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The Brothers' Guide Reviewing Shoppe

The Brothers' Guide Reviewing Shoppe

Updated on January 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blydden Build Guide By Blydden 16 0 43,776 Views 30 Comments
16 0 43,776 Views 30 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Blydden Build Guide By Blydden Updated on January 18, 2012
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Hello, we are Blydden and Evil Nosferatu, little brother and older brother, partners in gaming crime. We would like to give back to our League of Legends community by helping you give back to the League of Legends community! What that means is:


So, if you want to make your build/guide better, perhaps improving your own play too, we're happy to help.

Blydden is best at reviewing guides that want to be reviewed on their viability.
Evil Nosferatu is best at reviewing guides that want to be reviewed on their format.
Choose wisely which one you want, or both of us!

We will rate your guide out of 10 afterwards.
1 is horrible, 2 is terrible, 3 is bad. These guides risk being down-voted.
4 is mediocre, 5 is below average, 6 is average, 7 is above average.
8 is good, 9 is great, 10 is fantastic! We will up-vote these guides!
We reserve the right to up-vote or down-vote each and every guide as we see fit.

We reserve the right to refuse to review any guide for any reason at any time. Period.
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Other People That Also Review Guides

One of the main reasons we started this adventure was to take some of the work-load off of other guide reviewers. However, if you must insist on making their lives miserable want even more help to make your guide even better, here are the links to them!

Jhoijhoi: "I Will Review Your Guide"
GrandmasterD & Wayne3100: "Need A Review? Why Not Ask Us?"
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Requirements To Submit Your Guide

We're not going to review just anybody; we're going to review people who are fairly committed to League of Legends, MOBAFire, and guide-writing itself.
  • Please have a summoner level of 30!
  • Please have 75+ posts on MOBAFire!
  • Please have at least 1 Reputation!
  • Please make sure your guide is in an IDEAL status before sumbitting your request!
  • Please proofread your guide!
  • Please submit only one guide per request!
  • Please, if you are submitting a re-review - remind us that it is a re-review!

Please use this format to sumbit your guide for review!

Username On League of Legends:
Username On MOBAFire:
League Of Legends' Server:
Name Of Guide:
The Champion Or Subject Covered:
Why I Want This Reviewed:
Who I Want To Review:
Guide Link:


Username On League of Legends: Blydden
Username On MOBAFire: Blydden
League Of Legends' Server: NA
Name Of Guide: How To Master Prodigious Spellcraft
The Champion Or Subject Covered: Ezreal
Why I Want This Reviewed: I'm worried if I used too much color in my guide! T_T
Who I Want For The Review: Evil Nosferatu
Guide Link:

P.S. We'd <3LOVE<3 a +Rep after we're done! It is entirely optional, but it still makes quite a nice "thank you for reviewing my guide" gesture.
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Review Queue

# = 2

Veigar, the Tiny Master of HOLYGODSOMUCHBURST (AP Carry Veigar Guide) by FreestyleKneepad (NA)

Lux The Rainbowshooting Magican (AP Carry Lux Guide) by koksi / koksei (EUW)
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General Guides


Twisted Treeline Guide by CALISTO (EUW)

"This guide was wonderful to read. It manages to not be too long yet is filled with enough instructional content to really help anyone who hasn't ever played Twisted Treeline before plus it gave me some insight on a few things that I didn't really think about it consciously at least until I read it. I do think some more advice and cautions could be added to it but it stands alone very well. I've never seen such a marvelous guide and regardless of its content people who are interested in writing their own guide I suggest using this guide as a frame of reference. +1"
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"B" Champion Guides


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"C" Champion Guides

Caitlyn - (In-depth guide) Boom, Headshot. (AD Carry Caitlyn Guide) by Taneren (EUW)
8/10 & 8/10

"This guide may attract much controversy with theorycrafters such as myself, but oddly enough the majority of the decisions seem to work. Some do not, however. The guide lacks situational options and has errors with some of its situational choices. However, the core itself is really solid and it would be difficult for even the most traditional theroycrafter to kid themselves that this is not a good and viable guide. +1"

"The guide is formatted pretty well overall. There are a few things that make it not flow for the eye which includes some formatting errors in a couple of the sections that make it look a little wonky. There are grammatical mistakes and over-use of punctuation that made reading difficult. There were too many links utilized which distracts the eye making it further difficult to read. Once the texts are cleaned up a little bit and the minor formatting mistakes adjusted it stands to be a great looking guide. +1"



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"D" Champion Guides

Dr. Mundo

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"E" Champion Guides

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"F" Champion Guides


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"G" Champion Guides


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"H" Champion Guides


CH-1 Concussion Grenade
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"I" Champion Guides

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"J" Champion Guides

Jarvan IV

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"K" Champion Guides



On ivory wings: Guide to playing a more supportive Kayle
(General Kayle Guide) by TheNamelessBard / The_Nameless_Bard (NA)
X/10 & 6/10

"I reserve my right to refuse to review this guide."

"This guide has some serious content issues from when I read it. There were some items that were out of date in it such as a now non-existent summoner spell and so forth. It really needs an overhaul. Though it's not my personal department to review viability I felt the viability of this particular guide seemed to not be up to specs as a layman. I really want to see a lot more content and explanation in any guide for someone who has never played the champion. It was beautifully formatted and definitely wasn't your cookie cutter guide which was in this case a very good thing."

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"L" Champion Guides


Sigil of Silence


Finales Funkeln

Lux the Rainbowshooting Magican (AP Carry Lux Guide) by koksi / koksei (EUW)
7/10 & 5/10

"The main build itself of this guide is very viable, but there is a quite a lack of situational options, and those that are there are off more often than not. Further, the explanations of the main choices really fail to explain anything. & While there is plenty written, it all fails to explain much of anything that is not already kind of obvious and I wonder if some of the sections are really padding rather than real sections. Nothing in this guide struck me to make me feel like this would be a guide that I'd recommend. Sure it informs but...This guide informs you on Luxanna, but fails to explain how to play her."

"This guide seemed hastily written to me and lacked a great deal of content. It did appeal famously to someone who merely wants to gain an item build, masteries, runes and skill order. However those that would read the guide in the hopes at receiving information about tips, tricks and otherwise will be disappointed. His formatting was very, very nice and the images contained within were very appealing so aesthetic appeal is high. I have to give a low score for content as I believe that is the point of reading through a guide (instructional manual) in the first place."
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"M" Champion Guides




Arcane Smash

Master Yi

Miss Fortune


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"N" Champion Guides


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"O" Champion Guides

You Know You Want To Touch These Balls (AP Carry Orianna Guide) by zTrace / Tr4ce (NA)

"It is a guide that covers the subject in a one-sided view and very minimally so. It doesn't seem like much work or research was done in the making of this guide. It is lazily written, with bare coding and grammatical errors everywhere. The build is sub-optimal, but viable, but is not argued for in any significant way. There are no situational items or runes listed, and the creator seems fine to say "These can always be changed, it all depends on what you want". What I want is more effort and authority maybe? From a sheer viability standpoint though, the build is okay, and one would do okay with it. Not good, not great, but okay."
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"P" Champion Guides


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"Q" Champion Guides

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"R" Champion Guides


Puncturing Taunt

Jungledillo (Jungle Tank Rammus Guide) by Crowcide / Crows (NA)
6/10 & 7/10

"Sub-optimal display build that fails to list proper deviations to itself (and you will quite often have to deviate with this champion). What situational options there are very poor ideas and I wonder if the writer really has a good grasp of this champion in particular. In addition, key chapters that are very important to this play-style seem to be missing or inadequately discussed. While this does have glimmers of greatness, they are overshadowed and blocked out by the corpses of many other attempts of greatness. However, if you can stick to the one build consistently, you'll do consistent."

"This guide was very detailed but lacked a few sections that I feel would make it a more complete guide such as ganking information and how to effectively use skills, not just how they should be skilled in order and so on. I believe there was too much detail in some topics and I believe that it could be trimmed down slightly in certain sections that were somewhat redundant. There was very little imagery and it felt like a black and white instruction manual. It was hard on the eyes and I'd like to see the aesthetics improved. There were several spelling mistakes as well but there is a lot of effort being put into this guide."


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"S" Champion Guides





AP Soraka: No, my horn doesn't poke through my Deathcap
(AP Soraka Guide) by TheNamelessBard / The_Nameless_Bard (NA)
5/10 & 4/10

"This guide definitely fails to impress in viability, a theorycrafter would see a mess to sort through and find nothing worthy after picking it apart, same as I. The whole build feels schizophrenic, and it just doesn't make a lot of sense. Situational choices are far too many with no clear direction at all, and the core was definitely not ideal. This guide leaves confusion for the new player, and distaste with the veteran. Each chapter either has too much or too little, there are irrelevant chapters and important chapters are completely missing. The guide is just...inconsistent."

"The guide seems to want to be many things and doesn't take advantage of breaking itself apart into different sub-sections such as an AP build and a support build. I would rather a guide like that be divided instead of stuffed to the gills. As such this kind of guide can be very confusing and I found the formatting puzzling at best. It really needs to be cropped down to one type of guide, then stuffed back up with instructional content to be a worthwhile read."

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"T" Champion Guides


Mercy Cutthroat





Twisted Fate


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"U" Champion Guides

Phoenix Jungle Udyr KAWWW (Jungle Phoenix Udyr Guide) by palzm (NA)
5/10 & 6/10

"First and foremost, this guide has a severe error in being out of date with the new jungle, which is crippling to its viability score. It is also severely lacking in depth, options, and explanations. This guide mostly sticks to one build, and one build only, which has viability flaws. Sticking to one build on a champion that builds for the most part tank items is quite crippling as well. Yes, this guide is pleasurable to the eye, but to the educated mind it will teach nothing that is new and correct and the uneducated mind will be lead severely astray, and with many unanswered questions. Questions that could be answered better elsewhere."

"This guide was lacking content and instructional information for someone just picking up Udyr but was masterfully designed for someone who was stopping by that might just want a build only. I lament having to give it a low score because of its beauty but content is everything in a guide in my opinion. Mainly because of the fact that someone taking the time to read your guide should be seeing information that is helpful to them in learning a champion they may have never played before, much less in the jungle. If content is added this guide stands to be one of the more beautifully crafted ones for certain."


Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse
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"V" Champion Guides



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"W" Champion Guides

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"X" Champion Guides


Ascended Form Locus of Power Mage Chains

Xin Zhao

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"Y" Champion Guides

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"Z" Champion Guides

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