeps you a little less safe then Doran's Shield but gives you some more trading power. It’s good if you think they’re going to mess up. Remember to try to drink your Corrupting Potion while you’re dueling with them and preferably when you have your W activated as it will add a bit of magic damage to every single w hit. Also this item is much better if you run Time Warp Tonic which I don’t like to do personally because I like the Resolve runes too much.

Build Order

Black Cleaver
This is usually my first item because it’s such a solid and safe buy. The phage passive allows you to stick on targets easier and land E’s during lane by autoing a minion first and running at them with the speed. And you should be getting Black Cleaver finished around level 9 when your W becomes a toggle. It’s such a great power spike because it’s extremely easy to stack the Black Cleaver stacks with Urgot.

Note: I sometimes build Death's Dance first depending on the match-up, which I will talk more about down below.

Upgrade Boots
You’ll either want to upgrade your boots into Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads depending on if you need armor or magic resist. Also if the other team has a lot of CC then Mercury's Treads may be the better option as well. Another thing to keep in mind is if you’re against a champion that split-pushes a lot you’ll probably always want to go Ninja Tabi since you’ll be answering their split most of the game; even if Mercury's Treads look like the better option.

Death's Dance
This item is still great on Urgot and is usually my second item in most games. Because of the resistances on top of life-steal this item actually makes you a lot tankier. And since we already have HP from the Black Cleaver, I really like this as a second item. It also makes your split-pushing way stronger since it gives you that nice bit of sustain. One thing to note when buying this item is I always like to buy the Vampiric Scepter first since I think it’s the best component on Urgot.

Note: Building this item first can be OK in some match-ups where they have a lot of mixed damage such as Jax, Ornn, etc. It really depends on your first back timing and if you have enough for Phage or only enough for Vampiric Scepter. I still prefer Black Cleaver in 90% of my games I would say but sometimes your gold value doesn’t work out for Phage first if something happens and I have gone Death's Dance first a few times and it felt fine to me.

Spirit Visage
This item synergizes with our Death's Dance healing and Conqueror if you’re running that. And provides some magic resistance which is usually nice at this point in the game since you’ll be team-fighting. If they have spammy mages ( Rumble, Cassiopeia, etc.) then make sure you buy an Adaptive Helm instead.

Note: If armor is more important in the game you’re playing then you should buy Righteous Glory or Randuin's Omen before Spirit Visage.

Righteous Glory
Amazing item for Urgot since it allows him to be able to engage and get more picks, or you can also use it while you’re pulling somebody in to get a better position to get a big AOE fear off.

Note: If they have a lot of crit or you feel you don’t need the extra movement speed or you just want to be slightly more tankier then you should go Randuin's Omen instead of Righteous Glory.

Guardian Angel
Usually at this point in the game the revive from Guardian Angel can be game changing. This also provides us with some nice armor and more damage which is always great. If you want to be more tanky you can always go for Frozen Mallet here or even Gargoyle Stoneplate if they have a lot of mixed damage or you’re having trouble getting your pulls from ultimate off.

Situational Items

Executioner's Calling
Can be a great item on Urgot since he has a lot of AOE with his passive to apply it in team-fights. If I’m against something like Fiora, Aatrox, Vladimir, Dr. Mundo, etc. then I will almost always buy this item during laning phase and just sit on it for most of the game. Usually I will not upgrade it to Mortal Reminder until very last item unless I need the armor pen because they’re super tanky.

Note: I usually go Executioner's Calling over Bramble Vest if I need grievous wounds unless I’m behind. If I’m even or ahead I find Executioner's Calling to be way more effective and cheaper.

Frozen Mallet
This item can be nice since your W- Purge applies it and also our E- Disdain shield scales off our max HP. Usually Black Cleaver + Death's Dance is enough damage for me but this is sometimes a nice buy if they don’t have much HP shred. For example, I would NEVER get this item into a champion like Vayne, as all it offers is HP and damage. This can also be a nice buy into team comps that have a lot of kite-able champions for example Darius top lane, and Volibear jungle.

Randuin's Omen
Really solid tank item. I always build this item if they have two people buying crit items. Even if they have one crit user can still be a solid buy, plus the active can be really nice in teamfights.

This item can be good if they have a bunch of auto attack champions or if they have a lot of healing since it inflicts Grievous Wounds.

Adaptive Helm
As I mentioned before this can be a great alternative to Spirit Visage if they have mages that have spammable spells.

Gargoyle Stoneplate
This item can be nice if they have a lot of mixed damage and you’re team-fighting a lot. If you use this item while Stone Skin is active (which it should be during a team-fight) it will increase your health by 100% which means you should try to use your E after using the active while your health is insanely high giving you a bigger shield on your E- Disdain. The main reason why I build this item sometimes though is you can pop it while you’re pulling someone in with your ultimate to ensure you don’t get bursted while getting your pull off.

Mortal Reminder
If they have a lot of tanks and you also need the Grievous Wounds, this item is solid. It's very situational though and you shouldn’t have to build it very often. It can be a great item vs Dr. Mundo though; especially if they have other tanks on the team. You can also choose to sit on your Executioner's Calling until they have more armor.

Blade of the Ruined King
Although on-hit effects are 50% reduced with your W, this item can still be good into team comps with a lot of tanks. Usually if they have 3+ tanks I will build this item and it feels great. Remember you can also use the active with this item for a huge speed boost to help you circle around someone with your passive shotgun knees, which is great for killing tanks since your passive shreds them.

Trinity Force
This is a really fun item on Urgot and actually quite viable if you want something different from Black Cleaver. Although I pretty much always build Black Cleaver there is no denying this item is viable on Urgot. Remember that toggling your W off and on activates the sheen proc so it’s very important you toggle every 2-3 W hit’s and weave in an auto attack for that sheen damage. Normally attack speed isn’t the best on Urgot but it’s actually OK with this item and it’s not going to waste since you’re weaving in auto attacks and more attack speed makes it smoother to do so. A game where this item can be really nice is if they don’t have many tanks and are all squishy and your team also doesn’t benefit much from the armor shred from Black Cleaver, because you can really nuke squishies with Trinity Force.

Lord Dominik's Regards
This is a great item if they have a ton of armor and you don’t need the anti-heal from Mortal Reminder. You will really shred tanks if you buy this 3rd or 4th item vs them.

Levels 1-3
Let me just start off by saying Urgot's early laning phase is NOT the strong point of this champion. Even though your level 1-3 is pretty strong (especially if you can land an E or cheese them in the bush at the start), you are more of a scaling mid game champion. You’re basically trying to get to level 9 where your W- Purge becomes a toggle for your true champion power spike. With that being said there are still windows of opportunities before then so let’s talk about them.

I usually start most lanes off with Doran's Blade. If I’m against an annoying poke champion I will sometimes go Corrupting Potion or Doran's Shield. Level 1 with Urgot you can really start off by leveling your W- Purge or E- Disdain. I find myself going E level one more often these days unless I’m cheesing them in the bush at level 1 where they’re running to lane from leashing. Then I will start W first. If I don’t have to leash with Urgot then I am looking to fight the enemy top laner before he even gets to lane. So for example, if you’re starting bot-side and he is leashing red buff topside for his jungler then I like to sit in the tri-bush and fight him level one. Urgot's level 1 is really strong in most match-ups especially if you have the surprise on the enemy. Do not do this against Darius. If you’re starting topside and you don’t need to leash then you can wait in the river bush. Whether you start E or W always make sure to get in an auto attack before you use your ability since you have the surprise on them. If you’re starting W then you can get an auto attack in after your W ends as well.

Now onto the lane: Level one if you aren’t cheesing, I look for an early E- Disdain through the first 3 melee minions once they get low. You can try to angle it to where you get all three creeps once they get low and you can still hit your E on the enemy champion. A lot of people will play into your E range level one if they’re a melee champ because for one they don’t expect you to start E but they’re also going for the first 3 melee minions as well. Levels 1-2 I’m quite aggressive in most match-ups because your passive and E are really strong. So I am usually zoning them off the creeps and slowly pushing in the wave by last hitting when necessary. After I get the wave pushed in is when I’ll drop a ward down. You want to try to do this before 3 minutes or around that time depending on who their jungler is. Lots of junglers will try to come top lane for the 3 minute gank so make sure to ward for this. Especially since you will be pushing the lane since you have priority and zoning potential levels 1-3. Just make sure you get the wave fully pushed into the turret before you ward so you don’t miss minions while warding.

Levels 4-5
I’m pretty chill on Urgot for levels 4-5 unless the enemy is playing into my E range which I am always looking for. You should be trying to your best to auto attack when they go up to last hit your minions and look for E’s if they step up too far especially if they’re going for a cannon minion. Other than if you land E’s, you shouldn’t be going too aggressive in these levels. You should play safe until E's back up most of the time. If you want to get an early back off or are forced to get an early back off because you got ganked and you’re going to Teleport back I recommend picking up a Cull around these levels. If you’re backing with around 450 gold, Cull can also be a great early back option into tank match-ups.

Level 6-9
These are the levels where Urgot becomes URGOD and these will be your biggest power spike levels where you should be able to 1v1 most champions and possibly even 1v2 if played correctly. Once you hit 9 is when you max your W and it becomes a toggle meaning it lasts forever until you toggle it off and doesn’t cost mana or have a cooldown. On top of this around this level you should have Black Cleaver which is another big power spike for Urgot allowing you to shred people down even if they’re tanky and making you beefy enough to last in extended fights with your W on. On top of all of this, once you hit level 9 your passive shotgun knees go on a 10 second cooldown per leg, and then 5 seconds at level 11, and finally 2.5 seconds at level 13 which allows you to really shred everyone, even tanks, in extended fights.

Also after level 9 it gets a lot easier to take turrets as well as solo herald if you have an opportunity to. Remember when taking turrets and heralds you can weave in an auto attack every 3 W hits for more DPS. This is because your auto attack is “refreshing” while you’re in your W and there is no cooldown toggling your W off and on.

Your main focus with Urgot in team-fights should be getting a big ultimate AOE fear. If you have Flash up then this will be a lot easier. Sometimes I will split-push until my Flash is up, unless baron or dragon are up and we have to team-fight. Urgot does extremely well in team comps that have engage and CC. You should try to follow up on whoever your team can CC and then burst down. You want to ultimate them while they’re CC’d so it’s guaranteed. Most of the time with Urgot in team-fights I try to play off my team rather then just full on engaging because it does take a bit of time to get that pull off in team-fights. Once you land the pull on whoever your team is on, you’ll want to Flash on their backline while you’re pulling them in to get a massive fear off. I like to wait until right before the pull finishes. This way they don’t have time to react to you flashing in and dash or flash away.

Urgot is also great at flanking in team-fights especially if you’re Teleporting in at a flank angle. If you ever get onto a back line carry and land your E, they’re usually so squishy that you can burst them super quick. If you land your E on a carry then you should always R them instantly while they’re stunned from your fling because you will burst them so fast and then you can just fear their front line and win the team-fight that way. If you have a good opportunity to E-Flash on a carry late game (especially if you’re flanking), do not hesitate to do so. Also if you have Righteous Glory then you can use this while you’re pulling people from your ultimate if you don’t have your Flash up, to get big fears still.

Urgot Splitpushing
Urgot actually does very well in the split-push and in 1v1’s because of your passive scaling and you just have so much consistent damage that you can win almost all extended trades. Also Death's Dance can keep you really healthy in a side lane. If you land your E- Disdain in 1v1’s then you should have no issue winning the fight. Especially if you follow up with your R- Fear Beyond Death right after the stun and make sure you’re circling around them while they’re slowed to get your passive shotguns off because that’s where a ton of damage comes from.

Generally you’ll want to pressure the opposite side of the map of whatever the big objective is IF YOU HAVE TELEPORT UP. So for example if I have teleport up I will be wanting to side lane bottom lane and tell or ping my team to pressure the baron, while looking for a teleport play. If they send multiple people for you then Urgot has great 1v2 potential and your team hopefully secures baron. Whenever you’re going for the 1v2, try to burst the more squishy person first and get your ultimate off on them so you can fear the other guy. Urgot is great at bursting squishy targets especially if you land your E into R combo. If they don’t send people for you then you should be able to get turrets and maybe even dive your opponent. Remember if you land E on them even under turret you can kill them very quickly and then heal up on the waves or jungle camps with Death's Dance, forcing multiple champions to come deal with you.

When splitpushing, my biggest tip is to be glancing at your minimap a lot and keep track of whoever you’re seeing on the map. And ALSO where your team is on the minimap. You have to wait until your team is pressuring before you can pressure to or else they can send a lot of people for you and your team won’t be getting anything out of it. Having vision can also help a lot with this, but a lot of it is tracking everything in your head and calculating how long it will take X champion to get to you and providing the right amount of pressure at the right times.

These are some useful tips or weird interactions I’ve found after playing Urgot for awhile.

Remember to take turrets as fast as possible. After every three W- Purge hits you want to toggle it and weave in an auto attack for more DPS because your auto attack resets while you're in W, and there's no cooldown toggling W.

Your E- Disdain can be used to dash through a minion wave if you’re wanting to wave clear quickly.

Your W- Purge can be used to clear out things like Zyra plants super quickly.

Your W- Purge will auto target the closest things including the fruits on the map so be careful when you activate this near a blast cone.

Your R- Fear Beyond Death can be cleansed by Quicksilver Sash as well as Gangplank’s fruit Remove Scurvy.

Your R- Fear Beyond Death doesn’t execute on death defying ultimates or passives but it will still pull them to you ( Tryndamere, Kayle, etc…).

You can use your W- Purge to clear wards quickly right after they’re placed before they disappear or also just for clearing pink wards quickly.

Yasuo's Wind Wall blocks both parts of your ultimate. (So not only does it block the projectile shot but it also blocks you from pulling him in).

You cannot pull an Olaf with your ultimate when he is in his ultimate- Ragnarok.

You are able to auto attack right before and right after you turn on and off your W which can sometimes be very useful for finishing a kill if you’re able to calculate it since it speeds up your DPS slightly, just make sure you’re clicking on the enemy champion or turret as you’re toggling your W off.

Cull works with your W- Purge making it pretty decent life-steal.

Corrupting Potion works with each proc of your W- Purge so it adds quite a bit of magic damage on hit.

Your Passive- Echoing Flames stacks Conqueror so if you auto where your passive is up you’ll get 2 stacks even though you’re ranged. Also W + passive will stack it up fairly quickly since your W also stacks it.

Kalista's ultimate, Fate's Call can save whoever you’re pulling with your ultimate. So it may not be a good idea to ult the support if they have a Kalista.

Combo Examples

Here’s a clip of me doing a fast E-Q combo, basically you want to get your q off during your E right before you actually fling the person, you have to be pretty quick with it, this also works with your R.

Here’s me doing an E-Flash-R combo, because there is a little bit of buffer time on your E you can actually use it right before you flash making it practically impossible for them to react to your E, this can be really nice for securing kills in laning phase, but be careful doing this out of lane as you’ll want your flash for big ultimate fear plays in team-fights!

Here’s an example of what I mean by flash fears in the late game to win teamfights, as you can see I waited for right before I grind the enemy Rek'Sai to flash in so they can’t react and flash or dash out, fears like this can single handedly win you teamfights and games!

Here’s an example of a standard Urgot combo, I like to get an auto in before I toggle my W on sometimes for more DPS, so this combo was E-R-Auto-W and then circle around them for the passive procs, normally if I was engaging onto them I’d Q them first to get into my E range.

Here’s an example of the W toggle for taking turrets down quick as Urgot, basically every 3 W hits you’ll want to toggle it off and get an auto attack in and then retoggle your W back on instantly, you’ll be wanting to do this once you’re level 9+ everytime you take turrets because it’s just more DPS, this is because your auto attack is refreshing while you’re in your W and there is no cooldown to toggle it once your w is maxxed which is at level 9 if you’re maxxing it first.

E Buffering
The way to do the E buffer is quite simple, you pretty much just want to time it or predict slightly with their ability, because of the little cast time or buffer on your E it will go off slightly after their spell, this works with a ton of CC in the game but here are just a few examples of them.

E buffer example on Volibear’s fling.

E buffer example on Irelia’s Stun.

E buffer example on Singed Fling.

E buffer example on Poppy Ultimate.

E buffer example on Jayce E.

What is the best soul for Urgot?

In my opinion from best to worst it goes Ocean > Cloud > Infernal > Mountain.

Ocean synergizes with all your healing so much and you usually Spirit Visage plus Death's Dance. This really just makes you insanely hard to kill.

Cloud is really nice for getting big fears and also for circling around people after your ultimate making it extremely easy to get a bunch of passive damage. Also remember you can ultimate to get out of bad situations because the movement speed boost is really insane, plus you slow somebody with your ultimate. Also just having a 10% increase to movement speed at all times is insanely nice on Urgot.

Infernal is a very nice DPS boost. I think some games it can actually be better then cloud depending on your team comp. Also gives you more impact damage on your ultimate which can be big for sniping.

Mountain is a nice shield. Nothing really special with this one in terms of the soul. The extra resists do feel really nice. If you stack 2-4 of these though, you will be insanely tanky.

Who do you ban as an Urgot main?

Personally I ban Maokai or Ornn, usually Maokai because I find him played more often these days, these match-ups are just boring and annoying to me and very hard to get leads on. Yes, you out-scale them but the lanes are not fun when they just rush a Bramble Vest into Ninja Tabi making it almost impossible to 1v1 them in the early game.

Is Urgot good at carrying games?

Yes I believe Urgot is good at carrying games up until diamond and then match-ups get a lot harder in my opinion (this goes for most scaling champions). Urgot scales really hard and can build a lot of damage items while also being tanky enough to go crazy in team-fights, and if you get big fear plays you can solo carry team-fights.

When should I pick Urgot?

Urgot thrives in team comps that have lots of CC and engage, because this makes it much easier to get good ultimates off as well as your E. And Urgot is amazing when you have people to engage for you so you don’t get focused. He synergizes really good with tank junglers like Zac, Sejuani, etc… and tank supports like Leona, Nautilus, also Yuumi has amazing synergy. Urgot is also very good into melee match-ups where it is easier to land your E’s, especially squishy melee matchups such as Riven, Irelia, Fiora, Jax, etc…
What is your favorite skin on Urgot?

High noon with the special red chroma, but I really like all his skins in their own way.
Why should I play Urgot over juggernauts?

This comes down to what you have fun on I guess. But Urgot is unique because he is a ranged juggernaut and I believe he scales way harder than other juggernauts. Although he also has a weaker laning phase, he has way more team-fight potential and split-push potential compared to other juggernauts, also I personally find his ultimate the coolest and most satisfying to use of all the juggernaut champions.

Why do you toggle your W on turrets?

So after every three W’s you can weave in an auto attack for extra DPS. This is because your auto attack is refreshing while you’re in your W and there is no cooldown to toggle it and retoggle once your W is maxxed.

What do you think of Death’s Dance before Black Cleaver?

Generally Death's Dance can feel kinda bad without some HP first in my opinion, but if you’re against a top laner with a lot of mixed damage and they have an AP jungle it seems ok. It also depends on your first back and whether you can afford Phage or not. If you have around 900 gold and can get Vampiric Scepter on first back then Death's Dance rush can seem fine to me, but even just getting the Phage (if you’re able to) into Death's Dance seems a little better to me so you have some HP and movement speed to work with.

Thanks for reading my Urgot guide! If you liked it then consider tossing me an up vote as it really helps to get my guide out there. If it helped you out at all, then let me know in the comments. If you think I left something out, let me know as well. I always enjoy hearing feedback whether it be positive or negative. Also if you want to ask me any questions regarding Urgot or top lane in general you can find my stream here.

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