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General Guide by Faerlina SIn

Other Custom League of Legends: Hide and Seek

By Faerlina SIn | Updated on December 26, 2015
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Greetings fellow Summoners! I'm Faerlina Sin and this is my take on a guide for the League of Legends Custom Game Mode: Hide and Seek. I first discovered League: Hide and Seek at the beginning of Season 3, when I looked into custom gaming. I haven't played since its inception, but I've played more Hide and Seek games than I'd care to admit. Over my extensive time playing this game mode, one common theme emerged: Disagreement on the rules. Everyone had a link to a different forum post, every forum post had a different set of rules, the rules were never updated for the constant changing of League of Legends, and this led to increased frustration in the custom community. This commonly resulted in trolling in about 80% of games. My goal here is to create a set of rules that everyone can respect; a set of rules that's fair to both hiders and seekers while maintaining the fun and excitement that comes with playing League of Legends.

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Basics of Hide and Seek

The Basics

Hide and Seek is by far the most popular and easily recognizable custom game mode currently played in League of Legends, claiming its crown after ARAM graduated from Custom to Riot-Endorsed.
    - This is a 5 vs. 2 Game Mode. 5 Hiders on the Blue team and 2 Seekers on the Purple team.

    - Seekers have 40 minutes to kill each Hider 5 times.

    - More often than not, Hide and Seek is played on the Dominion Map in Draft Mode.

Sounds simple, right? Now, the two roles (Hider & Seeker) have their own rule sets, which I will cover in the next section. For now, let's take a look at some shared rules.

General Rules


- No objectives may be captured on the Dominion Map.

- Both sides may take their respective Storm Shield. However, Hiders will immediately lose Grace if they try. Grace is explained in the Hider Specific Rules section.

- Only 2 slowing items are allowed per team, 1 active and 1 passive.
Passive Slowing Items:
Dead Man's Plate
Frozen Mallet
Iceborn Gauntlet
Rylai's Crystal Scepter

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Hider / Seeker Rules

Hider Specific Rules

Banned Items for Hiders: Sunfire Cape, Thornmail, Guardian Angel.

- Hiders that have been killed five times must stay on their spawn platform, on the outer ring, or on the storm shield. They may not run around in the jungle or areas obscured by fog of war.
- Hiders that have lost all five lives may not impact the game. For example, Lee Sin may not Safeguard / Iron Will to a hider that has already lost all of his or her respective lives.
- Hiders may use only abilities that apply natural CC (Slow, Stun, Silence, Blind, Snare, Fear, Taunt, Grip, Knock-Up, Knock-Back, Throw, Exhaust, True Sight, Polymorph, Charm, Suppression), dash/leap/blinks, shields, movement speed increases and heals.
- Recently respawned Hiders are given a 0:30 grace period. If attacked or followed in this time, grace is reset and Hiders are allowed to recall to recover any missing health.
- Taking the Storm Shield forfeits grace.
- Items such as Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Iceborn Gauntlet do not convert an ability (i.e. Singed’s Poison Trail, Ezreal’s Mystic Shot) into allowed CC.
- You may not recall at any point during the game, unless you are attacked on grace.
- You may not auto-attack. (Example Exceptions: Udyr's Bear Stance Active and Nautilus’s Staggering Blow.)
- You may not interrupt the recall of a Seeker.
- Hiders must give seekers time to recall upon falling below 300. A seeker cannot recall if they are being damaged (i.e. Zyra's plants, Glacial Storm, etc) or silenced (i.e. Soraka's Infuse).
- There is a maximum of 2 Hiders per bush.
- You may only place 1 trap/warded item per bush ( Noxious Trap, Jack In The Box, Yordle Snap Trap, etc.)
- You may stand on the first step of your base; however, you may not move up any further.
- A Hider cannot return to base to buy; you may only buy after you have been killed.
- Executes count as deaths.
- Hiders may not buy any AP items aside from Wooglet's Witchcap, Archangel's Staff, hextech sweeper, Twin Shadows, Rod of Ages, Moonflair Spellblade, Frost Queen's Claim, Ardent Censer, Athene's Unholy Grail and Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
- Hiders may not use Ignite

Seeker Specific Rules

Banned Item for Seekers: None.

-You may not leave base until 2:00
- Oracle's Extract, Hextech Sweeper, The Lightbringer and Grez's Spectral Lantern are not allowed until 15:00.
- When your health falls below 300, you must recall immediately. If you do not, Hiders are allowed to kill you.
- A Seeker may recall at any time. They may not, however, cancel the recall if there are Hiders in view. If the seeker chooses to interrupt their recall with hiders in view, the hiders may kill the seeker.
- Seekers may not use Clairvoyance
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Universal Ban Suggestions

Universal Ban Suggestions

These are NOT Perma-Bans. Merely suggestions.

Hecarim - Known for her incredible speed and mobility, Sarah Jessica Parker is one formidable champion. The massive speed steroid from Devastating Charge can cause her to seemingly vanish from the map, and if she happens to crash into a hider, they'll be lighting a single candle for half their missing health. Onslaught of Shadows can also navigate over nearly every structure.

Kassadin - Kassadin's Force Pulse applies a mean slow whilst sporting an incredibly short cooldown and I don't think I really need to explain why Riftwalk is amazing in both roles... But I will anyway. The health relics found around the map make subsequent Riftwalks a lot less painful, even with their devastating mana cost. This allows Space-Squid to stick to the vast majority of hiders, or elude the vast majority of seekers.

HIDER Kha'Zix - Robo-Bug's triple invis from evolved Void Assault combined with the range and low cooldown of evolved Leap means trouble if you're a seeker without hard CC or an instant gap closer. By the time you reach the other side of the wall he Leaped over, he'll be halfway across the map.. And that's assuming you actually saw which way he flew.

SEEKER Kha'Zix - Another snowball assassin, Kha'Zix can one shot most squishies with minimal effort. Thanks to the isolation damage from Taste Their Fear, coupled with it's missing health % damage, this ability can easily take out over 50% of a hider's health. Void Spike applies a slow while Leap makes Kha'Zix very sticky. And since that clearly isn't enough, he has his Void Assault to sneak up and devour you. Good luck with that.

Udyr - Thanks to his passive, Monkey's Agility, coupled with his Bear Stance speed steroid, Udyr is a VERY difficult champion to catch without some form of hard CC. His stun from Bear Stance may only be 1 second, but that's really all he needs to disappear back into the fog of war. Conversely, as a seeker, Tiger Stance can rip you to shreds if Udyr has built any form of Attack Damage or Critical Strike. Bear Stance's stun will last for days and the increased move speed will make him very difficult to outrun. Udyr is scurry.
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Suggested Hider Bans

Suggested Hider Bans

Evelynn - Shadow Walk. Does anything else need to be mentioned? The only way to find Ms. Evelynn is with an ability like Twisted Fate's Destiny or Rengar's Thrill of the Hunt, barring she doesn't walk over a turret with true sight or run into a seeker. Dark Frenzy is also an incredible move speed steroid that breaks any current slowing effects, not to mention her Hate Spike procs the passive.

LeBlanc - The Deceiver is one slippery witch! Her Distortion not only gives her the ability to blink over most walls, but she can also teleport back to her original location. LeBlanc also has her Ethereal Chains for the root. She can, of course, Mimic these spells as well for additional CC and escapes.

Rammus - Essentially this cute little armourdillo boils down to Powerball and puncturing taunt. The former just makes him a speed demon who can outrun pretty much any seeker and the latter can be used to assist your fellow hiders if they're being harassed.

Shaco - Whether he wants to Deceive around to juke, Two-Shiv Poison a seeker to assist his fellow hiders, or use his Hallucinate to mess with your mind, Shaco is a very slippery hider. Not to mention a strategically placed Jack In The Box can completely ruin a seeker's pursuit.

Teemo - His passive, camouflage, makes him annoying to locate before Oracle's Extract and like-items become available at the 15 minute mark. The slow from his Noxious Traps, coupled with Move Quick, can also make him incredibly evasive when camouflage isn't enough.

Twitch - This disgusting sewer rat can be obnoxious due to his AoE super slow from Venom Cask and speed steroid / low CD invis from Ambush. With full CDR and max rank, Ambush can be almost as annoying as Shadow Walk WITHOUT the benefit of proximity-based vision.

Zilean - With the right amount of Cooldown Reduction, Zilean can have 100% uptime on his Time Warp, thanks to Rewind. He can also use his Time Warp to slow a hider by a massive amount for an obscenely long time. His ultimate, Chronoshift, may look incredibly overpowered as well at first glance, but don't purposely die to proc it. Zilean's strength is speed, and since Chronoshift forces him to stand still to resurrect, the seekers will likely one shot up upon revival.
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Suggested Seeker Bans

Suggested Seeker Bans

Akali - Mortal Kombat's Jade has always had a certain finesse for slaughtering those unlucky enough to meet her kamas, and this game mode is no exception. The three charges of Shadow Dance make her stickier than honey while Twilight Shroud slows you down, speeds her up, and just in general ruins your day.

Ashe - Frost Shot is a built in permaslow. Volley procs her Frost Shot permaslow. Hawkshot is free vision. Enchanted Crystal Arrow is global hard CC, provided you can land it. These, my friends, are the reasons you see the Frost Archer banned in nearly every Hide and Seek game.

Lee Sin - Definitely Not Bruce Lee has made a name for himself as the most mobile Ionian man of all time. The deceptive width of Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike makes sidestepping... shall we say "difficult." Once he's on top of you, Tempest / Cripple makes sure he stays there; finish up with a nice Dragon's Rage to the face, and you're dead. RIP.

Master Yi - You had to know this was coming. Alpha Strike is a targetted blink ability that deals massive damage with the ability to crit. Wuju Style deals bonus true damage, so have fun with that armour. Highlander makes Master Yi pretty much impossible to outrun. Yes, I am bitter. I hate Master Yi.

Nidalee - Nid, Nih-Dolly, the Bestial Huntress.. Call her what you want, it matters little.. She's going to Spear. Your. Bum. Then eat your face. Human Javelin Toss / Takedown will easily do over half your health if you're squishy, followed up with a hunted cougar Bushwhack / Pounce and cougar Javelin Toss / Takedown. Missed the spear? That's okay. The field is littered with Bushwhack / Pounce traps. All she has to do is wait for some helpless Teemo to step on one. Dinner time.

Rengar - Notoriously hard hitting, Rengar can usually rip a target to shreds the moment he finds one. His Unseen Predator makes running through the brush to escape him... Problematic. Bola Strike allows him to stick to most targets with ease. Thrill of the Hunt reveals all champions within a wide radius while simultaneously stealthing the Pridestalker. Did you hear that?! No, probably not. Because he one shot you.

Twisted Fate - I'm only adding Twisted Fate to this list as I see him being banned quite frequently. Destiny is very annoying for the true sight component, but the teleport from Destiny is easily spottable and avoidable. His Pick A Card gold card stun can be rather troublesome, but if you can just stay out of his range while he has it active, you'll be fine. Twisted Fate can destroy careless hiders, but shouldn't be much of a problem for someone on alert.

Warwick - Another one hit wonder, Infinite Duress will lock you down while this puppy gnaws off your face. Hungering Strike has a deceptively long range with a pretty sizable heal. Round this out with Blood Scent constantly granting a heavy movespeed steroid and vision of injured hiders and you've got one beast of a seeker.
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Suggested Hider Masteries

Suggested Hider Masteries

Always take 4/4 Sorcery in Offense and 3/3 Fleet of Foot in Utility.

sp M

Defense Tree Options

Tier 1 // Block since all champions basic attack. Recovery isn't all that useful due to the abundance of health relics around the map, instead allocate your points to Swiftness .

Tier 2 // Unyielding for the same reason as Block , Veteran's Scars for the bonus health.

Tier 3 // Tenacious It's tenacity. Less time on enemy CC means easier escapes. Juggernaut always for the scaling health. Hardiness or Resistance depending on what type of damage the seekers are dealing.

Tier 4 // Perseverance can help to top you off after a daring escape. Adaptive Armor if the seekers are one AP and on AD of equal threat. Reinforced Armor if they commonly crit. Evasive if they're AP.

Tier 5 // Second Wind on champions with self heals like Vladimir, Soraka, and Dr. Mundo. Enchanted Armor is free bonus armor/MR after items. Oppression if the seekers will be CC'd.

Tier 6 // Legendary Guardian A cool +3 armor / magic resist if one seeker is killing you and +6 if they're both trying to slaughter your face.

Notes: I've been less than impressed with the changes to the defensive tree when it comes to this game mode. The defensive option is still viable but speed has seen some nice buffs recently which lead me to recommend the Speed route unless you know you're going to out-tank seeker damage.

Always take 4/4 Sorcery in Offense.

Utility Tree Explained

Tier 1 // Fleet of Foot is required, more movespeed means faster getaways. Expanded Mind for the base mana, but it's mostly just a point sink.

Tier 2 // Summoner's Insight is great, more Flashes and Ghosts!

Tier 3 // Greed king here. Mo Money, Mo Items. Runic Affinity will extend the duration of the Speed Shrines located around the map and Vampirism can be a lifesaver if you're someone like Janna who is constantly using her spells. That extra +15 health just might save you!

Tier 4 // Wealth is okay, you'll get your enchanted boots a little sooner and leave the base a bit earlier. Meditation could be a viable option for champions who constantly sit at low mana ( Kassadin), but the health relics also restore mana, so consider that before using your mastery points here.

Tier 5 // Bandit is decent as it will provide you some gold income when you harass the seekers. Intelligence gives some nice CDR and reduces the cooldown on your active items, like talisman of ascension.

Tier 6 // Wanderer is why you go for utility, the movespeed increase. Remember that this is just like Boots of Mobility; if you take or deal damage, it goes away.

sp M

Notes: The full utility tree option is better implemented by champions that rely exclusively on speed and will likely be one shot if caught (think Miss Fortune). I might use this tree if I was feeling audacious but I personally don't think Wanderer is worth sacrificing the tankiness you get from going the defensive route if you're a champion with a lot of escapes (think Kassadin).
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Suggested Seeker Masteries

Suggested Seeker Masteries

Always get 3/3 Fleet of Foot in Utility.

sp M
// Seeker masteries are incredibly more simplistic than Hider masteries. Basically, you grab 3/3 Fleet of Foot in utility and dump the rest of your points into Offense. Assuming you've used the mastery system prior to reading this guide, I think it's pretty safe to say you can do your own masteries. Above is an example build for an AD Seeker. I use that exact page whenever I seek as Vi or Riven. Warlord and Archmage really don't impact you as much as you'd think, so if you find yourself needing points, try taking them from those slots before any others.

Q: If I don't have any points in Defense, won't I just get killed?
// The short answer is no, it really won't impact you that much. Assuming you want 21 points in offense for Havoc , the best you can hope for in the defense tree is Juggernaut . Since you're seeking, and likely building glass cannon, it won't scale off very much and have very little impact. Block and Unyielding are also inconsequential since hiders shouldn't be basic attacking.
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Suggested Runes

Suggested Hider Runes


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Suggested Seeker Runes


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

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Champion Abilities (A-J)

Champion Abilities (A-J)

In Hide and Seek, only certain abilities may be used. These abilities must either assist the user in their survivability (Escapes/Heals) or Crowd Control an enemy.

The abilities listed below are ALLOWED. Some explanation may be offered on specific abilities. Please remember if you disagree with using a certain abilities, that's fine. Just make sure to specify that in the games you host, or to ask the host about the ability in question.

Certain abilities like Ashe's Frost Shot apply CC to her auto attacks, but personally I do not allow that. The damage gets too ridiculous and forces the seekers to recall too often. Sorry Ashe :C


Aatrox may use his Q, Dark Flight, and his E, Blades of Torment.


Ahri may use her Q, Orb of Deception, her E, Charm, and her R, Spirit Rush.
Note: Essence Theft will proc on your next Orb of Deception, Charm or Spirit Rush, it does not allow for the use of other abilities.


Akali may use her W, Twilight Shroud, and her R, Shadow Dance.


Alistar may use his Q, Pulverize, his W, Headbutt, his E, Triumphant Roar, and his R, Unbreakable Will.
Note: Using Alistar's w, Headbutt, to knock a Seeker into the Super Turret will count as a kill and will result in -1 Life from Alistar.


Amumu may use his Q, Bandage Toss, and his R, Curse of the Sad Mummy.


Anivia may use her Q, Flash Frost, her W, Crystallize, and her R, Glacial Storm.
Note: Remember to toggle off Glacial Storm if a seeker falls below 300 health so they can recall.


Once Annie charges her passive, Pyromania, she may use any spell to activate it. This includes Summon: Tibbers, Disintegrate, and Incinerate. If her passive is NOT charged, Annie may only use Molten Shield.
Note: Annie may NOT charge her passive by using offensive spells on seekers.


Ashe's Q, Ranger's Focus, is subject to the host's discretion. Personally, I do not allow her to Auto Attack, even with Frost Shot active. Otherwise, Ashe may use her W, Volley, her E, Hawkshot, and her R, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, freely.
Note: Ask your host about auto attacking with Frost Shot.
Note 2: Volley is usable because it procs Frost Shot.


Azir may use his Q, Conquering Sands, his W, Arise!, his E, Shifting Sands, and his R, Emperor's Divide.
Note: Shurima's Legacy is not allowed.


Bard may use his Q, Cosmic Binding, his W, Caretaker's Shrine, his E, Magical Journey, and his R, Tempered Fate.
Note: If Bard uses Magical Journey to lead a seeker into the fountain turret, he loses a life.


Blitzcrank may use his Q, Rocket Grab, his W, Overdrive, his E, Power Fist, and his R, Static Field.
Note: Using Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab to pull a Seeker into the super turret counts as a kill and will result in -1 life for Blitzcrank.


Brand may use his W, Pillar of Flame, his E, Conflagration, or his R, Pyroclasm, ONLY if IMMEDIATELY followed by his Q, Sear, to cause the stun.


Braum may use his Q, Winter's Bite, his W, Stand Behind Me, his E, Unbreakable, and his R, Glacial Fissure.
Note: If you can manage to proc Braum's passive, Concussive Blows, WITHOUT Auto Attacking, great. But do not auto attack.


Caitlyn may use her W, Yordle Snap Trap, and her E, 90 Caliber Net.


Cassiopeia may use her Q, Noxious Blast, her W, Miasma, and her R, Petrifying Gaze.
Note: Some hosts may restrict the use of her Noxious Blast.


Cho'Gath may use his Q, Rupture, and his E, Feral Scream.


Corki may use his Q, Phosphorus Bomb, and his W, Valkyrie.


Darius may use his W, Crippling Strike, and his E, Apprehend.


Diana may use her Q, Crescent Strike, her W, Pale Cascade, her E, Moonfall, and her R, Lunar Rush.
Note: Only use Crescent Strike to reset the cooldown on Lunar Rush.

Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo may use his Q, Infected Cleaver, his W, Burning Agony, and his R, Sadism.


Draven may use his W, Blood Rush, and his E, Stand Aside.


Ekko may use his Q, Timewinder, his W, Parallel Convergence, his E, Phase Dive, and his R, Chronobreak.
Note: If Ekko's passive, Z-Drive Resonance, is double applied via his Q, Timewinder, I personally allow one AA (or his E, Phase Dive), for the movespeed. Ask your host!


Elise may use the Spider Form portion of her Q, Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite, both portions of her E, Cocoon / Rappel, and her R, Spider Form.


Evelynn may use her Q, Hate Spike, her W, Dark Frenzy, and her R, Agony's Embrace.
Note: You may need to explain to the host how Hate Spike procs the passive from Dark Frenzy.


Ezreal may use his E, Arcane Shift.
Note: Purchasing Iceborn Gauntlet does not allow the use of his Q, Mystic Shot. Natural CC only!


Fiddlesticks may use his Q, Terrify, his W, Drain, his E, Dark Wind, and his R Crowstorm.
Note: His Crowstorm should be used for the blink and his Drain should be used for the heal. If Fiddlesticks kills someone, even with one of these abilities, he still loses a life.


Fiora may use her Q, Lunge, her W, Riposte, her E, Bladework, and her R, Grand Challenge.
Note: Fiora's Bladework is used for the slowing strike of her first attack. No auto attacking beyond that point.
Note 2: Grand Challenge is for the movespeed boost.


Fizz may use his Q, Urchin Strike, his E, Playful / Trickster, and his R, Chum the Waters.


Galio may use his Q, Resolute Smite, his W, Bulwark, his E, Righteous Gust, and his R, Idol of Durand.


Gangplank may use his W, Remove Scurvy, his E, Powder Keg, and his R, Cannon Barrage.
Note: Gangplank may only use his Parrrley on his Powder Keg.


Garen may use his Q, Decisive Strike, and his W, Courage.
Note: You may NOT spin to win.


Gnar may use his Q, Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss, his W, Hyper / Wallop, his E, Hop / Crunch, and his R, GNAR!.
Note: Hyper / Wallop is usable in Gnar's Mega Gnar state, do not auto attack to proc Hyper.


Gragas may use his Q, Barrel Roll, his W, Drunken Rage, his E, Body Slam, and his R, Explosive Cask.


Graves may use his W, Smoke Screen, and his E, Quickdraw.


Hecarim may use his W, Spirit of Dread, his E, Devastating Charge, and his R, Onslaught of Shadows.
Note: Using the knock back portion of Hecarim's Devastating Charge IS allowed.


Heimderdinger may use his E, CH-1 Electron Storm Grenade, and his R, UPGRADE!!!.


Illaoi may use her Q, Tentacle Smash, her W, Harsh Lesson, her E, Test of Spirit, and her R, Leap of Faith.


Irelia may use her Q, Bladesurge, her E, Equilibrium Strike, and her R, Transcendent Blades.


Janna may use her Q, Howling Gale, her W, Zephyr, her E, Eye Of The Storm, and her R, Monsoon.
Note: Using Janna's Monsoon to knock a seeker into the super turret will result in -1 life from Janna.

Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV may use his Q, Dragon Strike, his W, Golden Aegis, his E, Demacian Standard, and his R, Cataclysm.
Note: Jarvan IV may only use Dragon Strike to reach his Demacian Standard. Do not use it for damage.


Jax may use his Q, Leap Strike, his E, Counter Strike, and his R, Grandmaster's Might.


Jayce may use the hammer stance portion of his Q, To The Skies! / Shock Blast, both portions of his E, Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate, and his R, Mercury Cannon / Mercury Hammer.


Jinx may use her Q, Switcheroo!, her W, Zap!, and her E, Flame Chompers!.
Note: You may not Auto Attack with Switcheroo!, you may only use it to spam the noise.

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Champion Abilities (K-Q)

Champion Abilities (K-Q)

In Hide and Seek, only certain abilities may be used. These abilities must either assist the user in their survivability (Escapes/Heals) or Crowd Control an enemy.

The abilities listed below are ALLOWED. Some explanation may be offered on specific abilities. Please remember if you disagree with using a certain abilities, that's fine. Just make sure to specify that in the games you host, or to ask the host about the ability in question.

Certain abilities like Ashe's Frost Shot apply CC to her auto attacks, but personally I do not allow that. The damage gets too ridiculous and forces the seekers to recall too often. Sorry Ashe :C


Kalista may use her W, Sentinel, her E, Rend, and her R, Fate's Call.
Note: No autoing for Martial Poise.


Karma may use her Q, Inner Flame, her W, Focused Resolve, her E, Inspire, and her R, Mantra.
Note: Karma may use her Mantra to modify any of her spells.


Karthus may use his W, Wall of Pain.


Kassadin may use his Q, Null Sphere, his E, Force Pulse, and his R, Riftwalk.


Katarina may use her W, sinister steel, and her E, Shunpo.


Kayle may use her Q, Reckoning, her W, Divine Blessing, and her R, Intervention.


Kennen may use his E, Lightning Rush.
Note: Kennen may also use his W, Electrical Surge, or his R, Slicing Maelstrom, if either will stun the seeker.


Kha'Zix may use his W, Void Spike, his E, Leap, and his R, Void Assault.
Note: Kha'Zix may auto attack ONCE per charge of Unseen Predator.


Kindred may use their Q, Dance of Arrows, their W, Wolf's Frenzy, their E, Mounting Dread, and their R, Lamb's Respite.
Note: Mounting Dread is only used for the slow. No Auto Attacking!


Kog'Maw may use his E, Void Ooze, and his R, Living Artillery.


LeBlanc may use her W, Distortion, her E, Ethereal Chains, and her R, Mimic.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin may use his Q, Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, his W, Safeguard / Iron Will, his E, Tempest / Cripple, and his R, Dragon's Rage.
Note: Using Dragon's Rage to knock a seeker into the super turret will result in a life lost for Lee Sin.


Leona may use her Q, Shield of Daybreak, her W, Eclipse, her E, Zenith Blade, and her R, Solar Flare.
Note: Leona may use a single auto attack to apply the stun from Shield of Daybreak.


Lissandra may use her Q, Ice Shard, her W, Ring of Frost, her E, Glacial Path, and her R, Frozen Tomb.


Lucian may use his W, Ardent Blaze, and his E, Relentless Pursuit.
Note: Lucian may use his Q, Piercing Light, to detonate the mark from his Ardent Blaze.


Lulu may use her Q, Glitterlance, her W, Whimsy, her E, Help, Pix!, and her R, Wild Growth.


Luxanna may use her Q, Light Binding, her W, Prismatic Barrier, and her E, Lucent Singularity.


Malphite may use his Q, Seismic Shard, his E, Ground Slam, and his R, Unstoppable Force.


Malzahar may use his Q, Call of the Void, and his R, Nether Grasp.


Maokai may use his Q, arcane smash, his W, Twisted Advance, his E, Sapling Toss, and his R, Vengeful Maelstrom.
Note: Sapling Toss should be used for CC purposes, not damage. Do not cluster.

Master Yi

Master Yi may use his Q, Alpha Strike, his W, Meditate, and his R, Highlander.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune may use her W, Strut, and her E, Make it Rain.
Note: Miss Fortune is a high risk, high reward type of hider. Try combining her Strut and Boots of Mobility for maximum effect.


Mordekaiser may use his W, Creeping Death, his E, Siphon of Destruction, and his R, Children of the Grave.
Note: Ask your host about Siphon of Destruction. It provides his Iron Man shield, but should still be discussed.


Morgana may use her Q, Dark Binding, her E, Black Shield, and her R, Soul Shackles.


Nami may use her Q, Aqua Prison, her W, Ebb and Flow, her E, Tidecaller's Blessing, and her R, Tidal Wave.
Note: Nami may use her E, Tidecaller's Blessing, to slow seekers. Once it expires, stop auto attacking!


Nasus may use his W, Wither, and his R, Fury of the Sands.


Nautilus may use his Q, Dredge Line, his W, Titan's Wrath, his E, Riptide, and his R, Depth Charge.
Note: Nautilus may Auto Attack once every twelve seconds to proc his passive, Staggering Blow.


Nidalee may use her W, Bushwhack / Pounce, the human form portion of her E, Primal Surge / Swipe, and her R, Aspect Of The Cougar.
Note: Nidalee may trap wherever she pleases. Give her Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and she'll benefit the entire team that much more.


Nocturne may use his Q, Duskbringer, his W, Shroud of Darkness, his E, Unspeakable Horror, and his R, Paranoia.


Nunu may use his Q, Consume, his E, Blood Boil, his E, Ice Blast, and his R, Absolute Zero.
Note: Killing a seeker with Absolute Zero results in a lost life for Nunu. Be careful, it does a lot of damage!


Olaf may use his Q, Undertow, his W, Vicious Strikes, and his R, Ragnarok.


Orianna may use her Q, Command: Attack, her W, Command: Dissonance, her E, Command: Protect, and her R, Command: Shockwave.
Note: Do not use Command: Attack to intentionally damage seekers.


Pantheon may use his W, Aegis of Zeonia, and his R, Grand Skyfall.


Poppy may use her Q, hammer shock}}, her W, [[steadfast presence, her E, Heroic Charge, and her R, Keeper's Verdict.


Quinn may use her Q, Blinding Assault, her W, Heightened Senses, her E, Vault, and her R, Behind Enemy Lines.
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Champion Abilities (R-Z)

Champion Abilities (R-Z)

In Hide and Seek, only certain abilities may be used. These abilities must either assist the user in their survivability (Escapes/Heals) or Crowd Control an enemy.

The abilities listed below are ALLOWED. Some explanation may be offered on specific abilities. Please remember if you disagree with using a certain abilities, that's fine. Just make sure to specify that in the games you host, or to ask the host about the ability in question.

Certain abilities like Ashe's Frost Shot apply CC to her auto attacks, but personally I do not allow that. The damage gets too ridiculous and forces the seekers to recall too often. Sorry Ashe :C


Rammus may use his Q, Powerball, his W, Defensive Ball Curl. and his E, puncturing taunt.


Rek'Sai may use both forms of W, Burrow / Unburrow, burrowed E, Furious Bite / Tunnel, and her R, Void Rush.


Renekton may use his Q, Cull the Meek, his W, Ruthless Predator, his E, Slice and Dice, and his R, Dominus.


Rengar may use his W, Battle Roar, his E, Bola Strike, and his R, Thrill of the Hunt.


Riven can use her Q, Broken Wings, her W, Ki Burst, her W, Valor, and her R, Blade of the Exile.
Note: Riven may NOT use Wind Slash, which is the active portion of her R, Blade of the Exile.


Rumble can use his W, Scrap Shield, his E, Electro-Harpoon, and his R, The Equalizer.


Ryze may use his W, Rune Prison, and his R, Desperate Power.


Sejuani may use her Q, Arctic Assault, her W, Flail of the Northern Winds, her E, Permafrost, and her R, Glacial Prison.
Note: Some hosts may restrict use of Flail of the Northern Winds. I allow it to apply Frost, subsequently to be detonated by Permafrost.


Shaco may use his Q, Deceive, his W, Jack In The Box, his E, Two-Shiv Poison, and his R, Hallucinate.
Note: Only one Jack In The Box per bush!


Shen may use his W, Feint, his E, Shadow Dash, and his R, Stand United.
Note: Shen's Stand United may NOT be used on a person who is out of the game.


Shyvana may use her W, Burnout, and her R, Dragon's Descent.


Singed may use his W, Mega Adhesive, his E, Fling, and his R, Insanity Potion.
Note: Obtaining Rylai's Crystal Scepter does NOT allow the use of Poison Trail. Natural CC only!
Note 2: If Singed Flings a seeker into the super turret, he loses a life.


Sion may use his Q, Decimating Smash, his W, Soul Furnace, his E, Roar of the Slayer, and his R, Unstoppable Onslaught.
Note: Sion may NOT use his passive, Glory in Death, and auto attack seekers. No auto attacking seekers at any point, or this may result in the reduction of one life.


Sivir may use her Q, Boomerang Blade, E, Spell Shield, and her R, On The Hunt.
Note: Sivir's Q, Boomerang Blade, is used to proc her passive, Fleet of Foot.


Skarner may use his Q, Crystal Slash, his W, Crystalline Exoskeleton, his E, Fracture, and his R, Impale.
Note: Using Impale on a seeker and dragging them into the super turret will result in a -1 for Skarner.
Note 2: Skarner's Crystal Slash does grant bonus movespeed, but only use it when you're being chased. Don't harass the seekers.


Sona may use her W, Aria of Perseverance, her E, Song of Celerity, and her R, Crescendo.
Note: Sona may also use her passive, Power Chord, when coupled with her Song of Celerity for the slow or her Aria of Perseverance for the damage reduction.


Soraka may use her Q, Starcall, her W, Astral Blessing, her E, Equinox, and her R, Wish.


Swain may use his Q, Decrepify, his W, Nevermove, and his R, Ravenous Flock.


Syndra may use her Q, Dark Sphere, her W, Force of Will, and her E, Scatter the Weak.
Note: Do not use Dark Sphere to damage the seekers. Only use it to place a sphere to be manipulated by Force of Will or Scatter the Weak for CC purposes.

Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench may use his Q, Tongue Lash, his W, Devour, his E, Thick Skin, and his R, Abyssal Voyage.
Note: Tahm Kench may not auto attack to apply stacks of An Acquired Taste.


Talon may use his W, Rake, his E, cutthroat, and his R, Shadow Assault.


Taric may use his Q, Imbue, and his E, Dazzle.


Teemo may use his Q, Blinding Dart, his W, Move Quick, and his R, Noxious Trap.
Note: Only one Noxious Trap per bush!


Thresh may use his Q, Death Sentence, his W, Dark Passage, his E, Flay, and his R, The Box.


Tristana may use her W, Rocket Jump, and her R, Buster Shot.
Note: Using Buster Shot to knock a seeker into the super turret nets a -1 life for Tristana.


Trundle may use his Q, Chomp, his W, Frozen Domain, his E, Pillar of Ice, and his R, Subjugate.


Tryndamere may use his Q, Bloodlust, his W, Mocking Shout, his E, Spinning Slash, and his R, Undying Rage.

Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate may use his E, Pick A Card, and his R, Destiny.
Note: Twisted Fate may not use Destiny to teleport into his own base.


Twitch may use his Q, Ambush, and his W, Venom Cask.


Udyr may use his W, Turtle Stance, and his E, Bear Stance.
Note: Udyr may Auto Attack once to activate the stun from Bear Stance.


Urgot may use his Q, Acid Hunter, if he is currently using his W, Terror Capacitor. Urgot may also use his R, Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser.


Varus may use his E, Hail of Arrows, and his R, Chain of Corruption.


Shauna Vayne may use her Q, Tumble, her E, Condemn, and her R, Night Hunter.


Veigar may use his E, Event Horizon.


Vel'Koz may use his Q, Plasma Fission, his E, Tectonic Disruption, and his R, Life Form Disintegration Ray.


Vi may use her Q, Vault Breaker, and her R, Assault and Battery.


Viktor may use his Q, Power Transfer, his W, Gravity Field, and his R, Chaos Storm.


Vladimir may use his Q, Transfusion, and his W, Sanguine Pool.


Volibear may use his Q, Rolling Thunder, and his E, Majestic Roar.
Note: Volibear may use a single auto attack in conjunction with Rolling Thunder to fling a seeker. Flinging a seeker into the super turret will result in -1 life from Volibear.


Warwick may use his Q, Hungering Strike, his E, Blood Scent, and his R, Infinite Duress.


Wukong may use his W, Decoy, his E, Nimbus Strike, and his R, Cyclone.
Note: Wukong's Decoy will face the way he initially ran after casting it.


Xerath may use his W, Eye of Destruction, and his E, Shocking Orb.

Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao may use his E, Audacious Charge, and his R, Crescent Sweep.


Yasuo may use his W, Wind Wall, his E, Sweeping Blade, and his R, Last Breath.


Yorick may use his W, Omen of Pestilence, his E, Omen of Famine, and his R, Omen of Death.
Note: While under the effects of Omen of Death, if the affected hider kills a seeker, they will lose an additional life.


Zac may use his Q, Stretching Strikes, his E, Elastic Slingshot, and his R, Let's Bounce.
Note: Using Let's Bounce to knock a seeker into the super turret will result in a -1 for Zac.


Zed may use his W, Living Shadow, his E, Shadow Slash, and his R, Death Mark.


Ziggs may use his W, Satchel Charge, and his E, Hexplosive Minefield.


Zilean may use his Q, Time Bomb, his W, Rewind, his E, Time Warp, and his R, Chronoshift.
Note: Using Time Bomb twice will proc the stun. Don't place it on yourself or allies for random damage!


Zyra may use her W, Rampant Growth, her E, Grasping Roots, and her R, Stranglethorns.
Note: Be careful with your Rampant Growth plants. If they kill a seeker trying to recall, you lose a life. You do not lose a life if the seeker runs back into the plank to intentionally die.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked


Q: Which Summoner Spells are the best? // Flash is a necessity on all characters, and Ghost is usually going to be your go to secondary spell. Cleanse can be decent on hiders and seekers to get around that nasty CC, Exhaust is also great for slowing someone down for the kill or halving the damage someone deals.

Q: What do I do if someone is capping bases? // First, try to explain to them that capping bases is against the rules. Have a player on the opposing team neutralize the base. If bases continue to be capped, unfortunately that game is over. Surrender at 15:00, or cap all 5 bases after conveying your intent is to end the game so you can move onto the next. Put the player who was capping on your ignore list, and try to find a game without trolls.

Q: Aren't there prebans? // No. Certain rooms may ban certain champions prior to the actual draft bans, but that's on a case by case basis. Hide and Seek as a game mode does not have any prebans.

Q: Can I use X Ability / Build Item X? // Every champion has been updated and all items permitted have been listed in the above categories.
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Thanks to everybody that makes the custom scene possible! People communicating with one another and following the rules of the games we play is the true foundation of our community. When we're all actually playing the same game, by the same rules, it is almost always spectacular. Thanks to Elwetara for keeping me informed on whats changing so I can update the guide accordingly. Be sure to leave a comment with your feedback and upvote if you really enjoy this game! Feel free to add me (Faerlina Sin) in game if you want to play a couple games, just let me know where you found me.


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