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Rell Build Guide by LilRidge

Support [12.2] The Masterful In-Depth Guide to Rell

Support [12.2] The Masterful In-Depth Guide to Rell

Updated on January 21, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LilRidge Build Guide By LilRidge 267 9 376,461 Views 9 Comments
267 9 376,461 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LilRidge Rell Build Guide By LilRidge Updated on January 21, 2022
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Runes: Nuke 'em All (Theory)

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Font of Life

Hextech Flashtraption
Cosmic Insight

+8 Ability Haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



First Back Alternate

Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Note - The Table of Contents may not work correctly due to revisions of the guide.
Hello everyone, and thank you for taking time to read my guide. My hope is to give you the best information possible on the champion Rell so that you too, can be the best support you can be.
I am LilRidge and have been an NA support main ever since Season 8. I have been a Lux main for as long as I can remember and I have decided to switch paths and focus more on Rell as I believe she is stronger than she looks and fits my playstyle perfectly.
I have created this guide in order to inform you, the reader, in the best and most informative way possible on how to Rell, and how to play her well. Allowing all to understand how to lane, roam, ward, peel, teamfight, and position properly. As well as some in depth matchups for how to play against specific supports properly!
I have studied the art of support and refuse to deter from it because I believe that support has the biggest impact on the game as a whole. We supports go overlooked 24/7 but we know when we have done a job well.
If you have any questions about me, the guide, how to support, or just in general please feel free to contact me on discord!
IGN: LilRidge
Region: NA
Rank: Diamond
Changes In Progress

Rell is a reasonably easy champion to pick up and learn. Her kit is straightforward and easy to understand. She provides the tools to make or break an engagement during a team fight and remove those pesky shields that the enemy always seems to have.

If the enemy sees a Rell charging at them, they will run away in fear as you are M1 Abrams moving at Mach Jesus ready take them down is the most brutal way possible: lots of hard CC.

If you like horses, metal magic, jousting, and want to burn Noxus to the ground, then Rell is the champion for you!
Rell, unfortunately, is a very sad horse tamer as she was brutally experimented on when she was a child. She gets punished easily because of this trauma if you whiff an engage on the enemy.

She is predictable, meaning if you use an ability, the enemy will most likely see it and dodge it. Plus, due to the weight of her past, when she is dismounted, she is very slow. But she is stubborn, so she gets a free shield as a result.

Getting poked is never fun, especially when you are Rell. Rell has only one form of engagement, and if you get knocked up during this animation, you will stop in your tracks and deal no damage at all.
Champions and Abilities That Cancel Ferromancy
Be patient with Rell when wanting to engage by using the Lane Brushes. They help you immensely and make the enemy play safer and far away from your ADC.

Fighting in the jungle is your best bet for a great engagement. The jungle has tight channels that your ultimate cover completely, allowing very little wiggle room.

Peeling with your ultimate is easy as you pull enemies towards you and away from your carries while also allowing you to lane a good Full Tilt.

Using your Flash aggressively is important as it will give you the best chance to get kills an win the game.
Ferromancy - Crash Down will ignore most forms of CC during the animation. So you can opt to Jump through the CC and come out unscathed.

Ferromancy - Crash Down can also jump over most terrain. Use this to your advantage as you can perform sneaky engages and quick disengages.

Roam with your Jungler when you have free time. When it is a 3v1 or a 3v2 in another lane, the odds are already in your favor!

Changing your form when roaming allows you to avoid vision and have a quicker travel time. Plus ganking a lane with Ferromancy: Mount Up is deadly.
Passable Terrain With Ferromancy
Champion Select is one of the most critical parts of a game of League of Legends. Certain champions play very well together (have good synergy), and certain champions are outstanding when laning against others (counter those other champions).

Each team needs to get a well-balanced team composition each game. Furthermore, champions in League of Legends differ significantly in the way they've played. Most players aren't comfortable playing more than a few champions within their role, and so if they aren't allowed to pick the champions that they're good at, their team can suffer.

When picking Rell, you want a team composition that is purely focused on a teamfight; AOE abilities, abilities that damage multiple targets, etc. As your kit is all about grouping them all in a tight spot and holding them there for an extended time.

An example composition can be seen on the left, as this team has many AOE abilities and can deal a lot of damage if they are all in a condensed area, which is where your ultimate Magnet Storm comes in handy as it groups them all.

Rell is very flexible. Meaning you can choose Rell in a more "pick" oriented team composition as your abilities also suit this well. But you will find yourself most useful when your team's composition is focused on the teamfight.

You must also be aware of what the emeny team picks because, as with every champion, you get countered too. If you are not able to perform solid engagements because you get denied the opportunity to do so by knock-ups or displacements, you will not be any use to your team as you will be prevented from using your abilities.
There is absolutely no reason for why you should not take Flash. It is just too valuable and too useful of a spell to not take. Most notably when you are attempting to pull off some devastating engages.
Take Ignite 98% of the time. As gives early kill pressure in the lane and allows you to secure a kill by preventing the enemy from healing through your damage when they are low.
Only take Exhaust if you feel you will never be able to engage on the enemy often enough if not at all. As well as if they have an assassin like Zed or Talon on their team.
Your rune choices are another one of the most important parts of a game of league of legends. They can make or break your gameplay if not optimized correctly for your champion. Each champion has their own "standard" for runes which best suits their kit and their playstyle. Rell tends to be more of a tank engage so her runes will be fairly limited to the resolve tree with Aftershock or Guardian. Since there is no "best" secondary rune tree when it comes to Rell. you would pick a tree based upon your own playstyle or how you wish to play her that game. In low-elo, it typically isn't the rune choice that will cause you to lose the game, but it does help to know which runes are best suited for certain situations and/or best fit your own personal playstyle. So each suitable option will be explained in short but sweet detail below.
Guardian has one job. Make sure you an your ADC survive the landing phase. It provides a nice hefty shield when you take a certain amount of damage and the damage is instead taken by the shield. Really good for when the enemy team is a pick composition with assassins, and/or you will never land a solid engage.
Aftershock is your main go-to rune for almost every situation. It provides you loads of armor and magic resist every time you immobilize (cc) an enemy champion. As well as dealing some damage based upon your bonus health. Whenever in doubt, take aftershock because you cannot go wrong with this rune on rell.
Font of Life is to aid your team during engages as when you immobilize an enemy champion whey will heal for a percentage of your max health. This is typically taken with Aftershock
Shield Bash is for quicker engagements as it will provide bonus damage on your next auto attack whenever you gain a new shield. You'd commonly take this with lanes who will try to do short trades and then back off.
Conditioning is taken when you want to be tankier late game, and this could be for a couple reasons. you are the only tank, they have a lot of damage over time, or you are the primary front-line. you'd want to take this with Aftershock as these 2 stack well.
Second Wind is more or less when the enemy team has a lot of poke champions and/or your lane has a lot of poke. This will ensure you heal back some, if not all, the damage that was dealt to you during engagements and the landing phase.
Bone Plating is really useful when the enemy will look to all in you, e.g. use every ability in a short span of time. This is commonly done by assassins. Or champions with some form of binding, or engage, as they will often look to follow up with another ability, if not many more.
Overgrowth Grants you bonus HP along with a 3.5% increase to allow you to better scale as a tank engage. Goes very well with Font of Life and is often taken with Aftershock because of its synergy.
Revitalize will make your heals and shields bigger, especially when you are or your teammates are below 40% health. If you are not needed to be the primary tank. You could take this to gain a bigger shield during an engagement, increase healing from your Shattering Strike or if you take Font of Life.
Unflinching means the lower you get, the harder you are to CC. Allotting you more time to protect your ADC and teammates rather than sit immobilized an unable to do nothing. Take this if the enemy team has a lot of CC, not including any form of knock-up.
Triumph is best utilized when you are in extended engagements and land kills/assists on enemy champions. As it heals you for 12% of your missing health. it is also really useful for when you tower dive enemy champions.
Legend: Tenacity is a must if you opt to go precision tree. providng up to 30% tenacity will make sure you are always in the fight more often than others. It also makes it so you do not have to build Mercury's Treads in favor for some other boots.
Cheap Shot is really good for when you wish to do more damage to the enemy quicker. The extra true damage it provides makes sense with your kit as almost every ability has a form of CC, making it so you can always proc it.
Ghost Poro is very similar to Zombie Ward, but it is far better for Rell because you attack very slow, making de-warding a bit tough. It provides some AP and will give a nice ping when an enemy walks near it. As an added bonus, poros are always cute.
Ingenious Hunter is a preference as it will grant up to 35 ability haste to all your active items and trinkets. it is super useful for when you have small skirmishes is a short span of time as your actives will be up sooner. As well as de-warding with Oracle Lens
Relentless Hunter promotes roaming and is a preference. The extra out of combat move speed it provides is a decent amount and gets buffed because of rell's ferromancy passive.
Nimbus Cloak is a preference if you opt to flash on the enemy often as the sudden burst of movement speed will make engages far easier. It also makes disengages easier as well because of this extra movement speed.
Transcendence is really useful for you lategame as your abilities have really long cooldowns, especially your W and E. The extra 10 ability haste makes a difference and 20% basic ability cd reduction on takedowns is phenomenal in teamfights.
Celerity makes you move far faster than you normally would. This affects all bonus' you will have, which is your ferromancy passive, as well as an extra 1% move speed. Making engages easier and roaming much better because of this.
Hextech Flashtraption is to perform sneaky engages on the enemy when your flash is down. You'd use this often in lane when hiding in brush and/or when engaging from out of vision to another lane.
Biscuit Delivery will allow you to survive the landing phase by granting you 3 biscuits that restore 10% missing health and mana. This is really good for when the enemy lane is poke oriented.
Cosmic Insight is a must because it is very valuable as a rune. it provides 15 summoner spell haste and 10 item haste. You'd take this if you go Hextech Flashtraption or wish to have your summoners and actives up far sooner than they normally would.
Break the Mold - Rell attacks very slowly but temporarily steals a portion of her target’s Armor and Magic Resist to deal bonus damage based on the amount stolen.
Shattering Strike - Rell thrusts her lance forward, breaking any shields and damaging all enemies in a line.
If Rell has an ally bound with her Full Tilt, she and that ally recover health for each champion hit by this ability.
Ferromancy - Crash Down - Rell crashes down in her armor, briefly knocking up all enemies. Gaining additional armor and magic resist, and a large shield
Ferromancy: Mount Up - Rell mounts up, gaining a burst of speed and flips the next enemy she attacks
Full Tilt - Rell binds herself to an ally, granting them a portion of her Armor and Magic Resist. When an ally is bound, She can break the binding to stun enemies caught in it's area.
Magnet Storm - Rell erupts in magnetic fury, yanking nearby enemies toward her. She then creates a gravitational field around her, pulling nearby enemies in for a few seconds. The field doesn't interrupt her enemies’ other actions.
Q Flash Buffer
Q Flash is almost never practical enough to be used all the time. The only situation you would ever use it is if the enemy team has a shield, E.G. Mountain Soul, before a teamfight starts, or Morgana preemptively uses her Black Shield.
Basic Engage 1
This is a solid engage every time if you land your W Ferromancy - Crash Down. The enemy will be CC'd for approx 2 Seconds, your Q Shattering Strike denies them a shield if they have one. and that is almost enough time to burst them down with your allies. If you are expecting a shield like Immortal Shieldbow wait to Q.
Basic Engage 2
This is a Variation of Engage Combo 1. The only difference is that you are currently dismounted and are ready to go in by W Ferromancy: Mount Up and auto attacking an enemy.
Basic All-In
The best teamfight and lockdown engage you have to offer. Just W Ferromancy - Crash Down into the middle of the enemy team. R Magnet Storm, and now they are all now grouped together. make sure to try an auto the tankiest enemy once and then auto every other enemy champ for maximum dmg for your team and tank for yourself.
Full Shield Break All-In
The same thing applies with the Q Flash Buffer. Unless they have shields before the fight starts like Seraphine and her Surround Sound. There is almost no reason to do this.
Ultimate Flash All-In
This Combo really catches the enemy off guard. It is incredibly hard to react to this. Right as you Press R Magnet Storm, Immediately Flash. Then they will get pulled as if you were right on top of them. Towards the end, W Ferromancy - Crash Down onto yourself.
Bread and Butter
As per the name, The Bread and Butter combo is your go-to combo when you really want to wreak havoc on the enemy team, or a single enemy. the key is to W Ferromancy - Crash Down, then during the animation, R Magnet Storm in order to group them under your knock-up.
Items contain stats, skills, and bonuses that help your champion unlock its maximum potential in-game. Proper itemization is important, especially when facing a situation that is not ideal for the specific champion you’re using. Items will increase your champion’s kill pressure and/or help you survive longer in situations that will usually make you an easy target for the enemy team. The section below will aid you in knowing these details and will help you personalize what items you’ll use in the future and for what situation.
Relic Shield will always be your go to support item when starting a game. All of Rell's abilities scale off of AP, which was increased as of Patch 11.3. And the extra AP it does provide when it is fully upgraded does make a difference. It's much better versus it's counterpart Steel Shoulderguards considering your autos are very slow.
Plated Steelcaps is for when the enemy team has 3+ auto attacking champions like Quinn, or Jinx, and/or is heavy AD.
Mercury's Treads is best built for anti-cc, e.g. when the enemy team has a lot of hard CC like; Leona, Galio, or Amumu and/or is heavy AP.
Boots of Swiftness are highly valuable with rell. They give you movement similar to Moby's when mounted, and close to normal movement speed when dismounted. Also, has slow reduction for champions like Ashe, Senna, and Nunu & Willump.
Mobility Boots will make you an absolute monster for roaming. You may not be as fast as Quinn, but you can come pretty close.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity are boots of value! Lots of CDR and Summoner Spell Haste. Meaning you can CC the enemy more times in a fight, or jump on those pesky stragglers who try to escape.
Locket of the Iron Solari is the normal go-to for most engage supports. The reason being is whilst laning and team-fighting, you grant your allies Armor and MR by Locket's Passive Consecrate, and since you are most likely front lining the fight, You grant this to every ally. Also coming with a pretty big Uh-oh shield in case you and/or your team will die during the engage. you'd build locket the majority of the time if you don't know what to build or your team will always be looking to teamfight.
Shurelya's Battlesong is the "let's go get them!" item. If the enemy team is, per say, going to poke you down then go in, like Lux, Xerath, Ezreal, or Teemo. this is the item to make sure you and your team get on top of them and force an engage before that happens. Shurelya's can also be used as a tactical retreat in case the engage didnt go well or your team is in a sticky position.
Turbo Chemtank is similar to Shurelya's Battlesong. Chemtank is best used when you are the only engage and the only one who can. This item allows you alone to get in close to the enemy team, slow them, and then lock them down for your team to be able to do work.
Sunfire Aegis is if you are asked to be a bigger tank and at least do some damage whilst you are locking them down. Then Sunfire Aegis is where it's at. Although it offers your team little protection in the long run. it should only be built where your team needs a pure tank and you are the only one capable of building so. Locket grants enough survivability as it is and the majority of the time is the better option, but Sunfire allows you to burn them as they are all CC'd.
Knight's Vow makes your designated ally redirect 15% of the damage they take to you instead. Knight's is purely a protect the carry item. Where as you designate the strongest ally who needs it, and you ensure their protection. You'd typically build this to protect your ADC but it can also be used to protect other team members who are strong.
Zeke's Convergence is if you wanted an item that makes an auto attacking champion do more damage. The way Zeke's works is if you immobilize an enemy, your designated ally will do bonus magic damage. Preferably, you would build this if an ample champ on your team has fast autos to get the most damage possible. Some champs, for example, like Jinx, Yasuo, Kindred, and Ashe are to name a few.
Redemption, although off-putting for rell, goes really well when built correctly. You'd build redemption to further prolong and strengthen your teamfights as you can just cast it on top of yourself whilst you Magnet Storm. The 20% extra heal and shield power also helps to make your Ferromancy - Crash Down shield bigger.
Thornmail is an Anti-heal item built to counter the enemy's healing. This Anti-Heal is increased when you immobilize and enemy champion. Thornmail can be built where their team has a lot of healing auto-attacking dependent champions like Udyr, Xin Zhao, or Hecarim. If there is a case where the enemy team has both AA dependent and Ability dependent healing, then I prefer to build Thornmail before any other item.
Frozen Heart is for when enemy champions just attack way too fast. It's unique aura Cripples enemies, slowing their attack speed by 15%. Frozen heart also provides a nice chunk of armor and flat damage reduction based upon your max health. Its a very nice item to build when you are up against heavy auto attacking champions like Udyr, Jinx, and Yasuo.
Randuin's Omen is very strong with your ultimate Magnet Storm. Randuin's active slows enemies by 99% for 0.25 seconds and reduces their attack damage by 10% and critical damage by 20%. Randuin's is really good for when you need to reduce an enemy champs burst potential and crit damage. It also picks up when Frozen Heart just cant cut it for champions like Jhin, Tryndamere, and Graves
Dead Man's Plate is good at one thing, getting onto the enemy. What it does is it provides bonus movement speed based upon your "momentum." Dead Man's provides a far easier engage for both of your Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up and is especially noticed with Rell's Ferromancy: Mount Up.
Gargoyle Stoneplate... makes you soo tanky. Granting a nice chunk of both Armor and MR and its passive increases your resistances by 5%, up to 25%, each time a champion inflicts damage to you. This item is built purely to make sure you don't die during your engage. Plus Gargoyle's active grants a massive shield to ensure you don't get bursted during your engage. This item works really well with your ultimate Magnet Storm as you just pop the active and now you have a huge shield.
Abyssal Mask hits 2 birds with one stone. Grants you more MR and health, and allows your team to do 10% more damage to those you CC due to its passive. Build this to make allies do more dmg and to make yourself take less from Magic Casters like Xerath, Lux, or Orianna. Abyssal Mask Synergizes really with Rell's Ultimate Magnet Storm.
Force of Nature provides you stacks of Movement Speed and MR when you take ability damage. It works really well for when the enemy looks to poke you down. Although it provides magic resistance, it is especially good for those long range casters like Xerath, Ziggs, as well as Vel'Koz.
Spirit Visage is meant to do one thing, keep yourself alive. As a support this is a bit counterintuitive for your job, but you cant protect your team and your ADC if you are dead. So spirit visage is built to increase your own sustain and increase your shielding like your Ferromancy - Crash Down during engages. Most of the time you wont build this item unless your team needs a tank, and/or if your team has a healer.
When Laning, you are actively looking to engage on the enemy when the opportunity presents itself. Playing towards your side of the tower is key as it will give you a better engagement, prevent ganks, and allow room to run the enemy down. Be sure to actively ward and de-ward the lane brush as you will use them to your advantage.
Special Concepts
You do not have to roam if you do not want to. Roaming is a skill and a preference based upon the playstyle of the player. You will only want to roam if your ADC will be safe, another lane is pushed up, or your Jungler needs help. Aiding other lanes and your Jungler will always have a positive impact on the game and make it much easier.
Common Opportunities For Roaming
Warding as a support is an important task that often goes overlooked. It grants information to your team of the enemy’s movements and plan.
You will constantly want to keep vision of key areas like river or objectives. Key warding spots are in the image for reference and overall knowledge.
Ideas on When to Ward

Mid Game
The Mid Game starts as soon as the first tower goes down. When this happens you or the enemy will look to push their advantage to other lanes or secure objectives to further gain a lead in the game. Your goal during this it to Protect and Peel for your ADC, and mitigate the enemy's advantage the best you can. [/size]

Objective Control
Baron Pit
Dragon Pit
Knowing Objective Control is a must when it comes to being a support. All it entails is that you secure and deny vision before your team plans to take an objective, which can be seen in the respective images. Blue spots are for Blue team placements, Red Spots are for Red team placements, and yellow spots are for Control Wards. Securing vision before an objective allows your team to safely take such objective and know when the enemy looks to contest it.

As Rell, you and you alone are your ADC's best line of defense. Where you are currently are, in respect to your team/ADC, dictates how a fight goes. The Image to the left shows an example position in which the entire enemy team looks to kill your ADC. I like to think of my ADC as an investment. I put so much time and work into them that I would hate to see them just die because it means I lose gold. As Rell, you are your ADC's Shield and should be willing to protect them at all costs. Sometimes this even means your own life, but if your ADC has a Bounty on their head. It is completely worth sacrificing yourself to save them.

Peeling is an art. It takes time to master and is hard to understand. The easiest way to think about what peeling is, is to think of it like keeping your ADC out of Danger. Your ADC at times, may not realize that they are in danger, or will really want to secure that kill on a low HP Lux. But sometimes it is too dangerous to do so and it is your job to let them know when it is. You can easily caution ping or DANGER ping your ADC to let them know when you feel that the situation is too dangerous for them to go in and is not worth their life. The other side of peeling is keeping enemy champions off/away from your ADC so that your ADC may do his/her thing and do damage.

Late Game
The Late Game is when all champions are starting to approach being full build. This means that a champion cannot buy anymore items because their inventory will be full. The purpose of the late game is very similar to the Mid Game. Protect and peel for your ADC/Team, secure objective, and push your advantage when you have it. Doing these will give you a better chance at that glorious victory screen once you destroy the enemy's Nexus

During a Teamfight, you have 3 jobs; Frontline for your team, protect them the best you can, and engage on the enemy. In the example situation to the left you are Blue Side and the enemy is Red Side. The enemy looks to take out your team's damage dealers in the Backline (behind the Blue line). Your job is to prevent this from happening and also look to engage on the enemy's backline (behind the Red line). Every teamfight is different and should be handled in the best way possible. Your own intuition should give you the right decision on how to handle the fight and take the best course of action. NOTE: You do not have to be the frontline if you are not needed to. You could opt to sit with your backline instead to make sure they do not get flanked by assassins.
Quick Access
Aphelios - Rating: 9/10
Aphelios loves hard engage supports, and he really loves Rell. your playstyle can revolve around him, which depends on what weapons he has equipped.

Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle promotes poke and keeps him far away from the enemy whilst still damaging them.

Severum, the Scythe Pistol allows him to freely dance around and chunk enemies you have cc'd while also healing him a decent amount.

Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon gives you the easiest engage you could ask for. Slows and a root if he so chooses.

Infernum, the Flamethrower does massive damage in a teamfight, especially if you have all of them grouped together. this plus Magnet Storm is instant death.

Crescendum, the Chakram only works well if he is closer to the enemy. But if they can't move for 3 seconds, it's a lot of damage that he can output during that time.
Ashe - Rating 8/10
Ashe makes it so easy for you. Her slows just beg you to engage on the enemy. Plus hard CC for even more easy engages! what more could you ask?

The early laning phase is a breeze because she has so much range and ample peel for herself, makes it near impossible for the enemy to engage on you both.

Once Ashe gets 2 items, Preferably Kraken Slayer and Runaan's Hurricane, she will shred the enemy team in a full fight because your lockdown just allows her to do so much damage to make you wonder where'd they go?

She also is a relatively safe laner because of her Hawkshot which will grant vision anywhere on the map. So she can ensure it is safe for you to engage because her Hawkshot showed the enemy jungler topside.
Caitlyn - Rating: 6/10
Caitlyn has superior range and decent damage for follow up with Rell

Her Q Piltover Peacemaker is guaranteed to hit them if they are stunned and this ability does a lot of damage to all enemies that are hit by it

Yordle Snap Trap is very annoying. but for you, it means they cant move even more when they are cc'd. if Caitlyn is close enough. She can lay down a trap where they are CC'd and it guarantee's a free headshot on the enemy.

Caitlyn isn't the best with Rell because her kit focuses mainly on outranging the enemy and killing them before they have the chance.
Draven - Rating: 6/10
Draven is a funny champion . he could either go really well with her or really bad. The reason being is that Draven's Stand Aside really messes with your combo's and most people who play him have a habit of doing so.

He just does so much damage early because of his Spinning Axe but because of it's passive, he has to catch the axe which makes positioning on Draven really hard and he will have a hard time following up on your engages unless he knows prior to you going in.

Whirling Death is the only ability that actually synergizes with Rell. if you land a nice 5 man Magnet Storm, Draven can just ult over it for loads of damage. But it has to be an instant reaction because your ultimate doesn't last forever, and the Draven has to re-cast his ability to call his axes back to him to deal double the damage.
Ezreal - Rating: 1/10
Ezreal, is such a lacking laner and he favors duels more than he does teamfights. whereas Rell really likes teamfights, and dislikes duels.

Ezreal always wants to poke the enemy down first before going in. that is what his kit revolves around.

Personally, I would never play Rell with ezreal because any hard engage support with ezreal is most likely a mistake because of his "unique" playstyle in lane. E.G. playing safe and farming the lane. which is not what Rell wants.

Trueshot Barrage, probably the only ability that works really well with Rell because if they are all grouped together by your Magnet Storm its an easy ability to hit. But the downside is the cast time on Ez's ult because if he casts it late, it will likely not hit all of the enemeies.
Jhin - Rating: 6/10
Jhin is a very interesting champion with rell. His kit focus's more on short trades with 4th shot rather than extended trades. but it doesnt mean you can't play rell with him.

Since Jhin is a bursty champion you want to wait till he has everything is up before you go in.

his Dancing Grenade goes really well with you in teamfights, Deadly Flourish makes it easier to land an engage, and his traps will do a lot of damage if they cannot move from one particular spot for about 2 seconds.

Jhin and Rell has the potential to work really well together if played right. But unless you are duo' d with your ADC and/or he knows how to follow up with you. I don't recommend playing with a Jhin as Rell because there are far better options.
Jinx - Rating: 8/10
Everything Jinx has synergizes with Rell, and it only gets better the longer the game becomes.

Switcheroo! really hurts when she has a Runaan's Hurricane as that damage is sent to 2 other targets as well. and if they are grouped with Magnet Storm they are most likely dead or trying to running away from the damage.

Zap! makes it easy to engage on the enemy that is hit by this ability. the slow is a nuisance and last for 2 seconds. which is more than enough time to react and land a solid engage.

Flame Chompers! is good for when you already CC'd them and jinx wants to make sure they don't run away before the fight even starts.

Super Mega Death Rocket! works great if they are all in one spot! But because this ability does more damage based upon their missing health, it shouldn't be used as the first ability to combo with you in a teamfight, but as a finisher.
Kai'Sa - Rating: 7/10
Kai'Sa really likes supports that hard CC the enemy as it applies a stack of her passive in doing so.

She may not be much early game, but she sure can shred an entire team if she is allowed to. Especially since she builds Runaan's Hurricane almost every game.

Her Icathian Rain really hurts if the target is by themselves, which means if you see a pick as Rell and you are with Kai'Sa. you most likely want to go take a peek.

She has such an easy follow up with Supercharge. It grants her movement speed and bonus attack speed to be able to deal the most damage while she can in the skirmish.

Her follow up is even easier with Killer Instinct because if you immobilize any champion with any ability. She can activate her ultimate to jump in the fight in an instant.
Kalista - Rating: 4/10

Kalista isn't in the best spot in the current meta right now. And because she lacks significant early game damage that you need from an ADC, she isn't the best pair with Rell.

The only thing that Kalista offers that goes really well with Rell is her ultimate Fate's Call, which throws you right in the middle of the enemy making it the easiest engage of your life.

This doesn't mean that Kalista can't do really well with Rell in the late game. But because she is lacking in the early game, it is likely she will get punished by the enemy, and you are unlikely to ever see her potential at max.
Kog'maw - Rating: 2/10
Kog'Maw needs a enchanter support, which is not Rell...

He is such a weak early laner picking him and Rell together pretty much gives up the lane in champion select.

Late game he hurts, which is where Rell will shine with him but you are almost never going to get there because of poor laning phase.

On the upside at least, his ultimate Living Artillery will really hurt if they cant move and are all grouped together.

If it is an AP Kog'Maw mid lane, I would definitely consider picking Rell because he will really hurt if they are all in one spot just asking to take an AOE ability.
Lucian - Rating: 8/10
Lucian is the king of aggressive ADC's which is exactly what Rell asks for!

he can do so much damage because of his Lightslinger and follow up so easily because of his Relentless Pursuit its like a match made in heaven.

If the enemy is all grouped together, Lucian's Piercing Light really hurts because its a lot of guaranteed damage that can hit every champion in the right situation.

I Wish this lane would be the best, but it is unfortunately not because Rell moves the enemies in weird ways because of her Ferromancy - Crash Down and her ultimate Magnet Storm also pulls enemy minions with her, which negates Lucian's ultimate The Culling which will make him very sad that half of his ultimate hit because there were minions in the way.
Miss Fortune - Rating: 9/10
Miss Fortune and Rell go beautifully together. It's Like a match made in heaven.

She makes the enemy want to play towards the side of the wave because of her Double Up, because if they play near the wave, this ability hurts... But if they play to the side, you have an easier time engaging on them because the are in an awkward position.

She can easily follow up on your engages because of her Strut granting her bonus movement speed. Also, she can make it easy to engage with her Make it Rain. The slow really does a number on them and it's really hard to dodge any of Rell's abilities when they move slower.

Bullet Time just spells out death... Magnet Storm + Bullet Time is brutal because the enemy can't move for 2 seconds. Making this their signature combo for laning and teamfights.
Samira - Rating: 6/10
Samira would be rated higher if she didn't need to stack up her passive to get an Inferno Trigger off in a teamfight.

Her Daredevil Impulse has really good follow up for when you engage on an enemy champion. All you have to do is land any form of CC in your kit and she can use this to quickly dash towards the enemy and CC them further, allotting more time for you to lock them in place.

Wild Rush is the easiest way for her to follow up on an engage with you. she just casts it on an enemy minion, champion or tower and she is now in the fight.

Inferno Trigger hurts... a lot. especially if she has a couple items on her belt. Your kit locks them in place long enough to make it super easy for her to stack up her passive Daredevil Impulse in order to be able to cast her ultimate.
Senna - Rating: 5/10
Senna's whole gimmick is that she needs to scale into the late game so that she can demolish an entire team with 2-3 auto attacks.

She does however give you the tools to survive and perform sneaky engages with Curse of the Black Mist on enemies.

Her Piercing Darkness damages enemies and heals you when you engage. allowing you to survive longer in fights.

Last Embrace gives an easy engage for you cause it gives you more than enough time to land on the enemy who is rooted and demolish them.

Dawning Shadow when used on top of your Magnet Storm does a number on the enemy, while also providing you and the team a shield for the fight.

Since she lacks early and can get punished easily, it is not recommended to take Rell with Senna. But in the case that the lane will not look to punish either of you it can work.
Sivir - Rating: 5/10
Sivir makes it easy for Rell and vice versa.

The only issue is there is no damage from Sivir early to make this lane a definite always pick Rell.

Rell makes it really easy for Sivir to do all the damage she could want in a fight, guaranteeing her Boomerang Blade and Ricochet to hit.

As well as On The Hunt with grants everyone on your team bonus movement speed. Making it far easier for you to land an engage on the enemy.

Sivir has the potential to work with Rell late game, but this lane will be rough because of Sivir's lacking damage early.
Tristana - Rating: 9/10
Tristana is my favorite ADC to lane with as Rell, as she provides everything rell lacks, and can easily follow you into battle when you call on her.

Explosive Charge can really hurt if they are all grouped together. And Rell knows how to keep them all together...

Tristana has such an easy follow up on your engages with her Rocket Jump. She can leap a mighty distance to get into the fight in case you are to far for her to attack from.

The one thing Rell lacks is a good disengage, and Tristana's Buster Shot provides really good disengage. It also serves as an execute if she has 3 stacks on her Explosive Charge. Making sure the enemy stays dead.
Twitch - Rating: 3/10
Twitch provides the tools to work with Rell in the late game. But he lacks early with will make the lane a pain for both of you.

Venom Cask does synergize well with Rell because in enables your engage and grants free stacks of Deadly Venom if used with your Magnet Storm.

Spray and Pray does work with your Magnet Storm to an extent... It does group all of the enemies together. However they all need to be in a straight line in order for this ability to do damage to mass numbers. Which with Magnet Storm it does not pull them close enough in order for Twitch to have a golden opportunity to hit every single enemy.

Unfortunately Twitch wishes more for an enchanter support like Lulu rather than a hard engage like Rell.
Varus - Rating: 6/10
Varus can go either a poke build, or a on-hit build. You as Rell, really want him to go the on hit build. Because you want to have long extended trades with the enemies rather than jump in only for Varus to throw a Piercing Arrow and do nothing else for the fight.

Chain of Corruption works beautifully with Magnet Storm, because it is just enough time for the ability to root every champion in range and for Varus to use Blighted Quiver and Piercing Arrow for loads of damage.\

Hail of Arrows provides an easy slow for you to engage and also could be used on top of Magnet Storm to reduce their healing, regen, and ability to escape from your CC.

Varus needs time to scale into the late game in order to do as much damage as he possibly can with on-hit. If he decides to go poke, your engage with him is doomed.
Vayne - Rating: 3/10

Vayne needs time to scale into the late game, but also, her kit does not go well with yours at all.

For starters, Condemn completely ruins your engage if she accidentally or intentionally uses it. Condemn just pushes the enemy too far back for you to even re-engage confidently.

The only benefit to this lane is for Vayne to follow up with you with her Tumble and her Night Hunter.

I would not recommend taking Rell with Vayne ever in the bot lane as it spells out disaster for the both of you.
Xayah - Rating: 6/10
Xayah is quite funny when played with Rell

You have the tools to hold them in place long enough for Xayah to land a good Bladecaller and when there are enough feathers on the ground, this ability will hurt.

Xayah can also follow up fairly quickly with her Deadly Plumage as if she strikes an enemy champion, she will gain 30% Bonus move speed.

Featherstorm is mainly used defensively with Xayah as it will allow her to dodge abilities because she becomes untargetable. When used along side Magnet Storm its a lot of damage when used in unison with Bladecaller.

Given this duo will take a lot of coordination to make work in lane is why Xayah is not rated higher than she currently is.

Yasuo - Rating: 6/10
Yasuo and Rell could go really well together, but Yasuo lacks the early pressure and damage in lane as an ADC.

Sweeping Blade makes it really easy for Yasuo to follow up on your engage as well as if he has his knock-up prepared, he could has into them to provide extra CC.

Last Breath with your Magnet Storm is nasty. The timing for this is really small so the Yasuo has to be really quick to react to this or else he missed the gorgeous ultimate. Given he could also cast this on top of your Ferromancy - Crash Down as it also knocks enemies in the air for a brief time and is far easier to react to.

I would definitely look to pick Rell if there is a Yasuo on my team. He doesn't have to be ADC, but him and Rell go well together if provided the right situation.
Quick Access
Alistar - Difficulty: Even
If Alistar ever tries to all-in your ADC, you should immediately counter engage on his ADC. Do not engage first!

Alistar can't do much without any follow up damage from his ADC and he cannot prevent you and your ADC from killing the enemy ADC when his abilities Headbutt and Pulverize are down.

Your Full Tilt will come in handy when Alistar is ever melee range of your ADC. you should look to stun him as he Headbutt's your ADC. This interaction is very hard and may take some practice.

Keep your passive Break the Mold up as long as possible, safely, by using your Shattering Strike on Alistar because this lane is very sporadic. And with that being said, you may have to all-in the enemy ADC completely depending on the situation, and the extra resistances will help you and your ADC survive an engagement.

Control of the lane brushes by securing and denying vision and keep the minion wave in the middle of the lane or slightly closer to your side. Be aware of the enemy Jungler's position on the map as Alistar will look to all in you or your ADC when they are around
Ashe - Difficulty: Minor
You will have to wait for an opportunity to all-in her when her Volley is down.

Avoiding getting poked out before you engage is key. Use the lane minions to your advantage as they will block the ability.

Ashe is very immobile, so you will want to all-in her whenever possible or have your Jungler gank the lane.

Once you manage to get a lead on her, her laning phase will be effectively over, but Once she gets her ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow, it is your duty to take the hit for your ADC. you can opt to Ferromancy - Crash Down through it as you will avoid the majority of the CC it provides.

Try to keep the minion wave near your tower to have better engages. You can easily all-in her from many positions and this is key to ruining her laning phase.
Bard - Difficulty: Minor
Bard's Cosmic Binding is the one and only ability you need to avoid at all costs. As getting hit by it gives bard free damage and opportunities to poke you with his meeps.

Keep him and his ADC seperated at all times. The threat of you engaging on them with Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up is more than enough to keep them away from one another. Try to only engage when you are positive you are going to land on one of them. As a missed Ferromancy - Crash Down will spell out disaster for you.

When Bard gets his ultimate Tempered Fate, you will want to be cautious about your all-ins. This doesn't mean just all-in him because your ADC wont be able to follow up. This ability can ruin your own ultimate Magnet Storm completely and will give him and his ADC a prime opportunity to counter engage.

Keep the minion wave near your side of the river or in the middle of the lane. Try to zone Bard away from walls where he can escape, mainly those by river, as his Magical Journey will be a complete disengage for him and his ADC.
Blitzcrank - Difficulty: Minor
Stand in front of your ADC and take Blitzcrank's hook Rocket Grab whenever possible.

If you do get hooked, Do not Ferromancy - Crash Down and he can knock you out of it with his Power Fist. Full Tilt first then hold your Ferromancy - Crash Down until he is either not close enough to you to use Power Fist or he has already used it on you. hold your Shattering Strike until his Mana Barrier procs, as using it on him will effectively destroy it.

If Blitzcrank ever manages to hook your ADC, immediately jump the enemy ADC to prevent any form of follow up damage.

play carefully once he hits 6 as his ultimate, Static Field, will destroy your Ferromancy - Crash Down shield if you all-in him or his ADC.

Opt to build a slow push against him as this will lower his chances of grabbing one of you effectively. make sure you match his roams if he ever does as your presence will overpower his.
Brand - Difficulty: Major
Keep your distance from Brand and your own ADC as his poke hurts. side-stepping his Pillar of Flame is key as it will mitigate most of his damage.

If any of his abilities hits your ADC, you will want to absorb the follow-up Sear, if it is not already down. As letting your ADC get CC'd by him almost always means certain death. When taking a Sear, if you are able, Ferromancy - Crash Down onto him as you will negate most of the CC it provides and have a good counter engage as well.

If his Sear is ever down, look to all in him or his ADC as he will have no way of peeling you off without it.

Brand is extremely immobile so all-in him frequently once you get your ultimate Magnet Storm as it will certainly secure a kill on him and/or his ADC.

Try to Keep the wave in the middle of the lane and help your ADC farm. The last thing you want to do is get shoved under tower.
Braum - Difficulty: Even
Dodge Braum's Winter's Bite as much as you can. Getting hit by this means you can never engage on him or his ADC.

Keep the lane brushes warded because Braum will try to land his Winter's Bite on you or your ADC from there frequently.

The best time to engage is when his Unbreakable is down. Because if you are going to engage, you'd want to engage on the enemy ADC. If his Unbreakable is up, you will not get any damage off on either of them. Do not engage on Braum as he can just Stand Behind Me away.

If he manages to all-in your ADC, counter engage on his ADC immediately. Your goal is to prevent the enemy ADC from following up on Braum's engagement the best you can.

Keep the minion wave in the middle of the lane and try to build a slow push. This will help you immensely in any all-in situations.
Galio - Difficulty: Minor
Keep the lane brushes warded to prevent Galio from being able to Justice Punch you or your ADC for free.

If Galio ever goes for an all-in, counter engage on the enemy ADC immediately. As he will not be able to protect his ADC from your engage.

Another time would be when Galio uses his ultimate Hero's Entrance
to aid another lane. As it will leave his ADC open to your Engage.

You will want to bait out Galio's Shield of Durand before you engage as it will prevent you from using your combo's on the enemy ADC. If he openly uses it to try and land an engage, you can Ferromancy - Crash Down through the taunt onto his ADC as you will absorb the CC.

Keep the minion wave in the middle of the lane and prevent Galio from taking control of the lane brushes. You want to exert as much pressure as you can onto him and his ADC.
Gragas - Difficulty: Major
With Gragas, the brushes need to be warded at all times in this lane because of his Body Slam.

Slow pushing and positioning behind the minions will act as a massive counter against his Body Slam.

Avoid his Barrel Roll as much as possible as you will want to be as healthy as possible if you all-in in this lane.

When Gragas hits lvl 6, he will look to use his ultimate Explosive Cask to separate you and your ADC. Stick with your ADC 24/7 as it will prevent you guys from being separated should his all-in ever take place.

Keep the minion wave in the middle of the lane, and always keep an eye out for the enemy Jungler as Gragas' can hold you in place long enough for his Jungler to engage you.

Look to roam frequently before Gragas hits 6 as you will likely never have a good engage in this lane.
Janna - Difficulty: Extreme
With Janna you will likely never be able to lane a good engage in this lane.

However best times to all-in is when her Howling Gale and/or Zephyr is down. As both will prevent you from performing a solid engage in this lane

Her Howling Gale is the only ability that will prevent you from engaging as it will cancel your Ferromancy - Crash Down. If it is used carelessly, all in her or her ADC immediatly.

Janna's Zephyr will slow her when it is used for a short time. Proving to be an optimal time to engage on her.

Be aware that Janna's Eye of the Storm has a massive cooldown early on and will let you deal a lot of damage in a co-ordinated all-in if it is down.

Keep the wave near your tower and ask your Jungler to gank you as much as they can because If you can set Janna behind early on, you will have won the lane completely.
Jarvan IV - Difficulty: N/A
Jarvan IV - No Recommended Tips at this Time...
Karma - Difficulty: Major
Avoid Karma's Inner Flame as it does a lot of damage.

Poke her, when you can, with your Shattering Strike when she uses her Inspire as the damage will go through the shield and heal you and your ADC.

When Karma's Focused Resolve is down try to all-in her or your ADC. this will force the enemy to play defensively in the lane.

Keeping the lane brushes warded against Karma is key as she will try to use them to poke you and your ADC down from them.

If she ever comes too close to you, use your Ferromancy - Crash Down and Magnet Storm to all-in her.

Keep the wave in the middle of the lane, and don't let her push you into tower. She will ruin your laning phase if she does.
Leona - Difficulty: Even
Try to interrupt her Zenith Blade with your your Full Tilt. This is very hard to pull off and will take some practice, but it will make sure your ADC survives and makes her all-in useless.

Staying near your ADC should be priority as it will deter Leona from ever engaging. Don't ever leave your ADC alone while Leona is in the lane, especially if your ADC is short-ranged.

if Leona ever attempts to Zenith Blade' you, and you are close to tower. Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up towards your tower as it will make her out of position and very vulnerable.

if she is ever successful in engaging on your ADC immediately counter engage on her ADC to stop any follow-up damage.

when Leona gets her ultimate Solar Flare. play very carefully as a successful stun on your ADC with this ability will invite death.

Keeping the wave near your tower to prevent any form of all-in threat during the early game. If she tries to tower dive, CC lock her and use your and ultimate Magnet Storm to prevent her and her team from ever escaping.
Lulu - Difficulty: Even
Lulu is very short-ranged, so you should always look for an opportunity to all-in her as your Ferromancy - Crash Down works when used before her Whimsy lands.

When going for an all-in, make sure that you land on Lulu. Because if you miss, Lulu and her ADC will deal a lot of damage to you and will most likely lead to your death.

Once Lulu gets her ultimate Wild Growth, it will be tough to all-in and secure kills. you can opt to prep your Magnet Storm and immediately Flash if you can hit both her and her ADC as her ultimate will not stop your engage then.

Keep the wave near your side so that you have ample opportunities to all-in when possible.

Keeping ample vision of the lane brushes will also prevent Lulu from laning safely.
Lux - Difficulty: Minor
Lux is incredibly immobile and squishy, so you should always try to use the lane brushes to get close to her and all in her.

You can easily take her down with your and Full Tilt if you land on top of her.

Avoiding getting poked out by her Lucent Singularity is a must because it will prevent you from ever engaging at all.

Do not ever let her auto-attack you. She should never be able to do with without you jumping on her with Ferromancy - Crash Down. If she ever tries to, all in her.

As the game progresses you should increase the frequency of your all-ins.
This will give you free kills and give your ADC the advantage in farm.

Keep the wave near your side of the tower but not under it to facilitate constant all-ins from your end. You will want to roam around if Lux and her ADC are playing too safely.
Maokai - Difficulty: Major
Maokai's Sapling Toss is going to be a big problem in this lane. They make up for a lot of his poke, so you will want to avoid walking into unwarded brushes as they get stronger when in brush.

Try to get the saplings out of a brush by checking the brush and moving away from the saplings as you are faster than them when mounted.

If Maokai goes in on your ADC with his Twisted Advance, you will want to his ADC in response because he won't deal a lot of damage on his own until later on in the game, so your job will be to prevent his ADC from following up with him.

When Maokai uses his ultimate Nature's Grasp, you will want to block the vines for your ADC since you will likely survive the CC and can Ferromancy - Crash Down through them, or escape with it.

You want to keep the minion wave near your side of the lane. It will protect you from Maokai's Sapling Toss, his all-ins, and jungle ganks.
Morgana - Difficulty: Major
Morgana's Dark Binding is the ability that you will need to avoid in this lane. you can stand behind your minions to deter her from ever using it.

Her Black Shield will have to be baited out before you try to all-in her. This single ability counters your Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up, Full Tilt, and ultimate Magnet Storm.

Harass her with your Shattering Strike when you can as it will make her weak and if you engage, she will opt to black shield herself instead of her ADC and mitigate her follow up damage. If she ever Black Shield's before you engage you have to Shattering Strike it as it will break and and you can all in them.

Use the lane brushes to your advantage and keep them dewarded so that Morgana is caught off-guard when you all-in her ADC. She can't Black Shield 2 champs so one will get CC'd.

Keep the minion wave in the middle of the lane, and make sure you roam around when possible. This is a very safe lane for Morgana, so trying to get picks elsewhere will help you and your team massively.
Nami - Difficulty: Even
Nami is immobile and squishy, so try to all-in her when she comes to auto-attack or Ebb and Flow

A single early all-in can set her back massively during the laning phase. Avoid her Aqua Prison at all costs. You don't want to get interrupted during an all-in as it will cost you a lot of health. It may also get you killed if she has already poked you significantly.

Once you get your ultimate Magnet Storm you should look to all-in her frequently. But be wary of her ultimate Tidal Wave as it will ruin your engage in the process.

If she is playing too safely, go to some other lane and gank them. You will want to use your all-in potential to make as many plays on the map as possible.

Keep the minion wave somewhere near your tower and use the lane brushes to all-in Nami. She will most likely be caught off-guard, and you will be able to finish her off with your ADC.
Nautilus - Difficulty: Even
Try to block as many of Nautilus' Dredge Line's as you possibly can for your ADC. You can quickly escape with Ferromancy - Crash Down if you happen to get caught out.

Your ADC won't be able to do a thing against Nautilus' CC. So if you fail to block a Dredge Line try to all-in the enemy ADC immediately. You will want to prevent any form of follow up damage from the enemy ADC while buying time for your ADC to escape the CC.

Nautilus will likely try to roam around, especially after recalling. You must match his roams and do not let Nautilus get his team ahead for free.

Keep the minion wave near your tower but help your ADC CS. Your ultimate Magnet Storm and Full Tilt provide a lot of protection against tower dives from Nautilus and/or his Jungler.
Neeko - Difficulty: Extreme
Neeko is obnoxious due to how much poke damage she can deal if you're not careful. Try to maintain your distance from her and only walk up if you're looking for all-in on her.

The best time to all-in Neeko will be when her Tangle-Barbs is down. It is her main CC ability, and she is powerless without it during the early levels.

Once she gets her ultimate Pop Blossom, it will become extremely difficult to all-in her. Look for an opportunity to all-in her or her ADC when they are separated. An example is when Neeko has left the lane to roam. Be especially careful during teamfights as her Pop Blossom will demolish your team.

Keep the wave in the middle of the lane and ward around your lane. Keeping an eye out on the map is a must as it will give you an idea if Neeko is disguised and pretending to be some other champion to increase her lane pressure.
Pantheon - Difficulty: Even
Pantheon will always try to all-in your ADC with his Shield Vault. You should stay close to your ADC so that you can counter-engage on the enemy ADC should Pantheon decide to go for an all-in. If he does when you land on the enemy ADC, immediately Full Tilt to stop his engage.

It would be best if you used your ultimate Magnet Storm to pull Pantheon towards you during all-in situations. It will protect your ADC and allow them to dish out damage while keeping Pantheon and his ADC off your team.

If you see Pantheon going to some other lane with his ultimate Grand Starfall immediately all-in the enemy ADC. You should at least be able to get the enemy ADC's Flash if you catch him/her off-guard.

Keep the minion wave near your tower, and always aim to keep your ADC safe. You will want to match Pantheon's roams, setting up vision around the lane and in river is critical in increasing your chances of winning the game.
Poppy - Difficulty: Extreme
Poppy makes the lane a living nightmare because of her Steadfast Presence and Heroic Charge as it will stop your engage and make you vulnerable.

Only ever look to engage if either both of these abilities is down as it will most likely lead to you or your ADC's death.

Her ultimate Keeper's Verdict can knock you out of an engage if she uses it, so be wary if you choose to engage with this ability up as it will doom your team.

Play away from the walls because Poppy's Heroic Charge will stun you if you are against one.

Keep the minion wave closer towards your side of the lane as it will reduce Poppy's all-in potential and keep you and your ADC safe from ganks.
Pyke - Difficulty: Even
Pyke's Bone Skewer is a significant threat in this lane. You will actively want to take them for your ADC, but get out before he can CC you with his Phantom Undertow. If he hooks you too close to his ADC, jump on them as Pyke wont be able to stop your engage.

Keep the lane brushes warded at all times. This will prevent Pyke] from landing any surprise Bone Skewers on your ADC.

Once Pyke gets his ultimate Death from Below you will have to keep a close eye on your health bar as his execute goes through shields.

Keep the minion wave near your tower to prevent Pyke from all-in'ing you frequently. It will be wise to roam around and see if you can make plays elsewhere on the map.
Rakan - Difficulty: Even
Look for opportunities to all-in Rakan when his Grand Entrance or Battle Dance is down. He isn't very slippery when either one of these abilities is down.

If Rakan manages to all-in your ADC, immediately counter-engage on the enemy ADC. Rakan doesn't do much damage without his ADC helping him.

Keep the lane brushes warded, especially after Rakan hits level six. He can otherwise catch you and your ADC off-guard with his ultimate The Quickness

Keep the minion wave in the middle of the lane and try to control the lane brushes. It will allow you to make plays with your and Full Tilt.
Senna - Difficulty: Minor
You will want to avoid Senna's Piercing Darkness poke damage. Only move close to her when you are going to all-in her with your Ferromancy - Crash Down.

If you happen to get hit by her Last Embrace, you can easily Ferromancy - Crash Down out of it, but move away when one of your teammates is nearby and can get rooted by the Last Embrace AoE.

Try to hide in the brushes often. This will give you an edge in the lane as your presence will be quite threatening to someone immobile like Senna.

Keep the minion wave in the middle of the lane and camp the lane brushes. If Senna is playing too safe, just roam and try to get other lanes ahead.
Seraphine - Difficulty: Major
Avoiding Seraphine's High Note is very important in this lane. The poke is quite potent and will allow her to get her Support item very quickly.

When trying to lane against Seraphine, you will need to consider her movement speed, especially when she uses Surround Sound as it will make it easy to dodge your engage. You need to make sure you don't miss or you'll get CC'd by her Beat Drop and likely die.

Seraphine is exceptionally squishy, so a well-timed all-in can easily set her back in the lane. It would help if you tried to use the lane brushes to try and all-in her when you can.

Once Seraphine gets her ultimate Encore it will dismantle your engage. This ability cannot be dodged if you have your Magnet Storm active on her but you can pull her away from your team. It does have a long cooldown so you have to be very wary when engaging when she has it up.

Keep the minion wave in the middle of the lane and help your ADC CS when required. You don't want to get shoved under the tower as Seraphine will make your ADC's life hell.
Sett - Difficulty: Even
Keep an eye out for Sett's positioning in the lane. He can quickly close the gap between you and himself with his Knuckle Down and deal a lot of damage to you while taking very little in return.

Ward the lane brushes and always keep track of Sett's Flash, especially during the early levels. He will try to cheese you and your ADC with a Flash all-in early on. If such a thing happens, use your Ferromancy - Crash Down immediately to all-in the enemy ADC, only after he Facebreakers as it will cancel the jump.

Opt to sidestep his Haymaker as the center true damage will hurt, as well as save and use your Shattering Strike whenever he uses it as it will completely break his massive shield.

Once he gets his ultimate The Show Stopper, you will have to be very careful about your positioning in the lane. At no point should you be in a straight line with your ADC. Otherwise Sett can quickly deal a lot of damage to both you and your ADC. His ultimate does stop your engage completely so be wary when he has it up.

Keep the wave near your tower to prevent all-ins from him. Sett may try to roam around the map to get his team ahead. You will have to match his roams and not let him get a lead in the lane.
Shaco - Difficulty: Major
Clearing Shaco's Jack In The Box boxes are essential in this lane. It has the potential to ruin your all-in potential completely if he goes AP, so get some Control Wards beforehand and opt to take Oracle Lens early.

Always stick near your ADC in this lane and let them know before leaving them toward or roam. Shaco's early game all-in potential is powerful, and you will want to prevent him from getting a lead.

If Shaco uses his ultimate Hallucinate to go after your ADC, try to use your Ultimate Magnet Storm to catch hold of both the real Shaco and his clone. It will save your ADC from near-death situations. Shaco can Deceive out of your ultimate so to stun as quickly as possible as soon as you grabbed him.

Keep the wave in the middle of the lane and keep clearing the lane brushes with your Oracle Lens and Control Wards. It is a must to win this lane properly.
Shen - Difficulty: Minor
Shen will always try to all-in your ADC with his Shadow Dash. It is your goal to make sure that the enemy ADC can't follow up when he does. Make sure that you don't get afflicted by his Shadow Dash taunt in the process.

Warding the lane brushes will be very important as it will allow you to know where Shen is and prevent him from catching your ADC off-guard.
Once she gets his ultimate Stand United, you will want to try and disrupt the ability by CC'ing him quickly. Your ultimate Magnet Storm should help you a lot with this.

Keep the minion wave closer to your tower so that you don't have to invest a lot of wards in controlling the lane brushes. Help your ADC CS while you're at it, as Shen can set up tower dives exceptionally well.
Sona - Difficulty: Minor
Sona is squishy and should be all-in'd with extreme prejudice whenever you get the chance to do so. The best time to do so will be when her Song of Celerity is down or when she overextends for poke with her Hymn of Valor

Her Aria of Perseverance heal is very weak during the early game. You should try to poke her and her ADC with your Shattering Strike when you can. The resistances you gain will allow you to soak up a lot of Hymn of Valor damage as well.

Use the lane brushes to your advantage and camp them always. You will want to have vision on her and make sneaky plays when possible.

Keep the wave on your side of the river but don't get shoved into your tower. This is because Sona can easily poke you down with her Hymn of Valor under your tower.
Soraka - Difficulty: Minor
Soraka will try to poke you out with her Starcall, especially when you're trying to proc your Support item. Try your best to not get hit by it at all as she will keep her and her ADC healthy.

When going for an all-in, it will be wise to bait out Soraka's Equinox
before engaging. This will also be applicable when your Jungler is about to gank you.

Try to roam around the map if Soraka is playing too safely. She can't match your roams as she can easily be picked off if she tries to wander alone.

Keep the minion wave on your side of the river and take control of the lane brushes. You just need to catch her off-guard, and it will result in Soraka's inevitable demise.
Swain - Difficulty: Major
Try to all-in him or his ADC when his Nevermove is down. He can't do much against all-ins once that ability is down.

You will want to roam as much as you can in this lane. Swain has no roam pressure of his own, so you will be able to get multiple leads quickly.

Once Swain gets his ultimate Demonic Ascension, all-in'ing him will become a problem. You may want to invest in some Grievous Wounds and use your and Ultimate Magnet Storm to keep Swain off your ADC during this.

Keep the wave in the middle of the lane and keep avoiding Swain's Nevermove Ask your Jungler to gank for you if Swain overextends as he is very immobile.
Tahm kench - Difficulty: Tiny
When facing a Tahm Kench you have to engage on him first as if you engage on his ADC he can just Devour them and spew them away.

Engage on him whenever you can as he is very weak in the early game and is very susceptible to CC.

Save your Shattering Strike when you do engage on him as his Thick Skin shield is huge and lasts a while so you would want to break it to finish him.

Keep the minion wave in the middle and build a slow push as it will prevent Tahm Kench from poking you out with his Tongue Lash.
Taric - Difficulty: Minor
Taric is heavily reliant on his ADC to have any impact in this lane. Try your best to disrupt his ADC if Taric decides to all-in your ADC.

Be very careful about Taric's Dazzle into Flash combo. You will want to immediately engage on the enemy ADC if Taric manages to land it on your ADC. Once Taric gets his ultimate Cosmic Radiance, you will want to be very careful about your all-ins.

The best thing to do will be to bait out his Cosmic Radiance before going for a complete all-in. It has a significantly long cooldown and you should be aware of when it will be back up.

Keep the wave near your tower to expose Taric and his ADC to ganks from your Jungler. He is exceptionally immobile and is killable if his Cosmic Radiance is down.
Thresh - Difficulty: Even
Thresh's Death Sentence is going to be a significant threat in this lane. You may need to block his hooks for your ADC.

Remember that Thresh has no form of escape on his own as he can't Dark Passage himself out of a fight. He is quite squishy early on, so you may want to all-in him frequently.

Thresh's Flay can disrupt your engage, so look to all in him when it is down.

You will want to match Thresh's roams around the map. Setting vision around the lane will prevent his ability to Dark Passage his allies to the lane immediately and unnoticed.

Keep the wave near your side of the river. Your goal will be to keep your ADC safe while looking for opportunities to all-in Thresh. Make sure to keep the lane brushes warded as well.
Twitch - Difficulty: Tiny
Twitch is too immobile and very squishy. You will want to all-in him frequently with your Ferromancy - Crash Down and Full Tilt to ensure that he is set-back during the early game.

Purchasing Control Wards is going to be very important in this game. It is a massive counter to Twitch's Ambush and will prevent him from catching you off-guard. Once you get your ultimate Magnet Storm, you will actively want to target Twitch and eliminate him. It will allow your ADC to get a huge lead.

Aim to keep the wave in the middle of the lane and camp the lane brushes as much as you can. You can surely land on and kill Twitch if you can surprise him from outside vision.
Vel’koz - Difficulty: Even
Remember that you need dodge Vel'Koz's Plasma Fission and side-step his Tectonic Disruption in this lane to find any kind of success. You will have to time your all-ins appropriately, or else Vel'Koz will just end up killing you.

Dodging his Plasma Fission is essential as the poke can hamper your ability to all-in at a proper time and force you to recall.

Getting your ultimate Magnet Storm will be a game changer as you will want to all-in Vel'Koz each time he uses his Life Form Disintegration Ray. This will allow you and your ADC to get a massive lead in the lane.

Keep the minion wave in the middle of the lane and make sure that Vel'Koz can't shove you into your tower. Getting pushed under the tower will prevent your ADC from farming well.
Xerath - Difficulty: Major
Dodge Xerath's Arcanopulse the best you can. you can opt to invest in boots early to make dodging this ability easier.

Xerath is very squishy, so you should look to all-in him whenever you can as his Shocking Orb will not affect you if you are mid jump with Ferromancy - Crash Down and the CC is very short close range.

The best time to all in him is when his Shocking Orb is down as it is his only form of peel. Use the lane brushes to your advantage as you can easily surprise him if he is unaware of your engage.

Keep the minion wave in the middle as you do not want to get poked under your tower by him. Getting pushed under tower will hinder your ADC's ability to farm.
Yuumi - Difficulty: Tiny
Yuumi stays on her ADC the majority of the time in lane.

Her Prowling Projectile hurts, look to hide behind minions to prevent this ability from poking you down too much.

If she ever hops of her ADC to try and proc her Feline Friendship immediately jump on her ADC as you might be able to stop her You and Me! and she will be vulnerable during this time.

If she successfully land's her Feline Friendship, just Shattering Strike her ADC as it will remove the shield.

Keep the minion wave closer to your tower as it will prevent Yuumi and Her ADC from escaping your engage. Ask your Jungler for ganks when they are over extended. If they are playing safe. look to roam to other lanes as this will help your team win.
Zilean - Difficulty: Major
Zilean is a nuisance in lane. Try your best to dodge his Time Bombs as they will hurt and prevent you from engaging.

If one does land on you, move away from your ADC. He is going to look to throw another on you to stun you. When he is going to throw another on you, immediately engage on him as he will not be able to dodge your Ferromancy - Crash Down during the animation and the shield you will get will negate most of the damage.

The best time to engage is when his Time Warp is down as it will allow him or his ADC to dodge your engage.

When Zilean hits 6, his ultimate Chronoshift is a burden for you. if he uses it do not kill the one afflicted and engage on other one who doesn't have it.

Keep the minion wave in the middle of the lane as it will prevent Zilean from poking you out from under tower.
Zyra - Difficulty: Major
Zyra's plants hurt when laning against her. Actively look to step on her pods Garden of Thorns to prevent them from becoming plants.

When you attempt to step on one of her pods, she will look to either Deadly Spines or Grasping Roots you. use this to your advantage and immediately engage on her.

The best time to engage is if her Grasping Roots is down, as it is her only form of CC.

When Zyra hits 6, her ultimate Stranglethorns will become a problem if used on you with plants around her. Look to play around this by destroying her pods before an engage as this ability will not do much to you then.

Keep the minion wave closer to your tower as Zyra has no ability to poke you with her plants as the tower will target her plants before minions.
If you have made it this far, I would like to thank you for reading my guide. I hope it has helped you become a better support and/or better learn about Rell as a champion. If you have any Questions, Comments, Concerns or suggestions, please feel free to leave a post on the discussion page and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Also if you liked my guide, feel free to give a thumbs up and know I will be giving you one in return.
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