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Rumble Build Guide by FalseoGod

A Guide to Ranked Rumble (S3 Updated)

A Guide to Ranked Rumble (S3 Updated)

Updated on March 27, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FalseoGod Build Guide By FalseoGod 36 10 174,480 Views 77 Comments
36 10 174,480 Views 77 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FalseoGod Rumble Build Guide By FalseoGod Updated on March 27, 2013
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Rumble
  • LoL Champion: Rumble

Chapter 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to my third guide, this time concerning Rumble, the Mechanized Menace! As usual, I promise to offer as much detail as possible, as well as lay out options in terms of Mastery, Runes and Itemization so you can better understand what you are choosing, for what purpose and how it matches this champion.

I have decided to write this guide because this awesome yordle has helped me carry myself to my current gold elo, with a ~70% success rate and a nice deal of games!

Small note: this is a guide, ladies and gents, please save your opinion of it's contents for after you've read its contents.

Enjoy your read ;)

+ Great damage output;
+ Solid pick. Better yet, a solid first pick;
+ Very mobile and with countermobility tools;
+ Great ulti for initiation, disengaging, picking up kills that otherwise might just run, demotivating or stealing baron/dragon buffs, ganking, etc;
+ Hillarious taunt;
+ Combos greatly with any AoE cc'er ( Sona, Amumu, Malphite) for a brutal initiate;

- An early gank target for junglers;
- Ult's learning curve can be slightly steep;
- Mastering his passive requires time, and it can still be annoying in teamfights;
- Although it's extremely useful, your ulti can be dashed/jumped/blinked off (damn you Graves )

The absolutely best choice

Although there are other options, these two are best option on your Rumble, and you should pick them 99% of the time. Why?
  • Ignite secures the kill. It's there to deal that extra damage, to cut off a some natural healers (such as Yorick) in a decisive fight, to dispatch a champ during a teamfight while you can focus on another. It's a great spell;
  • Flash will save your *** countless times. It'll allow you to towerdive with more security, chase other flashers, gap close, gap extend, it'll get you places. Heck, it can even save you from your own mistakes.

What else can I pick?

These are also good-ish options on Rumble; disregard anything else unless you're jungling (then you will need Smite).
  • Exhaust can be picked if somehow you know you may need an emergency disengage and Flash isn't enough (if you're facing champs like Tryndamere, whose late game can be obscene, or if they have two hard gap close champs for top and jungle). Of course it can also be used to bait kills, or in case you go MAN MODE RUMBLE with Ignite and Exhaust;
  • Ghost is ok if they don't have cc. Which is probably never. In the end, the space you run through is bigger than that of Flash, but I'm sure you'll wish you could just blink out;
  • Teleport is a decent option if you desire more map presence or if you think you're going to be pushing hard without actually getting kills, which will allow you to roam. Don't be tempted to use it to return to your lane unless it's an emergency (saving the tower, per example)

Junkyard Titan

A really tricky passive at first; basically, using your abilities costs no mana but gives you 20 heat and, if you're not careful, you'll overheat at 100 and silence yourself for the price of stronger auto-attacks. Not using your abilities for 4 seconds will decrease your heat (when not overeating).

An interesting point is that heating to 50 (yellow bar) will give an added effect to your abilities.

So how do you go about this:
  • Always pay attention to how you spam your abilities in lane or fights, because by overheating you may end up killing yourself or missing an easy kill
  • If you desire to overheat on a duel, always try ending with your Flamespitter so you deal A LOT of damage;
  • Try harassing with your yellow bar (50+ heat), for increased damage;
  • If you use Electro-Harpoon and overheat, you can still cast the bonus harpoon;
  • Overheating increases your damage on towers;
  • You cannot cast The Equalizer while overheat, but casting it does not generate heat;


Scrap shield
  • Has multiple uses, such as chasing, running away, getting to a place faster;
  • Don't forget you gain a bonus movement speed if you pass 50 heat, so use it to move faster into lane or other places;
  • Casting this and Electro-Harpoon helps you chase/disengage effectively;
  • Don't forget to use the small shield to shield yourself from some predictable harass, like Akali's Q;
  • Avoid spamming it when you don't it, so as to control your heat;

  • Also procs Rylai's Crystal Scepter for a huge slow and spellvamp;
  • Can be used to help you farm or get some hard last hits;
  • Helps you kite while you wait for your cooldowns to favor you;
  • Another good tool to chase/run;

Rumble's ultimate, his trademark, the reason why he is relevant post lane phase and what determines if you know what you're doing or if you're completely clueless about how to manage this great engage/disengage tool.

First of all, let's understand what it does:
  • From a total range of 1700, you can fire a line of rockets that deals immediate damage to all units hit, slowing them and dealing damage over times
  • As long as your first rocked is fired from within the range indicator (left click inside the circle), you may direct the rest of the rocket line to hit outside of this circle;
  • You can use The Equalizer for various things: chasing, avoid being chased, cut off escapes, pick up stragglers from very far away, steal buffs, initiate or follow another teammate's initiate (things like Crescendo), etc;
  • It applies Rylai's Crystal Scepter's slow;
  • It does not give visibility of the area hit. This means you may hit an entire team hidden in a bush, but you'll never see them unless they are exposed by a ward or within the visibility of you or a teammate;
  • It doesn't increase your heat level;


Here you see a Rumble solo versus a Jarvan IV and another Rumble. As you see, as he realized he was getting dived, Marphyro (the solo Rumble) used The Equalizer further into the tower, in order to force his opponents to commit and also making it seem like he miscast the ult. With a Flash, he dodged enemy Rumble's Equalizer, dragging Jarvan into the Slow and AoE damage, and, as they commit, obtains a double kill thanks greatly to the tower and greed from his enemies.

In order for this to be a "perfect" ult, he could've hit Jarvan IV with the tip of his Equalizer, in order to hurt him with the initial burst, still being able to flash into another part of his ultimate, but a he still got the job done. The enemy Rumble should've waited for Jarvan to use his own ultimate and then follow it up with The Equalizer. That, and not turret dive like a madman.

Here you can see a blind fight: Shen goes in for the taunt, and Shaco also goes in. Rumble uses his ult on that choking point, simultaneously allowing himself to run off with a breeze and setting up the enemies for an unescapable Arcane Barrage from Xerath.

As a last example, using The Equalizer to run. As you see, this Rumble casts the spell on a choking point, so as to abuse the slow as much as possible. Sona casts Crescendo to make sure her partner makes it back in one piece. If you look at his heating bar, you can understand he had to be careful from a certain point not to silence himself.
Enemy Alistar did help save his ***, but he was able to take the opportunity well.

As you can see, there are many uses for this ability. All it requires is some getting used to, the realization that you won't always cast 100% perfect Equalizers and you're good to go ;)

  • Sorcery is really subpar, and early game you'll farm more with auto-attacks so you don't get the lane too pushed, hence the points on Butcher ;
  • Switch points between Hardiness and Resistance depending on wether you're going against an AD-based champion or an AP-Based one;
  • Tough Skin is underestimated, but since you're going to harass a lot you need to not eat too much damage from minions. Trust me, early game they hurt a lot;
  • The rest of the points direct you towards CC reduction and durability, awesome on rumble;
  • The remaining point was taken to reduce Flash's Cooldown, ;

  • All other Offense Options are intended to give you extra magic penet if you're not going 21/9;
  • In the Defense Tree, you may want to balance your Hardiness and Resistance if you're going versus a ranged ap carry, because they will harass you early with auto-attacks;
  • Options in the defense tree are meant to make you slightly more resillient. There's nothing else you'd want on either trees;


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

General runes you would be using on Rumble:
  • Movement Speed to stick harder to your opponent or aiding in dodgin skillshots/running from ganks;
  • Magic Penetration to bypass part of your foes' natural magic resistance;
  • Armor and Magic Resist so you can win trades with greater ease, warding their damage while you feed them your own;

You may replace any of your resistance set with flat ap if you're facing an AD-Based opponent, but I don't recommend it versus AP ones, since you're bound to trade with spells, Auto-Attacks and minion damage. You may also replace your Quintessences with flat AP ( Greater Quintessence of Ability Power), it's a matter of taste.


Rumble is a lot more adaptable in terms of items than people would want you to believe. In fact, the three I set as "core" are those I think you will want to build 99% of the time, while others like Hextech Revolver may in fact be set aside now and then.

Abyssal Mask gives you precious MR and, taking into account that you want to hit your Flamespitter a lot, it'll increase it's damage by stripping opponents a part of their MR;



OR (Man Mode: on)

The choice between the two first possible paths lies basically in the opponent you're facing. If they have a strong gap closer and AD-Based damage (people like Jayce Jax or even Renekton), you should probably start with your Cloth Armor. Others, like Olaf, Riven (if you're feeling confident) or AP-Based damage like Cho'Gath, you should start with boots.
If you're confident that you're gonna rape hard, you may start with Amplifying Tome in order to rush a Haunting Guise and snowball absurdly hard.


Obligatory Item (unless they have no jungler): sight ward

  • If you are positively raping start your path for Haunting Guise. This item is EXTREMELY underrated, but it allows you to extend the rapeage a lot further. Besides, you can now upgrade it, although lategame you'll probably prefer to trade it for a Void Staff or a Guardian Angel. Also, if you fall a bit behind, you can evolve the crystal still keep the crystal and maybe get a Sightstone.
  • Things are ok, nothing much, and you're not sure you can get the kill. Prepare your path for Hextech Revolver (but don't rule out Haunting Guise just yet) and get the boots that best protect you from the enemie's base damage ( Ninja Tabi for AD, Mercury's Treads for AP). Consider a kage's lucky pick;
  • I'm not going very well this usually is more clear versus AD-Based champs. Get a Doran's Shield and ponder: if you need sustain, Hextech Gunblade, if you need more resilience, get a resistance item for your opponent's damage type (Armor or MR) or save for a Giant's Belt. Also, resistance boots (Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi);


Rylai's Crystal Scepter
  • You started the rape build and want to prepare for teamfights, like going for Dragon. Get this;
  • You need stable damage and survivability. Get this.

Rabadon's Deathcap
  • You are raping still. Get it after Rylai;
  • You need stable midgame damage and already have Abyssal Mask and a Rylai;
  • You are surviving teamfights well, so you don't require a disengage like Zhonya's Hourglass;

Zhonya's Hourglass
  • You need a disengage, so this item's active is perfect;
  • Their damage is essencially AD/one of their AD's is fed;
  • Enemy team has a strong AoE damage initiation;

Randuin's Omen
  • You are in the frontline, your damage is stable;
  • Use this to stop the enemy's AD's on their tracks, for chasing, for trying to disengage;
  • You may consider a Warden's Mail a nice bit before this item, since the Mail is already a very good anti-ad item;
  • If you are playing Mid Rumble, skip this and instead get a Zhonya's Hourglass;
  • Not such a good item for Rumble to get since you can't get Heart of Gold in lane;

Will of the Ancients
  • There's no need to rush this item EVER unless there's at least another AP on your team that would benefit from it;
  • Benefits entire teams, nice to get once teamfights start occurring more frequently;
  • Your gold income is nice, but you can't consider an Hextech Gunblade due to it's cost/time it takes to build;

Void Staff
  • They stacked a lot of magic resist, or you were mid and they have a decent amout of magic resist (~130+) you need to bypass;

Guardian Angel
  • You're raping and wanna make sure you survive a hard focus;
  • You started to fall off in teamfights;
  • Your damage is stable and you wanna endure teamfights;

Quicksilver Sash
  • You're being the target of some hard CC like Malzahar's/ Skarner's Ult, or maybe Mordekaiser wants your ghost way too often;
  • Don't forget to use the active (practice if needed) or this item will be useless;


Time to hit the fields! As Rumble, you will often occupy the top lane, the place bruisers such as Darius and Olaf often call home. It's an usually isolated area, although ganks often occur there. This is where you can put your mobility and slows to use, both for running and for chasing.
  • Start Boots and Health Potion (four if you can wait and your team doesn't consider invading the enemy jungle or fears getting invaded). You may consider cloth of armor and five health potions if you're against an heavy AD bruiser such as Pantheon or Jayce who will try forcing trades and has the ability to win (you can later use it to get a Ninja Tabi);
  • Your first three levels are weak. If you're against a good player/trader, do not try to harass hard. Instead focus on farming (if you don't, you risk losing trades OR pushing too hard). From level 4 forward, give no quarter;
  • When you head to base, consider how things are going: great? (got first blood/kills), get a Haunting Guise. Need more sustain? Hextech Revolver. Hard versus an AD? Doran's Shield;
  • Remember, you're a lane bully. Hit them hard when possible. If you get ganked, use all tools available and necessary to run. Sometimes, when you know your damage well, you can simply kill one of them and run (poker run with W, use E and then open with ulti. Seal the deal with Q and ignite);
  • Do not forget to roam once you are well set, top laners, due to how isolated it is, sometimes become "stuck" in it. Push the lane hard and hit the mid lane (or go from base to botlane so you can force a Dragon fight). Remember to use your ulti wisely;
  • If the enemy top laner roams and you cannot, for some reason, chase, just push like mad. Your kit allows you to clear fast, and your Overheat can help take down a tower;
  • Ward properly. If possible (if you're ahead, and specially if your jungler ganked at least once), get a Vision Ward to both nullify your opponent's ward (or reveal it to your jungler) and to create more pressure should you destroy their ward;


A less usual pick for Rumble, which may sometimes lure some favorable picks. You can do decently well against a number of champions, be it because your shield mitigates their damage, the fact that you use no mana and your mobility still allows you to get to your enemies. Also, if they're melee you have some of the work done for you ;)

The only real disadvantage of the mid lane for Rumble is that it's shorter than other lanes, so you can get it pushed a lot faster. However, it allows you to roam a lot harder. Also, it lets you give blue buff to your jungler, should he need it.

  • It works better againt melee or some skillshooters. Also, because of how brutally Rumble can push, you may force your enemy to farm underturret faster than intended, although some mid laners can't farm well undertower;
  • Sustain is not always so important here, so you may delay your Hextech Revolver for a Haunting Guise if the lane goes favorably. Consider an early Negatron Cloak which you can later evolve into an Abyssal Mask. Also, don't forget you're an AP Caster now, so go a bit more damage-oriented;
  • You can't (or shouldn't) go mid Rumble against all opponents; preferably, pick those who are melee, those whose engages you can dodge and those who push as hard as you;
  • Once you have The Equalizer, remember that your roaming potential becomes huge. Consider ganking other lanes;
  • If your mid laner goes missing, either chase or push hard. You can get their turret pretty hurt fast;
  • Always ward properly the river - it protects you and your teammates. This means warding at least the brush that leads to the enemy Blue, and closer to the intersection that leads to their Wraiths;

As lane phase ends (people start grouping up more, some towers went down, etc), remember that your ulti is a tool your team can definitely use to allow strong engages/disengages ;)

On to your enemies. This section provides a list and hints on what your attitude should be against them. Remember that not all may work for you since people have different play styles but it's still information you might find useful.

This guide will follow a dificulty rating, which is also subjective:
Green = easy
Orange = Medium
Red = Hard
Purple = Don't go Rumble against them ever. Reasons are almost always "you can only kill them with a gank and their entire kit makes them a complete lane nightmare. Choose another lane". Remember, this assumes they are any good with their champion.

However, NEVER approach arrogantly an "easy" laner, or overdefensively a "hard" one. Be sure of yourself, measure your opponent, react accordingly. You'll learn how as you go ;)

  • Early game, her mana needs a bit of fixing, try forcing her to spend mana while using W to run away/ward yourself from the damage.
  • She will try auto-attacking you a lot, so try to farm the minions closest to your mages in order to draw minion aggro on her;
  • You can scare her off a few times once you're level 3+ by going to her, perhaps getting some damage in and making her lose gold;
  • Level 6+ she's a nightmare to kill due to her three flash ulti; either she uses it trying to kill your or you save your ulti for the second she tries to run away after a bad engage from her. Don't forget to Ignite;
  • If you want to, push her to her tower and roam, or go back a bit until she wasted mana to keep her CS as she intended;
  • Ahri roams a lot. Proper warding and calling MIA is the key;

  • Energy based;
  • Bad early game, which you can easily abuse;
  • W her Q harass. If she hits you with don't let her land an auto-attack;;
  • If she fields, Q inside the field, although she's probably running;
  • Post level 6, if your denial wasn't strong enough, she will become dangerous, perhaps even lethal every time you go to lane;

  • She's everything you don't want in a lane opponent: long ranged, huge zoning capability, safe. You could only win with early ganks and by making her waste her mana a lot, but if you can't land that early kill (if she manages her Q well she can deny you easily), she'll be able to farm a lot better than you and bring much more utility to her team. Go top this match.

  • Same as Anivia (perhaps a tiny bit easier): strong range, some of her spells are targetable and she has a powerful stun. Avoid this matchup, very hard to win with your range.

  • You can dodge his skillshots quite well, and your shield also mitigates his passive's damage;
  • Relies on heavy pushing, you can counter that;
  • Try luring his stun, so you can go in for a trade or two;
  • Careful when ganking, he can clear pretty fast and hurt your tower bad;
  • Really strong burst;

  • Versus Rumble, she is more doable than Anivia and Annie, although still pretty damn annoying;
  • Farms decently under tower, so pushing her might get you behind in cs;
  • W around a lot, either to dodge Q or to mitigate it's DoT;
  • She is very squishy early game, but since she casts like mad due to her cooldowns, it's very hard to go there and hurt her;
  • Try laning relatively safe and luring her spells so she cools off a bit more once her mana goes low, or punish her if she mismanages mana. Rely on ganks. Careful when she's level 6, her stun brings a world of hurt;

  • Strong sustain;
  • Very hurtful combo, but you can kind of juke/mitigate it;
  • W yourself out of his Q;
  • As always, be aggressive against this melee. Consider roaming once he hits level 6, unless you're so ahead you can just rape him and go away;

  • HP counters him harder than Cloth Armor;
  • Needs some juking skills, but you have the advantage as long as you play him around by luring his Q and E and try not to mess up;
  • Be aggressive, but never condescending. Get wards coz a gank can really mess you up;
  • Take a disengage summoner spell like Flash or Exhaust, otherwise getting grabbed when he is level6+ may mean your death, specially if he has Exhaust himself;

  • Melee, she allows you to get some nice hits on her. Don't waste your Q on her or enemy minions whenever she shields, you'll just push your lane;
  • Avoid being hit by her passive, keep track of it;
  • Don't stay glued to her all the time, she can prepare a gank from her jungler with her E;
  • Dodge her Q, best way to do it is moving towards her left side, since it circles from her right arm;
  • Get early magic resist;

Dr. Mundo
  • A lot of HP, but you can take it down decently fast;
  • Annoying slow on Q;
  • Very easy to harass early on;
  • Hard to kill post level 6, but easy to deny gold;
  • Stay inside the minion wave and rape him;

neurotoxin / venomonous bite
  • She lives of outpoking her opponents until they have to leave the lane. Start with a nice number of pots, be very aggressive and shield her Q poke;
  • She can't outdamage you in spider form, although her initial burst will be strong;
  • Very susceptible to early ganks;
  • Careful not to give her free Cocoon shots;
  • Early Abyssal helps;

Ezreal (AP)
  • Very squishy and relatively mana thirsty;
  • Quite mobile due to inbuilt flash;
  • If he mismanages Arcane Shift, go for his face. Your damage output surpasses his;
  • Stay behind minions so he can't poke with his Q;
  • W his W;
  • If he proves annoying, you may push him to his tower early and roam, since he can't farm that well under tower without spamming Q and auto-attacking;

  • His kit is really strong in 1 vs 1 situations and you can't interrupt his drain. Avoid the matchup;
  • He has tons of CC;
  • He recovers HP on minions, but it's the only way to take mana from him, and your only shot at kicking him out of lane;
  • Demands an early Hextech Revolver;
  • If you're low health and he is level 6, go to base;
  • There are a lot better mages to pick against him, trust me;

  • Moves better than you amidst minions due to passive, but you can harass him kinda hard;
  • Relatively mana hungry;
  • You can harass him from level 1;
  • Consider pushing him to his tower so you really screw up his farming (even using spells, it sucks a bit) while you can keep your distance;
  • He also roams a lot;
  • Don't trade with auto-attacks unless you are overheating with Q on;

  • More of an anti-kill laner;
  • Galio is melee, so you can punish him a decent bit;
  • He is hardly a threat until he gets a really good mana regen tool;
  • Early Hextech Revolver keeps you in lane indefinitely against him;
  • Mercury's Treads are great boots for him since they shuffle his ulti;
  • Push and gank other lane tactics work great versus Galio;

  • Be aggressive but consider starting with Cloth Armor. Don't let him play passively or he'll outgold you and his parley will kick you off the lane;
  • W his Parrrley;
  • If he goes critplank, get a Zhonya's Hourglass earlier, or at least the Chain Mail. Rape him over and over;

  • Annoying passive is annoying;
  • He can't kill you all that well since you have counter-mobility;
  • Once he gives up the chase, chase him back with Q on;
  • Kind of an eventless lane unless one of you screws up (like, he insisting on trying to kill you);

  • Nice damage on a good body;
  • Has good of sustain, but his early game mana can be messed with a bit, and you outdamage him easily;
  • Barrel Roll is generally predictable and his best poke, so dodge or mitigate it;
  • You can win trades pretty well, but if you let him prolong his lane stay he'll heal back nicely;
  • Careful with his level 6 dispositioning, allows effective ganks;
  • His ulti may cancel your own by resetting the initiation;
  • This guy also roams a lot; same tactic as Ahri and Fizz;

CH-1 Concussion Grenade
  • He can try to bully you left and right with some ease, but his mana costs limit him. Also, you hurt him a lot, since he's naturally squishy;
  • Don't chase him into bushes. It's like asking to be killed by turrets stacked there;
  • You can farm undertower and W his E, so don't worry too much;
  • An easy kill if he mismanages his mana
[*] Don't be baited into his ultimate, it hurts a lot and doesn't let you go far;[/list]

  • Demands aggressiveness, she scales really hard into let game, if allowed;
  • Never forget her E: it sets up ganks really well;
  • Don't give her rest. If she's really behind, gank a bit, but come back to kill/push her to base again;
  • Go a bit bulky early game, like early Rylai's;
  • If you see her activate Hiten Style, she probably wants your face. Disengage and re-engage when it's off;

  • Start Cloth Armor;
  • Great damage output, but his early shakes a lot more than yours, be aggressive;
  • Put in damage from level 1, but careful not to eat minion pain;
  • His stun is predictable, shield can take you out of range at times, or just prevent a fraction of his damage. Bite his back afterwards;
  • His Counter Strike doesn't work versus your abilities;
  • You have to kill him but not get killed (or at least deny him), else he becomes a really strong anti-carry;

  • Very strong: mobile, great poke, great engage/disengage;
  • Obligatory Cloth Armor;
  • See if you can harass him (which is hard). Your best shot is when he goes on Hammer form, but he also has a great disengage there;
  • His mana got some heavy pounding, so he can't spam his combo as much. Try wearing him out;

  • You outdamage him early game. Like, a lot;
  • Be aggressive, his potential through farm is immense;
  • Never cross his wall or you'll probably eat around 3 Lay Waste (you can try doding with W tho). If he comes to you as you avoid the wall, use your E to slow him back;
  • If you kill him, stay clear of his corpse. People who forget this and die to him should be shot on sight;
  • Karthus is an amazing pusher/farmer. Try not leaving the lane before he does. Do an early Zhonya's Hourglass (before Rabadon's) to survive his ulti as well;
  • Be as aggressive as possible;

rift walk
  • He can't kill you that well, specially if you prepare your Q and W just as he uses his Q;
  • Be aggressive. Whenever he uses Q, just W before-hand to mitigate his damage;
  • His full potential lies in roaming, you need to help counter that;
  • Also farms like trash under tower, if you can get good damage in and push him, he'll be behind CS;
  • Early MR is key (stuff like Abyssal Mask);

sinister steel
  • Since her rework, she has some really stable damage. However, you can still trade better;
  • Early MR;
  • Be aggressive, but don't focus on pushing very hard, since she can farm well undertower;
  • If she ultis, gtfo with W;
  • Destroy her. She deserves it;

  • I used to think Kayle is an amazing option versus Rumble, but committing usually favors the Rumble once you hit level 4;
  • Shield her Q and either wait it to wear off or immediately chase her, the damage from your Q can easily surpass her autos (careful with minion damage);
  • Never EVER forget her ulti;

Kennen (AP)
  • Simple, albeit not "easy" as an opponent;
  • He will auto-harass a lot, go for W;
  • Try luring his E, you can get tons of damage in;
  • Manage your aggression, he can be a pain;
  • His ultimate setups ganks, and if he's ahead can counter your jungler's ganks and give him a kill;

sigil of silence
  • She hurts a lot, and requires tons of magic resist. Start Nullmagic Mantle;
  • Her W can save her from you unless she used it to harrass (which she doesn't really need to);
  • Melee range means it's easier for her to hit you with her Q+W combo, which is really ouchy;
  • Shout in the chatbox if she disappears. Fed leblanc is not fun at all;
  • If you deny her kills, you'll outgrow her easily;

Lee Sin
  • Extremely mobile;
  • Uses energy;
  • Dodge his Q or you're in for some pain, which you can try to disengage through W + E;
  • Smart Lee's (ohai N1ghtraider :D) will still use minions they hit a Q with to land a Tempest/Cripple;
  • They may also use W on a minion (usually the one you're hitting) to try and Q you. He's overall abusively mobile and has HUGE early game damage, do not underestimate him;
  • Get an early Cloth Armor, but start boots (unless you're very underconfident]]. Be aggressive, he takes a lot of damage in early game anyway;

  • Requires you to dance around a lot, it's boring;
  • Stay behind minions to avoid her snare. Mitigate her E damage with W;
  • Manage your trades well and she'll run out of mana in no time;
  • Squishy like hell, but her shield can screw you over if you're not careful, or just let her escape with that annoying tiny HP bar;

  • Anti AD by nature, his kit and defenses aren't very good against you;
  • Save W for his Q, so you can absorb damage and counter the slow;
  • Harass constantly to avoid his passive from kicking in;
  • Consider roaming, since the guy isn't going anywhere soon;
  • His ult can reset fights initiated by yourself; yours can screw his own initiate; manage things carefully;
  • Can setup ganks thanks to his Q slow and R knockup. Ward and be on your toes;

  • Sufficiently hard, the greatest deal about him is that you're always under ulti range, which is a pain;
  • Relies a lot on pushing, so you'll be fine;
  • Mitigate his DoT with W, don't let the voidling hit you coz it's deceivingly strong;
  • Steer clear of minions infected with his E, or you'll catch Malzahar AIDS;
  • Quicksilver Sash kinda screws him over;

  • Dodge his E and you'll dodge his full harass, almost. Best way is by steering clear of creep waves. You can W his Q, and his own W is easy to see (it's mostly for the armor/mr);
  • Absurd pusher. No escape method. Susceptible to ganks;
  • You can freeze the lane easily;
  • You can only really kill him until both of you get your Spellvamp, after that it'll be a boring, frozen farmlane unless one of you really screws up;
  • Quicksilver Sash also denies his ulti, but I only recommend it if he got ahead or if he's been targetting you a lot with his ult and succeeding to kill you and get your ghost;

  • A real pain to kill (unless you get a great gank or she sucks balls), but she also has a hard time killing you;
  • Stay behind your minions since her Q is the only way she can hurt you early on;
  • Hardpusher, freeze lane with Q;
  • If she misses Q and goes in for auto-attacking, chase the cow;
  • Get an early Hextech Revolver and it's another free, boring farm lane;
  • Careful, as her ultimate sets up ganks well. Think fast about how to position yours, because she will probably Black Shield herself to avoid your escape. Flash if you find it necessary;

  • Terrible early game;
  • Can escape and setup ganks using Wither;
  • Very easy for you to zone, kill, bully, rape;
  • Watch out for ganks (you'll push him for sure);
  • Try to prevent him from farming, or he might become more relevant than it's desirable;

  • Can go AD or AP. Versus AD, take cloth and W her autos, be patient but steady in damaging her. Versus AP, don't get hit by her javelin, harass freely;
  • Don't underestimate her cougar. It's burst isn't as hard as yours, but it can still hurt;
  • Moderatly annoying due to healing sustain, especially with blue buff;
  • Save your ulti for when she goes into Nyan Cat Escape Mode (or kill mode, should you need to run);

  • Has some decent sustain due to Vicious Strikes;
  • Dodging Undertow allows you to control how harass is managed. If he hits, there's always W and E to keep him away;
  • Be aggressive with Q, move away before he can E you. You can win trades easily;
  • Early hp gets you far. Once he hits level 6, he'll be really hard to take down since he can just gtfo with his ult;

  • A lane beast, can ****block you all day and deal TONS OF DAMAGE from autos and ball control. Avoid laning against her;
    If you do, try to focus on farming. You will probably get pushed. Your chances of getting to her are mana mismanagement, skill waste and your ultimate;

  • An early gamer like you, although your ult allows you to fall off less than he does lategame;
  • Requires a lot of smart play, managing your harass, knowing when to go in and out, fighting back after he combos;
  • Never underestimate his ulti or his damage;
  • Start with a Cloth Armor;

  • Deceptive, he heals a nice bit with Battle Roar whenever he gets the 5 Ferocity;
  • Burst damager, you gotta bring the damage in or he'll just go in and out and wear you down;
  • Steer clear of brushes whenever he goes in. If you're running from him, don't go through a brush ever, it's stupid;
  • Once he reaches level 6, declaring MIA is vital. Always assume he may be around if he hasn't ulted for a while and you haven't seen him;
  • You can be aggressive, he already ate your damage with a bit of agony pre-nerfs, so now his ability to fight back is even more reduced;

  • One of the hardest solotops for Rumble;
  • Doesn't use mana;
  • Extremely mobile with inbuilt stun;
  • Her combo deals TONS OF DAMAGE, so juke around a bit after your early game aggression;
  • Use her cooldowns against her;
  • She snowballs like a panda, so if you give her the first kill prepare for a world of pain. Getting armor will help mitigate the hurt (cloth start is recommended);

  • Decent early damage, specially once he gets past his level 3. Mitigate his harass with W, go in after he wastes his snare;
  • Can farm relatively well under tower, but very mana hungry early game;
  • Short-ish range, so you can get a few blows in here and there;

  • Weak early game, bully at will (but careful not to just eat his poison and get no damage in);
  • You must deny him or he'll troll your whole team;
  • Don't chase him if you're low/medium health, your early game harass consists of W + Q, don't let him fling you if you can;
  • Counterspam with taunt to beat his laugh spam;

  • Uncommon mid, but very annoying;
  • Nice sustain. Her silence is free, but timed with your W it won't hurt noticeably at early ranks;
  • Chasing her means giving her free Q's if you're not careful;
  • Her healing has a long cooldown, try to abuse this;
  • Her teamfight usefulness is slightly relative, yours not so much;

  • A brutal kit against you (a slow to counter your W, a snare to stop you, a damage augmenter and a healing ulti), only an idiotic Swain would lose to a Rumble;
    Your chances lie in being able to take him out pre-6 at least once, or him getting out of mana;

  • Your only way of hurting her is forcing her to E and go around her W, so it's really not a great idea to face her;
  • You may get a shot at killing her if she's really bad at the skillshots, or wastes them. On the other hand, you may be able to make this a farm lane;

mercy cutthroat
  • Talon is a squishy AD Assassin that has absolutely nothing on you unless you completely screw up early game or he roams for more kills than you can handle;
  • His pre-level 3 game is even more terrible. Feel free to start Q, get W on level 2 and harass his eyes out;
  • You may take a Vision Ward to the lane to answer his Shadow Assault, although his added MS will probably not favor such tactics;
  • Start cloth 5 and pots and you're gold;

  • 90% Teemo players still build him like squishy trash;
  • A poke solotop, but very squishy. Relies on blinding dart to make his top debut on AD Melees. You don't rely on auto attacks to hurt, so go to him and rape his face;
  • Early Vision Ward (if you're ahead) can clear up Noxious Trap on the river. Most teemos don't buy wards, so consider it;
  • If he goes full AP, always have your team consider an Oracle's Elixir, screws his random shroom damage hard;

Twisted Fate
  • Pick A Card can keep you in check during the entire lane phase;
  • Can run out of mana relatively fast if not careful on how he uses his skills;
  • Your best bet is pushing him really hard so he stays behind in CS;
  • He is usually picked to help snowball other lanes thanks to his ulti, try helping out your team the ways you can, be it by pushing like mad once he ults, or ganking lanes when his ulti is on cooldown;
  • His ulti is most useful during lane phase, yours shines when teams start going around together. If you can balance his roam, you'll be a lot more effective;

  • Possesses one of the strongest nukes in the game;
  • Very squishy, if he wastes his field stun you gain free harass;
  • Field stun at level 1 is very short, so you have a decent chance to dodge his W;
  • He has a really strong nuke with Q, so be careful if he's an aggressive Veigar;
  • Your best bet is making him miss his E, mitigate Q with W and move in;

  • Underplayed but strong;
  • Mitigate Q with W, dodge E, his field can keep you away from him but he needs mana while you don't;
  • Needs dominance in lane to carry game;
  • If you give him a kill, he will become a beast, trust me;

  • Be absurdly aggressive;
  • You win every trade early game, but only if you go in instead of just letting him Q you;
  • Troll Pool can save him from bad spots, but your goal is to shuffle his farming so he won't become too menacing in teamfights;
  • Ignite steal deals damage while he is on Sanguine Pool, so saving your ulti for when he W's under ignite will be a good move;

  • Listed as a Rumble counter on lolcounter. That site can't always be right, I guess;
  • Volibear depends on auto-attacks to land frenzy on you, but he can also bring it from auto'ing minions. Don't give him that chance;
  • Be aggressive with Q only. Save W and E to gtfo when he decides to try using Rolling Thunder on you, it's countermobility and works like a charm;
  • If you're not stupid, you can do this easy;
  • Above strategy works to stop jungle volibear as well;

  • Extremely annoying and has some tricks up his sleeve. However, most are irrelevant taking into account you're not afraid of head-on approaches;
  • His basic harass combo (Ninbus into Q into clone) costs some mana and puts him on cooldown mode. Go in and make him pay;
  • Not too hard to zone;
  • No early game sustain;
  • Snowballs like a fcker, so don't land free kills. He will become nearly unkillable;
  • His ulti's utility is also very relevant in teamfights, but demands him to give face, so early game denial will manifest here as well. Careful, for that ult sets up good ganks;

ascended form locus of powermage chains
  • Absurd Range with Locus of Power;
  • Has a stun combo. Be careful;
  • Very low mobility;
  • Try using his cooldowns against him, dance a lot. He can be hard to take down, but with good juking so are you;

  • Strong, but his recent nerfs hurt his mana A LOT, so see if you can endure the early harass (fighting back a bit) until he has to start saving up, baiting his mana with W. Thats when you go in;
  • You don't need boots start, so consider starting Crystalline Flask + two sight wards + two health potions. You'll be in lane for a while with those;
  • Early ganks on him do wonders. If you get a bit ahead you can start handling this boy on your own;
  • Hextech Revolver Works wonders;
  • Hide from his ghouls on brushes. E them and W away to cut down on the hurt he tries to deliver;

  • A "better talon" at some things he does, keep your armor up with this guy (runes/cloth start/ninja tabi/early-ish Zhonya);
  • Early game harass (pre-3) works well. Once he gets living shadow + shadow slash, you must farm with some care until he blows the shadow;
  • Don't let him bait your ult with his, you'll miss the initial burst and maybe even position yours so badly you won't have it as some sort of extra disengage/damage;

  • Strong poke, positioning is key. Remember his bonus damage on his auto-attacks through his passive;
  • Field slow can be a pain;
  • You can harass him decently;
  • For the love of god don't stay on his ulti field when with low health. Flash out if necessary;

Deadly Bloom
  • Huge zoner, great utility, if she's any good she can keep you in check. Not worth the fuss of picking Rumble;
  • You may try to safely farm, but her plants will keep you at bay;

I'm sure I skipped some champions, if you require anyone not on the list, feel free to ask ;)

Well, that's all for the guide. Any sort of constructive criticism is more then welcome, as well as questions or recommendations ^^

Hope the guide was useful to you, and enjoy wrecking as The Mechanized Menace!

29/10/2012 - Finished the Guide
31/10/2012 - Updated visually
09/12/2012 - Season 3 update
03/01/2012 - Visual update on some sections

- Anyone who has contributed for me to learning how to play this game and Rumble in particular;
- Everyone whose guides I read or who has provided with feedback on other guides (Special thanks to Jhoijhoi and Castermaster on this);
- ArchaicShadow, BigEliott and Merphyro for the videos;
- LastPlagas for teaming up with me in ranked and pinging when I'm about to suicide for greed;
- Everyone who gave me early feedback (throatslasher, CrimsonSkiz, Embracing, Jhoijhoi)
- Astrolia for a matter of formatting the guide;
- Once again, Jhoijhoi for helping me with columns;

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