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Yuumi Build Guide by Doody_tco

Support Yuumi - This is My Favorite Chapter!! [ALL CHAMPIONS]

Support Yuumi - This is My Favorite Chapter!! [ALL CHAMPIONS]

Updated on June 29, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doody_tco Build Guide By Doody_tco 20 6 17,339 Views 8 Comments
20 6 17,339 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Doody_tco Yuumi Build Guide By Doody_tco Updated on June 29, 2022
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Runes: Sorcery (Typical)

1 2 3 4 5
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Presence of Mind
Cut Down

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

About me
Pros and Cons
Summoner Spells
Game Stages
Professional Tips

About me

Hello! I'm Doody_tco!
I'm the creator of the winner guide Miss Fortune Miss Fortune - Road to Mastery 7. I am a main AD Carry and I use the the essence of carrying games in my playstyle as a support . Yuumi is my main support . I have almost 180k experience points on Yuumi and I have supported and played against almost all champions this includes supporting trolling ADC picks such as Katarina, LeBlanc, Karthus and even Nasus and I have the confidence to write this guide and share my experience to help everyone increase their knowledge about Yuumi and help with hard carrying the game to victory! :)

Why play Yuumi?

Yuumi is an interesting hard carry support that fun to play. Although she depends on a carry, she gets stronger in late game and help a hyper-carry champion to carry the game to victory. Yuumi cannot be targeted thanks to her You and Me! ability, thus prohibiting her abilities to be interrupted by enemy's' skill shots. Yuumi sustains her carry through healing and shielding as well as helping them escaping or reaching the enemy. Yuumi is an easy to play champion. Through reading this guide, you will understand why Yuumi get banned.

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

Please read the following notes before you proceed to the guide:

Note 1: Please do not misjudge my personal thoughts and experience for picking Flash for Yuumi. Thinking that Yuumi is a champion attached to an ally most of the game and she needs to support them with only with Ignite and Exhaust does not make Flash less valuable spell nor make it a troll summoner spell. Moreover, Flash for Yuumi does not need to be a new OP Korean meta so you can have an instant change of heart in your beliefs. Flash for Yuumi grants two key winning elements; the first is surprising the enemy as they would not expect the Flash; and the second is tilting the enemy as they do not always see Flash for Yuumi which I saw in most of my games and lead the enemy team to not preform well which is what your team needs to win.

If you want, skip to the section where the guide explains why Flash is an essential spell to pick for Yuumi

Note 2: If you checked the section where I argued that Flash WORKS for Yuumi and you still believe that it is not a wise choice for Yuumi even after arguing about it with me in discussion section, then PLEASE DO NOT MAKE IT AN EXCUSE TO DOWNVOTE THIS GUIDE. IT IS NOT A TROLL GUIDE AND I PUT SO MUCH EFFORT BUILDING IT and making it useful in planning, itemizations, macro and especially studying all champions in the game and provided a thorough information. So, again, if you do not like this little detail in this detailed guide that literally exceeded PhD. in length, then please do not make it a reason to downvote this guide. ✿

Note 3: this guide talks in-depth about how to play Yuumi in most scenarios and against ALL CHAMPIONS. I will create a shorter version of this guide that is quick to finish and easy to digest for those who are new to Yuumi and want a "take-away" build, runes and tips. A link will be provided here soon.


Easy to play
Cannot be targeted
Hard carry

Yuumi's main task is healing her carry with her Zoomies and prevent them from dying. Zoomies also increase the attack speed and movement speed which increases the chance of her carry to secure a kill or escape the enemy while kiting (if the carry is a marksman ). Yuumi also scales greatly in late game which make her useful with whichever champion she attaches to.


Craves mana
Easy to die
Late game support

Zoomies costs a lot of mana. This means, Yuumi should either wait for her mana to fill up or detach from her carry to fill mana with her passive Bop 'n' Block which make her prone to crowd control (CC) that will prevent Yuumi to attach to her carry and be easily killed. Moreover, Yuumi is weak early game because her mana regeneration level is low and the cooldown of her abilities are long.

Yuumi is everyone's support. That is why the match-ups section will cover how to play with/against ALL CHAMPIONS. You read that right, all champions you can play on League of Legends. During the game, you should focus on who is the threat in the enemy team, and who has the potential to carry the game and build items based on these two premises which is thoroughly covered in Match-ups section.
Generally as a support and specifically as Yuumi, keep in mind two key points; the first is, one of your teammates may not be doing good in lanning phase but they can have the potential to carry the game, be ready to support them. The second is, Yuumi should dedicate 97% of her spells for saving and boosting her teammates, the rest 3% should be for Yuumi.

Remember: your AD Carry may complain about having a Yuumi as a support instead of having a Leona or Nautilus as a support , but whoever wins in laning phase and carry the game, will almost beg Yuumi to attaches to them to give them extra boost..


The essential rune for Yuumi, it boosts shielding her carry when she heals them with Zoomies, and it is also pokes the enemy when Yuumi attacks them. When Yuumi's carry is inflicted by grievous wounds or ignited, healing them won't be sufficient, but the shield from Summon Aery can save them.

A second option to pick for Yuumi. This rune is a good option in lane phase when you know that Yuumi's marksman will have a rough time farming. For instance, with Sivir with her short range attacks against Brand and Caitlyn who have wider range of auto attacks. A great poke when using Prowling Projectile.

Since Yuumi will be attached to her ally 95% of the game, this rune will definitely be useless, and even if Yuumi detached and managed to hit the enemy with 3 attacks, the bonus movement speed she'll get will not be useful for her nor for her carry. One of the least recommended runes for Yuumi.

Grants a magic shield that absorbs magical damage. In most cases, the threat in bot lane is usually ad, and in team fights, Yuumi can hardly escape from 3 people. Moreover, this shield will not benefit her carry. Therefore, picking another rune is recommended for Yuumi.

Since Yuumi loses mana with Zoomies, she can gain mana through poking the enemy with Prowling Projectile or from auto attacks with Manaflow Band. This is the best option to pick for Yuumi compared to Nullifying Orb and Nimbus Cloak.

Yuumi will not benefit from using Nimbus Cloak; she will most likely use her abilities attached to her carry, and the ghosting effect will not affect her carry. This option is the less favorable and should not be used by Yuumi (unless it is a top lane Yuumi and this guide is not for that.

The first option to think about when playing Yuumi. This helps in reducing cooldown of Zoomies which can be a game changer during all game stages. It also reduces the cooldown of Bop 'n' Block and help in early-mid game, and reduce the cooldown of Final Chapter.

Similar to Nimbus Cloak, Celerity is not need for Yuumi because most of the game she attaches to a teammate who will carry her around. The bonus movement speed that Yuumi gains from Celerity will not affect her carry.

Absolute Focus is a good pick for Yuumi since her health is over 70% most of the time. It is a nice poking rune especially when paired with Arcane Comet. Pick Absolute Focus when you know that your marksman in lanning phase will have a hard time farming.


A great rune to consider when you want to poke the enemy. Thus, pick Scorch along with Absolute Focus and Arcane Comet when playing aggressively with Yuumi. It will make the enemy prone to death when your jungler ganks, and helps kill the enemy faster.

You can take a hint from Yuumi that this rune is not useful for Yuumi. Statements include "A River?! Uh-uh! Book hates water!!" and "Do not drop me, Do NOT drop me!!" as well. Yuumi should attach to her carry most of the time and should not roam in the river alone,

My most recommended rune for Yuumi. It scales in late game as Yuumi does in late game, increasing thus the ability power of Yuumi. This gives two advantages, the first is increasing the healing powers of Zoomies, the second is increasing the adaptive force of Yuumi's carry.

✦ Secondary path: Precision


Yuumi does not build life-steal items because that will not be useful for her carry and it won't be useful for her because she will be attached to her carry most of the game and not attacking the enemy. Do NOT pick this rune for the support Yuumi no matter what.

As a support , you should not be stealing kills from your carry, and even if it happened by any chance, Yuumi will most likely be attached to a teammate with a full health bar, so it will not benefit her. Triumph is not useful and not recommended for the non-targetable Yuumi.

The ideal choice for Yuumi, along with Manaflow Band, Presence of Mind will help sustaining mana. Use Prowling Projectile when Zoomies is not used occasionally. This increases Yuumi mana span and preserves a fair amount of mana in case her carry needed healing.

This rune is more useful for marksman and AD carries who depend on attack speed to takedown enemies and destroy turrets faster. Yuumi should not roam alone attacking turrets. Moreover, she should not steal kills from her carry. Not recommended rune.

Similar to Legend: Alacrity, Yuumi is attached to a teammate and should not takedown the enemy, and even if she did and she detached for her passive Bop 'n' Block and she get stunned, it will not help with the cooldown of You and Me!. Definitely not recommended.

Increase the life steal upon enemy takedowns. Thus, similar to Legend: Alacrity and Legend: Tenacity, this rune is the worse pick for Yuumi, unless it is a new meta but it most likely will not be dedicated to Yuumi as a support , not in this guide at least.

Yuumi gains extra adaptive force from her carry, thanks to You and Me!, this makes poking with Prowling Projectile stronger and makes the enemy vulnerable to death which forces them to recall and deny them gold and experience in laning phase.
Cut Down

The ideal choice for Yuumi especially against tanky support s. That is because Yuumi has the lowest health compared to other champions. This means she will deal extra damage to enemies during all game and not exclusive to certain case as in Coup de Grace.
Last Stand

Basically, Yuumi focuses on boosting with her Zoomies. Prowling Projectile and Final Chapter will not be enough to kill an enemy. Yuumi will be demolished before dealing enough damage to take down her enemy. Not recommended for Yuumi.

✦ Secondary path: Inspiration

Hextech Flashtraption is used mainly with engage support s to use a CC ability such as Sett or Leona. Yuumi cannot do something useful with her Flash except for her ultimate Final Chapter which rarely needs a Flash for it. Not recommended.

Boots are not needed for Yuumi. Yuumi should not roam because it is dangerous, she attaches to an alley who roams and she helps keeping him safe. In case you picked Magical Footwear for Yuumi by mistake, fear not, you can sell it and make use of the gold.

This rune grants a Stopwatch, it is a counter-intuitive item for Yuumi to have. It is mostly useful when the enemy tries to Yuumi under turret, activate it and wonders will happen. Sell the Broken Stopwatch for some gold or sell it before use.

A good option to consider, this gives Yuumi the opportunity to build her item through a loan and thus boosting her ally faster. The amount of borrowed gold ranges from 50-150 gold, it is not great but it still can be useful. Always consider Future's Market when going for Inspiration.

Even if you pick Relic Shield for Yuumi, Minion Dematerializer is not going to be useful to Yuumi or her marksman through the whole game. Plus, when picking Relic Shield, Yuumi should depend on other runes and not Minion Dematerializer.

This biscuit can be useful to Yuumi in two ways; the first is filling her missing mana she loses from using Zoomies or Prowling Projectile, the second is selling them for gold and increased mana capacity. Biscuit Delivery can be a good option for Yuumi..

If you are going for Inspiration for Yuumi then Cosmic Insight should always be picked. It increases the ability haste and item haste, which means boosting items like Shurelya's Battlesong and abilities which increases the survivability of Yuumi's carry.

Yuumi may detach from her ally to ensure hitting Final Chapter perfectly, but that is most likely the only useful way to make use of Approach Velocity and it is not going to work 100% of times. Thus, it is not as useful for Yuumi as Cosmic Insight.

A rule of thumb when playing: Yuumi does not use potions because she is mostly attached to her ally most of the time, and if she get injured, she can heal herself with Zoomies. Therefore, Time Warp Tonic will not be useful to her nor to her carry. Not an ideal for Yuumi.

✦ Secondary path: Resolve


Destroy turrets through lanning phase or when split pushing is a game-changer strategy. However, Yuumi cannot do it on her own, moreover, Yuumi's max health will not allow her to do much damage to the turret, thus, Demolish is not a priority for Yuumi.

Font of Life synergy with the slow from Prowling Projectile and the stun from Final Chapter. It may not heal your marksman greatly early game, but in late game, Yuumi's max health increase with the passive of Moonstone Renewer making Font of Life useful.
Shield Bash

Increases armor and magic penetration when shielded. Yuumi will mostly shield her ally, and even if she is alone, the bonus penetration will not benefit Yuumi much. Shield Bash may be useful for tank y support s, but it is not recommended for Yuumi.

Increases armor and magic resistance after minute 12. Another trait that Yuumi -who is attached to an ally most of the time- does not need. Do not pick Conditioning for the support Yuumi. As Shield Bash, this is more useful for tank s.
Second Wind

In most cases, Yuumi will not take damage from the enemy, and even if she did while detached and she attaches again to an ally, the health regeneration will not be sufficient for Yuumi. Do not pick Second Wind when choosing Resolve.

Basically, if Yuumi get hit by the enemy, she should instantly attaches to her ally, or escape the enemy to prevent getting more damage. Staying detached will make Yuumi vulnerable and the trait from Bone Plating will most likely not save her.

The extra health Yuumi gets from the death of nearby minions, synergies with Font of Life. If Font of Life is not picked, then Yuumi will make no use of max health gained from Overgrowth and it is more useful for tank y champions.

Perfect choice for Yuumi, it strengthen the healing from Zoomies and Heal as well as increasing the shield from Summon Aery and Bop 'n' Block passive. Always pick Revitalize when choosing Resolve.

Yuumi will not make use of the tenacity and slow resist she gets from Unflinching, in most cases Yuumi's health will be 100%, and the passive cannot be transferred to her carry. Pick Revitalize for Yuumi instead of Unflinching.

✦ Secondary path: Domination

Cheap Shot

This rune synergies with Final Chapter, after the enemy is stunned by the ultimate, the next beams will deal true damage to the enemy. However, it does not synergy with Prowling Projectile. It is an aggressive option, but it is not recommended for Yuumi.

Yuumi in most cases stays safe with full health, thus, Yuumi will not make use of the healing from Taste of Blood. Also, it is dangerous for Yuumi to detach from her ally, the health she is going to lose is more than the one she will gain. Do not pick this rune.

Yuumi does not blink, dash, nor exit stealth, and even is she did, she will not make use of the bonus lethality, armor penetration or magic penetration. Do not pick this rune for Yuumi when she has better options to use to support her carry or support herself.

Zombie Ward

With Zombie Ward, Yuumi grants her marksman and her team vision for extra two minutes, it can be most useful when Yuumi uses Control Wards or Oracle Lens. Also, it grants Yuumi additional adaptive force that increases the power of her abilities.
Ghost Poro

The adaptive force provided from the passive of Ghost Poro is similar to Zombie Ward, yet it spawns a ghost Poro from Stealth Wards and grants extra 90 seconds of vision if not detected by the enemy. It is most ideal when placed in dragon pit.

Shares the same adaptive force passive of Zombie Ward and Ghost Poro yet it works differently. Eyeball Collection grants adaptive force through taking down enemies. Thus it won't contribute to overall vision which is an essential part of being a support .

Grants omnivamp upon takedowns. Yuumi in most cases will be healing her carry while having 100% health bar. Do not pick Ravenous Hunter for Yuumi. Not useful for her, nor her carry.

Grants item haste including to wards with different types. It is useful when the enemy teams consists CC champions and you want to increase the haste of items as Mikael's Blessing.

Similar to Magical Footwear and Celerity, Relentless Hunter increases the movement speed upon taking enemies down. Again, this is not needed for Yuumi.

The greatest pick for Yuumi. Ultimate Hunter reduces the cooldown on Yuumi's ultimate Final Chapter thus increases the aggressiveness of Yuumi and the survivability of her carry.

Note: Check warding section for more details

✦ Rune Shards

The first rune shard to consider is either adaptive force, or ability haste. The standard pick recommended in this guide is ability haste because it reduces the cooldown of Zoomies which is terribly needed in early game. On the other hand, adaptive force increases the healing power of Zoomies, synergies with Gathering Storm and can also be used when playing aggressively instead of ability haste. attack speed is not a good choice for Yuumi as she does not depend on auto attacks in her gameplay.
The second rune shard should always be adaptive force. Even if the composition of enemy team is heavy AD or heavy AP, it is not recommended to build pick magic resistance or armor.
The final rune shard is optional and situational. For instance, when planning on using Font of Life and building Moonstone Renewer, Heart would be a good choice. Other than that, the basic choice for armor, it helps reducing the AD taken from the enemy marksman . If Yuumi is facing an AP carry instead of AD carry, pick magic resist instead.

✦ Rune Sets

This is your basic runes set if you are new to Yuumi, playing against a balanced team composition, or simply do not know which runes to choose. Manaflow Band and Presence of Mind help make up the mana Yuumi uses for healing; Transcendence and +8 ability haste hasten abilities which especially needed for Zoomies; Cut Down increases poke damage along with +9 adaptive (9 AP) and Gathering Storm that may be a late game rune but not only it deals increased damage, but it also boosts Zoomies healing powers and Bop 'n' Block shield.

Typical - Inspiration:
Inspiration will be your choice when you need against a strong early game matchups who pokes heavily. It is where you need to haste Zoomies to heal and build your items faster to support your AD carry. Cosmic Insight will reduce mentioned ability along with Transcendence, and Future's Market helps build items faster and save your AD carry. Future's Market is also useful when you know you are going to buy Control Wards more than usual, this way, Future's Market will balance between purchasing Control Wards and building your items.

Typical - Resolve:
Inspiration runes on Yuumi helps boosting her ally in trading. Resolve on the other hand, may not help in mana regeneration or ability haste, but it increases healing powers and durability and sustaining their ally. Font of Life synergies with Prowling Projectile before level 6, and Final Chapter after level 6. Revitalize increases shielding and healing power that as mentioned, synergies with Bop 'n' Block, Zoomies, Summon Aery and Heal which is useful against heavy poking lane.

A good choice against enchanters and healers, and/or when your AD carry plans on playing aggressively against any champion role and you need to support them with extra damage. Since Yuumi sticks to her ally most of the time, her health will be above 70%, therefore, the damage she deals with Prowling Projectile increases. Scorch add up to that damage by burning the enemy. As for Domination runes, Ultimate Hunter helps Yuumi uses Final Chapter more occasionally if Yuumi kills or assist in killing. Eyeball Collection connected to Yuumi contribution to kills, so if unsure about contribution to kills, pick Ghost Poro or Zombie Ward instead, the bonus damage from them is less than Eyeball Collection though. Switch with for bonus damage.

Aggressive - Arcane Comet:
Similar to previous set. Switching Summon Aery to Arcane Comet will increase damage, but it will leave your carry vulnerable, that is because, when Yuumi uses Zoomies, Summon Aery shields her ally, making it useful especially when the enemy Ignite your ally. Moreover, when auto attacking the enemy for Bop 'n' Block, using Prowling Projectile, aery attacks the enemy too. Arcane Comet deals more damage than Summon Aery but it does not shield Summon Aery. Picking Arcane Comet is not highly recommended.

Q- Are there other runes to recommend?

It is always possible to try runes other than Sorcery's Summon Aery. For instance, you can go for Resolve's Guardian which will grant a shield to your carry. Resolve helps sustain your carry more, pick Font of Life to give your carry the chance to heal by slowing the enemy with Prowling Projectile or rooting them with Final Chapter, and Revitalize to increase Zoomies healing. Pair it wih Sorcery or Precision to help with mana regeneration.

You can also try Inspiration's Glacial Augment which grants your team many benefits, pick Biscuit Delivery to increase mana span and Cosmic Insight to reduce ability haste. Pair it with Resolve's Font of Life and Revitalize to increase healing your teammates. However, you will depend on mana regeneration items a lot since both these runes do not grant mana regeneration ability.

You can try these two rune trees in game and see the wonders it works, you can also try other rune paths for fun since they will probably support Yuumi and not her teammates, such as building AD items with Precision or mage items with Domination. If your aim to have fun, try everything, if you want to win the game, then it is best to stick with the runes recommended in this guide.

Earlier in this guide, it was mentioned that Yuumi should have 3% to support herself. Flash represents the 3%. While most will argue without a clear reason with: " Yuumi should not take a flash" and it is probably because she attaches to an ally most of the game, it does not mean that picking Flash for Yuumi is a wrong or weak move. Flash is useful for Yuumi for multiple reasons; first of all: who put the rule that if Yuumi's carry die she should die with him too?! It is pretty similar to "a captain will be the last person to leave a ship alive before its sinking or utter destruction" but in a different way. If Yuumi's carry dies, she has every right to escape and not granting the enemy extra 300 gold and feeding him, and thus, creating less trouble for your team, especially if Yuumi has a bounty from killing enemies, enemy team should not be strengthen with the extra gold. If you think that Yuumi chances for escaping with Flash is low, then you need to rethink it again and know that her chances of escaping is as good as any other champion in the game. Also, with Flash, Yuumi has almost a 100% chance to win against turret dives and killing the enemy or at least survive the dive. If Yuumi grants gold to the enemy, then she is not doing her complete job as a support , she is an independent champion who shouldn't rely on having a nearby ally champion to attach to not feed the enemy. The only case I would recommend using another summoner spell as a substitute to Flash is when you are a premade with your carry and you fully trust their gameplay and their decisions during the game; in other words, it is when you know that they will do 99% perfect trades and they will do their best to keep both themselves and Yuumi safe no matter how risky their play style can be, and you would admit that if they die, then you were pretty much are going to die with them with or without the Flash.
Here is a proof from my previous games. If it is still not convincing, I can upload more videos to convince you that Flash works for Yuumi too until you are satisfied.

10 Reasons Why It Works!

Heal should be picked for Yuumi most of the times, even if your AD carry wants a different summoner spell, ask them to change their summoner spell if they do not plan on going for a double Heal. The reason behind that is because the items Yuumi builds synergy with Heal as much as they do with Zoomies. Also, if the enemy uses Ignite on your marksman , the healing effect from Heal will not be as effective, and if your ally's health is low and they use Heal it will not save them. However, if Yuumi does use it in the same situation, she will shield them with Summon Aery and increase the survivability chance for your carry.
Always check if the enemy marksman and support has ignite as a summoner spell, if they do have Ignite, make sure to use Heal before they ignite your marksman , or when the effect of Ignite ends. This will guarantees the optimum effect from Heal. If the enemy support and marksman do not carry Ignite, then the use of Heal will be situational.
Also, you can use Heal when the enemy is not engaging your marksman , do it when your marksman is standing under the turret using Health Potion or waiting for your Zoomies when the enemy minions are not around, this will increases the health of your marksman faster without the enemy realizing if you used Heal so they won't ping it to their team.

But, does Yuumi even benefit from Heal?

Picking Exhaust against engaging champions and burst damage champions such as Samira, Tristana, Kai'Sa, Vayne or even from the jungler gank is useful to prevent them from killing the marksman because it slows the enemy and reduce the dealt damage to your marksman or carry. It can also be useful in preventing the enemy from escaping. During champion select, if your marksman is not planning on picking Exhaust, and you find it necessary to have it as a summoner spell, pick Exhaust along with Heal.

An aggressive option to pick, it is most useful when playing against a healer such as Sona or Soraka because Ignite deals grievous wounds and can prevent the healer support from saving their marksman or any of their teammates when they are on low health. Also, Ignite will deal damage for 5 seconds, which means, if the enemy health is low, the possibility of them to die from Ignite increases, thus, granting Yuumi, a gold she can use.

A pro option that I wouldn't recommend those who are new to Yuumi or still have not mastered playing her to use it. Teleport for Yuumi literally change the course of the game, it can grant your team a shutdown or prevent the enemy team from getting a shutdown, it can flip the tables on the enemy team, and most importantly, during a fight, when Yuumi teleports, the enemy team will confuse and scatter, thinking a fighter or a mage is joining the fight, this grants your team a chance to get them while scattered until Yuumi teleports in and heal whoever in need with Zoomies.
Teleport also be useful to join your teammates when they are far in the map and you need to catch up with them, or for instance, when the team carry uses Teleport, Yuumi can catch up with them with her Teleport instantly without the need of walking all the way through. After all, Yuumi is a team support , but more importantly, she has to stick with the carry of the team because that is the main strategy to win the game.

Want to see how it works?

The downsides of Teleport though, it is going to take a place of another summoner spell that can be useful to your marksman during laning phase, leaving your marksman alone should not be a problem to them because all marksman are used to having their support dead and respawning, and they must manage to play safely until their support is back to lane next to them. The other downside is that you need to keep an eye on all of your allies on the map to know when to Teleport in. For example, you do not want to Teleport to a lost fight, i.e, 1vs3, and you should not teleport to champions who are low on mana and cannot fight, you should also know where the enemy jungler is before deciding to joining a fight, after all, if the fight is going to be lost, it is better for the enemy to have one kill than to have two kills.

✦ Summoner Spells Choices

✦ Basic ✦

Your typical choice. Flash helps with saving your carry, saving Yuumi and the rest of the mentioned reasons. Heal saves your carry when Yuumi is out of mana to heal with Zoomies, synergies with Summon Aery and boost their movement speed. If unsure which summoner spells to pick, then Flash and Heal is your choice.
✦ Professional ✦

Flash may help Yuumi and her nearby ally, Teleport on the other hand is more of a late game summoner spells as it leaves your AD carry in lane phase vulnerable and gives the enemy in bot lane the advantage over Yuumi's AD carry. If your AD carry is not your premade and if you do not know what you are doing. Do not pick these summoner spells.
✦ Perfect Carry (PC) ✦

When your AD carry is a professional player, someone who will never die and let Yuumi die, and if they die, they adapt to the enemy motives. Exhaust help them win 2 vs 2 fight when the enemy have the advantage, and if they cannot win, they can escape with Flash, Heal helps them for previously mentioned reasons.
✦ PC (vs. Healers) ✦

The most aggressive choice for Yuumi. Exhaust helps your carry for the mentioned reason, Ignite reduce healing the enemy receive from their enchanter or from Heal. Ignite will be useful for the mentioned purpose until you get Chemtech Putrifier, after that, it burns enemy and deals damage your carry can already do, making it thus less useful.

Q- What about the other summoner spells?

The mentioned summoner spells are the ideal to be used for Yuumi and her carry during the game. As mentioned earlier in this guide, Yuumi has the right to keep herself safe by using Flash as an essential summoner spell because it can also be useful to keep your allies safe or granting them kills, but Barrier on the other hand is utterly useless for Yuumi because she will be attached to her carry most of the game and it can only benefit her. Similar thing can be said about Cleanse. Ghost on the other hand is not useful to Yuumi, compared to Flash, she cannot escape the enemy or reach allies through nearby walls.

As for ARAM summoner spells, then know that you should always take Clarity for Yuumi in place of Flash because Yuumi craves mana and it will be hard to detach from a carry to get extra mana from Bop 'n' Block and attach again without getting hit, stunned or dying from the enemy during the process. Mark/Dash should never be picked by Yuumi, it does not synergy with any of the abilities, it does not synergy with Final Chapter, and since Yuumi has low max health, she will most likely die in the den of the enemy.

Bop 'n' Block

A crucial passive for Yuumi and her carry. Bop 'n' Block grants Yuumi a shield and restores some mana (depending on level) when she auto attacks an enemy. Bop 'n' Block is especially necessary during lane phase when Yuumi's mana regeneration is low and she craves it to sustain her marksman . Its cooldown scales greatly from 18 seconds to 6 seconds in late game.

| Restored mana: 25−100 (based on level) (+ 8% maximum mana) | Shield: 60 − 400 (based on level) (+ 30% AP) |

Tips and tricks

Prowling Projectile

The main poking skill for Yuumi majorly during laning phase. It increases the span of mana with Presence of Mind and Manaflow Band. And the damage increase with Summon Aery or Arcane Comet and Scorch. Poke the enemy with Prowling Projectile and auto attacks until the enemy health is low enough to be killed by your marksman .

| Target Range: 1150 | Speed: 1000 | Cast time: None | Cost: 90 Mana | Cooldown: 13.5 / 12 / 10.5 / 9 / 7.5 / 6 |

Tips and tricks

You and Me!

The ability that makes Yuumi attach and detach from her carry. Yuumi should be attached to her ally most of the game. You and Me! used occasionally in laning phase to detach from ally to auto attack an enemy to gain the shield and mana for her passive Bop 'n' Block, and attach back to her ally. You and Me! grants her ally adaptive force making them stronger.

| Target Range: 700 | Cast time: None | Static Cooldown: 10 / 5 / 0 (Based on Level) |

Tips and tricks


The most used ability by Yuumi and the reason why everyone thinks that playing Yuumi is all about healing. Basically, Zoomies increases the movement speed and attack speed of her carry. Building support items grants extra traits to Yuumi's carry such as increased adaptive damage, increased movement speed, increased attack speed, etc.

| Cast Time: None | Cost: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 (+ 15% Maximum Mana) | Cooldown: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 |

Tips and tricks

Final Chapter

Yuumi lunches 7 waves in a certain direction, if the enemy gets hit by 3 waves they get rooted. Final Chapter is the reason for your marksman -in laning phase- or your team -after laning phase- to win a fight or lose it. Use it to engage the enemy when you know the enemy will die or use their summoner spells, or to prevent the enemy from reaching and killing your allies.

| Target Range: 1100 | Cast time: None | Cost: 100 | Cooldown: 130 / 110 / 90 |

Tips and tricks

Note: For additional information, check:

✦ Abilities Sequence

The first ability to level up is Zoomies and the second to max is Prowling Projectile. Keep in mind that the enemy marksman and support sees your marksman as a weak prey because they can focus their attacks and abilities on them, and if they are good enough, they know that they need to play aggressively to deny the experience and gold for your carry. Zoomies may not be strong at level 1, yet it can at least keep your carry in lane playing safely under turret along with the help of the shield from Bop 'n' Block. As for Prowling Projectile, it is to poke the enemy and start scaling your Presence of Mind and Manaflow Band.

As for the sequence of maxing the abilities, it should be as the following: Final Chapter, Zoomies, You and Me! and finally Prowling Projectile as shown in the following figure. The reason behind that is that your teammates will find Zoomies and You and Me! much more useful in mid and late game than Prowling Projectile. Yuumi does not always reach level 18 even in long games, especially if her carry sticks in the jungle. That is why you should prioritize maxing scale the other abilities before Prowling Projectile.

The only thing that scales with Prowling Projectile is the damage it deals, the slow duration does not increase. Thus, a level 1 Prowling Projectile can be helpful in slowing the enemy when your team needs the slow, on the other hand your teammates will build items that will deal damage. Your allies will find the passive from You and Me! and the power of Zoomies much more useful than Prowling Projectile. Even if you think that you need to scale Prowling Projectile in aggressive lane, know that your marksman needs healing from Zoomies more. Even if you think that Bop 'n' Block will do the job for protecting your carry, it will be hard for Yuumi to detach against Draven and Leona and attach to her marksman thanks to their high immobilizing that prevents Yuumi from attaching back. Thus, for poking, depend more on Domination runes, Arcane Comet or Summon Aery and Scorch.

✦ Combos

> >

If you accidently -or intentionally- leveld up Prowling Projectile first, fear not, this combo will keep your AD carry safe (thanks to Bop 'n' Block) until Yuumi reaches level 2 and can use Zoomies. Also, this combo can be used in two different ways, the first is to provide a shield to your AD Carry with Bop 'n' Block when Zoomies is on cooldown and your enemy is damaging the AD carry; the second is simply to gain mana and/or shield with Yuumi's passive Bop 'n' Block.

> > >

A common combo to use during phase when Yuumi is not consuming mana with Zoomies. Use Prowling Projectile to poke the enemy and give your AD carry the advantage in lane, then, restore mana with Bop 'n' Block -and gain shield- through detaching from your carry, auto attacking the enemy, and attaching back to your ally. This combo is mainly useful in duels, do not use this combo during teamfights, in this case, Prowling Projectile will mostly be useful to slow the enemy to slow them for offenseive or defensive purposes when the fight is about to end. Instead, preserve mana for Zoomies and stay safely attached to your ally.

The basic Yuumi combo that will be used most of the game. When your carry is attacked, use Zoomies to restore health, while Zoomies is on cooldown, detach with You and Me! and auto attack the enemy to gain Bop 'n' Block shield and restore mana used for Zoomies, and attach back to your carry with You and Me! to grant him the gained shield and/or the Summon Aery shield. Make sure to detach after the enemy used their immobilizing abilities. Avoid this combo during teamfights, or wait until everyone in the enemy team uses their immobilizing abilities so Yuumi stay safe.
You can also use this combo if you build Shurelya's Battlesong to help your ally escape. Simply activate Shurelya's Battlesong after finishing the combo to increase the movement speed of your ally and help them escape.

> > >

A typical combo when Yuumi does not have enough mana to use Zoomies. Usually this happens when you rarely detach because the enemy is playing extra safe and prevent Yuumi from making use of Bop 'n' Block, or wait for Yuumi to detach and immobilize her with stun, root, etc.; or when the enemy is very aggressive towards your ally and Zoomies is used most of the time. Detach on the right time with You and Me! AND when Bop 'n' Block is ready, then attach back with You and Me! and heal your ally! If Yuumi has blue buff, this combo will be skipped until the buff is gone.

> >

This combo typically used when the ally mid laner or jungler ganks your lane or during teamfights. Heal your ally with Zoomies then attach with Change of Plan! ( You and Me!) to another ally to heal them. Avoid getting immoblizied by the enemy during You and Me!, also, do not switch and attach to the other ally until Zoomies is ready to use, otherwise, they may will probably die and leave Yuumi vulnerable if her team falls back and leaves her alone. In case you trust your other ally because they have shielding abilities or healing abilities such as Sylas's Kingslayer or Diana's Pale Cascade; or they built an item that increases their shielding and healing such as Spirit Visage, then make sure Summon Aery is ready, then attach to them with You and Me! to provide them with Summon Aery shield that will protect them while Zoomies is on cooldown.

> > > >


> > > > >

A mix of previous combos and an upgrade to the previous combo. Start first with healing your ally with Zoomies, next, detach with You and Me! when Bop 'n' Block is ready to gain shield and/or to gain mana, then attach to the other ally and shield them with the granted shield. This way, Yuumi can buy sometime for her ally until Zoomies is ready to use.
The alternative combo serves the same purpose, the difference between the first and the second is the readiness of Bop 'n' Block; use the first combo if Bop 'n' Block is ready to use, if not, use the second combo; attach to the other ally to heal them, when Bop 'n' Block is available, detach to gain the shield and mana and attach back again to heal your ally. Remember: never detach from an ally unless Bop 'n' Block is ready.

Offensive combo, starting with Zoomies to increase the movment speed of your ally so they reach the enemy faster and ensure rooting the enemy with Final Chapter. Zoomies also boosts your marksman as it increases their attack speed, and after building few items, it can boost assassins, mages, etc. If you build Shurelya's Battlesong, activate it to help your carry reach the enemy faster, in this case, Zoomies used to boost ally rather than reaching enemy faster. If you build Everfrost, then use it after Yuumi roots the enemy with Final Chapter, or before to increase the chances of hitting the ability.

This combo also useful when playing defensive yet there is a little change of plan. DO NOT use Zoomies until you ensure rooting the enemy with Final Chapter. If you use Zoomies as in offensive combo, you will simply end up increasing movement speed of your ally and most likely, Final Chapter will go to waste. If you build Shurelya's Battlesong, you may skip using this combo for defense, if it is still necessary to use the combo, then make sure to activate Shurelya's Battlesong after rooting the enemy and make sure that your ally is not slowed since Shurelya's Battlesong does not negate slow effect.

> >

Use this combo when you find it hard to land Final Chapter when Yuumi is attached on ally. Use Final Chapter when you're on ally, the enemy will try to fall back and that is when Yuumi is most safe, detach and move freely to ensure hitting the enemy with Final Chapter rays, when they're rooted, use You and Me! to attach back to your ally.

You can also integrate Flash in this combo when the enemy uses Flash to escape and you want your ally to preserve their Flash or their Flash is on cooldown. Use Final Chapter, detach with You and Me! and then use Flash if they flash away. Or you can use Final Chapter when the enemy is not in range, detach with You and Me! and then use Flash to take them by surprise (the element of winning fights), your ally can catch up fast to this and take down the enemy.

✦ Starter Items

Shard of True Ice

The basic and the first support item for Yuumi to purchase when she spawns on the rift. This item starts as Spellthief's Edge, it grants 8 ability power and 50% base mana regeneration. The first increases her poking and healing powers, while the second helps with regenerating her mana when Yuumi is not active. To upgrade it to Frostfang and further to Shard of True Ice, Yuumi needs to be aggressive. This means, Yuumi should occasionally poke the enemy with Prowling Projectile or auto attacks to complete the mission quickly. Notice the number of stacks above the abilities bar, keep Yuumi safe when no stacks are available. If enemies are not nearby, auto attack the turret and gain the 20 gold. Do not stay detached for a long while since it is risky. Also, do not play extra safe and just depend on using your Zoomies, otherwise Yuumi will upgrade it after laning phase and will not be able to grant and deny vision earlier.

Bulwark of the Mountain

Relic Shield is not an item recommended even against aggressive lanes. That is because Relic Shield grants 5 ability power (less than Spellthief's Edge), and 25% base health regeneration which is something Yuumi does not need in any way. That is why, purchasing Relic Shield is situational. Pick this item for melee ranged champions such as Katarina or Talon, or against aggressive marksman and support that you know will deny your marksman farm. You need to preserve mana with this item as much as possible because the mana regeneration of Yuumi will be weak. Execute minions with auto attacks to upgrade Relic Shield to Targon's Buckler and further to Bulwark of the Mountain. The minions you should execute are Siege Minions (Melee Minions) and (Melee Minions) as they grant more gold for Yuumi. Note: do not pick this item for champions who needs to stack their minions such as Nasus.

Note: Check warding section for more details

✦ Consumables

Control Ward

Elixir of Sorcery

Health Potion is not useful for Yuumi because she attaches to an ally most of the game and if she gets damaged, she can depend on Zoomies. That is why you should purchase a Control Ward along with Spellthief's Edge when the game spawns. Buy Control Wards occasionally during the game. Check warding section for more details.
Use Elixir of Sorcery to increase Yuumi ability power in late game and deal true damage when using Final Chapter which helps your team take down the enemy faster, especially against tanks. Not recommended to purchase this elixir unless Yuumi is one item short to full-build.

✦ Mythic Item Alternatives

✧ Support Items (Typical)

Shurelya's Battlesong
Increased movement speed
The most recommended mythic item to consider building for Yuumi. First, it grants movement speed which helps your ally to chase or escape the enemy. Also, its passive grants 5 ability haste for each legendary item Yuumi builds. Moreover, whenever Yuumi heals her ally with Zoomies or Heal, she grants her carry 25% movement speed for 1.5 seconds which helps Yuumi getting her carry to their destination faster. It also synergies with Summon Aery. For instance, if Yuumi attaches to her ally, Summon Aery will shield Yuumi's carry, and shielding grants the same effect as healing. Shurelya's Battlesong is a good choice for mage s or marksman and when playing against Assassin s to outrun them.

+ Its passive reduces cooldown, i.e., ability to use Zoomies more and sustain your team.
+ Useful in both offensive and defensive situations through activatitng it or through using Zoomies
- Countered by slow which requires building Mikael's Blessing if the enemy team have a lot of slowing abilities. Also, it does not negate immobilizing effect with its increased speed as Ghost does.

Note: If you build Shurelya's Battlesong and your ally is slowed, depend on Bop 'n' Block to protect your ally and Zoomies to sustain them until the slow effect wears off, then, you can activate Shurelya's Battlesong and escape safely.

Moonstone Renewer
Increased healing
When playing against aggressive enemies, pick Moonstone Renewer. While it does not grant movement, it grants a very unique passive. The first is, damaging an enemy with an ability will heal the most damaged ally, its cooldown is 2 seconds which means that your ally gets healed a lot. The second is, during combat, healing power increases stacking from 7% up to 35%, which means, stronger Zoomies. Finally, the mythic passive increases healing to 10 for each legendary item. Which means, this item scales in late game. It is best to pick Moonstone Renewer with fighter engaging champions such as Jax because the fight duration will be long and the power of Moonstone Renewer will increase.

+ Powerful sustain
+ Scales in late game
- Requires poking (consumes mana)
- Useless against one-shot champions

Imperial mandate
Increased damage
A recommended support item that empowers your team if your carry plays aggressively and trades perfectly. It also empower Yuumi as it grants 15 ability power per legendary item, which means empowered Zoomies healing. This item is not recommended as Shurelya's Battlesong and Moonstone Renewer because Yuumi cannot root the enemy occasionally with Final Chapter as Lux does with her Light Binding. Moreover, it is not always guaranteed for Yuumi to hit her ultimate or slow the enemy with Prowling Projectile. The enemy could Flash away, escape as Talon with Assassin's Path, or activate Zhonya's Hourglass when Yuumi tries to root or slow. This means, no extra damage dealt to the enemy, and no extra movement speed for trading.

+ Grants movemment speed when slowing or rooting an enemy
+ An aggressive item that boosts your team and help them deal more damage
- Increased movment speed duration less than Shurelya's Battlesong
- Does not work if Prowling Projectile is not in flight for more than 1 second.

Note: to guarantee that Prowling Projectile works, you can build Rylai's Crystal Scepter -Check other legendary items options below for more information-. Make sure that building this mage legendary item does not stand in the way of supporting your carry or team.

Shurelya's Battlesong, Moonstone Renewer and Imperial Mandate built from the same items. Which means you have enough time to decide which mythic item to build. In case you are still hesitating, in this guide it is recommended to aim for Shurelya's Battlesong until the match proves to build otherwise. Selling a mythic item to get another one is always an available option and can be quite fruitful. When Yuumi recall s with a few gold to spend, always build Faerie Charm and Amplifying Tome first, or Bandleglass Mirror if you have enough gold. Do not start building Ruby Crystal or Kindlegem; Bandleglass Mirror grants ability haste, ability power and mana regeneration; three traits to support Yuumi's marksman in laning phase. Ruby Crystal on the other hand, provides health, a trait that is not needed for Yuumi who is attached most of the time, also, Kindlegem may grant ability haste but the health it grants is not something to trade with the ability power and mana regeneration compared to Bandleglass Mirror.

✧ Mage Items (Aggressive)

Extra root
An aggressive mythic item. Similar to Imperial Mandate, it grants 15 ability power per legendary item, which means stronger poke and healing. But more importantly, it unleash a fan of icy shards in a cone in the target direction dealing damage to all enemies and slowing them, or rooting them if they were struck in the center of the cone. Everfrost grants Yuumi 600 mana and extra ability power compared to support mythic items; it also helps Yuumi in landing Final Chapter through activating it first, or through activating it after casting Final Chapter and the rooting effect wears off which increases the kill rate chances for Yuumi's team. Moreover, it helps your ally escape in case rooting with Final Chapter fails or it's on cooldown, furthermore, it has a short cooldown, so Yuumi can root an enemy while waiting for Final Chapter to cooldown; and finally, it breaks any magical shield that protects from abilities such as Morgana's Black Shield as well as countering items built with Quicksilver Sash or Mikael's Blessing useless and the enemy gets rooted with Final Chapter. Thus, if Everfrost failed first, Final Chapter will not. A strong option to consider for Yuumi.

+ An aggressive option that helps securing kills
+ Its passive boosts Zoomies healing power
- Everfrost helps generally in teamfights, but it does not really boost your allies unique abilities

Liandry's Anguish
Shred heavy tank
Another mythic item for aggressive gameplays. Liandry's Anguish burns the enemy with increased ability power. It is especially needed against tank champions, it helps Yuumi's carry killing tank s faster such as Tahm Kench or Alistar and it grants ability haste per legendary item. The good sides about Liandry's Anguish is that grants Yuumi increased span of mana and more ability power compared to support mythic items, which means, more poking damage and healing from Yuumi. The down sides though are they do not grant extra movement speed when healing compared to Shurelya's Battlesong, so it may help your ally takedown the enemy faster, but it does not guarantees keeping them safe if the enemy tries to catch up with Yuumi's carry.

+ Increased damage especially against tank s
+ Its passive increases ability haste
- Requires constant poking which consums mana.
- Does not boost your allies unique abilities

Everfrost or Liandry's Anguish are powerful items to build. However, you need to be 100% sure that building any of them will make you win the game. That is due to two essential reasons; the first reason is that both items does not support your carry unique powers and they do not support the whole team such as Shurelya's Battlesong with its unique active of granting the whole team increased movement spped; and the second reason is that they are more costly -especially Liandry's Anguish- compared to the mentioned mythic support items, which means it will take a longer time to build and may give the advantage to the enemy support who can build their mythic item first if you do not deny them in lanning phase. Once you are sure about building a mage mythic item, start by building Lost Chapter since it increases Yuumi max mana to 300 mana, and it helps with mana regeneration. It also helps deciding which mage mythic item to build. If the enemy team does not consist of heavy tank champions and you want to play aggressive but you're still unsure, build Everfrost.

Q- Are there other mythic item options?

Locket of the Iron Solari and Evenshroud are two support mythic items that boosts your team, however, they are least recommended to build for Yuumi. On one hand, Locket of the Iron Solari grants a shield to nearby allies and it benefits Yuumi with the 20 ability haste it grants as the rest of support mythic items. Evenshroud also grants 20 ability haste It also increases damage the enemy take after immobilizing an enemy or being immobilized which may be good against heavy CC team.

On the other hand, both mythic items do not increase ability power or mana regeneration, their passive target resistance to damage, which sadly, do not increase the resistance of Yuumi's carry. Even if it is built for Yuumi, it will be necessary to build 1 or 2 support items to make up for the consumed mana. Moreover, Evenshroud's coruscation is similar to Imperial Mandate's coordinated fire but does not grant the other mentioned benefits Yuumi needs. You may try these items if you are going off-meta and change from Yuumi the healer to Yuumi the tank.

Note: You should always aim to build your mythic item first, especially if you plan on building an item that has a unique active such as Shurelya's Battlesong or Everfrost. But in some games, it is recommended to build a legendary item first such as Mikael's Blessing when playing against AP carry Cassiopeia who have the potential to kill your carry with her Petrifying Gaze when he does not have Cleanse in his summoner spells. In this case, build your mythic item right after building the legendary item.

✦ Legendary Items: Core Items

Essential item for aiding your marksman because it increases the attack speed. Even if Yuumi is playing with AP carry instead of AD carry, think of your top laner that might be an AD carry such as Quinn or Tryndamere, or your mid laner such as Corki or Akshan. Even if your team composition does not include a marksman , Ardent Censer can increase their attack speed when taking down turret. Ardent Censer is activated with Zoomies in most times -and Heal in rare cases-, or through attaching between different allies with You and Me! when Yuumi has Summon Aery.

Core item for mage s. It increases the ability power of AP users and increase the ability haste 25-45 which helps them to cast their abilities during fights faster. That does not mean that Staff of Flowing Water is not useful for marksman or other type of champions. Most champions -if not all of them- have abilities that scale with ability power, also, all champions depend on using their abilities occasionally. Staff of Flowing Water is essential against tanks as it helps in taking them down faster. And just as Ardent Censer, Staff of Flowing Water effect works through healing or shielding with Summon Aery.

Note 1: when building both Ardent Censer and Staff of Flowing Water, start with Forbidden Idol as it increases healing and shielding powers from Zoomies or healing along with increasing mana regeneration. If you don't have 435 gold or more, do not buy Amplifying Tome. Buy Faerie Charm as it helps Yuumi with mana regeneration.

Note 2: notice from the course of the game who has the potential to carry the game. If it is a marksman , build Ardent Censer before Staff of Flowing Water, if it is the other way around, build Staff of Flowing Water first.

✦ Legendary Items: Situational Items


Not only it increases the healing and shielding power to 20% which synergies with Zoomies and Bop 'n' Block, it also heals allies and grants temporary vision. Use it during a fight to heal your allies and to damage enemies. Redemption is not so ideal with squishy champions such as marksman and mage s because they will probably get one shot by the enemy before the effect of Redemption take effect.

Good against heavy CC champions such as Leona or Thresh, or even against a heavy CC comp such as Nasus with his slow in top lane. However, Mikael's Blessing does not remove the effect of airborne and suppression. Thus, if the threat in the enemy team is for example Malzahar or Malphite, do not build Mikael's Blessing and try to support your carry with another situational item for better trading.

Upgrades from Watchful Wardstone after completing a support quest (1000 generated gold) and reaching level 13. Vigilant Wardstone carries and increases the capacity of Control Wards up to 3. And increases warding caps by 1 which means more wards can be placed on the map. Vigilant Wardstone is an essential item in late game. Check warding section for more details.

Chemtech Putrifier is almost an essential item for Yuumi to get each game. In all games, you find champions who build life-steal items, or have healing abilities, have omnivamp runes, or all of the mentioned cases. It is also essential to build it early game when playing against champions with healing abilities especially against healer support s as Soraka. Chemtech Putrifier synergies with Redemption as it enables all allies in range to deal 60% grievous wounds. When building this item, start by Oblivion Orb if you have 800 gold, or by Amplifying Tome if you have less. Zoomies, Bop 'n' Block and Summon Aery will not grant Yuumi's carry the ability to deal grievous wounds, however, Yuumi can with auto attacks for Bop 'n' Block, Prowling Projectile and Final Chapter.

A very situational item. You should watch how the course of the game goes, if you have a carry, Yuumi is dying less and you have the potential to win the game, build Dark Seal right after building your mythic item. The more stacks Yuumi gain from Dark Seal, the more ability power she gains, and thus, the more healing and adaptive damage she can grant her carry when Yuumi assists or kill the enemy. If the pace of the game stays the same, complete building the item to Mejai's Soulstealer. This has two benefits; first, the number of stacks increases from 10 to 25, which means increased ability power. And the second is that Mejai's Soulstealer is cheap compared to other legendary items, so it is built quickly and the passive of your mythic item takes effect. If you are losing the match, do not build this item.

If you plan on building Cosmic Drive, then do it after building the first 5 items. Cosmic Drive does not add much to Yuumi's carry compared to the mentioned support legendary items, however it does make a change especially with Final Chapter. When fullbuild, and in the case of building Moonstone Renewer, Imperial Mandate and Everfrost, Zoomies cooldown reduced from 5 to 4, and Final Chapter cooldown reduced from 48 to 42. In case of Shurelya's Battlesong and Liandry's Anguish where the passive of these items increases the ability haste of these items by 5 per legendary item, the cooldown of Zoomies will not change, but the cooldown of Final Chapter will reduce further from 43 to 38. If your game requires using Final Chapter occasionally, consider building Cosmic Drive.

Q1- Are there other useful items?

There are many other legendary items that can support Yuumi's carry in various ways, legendary items include:

An alternative to Chemtech Putrifier yet not as recommended as the latter. Morellonomicon indeed grants more ability power which means stronger healing, yet it grants 250 health not needed for Yuumi, and it only takes effect when Yuumi damages a champion and not from healing allies. Chemtech Putrifier on the other hand, empowers allies to deal 60% grievous wounds through healing and shielding which is the basic kit of Yuumi, as well as increased the ability haste and mana regeneration for Yuumi. Thus, it is not recommended to build Morellonomicon for Yuumi.

Rabadon's Deathcap
The similar and safe option to Mejai's Soulstealer. Mejai's Soulstealer is cheap, Yuumi can start stacking with Dark Seal, however, building it will always be a gamble, if Yuumi loses, it is useless and will be sold with little price. Rabadon's Deathcap grants excessive ability power that will not be worn off with deaths, however, it is pricy and Yuumi needs to have at least 1250 gold to build a single Needlessly Large Rod which will take some time to built.

Seraph's Embrace
Upgrades from Archangel's Staff. By starting building Tear of the Goddess, Yuumi will have no more struggles with mana and her major use for Bop 'n' Block would be to get the shield for her ally. It increases the span of mana, and ability power which means more healing and stronger damage from Final Chapter. If you plan on playing aggressively, aim to build this item.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
This item only works with Prowling Projectile and Final Chapter which are basically the slow and root abilities for Yuumi. Yuumi will not be needing extra slow from Rylai's Crystal Scepter nor the 350 health it grants.

knight's vow
a useful item to tank for your carry if they are squishy and dies fast. It is also useful when playing with fighter s and tanks to make them more useful. However, since Yuumi has a little max health so it will not last long before the effect wears off, also, since Yuumi will be attached to her carry or any nearby allies, she will not find the extra movement speed useful.

Frozen Heart
Yuumi can make a use of the increased mana and ability haste, but more importantly, Frozen Heart is a powerful legendary item to reduce the attack speed by 20% which is useful against carrying marksman such as Vayne, especially if she built Guinsoo's Rageblade with its unique passive and increased attack speed. However, the passive of mitigating the damage will mostly go to waste.

These legendary items are not as recommended as the ones mentioned before. However, if you find that the match requires a game changer item, do not hesitate to rely on this list!

Q2- What About Boots?

Boots are a selfish item that are is not necessary for Yuumi. To get the most out of Yuumi, you need to build one mythic item and 5 legendary item to increase the benefit from the passive of the mythic item. Boots do not add to the passive of the mythic item, not to mention that Yuumi attached to an ally most of the game. The benefits from increasing Yuumi movement speed are little. The ability haste granted from Ionian Boots of Lucidity are granted from legendary items especially when paired with Liandry's Anguish. The movement speed granted from Mobility Boots for roaming can be substituted with Shurelya's Battlesong and increased movement speed from Zoomies.
If you plan on building boots for Yuumi, don't.

✦ Item Build

Typical Build

Item Sequence

Shard of True Ice 400
Shurelya's Battlesong 2500
Ardent Censer 2300
Mejai's Soulstealer 1600
Chemtech Putrifier 2300
Staff of Flowing Water 2300

If you are new to the game, don't know what to build, or your team results are even to the enemy team, then this is your basic build. Shurelya's Battlesong balances between playing safe and aggressive through engaging and chasing the enemy or escaping the enemy. By building Shurelya's Battlesong, you had enough time to know which one of your teammates have the potential to carry the game. If it is a marksman , build Ardent Censer first, if it is a mage , build Staff of Flowing Water, if your game is going really good, build Mejai's Soulstealer right after your mythic item, or at least build Dark Seal and finish building Ardent Censer. Finally, build Chemtech Putrifier before or after Mejai's Soulstealer since the enemy team always have a way to heal with items, runes, passive and/or abilities.

Boost Ally Build

Item Sequence

Shard of True Ice 400
Imperial Mandate 2500
Staff of Flowing Water 2300
Mejai's Soulstealer 1600
Ardent Censer 2300
Chemtech Putrifier 2300

Aim for this build when you see your team winning since early game. Building Imperial Mandate boosts your AD carry in lanning phase and boost your team later in teamfights. It is especially important in lanning phase when you are playing against an aggressive marksman such as Draven to damage them fast, and for late game champions that requires extra damage support early game such as Aphelios and grant them movement speed for 2 seconds to engage or escape. Next, build Staff of Flowing Water to increase the damage of your carry, especially the ones that scale with ability power such as Kai'Sa's Void Seeker, and reduce the abilities cooldown which is needed by most AD carries such as Jinx's Zap! to slow an enemy. If your AD carry is Vayne, build Ardent Censer first to boost Silver Bolts. Next, build Mejai's Soulstealer to boost healing and increase adaptive force, this item will support all champions especially mage s, if you aim to build another item first, then build Dark Seal to collect stacks. The last item to build is situational, you may build Chemtech Putrifier if you need anti-healing item, or you build Rabadon's Deathcap for further damage and healing. If the game goes as planned (when you built Imperial Mandate), then you will probably end the game before complete building the last two items.

Aggressive Build

Item Sequence

Shard of True Ice 400
Everfrost 2800
Chemtech Putrifier 2300
Mejai's Soulstealer 1600
Staff of Flowing Water 2300
Ardent Censer 2300

If you are playing against a healer and/or a late game champion, then this is going to be your basic build. You need to poke heavily with Prowling Projectile in early game to gain gold from Spellthief's Edge and force the enemy to use their Health Potions and force them to recall or denying them gold and experience. Use Final Chapter whenever you find the opportunity for the same mentioned purpose until you get enough gold to build Everfrost where you ensure that your enemy do not escape you. Build Chemtech Putrifier so Yuumi grant her carry to inflict grievous wounds while your carry focuses on building necessary items to deal damage. If you are winning, build Mejai's Soulstealer, if you are even with the enemy team, build Staff of Flowing Water or Ardent Censer depending on whether your carry is a marksman or a mage .

Vs. Heavy Tank Build

Item Sequence

Shard of True Ice 400
Liandry's Anguish 3200
Mikael's Blessing 2300
Chemtech Putrifier 2300
Staff of Flowing Water 2300
Ardent Censer 2300

This is a suggest build when the enemy threat is a tank . Taking a tank down such as Tahm Kench or Dr. Mundo requires lethality or a marksman such as Vayne who deals true damage. Therefore, building Liandry's Anguish may contribute to taking him down, but it will not do much. That is why picking Liandry's Anguish on Yuumi is tricky. Liandry's Anguish is an aggressive choice against squishy champions as well, but it does not support your carry as Shurelya's Battlesong or Moonstone Renewer does. Moreover, most tank champions can slow or CC, that is why you should always have to it to save your carry when Nasus slows them for example. If you do not know what you are doing, build another mythic item instead of Liandry's Anguish. Also, since most tank champions heal, build Chemtech Putrifier for your carry, and lastly, build Ardent Censer or Staff of Flowing Water. If you are winning the game, switch Staff of Flowing Water with Mejai's Soulstealer.

Defensive Build

Item Sequence

Relic Shield 400
Moonstone Renewer 2500
Vigilant Wardstone 1100
Redemption 2300
Chemtech Putrifier 2300
Mikael's Blessing 2300

This is when you know that you are playing against a hard matchup. The purpose of this build is to increase healing and shielding powers to your ally. Do not buy Relic Shield unless you know that your AD carry is new to lane or champion or they have a short range of attacks and they're gonna be build. If that is not the case, build Spellthief's Edge to help with regenerating mana. Build Moonstone Renewer and damage the enemy with Prowling Projectile or Final Chapter to help your carry heal. Build Redemption and Mikael's Blessing because they grant 20% heal and shield power, not to mention the save your ally with extra healing from Redemption and removing CC with Mikael's Blessing. Build Chemtech Putrifier for your carry, and build Vigilant Wardstone to increase grant more vision and keep you carry safe, and also build it to increase Yuumi ability power and haste.

The best defense is offence, therefore, it is best to pick one of the previous builds instead of this one. If you are sure that your game is going to be rough, pick this build.

Note 1: If the enemy support is a healer, do your marksman a favour and build Chemtech Putrifier before building your mythic item. This way your marksman deal damage, get healed by Zoomies and take the enemy down easier instead of relying on solely on Ignite.

Note 2: If you are playing against a heavy CC bot lane, build Mikael's Blessing before building your mythic item. Not only it removes CC and help your marksman trade, but it also empowers Zoomies and Bop 'n' Block powers by 20%. Advice your marksman to build Quicksilver Sash.

Note 3: The course of the game can change anytime making Yuumi's build in some cases less efficient for her carry. Do not hesitate to sell your mythic item and switch it for another win. For example, if Jax is your carry, and you have Everfrost, sell it and get Moonstone Renewer, he will benefit more from it.

Matchups: Brief

Note: this section generally reviews how Yuumi synergies and get threatened by champions based on all roles in the game. The next section will cover in-depth how to play with ALL CHAMPIONS, starting with Bottom and Support since this is where the game starts. Items, runes and spells recommended for ally AD carry who has the potential the game, and/or against the enemy AD carry is the potential to make you lose the game. Since Yuumi is everyone's support and plays a great role especially in late game, champions that have the potential to carry the game in top lane, mid lane and junglers simillary reviewed and set of recommended items and spells presented covering thus, ALL CHAMPIONS in the game.

✧ Assassin ✧
Against: Playing against Assassin champions is a tough match for Yuumi. Do not detach for your carry unless the assassin is busy killing them, then detach once for Bop 'n' Block and keep the health of your carry full with Zoomies whenever possible.
With: supporting an Assassin is very tricky due to their high mobility. Do not detach from them because they will probably disappear from your sight in an instant, leaving Yuumi and them vulnerable. Coordinate using Final Chapter with their movements.


- Mythic Items:
Everfrost: you cannot outrun Assassin s with Shurelya's Battlesong since they can engage and escape in the blink of an eye. Also, since Assassin s one shot, Moonstone Renewer, Liandry's Anguish and Imperial Mandate would not be so useful. Your best bet is to wait for them as they reach you, then activate Everfrost. Now your carry has a chance to take them down since they are squishy and the extra root of Final Chapter will give your carry enough time to damage them and prevent them from escaping. Also, the mythic passive will increase Yuumi's healing, making it hard for an Assassin to do their job.

- Legendary Items:
Redemption: Boosts healing and shielding your ally. Whether you have the chance to activate Redemption or not, Redemption can counter Assassin s.
Mikael's Blessing: most Assassin s do not immobilize. Therefore, the purpose of building this item is to increase healing of your ally.

- Summoner Spells:
Exhaust: basically ruin the damage of an Assassin , keeping your carry (especially squishy) ones safe and help them escape or kill the Assassin .
Heal: Assassin s calculate their fight through engage in an instant, do their combo, and disappear in an instant. Healing literally ruin their plan, whether Zoomies, or any other method. It is highly recommeded to pick Heal against Assassin s.

- Mythic Items:
Shurelya's Battlesong: empowers the ability of Assassin s to engage and escape faster.
Moonstone Renewer: in many cases, fights takes a long time for an Assassin . Keep using Prowling Projectile and maybe detach for Bop 'n' Block to increase healing amount of your carry Assassin .
Imperial Mandate: boosts damage done by your "one shot" Assassin , helping them to end the fight faster.
Everfrost: using this item to support an Assassin can be tricky. Coordinate activating Everfrost with the movement and plans of the Assassin .

- Legendary Items:
Mejai's Soulstealer: increases Yuumi ability power, therefore, it increases her healing and the shared adaptive force. This item is ideal with Assassin s with AP build such as Akali.
Mikael's Blessing: almost an essential item for Assassin s since they are squishy and their weakness is CC. Build Mikael's Blessing to boost healing and shielding and to negate immobilizing effect.
Staff of Flowing Water: healing reduces abilities cooldown which boosts Assassin s who are mostly abilities dependent. It also empowers Assassin s who build AP items.

- Summoner Spells:
Ignite: not only it reduces the healing of an enemy and deals true damage, Ignite grants vision of an enemy, making it easier for the Assassin to target them with their abilities.
Heal: can save them some time for the Assassin to secure a kill and/or escape battle.

✧ Fighter ✧
Against: fighter s are strong engagers, usually they have CC abilities and have the ability to increase their health whether with items or with one of their abilities. Use Final Chapter to prevent them from reaching your carry or to stop them from dealing more damage.
With: Since your fighter carry would be in the enter of team fight and Yuumi would stick with them, make sure to sustain them with Zoomies all the time, if you see their health lower don't detach and leave them, trust them and protect them.


- Mythic Items:
Shurelya's Battlesong: helps escaping the melee ranged champions and avoid getting hit by their CC abilities.
Imperial Mandate: boosts damage dealt by your carry, so if the fighter is a tank such as Dr. Mundo, your team deals increased damage, and if they are less tanky and deal more damage such as Yone, your team take them down faster.
Everfrost: an offensive option, this will ensure a fighter to stay in place, take more damage from your ranged carry, leaving them in vulnarable condition and will be forced to die.

- Legendary Items:
Chemtech Putrifier: essential to build against fighter s since most of them use healing items such as Goredrinker for Riven, or have healing ability such as Darius's Decimate.
Mikael's Blessing: important to build since most fighter s have immobilizing abilities such as Irelia's Flawless Duet, or having a silence ability such as Garen's Decisive Strike.
Staff of Flowing Water: healing with Zoomies increases ability power which means dealing more damage to them. It also hastens abilities cooldown which help in immobilizing them or so.

- Summoner Spells:
Exhaust: against aggressive fighter s such as Yasuo, Yone or Irelia.
Ignite: do not take on a fighter without Ignite until you build Chemtech Putrifier or your ally build an anti-heal item.

- Mythic Items:
Shurelya's Battlesong: helps them escape a busy fight or engage an enemy, especially a marksman .
Moonstone Renewer: since fighter s will be in the center of a teamfight, they need to be durable. Build Moonstone Renewer to increase sustaining them.

- Legendary Items:
Ardent Censer: boosts their attack speed. Even if the fighter is a mage too (such as Amumu), you can still increase the damage they deal to turret through increased attack speed.
Mikael's Blessing: good against heavy CC team. It is also essential to save less tanky fighter s such as Master Yi.

- Summoner Spells:
Exhaust: if they face a marksman , assassin or a ranged mage , this spell can help your carry fighter to catch them and take less damage from them.
Heal: can save your less tanky champion from death. It also boosts healing on tank champions, especially those who build Spirit Visage.

✧ Mage ✧
Against: They deal a burst of damage and most of them -if not all- can CC your carry. Always build Mikael's Blessing to protect your carry from them. If the enemy carry is a mage , play defensively with Shurelya's Battlesong.
With: Most mage s are squishy and require healing with Zoomies. Empower their abilities and reduce their cooldown with Staff of Flowing Water. Build Mejai's Soulstealer and they can almost one shot any champion.


- Mythic Items:
Shurelya's Battlesong: helps your carry to avoid their deadly CC that follows with other abilities combo. If they miss their CC ability, then Shurelya's Battlesong helps your carry to catch up.
Imperial Mandate: increases damage dealt by ally, thus, dealing burst damage that helps your team to take them down fast and end their threat.

- Legendary Items:
Mikael's Blessing: negate their immobilizing ability, giving your carry a chance to avoid the rest of the mage abilities and escape, or engage the mage to take them down.

- Summoner Spells:
Exhaust: reduces their burst damage and helps your team to reach them and take them down.

- Mythic Items:
Shurelya's Battlesong: helps them engage and escape in duels or in fights.
Imperial Mandate: boosts the mage damage, increases their chances to kill the enemy with their combo. Also, the mythic passive increases the passive of You and Me! and Zoomies.
Everfrost: activate it to root the enemy, this will help the mage with their combo. The root timing increases if the mage built Everfrost and Yuumi uses Final Chapter. Moreover, the mythic passive increases the passive of You and Me! and Zoomies.

- Legendary Items:
Mejai's Soulstealer: empowers mage s to a supreme level. If your carry is a mage , then with this item, you will 2vs8.
Mikael's Blessing: build this item to negate immobilizing effect if the mage is squsihy such as Syndra or Malzahar.
Staff of Flowing Water: since mage s are abilities dependant, this item will reduce the cooldown of their abilities and increase their ability power.

- Summoner Spells:
Ignite: help your ally mage to cast their cc ability through granting vision of the enemy especially if there is a wall between them and the area where the enemy is, is not warded.
Heal: saves mage through increasing their missing health when Zoomies is on cooldown and through increasing their movement speed.

✧ Marksman ✧
Against: Their damage level is supreme whether they build AD with Precision or lethality with Domination. Their weak point is their squishiness, therefore, reach them fast with Zoomies and root them with Final Chapter, your carry will kill them.
With: Keep them safe by increasing their movement speed with Zoomies when the enemy approaches, build Ardent Censer to increase their attack speed. Use Final Chapter to help them secure kills or to keep them safe.


- Mythic Items:
Everfrost: prevent them from escaping or engaging your ally, especially if used before or after Final Chapter.
Imperial Mandate: similar to mage s, since marksman represents a threat, consider building Imperial Mandate to boost your team damage and take them down faster.
Shurelya's Battlesong: helpful for all champions to engage and escape a marksman .

- Legendary Items:
Chemtech Putrifier: almost essential item since most marksman build healing items such as Immortal Shieldbow or Bloodthirster, supporting by an enchanter, and/or healing runes such as Legend: Bloodline in Precision tree.
Mejai's Soulstealer: boosts damage dealt by your carry, helping taking the marksman down fast.

- Summoner Spells:
Exhaust: reduces the damage they deal, making them less threatening and easier to catch by fighter s and tanks.
Ignite: reduces the heal they receive, and also helps revealing them when they kite and hide in a bush.

- Mythic Items:
Everfrost: aggressive option that increases the enemy rooting time along with Final Chapter. Do not build Everfrost if your marksman is not the carry of the game and does not have the upper hand.
Imperial Mandate: boosts the damage dealt by the marksman . Build it if the marksman plays aggressively.
Shurelya's Battlesong: helps the marksman to easily engage or escape a fight.

- Legendary Items:
Mikael's Blessing: helps negating immobilizing effects from your squishy marksman .
Ardent Censer: increases their attack speed which they rely on. Essential to build if your team carry is a marksman .

- Summoner Spells:
Ignite: an aggresive spell, use it during a fight to help a marksman take down the enemy fast.
Exhaust: due to their squishness, pick Exhaust to reduce the incoming damage from the enemy and increase the chances for the marksman to win.
Heal: can save a marksman especially if your main rune is Summon Aery.

✧ Enchanter ✧
Against: Not dangerous themselves, but they can be dangerous when they grant their powers to their carry. Get them out of a fight first to win it. Do your carry a favor and build Chemtech Putrifier first so they can deal damage and Yuumi provides them with anti-healing effect.
With: Depends on what kind of build they choose, pick your items. For example, Soraka who plays top may build support items, AP items, or AD items. Keep track of their build and build supporting items accordingly.


- Mythic Items:
Shurelya's Battlesong: easily helps your teammates reaching the enchanter, or avoiding their ability such as Nami's Tidal Wave.
Imperial Mandate: always target enchanter because they boost their team greatly. Ping the enemy enchanter after you use Final Chapter so your team deals bonus damage and get rid of them first.

- Legendary Items:
Chemtech Putrifier: enchanters heal. Thus, it is essential to build anti-heal item if none of your teammates does.
Mikael's Blessing: essential to build this item since most enchanters have a disabling ability that can be negated, such as Lulu's Whimsy or Sona's Crescendo.

- Summoner Spells:
Ignite: essential against enchanters. Always pick Ignite since you will need it since lanning phase.

- Mythic Items:
Imperial Mandate: marks the enemy, granting the opportunity for an enchanter to deal damage.
Liandry's Anguish: now Yuumi deals damage too and helps an enchanter takes down the enemy faster.
Shurelya's Battlesong: helps protecting an enchanter from enemy's engage.

- Legendary Items:
Staff of Flowing Water: build it if the enchanter builds AP items or support items.
Mikael's Blessing: saves the squishy enchanter if they are caught by a CC ability.
Ardent Censer: build it if the enchanter builds AD items.

- Summoner Spells:
Ignite: aggressive option that helps the enchanter take down the enemy quickly.
Exhaust: reduce incoming damage from the enemy, thus, helps the ally enchanter stay alive.

✧ Tank ✧
Against: Nothing much for Yuumi to do, it is more of AD carry job. The best you can do to support them, build Chemtech Putrifier, Staff of Flowing Water, Mikael's Blessing since they can slow or cc your carry, and Mejai's Soulstealer.
With: Similar to fighter s except they deal less damage and they tank more damage. Heal them with Zoomies, and when they engage an enemy, use Final Chapter to prevent the from escaping and granting your tank a kill.


- Mythic Items:
Imperial Mandate: increases damage taken by tank s, thus, helping them taking them down faster.
Liandry's Anguish: an aggressive option that helps peelling the tank.

- Legendary Items:
Mikael's Blessing: essential to build almost all tanks have an immobilizing ability. Also, it boosts healing and shielding powers of Zoomies and [[bop 'n' block] which helps sustaining your carry.
Staff of Flowing Water: aggressive option as it increases the ability power and reduces abilities cooldown which helps in dealing more damage to the tank and use abilities quicker than normal on them.
Mejai's Soulstealer: your team will need increased adaptive force to help them take down the enemy tank faster.

- Summoner Spells:
Ignite: reduces their healig intake, reveals them and deals true damage which helps taking them down faster.

- Mythic Items:
Moonstone Renewer: since tank s are quite durable during teamfights, this items will help increase their durability for a longer time. Make sure to use Prowling Projectile and auto attack for Bop 'n' Block casually to increase the income healing.
Shurelya's Battlesong: helps tank s reaching enemies (especially ranged ones) faster, thus, prevent them from damaging the ally tank while kiting.

- Legendary Items:
Mejai's Soulstealer: increases Yuumi's ability power, which helps in granting the tank carry to be durable, get healed more with the empowered Zoomies and gain adaptive force from You and Me! and deals more damage.
Mikael's Blessing: increases Zoomies healing and shielding power.
Redemption: boosts Zoomies healing and shielding power. Also, you can activate Redemption during a teamfight to lengthen the durability time of the tank .

- Summoner Spells:
Exhaust: reduces damage income from the enemy carry and help the tank reach the enemy faster.

Note 1: Things may differ between champions in the same role. For instance, most fighter s has CC abilities such as Poppy's Heroic Charge or Jax's Counter Strike and that is why it is recommended to build Mikael's Blessing to negate the stun. Master Yi on the other hand, does not have an ability that immobilizes a champion, thus, building Mikael's Blessing against Master Yi is not recommended. Also, since Mikael's Blessing does not negate airbone, then the same case applies with abilities with fighter champions as Yasuo's Steel Tempest. The same applies for other roles. Therefore, check the following seciton for recommendations in-detail for each champion.

Note 2: keep track of the build of your team especially your potential carry to know which items suits them best. Also, always check who the enemy carry is and what is their build to know which items Yuumi should build to counter them that goes accordingly with your carry. For instance, you should build Chemtech Putrifier against enchanters, however, if your carry built anti-heal item such as Mortal Reminder or Thornmail, then build another item to support sustaining them or increase the damage they deal.

Matchups: In-Depth

This section covers common match-ups in bot lane. Common AD carries you support or play against as well as support s you face. It explores how Yuumi can counter them, how they counter Yuumi, and recommends set of items and runes in both cases.

Note 1: You will notice that "standard" is the recommended Sorcery runes when playing with or against certain champions. Standard means the typicall