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League of Legends Build Guide Author QuinnMains

Demacia's Wings: r/QuinnMains' Guide To Quinn and Valor!

QuinnMains Last updated on December 10, 2017
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Welcome to r/QuinnMains' guide to Quinn. My name is AnonimooseUser or 'Moose and I am the writer of this guide. "But Moose, how can you be the writer if this is a community guide?!" Well, I am the person who collects all the data from the community and then puts it all into writing here! This means that instead of portraying my opinion, this guide reflects the collective opinions of everyone from the community. It covers everything you need to know about this champion including items, runes and playstyles. This guide is designed both for beginner Quinn players and veterans alike. Although it is a bit long, keep in mind that it is quite detailed and covers four different roles. I hope you enjoy reading it and I wish you all the best in your future games with Quinn and Valor: Demacia's Wings.

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+ Fun and unique champion.
+ Can be dominant/oppressive in lane.
+ Insane mobility and map pressure.
+ Good burst and dueling potential.
+ Great for SoloQ.
+ Versatile: can be played in 4 positions using multiple different playstyles.
+ Bird!
Quinn is a very fun and unique champion to play due to her kit being quite unique and special (particularly her Vault). She can be very dominant and oppressive in lane due to her range and kit, which is good for skirmishes and duels. This allows her to get fed. Due to her ult, she can then roam around the map and snowball. Quinn can have huge burst without relying on a long CD ability. She has a smooth transition from her strong early game to an even stronger mid game. These things make her great for SoloQ. Her ult gives her a lot of map pressure and pick potential. Quinn is also a very versatile champ; she can be played in four different lanes using a bunch of different playstyles.

Quinn does come with her fair share of weaknesses though. She is quite squishy and vulnerable to CC, which means she must build some defensive items or she will be shut-down easily. Her short auto attack range means she can often be picked out of position. These things make her a weak team-fighter. Picking Quinn can also harm your team comp (no tank top, no AP mid, no CC as Jungler, no long range as ADC). Utilising her ult to it's full potential is also quite hard (as it's not a combat ult).

- Squishy.
- Low attack range.
- Vulnerable to CC.
- Poor team-fighting.
- Can be harmful to team comp.

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Flash is hands down the strongest and most common Summoner Spell. It is taken on almost every single champion. It's useful in a lot of situations such as dodging skillshots/CC, escaping over walls, chasing enemies, juking and more. There isn't really any reason why you wouldn't take it.

Taking Ignite will give you extra kill pressure and will make your early game even stronger. This is the summoner spell you take if you want to be aggressive in lane and get fed/snowball. It also helps against enemies with a lot of healing as it applies Grevious Wounds.

Exhaust is a more defensive alternative to Ignite. It is commonly taken against enemies which could 1v1 us and win, for example a Pantheon. It is also helpful against enemies with a lot of mobility. Exhaust can also be used in an offensive manner, something which is often overlooked.

Sometimes getting to a location right away is essential and your ultimate isn't enough. Teleport allows for even greater map pressure. It can be taken when against tanks (as Ignite and Exhaust are usually less effective) or against enemies with global ultimates ( Shen). Top-lane only.

Ghost can be taken in addition to Flash when against tanks( Ignite and Exhaust are usually less effective in those situations). It helps with kiting, chasing, evading ganks, dodging abilities and posistioning in teamfights.

Heal is the go-to spell for ADCs to take. It's healing will not only benefit you but also your Support or later on, your team. It also gives you a burst of movement speed. Together, these things could be what turns a fight in your favour or allows you to survive/escape from an unfavourable situation.

Smite is an essential Summoner Spell for Junglers. Without Smite you will find it very hard to clear camps and take/contest objectives like Dragon or Baron. Additionally, it is necessary in order to build your Jungle item. You simply cannot function as a Jungler without it.

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What rune page you take is closely linked with what playstyle you will use. If a rune isn't mentioned, then we realistically never use it on Quinn.


Domination is a great rune path for Quinn when playing as an assassin. The Domination tree gives 11 AD which makes Quinn's early game stronger. The runes in the Domination tree also give assassin Quinn everything she wants, including burst damage and vision control. However, it has low AS which means you either have to take Legend: Alacrity from the Precision tree or/and build Berserker's Greaves (it also makes last-hitting harder).

Electrocute is the best keystone rune in the Domination tree. Because it scales with level and bonus AD, it has good damage throughout the whole game. It suits assassin Quinn very well because of its huge burst damage. In the early game Electrocute will do a ton of damage, especially when combined with Harrier (level 1 bush cheese becomes super strong; look in the 'Early Game' chapter for Top for more info). It will help in securing First Blood, especially if you also took Ignite. However, it does have quite a long CD early on (won't come off CD until you hit level 3, so limited level 2 powerspike). In the mid/late game, Electrocute will proc upon performing your normal combo and will add more damage to your burst, helping you assassinate your target.

Sudden Impact will give you 10 lethality for 5s every time you use Vault. This is great for assassin Quinn where we often use Vault at the start of the combo. It will make the subsequent Harrier proc hurt even more and increase our burst. However, if the enemy team is stacking armour or if you plan on going Frozen Mallet, then you might want to consider Cheap Shot

Zombie Ward is great for Quinn due to the vision it provides. Quinn will often push the lane and play aggressively (harassing and denying CS), which makes her susceptible to ganks. Zombie Ward gives you more safety from Junglers in lane. Drop your ward down at 1:40 and it will still be there to protect you when the Jungler comes for that ~3 min gank (and you won't lose CS/XP/pressure that you would otherwise have lost when warding). It also useful for setting up vision in order to roam (and assassinate) effectively, especially if you also have Duskblade of Draktharr (not only can you deny enemy vision, but you can turn their wards into your own zombie wards!).

Ingenious Hunter is a strong choice if you plan on building Edge of Night and/or Youmuu's Ghostblade as it will reduce the cooldown of these items significantly.
Relentless Hunter is not that great with lethality builds as we already get free OOC MS from the lethality items. Get it if you won't be building lethality items with actives.



Precision is a great rune path for Quinn when playing with a DPS/sustained damage focused playstyle. The tree gives 18% AS which adds a bit more to our DPS as well as making last-hitting easier. The runes in the Precision tree are also all suited to increasing sustained damage or supporting the playstyle that goes along with it.

Press the Attack is the best keystone rune in the Precision tree. It has a little bit of burst damage but its main appeal is the +12% increased damage the target takes from all sources! This means it not only benefits you, but also your entire team! It helps when dealing with tanks. Additionally, it has no cooldown other than the time it takes you to auto the target 3 times; this allows it to outdamage Electrocute in lane. It can act as a zoning tool and it's also useful in teamfights (however, be wary that you don't waste it by constantly switching targets). If you take PtA, you will want to alter your early game trading pattern to AA --> walk with your enemy --> AA --> E --> A --> walk out. This allows you to use the MS boost from Harrier to escape a potential counter-trade or minion aggro (only autos stack PtA, so it takes a bit longer to stack).

Fleet Footwork can be quite good in certain matchups ( Vladimir, some tanks matchups where kiting is important). It's pretty situational and hard to make use off, but it can be quite effective. It allows you to force trades very easily by proccing Harrier on a minion whilst Fleet Footwork is up; this gives you a large MS boost to get in range of Vault. It can also help you escape ganks. Additionally, the sustain it provides is pretty good. Fleet Footwork combines well with Celerity.

Triumph will help in those close 1v1/2v1 scenarios or when against champions with DoT. It will also help you when towerdiving (kill the guy, use the MS boost from Harrier to run away from the tower shot whilst you wait for the 0.5s delay, heal from Triumph). Finally, it is useful in teamfights.

Legend: Alacrity gives you up to 18% AS, which will further boost your DPS. Definitely take this if you took Domination as your primary tree in order to make up for the lack of AS. Legend: Bloodline is quite good as it gives you up to 8% lifesteal, which is a stat that we don't always have a luxury of including in our builds. It means you can lifesteal after a duel and will help you survive fights. If unsure which to take, take Legend: Alacrity.

Coup de Grace will help you finish off low-HP enemies as well as adding a little bit of AD during teamfights. However, it only works when enemies are below 40% HP which is why it is bad when against tanks. Cut Down will usually work all the time: since Quinn is quite squishy, it's very likely that enemies will have 150 more max HP then you and therefore you get a constant 4% increase in damage. If the enemy is really tanky, this goes up to 10%.



Sorcery gives you a bit more bonus AD than Domination. You will still be lacking in AS, you you most likely want to get Precision as your secondary tree and pick up Legend: Alacrity. Sorcery is a decent secondary tree if you are looking for some extra damage for your early game.

Summon Aery is a very situational keystone rune. It is purely early game focused, as its scaling is basically non-existent. You want to use it in matchups where you have the upper hand and want to push your advantage to the limits. Make sure to maximise your auto harass if you take it, otherwise it's useless. Take Summon Aery in matchups where you are allowed to harass, but are forced to back off before you are able to proc and make use of the PtA passive. An example of such a matchup is Darius: the danger of his pull prevents you from standing there and autoing him to death with PtA. Meanwhile, Summon Aery will work fine because you only need one auto to get the damage. One little trick you can do with Summon Aery is after the little critter completes a circle around the target, it will start returning back to you. If you Vault the enemy just as it leaves, you will pick it up mid-air and get a fast second Summon Aery proc.

Nullifying Orb can help save you in tough AP matchups like Kennen (hence why it's useful when playing Quinn mid). Its CD is low enough so that it will most likely be up for every all-in. It's scaling is decent. Whilst it certainly won't protect you completely from AP damage on its own, every little helps. Manaflow Band can be decent or it can be completely useless depending on the timing. Take if it the enemy team doesn't have any AP damage (so Nullifying Orb is useless) or if against a tank that will need multiple good Blinding Assaults to cut through his HP.

Celerity gives you some MS and some AD. The MS will help you position and dodge skillshots, or get in range for one extra auto in lane. The free AD is also nothing to complain about. Finally, all the others options are kinda meh...

Scorch is a great addition to your early game poke. It's scaling is horrible, but it gets the job done early and once again, the other options are useless. Be wary of turret aggro when poking under tower though!



Inspiration is only good as a secondary tree. None of the keystone runes available in the Inspiration tree are good enough to compare to the other options we have available. However, going Inspiration secondary gives you a nice spike of gold influx.

Perfect Timing should be one of the reasons you would opt into this tree. The stopwatch is great for towerdiving (it would reset tower aggro and can also be used to avoid a tower shot) whilst also protecting you from potential enemy towerdives. Additionally, it decreases the cost of GA (if you don't plan on getting GA then it's not that good).

Magical Footwear should be the second reason to opt into this tree. You get a free 350g from the boots and upgrade (although have to wait till 10 minutes, so not recommended in matchups where getting boots early is helpful e.g. Darius) as well as some MS. If you need to get boots early, take Future's Market.

Cosmic Insight gives you free stuff. Other options are bad. Not much to say here...

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Passive: Harrier

Valor periodically marks an enemy. Using a basic attack consumes the mark, dealing bonus physical damage.

Valor marks an enemy as Vulnerable for four seconds. If you attack the Vulnerable enemy you will deal bonus physical damage. Enemies hit by Vault or the primary enemy hit by Blinding Assault will also be marked as Vulnerable. Harrier is disabled during Behind Enemy Lines ( Quinn's ultimate) and for 8 seconds after the mark ends. This cooldown is reduced by critical strike chance.

Tips n' Tricks
Q: Blinding Assault

Quinn commands Valor to fly forward in a line, stopping at the first enemy hit and marking them as Vulnerable whilst also dealing AoE damage. If the first enemy hit is a Champion, Valor applies Nearsight, significantly reducing their vision range for 1.5 seconds. If the first enemy struck is a monster, it cannot attack for two seconds.

This is a skill-shot that might decide the outcome of a duel or skirmish. It is the ability you should max first (apart from your ultimate). It scales with your AD and deals a nice chunk of damage. The damage is dealt as an AoE but only the first enemy hit is marked and in the case of a champion, given Nearsight (if it's a jungle monster, it will be unable to attack for two seconds). Nearsight removes allied vision and reduces their vision radius to 300 for 1.5 seconds. This basically means that unless you're standing right next to them, they won't be able to see you. This allows Quinn to duel certain champions and for some cool outplays and even jukes.

Tips n' Tricks
W: Heightened Senses

Passive: Attacking a Vulnerable target increases Quinn's Movement Speed and Attack Speed for 2 seconds.
Active: Valor reveals the surrounding area for 2 seconds.

This ability is good for scouting in many situations, such as when you’re expecting a gank, invading the enemy jungle or contesting dragon/baron. Note that enemies can see the spell effect of Heightened Senses's active portion, even if they do not have vision of you. It has a rather long cooldown, so think carefully before using this ability. The MS and AS steroid you get from proccing Harrier is excellent, giving you extra DPS and allowing you to kite or chase effectively. Max this second (after Q) for increased kiting and DPS.

Tips n' Tricks
E: Vault

Quinn dashes to an enemy, dealing physical damage, slowing them by 50% which decays over 2 seconds, knocking them up for 0.25 seconds and marking them as Vulnerable. Upon reaching the target she jumps off and lands near her maximum attack range away from the target.

This is arguably one of the most fun abilities in the game. There are lots of things that it can be used for (look in the Spoiler). Vault can be used to cross small patches of terrain, dodge abilites, dodge skillshots or even interrupt dashes. Check out the 'Advanced Tactics' chapter for more information. We max this last as the damage increase is small and we most likely won't use it twice in a fight so the CD reduction is less important.

Tips n' Tricks
R: Behind Enemy Lines

After channeling for 2 seconds, Quinn calls upon Valor to assist her. Together they gain bonus Movement Speed equal to up to 130% of their TOTAL Movement Speed. If Quinn takes damage while channeling, the ability is put on a 3 second cooldown. Taking damage from Turrets, Monsters or Champions will cancel the ult, whereas all other forms of damage will slow Quinn and Valor temporarily. Reactivating this ability or using any sort of attack will also cancel the effect. When Behind Enemy Lines is cancelled, Skystrike activates and deals 40% of Quinn's AD in an area around her.

This is another ability that is super fun! This ability defines Quinn and makes her who she is: a unique and fun Champion! You should always put a point into this when you can. Valor arrives, picks Quinn up and and flies her around. You can achieve amazing speeds with this ability, because it takes your TOTAL Movement Speed and multiplies it. This ability has no cooldown unless the channel was interrupted. In this case, it goes on a 3-second cooldown. Taking Turret/Champion/Monster damage, reactivating the ability or using any sort of attack will cancel the ult and perform Skystrike, which deals damage in an AoE. Taking Minion damage while in ult will temporarily slow you instead.

Tips n' Tricks

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Below you will find some common combos that you might use. Keep in mind that these are not set in stones and different situations will not only require different combos, but they will also need to be modified and changed to suit the current situation. This might mean adding more auto-attacks, doing less auto-attacks, saving certain abilities for later etc.

Lane Harass

> > > >

This is a typical combo that you might use in lane to harass your opponent. You start by auto-attacking the enemy to proc your passive Harrier mark. The enemy will usually then try to back away to avoid further harass. You use your Vault to close the distance between you and jump over any minions which might be in the way. You then once again proc Harrier. Now that there are no minions in the way, you can use Blinding Assault and proc the final Harrier mark. Here is a video of this combo in action.

In the above example I use Vault before Blinding Assault. This is because using Vault first allows me to 'jump over' any minions which might be in the way. Then I have a clear shot for Blinding Assault. However, in cases where the enemy might retaliate rather than retreat (for example a Yasuo or Riven), it is sometimes better to use Blinding Assault first and hold on to our Vault so we can use it as a disengage or a dash cancel. Finally, you can add some more auto-attacks in between Harrier marks or at the end of the combo for more damage.
Maximum DPS
AA > > > > > >

This combo is designed to get the maximum possible DPS it can. You begin the combo by using an AA whilst ulting. This will cancel your ult and perform Skystrike. Your passive Harrier will show up and you proc it with another AA. Now you have a choice. For truly max. DPS, you carry on auto-attacking for 2 more seconds (in order to use the AS steroid from our W passive). However, you can skip the extra auto's and go straight into Blinding Assault. This will once again activate Harrier and once again you have to make a choice about how many AA you want to include. Next, use Vault and for the third time proc Harrier.

This combo should only be used against tanky enemies. It uses all three Harrier marks in order to increase the damage output. You can adjust this combo by adding or removing auto's after procing your Harrier marks.
Assasination Combo
> > > >

This combo is the one you will probably use when assassinating people who are alone (for example the enemy ADC). You begin the combo by using Blinding Assault out of your ultimate. This will cancel your ult and perform Skystrike as well as applying Harrier to the enemy. You proceed by consuming the Harrier mark. Next you Vault and once again proc the subsequent Harrier mark. If for some strange reason the enemy is still alive (they have GA or Sterak's for example) then you can also proc your passive Harrier in order to finish them off.

You can wait a bit before using Vault to see if the enemy uses Flash or some sort of dash; if they do, you can then Vault to keep chasing. Alternatively, you can swap Vault and Blinding Assault: generally this is not a good idea, but sometimes Vaulting first is necessary (for example there is a huge minion wave in the way and if you tried going around it, the enemy could escape).
Burst Combo
> > >

This combo should only be used when far ahead of your enemy and only against squishies. It is also good when you want to minimise your assassination time (either the target is very dangerous or the enemy team is close by). You begin by using your Vault straight out of your ultimate. Usually this is a bad thing to do, but in this instance we are so fed that we can be a bit reckless. Using Vault will cancel your ultimate, perform Skystrike and apply Harrier to the enemy. We don't proc the mark (you could if you want to, it's optional) and instead use our Blinding Assault. If the enemy is still alive, just proc the subsequent Harrier mark to finish them off. DO NOT attempt this combo against tankier enemies.

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Below you fill find various items that Quinn commonly buys. If an item is not listed on here, it is either too situational or simply not good. For information on what items should be brought together aka 'Builds', look at the top of the guide or at the section underneath this one. The combination if items you build is very important: some items are better brought early, some better late, some have good synergy whilst other's don't.

Starting Items

Doran's Blade is the optimal starting item for Quinn. It gives you a bit of health and AD as well as 3% life steal. This will help you with early trades and with sustain.

Long Sword is an alternative starting item. It gives a bit more AD then Doran's Blade but less HP and sustain. However, it builds into a lot of useful items, resulting in a quicker power-spike.

Hunter's Machete is the optimal starting item for Jungle Quinn. The 10% lifesteal it provides you is more beneficial than the mana regen and slower heal from Hunter's Talisman. It gives us a healthy first clear.

Refillable Potion can be taken alongside Long Sword for extra sustain in the laning phase. It is also your sustain for the Jungle.

Health Potion is your main source of sustain. Take as many of these at the start of the game as you can. You can also buy more when you back, especially if you're losing lane or against a tough opponent.

Warding Totem is the recommended trinket. It will give you an early warning of any incoming ganks and it provides your team with vision of the enemy and their movement around the map. However, you can swap this out for one of the other trinkets later on in the game depending on preference.

Core/Damage Items
Youmuu's Ghostblade is a great first item due to its cheap price and nice build path. It offers you a good mix of AD and Lethality, which combine together to give you decent burst. The 10% CDR is also useful and probably all the CDR you will need. What separates this item from the lethality items is its active which allows for chasing, running, dodging skillshots and easier kiting.

Duskblade of Draktharr provides the best burst out of the three lethality items: despite offering less lethality than Youmuu's Ghostblade, its passive does a lot of damage and it has a bit more AD. Duskblade works fine on its own, but works best when combined with other lethality items due to its passive scaling with lethality. It also offers some OOC MS. It's second passive, Blackout, is also extremely useful, helping your roams and giving you powerful vision control.

Edge of Night is the third and final lethality item. Just like its siblings, it gives a good amount of AD and lethality (and therefore burst). However, it also gives you some HP and a spell-shield active. This makes it a great item against AP champions with CC or heavy damage abilities. It allows you to assassinate people without being CC'ed straight away, for example a Lux. It's also very slot effective as you get good damage and burst as well as the 'defensive' stats and passive from one item.

Blade of the Ruined King is a decent first item as it provides a mix of useful stats such as AD, AS and lifesteal in addition to having a good build path. It is typically built first in DPS-focused builds. The early lifesteal is really useful in lane, providing a ton of sustain in combination with Doran's Blade. It's active is helpful when chasing/escaping and it's passive adds more damage against high-HP enemies.

Infinity Edge is only strong when combined with crit and AS. If you have IE and a Zeal item, your damage increases significantly. You will have 50% crit and increased damage on crits, as well as decent AD and good AS. This is why IE is a 'must-have' item in builds that also include a Zeal item. It gives you a powerful boost in your damage output.

Essence Reaver is only really taken in the Crit build, as it doesn't really fit into other builds. The mana regen is kinda bad but the rest of the stats are good: a hefty 70 AD, 20% Crit and up to 30% CDR! Having this much CDR will put Harrier on a very low cooldown, which results in more frequent Harrier marks. More Harrier marks means more damage as well as more uptime on the MS and AS steroid from proccing them. This results in a quite a large increase in DPS and synergises well with the DPS nature of the Crit Build.

Skirmisher's Sabre is the best jungle item to take. Stalker's Blade and Tracker's Knife are both decent and can be taken based on preference, but Skirmisher's is overall better, as Quinn really benefits from its dueling potential.

Warrior is the best choice. It offers good early game damage which can then be used to snowball. The other enchantments don't fit Quinn's playstyle.

Attack Speed Items
Statikk Shiv is your default Zeal item. Take it if you want additional burst as well as waveclear (for more efficient splitpushing) from its passive. This item is very cheap and provides some good stats. It has good synergy with IE.

Phantom Dancer is the alternative to Shiv. Take this if you're going to be duelling people a lot, if the enemy has a lot of mobility (like Yasuo) or if you prefer a DPS-orientated playstyle/build. The extra movement speed and no unit collision make this great for kiting and chasing people whilst the damage reduction helps to win duels. The extra AS and kiting ability means this item is great for DPS builds. It also has great synergy with IE.

Berserker's Greaves are your default and optimal boots. The extra AS will increase your damage output. These boots can be taken in any situation and can be taken instead of any of the other 3, as they will always be useful.

Ninja Tabi could be taken when against a team that is very reliant on auto attacks, for example Master Yi or Fiora.

Mercury's Treads could be taken when the enemy team has lots of heavy CC such as Morgana or Leona.

Boots of Swiftness can be taken when there are a lot of slows on the enemy team.

Lifesteal Items
Mercurial Scimitar is another lifesteal option. Although it only gives 10% lifesteal, it also gives you 35 MR and great active. The active is the main reason you might want to take this item, especially if the enemy team has a lot of CC or some CC whist must be avoided at all costs.

Death's Dance is the second lifesteal option. It has the best build path out of the three and is also the cheapest (but not by much). DD gives the same AD as BT but less lifesteal. However, it also has 10% CDR which is always nice and the bleed effect increases Quinn's duelling potential (which is why DD works great with PD).

Anti-Tank Items
Lord Dominik's Regards is your default item against tanks. We buy this item when tanks start getting enough armour to withstand our damage. Because it works with bonus armour, this means we usually get it later on in the game. It helps us to take down the enemy frontline.

Mortal Reminder is an alternative to LDR. We take it when the enemy has a lot of health regen, for example a Vladimir or a Swain. Usually you want to pick up Executioner's Calling earlier in the game and then upgrade to Mortal Reminder in the late game.

Black Cleaver is the third option when it comes to dealing with tanks. The main differences between BC and a LW item is that BC needs to be stacked first, it works on total armor rather than bonus armor and that it offers armor reduction rather than armor penetration. This means it takes a bit longer to get going (especially if there are multiple tanks) but it also means that it's also somewhat effective against squishies and that the rest of the team can also benefit from its armor reduction. Apart from this, BC offers good AD and 20% CDR which is quite a bit. The HP makes you a bit more tanky and the passive helps with kiting tanks.

Defensive Items
Guardian Angel is a very good defensive item against AD. It is very cheap and gives both armor and AD, so it has some offensive power too. Additionally, it's passive is immensely useful. It will stop assassins from bursting you down and it also stops you from getting focused in teamfights (or gives you a second chance if you do get focused). However, it is important that you use the passive correctly: your positioning in fights must be so that if you die, your team is close by to help out. A drawback of GA is that the passive has a 5 min CD. This item is best against assassins with long CDs and in teamfights.

Maw of Malmortius gives decent MR, good AD, a bit of CDR and a nice passive. The passive shield scales with bonus MR, so Maw goes well with Mercurial Scimitar. Take this if you are against an AP-heavy team or against AP assassins and you prefer the shorter CD.

Frozen Mallet is another defensive choice. It gives you HP which is effective against both AD and AP damage. It also has a bit of AD and a nice passive. You might want to look into buying this if your team has very little CC. It's also a pretty good 1v1 item against people such as Tryndamere.

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First things first: you should NOT be building exactly the same thing every single game. There are lots of different items and builds for Quinn that can be successful. Quinn is very versatile when it comes to builds and items, a luxury that other champions don't have. The key is to adapt your build according to the game. Every single game of League will have a different mix of enemy champions and ally champions. Every single game will play out differently, with different people getting kills, gold and different items. This means that every single game, you should be actively thinking about what items are suited to your current situation and which items are not. Just because we suggested a full build doesn't make that the best build. Adapt to your team, to the enemy team, to the items that are being build and how the game is playing out.

At the top of the guide we have provided you with several different builds. Each of these builds has their own strengths and weaknesses and each of them fill a different role or playstyle. Below I will explain each build. But remember, these builds are only guidelines.
Lethality-Crit Build (Top/Mid)

> > >

This build has a good early game, a good mid game and a good late game. It offers a good mixture of burst and sustained DPS. It is best against squishy teams but it can also deal with offtanks.

Your first item is either Youmuu's Ghostblade, Duskblade of Draktharr or Edge of Night. The mixture of AD and lethality provides Quinn with a very strong early game and make CSing easier. Lethality items also have very good actives and passives. If you want you can take two lethality items; this gives you more burst and mid game power but delays your DPS. After our core items we want a source of AS which in this build is provided by a Zeal item (either Shiv or PD). Zeal items also provides us with Crit and their own respective passives. Now we have both AD and AS, which increases our damage. You can take any viable boots with this build. Since we have a Zeal item, we also want to get IE at some point in our build as it synergises well with Zeal items and it will multiply our damage. We have two (or one if you took two lethality items before) item slots left, which we save for situational items. There are three types of situational items we could get: lifesteal items, defensive items and Anti-Tank items. You will need to pick two of these categories. Usually you will take a lifesteal item and finish the build off with an Anti-Tank item, but it depends on your situation. You can also pick up a second lethality item if you only took one before. Once you are full build, you can sell your first lethality item and get either Essence Reaver or Phantom Dancer if you want a more late-game DPS build. Additionally, or alternatively, you can sell your boots and get a second Zeal item.INVISIBLE TEXT
Triple Lethality (Top/Mid)
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This build has a good early game, a very strong mid game and a good late game. This build is really strong against squishy teams with no more than one tank. It has a huge amount of burst, but very little sustained damage. It is best used by 'Assassin' Quinn.

This build also starts with a lethality item. However, we don't get an AS item second; instead, we buy the other two lethality items. Buying all three lethality items will give us a large amount of AD and lethality, which gives us a lot of burst. Each lethality item also has a very good active and passive, all of which aid us in assassinating the enemy. A Quinn with Triple Lethality is a very strong assassin, with both the damage and the tools necessary to take out the target. This build lacks AS so taking Berserker's Greaves as your boots is recommended. After completing your lethality core, you can buy situationally. You could take an AS item which will round out your build with AS. Your other options are a defensive item (which will help survive assassinations) or an Anti-Tank item (which will help deal with tanks slightly, particularly if you got an AS item too).
Anti-Tank Build (Top)
> > > >

This build has a good early game, a good mid game and a strong late game. It is designed to maximise our effectiveness against multiple tanks such as Poppy or Malphite. It offers good sustained DPS but not a lot of burst. It has a 'DPS' Quinn playstyle associated with it.

Blade of the Ruined King is our first item in our build. It provides us with a good mix of AD and AS, as well as lifesteal which is really great both in lane and in the mid/late game. it's passive will help us deal with tanks. If you are against an enemy which builds armor first item rather than HP, build Bilgewater Cutlass and then finish your Blade of the Ruined King after you get The Black Cleaver. You can also get Youmuu's Ghostblade instead of BotRK in this build. This will turn it into an Anti-Bruiser build. For boots get Berserker's Greaves for additional AS and more passive damage from BotRK. Once we have built YBG/BotRK and BC we follow it up with Phantom Dancer or Statikk Shiv for even more AS as well as Crit and kiting. Typically Quinn only gets one AS item, as that is usually enough to satisfy her needs. However, this build synergises really well with AS due to BotRK (and BC is you decide to get it) and its sustained DPS playstyle. This is why the build contains two AS items (BotRK and a Zeal item). After we have completed our Zeal item, we get IE which will provide a big boost in our damage. We finish the build with either a lifesteal item or with a defensive item.
Crit Build (ADC/Top)
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The Crit Build has a decent early game, a good mid game and an excellent late game. It can be taken against any type of enemy. It provides us with huge sustained damage but a poor burst. It uses a 'DPS' playstyle.

Our first item is Blade of the Ruined King, which provides us with all the stats we need in the early game and more; we get AS, AD and lifesteal! For our boots we take Berserker's Greaves. Next we want to build a Zeal item for its AS and Crit (either Statikk Shiv or Phantom Dancer). Afterwards we build IE to boost our damage. After we have completed these core items, we build situationally. If we are ahead in gold, we can afford to buy Essence Reaver which will give us a huge boost in our damage: you will have 70% Crit (which decreases your Harrier cooldown, which results in more uptime on your steroid and therefore more MS and AS), increased damage on your Crit, a ton of AS and a lot of AD as well as CDR AND lifesteal + BotRK passive + other useful passives and actives. This gives you a huge amount of sustained damage. However, ER is an expensive item and getting it might not be an option (until later at least). The other categories for situational items are: defensive lifesteal and Anti-Tank. Since we already have lifesteal from BotRK, it is less important. Usually an Anti-Tank item like Lord Dominik's Regards is a good choice. Finally late game you can sell boots and get a second Zeal item or ER.

Why a different build for botlane? Some people prefer to use the Lethality-Crit or Triple Lethality Builds instead of the Crit Build. However, botlane is a 2v2 and Quinn's kill potential in a 2v2 is lower than in a solo lane. Therefore, taking lethality as a first item is less beneficial as we can't really abuse it's early game power. Additionally, roaming as an ADC is more risky as you miss out on a lot of CS and risk your tower more (the enemy ADC can push the wave quickly). Therefore, the Crit Build focuses less on early game power - which we can't abuse properly as ADC Quinn - and instead aims to provide us the best mid/late game sustained damage. This fits in with our role as ADC.

Warrior-Crit (Jungle)
> > >

This build has a good early game, a good mid game and a good late game. It works against any team. It is an adaptation of the Lethality-Crit build for the jungle. It is really cheap but packs a punch.

Our first item will be our Jungler item. Skirmisher's Sabre is the best choice, although others can be taken depending on preference. We take Enchantment: Warrior for the AD; the other enchantments don't really work with Quinn. Our Jungler item is our source of early game power and AD. After it we get a Zeal item for AS: both Statikk Shiv and Phantom Dancer are good options. Pick any of the viable boots as they all work with this build. Since we have a Zeal item, we also want to get IE at some point in our build as it synergises well with Zeal items and it will multiply our damage. We have two item slots left, which we save for situational items. There are three types of situational items we could get: lifesteal items, defensive items and Anti-Tank items. You will need to pick two of these categories. Usually you will take a lifesteal item and finish the build off with an Anti-Tank item, but it depends on your situation. Once you are full build, you can sell boots and get a second Zeal item.
Warrior-NotCrit (Jungle)
> > >

This build has a good early game, a good mid game and an OK late game. It provides you with some initial burst due to the lethality item but then mostly focuses on follow-up damage in the form of BotRK and Cleaver. It works best against squishy teams with one or no tanks. It uses a hybrid playstyle.

Our first item is once again Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior. After that we get a lethality item as it is a good powerspike and provides us with burst and utility in the form of their passives/actives. For boots, Berserker's Greaves are recommended as standard. After that you have a choice. You can either go straight into your AS item, which in this case is Blade of the Ruined King or you can get The Black Cleaver first and then build BotRK. If you build BC first, you will be delaying your AS item. However, BC provides HP and CDR which make you more slippery. It's passive will also help with dealing with tanks. If you didn't get BC before BotRK you can do so after, or choose a different item if the situation calls for it. A lifesteal item is usually not necessarily in this build as BotRK already provides lifesteal, but it is an option.

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Early Game

Below you will find an example of how you might act in the game. The important thing to remember here is that this is just an example! Not one game will be the same as another and therefore your actions will also differ. How you play your lane/jungle will depend on many factors such as your/enemy team composition, lane opponent, how confident you are with the champion and many, many others. So take the following as a general guideline and as always, adapt it to your current situation! If you're new to Quinn, or if you're not confident about how to play against the enemy laner, or even if the enemy laner has a good early game, then you're obviously are going to have to adapt to that and probably play a bit safer than normal. If you want the information quick and dirty, read the summary at the end of each section.
The early game is when most of the laners stay in their lane. Once people start going to other lanes and taking objectives such as towers or dragon, then the early game is over.


As Quinn top, you will frequently be up against a melee champion. This gives you an advantage: not only can you farm your creeps from a safe distance, but you can also harass the enemy without putting too much at risk. However, there are two important things to note here:
  • You must balance harassing the enemy with farming. If you just farm, then you are wasting your advantage. If you harass too much, you will miss out on CS and put yourself at a disadvantage. Striking a good balance is critical!
  • Attacking the enemy will draw minion aggro onto you (the enemy minions will start attacking you instead of your minions). Minion aggro hurts and early game it can even kill you. After harassing the enemy, walk into a bush. Because the enemy minions lose sight of you, they'll go back to attacking your minions and you'll lose the aggro.
A good strategy is to wait in the top-lane bushes until the enemy laner comes. You walk out of the bush, proc Harrier, then E/Q (depending on which you got first) and then proc the second Harrier. Quinn's level 1 is really strong and by doing this, you can get the enemy laner to half HP straight away. This combo is even more powerful if you have Electrocute. Here is an example of Quinn's level one power. Getting to level two before your opponent is also a huge advantage. You will now have access to two abilities ( Blinding Assault and Vault) and three potential Harrier marks. You should try to harass and possibly even secure a kill during this period. However, be careful because some champions also have a strong level two.

Before level 6, you want to farm, harass and eventually kill the enemy. However, once you reach level 6 and unlock your ultimate, your objectives change. Quinn has a non-combat ultimate. Apart from getting to lane quicker, your ult will be pretty much useless in lane. So...don't stay in lane! Behind Enemy Lines is designed to be used for roaming. So use it! Because roaming is so important, there is a whole chapter dedicated to it below. Go there to find out about roaming.

To summarize:
  • Use your level one to poke down the enemy.
  • Try to get level two first and then use that advantage to get some good damage off on the enemy or even secure a kill
  • Focus on farming and harassing the enemy
  • If they are low from your harass, go for the kill
  • Once you get your ultimate, roam!


As before use your strong level one to get some poke down and try to get level two before your opponent and then use that level gap to your advantage. Harassing the enemy isn't as important as it is in top lane because most mid-laners are ranged too, so you don't have that advantage over them. Additionally, mid-lane matchups are typically a lot harder than top-lane, so you have to be more careful. That being said, you still want to trade with the enemy in favourable situations. In the early game as Quinn mid, you want to focus on farming and a bit of harass. However, most of the time you want to focus on getting your ultimate as quickly as possible. The best reason for going mid is that you are in the center of the map and you can therefore roam to both top-lane and bot-lane. You can also help your Jungler invade both sides of the jungle. Roaming is of the utmost importance when playing Quinn mid and it should be your main objective. For more information on roaming, look at the chapter below, which is dedicated to it. Whilst roaming is the name of the game when mid, don't forget about keeping your CS up! It's a common mistakes that Quinn players make. Finally, try to defend your tower as best as you can. Mid tower is an important objective and since most mid-laners have good waveclear, you need to be careful not to give up your tower too easily.

To summarize:
  • Use your level one to poke down the enemy.
  • Try to get level two first and then abuse that advantage.
  • Farm and get some harass on the enemy if you can.
  • Once you get your ultimate, roam like crazy!
  • Don't neglect CSing and don't give up your tower too easily!


With most matchups, Quinn actually has the ability to bully early. The damage from Harrier marks can out-DPS a lot of other marksman. This should allow you to get a lead, which you can then transfer into a continued steamroll. This is why it's important to try and get level two first: it provides a great opportunity to get first blood and snowball from there. In lane, it is essential that you land your Blinding Assault on the enemy ADC in order to win trades: missing Q means no damage, no blind and no Harrier. If you don't manage to get kills early game, you can still make an impact mid/late game if you keep up with farm. A late-game Crit Quinn is very powerful. Crit Quinn takes longer to reach her potential, but once she does reach it, she can do incredible amounts of damage. However, without the expensive items Crit Quinn needs, you are weak and won't be able to help your team win. Hence farming up on Quinn botlane is more important than roaming and getting early kills. You can still roam (especially if you have a roaming support) but just make sure that you don't lose too much CS when you do. You also have to take into account what kind of support you have and what kind of support the enemy has; some supports are aggressive and good for engaging whilst others may be more passive.

To summarize:
  • Try to get level two first.
  • Adapt your playstyle to suit the supports.
  • Use your Harrier marks to out-damage the enemy and get an early lead, which allows you to snowball.
  • Hitting your Blinding Assault when trading is the key to winning trades.
  • Make sure you keep up in terms of CS.
  • ADC Crit Quinn is very strong mid/late game when she has her items, but if she doesn't have them and she falls behind, you will find it difficult to make an impact, let alone catch up and complete your build.


As the Jungler, you will either want to start wherever your bot-lane is for the best possible leash or blue (the mana-regen from blue buff is really helpful. Additionally, wolves and gromp and are lot easier to take then raptors and krugs). In what order you take the camps is based on how well you can kite, on what the game situation is like and your own preferences. Therefore, we cannot provide you with any jungle routes: just experiment and see what works for you! When clearing camps, it is essential that you kite the monsters. Some monsters are easier to kite than others. Try to keep out of their range but be careful not to stray too far away; if the patience bar drops to 0, the monster will quickly regain health and walk back to its camp. Use Blinding Assault to blind the big monster. You can also use Vault to stop it for a second and create distance. Here is an example of how you should be clearing camps.

Quinn has a very strong early game; if you can, try to gank before level 6. Look for people who are pushed up or low on health. An early gank like this will usually result in a kill or a Flash. If the enemy is playing safe, you could consider invading the enemy's jungle, but it really depends on who the enemy jungler is. If no opportunities present themselves, just farm until you get level 6.

After getting level 6, your ganks become a lot easier. Just fly into any lane and the enemies are guaranteed to Flash as soon as they see Valor flying at them. However, make sure you also keep up your farm. When ganking, consider what abilities the enemy has, whether they have summoners spells available, if the bushes are warded etc. Read the roaming section, as roaming and ganking are very similar.

To summarize:
  • Start with your bot-lane or blue buff.
  • Kite the monsters but don't let the patience bar drop to 0!
  • Use Krug passive, Q blind and your E to help you clear camps easier.
  • Try to use your early game power in an early gank or invade.
  • Farm until 6 and unlock your ultimate; ganks will now be quite easy.

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Mid Game

In the mid game, people leave their lane to go take objectives such as dragon or towers. This is also the stage in the game where team-fighting and small skirmishes take place. In the mid game, you have two options: Team-fighting(/Skirmishing) and Split-pushing. You should be doing a mixture of both with rotations in between, but the balance between the two may change depending on your game situation. The most important goal of the midlane is to transfer your early lead into objectives. If your team has had a bad start, the mid game is also your chance to make a comeback.


Split-pushing is when you go to a lane and push the enemy minion wave. This usually happens whilst everyone else is engaged somewhere else. Quinn is a great split-pusher. She can easily clear waves with Blinding Assault (and Statikk Shiv if you got it). Quinn's abilities make her a good duelist, which is helpful in case you run into an enemy champion. Finally, her ultimate allows her to travel around the map quickly, so you can apply a lot of pressure. One second you may be pushing top-lane, the next you're back with your team. Split-pushing keeps your towers safe (even if the enemy team aces you, if all the lanes are pushed up, the enemy team won't be able to take down many towers), denies the enemy farm (because you are pushing your minions towards the enemy tower, which will kill them), gives you money (from killing enemy minions) and gives your team objectives as well as global gold (from destroying towers). However, split-pushing isn't always the best option. There's no point pushing top-lane if the enemy team is taking down your Nexus towers. If you're going to split-push, make sure your team is capable of defending 4v5. Also, if you're ADC, keep in mind that your team depends on you to, well, be the ADC. You are the one who is supposed to stay at the back and deal out damage. If you're not there in team-fights, your team might lose them (and then flame you for it). Think carefully before going to split-push. And always ward the area around the lane you are pushing. This gives you just enough time to channel your ult and escape. Here is a pretty good video on splitpushing.


Team-fighting is...well, fighting with your team...duh! If split-pushing isn't an option, than team-fighting is what you should be doing. It allows your team to get kills as well as objectives. That last bit is really important; there should always be a Baron, tower or dragon at the end of a team-fight (assuming you won it). It is objectives that win games, not kills. This is why it is crucial to keep your lanes pushed up: once you ace the enemy, you will be in a great position to take down several towers. However, Quinn's team-fighting isn't that great. You have two options in team-fights. You can either try to use your ult to flank the enemy and burst down a squishy. Or, you can stay at the back of your team, protecting your carries and dealing out damage (this is especially important if you are the carry). It is essential that you land your Q in team-fights, as it is the only ability that also benefits your team (apart from W, but that isn't a combat ability). If you manage to land your Q on the enemy ADC during a fight, then it is a great opportunity to take them out. Also make sure you focus the correct person in team-fights. There's no point in attacking the 4000 HP Dr. Mundo if the enemy Jinx is standing behind him, shooting rockets in your face. Bad focus in team-fights is one of the most common reasons for losing them.

Both options, if successful, should result in you taking objectives. If things go well, you might even be able to end the game at this point (for example, if your team has built up a large lead and has taken down multiple objectives). If not, however, then prepare yourself for the late game.

To summarize:
  • In the mid game, you will either be doing a mixture of split-pushing and team-fighting with rotations in between.
  • There are times where split-pushing is better, but there are also times when team-fighting is the way to go. You must decide what balance of the two to aim for.
  • Make sure you use wards when split-pushing.
  • In team-fights, either assassinate their carries or stay in the back and deal damage.
  • After team-fights look to take objectives!

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Late Game


Late game is usually somewhere around 40 minutes and onward. Some games will end before you get to the late game, but not all. At this point in the game you will be approaching full build. You should have taken down several towers and dragons, maybe even a Baron. This is the point in the game where you should be actively looking to take down the Nexus and finish the game. However, if you're behind, it's best to defend against the enemy and wait for them to make a mistake or for someone to get caught out. This presents an opportunity to get objectives and perhaps even end the game. Remember, the longer the game goes on, the longer the death timers get. Being able to catch their ADC out of position might result in 50 seconds of 4v5, which could then lead to an ace. If this happens, you have about 50 seconds to end the game, which is plenty of time. While waiting for an opportunity, stick together and don't stray too far away on your own, as you will be an easy pick for the fed enemy team.

On the other hand, you want to avoid this situation when your team is ahead of the enemy team. Make sure you are not caught out of position yourself. A silly mistake might be the end of the game for you and your team. Instead, you want to focus on sieging towers. Your team is ahead, so unless you have a poor team-fighting composition, you should win team-fights. If the enemy has a lot of wave-clear and you are finding sieging hard, take Baron. Contesting it will be a risky move for the enemy team. However, you are also at risk of Baron being stolen from you, so always try to take it when the enemy is defending or dead. Baron is a great way to close down the game.

If both teams are about the same in terms of strength, then you have to wait for an opportunity. If you don't make mistakes, you can't lose. But in order to win, you have to use the mistakes of your enemies (Sun Tzu's Art of War).

To summarize:
  • If behind, defend and look for opportunities created by the enemy making mistakes. Keep your lanes pushed up and look for picks (e.g. the enemy ADC is farming your jungle alone). Catch someone out of position, fight 4v5 and then end the game.
  • If ahead, siege towers, take Baron or look for picks (which should be easy as you should be in control of the map). Don't make stupid mistakes.
  • If equal in power, ensure you don't make silly mistakes whilst waiting for the enemy to make one.

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Roaming is a huge part of Quinn's playstyle. It is important that you know when and how to roam.

First of all, why do we roam? Is roaming necessary? Well, yes it is! Quinn has a non-combat ultimate. It won't help you win lane. In fact, it's pretty much useless in lane. So... don't stay in lane! If you do, you will be wasting the immense map pressure your ultimate gives you. As Quinn you need to roam! But what is the point of roaming? Well, roaming is how you win the game. Winning lane is great, but it won't win you the game. Roaming will. Why win just your own lane, when you could be winning all three?! By roaming you take the advantage you got by winning your own lane and spread it to the other lanes. This ensures that your whole team gets ahead, not just you. You can help your teammates out, get kills for your team and take objectives.

There are several things you should do and consider before roaming. First of all, make sure your minion wave is pushed up. This ensures that you lose the smallest number of CS possible and that the enemy laner cannot follow you; if they do, they will lose CS themselves. There is no point in roaming when the enemy laner is taking down your tower.
Artist: monkeyyan

Secondly, analyse the situation. Let's pretend your top and you want to roam to mid. Your mid-laner is Ahri, theirs is a Zed. Consider the following: Is Zed pushed up? Has he warded? Does he have ult? Does he have Flash? Has he used his shadow already or could he use it to escape the potential gank? What about Ahri, does she have ult? Has she used her Charm yet? And what about the enemy jungler? Is s/he waiting somewhere near, hoping to gank your Ahri? Could the 2v1 suddenly turn into a 2v2? All of these things are important and you should quickly consider them all before roaming.

Artist: Hichiyan The most important thing about roaming is timing. Arriving too early or too late can result in your roam being a failure. If you roam too early, you will have to wait for the correct opportunity. This gives your enemies time to realize you're missing and for the enemy top-laner to clear the wave and follow you. On the other hand, if you roam too late you might miss the opportunity; the enemy Zed might kill your Ahri and escape before you arrive, resulting in you wasting your time.

Think about how the roam will benefit you and your team. There should be a clear goal or objective at the end of your roam, be it a kill (or two), a tower or a dragon. Otherwise your roam will be inefficient and not worthy.

Also, remember that roaming doesn't have to be to other lanes. You can also roam and invade the enemy's jungle. If you ward their buff and you see they are taking it, then consider trying to steal it and perhaps even get a kill. Roaming the enemy jungle also allows you to set up deep wards, which increases your team's safety as you know where the enemy jungler is. However, be wary because if your enemy laner follows you, you might become trapped in their jungle and end up giving them a free kill. Keep track of where all your enemies are when invading. Roaming the enemy jungle is riskier then roaming mid lane, because you're still going to be 1v1'ing someone instead of a 2v1 in mid-lane. Only do it if you're ahead or if you're sure you can get a kill (or ask your Jungler to come with you).

Here is an example of a good roam:

There are several things to notice in this video. Firstly, the Quinn pushes up the minion wave. This ensures she loses less CS, her tower isn't in danger and also that Gnar can't follow Quinn without losing CS himself and risking his own tower. Additionally, it stops the Gnar from freezing the minion wave. Finally, it also creates the illusion that Quinn is pushing the lane so that she can back to base. Next, the Quinn moves out of Gnar's vision and ults: this ensures that the enemy has no warning of her incoming roam. She goes behind Ahri's tower and picks up the kill. The video ended there, but the next step would be to take an objective such as dragon or mid tower. The roam was very well executed and followed all the correct steps. This is how you should roam.

Another example:

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Advanced Tactics

This chapter will cover some more advanced strategies and tactics that Quinn can use. The first one isn't actually that complicated, so focus on mastering it first; it's a quite important technique!

Dashes and blinks

This section covers the interaction between Vault and blinks/dashes. First we will look at using Vault to follow blinks and dashes. If you use Vault on someone just before they use a dash or a blink, Quinn will follow the target until she collides with them. This means that you can use Vault to follow the target's dash or blink. This works with any dash or blink, for example Flash, Zed's Living Shadow or Kha'Zix's Leap. This is particularly useful if the enemy goes over a wall, as you will follow them without having to blow Flash. In order to pull this off, you need a bit of prediction, a bit of skill and a bit of luck. Your timing must also be correct; if you do it too early, you might cancel their dash, which we will learn about next (which isn't too bad) but if you do it too late they will be out of range. Here are some examples:
Now, let's look at using Vault to interrupt dashes and negate their damage. This only works against dashes, not against blinks! Being able to reliably cancel dashes can be a huge advantage and can lead to some cool outplays like stopping Lee Sin's Resonating Strike or Pantheon's Aegis of Zeonia. Since Vault knocks the enemy up, it will also interrupt most dashes and sometimes even negate their damage! Once again, this requires a bit of prediction but it's mostly skill and reactions. The timing is once again pretty important. Some dashes are slower and longer range than others and therefore easier to cancel, whilst others are much harder. To cancel a dash, simply use Vault on them as they dash towards you. You will collide with them about halfway, interrupt their dash (sometimes negating the damage) and then vault off. You can also cancel dashes that are away from you, for example stopping a Kha'Zix from using Leap or a Tristana from using Rocket Jump. The idea behind this is a combination of a dash follow and a dash cancel. The important thing is that Quinn most collide with the enemy just after the dash starts; if you do it too early, it will have no effect on the dash whilst if you do it too late, you will either follow the dash or just be out of range. Note that not all dashes can be cancelled. Here is a short compilation of some dash cancels:

The Vault-Flash technique is a bit more complex than cancelling dashes. Although it is rarely used, it can be a live-saver in some situations and allows for some cool plays! Here's how it works. You USE Vault on an enemy and wait until Quinn collides with them and starts to vault off. At that moment, you Flash in a direction of your choice. This sounds simple, but it's a bit harder to carry out. You want to Flash as soon as you hit the enemy; that way your Flash will cover the most distance. If you Flash before Quinn collides with the enemy, Vault will do no damage and you won't knock-up the enemy (but Harrier will still be applied); this is what happens in the second example. Vault-Flash is used to get out of a sticky situation or to cover more distance. Below are two videos of the Vault-Flash in action:

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Common Mistakes


Here is a list of common mistakes that you should try to avoid whilst playing Quinn!

Don't cancel your auto-attacks, especially right after using Vault. Quinn's auto-attacks are fairly easy to cancel, especially Harrier ones. After Vaulting, wait a fraction of a second before popping the subsequent Harrier mark. This is because it's quite common to accidentally cancel your auto-attack after Vault, which wastes the Harrier mark that is applied to your target (enemies tend to back off when Valor has marked them, so you might not get another auto-attack in before they run away). Additionally, if you auto-attack before the Harrier mark fully forms, the auto won't consume the mark.

Make sure you balance harassing the enemy with maintaining good CS. On one side, you don't want to be missing out on CS and gold, but on the other hand you don't want to play too passive (especially in the top-lane, where your ranged autos are a big advantage over the standard melee top-laner). You have to strike a balance between those two things.

Equally try to maintain a good balance between CSing in lane and roaming. It is very common for Quinn players to spend too much time roaming and therefore fall behind in terms of XP and CS, as well as possible endangering your tower. Your roams should be efficient and hopefully end with an objective being taken.
Artist: knighthead

Try not to use Vault as an engage, especially from Valor form. Firstly, it makes it easy for the enemy to land skillshots such as Ahri's Charm. Secondly, you might need to use your Vault as a disengage or as a gapcloser. Finally, it's better to use the speed from your ult to close the distance to your enemy and then when they use some kind of dash/disengage, you will still be able to Vault to them and keep on chasing. Here is a good example of why you should wait before using your E.

Save your Vault! It has so many useful applications such as negating dashes and abilities, creating distance, as a pseudo-gapcloser, cancelling channeled abilites and crossing terrain! SAVE IT!

As Quinn, you're generally going to be pushed up to the enemy's tower (especially in top). If this is true, make sure you have wards set up and good vision of the area, because their Jungler is likely to come gank you.

If you get an advantage over your lane opponents, use it! Roam to other lanes and try to get the other lanes fed too (so don't just take all the kills for yourself).

If you land your Blinding Assault, don't waste the blind by staying inside the radius. Use Vault or the speed boost from Harrier to get out of the radius!

Finally, be careful when you use your abilities. In some match-ups its fine to spam them, but in others you want to save them for when the enemy engages (for example saving your Vault when laning against a Riven).

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Below you will find matchups for Quinn. We will be adding more matchups on a weekly basis, so if the matchup you are looking for is not here yet, don't fret! The matchups are listed in the order they were added. However, you can use the alphabetical images below to quickly navigate to a particular champion. You can then go back by clicking on the "Contents" button below each matchup.

One thing you will notice is that we haven't given matchups any real difficulty ratings. We feel that these ratings can be ambiguous, misleading and sometimes do more harm then good. Additionally, you will find that we try to refrain from recommending items or summoner spells. This is very important. When building your items, you should almost never itemise just against your lane opponent. You should always look at the bigger picture. Whilst your lane opponent might affect what items you buy, it should by no means by the sole deciding factor. Itemising is a complicated process where lots of variables come into play. Hence we have decided not to recommend any specific builds for any matchup.

Darius is melee. Use your range advantage to harass him and deny him CS as much as possible.

Knowing the range of Darius’ grab and being able to avoid it/bait it out is a huge advantage in this matchup.

Be cautious if he builds Phage / The Black Cleaver. He could use the movement speed from killing a minion to get on top of you.

Getting boots earlier than normal is really helpful, as being able to successfully kite Darius is a big part of winning the lane. The steroid from proccing Harrier is especially useful for this.

If you are having trouble vs Darius you could consider taking Flash & Ghost. However, Ghost is by no means necessary.

If the Darius takes Flash + Ghost, the matchup becomes trickier (this is where taking Ghost could’ve really helped). Saving your Vault to disengage becomes even more important in this scenario. Try not to push the wave brainlessly as he could pop Ghost and use the movement speed to outmanoeuvre you. Try to punish him for not taking Teleport by forcing bad back timings and by making plays across the map.

Darius’ TP plays can be quite effective, so be mindful of his Teleport CD when making plays botlane/around dragon.

Save your Vault to disengage after he uses his grab. However, if you are comfortable with the matchup you can still trade with your Vault; just make sure to step a bit backwards after the Vault animation so he can’t grab you whilst you are mid-auto. If he doesn’t attempt to do that, the slow from Vault should be enough to get back into AA range and proc Harrier.

If you time it right you can avoid getting hit by the head of his axe by Vaulting him. Handle hits don’t heal Darius or apply his passive. However, be careful as that leaves you exposed to getting punished by his grab or slow.

Darius’ W, Crippling Strike, increases his auto-attack range and also applies a slow. Be cautious of this, as he could use the slow to reposition in such a way that makes Vaulting off him unfavourable (aka he walks behind you). It also allows him to stack his passive on you easier.

If you time it right, Vault can be used to cancel Darius' ultimate. Blinding Assault can do so too. However, you should not be saving your abilities just for this purpose. You will often need to use your skills at other times and even if they are off-CD, cancelling his ultimate isn't reliable. Finally, the CD of his ult is refunded so it's only a very brief respite.

”If you don't make mistakes, Darius is never going to win the 1 v 1. If you misposition... get ready for the ****.“ MCrossS, 2017

Great video for the Darius matchup: Matchup Mechanics: Darius.


The first thing to know about this matchup is that despite what you might think, it’s winnable. Because of its notorious reputation, a lot of people go into the matchup with the mindset “I’ve already lost”. This is not the way to go about it!

A lot of people use a very defensive playstyle against Pantheon. Whilst this playstyle may work, we believe a different playstyle is more suited. The best way to describe this playstyle is “counter-aggressive”. Essentially, we acknowledge Pantheon’s upper hand in the lane, but at the same time we refuse to give up and fight him every inch of the way. We try to punish him for his aggression but without necessarily being over-aggressive ourselves.

For summoners, take Flash and either Ignite or Exhaust. Ignite gives you greater kill pressure in lane. Meanwhile, Exhaust is better if you fall behind. It is also more useful if your Jungler ganks and benefits your team as well as you.

For starting items, Long Sword + 3 Health Potions will give you optimal damage and sustain. However taking Doran's Shield is an option.

Level one, Quinn can actually go even with Pantheon. Wait in the bushes and when Pantheon shows up, go Harrier> Vault> Harrier.

The #1 rule for this matchup is to not allow Pantheon to spear you for free. Pantheon’s Q, Spear Shot range is greater than our auto-attack range, so if you are going to fight back you will need to walk towards Pantheon rather than running away (and most likely getting speared anyway). Use Blinding Assault+ Harrier to trade with his spears if possible.

Being able to reliably cancel Pantheon’s jump and stun is a huge advantage in this lane as it cuts a significant portion of his damage. We highly recommend learning to do this. Don’t use Vault to harass unless you are certain his jump is on CD.

In the event that he does land W ( Aegis of Zeonia) on you and you want to trade back, auto-attack him before using Vault; this will get rid of his passive (which he will have gotten from his W).

In most matchups Quinn’s harass consists mostly of Harrier marks, either passive ones or ones from abilities. In the Pantheon matchup, we can’t harass him with Harrier due to his Q range being greater than our AA range. Instead, we use our Blinding Assault to harass him instead. Blinding Assault does AoE damage so you can use it to poke through minions as long as Pantheon is standing close to them (and being melee, he most likely will be).

If you time your attacks and position at the correct distance, you can take down Pantheon’s passive - Aegis Protection- as he goes in to CS. This opens up opportunities for trades. Another usual bit of information is that cannon minions will remove Pantheon’s passive.

Learn the general CD of Pantheon’s spears and try to keep track of it in lane. If you know his spear is on CD, that gives you the opportunity to harass/trade with him.

Remember that Quinn will outscale Pantheon, so going even or even slightly behind is a perfectly acceptable outcome to the matchup.


Yasuo’s level one is weaker than Quinn’s since he needs both his Q ( Steel Tempest)and E ( Sweeping Blade) to be effective. Harass him and punish him for going in to CS.

Try to poke down Yasuo’s passive shield whenever you can, for example when he goes in to CS. This will help tilt any future trades in your favour.

Try to save Vault to disengage rather than using it aggressively.

Try not to stand too close to minions so that he can’t get on top of you easily. When engaging Yasuo try to move away from your minions so that he can’t use his mobility so much.

Try to keep count of his whirlwind stacks and be cautious when he has his whirlwind up, as he might look to engage on you. Dodge any ranged whirlwinds if possible.

The best time to engage on Yasuo is when his shield and Wind Wall are down. Wind Wall has quite a long CD, giving you a good opportunity to trade or all-in. Try to force him to use it and then once your abilities are off CD, engage on him.

Try to predict his dashes and Blinding Assault him mid-dash so that he can’t block it with his Wind Wall.

When running away from Yasuo be aware of any incoming ally minion waves that he could use to catch-up to you.

You can cancel Yasuo’s dash with Vault, putting it on an internal CD (on yourself). This is high-risk high-reward, as he will most likely be going for an E>Q knock-up combo. If you Vault too late, you will get knocked-up during your Vault animation and it will be put on CD, leaving you without any escape.

Don’t get too cocky if you manage to get a kill or two early. Whilst they will definitely help to even out the odds, Yasuo has a lot of tools to stay safe and once he gets some items, will still be a big threat.

Exhaust isn’t necessarily the way to go, reason being that Yasuo can always wait it out by using Wind Wall or by dashing away and then re-engaging later.

Yasuo’s ultimate Last Breath refreshes his passive shield. Be mindful of this, especially if you are going to Ignite him.


If you are having trouble with the matchup, try to save your Vault as a disengage, in particular to cancel Riven's 3rd Q ( Broken Wings). Being able to cancel the 3rd Q is a huge advantage.

However, if you are comfortable with the matchup then feel free to use Vault to harass; just be ready to kite back with Blinding Assault and Harrier marks if she tries to engage. Also be wary of doing this if Riven has ult and could potentially turn on you (especially if your Exhaust is on CD).

Exhaust is a very strong Summoner Spell in this matchup. It allow you to play aggressively without having to worry about Riven all-ining you

Be mindful of Riven's XP as she approaches level 6. She could try to all in you.

Try to keep track of when Riven’s ultimate - Blade of the Exile - is on CD. Without her ultimate, Riven loses a lot of her kill pressure.

Remember, if Riven ults and goes all-in, you don’t have to fight it out. Try to disengage with Vault and kite back using the MS from Harrier marks, and then re-engage on her once her ultimate is down.

Once Riven has engaged on you and used her abilities, she doesn’t have much left. After you have disengaged and kited back, make sure to keep chasing and autoing her as she backs away. Punish her for her aggressiveness.

After using Vault, Riven will most likely use her E, Valor, to defend herself against the incoming Harrier proc. Just walk towards her whilst the shield fades and then unload the rest of your combo.

Although she is melee, Riven has a lot of mobility due to her Q and E. Be careful of her large 'threat/initiation' zone, in particular when it comes to ganks.

A mind-game tactic is cancelling your passive Harrier in the last second. This could bait out Riven’s shield and open her up to trades.

If you ever get in a bad situation with Riven, try to save Flash for dodging Wind Slash.


Try to zone Renekton away from minions so that he can’t generate his Fury.

If you cancel his first dash with Vault before it hits you or a minion, then he won’t be able to reactivate it for a second time.

If you get ahead enough that he can’t kill you even if you don’t Vault, save it in case he dashes out so you can keep chasing him and secure a kill.

If he is far enough that he has to use both dashes to get to you, save your Vault for his second dash and then chase him down.

If he can reach you in one dash, Vault it as soon as he uses his first dash (try to cancel it if possible). Make sure to walk back a little after the animation and then proc Harrier (so that you create more distance in anticipation of his second dash).

After Renekton has used both his dashes he has no disengage, so make sure to kite him and get as many autos off as possible.

Ignite is the recommended Summoner Spell. It is very hard to Exhaust Renekton’s burst and Ignite gives you more kill pressure.

Renekton needs all 3 of his abilities to pose a threat to you. Bully him early to build a HP advantage that you can then use to stay in control of the lane.

Ward the enemy jungle in order to have good vision of the enemy jungler. This gives you more freedom in lane to play aggressive and pressure Renekton.

If you have good vision, you could try shoving the wave into his tower. This draws Jungle pressure away from your team, makes it easier for you to harass Renekton (make sure to punish him for every CS he tries to take) and also forces him to use his abilities to farm (and since Renekton needs all of his abilities up in order to deal with you, it also stops him from engaging). However, it also allows him to build up his Fury and makes you vulnerable to ganks, so be cautious of doing this (not recommended if you struggle with this lane).

The vast majority of Renektons will build The Black Cleaver first item. Watch out for the movement speed they get for killing minions as they could use it to get close to you.


Ignite is the recommended summoner spell here. Fiora has a gap closer - Lunge - that has its CD reduced if it hits and true damage, so the damage reduction and slow from Exhaust is less valuable than the kill pressure you get from Ignite. Additionally, Ignite will cut the healing Fiora gets from proccing Vitals and her ultimate, Grand Challenge. However don't use Ignite when she is in her Riposte animation; it will be blocked!

Try to learn and keep track of the cooldown of her Riposte (24s on rank 1 opposed to 12s on Quinn’s Vault).

If she uses Riposte as you Vault her, you will get stunned. If she uses Riposte after you use Vault, step to the side to avoid the slow and to prevent her from blocking your Harrier (similar to the Riven matchup, you could try baiting her Riposte by cancelling your Harrier auto attack).

You can also do the same thing with Blinding Assault: after using it, walk with her a little bit to see if she would try to anticipate your Harrier auto and Riposte it. If she does, that gives you a free Vault to follow up with.

In this matchup, you could either play really safe and never Vault her aggressively or you could still be aggressive with Vault but risk getting stunned by her Riposte.

If you choose to use your Vault offensively (which is recommended), try to vary your combos to make it harder for Fiora to predict when you will Vault. Additionally, you could try Vaulting from bushes to make it harder for her to react to it.

Continuing from the previous point, don’t use Vault directly out of Behind Enemy Lines: it’s too predictable.

You can reset her passive's ( Duelist's Dance) Vital mark on you by walking out of her range. Watch out for any marks facing her that she could easily proc.

A little trick you could do is hugging a wall when she ults you (if you have no way of getting out. That way she won't be able to proc all the Vitals).

Cancelling Fiora’s Lunge is very hard and it won’t stop the damage, so it’s not worth trying as Vault can be used more effectively in a different way. Also she can use Riposte during the Lunge animation!

Fiora’s E, Bladework is a lot of her stickyness and damage. If you see her waste it, use that opportunity for a favourable trade.

Ninja Tabi could be an option, if there are other members of the enemy team relying on autoing a lot.

Always keep the wave frozen if Fiora give you the chance to do so. She has no wave clear without Tiamat, so it's hard for her to reset the wave.


Shen’s waveclear is very poor, so you can easily push him under his tower and make him lose CS. This enables you to roam and put pressure elsewhere on the map. If Shen decides to use ult, he will either miss CS or risk you destroying his tower. Shen will also become very tanky, so it’s better to pressure the map than try to get kills of him.

Don’t attack him whilst he is in the protective zone from his W, Spirit's Refuge. You won’t do any damage but will still draw minion aggro. Additionally, it will consume any Harrier marks but won’t deal the damage.

If Shen suddenly walks out of your vision, he could be preparing to ult an ally. Use your Heightened Senses to reveal him. You can then cancel his ultimate - Stand United - with your Vault.

Be careful when harassing him under his tower; he could taunt you with Shadow Dash and you could take tower aggro.

Save your Vault so you can disengage after he taunts you. Then retaliate.

All of Shen’s abilities have quite long CD. Harass him when they are down.

Be aware of where is Spirit Blade is and avoid getting hit by it when he recalls it using Twilight Assault.

You can cancel the dash of his taunt, but you will still get taunted.


Dodge his Q, Winds of War, either backwards or directly forwards (since it goes in an arc).

Save Vault so that you can disengage after he uses his dash - Justice Punch. This also stops him from taunting you effectively with Shield of Durand (since Vault bounce-back range is greater than his taunt range).

When dodging his dash, move in a direction that allows you to safely Vault afterwards.

Try to kill him if possible in the first few levels, because after that he will get really tanky and you most likely won’t be able to kill him without help from your jungler.

Galio’s waveclear is very good, so roaming is risky as you could potentially lose a lot of minions and even a tower. If you are going to roam regardless, make sure your timing is correct and limit how long you roam for.

Additionally, be careful as he could follow your roams with his ult, Hero's Entrance, potentially turning the tides of battle.

Like you, Galio will also look to roam with his ultimate. Do your best to keep the wave pushed up (which has the added benefit of him using mana on creeps rather than you) and remember that you can stop his ultimate with Vault if you are quick enough.

Try to zone him away so that he can’t Q your caster minions, which will help stop him from pushing the wave.

Be careful of harassing him under tower; if he manages to taunt you, you will take tower aggro.

If you are confident that you can use it to its full extent, then Teleport could be a good choice in this matchup.


Early game Quinn can harass Irelia. Poke her with auto-attacks but save your Vault; if she tries to Q ( Bladesurge) onto you, you can then use it to disengage and retaliate. Use Blinding Assault instead of Vault to harass.

If you are confident that you will win the trade even if she can Q onto you (for example due to a large HP difference from earlier trades) then feel free to Vault to harass.

Additionally, if you have a significant HP advantage over her, you don’t have to Vault straight after she Qs on you: use Blinding Assault from melee range for a guaranteed hit and then kite back using the AS+MS steroid from Harrier. This way you still have Vault to disengage further or to chase her if she backs off.

You can try to predict which low health minion Irelia will try to jump to and use your Blinding Assault on that minion as she starts her animation. After you land your Q, auto-attack her (saving Vault for if she tries to engage on you).

Irelia’s dash can be cancelled with Vault, but the damage will still go through. The advantage to cancelling her dash is therefore that she cannot use her E, Equilibrium Strike, during the animation. Therefore, she can’t Q and then immediately E you. As a result, you should only look to cancel her dash if it aimed at you (also, due to the speed of the dash, you will need to predict it and spam Vault in the gap between you two).

Avoid standing next to low health minions: it allows Irelia to get on top of you whilst still having her Q to follow your Vault.

If there is no threat of an incoming gank (from the enemy jungler OR midlaner) then you can position yourself towards the river. This allows you more freedom with zoning Irelia: there are no minions for her to use and you always have Vault if she tries to Q onto you.

When harassing her under her tower, be cautious that she doesn’t stun you with tower aggro on you. Also be aware of any incoming minion waves; getting stunned in the middle of one hurts!

Be wary once Irelia gets Phage. She could use the MS from killing a minion to close down the distance between you.

Irelia can use her ultimate - Transcendent Blades - to get minions near you down to low HP, which she can then jump to using her Q. Be wary of this and remember to move away from your minions if they start getting low.

Note the cooldown of Irelia’s W, Hiten Style; without it, she will often lack the damage to fight you.


Be aggressive early: zone him away from the wave so that he is unable to stack his Fury.

Tryndamere’s E, Spinning Slash, gets its cooldown reduced whenever he critically strikes: be aware of this and once again try to zone him away from minions.

Save your Vault to disengage from him if he tries to get on top of you using his spin. If you can, try to cancel it.

If you take Ignite, when he uses his ultimate Undying Rage count to 3 or 4 and then Ignite and walk away: usually this will be enough to kill him.

One thing you could do in this matchup is try to figure out what Tryndamere is maxing. If he is healing for a lot, even without Fury, he is probably maxing Q ( Bloodlust) and is looking to sustain your poke. However, this means he won’t have the additional slow from W or the reduced CD on E to pressure you.

If your AD is getting reduced heavily, or if the slow portion of his W - Mocking Shout - is particularly strong, he could be maxing W. In this case, you should not look to trade in the time when he is debuffing you. Additionally, be cautious of his spin > W combo as the slow can be significantly strong, especially if paired up with a Bilgewater Cutlass active.

If his Spinning Slash damage is greater than usual and if he has a low CD on his spin, he is probably maxing E. Be wary of trading his spin for Vault, as he could have his spin up sooner than Vault comes off CD.

Because Tryndamere will be splitting a lot, it´s important that you are able to hold him off. Therefore itemising against your lane opponent is more important in this matchup compared to others.

Only roam if you are certain you will get something out of it; if you lose your first tower, Tryndamere becomes a bigger threat as he can then put pressure on your inner tower and soon after that Inhibitor tower.


If he hits his Q, Beartrap on a Rope, at long range, simply walk out of its range. If he hits it at close range, either Vault straight away so that it breaks the chain before he manages to pull you in or wait until after the pull before Vaulting (the pull itself will cancel Vault).

Early on you can Vault him safely, but after 1 or 2 backs you will have to be more careful with your Vault usage. Only use Vault when his Q is on CD (you can try baiting it out).

If he manages to hit Q and E ( Jousting) onto you AND his W Violent Tendencies is off CD, then you are in trouble (this is the worst situation). You can either try breaking the Q rope by Vaulting him before the Q pull and then try to use the MS from Harrier to kite out his second E, or you could wait until he has used his second E and then Vault.

Avoiding either his Q or E will give you a large advantage, as he needs both of them to be able to apply his W properly.

Kled’s damage comes from his W, in particular the 4th auto. Keep track of his auto animations so you know when it is up: when it isn’t, you can trade.

An orange-red circle below your character indicates whether Kled’s E has hit you and therefore whether he can recast it.

Once Kled is dismounted, you have a lot of kill pressure on him. His movement speed is very low when not walking towards you and his only real ‘escape’ is his Pocket Pistol. Try not to take a full Q to the face or get autoed randomly else his passive will come up again in no time.


Don’t Vault him if he has his Q, Blinding Dart, up: he will blind you and win the trade.

Use Blinding Assault to poke him through minions. If you land it, it gives you an opportunity to attack him without him retaliating with his blind.

Don’t let him Q or auto attack you for free. Don’t auto-attack trade with him; he will win due to his E - Toxic Shot. Keep out of his range when possible.

Keep a mental note of where he places his mushrooms. When walking through the Jungle, keep to the sides of the path rather than the centre.

Edge of Night is a fantastic item vs Teemo (the shield will only be procced by his Q and 'shrooms). He will either have to wait out the shield, or waste his blind.

If he blinds you, try to stay out of his auto-attack range but within Vault range so that you can retaliate when the blind wears off. You can also try blinding him yourself with Blinding Assault.

After level 6, Teemo could try throwing mushrooms at the landing spot of Vault. Be wary of this.

You could try pushing Teemo in so that he has less freedom regarding his mushroom placement.

When you are blinded, don’t bother trying to proc Harrier as it will not work (you will just waste an auto animation). Wait until the white ‘blinded’ bar above your name fully disappears.

Matchup Mechanics video on Teemo!


The more levels he gets, the harder it will be to trade effectively with him as his auto range increases with level (whilst his Q CD decreases) making the trading pattern for Gnar easier.

Early on you don’t be afraid to trade with him, his Q Boomerang Throw will be down for several seconds even if he catches it (additionally, you out-range him at this stage).

If you feel confident in dodging his Qs, you can camp the bushes and zone him off the wave by going for trades when he tries to CS. You can also stand behind the creeps so that he can’t hit you by the full Q damage.

It’s even easier to trade with him when he transforms into Mega Gnar; he won’t be able to get CS with his Q Boulder Toss since the boulder will not fly back to him, keeping it at a pretty high CD. It’s also easier to cancel his jump ( Crunch) with Vault since the animation is slower. Just watch out for his W ( Wallop).

Once Gnar reaches 97-99 rage, he can Hop into the wave and then jump again onto you. Since he is in combat he will get the missing rage, allowing him to activate his ultimate GNAR! mid jump! Be cautious of this.

Once he gets The Black Cleaver and Frozen Mallet you should be more careful as it is a pretty big powerspike for him.

When trading with Gnar, always try to get the first auto on him as this allows you to unload your combo without him proccing his W - Hyper - passive.

Be careful as his R can cancel Vault (although he will need to time it right which is quite hard).


Boots of Swiftness are better than Mercury's Treads to deal with the slow from Wither (Mercs simply reduce the time it takes to get to max slow).

If you time it right you can interrupt his Q ( Siphoning Strike) AA whilst his axe is in the air with Vault.

Save Vault for his Wither (look below).

When he uses Wither on you, just walk without autoattacking: the lower AA speed means auto’s take longer. Then once he gets into melee range Vault off, but don’t proc the Harrier yet: wait until the Wither wears off and then use the Harrier MS to retaliate.

If he Withers you whilst running away, do the same in reverse; follow him without autoattacking until he gets to max Vault range and then Vault (you can then proc the subsequent Harrier, since if you don’t he will most likely get out of range).

Avoid standing inside your minion wave so that he can’t poke and farm with his E, Spirit Fire (this is especially important if the Nasus is an AP Nasus).

You can use Blinding Assault to prevent him from applying his Wither on you (since he has no vision).

Be wary of his ultimate - Fury of the Sands - when moving in for the kill.

Early game you should be able to bully him freely. Try to zone him away from the minions so he can’t stack his Q.

Against AP Nasus, use his E down-time to get damage in. AP Nasus is usually squisher than normal Nasus and his late game is worse.

If you have the option of choosing whether to hard push or to freeze the lane, always go for a freeze unless you think you will be able to dive him.


Jarvan IV
Be cautious of his Q, Dragon Strike, harass; if he chunks you down you are in danger of getting killed if he hits his E>Q combo. Dodge as many Qs as possible - it will also make him have mana trouble.

As long as you stay close to full HP you shouldn’t be afraid of his combo when you have Vault up: it will chunk you but you have an easy time retaliating with your own abilities as well as being able to kite him as he retreats.

However if you took a lot of damage before, you cannot run the risk of getting all-inned like this and should play cautiously.

After level 6 and once he has brought some AD you should respect him and hold your Vault. Harass him with autos (he will have to get close to the minions or use Q). If he uses his Q to farm, feel free to Vault him.

Don’t stand in line with your low HP minions and him unless you want a lance to your face.

A good opportunity to harass him is when you proc Harrier on a minion: you can then use the MS+AS steroid to get 1-2 quick autos without being vulnerable to his E>Q combo. If he tries it, you can juke it easier and then retaliate.

Be wary of the enemy Jungler: J4 is good at setting up ganks, especially past 6.

Jarvan IVs perfect combo would be to E>Q>AA, forcing you to use Vault. Then he uses his ultimate and you are trapped inside. There are three things you can do:
  • (Korean advice) Don’t get hit by his combo.
  • Flash his R ( Cataclysm) damage (possible if you Flash as soon as his ult animation goes off).
  • Don’t use Vault after E>Q and instead try to get away with Harrier procs and then Vault once you get ulted.
In general try to keep moving at all times in this matchup: this makes it harder for him to hit his combo.

Be careful of his roams to mid: his ultimate makes them quite potent.

Regarding the interaction between Vault and his E>Q combo:
  • You cannot interrupt the combo sideways, it will cancel your Vault.
  • If he is facing away from you, you will either follow him or you will not interrupt him. Only in rare cases can you interrupt him when he is comboing away from you.
  • If he is comboing towards you, you have a high chance of cancelling him (as long as you are in Vault range at that time). Vault as soon as you hear the flag drop sound. You will still take the Q and E - Demacian Standard damage but the combo gets interrupted and you will Vault off him. Before level 6, this is a huge advantage as it screws him up dearly. However, this requires good timing: if you do it too late you will get knocked up.
As you can see the interactions are quite buggy and since they are not essential to winning lane, it’s up to you whether you attempt them. Here is a video showcasing the interactions.


Exhaust is recommended in this matchup.

Harass him when he goes in to last hit minions (try to time this with your passive coming up so he gets marked). If you do this whilst he is mid AA animation then you can follow up with an E>AA combo. Just make sure to stay behind your melee minions so that he can’t easily hit you with his Q - Shock Blast.

Try to bait out his Q by moving unpredictably through your wave. This will help turn trades in your favour.

If you are on blue side and get pushed in beware of his Shock Blasts from the river bush if you don’t have vision. Keep to the left side of the lane.

If you are on red side he can position behind the thick wall on the right or just sit in the bushes.

The key to winning this matchup is knowing when you can go in with Vault without dying after. If you jump in and he has his combo, you will most likely take a lot of damage and die. Save your Vault for when he goes aggressive and instead harass him with auto’s and Blinding Assault.

Your Vault can cancel his melee Q ( To The Skies!). If you manage to do this then you have a good opportunity to kite him until he can switch forms again.

Don’t let him push you in: he will then spam his Shock Blast at you whilst you are farming under turret. Force him to use his Q to clear the wave.

Later on in the game you can engage with Vault: since you now have a few items you can kill him fast enough so he can’t get away with whilst having Exhaust to keep yourself safe.

Starting Q is safer in this matchup: if you Vault him level one he will hit his Shock Blast, switch forms and hit his Q again and then run you down.


Exhaust doesn’t stop true damage so it's not that good, but it can still be used.

The majority of her damages comes from her Q, Precision Protocol. If she uses it on minions, you have a short window of opportunity to aggressively trade with her.

You can dodge her W - Tactical Sweep - by Vaulting at the right time, putting you inside the cone at the time when the ability goes off. This way you won’t be slowed as well.

First few levels are pretty easy and you can use Vault aggressively.

After level 6 you should stay away from walls to make it harder for her to hit her E ( Hookshot).

When fighting Camille be aware of the passive shield she gets when she autos you ( Adaptive Defenses). It’s recommended that you wait it out (1.5 seconds) as you most likely won’t out-damage it anyway.

If she ults you, walk slightly to the side and then Vault so that you end up closer to your tower. Then use Harrier procs to kite her.

Be wary of the enemy Jungler as Camille can set up ganks easily with her E and R - Hextech Ultimatum.

In the mid-late game she will be doing a lot of damage, so pick your fights carefully.

The only time you can cancel her E with Vault is if hook has attached to a wall but she hasn’t jumped off it yet. This also includes the time during which she is traveling to the wall. Check out this video for details!

If there aren't any minions in the way, throwing your Blinding Assault at Camille as she E's to a wall can be a good response: it screws with her aim and gets you a free Harrier.


Early game you should have no problem. Try to get a CS lead and remember to reset minion aggro by ducking into bushes. Just be careful of entering bushes when you see him use his E, Sapling Toss.

After a few bases you will have a hard time killing him, so try to make best use of the early few levels. After he gets too tanky to kill, focus on roaming but make sure to keep your tower safe.

Make sure to keep track of the enemy Jungler, as you can easily be dived by Maokai.

When he has used W - Twisted Advance - on you, user Harrier procs (passive or from Blinding Assault) to kite back towards your tower. Once he retreats, you can then Vault and keep chasing him to retaliate.

If you want to dive Maokai when he's low, move in under his turret without autoattacking and Blinding Assault him. If he W's your Q press S (this stops you from autoattacking) so that you don't autoattack him while rooted, instead wait a moment for the root and his CotC shield to wear off. If he doesn't W it just walk in and combo him while he's nearsighted.

You can Vault off a minion or Flash in the middle of his W to cause him to jump somewhere that he really doesn't want to be.


Don’t stand in your minion wave: this stops him from pushing and poking you at the same time (since all of his abilities except for his ultimate are AoE).

Don’t get hit by his E ( Vorpal Spikes) flying past minions. Posistion to the side

Cho'Gath's passive - Carnivore - gives him both mana and HP whenever he kills an enemy. Deny him CS as much as you can to reduce his sustain.

You can dodge his Rupture by using Vault. This gives you a big advantage in trades, so make sure you get the timing down.

Cho'Gath becomes stronger with stacks from his ultimate ( Feast), so try to kill him early on when he is weaker.

His AA range will get larger with his stacks.

Against tank matchups like this, there is not much specific champion interaction. Instead focus on making sure you basics are on point (such as maintaining high CS, well-timed roams and harassing inbetween autos).


GP is weak early game and is very vulnerable to being bullied by Quinn. Deny him CS and harass him. You should be able to stay significantly ahead either by killing him or applying a lot of pressure/out-farming him. Then look to transfer that advantage to other lanes through roams.

In this matchup you can use Vault aggressively and should look for trades whenever it’s up.

Take Ignite to maximise your kill pressure.

Be careful when trying to get rid of barrels. If you auto attack one when it is at 3 HP, he can use an AA and his Q (Parrrley) to quickly blow it up whilst placing a second one on top of you. However you can dodge this by Vaulting GP after the first barrel blows but before the second one.

Use your W to check brushes for his barrels.

After level 6 be wary of his global ultimate, Cannon Barrage, whilst roaming.

Be wary of tower-diving him due to his W, Remove Scurvy.

When you go in for a kill, Ignite him once he is about half HP so that his W heals for less.


Level one you should be somewhat respectful since if he got his Q ( Leap Strike) first, he could jump on you after you Vault. If he took E ( Counter Strike) level one, feel free to do your usual AA>E>AA combo but cancel the second auto so that he wastes his E. Then you can proc Harrier once it goes down.

You should try to interrupt his Q with Vault. If you pull this off, you are set. However, he can still stun you if he started his E beforehand (he will reactivate it mid leap and if you Vault you will be stunned once you land). If you see him activate his E, try to stay out of his Q range.

Abuse him whilst his Q is on CD, but be careful as he will most likely be maxing it (it will go from 10s to 6s without CDR). Don’t let him jump you whilst you have Vault on CD (might be worth putting an extra point or two into Vault before maxing Blinding Assault).

Once he unlocks his ultimate Grandmaster's Might, it is crucial that you interrupt his Q and not just Vault after he lands. He will stack his 3rd auto and use W+Q to jump on you, then walk away unharmed with E. This way you cannot get damage off yourself and will lose control of the lane.

If you took Electrocute, be wary of it getting blocked by his E.

Be careful of him preparing his E and then Flashing onto you. He can then move into a position that makes escape hard.

Try to trade with him when he hasn’t got his passive - Relentless Assault - stacked or his 3rd auto (from his ult passive).


Stand behind creeps to avoid his Q, Thundering Shuriken.

Keep track of his W ( Electrical Surge) passive (how many autos before he gets his empowered one).

As long as you avoid his Q and only trade with him when has has 1-2 stacks on his W, you are safe from his passive - Mark of the Storm - stun.

Be careful once he unlocks his ultimate Slicing Maelstrom as he can all-in you. Try to get a lead early on before he has his ultimate.

If you Vault Kennen and he activates his E ( Lightning Rush), you will receive a Mark of the Storm. Be wary of this.

Kennen’s AA range is greater than ours so auto-trading isn’t a good idea. Try to lead your trades with an ability (e.g. Blinding Assault) and abuse bushes as much as you can.

If he builds Hextech Protobelt-01 be wary of his increased threat zone.

When he uses his ultimate, Vault off him and then use the MS from proccing Harrier to get out.


Try to keep his Granite Shield passive down by autoing him every few seconds.

Try not to get hit by his E, Ground Slam as it will reduce your AS.

Malphite can have pretty good burst in his combo (especially once his unlocks his ultimate, Unstoppable Force). Be wary of this when you have medium-low HP.

Avoid letting him poke you with his Q - Seismic Shard - for free.

You won’t have a lot of kill pressure in this lane (similar to most tank lanes) so your focus should be on denying CS whilst maintaining your own. Look for roams whenever possible.

Consider asking to switch lanes with your midlaners post 6: Malphite will be building armour primarily so an AP champion will have an easier time (meanwhile you get to roam more from midlane).

Be cautious of his damage if he goes AP.

In teamfights don't clump up next to your team-mates: this will provide Malphite with a perfect opportunity for his ult.


He can use his E, Fling, to cancel our Vault, so be careful when you use it. Try to Vault him whilst he is blinded from Blinding Assault.

Ignite will allow you to get kills early before he becomes too tanky/slippery.

Level one you should guard your jungle entry and escort your wave so that he can’t proxy it.

If he starts proxying you have to be quick with your decision making. Don’t bother chasing him and losing HP + CS if you aren’t 100% sure you will get a kill (this goes to chasing Singed in general).

After level 6 you have to be careful when pushing the wave far up the lane, there are instances where he can use his ultimate Insanity Potion (and maybe Ghost) and run you down.

Be wary of the burst of speed Singed gets from his passive - Noxious Slipstream - when he is near a champion.

Check out this Matchup Mechanics video on Singed.


Ignite is the recommended summoner spell for this matchup. We also recommend getting Executioner's Calling early on.

When using Ignite, use it the second you all-in in order to cut his healing from Q ( Transfusion), W ( Sanguine Pool) and ult ( Hemoplague).

Try to Ignite early game to either get a kill or blow his summs. This will hopefully give you control of the lane.

Early game his Sanguine Pool has a long CD. If you can force it out, you have an opportunity to get a kill or some good damage.

Don’t walk up to him when he is about to get his 3rd Q (don’t Vault him either). Throw your Blinding Assault out so that he can’t target you: this gives you a window of time to trade with him whilst letting his empowered Q time out. Also try to trade with him whenever it is ‘charging’.

The key to this matchup is knowing when to go for trades. Avoid going for even trades as he will just heal it back up. His abilities have fairly high CDs early on, so trade around his cooldowns.

Also be wary of him tower-diving you and of you tower-diving him (he can escape with his Sanguine Pool).

If you can get out of the range of his E, Tides of Blood, simply do so. If you are too close to him however just Vault him as soon as he starts the channel: this will cancel it and therefore it will deal less damage.

Late game you will either one-shot him or die.


Exhaust is the recommended summoner spell here.

Harass him often early on but make sure to avoid his E Shadow Slash and Q Razor Shuriken.

If you can get a feel of when your opponent likes to use his W ( Living Shadow), you can dodge the subsequent Shadow Slash with a quick backstep. This will avoid you getting slowed and help you avoid double shurikens.

You want to punish him when his W is on CD.

Be wary of Vaulting him when his shadow is out as he can switch to it and you may end up in an unfavourable position.

After level 6 save your Vault for his ultimate, Death Mark. Walk backwards as he ults you and then when he appears walk behind him and Vault (this will help avoid his shurikens).

Remember that Zed appears behind you after his ultimate (behind you from his position to you, not based on which way your model is facing).

Zed can snowball really well, so if he ever does get a lead, play safe and farm under tower. Also keep the river warded so that you can see his roams.


Pretty easy matchup but it becomes a lot harder once she unlocks her ultimate Spirit Rush. Play aggressively early whilst she doesn’t have the mana or damage to pose a threat.

Try to push the wave; this forces her to use her small mana pool to clear waves rather than harass you. If she is using her Q - Orb of Deception - to clear the wave, she won’t be able to trade effectively with you as her E ( Charm) and W ( Fox-Fire) damage is negligible early.

Just make sure not to stand inside your minion wave so she can’t farm and poke at the same time.

Ahri will walk forward to Q the wave and then use the movement speed she gains to run back and dodge your damage. To counter this, when she goes in to clear keep walking towards her. Then, once she starts to back off use Vault to follow her and slow her. You can do this early since getting Charmed won’t pose a significant risk with her Q on CD.

Try and bait out her Charm. If you can bait it out and dodge it, you have a good opportunity for a favourable trade. It will also significantly deplete her mana pool.

After level 6 things become worse for you. She can use her ult to get out of a bad spot and disengage or she can use it to engage on you/catch you out. She can also use it to engage, use her combo, disengage again and then use the third and last dash to once more re-engage once her spells come off CD.

If you can bait out her ultimate and survive the trade, then you have a window of time where you can kill her. However, don’t rush it if you are low.


Press the Attack could be a good choice as he has no way of farming from a distance, so it will be easy to gain and maintain stacks. However, as always take the rest of the team into consideration.

Max W ( Heightened Senses) second unless the rest of the team is really squishy and you plan on assassinating them.

Ignite won’t help you much in this matchup and it becomes less useful as the game goes on, so taking Teleport for better map pressure might be helpful.

If you Vault Garen whilst he has his Q, Decisive Strike, active you will take the empowered damage and be silenced. However, this is only if his last command was to auto attack you rather than a movement command.

If he presses Q and starts running at you, there are two things you could do. If you can outrun him until his Q times out, do that and then Vault him afterwards or just keep running at him with Blinding Assault and so on. If not, then Vault him before and wait out the silence. Then engage with Blinding Assault and kite him with Harrier.

One way to avoid his Q is to blind him with Blinding Assault and then Vault him.

Garen can also use his Q to get rid of the slow from Vault and run at you. However, you can kite back using the MS from Harrier.

He can also use his W - Courage - to reduce the damage from your AA>E>AA combo.

Auto him whenever you can to get rid of his passive ( Perseverance) healing.

Don’t overstay when you are low: he will just ult you.


Be wary of doing the normal level 1 bush cheese as he can out-trade you with his E ( Nimbus Strike) once you’ve used your Vault (he gets a ton of AS after using it).

Save your Vault for canceling his E (best way to do this is spamming Vault on the ground between you and him, but if you are confident with your reactions you can cancel it normally too).

Before level 6 his trading pattern will be E>Q>W out. Make sure to follow him whilst he is invisible so he doesn’t get damage off you for free.

Once he hits 6 cancelling his E is essential, as otherwise you will get knocked up by his R, Cyclone. Wukong’s ultimate can cancel your Vault, so if you’re not quick enough he will use W ( Decoy) and E to get on top of you and then Q>R.

His E CD is 4 seconds less than our Vault CD if we are talking about 0% CDR and level 1 skills. Take this into account.

Don’t get cocky if you beat him early: once he gets his lethality item he will still be able to one-shot you if you don’t play it right.

Red trinket will show Wukong’s outline when he goes invisible.

If Wukong is marked with Harrier and he uses his W, the decoy will not be marked. This is a good way of knowing if he is trying to escape or just juking you.

And once again, because it’s so important: save Vault for his E!

Matchup Mechanics video on Wukong!

Matchup Monday video on Wukong!


Maw of Malmortius, or at least Hexdrinker, is recommended in this matchup. Maw is particularly good as it allows you to lifesteal once you get low, which is good against his DPS.

Rumble is pretty difficult matchup for Quinn if he plays correctly. His trading pattern is superior to ours (6s CD on shield) as long as he makes sure to stand on top of the wave and avoids getting hit by Blinding Assault. He can shield our Harrier proc from Vault and trade back with Q ( Flamespitter) whilst pushing the wave simultaneously. You can’t abuse the bushes in this matchup as he can easily E ( Electro-Harpoon) you.

It’s important to play the lane correctly early, because this lane will only get harder. If you didn’t manage to achieve an advantage early, you will have to respect him after his first MPen item.

Stand in your wave to avoid his E. However this means you have to be extra skillful in hitting Blinding Assault.

Early on you have the upper hand because he doesn’t have the damage to effectively push the wave. This makes it easy to trade with him and set up an early freeze (his Q is AoE and will slow push the wave, but not enough to break your freeze if you wish to set one up. Read: freeze on him early!).

Rumble is susceptible to ganks due to his lack of escapes. If you can coordinate with your Jungler for an early gank, it’s a huge plus. Freezing the wave early will also help with this.

Another option is to hard-push the wave towards Rumble’s tower. It’s really hard to last hit with Rumble, especially under tower, so this is a great way to get ahead in gold and stay healthy from the Doran's Blade lifesteal.

Matchup Mechanics video on Rumble!

Matchup Monday video on Rumble!


You will be able to bully him early but later on he will get tanky enough to withstand your damage.

As with most matchups, try to zone him away from CS by using your superior range.

Trundle’s W - Frozen Domain - gives him a big boost in MS and AS, as well as increasing his healing, so try not to eat auto attacks by that time.

Be wary of his Pillar of Ice. It can be used to set up ganks or hinder you if you try to tower-dive him. Never Vault Trundle unless his pillar is on CD (he can use it to catch up to you).

In most cases he will use W and E ( Pillar of Ice) at the same time to try and get some poke onto you. Simply use Vault and kite him with Harrier procs. But don't get baited into using your Vault just because of his W else he will kill you afterwards.

Trundle has poor waveclear until he gets Tiamat: use this to your advantage by pushing the wave in and roaming at level 6, if you cant get anything done in lane.

If he ults ( Subjugate) you, try to back off and re-engage once the debuff has worn off.

Maxing Heightened Senses second and is an option.


Urgot has extremely low range for a ‘ranged’ champion, so you can still kite and harass him.

You can dodge Urgot’s Q - Corrosive Charge - by Vaulting him when he uses it (it has a slight delay before exploding).

You cannot cancel his dash ( Disdain) with Vault and you will get flipped if you try.

Avoid getting hit by his Q or E ( Disdain), so that his W ( Purge) does not focus you.

His shotgun legs have more range than his auto-attacks and they pass through minions, so be careful of getting hit. Look at the indicators on his legs to know which ones are read to shoot and which are on CD. You can always look for trades whenever the legs facing you are “on cooldown”.

Blinding Urgot using Blinding Assault will stop his W from attacking you.

Don’t stay in lane when you are low. His ultimate Fear Beyond Death has a massive slow, range and damage.

You shouldn’t have a problem in lane unless you get flung out of your Vault. He gets pretty tanky with The Black Cleaver, his shield and Ninja Tabi so don't expect to snowball this lane.

He has a hard time farming under turret with his legs and Q messing up the CS, so push him in to get a gold lead if your lane is not going too hot.


Hexdrinker rush is recommended.

Don’t go Exhaust, she can just wait it out in her Twilight Shroud.

You want to focus on getting a good CS advantage until level 6 (don’t neglect harassing Akali and making her lose CS).

In lane the worst thing to happen before level 6 is that you get hit by the mark damage from her Q, Mark of the Assassin. This happens if you walk into her shroud (don’t do that) or if you don’t respect the jump range of it and are already marked with Q when she attacks you.

Use attack move if you have trouble redirecting your champion after Akali goes invisible (to avoid walking into her shroud).

After level 6 be careful not to push the lane out too far as she can engage on you and then run you down the lane with multiple Shadow Dance stacks. She gets 3 ult stacks instantly at 6, keep this in mind. You want to trade on your own half of the lane where she can’t make use of all her ult stacks. This is where wave manipulation comes in; you want to keep the wave on your side of the lane if you intend to stay in lane. Eventually once you build up a wave you want to fast push it into her turret (she can’t engage in such a big wave) and then go roam/invade their Jungle/recall. This way the wave gets reset and you don’t lose any CS whilst allowing for a potential freeze once you return.

If Vault is on CD and Akali has one ult stack remaining, when she ults you be ready to run towards the location from which she casted ult rather than what probably is your turret. This might seem counter-intuitive, but it will make it so she potentially doesn’t get her next auto off or at least puts you in a better kiting position

Your best bet for when she all-ins you with ult is to kite out with Blinding Assault and Harrier marks first, then interrupt her second ult cast with Vault and then use the above tip for when Vault is on CD and she has 1 stack left. Without Hexdrinker you are probably going to die either way if she didn’t waste her W beforehand, which is why you want have the lane in a position where she can’t make use of all 3 stacks.


Executioner's Calling and Hexdrinker are both good items against Swain.

You will have windows of opportunities before level 6 (especially levels 1-3) to go for a kill.

Hitting your Blinding Assault is pretty important in this matchup, so aim it carefully and don’t waste it.

Early game he is fairly squishy with his Doran's Ring. If you can get control of the bushes, you can threaten him with Blinding Assault. You can play aggressively and Vault him before level 6.

After level 6 your best bet is to keep farming up and look for openings with your Blinding Assault, but hold onto your Vault for when he is trying to snare you with his Nevermove so you can jump over it and avoid it.

If he uses Ravenous Flock and you don’t have Executioner's Calling, disengage because it’s very unlikely that you will win the trade. Swain will deactivate his ult (it drains a lot of mana) which then puts it on a 20 second CD. This is your window of aggression.

The delay on his snare is pretty big, similar to Cho'Gath’s Rupture. If your Vault is on CD and you need to dodge it, have your cursor closer to your character to minimise reaction time for a higher chance of dodging.

Fight outside of the wave when possible to reduce his healing and to make it easier to hit your Blinding Assault.

Be wary of Swain tower-diving you with his Jungler.


Dr. Mundo
It might be tempting to go Ignite as it reduces healing. However Dr. Mundo will most likely just be farming with his Infected Cleavers and will become really tanky. You won’t have enough kill pressure in lane to make Ignite worthwhile. Teleport could be a better option.

There is little you can do if he is farming with his Q (cleavers). However, if he tries to farm with autos make sure to harass him. Also try to deny him the cannon creeps where possible by standing in front of them once they get low.

The most important thing in this matchup is to have good farm. Farming should be your primary aim in this lane. If you see a good opportunity for a roam then of course take it, but in general you just want to farm up until the mid game.

You most likely won’t be able to kill Dr. Mundo unless he doesn’t respect you early (or you get your Jungler to gank). However, he shouldn’t be able to kill you in lane either.

After laning phase you want to avoid sitting in a sidelane with Dr. Mundo. He will be tanky enough so that he can pop his ultimate ( Sadism) and run you down.


Yorick will look to stack up some Mist Walker graves and then activate them with his Q, Last Rites. When this happens, make sure not to get hit by his E ( Mourning Mist). In order to land his E, Yorick will try to trap you in his W - Dark Procession. However, you can use Vault to escape the cage. You can also use Vault to dodge his E, but side-stepping it is usually the better option.

His Mist Walkers will only be trouble if he hits his E. Otherwise you don’t really have to worry about them.

Keep moving in lane to make it harder for him to hit his E. Also keep track of how many graves there are (he needs his Mist Walkers in order for his E to be effective).

Since you need to save your Vault for his cage, you will need to use Blinding Assault as your main source of harass.

Keep your waves pushed out so that Yorick can’t split-push and take your turrets with his Mist Walkers/Maiden.

If you get hit by his E and find yourself getting jumped on by his Mist Walkers, you can either throw Blinding Assault at them if you have enough AD to clear them all or you can wait for them to jump at you and then use Vault to create distance again.


In this matchup you want to go to lane before minions spawn and stop Heimerdinger from setting up his turrets.

Heimerdinger will want to set up his creeps and turrets so that you are stuck in your half of the lane, unable to roam and without pressure. Counter-push the wave whenever possible to avoid this.

You have to evaluate whether you will be able to out-damage him (and his turrets) when going for trades. If you see an opportunity for a favourable trade, go for it. But if he is too far back to trade with him effectively, focus on destroying his turrets and pushing the wave.

2 AA or 1 Blinding Assault and 1 AA will destroy his turrets. Blinding Assault will also temporarily disable them so they can’t attack (this works on his ultimate-enhanced turret too)!

His main burst source is his Hextech Micro-Rockets. Make sure to dodge them in lane. He will most likely try to stun you with his CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade first, so avoid that too.

You can make use of the bushes to clear the turrets, but be careful of his skillshots when doing so.

If you time it right, you can use your Vault to dodge his grenade.

Whenever he doesn’t have turrets set up or they are far away, go for trades.

Keep track of the bar above his turrets so that you know when they will use their extra damage beam.


In this matchup you want to go to lane before minions spawn and destroy any tentacles which appear so she can’t use them for her level 2.

How well you do in lane depends on how well you can dodge her stuff. Her Q ( Tentacle Smash) heals her, so make sure to avoid that. If you are zoning her properly she will be forced to use it on minions, so don’t stand on top of the wave.

Her E ( Test of Spirit) has a fairly short range and has a rather long animation time so it should be fairly easy to bait out/dodge. Once it’s on CD, you have a good opportunity to trade with her. However if you get hit by it, you will most likely have to back off. Never stand next to your soul!

Whenever you can destroy her tentacles, but remember to watch out for her E.

If you got vesseled and are in dodge-mode, just dodge one hit and stay near that tentacle. Each tentacle only hits once and if you don't run around or kill it, no second one will spawn. After the duration, you can still kill it.


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Overall, Quinn is an extremely fun champion to play. She has a very unique kit and is great for SoloQ. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in some way. If you have any questions, queries, suggestions or feedback just write a comment and I will do my best to respond. I would appreciate any upvotes and if you downvote, I would be grateful if you left a comment saying why, so I can take your opinion into account and consider making changes. In the future I will continue to maintain and improve this guide. I would also like to thank everyone from r/QuinnMains for their help and support (especially Serene Skies, Saixos and QuinnMastermind) as well as jhoijhoi for her 'Making A Guide' guide. I would also like to thank everyone who gave me feedback or reviewed my guide. Once again thank you for reading this guide and I wish you all the best in your future games with Quinn and Valor: Demacia's Wings.

Happy Soaring
-AnonimooseUser (aka Moose) and the rest of r/QuinnMains

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