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This build has been archived and is for historical display only

This build has been archived by the author. They are no longer supporting nor updating this build and it may have become outdated. As such, voting and commenting have been disabled and it no longer appears in regular search results.

We recommend you take a look at this author's other builds.

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


The Encyclopedia on Champion Builds

The Encyclopedia on Champion Builds

Updated on November 22, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gott der 7 Meere Build Guide By Gott der 7 Meere 65 3 139,302 Views 51 Comments
65 3 139,302 Views 51 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gott der 7 Meere Build Guide By Gott der 7 Meere Updated on November 22, 2013
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Season 4

Item changes for the next season will take some time to settle, I will try to keep up.

Aatrox and Lucian have pretty good guides now, check them out.

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Anyone new to League of Legends can be overwhelmed by the high number of champions and build possibilities. This guide wants to introduce new players and facilitate their learning. Moreover, this guide will help the community discover guide gaps and make MobaFire a more profound and thourough source of information.


For every champion you will find helpful links [1]-[2]-[3]. I suggest you always read the wiki entry on a champion to better understand him. It follows a brief summary of the build ideas [4]-[5]-[6] as well as corresponding links to MobaFire guides [7]-[8]-[9]. These guides will help you improve your build and playstyle. Annotations and a short description may also be found [10]. Sometimes the link to a pro streamer is included [11], where you may see a build in action. As an example:

[1] - LoLKing --- [2] - - [2] --- LoLWiki - [3]

This section serves as a quick introduction. It presents a glimpse at a champions abilities and playstyle to help new players gauge its worth. To get into details, follow the below guide links.
  • - Mid [4] - APC [5] - dominant [6] ---- -- [7] - [8] LaCorpse - [9] +++
    A beautiful and extensive Guide. Very helpfull. [10] Guardsman Bob sometimes plays Ahri. [11]

More Information

Rather than showing only the one top rated guide, I try to give a pervasive list of all possible builds. Dominant builds are the most successfull and approved by the community. Viable builds are innovative ways to build a champion that may trade weaknesses in some areas for even greater strenghts than the dominant builds in others, but perform slightly worse overall; they are still good enough to deserve to be mentioned. Troll builds are only brought up in order to help new players avoid the mistake of useing them. They should not be used in serious games and can get you banned.
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More Information


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Champion Guides

Aatrox is a heavy fighter with strong AD and AS scalings. Allthough his attacks contribute the major part of his damage, his skill base damage is quite high and soon to be expecting a nerf. I havn't played him much yet.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant[/b] ---- ---- ---- --- - dirtydots - +++
    Finally a decent Aatrox guide. It could be a little longer, but here you get a very good overview.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - dominant[/b] ---- ---- ---- - - luigidragon - ++
    A high-class jungle lecture with all the basics.

Ahri is a creature of beauty. With all her distracting lights and charms she can be hard to tackle. Even though her main CC is a skillshot, she is more a proximity based champion and just needs to get close to trigger her damage. Her ultimate makes this easy and save.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - xDanielWang - ++
    Sadly, LaCorpse's Ahri Guide is no longer up to date, so read this mediocre replacement - it has potential.
  • - Bot - ADC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- -- - Ensomere - +
    For advanced players. Possible due to her snare and mobility. Scaling issues and short range.

Akali is known for her relentless poke and execution. These traits of hers are build around extremely potent auto-attacks and a spammable area of effect and single target damage. The fact that she gets free spellvamp on top of that is almost too much, but without sustain she would be too easy to shut down in lane.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - F3ar0ner - +++
    All-round Akali guide. Can also be played Top.

Alistar is not a very bright champion, he is reknown to destroy the best engages with a stupid headbutt. But when you succede in combining his unbelievable amount of CC and his tankyness with smart play, he can totally destroy enemy positioning and catch his adversaries off guard.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- ---- --- Zeke's Herald - SeppiMontana - +
    Decent support guide. Bilingual, but that shouldn't bother anyone, the content is fine.
  • - Jungle - OffTank - borderline ---- -- - || Catalyst || - +++*
    Unfortunately nerfed to the ground and the guide is outdated, too. Could become viable again, though.

Amumu should be overwhelmed with sorrow after all the nasty nerfs he had to endure. His very weak early game is still triumphed by his gamechanging ultimate. Land one or two of them and your team wins. This is risky though, as he is weaker than he used to be and has no way to dissengage.

Anivia is very hard to kill. With her stun, slow and wall she can prevent most enemies from even getting close to her. On top of that, her passive makes her even more persistent. Just as the icing on the egg, she has solid DPS and burst damage, justifying almost any build on her.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - Pluckin Penguin - +++*
    Wow. Overwhelming guide and a must read for any Anivia player. You obviously watch Froggen if you want to learn to play Anivia.

Annie is an AOE burst mage. Due to her short range, she often needs flash as an engagement tool. Her passive allows for save poke and kills. With her bear to tank for her and with a pretty awesome shield she can also become quite resilient. Never underestimate this young pyromaniac.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - 1000Lava - +++
    Decent Annie guide, but there are only very few of them.
  • - Bot - Support - viable ---- ---- ---- -- - gleebglarbu - +
    The basics about Annie support.

Ashe is more than just an AD carry. She is an initiator, a scout, someone you can rely on. Her utility gives her an unusually high influence on the outcome of the game, and allthough her early game is pretty rough, she is a very strong carry.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - jhoijhoi - +++
    Very extensive and well-written Ashe guide.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - astrolia - +++
    Miniguide. Superb.
  • - Bot - Support - borderline ---- ---- - Shurelya'sZeke's Herald - [none] - [none]
    Very unusual but effective build, spamming her utility-heavy skills. S4 could make this build quite popular with all the additional support gold.

Blitzcrank has only one job and it requires good timing and aim. If he succeed at it and lands his hooks, he can carry games. Facing enemies that can dodge or dissable the hook make him seem very weak, but if they ever let their guard down, one hook can still make the game. Funny machine, he is.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- ---- --- Zeke's Herald - MrMiyamotoTaco - +
    Outdated but still decent support guide. Very helpful.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - viable ---- ---- --- - Helgasst - +
    You wanna jungle with Blitz - this is the guide for it.
  • - Mid - Bruiser - viable ---- ---- ---- -- - iggi - +++
    All-round Blitz guide, look it up for an AP build.

Brand can wreak havoc on clustered teams and his passive allows him to finish enemies who already thought they could escape his mayhem. Since his stun is hard to land, he really loves tanky junglers who can set up kills for him. He has hillarious skins.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - BlackIceT - +++
    A wonderfull Brand guide. You don't need anything more.

Caitlyn is known for her tasty cupcake traps and her long ranged poke. She has the highest natural range of all AD carries and this allows her to make life hard for any short ranged enemy. When given an attack speed and movement speed steroid and she becomes unstoppable.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - Luther3000 - +++
    Well, you won't find anything better than this. Seriously, I have tried :D
  • - Bot - Support - viable ---- ---- ---- -- Zeke's Herald - [none] - [none]
    With high base damages and poke she might be viable in certain compositions.

Cassiopeia is a DPS caster with multiple DOTs and a unique single-target damage ability that has almost no CD. Her ultimate and poison clouds serve to paralyze victims while she picks out the most vulnerable of them and sinks her fangs into their heart. Not an easy champion to play, but very rewarding when mastered.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - Commercialized - +++
  • - Jungle - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- -- - Gott der 7 Meere - +
    My miniguide is an unusual approach for those that love the snake and want her to roam around.
  • - Bot - Support - viable ---- ---- ---- -- - lolmart - +
    Interesting build.

Cho'Gath needs to land his knock-up to succeed. But in case he lands it, aquired targets just die. His burst and true damage finisher are naturally high and have excellent AP ratios. Once he survives the early game his passive sustains him in lane and, together with his natural tankyness, makes him very hard to kill.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- --- - OTGBionicArm - 93%
    Learn how to become a true battle tank. Outstanding guide.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- - Synisto - 85%
    Solid Jungle Cho guide. I miss DuffTime's guide though...

Corki is the only AD carry able to reveal stealthed enemies, something that can be a decisive advantage. His kit is pretty strong, but requires carefull mana management. His auto attacks recieve additional true damage and he can snipe over long distances with his missiles.

Darius is one of the most brutal champions. Running around and pressing R already allows him to pentakill. Don't play him if you want to learn a lot, but rather play against him when you get the chance, it is a challenge that will teach you a lot.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- --- - Phil Collins - 91%
    Decent top guide.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - viable ---- ---- --- - Joxuu - 85%
    Its another top lane guide; have a look at its jungle build.

Diana is a surprisingly durable assassin. With a lot of AOE damage and CC she can wreak havoc in teamfights. Despite beeing melee she can still farm and poke with ease. After she gets her ultimate, she can kill anything that stands in the moonlight.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - brkl789 - 78%
    Very good Diana guide, vote this up! And watch SK Ocelote.
  • - Jungle - APC - dominant ---- ---- --- - Mr.Rogers - 56%
    Best jungle guide on Diana atm.

Dr. Mundo goes where he pleases! Honestly, with his annoying sustain and CC not many people will even try to stop him. While he has horrible scalings, his abilities deal a huge amount of base damage. Don't be deluded into fighting this guy alone, he will prevail.
  • - Jungle - Tank - dominant ---- ---- -- - thataznkid95 - 68%
    I consider this the best jungle guide for Mundo, make a better one if you disagree.
  • - Top - Bruiser - viable ---- ---- ---- -- - Arcaroth - 53%
    Decent description of a Top lane build. Don't complain about the low rating, I think the top rated Mundo guides are bad.

Draven has insane damage with his axes, and it is hard to abuse the only weakness he has: his predictable positioning when he catches them. The axing requires some skill, and it is fun to junggle around with three of them. Make him loose his spinning weapons and you beat him.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - GrandmasterD - 93%
    A cleverly written short guide, read this first. Watch the master of Draven: ROBERTxLEE.

Elise will constantly chunk away your health. And unless you heal up somehow she will web you and infuse a poison that will lead to your untimely demise. She is also cunning in the creation of ambushes and she can escape from many a bad situation unharmed.
  • - Top - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - YourSpineIsMine - 91%
    Pretty intense guide with a good matchup section.
  • - Jungle - APC - dominant ---- ---- --- - EZYoDA - 84%
    Short and well-written jungle guide.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - [none] - [none]
    So far there is no support guide, we definitely need one here !

Evelynn comes from nowhere and hurts. When you don't do something about her, she will destroy you - she has phenomenal DPS, mobility and durability and only needs the right timing to succeed. High base damage and good scaling merit AP builds, but she can do well with AD, too.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - TritonJak - 92%
    In-depth guide to AP Evelynn. Watch Dan Dinh.
  • - Jungle - APC - dominant ---- ---- -- - Opeth - 92%
    Good jungle guide.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - viable ---- ---- -- - Harrisnyan - 64%
    Alternative approach with AD and Triforce, more of a bruiser build.

Ezreal owns amazing poke and mobility. Usually he will get you low before he even comes close. Few AD carries can match him in terms of DPS early-mid game, but it can be easily blocked when fighting in minion waves. His blink allows him to dodge every skillshot and his ultimate can snipe targets across the whole map.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - Embracing - 92%
    A very good-looking and short Ezreal guide. Recommended for a first impression.
    Watch Guardsman Bob if you want to get to know ADC Ezreal better.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - Akakakushi - 78%
    Most general and extensive Ezreal guide. Very informative.
  • - Mid - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- - - Gott der 7 Meere - 81%
    My own guide on APC Ezreal.
  • - Jungle - ADC - viable ---- ---- ---- -- - tehAsian - 72%
    If you pick Ezreal, you normaly won't jungle because he gets more Farm Mid or Bot and because there are better junglers. If you insist, this is how its done.

Fiddlesticks's ultimate is the strongest AOE damage a mage has to offer. Together with huge sustain and loads of CC he is a valuable asset to any team. As a jungler or mid laner he loves to roam and keep his enemies on their toes. As a support he will allow for easy poke.
  • - Jungle - APC - dominant ---- ---- --- - EventHorizon610 - 84%
    Fiddle is a strong jungler if the team composition allows it. Unfortunately there are no good guides for him.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - Ray The Guy - 82%
    Allthough seldom seen, he is quite a good mid laner. Please someone write a better mid guide.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- ---- -- - SlashStarEX - 68%
    Not a good support guide, but thats all there is...

Fiora can give an impressive demonstration of her duelling skills that will end with your defeat. Fighting her straight-up requires an elaborate plan to dodge her feints and repostes and it is hard to match her sheer speed and skill. You better not play by the rules if you want to win.
  • - Top - ADC - dominant ---- ---- --- - - - BlackIceT - 93%
    Everything you need to know about her. This build goes for Riposte first. Good matchup section.
  • - Top - ADC - dominant ---- ---- --- - - - Return of Bob - 84%
    Another approach going for Lunge first. Pretty good, too.

Fizz is cuddly and harmless. Right. Well, he has this unfortunate sharkaffliction. Don't disturb him or you will get eaten by his big pal. Don't even try to catch him, he will wriggle himself out of any situation.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - Nytrite - 93%
    Read this first! Perfect lecture concerning the fish.
  • - Jungle - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- -- - Kaminaya - 78%
    You need the right team to jungle with Fizz and it can get difficult if you fall behind in farm.

Galio is a relentless anti-mage tank. With a natural MR build path he can't be bursted, with a huge shield he cant be damaged with DOTs, and with his mobility and high skill-damage he can easily defeat even the most powerfull casters. Only long ranged AD carries and AD bruisers can harm him.
  • - Mid - Tank - dominant ---- ---- -- - - - Nusaik - 93%
    An all-round guide, everything you will need to learn about the stone sentinel.

Gangplank doesn't fit into any particular role. He is a bloody pirate! AP/AD/Tank/Support, he can do it all and he is annoying at everything he does. Sadly he took several nerfs to all his abilities for "balancing"-purposes.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- -- - Xeronn - 90%
    One of the best guides on MobaFire. A must read! Vote this up, it deserves to be higher! Check out the jungle section, too.
  • - Mid - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- -- - Thatdudeinthecotton - 59%
    In serious play, you may only want to build AP on him when you can combine his ult with AOE CC compositions. Its fun, but pretty bad and shrinking into insignificance late-game in any other case.

Garen unites tankyness with damage like few other champions. His only weakness is the complete lack of hard CC. Still, he has a silence that allows him to fight ability reliant champions with ease, and he is very resistant to crowd control. Beware of his spin, it has a huge damage potential.
  • - Top - Off-Tank - dominant ---- --- - - Wongstar - 64%
    After some comparison, I think this is the guide you should read. Pretty long, though.

Gragas is a burst oriented mage. Because he needs to be close to use all of his damage, his abilities also grant him hefty defensive stats. With impressive mana and health regeneration he can outsustain many enemies. His skins are hillarious.
  • - Mid - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - Noob Police - 93%
    In-Depth guide on AP Gragas. Its outdated, but still the best guide.
  • - Jungle - OffTank - viable ---- ---- -- - COL Lautemortis - 61%
    Jungle Gragas can work as AP similar to the Mid build, as Bruiser with a Triforce or as OffTank. This guide will teach you the essentials.

Graves is a burst oriented AD carry. With a nice attack-speed steroid and a passive that gives resistances, he is also very strong as long as he can attack. But his range is short, so many other AD carries can poke him - until he throws his amazing smoke screen at them, one of the best zoning tools.

Hecarim is a speedy and durable champion with lots of initiation tools and huge AOE DPS. His insane sustain scales with damage delt by your team. Mostly he is build as a tank or offtank because his damage is high already high enough.
  • - Jungle - Tank - dominant ---- ---- - - Xiaowiriamu - 95%
    Decent guide, mostly jungle, but there is also a top lane section.

Heimerdinger is a pusher. Defending his lane and relentlessly pushing down enemy towers is his speciality. He should never be seen or played as a burst mage, since most of his damage comes from stationary turrets and a difficult to hit skillshot. His poke and push make him vulnerable to jungle ganks, so beware.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - Keltzon - 69%
    Decent guide, it could be better formatted, but the content is good.

Irelia is a killer. But not one of the squishy assassins, no, she is one of those 'I don't care what you do I will kill one of you'-champions. Her huge amount of tenacity allows her to ignore CC and her gap closers and high DPS let her just murder things. She needs expensive items to do that that, but her farming capabilities are superb.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- -- - Vynertje - 78%
    Very good explanations and easy reading. Read this to get a first impression.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - dominant ---- --- - [none] - [none]
    Irelia can jungle decently and has nice ganks. But because she is a lot better off beeing farmed and her lane presence is huge, she is rather played as a solo laner.

Janna is a valuable contribution to any team as her passive alone can decide many lanes. Her nice dissengages and rescue skills allow her to change the outcome of every clash. Also her skills have splendid AP ratios and she can be a devastating pusher.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- ---- -- - MissMaw - 92%
    Wonderfull guide, both in well design and educational. A must-read.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- ---- -- Zeke's Herald - IceCreamy - 77%
    Another outstanding guide. Well writtend and recommended for reading.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - YuanFen - 88%
    Decent description of APC Janna, but you need to watch Zekent to learn how its done.
  • - Bot - ADC - troll ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- - [none] - [none]
    A very fun troll build. Self- works well, but she has a very short range and scaling issues. Works in CS and ARAM as "emergency build", but AP is always stronger.

Jarvan IV will jump around the map to geth to his enemies. His armor and shield will help him survive and make him a good tank. Buying some AD also helps as he has good ratios and it allows him to burst squishies down.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- -- - xxIAMLEGENDxx - 86%
    Nice matchup section, long and in-depth guide on solo laneing.
  • - Jungle - Tank - dominant ---- ---- - - Annunziato - 85%
    Here you find some information on jungling with him. EZYoDa's new guide is a promising start and serves as a helpful introduction. Watch Fnatic Cyanide.

Jax is a remarkable duellist, with everything a bruiser can wish for. With some spellvamp and lifesteal he becomes unkillable late game. He is the only champion retaining some of the old dodge mechanics, wich allow him to jump on and kill any AD carry.
  • - Jungle - Off-Tank - dominant ---- - - bagginbagelnarb - 83%
    Yay, huge introduction to Jax. Jungle him if you like, but he is a stronger laner.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- -- - tehAsian - 82%
    This guide shows you how to win top lane very well.

Jayce can be played in any role, and as long as you don't build AP on him, you will do well. His speedup and melee abilities alone make him a valuable asset to any team, but on top of that he has special synergy with poke teams and when building as an AD caster. His nukes are immense.
  • - Top - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - Berzerk - 92%
    This is the way to play him best. Really impressive guide.

Jinx may lack a dash, but she makes up for that with enormous hard CC abilities and amazing DPS. Her attack speed steroid alone melts down towers and champions alike, waveclear, AOE finisher and long-range poke on top of that make her one of the strongest ADC.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- --- - MRN.ecco - +
    A relatively short and new pro guide that constitutes - so far - the best Jinx guide here.

Karma needs to carefully manage her mantra to succeed. The recent rework dealt with her lack of CC and range, she now has both, together with huge shields and burst damage. A very strong pick, but with a high skillcap.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- --- - - - MissWitch - 90%
    Best guide after her rework, still a work in progress, though, as well as Marceloqa's Karma Guide.
  • - Bot - Support - viable ---- ---- ---- - - [none] - [none]
    There is yet no good support guide on her, yet.

Karthus will let every enemy despair. There is just no escape from his damage, even after he dies. Positioning and skill for the right walls and AOE devastation is crucial on Karthus. Pressing 'R' is the easy part.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- --- - - - wRAthoFVuLK - 89%
    There are just no other decent Karthus guides. Please someone write one. Watch Phantoml0rd.
  • - Jungle - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- - - [none] - [none]
    Karthus Jungle is very strong. Watch Azingy for this.
  • - Mid - APC - troll ---- ---- ---- ---- - Zeke's Herald - jhoijhoi - 92%
    Best Karthus guide eva :D This is your introduction to BBCode .

Kassadin is a strong roamer, because his ult allows him to jump around the map and have a big stack of damage when he gets to his targets. Attached to his burst is a silence and slow that makes it very hard to escape from or to counter entirely. His only problem is mana, he can never have enough of it.

Katarina is a very mobile champion, she can jump to anything, anytime. Everyone fears her dagger-throwing ultimate, as it is likely to kill or severely cripple entire teams and her passive allows her to do it again after a kill.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - Ilosiada - 83%
    Not only a good-looking guide, its a guide with good content, too. I recommend it. Watch Curse Voyboy.

Kayle is an earlygame lane bully with lots of kite. Her ultimate and heal make her hard to gank or kill and they also make her a great teamplayer. She is weak with his stuff on CD, tough, beeing a melee champion and a quite squishy one at that.
  • - Top - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - FalseoGod - 93%
    I recommend this as a first lecture, there is valuable information on any Kayle build in here.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - ExtremeKabuto - 81%
    Another outstanding Kayle guide, a very well-written matchup section included.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - dominant ---- -- - Mr.Vortigon - 72%
    Decent jungle guide.
  • - Bot - Support - viable ---- ---- --- - Zeke's Herald - Halipupu - 86%
    Unusual approach on supporting with Kayle.

Kennen can poke well and gets a stun every now and then. His ult makes him a superb teamfighter and synergizes with AOE damage. He has very good base stats for a ranged champion, something that makes him a strong AD carry.
  • - Top - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - Polsemanden - 89%
    Solid Top lane guide with extensive matchup section.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - Vitigam - 91%
    Very full and long guide.
  • - Bot - ADC - viable ---- ---- ---- --- - - Haedrix - 81%
    Due to high base stats, this is a very powerfull build, even after some nerfs, it still works.

Kha'Zix is an alien predator who will slay any prey or rival. His instincts are tuned to chase and devour. Be smart and he will fall for your baits.

Kog'Maw outranges any other AD carry, gets additional percentage damage and attack speed and is hard to get to with his AOE slow. He has a relatively weak early game and his passive is very unreliable.
  • - Bot - ADC - viable ---- ---- ---- - - manlyflower - 82%
    Very good guide, very innovative.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - Vynertje - 90%
    Classic AD carry build. If you are a traditionalist, build this.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - YayaFTW - 88%
    AP kog took some nerfs because he was so powerful, he is balanced now, as he can be devastating only with the right amount of skill.

LeBlanc means death out of the blue. Without Banshees and QSS you are sitting ducks. Her kit allows for incredible jukes. She is a little weak against strong pushers that force her to waste her skills on farming, and coordinated teamplay can make her life hard.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - Goffterdom - 78%
    A lot of information on LeBlanc. The later chapters are the best. Also read Totallyn00b's LeBlanc guide if you want to take an in-depth look at her.
  • - Top - ADC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- - Stella - 64% *
    Just to get the idea. Also you can ask Zekent to play her and he'll show you how its done.

Lee sin is one of the most difficult champions to master. Managing his energy between 7 different skills can be quite demanding. But once you can play him, you can destroy your enemies. Sustain, CC, damage, engage, dissengage, you will be uncounterable.
  • - Jungle - OffTank - dominant -- -- - - xxIAMLEGENDxx - 84% *
    Very In-Depth Jungle Lee guide. Recommended for reading. EZYoDa's guide and stream are also very recommended.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- - - -NA- Veng Lmfao - 74% *
    Another In-Depth guide. Very nice Top-Matchup description. Long.

Leona can't fight enemies on her own. She lacks damage in every aspect. Until she brings along some friends and they trigger her passive, her damage explodes. With all the CC and free resistances on top of that, she is a very good tank.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- ---- - - MissMaw - 84%
    Its sad to see Leona confined to the bot lane, but there she can do wonders. Here we have a wonderful guide and there are many more. Also have a look at Nusaik's Leona guide.
  • - Jungle - Tank - viable ---- ---- --- - - MTaur - 54%
    Slow clear speed. Wins only with good ganks. You may want to take Madreds to jungle.

Lissandra is a CC heavy mage. With all her snares and slows wich are on very low CD's, she can be very annoying. Her long distance dash and her stasis ultimate allow for nice jukes and great plays.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- --- - - MikenIkey - 63%
    In-depth guide with lots of explanations and helpful information.

Lucian features high-damage poke and mobility that scales amazingly with AP, AD and AS. This makes quite a unique hybrid character, that nevertheless works best with a slightly adapted ADC-build. His dash and long ranged vision are great for chasing.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - hidan159 - +
    Best guide with AD-build so far, there is definitly potential for better guides. Personally I think Guinsoo's Rageblade is core to any Lucian build.
  • - Mid - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- --- - Mofwolo - +
    Only AP guide, just conveys the basics.

Lulu has lots of poke and DPS, but lacks burst. Her kit is quite strong for a DPS champion, as it includes slows, speedups and shields to kite and prevail. On-Hit builds work very well on her, but she can also just support her AD carry.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- --- - - astrolia - 93% *
    This should be your first guide concerning Lulu.
  • - Mid - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- - [none] - [none]
    This can be a very strong option if your team can handle it.
  • - Top - Bruiser - viable ---- ---- --- - - Ravenholm - 79%
    A typical On-Hit build, this guide will serve you well.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - viable ---- --- -- - leipetaco - 83%
    Look at the jungle sections, and try out jungle Lulu, its awesome.

Lux's skills go beyond damage. Scouting, protecting, zoning, she is a huge asset to any team. Especially in teamfights her shield is very strong. She will always throw her snares at unsuspecting enemies and if she hits one, it means death for anyone that can't shield or cleanse it and flash to savety.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- --- - - Retribution - 95%
    The most complete Lux guide you can imagine. Covers everything. Its awesome. Watch SK Ocelote.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- -- -- Zeke's Herald - Gott der 7 Meere - 59%
    My own miniguide on support lux. The above AP guide also has a very decent support section.

Malphite can counter AD heavy teams with ease. He synergizes well with armor items and he can slow down his enemy's attack speed. Regardless of team composition, his ult serves very well for initiations and disruptions.
  • - Top - Tank - dominant ---- ---- -- - - PsiGuard - 95%
    Thats the first guide to read. Good stuff.
  • - Jungle - Tank - dominant ---- --- - - Skye - 91% *
    Not much used as there are so many other junglers, but still viable.
  • - Mid - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- - [none] - [none]
    Easy wins if your enemy doesn't know how to handly you. Shard them, Force them, win it.

Malzahar is slow and stationary, but he has huge AOE damage and some of the best AP scaling to make up for that. His ultimate is one of the few suppressions. Furthermore he regularly summons voidlings to fight at his side. They can become quite strong with AD.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- --- - - YourSpineIsMine - 92%
    Nice guide. Frankly, but there is not much to choose from.
  • - Jungle - ADC - viable ---- ---- --- - - ch987 - 53%
    Loose description of AD Malzahar. Its hard to pull off and needs the right team.

Maokai is known for his dash-snare and knockback. They make him a strong ganker and tank. Together with his sapplings they also offer surprising burst damage for quick jungle clear and ganks. Sapplings also allow for scouting. His ultimate seems useless, but it makes his team very tanky.
  • - Jungle - Tank - dominant ---- --- - - Teyso - 94%
    Very long and cramped guide. There is also an AP section in it.

Master Yi is a late game AD carry. He has many steroids for an AD build and he can split push and duel with ease. His escape is easy as his ultimate makes him unslowable. The days of AP Yi are over.
  • - Jungle - ADC - dominant ---- ---- - - Dark Percy - 91%
    Make him fast and his ganks will succeed despite lack of CC. Once he gets to late game, he can storm the base.
  • - Top - ADC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- - Creator of Chaos - 59%
    Bad guide, but Yi Top can work.

Miss Fortune has phantastic AOE damage for an AD carry. Her high movement speed and on-hit damage makes up for her short range, and her healing reduction makes life hard for sustain supports. Just make sure you manage her mana well.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - astrolia - 95%
    Good guide, not too long but it still covers everything worth mentioning.
  • - Mid - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- - Ragnar Fox - 77%
    Unusual but still working to some degree. It used to be better when her ult still dealt magic damage.

Mordekaiser is a relentless pusher. AP allows him to deal heavy AOE damage and to corrupt your carries. His shield leads to underestimations of his effective health, because it will recharge as long as he can hit something. But he is short ranged and lacks CC.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- --- - - Phemeth - 89%
    This is the one guide...

Morgana relies on confining her targets to a specific location to deal damage. Cleansing away her snares is the only effective way to fight her. She counters mages with her wonderful shield and can sustain herself in lane well.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - jhoijhoi - 93%
    You have to read this!
  • - Bot - Support - viable ---- ---- ---- - DKitten - 85%
    This serves as a great introduction to support Morgana.

Nami can trade damage very well, due to her heal and synergizes well with kiting AD carries who can utilize her on-hit slow and speedups well. Landing her CC requires some skill.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- --- - - astrolia - 94% *
    Well just read this before you get confused by all the other Nami guides.

Nasus is a strong fighter, owning many ranged abilities. He desperately needs farm, as his On-Hit ability scales with every kill he gets. He can afford to build full tank and still be a huge threat late game.

Nautilus has fast clear speed and still a huge kit for ganks and teamfights. Thats pretty strong for a jungler, and for such a save and sustaining one at that - due to his shield and hook. Make sure you get fast boots as he can be terribly slow. Awesome skins and animations.
  • - Jungle - Tank - dominant ---- --- - - sk1llzn00bz - 86%
    He is one of the strongest junglers at the moment, happy jungling! Some nice tricks can be found in EZYoDa's Nautilus guide.
  • - Mid - Bruiser - viable ---- ---- --- - - Fak3zs - 89%
    A little tricky to lane with, a farmed Nautilus is awesome for teamfights.
  • - Top - Bruiser - borderline ---- ---- - Xathaneal - 71%
    As half of the on-hit damage of his shield is applied on each auto-attack, it is tempting to go for an On-Hit build. But Nautilus has a terrible AS scaling (Annie-level AS). You better play Irelia or Teemo if you want On-Hit builds.

Nidalee just needs some AP and enemies that can't dodge her spears and its a win. Her traps for scouting and debuffing and her heal with the currently best attack speed buff also make her a decent support. Finally she can turn into her cougar to become a very mobile and high DPS bruiser.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - Lexosceles - 92%
    AP works wonders on her, go ahead and toss a javelin. Pretty long guide.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- --- - - Mooninites - 88%
    Really good guide, this should be the first thing you read concerning the bestial huntress.
  • - Bot - Support - viable ---- ---- ---- - Gott der 7 Meere - 32%
    If you want to support with her, you can either go AP like the above suggests and turn into another AP carry. Or you play as a standard aura support, it works to some degree.

Nocturne is pretty straightforward, fling your tail, fear someone, shield any CC and execute. You can even jump to your enemies. Right ? Well you need quite some skill to time the dust trail, to succed with your fear, to shield the right spells and lastly, to correctly use your ult - not only for jumping.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - dominant ---- -- - PsiGuard - 92%
    Very well written all-round guide for Nocturn. Try this! And watch TSM TheOddOne.
  • - Top - Bruiser - viable ---- ---- ---- - bitpik - 91%
    He can play top, but you never see him there... Short guide with the bare minimum.

Nunu is one of the most annoying enemies to deal with. He will never straight up fight, but always kite with his iceblasts. When followed into a bush, his ultimate will inevitably catch you. Regardless of his role, in late game he will blood-boil his AD carry and turn him into a killing-machine.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- ---- --- Zeke's Herald - Skurry - 93%
    In-Depth guide with extensive matchup and lane-partner section.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - dominant ---- -- - pjake - 90%
    Very extensive jungle guide, unfortunately outdated.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - dominant ---- -- - GorillaManJack - 77%
    Well written jungle-matchup section.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- - - Dorian182 - 93%
    Allthough a very frustrating and boring lane for you and your enemy, Nunu will win hard. Unfortunately this Sololane Guide is pretty short and confusing.

Olaf is known for his true damage and axe slows. As long as he has health left, he is a danger to be reckonned with. If you put any CC on him, he will just ignore it.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- -- - The Golden Monkey - 79%
    Its a good guide. A matchup section would be nice, though.
  • - Jungle - Tank - dominant ---- ---- - - -NA- Veng Lmfao - 78%
    Olaf is a decent jungler and he used to be quite popular. Even with pure tank items and a limited budget, he still maintains his frightening appearance and damage. Read this guide, it helps a lot.

Orianna is all about placing her ball correctly. She has lots of utility as her ball grants vision, resist, shields, speed, slow, knockback and, lastly, damage. Her auto attacks should not be underestimated as they scale with ability power.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- --- - - Cubby1313 - 93%
    Good, but long guide. Prepare for a long reading.
  • - Bot - Support - viable ---- ---- --- - - Yazzel - 65%
    Decent guide. Orianna can either be played as an AP support, or as a classic aura support, similar to Lux or Sona.
  • - Bot - ADC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- - [none] - [none]
    AD Orianna acctually works, due to her immense CC and resistance. But she is not an ordinary pick, and if she looses her lane, other AD carries will outscale her.

Pantheon is a strong AD caster with global presence and hard CC. He can block on-hit abilities and auto-attacks. His high movement speed also helps him roam.
  • - Mid - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- - - Xylarboden - 76%
    Vote this up, it deserves to be the top guide! Very recommended for reading. Watch Wingsofdeathx.

Poppy is one of the strongest champions and only underplayed due to her difficult laning phase. Late game she becomes incredibly powerfull at diving into an enemy team and killing key targets. Her passive makes her very hard to kill and her abilities all have huge damage and scale well with both AD and AP.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- - - Stokyj96 - 83%
    A very intense poppy lecture. Must read! Zekent plays this Yordle in High Elo.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - viable ---- ---- -- - DaCookieMonsta - 72%
    Jungle section at the end. Intrigueing explanations.

Quinn is a utility heavy AD carry, with scouting abilities, blinds and jumps. But then he has an ultimate that turns him into a melee fighter, something both dangerous, as it can get him killed instantly, and very rewarding, for its cleanup potential. It also turns him into a nice split pusher and counter-ganker.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - astrolia - 90%
    Outstanding guide. Enjoy it.

Rammus is known for his lightening-fast engages. Taunt and kill, rinse and repeat. He can also destroy towers or anthing else for that matter with his ultimate. Finally his stellar resistances allow him to survive even the biggest clashes and 1v1 almost anything.
  • - Jungle - Tank - dominant ---- ---- -- - Adachim - 93%
    This is a good guide. I would suggest you jungle with Madreds and Mobos, though.

Renekton wins with pure tankyness. His ultimate and Q allow him to survive quite a beating and sustain him in lane. His burst when full furry is immense.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- --- - - Zeke's Herald - Embracing - 86% *
    Decent guide. Also look at the top rated guide for lane matchup information: kingnotin.

Rengar is a brutal champion, full of instincts and untamed forces. He is very strong at trading damage and at farming. His ferocity bar makes him predictable to some degree. His role revolves about tracing key targets with his ultimate and deleting them, not caring wether he can come out alife or not.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- -- Bonetooth Necklace - Slayus - 86%
    Brutal-looking guide, lots of information on him. Watch Best Rengar NA.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - dominant ---- -- - - Le Pro of d00m - 84%
    There could be better jungle guides, but this one does the job.
  • - Mid - Assassin - viable ---- ---- --- - - Tatticadanit0 - 58%
    AP Rengar is still viable, allthough not as strong as it used to be.

Riven is one of the best AD scaling champions and once she gets ahead she can snowball like no other. Her abilities are all dashes of some sort and give her huge mobility, also she can really abuse the small benefits from shielding, stunning, knocking around her opponents in a lane.
  • - Mid - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - Satella - 70% *
    Words are not enough to express the grace and intelligence that went into the creation of this masterpiece. It serves as your best introduction, short, informative and a pleasure to read. I suggest you watch wingsofdeathx for Riven plays.
  • - Top - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - - Aquilegia - 87%
    Nice top lane guide. Watch boxbox.

Rumble relies on careful heat management to us his abilities to their maximum potential. When his machine is in a barely controlled overheating mode, his abilites become heavily buffed and even after fatal breakdown of his heat distribution, his auto attacks still allow him to hit hard. The most annoying thing about him are his two ranged slows.
  • - Top - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - Staafmixer - 90%
    Very good rumble guide with any and all information on this yordle.
  • - Jungle - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- -- - ugotboned - 63%
    Decent guide on a very underplayed role. Rumble jungle can be surprisingly successfull.

Ryze is the only true tank-mage. His scaling with Mana makes for unique builds and possibilities and his passive makes for a high DPS. He is pretty mobile and has a nice initiation CC with his cage. His only weak point is his short range.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - Hawkken - 94%
    Possibly the best of all guides on MobaFire, and its updated again! A must read! Watch Alex Ich if you want to see some Ryze.

Sejuani has good clearspeed and strong CC makeing her the perfect jungler. Because of her mobility and damage from tank items, she is currently a little too strong, and we can expect some nerfs in the near future.
  • - Jungle - Tank - dominant ---- ---- --- - Aquilegia - 88%
    Awesome all-round guide. Nicely structured and designed. Recommended.

Shaco is fun to play - obviously. He has some nice tricks for traps, jukes and kills up his sleeve. A really good Shaco player can abuse his powerfull kit to gather countless kills and he can - even in tricky situations - easily carry his team. Beware, he requires a lot of experience to be played well.
  • - Jungle - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- - Pluckin Penguin - 90%
    Hands down the best Shaco guide, not just because of the fancy coding. Really well written.
  • - TT-Jungle - ADC - dominant ---- ---- - aseafy - 61%
    Nice introduction to the Twisted Treeline Jungle.
  • - Dominion - APC - dominant ---- --- - Hextech Sweeper - LittleRaiden - 60%
    Allthough the guide is for Summoner's Rift and not really that good, AP Shaco can wreak havoc with his relentless ambushes on the small new maps. He is a really strong Dominion champion.

Shen is known for his global presence. Even after many nerfs and with a terribly long CD, his ultimates still make or break games. Allthough his jungle speed is very slow, his ganks are very strong if lands a taunt. His shield also makes him surprisingly tanky.
  • - Top - OffTank - dominant ---- ---- --- - Roronoa EvrIs - 90%
    Extensive guides with matchup section. Everything one needs to comprehend Shen.
  • - Jungle - OffTank - dominant ---- ---- - BurningToast - 68%
    Very short, only the general idea and example builds.

Shyvana's strength are her auto attacks. They enhance all her abilities and give her unrivaled damage. She severely lacks CC and only her ultimate - which turns her into a dragon - gives her a gap closer and small knockback.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - dominant ---- --- - - tehAsian - 89%
    Very good guide, some pretty valuable information.
  • - Top - Bruiser - viable ---- ---- --- - -- - thefr0g - 82%
    Without sustain or defense, top lane can be difficult for a melee champion. Follow this guide if you want to try it.

Singed doesn't deal damage. His poison does. Coupled with Rylai's its also your main CC tool. Get people to chase after you and your job is done. There is hardly a champion that encourages as many sucide attempts as singed. With some solid CC and an absolutely top level steroid, he is one of the strongest tanks.
  • - Top - Tank - dominant ---- ---- ---- -- - Hodgeybeatz - 94%
    Decent guide, but nothing special.

Sion is split between high burst AP skills and AD steroids. Riot intended him to be played as a tank and base-damage focused champion and many think this is outdated. This inconsistency and his ugly artwork will probably lead to a rework.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- ---- - tryhardtayler - 90%
    Either you build AD and rely on his tremendous steroids and lifesteal to dominate late game, just as this guide suggests ...
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - totalimmortal - 88%
    ... or you play him as a high burst roamer that falls off towards late game.
  • - Jungle - Off-Tank - viable ---- ---- -- - TheRealTune - 76%
    A jungle build can't really afford a full AD or AP build and will be more of a tank-support-bruiser. He is a quick and easy to play jungler with decent clear speed and ganks.

Sivir is a short ranged AD carry without escapes. Still, she has huge mobility with movment speed boosts and a spellshield that allows to counter many enemy moves. Her burst from a well-thrown boomerang is immense. With her AS steroids aura and AOE auto-attack bounces, she is a splendid pusher and teamfighter.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - Meridianprime - 93%
    The best guide on Sivir. But there are only few of them...
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - Fantomette - 65% *
    Even though this is an outdated build, Sivir can be played with a "blue build", similar to Ezreal, with a big DPS increase.

Skarner is a strong melee fighter with sustained damage and awesome CC. His ultimate is the a strong initiation and interruption tool. His passive makes him very dangerous to ignore, because once he starts auto-attacking he is hard to disengage from. His healing spell and shield make him naturally tanky, and he has some of the best base stats of all champions.
  • - Jungle - OffTank - dominant ---- ---- - SirSpankAlot - 89%
    The best way to jungle with skarner.
  • - Top - OffTank - viable ---- ---- ---- -- - ninjabrain - 87%
    Not much to say about the guide the build works.
  • - Mid - Bruiser - viable ---- ---- ---- --- - Gott der 7 Meere - 65%
    Many AP Skarner guides fall for the combination of AS and AP and build glass canon AP stackers. That is wrong IMO and I present my own approach.

Sona may be mute, but she is a musical talent. She can force her enemies to dance, to hurt themselves, to hestitate in their movement or to suddenly loose the will to fight. She is based around repeated use of small impact skills that that win her most engages over time. Her flash-ult is the strongest initiation a support can have.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- ---- -- - - astrolia - 93% *
    A magnificent guide. Very recommended for reading.
  • - Bot - ADC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- --- - Mojoboy - 61%
    Sona's early damage used to be greater but nowadays her level 1 is pretty weak. Its can still work wonders against certain enemies. AD Sona and Support Ashe make a pretty strong bot lane.
  • - ARAM - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- - TheFanciestBard - 62%
    Bad guide and AP Sona is generally considered weak. But she wins ARAM games!

Soraka is a sustain support strong burst healing and the only mana-giving skill. Allthough considered a passive laner - and played as one by most of the occasional support players - she is a DPS beast with a very strong damage output. She can also be played as a AP-DPS-mage but needs the right team to function properly. Easy to play and very rewarding to master.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- ---- --- - Halipupu - 94%
    The only decent soraka guide.
  • - Mid - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- --- - [none] - [none]
    Occasionally played, used to be stronger.
  • - Jungle - Tank - troll ---- ---- ---- ---- - - [none] - [none]
    No, I'm not talking about a friendly roamer that helps lanes with sustain, I am talking about the Revive- Rally-jungle Soraka that used to threaten in many ranked games when people didn't get what they wanted. Don't ever play it, don't ever lock it in, don't even mention it.

Swain is a powerfull wizzard with some of the highest damage. But with an overall small cast range and without any mobility he needs a more durable build to do his job. His sustain allows him to win many solo lanes and his CC is remarkable. Huge synergy with Fiddlesticks.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- ---- - FalseoGod - 80%
    Good AP guide for Top/Mid.
  • - Top - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- ---- - CasterMaster - 93%
    The top rated guide, very good. Top/Mid.

Syndra is a proud mage. She wants you to keep your distance and behave. She only longs to punish you for a mistake, and will remind you of her power with her dark spheres always lying in your range of sight. She will relish in creating spheres or smash minions with them just to show off, so you better wait until she is making mistakes in her own overconfidence.

Talon is an AD based Assassin and counter to many squishy mid laners. With stealth, silence and slows he can be hard to catch. Its sad that a champion like Zed was created, who pretty much replaces him. Talon needs a rework to be more distinguished.
  • - Mid - Assassin - dominant ---- ---- -- - Vapora Dark - 88%
    Everything you ever wanted to know about the Assassin.

Taric is a bursty support with strong aura effects and a nice stun. He synergizes well physical damage ability champions. Allthough he is vulnerable to poke, he has a strong heal that can aleviate this problem at the cost of massive mana consumption. He has quite some damage for a support.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- ---- --- - Kinesis - 94%
    Extensive guide, very good description of matchups and synergies.
  • - Mid - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- --- - Megaboss - 84%
    Outrageous guide. Situational counter pick.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - viable ---- ---- --- - - hide your beacon - 78%
    Far to short, only conveying the general idea and example builds.

Teemo is the most hated and most loved champion in the League. He is cute, he is fast, he can hide and his traps are undoubtedly neat and civilised. But then, he can also be a really annoying pain in the a-ss. His play always revolves around his famous shroom fields, which can make or break a game.
  • - Dominion - Defender - dominant -- - jts2 - 87%
    A full AP build works exceptionally well on the small and ward free maps.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- --- - MysticalZelda - 80%
    On-Hit builds are wonderful on him due to his high AS and poison. The Rain Man plays him.
  • - Mid - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- -- - noire - 91%
    He is not an ordinary AP carry and AP/AS or On-Hit/AP hybrid builds suit him best as they maximize his magic damage DPS.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - viable ---- ---- --- - [none] - [none]
    Teemo can jungle and be a painful roamer and pusher. However, this runs against the meta to some degree and therefore difficult to play.

Thresh is a very agressive support, he wants to auto attack and get his short ranged CC off. Alltough he gets pretty close, he has amazing protection with a unique AOE shield and jumping tool and his weird Armor/AP passive. His most defining ability is his scythe, to dissable and destroy enemies from afar.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- ---- --- - gabmed - 87%
    There are a number of good thresh guides her, I suggest you read this one if you want an in-depth lecture. You can also read OTGBionicArm's guide to get a quick overview, Therds guide for a refreshingly well designed lecture or Meteroskies guide for a extensive matchup section. Watch EG Krepo for some live experience.
  • - Top - ADC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- -- - manefisto - 59%
    For a AD or bruiser like top guide read this. I know its low rated, but I like it.

Tristana is a late game beast. With a huge attack speed steroid and a steadily increasing attack range, she can afford to build massive AD items. She can also protect herself well with a long-range jump and a AOE knockback. If you leave her unattended, she can push your base in a matter of seconds.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - DarkPercy - 93%
    Good AD build with lots of information.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - DarkPercy - 92%
    Good AP build with lots of information.

Trundle can duell very well, but gets lost when there is more than one enemy to deal with. His amazing terrain-transforming skillset offers great zone controll and is devastating to enemy positioning. We really need more trollguides!
  • - Jungle - OffTank - dominant ---- -- -- - gladBats - 95%
    Not much to choose from, we need more Trundle guides !

Tryndamere is a highly crit-reliant champion. His early game is marked by his squishyness and needs some luck in duels. The more the game proceeds, the more he turns into a pentakill machine that can only be shut down with exhaust and lots of cc.
  • - Top - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - mariopwns - 88%
    Very neat introduction to Tryndamere on top lane.
  • - Jungle - ADC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- -- - Gott der 7 Meere - [none]
    Hybrid approach for more sustain, but remember that even a full AP build would still only yield physical damage. The nerfs to his Q made this harder to play in lane, but it still works in the jungle.
  • - Jungle - ADC - viable ---- ---- ---- --- - poinears - 72%
    Jungle guide. Overall lack in farm. Difficult.

Twisted Fate is absurdly strong with his global presence through gold-passive, always imminent CC-burst-ganks and pushing pressure. If you can pick your cards right, he offers a splendid gambling career.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - oxide110 - 92%
    In depth guide, lots of interesting stuff.
  • - Bot - ADC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- -- - Rudmed - 92%
    Alternate approach. Short ranged and far smaller impact on the game though.

Twitch is just annoyingly strong throughout the game. He doesn't have any real weakness and only his own greediness is the downfall of most rats. Stealth, steroids, true damage and AOE burst, he is pretty strong.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - utopus - 92%
    The masterpiece on Twitch, prepare for a long read. ROBERTxLEE sometimes plays Twitch.
  • - Bot - ADC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- -- - Yakkers17 - 63%
    A shorter and more organised guide on Twitch - focus on .

Udyr has everything he needs in his abilities, and a flexible skilling and liberal use of them makes him a cheap to itemize champion. His biggest weakness is his vulnerability to kite and the need to close the gap to his enemies. The recent remake and new items made him very strong again.
  • - Jungle - OffTank - dominant ---- --- - Sp4c31nv4d3r - 56%
    Introduction to jungleing, but it could be much better.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- --- - -NA- Veng Lmfao - 88%
    Amazing guide. Tiger-Top. Recommended.

Urgot is not a traditional, auto-attacking AD carry. His short range and ultimate require a much more durable build and his good AD scaling and physical damage abilities make him more a AD caster than anything else. When played with CC-supports he can easily dominate a lane.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - bigfatcow - 90%
    Decent Urgot build, but with only 4 guides there is not much to choose from. We need more Urgot guides.

Varus has a very long range for an AD carry. Together with the slow and snare from his abilities he can kill his enemies without fear of retaliation. Enemies that outrange him or can close the gap are his strongest counters, as he can't get away once cornered.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - caseynelson - 83%
    Good guide, conveys the basics of ADC Varus.
  • - Mid - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- -- - Needlous - 80%
    Only decent guide on AP Varus.

Vayne is a hyper carry. What she lacks in range she makes up with mobility and high DPS. Her unique true damage destroys even the most durable tanks and her three-shot combo is deadly to squishies. Hard early game, but glorious career perspectives.
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - jhoijhoi - 92%
    In-depth guide on Vayne. Good stuff! WildTurtle plays her. If someone can get me the link to Doublelift's stream, I'll also include it (I have failed to find it so far).
  • - Bot - ADC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - brkl789 - 88%
    Another solid approach for an AD carry build.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- ---- - [none] - [none]
    With her range and mobility, she can counter many top laners. No guide to this as of now.

Veigar is the blueprint of a mage. He has the highest AP scaling in the League, together with an infinitely stacking AP. However, there are soo many ways to bypass his burst, that he needs a lot of teamwork and protection.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - PsiGuard - 93%
    Good Veigar guide with lots of in-depth information.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - europeanorigin - 87%
    This guide offers even more curious details about Veigar and is for those that want to delve deeper into his mysteries.
  • - Jungle - APC - viable ---- ---- ---- --- - [none] - [none]
    The S2 jungle offered some APC's new possibilities, and Veigar was one of them. With S3 it still works, but there are soo many better junglers.

Vi's auto-attacks belong to the strongest damage the League has to offer. With a shield, AOE damage and gap closers on top of that, she makes a very strong jungler, even after several nerfs.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - dominant ---- -- -- - EZYoDa - 86%
    Short and decent jungle guide. Watch his stream for some lessons: YoDaTV.

Viktor brings surprising burst damage, CC and poke. However, he has a very high skillcap and needs to get quite cloose when fighting. He is very underplayed.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - GrandmasterD - 81%
    Read this if you want to get a first impression. There is still a lack of Viktor guides.

Vladimir has a very weak early game. But his sustain and damage will steadily increase until he can beat almost any top laner. His high DPS and self-healing capability together with his famous pool will make countless enemies fall for him in their overconfidence. Silences are his one big enemy.

Volibear is feared for his fling-slow-execute. As a naturally tanky champion he won't hesitate to invade your jungle or dive towers. If he gets an early kill, he can wreak havoc as an unkillable creature of chaos.
  • - Jungle - Tank - dominant ---- ---- --- - EZYoDa - 78%
    Short and well-written jungle guide. Watch Fnatic Cyanide.
  • - Top - Off-Tank - viable ---- ---- ---- - - shukmeister - 91%
    Walls and walls of text. Its goot content, though.
  • - Top - Tank - viable ---- ---- ---- ---- - - Froz - 71%
    Allthough this guide's build is pretty bad, there is a lot of precious information found here. Worth reading!

Warwick is the true hunter of the league. He can chase, jump and execute anything, low health targes prefered. Allthough Rengar is better at this, Warwick contributes more to his team with his aura and reveal. His naturally high sustain make him an easy jungler and solo laner.
  • - Jungle - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- - - jhoijhoi - 85%
    A good introduction to the new Twisted Treeline Jungle. Recommended.
  • - Jungle - OffTank - viable ---- ---- --- - Jushak - 58%
    Very good alternative build for a tankier setup.
  • - Top - Bruiser - viable ---- ---- ---- --- - [none] - [none]
    Sadly Warwick took many nerfs due to a 'hard to balance' Q. This used to be an ownage build, but now your getting owned with it. I hope he gets buffed again.

Wukong is a funny champion with magnificent animation and artwork. He will make a crazy performance and poke you with his stick, until you rage at him and beat up his decoy. Confusion and surprises at your cost are his style and you better predict what he is doing if you want to mess with him.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- ---- - ShortyHUN - 70%
    I recommend this, its very easy to read and well designed. Everything you need.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- ---- - BlackIceT - 93%
    A little too loud for my taste, but good guide and especially well written matchup section.

Xerath will kill you out of nowhere. No one can be save from him, his range allows for the most incredible snipes. Despite his stationary-mode he is incredibly mobile and if he gets fed, there is really nothing you can do against a good Xerath player.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- ---- - Caster Master - 92%
    This should be your first reading material concerning Xerath.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- ---- - throatslasher - 72%
    This gives you a good matchup section and a more burst oriented build.

Xin Zhao combines like no other champion high level CC with loads of damage. As long as he can auto attack he only needs 3 hits to kill. Add his On-Hit sustain and you have everything for a strong solo laner or jungler.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- ---- - Elisyo - 87%
    Decent top lane build.
  • - Jungle - Off-Tank - dominant ---- --- - EZYoDa - 82%
    Short and easy to understand jungle guide. Very recommended for reading.
  • - Jungle - Off-Tank - viable ---- ---- -- - Elisyo - 87%
    Alternative Jungle build with doran's start.

Yorick will summon undead legion to fight at his side. His long range poke, sustain and farm make him an easy to play solo laner. Very strong level 1 and early game - until his mana runs out. Without a hard counter and with his ult to help AD carries he is a solid all-round pick.
  • - Top - Bruiser - dominant ---- ---- ---- - Hogopogo - 90%
    Good to see a new Yorick guide make it to the top.

Zac can bounce and contract for small AOE damage. What he lacks in burst he makes up with DPS, sustain and CC. His jump makes for a huge gap-closer and convenient initiation. Finally his capability to regenerate and survive even the worst fights is amazing.
  • - Jungle - Tank - dominant ---- ---- --- - EZYoDa - 74%
    Short and solid Zac guide from our high-elo guest, very worth reading.
  • - Jungle - Off-Tank - dominant ---- -- - MikenIkey - 78%
    Very long in-depth Zac guide. For those who want more.
  • - Top - Off-Tank - dominant ---- ---- - - Wookien - 83%
    Decent content, but with tedious reading and a weird support concept.

Zed and his shadow will slash and dash around his lane until they murder something vulnerable and snowball into a split-pushing escape artist. He excels in taking out crucial targets. Allthoug self-sustaining thanks to energy, Zed loves blue buff, it makes him a monster.
  • - Top - Assassin - dominant ---- ---- -- - YayaFTW - 78%
    Nice and short lecture for a solo lane Zed. Alex Ich plays him mid.
  • - Jungle - Assassin - viable ---- ---- -- - Tacet - 44%
    Weak ganks and small farm, but he if you insist, do something like this guide suggests.

Ziggs is one of those ranged AP annoyances and purely skillshot based. He calls one of the more powerfull slowing CC's his own and has a very funny knockaround ability, these skills offer nice zone control. He also has really good AP scalings and he can synergize exceptionally well with poke-team-compositions.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - Agoney - 95%
    Very long and deep lecture on Ziggs. I lost track while reading it, it could be formatted better. Watch Phantoml0rd.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - Music Lion - 70%
    Now this one is fun to read. Try it.

Zilean is very straightforward. No skillshots, easy to understand. But to truly master him, you need good timing. He loves to snowball and can drive enemies into foolish actions, but even without AP his kit offers insane utility - like an amazing passive.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - 9Ball - 57%
    A wonderfull new Zilean guide on its way to the top.
  • - Bot - Support - borderline ---- ---- -- - MrMurphey - 69%
    Support Zilean seems to work at first glance, but it is impossibly hard to execute. Most other supports outplay him.

Zyra seems harmless with her nice art and all those interesting seeds around her - but beware, one snare is all it takes to obliterate entire teams. Her plants offer huge DPS for baron and prolonged fights. Her downside is her range, she needs to be quite close for her ult - her strength are deadly ambushes, even if they bring her own demise.
  • - Bot - Support - dominant ---- ---- --- - astrolia - 89%
    The perfect support Zyra guide. Very recommended for new players.
  • - Mid - APC - dominant ---- ---- ---- --- - isthatok - 92%
    Well-written and easy to read AP Mid guide.
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Final Notes


Dominant builds usually won't cause trouble when played in normal or even ranked games, but how about you want to try out one of the viable or borderline builds ? You won't be a pro the first time and playing bot games can be a bit boring sometimes.

I suggest you join the MobaFire chat room, ask around and open or join a "Fun Builds" custom game. This allows you to try out ...
  • Unusual Builds or Champions - AD Malzahar, AP Tryndamere, Heimerdinger, Karma.
  • Fun Builds - AP Ashe, AD Lux (not listed in this Guide).
  • Troll Builds - All Zeal Yi, Warding Master Yi, Speedy Rammus, Vision Ward Eve.
--... and enjoy the greatness of League of Legends. You can then see for yourself if a build works or doesn't.


I want to give Credit to every author that worked on a linked guide, their names are always the link to their guide. Special Tanks to jhoijhoi and Hawkken for their exceptional Work on BBCode guides.


You can help me improve this guide by finding mistakes and suggesting guides or streams. Due to its immense scope, there will always be sections that are not up to date. Currently, I am working on Lucian and the 3.10 patch updates. If you feel like writing a guide yourself, we need good guides for Teemo, Fiddlesticks, Urgot, Heimerdinger, Yorick. To everyone who contributed to this guide: Thank you!

I appreciate comments and feedback :D

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