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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Lulu Build Guide by KillerNeko

AD Carry LULU - THE FAE MACHINE GUN [Pro/In depth ADC Lulu Build]

AD Carry LULU - THE FAE MACHINE GUN [Pro/In depth ADC Lulu Build]

Updated on December 12, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KillerNeko Build Guide By KillerNeko 5 7 56,102 Views 36 Comments
5 7 56,102 Views 36 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KillerNeko Lulu Build Guide By KillerNeko Updated on December 12, 2013
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Hi, KillerNeko here !!

I love playing as ADC Lulu, ever since I try to play her as support, I already seen her hidden potential, on that time, ADC Lulu still considered as trolling build, not many people believe it, but there is actually enough people that try it.

But why it's often called as trolling build before season 3 ?

It's because not many people could pull it right.

Lulu actually can deal more damage than any other ADC if you know how to play her, her kit also a good trade that responsible for making her one of the best unorthodox ADC/Marksman ever existed on the league!

she just hard to be mastered, thats all

So I then train myself by playing ADC Lulu over and over, learning all about her technique and other tl;dr stuff, in order to fully mastered her ability and in progress, make some certain people getting real bored with him since he play Lulu for several hundred times XD

so, in this guide, my first guide, I will give complete in-depth explanation on How to ADC Lulu.


There is many pro support Lulu here, but for pro ADC Lulu build ? there is not enough of them.

But this build will help you if you want to seriously play Lulu as an ADC, this build isn't only for fun and trolling game (Go somewhere else if you think this is a troll build, no offense, but I don't write all of this for such meaningless act.), but for serious people who want to know how to properly play ADC Lulu with in-depth explanations and guides.

The explanation bellow will be in-depth, reasonably long, and have a slight bitter chance to wreck your eyes with excessive amount of details and informations. But instead of making it looks like wall of text, everything bellow will be explained in an easy way and absolutely fun!

So even noobz can understand this

Few grammar mistake and incomplete sentence may occur, please tell me if you find any, I also will fix and improve everything I can found :)

Also, please tell me if some place looks like wall of text, since I still processing the BB code and such thing as banner and extra icons to decorate my little guide.

And if you think this guide is good enough, interesting, and it even help you win some good game, please vote up, and I will mostly return the favor by review your guide and vote it if I found it good enough ^^

TLDR Let's start the game, shall we ?

And my friends, please take your time to gazing at all the beautiful detail here, I provide you large amount of details here, and its so enjoyable to look at them :)

even me, the one who make the build, have read this build again and again in awe because its my pride to make such long, detailed guide ^^

EDIT !! : HOLY SHIIII--- THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR READING THIS! Never though it will reach 1.000 viewers on only one day, and it's even already have hundreds of people on the first few hours! THANK YOU AGAIN!!! ^^

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Why Lulu ?

I have use and test many champions for years, and one day, I get a chance to use Lulu, she is totally fun! and her potential as an ADC is also incredible!

Here is the reason why people use Lulu as ADC, and why its viable, why its popular...

* Lulu is super fun! her ability do much thing other champions can't do!
* You have so many utilities that rarely ever to be put on only one champions.
* As an ADC, your survivability and versatility surpass many others.
* Your passive scale attack speed FAR BEYOND OTHER ADC, not even Vayne or Caitlyn have that.
* By using the right combo ability skill, you can get kill on almost every situation.
* What is more fun than bully an enemy champion ? BULLY AN ENEMY SQUIRRELS! XD
* Your ulti makes you can kill someone with far higher health
* Easy counter enemy ADC and Mage by TURNING THEM TO SQUIRRELS
* So easy to survive bad situations like ganks or escape when team fight goes awry.
* Speed boost and super slow, which mean NO ESCAPE. MWAHAHAHA!
* One of few who can counter enemy on stealth, how annoying is that ?

And the best thing is, SHE IS SO CUTE !!!

Almost forgot my fav part, it's so good when you can Dominate your lane, getting so much kill, solo kill various champions, kickass on so many conditions, AND KEEP SHOOTING AT THEM LIKE A TRUE MACHINE GUNNER!

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ High sustainability and versatility
+ Could place herself on many situation perfectly
+ Could basically counter ANY champion
+ Once you fed, you snowballed on extreme accel
+ Various of items existed for her in almost any condition
+ Enemy team often underestimate you, so you could often get an easy early laning and FIRST BLOOD
+ Extremely good kits that allow you to win or escape many dreadful battle

> Lulu high versatility mixed with great ability and kits allowed you to do many things that no other ADC can do, her potential will even more sky rocketing depend on your personal skills.

> In early game, squishy enemy will mostly your easy target, without 2 or more enemy that focusing on you, you will mostly survive any condition and get some kills, especially first blood.

> There is many variation for her builds, you even could have multiple core item depend on enemy team.

> Your damage maybe low on the beginning, but contrast to the numbers and statistic, you could take down enemy champions with higher health and damage rate. (What most fun is, their reaction after you pwnd their ADC lol)

>You also could easily counter many carry, and especially good against stealth champions, thanks to Help, Pix!

> Countering tanky champions is not your specialty, but also possible, especially after get much kills and done with your Blade of the Ruined King

- Kinda squishy when not yet fed
- Basic stats a bit low even if you try to cover it with many things
- Need to focus on everything, not only AS or AD or critical
- Low basic movement speed
- Item dependant, so need extra gold per seconds items
- Need many time training and experimenting before could play her as ADC perfectly
- Sometimes, there is a chance that someone in team won't cooperate since they think you're trolling (Getting more rare today)

> Not only need to get lots of kills to make sure you're doing good, you also need to make sure you build the right items in order to make sure you can carry the late game.

> You need to always "call for ADC" on the queue team chat, because sometimes there is people who still unfamiliar with Lulu and think she only available as pure support, sometimes they will be surprised and disbelieve on you, thus you need to prevent such thing by explaining them on early queue.

> Even worse example is, they don't know you're doing ADC role, and they instalocking using some random ADC because they thought the team don't have fu**ing ADC...

> You also need to make sure you know how to counter enemy on your lane, because even if Lulu have kits that effective on many ways, she still quite of Item dependant.
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Skill Sequence

I assume everyone who come here already know how Lulu's ability basically work, so I will explain it more deeply here :) (If not, hover your cursor to the ability icon to read the basic info)

Know your arsenals












Believe me, 99,9% ADC Lulu player out there (not included people who get recommended to play this way), who ever trying this build, is because they see this ability....there is simply no support on the holy hell Valoran who have 3 EXTRA BULLETS FOR EACH ATTACK.
I also play Lulu as ADC because I see her potential on this, but later I see that her potential is also lies on her kit and your skill to combine it into a perfect piece.

This passive ability allowed you to last hitting on minion you missed, last hitting on enemy with super low health, stack with attack speed, and other thing you can found out when you try it on your own.

One thing I can suggest, read all the info bellow this section since it give more hint on how to maximize the damage from Pix, Faerie Companion, don't just add attack speed and ignore other thing.

Well known as one of poke with the highest slow in the game, (especially after preseason 4 OH YEAAAAAH) Glitterlance allow you to fire 2 bolt, one from you, one from Pix. Which mean you can attach Pix to other source using Help, Pix! and let you to fire the lance from 2 different perspective.

Glitterlance have many usage, it can for harass, for initiate, dealing damage to kill enemy carry, combo with Help, Pix!, slow down escaping enemy, slow down enemy that gank you, and many other fucnction, be creative with it! (But you can't spam it too much, Mr. Mana hungry)

Ever wanna turn someone to squirrel, cupcake, or cat ? WELL YOU CAN DO IT NOW! Whimsy is one of the most useful utility of Lulu, it can be used as disable if casted on enemy, and can be used as speed buff if casted on herself.

Whimsy is very versatile, its an omnifunction ability that can fit many situation, like escaping gank, chase down enemy, help you kill enemy ADC or Mage, disable the main problem of enemy team, ganked enemy, re positioning yourself, 1 v 1, and other thing you can find out by yourself.

Another double functioned ability, cast on yourself as shield when focused or escape enemy gank, cast on enemy for damage. If you cast on enemy, Pix will stalk them and give you vision, now Glitterlance and Pix, Faerie Companion will damage enemy from the target of your Help, Pix!, this can be used to deal combo. EX : Enemy running away, then you cast Help, Pix! and use Glitterlance on them, it shouldn't be missed if you predict carefully.

The best function of
Help, Pix! is stealth detection, disable any stealth, making assassins like Twitch, Akali, and Rengar cry like a baby or either rage quit because of the large amount of butthurt upon their epic fail (Butthurt op, nerf plz)

A beautiful ability that give you sudden health and knockup all nearby enemy, as if its not enough, it slow anything nearby you. Cast this whenever the condition getting rough, or you are on teamfight. This ability may serve in many situation, as example : Getting ganked, focused by enemy, escaping teamfight, prevent death from fatal blow, initiate one or multiple enemy, and its really good for 1 v 1 ! I was Solo killing Dr. Mundo and some super fed champ like Jax, Ashe, Warwick, Fizz and other battle that I can't remember all!

If enemy underestimate you, this spell will give you a free kills, I give you example, mixed this with your other abilities, and I will describe the condition based what happened and the conversation in enemy perspective :

Condition example complete with extra dialogue :)

Ability leveling

There is many choice and variations depend on your playstyle and how far you know Lulu, the leveling will also affected by the enemy team, about what to focus in order to counter enemy, etc etc etc...

This is few example, don't just copy paste it without understand it, as it can be changed depend on your own condition.


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

You will first take Glitterlance, thats a default choice and always take Glitterlance first, you need poke, you need damage. Then take either Help, Pix! or Whimsy, I usually take Help, Pix! but sometimes, you will miss your kill without Whimsy, so this is a tricky choice, think up well.
Near level 6, just level up the offensive first, you already have one point of Whimsy, and usually you only need the basic, unless you're often get kill chance, so you want more duration of Polymorphs, then focus on Whimsy.

Always prioritize Wild Growth, the instant health and knockback always useful, but don't forget your offensive! if you have a bit of Magic resist, you should always focus on Glitterlance first as it a good tool to harass enemy.

This is an example condition : Miss Fortune harass you a lot, but his Taric don't do much, so you get to offensive and keep poke both until you see a chance of kill.
OFFENSIVE (according to the condition stated)

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

See ? the variation is only on the beginning, this is because the later game would be totally depended on what you need that time, thus too much planning is not recommended, as thing not always goes as plan, but also, because of this,you need to have skill on taking decision on what to level up as soon you level up. In other word, this will train how fast your brain can proceed information and both performing and creating plan
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Ability combination, from basic to advance


New to Lulu ? don't worry, I can give you short list and overview of what she can do, let's start from the basics (I will try to make it simple, read more on the "Skill sequence" for more in-depth) :

# Fire Glitterlance from enemy place = +

# Use Whimsy as movement boost when going to took down champion instead of using it to them (read the condition, use it to you or them)

# Cast Help, Pix! to got vision on them! this will prevent any stealth effort, which making you an anti-stealth unit.

# Use Wild Growth and Whimsy as both escape tool and initiate tool (initiate variations is on the Advance section)

# Both Glitterlance and Wild Growth is CC based ability with insane slow (ESPECIALLY AFTER PRESEASON 4)

# Use Wild Growth + Help, Pix! to survive many fatal blow, especially on critical conditions.

# Cast Whimsy on enemy to disable them, perfect for 1 v 1 mages and ADC/Marksman.


# Chase down enemy that run quite away using Whimsy on yourself, chase enemy, and cast Help, Pix! + Glitterlance as soon they on range, they slow should be good enough to took them down.

# Cast Help, Pix! on enemy champion, and now hit minions, depend on condition, the Pix, Faerie Companion can hit your target enemy champion. This is simple yet need calculation, as enemy movement can't be predicted that easily.

# Abolish enemy channeling ability with Whimsy, this is simple, but the practice is not as easy as it sound, not every channeling ability may perfect to be canceled, a good ability to be canceled is Miss Fortune's Bullet Time and Nunu & Willump's Absolute Zero.

# Re-position yourself in teamfight, in a condition where enemy team had much kills, you need to re-position yourself to more strategic situation. You can either bait using Whimsy, slow them with Glitterlance for your safety, and additionally, cast Help, Pix!, so you gain vision, and your team will know where the enemy hide. If lucky, you will spot any other nearby hiding champion too!
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Note : all the masteries below is so good, that I hoped you ever try it on season 3, but since they do something such as "preseason 4", now you lost your chance (sarcasm) thank you Riot, thank you very much (sarcasm end)

I'll update it ASAP ^^

You need to focus on dealing damage, take as many damage bonus as possible.
However, this doesn't mean you can ignore other important point such as health and mana.
Even though the masteries I recommend focus on offensive, there is many variations for what masteries you can take, I have 4 variations that you can choose depend on your playstyle : Duelist, Slayer, Combatant, and Blaster

Type one 1 :


This mastery build is designed for battle and assault enemies. Dedicated to damage yet have survival skill and naturally good for stay in lane with enough power to harass yet able to sustain bit damage.

In other words, Duelist is a style for battle and survivability, to take down strong and tough opponents.

With health regen of Perseverance for survive on fight, you also will get less returning to base only for healing.
Sorcery is for cooldown reduction, because your ability kits is good, yet you're doomed if it was on cooldown when you needed it.
Small bonus in Wanderer and Meditation is just trivial, but believe me, one point of health regen and mana regen is better than few points of bonus health and mana points, since if you add one point of mana/health, it will have almost no decent change to your game. And Lulu is slow, a bit of movement should help you positioning yourself and catch up with your team.

Duelist is also more versatile and balanced compared to the rest of other alternative masteries build, which is the reason I always choose it.

Type 2 :


This build specialized on DAMAGE! Arcane Knowledge is one of the best thing on masteries for Lulu, since magic penetration is important for Lulu, yet your item's mostly AD, AS, critical, and such thing, so adding magic penetration on here is something excellent!

By added extra points on on Blast , you also gain a bit more ability power, which is not necessary, but thanks to Arcane Knowledge , this extra bonus will help you do some extra damage.

By simple words : Slayer is a build for someone who need to deal as much damage as possible, by maximize the damage from your ability, especially Pix, Faerie Companion

Type :


Survivability is important, when you're dead before you able to finish your duty, it makes all your work useless, in other words : Damage without survivability is meaningless.

By added few points on Durability , your survivability will increase a bit, especially by combining it with Perseverance, just like the first masteries build, Duelist, but Combatant is more focused on extra health instead of extra one point on each Wanderer and Meditation .

Two points of Durability maybe won't make you more tanky, not even a bit, but it gave you 54 health points at level 18, and it will surely help.

Type 4 :


You need mana to keep spam your ability, and Lulu is a mana hungry, especially with her low mana pool.

By maximalize Meditation and add one point of Expanded Mind , you won't run out of mana so easilly.
One point of Expanded Mind maybe won't help much, but Meditation will cover it for you, remember when I said "one point of health regen and mana regen is better than few points of bonus health and mana points" ? this is a good example for that, the mana regen will do the job to keep you stay in lane longer.

Summary, Blaster build allow you to use more of your ability, and help you from wasting time returning to base to recharger your mana.
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If you see on top ahead, you see there is something unique on my Rune, you probably already eager to ask "WHY YOU USE 3 DIFFERENT QUINTESSENCE AT ONCE !?"
Well the answer is, because as I said, when you play Lulu, You can't just focus on only one thing like AS, AD, critical, but focus on the other thing as well, and Quintessence capable on doing such thing.

However, just like my Masteries, there is many variation of Runes, including what they are focusing. I have 8 Runes build recommendation : Machine gun of Perfection, Machine gun of Furry, Machine gun of Sharpness, Machine gun of Vampire, Machine gun of Destruction, Machine gun of Arcana, Machine gun of Catastrophe, and Machine gun of Survival


Type 1 : Machine gun of Perfection (balance between all)

Greater Mark of Armor Penetration Greater Quintessence of Hybrid Penetration

Unbelievable as it may seen, this Rune combination is one of the best Rune combination for Lulu, it basically cover anything she need, Armor and magic penetration, Attack speed, and Life steal, thus bear the name of Perfection.

Reason behind I choose armor penetration on the greater Mark of Armor Penetration is obvious, it help her greatly on early laning phase. While the reason I choose magic penetration of Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration, the explanation should be simple, as I said before, Magic penetration is essential for increasing the damage of her passive, Pix, Faerie Companion, and not to mention a Glyph always best for Magic related, but we obviously didn't need Ability power, so without further question, this is perfect.

On the reason I choose Attack speed over health on Greater Seal of Attack Speed is because a bit of bonus health on the beginning won't help much, yet health on every level is also really a good choice, since Lulu bounded to be a bit tanky on the late game anyway. Lulu have great need of Attack speed, and Seal have more attack speed than Glyph, so this is a good decision.

Now let's talk about the Quintessence, which is probably your main concern. Every choice I made on the Quintessence is a well made consideration. Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed will boost your Attack speed, thus promising more damage of Pix, Faerie Companion and promising more chance to get kills on early, especially on team fight. Greater Quintessence of Hybrid Penetration is totally perfect for hybrid, but so does ADC Lulu! The reason ? it cover armor penetration and Magic penetration, as what I already told you so often, is necessary for Lulu, this Quintessence seems to be made for Lulu like it was her destiny! Greater Quintessence of Life Steal is one of the best thing for Lulu, you need to keep endure enemy harass, and life steal is a great help for that, since Life steal is basically what you all want for making her hard-to-be-killed, so before you have enough money to grab Vampiric Scepter, this rune will cover it for you.


Type 2 : Machine gun of Furry (Attack speed)

Greater Mark of Armor Penetration


No, don't be like that guy -_-

Lulu is fun with attack speed and totally scale with Pix, Faerie Companion, but doesn't mean you need to spend all your Rune slot for AS isn't it ?

Let's start from Greater Seal of Attack Speed, which basically, the same as Machine gun of Perfection....oh wait WHY NOT CHOOSE ATTACK SPEED FOR MARK INSTEAD ? because the only Armor penetration available other than Quintessence is on mark, so we spare that slot for it :)

Then we go to Greater Glyph of Critical Chance, because extra chance of doing critical while you focus on Attack speed is a good synergy of heavenly blessing!

About greater mark of armor penetration, I don't think you need further explanation, as I already repeat it few times, and I try to avoid repetition.

Finally, the Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed bear the name of this rune build! Imagine what 3 Quintessence of attack speed capable of doing, it will make your early laning very easy. Combination of armor penetration, critical chance, and tons of attack speed is op as furry of ye olden Gods!


Type 3 : Machine gun of Sharpness (critical)


Critical on ADC Lulu is not the best choice for her, but critical is critical, its always hurt and always viable if you build on Attack speed.

First, grab Greater Mark of Critical Chance, because this is the most important runes compared to the Glyph and Seal, because it have incredible synergy with your start items. ( Avarice Blade and Zeal)
Then we go to the Greater Seal of Attack Speed in order to even increase the potential of dealing critical hit. And then, Greater Glyph of Critical Damage will increase the damage bonus from your critical hit, now you basically have everything you need.

So, what we need to grab on Quintessence if we covered everything ? the answer is EVERYTHING!
We will increase the critical chance, attack speed, and critical damage even more by using Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed, Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage, and Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance, Get all this little babies!

What I like most from this build is the fact that it enhance your item potential, not only starter item like Avarice Blade or Zeal, but also optional late game item like Infinity Edge! This is all the sharpness you need to cut down your enemy, doesn't matter what their build!


Type 4 : Machine gun of Vampire (life steal)


Lifesteal is simply helping and make you feel comfortable in your lane, because it will continuously provide recovery of your health and will harass the enemy by drain their health even further, lifesteal is also really helpful in teamfight, you will have far more sturdyness the higher your lifesteal goes, imagine if you can recover almost 70% of your health by only killing some wraiths! (after you got Bloodthirster or at least Vampiric Scepter, and of course after you got enough damage to kill them from the beginning)

What makes this as functioned as what it is, is because of the Greater Quintessence of Life Steal, but first, let's focus on the lesser runes.

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed have great duty here, not only work as your daily objective supplement, attack speed will also make life steal more op, the more you attack, the more life steal you got each seconds.
Greater Seal of Health Regeneration is something I really want to take on every match, but sadly I cant, since I can't afford to waste my slot for such defensive runes...ahem, this runes allowed you to recover more health quickly, thus work good with life steal.
Greater Mark of Attack Damage give you more damage, life steal already good, but it would be better with more damage!

It's time for the main star, Greater Quintessence of Life Steal !!
3 of this preciioooussss thing should give you 6% life steal, oh wait.....

that's the same amount of maximum life steal percentage of Bloodthirster !!

oh yes, ever since they nerf bloodthirster, now you can have the same percentage of its maximum stack EVER FROM THE BEGINNING OF YOUR GAME
how op is that ? so broken LOL

Now this will guarantee that you transform yourself to become vampire who will suck dry your enemies blood! (and thanks god Lulu isn't sparkle....)


Type 5 : Machine gun of Destruction (armor pen)

Greater Mark of Armor PenetrationGreater Quintessence of Armor Penetration

Armor penetration is essential for AD based Champion, since it will boost their damage even more by penetrating enemy armor, making it good even when against tank.

And now, you will maximize the effect by using Greater Mark of Armor Penetration, then combining it by using Greater Glyph of Attack Damage and Greater Seal of Attack Speed.

Then add even more armor penetration by grabbing Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration, 3 of them should deal so much damage compared if you only buy one or buy Greater Quintessence of Hybrid Penetration on the "Machine gun of Perfection" build.

that's it ? yes that's it!
This build is so simple, so easy, yet not the best option, since by taking this build, you will ignore your essential need for a bit of magic penetration.

Yet this build will bring destruction to your team! you are an overlord of destruction now!!


Type 6 : Machine gun of Arcana (magic pen)

Greater Mark of Hybrid PenetrationGreater Quintessence of Hybrid Penetration

Magic penetration will boost all your ability damage, however, remember that you are not playing Lulu as AP, this Rune setting is mainly targeting for maximize the damage of Lulu’s passive Pix, Faerie Companion that will grant bonus damage to each one of your shot.

In order to increase magic penetration, Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration will be the protagonist of this runes build, it basically increase magic penetration, but that isn't enough, in order to fully take profit of magic penetration, you need to use Greater Seal of Attack Speed for attack speed, and Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration for both magic and armor penetration, so your basic attack will hurt even more!

Finally, add more damage to your attack by using Greater Quintessence of Hybrid Penetration, 3 of them is enough for you to have a good damage on the beginning, and much magic penetration will also help on late game, because it will be good with item that reduce enemy magic resist like Wit's End

All the magic penetration mixed with attack speed is just magical, the damage that enemy receive will be unlike what they predicted, like you just harnessing a powerful arcane power of ancient ruin of Runeterra


Type 7 : Machine gun of Catastrophe (damage)


This Rune page mainly focus on enhance Lulu’s physical damage, since she is low on basic damage on the start, however, you already got it covered by add attack speed, critical, and such thing. But a bit more damage from your rune is always welcomed

Building Attack damage is one of the most secured and stable choice, thus you need to grab Greater Seal of Attack Speed for some decent damage on early laning phase, then add Greater Mark of Attack Damage to increase the damage result even more, Greater Glyph of Scaling Attack Damage, this will make your late game more stable, since you don't have much Attack damage per level (seriously Riot, fix this, Lulu is an offensive support)

For the Quintessence, Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage will give you even larger quantity of damage for the beginning, allowing you to secure kill even more easier.

This Rune build is one of the most convincing since its all focus on attack damage and other combination, however, doesn't mean im using this as my main, since your need of magic and armor penetration is nearly irreplaceable.

But by mastering this build, it mean you now become a terminator that will bring catastrophe to enemy team!


Type 8 : Machine gun of Survival (armor and magic resist)


Think you had enough damage from the masteries and starter item ? need to more defensive ? Wanna make sure you can take on damage on teamfight ? Maybe this build will fits your choice.
The last Rune page will about defense, health, armor, magic resist, and such thing, this will make you less squishy on the beginning and will make you even more like the wall of steel on late game.

First, use Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, it will make you less squishy when facing mages and their annoying poke. Then, Greater Seal of Armor since Lulu have low armor stats, and some people said, Armor is necessary for ADC. For the Mark, grab Greater Mark of Attack Speed, because in compensation of high defense, you need higher power (it's so sad we can't have such good attack speed Runes on our offensive Rune build because it's occupied by Armor/Hybrid penetration runes or Damage...)

For the last dish, Greater Quintessence of Health Regeneration is one of the best defensive runes ever, health regen is good, health regen is awesome, too bad we can't have this on our offensive runes build, because Lulu need more damage than this.

This build maybe not give you enough damage, but it balanced with health, magic resist, and armor. With this, you should gain more sustenance and the game will be more smooth, you will now gain the power of true survival of devastating battle!


Creating your own custom runes ?

why not ? as long you know what you build, and since you already learn a thing or two from here, you should be understand what you should take or not :)

If you want to use custom runes, for example, you replace greater mark of armor penetration from my "Machine gun of Destruction" build with greater mark of hybrid penetration, since you need a bit of magic penetration.

Or if you want to use one Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage to replace on of the Greater Quintessence of Life Steal from my "Machine gun of Vampire", since a bit more damage will help for you.

This is all good, and I will really glad to hear about your personal runes build and other stats as well :D
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Summoner Spells

Lots of thing changed on Preseason 4, and they also change the Summoner spell a bit, I will update it soon.


"Guys push the lane while its empt--- **** LULU COME BACK!"
Such summoner spell as Teleport functioned not only as one way ticket to return to your lane, it also functioned as a way to gank enemy by mixing it with ward teleporting, you also won't miss any good chance available while you on somewhere else, easy way to help other lane if they wrecked by the enemy, super effective way to push, and finally...the main reason I cannot afford to not taking Teleport...if you got a noob team, where they barely hold on their have no other choice but to keep helping them! THAT'S WHY YOU PEOPLE NEED TO STOP FEEDING, UNLESS YOU GOT ENOUGH KILL TO MAKE SURE YOU CAN CARRY ON!
ahem...sorry, most reason I lost my game is because of my team, either feeding or just simply won't communicate, some are even wreck the game with zero team work :(

So, this is sums up the function of
Teleport, which needed since you will carry your team anyway.

"Yes I made it with 10 health! I surviveeeee" *Lulu surprise him with flash* "NOPE"
As much people believe, Flash is one of the most useful summoner spell for most champ, it was multifunctional and very versatile, making it a conventional summoner spell.

Flash is often taken for the honor of saving thousands of unlucky *** from being butchered by enemy team. The instant blink from this spell makes you can even escape the deadliest gank and the most cluttered teamfight. Always grab this spell for safety and for free ticket out of CC jail.

Flash is also good for ganking and chase down enemy that run away from you, mix it with the combination of Whimsy speed boost and Glitterlance super slow.


Other good spell

Harassed by enemy ? don't have enough health yet ? need more survival chance in teamfight ? don't wanna waste money on Health Potion yet Doran's Blade is not enough ? then this spell is the answer of your life-worth question.

Enemy keep running away with little health ? GRAB THIS! the true damage is also good to help on every kind of teamfight, especially if some enemy do something as following : try to solo killing you, return to you after running away with little health, turret diving, 2 people attack you on teamfight and one of them have low health, and other unspecified conditions.
Ignite is OP and one of the best way for securing kills.

One of the best defensive spell ever, Barrier give you more chance to survive on teamfight, and totally fits for some champions like Lulu, because her survivability is already high, but a bit squishy on the beginning. (isn't all ADC is like that ?)

And....isn't it annoying when you're dead one second before they died ? this is why Barrier exist.

One of alternative for Flash, Ghost functionally the same, as escape tool, an easy way to gank, catching enemy that run away,and survive the hell out of their catastrophic and crazy CC.

Ghost maybe don't have the instant short jump like what Flash have, thus making it more less useful as escape tool, but it have less cooldown and more helpful for long duration escape plan. The long duration is also give you more possibility to catch enemy that already run further than your Flash range.
And for Lulu, this spell have one more good points, since it increase movement speed, it (probably) stack with your Whimsy movement boost!


You can try

You have movement speed, but doesn't mean you can catch every champions, some of them are speedy as **** and some are just too stronk even in low health. Exhaust

Exhaust decrease enemy movement speed, attack speed, attack damage, ability and item damage, which is totally overkill in my opinion. This spell will shut down any enemy that face you, doesn't care how fed they are, Exhaust will return them back to mortal. Also very useful on 1 v 1, or in certain time when you're ganked OR when ganked someone.

Useless on certain match, but become life saver on the other match. Cleanse will nullify every CC and insane spell like Exhaust, making it very helpful on facing certain enemy like Nasus.

Im sure you would like to make sure you can carry your team, However, all you plan in teamfight will be meaningless if 5 champion either focus you like hell and you can't escape because they cast various CC ability on you, you'll want some Cleanse on that condition.

Though it's still a bad spell compared to other spell like Ignite or Flash since play as ADC Lulu, there is time you won't be able to face your enemy neither escape them.

You are not playing as AP right now, but Lulu is seriously have problem with her mana, the low mana pool will give you hard time on spamming spell, especially since you are not playing as an AP, I presume you wouldn't take a mana increasing item or runes.

However, taking Clarity for ADC Lulu is something you must questioned, its tactical and smart, it also possible and will make your early good, but not at the late game. I recommended on using other spell instead for this, remember that you are now playing as an ADC. The main feature of you is on your physical damage, not on your ability damage.


Do not take

SPACE You are not playing as support, let the support have this!

SPACE I would take this spell if it revive you on the spot, but since it's not, I would definitely not take it

SPACE Sorry wrong page, this isn't a build for Jungling Lulu


SPACE This spell is good because all the sudden buff is powerful, but...well it doesn't exist anymore LOL

SPACE This spell is pretty much imba because your team would.....OH WAIT IT DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE

SPACE Did you just do hack the.....?

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Items - Starter, core, and conditional

Starter 1

This build is standard and easy as eating bread. It was more stable and guaranteed more for your safety and succeed, compared to the other Starter.

Doran's Blade is a perfect starter, you need health, you need damage, you need something that makes you can sustain yourself, Doran can cover it for you. Plus it heal you every each time you hit enemy, that's just simply wonderful.
But if you think you can get kill without Doran, and sure your game would be good anyway, try the Starter 2.

Berserker's Greaves...well, like you need explanation for this, you're playing as ADC right ? you need attack speed.

Avarice Blade is somewhat useless UNLESS the fact it grant a bit of bonus critical chance and GAIN 3 GOLD every 10 second, and the best thing is bonus 2 gold every kill! You need to remember Lulu is an item dependant, the faster you get your core item, the more guarantee you will likely kick enemy *** to every bits of their miserable life.

Zeal is one of the most helpful cheap item for starter, you need critical chance, you need attack speed, and you need movement speed, and its all there!

Vampiric Scepter is the infamous starter for ADC, (however, not really recommended for starter, just get it after you get your Avarice Blade) the sheer amount of lifesteal and damage will enhance your killing capability.

IMPORTANT : After this, quickly get Bloodthirster in order to multiply the feedback caused by all your kill, this item will make sure YOUR LATE GAME WILL BE GOOD OR NOT.

After done with Bloodthirster, go grab Long Sword to be upgraded to Bilgewater Cutlass soon, don't forget to finish it to Blade of the Ruined King after you got enough money!
Then grab Phage, you need health and damage. Phage also used to be great because it have slow when you hit enemy, but even when it changed, Phage is still a good item.

Starter 2

An alternative to the First build. This one is when you think Doran did not help enough because you need more health than damage + health. But remember this very basic thing : Lulu need damage and have low base damage, thus using this build meaning you can make sure you can survive and get kill on early without Doran's Blade.

The rest of the build is the same with Starter 1.

Core items (and what slot it will fill)


One does not simply ask "Why you not yet throw Doran's Blade after got Bloodthirster ?"
The passive from this item is good, and why would you replace it when your other slot is still empty ?


Of course! There is no way you would play good without a proper boot! (And don't simply replace it with other thing on late game UNLESS you can make sure : You get enough movement speed, you have other movement speed boost item, or movement speed is no longer so necessary on late game)


Your personal gold digger tool that passively grant gold, keep this item and don't sell it yet until you have enough money and until all your core item finished.


This cheap item is only for early, you must replace it later with Trinity Force in order to get the large bonus or every sector (Damage, movement speed, health etc) and TONS OF DAMAGE


This is obligatory must! Bloodthirster grant attack damage and lifesteal based on how much you kill, which making this important as it will empowered you as how many you killed already.


You can easily kill squishy champion, especially that easily harassed. But what about tanky one like Singed and Volibear ? or when facing champion with high sustain + damage like Warwick or Jax ? Blade of the Ruined King deal damage based on their health, so the more they try to stack health, the more damage their receive, which making the attempt to overcome you with building tanky become futile.

Late game items (and when to buy them)

Need health + Damage + Slow

This item is one of the best item for champion that seems tanky but actually need more health, yet cannot afford pure defensive item, since you still need more damage. Frozen Mallet give you insane slow when attacking enemy with your basic attack, this will allowed you to get easier kill without letting enemy have chance to run away, especially since you already have 2 OTHER INSANE CC ABILITY

Attack damage + crazy critical

One of the most popular item for ADC due the fact it had such insane damage potential, and it was proven it always could make you cry like a baby because you will die before you even try to do anything.
Infinity Edge give you tremendous critical damage and critical chance mixed with incredible damage, making this item is the best when you totally looking for more and more damage.


This new guy is always recommended on ADC Lulu, not only its one of the most popular new item on ADC Lulu. (about 75% of ADC Lulu player love this item)
Runaan's Hurricane is unbelievably fun and totally effective against multiple enemies. It gives you 2 extra magic bolt that deal damage based on your attack damage.

However, this item is conditional, only grab it if you meet 3 conditions bellow :
1. You have enough attack damage.
2. Often fight multiple enemies on teamfight/getting focused/often ganked
3. Not buying this item only for the fun of having 6 ****ing magic bullets

Runaan's Hurricane is an item that have so much potential with ADC like Lulu or Teemo, there is so much Item that I do not yet test with Runaan, for example, and since the damage is based on your attack damage, it scale best with like that increase attack damage, like Bloodthirster.
there is almost unlimited possible combination for Runaan, I have been experimenting since this item released, and I still not yet fully discovered its full potential!

Magic resist + Attack speed

Infamous item for ADC Lulu, many summoner use this item as their core item, some of the most common reason are because they think its passive are stacked with pix the faerie companion. While this myth is never officially proven, Wit's End is still good for Lulu.

The combination of attack speed and magic resist is a simple solution to counter champions with high magic damage rate (caster/mage), yet still considered squishy. This item will help you kill them faster before they even could cast their abilities, especially if your damage is already high and able to kill them fast anyway.

Wit's End also have perfect synergy with one of my recommended rune build Machine gun of Arcana, since this item decrease enemy magic resist, then your rune had tons of magic penetration, the combination will make your ability, especially Pix, Faerie Companion become unbearably hurt.

Attack speed + Damage + Tenacity

This is what you must buy when enemy have too many CC, without it, you neither can't run when danger and can't attack properly either.
Zephyr give you as much as attack speed as Phantom Dancer, but instead of critical, it give you a nice tenacity. Only buy this when you think enemy have crazy CC.

Movement speed + Attack speed + critical

Also popular on many ADC Lulu build, especially for the one who focused on attack speed instead of damage or health. Phantom Dancer give you critical, movement speed, and attack speed, so it basically make you faster while your basic attack will looks like machine gun even more.

This will give your enemy even more hard time when they decide to run away from you, combine it with your slow ability/items and they would like “GG WP Lulu is insane.”

Damage + Attack speed + Become insane on low health

Guinsoo...I rarely buy this item unless I really need it, reason (1) : I usually get other damage based item, Reason (2) : It's overkill.

Guinsoo's Rageblade is one of the most overpowered item on certain condition, if you already good on using ADC Lulu, then I doubt you will ever lose 1 vs 1 when you have this item.
Guinsoo give you damage and attack speed, but what make it insane is the unique passive : Falling below 50% health grants you 20% Attack Speed, 10% Life Steal and 10% Spell Vamp until you exit combat (30 second cooldown)

I don't need to explain further, this item is efficient and guaranteed will make you insane on low health. I basically can solo kill anyone using this, especially when I already does even without having this item ^^

Magic resist + Damage

A wise decision against enemy team with lots of magic damage AND basically just really hungry to eat the hell of your flesh A.K.A focusing on killing you. Maw of Malmortius have unique passive that give you attack damage based on your missing health, this will basically make you stronger the more health you missing, so if enemy team think you are totally dead and they let their guard down ? DOUBLE KILL! TRIPLE KILL! QUADRA KILL! PENTA KILL!

Need health + Damage + Armor penetration (and bit of cooldown reduction ?)

Item favorited by tanky champion that still deal lots of damage. Black Cleaver give health, damage, and armor penetration, making this item earn my rewarding title as "The weapon of monster slayer", because the combination is perfect for slaying bruiser and other enemy that hard to get shutdowned, yet it make you also tanky like them!

Damage + Armor penetration

A good choice if you need a constant armor penetration and damage before late game.

Last Whisper is commonly used on ADC like Ashe. This item give you some nice damage and have more armor penetration than Black Cleaver. Just grab this if you have low armor penetration and really need more of it.

Critical + Armor + Attack damage based on your health

Only buy this when you have megatons of health, in other words, not recommended when you have are not yet tanky.
Atma's Impaler is one of the best item when you already have tons of health, making it perfect with Leviathan (sadly, it doesn't exist anymore... ), this item is also have synergy with any item that increase your health, like Trinity Force or Frozen Mallet

Attack damage based on kills

Strategical item, by buying this item, you now take a gamble if you're going to be very good or just normal or even suck.
Sword of the Occult used to be my main build, it gave you attack damage based on how much you kill, basically sound like cheap lifesteal-less version of Bloodthirster.

You can buy this when you need more damage on early and need even more damage by the time goes, and remember that Lulu need hell lots of damage.

Tons of armor + reflect damage back to enemy

Only useful when enemy either have lots of AD champ or their ADC is simply just fed hard, so hard that you hardly shut down them.

Thornmail is defensive yet offensive item since it return back enemy damage to them as magic damage, as its not insane enough, the crazy armor also make them need to hit your harder while its mean they take more damage. A perfect item if you build Lulu quite tanky.

Super health + regeneration

Rarely ever a chance to buy it, but could be extremely useful, even though you’re not a tank, you need health and health regen if enemy focusing you like hell anyway.

Warmog's Armor will make your health regen really crazy, you could just go out and in again in fight and your health should be recovered already, a very tactical choice depend on your skill in teamfight and how you execute Lulu movement boost of Whimsy.

This armor is also synergize with items that could recover your health, like item with lifesteal like Bloodthirster and Blade of the Ruined King.

For the sake of heaven, CRAZY LIFESTEAL + DAMAGE

wait….we already have a bloodthister! Well, another bloothirster is allowed in certain conditions, and there is nothing actually wrong with it, just not recommended on normal match since it such waste of slot since you can just use the slot for other item.

Bloodthirster is a good choice when all you need is crazy lifesteal to balance the damage taken from your enemies, this often happened when the game goes long enough, and only viable when enemy team always focus you first, because you already got fed enough. In other perspective, this condition is when your whole team is feeder noobs who rely on you to totally carry the game.

And remember, this choice is a good choice if you sure you would get much kill after you buy this item, so you now have 2 bloodthirster that could both reach full stack! NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALLED GODLIKE!!

Too much tanky enemy

I never actually EVER buy 2 Blade of the Ruined King for one game, but there is certainly one condition where this choice became the key to win, its when THE ****ING ENEMY IS ALL TANKY and they don’t deal much damage either (so you don’t need item like Frozen Mallet), but so annoying and could harass as much as their grandmother want since normal attack won’t bother them, and item like Infinity Edge not even can kill them easier anymore.

Make note that this condition is rare and never occurred, since its basically facing enemy with almost full tank, but I write this here in case if you ever actually deal with it. Example of this condition is facing team with composition as : Volibear (BOT), Garen (TOP), Taric (BOT), Nautilus (JUNGLE), and super tanky Ryze (MID).

increase health based on kills

I know….it doesn’t exist anymore, but let me tell you how useful this item on Lulu when its still existed in the season 2.

Leviathan give you health based on how many you kill, quite overkill if you played as bruiser, but perfect item for champion that a bit squishy and need tons of health.

You have no idea how great this item was, I still remember how much times I got Penta kill with this item on my backpack. Im tanky as **** yet deal damage like unstoppable train.

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Items - Boots upgrade

Best Choice

One of the best enchantment for your boots is Enchantment: Alacrity. You need high movement speed, and even with all the movement speed from your item, you still can be considered slow compared to some other champion, this is why movement speed is extremely mandatory, and by getting this, your late game will be easier than before, escaping, initiating, and not to mentioned it will make you faster on Whimsy because it give movement speed based on your current movement speed!
An Alternate version of Enchantment: Alacrity for people who like to play aggressively. Enchantment: Furor is one of the best enchantment for your Berserker's Greaves, of course, since you are ADC, you need to keep hitting enemy and keep up with them. Enchantment: Furor is my personal fav since it allowed you to do more "Hit and Run", but this time, the enemy is the one who running away from you.
Combine this with Whimsy, and you are now officially "The Death" who will haunt your enemy from behind.

Quite Nice

Enchantment: Distortion is good choice for late game where you are obligated to carry every lane, and thus, you need lower cooldown of Teleport. You also can grab this if you need to use Ghost or Flash more often. This Enchantment is simple, buy this when you have often have urgent business using Teleport, Flash, or Ghost. EX : Preventing split pushing OR do split pushing.
You are an ADC, so you rarely on the front position on team, however, as a successful carry of the team, you may often lead the team, and Enchantment: Captain will boost the movement of your allies. This Enchantment also useful if you often need help from your team, so they can run faster to you. This boots upgrade is a nice pick to prevent danger of ********ed by your enemies, and to make your team can gank and go out and in lane easier around you. You may buy this when you control the lead of your team.


A must buy when your base is under attack, or at least it would be, if most of your turrets is destroyed already. Enchantment: Homeguard provide instant health and mana recovery on fountain, thus making it helpful even if your base is not under attack, but to make you can return to your lane faster, and of course, its also because of the crazy bonus movement speed upon reaching fountain!
Tl;dr : buy this when you need super fast monorail-movement speed to both returning to your lane, recovering faster than enemy on critical game, protecting base, and saving your allies ***es.

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The special synergy of item combinations

Wait....we're not done yet about items ?

This section is a bonus that basically give info about what item should be bought by considering other item you will/already buy.

It's better to start explaining one by one rather than trying to give the overall explanation, so here we go!




You should know already how both Thornmail and Warmog's Armor work, and should getting the idea on how this both synergizes.

Not get it ? lemme explain

Thornmail return the damage from your enemy to them, this mean the more tanky you arem the more damage they received before finally able to finish you.
But since you have Warmog's Armor now your health will be keep regenerating and they need to keep hit you.

So... you're telling me I need to keep hitting Lulu while she tanky as **** but even if we succeed, the health will regenerate anyway and we need to keep hit again while take more and more damage ? Now that's just twisted!

The synergy will skyrocketing if you already buy other health booster items like Frozen Mallet or Trinity Force.




You remember about Guinsoo's Rageblade and all its **** that makes you so OP on low health ? now remember that Maw of Malmortius also does the same, it granted damage BASED ON YOUR MISSING HEALTH

other times when enemy think they got you, you will just KEEP CALM AND MASSACRE ENEMY TEAM





I put this based on new masteries of season 4, Frenzy : "Critical hits grant +5% Attack Speed for 3 seconds (stack up 3 times)"
You understand how insane is this masteries ? its so easy yet SO OP

So people now gonna buy attack speed and mix it with critical, and both of them existed on Phantom Dancer now get more critical chance AND damage with Infinity Edge !!

If you're a pro player, you should know how insane this masteries is, and thus, may lead to nerf, but don't let that ashtray you from the path of this guide!
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Gameplay - Early , mid, and Late game


This will decide if your game will be good or not, so do your best on the start. Analyze enemy team comp and predict your laning opponent, and decide whichever you will take, Starter 1 or Starter 2.

Do not get harassed or baited easily on early game! but instead, harass them hard and make sure you can see when to secure your kill!

You maybe need to keep on farming and harassing enemy, but don't overdo it. returning to base is better than dead, keep that in mind.

Max your farming on minions by make a good use on Pix, Faerie Companion! Remember that Pix will more to the place you put Help, Pix!, thus making your passive can damage something that on different direction than you.

Remember that you're more or less squishy on early game, don't tank damage by your own and don't take on enemy if your health is low! recover your health fast with either Health Potion or Doran's Blade. (Depend on your starter choice)

When things start to goes bad, don't hesitate to ask help from your jungler. Because when you got no kill on the beginning, it will be harder later. And vica versa.


If you got enough kill from the beginning, things should go easy by now since you start the snowballing process, but be wary, don't let your guard down because when reaching level 6, gank will more often occur.

Since you have Wild Growth now, you can finally kill more on teamfight that consist more than 2 vs 2 people, use it well, don't waste it for small thing, keep it for the most important event. HOWEVER, this spell cooldown is not so long, so don't hesisitate on using it when you need it!

On large scale team fight, be well prepared on what enemy you should focus first, always go for the carry, the squishy one, and the most important is the one that deal the most damage, also, be careful on enemy that focusing you, this often happened since you're playing as ADC.

Ops....almost forgot about Dragon. After you got Bloodthirster and few damage item like Phage of Blade of the Ruined King ( Bilgewater Cutlass is actually enough, but not always...), you should be able to SOLO KILL DRAGON. The good way to Dragon is always the same, hit it like usual, use Glitterlance as extra damage, and use Help, Pix! as shield, so you will have time to recover your health and prevent from reduced to more than half.


Late game would be the best thing for Lulu if you snowballed, you should be finishing your core already, and its time to choose your side items.

Depend on your side items, you will have tons of damage, tanky yet dangerous, or even able to 1 v 1 ANY CHAMPION ON THE GAME, isn't this just exciting ?

On lare scale team fight, you rise against anything, you should have high sustenance and resistance now, you should also have enough life steal to recover your health in battle quickly, and its time to stack even more lifesteal!
Bloodthirster : "I agree bro!"

On late game, get Baron Nashor maybe one of the most crucial thing, depend on which team got it, this could change the tide of battle drastically!
Always have ward on Baron to prevent enemy take any advantage to take Baron! even without wards, you should be cautious if enemy did not push nor appeared on the map for quite of time even though they are not dead. On engaging Baron, you should not tank the damage, but if needed, you can do it.
Sometimes, enemy may gank at Baron, because your team arrived there first, what mostly happened is, the enemy team is butchered instead, but when they not, (especially if they had lots of AoE ability, such as Lissandra) be very careful that they can overturned the table and take the Baron. A good trick is lure them out one by one, enemy carry is usually getting ahead of their head and try to attack one of you, which result all champ on your team attack him and BAM! he's dead.

Many say Lulu fall on late game, but they wrong, I just prove it, she is a killing machine on late game.

Most of other champion, even if they snowballed too, can be killed by Lulu, with all her utility, and depend on your build, she can prevent any carry to overwhelm your team.

If enemy team often fight together, and your team can't do much **** A.K.A you are totally carry their game, remember that Runaan's Hurricane is always on the shop, waiting for you, and can't wait for you to massacre the enemy team.

On late game, many that you can do, you will have your glory here, just play carefully, don't overdo it, pay attention to any lane to prevent split pushing, and focus your team on one lane your lane if they focus on one lane.

And one more thing...

Enjoy the game and make sure you help your team win the game! :)

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Team Work and Synergy

ok, this section maybe not really done yet, so I only add the best synergizes, for now

Lulu can synergizes with many champion, this is due to the fact she had so many utilities, yet lack on so many other part (true story, so sad)

A support to synergizes with you

♣ Healer

You easily countered with high concentrate of damage, you should do fine as long you don't tank it, but some attack should chip your health to decrease your potential. So a support with heal should be good, this is few of them :

For one of the most notorious support, she deal a good amount of heal, but her main value is her attack and ability buff! this is so good since you need to deal as much damage as possible! Crescendo is a perfect tool to let you grab all the nearby kills, with this tools, you have chance to solo kill so many champions, only with help from Sona.

She have decent heal, and of course you know what makes her a Nidalee, DAT SPEAR! DAT SPEAR DUDEEEEEE!!

This gay fabulous support have heal and stun, and his kit is not so bad....well yeah I know, many dislike him and deemed him to be useless now :I

♦ Tanks

Enemy focus on you, that one of the most problem (obviously, enemy focus ADC), and you're sooo doomed. But when enemy focus on other target, at least until you had enough health and damage, your game should be good. This is why tank is important for your team.
Here is some example of good tanky support for you :

Alistar as enemy is annoying, but as ally, is handful. Look at all his utilities, he can initiate the fight and let you get your kill secured.....unless if he Headbutt your kill back to their safety spot, which is just so much going to make you rage FFFFFFFFUUUUUUU

Infamous and overused, yet a good support for you, since he can catch up escaping enemies with Thundering Smash and return them to your grasp.

Want to slow down enemy ? he have Mega Adhesive. Want to flip enemy back to you ? he have Fling

♠ Offensive

You are the one who need kill here, but with help from extra source of damage should help a lot on early game. Having an offensive support help on harassing the enemy, but remember, you know have higher chance to have someone to KS YOUR ***
Here is some of recommendations :

No one have such annoying and OP pull such as Rocket Grab other than this steel golem.

Leona not only classified as offensive, but also as tank, which is right. Her Zenith Blade is a good way to initiate, and by the casting of Solar Flare, she can control the team fight easily.

Good side : Her Prismatic Barrier is a good defensive ability to either save you or to help you initiate fight. Light Binding is one of the best root CC based ability on the game, not to mention it can pass through (some) minions. She also can give you shield, just like Morgana
Bad side : she may OFTEN take your kill using Final Spark

♥ CC based and others

Lots of CC mean easier kill and easier laning, the support will take care of you with give the enemies some nasty CC! (I know, all the other support that mentioned above also have CC, but I listed the best CC on this part)
let's see what champ we have here !!

Dat Terrify definitely give them some terror! look at how long it last, maximum 3 seconds! thats more than enough to beat few enemies to death!

She had a strong CC with her Dark Binding and Soul Shackles

Blood Boil is a good attack buff, combined with some insane slow from Ice Blast and Absolute Zero, Nunu & Willump is a good choice for people who requested tons of slow.
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Attention : This section still pretty much WIP, because there is too much champions to listed here, I took long enough time to write them one by one. And the new champion are mostly still on work and investigation.

Hoooo boy im getting excited when write this section! >w<
It's time for me to share my knowledge on how to counter EVERY single enemy on the game! summoner, TIME TO SHOW THEM WHAT ADC LULU CAN DO!

Gotta counter em all!

Explanation :

Very easy : This champ is destined to be bullied by you, easy counter and just simply as easy as possible!
Easy : Easy mean easy, even if they does pose a threat to you, you still be able t counter them without problem.
Medium : Not really give a problem, they give you enough fight but still not really hard, a good match to train yourself playing ADC Lulu
Moderate Hard : Give a bit of problem, but things should be fine if you're be careful!
Hard : Things start to get challenging! know how to counter them and be patient!
Very hard : Rare, but doesn't mean never happened, you must be on your best to not feed them, be very careful, and if you're not yet get used to play ADC Lulu....just hope God give you mercy....


Explanation of difficulty combinations

Example :

Early game : Easy/Medium Mid game : Medium Late game : Medium/Moderate hard

For each part of the timeline (early, mid, and late), I can give multiple difficulty at once, but only one will be happening, and the rest will happened depend on condition (Like enemy is fed, enemy buy certain items, enemy using uncommon build like AD Lux, etc etc)

The example is the late game, I stated it will be Medium/Moderate hard, which mean, difficulty will be Medium if enemy didn't fed, and Moderate hard if they fed.

Sometimes, there is even more than 3 conditions of difficulty, this happened at champion that can be varied and versatile, some champion required high skill, thus even if he didn't fed, he will stay strong on late game, and other conditions as well.


COMING SOON with yellow text mean I need to study them more before write about them, and COMING SOON with green mean I dont have enough time to write them yet.

Enemy Champion Matchups, From A to Z

Warning : I decide to "Spoiler" This since it took so much space, go read them, I took so much time to make this. (You will understand after reading it, since it was so long)


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When preaseason 4 coming, is this still viable ?

holy goddess of potato pizza....I work on this build so long, and now they do major change on Lulu on this preseason 4....

you know what ? I almost decide to abandoned this guide, until I take a motivation, and I see even more potential on Lulu!

I maybe not experiment much or even know much yet, season 4 gonna be both exciting and complicated to cause big pain in the *** (especially for newbie, who obviously will get confused on the new wards)

But I already see much synergy and potential to ADC Lulu on all her rework, they maybe nerf Pix, Faerie Companion (which is the biggest ******** they ever give on my face), but the add of AP ration on it and Whimsy make AP / Hybrid Lulu even more viable (not really a good news for us, but hey, who like variations ? let's try it)

and the new masteries tree....dear god....Lulu will be op again since she now can finally access the bonus magic penetration without need to spend points on ability power masteries :D

can't wait to try lots of things on this preseason 4, and I hope they bring us some new good runes too!
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The Hall of Fame

Need more proof ? don't think it work ?

Well, why don't we see some of example here ? you know, "One good scene may boost morale more than a mere thousands words"

A pretty much Good game.

Its okay if you have so many death, as long it balanced with so many kill. (most of the death are the same as always : team feed, people have no map awareness, someone can't do teamwork, etc etc)

But would be better if you didn't feed though, just try your best :) (Feed didn't mean you suck, if you have high death but higher kill, its probably just because enemy is focusing on you too hard, true story, as always.)

Have so many kills ? that's totally sound like me ^^

And more of them comiiiiiiing~

Oh guys, look

Im on Lulu spree, not something rare.

Please disregard Fiddlesticks, he was just happened to be there, because Maokai and Lissandra couldn't make it here, but that scarecrow was lucky, just think its a bonus XD

More of them coming soon, couldn't wait to show you what happened after I enter preseason 4 :3

Detail of every game is also coming~

Oh, and solo/duo ranked probably coming soon, if im not too lazy =w=


And to all my beloved readers

If you guys have some interesting statistic and have awesome game because of reading this build, I would be really happy if you could let me see then, then you will gain the chance to have your game history/statistic to adorned by little guide :)
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Lulu is a very versatile champ, she can deal tons of damage while having so much utility that can be very useful for many conditions, so the more skill you have, the more OP she become, that's an absolute rule of complicated - hard to mastered champion.

The more you play her, the more you understand her, she have many potential with her great kits, very useful abilities, and the unlimited amount of variations of build you can try.

Happy playing and hope you all dominate your opponent, see you sometimes on the Summoner Rift :D

Like this guide ? is it fun ? or is it helpful or improve your gaming ?

A nice 1+ Upvote and 1+ Rep always appreciated, I will return the favor if I can ^^

oh...and did I use too much colors ?

Well...PaRdon Me, I enjoy TorTuRing YouR eYeS

lol jk
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Any suggestion, critique, is welcomed. I'll looking forward to hear your opinion if you want to discuss anything with me. ^^

If you want to downvote this, you need to give me a good reason, tell me where the exact mistake, so I can fix it and I will learn from my mistake. If you only give reason such as “Wrong item” or “Wrong masteries”, I will not recognize it as a proper excuse. Give me logical reason and explanation with proper argument about why its right and why im wrong.

Trolling downvote A.K.A "Trollvote" is highly prohibited, highly discouraged, and extremely unwelcomed. Try to do it and I will come to you with the same action, it does not always about Revenge, it also about A proper judgment, The law of Karma, and A wise decision.”

And trolling as joke is always fun and accepted, but trolling that cause trouble and harm other people, hurting people, and causing negativity is not allowed and will not be leaved unpunished, its all about Justice


jhoijhoi for the amazing guide and the fabulous template of the Making a guide.

Laggermeister for the Ten Commandments of Writing a Guide

IceCreamy for the How to use Columns

Astrolia for the No More Black Text

and YOU for reading this !!
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Changing Log

Note : only show major changed, small changes like fixing typo and add few words won't be added here.

02.11.2013 : Start making the guide.
22.11.2013 : FFFF PRESEASON 4 COMING!! now I need more time to update this guide...
04.12.2013 : Published the guide (finally...)
12.12.2013 : On going massive rework and reducing color after all the criticism. (and one certainly rude person *ahem* He sure give good image to MOBAFire scout)

To do list :

> After preseason 4, everyone now can ward with the new ward system. Time to add "Warding" section.

> Finish up all the COMING SOON on the champion counter sections. (some probably finished in 1-2 days, some may finished after 3 more days or even more, depend on my free time.)

Question to readers :

> Do Youmuu's Ghostblade is good ? I only used it on champion like Garen, and wondering if Lulu could take profit from it.

> I also used to grab Tiamat for Lulu, I think its very good even for ranged champions, but do anyone other than me using this ?

> Other than Tiamat, do Ravenous Hydra good for ranged champion ? I mean the passive is for melee only, but the UNIQUE passive seems viable for ranged champ.
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