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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Tryndamere Build Guide by IamDem

Other In-Depth Tryndamere Guide 3.10 UPDATED.

Other In-Depth Tryndamere Guide 3.10 UPDATED.

Updated on August 30, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IamDem Build Guide By IamDem 13,646 Views 10 Comments
13,646 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IamDem Tryndamere Build Guide By IamDem Updated on August 30, 2013
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Hello. My name is IamDem. A high elo soloq player. I had multiple accounts in diamond 1 this season. And currently maining Tryndamere. Hope my knowledge of the champion will come in handy to you all.
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Tryndamere Introduction

This is an in-depth guide about Tryndamere. I hope people who never played Tryndamere can start right, and people who are Tryndamere's Veterans will learn something new.


+ Incredibly strong duelist
+ Incredibly strong splitpusher!
+ Can 1v2 1v3 1v4 1v5!
+ Scales amazingly with items!
+ Strong Early, Mid and Late!
+ Has no mana or energy!
+ Can instantly kill squishies!
+ Can always recover!
Tryndamere is a Melee AD Carry who is one of the strongest splitpusher in the game. He scales amazingly with items and His kit is really fun to use and impossible to completely shutdown. He has a long and frustrating learning curve , but after u learn every matchup and know how to handle different situations with him u can make amazing plays.

-Can be kited!
- Takes alot of time to master!
- Has annoying counters!
- Scared of CC!
- Has no female yandere skin!
Tryndamere has a lot of problems with any kid of CC, and is hard to play. It might be frustrating at the beginning but if ur stick with this champion u wont regret it. U need to make alot of dumb mistakes till u get a grip how to perfectly time your ults and when is the perfect time to use your Q.
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Summoner Spells

Increase your movement speed.
Ghost just offers too much utility , u can use it both defensively and offensively. U dont need flash u have ur E.

Single target true damage DOT.
Ignite makes u have insane kill potential. Good against sustain champions like swain,aatrox ect. Cuz it reduces healing and regeneration by 50%..

Why shouldn't you take exhaust? // Stop comparing competitive league with SoloQ league. Ignite gives u more kill potential, and u need kills to win solo q games.

Why shouldn't you take other summoner spells? // Other summoner spells don't offer that much utility and kill potential. U should always take Ghost and Ignite. The key of winning SOLOQ is winning your lane!

Why shouldn't you take Barrier Ignite Since you have your E? // U can easily get kited without Ghost.
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U take ignite and ghost , it benefits both of them so theres no reason why you shouldn't take it.More ghost speed , ignite plus 5 ad ap = PROFIT.
UMore attack speed. More attacks. More chances to crit = More damage.
Gives u more lane control, easier to last hit.
Ad per lvl too gud , Plus u need it to take Weapon Expertise.
Armor penetration is always great.
More early ad , good trading , easier to cs.
+10% for melee Champions ? U are melee , u are a champion, Trynd depends on hits TAKE THIS. BEST MASTERIES FOR TRYN.
A nice little attack speed steroid after a crit.
Even more armor penetration GREAT!.
Ultimate mastery like ultimate skill u need to take them if ur going deep inside this tree.

little more hp is always nice
U need more armor to get hard. Take 3 points if u against ad top.
Little mr wont hurt. Take 3 points if you are against ap top.
30 hp lvl 1 is ALOT.

VS ]

Butcher - 4 bonus damage to minions and monsters, also if u take butcher u can put 1 more point in Fury +1%attack speed.
Havoc - Increase damage by 2.00%.

Both of these masteries are viable and it won't make a huge difference if you go either way. Butcher gives u more lane controll and 1 free point to put in fury. And havoc gives a little more damage. I don't find that damage high enough to put 3 points into havoc , i rather have more lane controll. The choise is up to you!

Sadly we don't have much innovation in masteries!
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Then i started playing tryndamere for the first time i took Flat ad. After alot of games with him i realised they do u no good, Lifesteal on the other hand makes u a sustain monster that can out sustain most of the champions and u damage won't suffer at all.
Tryndamere scales with attack speed more than he does with and. So there's no point of taking flat ad , just take attack speed.
Usually i take more attack speed , cuz its just too good on Mr. Tryndamere. But sometimes u have to take some magic resist against champions like elise. But dont take full magic resist glyphs just take like 3 flats 2 pr lvls, and you'll be fine.
U only take armor seals, even if ur against ap top. Since they usually are range or even melee ap , they do use autoattacks plus u wont build defensive items so it will help.

So why attack speed over flat ad ? Simple flat ad just gives u more on attack damage , and crit damage. But attack speed gives u more chances to crit ,and tryndamere needs those crits.

Crit chance sucks. Don't take it , no point of relying on luck that much even if you play Tryn.
Crit damage rune sucks. Don't take them, ur early will be terrible and your opponent can just zone u out. U need to win ur lane if u want to succeed at soloQ.
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Item Builds

Manly start ,i usually go this start. Gives u 10 ad 2 pots, and u can rush vampiric easier. Amazing early damage , and kill potential. The only downside is no wards.

I've seen people start likes this , I tried i dont really like it , but it gives u alot of sustain and movement speed, so u can easier escape from a gank and out sustain your opponent. U can also go 2 pots 1 wards.

sight ward U only go this if u really really want a ward, But ur tryndamere u can just 1v2 , or escape. Even if u get camped, ganked 100 times , you'll still beat everyone , so i don't recommend this start , its still viable tho .

U always go this core. It gives u so much, alot of movement speed so u can stick to the target , An active slow from cutlass. Crit chance, attack speed ,attack damage EVERYTHING.

his is ur Mid game goal. If u have this ur a beast already.
It gives u ,alot of damage active slow and movement speed steal, Crit chance, attack speed, LIGHTNING.

Late game final build except the 6th item.
U can 3 shot squishies now. U have everything u need. Alot of attack speed, Alot of Crit chance, active slow/movement speed steal, alot of movement speed. The 6th item is only the cherry on the cake.

U get another slow but u usually don't need it. It gives you a little more hp and ad . But its usually not worth it.

Good to take down tower then split pushing , gives u cdr , attack damage ,crit change, faster tower taking. So if u like the item u can buy it its okay as 6th item.

Its good if enemy team has alot of magic damage. Gives u alot of ad , and the passive is great cuz u like being at 1 hp.

This item isin't the best, tho its fun. I wouldin't recomend it. But if u wanna u can buy it.

Only buy this if enemy team has a long cc like fear.

I usually go this as a 6th item Gives u tenacity attack damage and attack speed CDR. I RECOMEND THIS


Dorans gives 80 health 10 damage 5 lifesteal on hit.
Longsword 10 damage = 2 pots

1 pot restores 150 hp.
To restore 150 hp with dorans blade u would need to hit a target minion or champion 30 times. During that u would be harassed, So in theory its never forth starting dorans blade over longsword 2 pots. U have no room for bad trades, and if ur all in with dorans fails u get denied. Earlier vamp scep earlier cutlass = can't be kited that easily.

Long sword - 10AD ---> Fast vamp scep +2pots
Boots - 25mvSpeed --->Faster mvSpeed +4pots
Long sword will always be better due to ability to get a faster vamp scep. I doubt u will need 4 pots in early laning, if u use 4 pots u will waste more gold. Rather just buy Vamp scep and sustain threw lifesteal. Minimize the gold wasting.

PD gives +50attack speed +30crit chance +5mvSPEED COSTS - 2800gold

Statikk shiv +40attack speed +20crit chance +6mvSPEED +damage from passive COSTS -2500gold

Statikk shiv pros :

1.Cheaper when PD
2.More mvSPEED when PD
3.Amazing passive that CAN CRIT, also this passive is great if the enemy laner stacks armor cuz the items passive does magic damage.

Phantom dancers pros:

1.Gives more Attack and Crit chance when Statikk shiv.
2.Ignores unit collision passive

WHAT TO BUY ? Buy statikk shiv, its cheaper and better on Tryndamere. The passive does alot of damage. The passive looks kewl.

Buying order

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Battle Fury: Tryndamere receives 0.35% critical strike chance per fury. Tryndamere gains fury by atacking creatures or champions. Attacking structures dosen't give u fury, but it stops it from fading. With max fury bar u get 35% Crit chance.
Spoiler: Click to view

Bloodlust: Passive: Permanently grants attack damage. Additionally, it grants bonus attack damage per 1% of health he is missing.
Active: Tryndamere consumes all of his current fury, restoring health equal to a base amount plus extra health per fury consumed.
Spoiler: Click to view

Tips and Tricks
  • Bloodlust can be activated with no fury, it will still heal u , but only the base amount of health.

Mocking Shout:
Decreases surrounding enemy champions attack damage, and enemies with their backs turned also have their movement speed reduced for 4 seconds.
Spoiler: Click to view

Tips and Tricks
  • Since mocking shout can only be used when there is a champion in range.U can take advantage of this by walking near the bush and looking at the ability if u can cast the ability that means someone is in the bush.

Spinning Slash:
Tryndamere spins through his enemies, dealing physical damage to enemies in his path. The cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds whenever Tryndamere critically strikes.
Spoiler: Click to view

Tips and Tricks
  • Any hard cc will stop this ability, so be careful.
  • This ability will pop spellshield , so usually is better to pop spellshield with this ability , and use mocking shout after.

Undying Rage:
Tryndamere instantly receives fury and becomes immune to death for 5 seconds during which his health cannot go below 1 health.
Spoiler: Click to view

Tips and Tricks
  • Tryndamere can always use this ability if its on cooldown, it has no cast time and no form of CC can stop him from using it.
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Skill Order

Why take E first ?
Well usually there is not a huge amount of time till u get lvl 2, and u don't need that much sustain lvl 1. So its better to take a gap closer utility move.

Why max Q first ?
Q is one of the reasons why Tryndamere is so strong , it gives u free AD and sustain. Other abilities just don't offer that much. So u max Q.

Why max E second ?
Since ur a melee champion u need to get to your target somehow. E is that somehow , its a low cooldown +damage gap closer. Leveling it gives u more damage and shorter cooldown. Thats why u max it second.

Why max w last?
Well u need to max something last. I agree its an amazing ability, but other abilities are more important to Tryndamere. U can max W second against opponents like zed to ruin his combo. But i suggest maxing it last.
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Blood Well
Dark Flight
Blades of Torment
Blood Thirst / Blood Price
Here are some tips:
His W is stronger every third attack, pay attention.
If he uses it on a minion punish him.
Try getting lvl 2 first, all in him. If u kill him snowball. If u don't kill him zone him.
Diving Aatrox . E away after his passive is activated. When he revives AA - AA - E.
Try dodging his knockup, with either your movement or E.
Chances are he wont stack armor , easy damage.
Don't forget to ignite at the right moment..


Twin Disciplines
Mark of the Assassin
Twilight Shroud
Crescent Slash
Shadow Dance
Here are some tips:
Shes weak early punish her.
Try carry a pink ward, the pink ward is great for minimizing the outplay potential of akali.
Chances are she won't build alot of armor. So u should melt her easily.
Remember that she doesn't get instant stacks of her ult after hitting lvl 6. So just after u hit 6, allining her would be a gud idea.
Ignite at the right moment. If she builds alot of spellvamp.


Triumphant Roar
Unbreakable Will
Here are some tips:
He actually is annoying , with his w auto combo. Just don't let him free damage.
If hes out of mana don't let him b easily. Just push the lane and harass dive.
Look at his build, judge if u need Last Whisper or Blade of the Ruined King first


Feral Scream
Vorpal Spikes
Here are some tips:
Dodge his skillshots with ur E and movement.
Try punish him early before he gets unkillable. If u do a good trade zone him , don't let him free sustain.
Carefull after 6 , he can do alot of damage.


Crippling Strike
Noxian Guillotine
Here are some tips:
Careful for his insane Q damage. IF he uses his Q and misses, go on him. Remember that his Q does more damage if your on the edge of its range.
Time ur Ults well, don't panic ult.
If u killed him and ur 0 hp with his bleed on , don't forget u can sustain from minions. NEVER PANIC
Look at his build, judge if u neeed Last Whisper or Blade of the Ruined King first.


Moonsilver Blade
Crescent Strike
Pale Cascade
Lunar Rush
Here are some tips:
If she misses her q punish. IF shes wastes her shield punish.
If she misses her q and still goes in with ult, ghost ignite kill her.


Spider Queen
Venomous Bite
Volatile Spiderling
Skittering Frenzy
Spider Form / Human Form
Here are some tips:
Build 2 early vampscepters if its hard to sustain with only 1 and lifesteal runes.
If she misses her cacoon thats the stage u want to fight.
Be careful with ur ults, she can just rappel.
Try farming , even if u lose early u can just farm up, splitpush and carry.
Try dodging his knockup, with either your movement or E.
Patch 3.10:
The nerfs she got arent significant enough to make a big difference in this matchup , elise sill is a counter to try. To she can't catch u so easily , since she can no longer rapple onto targets that are out of range so u can E away easier.


Rising Spell Force
Mystic Shot
Essence Flux
Arcane Shift
Trueshot Barrage
Here are some tips:
Avoid his poke as much as possible.
Try to fight him when Ezreals E is on cooldown. Also try to take times of his summoners.
Rushing boots 2 + Cutlass helps u catch him.


Burst of Speed
Blade Waltz
Here are some tips:
U can bait her W, by cancelling ur AA. Fight her after her W is over
She usually builds no armor , so u can melt her pritty hard.
U need to punish her cooldowns.


Grog Soaked Blade
Remove Scurvy
Raise Morale
Cannon Barrage
Here are some tips:
Don't get poked early with his parley. If u see that he uses it on farming , free kill.
If he uses his ult in the map area where u are fighting him, just E away.
His oranges has a long CD abuse it.


Decisive Strike
Demacian Justice
Here are some tips:
Don't let him Q on you. When his Q is over or he uses his Q on the minions fight him.
His lvl 2 damage is amazing , so try to avoid fighting him, unless he uses his cooldowns.
Time ur ult well , his ult if a finisher like Darius and Rivens.


Ionian Fervor
Hiten Style
Equilibrium Strike
Transcendent Blades
Here are some tips:
Both have good sustain, so it will be hard to outsustain her after lvl 9.
Fight her when her W is on cooldown.
Be carefull of her stun, and gap closers.


Unholy Covenant
Omen of War
Omen of Pestilence
Omen of Famine
Omen of Death
Here are some tips:
The best moment in the lane for u is before he gets his first B. So dont let him B for free, outsustain him , and when he runs out of mana, KIll him Dive him destroy him,.
U can go into the brush to lose the ghouls damaging u.
Careful if he maxes slow ghoul he can kite u.


Hextech Capacitor
To The Skies!
Shock Blast
Lightning Field
Hyper Charge
Thundering Blow
Acceleration Gate
Mercury Cannon
Mercury Hammer
Here are some tips:
If he uses his E in hammer form, KILL HIM.
The key of fighting him is not to use ur E to get to him first. U should use ur ghost, when he uses his hammer form E when u can E on him.
Avoide his combos, Dodge dodge dodge.


Martial Cadence
Dragon Strike
Golden Aegis
Demacian Standard
Here are some tips:
Don't let him apply his passive on you every time.
Don't waste ur spin, cuz its the only way u can get out of his ult.
Try avoiding his combo, and out sustain him.


Relentless Assault
Leap Strike
Counter Strike
Here are some tips:
Check what he starts lvl 1 . If he starts Q or W punish him.
After he uses E , u should spin in the bushes so he can't jump on u.
Fight when his E is on cd.


Holy Fervor
Divine Blessing
Righteous Fury
Here are some tips:
Fight her after her E is down. If she uses Q on you fight her after the slow warn off.

She can kite u well, before u get ur cutlass.


Bouncing Blades
Sinister Steel
Death Lotus
Here are some tips:
Don't let her farm , just go all in on her contantly.

Remember u have natural sustain she dosen't.


Mark of the Storm
Thundering Shuriken
Electrical Surge
Lightning Rush
Slicing Maelstrom
Here are some tips:
If he starts dorans u will cry, if he starts anything else u can still win.

Try getting a few autos before getting stunned.
Sustain u can even go 2 vampscepters if needet.


Unseen Threat
Taste Their Fear
Void Spike
Void Assault

Here are some tips:
Nowadays kha'zix evolve Q so it makes the lane harder. Try auto him every time he tries to get cs with his autos. If u crit u can try doing something fancy.

Usually kha dosen't build armor so easy damage.

lee sin

Sonic Wave
Resonating Strike
Iron Will
Dragon's Rage
Here are some tips:
Always check what he is maxing. Abuse his cooldowns.If he misses a q punish him.

Fight when hes E is off Cooldown.


Ice Shard
Ring of Frost
Glacial Path
Frozen Tomb
Here are some tips:
So squishy , u can 3 shot her lvl 1..

Abuse her cooldowns , if she has no mana don't let her back for free. Remember the dumb ult


Granite Shield
Seismic Shard
Brutal Strikes
Ground Slam
Unstoppable Force
Here are some tips:
Fight when his E is on cooldown.

Hard to kill, tho u can free farm usually unless he goes like 2 dorans. If he does just safe play alittle.

Outsustain, don't let him b if he uses all his mana for free.


Iron Man
Mace of Spades
Creeping Death
Siphon of Destruction
Children of the Grave
Here are some tips:
Abuse his cooldowns, NR 1 rule of beating most top laners.

Don't be in his cone when he uses his skills.

Outsustain, HUE HUE HUE HUE


Soul Eater
Siphoning Strike
Spirit Fire
Fury of the Sands
Here are some tips:
Punish him early , or he will punish u after that.

Fight when his W is on cd.

Don't let him freefarm
It also depends on his summoners, if he takes tp its easy to deny.


Javelin Toss
Primal Surge
Aspect Of The Cougar
Here are some tips:
Don't let her freeharss u. U can buy 2 vampscep. if its a hard lane.

If she builds correctly the lane will be hard.

Don't underestimate her flash+combo damage.


Berserker Rage
Tough It Out
Reckless Swing
Here are some tips:
Easy lane , don't let him free true damage u, trade him if he is dumb enough to auto u its an easy lane.


Don't underestimate her flash+combo damage.


Aegis Protection
Spear Shot
Aegis of Zeonia
Heartseeker Strike
Grand Skyfall
Here are some tips:
He actaully is pritty hard, hes weak when he has no mana and he runs out of it early easily.

He has no natural sustain so u can outsustain him


Valiant Fighter
Devastating Blow
Paragon of Demacia
Heroic Charge
Diplomatic Immunity
Here are some tips:
Deny , don't let her freefarm. Its like nasus but easy.


Blinding Assault
Heightened Senses
Tag Team
Here are some tips:
Really hard lane, U can just focus on farming. Unless she misses her Blind. She can interupt ur spin with her jump away.
Try asking for ganks.


Reign of Anger
Cull the Meek
Ruthless Predator
Slice and Dice
Here are some tips:
His early damage is really strong, Ignite him before he uses his ult.
If he starts with his Q or E u can kill him.
Don't let him just come to you W and auto lvl 1.
Look at his fury bar.
Look at his build.


Unseen Predator
Empowered Savagery
Battle Roar
Empowered Battle Roar
Bola Strike
Empowered Bola Strike
Thrill of the Hunt
Here are some tips:
Avoid fighting him when he gets 5 bars.
If ur low and hes 6 be careful.
U both have alot of sustain , so it will be hard to out sustain him. Ignite at the right moment.
Look at his fury bar.
Look at his build.


Runic Blade
Broken Wings
Ki Burst
Blade of the Exile
Wind Slash
Here are some tips:
She has no natural sustain. And she dosent build armro . In other words this lane should be easy most of the time.

time ur ults well cuz her ult is a finisher.


Junkyard Titan
Scrap Shield
The Equalizer
Here are some tips:
Keep a look on his passive, Be careful if he has over 50% heat. remember when he overheats he cant use any spells.
If he uses his ult on u, u can E away from it. Try to avoid fighting on his ultimate.
Avoid his E , if he hits both of his E on u , he can kite u easily.
Punish his cooldowns!


Arcane Mastery
Rune Prison
Spell Flux
Desperate Power
Here are some tips:
Hes so easy early, deny him hard. Early he has no armor , so u can and should kill him early.
Hes so easy to dive , don't be afraid to do that. if he uses his rune prison , go all in on him.
Patch 3.10:
Ryze's spell range , has been reduced. But increased the movement speed bonus of his ultimate ability. This will make this lane even more easy before 6, since every time he wants to harass, you can easily go up to him , or E to him and kick his butt. And this will affect his team fighting. Since he will need to get closer to his targets.


Ki Strike
Vorpal Blade
Shadow Dash
Stand United
Here are some tips:
Annoying lane , if u won't kill him lvl 1-3 U prob won't kill him for along time. only after u get ur big items.
Carefull don''t get taunted to his minion wave or to his turret.


Twin Bite
Flame Breath
Dragon's Descent
Here are some tips:
She does alot of damage early. If she build full damage she can 1v1 u at most parts of the game.
She usually pushes , so u can freefarm.


Empowered Bulwark
Poison Trail
Mega Adhesive
Insanity Potion
Here are some tips:
Dumb champion if he dosen't start cloth u can kill him early. After his items u prob won't kill him at any stage of the game.
Both of you are afk pushes so its the battle of the kings.


Feel No Pain
Cryptic Gaze
Death's Caress
Here are some tips:
Hes like Poppy and Nasus. U need to deny him and kill him early. Cuz if u won't he will just farm up and kill u all. IGNITE him at the right moment.


Carrion Renewal
Ravenous Flock
Here are some tips:
Easy to dodge his skillshots. And easy to kill him early. IGNITE him at the right moment. If he farms up he can be really scarry.
If he dosen't start cloth u should kill him.


Noxian Diplomacy
Shadow Assault
Here are some tips:
Who even plays him outsustain , and kill.
U can buy a pink ward , for him to minimize the outplay potential.


Blinding Dart
Move Quick
Toxic Shot
Noxious Trap
Here are some tips:
If he builds ad hard lane if ap easier.
If he dosen't start blind u can try and killing him lvl1.

If he uses his blind offensivly u can all in him after the duration is over.
He usually dosen't buy armor , so u can 3 shot him after blind.
Buy a pink and put it in the midle of the lane.
IF ad teemo, ur pritty ****ed to be honest. The only thing u can do is try farming and sustaining. He will just afk push u. Or u can ask bot lane to switch with u, and just lane 1v2 its easier to lane 1v2 , when vs ad teemo.


King's Tribute
Frozen kingdom
Pillar of Ice
Here are some tips:
So hard alot of sustain and alot of damage. U shoul'd try farming and getting items.
If u land a few crits only u can kill him
Don't get ult botrk baited from him.


Bridge Between
Wilding Claw
Iron Mantle
Blazing Stampede
Wingborne Storm
Here are some tips:
Hes really strong early. Don't die to him early after getting ur items u should kill him.
Hes annoying if he builds tanky its almost impossible to kill him. so just concentrate on farming.
Check what he is maxing.


Night Hunter
Silver Bolts
Final Hour
Here are some tips:
Shes like quinn impossible to win if she knows that shes doing. U need a pink ward even to try killing her. The only way of killing her is lucky crits.
Patch 3.10:
Her ults cooldown is now longer in the new patch, and condem ranger is shorter. She still is a gud pick against u.


Crimson Pact
Sanguine Pool
Tides of Blood
Here are some tips:
Squishy early , deny him early if he farms up hard to kill. After he uses his pool, u can all in him.
Ignite him at the right moment , and ult at the right moment.

If the Vladimir is good and ur having a bad time go for double vamp scep.
If he builds a lot of Spell Vamp don't harass him, just wait till ur ghost and ignite are both off cooldown and try to make a play.
If he takes flash the lane is easy , if ghost try waiting for ur both summoners before all in. Keep track of his summoners.


Eternal Thirst
Hungering Strike
Hunters Call
Blood Scent
Infinite Duress
Here are some tips:
Sustain battle , but after he gets out of mana , u can easily kill him.
Ignite him at the right moment , and ult at the right moment.

If he builds damage , u should easily kill him..


Stone Skin
Crushing Blow
Warrior Trickster
Nimbus Strike
Here are some tips:
If he keeps spaming his combo , u can kill him after he runs out of mana.
Buying a pink will minimize his outplay potential.

Xin Zhao

Three Talon Strike
Battle Cry
Audacious Charge
Crescent Sweep
Here are some tips:
Hard early if u won't get lucky crits.
he can cancel ur E , so don't let him 3 strike u at the right moment.


Cell Division
Stretching Strikes
Unstable Matter
Elastic Slingshot
Let's Bounce
Here are some tips:
His weak early , so u can trade him and deny.
Dodge his skillshots.

Don't forget the passive.
Patch 3.10 :
Damage reduced to 80/120/160/200/240 from 80/130/180/230/280


Contempt for the Weak
Razor Shuriken
Living Shadow
Shadow Slash
Death Mark
Here are some tips:
Such an easy lane. U can max W after Q if u wanna. That way u can ruin his burst combo.

time ur ult well. And don't get outplayed.

Don't forget the passive.
Punish his cooldowns.
Damage reduced to 80/120/160/200/240 from 80/130/180/230/280

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Early Game

Early game in top lane is considered to be from level 1 to level 6.

U have two choices early game:

2.Freezing/Let it natural pushing towards you or towards him.

When should u push?
Against a weak jungler who usually does not gank early.

If u know u can win 2 v 2 , and your jungler is on board of counter ganking.

U want to push 3 lanes and go back for a fast Vamp Scepter.

U want to get level 2 faster and zone him from minions.

When should u want to freeze or let it natural push ?
If ur scared of enemy jungler ganking you.

If he starts red pot.

When u want to zone your opponent from creeps.

Here are some tips what u should do early game:
Only trade when u have more when 65% fury bar.

If enemy champion overextended with low hp , don't be afraid of all ining him.

Try making aggressive plays, they will help u to understand how to handle different situations.
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Mid Game

Mid Game in top lane is considered to be from level 6 to level 14.

3 Situations could have happened to you in early game that will effect you now.
    You won it , got a kill on your laner or outfarm him by more when 20minions.
    U are equal, u both are 0-0 or 1-1. Both have around the same amount of Minion last hits.
    U lost, U died to him once or multiple times. and ur losing in minions.

Here are some tips if you are winning your lane:
    Push ur lane or proxy, This will make you able to harass your opponent under his tower ,and make the enemy team to react to your overagresion thus giving your team free objectives.
    Steal enemy jungle camps and buffs. Buffs respawn every 5 minutes.

Here are some tips if you are equal in lane:
    After reaching level 6 u get a huge spike in lane dominance use that to your advantage.
    Try pushing your lane or proxy, to make the enemy team react.
    Try roaming if you are against opponent like malphite. !Push ur lane before roaming!

Here are some tips if you are behind:
    Know just how much damage you can do to your opponent laner and he can do to you. Try trading a bit, most likely you scale with items better.
    Try focusing on farming, try different things like pushing and freezing. See what works in that situation.
    Don't leave your lane to group, if he roams u will get his tower and creeps.
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Late Game

Late Game in top lane is considered to be from level 14 to level 18.

Hopefully u have atleast Infinity edge, Statikk shiv, Last whisper/Botrk, Berserker's Greaves.

If u have those items u should be able to 1v1 most of the enemy team. Thus giving u even more splitpushing power. ( Don't try fighting 1v1 champions like vayne late game)

Usually late game its better to reposition yourself to the bottom lane. This will make it easier for your team to control the baron area and pressure mid lane.

Here are some tips to close Long late games:
    Buy wards/oracles. Vision is important in all stages of the game. But late game in soloq is just freewin if you have superior vision. 1 person gets caught u can get baron or other objectives.
    Explain to your team, that your gonna split bot and they should pressure mid and control baron area. Communication is important.
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Handy Mechanics

Attack move - When you click the button A ur league of legends cursor changes into a target. By clicking the left mouse button after pressing A will make your character either attack the picked target or run to the targeted location and attack the first target that appears in your attack range during the movement. It automatically targets the closest enemy.

Pros of Attack move -
1.If your chasing the enemy into the brush by clicking A and left mouse button it will start attacking immediately when you see the target.

2.If ur using attack move u won't get in a bad position by missclicking on a minion while last hitting with your left mouse button , Cuz the target cursor will still attack the minion.

Cons -

1.None, use attack move.

Moving after each auto attack - It might be obvious for most players , but moving after each autoattack is a key to position urself correctly. After ur AA does the damage , u can move and that wont take back the damage u did but it will cancel the end of AA animation . This will give u time to position better or dodge skillshots. U can also cancel tryndameres AA animation with his E, This is handy to do while harassing under the tower.

How to look if you will crit on the next AA on the targeted target - if u played league of legends u might have noticed that champions use different AA animation if they crit. Knowing that it shouldn't be a surprise that Tryndamere does that too. tho crit animations change depending on the skin. When Tryndamere crits his AA animation starts by him swinging his sword in the air. If he doesn't crit he swings his sword from the ground. U can cancel that animation before it does damage by pressing S or quickly moving to the side. If u saw his crit animation that means his next AA on that target will critical hit 100%. Changing targets remove critical hit. This is handy while harassing or diving ur opponent ,cuz before getting the turret agro u can check if ur next AA will crit .

How to harass under the tower - Tryndamere is one of the greatest champion to harass the enemy under the tower. U simply auto attack once or twice and e away. Combine this with Critical hit testing to maximize damage. Combine this with auto attack cancellation with E that way u will minimize the time under opponents tower.
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Split Pushing Tips

The key of split pushing is making logical decisions and having a good map awareness. If u don't see 5 people on the minimap don't be the hero that pushes even if your not over extended. By making logical decisions i ment watch the enemy teams levels, items, skill orders ect. If u see 2 people coming to kill u and ur 2 levels on them and some items on them. Don't be afraid to take them both on. remember after Static and Ie u can 3 shots squishies, so if they are dumb enough to defend the towers alone dive them.

Split pushing is good in both scenarios. A. If your behind B. If your ahead. Tho it needs to have a different style in different situations.

A.If your behind - Well we all have hard games, Even tryndamere sometimes has rough one. Getting back at the game is an art. if u can't lane against ur top opponent for some reason he is too far ahead. try asking ur bot lane to switch. When u do switch the lanes , the best thing that can happen is your top lane doesn't follow u. Even if u are behind u usually can kill their adc if left alone 1v1 easily. they dont build damage = easy damage for u. If the enemy top lane fallows, ur pretty ****ed but u still got some farm when changing lanes. Go farm jungle minions near turrets. Look for the enemy teams dumb mistakes.

B.If your ahead - First of all gud ur wining ur lane im proud tho im still better when u. If your ahead chances are u know what to do next. Keep split pushing , steal enemy jungle creeps buffs. Make people come stop u 1v2. Kill them both. 1v3 Kill all 3 ect. Even if u won't kill them all u did your job. Tell ur team to go for objectives. deeper into the game u can go split push bot , so ur team can get baron control.
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The ideal situation for u is to never teamfight , but sometimes u have no choice but to do that. here's some team fighting with tryn tips.

Theres 2 ways to team fight with Tryndamere and most top laners.


Diving- Diving means that ur going to dive the enemy team and try to get to the carries.
Diving tips :
Before a teamfight try standing out of your opponents sight. After the enemy tanks and bruisers dive ghost and go for the ADC. If your lucky enough to get to the adc and 3 shot him, go to APC. After killing the carries destroy what's left.
Try using your W on as many opponents as possible.
Don't use ur E to get to the adc , he can just flash and that will be awkward just run to him cutlass/botrk him . If he flashes or uses a dash ect. use ur E.

Peeling - Trying to help ur adc to survive the teamfight and don't let the enemy team to zone him completely. Tho Tryndamere is awful at peeling. But sometimes u need to do dumb stuff so here are some tips.
Use ur W on the bruisers and tanks try to get the carries to if possible.
Kill the targets ur adc is focusing
Use Botrk on the enemy who is trying to get to your carry, ruin his movement speed.

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Solo Q tips/tips

I think i can give some solo q tips, Cuz i had and have multiple accounts in diamond.
These tips are mainly for tryndamere, but u can adapt them to every champion.

The biggest tip is to play selfish, I usually don't group with tryndamere, i usually take the kills even if i shouldn't Ks as people call them , i know i can carry the game if i get them .

A big tip too is , don't get into arguments in solo q, Just ignore people. I get firstbloodet in 70% of my games, and i get flamed lvl 1 because of that. But ur tryndamere. U can always come back. After all i have like 73% of tryn win ratio. so i must be doing something right. if people complain that u dont group , or u got killed just ignore them.

Another tip is . Always do play , always play aggressively . U wont win solo q by playing passively . Even if u die , u still get more knowledge from trying , then from being afk farming.

Never give up in solo q. People do so many dumb mistake , the moment u lose is when u think in your mind u cant win that game.

If u cant carry the game u usually deserve that elo, So just try looking at your mistakes not at other people.

Also just have fun , enjoy solo q. If u dont enjoy it , don't play just to gain elo. U wont win being stressed.

Always abuse your opponent laner cooldowns. After a while u will memorize the cooldowns of champions automatically.This will help u understand when to trade, and when to all in. So it will be easier to lane.

Know how much damage teh champion ur laning against can do. That will help u time your ult well.
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How to improve?

Every person wants to improve, but most people don't understand how. Here are some tips on improving

1.Keep track of the enemy laner summoners, this will give u more oporunities to make a play.

2.Keep track of the enemy laner item builds, in league of legends and most competitive games u win by taking advantages of your opponent mistakes. So think about this situation, u are laning against an elise u both walk into the lane and she has a fairy charm pots and a ward, u have a longsword. That means u can win 1v1 since u have a fighting item, and she has a sustain mana item. If u see her going for a deep ward in river , just go kill her with some fury u can't lose. U need to take advantages like this this when u see them. Don't go full rambo on her without fury tho, u need the crit chance. And don't forget that minions hurt.

3.Don't be afraid of making a play. If u think that u can kill your opponent , but you are too afraid of dying GO FOR IT. Even if u will die , u will understand the situation better next time. After a while of fails u will gain the ability , of knowing when u can make a play.

4.Keep track of the enemy laner xp difference, If u know u will hit lvl 2 first. Go on him after hitting lvl 2. Remember that having a level on your opponent is a big advantage!

5.Keep track of the enemy jungler, his level , items. This will help u understand if u are able to take the jungler and the laner both at the same time. This will help u know whats better to run or to stay and fight.
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If u have any questions for me ,u can add me in game i currently play on account IamDEM. Also just leave a comment.

IF u have any tips for the guide , just comment.

Ill update this guide constantly, and upload some matchup videos when lol replay gets patched.

Warning This guide is soloq oriented.

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