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Evelynn Build Guide by Valhaem

Other A Comprehensive Guide to Evelynn in Season 6

Other A Comprehensive Guide to Evelynn in Season 6

Updated on June 28, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Valhaem Build Guide By Valhaem 5 1 80,983 Views 4 Comments
5 1 80,983 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Valhaem Evelynn Build Guide By Valhaem Updated on June 28, 2016
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
    AP Evelynn
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
    AP-Hybrid Evelynn
  • LoL Champion: Evelynn
    AD Evelynn

Hello and welcome to my guide for Evelynn!
Hello dan selamat datang ke panduan saya untuk Evelynn!

I am Valhaem, a Garena LoL player from Singapore in SEA, and I have mained Evelynn ever since very early 2015. Although I am only Silver I (Silver II as of 04/03/2016), I have gathered a lot of experience as a 1-year long Evelynn main, and in light of my recent achievement of 1 million mastery points on Evelynn, which I obtained on 01/03/2016 (see here for the match results), I have decided to write and publish this guide (it will be my first and most probably only guide!), as well as an AMA on Reddit. Do check the AMA out!

Click here to see my profile and 1 million mastery points in Evelynn!

  1. Analysis of Evelynn's Stats
  2. Evelynn's Abiliites - with Tips & Tricks on Usage
  3. Pros & Cons of Playing Evelynn
  4. Three Evelynns
  5. Runes and Masteries
  6. Summoner Spells
  7. Skill Sequence
  8. Itemization
  9. Gameplay: Evelynn in the Jungle
  10. Champion Matchups
  11. Conclusion
  12. Changelog and Credits

This guide has been updated for Version 6.12 as of 28/06/2016.
At this point, I must admit that my personal life has become too hectic for me to be able to regularly update this guide, so I will only update it once every month or two patches unless there is a major patch that demands for adjustments to my Evelynn builds, in which I will try to update the guide as soon as possible.

Returning back to the patch itself, Evelynn's builds largely experience nominal buffs as Blade of the Ruined King and Hextech Gunblade have a smoother build path due to the lower combine cost of Bilgewater Cutlass. Natural Talent providing a bit of flat AD and AP at the start of the game is a great boon to Evelynn's early game regardless of builds pursued. AP Evelynn experiences early-game buffs on Veteran's Scars and mid-late game nerfs due to Everfrost's reduced mana spent-to-health conversion. AD Evelynn is slightly nerfed due to Fervor of Battle but is otherwise largely unaffected. Otherwise, builds do not change here.

Offense Stats
Attack Damage:
Attack Speed:
Attack Range:
54 - 113
0.625 – 1.008
Melee (125)
  • Evelynn's base attack damage is average early game, but rather good late game. This is one of the factors that especially makes AD Evelynn strong late game, and this makes the already effective Sheen line of items even better on her particularly in the late game.
  • Evelynn's attack speed growth is also a strong point. Having 1.008 attack speed in late game is no joke on a champion without additional attack speed from items or masteries, especially when taking down turrets.

Defense Stats
Magic Resist:
531 – 2061
9.8 – 19.2
26.5 – 91.1
32.1 – 53.4
  • Evelynn's defensive stats are fair. She is still squishy, but with Greater Seal of Armor she has 100 armor in late game, which is decent.

Utility Stats
Movement Speed:
316 – 1030
8.1 – 18.3
  • Evelynn's movement speed is slightly lacking for a jungler, but this can be compensated for the fact that non-AD Evelynn can invest points into Wanderer instead of Savagery for added mobility thanks to Savagery not proccing on Hate Spike.

Hover over the tooltip to see what does the skill do.
Innate - Shadow Walk

Shadow Walk is Evelynn's signature tool, and this is the one skill that sets her distinct from other champions. With permanent invisibility up her sleeves, enemies will have to frequently buy Vision Wards to warn themselves of Evelynn's locations. However, Vision Wards are themselves visible to all and are much easier to remove compared to conventional wards from Sightstone and Stealth Ward.

Tips & Tricks

Q - Hate Spike

Hate Spike is Evelynn's core DPS tool and is one of her defining features. AP builds rely on this spell a lot for magic damage thanks to the 55% AP scaling and low cooldown (1.5 seconds between casts) on this skill. The spammability of Hate Spike also benefits Evelynn, whether she builds AD (helps with Sheen procs or AP (AP Evelynn's main source of damage at all times). It is a short ranged skill, so Evelynn has to build tanky as she will be regularly using this skill in fights.

Tips & Tricks

W - Dark Frenzy

Dark Frenzy is Evelynn’s main mobility, escape and ganking tool. In ganks, Evelynn can open up with Dark Frenzy, or walk in and save Dark Frenzy for enemy slows to help her press her attacks or escape. The cooldown refresh on Dark Frenzy helps her further in this aspect, making her a difficult champion to pin down and a harder champion to evade and escape from.

Tips & Tricks

E - Ravage

Ravage is Evelynn's main burst tool when stacking AP, and her main DPS tool when building AD. For AP builds, the 100% AP is a huge scaling, and makes her really bursty. For AD builds, the bonus attack speed is very useful in helping you land more attacks and saving you a few inventory slots from attack speed items.

Tips & Tricks

R - Agony's Embrace

Agony's Embrace is Evelynn's primary opener for teamfights. The %HP shred softens up enemy champions for the rest of the team, the massive slow pins them down and gives your allies time to position themselves for their own combos, and the shield buys you some time to burst the enemy carry, or adds on to your bulkiness by enhancing your meat-shield functionality.

Tips & Tricks

Unique Strengths

+ Shadow Walk's permanent stealth means she can only be detected by Vision Ward - makes ganking easier as she can bypass wards from Sightstone and Stealth Ward
+ Hybrid scalings (from Hate Spike and Ravage) and attack speed steroids (thanks to Ravage) allows her to buy any combination of times and still be effective
+ Evelynn has a strong early game and late game thanks to the utility of Shadow Walk and the damage from Hate Spike and Ravage
+ Low cooldown on Hate Spike and high scalings on Ravage make Evelynn a champion with both good DPS and burst, as well as great early game and late game
+ Dark Frenzy in place of dashes grant Evelynn easier and better evasion from skillshots over time compared to dash-based champions (e.g. LeBlanc)
+ Dark Frenzy and early game damage makes her an excellent early game pick against Nasus as Dark Frenzy dispels Wither and other slows entirely.


- Evelynn falls off rather easily if she is behind
- Evelynn has no poking capability in teamfights despite the range of Hate Spike
- Evelynn's powerspikes are gradual when leaning from mid-game to late-game; she is at her weakest in mid-game when teams begin mobilizing for small skirmishes and she does not have at least 3 major items yet.
- Dark Frenzy being a movement speed steroid and not a dash means Evelynn cannot jump over walls without burning Flash; she is very fragile if pinned down to a corner in the jungle (e.g. Vayne, Poppy, Anivia)

In this guide, I am outlining three separate builds for Evelynn, all of which serve different purposes although they will be related one way or another. They are AP Evelynn, AP-Hybrid Evelynn and AD Evelynn, and each of them has unique strengths and weaknesses that must be mitigated carefully when deciding which Evelynn to build for the game.

AP Evelynn specializes in magic damage, and is able to derive two playstyles here. She will typically build Stalker's Blade, Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Abyssal Mask. From here, she can evolve into a tanky and mobile assassin, employing Dead Man's Plate for mobility and Lich Bane for burst, or into a disruptive and teamfighting mage, employing Iceborn Gauntlet or Frozen Heart, and Rabadon's Deathcap, Liandry's Anguish or Everfrost for sustained damage as well as to allow for more aggressive gameplay.
Go for this build and orient towards burst when:
> You want to burst carries down
> You want to be able to easily travel from place to place with Dead Man's Plate
= Your team needs a magic damage assassin to burst enemy carries
< You are willing to sacrifice access to physical damage
< You are willing to trade sustained damage for burst damage

Go for this build and orient towards sustain when:
> You want to play a more sustain-oriented aggressive playstyle, or want to play an ability-based aggressive role
> You want to focus on magic damage while retaining good mixed damage
= Your team needs a magic damage character but already has an assassin
< You are willing to trade burst damage for sustained damage

AP-Hybrid Evelynn plays out roughly similarly to AP Evelynn in terms of her roles. One stark difference, however, is that AP-Hybrid Evelynn opens up new offensive routes previously unavailable to AP Evelynn as she gains a unique strength in the ability to do early invades, and her early game burst is superior to most. This, however, comes at the cost of the viability of a utility-based route due to the damage-heavy demands of this build.

There are two tracks that an AP-Hybrid Evelynn can take. She can become a mobile assassin, employing the burst of Titanic Hydra to delete crucial targets from a fight, and the regeneration of Warmog's Armor to recuperate from fights and supplement the damage from Titanic Hydra. Alternatively, she can become a damage and sustain based fighter, employing Hextech Gunblade to provide healing and a slow to catch out certain targets, and Rod of Ages for mana, durability and more sustain in teamfights.

Go for this build when:
> You want to focus strictly on damage
> You want to invade the enemy jungler
> You want to be able to express both physical and magical damage in one build
> You want to be able to switch between burst and sustain damage within one given build without too much difficulty
< You are willing to sacrifice utility

Orient towards burst if:
= Your team needs an assassin to burst enemy carries but already has equal proportions of physical damage and magical damage
> You want to be able to easily travel from place to place
Orient towards sustain if:
= Your team needs more frontline (e.g. your team's Support is a Lux, Nami, Soraka, or Karma, all of which are squishy supports)
> You want to be able to survive through teamfights while utilizing a fierce playstyle

AD Evelynn specializes in physical damage, but because of this she is almost always built strictly as a fighter due to poor burst capabilities when going AD. Her Fervor of Battle can synergize two ways - one, with solely autoattacks, whereby items such as Enchantment: Bloodrazor, Blade of the Ruined King and Titanic Hydra come into play - and two, with autoattacks and spells, whereby items such as Enchantment: Warrior, Trinity Force and Sterak's Gage are more prominent. Finally, AD Evelynn takes Exhaust for dueling (especially when combined with Skirmisher's Sabre) and crowd control, but because the effects are not restricted to her, she gains some utility with the ability to use Exhaust to peel for her carries.

Go for this build when:
= Your team needs a source of physical damage
> You want to mix damage with a bit of utility
> You want enhanced dueling power (i.e. combine the effect of Exhaust and Skirmisher's Sabre)
< You are willing to sacrifice potential burst and any possibility of specializing completely into utility

Build Enchantment: Bloodrazor if:
> You like insane attack speed steroids
= Your team needs a physical damage focused jungler
Build Enchantment: Warrior if:
> You value a more mobile physical caster style of gameplay
= Your team has a well balanced mixture of physical and magical damage and you happen to be on AD instead of AP-Hybrid

As a general thumb of rule,
  • AP and AP-Hybrid builds oriented towards burst are great at deleting high-threat targets from the game.
  • AP and AP-Hybrid Evelynn builds oriented towards sustain is an excellent frontline for any team.
  • AD Evelynn is useful for brawling, early skirmishes and mobility.

This section outlines the rune pages for AP Evelynn, AP-Hybrid Evelynn and AD Evelynn.

AP Evelynn

Click to read more

AP-Hybrid Evelynn

Click to read more

AD Evelynn

Click to read more

This section outlines the mastery pages for AP Evelynn, AP-Hybrid Evelynn and AD Evelynn.

AP Evelynn

Click to read more

AP-Hybrid Evelynn

Click to read more

AD Evelynn

Click to read more

Core Summoners

Smite is the most crucial summoner spell to Evelynn. Without it, it is extremely tough to survive the jungle as it gives you access to Hunter's Talisman and Hunter's Machete, both of which are viable, essential choices to jungle sustain for Evelynn. In addition, Smite has the lowest cooldown amongst all summoner spells and is the only summoner spell to function on a charge mechanic, and this is what sets junglers apart from laners. From securing objectives to facilitating kills and pressing the attacks in teamfights, Smite is an extreme useful summoner spell to have, and Evelynn would be very different without it.

Viable Choices

Click to read more

Non-viable Choices

Click to read more

Theoretical Choices

Click to read more

AP Evelynn

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

AP-Hybrid Evelynn

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • AP-Hybrid Evelynn's skill sequence has a rather unorthodox manner. Instead of prioritizing on one ability at a time, AP-Hybrid Evelynn initially splits her focus onto two abilities, namely Hate Spike and Ravage. After getting both abilities to Level 5, she returns to the normal skill track by maxing Dark Frenzy last. Finally, she adds levels into Agony's Embrace where possible. This is done for two reasons:
    • Firstly, it optimizes her build as a hybridized build, while maintaining some of AP's influence in her build. By Level 10, AP-Hybrid Evelynn gets 105% attack speed from Ravage, which is only 15% less than AD Evelynn at Level 10 but 45% more than AP Evelynn. She also deals 50% AP from Hate Spike, which is only 5% less than AP Evelynn at Level 10 but 15% more than AD Evelynn. Assuming you followed the skill sequences shown here for each of the three Evelynns, this graph will show you the damage contribution from your AP to Hate Spike, and this graph will show you the bonus attack speed you get from Ravage, at different champion levels. Compare the contributions for AP-Hybrid Evelynn to those of AP and AD Evelynn.
    • Secondly, this reduces the mana tax of Hate Spike as an additional 6 mana cost, per level and per cast, really makes a difference in Evelynn's mana pool in teamfights.
  • Just like AP Evelynn, however, Dark Frenzy is still maxed last as Hate Spike and Ravage still add more power than Dark Frenzy for each level taken.

AD Evelynn

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • AD Evelynn maximises her skills in a standard yet unusual manner, prioritizing on Ravage, followed by Dark Frenzy and then Hate Spike. Finally, she adds levels into Agony's Embrace where possible.
  • Hate Spike is maxed last, rather than second, for three reasons:
    • Firstly, AD Evelynn builds have to solidify its role as a physical damage dealer, but since Hate Spike is a magic damage skill, AD Evelynn will find less use in Hate Spike for this reason.
    • Secondly, an additional 6 mana cost, per level and per cast, really puts a huge tax onto Evelynn's mana pool, even with Shadow Walk. We do not want to run out of mana just because we are attempting to proc Trinity Force or Iceborn Gauntlet as we still need to cast Ravage for attack speed and Dark Frenzy for mobility. Hence, we Hate Spike last so that AD Evelynn can cut down on manacosts, proc more Sheen effects and pump out more DPS with Ravage.
    • Lastly, AD Evelynn is different from AP Evelynn as her true power lies in autoattacks, rather than Hate Spike. Because of this, she has an even smaller damage range. Maxing Dark Frenzy second, rather than last, gives her that extra movement speed needed for her to land more autoattacks as Evelynn's attack animation is rather swift when amplified with attack speed.

AP Evelynn
Burst Route
Sustain Route

Burst Route

Sustain Route

AP-Hybrid Evelynn
Burst Route
Sustain Route

Burst Route

Sustain Route

AD Evelynn
On-Hit AD Route
Direct AD Route

On-Hit AD Route

Direct AD Route

Part I: Jungling Routes

Read more

Part II: Jungling

Read more

Part III: Anti-Counterjungle Strats

Read more

Part IV: Maximizing Jungle Buffs

Read more

As a jungler, Evelynn will always have to contend with enemy junglers for ganks, in-game presence, as well as objectives taking, especially Dragon , Rift Herald and Baron Nashor . Depending on who is the opponent jungler, Evelynn may have a easy time or hard time doing her job on Summoner's Rift as a jungler herself. The opponent jungler is typically someone who is either easy prey, a manageable threat, tough to fight, best left alone, or very hard to face.

In this section, champion matchups will only detail enemy junglers as these are the true factors that will determine Evelynn's percentage of presence in the game.

Common Enemy Junglers




In terms of playstyle and itemization, Evelynn is a very versatile champion, with the ability to play literally any role, and build literally any item, and still be effective.
She can take up the role of a hard carry , a soft carry , a semi-tank , or a semi-support .
She can orient towards physical damage or magic damage, while the former is almost always oriented towards sustain damage ( Evelynn has poor burst if going AD), the latter can be further oriented towards burst and sustain damage . She can even build hybrid!

In terms of herself, Evelynn is a unique jungler with unique strengths, the most notable one being her ability to bypass normal wards due to the invisibility from Shadow Walk.
  • Hate Spike is her primary source of magic damage at all times, and the spammability is what gives her such great DPS, and combined with her mobility and the rest of her kit, it also gives her synergy with various items ( Karthus, for example, has Lay Waste which is on a lower cooldown than Hate Spike, but he is a strictly AP champion and hence there is a narrower pool of items that synergizes with him when compared to Evelynn).
  • Ravage further expands on this synergy by proccing on-hit effects, allowing her to build an even greater multitude of items. The fact that the 100% AP scaling on Ravage is also physical damage, along with the rest of the spell, ensures that Evelynns with AP items still have some variable of mixed damage in her kit.
  • Finally, Agony's Embrace makes her a good teamfighter thanks to the added durability, and Dark Frenzy gives her a unique mobility and evasion from skillshots that most other champions will lack.
Evelynn, however, has her own weaknesses.
  • She is very fragile, and she falls off easily if behind.
  • She has no innate abilities that provide her any defenses or sustain, so her HP tends to fall off more quickly in the jungle than other junglers if she does not clear her camps as fast as possible.
  • She is also very reliant on items; while she has a strong early game and late game, her mid-game is quite weak as she still has not amassed enough items to retain her presence in the game, and her late game strengths are only there because she has items. Hence, for Evelynn, being behind means she builds less items or she builds weaker items, and this will adversely affect her late game presence.

Author's Comments:

Now that you have reached the end of the guide, I hope that you are able to understand Evelynn's potential in the current meta as a jungler. She is a very fun champion to play, yet there are not too many people who pick her on a regular basis. Do leave a comment in the discussion section and give me your feedback on this guide! I will be updating this guide at least once in a while, so do stay tuned for updates! Thank you and have a nice day.


DISCLAIMER: Time and date follows the timezone GMT+8
  • 01/03/2016 - Guide first began development.
  • 10/03/2016 - Guide first published.
  • 10/03/2016 - Fixed a couple of typos and missing formatting.
  • 13/03/2016 - Added more formatting and updated the guide to V6.5.
  • 01/04/2016 - Updated guide to V6.6, followed by various changes to the guide, including the following formerly unpublished changes:
Spoiler: Click to view
  • 28/04/2016 - Minor adjustment to burst-oriented AP-Hybrid Evelynn itemization, major partial adjustment to AD Evelynn itemization routes. Updated guide to V6.8; guide was never updated for V6.7 due to lack of significance and time constraints.
  • 28/05/2016 Guide is updated directly to V6.10 due to significant changes from my busy life schedule as well as the Mage Update in V6.9 which has resulted in the following various changes to this guide:
Spoiler: Click to view


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