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Naafiri Build Guide by Shark of Void

Middle How to be ahead of the pack with Naafiri [MID all matchups, JNG]

Middle How to be ahead of the pack with Naafiri [MID all matchups, JNG]

Updated on September 28, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shark of Void Build Guide By Shark of Void 168 13 246,315 Views 17 Comments
168 13 246,315 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Shark of Void Naafiri Build Guide By Shark of Void Updated on September 28, 2023
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  • LoL Champion: Naafiri
  • LoL Champion: Naafiri
  • LoL Champion: Naafiri
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Runes: Naafiri #1

1 2 3 4 5 6
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3
Flash = Ignite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

How to be ahead of the pack with Naafiri [MID all matchups, JNG]

By Shark of Void
Hello everyone, I'm Shark of Void! I've been playing League for a very long time (since season 8) and my highest elo is Grandmaster! I wrote this guide because I want to make the BEST GUIDE EVER. In this guide I will teach you everything you need to play League of Legends on the best Doggy! I hope you learn everything you need in this guide. Also, If you don't know any term from the guide, you can find it here. By the way, know that even guests can vote.

If you want to back to ToC, click on Naafiri's Daggers at the end of the section

Naafiri is a mobile AD killer capable of easily catching up and killing single targets. Now I will tell you what can attract you to Naafiri:


1. She's a Darkin!
2. She's an Assassin !
3. She's easy to learn but hard to master!
4. Her combo looks good!
5. She's the last monster champion after Rek'Sai!


1. Easy to learn and easy to counter.
2. Useless if can't hit Q.
3. She's full AD champ.
4. Has a lot of counterpicks.
5. Unplayable in high elo, it's just masochism to play her above the emerald.

So, if you want to add Naafiri to your pool, I'll show you the examples of pool with Naafiri:

more options:

This is the best pool for Naafiri for the following reasons:

1. All these heroes are easy to learn.
2. Fizz deals magic damage, and Naafiri deals physical damage, so you can adapt to the type of damage your team needs.
3. Lissandra is a safe choice, so you can always take it.
4. Lissandra good in teamfights.

If you want to be a Two Trick Pony, then the following pool will suit you:

more options:

1. Ahri deals magic damage, and Naafiri deals physical damage.
2. Naafiri is bad against tanks, and Ahri is good against tanks.
3. They're both good as roamers.
4. Naafiri and Ahri are easy to master champs, so you can quickly master both.

Now that you have decided on the pool (or OTP), I will tell you about the best role and heroes for the second role.

Jungler is the best second role for Midlaner- Assassin because:

1. You don't have to kill creeps.
2. You also need to "gank" (roam).
3. There are Naafiri-like heroes in the jungle .

The best heroes for the Naafiri mainer:

1. Nocturne has absolutely the same playstyle as Naafiri: Press the ult ( Naafiri's W) and kill an important target.
2. Zac is a tank . so you can adapt.
3. Zac deals AP damage.
4. Also these champs are easy to learn


Easy to learn, but hard to master +
Has a lot of burst damage +
Good in late game +
Clears waves and jungle very well +
Perfectly punishes the enemy for mistakes +
The dogs finish off some creeps for you +
Easily engage and disengage from fight +


- Mana runs out quickly in the early game
- Useless if can't hit Q
- 1 CC and you die
- Has a lot of counter picks
- Full AD hero

First of all, I don't like First Strike, because firstly, Electrocute is more stable and more damage, and secondly, any mage will easily disable First Strike with his skills.
Well, now let's talk about Electrocute. He gives us a lot of burst damage at any stage of the game, and we can also easily proc him with Darkin Daggers + Darkin Daggers or Darkin Daggers + Eviscerate if our dogs also jump on the enemy.
Sudden Impact gives us lethality after using our Hounds' Pursuit, Eviscerate, or Flash. Useful for trades or all in.
I take Eyeball Collection because it's profitable rune for killing emenies. The more you kill, the easier it will be for you to kill again.
In fact, you can take anything here, everything suits our hero, but personally I prefer Relentless Hunter. Be sure to take Relentless Hunter against AP Assassin , so your Hexdrinker and Maw of Malmortius, as well as other items with recharging will recharge faster.

As I said, it's a bad choice choice against mage , but still, you can take it against Assassin to get a lot of gold and snowball. The damage will be less than Electrocute, but this is compensated by items that you will buy with gold from this rune.
The only useful rune in this section. Saves us 300 gold and increases our mobility, unfortunately, we will be less efficient roaming before getting the boot.
As I said earlier, Naafiri has problems with mana at the beginning of the game, and this rune solves it.
Use summoner spells and items more often!

You can take Conqueror against teams with a large number of tanks/bruisers to win long battles, as this rune gives a large amount of AD and restores our health.
Gives us mana when the enemy is defeated. Removes the disadvantage of Naafiri in mana, the main thing is that you hit the enemy.
Legend: Alacrity is the only useful rune for us here, since Legend: Tenacity we don't it is necessary because we should not absorb enemy control. This rune gives us attack speed, which will cause us more damage, and it will also be easier for us to farm.
We already have finishing damage, and with this rune it will be even more! If anything, we don't take Cut Down, as we collect a lot of HP due to Black Cleaver and Edge of Night.

Naafiri has problems with mana in the early game, so this rune perfectly levels this weakness.
Together with Ionian Boots of Lucidity gives 27 summoner spells haste, so you can use Flash much more often, also with Ignite, and items haste is a nice bonus.
The adaptive damage in these runes is always more advantageous than attack speed. The second one takes damage, since we are not a tank. I also advise you to adapt depend on your enemy's damage.

With such runes, you can restore more mana if you can hit the enemy a lot. You will also have slightly more damage, but have less summoner spells haste and items haste.
Here you will not have any mana with runes, but you will deal even more damage, and also use skills more often, which also increases your damage. I will say this: choose one of the three secondary trees to your taste. I will also add that you should always take this if you go through First Strike or Conqueror.
Take such runes against AP Assassin s. Nullifying Orb will help survive their damage, and thanks to Transcendence you will be able to use skills more often.

In jungle on Naafiri you should always take First Strike, since the enemy will not be able to stop it for you, as on the lane, and also you need gold for more damage, because you do not take Ignite.
Even more gold savings, since we don't need to buy Boots, at the same time we get additional movement speed! To use this rune more effectively, we need to kill enemies.
Buy items on loan! Although you lose 50 gold, but they can be reduced by killing and stripping speed jungle , which you will do at the expense of more damage from the item in debt.
Use Smite and Flash more often, as well as items!

A great rune for snowball, the more you kill, the easier it will be for you to do it again!
Even more gold! With such runes, you will be ahead of the enemy in terms of items and get to your powerspike faster.
Attack speed is more advantageous for clearing, adaptive damage, and armor, since almost all monsters deal AD damage.

FLASH: is the most important spell in the game. It helps you from escaping nasty situations and also for chasing and killing enemies whenever ​you can't reach them. It also has interactions WITH ALL your skills!
IGNITE: almost always we take it. Gives us a lot of damage for all in, also reduces the heal of the enemy.
CLEANSE: should be taken against such champions as Lissandra, Zoe, Annie e.t.c. This will remove their stun and Ignite if they go all in.
TELEPORT: take it in cases when you want to roam very often and generally ignore your lane so as not to lose a lot of farm.
SCORCHCLAW SMITE: This is the only useful Smite for us, it gives a slowdown so that we can hit Darkin Daggers easier, and also % damage.

Duskblade of Draktharr is the main mythical item on Naafiri, as it gives everything she needs. First, all the necessary characteristics. Secondly, our dogs will proc his passivity. Thirdly, after kill, you become untargetable, so we can change our position or escape.

Youmuu's Ghostblade is the second most useful myth on Naafiri. Take it when you are going to roam frequently, ignoring the murder of your laner. It also gives us the characteristics we need and increases our burst damage very well after using Hounds' Pursuit or Eviscerate.

A very rare mythic on Naafiri. If you are not an OTP like me, you are unlikely to take Naafiri at all against a large number of tanks or bruisers, but I will tell you about it anyway. It also gives all of the necessary characteristics for our hero, as well as a very useful shield for trades. It is taken mainly, as I have already said, against tanks and bruisers, in order to damage them with penetration and % damage.

I recommend you to buy Stridebreaker only if you have been fed enough (5+ kills) so that you can kill even without lethality. His active is very useful for Naafiri, as it allows us to easily hit Darkin Daggers.

These are the only necessary shoes for Naafiri, as they give her the ability haste and movement speed she needs. What's more, give summoner spells haste, so, you can use them more often.

Take Edge of Night as second item, if you are playing against a champion with control that he can give you in the face ( Cassiopeia, Xerath, Lux, e.t.c.). Thanks to the spell shield from this item, they will not be able to interrupt your Hounds' Pursuit and you will reach them safely.

Always buy Black Cleaver as second item if you don't need Edge of Night. Allows you to reduce enemy's armor by 30% very quickly, as your dogs impose stacks, and also, this item gives a huge amount of ability haste! Unfortunately, it gives useless health for Naafiri, because of which you have to overpay.

When an enemy has armor, take Serylda's Grudge. It gives armor penetration, a lot of ability haste, damage, as well as a very useful slow, with which it will be easier to get your Darkin Daggers! Moreover, the bites of your dogs impose a passive effect of this item.

Well, everything is simple here, take this cheap item against champions with a lot of shields.

Take Chempunk Chainsword only against a lot of heal.

Take Ravenous Hydra when you only need damage. Gives a lot of damage, enemies will just burst. But I advise you not to die with this item, as you will lose some of the damage after death! What's more, i can say that thanks to his passivity, we can push lanes faster.

Take Guardian Angel against full AD teams or for decisive teamfights, where rebirth may come in handy.

Take Death's Dance against full AD teams or In situations where you are the main carry of the team, who needs to live in teamfights.

Maw of Malmortius required to purchase 1-2 items against AP Assassin s. They won't be able to kill you with this item because of the magic resists and the shield from the magic damage it gives, while you may well be able to kill them.

This is a normal Maxing Order that you can use in every game. Also, use it to lvl 3 gank in jungle .

This Maxing Order you can use against heroes who are getting closer to you themselves. Also, use it to full clear in jungle .

This Мaxing Order is against melee champions who have dashes and can dodge Darkin Daggers.

And now I'll show you the skills of Naafiri and some interesting interactions!

Naafiri creates a Packmate that will attack enemies that she targets for 6−29.8 (+0.45 per bonus attack damage) physical damage, increased by 30% after she uses an ability (depending on level).

Hitting champions and large monsters with abilities reduces this ability's cooldown by 4 seconds. Killing enemies reduces it by 1 second.

Max Packmates: 2 / 3 (depending on level)

  • Dogs apply effects of items, for example, Serylda's Grudge, but with some restrictions.
  • Kill minions, and hit the enemy with skills to reduce the cooldown of passive.
  • If Nunu & Willump use Consume on your dog, he will restore a lot of health.
  • Sometimes dogs finish off minions.
  • When you go into the bush, the dogs are still visible until they come in themselves.
  • Your packmates are considered minions, so killing them triggers Loaded Dice, Soul Furnace, etc.

Naafiri hurls Darkin-tainted blades, dealing 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 (+0.2 per bonus attack damage) physical damage and inflicting a bleed, dealing 3 / 6.5 / 10 / 13.5 / 17 (+0.08 per bonus attack damage) physical damage over 5 seconds.

Naafiri can Recast this ability. If enemies hit are already bleeding from this ability, it instead deals the remaining bleed damage plus between 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 (+0.7 per bonus attack damage) and 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 / 190 (+1.4 per bonus attack damage) physical damage, depending on their missing health. If that target was a champion, Naafiri restores 45 / 65 / 85 / 105 / 125 (+0.4 per bonus attack damage) health.

Packmates will leap at the first champion hit and attack them for 3 seconds.

  • This is your main skill on the lane (as well as just the main damage), do not miss this skill, and everything will be fine.
  • Dogs that fly on Poppy, her Steadfast Presence will be stopped.
  • Mega Adhesive and Miasma do not allow your dogs to make a dash.

Naafiri dashes at an enemy, stopping at the first champion she hits, dealing 30 / 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 (+0.8 per bonus attack damage) physical damage and briefly slowing them by 99% for 0.25 seconds.

Packmates become Untargetable and dash alongside Naafiri, dealing 3 / 7 / 11 / 15 / 19 (+0.08 per bonus attack damage) physical damage per Packmate.

This ability gains range depending on your ultimate rank.

  • Absolutely any CC interrupts this skill, so choose the right time to use it.
  • Naafiri will not fly for Shen through the entire map if he uses Stand United.
  • Use this skill on Raptors , after the dive, to escape.
  • Any enemy that gets in your way will stop you (absolutely the same mechanics as Shifting Sands)

Naafiri surges forward, dealing 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 (+0.7 per bonus attack damage) physical damage, then explodes in a flurry of blades, dealing 65 / 105 / 145 / 185 / 225 (+1.0 per bonus attack damage) physical damage.

Packmates are recalled to Naafiri and restore 100% health.

  • You can jump over walls with this skill.
  • This skill will completely heal your dogs, remember this if you want to keep them.
  • Damage is caused by both parts of the skill, so I advise you to hit them both.
  • If an enemy Syndra uses Force of Will on a dog, then this skill does not teleports it to you. Also be careful, because Syndra can finish you off with this particular dog if you have a little health.
Some hard dashes:

1. Click on the top edge of the stone to go inside it, as it were. After that, use Eviscerate on the vegetation corner.

2. Click on the edge of the vegetation to sort of enter it. After that, use Eviscerate on the edge of the stone.

3. Click on the mushrooms and use Eviscerate to the shortest place of the wall where 2 stones intersect.

4. Click on the shortest place of the wall where 2 stones intersect and use Eviscerate to mushrooms.

5. Click on the vegetation and enter the wall, then use Eviscerate on the part just above the corner of the stone in Void. You can go back only without leaving the current position (idk why).

Passive: Hounds' Pursuit gains 80 / 160 / 240 range.

Active: Naafiri prepares to hunt, gaining 10 / 20 / 30 (+0.15 / 0.2 / 0.25 per attack damage) attack damage, empowering her pack, and spawning 2 additional Packmates for 4 seconds.

Naafiri also gains vision of her surroundings and 70 / 85 / 100% decaying movement speed for 4 seconds, reduced to 35 / 42.5 / 50% on taking damage. The first time she hits a champion, she gains 125 / 325 / 525 (+0.5 per bonus attack damage) shield for 3 seconds.

On first champion takedown, all effects are refreshed.

  • You only get a shield if you hit an enemy.
  • Always use this skill before all in, as it gives a lot of AD.
  • Does not give a vision on invisible or camouflaged enemies.

Let's look at the Naafiri's combos!

AA + Q + AA + Q + AA

My thoughts

Q + E + AA + Q + AA

My thoughts

AA + Q + E + AA + Q + AA

My thoughts


My thoughts


My thoughts


My thoughts

Q + FLASH + E + AA + Q + AA

My thoughts


My thoughts

W + Q + E + AA + Q + AA

With R before combo

My thoughts

W + Q + AA + Q + E + AA

With R before combo

My thoughts

Q + W + E + AA + Q + AA

With R before combo

My thoughts

Q + W + Q + AA + E + AA

With R before combo

My thoughts

Invading is when you as a whole team go to the enemy jungle on the first level to get some advantage (killing, vision, stealing camps).

When to Invade?

• It is necessary to have a hero with control
( Amumu, Pantheon, Threshold, Pyke,
Blitzcrank, Morgana, etc.)
• If you want to know exactly where the enemy will start clearing jungler , so you need a vision
• You have strong heroes on the first level
• You want to steal the enemy buff (but you don't need it for the mider, since you won't have time to get to the lane)

When not to Invade?

• Someone from your team didn't go with you
• The enemy is stronger than you at the first level
• The enemy is preparing a counter invade (this should be assumed)
• Your team does not have control at the first level
• You have weak heroes at the first level

•Blue side

•Red side

Blue and red lines indicate the color of the side you are playing for.

Circles and arrows sand indicate the places from which your hooker can use the hook ( Bone Skewer, Death Sentence, Rocket Grab.) through the wall to catch the enemy.

Counter invading is a way to counter invading of an enemy team. Now I will tell you when it is worth/not worth doing counter invade, and then I will explain how to do it in general.

When to counter invade?

• It is desirable that you have a hero with mass control ( Sion, Nunu & Willump, Rell, Alistar, Cho'Gath, etc.)
• You have strong heroes at the first level
• The enemy will not be waiting for you (for low elo)
• Do you want to take a risk and gain an advantage

When not to counter invade?

• Someone from your team didn't go with you
• If the enemy decided to invade the other side, don't go there, just give it away. Your jungler will figure out for himself whether to go to the enemy buff or not
• The enemy is stronger than you at the first level
• You have weak heroes at the first level
• Your team does not understand how to counter-invade (more precisely, it does not know how to warding, more about it later)

Well, now I'll tell you how to PROPERLY counter invade!

1. As soon as you are released from the base, go and put totems at the points I indicated below (choose which buff you will defend, and put 2 wards as I showed):

•Blue side
•Red side

2. Stand with the whole team in any place that I specified in the form of Control Ward.
3. Wait for the enemy, and if he came, kill them! If you did everything right, then you will go into the plus.

• Don't let your opponent CS freely. Q them whenever possible and not risky.
• Look for mistakes (overextending with no summoner spells, use of key abilities) and punish them.
• Pay attention to your opponent ressources and think about this before fighting them (wave state, jungler's position, damage, ressources, sustain).

• What is the "Trading Stance" about?

Trading Stance is a way to get the better of an opponent on your lane, harassing him whenever he tries the last hits. In fact, we are talking about creating pressure, ensuring security, while at the same time denying this to our enemy. This is a fairly simple, but extremely difficult concept to master.

• How do you use the Trading Stance to your advantage in a melee matchup?

As Naafiri, you often have a range advantage over your opponent, thanks to Darkin Daggers. Always keep an eye on your minion's health indicator. Once they are on the verge of death, just know that the enemy will try to last hit it, which of course you can't let them do freely. Your main tool of intimidation will always be a combination of Darkin Daggers + Darkin Daggers. Ideally, you would like to secure cs and at the same time prohibit last hits. You should retreat immediately after the successful completion of the trade, so that they do not pursue you in return. But if you know that you can use something more than just a combination of Darkin Daggers + Darkin Daggers, then you can go all in and kill an enemy.

• What if I’m against a ranged champion?

Now this is more complicated. You won’t always be able to utilize this concept, just like in this case, where your opponent is the one to have a range advantage. However, depending on the matchup, what you can do is create a freeze (about it later). The enemy will be forced into a bad position and will often try to break the freeze. Then you can zone them out of the minions and try an all-in if they go for cs and wasted their main escape/CC ability {for example: Flash Frost, Scatter the Weak, Twilight Shroud, Sanguine Pool).

Retaliatory trading is technically the opposite of a trading stance, since you are not the one who initiates the skirmish, but the one who fights back. The point of this is to prevent your opponent from coming forward, to put equal, if not more pressure than on your enemy. But you need to remember that there are a few things to take into consideration before deciding to fight back instead of just backing down:

• Who deals more damage?

This is all about knowing the matchup, your damage potential but also your opponent’s. At level 6, Naafiri should be able to take down most squishy champions.

• Who has more sustain?

Let's imagine that you are against a Vladimir. Even if you decide to retaliation trading and end up winning the trade, he’s just restore everything back up with Transfusion. Same thing will occur when your opponent has a potions. Therefore, you can make such trades, but not for long, as you will be exhausted quickly and you will have to retreat. I advise you to trade, and then, until the enemy has recovered, do all in.

• Where is their jungler? Is the 1v2 winnable?

This all comes down to map awareness and vision control. Knowing where the enemy jungler is at all times is impossible, but you always need to at least have an idea of where they could be. You have to know about Naafiri's strengths. Sometimes, the enemy midlaner might try to bait you into what seems to be a free fight while their jungler is waiting in the bush. What they don’t realize is how good your 1v2 potential is, and how easy it is for you to one-shot champions and escape.

• What cooldowns do they have? Do I have any? How much mana/energy do they have?

It’s important to know what abiliies your enemy can use against you, to know if it's worth trading or not. Let me give you an example: if the enemy Malzahar got lvl 6 before you, then you should not try to fight him, since he will easily defeat you, because he has an advantage in skill. Also, if you don't have Ignite, but the enemy Assassin does, then it's dangerous to go into an insecure all in, since the enemy has more chances to kill you.

• Who has a minion advantage?

Think about minions aggro. One trade might look good on paper but once you start it, you realize that you’ve taken more damage from the wave than from the enemy. Never fight when the enemy has a big minion wave. You can do this if you are 100% sure that you will kill the enemy and survive.

I will try to explain everything to you briefly and clearly so as not to load your brain with unnecessary information.

What's fast push?
How to fast push?
When to fast push?
When not to fast push?

What's slow push?
How to slow push?
When to slow push?
When not to slow push?

What's freeze?
How to freeze?
When to freeze?
When not to freeze?

It seems that there is nothing difficult here, just press recall and return to base, but if you do it wrong, you can lose even in the easiest matchup and lose a lot of gold and experience, therefore, I will teach you how to do recall correctly.

1. Wave state
Firstly, come back just before the wave with siege minion , this is done because this minion takes a very long time to kill, so you will lose less experience and gold while the enemy is trying to kill him. But before that, look at the waves of minions:
If it's a slow push to your tower, then freeze it. If this is a slow push to the enemy tower, then use fast push, and if the waves are the same, then also use fast push.

2. Amount of gold
Everything is simple here: if you lack 50-100 gold to the item, it's better to stay and farm it.

3. Objective timers
Take a look at the upcoming object respawn timers. If there are about 40 seconds left before them, then you should return to the base to be ready for battle with full resources and spent gold.

• Look at your minimap as frequently as possible.
• Information to pick up from the minimap: (enemy's/ally's) junglers' positions, missing enemies, unfolding fights nearby, incoming waves (expecially cannon ones).
• Open the scoreboard frequently.
• Information to pick up from the scoreboard: what your lane opponent is building, objective timers.

• Your jungler/The enemy jungler

During the laning phase, it's extremely important to keep track of the enemy jungler pathing. It will help you determine whether to play safe or not, and prevent you from playing overly offensive and getting punished for it. Also, you'd want to pay attention to your jungler 's pathing, and what their next move is. Are they looking to invade? Can you help with the invade? Is the scuttler fight winnable or should you ping them back? Maybe he's ready to gank you and you need to help him to kill your opponent?

• Fights

Your teammates will fight in river. Therefore, you need to be ready to help them if it will be beneficial for you. So you will get the kills, or even be able to pick up the object!

• Missing Enemies

The jungler isn't the only person you should be careful of. Anyone could be looking to gank your lane, most often it's support , but can be toplaner or even ADC! This is EXTREMELY important to track all enemies at all stages of the game, not just during the laning phase.

• Your opponents' items

Look at the items your opponent buys. If he bought Stopwatch, then it's worth delaying the dives. Also, if he started buying armor, then you should think about buying Serylda's Grudge.

• Upcoming wave

As I said before, in order to do recall correctly, you need to observe the wave with siege minion , use the map for this!

And the last one:
To learn how to look at the map once and for all, use this timer, thanks to it,
after a while you yourself will look at the map every 10 seconds.

• Always push the wave before roaming. It's better to crash a cannon wave for more time to roam.
• Roam for: warding, dewarding, ganking a lane, counter-ganking the enemy jungler or help your own.
• Roam the lanes only if the enemy is not heavily fed on them, otherwise you will die along with your ally.
• Before deciding to roam, check for: allies/enemies' ressources (mana, cooldowns, health), junglers' positions.

• Have an impact on the map

Roaming is an excellent way to get ahead and help your allies. Despite the fact that Naafiri does not have a CC, she is still really good as roamer to other lanes and creating an advantage for herself and her team. In fact, there are often high chances that you will kill one or two enemies while roaming, which will significantly increase and accelerate your snowball.

• Secure objectives

A double kill on the bot lane just at the moment of the dragon 's appearance would cause huge damage to the enemy team. It's the same with the top, after killing the toplaner, you can pick up the Rift Herald and destroy the first tower.

• Apply pressure

If you dominate an opponent in your lane and then suddenly disappear from the enemy team's minimap, you become a threat to them. They will have to respect you and be safe until they find out more about your whereabouts. Even if you don't plan to devote yourself entirely to roaming, you can just go guard/remove the wards or just hide in the bushes in case someone has the misfortune to cross paths with you.

Roam, which for one reason or another ends in failing, can turn into a disaster for both you and your teammates. To avoid this, there are a few things you need to take care of before deciding on roaming.

• Lane state

ALWAYS push the minion wave before roaming, to minimize the loss of gold and experience. This will allow you to spend your time you get.

• Allies/Enemies' resources

You always need to check you team's resources before ganking a lane. Do your laners/enemy laners have their ultimates/summoner spells? Do you have yours? How much mana do your laners/enemies have? Remember that it's also better to gank lanes with good engage and especially strong CC, since you don't have it.

• Your jungler/The enemy jungler's positions

It's preferable to gank the side your jungler is on, for better back up and higher chances of success. You should always keep track of where the enemy jungler could be, to avoid surprises.

•Blue side

•Red side

The blue and red lines on each side are the normal paths you would take when roaming from lane.

The sand lines represent dangerous paths that you can only take when ahead and able to fight the enemy jungler and/or escape, or if you know for a fact their jungler can't be there. Make sure your Eviscerate is up to hop over any nearby wall in case you get caught.

The green lines are walls you can cross with E to either get there faster, or to avoid warded areas. However if you think you might need your E to win the fight, then don't use it.

• Roaming from base

These shouldn't be your default roaming routes. However, you can take them if you have just respawned/backed and:

• There's a fight happening in river, so you want to get there faster.

• You're unsure if the lane you want to go to is actually gankable. So even if half way there you realize you can't make a play happen, you can just come back to midlane.

• The enemy is overextending and won't see your gank coming. Usually, if your lane opponent has seen you recall , they don't expect you to go straight to bot/top right as you respawn. Therefore, they won't be pinging their teammates to back off, so, you may come unexpectedly for them.

•Blue side

•Red side

• Ganking Junglers: strong in early game, gank early. Be mindful of their early skirmishes and ganks.
• Powerfarming Junglers: hyperscalers, can only gank effectively past certain powerspikes (levels, items).
• Control Junglers: fast clear + mobility, counter-jungle and ward. Keep your jungle warded and help your jungler when they get invaded.
• See whether the enemy bot or top leashed to determine the enemy jungler 's starting point (Blue or Red).
• 1 camp = 4 cs. Scuttler spawn (potential fight) = 3:30 mins. Possible gank (before camp respawn) 4:30-5:00 mins. 1st buff respawn approximately 7:00 mins.

• Ganking junglers

It is important to know which jungler you are facing in order to adjust your playing style accordingly. Champoins have a very strong force in the early game and, most likely, will strive to gank more than farm.
The game plan of these jungler s, as a rule, is to first get a burst of power of the 3rd level, and then gank. However, you should always beware of level 2 cheese containers with red buff, especially against champions like Shaco or Jarvan IV. In this case, even if you're laning against someone you can abuse early on, do not play aggressive. If harassing with Darkin Daggers makes you push the wave, then don't do it. It's far from worth it.

• Powerfarming junglers

These champions will look to farm and get their level/item powerspikes as soon as possible to start making an impact on the game. You can look to ward their jungle , and invade them to kill them and delay their powerspikes. However, make sure you're not just going into a straight 1v3 against the enemy jungle and bot. Always watch your minimap and use tab.

• Control junglers

These champions will try to make your jungler 's life a terrible. Their main goal is counter jungling and map control, with invading the side your jungler is not on, and stealing their camps. Against these junglers , what you want to do as a midlaner is help your jungler as much as possible, by keeping your jungle warded and punishing whenever the enemy invades at a bad time.

• Red/Blue start

In most cases, you should be able to determine where the enemy jungler started. Having this information will help you better anticipate when they might gank you and from where. For example, if their toplaner entered the lane late and/or didn't have enough hp/mana, then you can assume that the jungler started from top. This often entails that if you get ganked next, it's most likely going to come from botside. In this case, defend yourself and be near to the top of the map to give yourself more reaction time to escape and make it almost impossible for an enemy jungler to successfully pass your lane. Keep in mind that sometimes junglers like Kayn can get Raptors or Murk Wolves , which means that they will not need a leash, and therefore it will be more difficult to predict their jungle path.

• Jungle clear

You can determine what clear a jungler did by looking at their CS. Every camp gives 4 CS, this means that if they show up on the map and have 24 cs, then they did 6 camps, so a full clear. Knowing what clear they did will enable you to more accurately predict what their next move is, and be prepared to it. Usually, junglers would recall at 4:00 to match their camps respawn, which is 2 minutes for normal camps. This sometimes means that their next gank might come between the 4:30 to 5:00 minute window. The 1st Buff respawn should be at the 7:00 minute mark. If the enemy jungler is behind while you're fairly ahead, you can look to cheese him at his camp. Set up vision with Control Ward and Oracle Lens first, then you can surprise him at his own buff and kill him. Make sure your laners have priority, or that his allies cannot rotate quickly enough to help.


At the 3:30 minute mark, the Scuttler will spawn. If your jungler is doing the top Scuttler , then you know for a fact that the enemy jungler s is on bot Scuttler . As this objective is coming up, you should be pinging your jungler if you cannot help them contest it. If a fight does occur and you end up winning the 2v2, then again, you can be 100% sure that the enemy jungler is heading to bot crab next.

• Slow push the wave before diving.
• Dive when the enemy is playing passively.
• Dive only if you're strong.
• Before deciding to dive, check for: enemy's ressources (items, summoner spells, mana, cooldowns, health).
• Use "Target champions only".

Diving like roaming, is a great way to gain an advantage, but diving is kill under the tower (sometimes there is even diving on a roam). This concept is that you are trying to kill the enemy under his own tower. If you manage to do this, then most likely the enemy will not recover from your domination and you will repeatedly kill him. I would like to add that Naafiri is a very good diver, so you will definitely need to master this mechanics.

You can always dive when you are sure that you will kill the enemy and survive after dive. If you die, you will lose all the advantage you had before the dive. But, before diving, you need to check a few things:

• Wave State

In order for the enemy to lose a lot of advantage during your dive, and also so that if you suddenly screw up and die you don't lose a huge amount of advantage, you ALWAYS need to prepare a slow for the first and second dive.

• Enemy's items

I don't want to repeat myself, so I'll just say: if you see Stopwatch, it's better not to dive.

• Skills/Summoner Spells

Before you dive, force the enemy to spend a key skill (for example, Vladimir's Sanguine Pool) or an important defensive spell of the summoner Exhaust or Barrier. This way you will have a better chance of a successful dive, but if you are heavily fed, you can neglect this.

Use the button "Target champins only", by default it is on the ~ key. So you will definitely hit the enemy with your targeted skills and auto attacks, no wards or towers will prevent you from clicking on the enemy. Also, I advise you to make it toggle in the settings so that you don't have to clamp it for the entire dive.

• Counter jungle when you can't roam or dive.
• Counter jungle to weaken the enemy jungler.
• Kill the weak jungler.

Counter jungling for midlaner, it's the same as for jungler . You clear the enemy jungle , depriving it of experience and gold, taking them for yourself. Also you can even kill the enemy jungler there, so this strategy is very strong against the weak jungler s in the early game.

• When you can't dive and roam

If for some reason you can't dive or roam, then after pushing the lane, you can go to the enemy jungle and clean up the camp. But do it only after level 9, because only then you will not lose a lot of health and mana.

• If the enemy has a weak jungler

If the enemy jungler is weak in the early game, then for sure he will be strong later. Therefore, you need to use his weakness, since firstly you will get a lot of advantages from this in the form of experience and gold, so also postpone the time of the enemy jungler 's powerrspike.

• Sidelane to not share gold and XP with allies and maximize income, to catch up when behind.
• Don't sidelane if ahead and your presence is required to win fights, unless your team is hard-losing anyway.
• Always farm waves on the sidelanes when no ally is already there.
• Never play against tanks in the sidelanes.
• Splitpush if you team composition allows it (good waveclear).
• Don't splitpush if your team is not active on the map.

• What's sidelaning?

Sidelane It's about leaving the midlane and rotating either the bot or the top to catch and push the waves. The point of Sidelane is to put pressure on the towers, taking gold and experience on your own, instead of sharing resources with your teammates, while waves of minions die senselessly on the other side of the map.

• Why should you sidelane?

The two main reasons you should be sidelaning as an Assassin is to maximize your income, but also to create pressure, forcing someone to respond and at the same time risk their lives, given how great of a duelist Naafiri is.

• When behind or even

You should begin Sidelaning when the first turret falls. Generally, your ADC and support would rotate mid while you go on bot. It's the default play when mid is already occupied by someone else and there are no objectives up (therefore no reason to be grouped with your team), especially when you are behind and unable to provide valuable help in teamfights. In that case, you'd want to Sidelane to catch up the best you can, and only build damage items.

• When ahead

When you are ahead, Sidelaning becomes more situational. If the enemy has far better engage potential, and your presence is required to win fights, then you should be grouped with your team to prevent them from dying 4v5. If your team is completely destroyed, and any fight they undertake, regardless of whether you are there or not, will undoubtedly lead to a win in favor of the enemy, then you should stay on the Sidelanes and farm. Being in Sidelane, you can put even more pressure on the map by Splitpushing.

Splitpushing is when you go beyond your side of the map and go along the lane to destroy towers and waves of minions. Although Naafiri is not as good a splitpusher as toplainers, but her damage is enough to even kill a bruiser if you are fed.

Another strategy you can use is to create a slow push on the bot, for example, about a minute before the Baron Nashor appears. Thus, a large wave will come from the opposite side and threaten the enemy towers while your team captures the Baron Nashor . Either the enemy team will send someone in response to the push and, therefore, will give you a number advantage, or they will have to sacrifice a lot to teamfight with you on the Baron Nashor . In any case, this is a win-win situation for your team.

Splitpushing largely depends on the composition of your team. If they are not able to clear the waves, then this is probably not the best idea. You also don't want to splitpush if your team is not active on the map. For example, if they are farming passively in the jungle or have just recall ed to base, it is always safer to just back off.

No one wants to be in such a situation, especially Assassin , but everything happens, even 10 0 Yasuo is on your team, so I'll tell you a few ways to get back into the game and also how to play from behind on Naafiri. If anything, the playing from behind does not have to be with your enemy's feed, but also with a bad matchup.

• If you are behind in early game

1. Try to keep the wave of minions closer to your tower so that you cannot be gank by an enemy jungler . The biggest mistake is to continue push waves, because not only is there a risk of getting hit by the enemy's gank jungler , but your enemy also has the opportunity to kill you in the trade.

2. Stay on a large amount of health, because so the enemy will not be able to dive you. If your enemy can poke you, then you can only dodge his skills, so try, you can!

3. Use the weaknesses of the enemy. For example, let's take a difficult matchup for Naafiri against Vex.
Vex is strong in short trades, especially when you initiate against it first. Therefore, try to impose a long trade on her, allowing her to push a wave to your tower, I am sure that sometime she will spend Doom 'n Gloom, then you can initiate a long trade and kill her. There are many such different situations, but I just showed you an example.

4. Look for opportunities to play with the team. It can be a gank of your jungler on your line, or, for example, a battle for Rift Herald . This also includes roaming, which I talked about earlier.

• If you fall behind in the mid game

1. Farm everything you see, your own, enemy jungle . Maintaining a good farm will allow you to keep up even more.
2. Kill weak enemies. Even with playing from behind, Naafiri has enough damage to kill a squishy hero, you can make a good profit on this.
3. Sidelaning. Well, I've already told you about this, so I won't repeat myself.

Here I will tell you about the mechanics that jungler should know, but which I didn't tell you about earlier, because I told you about mid.

I will not show you the fastest clearing, because you can always find the latest one on YouTube, I'd rather tell you how to optimize it and what tips to use so that it is fast:

1. Kite jungle monsters (kite means that you take them away from their original location to the nearest jungle camp, which you will clear after). They kite in order to save time on walking to the next camp. This should be done during auto-attack cooldown, so as not to waste time in vain.

2. Put packmates under the attack of monsters so as not to lose health, but make sure that they do not die, because they cause damage and accelerate your clearing! Use Eviscerate to heal them.

3. Use Eviscerate to jump over thin walls and shorten the time to camp (especially effective from red brambleback to krugs and from murk wolves to blue sentinel ).

I also like to use the strategy of stealing murk wolf or raptors of the enemy's jungle , so we can take 3/4 of the ENTIRE jungle if the enemy did not guess our intentions. And even if he guesses, he will have to take risks and enter our jungle . I will tell you how to counter this strategy further.

If you know that your enemy will use the strategy shown above, then this will help you get half of the jungle , and not lose 3/4 of the jungle . It consists in the fact that you farm half on your side, and half on the opposite side, near the enemy. And to understand that the enemy will use exactly the upper strategy, put the ward on your buff . I will tell you about where to put your first ward a little later. You can also apply this concept if you want to focus on one part of the map, for example, to feed the carry.

After that, buy an Oracle Lens.

Counter jungle is a strategy that allows you to deprive the enemy of the farm, while taking it for yourself. It consists in the fact that you farm camps on the enemy side of jungle . When to use this strategy:
1. When you know that the enemy jungler is on the other side of the map.
2. When you have nowhere to gank.
3. When you have nothing to farm in your jungle and don't have enough experience/gold to level up.

Yes, it's a risky strategy, but very effective, since you won't let the enemy gank on your allies, so it's good for them too. Use it for the same reasons as the previous one, but to get the kill. To find the enemy more effectively, use my advice about " Jungle Tracking". Anything, you definitely need to know if you can kill an enemy 1 on 1, or not.

Gank is when you come to your ally's lane and help him kill the enemy (but even if you didn't succeed, it's still gank). Before gank, see what your enemy has. Maybe he was spending Flash or an important defensive skill (like Vladimir's Sanguine Pool), this will make it easier to kill. Remember the main rule: if the enemy is fed, and you are not, then you do not need to help your loser laner! So you'll just die together. Also try to gank enemies against whom it is easy to do this, or if your laner has CC . If you are not 70% sure about killing, it is better not to gank, but farm.

I'll make a reservation right away that you need to help push not only after the ganks, but also if your ally can't do it and he needs to go to the base. Anyway, help the ally to push after the gank so that he can quickly and safely recall to the base, so the enemy will have fewer minions, and you will get gold and experience.

This is absolutely the same freezing as if you're mider, only you do it so that the minions do not die under the tower, but stay next to it so that your laner can pick them up if for some reason he isn't on the lane (important note: there should not be an enemy laner either, since if there is one, then he will just push). Usually this should be done for the mider when he left to roam.

For counter ganking you must be able to track jungler . The concept is that you turn a hopeless situation 1 vs 2 or 2 vs 3 into 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 by entering the same lane as the enemy jungler . So you can either go to zero having exchanged with the enemy, or, if you are stronger than 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3, even go to plus and destroy the enemy!

If after your gank the enemy used Teleport, then you can once again gank him and kill him. But you have to know for sure whether you can do it or not, because if you die together, the enemy will become much stronger and your laner will curse you. If the repeated gank is successfully, it will be very difficult for the enemy to return to the game.

To conduct a good teamfight, it is worth doing a few things before it:
1. Start slow push on the lanes (preferably on all, but enough on mid). To do this, it is enough to kill 3 caster minion s. Thanks to this slow push, the enemies will either have to leave and kill the minions without being present in the teamfight, or the minions will simply destroy their tower. And also, if the enemies decided not to kill this wave of minions and also lost in a teamfight, you can come and destroy inhibitor with this wave, or even finish the game!

2. Destroy enemy ward s to deprive him of vision. This is an important rule, because in most cases the team that has an advantage in vision wins. Due to the enemy's lack of vision, you can easily trap him, thereby depriving the enemy team of an ally. Look at the example, Vex wanted to join the team in the battle for Dragon , but since they weren't ward in the bush , I killed her. Remember: bush , Oracle Lens and Control Ward - best Assassin 's friends!

3. Put your ward s. This should be handled by support , but it is desirable that your entire team has Control Ward, to provide vision. This is a continuation of the previous rule, because by depriving the enemy of vision, you will place your own, thereby gaining full control over the part of the map in which there will be a teamfight. Thanks to this, you will know all the movements of the enemy, and no one will be able to outflank you.

These were 3 rules that should be followed before the teamfight. I understand that it is not always possible to comply with them, but I have described to you an ideal situation to strive for.

When to Teamfight

• You have a better teamfighting comp
• Your team has a numbers advantage
• Your team has a resources advatange
• Your team has hit Item/level powerspikes
• You have a massive lead over your opponent
• The enemy's carry has no way of joining the fight

When NOT to Teamfight

• You're missing your main carry
• There are no objectives to fight for
• Your team is not in a good position
• Your team didn't spend the gold
• You don't have a good teamfighting comp
• You don't have vision of every single enemy

• Target Selection

Before initiating an engage in a fight, you should always have a target in mind. Who does the enemy most rely on to deal damage? Can you one-shot? Asking yourself these questions will help you figure out who's the highest priority target in the enemy team, and set a win condition. Keep in mind that if the enemy has a healer like Soraka or shielder like Lulu, then it's better to kill them first, otherwise these support s will make it a lot harder for you to murder their carries.

Never focus a tank in a teamfight. Don't waste your time on them. Instead, you must be putting pressure on the enemy backline, as they are a lot squishier and easier to kill. As stated earlier, you should be flanking from behind to catch the enemy. Hide in a bush, and keep an eyes on your target. Look for opportunities to engage: Keep track of your enemy's important CC cooldowns, wait for your target to use their key ability.

• Following an engage

Now, most of the time, you won't be able to initiate an engage as it's usually far too risky. One of the most optimal way for an Assassin to teamfight is to wait for their teammate to engage first and tank all the damage and CC, then look to follow up when you see an opening.

If you're not in a flanking position, and therefore unable to engage onto the enemy carries, stay behind your allies until opportunities to dive into their backline present themselves. As mentionned earlier, you need to be playing around your enemy's mistakes.

Example of teamfight:

Backdoor is a very sneaky strategy, but after all, winners are not judged? It consists in the fact that if the enemy has an open Nexus, then you can come to their base and destroy it. Here are some rules for Backdoor:

1. Backdoor only if you are sure that the enemies are not defending the Nexus (for example, your team takes Baron Nashor and the enemy is forced to move. Of course, usually 1 enemy remains to defend the Nexus, but you will kill him, or if it is tank , you will just spin around the Nexus without letting yourself get.
2. Take Oracle Lens to pass unnoticed. But you can take Stealth Ward if you have an ally with Teleport that will help you destroy the Nexus.
3. Pass only through jungle , because on the lines you will be revealed minions .
4. Use The Call of the Pack to deal more damage to the Nexus.

That's where things get serious. Any simple mistake leading to your death could potentially cost you the game. Once the late game starts, you need to be extra careful not to get caught, especially if you're a carry.

Don't go into the fog of war, always keep an eye on where the enemy team is, look for splitpush when you can, but most importantly, DON'T DIE! Keep in mind that the longer the game lasts, the longer the time of death lasts. Also, goals like Baron Nashor or Elder Dragon should always be your top priority, and challenging those goals is crucial. Play with the vision, look for the perfect opportunities for engagement.

And now I'll show you dragon 's buffs, from best to worst for Naafiri.

The best buff for ANY Assassin , since the more damage, the more chances to kill the enemy, or even to do multi-kill.

For roaming Assassin , such as Naafiri, the bonus movement speed allows you to greatly influence the map, at the same time, losing less farm and experience with minions on your lane.

Allows you to use skills more often, which can play a key role in the battle. It also accelerates the sweep of waves, all because of the same acceleration of skills.

Has good synergy with your Darkin Daggers and The Call of the Pack. Also reduces the time of the control applied to you, which is also useful.

Additional protection will allow you to live longer in battles.


Consider the soul of dragon s, from best to worst for Naafiri.

This is the best soul for Naafiri, since the enemy will not be able to escape from you in any way at all, you will be able to escape from anyone, and also sell shoes and buy even more damage!

The same as the last soul, only deals damage and slows down, so with it you can only attack the enemy (well, or use Darkin Daggers with a slowdown from this soul to escape).

Increases your damage and survival at a low health level. Good for teamfights.

Just a soul for a poke with Darkin Daggrs.

It will simply increase your survival rate in the teamfight, which is why it is worse than the chemtech soul. But, not bad against poke heroes.

Even less vitality than the previous soul.

In this section I will tell you about the light/advanced mechanics of the League. I am sure that most of you already know almost all of them, but I will tell you about everything so that the minority also gets better.

I will try to tell you in more detail about Baron Nashor , how to use it. I will also add that the described strategies work with any object. It's just better on the Baron Nashor .

If anything, I'm not talking about Hand of Baron , but about how to use the existence of Baron Nashor on the map. There are several strategies:

• Trap

First, you need to completely deprive the enemy of the view on Baron Nashor . So they won't know what you're doing there. After that, you need the whole team to place wards on the approaches to Baron Nashor to know where the enemies are coming from. After that, before the enemies started going to check what you are doing there with Baron Nashor , you get up in the bush and start waiting. If an enemy (usually support ) decides to scout Baron Nashor , you can easily trap him with the whole team and you kill. After that, with a numerical advantage, you can kill Baron Nashor .

• Teamfight imposition

Well, everything is simple here. If you are strong and the enemy is afraid to teamfight with you, you can start hitting Baron Nashor , and then the enemies will be forced to fight with you, otherwise you will freely take away a very important object.

• 1 3 1

I explain it to make it clearer. 1 3 1 means that 1 player goes to the top, 3 players go to the mid and 1 player goes to the bot (there may be another arrangement, for example 3 to the top, 1 to the mid and 1 to the bot). On the bot and the top, you need to send strong champions who can 1vs2 (well, or at least so that one of them can 1vs2). Thanks to this arrangement, all lanes will be reinforced with Hand of Baron minions. The enemy simply does not have enough strength and heroes to defend all the lanes, so sooner or later, one of them will fall.

• 1 4

This is another strategy for using Hand of Baron . It is usually used if there is only 1 strong player in your team who goes alone to some lane. Alternatively, this arrangement is used if inhibitor has already been destroyed on one of the lanes, so there are no minions needed to destroy towers. Here, as in the previous rotation, the enemies will not have enough strength to restrain the onslaught on any of the lanes, and therefore you will break through the defense! That is why "5 on mid" is a bad idea after Baron Nashor , because enemies will easily kill improved minions on the same lane.

League of Legends has buffering mechanics. This means that if you use a skill or auto-attack during the action of some skill (which will not be interrupted when using other skills or auto-attacks), then it is buffered and applied IMMEDIATELY after using the previous skill. This is especially important for Naafiri, as we buffer Darkin Daggers during the preparation of Hounds' Pursuit so that Darkin Daggers is applied as quickly as possible after our arrival to the enemy.Well, it is also useful in the combination of Darkin Daggers + Flash.

The trick is to pretend to put a ward, but not actually put it. If you have a good opponent, he will inform his jungler that you "put" the ward in that place. After that, you can actually put the ward, but in a different place, so the enemy jungler will gank you from the side where you have a ward.

Naafiri is one of some heroes who can pass through midlane towers without damage. Now I'll show you how to do it.
1. Click on the place between the three stones.
2. Click on the edge of the leaf.
3. Congratulations, you passed without damage!
P.S. in the opposite direction, do the same, only in reverse order.

I'll tell you about plates. I must say right away: they should not be taken up to 8 minutes. Since to pick them up, your enemy should not be on the lane, and this usually happens after his death. To kill him, you spend resources, after that you spend more resources to push the lane. In the early game, you do very little damage to plates, so you will beat them for a long time. During all this time, while you are pushing, hitting the tower, an enemy jungler will already have time to come to you and kill you. So just do the right recall .

This is pretty simple advice, but a minority of people don't use it. It consists in the fact that if you go all in, then immediately press Ignite so that the enemy can not recover from potions or skills with heal. The example is pretty stupid, I could easily finish off my counterpart with Q2, but to show you exactly how my advice works, I let him use the emprowed Transfusion on me before my Ignite, so he survived.

There are heroes who, after using a certain skill, will always by your side. For example: Alpha Strike, Twisted Advance, Shuriken Flip, Shadow Surge, Void Rush, Hextech Ultimatum, Umbral Trespass, etc. Use this if you are near the tower. You can press Flash and the enemy will be under the tower, then you will easily kill him.

Even the auto-attacks have a cooldown. While it's recharging, you can move and use skills, so we always use this in combination Darkin Daggers + Darkin Daggers. This is especially useful in the early game, as our attack speed is very low there.

If you have a weak mobile hero against you (for example 0 10 Yasuo), then do not chase him, it's better to farm or to take away the object or destroy the tower.

If your enemy has been passive all the time and suddenly became aggressive or began to behave unnaturally, then most likely you are being ganked by an enemy jungler , so it's better to retreat right away, do not take the fight. In the example, I noticed that Vex made a "mistake" and took advantage of it. But then I realized that she had baited me, so I quickly walked away and was not killed.

Here you need to know your limits. If you know that you will easily kill the enemy, for example, by 60% of health, then do not be aggressive, play as if you are afraid of the enemy, then he will try to damage you himself and then you will kill him. This works best against Assassin . In the example, I was running away from Shaco and Miss Fortune, so they thought they were strong. After my skills were recharged, I killed Shaco and ran away.

It's simple: if an enemy uses recall in a place accessible to you, shoot it down at the very end recall , so that the enemy returns to your lane longer.

This advice is that you need to retrain yourself to upgrade your abilities using the keyboard. A large amount of all in is lost due to the fact that you do not have time to improve R and kill the enemy with the help of ulta when you get level 6. You won't believe it, but I myself reached Diamond 4 without this trick, but it helps a lot!

As you can see, if I hadn't upped R with the keyboard, I would have died.

The northernmost bush on the map differs from its counterparts in the south, west and east. Only you can't enter it without giving out your position.

Imagine, on both bases there is a place invisible to enemy towers in which you can hide when escaping. Use Eviscerate to enter it. If the enemy does not think of going through the gate, you would calmly do recall .

Good mage always zone and poke you, not letting you farm. The only thing you can do in this case is to psychologically force the enemy to use the skill. You are on the edge of the range of the enemy's skills, go back and forth, trying to force him to use the skill. If this does not work, pretend that you want to finish off the minion, and then the enemy will definitely use his skill. After that, while the enemy's skill is on cooldown, you can farm or go to trade.

It sounds simple, but believe me, it's very difficult to train yourself to always use it. The fact is that when you spend a skill, mana is spent for its level, which was when used, and the damage that is inflicted after reaching the goal will be equal to the skill level that was when the skill reached the goal. To better understand the meaning of my speeches, look at the example. On Naafiri it is beneficial only on Darkin Daggers, since only there we reduce mana per level.

Just useful information about the levels. You get level 3 when you kill two waves and two melee minions. You get level 6 when you destroy the first 6 waves of minions.

It's hard to explain it textually, but I'll try. Many players are afraid to spend hp when they can do it. I'll give you some examples to make it clear to you.

1. If you know that you will kill the enemy at the second level, provided that he will have 50% HP, then why didn't you try to impose on him an exchange that is unprofitable for you at the first level? It is better to lose 60% hp and deal 50% to the enemy Fizz on the first level to kill him on the second.

2. If you are going to recall , then why not trade health with the enemy? You will still return to the base and restore it completely when the enemy remains with incomplete health on the lane, since recall is unprofitable for him.

In the example, even though I lost more HP, but at the same time I took away enough to catch her using Charm next time and kill her.

I hope you understand my message, there are a lot of such situations in the game, so you yourself should understand when it's worth tating your hp, and when not.

I explain: usually, if the enemy does not want to trade with you, he will not be behind the creeps mirroring you. That is, if you are closer to the top, he will move closer to the bot, and vice versa. He will increase the distance between himself and you so that you can not aggress him. You can use this to bring it closer to your jungler . But be careful, so you yourself can be exposed to the enemy jungler .

It's a very simple rule, but my God, how many players don't follow it! Remember, if you take an object and your Control Ward blocks the view of an enemy ward, then in no case do not hit him, as he will give an overview around him and the enemies will know that you are contesting the object.

The first honeyfruit appears at 6:00-6:30. Be ready to go to the river and destroy this plant, this will give you an advantage on the lane, and maybe even be the main decisive moment in your victory on the lane!

Many people play with a fixed camera, but this significantly reduces the effectiveness of the game! Urgently retrain if you play like this. Without a fixed camera, you will be able to better control the map, get more information, and also get skills easier.

I'll tell you right away, this is not an advertisement Porofessor! You can use any other program if it has the same functionality, namely:
1. Tracking the enemy's summoner spells (it helps very well to understand when it is all in and when it is not).
2. Information about the cooldown of each enemy skill (allows you to trade better when the enemy used ability).
3. Accurate timers of jungle camps (it is more convenient to go to counter jungle with them).

Do you want to hit Darkin Daggers on the river more often? I'll tell you a terrible secret: in fact, the map of the Summoner's Rift is not flat, but voluminous, we just see it flat because of our camera, which is located on top. Therefore, we do not see that the entire river is actually "deepened" compared to the rest of the Summoner's Rift. Therefore, the river is called low ground, and the rest is called high ground. Now I will tell you how it is easier to hit skills from low ground to high ground, and vice versa.

To hit from low ground to high ground, you need to imagine that your target is a little deeper. If you have a bad imagination, then just use ability a little lower.
To hit from high ground to low ground, you need to imagine that your target is knocking up. If you have a bad imagination, then just use ability a little higher.

From low to high ground

Will hit

Won't hit

From high to low ground

Will hit

Won't hit

Even more examples! (now from left to right)

All auto attacks have 2 phases: before dealing damage and after dealing damage. Each champion has different times of these phases, for example, Karthus has a very long swing (phase before dealing damage), and Evelynn has a very long phase after dealing damage (well, or the phase after firing the shot, if you play for the ranged champion). But we're talking about Naafiri. Therefore, I will move on to the most important thing: the phase after dealing damage is absolutely not needed, so it needs to be interrupted with movement or skill. How will this improve our game, you ask? Thanks to the interruption of the second phase of the auto-attack, we can either apply any skill faster, or just take a micro step in the direction we need. Look at an example: using this technique reduces the time of our AA+Q+AA+Q+AA combo by a whole second! In fact, it is very difficult to learn and it just comes with the experience of playing on the champion, so just play and eventually you will do it automatically, this is another plus of being an OTP!
With interrupting the second phase
slowed down by 2 times

Without interrupting the second phase
slowed down by 2 times

I have already mentioned this term before, and now I want to reveal it completely. OTP (One Trick Pony) is when a player plays ONLY one hero (90+% of the pickrate). I will give a few reasons why OTP is a great style of League play, which I personally adhere to (but I will also give the disadvantages of this style). If anything, to the usual pros and cons OTP I will also add some features specifically Naafiri.

+ Saving time - Well, everything is clear here, it's faster to master 1 hero than to master three or more.
+ Freeing the brain - Let me explain: when you play on the several champions, you think about your actions, whether it's worth doing something, whether to use it. OTP does everything already on the machine, on experience. This is the place that you free up in the brain, you can use for some other necessary activity (or just relax if you don't play ranks).
+ Relevance - OTP doesn't care about meta, he will win even if his hero is at the very bottom of the shooting list.
+ Intimidation - Most players are subconsciously afraid of people with a lot of mastery points, because of this they will make mistakes.
+ Adaptation - OTP can play against almost any hero, even if it is his counter peak.
+ Knowledge of limits is perhaps the main reason why people become OTP in general. When a player plays on one hero for a long time, he somehow begins to understand when he can kill an enemy and when not. You simply become the god of the game, who can kill an enemy at level 3 under the tower and survive at the same time, or kill several enemies alone (for example, when you get gank). Your opponents simply do not expect a response from you and pay for it! I have collected some examples from my past games, know that there are many more such moments in the life of OTP, I just don't want to show you everything, unleash your potential!
Examples of playing on limits

- Ban - If your hero is banned or taken away, you will be useless, so you will have to dodge. That's also why it's bad to be an OTP on sparsely populated servers (Ru/OCE/etc), because there are "target banning".
- Hate your OTP - Some people just can't play on one hero. You must love your hero with all your heart, so as not to get tired and not feel hatred when playing on him. (In general, this minus can not be considered, because it just depends on the person).
- Full AD team - Unfortunately, Naafiri is an AD hero, so there are often cases when your team just haven't AP damage. Therefore, it is more profitable to be an OTP AP hero.

I really hope that with my arguments I will increase the number of OTPs in the League, because it is better to devote all time to one, beloved champion and win than to play on everything and suffer. I wish you good luck!

Click on the champion icon to move to the matchup.




• His The Darkin Blade and Infernal Chains will hold an enemy, therefore, you can easily hit Darkin Daggers.


• Q maxing.
• His The Darkin Blade and World Ender starts recharging after the end of the skill.
• His The Darkin Blade stops your Hounds' Pursuit, so before all in or trade make him spend this skill.


Just poke him and don't let poke you, then you can all in.


If you can dodge The Darkin Blade, so there are no problems against him, just use an Ignite before all in to reduce his healing.




• Her Charm will stun an enemy, therefore, you can easily hit Darkin Daggers.


• Q maxing.
• Her Fox-Fire starts recharging after the end of the skill, and her Spirit Rush - immediately after clicking on the skill.
• Her Charm stops your Hounds' Pursuit, so before all in or trade make her spend this skill.
• Buy Edge of Night to make it easier to all in.
• With Spirit Rush, she dodges Darkin Daggers and kites you, so it will be difficult for you kill her. Better make her spend Spirit Rush before all else.


Take the first three minions of your neighbors and let her push. Provoke her to use her skills and then you can go to trade. If you kill her before 6, it will be fine.


You can kill her if she spends Spirit Rush, in other cases I advise you to push and go to roaming and counter jungle. Buy Edge of Night and her Charm won't hurt you.




• There are no tips.


• Q maxing.
• Her Twilight Shroud starts recharging after the end of the skill.
• She can completely avoid trading with you by using Twilight Shroud. Therefore, you need to be able to hit it, even if it is invisible.
• Before trade try to bait her to use Five Point.
• You can use Darkin Daggers into her Shuriken Flip or Perfect Execution to hit easily.


Let her push first wave. I recommend to trade after getting lvl 2, to kill her after lvl 3. Just go in after Five Point.


Now it's hard. She can easily dodge your Darkin Daggers, therefore, the most accurate will win! You can roam, she's bad as splitpusher.




• He can carry 1v9.


• Q maxing for farming.
• It is impossible to defeat him, he just uses Heroic Swing[/b, thereby evading your Darkin Daggers and taking you into the distance on your Hounds' Pursuit, after that he just kills you.
• Don't stand behind the minions so that he doesn't hit Avengerang.


Afk farm with Darkin Daggers.


Keep afk farming, nothing will help you, because even if your jungler comes to the rescue, Akshan uses Heroic Swing and runs away. Just pray that the team wins. You can't leave the lane, because he will destroy the tower.




• He has a lot of CC, so you will easily get Darkin Daggers.
• Diving with him is a pleasure, thanks to Unbreakable Will Will he doesn't care about the tower.


• Q maxing.
• You will never be able to approach him with Hounds' Pursuit, since he has as many as 2 skills that stop Hounds' Pursuit, Use Hounds' Pursuit only when he has spent Headbutt+ Pulverize.
• You can't kill because of Unbreakable Will.


Afk farm.


Try to roams and keep farming, you can't kill Alistar.




• He has a lot of CC, so you will easily get Darkin Daggers.


• Q maxing.
• You have to dodge Bandage Toss.
• Play through short trades, because he's strong in long with Despair and Tantrum.


Let him push the first 2 waves. After lvl 3 press Hounds' Pursuit to trade witn him. After second trade you can kill him.


Just kill him.




• Her Flash Frost stuns an enemy, so you can easily hit Darkin Daggers.
• She easily pushes the waves, so you can splitpush.


• Q maxing.
• You must definitely dodge Flash Frost with Eviscerate, otherwise it will hurt you.
• She stops your Hounds' Pursuit with a Crystallize, so if she knows that, you won't have a chance to kill her.
• She can also use Flash Frost on your Hounds' Pursuit, thereby easily inflicting huge damage on you.
• You can't dive her if she has Rebirth.


You can't kill her, keep afk farming.


You can't leave you lane, because she can pushes the waves fastly with Glacial Storm. I recommend to wait your junger and keep afk farming.




• Her Pyromania stuns an enemy, so you can easily hit Darkin Daggers.


• Q maxing.
• Trade with her only when she spent Pyromania.
• She stops your Hounds' Pursuit with a Pyromania, so if she holds that, you won't have a chance to kill her.
• Buy Edge of Night to evade Pyromania.


Let her push before your lvl 3. Trade with her if she hasn't Pyromania. You can kill her after second trade.


If she hold Pyromania, then i recommend you to roam. But if she spend Pyromania, you can kill her. Be careful, she will easily one shot you if she hits with all her skills! Not a problem after Edge of Night.




• His Binding Eclipse stuns an enemy, so you can easily hit Darkin Daggers.
• He can carry 1v9.


• Q maxing.
• Just press Hounds' Pursuit and use combo to kill him!


Wait lvl 3 and kill!


Keep killing him!




• Her Enchanted Crystal Arrow stuns an enemy, so you can easily hit Darkin Daggers.
• Use Hawkshot to track the enemy jungler .


• Q maxing.
• Don't let her poke you, stand behind minions.
• She stops your Hounds' Pursuit with a Enchanted Crystal Arrow, so kill her when she spends this skill.
• Buy Edge of Night to evade Enchanted Crystal Arrow.


Wait lvl 3 and kill her.


Kill her after Enchanted Crystal Arrow!

Aurelion Sol



• He can carry 1 vs 9, so it is profitable to feed him.
• His Falling Star stuns an enemy, so, you can hit Darkin Daggers easily.
• Try to teamfight with him when he has The Skies Descend ready.
• He pushes waves perfectly, so you can splitpush.


• Q maxing.
• His Astral Flight and Breath of Light starts recharging after the end of the skill.
• Use Darkin Daggers to poke him easily, if he uses Breath of Light.
• Use Eviscerate to bring your dogs back to you if he pull them using Singularity.
• Use Eviscerate to dodge Falling Star.
• If he is not slowed down and pressed Astral Flight after your Hounds' Pursuit, then you will not have time to hit the second Dakrin Daggers.
• Do not delay the game against him, he is very strong in the late stage.
• If he has The Skies Descend ready, then it's better to make him spend it before the teamfight.


Calmly finish off the minions and wait for level 3 without losing a lot of mana and health. By the third level, the wave should be closer to your tower and if you did everything right, then you can trade with him using combination via Hounds' Pursuit. After that, if he stays on the lane, you kill him.


You can easily dive him if you hit all the skills. He can roam, so you need to do it in response. He's great at pushing waves of minions, so you'll either have to kill him or not try to splitpush him.




• He can carry 1 vs 9, so it is profitable to feed him.


• Q maxing.
• You can't do anything to him. He pokes you, and when you use Hounds' Pursuit, he uses Shifting Sands and goes under the tower. After level 6, he will just use Emperor's Divide and also kill you under his tower. You will never defeat him.


Try to farm with Darkin Daggers.


You can't kill him, try to roam.




• His Cosmic Binding stuns an enemy, so, you can hit Darkin Daggers easily.
• You can easily roams with his Magical Journey.
• He can drop Caretaker's Shrine on your lane to heal you.


• Q maxing.
• He easily stuns you with Cosmic Binding, since your dogs are the targets.
• Do not attack him if he is near the walls, with the help of Magical Journey he can escape from you.
• Crush his Caretaker's Shrine.
• I do not advise to dive him, as he can use Tempered Fate and you will be left with a nose.


Wait for lvl 3 and go to trade with Hounds' Pursuit. After the second such trade, he dies.


Kill him on the lane, but if he is hiding under the tower, I advise roaming.




• Her Above and Below holds an enemy, so, you can hit Darkin Daggers easily.
• She can carry 1v9.


• Q maxing.
• She evades your Darkin Daggers with Hounds' Pursuit, so don't waste Darkin Daggers just like that.
• Don't use Darkin Daggers in her Royal Maelstrom, as she reduces damage during Royal Maelstrom.
• She stops your Hounds' Pursuit with Above and Below.
• Do not delay the game, she is strong at a late stage.


Calmy wait lvl 3. After that, you have to bait her to use Above and Below and go in. Trade with her only when she spends Above and Below. If she's wrong, you can kill her.


Kill her when she doesn't have Royal Maelstrom and Above and Below, otherwise I advise you to just farm and wait for such an opportunity.




• If he hits Rocket Grab, then you kill an enemy.


• Q maxing.
• His Power Fist starts to recharge after the auto-attack.
• Your dogs protect you from his Rocket Grab, but still be careful.
• Don't dive him if he has a Mana Barrier.
• Because of his Static Field, you won't be able to use combos right away, so it's better to kill him when he's closer to your tower or in the middle of the lane.


Beat him for every attempt to kill a minion, after he loses Mana Barrier, you kill him.


Like I said, kill him easily if he's on your side of the lane.




• his Sear stuns an enemy, so you can hit Darkin Daggers.


• Q maxing.
• He can use Conflagration on your dogs to hit you.
• If you use Hounds' Pursuit, he will hit you 100% with all his combo, so use Hounds' Pursuit only when he has spent Pillar of Flame and Conflagration on a wave.
• Use Eviscerate to dodge Pillar of Flame.


Wait lvl 3 and go in. You can eaily kill him after second trying.


Dodge his spells and kill kim otherwise you die.




• His Concussive Blows and Glacial Fissure hold an enemy, so you can hit Darkin Daggers.
• He can protect you with Unbreakable and Stand Behind Me.


• Q maxing.
• His Unbreakable ignores your Darkin Daggers, so use Darkin Daggers after Unbreakable.
• Dodge Winter's Bite, it's a lot of his damage.


Wait lvl 3 and go in. You can eaily kill him after second trying.


Just kill him.




• Her Head Rush hold an enemy, so you can hit Darkin Daggers.


• Q maxing.
• Try not to stand next to the walls, so that her Chilling Scream does not stun you.
• Do not use skills in her Chilling Scream, because it reduces damage.


Poke her and kill.




• Her Yordle Snap Trap holds an enemy, so you can hit Darkin Daggers.


• Q maxing.
• Trade after her Piltover Peacemaker.
• She will use Piltover Peacemaker+ 90 Caliber Net after your Hounds' Pursuit, so be prepared for that. get to her with Eviscerate, don't hit Yordle Snap Trap and you will kill her.


She will be easy to poke you, so do not approach the minions up to level 3. After 3, you can try trading, if you hit everyone, then you will kill her after the second attempt.


Just kill her.




• Her Hextech Ultimatum and Wall Dive hold an enemy, so you can hit Darkin Daggers.
• She splitpushes well, implement it with 4v3 battles.


• Q maxing.
• Her Precision Protocol starts recharging after first auto attack, not after second!
• Use Darkin Daggers on her Wall Dive to hit easily.
• She can dodge Darkin Daggers with Hextech Ultimatum.
• Use Eviscerate to dodge Wall Dive or Tactical Sweep.


I do not advise you to approach her, poke her with Darkin Daggers and after she has half her HP left, you can go to normal trades with Hounds' Pursuit and kill her.


Poke and kill, necessarily dodge Wall Dive!




• Her Miasma and Petrifying Gaze hold an enemy, so you can hit Darkin Daggers.
• She can carry 1v9.


• Q maxing.
• Her Miasma stops your Hounds' Pursuit.
• Since you are flying on Hounds' Pursuit with your face, she will definitely stun you with Petrifying Gaze and kill you.
• Buy Boots to dodge her Noxious Blast.


You can't do anything to her, well, nothing at all, even approach the minions. Farm with Darkin Daggers and wait for the your jungler .


Keep roaming or wait your jungler to kill Cassiopeia.




• His Rupture will stun an enemy, so you can easily hit Darkin Daggers.
• His Feast deals a lot of true damage, so you can roam to him on any enemy.


• Q maxing.
• His Vorpal Spikes starts recharging after the end of the skill.
• He gets Carnivore after killing your dogs, so he's very hardy on the lane.
• Use Eviscerate to evade Rupture.
• Buy a shoe as early as possible to make it easier to dodge Rupture, without using Eviscerate.
• He's strong pre level 6, so be passive up to level 6.
• Don't stay on the lane on a small amount of HP, otherwise it will just devour you Feast.


He is stronger than you, so just try to finish off the minions.


Here you are already stronger than him, just wait until he uses Rupture and kill him. If he is in a tank, then I advise you to just roam, because you are unlikely to kill him.




• He can carry 1 vs 9, so it is advantageous to feed him.
• Try to teamfight if he has a package.


• Q maxing.
• His Gatling Gun starts recharging immediately after applying the skill.
• It is advisable not to teamfight if it has a package.
• He can dodge your Darkin Daggers with Valkyrie, so be careful.


Let him push the first 2 waves, and on the third, after getting level 3, you can go to trade. If you all hit, you will kill him after the third trade.


You kill him easily, the main thing is not to let him poke you.




• He can carry 1 vs 9, so it is advantageous to feed it.
• His Apprehend hooks the enemy, so you will easily hit Darkin Daggers.


• Q maxing.
• His Crippling Strike starts recharging after the auto attack.
• Use Eviscerate to get inside in Decimate, thereby receiving less damage and stacks Hemorrhage.
• Use Eviscerate to dodge Apprehend.
• Before all in, be sure to poke him!
• Play through short trades, in long ones he will easily defeat you.
• You can go to trade via Hounds' Pursuit only after Decimate is used, so you will win.


Finish off the minions. If he zones you, then poke him, sooner or later you will kill him if he tries to stop you from farming.


All the same, poke and don't let him stack 5 stacks on you Hemorrhage, otherwise you will die. He is very strong in teamfights, so if you have no other goals, he will be a priority.




• She can carry 1 in 9, so it is advantageous to feed it.
• Try to teamfight when her Moonfall is ready.


• Q maxing.
• Her Pale Cascade starts recharging after the end of the skill.
• You don't have to fight her for a long time, as she is strong in long battles because of Moonsilver Blade.
• You need to dodge her Crescent Strike, so she will become much weaker, because she will not be able to apply Lunar Rush (and if she does, you will punish her for it).
• Use Hounds' Pursuit if you dodge Crescent Strike, this is the perfect time to trade.
• It is advisable to use Darkin Daggers after the shield expires Pale Cascade.
• During a teamfight, your team cannot stand together, because not only is Moonfall a massive control, but also the damage increases for each hero hit.


Just wait for level 3 and initiate when she misses Crescent Strike. In fact, this matchup completely depends on Crescent Strike, because if it hits, then you lose, and vice versa.


Everything is the same as before level 6. If she bought a lot of armor, then it will be difficult for you to fight with her, but she will still have enough damage to kill you.

Dr. Mundo



• There are mo tips.


• Q maxing.
• His Blunt Force Trauma starts recharging after the auto-attack, and his Heart Zapper - after the end of the skill.
• Buy Boots to dodge Infected Bonesaw.
• Step back when he uses Heart Zapper or Maximum Dosage.
• Don't stand behind the minions so that he doesn't hit Blunt Force Trauma.


Poke him. You will be able to kill him as soon as you lower his health to 40%.


Keep poking and follow my advice, then everything will be fine.




• He can carry 1v9.


• Q maxing.
• Use Darkin Daggers on Spinning Axe to hit easily.
• He can use Stand Aside to stop your Hounds' Pursuit, so it's impossible to approach to him.
• He just destroys you in a couple of auto attacks, just busted hero.


There's not much you can do with it, you can't even approach the minions, you don't have a chance, just wait for jungler .




• He can carry 1 in 9, so it is advantageous to feed him.
• His Parallel Convergence stuns the enemy, hence you can easily hit Darkin Daggers.
• He easily pushes waves, so you can splitpush.


• Q maxing.
• His Phase Dive starts recharging after the auto-attack or the end of the action.
• Use Darkin Daggers to easily hit it after using Phase Dive, because he will definitely in front of you.
• He has big problems with mana, even more than you. I advise bait to use his skills and then kill.
• You can trade with when it uses Timewinder.
• Carefully use Hounds' Pursuit, he can use Timewinder right in your face, and after This is also Phase Dive, it will hurt. I especially don't like the fact that he can safely press Chronobreak, and at the same time you will still fly to Hounds' Pursuit follow him and take huge damage with Chronobreak.
• Watch out for his clone, you don't want to get a huge amount of damage with Chronobreak.
• He will use Chronobreak to dodge your second Darkin Daggers, so don't waste her right away.


Try to bait him to use Timewinder, after that you can finish off the minion. He is strong in short trades, so do not let him do them, either do not approach the minions at all, or go into a long trade.


He still has an advantage over you in short trades, so you only need to impose long trades and kill for them. After buying Maw of Malmortius, it will become much easier for you. I do not advise leaving lane, as he destroys towers very well.




• Her Cocoon stuns an enemy, so you can hit Darkin Daggers.


• Q maxing.
• She can dodge Darkin Daggers with Rappel.
• Stand behind the minions so that she doesn't hit you Cocoon and Volatile Spiderling.
• She can use Cocoon and get all combo on you after Hounds' Pursuit, so don't use Hounds' Pursuit for trading, only for all ins.


Let her push first two waves. Poke her with Darkin Daggers. After lvl 3 you can kill her if you hit all skills and she has 40% hp.


Now you dominate on her, easily kill her.




• Her Allure stuns an enemy, so you can hit Darkin Daggers.


• Q maxing.
• Don't let her to proc Allure on you.
• Buy Control Ward after lvl 6 to see her.
• Use Hounds' Pursuit in time to fly after her after Last Caress.


Just kill her after her Allure.




• There is no synergy.


• Q maxing.
• There are no tips against him at all. You can only buy Boots to evade his skills.


Let him push the first 2 waves, on the third, after getting level 3, trade. After the second trade, you kill him.


Just kill him, he won't do anything to you.




• He can fear an enemy, so you can hit Darkin Daggers.


• Q maxing.
• You can easily hit Darkin Daggers while Bountiful Harvest.
• Use Eviscerate to break his Bountiful Harvest. After that use Hounds' Pursuit and kill him.
• Keep an eye on your vision so he won't be able to fear you with Crowstorm.
• Retreat after his Crowstorm and kill after.


Kill him with my tips above!